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    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ guess who's back

    𔘓 summary: jungwon liked you ever since, but you were too dense to notice. finally mustering up his courage, jungwon told you what he really felt, but you couldn't reciprocate his feelings as you were already dating jay: the basketball captain, which is also jungwon's friend. things took a huge turn when jungwon found out something about his friend doing things behind your back.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01

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    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen smau#enhypen headcanons #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #enhypen jay #jay x you #jay x y/n #jay x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x you #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw #lvrshypen
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    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ held captive

    𔘓 summary: jungwon liked you ever since, but you were too dense to notice. finally mustering up his courage, jungwon told you what he really felt, but you couldn't reciprocate his feelings as you were already dating jay: the basketball captain, which is also jungwon's friend. things took a huge turn when jungwon found out something about his friend doing things behind your back.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01

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    #enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen headcanons #enhypen x reader #enhypen #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x you #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #jay x you #jay x y/n #jay x reader #enhypen jay #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw #lvrshypen
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    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 16 outta the loop

    a/n: these are in seoyeon's pov


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    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ profile: 2


    – y/n's childhood best friend (along with wonyoung) who transfered in australia and became an exchange student for three consecutive years, met jake during his stay there. elected as the student council president for the current school year and is a social science & law major (criminology). learned taekwondo during his younger years. he is also wonyoung's older brother (not by blood, his family adopted wonyoung when she was just an infant.

    002. JAY

    – born in the states, but moved to korea when he was around 9-10. the current boyfriend of y/n, an arts major (fashion/apparel) and the current basketball captain of the university. despite his cold looks, he is a really nice person, but only shows his "softer" side towards people he considers special like friends and his current girlfriend. really loves going on parties that jake hosts during the weekends.

    003. JAKE

    – a mutual friend of jay and jungwon, but he met jungwon first when he was part of the exchange student program in australia. hosts tons of parties since his house is huge and his parents barely stay or go home. he is currently an health sciences & technologies major (veterinary medicine), but would also love to learn business.

    004. SUNGHOON

    – an engeneering major (civil) he's been friends with jay for around five years already. does skating as his hobby, been doing it for like ten years or so. also models during his free time (is the reason why he always receives a handful of letters and gifts or chocolates from girls both younger and older than him.)


    – eldest in the friend group, mans signed up for friends but received sugar babies instead. will not hesitate to throw hands on whoever hurts his two younger siblings (would also throw hands for his friends but his younger siblings are vip.) currently an arts major (dance) and models with sunghoon. he babies jungwon 25/8. sometimes sings at bars for gigs when he is asked to.


    – the second eldest that is an arts major (music), who also has a soundcloud account. sometimes model along with hyunjin and heeseung whenever he's free, or does gigs on bars with hyunjin since he brings him around (sometimes forcefully lol). famous as one of the top students in their grade level. a softie, but is also a party animal.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01

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    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen headcanons #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x y/n #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #enhypen jay #jay x reader #jay x you #jay x y/n #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw #lvrshypen
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  • hrtattcker
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Hello there everyone! Bcs I made the cover yesterday, I decided to post a preview of the fanfic I'm writing: almost!. I hope you like it!!(tap the cover to see it with more quality)

    PAIR!! Nishimura Riki × fem!y/n (both are minors, i do not intend on sexualizing Riki in any way shape or form) ft. various idols born in 2004/2005 but mainly Zoa (aka Hyewon, Weeekly), Chowon (ICHILLIN) and Jungwon (Enhypen)

    TROPES!! highschool au, enemies to lovers (but only yn thinks thats they are enemies), fluff, comedy?

    ATTENTION!! mc feels a lot of feelings at the same time and she does not know how to deal with it so just bear with her she is trying her best I promise :(( also she calls riki stupid a lot bcs she """hates""" him , cuss words, descriptions of violence, p.e. slander

    Y/N was certain of a lot of things. She was certain that she would get a good grade in her chemistry test, she was sure that the p.e. teacher would discover that her knee injurie wasn't that bad sooner or later, she was certain that if she continued listening to misery business in repeat all day everyday she would get tired of it faster. What she wasn't sure however, was how did the guy that she punched in 3rd grade - and that she saw as her nemesis - ended up falling in love in her.

    It happened a long time ago. I was in what, 2nd, 3rd grade? Well it doesn't matter, what matters is that he was staring at me. In the middle of the McDonald's (I will never understand why they built a McDonald's so close to a school, but I digress). Looking at me with his stupid eyes and wearing his stupid stripped shirt with a stupid grey tee over it. I could almost hate him, almost. 

    There was a whole vibe about him that made it impossible for me to hate him.

    "You are going to end up burning a hole through him if you keep staring like that." Hyewon warned me, delicate as a horse kick like always.

    I put my head in my hands and literally grunted with anger, looked then back up just to see the boy laughing and then looking directly at me.

    "Won, look at him!" I gestured in his direction "He doesn't stop looking at me! He is downright obsessed with me."

    "So are you! The whole lunch you didn't stop looking at him or talking about how he is 'obsessed'." Hyewon bit on her hamburger while I drank my coca-cola in shame.

    I guess that was true, but I wasn't lying! He was looking at me a bit too much today and it was pissing me off. I swear I couldn't feel him looking at me and smiling, like I was someone in a playboy magazine.

    "I still don't know what kind of fight you got going on with Riki, but it seems like you have a lot of hatred for that guy…"

    "Wait, I never told you the story?" The disbelief in my eyes was simply unreal, I bet my eyeballs were, like, the size of dinner plates. I can't believe I didn't tell Chowon, my best friend, about the time that I punched that guy.

    "Huh… no? What story are you even talking about?" 

    "Ok, let me tell you.."

    this is all for now!! hope you guys look forward to almost!!

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  • cherrycoree
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    ━━ When you kiss them to shut them up

    ೫˚ Warning: Swearing, slightly suggestive
    ೫˚ Enha X Fem!Reader
    ೫˚ Masterlist: Click here!

    [ heeseung ] ♡ 𓂃 Now, you didn’t kiss Heeseung to shut him up, per se. No, you kissed him because you realised that you were absolutely in love with him. He was sitting next to you and blessing your ears with that gorgeous voice of his. He sung with such passion (and with such happiness) that, before you knew it, you leaned forward and planted a kiss onto his lips. He jolted in shock, but his instincts kicked in and he pulled you closer (the song forgotten way back), both of you grinning like a bunch of twelve-year olds when you pulled away. “What was that for?” “I just love you, that’s all,” you shrugged dismissively. Hee pecked your forehead in response ,“I love you too, sweetheart.”

    [ jay ] ♡ 𓂃 It wasn’t hard to make out the frustration on Jay’s face. Both of you had been going around the supermarket with Niki and Sunoo for your usual grocery run, but they decided to have a little fun and steer off-track. “Niki, we’re not buying waffles. Niki, no, put that down!” To say that things were chaotic would be an understatement. “Why did we decide to bring them again, babe—”, his frown immediately disappears and is replaced by a surprised raise of his eyebrows as you reach up to kiss him. His irritation is suddenly non-existent. You can hear the playful gags of the other two behind you and they stop when Jay throws a glare their way when you both break your kiss with shared smiles.

    [ jake ] ♡ 𓂃 God, this guy relishes the moment so fucking much. He’s got that flirtatious smirk on his face, lower lip tucked into the hold of his teeth, as he eyes you with amusement. “When I asked you what you wanted to do on the weekend, I didn’t think you had… other ideas, princess.” “Oh my God, you’re insufferable.” His teasing ends with an adorable giggle, cupping your face and bringing you closer with that lovesick smile that he always smiles. “We’ll go to the amusement park that you wanted to go to only if you promise to kiss me like that again. And again, and again.” It’s because of the fact that you’ve absolutely fallen for the boy in front of you that you agree with a swoop of your stomach.

    [ sunghoon ] ♡ 𓂃 “And look, here comes this little moment where I, as the extraordinarily stellar MC that I am—” The rest of your boyfriend’s words are muffled as you abruptly kiss him, him being slightly taken aback but eventually releasing a satisfied sigh in response. Damn, you really want to wipe the smug grin off of his face when you pull away, instead choosing to playfully smack his shoulder. “If I’m forced to hear another story about how you’re ‘the most talented MC ever’, I won’t hesitate to shut you up again.” “If you’re going to shut me up that way, I’m not going to complain,” the way he licks his lips suggestively doesn’t go unnoticed by you.

    [ sunoo ] ♡ 𓂃 Boy is too shook to be able to form a proper sentence. “I— did you just kiss me in the middle of my well thought-out explanation?” “Logically speaking, I don’t really require an explanation of the movie when we’re watching said movie, bub.” Sunoo huffs in mock sadness as you chuckle at his antics, not believing the fact that this adorable boy was your significant other. “Okay, but can I at least tell you about the—” And so, you place your lips on his, once again. When you pull away, you can’t resist letting out a boisterous laugh at his astonished expression. “You were looking too cute, that’s why,” is what you tell him when he asks why you kissed him another time.

    [ jungwon ] ♡ 𓂃 Eyes wide, cheeks pink and a surprised squeak is stopped from tumbling out of his mouth when your lips gently press against his. He can feel you smile, which makes his lovesick heart flutter a thousand times faster. He had been stressed not two seconds ago, listing all the things he’s doing wrong as the leader of the group that you adored and when you had tried to tell him otherwise, he just wouldn’t listen. Your only solution? Shutting him up with a kiss. He’s a little shocked (that’s an understatement) as you pull away with a goofy grin etched onto your face, “What were you saying, love? Oh, that you’re the greatest leader ENHYPEN could ever have? I won’t deny that.” You don’t give him a chance to argue.

    [ niki ] ♡ 𓂃 You honestly couldn’t help it. Niki was merely reiterating tales of a few legendary pranks he had played on his helpless hyungs, often snickering at Jay who passed the both of you and tried hard to ignore the flashbacks of his Prada shoes. So, you did the most logical thing you could think of — to make him stop talking by giving him a harmless, little peck. To say the least, that shuts up your boyfriend in an instant. “You… I… What…” “Now that I have your attention, wanna go out for lunch?” Niki simply nods, slightly dazed and confused because of your sudden, confident move. “You kind of enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Jay chuckles at the younger when you’re out of earshot and the latter rolls his eyes in annoyance. (He doesn’t deny it, however).

    ೫˚ A/n: Changed the layout a bit because I wanted to try something different. 😋 Thank you for reading this, loves!
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  • rikiszn
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Untitled #1: Yang Jungwon [Fluff]

    “Long day?” Y/n watches as Jungwon walks into the dorm, completely exhausted. She heard about how stressed Jungwon was lately, so she decided to stay over for the night to help him relax. “Tell me about it” he sighed, and flopped beside her on the couch. Y/n cuddled him as he snuggled into her touch, it made him feel a bit better.

    “What are you doing here though?” Jungwon looked up from Y/n’s shoulder. She giggled and gave him a peck on the lips. “A little birdie may or may not have told me about you being stressed out from the comeback, so I decided to stay over a few days” Y/n grinned as Jungwon nodded.

    Just then, the front door had opened once again and the two had heard loud chattering from the rest of the members. “Why did you— Oh Y/n’s here?! Guys Y/n’s here!” Ni-ki, who had just been talking to Jake, had spotted Y/n and Jungwon on the couch before announcing to the rest about her presence.

    “Y/n! So good to see you, I take it you’re here because of Jungwon being stressed out?” Heeseung smiled, of course, he was the one that told her after all. Y/n rolled her eyes playfully and nodded. “Almost like my own instinct at this point” she joked. The rest laughed while they invited Y/n to eat dinner with them.

    “I actually prepared you guys something before I came, so if anyone complains about my cooking, you will have a word from Jungwon” Y/n waddled over to the kitchen with everyone else, Jungwon’s arms around her waist from behind. The members all grimanced, trying to set the table. “Now go on, I won’t bite I promise” Y/n laughed, then she turned to look at Jungwon. “Yah I can’t sit on the table unless you get your arms off my waist, just let me eat and we can cuddle the rest of the night ok?” Jungwon pouted and she giggled before kissing his cheek. “We’re at the table no PDA please” Jay whined.

    Heeseung only nudged him as Y/n went to get the food. “What did you cook noona?” Sunoo had popped in to help, seeing as Y/n was carrying quite a few plates of food. “Nothing much, I brought kimchi from home, then I made kimbap. I also brought meat that my dad grilled yesterday, with rice and rabeokki” she replied. Sunoo could felt like he had just heard angels singing in his ears, they could never go wrong with Y/n whatsoever. “Could you help me with these?” Y/n handed him a few plates as he nodded, immediately going to get them.

    The two walked over to the table, members in awe. “What’s all this?” Jake was wide eyed, so much food could feed the members for quite awhile if he could be honest.

    “Something to give you guys energy, you worked hard today and that’s what matters, now dig in” Y/n slipped into the seat beside Jungwon while the members immediately dug in, almost as if they haven’t seen food like this in days. “You really are the best Y/n, I can’t thank you enough. You spoil us so much” Jungwon whispered and squeezed her hand gently as a sign of thanking her. Y/n only shook her head in reply and told him to eat. “Y/n’s literally like our mom whenever she comes over, Jungwon you’re one lucky kid I’m jealous” Sunghoon joked.

    The other members laughed along, like the usual table chatter, and continued eating. “You guys do so much already in a day, so I take my chance to at least treat you all because it’s not often I see you guys either” Y/n replied honestly.

    It was true, the members barely saw her due to her being an upcoming idol as well. “How you both managed to date, we will never know. Actually, can you share how you ended up dating?” Heeseung raised a brow. The others jeered in chorus as Y/n turned to look at her boyfriend. “We go way back, even before he went to Hanlim” she said. Jungwon and Y/n had met through a mutual friend, since he went to an all male school, Y/n was practically one of his first ever female friends at the time.

    The two grew close and started dating not too long after. “No way, what happened to the friend?” Ni-ki laughed. “Still in contact, but he barely comes around because he’s afraid of third wheeling” Jungwon chuckled, pulling Y/n closer beside him, a gesture he had unconsciously just done out of habit.

    “Honestly I feel the same way now, also time to clear the table. Don’t let Y/n do it, she’s done enough now come on” Heeseung then counted down as they instantly knew it was going to be a game of rock, paper, scissors, a very weird unanimous game that they just always end up picking. It went on for awhile and Ni-ki and Jake ended up losing. “The one that barely cleans up and the one that always cleans up, how fitting” Sunghoon laughed.

    The rest of the members had then either walked off into the living room or into their own rooms, finally getting their own business done after a hectic day full of schedules, interviews and performing. Y/n stayed in the living room with Jungwon, knowing he shared a room with Sunoo, Ni-ki and Sunghoon. “Thank you Y/n, really. You always find a way to relieve us after a long day, and I can’t thank you enough for that” Jungwon kissed Y/n’s forehead and buried his head in the back of her neck. “Hey, it’s really nothing I promise. Now go and get some rest, I’ll follow in a bit” Jungwon pouted and was reluctant, but nodded nonetheless, completely tired.

    © 2021 all rights reserved | rikiszn on tumblr.
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    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago


    °`-*×°YANG JUNGWON°×*-`°



    °`-*×°LEE HEESEUNG°×*-`°


    🖤 [01:00PM] 💖

    °`-*×°JAY PARK°×*-`°


    🖤 [03:00PM] 💖

    °`-*×°JAKE SIM°×*-`°



    °`-*×°PARK SUNGHOON°×*-`°



    °`-*×°KIN SUNOO°×*-`°



    °`-*×°NISHIMURA RIKI°×*-`°



    #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen timestamps#enhypen fluff#enhypen oneshots #heeseung x reader #jungwon x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #niki x reader #sunoo x reader #sunghoon x reader
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  • seungstarss
    24.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 15 malicious intent

    wc: 600+

    Y/n's liberal arts course, philosophy, wasn't as fun as she found it in high school. Her daily struggle compiling notes and research was not what she signed up for when choosing her courses. Maybe it was her high school teacher, who rambled on about the philosophical theories for an entire period without assigning any work. She regretted taking philosophy in post-secondary— especially when she had a two-hour seminar to complete.

    Jay chuckled at y/n, who now had her hands in her hair, attempting to pull all the strands out. "Hey, I can see you stressing."

    "And you're not?" Y/n whined before slumping on the desk. She hated her professor the most at this moment.

    Jay only smiled, patting her head before packing up his laptop and his neatly typed notes. "Alright, get up! we're going get something to eat."

    "Now? It's only four."

    "Common, there's a nice Cafe near here. We can get something small." Jay encouraged, organizing y/n's notes for her.

    Nodding, y/n followed Jay out of the crowded library filled with sleep-deprived students.

    The Cafe was decorated with strings of fairy lights, which matched the beige walls and the cream-colored seating area. It was a rather large café with only a handful of people occupying the space.

    "Here," Jay pointed to the white stool, which he had already pulled out for her to sit. "Tell me what you want to eat, I'll order."

    Y/n smiled at the boy's kind gesture. "Anything will do! It's up to you."

    Jay gave y/n his signature grin before leaving his bag on the chair across from her. "Got it! I'll be right back."

    Y/n's eyes wandered around the café, admiring the framed paintings on the wall. Near the door was a clothing rack with pieces ranging in different shades of brown— clothing as used as furniture. She found that the most endearing.

    Suddenly her eyes landed on a girl with wavy blonde hair, eyes piercing right back at her. Y/n's heart jumped in fear, startled by the sudden eye contact. Before she could do anything, Jay came back with a tray of cakes and two coffees.

    "Right up your alley, am I right?" Jay teased, opening the fork packaging for y/n.

    "Y-yeah, I love it." Y/n chuckled nervously, still terrified by the malicious intent in the girl's eyes. She didn't know the girl, but y/n was sure she didn't like her.

    "You sound nervous, are you-" Just as Jay was about to finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a higher voice, making Jay spin around.

    "Jay!" The girl wrapped her arms around his neck. "What a coincidence!"

    Jay bitterly smiled before removing her arms off his neck. "Hey Seoyeon, I didn't know you frequented this place."

    "Actually, it's my first time." Seoyeon smiled, tucking her hair behind her ears. "Who's this?"

    It was the same girl who was glaring daggers at y/n. Except now, she had a sweet smile plastered on her face— an artificial smile.

    "Right um. Seoyeon, this is y/n, my philosophy partner, and y/n, this is Seoyeon, a childhood friend of mine."

    Y/n nervously smiled at the girl before averting her gaze to the floor.

    "Oh, so you're y/n!" Seoyeon gushed as she motioned for Jay to move over. "I've heard so much about you. Lemme join you guys! I wanna get to know you more!"

    Jay scooted a seat over, making room for Seoyeon. "Actually, y/n and I were in the middle of a project."

    Seoyeon giggled, hitting the boy playfully. "Don't worry! You guys can always work after I leave. Y/n, you don't mind, right?"

    She shifted her gaze to y/n, eyebrows tilted downwards, almost as if she was pouting.

    "Yeah, um, I don't mind. You can stay for as long as you need."

    Seoyeon smirked at y/n's reply. "Aw, thanks y/n! you're so sweet."


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    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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  • tropikika
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    considering doing a few spooky szn oneshots/hcs …

    request maybe

    #victon fluff#victon hanse#victon oneshot#victon oneshots #victon x reader #victon headcanons#p1harmony oneshots#p1harmony blurbs#p1harmony oneshot #p1harmony x reader #p1harmony headcanons#enhypen oneshot#enhypen oneshots#enhypen blurbs#enhypen headcanons #enhypen x reader #the boyz oneshot #the boyz oneshots #the boyz headcanons #the boyz blurbs #the boyz x reader
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  • heekissung
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    park sunghoon knew you liked him. 

    it does not take a second glance at you to notice how hard you are crushing on him given how you'd avoid his gaze while obviously flustered. it's also quite noticeable how you always seem to forget all your words whenever you talk to him even if you were just doing fine socializing with others. 

    it was cute really, the way you'd run the opposite way whenever he's just about to approach you. 

    aside from that, park sunghoon is an observant person— something that you're not. maybe that's why until now, you were hesitating to confess, afraid that it might ruin ... whatever relationship you have with him (because certainly, you aren't friends given how you seem to avoid him to the extent of hiding inside your locker), when in fact, he very much returns the feelings. 

    so, deciding for himself, sunghoon devices a plan in which he'll push your buttons (in a good way) and push you to your limits to finally get you to confess to him. 

    (he knows that if he doesn't do anything, nothing will happen) 

    that's why sunghoon finds himself sitting right beside you closely— maybe too close because your thighs were almost touching if it weren't for the 2 inch gap separating the both of you. 

    (you were sure that if you move your thigh would end up touching his) 

    "y/n," sunghoon starts, his voice barely a whisper as he literally speaks into your ear. you could only hum in response, scared to move your mouth, "i need help with english." 

    the boy beside you pulls away and you were quite thankful for that. because your heart is hammering inside your chest and you think that if he was close enough, he would have heard how embarrassingly fast your heart was beating. 

    (scientifically, that would be impossible.) 

    "okay," you open and close your mouth as quickly as possible, in fear of saying something anything else and sunghoon thinks it's adorable— although, he's quite surprised with how you haven't run away yet. 

    he hums. 

    today you're quite a challenge. 

    "i was thinking we could start right after classes? just meet me outside the library?" 

    with that, park sunghoon moves closer to you— for no reason at all, you think all the while an evil laugh resonates through his mind. he does not leave any space between you this time, his thigh is now completely touching yours shamelessly and if you had the guts to look up to him, you would have seen the smirk etched on his face. 


    "make sure to keep your word, sweetheart." 

    (somewhere in the room, a jake suddenly appears and he fake vomits) 

    that was the last straw. 

    you could feel your temperature going up to a hundred degrees celsius, heat covering your entire face and you had to remind yourself to breathe. 

    park sunghoon, of course notices this. and he only grins. 

    without thinking much, you loudly yell— "of course, bud!" 

    (somewhere in the room, jake only laughs) 

    sunghoon was left dumbfounded— he didn't know what to feel. he was stuck in between celebrating for drawing out such a cute reaction from you, or should he be concerned for himself and the fact that you friendzoned the guy you liked. 

    with this situation happening, the boy only proceeds to shrug it off— even if it means having to deal with jake's teasing because his friend won't ever let him live this down— park sunghoon reassures himself, you both have all the time in the world to develop things more.

    © heekissung (2021). not proofread # reblogs are appreciated!

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  • thefriendlyghvst
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    forgiving // enhypen jay

    "y/n please open the door," he begged.

    he's been doing that for almost thirty minutes.

    "y/n, baby, i'm sorry," his voice cracked.

    sorry's not going to cut it.

    the knocking of the door and jiggling of the doorknob ceased after a few more minutes. you pressed your lips together in a thin line, loosening your grip on the pillows that you pressed tightly against your ears to block him out. moving quietly, you got up and pressed your ears against the door, trying to listen for any movement. nothing, no shuffling of footsteps moving away, and no more knocking for the next minute or so. until seconds later you heard a choked sob and your heart shattered all over again.

    it is one thing to be upset with him but a whole other thing to hear him cry.

    squeezing both your eyes shut, you willed yourself to push away from the door and dragged your feet back to the bed. as much as you wanted to forget about the argument you just had, your brain couldn't help but recall it. his words stung, especially when he sounded like he meant every bit.

    "sometimes i wish i'd never been with you, y/n!"


    then the door slammed in his face.

    you didn't know when you fell asleep, but when your eyes fluttered open it was already bright, and in your disoriented state your hands fumbled around the bed for your phone. it was 10am, and jay would have left for work by now. you rubbed your eyes groggily and sat up. he must've left without having his lunch packed. sighing, you went into the kitchen and prepared a quick meal, packing it into his lunchbox and then going straight into the shower.

    now feeling refreshed and slightly better, you grabbed your purse, phone, and keys with your boyfriend's lunch in your other hand and made your way to the nearest subway station. you were wearing a simple oversized hoodie and some leggings, planning to go straight home after delivering jay his food. it was a beautiful day out, so you took your time to get to the building where he was probably practicing, purposely taking the longer route. about an hour and a half later when you finally reached the building, you flashed your id and immediately got in.

    "hey, y/n! fancy seeing you here," a cheery voice greeted you from behind as you were walking through the hallway to get to one of the practice rooms.

    with your fight or flight triggered, you turned around so fast you thought your neck was probably going to snap. when you saw the owner of the voice who almost scared you to death, you relaxed and let a smile adorn your face.

    "hi, heeseung!" you waved, genuinely happy to see him. he caught up to you and you guys began to walk together.

    "is that for me?" he raised an eyebrow while looking at the lunchbox you were carrying in a bag and you chuckled as you knew he was just teasing. "i'm just kidding, jay's inside. do you want me to call him for you?" he asked.

    before he could leave you to go and call his member, you quickly grabbed his shirt and tugged him back, shaking your head. heeseung's expression fell and his eyebrows furrow, concern taking over his handsome features as the both of you stopped walking altogether.

    "i'd... rather you not," you hesitated. "we had a bit of a- uh, disagreement last night. here, just pass this to him for me," you explained and shoved the lunchbox into heeseung's hands as the plastic made a loud rustling sound. his eyes looked down to his hands then back at you before nodding firmly.

    "and if he doesn't want it, then you can have it. but share," you pointed an accusing finger at him, joking to lighten the dull mood a little.

    heeseung chuckled and ruffled your hair, earning a groan of disapproval from you as you swatted his hands away. you watched as he jogged away, wincing internally as his action swung the plastic with the lunchbox in it around. he waved at you and you smiled, waving back before turning around to leave and head straight home.

    when heeseung entered the practice room, jay caught sight of you turning the corner before the older boy closed the door behind him completely. when he turned around again to face him, jay felt his heart stop beating momentarily when he saw what his hyung was holding. he didn't say anything, but a thousand things were running across his mind that instant.

    was y/n done with me? is y/n and hyung a thing now? could that be for me? are we okay again? but i haven't apologised properly. maybe it is for heeseung-hyung.

    "hello? earth to jay?" heeseung waved an empty hand in front of him.

    jay's eyes fluttered as he snapped out of his trance. he hadn't notice that his hyung had come up to him, being so lost in his own thoughts. his gaze met heeseung's mischievous eyes, down to his hands, then back to his hyung's face. jay took a deep breath and held it, bracing himself for the worst news of his life.

    "your y/n brought this for you," heeseung told him, holding the lunchbox out for jay to take.

    jay felt like the whole world had been lifted off his chest. y/n brought this for me. my y/n, he thought, repeating in his head what his member had just said. he grabbed the lunchbox and thanked heeseung, and the older boy just shrugged. jay's heart swelled so much with joy that he thought his lungs would burst. you weren't going to break up with him. his eyes then saw a small yellow post-it note on the lid of the plastic box.

    have a good day and eat well. the heart doesn't just stop loving overnight, you know. that's not how it works, jerk.


    jay's shoulders relaxed and he smiled. you showed him that you were still upset with him, but also that you still cared enough so that he wouldn't go hungry throughout the day. he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

    "i love you, too," he whispered and set the food aside to eat for lunch later.

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  • eeunoia
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ENHYPEN Mini Series

    E N H Y P E N as a Mafia Boss

    pairing: jake sim x reader

    summary: jake never knew a day would come where he will go crazy over a girl.

    word count: 8.3k

    warning: contains cursing, mild violence, guns, harassment, illegal stuff & mafias.

    a/n: I just want to remind everyone that will encounter this blog, that this is all fictional, none of this reflect to any of enhypen members. The way I write their personalities here is based on the concept of a bad boy and purely from my imaginations.

    Hello, I’m sorry if this took a while. I got sick and also busy with school works. Also, this isn’t proof read. Jake’s fic isn’t too violent as the others. I hope you guys liked it! it really means a lot to me whenever you let me know what you think about them, re-blogs and comments are well appreciated. btw, i love you guys and thank you for supporting me up until now. have a nice day/night! 🌸

    tag-list: @rubyanne @en-sun @studioreader @map-of-border @hwangjangmi @crjwon @love13tter @definitely-not-kyuzu @ririshi @minamoons @pshlvr @astxrism03 @90sni-ki @lleminaa @alexjc @hime98 @junghwanie @ddeonubaby @hoonbrry @wonwobbles @heuningkai-hour @herasalvatore @chimajeyn @honeyliaanie @baekhyunstruly​ @tinisprout​ @love-4-keum​ @yongbokfrecks​ (tag-list open)

    Jake's eyes moved from the person reporting in front over to the folder he was holding. He was very serious as always since its work and he always take it seriously. As the person in front finishes with no problem, he gave his last reminders before he dismissed everyone.

    He let out a low sigh as he rest his back over his swivel chair while everyone leave the room.

    "Do you want to go have a drink, Jakey?" Jake opened his eyes and met his friend's playful ones. Jay's here at the meeting with their other best friend, Sunghoon, since they're business partners.

    Jake smirked and shake his head right away. He's not surprised when he earned a low groan from his friend. "Come on man, you need to relax sometimes, you know?" he said and even looked over their other friend trying to ask for help on convincing him.

    Sunghoon have this small smile plastered over his face before he leaned over the table, "He's right, Jake. Let's go have fun tonight." he said smiling brightly at him as he flash those fangy smile of him.

    Jake smiled and tilted his head at the side. Fun? Right now, he's not really sure if he still know what exactly fun means. Except from guns and blood he can't remember what other things excites him. Ever since he grew up at this kind of life, Jake seems to grow colder and colder. He can't find any reason to live this life in a fun way like how his friends do.

    "Nah, I think I'll pass. I have things to do." he said and even started fixing the folders in front of him. Jay once again groaned at what his friend said.

    Sunghoon chuckled at what his friend's reaction and just stared at the two of them. Jake and Jay are very different when it comes to living their lives. Jay, have a very active social life while Jake prefers his circle of friends to be small. As far as he knows, his only friends are them. For Jake, the smaller he keeps his number of friends, the lesser of people he needs to care for. It may sound ironic but Jake isn't that good when it comes to losing the people he value.

    "You suck bro." Jay was sulky when Sunghoon and him left the room. Jake waved at them before they finally left.

    And soon, he was left once again all alone. The night was cold but he didn't care, its not like he isn't used to it. Jake have nobody except from his friends and of course, they have their own lives to live, problems to deal with and people to spend time with so he cannot bother them all the time.

    He envy them sometimes, to have someone to lean on whenever something bad happen. You know, not just because they're mafias, it does not mean they're heartless everytime. They're still humans, they have emotions.

    That's why when one of his closest friend got into a mess, he can't help but to get angry. He always knew he's impulsive and trouble seeker but not this way.

    "You're fucking out of your mind Jay. This is the family of Nam we're talking about. They're not just some family you can easily get rid of." Jake sounded so upset as he mutter those words to his friend trying to plant some sense into his brain.

    But when he saw his friend's eyes, he knew that even if it seems like he's listening, he isn't. Even if he kept on telling him that this ain't serious, he knew his friend was down bad for this woman. He can't help but to feel a bit of anger over the said girl, because none of this will happen if she just didn't tolerate this. It was wrong to blame her as he know his friend very well but he just couldn't think of anything at that time.

    He's never that fond of women but he do find them alluring. It's just something in them seems not right for him. From the way his friends acts towards the woman in their lives, he cannot explain it. The way they would risk everything and the way they go crazy whenever something bad happens to their girls, he couldn't understand it. Was it Love? What is Love anyway?

    He remembers Jungwon, his friend, two years younger but then he is very well respected. He's known for his firm personality, the way he just have control at everything is amazing even for Jake. But all of that shatters the moment his girl ran away from him. He watch as his friend go mad crazy while searching for her. Killing everybody who goes over his way. Is Love always this controlling? Does it really make you crazy? Does it makes you selfish?

    "Shut up, Jay. You fall in love with your girl the first time you saw her." Heeseung shut the younger one as the other let out chuckles. They were gathered in a meeting hall today, discussing some of their business and also catching up with each other.

    Jake just smiles as he watches his friends goof around.

    "Well aren't you the same thing? Come on! Stop acting like you're not whipped for your girl." Jay argued, didn't really like what Heeseung implied.

    It was fun having his friends around. It makes Jake feel like he isn't alone. It makes him feel warm.

    "You should try and date too, Jake. Stop overworking yourself. You need some fun in your life too." Jake didn't know how the topic of the room was now him. He saw how his friends eyes darted over him.

    He raised an eyebrow and the corner of his pretty lips lifted up, "Yeah dude! I can introduce you to one of my friends that got eyes on you." Jay stated right away, feeling a bit too excited by the thought of his friend actually going out on a date.

    Heeseung looked over him, "No, not you. I don't trust your taste on girls." he insulted Jay in a teasing way. The others once again laughs as Jay nose flares out of anger. It wasn't too serious, it's something very familiar to Jake already.

    He chuckles and shrugged his shoulder once, "I'm really not in the mood to date." he said and Jungwon just clapped his hand over to his shoulder that made Jake face him.

    The younger one gave him an assuring smile, "Yeah, don't listen to them and don't force yourself, hyung." he said. Finally, someone over his side.

    "It'll come at a right time." he added. Jake kept a smile as his mind wanders off, he don't exactly know if he agrees to him but then he didn't stated any of his thoughts.

    Jake was pretty sure he have no plans to get crazy with a girl sooner. He was determined and his opinions about women was firm in his mind. But he doesn't understand what happened to all of that when he lay eyes over your tear stained ones. Like some sort of magic, Jake was drawn by your beauty. Or was it your fragileness? He have no idea, all he knows is that he will never forget those pretty eyes.

    "U-Uhm, excuse me?" Jake was startled when you suddenly talked to him. His men who seats near the two of you were about to do some action when Jake's eyes darted at their way and stopped them with just one look.

    He turned his head over your way, turning his attention at you once again.

    Despite having tears around your eyes, Jake find them very appealing. It's been a while ever since he saw someone as pure looking as you. Those eyes that looked at him with no fear sure leaves some impression to him. He cannot remember the last time he saw somebody stare at him that way.

    "D-Do you mind if I hold unto your hand as we take off? Its j-just I'm scared of planes and--" he cuts you off as he held your hand silently. Your eyes then trailed over to his firm and warm hands that were intertwined to yours. They were comforting making you want to cry even more. That day was just too much for you.

    It was suppose to be a happy day but after knowing that your boyfriend and best friend were cheating behind your back, your whole world were shattered into pieces. Like as if everything you worked hard for vanished in just seconds. You don't know what to do now and you don't know what your purpose anymore.

    Of course, you thanked the kind man after the flight. It was so much better because of him. Like before, his eyes were serious and staring intensely at you making you feel embarrassed. It was just then that what you just did sink into your system. You just asked a stranger to hold your hand during the whole flight, and to see how dead-gorgeous this man in front of you made it even more harder not to feel shy.

    You decided to shrug it off thinking that it may be the last time you will see each other. But one thing's for sure, you'll never forget the kindness he had shown you.

    "So aren't you gonna tell us about the girl?" Jake's eyes shot up over to his friend when he suddenly asked him.

    Jay's head snapped too quickly over to their direction after what he just heard. "Girl? What girl?" he curiously asked dragging his chair closer to them so he can listen much better.

    Jake let out a sigh after rolling his eyes then gulped, trying to get rid off the lump over his throat. He was a bit surprised at how Sunghoon just opened the topic about you.

    It's been a week. But he can't seem to get rid of your memory in him. His mind always have its way to think about you to the point you even visit his dreams. It was dreadful for him. He's annoyed and also frustrated about the situation. It was the first time this ever happened to Jake and so he doesn't have any clue what to do.

    A whole week but still your pretty eyes were still clear for him. The way it look so pure and your beautiful face always flashes through his mind right after, it almost made him go crazy. He didn't like it so much and so he tried to busy himself with work even more.

    "Dude!" Jay once again tried to get his attention. Jake looked at him and raised his brows.

    "There's nothing to tell." he answered and he heard a low groan from him.

    Sunghoon smirked, "Oh okay. Letting a stranger hold your hand during a whole ass flight was nothing." he fired back that made Jake frown at him.

    "How did you even know about that?"


    Jake tilted his head over to the side out of confusion. "How did he even know?"

    "Heeseung hyung." Sunghoon answered once again with no hesitation.

    Jake's shoulder fell before he rest his back at the chair he was sitting on. He clicked the side of his cheeks using his tongue and fiddle with his fingers.

    "What's with you mafias? Can't keep your mouth shut?" he said, sounding a bit pissed but Sunghoon just responded with a soft chuckle. He knows Jake isn't really mad, he's just trying to avoid being asked.

    "We just can't help but to get excited when we heard your rare interaction with a girl." Sunghoon and Jake just stare at him seriously.

    "So who is she?" Jay was persistent and so Jake have no choice because he know he will pester him until he tells them about you.

    "I don't know who she is. I don't know where she even lives." Jake answered and even shrugged his shoulders off.

    "You don't know or you're stopping yourself from knowing?" Sunghoon fired at him and he can't help but to bit his lower lip because he was once again right.

    "Do you want me to make some phone calls?" Jay interrupted.

    "Don't even try to get yourself involve here, Jay." he was quick enough to stop his friend.

    "Come on dude! What are you so afraid of?"

    Actually, Jake also don't know what's stopping him from knowing things about you. He knows how he can get your information in a snap but like Sunghoon said, he's stopping himself.

    Maybe because he knew he won't be able to stop himself from going after you. He will end up crazy about you as well like his friends over to their girls. Is that what he's afraid of? Or the fact that he will go crazy about you and you'll go crazy scared at him too? Cause he's a mafia.

    "Here, its probably a bit smaller from the place you're occupying before but at least this are cheaper." your eyes moved from the small room over to your other friend.

    You smiled, "Thanks, (name). This is perfect." you said sincerely as you eyed her. She pursed her lips and slowly walked closer to you to give you a hug. She hates everything that happened to you and so she's trying her best to help you.

    You can't stop yourself from shedding tears. You don't know how many times you have cried and cried ever since that day. You had lost count already but then you realize you need to do something. God is kind enough to spare you one good friend and she's here to help you.

    As far as you remember you have a lot of friends before. But after knowing you and (exbf's name) broke up and that you were left with nothing, they slowly vanished away. Just then you realized that they aren't real friends.

    "You'll be just fine." your friend mumbled and you silently wished she was right about that.

    The next day, you started working as an assistant to the company your friend was working at. The CEO was kind enough to accept you or that's what you think. You have no idea that the CEO have eyes on you and even when he tries and flirts with you while working, you have no clue.

    "This is the report from the Marketing Department and--" you were interrupted by him.

    "You can come closer, y/n. I don't bite." he said. You gulped but did walk closer to avoid being rude. When you're at the side of his table, he dragged his chair even closer and pretends to listen to whatever you're saying.

    You stepped back and stopped discussing when you felt a hand slipped over your skirt. Your eyes were a bit big and surprised at what just happened. He smirked and chuckled.

    "What the hell?" you said out of surprise.

    "Come on, y/n. You're gonna give in or you'll have no work?" he threatened. Your heart ache because of what he just said. Is this really how he's gonna treat you? Just because he knew you're having a hard time he's gonna take advantage of that?

    When he was about to advance, you slapped him, hard. And tears streamed over your eyes, "Fuck you!" you shouted at him.

    He clenched his jaw, angry. "I will fire you."

    You smirked as tears continue falling from your eyes, "You don't have to, I quit." you said and turned your heels around to walk away.

    You can hear him following you so you hurried yourself out of his office to get away from him as soon as possible.

    "Y/n, don't you fucking dare turn your back at--" he was silenced when he saw who just arrived a feet away from his office.

    There, Jake Sim stand proudly. His brows raised gently as he saw the familiar face of yours but it furrowed hardly when he saw you crying and following you was (ceo name).

    He stepped closer and quickly held your arm stopping you from walking pass by him. His touch was gentle and familiar so you quickly raised your head to look at him.

    "What the fuck is happening here?" he mumbled softly but danger lingers around his tone.

    Your eyes grew a bit big at the sight of the familiar fine man. Heart races when your eyes met his pretty ones but unlike before, they look mad, very mad. You don't know what to do because ever since that day, this man never left your mind. And to actually see him here, somehow sends comfort to you.

    "M-Mr. Sim..." the ceo tried to make his voice sounds cheerful.

    Jake turned his attention over to him and his eyes grew cold. It sent shivers over his spine. "T-That's my assistant. She just quit her j-job so she will be leaving now." he added.

    Jake's stare remain at him for a while giving him a serious look before he turned his head over at you. He clenched his jaw when he saw your tear-stained eyes once again. He cannot believe he will see you again and at this state. He sighed, calming himself down to not scare you. He gently renew his hold on your arm and made you look at him. He showed you his soft stares, something he never shows to anyone but his friends.

    "What happened?" he asked carefully. Your eyes stare at him, something warm hugged your heart at the sight of him. Comfort, is what his presencee screams. It made you cry a bit more.

    "Come on, baby. You can tell me." he whispered at you and he raised one of his hand to cares your face. With gentle strokes, he wiped off some tears away from your face.

    You turn over to that horrible man before you look back at Jake. And like a little girl, you held unto the end of his black suit.

    "H-He touched me." you said.

    The look on Jake's eyes changed drastically. It went dark and cold right after hearing it from you. He stood straight and held your hand tightly before he fished his phone inside his pocket.

    "Come up here." he ordered and ended the call before he slowly placed you behind him.

    Now that he's facing (ceo name) you don't know what his expression was. You were still shaking because of what happened and Jake can feel it. He hates it to bits. He happen to see you again and this is what just happened to you.

    He can see the pathetic look over (ceo name). He can't wait for you to take a leave before he ruin this disgusting man's life. Of course, before he do that, he needs you to be somewhere safe.


    Jake let out a sigh, dismissing his thoughts of killing (ceo name) first.

    "Take y/n to my car. Make sure she's safe and warm." he ordered and his men nodded their head.

    You looked over Jake with a slight worry over your face. Your hold over his warm hands tighten a bit and Jake looked at it. Jake can't explain what that just made him feel. All his emotions were all over the place, you are driving him crazy.

    He smiled and held your face, "I'll follow shortly. I just need to take care of something." he mumbled.

    You don't know him. You only met him once back then and the only conversation you had with him is when you asked if you can hold his hand. But why does he feel like you're home? Like someone you trust so much? Why does your heart beat so fast and respond to him like as if he's the owner of it.

    You nodded, "Please be careful." you said before you followed the man he just ordered.

    Jake was stoned to his position after hearing it from you. That wasn't the first time someone actually told him to be careful, but yours sure hits different. When he saw that you're clearly out of sight, his eyes grew darkly once again.

    “M-Mr. Sim, please.” the man in front of him was really scared as he saw him pulled out a gun.

    Jake’s face was blank and cold. Like as if he’s looking over to someone already dead. He doesn’t know what he shall do for this man to pay for what he did.

    “You... touched her.” his voice were low, but sure is dangerous.

    The man in front trembled in fear. He knew Jake Sim. One of the youngest mafias that feared by a lot of people. He never heard of him getting involve with a girl, people always know him as a business man. He’s known for prioritizing business all the time. His talent for that is just amazing.

    “I d-didn’t know she was...” he couldn’t even finish what he was saying because of the way Jake’s eyes was just getting darker and darker.

    “Now you know...” he mumbled in a very dangerous tone.

    He raised the gun that he was holding then pointed it over at him. His eyes grew a bit out of fear and surprise before he quickly kneeled in front of him, palms crashed over each other.

    “Please! I’m begging you,” he plead but Jake couldn’t feel any mercy. All he know is that he wanted so bad to burry a bullet over this guy’s head.

    When he fired it, the man was started as he felt a light sting over at the side of his cheeks. Jake just fired it so close to his head that it scratches his skin. He was dumbfounded and couldn’t even speak as a tear fell from him eyes.

    Jake put down his gun and walked closer to him. He leaned down and as their eyes met, fear consumed him once again.

    “I won’t kill you just yet but I will surely take away everything from you.” he said before clapping his hand over to his shoulder and walking away.

    “T-Thank you,” you mumbled after Jake handed you a glass of water. You don’t know where you are, but this place sure looked so fancy.

    “Are you feeling okay?” your eyes darted from the glass of water you were holding over to the man a few feet away from you.

    He got his coat off and he’s wearing this white long sleeves inside. You watch as he neatly folded them up to his sleeves. His eyes were staring at you and it made you blush.

    “Yeah, I’m sorry for the trouble. You saved me again.” you said and seriously eyed him after giving him a small smile.

    Jake was silent for a while before he slowly made his way to you, with a careful steps he pulled a chair right in front of you then sat down.

    “Why does whenever we see each other, you are crying?” he asked and your eyes were looking at his. Unlike before they aren’t cold or anything, they're actually comforting.

    You let out a small chuckle, “I guess the world hates me.”

    He just stared at you silently. It was a bit intimidating and so you tried sighing to try and ease the atmosphere down. “It was actually my third day at work today. I thought everything’s gonna be fine and that I will have a new start but then this happened...” you started.

    You don’t know why you are saying this to him, but all you know is that you need someone to talk to. Someone to let out all your thoughts and feelings. You don't really know him at all but he just saved you from a while ago and he was so nice last time too. Besides, isn’t it even easier to say your stories to a stranger?

    “My ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend,” pain reflected your face as memory come flashing down once again. Your eyes got teary and Jake’s eyebrows furrowed at what he heard.

    “I helped and gave everything to him to the point I’m left with nothing.” you said and a tear made it out of your eyes.

    Jake clenched his fist and jaw after he heard that then he moved his chair closer to you. He raised his hand and cupped your face, “I am here for you now, baby.” he said, eyes pierced at you. It was like a magic, suddenly nothing else mattered that time. You don’t know him, not even a single thing except from his name. But why does your heart wanted to trust him with everything and for you to just surrender yourself to him.

    “From now on, all you’ll need is me and no one else.” he whispered inches away from your face, his breath were hot and smelled of mint. It was addicting for you, eyes darted for a while at his lips, you heaved a sigh before carefully moving closer.

    Jake got his arms wrapped around you as he stare at your eyes, “Do you understand?” he said, lips in front of your parted ones.

    Your eyes looked over his and slowly you nodded your head. A small smile appeared over his lips as he carefully caress your face. He leaned closer finally connecting his hot lips over at yours. The kiss was slow and gentle, but your heart were racing like as if you just ran miles. Your eyes shut close while Jake pulls you closer making your body collide and guiding you over to sit at his lap.

    “My poor baby, did you got scared because of that asshole? Don’t worry I took care of him, he will never get close to you again.” he mumbles after the kiss and just there the new chapter of your life started.

    “Jake Sim?! Y/n, what?” your head snapped over towards your friend. She visited you right after knowing you came back to your place. She felt so bad for what his boss did to you and so she came rushing over to you only to find out you aren’t home. And now, after three days, you came back coming from God knows where.

    “What?” you asked with those innocent looking eyes of you. She cannot believe that you aren’t panicking right now. She doesn’t even know if you know who the fuck Jake Sim is.

    “Do you know who he is? And how dangerous he is?”

    Your eyes stared at her for a while before you let out a small sigh, “I’m not stupid, (name). I’m also not that innocent. I know who Jake Sim is. A young mafia boss who rule this town.” you answered.

    Well you aren’t lying. You do know who he is. You know the name Jake Sim, pretty familiar of all his activities in the town as well. He is a business man slash mafia boss. You’re actually surprised he was the same guy who helped you back then at the plane ride and also with that asshole ceo. You’ve been with him for three straight days, getting to know more of him. You were surprise how easy you had trusted him, maybe because he didn’t gave you any reason not to. He was very open and honest whenever you ask him about something.

    “This is Jake Sim we’re talking about, y/n. If you’re ex was an asshole, this one is different. He’s a very dangerous man!” your hand halted from packing your things. You heaved a sigh and you slowly turned around to face her. She looked so sincere and worried for you.

    “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” you said and smiled at her once.

    She sighed and approached you before closing you to an embrace, “Okay. But once he hurt you, go to me right away, hm? Even if he’s a mafia and he’s very powerful I won’t hesitate kicking his ass.” she said that made you chuckle. She’s really a good friend.

    “I feel safe with him, (name). I don’t know but it feels so right to be with him.”

    You heard her chuckling lightly, “Well he should make you feel safe, y/n. With all those men.” she joked that made both of you broke into laughter.

    When you enter his mansion you asked one of his men where he is and he told you to go to his office because he’s there and waiting for you. Walking over to his office, you can’t help but to admire his home once again. The designs were mostly simple but yet it was cozy for you.

    You knocked twice and entered when you heard him telling you to come in. You bowed when you saw his assistant making his way out, he bowed as well while holding some folders. Your eyes remained at the folders not until you heard Jake calling you out.

    “You took a while getting your stuff, love.” he said and you eyed him right away. You smiled and slowly walked closer to the front of his table. Jake’s wearing his usual office suit and he looked so good while having his hear pushed back.

    “Yeah, I also spent some time with my friend.” you said and you saw something in Jake’s eyes flickered. It was just for a while so you didn’t make out what it was.

    He tilted his head and rested it with his fingers, elbow rested at his table as he eyes you. “Come here,” he said in a low tone and even motion you to come to him using his free hand.

    You blush before slowly walking towards his position. The moment you are near enough and reachable, Jake extended his arm and guided you over to his lap. His arms caging you possessively and securing you. His eyes never left your face even once, he was just staring, not getting tired.

    “I missed you,” Jake mumbled, nose nuzzling over your neck. Your hand caress the back of his head, making Jake feels warmth.

    “I was gone for nearly three hours.” you chuckled but deep inside you can’t deny the fact that you did miss him too. 

    He pulled away, “Really? It seems like days.” he joked with a small smirk. You laughed and leaned in to give him pecks over his lips. 

    After a long kiss you leaned away and stared at his eyes. You two were just like that, staring at each other for seconds and not talking. It was something you cannot explain at all.

    You moved in with Jake and you’ve never been so happy. He was so nice and the more you get to know him, the more you just started developing feelings for him. Jake, had made you feel things nobody else does. You’re quite surprise yourself that such things exist outside of some written fanfictions. He was so out of this world. 

    Months passed, but you two just got even more attached to each other. Loving one’s company and Jake knew he sure intend to keep you for himself. Only for him... On the other hand, you couldn’t ask for something else. You knew that you’re in love with him and being with him is all you wanted.

    You frowned when you saw an article about your ex boyfriend’s company. You don’t love him anymore, you are sure of that but to see that after all he done to you, he’s there enjoying his life without even paying for it makes you feel a bit sick. You knew he deserves revenge but you just don’t know where to start.

    “Tell me what you want me to do to them, love. Anything, just name it.” Jake whispered as he stood behind you mightily, hands resting at both of your hips. He leaned down and dropped a warm kiss at your exposed shoulders. You pursed your lips, “I want them left with nothing but scraps.” you said as a tear left your eye.

    “As you wish.” and he dropped a swift kiss at your cheeks before you turn around to embrace him tightly. Jake enjoys your warmth beneath him and his eyes turned dangerously dark as he listen to your soft cries.

    “They can’t treat my baby poorly and get away from it. I’ll hunt everyone who mess with you, love.” and he caged you with his tight embrace making sure you’re safe and sound.

    “I want you to be my date for tonight’s party.” he suddenly said as you felt him carefully caressing your waist. He just came home from work and now you two are chilling at your bedroom, body wrapped close to each other.

    “Party? For what?” you asked.

    “You’ll know later.” he answered and you decided to just nod your head.

    After an hour, someone arrived the house. A well-known designer of gowns and it seems like Jake asked for them because he will take you as his date to this party. You went to fit some gowns and the designer was very fond of you, everything just looked good.

    When you happen to fit this black elegant long dress, Jake was there waiting for you to finish wearing it. And as the curtains moved to reveal you, Jake’s eyes looked dazed by the sight of you. His lips gaped slightly open as he stare at you lovingly.

    He smirk then slowly approach you. Heat runs through your cheeks because of the way he looks at you. His hand made its way to you waist, he leaned down and dropped a kiss at your cheek before connecting both of your foreheads.

    “Fuck damn, you look so gorgeous.” he cursed that made you chuckle.

    “You are driving me crazy, love. What should I do to you, hm?” he whispered over your ears that sent shivers to your spine.

    “Now I don’t know if I should let other people see you looking like this. I’m afraid their stares will remain a bit longer.” he mumbled cutely. You chuckled once again as you cupped his face.

    “Jake.” you said staring at his eyes. He tilted his face and kissed your nose before resting his cheeks to yours.

    “I don’t know what I will do. I’ll probably take their eyes off, like literally.” he said that made you chuckle and move away.

    “No, you won’t.” you said and looked at his eyes. He stared at you like as if making you know that somehow at some point, he isn’t joking.

    You kissed him again and soon he left so you can prepare for the party. Later that night, you knew it was a party for his business partners in all of his businesses and that your ex-boyfriend will be coming. You felt something inside you burns just by hearing his name, rather than being hurt, you are pissed at him. Even if you’re still wondering how Jake managed to be business partners with him, you just decided to shrug it off. He’s not what matters now, tonight, you are gonna be there for Jake.

    “Hey,” you called out Jake before you two enter the hall. He looked at you right away with both eyes raising, waiting for what you’re gonna say.

    “Do you mind if I go check myself in the bathroom first?” you asked him to look bleak and Jake kept his stares for a while before he smiled a little.

    “Of course not, love. Take your time.” he mumbled before dropping a kiss at your cheeks.

    The moment Jake entered the hall, a lot of people acknowledged his presence. Of course, who wouldn’t? He roamed his eyes, trying to look for his main guess for tonight. When he saw them, he smirked inwardly before trying to greet those who are greeting him.

    “Mr. Sim!” he turned to see the said man approaching, a girl wearing this red dress comes along with him. Jake watch how the girl’s eyes lingers at him seductively and even bit her lips once. He scoffed inside his mind knowing so well that she was trying to flirt.

    “You don’t know how honored I am to actually be here.” he said looking at Jake with a smile. He even offered a hand-shake for him and Jake stared at it for a while before giving his hand, squishing his hand a bit more tighter. He saw him wince a bit before he pulls away.

    “I’m glad too.” he shortly said. The girl beside him was still eyeing Jake with those flirtatious eyes.

    “Well I must say you look so good tonight, Mr. Sim.” she complimented him.

    She smiled at him. He raised a brow and clicked his tongue at the side of his cheeks before tilting his head. The man beside her furrowed his brows for a bit but then decided to shrug it off. He soon tried opening up topic about business. Jake tried to listen to all the nonsense he’s trying to blabber about. It was obvious that he’s not really good with it.

    “Oh my god..” the girl in front of Jake seems like to caught an eye over someone. Her face fell for a while before she broke into this insulting smirk.

    “Well if it isn’t the desperate bitch..” she mumbled to herself but it was enough for Jake to hear. He clenched his fist, trying to contain his emotions to himself.

    She moved from where she was standing and walked closer to you. She saw you approaching, “Seriously, y/n? How desperate can you be? You even gate crash a party.” she said rudely at you.

    You kept a straight face and stared right at her eyes. You made sure you don’t look like you were affected or something because you’re really aren’t. You scoffed and then darted your eyes over to Jake.

    “Sorry, love. The bathroom’s pretty packed.” you said ignoring what she just told you.

    Jake walked closer tilting his head, “It’s fine, baby.” he mumbled and snaked his arms over to your waist before kissing your bare shoulders, eyes fixed at yours. He smirked then turn towards your ex best friend.

    “Do we have a problem here?” Jake asked the girl in front of you, tone a bit cold. 

    She looked surprise and was dumb founded. She stepped back unconsciously as her face turns pale. You raised your eyebrow at her then you scoffed making sure she heard you.

    “By the way, this is my beautiful girl, y/n.” Jake introduced you at the two person in front of you who’s taken aback. They were eyeing you with wide eyes.

    You looked at Jake and smiled at him warmly, he smirked and gave you a peck before he turn to face them.

    “But I’m sure you know her already, right?” Jake said mocking.

    You were smirking while staring at their shocked faces. Your ex-boyfriend opened his mouth and his eyes were staring at you.

    “Y/n, I--” Even before he can say it, someone had called Jake attention.

    “If you’ll excuse us.” Jake said with a smirk and guided you over to some of his other business partners.

    Soon, the party then started and you can see that the two were out of themselves after the interaction with you. It was something you wouldn’t forget. To see them like that, looking at you with fear. You know its basically Jake they fear but to actually feel powerful over them and make them look like fools for everything they just did seems satisfying.

    Jake kissed you at your cheeks as he left you at your sit to go in front and do a speech. A lot were anticipating of what’s he’s gonna say, while you were just there, smiling and admiring how good he looks as he stood there proudly.

    “Today, I had asked you to come here to celebrate something big.” he started.

    “I happen to own this new company and will soon plan to rebrand it.” he scoffed a bit and smirked handsomely.

    “The (name) enterprise previously owned by (ex boyfriend’s name) is now under my name and so I’m planning to re-name it after the love of my life,” he said that made you surprise. You blushed hardly when he eyed you, a spotlight then moved over your way and shined on you.

    “y/n... love, this is all for you.” he said and soon the crowd cheered and clapped for the two of you.

    “N-No! This can’t be happening! (name) enterprise is mine! We’re co-owners and so you don’t have the right to do that.” your ex boyfriend stood up and was making a scene.

    Jake smirked at him, “Check again, (ex boyfriend’s name). Co-ownership should go by 50-50 shares. I already owned 80% so that makes me the owner.” he said that made your ex boyfriend dumbfounded, he seems like to lose all his strength as he fell unto his knees.

    “Face it, (ex boyfriend’s name). You’re only success was having her but then you’re too stupid to even know that. And now, you had lost her and I ain’t giving her back, ever.”

    “Please, y/n. I’m begging you. D-Don’t do this.” you don’t know how it happened but you’re now at one of the vacant rooms of this company. In front of you was your ex boyfriend. He was kneeling and eyes blood shot.

    “I didn’t really wanted to do that to you. Its because of (ex best friend’s name). She made me do it, please! I’m begging y-you.” he said.

    You kept your mouth shut and just watch as he do all of that. Looking at him made your old memories flash back through your mind. If it’s before, you may cry and run close to him to comfort you but now, you felt nothing but coldness. You can’t see anything in him anymore. You’ve always thought he is your greatest love, turns out he’s just the reason why you’ll meet the man who you’ll want to be with for the rest of your life.

    “You l-love me, right, y/n?” he seemed to be really out of his mind as he slowly try to approach you.

    You stepped backwards and smirked at him, “You don’t understand.” you started then you looked straight at his eyes with dead and blank eyes.

    “I came here just to tell you that you are wrong.” you added and he furrowed his brows confused.

    “When we broke up, you told me without you, I’ve got nothing.” you paused and the memory that used to hurt you so much was now nothing for you.

    “Well when I lost you, I found Jake. He’s the reason why I’m happy and I love him so much.” you said.

    He chuckled like a crazy man, “That man is a mafia boss, y/n. He can have anything and anyone he wants. You think he’ll settle on you?”

    You smiled. He was somewhat right. You don’t know what may happen in the future but all you know is that you love Jake and that you are willing to risk it with him.

    “You are right but I don’t care. I love him and it will remain like that.” and with that you turned around and left him dumbfounded.

    “Where is he?” you asked one of Jake’s men when you cannot find him anywhere.

    “In his office at the top floor, ma’am.” you gave him a nod and decided to go to him.

    Your brows furrowed when you arrived there and it was dark. 

    “J-Jake?” you asked a bit cautious.

    You walked carefully as you try to make out where he was when suddenly you felt something pointed at the back of your head. You were frozen at your spot as you suddenly felt scared.

    “I think I’ve been too nice to you, didn’t I love?” you heard Jake’s voice from behind you and so you furrowed your brows.

    “J-Jake? What is this? W-Why are you pointing a gun at my head?”

    “Where were you?” he asked, tone dead cold.

    “I-I was--”

    “You met with him, didn’t you, huh? What? He begged you?” he asked mocking.

    “Jake--” you were once cut off when he moved the gun and pointed at the side of your head. He moved closer to you and you felt his face just beside yours. He moved away some of your hair and dropped a soft kiss at your shoulder.

    “You know nothing’s free in this world. I gave you your revenge.” he said and you just stayed silent. You can feel your eyes watering out of fear. This is the first time this happened between the two of you.

    “In exchange of that is you,” he said and slowly he moved in front of you.

    It was slightly dark but enough for you to see his dark angry eyes.

    “You are mine, y/n... Once you entered my life, there’s no going out anymore.”

    Jake eyed you seriously. Waiting for you to look so scared and started begging him to free you but instead, you stretched your arms and slid it over his neck. You hugged him tight, tip toeing so you can kiss his cheeks and rest your chin at his shoulder.

    Jake was dumbfounded as he slowly lower his hand that was holding a gun.

    “I’m not planning to leave, baby.” you said and Jake’s eyes soften.

    When he finally realize it, he heaved out a relieved sigh and snaked his arms possessively at your waist, burying his face at your neck, inhaling your scent that he’s already addicted to.

    “Good, because I have no plan on letting you.” he said.

    “I love you, Jake.”

    He pulled away from the hug and cupped your face, “I love you even more, y/n.”

    “What should we do to her, boss?” Jake’s face was serious when he entered the room where they held captive your ex-best friend. She was crying already and scared.

    She may think she’s safe from all of this just because he had cut ties with your ex-boyfriend but no. Jake’s making sure everyone who do you wrongly will suffer. Her eyes were pleading as they met Jake’s.

    “Did you do what I asked you to her family?” Jake asked.


    “You monster! You killed my family--”

    “Yeah I did.” he cut her off. Her eyes were pull of tears but Jake can’t feel any sympathy.

    “Open her up, sell one of her kidney or something. Anything but don’t kill her.” he ordered as his eyes stared at her coldly. Her eyes grew big out of fear.

    “P-Please, no!”

    Jake was about to walk away already but she once again scream to beg.

    “I don’t deserve this!”

    Jake faced her, “Yeah and so did y/n. She don’t deserve anything of what you did to her.”

    “B-But isn’t this t-too much? I’m sorry! I will ask for her forgiveness! I will kneel if I have to.” she said and Jake chuckled.

    “Yeah you may think that this is unfair but too bad you messed with the wrong girl huh? She may forgive you but I won’t. Nobody,” he said and paused for a while.

    “can ever mistreat my y/n.” and with that he exits the room as she screams over and over again.

    “Who’s this guy who said he will never go crazy over a girl and then the next thing I knew he was buying stocks to this pathetic company so just he can get revenge for his girl.” Jake rolled his eyes when he heard his friend tease him one afternoon.

    Heeseung chuckled loudly and just stared at them. n “Shut up, Jay.” Jake said.

    “Sounds familiar huh, bro?” Jay mocked.

    “Dude, you could’ve just killed the guy.” Heeseung suggested.

    Jake took a sip from his drink and eyed his friends who’s busy making fun of him. “Nah, what Jake hyung did is just perfect. Killing him will be just too easy. Let him live and suffer.” Jungwon said.

    Jake saw how Sunoo shake his head, “What’s with you and torture, huh?”

    Jungwon just shrugged his shoulders off and take a sip to his drink as well. Heeseung chuckled as he watch the younger ones.

    “Don’t even start with torture and Jungwon, dude. He even nearly cut his girl’s leg.” Jay stated and they all chuckled.

    Jungwon’s eyes grew dark for a while as he smirked staring at his drink, “She kept on running away back then and that was the only solution I can think of.”

    Ni-ki laughed. “You’re insanely scary hyung.”

    “Nah, Jay hyung’s even crazier to even steal someone’s girl.”Jungwon shrugged his shoulders off.

    Jake chuckled and shake his head sideways, his friends are just insane. “Wait, where’s Sunghoon?” he suddenly asked.

    Heeseung smirked, “Don’t think about him. He’s busy taking care of something.” he answered.

    Sunoo chuckled, “You meant, someone?”

    Jungwon eyed him, “So he did find her huh?”


    “After so many fucking years.” Jake said.

    “Who would have thought she actually exist?”

    They all just chuckled but Jake attention soon darted over to his phone when he saw your name flashing through his screen.

    “Yes, love?” he answered.

    “Baby, I’m out. Where are you?” you asked. You just finished your work and now calling him so he can go and see you.

    Jake stood up and grabbed his car keys, “On my way to you. Wait there, okay?”

    “Okay sure. Drive safely.” you said.

    He smiled, “I love you.”

    “I love you.”

    Jake then ended the call then faced his friends whose smirking already. “I gotta go.” he said.

    They nod, and he saw Jay pulling out his phone as well. “I suddenly missed my girl, now should I call her too?”

    Jungwon tilted his head and laughed, “My brat is busy right now and so I can’t bother her.” he heard lastly before he left his friend.

    Jake couldn’t understand them before but now that having you, he would do everything and risk anything just for you. All those who plan to hurt you should be ready because he will raise hell if he should just to get back at them. His love for you just grow and grow as time passed by and so he was certain that there is no way he will let you go. Being crazy for a girl sure sounds funny for him before but experiencing it right now, Jake thought it isn’t so bad at all.

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  • noocoffee
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    warnings: none, pure fluff

    chapters: idk but not that many.

    a/n: Im really sorry if this sucked

    Music club

    Kim Sunoo, the music club president, was standing in the hall. He was passing out filers with the assistance of a taller boy. Turtleneck, torn jeans, and blueish hair. Sunoo had an impressive reputation for being helpful, a great tutor, and an all-around sweetheart.

    Joining the music club was not planned, you had no interest in learning to play an instrument.

    There were around six people inside the room and instruments such as guitars, drum stickers, flutes, and recorders. The bigger instruments were most likely upstairs. Sunoo greeted you and your friend with a kind glance and gestured to two empty chairs next to each other.

    They decided the next meeting would be held on Thursday after school. You and your friend, Kim Daehyun, got in somehow.

    Thinking about it made you nervous.

    Thursday had arrived, and Daehyun, unfortunately, was unable to attend. Surprisingly, you came six minutes ahead of time. The peach boy was jotting something down and appeared to be extremely concentrated. There was no denying his cuteness.

    “Oh, you arrived early.”

    “Uh yeah,” you murmur as you walk over to him and take a seat in front of him. You are doing everything you can to prevent appearing nervous. Your attention is pulled to his paper; though the letters were small, his handwriting was cute.

    “I am writing down my plans for the month.” He says, gazing at you and at his paper. “I got carried away doodling yesterday...” You giggled at his confession before admitting that you, too, like doodling at random times.

    ~end of chapter 1

    #enha #kim sunoo drabbles #kim sunoo x reader #kim sunoo #finally out of writers block 💪 #enhypen soft layouts #enhypen soft hours #enhypen oneshots#enhypen jay#niki enhypen#enhypen#enhyphen#enhypen jake #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon#lee heeseung#ethan lee#kpop fluff #sunoo best boy #sunoo#enhypen sunoo#sunoo fluff#sunoo scenarios#sunoo headers #enhypen soft moodboard #scenarios#enha heeseung #enha x reader #enha sunoo
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    truth or dare (teaser)

    pairing ‣ park sunghoon x fem!reader. (ft. enha legal line and itzy legal line.)

    genre ‣ angst, thriller, suspense, suggestive, horror, supernatural au, college au.

    warnings ‣ profanity, death, alcohol and drug consumption, mentions of sex, sexual innuendos, set in america, everyone is a sophmore in college, reader and jay are twins, jay is kind of a jerk + all warnings to be included in full fic.  

    summary ‣ frat parties tended to get too wild for your liking, but that’s not why you were so eager to leave this one. between a campus you’ve never visited before and a sea of intoxicated students partying away on halloween night, the only thing you crave for is the safety of your home. unfortunately, things always tend to go awry when parties are concerned, and this one is no exception. oblivious to what the future holds in store, you agree to play a stupid game. what you don’t realise is that this isn’t your everyday game of truth or dare.

    teaser word count ‣ 1867. (too long, i know

    est. fic word count ‣ 8000-12000.

    release date ‣ october end/november start.

    taglist ‣ permanent taglist + @liliansun @blank-velvet @mykalon @nisribel @baekhyunstruly @anuisamazing @lixieluvr @wccycc send an ask/dm to be included in the taglist for this fic : D

    author’s note ‣ hello ! it’s my first time writing thriller/suspense and horror, and i hope i can do the genres justice :’) sunghoon isn’t mentioned nor does he show up in the teaser, but i promise you the fic revolves around him !! i hope you like this small extract ♡


    Not only had he dragged you out of the safety of his house and to a Halloween party in a college you didn’t attend, but had also ditched you to pursue a girl under the pretense of getting drinks. This was what you got in return for agreeing to chauffeur him in case he got drunk—abandonment. 

    His assholeish behaviour was exactly why the two of you didn’t get along. Your twin brother was annoying and a jerk, and while you loved him and he loved you in rare moments, both of you wished the other was dead most of the time. 

    Your weird (yet normal) love-hate relationship was probably what concerned your mother and led her to believe that the two of you were going to cut off all contact with each other the moment college began. So, she made you spend every holiday together. It was Jay who drove down to your university the last time for Labour Day, so this time, you decided to visit him for Halloween. 

    In hindsight, it was probably a bad decision. As your eyes took in the unknown figures partying the night away like wild beasts, you were starting to regret your choice. Maybe you should have just lied to your mother about spending the holiday with Jay.

    Now you were stuck in a crowd you didn’t know, but very much wanted to get away from. The fact that it was your brother who drove the two of you to the party and was nowhere to be seen along with the car keys he possessed didn’t help at all. You had no way to leave and no way in hell were you going to ask for a lift from a stranger. 

    You weren’t sure if anyone in the frat house was sober and kind enough to drive you over to Jay’s apartment anyway. 

    Hugging yourself, you began to make your way towards the front door of the house. The music was so agonizingly loud you could barely hear yourself think. Sweaty bodies kept bumping into you and everywhere your eyes went, people were being intimate or doing something disgusting. 

    Like that one guy you saw on your way in; he was taking a piss in the front yard for everyone to see—and for you to tragically smell. You cringed when the memory flashed in front of your eyes, and hurried towards the exit of the frat house and the freedom outside it. 

    The cool air slapped your face almost immediately, and the boisterous music dulled as the front door slammed shut behind you. Thankfully, there weren’t as many people in the front yard. (And mercifully, no one was relieving themself.)

    You slipped your hand into the back pocket of your jeans and extracted your phone. Dialling Jay’s number, you waited. 

    When the phone rang five times and he didn’t pick it up, you cursed under your breath and cut the call. You were going to kill Jay. He was a shit host and a shit brother and you were going to trash his room while he was busy throat fucking someone instead of taking care of his goddamn sister—

    You were snapped out of your hateful reverie when your phone dinged in your hand.

    jay: yo
    jay: stop fucking calling me. i’m w a girl and i don’t need u to cockblock me
    jay: stay peachy. i’ll see u tmrw

    Your grip on the device tightened and your vision turned red. You imagined yourself stepping on a miniature Jay and squashing the life out of him while he begged you to stop. The anger toned down—barely.

    Exhaling shakily, you opened the Uber app. You were going to go back to your university immediately. You didn’t care that your car was parked over at Jay’s and that you’d have no way of commuting to your own university for your class two days later. You just had to get out of there. 

    Turns out, God hated you. While you were focused on your phone and attempting to find an Uber, someone bumped into you and spilt their entire drink on you. You yelped and jumped back, hands suspended in the air. 

    The liquid was quick to seep into your clothes and make them stick to your body. You stared down at yourself in disbelief and only looked up when the person apologized.  

    “Holy shit,” the boy gasped as the empty plastic cup slipped out of his hand. “I am so, so sorry." 

    You wanted to cry. The entire day had been nothing short of a disaster and being drenched with alcohol was the cherry on top. 

    "It's okay," you croaked, attempting to give the boy a reassuring smile. He looked genuinely guilty and you weren't in the mood to fight. "Shit happens." 

    He looked unconvinced. His eyes dropped to your wet torso and you had to resist the urge to cover yourself with your arms. You hated yourself for wearing a white shirt. 

    Upon noticing your discomfort, he panicked and apologized again. Shrugging his jacket off, he draped it on your shoulders. You nodded at him in thanks. 

    "I think I've seen you before," the boy muttered. His eyebrows were scrunched, as if he was trying to figure out when and where. 

    "You might know my brother, Park Jongseong," you explained, pulling the jacket around you and burying yourself in it. You still felt gross and sticky, but you weren't cold and insecure anymore. "We're twins." 

    The boy gasped again, looking even more guilty. "____! Jay's talked about you. I'm really sorry for what happened." 

    "Jay has talked about me?" you asked suspiciously. Most of the time, you both pretended the other didn't exist. Heck, most of your peers thought you were an only child. 

    "Yeah," he chuckled and held out his hand. "I'm Shim Jaeyoon, his roommate. You can call me Jake, though. We moved in together this year and he warned me to not make a move on you."

    You knew it was wrong for your brother to want to control your love life, but hearing what Jake said made warmth blossom in your chest. 

    So Jay was like every other brother out there. He was an asshole but he (kind of) cared about you even though he didn't show it. 

    You smiled at Jake. While he wasn't a familiar face in this sea of unknown faces, he knew about you. He had to be legitimate. 

    You gripped his hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Jake. Can you give me the key to your apartment? I need to get a change of clothes."

    The friendly smile adorning Jake's lips vanished. You frowned, snatching your hand back. "You are his roommate, aren't you?" 

    "I am," he hastily confirmed, "and under any other circumstances, on any other day, I would have handed over the key immediately, but…" Jake trailed off and bit his lip, looking apologetic again. "He took this girl back home and texted me to not disturb them. He's liked her for a long time, and I don't think you should return while they're possibly doing it." 

    Your jaw dropped and you stared at Jake incredulously. "Wow. Are you being for real? You see the state I'm in, don't you? You expect me to stay wet and gross and sticky all night while my brother shoots his shot and fucks a girl?" You scoffed, pointing an accusatory finger at the boy in front of you. "All men are the same; all you can think about is sex." 

    Looking extremely offended, Jake defended himself. "Sex? I'm thinking about friendship. I'm being a good friend by helping Jay!" 

    "To have sex!" you exclaimed. 

    "Look," Jake began, massaging the bridge of his nose. He looked tired. Why did he look tired? You were the one having a bad day! "Why don't you come with me? You don't want to be at the party and I'm leaving anyway."

    "Why should I trust you?" you snorted. 

    "Fine!" he said loudly and threw his hands in the air, sounding exasperated. "If you'd rather be around a shit ton of horny and wasted people, go ahead! It's not like I was going to do anything to you," he added. Jake didn't want to leave you alone. You were his best friend's sister and he wouldn't forgive himself if something happened to you. "I was just going over to a female friend's house and meet up with a few friends there." 

    He emphasized the word 'female' as if it would get him to trust you. 

    It did. Kind of.

    "Call her," you demanded and crossed your arms over your chest. Jake rolled his eyes, but dialled his friend's number nonetheless. 

    "Put it on speaker," you insisted. Wordlessly, Jake did as he was told.

    His friend picked up the call within two rings. "What?" she demanded, sounding rather irritated. "Are you bailing this time too?" 

    Jake winced. "No. But can you talk to a friend of mine and tell her she can trust me? She's Jay's twin." 

    "Oh," the girl replied meekly when she realised she was on speaker. The voice call switched to a video call and a pretty face popped up on the screen. You jolted, slightly taken aback. "Hi, my name is Shin Ryujin and I'm a close friend of Jake and Jay's. Jay's apparently hooking up with some girl, but Jake's coming over to my place and we're going to hang out with a few other friends. Play a few party games, maybe? You're welcome to accompany him! I know frat parties are kinda messy. Mine is going to be chill, though." 

    Before you could speak, Jake interrupted you. "____'s going to need a change of clothes too. I spilled on her." 

    "He spilled a drink on me," you corrected when a sly smirk began taking form on Ryujin's face. Glaring at Jake, you added, "That's all." 

    "Sure," she nodded. "I'll see you guys in a few. Can't wait to meet you, ____."

    Ryujin cut the call before you could bid her goodbye. Pocketing his phone, Jake asked, "Trust me now?" 

    You shrugged. "Yeah, I guess." 

    Jake gave you a look that said you'd do good taking back the I guess part. "I'm sorry, I trust you." you said.

    His smile was blinding. "Shall we?" 

    You looked at him, and back at the frat house again. You should have felt a sense of security now that you had talked to Ryujin. You'd heard Jay say her name before. You were going to spend the night with people your brother trusted. 

    However, you couldn't shake the dread that settled in you. It didn't feel right to go over to Ryujin's place. You had a bad feeling about the entire thing. But you had nowhere else to go and—

    "Earth to ____," Jake popped, waving his hand in front of your face. You tore your gaze away from the frat house and looked at him. "You okay?" 

    You blinked and nodded, dazed. "Yeah. Let's go."

    Why did it feel like you were making a huge mistake? 

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  • jayflrt
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    the a-list

    ❝ our friendship was already ruined the day i fell for you.❞

    PAIRING ▸ park jongseong x fem!reader (ft. park sunghoon)

    GENRES ▸ smut, fluff, angst, gossip girl au, rich kid au, fake dating au, friends to lovers

    WARNINGS ▸ profanity, sexual tension !!, jay and mc are the chuck and blair, enemies to lovers dynamic but they’re friends i swear, toxic rich kids doing toxic rich kid things, jay calls you princess which definitely needs a warning, smut content, oral (f. receiving), oral (m. receiving), thigh riding, dry humping, fingering, multiple orgasms, corruption kink, dacryphilia, slight degradation

    SUMMARY ▸ life seems to finally be going your way. that is, until your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is back, and gossip girl appears to be out to get you. but there’s only room for one queen bee in the upper east side, and with a hand from your best friend, park jongseong, you’re going to make sure it’s you.

    WORD COUNT ▸ 10193 words

    PLAYLIST ▸ fever by enhypen • positions by ariana grande • daddy issues by the neighborhood • swim by chase atlantic

    TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower​ @danyxthirstae01 @shusan @hobistigma @dearlylhs @3ggieyolk @jayparkfromenhypen @pc-yeolie @sunghonkers @yeetyyeetyet @papiibuprofen @seuomo @wifemeupforsan @kkmlhnng @kyleeanne @blank-velvet @god-is-a-homosexual @neovrse @kittychae @heelariously​ @sxirx11 

    AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ this is sooo long overdue, but i’m so glad i wrote it because rich kid aus are my everything. also this fic was kickstarted by this and this :’) i hope you guys enjoy !! ♡ ps: you don’t need to know anything about gossip girl to read this 

    IT MIGHT HAVE COME OFF AS A SURPRISE FOR ONE TO HEAR THAT YOU HAD THE PARK JONGSEONG WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER. He was a man of class, of refinery. Well, at least that was how he presented himself when he wasn’t being a complete and utter sleaze.

    Coming from a family of old money, Jongseong’s father owned a chain of hotels and resorts worldwide. You weren’t quite at their level, but you couldn’t sell your father short. As a world renown fashion designer, your father styled several celebrities and was even good friends with the Parks. They were probably the richest family in Seoul, just barely topping their rivals, who happened to be your boyfriend’s family.

    Said boyfriend, Park Sunghoon, wasn’t as perfect as Jongseong, and that was why your mother was a touch disappointed when you ended up dating the wrong best friend.

    You didn’t see it that way, though. This was the Upper East Side where things went your way. You had everything you wanted within arm's reach, whether that was an invite to New York’s Fashion Week or the Met Gala. You had the richest boys in New York at your beck and call. You lived in upscale high-rises, surrounded by riches. You were the city, the night life, and the party scene.

    It was a luxe life, but someone had to live it. Someone had to be in power. Someone had to be on top of the world.

    Yet, right now, you were seething.

    “I can’t catch a fucking break,” you muttered, biting at your freshly manicured nails. “I swear, Gossip Girl’s out to ruin me.”

    “Please.” Park Jongseong scoffed from the sofa he was sprawled across, occasionally reaching over to grab fruit from the table. “Gossip Girl’s been dry ever since you and Sunghoon got together. She’s just using this opportunity to stir up something fake.”

    You pushed your phone in his direction. “Look at this, Jay! She’s trying to make me look pathetic!”

    Jongseong shot you a wary look before he glanced at your phone.

                  GOSSIP GIRL.

    Hey, Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here—your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elites. And, for my return, I have the biggest news ever: a certain someone’s back in town, and something tells me this is going to mess with Prince Charming and his princess.

    “Huh. Yeah, that’s pretty humiliating,” Jongseong said, laughing a little. You whined at his comment, and he sat up this time, jabbing one of the fruit skewers in your direction. “She won’t be able to do anything as long as you don’t give her something to talk about.”

    Exasperated, you slumped back into your seat, scowling bitterly. “What if I want to give her something to talk about?”

    “I know you do, princess,” Jongseong replied, a smirk tugging at his lips. “You’ve always loved being on Gossip Girl’s A-List.”

    Ah, the A-List. You coined the term in high school when Gossip Girl seemed to set her sights on very specific targets. It was always the same group of people, including you, Park Sunghoon, and Park Jongseong.

    Although the sudden revival of Gossip Girl made you want to pull your hair out, you had to admit you liked the attention you got before. Your name would be plastered everywhere when Gossip Girl used to be more active and alive with the latest scandals. After everything had started to work in your favor, though, the anonymous blogger disappeared without a word.

    It had only been a few months since you got together with Sunghoon. You had been pining over him since the beginning of high school, and the moment you heard that he had a rather messy breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Ning Yizhuo, you saw a window of opportunity shining for you. Now, as a second-year attending Columbia University, you had finally gotten everything you wanted: a perfect life and a gorgeous boyfriend by your side.

    Now, Sunghoon’s ex-girlfriend was here to ruin all of that.

    Throughout high school, Gossip Girl targeted you and Yizhuo, painting a rivalry between you two that sounded so convincing that you actually started to hate her. You thought money could buy you anything, but somehow, Yizhuo managed to worm her way into Sunghoon’s heart without any tricks up her sleeve. You started to want to covet what you couldn’t have and take everything that was hers.

    You had to admit, though, jealousy was a fabulous color on you.

    Jongseong could vouch for this, having been your partner-in-crime throughout your high school days. He and Sunghoon were the best of friends, but you had Jongseong securely wrapped around your finger. You considered him your closest friend, save for the few makeout sessions and intimate moments you had with Jongseong in the past.

    It didn’t hurt to have a CEO’s son at your beck and call, but you were always unsure of Jongseong’s motives. If you needed him to look into somebody, he would do so in a heartbeat (and provide you with a plethora of information on the individual). You could ask for virtually anything, and Jongseong would simply pull out his wallet and make some calls to get it done for you.

    Sunghoon, on the other hand, was less careless. Despite also being the son of a CEO, Sunghoon wasn’t fully immersed in the lavish lifestyle like Jongseong was. He didn’t like relying on daddy’s money all the time, so he tended to frown upon Jongseong’s antics sometimes.

    Jongseong started to look tired of watching you mope around. “Are you seriously going to sit around and waste your energy over someone you hardly even like?”

    “Watch it, Jay,” you snapped, fixing him with an icy glare. “I’ll be happy to escort you out the door if you keep it up.”

    Jongseong scoffed. “Just an observation, princess.”

    Princess. God, you hated the effect that nickname had on you.

    “When you finally drop him,” Jongseong added, “you can run right back into my arms.”

    You narrowed your eyes at him. “You’re filthy”

    “And you’re my Upper East Side Princess.”

    “I will never be your princess, Jongseong.”

    Your harsh words only got a grin out of your best friend, and he asked, “Is that why you lost your virginity to me?”

    A gasp escaped your lips upon his words, rising back up to your feet in tune. Jongseong always pushed you like this, testing your boundaries and seeing how far he could keep going before you blew your fuse. As expected, his only reaction was a smug look on his face.

    He was right, though. There was a time when you were madly attracted to Jongseong, wanting nothing but to be tangled up in him. One night got particularly heated, ending up with you losing your virginity in the back of Jongseong’s limo with marks all over your body. After that, you happened to sleep with him several more times, but that was beside the point.

    “You’re disgusting, Park Jongseong,” was your response, “and I’m not joining you in the pool anymore.”

    “What?” Jongseong complained, a pout forming on those stupid, perfect lips. “Why not?”

    “Because I know you just want an excuse to see me in a bikini.”

    He didn’t disagree.

    You were always obligated to go to the soirees your mother hosted, but this time, you were starting to wish you had come up with an excuse.

    You were combing your fingers through your hair—a habit of yours when you were stressed. Sunghoon had told you he would show up tonight, but he was thirty minutes late and not responding to any of your texts. Something you could hold Sunghoon to was that he was normally punctual, but his absence was completely unexpected right now.

    Your mind kept circling back to Gossip Girl. She had to be the cause of this. Ever since that stupid rumor showed up on her page, Sunghoon had been ghosting you.

    “Hey.” Someone tapped your shoulder, and you turned to see your friend, Sim Jaeyun, with a perplexed look on his face. “Have you checked your phone recently?”

    “Good seeing you too, Jae,” you muttered, letting out a long, winded sigh. “Is it something that’s gonna make me want to rip someone’s throat out?”

    “Possibly.” Jaeyun chuckled and handed you a flute of champagne—Brut. “Your mother’s looking for you, by the way. She seems high-strung, so I wouldn’t mention Gossip Girl to her.”

    “The last thing I want is for my mother to find out I’m the laughing stock of Gossip Girl’s content,” you replied, cringing inwardly at the thought of her finding your face on a tabloid. You took a sip of your champagne and placed a hand on Jaeyun’s shoulder. “Thanks. I’ll catch up with you later.”

    You walked past Jaeyun to find your mother. As you expected, she was in the middle of a group of upperclass women who were all gushing over her evening gown. She was indulging her guests with one of her stories that were blown far out of proportion, cradling a coupe glass in her hand. You smiled your way past the ladies and brushed your hand against your mother’s arm.

    “You wanted to see me?” you asked.

    “Oh, yes.” Your mother pulled you to the side, clutching your hands. “I’ve laid out the most beautiful gown for you upstairs. If Sunghoon isn’t here yet, go put it on and tell him to wear a tie that matches your dress.”

    You pressed your lips together in a thin line at the mention of your boyfriend’s name. You hadn’t heard from him all night, and it was starting to worry you. Nevertheless, you agreed with your mother and headed upstairs to see what she had picked out for you.

    To your disbelief, the king of the Upper East Side was lounging on your bed, listlessly scrolling through his phone.

    “Do you have the social skills of an incel?” you spat, shutting the door behind you. “Go talk to those rich socialites already. I’m sure they’re dying to meet CEO Park’s son.”

    “They can meet the other CEO Park’s son,” Jongseong replied with a chuckle. At the mention, Jongseong looked up from his phone to meet your gaze. “Speaking of Sunghoon, has he shown up yet? He let me borrow his Rolex. I need to return it.”

    Your silence said it all.

    Jongseong let out a heavy sigh and stood up. “I figured.”

    Anger bubbled in your throat at his words. Tears welled up in your eyes, and you balled your fists at your sides to force yourself not to start crying in front of your best friend. His words pissed you off to the core; you hated when Jongseong was right because it made you feel like an idiot.

    “Whatever,” you mumbled. “It wasn’t like we dated for very long anyway.”

    “Dated?” Jongseong tutted. “You’re using past tense already? You have to talk to him eventually.”

    “Or,” you started, “I can just ignore him since that’s what he’s been doing to me.”

    Jongseong rolled his eyes and handed you his phone. Skeptical, you eyed him before you took it from his hands. As soon as you took a look at the screen, you dropped the glass of bone-dry sparkling wine.

    Jongseong hissed when the glass shattered around your feet. “This is why we put our drinks down before we expose ourselves to disturbing things, Y/N.” He groaned and patted down his coat. “This is Brioni.”

                  GOSSIP GIRL.

    Spotted: Prince Charming reuniting with his old flame. Does this mean things are finally off with Y/N? Whatever it may be, I have a feeling things are starting to get crazy around here again.

    Attached was a picture of Sunghoon and Yizhuo embracing each other in the cold streets of Manhattan. More specifically, they were at the Conservatory Garden.

    The exact place where you had your first date with Sunghoon.

    “God!” you screamed aloud to no one in particular, throwing Jongseong’s phone onto your bed. “What the hell is Sunghoon doing with her? Is that prick out of his mind?”

    You met Jongseong’s eyes, only to be irritated by how dull he looked. You supposed you understood where he was coming from. Badmouthing his best friend wasn’t the greatest look on you, but since when did Park Jongseong have morals?

    Finally, you caved, letting out a soft sigh. “I’ll talk to him, okay?” When Jongseong continued to fix you with a look, you continued, “I’ll talk to him… tonight.”

    “Good,” Jongseong replied curtly, aimlessly tapping on his phone screen, “because I just texted him and told him to come talk to you.”

    “You what?” Under normal circumstances, you would’ve flipped out at Jongseong, but you were too overwhelmed with the sudden arrival of Yizhuo to care. “You know what—nevermind. Just get out.”

    Jongseong did as you said, snorting a little at your fierceness. However, you were too occupied with your own situation to care about your best friend’s flippant behavior.

    It had already been running through your head for a while now, but you supposed the right thing to do was to break up with Park Sunghoon.

    You were tired of chasing after him. Even after you had him for yourself, after Yizhuo was out of the picture, you were still insecure in your own relationship. You felt as if you were walking around eggshells whenever you mentioned Yizhuo around your boyfriend.

    You never truly loved Sunghoon; you just wanted to covet him.

    Call it selfishness. Call it jealousy. You knew you were the absolute scum of the world. You and Sunghoon were two different types of evil, but they clashed. They would never be in harmony.

    Cutting him off would be your last favor to him. You knew Sunghoon was still deeply in love with Yizhuo, and you refused to let yourself be someone’s rebound. Maybe there would be a day where you, Sunghoon, and Jongseong could hang out like it was the old times. Maybe there would be a day where you could go back to those times in middle school where the three of you just fooled around without a care in the world.

    But now, it was time to break a heart.

    “Y/N?” Sunghoon’s voice came softly from the other side of your door, followed by a few knocks. “Can I come in?”

    Though the broken heart wouldn’t be his.

                  GOSSIP GIRL.

    Hey, Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here—your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elites.

    In Alice in Wonderland, the White Queen banishes the Red Queen to the Outland. However, it seems our Prince Charming has run back to find her. Will this be the downfall of our Upper East Side princess? I, for one, hope our star doesn’t crash and burn, but only time will tell.

    You were about three cocktails into the night, and you had absolutely no idea where you were.

    There was the option of checking your location on your phone, but turning on your phone meant seeing those dreaded updates from Gossip Girl. You had a very civil breakup with Park Sunghoon a week ago, but Gossip Girl just had to paint it in a humiliating way. You felt like the laughingstock of New York right now, and you needed a way to get back at the anonymous blogger.

    However, there was nothing you could do. The Gossip Girl blasts always send everyone into a frenzy, gushing over drama that they aren’t even involved in. The people were so consumed in the lives of total strangers, and you had no way to defend yourself because of the very fact that they had no idea who you truly were.

    Well, you supposed you weren’t any better in person.

    What ticked you off, though, was that no one knew your side of the story. No one knew that you were the one to break up with Sunghoon. You were the one who said you wanted to remain good friends. Sunghoon took all of this calmly, and you both talked it out in a collected manner. He never left you for Yizhuo, but you wouldn’t be surprised or mad if he happened to be seeing her right now.

    That was the thing about rumors, though; even if you cleared them, people only believed what they wanted to hear. The only way to cover up such a rumor would be to start a bigger one.

    You shouldn’t be engaging in this bullshit in university, but god, it came as easy as breathing sometimes.

    “There you are,” an exasperated voice called from behind. “You haven’t been picking up any of my calls!”

    You turned around to see Jongseong, his tie loosened and his hair an unruly mess. He looked as though he had been running around, and his current state was quite surprising. You had never seen the man so frazzled before.

    “What?” You sniffed. “You’re not my boyfriend. Why should I answer your calls?”

    Jongseong scoffed. “You’re drunk.”

    “I’m not drunk.”

    But Jongseong’s attention wasn’t on what you were saying anymore. He fixed the bartender with a glare and asked, “How much did she have?” The bartender held up three fingers in response, and Jongseong groaned. “You idiot. What’s a girl like you doing in a bar this late?”

    You huffed and stood up, willing yourself not to wobble and fall right over. “I can take care of myself.”

    “I’m sure you can, princess,” Jongseong sneered, “but you don’t exactly make the best decisions when you’re under the influence.”

    “Oh yeah?” you pressed. “Who’s gonna stop me? I’m not leaving with you.”

    “Maybe not.” Jongseong moved closer until his lips were brushing against the shell of your ear. You stiffened up when you realized just how close he was, and it was intoxicating. You felt goosebumps prickle your arms and warmth bloom under your cheeks, and you had to convince yourself that you were only reacting this way because you were drunk. You could practically hear the smirk in Jongseong’s voice when he murmured, “Maybe I can’t drag you out of here, but someone else can.”

    You returned a stupid, confused look. “Huh?”

    Jongseong’s hand travelled down your bare arm, making you shiver under his touch. He was almost amused by how entranced you were, even missing how his hand slipped into the back pocket of your jeans.

    “Bartender,” Jongseong called, holding up your forged ID card for him to see. “It’s a fake. She’s underage.”

    You were sure you had never sobered up so fast. The adrenaline pumping through your blood only made you want to strangle Park Jongseong. You narrowed your eyes at him. You would’ve been worried if you had never been in such a situation before, but being best friends with Jongseong had made you accustomed to such instances.

    “I’m going, I’m going,” you grumbled when the bartender fixed you with a dirty look, and you set your glass down at the table before allowing Jongseong to escort you out.

    You were thinking of all the ways you could kill Jongseong and discreetly dispose of his body. This time was a close call. If your mom ever found out, you would be dead meat, but you wouldn’t dare fall without dragging your best friend down with you.

    “Thanks, asshole,” you spat. “Way to nearly screw me over.”

    “It was either that or watching you self-destruct in there,” Jongseong replied. “You know how many guys were eyeing you while you were in there? It was revolting.”

    “Since when did you care about guys watching me?” you asked.

    There was a shift in the air. You nearly froze when you saw the look in Jongseong’s eyes. It was charged with something more intense than usual.

    “Since forever,” he said.

    Jongseong dropped comments like this occasionally, and you deflected every time. It was getting to the point where you didn’t know how to keep dodging them. Earlier, they were easy to ignore and laugh about, but now, you were getting flustered over them.

    Maybe it was because had just recently broken up with Sunghoon. Maybe it was because you were starved of attention.

    Whatever it was, you wished the feeling would go away soon.

    Thankfully, Jongseong’s limo provided a good enough excuse for you to change the topic.

    “Is there a reason why you called for this specific limo?” you asked, frowning at how small it was compared to his others.

    “What?” Jongseong smirked. “Do you miss the princess treatment?” He opened the door to the back for you, and you hesitated before going inside. “Don’t you dare touch the wine.”

    It was as if he read your mind. You pulled your hand back from the bottle of Rosé you were reaching for.

    “How did you find me, by the way?”

    Jongseong leaned back in his seat, leaving you to admire the way his pants hugged his thighs so sinfully. Your best friend looked irresistible in his fitted clothing, and if he ran his hand through his hair one more time, you were sure you were going to go crazy.

    “I saw your location near Fifth Avenue, so I just checked all the bars in the area,” Jongseong replied, trying to play it off as if it was no big deal. You wanted to roll your eyes at his indifferent behavior, but he continued, “I thought you were moping over Gossip Girl’s new blast.”

    You frowned. “I haven’t seen anything from her. That’s why my phone’s off.”

    “Sunghoon and Yizhuo were snogging at Fine and Rare,” Jongseong informed, expression bored like he had heard juicer news before, which he definitely had. You, on the other hand, though, felt your heart drop to your stomach. “Nothing big, but doesn’t look too hot when you’re found drinking your sorrows away.”

    “That’s just great,” you grumbled through gritted teeth. “He moved on fast, didn’t he?”

    “Thought you said you would be fine if he went back to Yizhuo.”

    “I did, but—I just didn’t think he’d do it so soon,” you said. “Is it so hard to believe my feelings are hurt?”

    “Yes,” was Jongseong’s blunt answer. You snorted before he went on, “You never loved Sunghoon. He was just a brick to the castle that secured your status as the Upper East Side princess.”

    You balked. “Isn’t it a bit crass for you to speak about your best friend behind his back like this?”

    “It’s the truth, and I have no hard feelings. I don’t care what Sunghoon decides to do,” Jongseong replied with a snicker. “Just like he doesn’t care what I do. Why do you think I’ve gotten away with being around you all this time? Any guy in their right mind who was dating you would’ve told me to fuck off already.”

    “What are you saying?” you asked, closing your eyes and trying to rid of the fogginess in your brain. You couldn’t quite grasp what your best friend was saying.

    Jongseong frowned. “I’m saying I like you, Y/N.”

    Your eyes shot open. You blinked at him for a second. Blinked again. Stared.

    “You don’t have to play dumb,” Jongseong said. “I’m sure you’ve known for a while now. You’re a smart girl. You figured me out, haven’t you?”

    It was true to an extent. You had suspected that Jongseong’s feelings for you extended past simple friendship. It was obvious; Jongseong could’ve written it across his forehead at this point. However, you never brought yourself to ask or confirm this fully because you were scared of the answer being confirmed.

    “Are you worried about ruining our friendship?” Jongseong’s voice dropped lower this time, pitched so deep that you thought you would sink into the ground. “Our friendship was already ruined the day I fell for you.”

    You didn't know what to say. You didn't know how to bring up the undercurrent of desire you had, but it was too soon. Too sudden after your breakup with Sunghoon.

    You weren't sure what you were doing was right. Jongseong was always the safety net under you, but right now, you had to let go of him.

    "I'm not gonna say I don't feel the same way," you started, "but you can't just drop this on me right after I break up with Sunghoon." Jongseong was more shocked than you had expected, and he barely had time to react while you were telling his chauffeur to stop the car. Despite his protests, you got out of the car. "I need time."

    Before you could walk off, Jongseong moved so he was halfway out of the car, reaching out and grabbing your wrist. You were nearly taken aback by how intense the look in his eyes was, pooling with desire.

    "I'll give you all the time in the world," he said.

    You raised a brow. “You’ll wait for me?”

    "I always have."

    It had been a month since you last talked to Park Jongseong.

    You would be lying if you said you didn't miss him. You missed his stupid smirk, his stupid way of talking, and his stupid inflated ego. Jongseong would come over to your house most days, so your large mansion felt a lot more emptier each passing day. You were still being posted on Gossip Girl blasts—cheap headlines like "Y/N’s Gone Off The Radar" and "Y/N’s Hit Rock Bottom."

    Maybe you had gone a little off the radar. You stopped going to parties and events, and this led people to think that Gossip Girl had finally defeated you.

    For a moment, you were about to let her.

    That was, until an infuriated Jongseong showed up to your house with a Gossip Girl blast pulled up on his phone screen.

    Your gaze couldn’t help but linger on his bruised eye. One could say Park Jongseong was physically apt, so this was a concerning look on him. You couldn’t even begin to imagine anyone being able to land a finger on the elitist.

    Another thing was his haircut. The CEO’s son always presented himself in a respectable manner, despite how uncouth he truly was, but something about his new look was enchanting. It made him look more rugged, and you didn’t think you had a thing for that kind of look until you saw it on your best friend.

    "Uh, hey," you greeted stiffly. "What happened to your eye? Did you cut your hair?"

    "Forget about that. What the hell is Gossip Girl going on about?" he asked, eyebrows knitted into a frown. "What's this bullshit about you becoming a recluse?"

    You glanced over the words, scoffing at the way you were being painted. It wasn't that Gossip Girl was out to get you specifically, but you just had nothing to defend yourself with. Moreover, you were too fazed by Jongseong's sudden appearance to care.

    "Isn't recluse a bit much?" You huffed at him. "All she said was that I fell off the radar a little."

    Jongseong scoffed. "You know more than anyone that that's just another term for social suicide."

    You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes, but it was true: you were falling off the social pyramid. This wasn’t like you. Normally, you were one to climb the ladder, knocking down whatever obstacles stood in your way. Being compliant like this did not suit you at all.

    There was, however, one thing you figured you would go along with: if you couldn’t knock Gossip Girl down, you could at least play her game and play it well.

    “You think I don’t have a plan?” you asked, brow raised in suspicion. Jongseong’s lips hiked up into a smirk; he, of all people, knew that you always had cards up your sleeve. “If Gossip Girl wants me in the spotlight, I might as well look good in her spotlight.”

    “I was thinking the same thing,” Jongseong agreed, “but how do you plan on doing that?”

    You faltered for a moment. “Uh… well…”

    “You can’t do this without me,” Jay interrupted, and his cocky manner of speaking had you half-intrigued and half-irritated.

    You folded your arms across your chest. “What’s your plan then?”

    “The best way to fight a scandal is to be involved in a bigger scandal,” Jay started, his deep voice velvety and smooth, “and Park Sunghoon happens to be my best friend, so—”

    “So you’re telling me to become involved with you,” you finished for him. “You’re saying the spotlight will be off our breakup if they start thinking I’m with his best friend.”

    Jongseong inhaled deeply, grabbing you by the forearms and closing his eyes. “You’re so hot when you catch on quickly.”

    “Oh, shut up,” you mumbled, brushing him off. You couldn’t explain the shyness growing in your chest, though, because you had never felt this small around Park Jongseong. He had a big presence, but you never acted like this around him. “That’s a stupid idea, Jongseong. Your friendship with Sunghoon would be ruined for good this time.”

    “He’s fine with it.”

    You narrowed your eyes at him. “Did he really tell you that?”

    “How do you think I got the black eye?”

    Your breath was caught in your throat. You hadn’t been thinking too much about that little thing, but now that you knew the reason, it felt bigger than it should’ve been. Each time you were closer to confirming Jongseong’s feelings for you, the more scared you felt.

    It wasn’t reciprocating them that you were afraid of, it was your entire dynamic with him being ruined.

    You liked what you had. You liked the comforting feeling you felt around him. If anything knocked the Earth even a smidge off its axis, the effects would be drastic—the same applied here.

    But Jongseong was right: your friendship with him was ruined the day you fell for each other. There was no going back now.

    Then there were those moments where you just wanted to crumble, to melt into Jongseong’s touch. You wanted to let go of all the fears keeping you away from him. Part of you knew how much Jongseong wanted you, how he wanted to know how the lines of your body looked, how intoxicating the taste of your lips were. That part was quickly clouding your senses.

    “It just has to be an accident,” Jongseong murmured, closing the door behind him as his sharp eyes kept boring into yours. “I just need one picture, and your name will be in people’s mouths for months.”

    As entrancing as the offer was, Jongseong’s proximity was even more so alluring. You could only nod dumbly as he closed in on you, eyes flitting from his lips to his eyes. You steered away from his face when you saw him pull out his phone from the corner of your eye, but with his other hand, Jongseong grabbed your chin and made you face him.

    “Eyes on me, princess,” he ordered. “We have to make this as believable as we can.”

    Before you could respond, Jongseong pressed his lips against yours, and everything melted away. You couldn’t even hear the sound of the camera going off multiple times when all you could taste and feel was Park Jongseong. With his free hand, he held the small of your back and tugged you so impossibly close that your body was pressed flush against his.

    “Is that good—mmph!”

    When you thought the job was done, Jongseong pocketed his phone and embraced you with both hands, kissing you with more fervor compared to before. Now, he had a fire that was burning a little brighter as he bit down on your lower lip. You couldn’t resist him anymore, though, so before you knew it, your tongue was dancing with his.

    He walked you back until the back of your knees were hitting the arm of your couch. His lips left your lips to make their way down to your neck as you were guided to lay down on the couch. The remote under you was digging into your back, but you were too distracted by how soft Jongseong’s lips felt against your skin.

    You were waiting for yourself to snap out of this fantasy, but you fell apart in Jongseong’s hold when he started rubbing circles on the fleshy part of your pelvis. You sighed in bliss, aching for him to touch you more, but Jongseong pulled away when he could tell you were getting needy.

    He pulled away, lips swollen and pupils blown out. You were sure you looked just as dazed, but the lust was still set deep in his eyes.

    Jongseong grinned. “How was that for a show, princess?”

    You scoffed. It sure didn’t feel like a show once his phone was away, but you were too flustered to argue.

    “You’re quite good at this charade.”

    Jongseong only shrugged in response, hands still lingering by your hips. “What can I say? I’ve learned from the best.”

    You felt your cheeks turn hot, so you looked down at Jongseong’s pants for his phone. “Whatever. Just post the picture already.”

    “Get it.”


    “Get it out yourself.”

    He sat up, manspreading like it was an invitation. You swallowed thickly when you realized Jongseong wasn’t budging. He was far too stubborn and far too amused by how unnerved you got.

    However, what your best friend forgot to realize was that you always compensated with faux overconfidence.

    “Fine,” you gave in loudly

    You slid your hand up Jongseong’s thigh and into the pocket of his pants. Your other hand slid across his lap to rest on his other thigh. While you fished for his phone, you allowed your hand to move over his crotch, pressing down just enough to get him riled up.

    “Y/N,” Jongseong mumbled, groaning when you palmed him harder. “Shit—cut it out.”

    Your voice was a little breathless when you spoke, “You told me to get it myself”—you pulled his phone out of his pocket and slid it into his hand—“and I did.”

    Jongseong let out a heavy sigh, eyes trained on yours, and you weren’t sure if he was annoyed, horny, or both until he leaned in and buried his face in the crook of your neck. You nearly yelped when you felt your best friend press kisses into your neck and shoulder, all the way up until he reached your mouth. This time, when you kissed him, it was lazy and sated.

    For a while, you went with it. You let Jongseong pull you onto his lap, let him drag his hands up your shirt, let him play with your tits as you squirmed on top of him. You were so close to just snapping and letting loose because you were sure you would become a moaning mess if he kept it up.

    But, this time, it was Jongseong who came to his senses.

    You were pleasantly surprised that he had any to begin with.

    “The post,” he reminded the both of you, and you wondered what the fuck you were doing on top of Park Jongseong. What were you doing camouflaging your feelings like a coward?

    You watched Jongseong post a rather indecent picture of you two making out. He left it on his Instagram profile for a few seconds, watching the likes hit the hundreds in under a minute. When he was satisfied with the response, he deleted the post and went on to post another picture he had of him with Sim Jaeyun.

    Genius, you thought. He’s covering it up as an accident.

    And it worked. You watched those who screenshot the post spread it around like wildfire. It had only been some minutes, so you could only imagine how people would react after a few hours passed. Gossip Girl would definitely be on this as fast as she could.

    “And my work here is done,” Jongseong said with an air of finality, looking quite pleased with himself.

    You didn’t realize how disappointed you sounded when you asked, “You’re leaving?”

    The shift in Jongseong’s expression almost scared you, more so because he got worked up so quickly because of you. The look in his eyes got darker, and he no longer made an effort to stop staring at your lips.

    “Maybe I’ll stay a little longer,” he murmured and held the back of your neck to kiss you again.

    It was in those few milliseconds before Jongseong’s lips touched yours where you felt insecure. You thought of how he showed up after an entire month of not talking, how he touched you like you were all he ever wanted, and you felt so, so confused. Confrontation had always been your thing, but you had no idea how to approach it this time.

    Still, you had to ask, “You told me you liked me, right?”

    Jongseong pulled back, fingers brushing against the nape of your neck. He looked confused, like the answer was clear as day, but he answered, “Of course. You think I’m lying?”

    Your best friend wasn’t one to be sentimental. You realized the friendship you had built up all the time had already been smashed to the ground. His feelings had already broken into the wall you put up.

    “Jongseong,” you started, a sharper tone to your voice, “do you like me because of who I am, or do you like me when I’m the Queen Bee because of Gossip Girl?”

    At first, hurt crossed his face. A look that slapped you in the face because how dare you make CEO Park’s son look so wounded? But then, something softer drowned it, and you were sure he understood where your fears were coming from. After all, before being someone you’ve grown to love, Park Jongseong was your best friend.

    “I like you,” he started, cradling your jaw gently as his thumb rubbed soothing circles against your skin, “because you’re Y/N.”

    It wasn’t a new concept; people made out and fucked around regularly. Human beings were a populace driven by their desire to screw anyone that would let them, and so often it felt exactly like what kept the planets spinning and the stars shining in the sky.

    But, with Jongseong, there was no cosmic plane you felt connected to, no overarching connection to the universe. It was just you and him there, on your couch, kissing without any care in the world.

    You liked it better that way.

    You supposed you could say you were back and better than ever.

    Gossip Girl had you on most blasts, gushing about your illicit affair with “Prince Charming’s best friend.” She raved about how adventurous and deliciously evil you were for hooking up with Park Jongseong. The response was just as good, and despite how shitty it actually was, people loved how you reacted to your breakup. The public wanted you and Park Jongseong together. Sunghoon seemed a little bitter about it initially, but you ended up talking to him about how it was the best for the both of you.

    Yet, that was another problem: Jongseong.

    Your desire went beyond wanting to be on the A-List again. You hadn’t even hooked up with Jongseong yet, but you wanted to. It was starting to frustrate you because he fucked you in the past, but he seemed to be having a hard time doing so now.

    You were growing needier and needier each day, but Jongseong was too scared to defile you. He was too scared to cross the “fake relationship” you both had created, fearing what would happen when you embraced your intimacy. There was nothing fake about the both of you, though; whenever you made out with Jongseong behind closed doors, it felt so raw, so real.

    There were times, however, where you both would come close to going all the way.

    For example, once you were coming back from a party (escorted by Jongseong, of course), and perhaps being clad in fresh-off-the-runway clothing was a bit much for your fake boyfriend. Right when you two got into the limo, he tried tugging the dress right off you, sucking hickies into the column of your neck and running his hands up and down your body. Something about bouncing on his lap through all the speedbumps was so incredibly hot that Jongseong dry humped you the whole ride back home. He aided your first clitoral-stimulated orgasm by rubbing your sensitive bud in torturous circles until you saw stars.

    Another time, Jongseong invited you to his summer villa to spend the weekend. His parents left a day early which meant Jongseong pinned you up to every surface so he could have his way with you. This time, Jongseong did slide his cock into you, but it was soon interrupted by Jaeyun calling at the worst possible time. Your best friend seemed to realize he was going too far, and he ate you out instead. You couldn’t complain, though, because he was incredible.

    Then, Jongseong invited you to his cabin during the winter season. Gossip Girl had posted many pictures of the two of you making out and playing in the snow. She even started to address the two of you as a couple instead of just fuckbuddies. This was a shocking development, even more so when Jongseong nearly went all the way with you again that night. This time, it happened in the outdoor hot tub. He slipped his fingers under your bikini bottoms and fingered you until you were a mewling mess. Afterward, Jongseong tried fucking you senseless on the surface of the poolside, but your neighbors were a little too curious for the both of you to want to keep going.

    Now, you were about to snap and lose it if Jongseong didn’t fuck you into the mattress.

    You were riding his thigh as he sat on the edge of his bed. You always knew Jongseong was a dom, but he slipped into the role with such ease that it left you throbbing, wanting more.

    “Suck,” he demanded, holding two fingers up to your mouth, so you latched on, tongue swirling around his digits until he was satisfied. Jongseong bit his lip, eyes racking your figure. “What am I gonna do with you, princess?”

    Despite how condescending he sounded, your insides twisted at how dirty those words sounded. You nearly jolted when he started rubbing you through your underwear, thumb circling around your clit with a mission to make you come undone. You were so wet because of him, your underwear slick with your arousal and sticking to your skin uncomfortably.

    You just wanted Jongseong to take it off. You wanted him to take your clothes off and pound into you until you couldn’t even remember your own name.

    “Faster,” he growled, watching you whine and whimper as he flexed his strong muscle against your core.

    It was hard to keep yourself upright, especially when Jongseong started playing with your folds, but you forced yourself to stay grounded. It was worse when his thighs looked so sinful in those tight-fitted jeans he wore. All you wanted was to just reach your high, but Jongseong would stop bouncing his leg whenever you got close.

    “Quit edging me,” you complained.

    He only returned a cruel chuckle. “Then stop making me want to edge you. You just look too cute when you’re whining like that.” You glared at him, so he grinned sheepishly. “Alright, alright, I’ll help you out.”

    You were skeptical when Jongseong took you off his knee, but your heart started beating a little faster when he laid you down on the bed. You wondered if he was finally going to fuck you, but he dropped to his knees. It wasn’t a total loss because his tongue did wonders, but you were so eager for his cock inside of you.

    “You love tormenting me, don’t you?” you asked, raising your head just enough to see him going down on you.

    Jongseong smirked as he tugged your underwear down your legs. Your arousal was already obvious, and it made your best friend’s pride swell even bigger than it normally was. He snickered and spread your legs, manhandling you a bit so that you were in the right position for him.

    Nothing ever prepared you for the pleasure you felt from Jongseong’s tongue; it was mind blowing every time. You whimpered when he licked a long stripe along your folds, his movements slow and teasing. He shamelessly groaned at the taste of you, and the vibrations sent shivers down your spine.

    And, god, he ate you out like a man starved, diving in with no proper preamble. You could only squirm and twitch under him as he drove you closer and closer to your orgasm. You wanted to reach the tipping point already with how sensitive your clit was getting. Each time he licked or sucked the ball of nerves left warmth blooming under your skin.

    “That’s it, Jongseong,” you whined, “come on.”

    You turned your head, overwhelmed by the build-up of pleasure that was working its way through you. It was sifting under your skin, tightening the knot in your chest. You were waiting for the pressure to just burst, for the knot to just come undone.

    Heat curled in your stomach, flames licking at what dared to send you over the edge. Jongseong gripped your thighs tighter, and that felt like the only thing keeping you rooted to your position on the bed. If you lost him, you would’ve felt like you were sinking into the ground.

    “I’m so close,” you whispered. A small whine escaped your throat, and you threw your head back, hips arching. “Oh my god.”

    He fought your hips back down, manhandling you to keep you still, followed by a pinch to your inner thigh. Jongseong’s tongue pressed flat against your clit, and a few seconds of sucking harshly had you keening and cumming from his mouth. He continued to work his tongue on your clit, through the aftershocks and jolts that coursed through your body, that pulsed through your core. He relished the cries and whimpers that spilled from your lips because even though you hated feeding his ego, he was just so damn good at what he was doing.

    You knew a haughty smirk would come afterward. You knew he would say something stupid about how he could make you cum with just his tongue. You knew that would piss you off, so you had to do something fast.

    “J-Jongseong,” you breathed out, “let me suck you off.”

    He looked back at you with wide eyes, disbelief knitting his brows together at your request. You were a bit shocked by the words that came from your mouth as well, but you did want to pleasure Jongseong as much as he pleasured you. He looked winded at the mere thought of you between his legs, giving him the best blow of his life.

    “God.” Jongseong groaned, closing his eyes as you got off the bed to sit him down and settle between his thighs. “Please, Y/N.”

    There was a time where an individual had to come to realize that they were flawed. They had flaws that put them on the same level as everyone else. Flaws that made them human. Jaeyun was shit at macroeconomics, Sunghoon didn’t know how to swing a golf club without seriously injuring someone, Jongseong couldn’t get through a conversation without manipulating someone for fun, and you? You didn’t know how to give head.

    You would think after all these sexcapades with Jongseong and having Sunghoon as a boyfriend, you would be experienced in the art of sucking dick, but you were completely useless once you were down on your knees. Sure, you knew it got hard and you had to suck it, but how could you make yourself look irresistible while doing so? You felt like you were missing too many steps to just jump in.

    However, when Jongseong saw your hesitation and wide-eyed curiosity, the tent in his pants grew bigger.

    That was easy, you thought, pleased.

    “Need help, princess?” he cooed, the smirk on his lips getting bigger, more mocking. He stood up, and you sat up on your knees. “You look a little lost.”

    “I’m just fine,” you gritted out.

    Still, it was pathetic how you were floundering about, hoping something would click and show you how exactly to do it. No one told you about stuff like this. Even with Sunghoon, your relationship had never progressed to the point where you did things like this. You supposed it was because he was so proper, but you realized how vanilla he was with you.

    There was nothing bad about vanilla, though. It was plenty of fun with the right person, but Jongseong added the perfectly-portioned dash of excitement that set your nerves on fire. This all felt like uncharted territory to you, but it was comfortable and exciting.

    Jongseong threaded his fingers through your hair for a moment before finding a secure place to grip. You jolted back a little when he pulled your hair a little so that he could see your face.

    “Hey,” you warned, pouting.

    “Keep that mouth open, kitten,” he said. With his other hand, he ran the head of his cock across your soft lips. “I’m gonna fuck that filthy mouth of yours.”

    “I’ll bite you,” you taunted.

    “Let’s see if you can even do that with my cock down your throat.”

    Park Jongseong was an impatient man. Sometimes this was to your advantage because somehow, you were glad that he shoved his length into your mouth before he could see how embarrassed you looked. This was completely new to you, but you kitten-licked the head just like the girls did in cheap pornos. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to be a bad move as Jongseong let out a low groan when you did.

    If this was a cheap porno, you dressed for the role quite well. Jongseong loved it when you wore that short, pleated skirt. He was absolutely insatiable when you teased him with that gap of skin between the end of your skirt and the top of your thigh-high socks. Earlier, he took your socks off slowly, hands running down your legs and eyes never leaving yours. You found it incredibly hot, but you were more satisfied knowing that Jongseong found you gorgeous beyond belief.

    You wondered if he liked it when girls looked up at him with those big, innocent eyes. Park Jongseong knew you were far from innocent, though, but they still had an effect on them. He grew in your mouth, hard as a rock—so hard that you didn’t think it was possible to even take something so solid inside of you.

    He moved his hips slowly, his cock pumping in and out of your mouth. You whimpered whenever his head hit the back of your throat, tears springing to your eyes as you were trying to fight your gag reflex. You looked up at him, but Jongseong’s gaze flew to the ceiling when he saw how fucked-out and teary-eyed you looked. You could taste the bitterness getting squeezed out of his slit, and you realized he was getting turned on by you choking and crying over his cock.

    You couldn’t tell if you were flattered or pissed off.

    Jongseong’s hand came down to hold your cheek, thumb wiping at the salty tears running down your face. “You’re usually mouthy,” he said, voice dropping a few octaves, “so it’s nice seeing my cock shoved down your throat. Now you can’t talk back.”

    You wanted to argue, but Jongseong was right: you couldn’t do anything because he was so big. Not only that, but he was so girthy that the corners of your lips were stretching open past their usual limits.

    You snaked your tongue along the large vein running up his cock, and watched gleefully as Jongseong shuddered from the pure pleasure. You were beyond delighted with his reaction, but, from there, it was like you unleashed a beast. Jongseong showed you no mercy as he started pistoning his hips forward. You whimpered as you felt the head of his cock go down to your throat.

    Fuck. You were deepthroating him.

    Your muffled moans didn’t go unnoticed and had Jongseong’s precum spilling into your mouth. With one last thrust, Jongseong’s hips staggered, one hand fisting your hair and the other gripping the base of his cock, and he released his hot seed down your throat. You closed your eyes tightly as you swallowed down the bitter taste of his cum, and Jongseong pulled out of your mouth.

    “Stay still,” he breathed out, still gripping your hair to keep you facing him. He pumped his cock over your face to milk out whatever he had left and let it squirt onto your face. Jongseong looked absolutely winded by how breathtaking you looked. “Fuck. You’re gorgeous.”

    When you were sure his cum was nowhere near your eyes, you looked up at him. You tried to look as menacing as possible, but Jongseong was still looking at you like you were the most precious thing ever.

    “Then fuck me, Jongseong,” you begged when he handed you a tissue to wipe off. You dabbed at your face, frustrated. “I’m tired of this.”

    He frowned. “What do you mean?”

    “I’m tired of us parading around like a couple without actually being a couple!” you admitted. “I want you to make love to me without treating this like a stupid fake relationship.”

    You were close to yelling, and Jongseong was still trying to process your words. He looked rather amazed that you wanted to date him for real, despite the countless times the both of you had expressed you had feelings for the other.

    It was stupid, really. It was stupid how you kept hiding your feelings out in the open, acting like you didn’t care if you dated him or not. It was stupid how you kept convincing yourself it didn’t matter as long as you were by his side. It was stupid because, before you knew it, you were head over heels.

    “I’m in love with you, Park Jongseong.”

    Those were definitely not the words you meant to blurt out. Something along the likes of I want you to fuck me right now would’ve made more sense, but your feelings were working faster than your brain was.

    For a second, Jongseong just stared at you. He looked deep into your eyes as if he was trying to confirm whether you were telling the truth or not. He was at a war with himself, but you were relentless. You steeled your nerves, but that all went to hell when Jongseong grabbed your face and kissed you like nothing else mattered.

    You only had a split second for a sharp intake of breath before Jongseong was bunching up the fabric of your skirt, pulling it up your waist so he could palm you through your underwear. You whimpered and held onto his shoulders as he broke from your lips, trailing kisses down to the column of your neck.

    “I love you, Y/N,” he mumbled against your skin. “I’ve loved you since forever.”

    “Oh, Jongseong.” You sighed in bliss, closing your eyes when he started rubbing your clit, the friction from his hand and the fabric aiding your building orgasm.

    He pushed you back onto the bed, getting over you and continuing his ministrations, hitting all the right places to make your thighs twitch. You could feel your core start to pulsate, and you knew what was coming. You pulled Jongseong impossibly closer, one hand in his hair and the other running down his back, leaving white-hot trails caused by your nails.

    “Fuck,” he cursed, warm breath fanning your sweat-beaded skin. “You know how pissed I was whenever I saw you with Sunghoon? Saw you acting like he could treat you better than I ever would?” Jongseong had enough and lined up his cock at your slit, rubbing the head along your folds to prep you. “Saw you acting like he could fuck you better than I ever could—f-fuck.”

    You let out a broken moan when Jongseong pushed into you, wincing at the stretch. You’ve had his cock in you before, but he was so large and throbbing, and you had almost forgotten how big he was. You felt pathetic for having prepared for this moment for so long, but you were still struggling to take all of him.

    He brushed your hair out of your face—a heartwarming gesture that you would normally be affected by if he wasn’t currently splitting you in half. “Are you okay, princess?”

    His engorged cock against your tight walls made you gasp when he pushed in deeper. His voice was the only thing you were holding onto as a tether. Slowly, the discomfort of the stretch turned pleasurable, and you craved more. You bucked your hips a little, wanting as much friction as possible.

    “Jongseong, move,” you whimpered, gripping his shoulders a little tighter.

    Jongseong nodded and thrusted his hips so that his pelvis was flush against yours. You cried out at the motion; you never knew it could feel this good, and it was making you go haywire. Jongseong’s grunts were suddenly music to your ears because each one was accompanied by a sharp thrust. You were bouncing against the bed, hiking up higher on the sheets each time he fucked into you.

    “Oh my god,” you breathed out, voice cracking at the end as Jongseong railed you.

    You almost wanted to laugh when he moved his hand to hold yours—stronger one gripping a weak one. It was such a domestic (yet incredibly hot) gesture that was in such stark contrast to the fact that he was drilling into you harder than you had ever imagined. You were a mess under Jongseong, moaning and crying for more, and he was absolutely enamored at the way you looked under him.

    “Mine.” he growled, desperate to finally have you for himself. You suspected he fell back into his own thoughts again, thinking about how Sunghoon would hold you, how he had to hang around you pretending he didn’t have feelings for you. “Mine.”

    “J-Jongseong!” you crooned, and fuck, the way he looked at you when his name fell from your lips. You felt butterflies pitted in your gut, but honestly, you weren’t sure if the feeling came from that or the fact that you could see his cock bulging in your stomach.

    It was like you had everything you wanted to say—the perfect words formed on the tip of your tongue. They had collected like fireflies in a glass jar, bumbling around and waiting to fly out. You opened your mouth to speak, but at that very moment, Jongseong’s cock hit the perfect spot deep inside you, making your thoughts scatter as if the fireflies had been released.

    “Right there!” you sobbed, barely noticing how absolutely feral Jongseong’s grin was.

    The pressure was blinding, but a few more thrusts sent you spilling over the edge. You looked up at the ceiling, a gasp caught in your throat as the pleasure came in slow waves. You clenched around him repeatedly, making him curse out filthy words.

    He groaned lowly, fucking you through your orgasm to make it longer than it normally would’ve been. You had never been drowning in pleasure for this long, and your eyes misted over while you tried to hold eye contact with your best friend—or, rather, your boyfriend.

    This was heaven. No, this was the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

    After a few more thrusts, it was Jongseong’s turn to cum. He managed to pull himself together and pull out of you, ropes of cum spilling onto your stomach. There were no words shared between you two for a moment, only heavy breaths and lingering stares.

    It was after you regained your bearings when you said, “If confessing to you was all it took for you to fuck me like that, then I should’ve done so a long time ago.”

    Jongseong laughed and—forget the grunting—that was the most beautiful sound you had ever heard.

    And, in that moment, you realized what you had been missing out on this whole time. You realized how people like Sunghoon and NingNing gravitated back to each other, like they were destined to be together. You realized why you and Jongseong fit each other so perfectly.

    You loved him. You loved all those little parts of him that made up who he was. You loved Jongseong because you both saw each other’s raw, unfiltered being. You understood each other and loved each other despite all the ugly parts of yourselves.

    “I mean it—what I said earlier,” you said softly, the space around you both completely still other than the rise and fall of your chests. “I love you.”

    “I have another confession,” he said. “Remember when I cut my hair?”


    For the first time in forever, the prettiest, most lovesick smile broke across Park Jongseong’s face. “That was for you.”

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 02 "Cyber Bullying"

    Note: in the fourth screenshot, (the one containing two meme images,) is a little cut-off, but the top image is sent by Sooji and the bottom image is sent by Soobin. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 14 sexual tension??


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    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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    —nishimura riki

    PAIRING ▸ riki x reader

    GENRE ▸ fluff, enemies to lovers, comedy

    SUMMARY ▸ When Riki’s prank leads to the both of you having after school detention, he insists on walking you home

    WORDCOUNT ▸ 2.422K

    DISCLAIMERS & TAGS ▸ fem!reader, mild-strong language, written in 2nd person, lots of bickering, pranks and revenges, cringe nicknames and neoduri with— with spammm

    "Nishimura get back here you bastard!" You yell, chasing Riki out of the classroom and into the hallways where his long—way too long— legs make it easier for him to rush up a flight of stairs and disappear from your sight.

    You stop in the middle of the staircase, hunching over to catch your breath whilst also trying to calm yourself down. Why were you mad?

    Riki threw slime in your hair.

    You mentally curse him out, grip on the handlebar tightening. A sigh leaves your lips a mere second before you push off with all the force your legs have and run up the stairs at full speed. Fortunately for you, passing students quickly get out of the way, leaving you a clear path. You don't know if some people flinch because of how pissed you look, or simply because they got scared seeing a five-foot-seven girl charging in their direction with a weird, pink gooey lump tangled in her hair. Either way, you looked terrifying. Something worse than in a horror movie.

    You halt at the top, head spinning from left to right in search for the boy who you would do anything to punch in the gut right about now. At the end of the corridor to your left, you spot a blond-haired boy. A big, toothy smile plays on his lips as he holds his index finger and thumb in an "L" shape on his forehead, hopping from side to side.

    The corner of your lips twitch in fury and in a split second, you're after him again. You're a few meters away from him when Riki realizes he's done for once you get your hands on him and runs.

    "Stupid asparagus! Screw you and your stupid skyscraper legs!" You attempt to shout, but your words come out in something that resembles more a screech. Like those over dramatic freshmen you saw last week that were crying their lungs out because a student pushed them out of the way.

    Riki turns around, still running and tips his head to the side. Annoying rhubarb shaped kid, he looks like he's having a field day whilst I'm over here running as if Pennywise is chasing me with that dumb red balloon of his.

    "Hey Sunshine! Love that new headband of yours! So pink and slime-y!" He sticks out his tongue. He's too busy laughing at you to notice his surroundings and trips on a pencil case. Unfortunately for him, he's not quick enough to save himself and ends up on the floor, gasps and shocked mutters erupting around him.

    You take this as your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get on top of him, fingers grasping his collar. That dumb smirk is wiped off his face and fear finally rises into his features. He vigorously shakes his head. "Y/n— no wait it was just a pran-"

    "Kim Y/n! Nishimura Riki! What on earth are you two doing?" A sudden authoritative voice booms and you both freeze. "On your feet. Now."

    Both you and Riki stand up, hands behind your backs and heads down. You hear Riki trying to hold on a laugh when he looks at your disheveled hair, and you stomp on his foot. He winces in pain, and you have to fight back a smirk. Deserved.

    "Now would you two please tell me what in God's name were you doing causing such a ruckus in the hallways?"

    Your head whips up so fast you almost pull a muscle. Suddenly, it's hard to swallow when the man's cat-like eyes stare right at you, clearly unhappy. "He put slime in my hair, sir!" You point to the six-foot-three kid next to you accusingly.

    Whispers fill the corridor. Some giggle at how ridiculous your hair looks, others just look at you weirdly before entering their respective classrooms. Riki clears his throat next to you and speaks up. To you, rather than the teacher. "It was a prank! Your grumpy face needs a little brightness before it gets all wrinkly and you look like an old granny at 20!"

    "Excuse me?!" You grab his collar, pulling him down to your height. Geez you gigantic creature, you could almost be mistaken as those ugly abnormal titans that run like crazy.

    "Enough." You both flinch at the hard voice that sounds a lot more irritated than earlier. "Detention after school. Both of you. Now scram."

    "Yes, sir!" The both of you now at him before walking away, heads down in shame. You manage to walk down the stairs without any bickering. Though you really—really— wanted to pinch the boy's ears in revenge.

    The halls downstairs are empty, and you can only assume everyone is already in class. You're too busy trying to remove the slime from your hair to notice Riki slowing down until he's walking behind you, and in one quick motion, he shoves his foot into the back of your knee, making you let out an oomph! and fall flat on your face.

    Riki's loud laugh rings in your ears as you groan and get up on your feet. You decide that you have had enough of his bullshit and raise your leg and—

    "Ow what the hell! Why'd you kick me?!" He cries out in pain, clutching his stomach.

    "Ugly giraffe. Because of you I have to wash my hair again today."

    "Oh please, we both know how I'm just dripping with good looks, Sunshine." You gag at his cringey words, shaking your hand and waving him off as you continue walking and ignore him to save your sanity.

    When the bell rings, a scowl paints itself on your face as you shove your stuff into your bag. You wave off your friends and watch them leave. Your frown deepens when Riki's head pops up in your face and you stumble back.

    "What the hell Nishimura! Have you ever heard of the term personal space?" You watch him straighten himself up and raise an eyebrow.

    "I don't know, Sunshine. Please do tell me what it is." He crosses his arms, a crooked smile picks at his lips and you almost explode again.

    "Whatever." You mutter, aggressively throwing you bag over your shoulder and stomping out of the classroom, Riki following close behind.

    You find your way to the detention room, bowing to the supervisor. Plopping down on the desk in the back corner, you glare at Riki, who sits down next to you.

    The universe works in your favor and for the next hour, Riki finally leaves you alone.

    But of course, you were too optimistic about him. As you walk out of the gates, you feel a harsh tug on your bag and stumble back, crashing into a certain blond-haired boy.

    "What do you want now, Nishimura?" You attempt to take a step forward, halting because Riki still has a grip on your backpack. "Can you like— I don't know? Get the hell off of me?"

    You struggle against him, and when you think he's finally done Riki wraps his arms around you. "Hey! What the—"

    "Oh my God you're going to burst my eardrums, Sunshine." Riki's unexpectedly deep voice echoes in your right ear. Chills run up your spine and you stop breathing for a moment. "Let me walk you home."

    "What? No! Scram you lanky giant!" You finally push him off you, turning around to face his amused expression.

    "Why not?" He raises his chin, peering down at you.

    "Because I don't want you to?"

    "But why?"

    "God can you leave me the hell alone?" You massage your temples, tapping your foot on the ground in irritation.

    "If you let me walk you home, sure."

    At this point, you've had it. You stare at him for a moment, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. After a few seconds, you sigh in defeat. "Fine. But don't get used to it, Nishimura."

    His face lights up. "Awesome!" That stupid gummy smile is back on his face and you roll your eyes, crossing your arms.

    You walk away from your weirdly excited classmate, half wishing he was joking but alas, Riki runs up to you, skipping in front of you as the both of you cross the street and walk along the sidewalk.

    You pass a few blocks before Riki pulls you in a convenience store. "Now what are we doing here, Nishimura?"

    You're too tired too lash out at him, and he somehow notices, which makes his stupid smile grow bigger. He completely ignores your question and searches the isles. You automatically follow him, not wanting to be left stranded in the middle of the store.

    He stops at the instant noodle isle, crouching down to scan the different cup noodles. He picks one up, shoving it into your hands. "You like Neoduri, right? With spam?" In a mere second, he's gone from your field of vision.

    You're surprised at how he knows your eating habits, jaw almost dropping as your feet suddenly feel heavy when you try to figure out wherever the hell he wandered off to. Luckily for you, he's already back with a can of spam and soda, piling them up in your arms along with the snacks he chose for himself.

    When he takes your arm to go pay, you almost drop everything, but he doesn't notice. If he did, he didn't make it obvious. Riki slides a twenty dollar bill to the cashier and thanks her when she hands him his change.

    "Hurry up Sunshine, I'm starving here." He says, which makes you scowl.

    "Then why don't you help me instead of making me carry all of this, huh?" Again, he completely ignores you and sets his bag down on a table instead. You follow suit, glaring at the boy who innocently smiles.

    You're confused when he's gone again. You notice how the ramen he bought for you is nowhere to be found on the table. Why did the universe have to give that kid such long legs he disappears so quickly? Geez.

    A few minutes later, Riki comes back, only to find you hunched over the table, head resting on your folded arms. An airy chuckle leaves his lips, setting down the cup in front of you and sliding into a seat.

    Your eyes flutter open at the sound of a can being opened and you straighten up, meeting Riki's gaze. "Well good morning, sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?"

    He mocks you, and you roll your eyes. "Shut up, Nishimura."

    "Oh please you love me."

    "To hell with that."

    "You can't deny it forever, Sunshine. Now eat up." Riki takes the wooden chopsticks that sit on the top of the ramen cup and breaks them apart, handing them over to you and pushing the soda can in front of you.

    You're too hungry to come up with a response and instead listen to him, opening the lid and halting when you see that Riki already put chunks of spam into your ramen. You shake your head, disregarding it and digging in.

    "You should really stop skipping lunch, Sunshine." Riki suddenly says, which makes you choke on your noodles.

    "Why should I?" You manage through coughs, and it's his turn to roll his eyes.

    "Stop being so stubborn, you know you never have enough energy to concentrate in class."

    "And how the hell do you know that, Nishimura? Do you stare at me in class or something?"

    "Well," he pops a chip into his mouth. "It's kind of hard to miss a zombie in the back of the class, ya know?"

    "Oh shut up, Nishimura." You roll your eyes again, and he laughs.

    The both of you are suddenly silent, atmosphere growing thicker. But yet somehow, it's still a comfortable silence. At least, until Riki opens his mouth again.

    "Riki, Sunshine. Not Nishimura. Just Riki."

    You scoff, “Y/n, Riki. Not Sunshine. Just Y/n.” You mock him, and confusion grows on your features when Riki smiles widely.

    “What now?” You groan, gaze landing on his fluffy hair just a second before going to his stupid, punchable face.

    “Nothing, you just called me Riki.”

    Crossing your arms, you raise your chin at him competitively. “Yeah, now you better stop with the stupid nickname.”

    He nods, “Fine, I will.”

    “You better, Nishi— I mean—Riki.”

    Riki giggles at the way you corrected yourself and goes back to eating. You two spend the next few minutes in silence as you finish up your food before heading out.

    You’re quietly walking alongside Riki when he suddenly stops a passerby who’s walking his dog. “Oh my gosh, is that a Golden Retriever?”

    The dog’s owner smiles fondly at the Japanese boy, “Yes, her name is Layla. You can pet her if you’d like.”

    At that, Riki’s eyes light up so bright you could’ve sworn no star could compare to them. You watch as he gets on his knees and pets the dog who returns the affection, practically jumping on his lap and he laughs in contentment.

    “She seems to like you a lot, child. She doesn’t usually like people.” The man says, making you smile unconsciously.

    “She’s so cute!” Riki pets the top of her head one last time before standing up and bowing to the man who bids you both goodbye.

    When Riki turns to you, his brow raises. “What are you smiling at?” He tilts his head to the side.

    You immediately frown, clearing your throat. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

    Riki can only chuckle at your reaction, watching you walk away. Your hair is still a mess, but at least you got the slime out and managed to brush it a little, though you’ll definitely have to wash it later to get rid of the residue.

    “Hey Sunshine!” You cringe at the name, lip twitching in anger.

    “I told you not to call me tha-!” You stop when he holds up his phone, pointing to the device. Your eyes widen in horror. His lock screen is a a picture of you sleeping comfortably in the convenience store. Your heartbeat speeds up and blood rushes to you face as you clench your fists at your side. The boy only adds fuel to the fire inside you by sticking his tongue out and dashing off.

    “Nishimura Riki!” You roar, feet kicking off the ground as you run after him, yelling out profanities as the boy only laughs at you.

    Oh boy, here we go again.

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    Note: the conversation with Jake takes place two days after the conversation with Sooji. At this point in time, y/n is in her third year.

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