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    ➪ thank you to the anon who requested a part two! this was so much fun to write. <3 read part one here!

    ➪ pairing: heeseung x fem!reader

    ➪ genre(s): fluff, slight angst

    ➪ tw: none

    ➪ wc: 2.2k

    ➪ in which you and heeseung are finally on the journey to starting your own family, though a trip to the baby store proves to be a little less fun than you'd anticipated.

    "are you ready, my love?" heeseung smiled after opening up the door on your side of the car, offering his palm to help you out of the seat. with a nod and a giddy smile, you placed your hand in his and allowed him to heave you up to your feet.

    "i'm never taking the ability to stand on my own for granted again," you puffed out after successfully getting out of the car, smoothing your hand over your rounded tummy which had been the culprit of your limited mobility recently.

    heeseung chuckled lightly, winding an arm around your waist and shuffling you safely to the inside of the sidewalk as the two of you made your way up to the strip of various stores and eating establishments. you happily leaned into his warmth as you leisurely strolled along the strip before coming to a stop in front of your destination, the baby store. heeseung pulled the door open for you, the bell above sounding with a chime to announce your arrival to the employees inside.

    you were greeted with the sights of frilly pink tutus, adorable blue onesies, and everything in between to fulfill your baby shopping desires. you still hadn't gotten the results of your baby's gender yet from your ultrasound appointment last week, but that didn't stop you and heeseung from doing a bit of early shopping for the minimal things like a crib frame and some bottles.

    your attention was immediately snatched by a rack of tiny baby hats, headbands, and bows. your heart was instantly filled with the intense want for a giggly baby girl to doll up in the cutest dresses and bows, but it seemed that heeseung had his heart set on the opposite as you glanced up to find him enthralled by the blue pacifiers and dinosaur plushies. he held up a pale yellow onesie to show you with a bright smile on his face, the print on the front saying 'handsome, just like daddy.' you smiled widely in return, commenting on how you thought it was cute though you secretly prayed for the baby girl you had longed for since you'd first learned you were expecting.

    you'd never had the heart to tell heeseung that your baby preference differed from his in fear that it would strike up an unnecessary argument. regardless, you were sure he knew as he'd caught you countless times looking at nursery ideas that were clearly meant for couples expecting a baby girl and each time you had sat down together to brainstorm baby names, your list tended to be filled with more girl names than boy.

    having wandered further into the store on your own as your thoughts consumed you, the chime of the bell above the door faintly rang in your ears but you didn't think much of it. it was the perfect time of day for many customers to come in and out. however, your bubble of solidarity was broken when you heard heeseung call out to you from across the store just as a shriek from a small child was heard loud and clear.

    frowning slightly, you sat down the puppy plushie you had been holding before shuffling towards the front of the store where you had been summoned to. your face lit up in a beaming smile at the sight of a couple of your shared friends and their son standing near the front, the little boy clinging to heeseung's leg as he hobbled around in a circle to satisfy his playful needs.

    "hey, guys!" you greeted them, hugging jay first and then his fiancée. the bell chimed once more and your smile faltered slightly as more familiar faces began to pour in one by one. "oh..." you muttered softly as heeseung greeted each one, starting with jake and ending with riki. a bit of disappointment filled you as the store became a bit more crowded with the additional company and heeseung was promptly swept away by the boys as they began to play around with the items on the shelves.

    maybe it was slightly selfish of you, but you'd hoped to have this time alone with heeseung. this was a very important step in your lives and you wanted to make the best possible memories with him during this precious time. becoming first time parents is one of the most rewarding moments in a couple's lives, and although you'd been grateful for all of the help the boys and their girls had provided the two of you with thus far, you did begin to miss going out with heeseung on your own.

    just in the past week, you'd had your lunch date crashed by riki and jake, gotten talked into painting the nursery a color you didn't want by sunoo, and had to replace a brand new white rug after jay and his fiancée's son had spilled his juice all over it during a surprise visit. they had also gone home with one of the presents they'd brought over to you after he'd thrown a massive temper tantrum over not getting to keep it for himself. as much as you loved your friends, you'd really been looking forward to keeping heeseung to yourself just this once.

    "y/n, you have to get this!" jungwon pleaded with the most childish pout as he thrusted an outfit into your hands. "and this one, and this one, and this one, too!" more clothing was tossed at you before he dashed off into the store again, leaving you standing there with your mouth agape in shock.

    "i can't believe i'm going to be an uncle!" jake's voice carried loudly through the store, then jay's followed shortly after pointing out that he was already an uncle to his child. "oh, right, then i'm going to be an uncle again!" he peeked around the corner of one of the aisles, flashing you a cheeky smile. "you'll name him after me, right?"

    "of course she won't, she's naming him after me!" riki shot back from the next aisle over, leaning out to chuck a plushie at jake and watching with pure amusement as it bounced off of his forehead.

    "y/n, look at this blanket! it's so soft, too!" sunghoon rushed over to you with his arms outstretched, presenting a thick baby blanket which was promptly set atop the pile of clothes you held in your hands.

    "she can't get that, it doesn't match the nursery theme," sunoo scolded as he snatched the blanket back off your pile, then proceeded to take back all of the clothes jungwon had given to you with the most dramatic eye roll and a comment about how ugly they were.

    "you guys, what if she's having a girl?" jungwon piped up as he returned to you with an armful of girl's clothing.

    "heeseung says they're having a boy," riki answered stubbornly. "and that his name is going to be riki."

    "i never said any of that," heeseung defended instantly, his hands raising up into the air.

    "look at y/n's belly, they say if it's more round then it's a girl," jake pointed out, gesturing to your very rounded tummy.

    "all pregnant bellies are round, genius," jay tsked, shoving lightly at jake's shoulder.

    sensing that you were starting to become overwhelmed with the chaos, jay's fiancée ushered you over to one of the chairs near the front of the store and gingerly helped you get seated before lowering down beside you. "i'm so sorry for this, y/n. i told jay not to let them know we were coming," she apologized sincerely, reaching out to grasp one of your hands.

    perhaps it was just the frustration that had been building up for a while, or maybe you could blame it on your pregnancy hormones, but the next thing you knew, you were quietly sobbing into the palms of your hands. your friend was quick to begin rubbing soothing circles against your back as she let you get your feelings out. she reached over and collected a wad of tissues from the box at the check-out counter and handed them to you which you accepted with a stuffy 'thank you.'

    you began to dab at your eyes, small sniffles shaking your shoulders as you tried desperately to regain your composure. riki came bounding over with a tutu stuck around his neck like a frilly pink necklace, his face scrunched up in a mischievous smile that quickly dropped at the sight of your disheveled state.

    "y/n, are you okay?" he frowned, pulling the tutu off and turning around before you had a chance to respond. "heeseung," he called loudly, "we have a situation, your wifey needs you!"

    "nishimura!" your friend hissed loudly, shooting up from her seat to chase after the youngest.

    you sighed shakily, slumping in your seat as more hot tears rolled down your cheeks which were promptly swiped away with your tissue. in a flash, heeseung was kneeling before you with concern laced in his expression as he reached up to cup your flushed cheeks in his hands.

    "y/n, my love, what's the matter?" he asked gently, his brows furrowed as his thumbs swiped away even more of your tears. "do you want to get some fresh air outside?"

    wordlessly, you nodded and allowed heeseung to lift you from your seated position, his hand splayed on your lower back as he ushered you out of the store. the refreshing cool air outside seemed to do just the trick as you almost immediately began to feel more at ease. you allowed heeseung to draw you in for a slightly awkward hug with your belly getting in the way of the embrace, though he made it work and you found yourself melting into his warmth once more.

    you stood together in silence for a few moments before you gathered up the strength to speak. "i just wanted to have one day with you alone," you sniffled, a small hum of appreciation vibrating from your throat as heeseung began to comb his fingers through your hair soothingly.

    "i'm sorry," he whispered back softly, placing a loving kiss atop your head, "i just meant for jay and his family to come help. i thought it would be good to get advice from them since they're the only ones with any parenting skill right now."

    you nodded understandingly, a long sigh drawing from your lips as all of the frustration you'd been feeling prior seemed to dissipate into the air with the released breath. "they're just excited, that's all. i promise after this, we can spend all day alone and watch as many movies as you want and take as many naps as we can to fuel up for the incoming baby. how does that sound, hm?"

    a smile stretched across your lips at the thought of snuggling up with heeseung on the couch for the remainder of the day. it sounded like absolute heaven. just as you opened your mouth to speak, your phone began to ring in your pocket and you were quick to fish it out, seeing that it was your physician. your eyes grew round with excitement as you hurriedly accepted the call, pressing the phone to your ear. a short conversation took place that left you smiling ear to ear after you had hung up, then you turned to face an eagerly awaiting heeseung.

    "babies," you emphasized, leaving heeseung to tilt his head confusedly. "we need to fuel up for the incoming babies. hee, they said we're having twins."

    you were immediately swept up in a tight embrace as laughter of elation tumbled from heeseung's lips before they began to press a shower of kisses over every inch of your face he could possibly reach. "baby, that's amazing, you're so amazing. i love you so much," he babbled endlessly between the flurry of kisses he continued to bombard you with.

    giggles of yours filled the air as you basked in the show of affection, then you were blissfully silenced as heeseung's lips connected with yours in an electrifying kiss that had your knees growing weak. or, perhaps that was the doing of your two babies growing inside of you. "they said we're having one of each," you finished, receiving another loving kiss from heeseung.

    turning to go back into the store, everyone had gathered near the front to wait for the two of you to come back inside after you'd calmed back down. they turned simultaneously as you both stepped over the threshold, multiple pairs of eyes watching expectantly as they had seen your rejoicing outside of the large window.

    "i think we'd better start getting double of everything," you announced, and there was a single beat of silence before shouts of celebration echoed off the walls of the store as you and heeseung were gathered up in a large group hug.

    every ounce of your bad mood had fled from your body as you let heeseung guide you around the store, picking out things that you guys wanted. you were beyond excited to start your own little family with the man you've loved since your days in high school. "by the way," you hummed, glancing up at the love of your life, "we are not naming our son after any of your friends."

    © enhasfever

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    children of divorce chapter seven: the parent trap (2021)

    happy birthday to heeseung (here, i know it was his bday in kr yesterday)!! 🥳💜 i love how my update schedule just happened to align with his birthday how cute 🌷

    masterlist | next

    #pairing: lee heeseung x kim y/n (she/her pronouns, sunoo’s older sister)

    #summary: months after your breakup with heeseung, your friend groups are tired of avoiding each other. to reunite your previously happy family, they join forces to get the two of you back together again. let’s just say that things don’t exactly go according to their plan.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3pm pst

    #tag list: open! send me an ask or leave me a comment if you want to be tagged. you can check if you’re on my tag list here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @multihoe-net @90s-belladonna @hyuckworld @cumicumisworld

    #enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts#enhypen fanfic#heeseung imagines #enhypen x reader #heeseung x reader #heeseung scenarios#enhypen scenarios#enhypen drabbles #enhypen socmed au #enhypen x you #fic: children of divorce
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    ೃ handing your drink to enhypen

    genre: fluff

    pairing: enhypen x gn reader

    a/n: ENHYPEN COMEBACK!!! how do u guys like it?? :D  anyways remember to look at the request guide here before you ask for one !!

    「 heeseung 」

    ✿ well to start off this man is your boyfriend so of course he would take your cup whenever you asked. he might have a little sip, making sure it doesn’t have a lot of alcohol in it. he just wants to look out for you because he knows how whiny you get the morning after and the huge headache. 

    ✿ once you get back to him, he will let you go your own ways since he knows this is one of the times you get to hang out with other people other than him. but once he finds you again, he’ll ask to hold your drink for you and secretly replace it with water.

    「 jay 」

    ✿ don’t need to ask him twice!! he would hold the whole world for you if you wanted him to. literally does anything you say because he wants you to notice him (even though you both like each other, both of you guys are dumb not to notice each others feelings). besides the point, he would automatically put his hand over your cup and never take it off. 

    ✿ when you finally come back, he’d happily hand you your cup back with a huge ass smile on his face. you usually take your cup and run off with your friends but this time you stood with him, talking to him the whole time. he has never felt so giddy in his life.

    「 jake 」

    ✿ this man would not know what is happening but he would protect your cup with his whole life. doesn’t let anyone touch it or go near it. if people would go up to him he would try his best to make a conversation but also look out for you and your cup. he would feel bad if he ignored someone talking to him but he would also feel bad for not watching out for your cup.

    ✿ he would be in quiet of a dilemma but as soon as you made your way back to him he would give you the biggest smile. he would be so proud of himself and make sure you know nobody touched your drink.

    「 sunghoon 」

    ✿ he would be shocked that he was the first person you handed your drink to out of all the guys at the party. a part of him felt relieved that you trusted him enough to watch over your drink. he would cover your cup with his hands and try to maneuver himself through the crowd to get to a corner where no one is standing. 

    ✿ he made sure no one got close to him and if any girls came up to talk to him, he would shoo them away, telling them that he has importance business to do. when you walked back to him, he smiled and handed your drink back. letting you know that no one touched it and if you need someone to hold your drink again, he’ll gladly do so. 

    「 sunoo 」

    ✿ this boy would be covering your cup and holding it close to his chest. he holds it so close to him and stares anyone down who comes anywhere near him. although he has his hand on top of the cup, he is still wary pf those around him. there is no way anyone would be touching your cup anytime soon. 

    ✿ when you come back from the restroom, he switches back to his bubbly personality and gladly hands you your drink back, acting like he didn’t just give everyone the death stare. 

    「 jungwon 」

    ✿ this boy would run away with it and hide in the corner, huddling your cup. or he would just follow you like a lost puppy to wherever you are going with your cup in hand. when he sees that you are actually going to the restroom, he will just stand outside, away from all the people with your cup. 

    ✿ a part of him is afraid that you might hurt yourself in the restroom since you are a little bit under the influence so he made sure to stand outside. when you come out, you are surprised to see him standing there but you don’t question it. he just looked too cute for you to think.

    「 niki 」

    ✿ he would take it without a second thought and hold it up in the air. since this boy is 6 feet tall, that means he practically towers everyone -- especially the other men in the room. he may look like the statue of liberty holding your cup but, he doesn’t mind. he is just a happy boy holding your drink. 

    ✿ he isn’t scary or intimidating but no one would want to go near him because they were confused as to why he is stretching his arm so high up. when you came back, he would have the biggest smile on his face giving you back your cup. 

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    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my pretty girl

    “it’s alright darling, i’ve got you.”

    pairing: sunghoon x reader

    genre: smut

    warnings: thigh riding, pet names, praise, very soft

    word count: 880

    requested: yes

    thank you for the lovely request, i hope you like it :)


    This was the first time you were allowed to be backstage before one of Sunghoon’s performances since the two of you started dating. You’d always done your best to keep your relationship a secret, you liked being able to live a quiet life and if anyone knew you were dating Sunghoon, the calm that you loved so much would be gone forever.

    Today though, you’d been able to get into the venue early in the morning away from any prying eyes. You thought you’d be able to spend the whole day with Sunghoon as he got ready for his performance, but instead he was constantly busy, going from hair to makeup to stylists who dressed him. You hardly got to spend any time with him, but you didn’t mind. He looked so happy all day, getting ready to go on stage and do the thing he loved most.

    When he finally did have some downtime, he spent it all with you, the two of you sitting on the couch in his dressing room, him lying in your arms as you gently stroked his hair.

    “Nervous?” you ask him.

    He shakes his head. “Not really.”

    “Good,” you say. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re going to do great. Plus you look incredible.”

    Sunghoon smiles and shrugs off the compliment but you can see the tips of his ears go red.

    “You do too,” he says, turning over so you’re sitting face to face. “My pretty girl,” he murmurs, leaning in and kissing you softly, but you can feel the hunger behind it and you gladly push into the kiss, pulling his body into yours.

    When you break apart, you’re both breathing heavily and your arms are wrapped around Hoon’s shoulders, you can feel the lean muscle beneath his suit jacket. His body is warm and steady, keeping you grounded. His presence alone was comforting, and you loved being here with him. Though you both tend to be busy, that only means you cherish these moments together even more.

    Sunghoon slips his hand up your loose shorts and squeezes your thigh, causing you to let out a whimper.

    “I wish I could ruin you, right here,” he says, his voice low. He’s close enough you can feel his hot breath on your skin and it sends shivers down your spine.

    “Do it,” you beg. The effect Sunghoon has on you always seems to surprise you. You’re always so needy for him. Even when you think you’re fine, all it takes is one kiss and suddenly you can’t get enough of him.

    Sunghoon sighs. “I can’t baby. I’ve got a show, remember?”

    He watches as disappointment washes over your features and your shoulders slump sadly. You can already feel a wetness in your panties and now there was no way to relieve the heat in your core. You’d have to wait until he was done with his show, which could take hours.

    “Oh sweetheart,” Sunghoon says softly, taking your face in his hands and kissing your lips gently. “What if I were to help you out, hm?”

    He chuckles as your eyes light up and a smile works its way onto your face. “Please,” you whine, kissing his jaw and down his neck.

    “You wanna ride my thigh honey?” he asks. “Once we’re done for the day I promise I’ll do something special for you tonight, okay?”

    You nod eagerly and push him down onto the couch, quickly straddling his thigh and gripping his broad shoulders again. His hands settle on your waist and his hold is firm. Everything about the way he handles you shows how much he cares, even if he doesn’t say it. He’s always going to be there to steady you; he’ll always be your rock.

    “I’ve got you princess,” he murmurs as he rubs soothing circles into your waist. You start to grind your hips, your already sensitive clit rubbing against your wet panties as you begin to pick up the pace, finding a comfortable rhythm.

    Sunghoon waits until you’ve found your pace before he begins moving his thigh against you, every tiny movement causing a jolt of pleasure to run through your body. You run your hands over his shoulders and your tight grip as you rock back and forth never loosens. Sunghoon’s hands stay on your waist, holding you close to him.

    “You’re doing so good baby,” he says softly, his praise helping you get closer and closer to release.

    You feel him flex the muscle in his thigh as you continue to find the friction you needed. “Hoon,” you whimper. “I… I’m close.”

    “Keep going honey, I’m right here.”

    You moan out his name as your orgasm hits, sending waves of pleasure through your body. Sunghoon rubs circles in your back as you rest your head on his shoulder and catch your breath. You can smell his perfume and his shampoo and the overwhelming scent of him is so comforting. It brings you back down to earth.

    “I love you,” you mumble, pressing a lazy kiss into his neck. He laughs a little at that.

    “I love you too sweetheart.”

    #enhypen hard hours #enhypen scenarios#enhypen smut #enhypen x reader #sunghoon smut #sunghoon x reader
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  • jaysbestie
    15.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Best Friends - Prologue

    pt. 1 out of 4 (kinda like introduction)
    pairing; jay x reader, jake x reader in later parts
    genre; fluff, angst
    summary; it was always you three, they were your safe place, your bros for life, and one of them, the love of your life.
    This is so late, I'm really sorry, 2 will be out tmr probably!!
    tagging @julinancio because it was the person who requested it!!

    Summer break was sadly over.

    That meant only one thing, back to school season was starting. God, you hated this season. Classes were starting again and you'd have to give up on waking up at 1 p.m and start having a normal sleeping schedule. Late nights spent with your best friends would have to stay in the past as the only thing you should have on your mind was classes and assignments.

    Speaking of late night and best friends. Jake and jay had given you one of the most memorable summer vacations you've ever had. From singing and dancing outside in the summer rain to picnics and swimming in the sea till late night. Amazing bonfires and songs on the guitar had enchanted you and you thought that you had fallen in love with the season. It could have been the amazing company that contributed to this, scratch that, it must have been the amazing company.

    Jay and Jake where everything you could ask for. They always kept you company, at your happy moments and your sad moments.

    You all made a very important promise at the end of summer break. Never leave eachother.

    That was until you started catching feelings for him.

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  • ravenori
    15.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    eyes on you.

    classmate!jake, crush!jake, jake x fem!reader, ft. sunghoon FLUFF. warning : skinship, typos. lowercase intended.

    “it's rude to stare at someone like that, you know” the daydreaming you was startled when you heard the statement come from your seatmate. “w-what? i wasn't staring.” jake, the one boy in the entire classroom full of people, who could make you feel weak in the knees with his breathe alone. “really? you're clearly lying, y/n l/n.”

    “whatever” you spoke in a tone as soft as a whisper, then grabbed a pencil and started jotting down the notes from the class. jake may or may not have noticed it, but you were too obvious in your gestures that must've just realised you like him. admit or not, you did have a big crush on him.

    “y/n, look here.” mindlessly, you turned your head at once. expecting absolutely nothing for you had this idea primarily tattooed in your head that there was no way shim jake would feel for you. your breathe hitched at how close his face was to yours. not to mention, his lips. “jake what are you-” jake pinned your wrists on the sides of your head softly, completely aware of what his actions could do to you. a gentle gaze followed your hesitant one, “you're even prettier up closer.”

    you could feel your heart escape your chest with the way jake was being so gentle and soft to you. you were afraid if all of this was a dream, and your mind wasn't ready to face him after he sees you zone out in his thoughts. you thanked the heavens when a voice called your name from outside the class, and taking the advantage you got rid of his grip on your wrists. jake could easily pin you and force you to stay, but he didn't. he knew it wasn't the right thing to do, specially when there were eyes darting on the two of you. “ciao, bella”

    “yup sunghoon coming!” he watches you leave in a hurry — his hair covering his eyes as they follow your footsteps, until you disappear altogether. “i might have fallen for you too.”

    the entire time you were with your friends, you couldn't get the thought of jake out of your head. it was something bound to happen, for his charms had already left their mark on you. for a little time, you could erase the thought of him from your mind. but from the heart? you could never. just as they say, the heart knows the answers that the brain refuses to see.


    @rutosruru-world @heejojo @riki-zone @koishua @jensrose @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @ofaffectionate @eternallyhyucks @en-sun

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  • 1x23k
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ↻ be my only love — heeseung !

    pairing: *nocturnist!heeseung x fem!reader. genre: fluff, hospital!au, established relationship. cw: none. wc: 0.33k. song rec: only by lee hi.
    a/n: happy belated birthday heedeungie <3 *a nocturnist refers to a hospitalist who only works overnight. inspired by that one scene in ‘only’ mv. this took forever to finish lmao.

    the dark hours pass by as two pairs of deep brown eyes stare blankly at the ward. he watches as the patients lay flat on the bed, breathing fixed in rhythmic pattern.

    the male yawned, stretching his worn out figure before standing up. he sauntered out of the two-way mirrored room, heading towards the dark until all was heard was his clattering heels,

    and the coffee vending machine in sight. “an espresso would be perfect for tonight,” heeseung chuckled as he slipped cash into the machine before pushing the ‘espresso’ button. a minute later, heeseung pulled the can open before gulping down a shot.

    the doctor turned his body to the waiting chairs; body suddenly froze. his eyebrows raised seductively as heeseung steps closer to the familiar slumbering adorbs that made him grin.

    heeseung kneeled down, stroking your arm before lightly patting the area “y/n, wake up beautiful,” he smiled, this time gently caressing your hair. you woke up with a thin beam on your lips at the wholesome view of him.

    “ahh– hee, have you eaten? i brought udon for you,” you mumbled with eyes half-shut, hands grasping for the lukewarm dish. he smiled in please, bambi eyes gleaming with love. “not yet, baby, we can share. let’s eat it somewhere nice, okay?” you bit your lips, preventing the growing curve as you nod.

    he made you feel like a cinderella, fitting your baby blue sandals in place before tucking a lock of hair behind your ears. heeseung voluntarily open his arms — and you fall into his warm embrace as he pulls you closer.

    “thank you heeseung, i love you,” your voice soft and your eyes closed. you rest your chin on his broad shoulder while he brushes his hand over your head. “i’ve always loved you too, y/n. you always care for me — now you don’t have to worry about me anymore.

    i just want one thing, for you to be my only love.”

    © 𝟏𝐱𝟐𝟑𝐤 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏. all rights reserved.

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  • liliansun
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Pick & Choose | 19 - All go away, right?

    0.8k (written portion ↓)

    When you walked in, you saw not only Heeseung, but Jay and your brother on the couch watching Heeseung play. You smiled, this had been so normal for you and with today, you had needed this. The boys greeted you, following a greeting to Sunghoon who had came in. You gave the boxes to your brother as Sunghoon went down the hall, you assumed he was going to wash up. Deciding to do the same, you went into the kitchen. Your body collided with something solid and you expected to fall backwards until you felt a pair of hands on your waist. Looking up, you were met with Jake’s surprised expression. You froze, holding your breath as your mind was catching up with the speed of your heart. As you steadied yourself, you cleared your throat a little as Jake took a slight step back. His hands didn’t leave your waist, instead he held you a little tighter. He was searching your face, looking for something in your eyes. You didn’t know why he looked so sad, but before you could ask, Sunghoon turned the corner.

    “Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.

    “Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.

    “Make up? When did they fight?” Your words ran through each of their heads, both Jake and Heeseung coming to the conclusion that Sunghoon didn’t tell you about their fight. Jake stood there, eyes softening at your worried expression. Maybe you were too good for him. Sunghoon began to panic, looking around the room trying to avoid your gaze. “So you didn’t tell her?” Heeseung said, being the first one to break the ice. This caught your attention, especially when Heeseung was staring at Sunghoon. “Tell me what?” You said, directing your question to Sunghoon. He couldn’t meet your eyes, guilt was taking him over. “Y/n, I was gonna tell you at some point-“ He was cut off almost immediately. “Tell me what Sunghoon?” Your body seemed to cave in, nerves taking over. You couldn’t think of what he could be hiding and that’s what scared you the most.

    “Jake..didn’t go to Giselle. He was with Heeseung all day and when you went to get snacks..” he paused, seeing how you stepped back. His heart sunk, hating how much this was effecting you. “When you went to get snacks, I confronted him. I didn’t know until Heeseung told me and I know I should’ve told you, but-“ You shook your head in disbelief. Not only did he find out the truth, but he lied to you about it. He would’ve continued to lie about it and you probably would’ve never knew. When you lifted your head, Jake was staring at you. His eyes were watery, you could tell he didn’t want to see you cry. Sunghoon tried to reach for you, but Heeseung pulled him back. “Sunghoon, I think you should leave.” Your brothers voice cut the tension between the four of you. He looked at you, hoping you’d ask him to stay or at least say something, but instead you turned your head away from him.

    Sunghoon let out a sigh, turning away from you and nodded. He walked out of your house that day, less of a man than he wanted to be. Hoping that one day you’ll forgive him and let him explain, but he could only hope so much. More importantly, he hoped he didn’t ruin any chance with you.

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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    (send an ask or reply to be added to the taglist!)

    taglist [open]: @hwallswrld @nyfwyeonjun @softforqiankun @seungstarss @yougeans @freesaaenhaa @sunnymoointhehouse @nshrikiii @coolpsychichumanoid @daisyhwa @mykalon @ncityy04 @j3ntle @cha-raena @angel-ishere @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @dyzennie @ninjaleeknow @clear-color-hair @nnasheii @msxflower @primorange @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @rinyx @taejinxkoya @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @luvrjn @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa @kingkaithekiwi @fylithia @blank-velvet

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  • heefeels
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    genre: fluff | pairing: enhypen hyung line × fem. reader. | LILI'S note: unedited, so this probably has some grammar mistakes.


    heeseung is a handsome & secsy boy on stage, but in his free days when he says at home, wearing pastel colored hoodies and with fluffy hair, looking soo cute and cozy you just can't help but shower him with cuddles and kisses on the forehead :( he gets surpriced at first but quickly return the affection, he's already a softie for you in daily basis, so basically small cute acts like these makes him even softer.


    another soft boi, but he acts like he don't like it. funny because most of the time he's the one who starts long cuddling sessions lol like this time, he's cuddling on top of you, while talks you about the things that had done on the day, when you suddenly kiss his forehead telling him that you love him soo much :(. congratulations you had broke park jay.


    he's the kind of boyfriend that kiss your forehead when he arrives after a long day of schedules or before he leaves early in the morning. when you return the same habit before leaving he gets so giggly and happy :( he loves every type of affection and even more when you start it.


    not too much into skinship. he's the shy type of boyfriend who most of the time enjoy to receive love instead of giving it, but of course, this lil mf also loves to tease you. that day you arrive later after him and you find him taking a nap on the couch, he looked so cute and angelic :( that you couldn't help but kiss his forehead. when you heard him laughing you realize that he was just pretending.
    #enhypen reactions#enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios#sunghoon reactions#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen#jake reactions #enhypen jay reactions #heeseung reactions #sunghoon x reader #enhypen jay x reader #heeseung x reader #enhypen jake x reader #kpop fluff#kpop reactions
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  • enhypensoliver
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ๋࣭ ⭑ ζ 𝗪𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗦𝗘 — october 15, 2021.

    올리버 ( 9:23am kst )

    it's heeseungie day! make sure you all wish him a very happy birthday and i can't wait for cake later :D ! thank u for being the best roommate of 2021 and i can't wait to make more memories together !!!
    #giving the oliseung development we need #enhypen#enha#enhypen member#kpop au#enhypen imagines#kpop addition #enhypen 8th member #oc: oliver song #alternate universe#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reaction#kpop oc #fake kpop idol #fake kpop oc #fake kpop member #heeseung#jay#jake#sunghoon#sunoo#jungwon#ni-ki #oliver on weverse #its still heeseung day here shhh
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  • linoragi
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    [ 11:46 am ] — fratboy!heeseung locks his phone, putting it inside his pocket as he leans against the wall where he is waiting for jay so they could their errands. but as he waits, heeseung observes the people that passes by the hallway. it was one of the things that keeps him entertained, people watching. people rushing to their lecture halls, or maybe to their professors or maybe even to get the hell out of the university. a small smirk rests on his face when he sees jay from afar, with a scowl on his face as everyone tries to not bump into him because everyone knows hell will blow up especially now that he is obviously pissed.

    but something else catches heeseung's attention. from another direction, he hears your name being called. he follows where the voice came from, his head turning as he sees you turn around the other way you were supposed to go to, smiling at your friend who called you. a big smile plastered on your face as you get interested with what your friend was saying and slowly, the smirk fades off of heeseung's lips.

    lee heeseung is a famous frat boy is known to be mysterious since he would always watch at the corner to observe people passing by but he does not like the fact that his eyes would linger a little longer on you than he likes to admit because who the fuck is he kidding? you're way too good for him.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #heeseung imagines#heeseung scenarios #heeseung x reader #hi im a new skzenha blog #happy belated heeseung day ily
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  • heeblr
    15.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    fluff, boyfriend au. park jongseong x gn!reader. no warnings.

    “one more.”

    a laugh parted your lips as jay’s hands gripped your waist, pulling you closer to him and puckering his lips, “you said one more four kisses ago, babe.”

    “for real this time,” he whined, his voice coming out muffled since his lips were still puckered.

    “and you better hurry before father dearest sees and murders me.”

    you gave him a pointed look, and at the same time a sigh fell from your lips, “you’re so lucky i love you, park jongseong.”

    with that, the boy eagerly pressed his lips against yours, his hands traveling from your waist to the back of your neck to deepen the kiss. his lips moved against yours in a way that made your head swim, and your body relax underneath his soft, and gentle touch.

    by the time you pulled away, jay was already opening his mouth with a growing smile, only for you to speak up.

    “i am not giving you another kiss— goodnight, jay.”

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps #park jongseong imagines #jay park imagines #mei.fics
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  • ddeonuism
    15.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    DEUCE! — set 7: “crying.”

    < previous | next >


    summary: one may ask, what would happen if you put a prodigy and a hard worker in one room? Absolute chaos. Jay and Y/N absolutely hated each other’s guts. Having been rivals from middle school until present, it’s a cruel twist of fate that they ended up going to the same university years later. To make matters even worse, both have been selected as captains for the men’s and women’s volleyball team respectively.

    The coaches, the managers—hell, both teams knew they had to put an end to this ridiculous beef as they were slowly tarnishing the esteemed reputation of both teams, but the question is: how?

    taglist [CLOSED]: @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @youreverydayzebra @envirae @ac-ewow @ferxanda @yut0s @luvelyxp @cha-raena @jannine00742 @lumixen @w3bqrl @yourstruely @hobistigma @heejojo @fiantomartell @dear-dreamie @atinyyylove @yeonjunsleftboob @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @wccycc @acciomylove @cheonsacheol @yenart @demonizyagurl @heuningkai-hour @jaybestboy @sbnchaos @softforqiankun @nikieskoo @yangw0nnie @enhappenstance @enhacolor @goldenxddeonu @icywhatim @chrispy-ass-baldhead @bangtopia @yougeans @yjwfav @nationsboygroup @shinramyeonz @ryu-naa @starlightjakey @jakeytiddy @gyuza @notmangojuice @shrutiajit @hwallswrld [Batch 1]
    #JAY… 🗿 tmi dude HETKEKFKEKDK anyways Sunghoon keep it up! #Jay 🤝 Y/N getting clowned by their friends KWFJWKFKS ONE OF THE THINGS THEY HAVE IN COMMON #enhypen #park jongseong x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#park jongseong #park jongseong imagines #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong scenarios #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smau #socmed: deuce!
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  • kumikonishimura
    15.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Just finished this book a few days ago.If you guys have time please read it.It will be very appreciated.

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  • princessyoungmi
    15.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    about youngmi (cont.)

    enhypen 8th member.

    she ranked second on the final episode of i-land.

    she was never sent to ground for the entire show duration.

    she performed in the first episode with heeseung.

    she spent two years in japan for her studies, hence why she’s nearly fluent in japanese.

    was the baby of i-land, even to the younger members.

    she communicated with taki, niki, and k in japanese so they don’t feel so homesick :((

    some of her idol friends are aespa’s ningning, all of the (former) iz*one members, and lightsum’s chowon.

    if she could pick any food to live off of, it’d be ramyeon.

    beomgyu used to keep her company in the practice rooms whenever he had time since he knew she was the only girl in bighit, so he wanted her to be a little more comfortable :(

    and he was cheering the loudest when she was announced as an official member of enhypen :(

    her older sister and brother are both 5 years older than her.

    engenes nicknamed her “mother chick” because whenever they have schedules; niki, sunoo, and sometimes jungwon follow her around like baby chicks

    hence her representative emoticon: 🐥

    icicles is youngmi’s fandom name created by fans.

    she says it feels weird to be one of the oldest members since she’s the baby at home.

    fans say she has a resemblance to iz*one’s chaewon.

    #8th member of enhypen #kpop oc#female oc #kpop female oc #enhypen oc#kpop addition#female addition #kpop female addition #enhypen addition#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#iland imagines#iland scenarios #kpop!addition #kpop!oc #female!addition #female!oc #idol!oc #idol!addition
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  • 3nh4
    15.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Critical Hit

    pairing: heeseung x gn!reader

    genre: smut

    word count: 433

    summary: secretly blowing heeseung under his desk while he games

    warnings: exhibitionism

    “Hey~” You slink up behind Heeseung in his gaming chair and wrap your arms around his shoulders. He doesn’t move a muscle, wholly concentrated on his game of PUBG. You try to get his attention by nestling into the crook of his neck but he shrugs you off of his shoulders.

    “Babe, I’m busy,” he says, sounding kind of annoyed.

    You pout for a moment, dejected. But suddenly, a much better idea pops into your mind. You crouch down and push past Heeseung’s legs to kneel between them under the table.

    Heeseung squirms in his chair, unable to move his busy hands away from his game to stop you. He protests in a whisper, “I’m in a voice call, what do you think you’re doing?!”

    “Then keep it down.” You giggle, unzipping Heeseung’s pants. You can’t see his face from this angle but you can hear him let out a deep sigh above you. You take him in your mouth and work him until he’s fully hard. He masks his groans by awkwardly clearing his throat in hopes his gaming partners won’t catch on.

    Heeseung’s moans get harder and harder to hide as you suck him dry. Licking and kissing and deepthroating as far as you can to try to get him to break in front of all his teammates. You tease him, “Wouldn’t they be so jealous if they knew?”

    “Shut up,” says Heeseung gritting his teeth. He’s trying so hard to focus on the game, you figure it must almost be over.

    You quicken up the pace, stroking Heeseung’s cock fast and hard. He bucks his hips involuntarily and curses under his breath. As he begins to argue with one of his teammates you lick a stripe all the way up his shaft and then take him in your throat all the way to the base.

    “We’re going to lose because of you, dumb motherfu— FUCK!” Heeseung shouts and bangs a fist on the desk above you as his hot cum coats the inside of your mouth. You pop off of him and crawl out from beneath the table to find a tissue to spit into.

    Someone must’ve questioned Heeseung on his sudden outburst because you can hear him saying “Don’t worry about it.” to a person in the voice chat as you throw away your soiled kleenex.

    Heeseung sighs and exits the game. He swivels around in his chair to face you. He looks you up and down with adoration and says, “If you ever do that again, tell me first so I can pick a game I can play one-handed.”

    #enhypen hard hours #enhypen x reader #enhypen smut#enhypen drabbles#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps #lee heeseung smut #hbd hee <333 hhjkfds
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  • tinisprout
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    [8:03 a.m.] Happy B-Day Heeseung


    WC: 700+

    Genre: Fluff


    You Heeseung and the rest of his friends decided to go on a camping trip together for Heeseung's birthday. You both snuck away from the campsite to have some alone time with little chance that the boys catch you being romantic. The two of you watched as the bubble gun in your hand blew dozens of bubbles in front of you. Heeseung sat there mesmerized by the rainbow bubbles, sometimes reaching his hand out, watching as the bubbles popped as they touched his hand. You both sat on the uncomfortable rocky ground right beside the brook, the soft sounds of the running water giving off a relaxing atmosphere.

    You liked watching him like this, enjoying the simple things in life. Just as much as you enjoyed your time with him, he enjoyed being around you as well. Of course, he liked being with his friends too, being loud, rambunctious, and playful at times, but it can become draining for him.

    Sometimes he just wanted silence, and with you, he can have these peaceful moments of respite and not feel awkward about it. A smile gracing both of your faces, feeling content at the moment together.

    As Heeseung plays with the bubbles you lean up against him, telling him a heartfelt confession, drawing his attention away from the bubbles. He smiled down at you despite you not being able to see. He kissed the top of your head and then chortled. You let go of the trigger on the toy gun and look back up at him.

    “I love you too,” hearing his words, you look at him with so much love. Heeseung is reminded just how lucky he is to have found someone so perfect for him. He puckers his lips asking for a kiss and you give him a peck on the lips. Heeseung feels a little embarrassed and bites his lip, he wants to ask for more. He could never have enough of you.

    “Hey, let’s take a picture together. I think it will turn out cute with this,” you shake the bubble gun in your hand.

    “Sounds good.” You hand the bubble gun to Heeseung and then take out your phone getting ready to snap a picture. You scoot closer to him smiling, and Heeseung questions you. “What pose should we do?”

    “Just point the bubble gun up and let the bubbles fall down on us. I will handle the rest.”

    “Okay,” Heeseung follows your instructions and you stick your arm away from you making sure to get yourself and your boyfriend in the frame. Setting a five-second timer to take the picture and you nod at him and he nods back confirming you’re both ready. You sling an arm around his shoulder and your eyes lock on the both of you on the screen. You press the shutter button and the timer starts.

    “Heeseung.” He looked at you for a moment, knowing the timer was going already, and hums in response. With your free hand, you turn his head to face you, kissing him again. This time it wasn’t a peck, but a longer kiss. He reciprocated kissing you back with passion.

    Even after the picture was taken the kiss continued. The couple’s arms grew tired, you lower your arm with the phone and Heeseung dropped the toy and reaches for your cheek, cupping it, pulling himself away.

    “So that’s what you were planing,” He laughs at his sneaky partner.

    “I thought it would be cute. We’ll see for ourselves.” You look at your phone and smile. Showing Heeseung, he is flabbergasted by how well it turned out and in the first shot too.

    “What the heck, send that to me. I’m going to make it my wallpaper.”

    “Ah later. If any of the others happen to see it while we’re still here. They would try to make fun of us for the rest of the trip.” Heeseung pouts, but he knows that’s the truth.

    “Alright, I’ll be waiting then.” He gives you a peck on the cheek.

    “Let’s go back now. The others might be awake already.” Heeseung stands up first and helps you up. You two walk back, hand in hand to the campsite.

    #heeseung#lee heeseung #heeseung x reader #enhypen#enhypen heeseung #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen fluff#heeseung fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#heeseung enhypen#enhypen timestamps#enhypen drabbles #happy birthday our ace
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  • princessyoungmi
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    about youngmi.

    — basic information.

    name: kim, youngmi 김영미.

    english name: krystal kim.

    nicknames: mimi, ice angel, aegi (baby)

    birthday: eighteenth of july, 2002.

    ethnicity: korean.

    nationality: korean-american.

    languages: korean, english, japanese (fluent)

    education: hanlim multi-art school

    department of practical dance

    — career.


    sm entertainment (january 2015—october 2018)

    bighit/hybe/belift entertainment (december 2018—present)

    trainee period: four years.

    pre-debut appearances:

    mickey mouse clubhouse (SMROOKIES)

    produce 48


    debut date: thirtieth of november, 2020.

    positions: mom of the group

    — background.

    youngmi was born in gwangju, south korea as the third and youngest child. she has an older brother and an older sister. when she was four, her family moved to los angeles, california for work purposes. 

    she showed interest in dancing at the young age of six, her parents signing her up for a few contemporary and modern dance classes as a way to help their child find a hobby. she started learning kpop choreographies when her sister introduced her to into the new world by girls generation. 

    fast forward to when she was twelve—she went to her first audition when her brother and sister convinced her to try for sm entertainment’s weekly audition in LA. passing all three rounds, her parents allowed her to travel back to korea to start her life as a trainee. she trained for a few months before the company decided to add her to the SMROOKIES lineup. that same year (2015), she, along with other Rookies, made herself known to the public through Mickey Mouse Club House. in 2018, she competed in Produce 48, shocking the public with her sudden reappearance after three years. her rank fell two spots away from debuting.

    parting with SM on good terms that same year after PD48, she went back to her normal life for a month before being scouted by BigHit. taking her chances again at a shot for debut, she trained under BigHit as a hidden trainee for two years before shocking the public once again by appearing on I-LAND. 

    #8th member of enhypen #kpop oc#female oc #kpop female oc #enhypen oc#kpop addition#female addition #kpop female addition #enhypen addition#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#iland imagines#iland scenarios #kpop!addition #kpop!oc #female!addition #female!oc #idol!oc #idol!addition
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  • jayflrt
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐑 𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘 25. epilogue (2)


    Lee Heeseung was an absolute mess. He had been on plenty of dates before but this was the date—the only date he truly cared about. This was the date where he would make up for all the fuck-ups he had with you. The date where he would finally get to express how he felt, raw emotions laid out bare for you.

    Now, if only Heeseung could remember where his shoes were.

    y/n: heeseung !! we’re meeting at 7 right?

    Of course they were meeting at seven. Heeseung had marked it down on his calendar a week ago, repeating the date and time in his head over and over again until it stuck. He had conditioned himself to be prepared at this very time. Yesterday, he had stiffened up when the clock struck seven, and the day before, around the same time, he leapt out of bed without thinking.

    However, it was five minutes past seven, and Heeseung was late to his own date. This was his first—and hopefully only—royal fuck-up of the day.

    heeseung: shit sorry i'm almost there

    heeseung: close ur eyes for like 2 seconds and i'll be there

    One second passed. Then another. Heeseung deserved a jail sentence.

    If he could just find his shoes, his outfit would be perfect. He had picked it out the night before with Jay’s help, of course. (His roommate would not waste a second to talk about how terrible Heeseung’s sense of fashion was). He came to the conclusion that shoes didn’t really matter unless you happened to have a thing for feet. Heeseung surely hoped you didn’t, so he stepped into a pair of Crocs and left his house.

    Something was definitely not right about how put-together his top half was and then his atrocious selection of footwear. Yet, Heeseung believed that love overlooked everything (well, most things), including the fact that he was wearing Crocs to his date. Hopefully, you were as open-minded as he was.

    Thankfully, you didn’t live far since you both lived on campus. Heeseung only had to drive about a minute to get to your dorm building. He swallowed hard when he saw you standing at the edge of the sidewalk, purse strapped across your body and hands clutching your phone. You looked absolutely adorable with that expectant look in your eyes.

    Heeseung wasn’t very sure how to get your attention, though, so he honked.

    You let out a yelp and looked at the car in front of you, ogling at Heeseung like a deer caught in headlights. “You could’ve just called me!”

    “Sorry!” Heeseung apologized, a shy grin spreading across his lips. He reached across to open the door for you. “Are you ready for our picnic date?”

    It was then when Heeseung saw the picnic basket stationed by your feet. You picked it up with an excited grin and made your way to the passenger’s seat. When you slid in, Heeseung was suddenly conscious of his footwear again—and you—but more so the footwear.

    Heeseung bit his lip, looking away from your basket shamefully. “I told you I could help too.”

    “I wanted to make it for the both of us,” you insisted. “If you like my cooking, that’s enough for me!”

    Man, Heeseung thought, his heart fluttering pitifully, she’s so damn cute.

    It wasn’t even like Heeseung had zero date experience. He had been on plenty of dates before. One time, he took Park Chaerin to the movies and shared a very awkward kiss with her, but she claimed that they had an “excellent date,” so Heeseung didn’t feel too bad about that stiff first kiss. Later, he proceeded to ghost her when he found out she was a gold digger.

    Looking at you, he wondered if he had a thing for gold diggers.

    But, with you, he didn’t mind at all.

    Heeseung arranged for the picnic to be at a nearby park with a lush, grassy field. He liked the privacy of the location as there was a grove of trees that provided lots of shade and coverage. It wasn’t like he was expecting anything to happen, but if you wanted to kiss him, he wouldn’t be opposed at all.

    “Is that the place?” you asked, peering at the wide expanse of the park. “It’s so pretty.”

    “Yeah, you are,” Heeseung replied stupidly. Then, he realized, oh, she’s talking about the stupid park, and proceeded to internally berate himself. Watching you grow shy in front of him made him feel less embarrassed, though. “Oh, the park—yeah, it’s really… um, grassy.”

    Nice one, Heeseung, his inner voice retorted. His own sarcasm was pissing him off.

    When Heeseung got out of the car, he flushed red when your gaze dropped to his shoes. You looked like you were holding in a comment with the way your lips were parted, words lodged in your throat. Then, you looked as if you were about to laugh, and Heeseung was certain he would want to launch himself out of this plane of existence if that happened.

    “They’re comfy,” he defended.

    “They’re… Crocs,” you said distantly. Heeseung bit back his shame, but your face brightened up. “We match!”

    You stuck your foot out to reveal your equally ugly pair of Crocs. No, yours weren’t very ugly, actually. In fact, they were really cute with the little Jujutsu Kaisen jibbitz you clipped on them. Regardless, Heeseung’s chest filled with unbridled warmth and adoration at how excited you got by the matching footwear.

    He reached forward to take your hand, entwining your fingers while your lips hung open in shock. Heeseung chuckled at your reaction and tugged you over to the spot he had been thinking of. Something about your previous gesture filled him with so much more confidence and resolve to make this date perfect.

    That was, until he saw a dog peeing right where he intended to sit with you.

    “I’m about to break down,” he announced, voice cracking at the end.

    You placed your hand on his bicep, trying to guide him away from the area. Heeseung would normally be flustered by the physical contact, but he was horrified by how his plans were falling apart.

    “It’s okay,” you reassured, leading him to the other side of the grove. “There’s plenty of other spots, Hee.”

    It didn’t take a genius to figure out how much Heeseung liked you. He was head-over-heels for you, even more so after actually getting to know you. Sleep was something he worshipped, but he quickly forgot all about it after his late-night talks with you. Heeseung found himself wanting to get to know everything about you, to be the person you said your first good morning to and your last good night to.

    He normally couldn’t express himself like this on campus. If he even showed a morsel of affection toward you, Sunoo or NingNing would pretend to gag, or your friends would make some snide remark.

    Riki, Sunghoon, and Jungwon—the Three Musketeers of Emotional Torment.

    Heeseung thought your friends were cool, he really did. Sometimes, however, he needed a nice, long vacation from them.

    But now, Heeseung could do what he wanted without fearing judgement. He could tuck his chin in the crook of your neck and whisper sweet nothings about how cute you were in your ear. He could kiss that spot under your ear that made you giggle. He could smirk when he saw you trying to hide your face from him.

    This time, however, when he tried to do that, he ended up tripping you.

    Finally, the stars seemed to align in Heeseung’s favor, however; he ended up catching you just in time, an arm firmly around your waist to save you and the lunch you packed. You let out a shallow breath, eyes wide and swimming in shock.

    “T-Thanks,” you stuttered out, a sigh of relief falling from your lips when Heeseung steadied you, “but also screw you for tripping me.”

    “Easy,” Heeseung mumbled close to your ear, letting his breath fan your skin.

    He helped you down, sitting right near the roots of the tree you were under. You seemed a little breathless for a moment, but you quickly regained your composure when you were seated.

    “Oh! The lunch,” you remembered, setting the picnic basket between you and Heeseung and revealing its contents. “I packed a little of everything in case you didn’t like something.”

    Heeseung marvelled at the selection you had to offer. It wasn’t even lunch time yet and Heeseung was already salivating at the sight of the food you packed. From dumplings to sushi to fried rice, you had packed enough to make Heeseung a very happy man. He wondered if this was how men felt when their girlfriends proposed to them.

    “Since we have some time, we can eat the strawberries first,” you said, showing him the chocolate-covered strawberries you had.

    Heeseung must have saved a country in a past life to be this lucky.

    “You know, I really like you a lot,” Heeseung blurted out when you were taking out a strawberry to feed him. Your face twisted with mock disgust before you laughed it off. “Y/N, I’m serious.”

    Then, you looked away again, that familiar shy expression growing on your face. “I know that, stupid…”

    “But I wanna say it again,” he murmured, cradling your jaw in his hand so that he could look you in the eye. “I L-word you.”

    “You can just say like,” you said, flustered.

    “That’s not what it means, though,” was all Heeseung said before he leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. The feeling of your lips against his was unfamiliar, but it felt so right. Once Heeseung realized what he did, he pulled back immediately, reeling back on the grass. “Oh shit, I should’ve asked. I’m so sorry, Y/N. You can—you can, uh…. you can hit me!”

    This was probably the ultimate royal fuck-up that could’ve happened to Lee Heeseung. He was definitely screwed after this. He closed his eyes, waiting for your final blow. He was anticipating you would ask him to drive you home or just leave on your own. Whatever it was, he didn’t blame you; he would leave himself too.

    Instead, he felt your hands cup his cheeks, your body nearly pressing flush against his. When Heeseung opened his eyes, you were smiling ear-to-ear.

    “I love you too, Lee Heeseung,” you answered and kissed him again.

    The kiss was slower this time, like you two had all the time in the world. It felt like everything Heeseung had ever wanted for himself, like he had just achieved peak elation in this moment.

    This time, Heeseung swore the birds were singing and the wind had picked up. He slid his hand back to cradle your cheek, the other snaking around your waist to hold you close. Call Lee Heeseung a melt, but he was absolutely, positively, impossibly infatuated with you.

    Hell, maybe it was love.

    And, honestly, he would do it all over again. He wouldn't take back any mistake he made along the way.

    Because somewhere between being a fake sugar daddy and pining over the girl who almost tried to scam him, Heeseung found something real, as funny as it sounded.

    And he wouldn’t trade that for the world.


    AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ hello there !! HAPPY HEESEUNG DAY proud of us for beating parenthood 😎 thank you so much for reading sugar daddy :((( all the support i’ve received for this series has made me so so grateful and so happy that i could brighten your days even if it’s just a little! it makes me kinda sad to see this end but i’ll hopefully see y'all for my next smau ♡ thank you again for supporting this series !!

    SUMMARY ▸ in which heeseung accidentally becomes your sugar daddy, but funding a sugar baby is hard when you’re a broke college student.

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