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  • minheeology
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    listen to :: multiply by woodz

    [10:37 pm]

    you could faintly hear the music playing from sunghoon’s car as the two of you danced beside it. you had been driving when it had started to rain, and sunghoon suddenly remembered when you’d told him that you’d always wanted to dance in the rain like people do in romcoms. despite you telling him you could do it some other night, he refused to miss the chance to fulfill your wish.

    and so, there you were, slow dancing with sunghoon.

    it felt almost unreal that you got to be in this moment, here, with him. you kept stealing glances at him, not understanding how you got so lucky as to be here with him. how you were so lucky to call him yours.

    he is so beautiful, you’d look at him forever if you could.

    as the song came to an end, sunghoon finally looked down at you. his hair was sticking to his forehead, wet from the rain. even with his slightly disheveled state, there was a giant smile on his face.

    "i love loving you, y/n. i'm so lucky to love you."

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  • nikieskoo
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ACT FIVE: cat fights and the flight of y/n

    previous | act five | next | smau m.list

    taglist (open): @wonjaems @dimplehyunn @lomlyeji @sweetrainwrites @penny-quinn @kittiesandsunshine @youngiez @azure-arcanum @sunshinelixie-lee @sungookie @jongsaengseong @ddeonuism @c9tnoos @heelariously @hyunsuks-beanie @softforqiankun @banana-boat-doodoodododo @yougeans @yeonwon @nyfwyeonjun @maeumiluv @stayarmysstuff @ncityy04 @freessaaenha @hoonbokki @odxrilove @woniebae @bangcrispychannie @meraniki @mykalon @zhaixiaowen @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @punneysushi01 @enhacolor @sugawarasrose @kac-chowsballs @diestheticu @tomorrowbymoa-together @shdowhuntr @jenwonie @msxflower @kyleeanne @junityy @cha-raena @jkjkseo (those which are in bold couldn’t be tagged :(( )
    synopsis: your brother and heeseung have been friends since you can remember. your brother had made it very clear that you were off limits, but what happens when you return from australia to attend the same university as heeseung AND work the same part time job with him? falling in love with your brothers best friend sounds rather….cliché doesn’t it?
    vivis thoughts: y/n and heeseung gon meet soon 😳👀
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  • mapofthysoul
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    🍵 when you have an anxiety attack.

    - [📚],[🧸], bf!enha x reader, warnings; none.



    knows exactly what to do

    holds your hand and starts counting

    12345…678910 take a deep breath in, 12345 hold and 12345…678910 out

    takes you into his arms and holds you until you’re calm

    tries to make sure you feel safe


    does everything he can do to make you feel better

    lots of reassurance

    takes you in for a long hug

    follows you walking around in circles

    wants to know what caused the anxiety attack but won’t force you to tell him if you don’t want to talk about it


    hates seeing you like this because he’s used to the happy and cheerful version of you :(

    comforting words, his smile and bear hugs

    extremely happy when you finally manage to calm down

    wants to know the exact reason as to why you went into that state


    leaves the room

    pours you a glass of water

    brings you a notebook and a pen because he knows you would rather write down how you’re feeling than talk about it

    gentle back rubs to keep you calm and know that he’s right there supporting and comforting you


    hugs you and doesn’t let go

    soothing words while hugging you

    “it’s alright, love.” “shh it’s okay, i’m right here.” “don’t worry, everything is gonna be just fine.”

    might be a bit cheesy but he knows it works :)


    very worried

    feels bad that he doesn’t understand what you’re going through

    does research on it

    apologises for not being much help

    cuddles you and tries to make you feel better after


    starts rubbing your shoulders and neck

    a bit awkward, but you know he’s trying his best to help

    takes your hand and makes you stand up

    starts walking around the house with you

    notices that it’s working and is relieved

    wouldn’t ask about what caused it incase it triggers you to get anxious again


    please like and/or reblog <3

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  • starlightsray
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    (All Gn!Reader is in purple, Fem!Reader is in orange, No solo works for Jungwon & Niki as I’m not interested in writing platonic fics, but I love them :(<3 Fluff only for Sunoo)

    Ot7 —


    Enhypen sees your secret tattoo (Fem!Reader only bc ‘noona’ is mentioned once, fluff)


    JAY —

    JAKE —


    SUNOO —

    #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions #enhypen x reader #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #yang jungwon#niki#nishimura riki#fluff#enha
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  • starlightsray
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Fem!reader (noona is used once)

    scene: you all had been filming with weekly idol, doing various ‘challenges’ and fan service for the past hour. Then one of the mc’s declared the next segment would be a dance battle between various members. Sunghoon was first, dancing to “Rock with you” by Seventeen before elegantly finishing the song with a wink that had the interviewers awing (screaming) over. Immediately you swooped into Sunghoon’s spot as you saw the staff starting the next song. Itzy’s ‘Swipe’ began playing and you had no trouble recalling the choreo, filled with energy from the song you’d had on repeat since it came out. What you didn’t think about was your tattoo on your left rib, that was narrowly escaping being exposed as you continued to do various arm movements in the crop top your stylist put you in. Turning to your members, back to the camera, you exaggerated the moves towards Sunghoon, your current opponent, in a playfully mocking way. That’s when the entirety of your tattoo was revealed, and you noticed your members trying to conceal their surprise as Sunghoon subtly gestured for you to put your arms down and adjust your shirt. After the shoot is when you finally found out what had happened.

    ✿ heeseung — This man would be asking about the meaning of your tattoo the second all staff is away and he has the chance. Studying it like maths and eventually coming up with silly little stories to attach to it like it was fact, as though he stabbed the image into your body himself.

    ✿ jay — Probably would be the most shocked out of all of them, hand slapped over his mouth and everything. When he eventually gathered himself though, he’d ask if it was alright if he could see it more closely. He’d think it was really cool :3 (and hot 👀)

    ✿ jake — “You have a tattoo?!” He’d shout, going full Aussie once staff was out of sight, but the members and you would all be rushing to snap his big mouth shut anyways. Lots of teasing. “Wooow, what else are you hiding from us Y/n? 😏😏 You got any piercings to go with it?”

    ✿ sunghoon — You can’t tell by his face but he’s shy as he politely compliments you about it. Then the bashfulness disappears as he smirks slyly at you for an unsettling few seconds before joking; “What if I told our manager.” (You threaten his life of course)

    ✿ sunoo — Queue his shocked :o face. A supportive sweetheart!! First question is definitely “Did it hurt?” XD Similar to Sunghoon he’d tease you that he was going to tell but in the end he’s always got your back and is sworn to secrecy😌

    ✿ jungwon — “So cool,” he smiles. “but...how’d you hide it all this time?” After you replied “With waterproof makeup.”, he’d be absolutely astounded. He never knew you could be so sneaky.

    ✿ niki — You’re such a bad influence, because now he wants all of the group to get a tattoo and keeps asking all about how to get one XD “Matching! We should get matching tattoos Y/n! Cmon noona pleaaasseee!” (You know he’s trying to butter you up when he actually remembers his honorifics lol)

    #enhypen#enhypen reactions #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#fluff #jay x reader #heeseung x reader #sunghoon x reader #jake x reader #yang jungwon#nishimura riki#Kim sunoo#sim jake#lee heeseung#park jongseong
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  • wonwoosh
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    kim sunoo was most definitely the most prettiest boy you’ve ever let your eyes on, let alone seen.

    you were still confused as to why he chose you out of all people to be his girlfriend—after all, he did have a huge fan base at school; the “hearts for ddeonu” club.

    “what are you staring at, bubs?” Sunoo asks you, his hand finding themselves in the hold of yours.



    kim sunoo blushed at that. he often got compliments from his fellow classmates and fangirls (even fanboys) but something about it coming from you seemed to make his heart flutter.

    “yes, you ddeonu. you’re the prettiest boy ever, you know?”

    now sunoo was bright pink—slapping himself on the check and muttering yah.. you shouldn’t do this to my heart.

    “why thanks, y/n!” he says giddy, and you can’t help but furrow your eyebrows.

    thanks? you think. all you get is a thanks?

    later that day when you get home, you were in for a surprise. a notification came on, signaling that your boyfriend had posted something on his instagram.

    not thinking much of it, you click on the post—and were surprised to find a picture of yourself. in the caption was:

    she looks just like a dream, the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen.

    #YES IM A DDEONU SIMP SO WHATc #yes I am the creator of hearts for ddeonu (it’s true!) #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions #kim sunoo imagines #kim sunoo x reader #sunoo imagines #sunoo x reader #sunoo fluff#sunoo scenarios
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  • sunghun
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    enhypen when their s/o is productive on their period

    requested; yep :)

    warnings; period talk, mentions of food.

    note; the way i got my period the day i started writing this…..lol. *bursts into tears*

    general taglist; @blaqpinksthetic @heelariously

    희승 | heeseung;

    heeseung would be like . in awe of you

    like you’re in excruciating pain and still manage to get shit done?

    even if you don’t really need to???

    low-key inspired lmao

    also feels bad about whining how much it hurt when he got a stomach ache a few weeks ago

    bc like here you are

    feeling like ur guts are getting wringed out like a towel

    and you’re just going about like nothing

    doing your laundry, studying for upcoming exams, etc.

    does his best to help but promptly realizes that he should just . not

    because while you can act like normal when doing all your chores

    you’re still on your period

    which means that you’re still moody

    which results in you getting very *ahem* frustrated when he doesn’t do something exactly right

    so he just lets you do ur thing

    and is there with lots of blankets and pillows and snacks when you’re ready to for some cuddles :’)

    제이 | jay;

    jay might not even realize that you got period tbh

    bc like . you act so normal??

    idk if he was expecting you to act like godzilla all week or what

    but yeah he had no clue until you guys were cooking smth together

    and you just paused in the middle of cutting the potatoes and started gripping the knife really tight and breathing really heavy

    probably got a little concerned like . having i been dating a secret serial killer all this time. is this part where they murder me.

    is even more confused when you just go right back to normal after a minute

    like . wot the hell was that

    eventually you notice him just staring at you and you’re like

    “oh, sorry about that. period cramp, you know?”

    “wait wait wait you have your period???”

    “uhh yeah? i got it like 2 days ago babe.”

    is like . low-key impressed

    after that he’ll be a bit more considerate than usual

    but overall he lets you do your things without bothering you

    bc he knows you’ll come to him if you need help or anything

    also very very happy when you snuggle up tight to him when you’ve finished your work 🥰🥰

    제이크 | jake;

    like heeseung, jake would probably be low-key in awe of u

    but he would also try to help you with stuff more

    like he comes over one day and sees you doing the dishes

    and he’s just like “omg babe you need to be resting! let me do that!!”

    and will continue to do stuff like that constantly

    bc he doesn’t want you overexerting yourself or anything :(

    but eventually you have to sit him down

    and explain that you like to do stuff and be productive

    especially during shark week bc you don’t want to let it get you down

    so after that he calms down a bit with wanting to do everything for you

    but he still wants to help so you two kind of compromise

    with you letting him help you some things

    and him knowing that if you need anything you’ll ask

    he also gets very very happy when you ask him to snuggle :))

    성훈 | sunghoon;

    i’m not gonna lie

    sunghoon might be a little terrified of u

    like he’s tried those period cramp stimulators before

    he knows how bad that shit hurts

    and yet you’re just ?? getting things done???

    when you asked if he wanted to grocery shopping

    he thought that was you asking him to get you some stuff

    so when he starts getting his jacket and shoes on and you’re like “babe wait for me!”

    he’s just like

    “wut 🧍‍♂️”

    is extra careful around you all week

    bc he doesn’t wanna risk pissing you off or anything

    only offers his help when it’s obvious you want him to

    or if you’re clearly struggling with something

    because he knows how particular you can be with having things done properly

    is kinda relieved when you ask him to hold and cuddle you at the end of the day

    bc now he knows for sure that yes, you are human <3

    선우 | sunoo;

    might be a bit disappointed lol

    bc like . he was gonna use you not feeling well as an excuse for him not to do anything??

    but you’re doing fine and getting stuff done???

    and he’ll just stand there clutching a blanket and some snacks like

    “i thought we were gonna do nothing all week….”

    pls he looks so cute you just have to take a quick movie-and-cuddle break

    but then after the movie you get right back to work

    and sunoo’s just . losing it a little bit

    why?? are you doing all this stuff??? when your sweet lovely amazing boyfriend is right there and willing to laze around with you????

    might get a little salty bc he thinks you don’t wanna spend time with him

    but eventually he’ll understand that you just don’t want to feel like you can’t do anything

    would still probably tease you a bit tho

    “oh now you want to be with me? i see how it is *hmph*”

    will still give you all the hugs and cuddles you could ask for <33

    정원 | jungwon;

    probably the one who would react the least out of them

    like you wanna do the laundry on your period?

    cool, could you wash that one hoodie of his too?

    would pretty much let you do whatever

    but he might get on your nerves a bit from asking you to do stuff for him

    bc you’re already doing a bunch of stuff

    what’s the difference of doing a little extra?

    however once he sees how frustrated it can make you

    and that despite you acting like you’re perfectly fine

    your cramps are kind of killing you :/

    then he would feel kinda bad

    and would start offering to help with stuff more

    and not ask you to do so much for him

    very happy and willing to hold you and snuggle with you when you ask as well :))

    니키 | niki;

    is very confused

    when you told him that you were just gonna stay home today bc you got your period

    he expected to show up and see you laying in bed as you lose the will to live

    but instead you’re deep cleaning the kitchen??

    probably just watches you in silence for a few minutes

    while he tries to figure out what he should do

    until you notice him just awkwardly standing there

    with a bag full of snacks from the convenience store down the street

    “oh hey babe! what’re you doing here?”

    “i….came to help?”


    somehow ends up helping you clean the house for the rest of the day

    with you two taking little breaks here and there to eat the food he brought with him

    and then later

    when you’re laying on the couch together with you practically on top of him

    he can’t stop the giant grin that overtakes his face when you tell him how happy you are he came

    and how much he means to you :((

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  • msgirlie
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    heeseung: hey jay, all the kids born in mid-november were probably because their parents did it on valentines' day right?

    jay: heeseung it is 2am go to sleep

    jake: :O oh my gosh

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  • kpopluvvr
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    What im thinking about doing is separating the ocs to different accounts, i think i'll turn this one into one for sooa but keep posting on here until i get everything together, i feel like it's easier for me. So if you see a post that looks like mines, don't be alarmed it's me.

    #txt #txt added member #txt 6th member #txt sixth member #tomorrow x together 6th member #tomorrow x together sixth memeber #enhypen #enhypen 8th member #enhypen added member #nct 24th memeber #nct female member #stray kids 9th member #stray kids ninth member #kpop female member #kpop added members #stray kids#nct#kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #txt additional member #txt oc#txt reactions #nct 24th member #nct female oc #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member
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  • seoulbinz
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    chapter one: dimples

    smau part under the written! :)

    “Do you see him?” You ask Eunjoo, eyes sparkling as you fail to fight back a smile, kicking your feet excitedly where you sit. “He’s so cute! His dimples!” You hum happily as you close your eyes, thinking about Jungwon.

    “I did,” she sighs, rolling her eyes at you as best as she can as the makeup artist touches up her eyeshadow. “He looked nice, I’m excited to see their stage.”

    “We get to watch?” You squeak, eyes wide as you glance at her. You can hear Sohee laugh at you, and you turn your body to glare at her for a second. “Don’t judge me… it’s not just from him, Fever is a good song, ok?”

    “Not him? Who?” Sohee furrows her brows, and you gasp as you realize she doesn’t know yet. “It is a good song though. Do you want to bring them our album when we trade? You are the face of our group, after all,” you nod eagerly, bowing as best as you can to thank her.

    Miyoung giggles, tossing a piece of crumpled up paper and a pen at you. Flinching, you glare at her before realizing why she threw it. “Oh… I’m an idiot.” She laughs more, and you pout as Haeun high-fives her.

    “Y/n has a crush on Jungwon, unnie,” Miyoung tells Sohee, grinning as you make horrified eye contact with her. “That’s why she’s squealing and more annoying than normal.”

    “I’m not annoying,” you pout, biting back a smile at your friend’s teasing. “I’m just… admiring a cute guy. Is that a crime?”

    You tune their chatter out as you carefully write on the piece of paper, trying to smooth out the wrinkles as you go.

    ‘Hi Jungwon! I’m not going to say who I am, but I’m sure you have an idea, and at least know I’m from RO5ES. I’m … too scared to talk to you because you’re so handsome and sweet, if I’m honest. I feel like I pale in comparison to you, so I feel awkward when I try to talk. But you’re very handsome, incredibly so, and your smile and dimples and sparkly eyes are so cute! I hope you have a good day, maybe even great, and I’m sorry if this oversteps any boundaries. :( I just really like you. heart, me <3”

    “What is that?” Eunjoo asks, leaning over from where she sits next to you on the couch. “A love letter? Cute! I’m glad you’re finally confessing.”

    “Oh…” you rub your neck, bashful, and smile shyly at her. “I’m… not signing it with my name. He’ll just know it’s from a member!”

    Haeun groans as you say that. “Oh, come on, what if he thinks it’s one of us? That’s gonna be horrible, just sign it.”

    You shake your head aggressively and grab the album, sliding the paper in with the photocards, folded thinly. You point at the camera and smile, addressing the fans through the lens. “Hi Petals! We’re at Inkigayo today to perform sunflower for you, so please enjoy our performance! Our seniors, ENHYPEN, are here today, and as a sign of goodwill, we’re exchanging albums at our, and their, managers' request! Shall we go?” You tilt your head and the cameraman follows you as you walk out the door, your members chattering left behind as you step into a quiet hallway.

    You make your way to ENHYPEN’s waiting room, and with a shaky hand, knock on the door. Niki answers the door, and you smile at the younger boy, bowing politely. “Ah, hello. I’m here to give you all a copy of Dream Garden, signed by each of us!”

    Jungwon stands up, and steps around Niki, who’s just standing there with a blank expression, probably processing your words. “Thank you, y/n!” He smiles warmly at you, and you try to fight back the blush you feel rising as you see his dimples and sparkling eyes this close. “Here’s our album, Border: Carnival, please enjoy it well!”

    “Please enjoy ours,” you bow, smiling at him once more, glancing over your shoulder to see Niki snap to and excitedly grab your album from Jungwon before walking back to your room, talking to the camera as you do so.

    prev / masterlist / next

    summary - having a crush was normal, easy, even. but it was a lot harder when you’re an idol, your crush is an idol, and you’re too scared to talk to him outside of anonymous love letters and messages. so… how do you get the boy?

    a/n - the @ being starryyn was a glitch, it’ll be fixed in part 4 :( sorry for any confusion it caused

    taglist - @odxrilove @nyfwyeonjun @meiiiwa @ncityy04 @yjwfav @icywhatim @ja4hyvn

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  • hrtattcker
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Hello there everyone! Bcs I made the cover yesterday, I decided to post a preview of the fanfic I'm writing: almost!. I hope you like it!!(tap the cover to see it with more quality)

    PAIR!! Nishimura Riki × fem!y/n (both are minors, i do not intend on sexualizing Riki in any way shape or form) ft. various idols born in 2004/2005 but mainly Zoa (aka Hyewon, Weeekly), Chowon (ICHILLIN) and Jungwon (Enhypen)

    TROPES!! highschool au, enemies to lovers (but only yn thinks thats they are enemies), fluff, comedy?

    ATTENTION!! mc feels a lot of feelings at the same time and she does not know how to deal with it so just bear with her she is trying her best I promise :(( also she calls riki stupid a lot bcs she """hates""" him , cuss words, descriptions of violence, p.e. slander

    Y/N was certain of a lot of things. She was certain that she would get a good grade in her chemistry test, she was sure that the p.e. teacher would discover that her knee injurie wasn't that bad sooner or later, she was certain that if she continued listening to misery business in repeat all day everyday she would get tired of it faster. What she wasn't sure however, was how did the guy that she punched in 3rd grade - and that she saw as her nemesis - ended up falling in love in her.

    It happened a long time ago. I was in what, 2nd, 3rd grade? Well it doesn't matter, what matters is that he was staring at me. In the middle of the McDonald's (I will never understand why they built a McDonald's so close to a school, but I digress). Looking at me with his stupid eyes and wearing his stupid stripped shirt with a stupid grey tee over it. I could almost hate him, almost. 

    There was a whole vibe about him that made it impossible for me to hate him.

    "You are going to end up burning a hole through him if you keep staring like that." Hyewon warned me, delicate as a horse kick like always.

    I put my head in my hands and literally grunted with anger, looked then back up just to see the boy laughing and then looking directly at me.

    "Won, look at him!" I gestured in his direction "He doesn't stop looking at me! He is downright obsessed with me."

    "So are you! The whole lunch you didn't stop looking at him or talking about how he is 'obsessed'." Hyewon bit on her hamburger while I drank my coca-cola in shame.

    I guess that was true, but I wasn't lying! He was looking at me a bit too much today and it was pissing me off. I swear I couldn't feel him looking at me and smiling, like I was someone in a playboy magazine.

    "I still don't know what kind of fight you got going on with Riki, but it seems like you have a lot of hatred for that guy…"

    "Wait, I never told you the story?" The disbelief in my eyes was simply unreal, I bet my eyeballs were, like, the size of dinner plates. I can't believe I didn't tell Chowon, my best friend, about the time that I punched that guy.

    "Huh… no? What story are you even talking about?" 

    "Ok, let me tell you.."

    this is all for now!! hope you guys look forward to almost!!

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  • laladellakang
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Della in Border: Carnival — Album Shoots

    enhypen 8th female member masterlist

    wattpad | open requests / ask della!

    unit pairings

    up: sunoo

    #8th member of enhypen #enhypen 8th member #enhypen added member #enhypen eigth member #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x oc #enhypen ff#kpop oc #kpop added member #kang della #female!enhypen member #enhypen oc#enhypen recs#enhypen requests #enhypen female oc
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  • laladellakang
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Della in Border: Day One — Album Shoots

    enhypen 8th female member masterlist

    wattpad | open requests / ask della!

    unit pairings

    dawn: jungwon

    dusk: heeseung

    #8th member of enhypen #enhypen 8th member #enhypen added member #enhypen eigth member #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen ff#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x oc #enhypen oc #female!enhypen member #kang della#enhypen recs#enhypen requests #kpop added member #kpop oc #enhypen female oc
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  • 1-800-ye0sangspr1ncess
    24.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    When you buy them an expensive gift - Enhypen [OT7}

    Warnings: Mentions of alcohol (Heeseung), mild use of language, other than that... None! <3 Summary: You're their bestie so you spoil them for their birthdays

    (I'm so sorry in advance for the number of times the style changes, it's honestly so....)


    - "OH MY FUCKING-"

    - has no idea how to react at first

    - his eyes would pop out of his head as he scans over the price tag

    - "what? is there something wrong? IS IT EXPIRED?!!"

    - he pauses to give you this sort of "did you really just ask that?" sort of look

    - you take a glance at the bottle and realize you forgot to remove the price *mental facepalm*

    - he reads over the description on the back of the extremely pricey bottle (you know how they're like "made with the finest grapes in the valley and aged to perfection" yeah that)

    - "um wow, you know you didn't have to spend this much right?"

    - "like literally any... and I mean ANY bottle of wine would do!"

    - "fine you ungrateful bitch, I'll just take it back"

    - LMFAO, the way he would snatch the bottle back from you

    - "NO! What I meant to say was: Thank you! I really appreciate it! the best gift ever!"

    - definitely oversells it because at first, you think it's genuine but you realize it's just to keep you from getting mad or taking his happy drink away (ToT)

    - pours you a glass but you aren't sure if it's as a thank you/ apology


    - let's be honest we all know jay is the wealthiest in en- so expensive gifts really aren't new to him

    - "damn, I guess it does help to have rich friends"

    - you aren't sure if it was a compliment or a hint at being used :(

    - he sees your smile falter and just like that BOOM he's apologizing like there's no freaking tomorrow

    - "WAIT?! no that's not what I meant. I really love this gift. I meant to say that I really love and appreciate the fact that I have friends who truly know me and what I like. You know how many other people bought me the same cringe ass mug with "I love waking up to the smell of MONEY in the morning" written on it? wtf is that even supposed to mean?!"

    - you chuckled as you listened to his rampage

    - you see his eyes glimmer and fill with joy as he reads the card gives the present another look before putting it down and smiling at you

    - "Thank you again, I really love it and thanks for being my friend I don't know many people who stick around other than for free handouts but I really appreciate you." he says to you with a cheery, heartfelt smile

    - "You're welcome Jeongseong and happy birthday..." you say softly as you reach over to hug him

    - "wanna find a nearby cafe and make these hella fancy friendship bracelets?"

    - "Dude this is literally YOUR birthday party, you can't just leave!"

    - "Watch me!" he chuckles, dashing out the bedroom door, down the stairs, through the crowd of people and out the front door.

    - "WAIT UP!!!"


    S- I feel like jake is a simple guy who would literally be grateful even if you just got him a happy birthday card :(((

    - with this info in mind you took it as an opportunity to really go all out... well maybe not all out but enough to make jake ecstatic

    - and what better way to do that than to pamper the love of his life

    - LAYLA!!!!!

    - since the weather starts getting chillier around the time of his birthday, you decide to book them an appointment at one of your parents' clients spa.

    - Knowing you, you spared no expense and demanded (with the help of some loose hundreds) they be treated as VIPs during their time there

    - "Thank you for this y/n, I really appreciate this!" Jake whispers over to you with a smile brightly plastered over his face

    - "Hey, no problem. that's what friends are for" you whisper back as you were waiting in the lobby of the spa with him.

    - his smile quietly faded but you were quick to notice

    - "what's wrong?"

    - "No it's nothing. It's really stupid anyways..."

    - "Jake?!"

    - He sighs in defeat "I wish I could take Layla with me but I don't think they allow-"

    - His words were cut off by the sound of you clapping your hands twice and within seconds a lady was running to your attention.

    - "You called, mx?"

    - "Yes, Mr Shim would like to get a shared service with his companion please."

    - "Right away, MX."

    - Jakes jaw was on the ground at how fast that interaction happened and how simply it happened at that

    - "You really didn't have to do that," a slightly embarrassed blush creeping on his face

    - "won't it be a lot of work for her to change the service info and everything?"

    - "Jake it's her job and it's not like I was rude or anything and besides I'm paying her extra so..."

    - A partially relieved yet still nervous breath escaped his lips.

    - "Mr and Ms Sim?" two masseuses appeared next to Jake's seat, which caught him off guard as he jumped a bit at the mention of his name

    - "Right this way, please." The one said as the other gently led Layla through to the room

    - "Have fun, you two!"

    - "We will!" Jake exclaimed turning back with one last smile


    - "No way. No Way. NO FUCKING WAY"

    - "Yes way, Yes Way, YES FUCKING WAY"

    - you're sitting next to him on the kitchen island

    - you got him new skates and blades

    - "Do you know these are like, every amateur skater's dream blades?! These are worn by fucking Olympic gold medalist skaters"

    - giggling at how in awe he was of his gift

    - "hold the fuck up, you don't know ANYTHING about skating. Where on God's green earth did you get John Wilson Blades?!! AND THEY'RE HELLA EXPENSIVE..."

    - he goes into a state of absolute panic

    - "Did you rob a bank?"

    - "Did you blackmail your grandparents?"

    - "Should I be calling the cops or hiding from them?"

    - "There's no way in hell, I'm going to jail for your crimes on my birthday. That's beyond fucked up."

    - you rolled your eyes while listening to his commentary on how you could possibly afford them

    - Over the moon

    - Doesn't stop hugging you

    - you have to tap his shoulder pretty hard for him to let go as you were struggling to breathe

    - "Oh," he exclaimed, embarrassment making itself known through his tone

    - "Sorry about that..." he says scratching the back of his head

    - *coughs* "no really it's-" *coughs* "- fine."

    - he winces at each cough

    - "Are you ok? Do you want some water?'

    - "No, I'm fine. I promise."

    - 5 minutes after your little choking episode, he offers you a free lesson on the ice as an apology

    - "Okay, to move you need to direct your legs like this. Left. Right. Then left and right." (chile- I thought of 17)

    - "That's it. You're doing great!" smiling widely

    - for a few seconds you feel confident but as your confidence levels rise, your stability levels drop and you fall to the cold ground.

    - Sunghoon can't help but laugh at you

    - "Here." he stretches out his arm but you're quick to swat it away

    - "You just laughed at me and now you wanna help? You're such a pain."

    - He leans back as he dies of laughter from just thinking about your fall.

    - "You're lucky it's your birthday, otherwise I would have beat the crap outta you..."


    - you and your bestie Sunoo have been dreaming of driving matching vehicles since forever. With that, truly speaking, being last month.

    - So you both decided on a drunken (-dazed) whim that you'd start studying towards getting your drivers licence.

    - Didn't go too well on your end, after all, it's not your fault your vision is anything but 20/20.

    - But in all fairness, you couldn't help but be happy for your friend when he aced his test and walked out with a freshly laminated card with his credentials in a block like font.

    - "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YOU GOT IT! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" you screamed at the top of your lungs


    - "Wait does this mean I can't ask Jake for rides anymore? I was kinda getting used to having a chauffeur..." Sunoo pouted at the thought

    - "Whine all you want but maybe me failing isn't such a bad thing. Now I have you to drive me around."

    - the look on his face when you say this. He legit has "And I remember thinking... I'm about to beat this bitch up." written all over his face

    - his icy glare makes you regret your statement in an instant.

    - "I was just messing with you noo..." you tease

    - "Ewww don't call me that. I'm not like, 5 or whatever." He laughs his ass off at the nickname

    - The week after getting his driver's licence was Sunoo's birthday and what kind of best friend would you be if you didn't take it into your own hands to throw him the best party of his life?

    - REDS, PURPLE AND BLUES the LEDs flashed those three colours



    - You got really lucky that your mom allowed you to host a party at your house

    - You'd gone all out and hadn't cut corners for a single thing.

    - Well done y/n, you've outdone yourself on this one. *pats self on shoulder*

    - "Thank you for this party. It's really amazing. I must say that you've done better than I ever could." Sunoo states eyes still roaming around the room to truly admire the decorations and the beautiful star decor hanging from the extremely high ceiling.

    - he really thought that was it? chile-

    - "I have one more thing, come on." you grab his hand and run through the ton of people dancing the night away

    - "Oh My AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Sunoo squeals have a few of the guests turning heads to see what the commotion was about

    - "Surprise!" you say, your jazzy hands revealing the beautiful, Midnight Blue coloured car to your best friend.

    - claps heard from all around the rooms (Is it a rich people thing to clap for expensive gifts? I don't know...)

    _ "I hope you like it. I picked out that model you had your eye on when we were looking through the catalogue so I-" you were cut off with Sunoo hugging the hell out of you

    - you can see tears forming that's when you know you've done well.

    - "Can I have the keys please?" he asks unable to keep still

    - "With pleasure, my good sir." you bow to him like he's some sort of king.

    - "Oh my god! It has a sunroof and black rims??!!, I'm gonna die!" he squeals

    - as you lean against the car door, you smile to yourself seeing how happy he is... that happiness is very short-lived


    - you know this emoji -> 😦... yeah that's your face rn

    - "bitch I'll take this back faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"


    - Jungwon and you had been friends since before you could count

    - No, seriously. You both met when you were in preschool. You literally learnt how to count together

    - Sure there was sometimes bickering between the two of you over who could spell the longest words or run the fastest but it was all healthy competition

    - you two were inseparable

    - so you could imagine the pain he must've felt when you told him you were moving countries for better business opportunities for your parents

    - when you told him, it was storming outside. you could barely hear each other despite being indoors, with all the doors and windows shut

    - "My parents said we'll move back in 4 years." you stated sadly, trying to cheer him up after you broke the news to him

    - "That's so far from now. what if you forget about me?!" he shouted, competing with the loud thunder outside. You saw tears fall from his eyes as he looked out the window you both were seated by. Your heart dropped to see how much this hurt him and as if on queue, a lighting bolt stuck outside as you too, started to cry.

    - a friendship of 13 long years but when it comes to the test of time how would that measure up to the 3 years you'd be without each other

    - he had seen in the movies how it goes down. when people had ay sort of relationship long-distance and it didn't end well

    - but not all hope was lost and you both were lucky enough to still have similar school schedules + your time wasn't much of an issue as you weren't in a different timezone

    - you both got pretty lonely but it was a good opportunity for either of you to get out of your comfort zone to make more friends and it didn't help that you were both introverts

    - You especially struggled the most with the language and culture shock you were greeted with during your first few months there

    - your friendship with Jung-won to each of your surprises was perfectly fine

    - on weekends you would video call each other and talk about all sorts of things

    - "Riki was literally dragging Sunoo around the floor in the hall." he was telling you a story from earlier in the week with his new-made friends

    - "Luckily the teachers weren't there so we didn't get scolded but Sunghoon, being the goody-two-shoes Prefect he was, snitched. So we ended up having to stay after school for detention."

    - You both died laughing with a snort even escaping on your end of the call

    - "That sounds hilarious, wish I was there. Things don't get as interesting but I guess because these private schools are all so Prim and Proper, IT'S AS IF IT'S A CRIME TO HAVE FUN!" you exclaim

    - "sounds like hell" he snickered

    - "yeah... but on a lighter note. It's a special somebody's birthday in two days!" clapping your hands happily. "Yeah, I forgot about that. Birthdays haven't really been much of a big deal since you left," he chuckled, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly

    -the was a silent pause before he dared to speak, "Remember how we use to have shared birthday parties?!" his eyes instantly light up as he recalls those memories

    - "It was so much fun like when we had a neverland theme party and you were Peter Pan and I was Captain Hook?"

    - "Yeah, you wouldn't let me be Captain Hook so I had to be the next best thing..." he said rolling his eyes at you playfully

    - "I have an early gift for you though and it should be arriving, right about.... now."

    - The second you finish your sentence he hears the doorbell ring

    - his neck turns towards his room door instantly

    - "What the hell are you up to y/n?" he giggles

    - "Just go answer the door. CHECK THE PEEPHOLE FIRST THOUGH!" you hope he heard the last part as he was already running through the door by the time you said that.

    - a few minutes pass by and he returns with a box in hand

    - "Happy Early Birthday!"

    - "Wait should I open these now or on my actual birthday?" he asked in a tone that failed to hide how desperate he was for you to give him permission to open the gifts there and then.

    - "I say wait. It'll totally be worth it." you tease him

    - Two days pass and the first thing Jungwon does when he wakes up is read the birthday card from you

    - "happy birthday JW, love you lots and see you really soon. ;)"

    - the wink confused him but also wondered what you could mean by "soon"

    - he genuinely would be so lost in overthinking even while his parents sing him happy birthday, he's half distant still thinking of all the possible explanations for 'soon ;)"


    - guess who's at the door? yeah it's you


    - after your little reunion moment he brings the box from his room and he opens it faster than you can blink

    - this boy is screaming like he just saw a roach or something

    - "OH MY GOSH SUPER MARIO BUNDLE COLLECTORS EDITION??!!!!!" (I'm so sorry to people who actually play Super Mario games, I'm not a gamer but pretend this gift is a huge deal)

    - "Thank you y/n and welcome home!" he squeals while hugging you tightly


    - when it comes to young boys you don't have to go the extra mile for them.

    - literally, everything amazes them

    - but this boy was special to you so you had to go the extra mile... at least what would be considered the extra mile in boy universe

    - shopping sprees aren't ideal for everybody but you can find common ground if it's for food

    - your grandma runs a convenience store with more snacks than you can name

    - sometimes you wonder if your grandma even remembers who her real grandchild is whenever you visit the store with Riki

    - "If it isn't my favourite non-biological grandchild with one of my grandchildren"

    - "geez, you even got the favourite adjective and I just got a grandchild..."

    - "don't be jealous your gran loves me just as much as she loves you."

    - "No fighting you two. Riki, come along. I need help reordering the snacks. Kids these days think they can just mess up the order of and that they'll just magically get rearranged?!" she angrily mumbled to herself

    - "but it's my birthday" he whined

    - "If you help me, I'll add on to the birthday money I was going to give you"


    - "You're a good child Riki"

    - he hummed happily in response

    - while your grandma was distracting Riki, you got behind the counter and pulled out a small box you asked your grandma to take care of for you.

    - it was a box of assorted snacks from Japan, there weren't many available in your region.

    - Not even your grandma had these.

    - You had saved up money to order these and your gran helped pay for shipping, which came up to quite a hefty price

    - but it was worth it when you saw the massive smile on your friends face

    - "Happy Birthday and here," you said handing the snack filled box with bright wrapping to him

    - "I know how much you missed Japan so I thought to get you some of these. I always hear you talk about snacks back home and-"

    - your words were cut short as he wrapped you in a tight embrace

    - "Thank you." you could tell he was crying because his voice sounded choked up

    - "You're welcome Riki." you said gently squeezing his hand to assure him that it was no trouble at all

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  • tizzyssmutblog
    24.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    🍡✨Enhypen reaction: playing the pocky game with you, their best friend 🍡✨

    Warnings: nothing just kisses maybe a bit of a make out (nothing too hard), fluffy

    Gifs not mine!


    You two were just casually hanging out at the dorm. Getting up to get snacks from the kitchen you notice the chocolate pockys in the drawer. Your mind lit up at the idea of playing the infamous pocky game with heesung, since you know he's just so awkward sometimes . With your mischievous idea you went to him and sat before him on the couch.

    "Hey hee"

    "What?" he says, briefly looking up from his phone

    "Do you want some pocky?"

    Heesung continues to play on his phone, "Yeah sure, pass me one" he says, opening his mouth cutely

    You sat really close to him, putting the other end of the pocky inside your mouth.

    Heesungs eyes went wide at the situation, you had to surpress a laugh at his deer eyes.

    You continue to bite towards his end, almost ending up on top of him while doing so. Heesung could swear his heart was going to explode.

    You press your lips onto his, making sure to last a bit longer, smirking when noticing heesungs breathing got heavier.

    "C-can I have another one? "


    "Let's play the pocky game" you say to Jay as you were both waiting for your pizza to arrive.

    "No" Jay says while switching channels, ignoring your attempt.

    "Bet you are just a coward." you scoff, knowing that Jay's most likely to do it if you just mess with his temper.

    "I'm not!, ok! Bring it on Y/N! I'll show you" says, this time looking at you as you walk by to get the pockys.

    You roll your eyes at his tone.

    "Ayo stop being so dramatic Jay -" you said, putting the stick in between your lips.

    Before you could process what was happening, Jay's hand was on your back as he maintained eye contact while biting the other end.

    He attacks your mouth with a kiss, smirking when watching you look so dazzled.

    "if you wanted to kiss me so bad, you could've just asked you know?"


    "Yo Jake come here, I have pocky!" you shouted from the living room.

    Jake rounded the corner, ready for some snacks. As he wanted to grib the pocky pack, you took it out of his reach.

    "What's going on, you said you had pocky?" he pouted, his puppy eyes showing.

    "It's actually for the pocky game, you wanna try it with me? Itll be fun" you teased, already having a plan in the back of your mind.

    "Sure" Jake says, not expecting much since you two always do random challenges when bored.

    You two took each side of the pocky and started biting it, when there was only a few centimeters left, Jake thought you were going to stop. To his surprise you didn't.

    His eyes widened and his neck burned when he felt your lips. You just giggled at his expression, loving how you left him so awestruck.

    You froze as suddenly his arms were around your waist.

    Jake whined : "Y/N.. What are you doing to me?"


    It was valentines day and knowing sunghoon, he hates valentines day. He despised getting so much attention from the girls at the ice rink, he'd rather not end up with 10 chocolates and roses.

    You loved messing with him, wanting to get different expressions from him. Since hoonie is known for his cold facade, you wanted to test how far you could go. Not that you've had a crush on your best friend no, who am I kidding

    So anyways, knowing that hoon will not suspect anything if you do give him pocky sticks on valentines day, you meet him after training at the dorm

    "Heyy hoonie, do you want some pocky?"

    "I don't know I've seen enough chocolate today -"

    "It's strawberry pocky" you grin, it's his favorite.

    "Give me"

    You put the pocky in his mouth, and the other end in yours.

    Sunghoon froze not understanding what was going on. You are nervous too, being so close to hoon, but still determined to get a reaction out of him as you continue biting the stick.

    You press your lips against his in a swift action.

    Sunghoon just stares at you, the tips of his ears reddening by minute.

    "That was the best chocolate I've got today"

    Jungwon :

    You and your best friend jungwon were studying at the dorm. Well, he kinda forced you to come, since your last results were not so good.

    You wanted to go to this Cafe with your friend Somi. But knowing that jungwon will scold you if you don't study, and that his mom and your mom were also best friends, you accepted the situation.

    But that doesn't change the fact, you are still mad at him. And you were going to get your revenge.

    "Hey wonie, do you want pocky?"

    His eyes didn't leave his textbook jungwon the model student I swear,

    "Yeah sure"

    "Open up" and jungwon opens his mouth awaiting the treat.

    He continues to bite until he's hit with something soft. He furrows his eyebrows and looks up to be met with your face being so close.

    Realisation hits him that the soft feeling were your lips.

    He distracted quickly, his face burning in different shades of red.

    "W-what are you doing Y/N? This isn't funny"

    "That's for forcing me to study" you smiled mischievously, enjoying jungwon loose his composure.

    But jungwon doesn't let you have the end of it, he takes your arm causing you to fall forward onto his lips. You are at loss for words when he says

    "I'm telling everyone we are dating Y/N. That's for messing with me. "


    It was actually sunoo that came to you to play the pocky game. He has played it with many classmates - yes even with girls that you knew had a crush on him.

    It infuriated you that he was always so flirty, and smiley. Yes, you loved ddeonu's positive nature but sometimes you couldn't stand that he was nice to everyone. Jealousy by Monsta x is playing

    "Okey ddeonu" and sunoo smiled taking the seat opposite from you, awaiting that you put the pocky in your mouth at the other end.

    Sunoo was smiley like usual, when it was time to part from the pocky, you grabbed his shoulders and let your lips press onto his.

    That was actually the first time you saw sunoo speachless. He looked down at his lap as he felt his cheeks and neck getting hot. You loved it, making him act so embarrassed.

    You got up, ready to leave the empty classroom, as sunoo held your hand. Making you stop in your tracks.

    "Is this a dream Y/N?"


    "The girl I like kissed me. So you like me too?" sunoo says and looks at you with so much love in his eyes.

    This wasn't how this was supposed to go but you weren't complaining


    So this child, is competitive.

    You just had to go "Let's play the pocky game, the winner buys tteokkbokki"

    And this mf would be already unpacking the pocky bag.

    Niki was so clueless to your plan, it was so funny.

    You both took the pocky stick in your mouths, biting til there was only a few centimeters left.

    Niki was already backing away but weren't having it as you suddenly lunge forward and peck his lips.

    He just looks at you as you were out of your mind, but his heart was racing like crazy.

    "A-are you still buying tteokkbokki? We can have another round to determine the winner" niki says

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  • cherrycoree
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    ━━ When you kiss them to shut them up

    ೫˚ Warning: Swearing, slightly suggestive
    ೫˚ Enha X Fem!Reader
    ೫˚ Masterlist: Click here!

    [ heeseung ] ♡ 𓂃 Now, you didn’t kiss Heeseung to shut him up, per se. No, you kissed him because you realised that you were absolutely in love with him. He was sitting next to you and blessing your ears with that gorgeous voice of his. He sung with such passion (and with such happiness) that, before you knew it, you leaned forward and planted a kiss onto his lips. He jolted in shock, but his instincts kicked in and he pulled you closer (the song forgotten way back), both of you grinning like a bunch of twelve-year olds when you pulled away. “What was that for?” “I just love you, that’s all,” you shrugged dismissively. Hee pecked your forehead in response ,“I love you too, sweetheart.”

    [ jay ] ♡ 𓂃 It wasn’t hard to make out the frustration on Jay’s face. Both of you had been going around the supermarket with Niki and Sunoo for your usual grocery run, but they decided to have a little fun and steer off-track. “Niki, we’re not buying waffles. Niki, no, put that down!” To say that things were chaotic would be an understatement. “Why did we decide to bring them again, babe—”, his frown immediately disappears and is replaced by a surprised raise of his eyebrows as you reach up to kiss him. His irritation is suddenly non-existent. You can hear the playful gags of the other two behind you and they stop when Jay throws a glare their way when you both break your kiss with shared smiles.

    [ jake ] ♡ 𓂃 God, this guy relishes the moment so fucking much. He’s got that flirtatious smirk on his face, lower lip tucked into the hold of his teeth, as he eyes you with amusement. “When I asked you what you wanted to do on the weekend, I didn’t think you had… other ideas, princess.” “Oh my God, you’re insufferable.” His teasing ends with an adorable giggle, cupping your face and bringing you closer with that lovesick smile that he always smiles. “We’ll go to the amusement park that you wanted to go to only if you promise to kiss me like that again. And again, and again.” It’s because of the fact that you’ve absolutely fallen for the boy in front of you that you agree with a swoop of your stomach.

    [ sunghoon ] ♡ 𓂃 “And look, here comes this little moment where I, as the extraordinarily stellar MC that I am—” The rest of your boyfriend’s words are muffled as you abruptly kiss him, him being slightly taken aback but eventually releasing a satisfied sigh in response. Damn, you really want to wipe the smug grin off of his face when you pull away, instead choosing to playfully smack his shoulder. “If I’m forced to hear another story about how you’re ‘the most talented MC ever’, I won’t hesitate to shut you up again.” “If you’re going to shut me up that way, I’m not going to complain,” the way he licks his lips suggestively doesn’t go unnoticed by you.

    [ sunoo ] ♡ 𓂃 Boy is too shook to be able to form a proper sentence. “I— did you just kiss me in the middle of my well thought-out explanation?” “Logically speaking, I don’t really require an explanation of the movie when we’re watching said movie, bub.” Sunoo huffs in mock sadness as you chuckle at his antics, not believing the fact that this adorable boy was your significant other. “Okay, but can I at least tell you about the—” And so, you place your lips on his, once again. When you pull away, you can’t resist letting out a boisterous laugh at his astonished expression. “You were looking too cute, that’s why,” is what you tell him when he asks why you kissed him another time.

    [ jungwon ] ♡ 𓂃 Eyes wide, cheeks pink and a surprised squeak is stopped from tumbling out of his mouth when your lips gently press against his. He can feel you smile, which makes his lovesick heart flutter a thousand times faster. He had been stressed not two seconds ago, listing all the things he’s doing wrong as the leader of the group that you adored and when you had tried to tell him otherwise, he just wouldn’t listen. Your only solution? Shutting him up with a kiss. He’s a little shocked (that’s an understatement) as you pull away with a goofy grin etched onto your face, “What were you saying, love? Oh, that you’re the greatest leader ENHYPEN could ever have? I won’t deny that.” You don’t give him a chance to argue.

    [ niki ] ♡ 𓂃 You honestly couldn’t help it. Niki was merely reiterating tales of a few legendary pranks he had played on his helpless hyungs, often snickering at Jay who passed the both of you and tried hard to ignore the flashbacks of his Prada shoes. So, you did the most logical thing you could think of — to make him stop talking by giving him a harmless, little peck. To say the least, that shuts up your boyfriend in an instant. “You… I… What…” “Now that I have your attention, wanna go out for lunch?” Niki simply nods, slightly dazed and confused because of your sudden, confident move. “You kind of enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Jay chuckles at the younger when you’re out of earshot and the latter rolls his eyes in annoyance. (He doesn’t deny it, however).

    ೫˚ A/n: Changed the layout a bit because I wanted to try something different. 😋 Thank you for reading this, loves!
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    eighteen - stop flirting on my tl

    warnings: cursing

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    TAGLIST ༄ @studioreader @hysique @ncityy04 @squiishymeow @youreverydayzebra @yougeans @markleebee @shuabot @tlnyjoong @planethyuka @ghjasksdk @dongyucks @kelki @idkimjustkindahere @kimaya2209 @nishinet @sunysunoo @mika-monalisa @yenart @lycorisdoreablack @korejijiyo @rinyx @woniecore @dear-dreamie

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    — masterlist.




    6:34 PM (f)





    lvnriki © all rights reserved.

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    profiles: jungwon is a dead mf

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    summary - having a crush was normal, easy, even. but it was a lot harder when you’re an idol, your crush is an idol, and you’re too scared to talk to him outside of anonymous love letters and messages. so… how do you get the boy?

    taglist - @odxrilove

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  • seoulbinz
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    profiles: get y/n a boyfriend squad

    there is text under the profiles <3 please read it!

    RO5EY debuted March 18th, 2021, under GH Entertainment. The group debuted with 5 members, picked through auditions, though the company plans to make a survival show group in the future, and asks that Petals stay tuned and support the future endeavor.

    The members are well-rounded young women, ages 18-21, picked to be all-rounders. The group debuted with the song “sunflower,” an upbeat dance song with a summery feel, perfect for the warming spring. The girls stun in girly, floral, and casual clothing, and blew up on debut to an audience of global fans, reaching an incredible 10M views on their music video in just a few days!

    If you haven’t already, meet the girls of RO5EY in the video below! If you don’t want to watch, you can read the small profiles of the members!

    Member Sohee is a visual, main vocalist and main dancer, and the eldest, born May 23rd, 2001. She was top of her class in school, and takes care of the members well, always making sure they eat and do their homework and rest well. She’s captivated audiences with her performance on stages.

    Leader Haeun is the main rapper, visual, and the second oldest, born October 11th, 2002. She’s been praised for her speeches and professionalism at their first win, and her ability to perform well while crying - surely, a testament to her childhood acting and the skills she’s retained from that stunt.

    Member Miyoung is a vocalist, rapper, and main dancer, as well as the third oldest, born December 2nd, 2001. She leads dance practices, seen in the “sunflower / RO5EY Dance Practice Video” wherein she corrects and catches even the slightest mistakes. Fans have called her the future of kpop dancers.

    Member Eunjoo is the ace and center, as well as the 2nd youngest, born June 17th, 2003. Her fancam from their 210322 performance of sunflower went viral, and is the reason the group blew up. She’s known for her completely opposite stage persona - being more quiet and serious than the bubbly girl you see on stage, a trait the fans seem to adore.

    Maknae y/n is a vocalist and face of the group, born __ __, 2004. She’s known among fans for being sarcastic and playful, and being very dramatic and sweet towards her members. She’s also notably a TWICE fan, having been scouted at a concert, where she was cheering on her bias, Nayeon. 

    you - (maknae, 04 liner, vocalist, face of the group)

    has the fattest crush on jungwon. teased for it relentlessly by the members, but they support you wholeheartedly.

    very playful, sarcastic, teases the members a lot, meme connoisseur

    twice STAN, specifically nayeon, loves her the feels stages and watches them all the time. might simply pass away if they’re promoting at the same time.

    eunjoo - (ace, center, 2nd youngest (03 liner))

    her fancam went viral on one of their first stages, and was the reason why their song blew up - people were awed that a 19 year old could dance so smoothly

    she’s your bestie, super sweet, and supportive, albeit a little less bubbly than people expect her to be (messages u ideas how to confess to jungwon all the time and rlly wants u to get with him)

    might have a crush on sunghoon. maybe. but she’d never admit it (u know though)

    haeun - (main rapper, visual, leader, 2nd oldest (02 liner))

    very professional, rarely cries, you all still tease her for crying during her speech and ruining her makeup at your first win (even though you cried too)

    childhood actor, you all quote her performances all the time - it’s one of the only ways you all have successfully flustered her

    doesn’t rlly speak her love, she’s not very sappy, but she does things for you all the time, like folding your clothes and placing them on your bed, proving that she does love you… somewhere deep down

    miyoung - (vocalist, rapper, main dancer, 3rd oldest (02 liner))

    insanely talented dancer,, like u are jaw dropped she’s a goddess is ur only thought when you watch her,, and she takes the time to teach u <3

    ur second bestie (u’re close with all of them,, but she’s the first one who figured out ur crush on jungwon and she likes to tease u and play around)

    super bubbly, she’s always cracking jokes, moodmaker of the team

    sohee - (main visual, main vocalist, main dancer, oldest (01 liner))

    super smart, you go to her for advice all the time :( she’s also super comforting,, just gives the best hugs and makes u feel so good and loved

    super close with haeun, they both show love in the same way,, and they’re the closest in age,, so they have a lot of inside jokes,, they feel like ur parents half the time pls😭

    makes dinner and drives the team when the managers won’t,, super invested in making sure the members have love lives and get to grow up normally

    masterlist / next

    summary - having a crush was normal, easy, even. but it was a lot harder when you’re an idol, your crush is an idol, and you’re too scared to talk to him outside of anonymous love letters and messages. so… how do you get the boy?

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