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  • goldenhypen
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ## [1:12pm] — kim sunoo

    as your eyes landed on those of secret-boyfriend!sunoo’s, you couldn’t help the immediate smile that made its way onto your lips. he stood across the room at the entrance, holding your favourite drink he got you from the café you always go to together. you quickly broke eye contact with his, and you both controlled your giddy expressions so as to not draw attention to yourselves.

    you quietly made your way out of the room and over to him to receive your drink. and when you met him with a wide grin on your face, hands reaching out for the beverage, you suddenly frowned when he reclined his arm, away from your reach. but you were quick to playfully roll your eyes when you saw him gesture to his lips, signifying that he indeed wanted a kiss in exchange for the drink. and of course you complied; jokes on him, it was a win-win situation for you anyways.

    after thanking him, you made your way back into the room and to your seat, only to be met with smirks on your friends’ faces, and you were bombarded with questions such as, “where’d you get that drink from?”

    and it continued, “more like, who’d she get it from.”

    and when you tried to defend yourself or make up an excuse, they went on, “well then who was that boy you were kissing outside?”

    it turned out that your secret relationship with sunoo wasn’t so secret anymore. but you weren’t complaining.

    a/n. lucky y/n for getting to secretly date the kim sunoo 🙄😒💔 what? me? jealous? no- yes.
    #enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen#sunoo fluff#sunoo imagines #sunoo x reader #kim sunoo fluff #kim sunoo imagines #kim sunoo x reader #enhypen sunoo fluff #enhypen sunoo imagines #enhypen sunoo x reader #enhypen timestamps#enhypen blurbs#sunoo reactions#sunoo drabbles
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  • cersworld
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

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    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • wonjaems
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    ANONYMOUS ! Seven: #flyhighsunoo🕊️


    SUMMARY ★ Almost every school has it's own "confession page", where the students submit their lovey-dovey long paragraphs of confession and your school was no stranger to that. Anonymously run by the infamous player and your usual popular guy of the school, Sim Jake, the admin himself was no stranger to getting loads of confessions to him. But what happens when the person he least expects sends in a confession? and that too is to him?

    TAGLIST: @bluejaem @seungstarss @hoonluvs @yokshi-unbeliebubble @yutabell @tinysushimark @laundrymoon @angelcob @ahsshilee-me @sweetrainwrites @0912005 @dimplehyunn @heelariously @jenosuh @mieohmy @alaeddis @baekybaeky @shrutiajit @seungstarss @sjyuniverse @blank-velvet @c9tnoos @azure-arcanum @gyuury @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @hoewithnojams @makiswrld @tomorrowbymoa-together @moonsclover @ncityy04 @keixeds @sunshine-skz @rinhyun @msxflower @mykalon @viscoolreal @gyuuss @cloudykyu @childofhelios @youreverydayzebra @jungwoniics @vantxx95 @ja4hyvn @arikiu @peachjaem00 @jaemssna @jaysfav @cosmiclele @bakugossanity

    #SUNOO WHAT 😐😐🙏🙏 WE PRAY FOR HIS SANITY 🤕🤕 ALSO HOON SALTY HAHAHA NEXT EP Y/NHOON❓❓😻😻 #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen jake sim #jake enhypen#jake sim#jake imagines#enhypen jake#sim jake #jake sim smau #enhypen smau#enhypen smut#enhypen fluff#enhypen ff#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen headcanons#enhypen reactions#enha smau#enha#enha imagines#jake enha#enha jake #enhypen x you #enhypen x y/n #enhypen angst #enhypen jake fic #enhypen jake fluff #jake fanfic#jake fluff#enhypen
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  • cersworld
    19.01.2022 - 18 hours ago


    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

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    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

    you hummed to yourself as you went on to colour in some of the multiple tattoos on your knees. you were bored, with jungwon aka the closest thing you had to a friend, having taken a break from school due to promotions, you were left alone again.

    although the boy still randomly spammed you with funny videos he'd find at 3am, texts that ranged from outraged to just flat out weird, and occasional pictures of his dog or himself, you still couldn't help but feel lonely.

    it had been so long since you had properly interacted with, well, anyone and while you were still a bit tense with jungwon, with him being a celebrity and all, it was a lot better compared to how you were with others. you didn’t break into a cold sweat anymore and you could actually breathe around the guy.

    you couldn’t help but dig the pen you were holding harder into your skin as your thoughts began to spiral again.

    don't get so attached to him. what makes you think he won’t leave? he will. of course he will! he has to eventually and you're gonna be alone again. well, technically you're still alone, i mean he's literally a celebrity and who are you? an anxious, suicidal bi-

    you felt a tap on your shoulder, causing you to flinch and instantly turn to the person who had touched you, unintentionally glaring at them.

    "sorry," they began awkwardly, quickly retracting their hand, "i just… wanted to say hi! i'm millie by the way."

    "oh." you bit your lip, frowning at yourself for reacting so aggressively, "i'm y/n." you replied softly, scared of making your first impression worse than it already was.

    the girl didn't seem to mind your awkwardness though, as she took your introduction as a sign to slide into the chair beside you, one that had been empty all year due to your…. reputation. 

    "sorry, i usually come to school early to practice soccer and stuff but…," she stopped, looking around the room incase someone else may be listening, which was very unlikely considering you two were the only people in the room, before turning back to you, leaning in closer, "i may, or may not, have kicked the ball onto the roof of the sports shed."

    you couldn’t help but smile at that, breaking into a giggle as your shoulders relaxed, "really?!" and when the girl nodded you couldn’t help but let out another laugh, "no way."

    "yes way." said millie as she laughed along, "anyway, we all know they up the prices and make you pay extra for the damage and i cannot afford that shit, so i fucking bolted and i think i'll skip afternoon practice too because i am so scared, fuck."

    your mouth stretched into a bright smile as you continued to laugh at the girl while she ran her hands through her hair, sighing as she leaned back in her chair.

    "so, why are you so early?" she asked after you finally calmed down from your laughter, twirling the pen in your hand before putting it down and picking up a different colour.

    you shrug, "i don't know. i guess i just like being early."

    "fair enough." and that’s when millie started talking again, changing topics at lightning speed as you went back to colouring in your tattoos, occasionally reacting to some of the girl's comments as she blabbered on.

    you stared down at your legs. the pen in your hand once again stroking your skin, the skin that you used to cover up at school, scared of what others would think, although you knew it was already too late to care about that.

    the same skin that you once hated now stared back at you, your scars covered in ink, both pen and permanent. the same skin that was now being gushed over by millie and her two friends as they stared at the patterns in wonderment and genuine interest.

    they seem nice, you thought with a smile on your face as you watched them usher you to their lunch table with them.

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  • isoob
    19.01.2022 - 19 hours ago


    g: fluff. sunoo x gn!reader. t: thought w: grammatical errors will occur!! 😭 © ISOOB ON TUMBLR
    bf+sunoo ♡ will take you on cute cafè dates
    bf+sunoo ♡ wants you to hold his hand when sleeping
    bf+sunoo ♡ will let you meet his family and will make sure all of you have a great time!
    bf+sunoo ♡ will run to the convenience store to get snacks at midnight
    bf+sunoo ♡ will help you take pictures for Instagram when you want to
    bf+sunoo ♡ reminds you that he loves you and only you every chance he gets
    bf+sunoo ♡ shares his clothes and food when he sees you eyeing him
    bf+sunoo ♡ kisses your cheeks when you take seflies, so no matter which one you post, everyone knows you're his
    bf+sunoo ♡ almost screams whenever you fall asleep in his lap
    bf+sunoo ♡ loves when you're on your tippy-toes to kiss him (but also doesn't mind if you're taller than him <3)
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  • multistan-kpopfanfics
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Okay, for the final time I am trying my luck..

    What do you all wanna read?

    I. Astro's reaction

    II. Enhypen's Jay bad boy scenario

    III. Seventeen Minghao/DK scenario(s)

    IV. Taecyeon werewolf scenario or Nichkhun scenario

    V. SKZ's Han Jisung's series... You're My Paradise chapter-1

    VI. Ateez Werewolf Seonghwa

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  • ughopewrld
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    001. neurodivergent and minor

    ↳ mention of drugs, dog harm (jokingly)

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    TAGLIST. @jaysstarz @iyeonjuni @yjwfav @tsupuffs @i-m4rk @acciomylove @sophiko22 @ren-chib @juricuser @hobistigma @msxflower (send an ask to be added)

    #jake x reader #jay x reader #ficscafe#klibrary #prism.nw #park jay x reader #jay reactions#jay fluff#jay imagines #sim jake x reader #jake imagines#jake reactions#jake fluff#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen x reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen smau #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen texts
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  • goldenhypen
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ## [8:00pm] — jake sim

    the night was young as the numbers on your clock struck 8:00, marking four more hours until the day of your and jake’s one-year anniversary.

    you two were seated in his car in the parking lot of the restaurant you two had just exited with full stomachs, currently too lazy to drive off anywhere else.

    jake just stared at you with eyes full of nothing but love for you. you were telling him a story about your day, and you carried his full attention, or so both of you thought. really, his attention was fully on you, not exactly the words leaving your lips, or perhaps it was just that. your lips.

    as you were deep in your story, jake raised his hand, as if to ask something. this caused you to laugh at him with a curious look, “yes?”

    and so with your permission, he asked his question, “can i kiss you?”

    this took you by surprise, causing you to laugh at his cute words.

    “of course you can,” you told him softly with a smile.

    and he didn’t hesitate in leaning in, his hand holding your jaw, immediately pressing his lips against yours.

    a/n. slowly making my way back to jake’s lane where i belong 😔✋🏻💔
    #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen drabbles#enhypen timestamps#enhypen blurbs#enhypen#enhypen fanfiction #sim jake fluff #sim jake imagines #sim jake x reader #jake sim fluff #jake sim imagines #jake sim x reader #enhypen jake scenarios #enhypen jake fluff #enhypen jake imagines #enhypen jake x reader
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  • cersworld
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    noni needs money & y/n needs a new no.

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

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    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • enha-sooa
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    sooa jung (hangul: 정수아) professionally known as sooa is a korean-kiwi, korea based singer and the only female member of co-ed group enhypen. she debuted in enhypen on november 30, 2020, after she participated in i-land where she ranked #7 and then later debuted in enhypen with given-taken.

    masterlist!// meet the author!// latest post!


    #sooajung#kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #enhypen 8th member #enhypen reactions #enhypen added member #kpop female addition #kpop female oc #kpop female member #enhypen female oc #enhypen scenarios #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen addition#kpop au
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  • heeseunq
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    jay doing THAT move ⤷for @jaysunghoon ♡

    #enhypen#enhypenet#enhypennetwork#kpopccc#kpopco#mgifs#jay#park jay#heyjoy#usercherriki#useryejiis #the way he looks over to the members each time to see their reactions fhsdkfjlslfj
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  • hoes4hoseok
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    enhypen as fearless (taylor's version)

    txt version

    lmfao this was made on impulse and I wanted to share w someone other than @lethekoo (ty again for your help 💗) so HERE YOU GO ! also ps I didn’t read this over and just realized that I say the same phrase like 15 times IM SORRY

    jungwon as love story

    “don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess; it’s a love story, baby, just say yes”

    jungwon just gives me that “i’m not gonna fall in love lmfao 😝” vibe but then if he actually did he’d be super sappy and an absolute romantic


    sunoo as hey stephen

    “‘cause I can’t help it if you look like an angel, can’t help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain”

    okay this one literally is not up for debate bc it’s what birthed this whole idea

    he’s a total angel and I know he’s got people lined up and having a crush on him would be so frustrating because I mean WHO WOULDN’T

    “I can’t help myself” yeah I wouldn’t be able to either

    he’s also very much the type to appreciate a good serenade so there.

    jay as tell me why

    “i know that you see what you’re doing to me, tell me why”

    OKAY this is less about the lyrics and more about the whole vibe because it’s all so high energy and demanding and I feel like it counters jays personality so well


    actually this doesn’t fit as well as it did when I first thought of it LOL but I’m keeping it anyways because it fits in my heart 🤞 please validate me. or correct me idk

    jake as jump then fall

    “we’re on the phone and without a warning, I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard”

    I had a slightly hard time choosing this bc jake fits this album really well but eventually landed on this song

    mostly because jake seems like the type to tell his s/o “you’re not in my way, you’re by my side” YKWIM?? they’d be partners in crime do-gooding (is that even a word?? ofc)

    and also I know his laugh is super cute so that was final.

    ni-ki as untouchable

    “in the middle of the night, when I’m in this dream, it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name”

    this was also very hard but for the opposite reason; ni-ki probably fits fearless less than some of the other members but sal suggested this song and I agreed!

    man I really don’t know how to explain these um but ni-ki seems like the type to be very untouchable and he seems like the type to have his name spelled in little stars 👍

    sunghoon as mr. perfectly fine

    “it takes everything in me just to get up each day, but it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay”


    uhh sunghoon seems like the type to get over people quickly but if not, he’d be really good at pretending that he was

    he would make sure his ex knew he was thriving 🪦💔

    heeseung as that’s when

    “that’s when, when I wake up in the morning, that’s when, when it’s sunny or stormin’”

    heeseung would probably wait for someone if he thinks they’re perfect for him

    he seems like the type to forgive his s/o or learn from the mistake if it was on him?? the point is, his relationships are likely to last longer if that’s true. i’m not making any sense at this point UHH THANKS FOR READING 😚

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  • i90snoo
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    my robotic love; Jake Pt.2

    ╰► ❝Situation: Seeking to understand how it was possible for the android to develop feelings for you, your family and Jake's creators allow them to start a love relationship. Even so, be sure of one thing: not everything will be as easy as it seems.❞

    When you found out about your parents' plans to create a prototype that could make tasks easier for humans, you literally didn't care, you didn't see it good or bad, what you never imagined was that you would end up completely in love with that boy, or android , if we speak in exact terms.

    But now, after months of being by his side, here they were, on their way to the Advanced Technology Center where Jake would be checked out.

    You had never clung to something as much as his arm at that time, you didn't want to let go, you weren't going to let go.

    You looked at him, he was sitting quietly next to you, looking forward with curiosity, where your parents were. Your father was the one driving, while your mother looked out the window with concern written on her face.

    You let out a tired sigh, causing the boy next to you to turn to you. When your eyes met his you smiled, intertwining your fingers with his. Jake smiled back at you, looking at their joined hands.

    Yeah, you definitely weren't going to let it go that easy.

    Once in the building where they had literally created the boy who stole your heart, they dedicated themselves to following your parents through the corridors. It was surprising to see the number of people waiting for them inside, all looking at you suspiciously. By now they probably thought it was you who was to blame for his prized prototype being "damaged".

    "We need to check it out, please step aside, miss" asked a tall guy in a white coat. Automatically you became defensive, gripping Jake's hand tighter.

    "No," you replied, frowning. The deal was that I would let him come if they promised not to separate us.

    And the latter was true. Your parents had accepted your proposal because they knew that otherwise you would never let them touch the boy, never let them search him if you weren't there to make sure they didn't do anything wrong.

    "You have to stay here, you can't go in," another girl spoke with a sharply friendly voice, approaching you.

    You turned to your parents, asking them for help with your eyes, to which they looked away. Your mother reciting aloud:

    -Call security, please. I need you to get her out of here.

    You recoiled disappointed, your heart aching, but you knew this would happen, something inside you told you so. It was obvious that your parents would never give in to your terms so easily. They would never let you get away with it.

    But neither do you.

    "Jake" you called quickly as soon as you saw the security approaching you, to which the latter nodded, putting you behind him without letting go of your hand. Instantly the guards stopped, looking at them doubtfully.

    "I don't want to hurt anyone, really, but I won't let them touch her," the android spoke calmly. Let's do this in a peaceful way, please, he begged.

    For a few seconds nobody said anything, the whole room was filled with silence, and you even thought that they were considering their words, because if we see it from a different perspective the beautiful boy in front of you was very, very strong, you were sure that he could easily stop the security men if he tried.

    But that didn't matter to them.

    "Get her out," your father ordered.

    Jake frowned, watching the guys approach the two with threatening steps. In a few seconds you felt how he was put on the defensive.

    And so...

    -High! Stop! I don't want them to touch it! A male voice yelled loudly, while footsteps could be heard in the distance.

    You quickly turned towards the sound. He was an older man with brown hair, wearing a white coat with the company logo on it, as he walked towards you with quick steps, stopping slowly to look at you with a fascination that made you feel a little uncomfortable.

    "I couldn't believe it when they told me but…" he spoke, pausing, approaching a few more inches cautiously. Here they are-, the tone of voice with which she said it made you frown. She felt as if they were something impossible, or maybe they were. My dear android experienced new emotions… -His eyes drifted to you, to which Jake quickly covered you with his body in a sign of protection. A smile settled on the man's wrinkled face. For a human.

    "I need my daughter to get out of here, Mr. Lee, now," your mother intervened, drawing the guy's attention.

    "Do you really think Jake will let them get close to his daughter?" she asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow. See how she holds her hand! Notice how he hides her behind him! her -she shouted pointing at them, causing everyone to turn to see them-. He's protecting her from her because she loves her,” he added, his eyes narrowing with interest.

    "That's impossible," denied your father.

    -Seriously? the man asked again. See for yourself -unable to help it you looked at your father, noticing the rudeness with which he watched them-. And for obvious reasons something tells me that his daughter loves him too, doesn't it, miss? -he questioned looking at you, to which you held his gaze, attending with security-. Perfect, in that case, this way please.

    You looked at Jake, the two of you silently conversing about whether or not it was a good idea to do this, nodding at the end, tightening your grip on his hands.

    "I won't let them touch you," he whispered with a smile, to which you smiled back.

    Believe me, neither do I, that's for sure.

    Keeping calm, you began to walk, following Mr. Lee in front of you while the others positioned themselves behind.

    Have you ever had the feeling that you are a little mouse surrounded by cats? That feeling that makes you feel small and insecure. Well, that's exactly how you felt at that moment, so you were grateful to have Jake by your side, otherwise you probably wouldn't have had the courage to do what you were doing.

    "If it's not too much trouble, I need to check your system, Jake," the older man commented, looking at the aforementioned, to which you tilted your head in fear -. You don't have to separate if that's what worries you -he continued when he saw their faces-. Miss __ can stay by your side if you need - they quickly assisted.

    Without letting go of your hands, you let Jake sit near the huge screens, while the other engineers placed small cables on his neck and left hand. Instantly the screens turned on, starting to record a bunch of computer codes that were impossible for you to understand.

    Without lying, it felt strange to see all this, it was the first time you witnessed something like this, because you had never been fully involved in your parents' project before, until now.

    "In order to review the latest records created by your program, I must turn you off for a couple of minutes," he explained, approaching you. You looked at him suspiciously, but you knew he was right.

    "Okay," Jake replied, nodding calmly.

    You didn't say anything, but a feeling of nervousness and fear washed over you. If they turned the boy off, other people might take the opportunity to get away from him, and that scared you, no, even worse, terrified you. What if they did something bad to him...?

    "Come here," Jake spoke with a small smile, gently pulling you towards him.

    A little confused you let him sit you on his lap, watching as he passed his arms around your waist to end up placing his hands on your belly, at the same time that he rested his chin on your shoulder, looking at you with an adoration that melted you.

    -I don't want you to be separated from me, even if I'm turned off.

    You smile tenderly, nodding slowly. She had read your mind in that case. Feeling safe you caressed his hands with your fingers, while Jake pressed his head to yours affectionately, disheveled.

    If only they hadn't both been so immersed in their adorable bubble, because maybe then they would have been able to notice the older man who watched them silently, with curiosity and fascination dancing in his eyes.

    -Ready? -he questioned this once he approached you. They both nodded, the android pressing closer to him.

    And then you only heard some small buttons making a strange sound, lighting a light in striking red in the middle of the giant machine full of cables, and shortly after you noticed how Jake's eyes closed slowly, remaining motionless.

    Now if he was off. It was obvious.

    For a few minutes you just watched the other engineers go around the room, typing things on their tablets with nimble fingers, moving documents on the touch screens, discussing important issues with each other as you watched the recording videos memory made. of Jake day by day.

    You absentmindedly watched the small video sequences, noticing how you were in most of the shots: the day he arrived at your house, when they ran through the garden, the meetings with the investors, their walks through the shopping centers...

    And then the screens went gray, the word error highlighted in large letters. Automatically you became alarmed, holding your breath.

    "We have a problem," one of the workers spoke, frowning. Mr. Lee and your parents quickly approached him.

    -What happen? your mother asked.

    -There is a missing video fragment -she began to explain, looking closely at the tablet in her hands-, it's as if it was blocked, or deleted. There is no record or recording of the twenty-fifth day of March from two seven to two nineteen. It is as if those twelve minutes had vanished.

    Without being able to help it, you gasped in surprise, while your cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. It had to be a joke, seriously. Not that date, not that moment.

    All the people present turned towards you when they heard you, looking at you curiously.

    -You know what happened, don't you miss ___? the older man questioned, walking in your direction as he narrowed his eyes at you. You know what happened at that time, right? -You didn't say anything, you just stared at him, completely ignoring his words, to which he smiled amused-. Turn Jake on, please,” he called out to his team, walking away.

    Hearing the same buttons as before, and seeing the light from the machine turn bright green, you felt the boy move behind you, opening his eyes.

    You wanted to smile at him but the situation at that moment did not lend itself to that. You knew what they would ask him, just as you knew that if he didn't answer things would get worse. Sighing, you turned to Mr. Lee.

    -That day we were in my room playing video games, and without realizing it we got closer, causing us to give each other a short kiss -the way the older man raised an eyebrow with interest, plus the cold look of your parents made you feel a bit shy -. It was an accident, but I asked Jake not to say anything, I made him promise me that it would be a secret between the two of us.

    "And then he obeyed you..." Mr. Lee whispered, with a small smile. Which is surprising since if I remember correctly I never gave you the ability to delete your own recordings, Jake, but you did. The question here is, how?

    You glanced over your shoulder, noticing the boy behind you. He looked at you, fixing his eyes on yours, and as illogical as it sounds, you understood the question he was asking you in silence, without words, to which you nodded with a small smile.

    "I…" Jake began, frowning slightly. I don't know, just not that I wanted you guys to know, I didn't want to break my promise to ___, so I just did. I distorted that moment until I got an error every time I searched for it. That was it.

    "I understand," replied Mr. Lee. It seems that every glitch or new feature autocreated by your system is always due to Miss ___, always has something to do with her - you're aware that this was a problem, but you couldn't help but be slightly happy inside -. Like the hologram that your video system produced to see her, the audio of her voice that you used to play to listen to her, and the habit of going to her room even when she wasn't even in the house... -swallowing hard you saw the man The older man was staring at Jake, ready to launch his last question. Because? Why did you do this if at no time was an order or function established for you to do it? Even though you knew it was wrong, even though we all knew this was impossible.

    I would be lying if I didn't tell you that even you were waiting for his answer, because deep down you were asking yourself the same thing: why did he do that for you? Why did he start behaving like this? What's more, because if he wanted he fell in love with you? He was perfect, no doubt, but you... Well, you were a far from perfect human. Like everyone.

    But for Jake it wasn't like that.

    "Because I love her, and she missed her," he answered.

    You almost died at his words, at the same time that your heart beat excitedly.

    Mr. Lee smirked, looking at his team.

    "Now you can remove the cables," he ordered, walking away with your parents, who gave you one last look before leaving.

    And while you stood up to let the engineers disconnect Jake, the three adults stood in a corner of the room trying not to be heard by anyone, specifically you.

    "This is a serious mistake and he knows it," your mother began to claim, her voice full of anger. I don't want that thing anywhere near my daughter.

    -Why not? the older man asked quietly. You and I created Jake, we all know that he is incapable of hurting anyone, much less Miss ___.

    "You can't assure me of that," contradicted your furious father.

    "Oh, of course I do," he answered with a smile. See them both -reluctantly they heeded him, the three of them fixing their eyes on you and the android-. Notice how Jake looks at her daughter, the smile she gives him every time her eyes meet. They love each other, as impossible as that sounds, it is.

    And it was true. As soon as Jake no longer had any cables on him he approached you, taking your hand and later caressing your cheek with the other, earning a huge smile from you.

    "This could be a great advance for humanity, an android that feels emotions," he blurted out, proud and fascinated. The best thing is to let them be together and see how this goes. We'll be doing some tests in a few days so make sure you bring both of you. Investors will definitely want to see this.

    I wonder if that last one was a good idea.

    Just a couple of hours later and once they arrived at your house, you ordered the employees to clean the room on the second floor, the one that had a larger bed, to later take the most essential things from your room and take them there.

    Then you went to what was Jake's room to ask him to take some of her clothes and bring them up to the new room as well.

    Why did you do this? Easy, you didn't trust your parents now. You could tell from miles away that they didn't agree with your decisions, but they still didn't say anything. They were aware that a lot of money was at stake if they did not do what Mr. Lee ordered.

    And it wasn't until dinnertime that they told you about the new plans for both of them: appointments and appointments to the company to investigate in depth Jake's new functions and his recent relationship. All you did was nod to go up to his new room with the android in your hand.

    You lay back on the bed, sighing tiredly as you closed your eyes, feeling the place next to you sink under Jake's weight.

    -Can I ask you something? -he questioned, to which you nodded even without seeing it-. I've been going over everything that happened today, the way Mr. Lee and your parents talked about us, they used the word "relationship," and according to my research human relationships are physical or emotional bonds that are generated between two or more people.” You smiled, thinking how hilariously clever all of this had sounded. I know there are several types of relationship: friendly, family, professional, and love, but I'm not one hundred percent sure what ours is, so... -he paused a little, choosing his words-. Could you explain that to me? Please...?

    You slowly straightened up, feeling your poor heart melt with tenderness. Jake was too cute for you. Giving him a smile, you nodded, intertwining your fingers with his while you looked at him with affection.

    "Just like you said there are many types of relationships," you began, getting Jake's attention. The family is when there is a blood bond that unites them, an example would be my parents and me. The friendship is rather something internal, a feeling of sympathy and trust. The professional one is usually between co-workers, people who have the same career as you - you lowered your head, trying to hide the slight blush that was forming on your cheeks at the last explanation -. Love is mostly bilateral, only between two people, and is generated when one of them decides to confess their feelings to the other person, hoping to be reciprocated.

    What if they both feel the same? he asked, tilting his head.

    -They become a couple, boyfriends in other words.

    -if not?

    -They end their friendship to give themselves some time, or they remain friends in spite of everything, it depends on each one.

    "I don't want to end our friendship, I like being your friend," he replied quickly, shaking his head. Fear was palpable in his voice and visible in his eyes. Unable to help it, you let out a small laugh, touched.

    Biting your lower lip in a vague attempt to hide your smile, you got down on your knees on the bed, getting dangerously close to the android to take him by the shoulders, throwing a leg over his hips, sitting gently on his lap.

    Containing the nerves inside you, you met his eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck as Jake grabbed you around the waist, all under his gleaming gaze.

    How could he be so beautiful? He looked so damn real in front of you, you could even feel his body heat under your body, but you knew it was just a function of his system to look even more human, to feel more human.

    Bending his head you caressed the nape of his neck, running your fingers through his hair. Jake had become the living image of all your desires and sins together, because what had come between you in theory was impossible, but there you were, both dying to kiss the other.

    And then you blurted out that sentence that would very likely have made the boy's heart race if he had one:

    -Then we have a problem, because I thought you were my boyfriend.

    The way Jake's gaze seemed to change to a more intense one made your skin crawl, flinching when you heard his voice.

    -I am your boyfriend? W-Do you want me to be your boyfriend? he asked, mysteriously stumbling over his own words.

    For a moment his system stopped, it was as if it had frozen for a few seconds, recovering shortly after. Say what you want but you were without a doubt a virus in their software. You were getting deep into his robotic being, hurting him in a way he never expected in his short life, but he loved it.

    -Yes, I'll come back and say, I thought you were already but if you want to continue being my friend... -you whispered, faking a disappointed face.

    -No! he interrupted you, taking your waist more firmly. You instantly smiled. If I want, definitely if I want.

    Without being able to contain yourself anymore, you placed a small kiss on his lips, disconcerting him, a moment that you took advantage of to separate yourself from Jake and throw yourself on the bed, hiding between the Saturdays of shame.

    -Hey! he claimed once he was fully aware of what you did, lying down next to you while he tried to uncover you. I think that for you humans it's rude to steal a kiss from someone without his authorization, so I'll forgive you if you give me another -the laugh that came out of your lips was enough to make him smile. I loved seeing you happy.

    Too bad there were people willing to use their happiness and their relationship to get something called money.

    From the first appointment to the company to start the supposed tests, you knew that nothing good would come of it. They were literally playing with his feelings, with Jake's new emotions and reactions.

    Engineers and investors wanted to see how far he could go for you, how much your love could do within his software.

    During the first test they decided to make Jake jealous by bringing another boy into the room. It was horrible for him to experience that new feeling when he saw how that young man put an arm around your shoulders or took your hand. He felt as if an electric shock was spreading through his chest, bothering him. The worst thing is that they had ordered him not to move from his place.

    Order that was surprisingly broken when that boy tried to kiss you.

    You see, from the little that was explained to you, once Jake has an order in place, his entire system is forced to focus on nothing more than that, whether he wants to or not. Everything is based on obeying with discipline and submission to his masters.

    But they failed, because his system was now focused on you.

    And they just seemed to like that more because they always used to put you as the "drive/motivator" for Jake to break his boundaries, create new features, and evolve.

    You hated doing this, you hated how they played with you, but you made an effort to endure it, you didn't want more problems, nor did you want your boyfriend to get hurt. So you just did what they asked you to do, without claiming anything.

    Although that did not mean that you did not have several cards up your sleeve. Of course. The only good thing about all this is that you had full access to the entire project, you could see firsthand every advance of the boy, and study it.

    Never in your life have you tried so hard to understand something, but you were doing it. Now you had a voice and a vote in the meetings, a very important one, because at the end of the day you were the one who knew Jake the most, you were the person he "obeyed", so to speak.

    The situation seemed to be as controlled as possible...

    Until the engineers decided to make an exact replica of the love of your life.

    A copy of Jake.

    Female version.

    -Please welcome the KL800 Prototype -Mr. Lee introduced with a huge smile, pointing to the aforementioned as the room was filled with applause.

    You swallowed hard as soon as you saw her. You knew that investors wanted to create a new android, but you never expected that it would end up being a girl.

    A beautiful girl.

    Consider yourself toxic or whatever you want, but your self-esteem and security bought tickets to infinity and beyond instantly. You hated being so weak in these aspects, you hated not having confidence in yourself.

    -Miss ___ - Mr. Lee called you, to which you approached him slowly, pretending to be as if nothing had happened -, please allow me to introduce our new prototype -you agreed, tightening your lips in a smile -. This is Jamie,” she pointed out, to which she gave you the kindest look you've ever seen. Jamie, this is Miss ___, the one in charge of helping us with the tests and managing the whole project about Jake, your other partner, by the way, where is she...? I ask in general, searching for your boyfriend with his eyes until he found him chatting with the investors a few meters from you. Jake! she yelled, catching her attention. You watched as your boy apologized to the men in suits and then began to approach.

    The smile he gave you when he came to your side made you feel better in a few seconds, calming you down inside.

    "Jake, I want to introduce you to Jamie, your new partner," Mr. Lee said, pulling Jake closer to the aforementioned. You made a small face at this -. She is just like you, so I hope you get along very well.

    Needless to say, the rest of the day was pretty awkward for you, as the new center of attention was Jamie and Jake. Everyone was talking about how much they looked alike, how cool it was to have this level of technology, as well as the profits it would bring.

    The worst was when the night fell on you and you found out that Jamie was going to live in your house, with you and your boyfriend, since you were the "expert" in managing androids, apart from the fact that the engineers wanted Jamie to live more with his now partner.

    You tried to pretend that everything was fine, you convinced yourself that she didn't have to be a bother, you could get along with her, since from what you had seen she was very kind and cute with everyone.

    Jamie wasn't a problem, she didn't have to be.

    What you didn't know is that that night, with the moon shining among the stars, you let an android into your house, your life and your relationship who brought with her an order in her software.

    And she was willing to follow it to the letter. She will cost what it will cost, what will happen will happen.

    Hiii! How are you?, I'm sorry it took me so long to post this, I recently got sick and was very distracted. :[


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    LOVING YOU ! 1 — L4VEY teasers slayed

    — synopsis: HYBE finally is releasing a new girl group and you’re in it! so what do they do to promote this girl group? well, the least unexpected thing. They make you, the face of the group—fake date yang jungwon, your beloved sunbaenim. It’s for “promotions” they say. That’s fine.. but there’s just a teeny tiny problem; well, he barely knows you and.. you are kind of the biggest simp for him.

    masterlist / next

    taglist ( is open ! ) @jungwonniecore @mitsukifilms @emobeomgyu @sunheeluvbot @yjwfav @tomorrowbymoa-together @heuningkai-hour @sonjuyeonnie @staysstrays @c9tnoos @kissuzies @enhacolor @woniecore @sungkyoo @wonamour @mintbgyu @clarakyunisageek @ja4hyvn @lovrwon @yvesismywife @lunaflvms

    #AAAAA ⭐️⭐️ THEIR TEASERS ARE OUT #what is the manager talking abt… #wdym by enha manager ??😏😏 #enhypen smau#enhypen#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen headcanons#enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x female reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader #jungwon smau#jungwon fluff#jungwon angst #idol!reader
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    [ chapter 12. i love myself too ]

    ꏍ jungwon is just a boy who plays guitar for fun and that can't stop himself from looking at you in class, he never thought of talking to you even if he had the biggest crush in the whole world, but what happens when a project forces him to make a move on you?

    taglist [open!]. @soobnny @yizhoutv @ja4hyvn @heejaies @amakumos @jalnandanz @ily-cuz-i @hakuyeo @jungwoniics @emwonx @hiqhkey @jaywonlix @nakolvr @mitsukifilms @wonluvrbot @emobeomgyu @jwlvr @acciomylove @hoonstrology @jakeyuni @jwonsdimple @enhyped-up @iheartbeomz @strawbrinkofdeath @jungwonniecore @pitchblacksmile @lhsng @andromedawillburryyou @soobin-chois @xuanya @yvesismywife @heesplanet @beibybtch @tlnyjoong @hwalllllllelujah @nyfwyeonjun @pixyseeun @lunaflvms @goddaughtersyndrome @nochuwastaken @higamersitsbarney @bbeomgyucafe @sonjuyeonnie @w3bqrl @peachy-yabbay @staysstrays @niocity @pr0dbeomgyu @babygay-stay

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  • vrvzi
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    ★ PROFILES O2 : jake and friends !

    JAKEYBOY ( jake sim ) first year at belift university, it boy tbh, perfect grades and good at sports. y/n’s ex boyfriend :/is the worst at keeping secrets, he’s a bad liar so you immediately know when he’s not being honest. layla’s dad :D

    LHEESEUNG ( lee heeseung ) second year at belift university, almost completely failed his first year so now he’s working his ass off to redeem himself. used to be #besties with ryujin, would gossip about girls tgt :( he never pays for his own lunch

    JONGSEONGIE ( park jongseong ) first year at belift university, pretty much a rich frat boy. the driest texter ever i think, has his moments though so it’s okay. fashion icon of the school, ppl genuinely ask him for fashion advice

    ICEPRINCEHOONIE ( park sunghoon ) first year at belift university, a part-time professional figure skater <3 is always busy at practice so he never gets to join in on group hangouts with the other boys :( it’s very rare he gets to chill out #justiceforhoon

    DDEONU_ ( kim sunoo ) first year at belift university, mint choco defender and/or its number one fan. a massive fan of gossip, if something goes down he’ll probably know about it within in an hour or so. teases his friends endlessly but it’s all out of love

    JUNG1IE ( yang jungwon ) high school senior at hybe high, the perfect student !! exceptional grades and an extreme steak of straight a’s. good friends with wonyoung, though they do hate each other sometimes. normally keeps to himself and stays out of drama

    6FEETALL ( nishimura riki ) high school junior at hybe high, one of the most popular kids there LMAO everyone knows who he is. wreaks havoc within this friend group, i’m telling you - they constantly need to keep him in check. he’s six feet tall !! :D


    female reader + jake sim !

    featuring : enhypen members, aespa’s ningning, itzy’s ryujin, ive’s wonyoung

    your breakup with jake sim prior to the end of your senior year in high school was mutual — the deleting of each other’s numbers, the loss of contact, everything. you both knew you wouldn’t do good as friends, and with the transition into university being near, things were — luckily — going smoothly, just as you’d both hoped. but when you run into him on campus after so many months of not talking to each other, will things stay the same?

    — vrvzi, all rights reserved, do not translate / copy.


    @enhacolor @d1orjay @bakkumi @milkdoie @msxflower @angelcritterz @babygay-stay @woniecore @renjunvrse @yeonfarie @moonchildaera [ @peppermintjake @cloudyjaeyun ]

    #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #jake sim smau #sim jaeyun#jake sim#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #jake sim fluff #jake sim imagines #jake sim angst #enhypen x reader #jake sim x reader #enhypen x female reader #jake sim x female reader #enhypen social au
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    LOVING YOU ! profiles 1 — L4VEY GIRLS 💍

    MEET L4VEY ; a group formed by HYBE labels. consist of 4 members

    Choi Eun, leader and main vocalist. Yoon Maeum, rapper and vocalist. Nakamura Kyo, main dancer. Soo Y/N visual/face of group, lead singer & dancer
    — synopsis: HYBE finally is releasing a new girl group and you’re in it! so what do they do to promote this girl group? well, the least unexpected thing. They make you, the face of the group—fake date yang jungwon, your beloved sunbaenim. It’s for “promotions” they say. That’s fine.. but there’s just a teeny tiny problem; well, he barely knows you and.. you are kind of the biggest simp for him.

    masterlist / next

    taglist ( is open ! ) @jungwonniecore @mitsukifilms @emobeomgyu @sunheeluvbot @yjwfav @tomorrowbymoa-together @heuningkai-hour @sonjuyeonnie @staysstrays @c9tnoos @kissuzies @enhacolor @woniecore @sungkyoo @wonamour

    #ARE YALL EXCITED?? 💢💢 #might release first chapter today & then enha’s profiles later!! #enhypen smau#enhypen#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen headcanons#enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x female reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #idol!reader #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader #jungwon smau#jungwon fluff#jungwon angst
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  • cersworld
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    riki's second male lead syndrome

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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