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    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    CATCH US, DISPATCH ! — profiles 2

    a/n: no member desc for enhypen because. theyre enhypen 🤨

    summary: being in love is hard. being in love with an idol is even harder. being in love with an idol while being an idol yourself is basically hell. what will girl group member y/n and member of boy group enhypen, heeseung, do while in this situation? and are they even trying to hide their relationship? i mean, holding hands without wearing masks and a cap is basically asking for dispatch to catch you!

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    taglist (open): @amakumos @isaluv @ja4hyvn @liliansun @acciomylove @wonamour @primorange @jungwoniics @luvddeonu @goldenhypen

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    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    CATCH US, DISPATCH ! — profiles 1

    y/n: main dancer and lead rapper. is dating enhypen member lee heeseung and not exactly trying to hide it.

    eunchae: the leader of the group, main vocalist. mom of the group and is very concerned about everyone especially the maknae, lea.

    zia: main rapper, lead dancer. more on the eccentric side and isn't afraid to speak her mind. can be straightforward but is also very forgetful.

    yura: lead rapper and lead dancer. kind but can also be unforgiving. likes cats very much and has a pet cat of her own, wafer. eunchae hates wafer because she always has to clean up her fur.

    lea: maknae of the group. visual and lead vocalist. very cheerful and likes yura's cat, wafer, a little too much. she and zia are very close because of their similar personalities.

    a/n: ignore the very poorly made header for the group twitter please 🤣🙏 🙁

    summary: being in love is hard. being in love with an idol is even harder. being in love with an idol while being an idol yourself is basically hell. what will girl group member y/n and member of boy group enhypen, heeseung, do while in this situation? and are they even trying to hide their relationship? i mean, holding hands without wearing masks and a cap is basically asking for dispatch to catch you!

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    taglist (open): @amakumos @isaluv @ja4hyvn @liliansun @acciomylove @wonamour @primorange @jungwoniics @luvddeonu @goldenhypen

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    05.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    CATCH US, DISPATCH ! ⎯ l.hs.

    pairing: idol!heeseung x idol!fem!reader

    summary: being in love is hard. being in love with an idol is even harder. being in love with an idol while being an idol yourself is basically hell. what will girl group member y/n and member of boy group enhypen, heeseung, do while in this situation? and are they even trying to hide their relationship? i mean, holding hands without wearing masks and a cap is basically asking for dispatch to catch you!

    genre: fluff, idol au, verrry slight angst, crack (im trying to be funny

    featuring: enhypen. i may add more if there are any

    a/n: hi if i am unmotivated to finish this please please please force me to, i dont want this to end up like the sunoo smau :( feel free to give any feedback and if u like it plz tell me so that i will be motivated to write lol 🙏😅🤣🤣👍

    warnings: - they will be added as we progress

    status: ongoing (updates every 2-3 days)

    START: 5 december 2021

    END: -

    taglist (open): @amakumos @isaluv 

    profiles 1 | profiles 2

    chapter 1 -

    chapter 2 -

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


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    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
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  • isoob
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    masterlist 🏷 previous / next

    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    TAGLIST : OPEN (SEND AN ASK OR REPLY TO MASTERLIST POST TO BE ADDED.) @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair @diestheticu @heejinw0rld @lemonqi @makiswrld @sheepgardenenha @ja4hyvn @acciomylove @odxrilove @theskzvibe @wonielvr @hiqhkey @ilvaussie *bold couldn't be tagged!
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  • enhacademy
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Character Intros: Jay + Cali Ver.

    ↳ Genre(s): Angst, Fluff

    ↳ Warnings: Implied Toxic Relationships

    ↳ Summary: Learn about EA characters Jay & Cali!

    ↳ Written By: Gypsie ( @enhasfever )

    ↻ Cali — 5:30 AM, Monday

    the rhythmic beeping of her phone alarm stirred cali from her restless slumber and she reached out blindly to grab the noisy device. after successfully silencing the alarm, she squinted against the bright light of her phone screen and briefly glanced through the notifications littering her lock screen that she'd missed overnight, none of which she deemed important enough to tend to at the moment.

    she pushed herself into a sitting position in her bed and let the silky covers pool at her waist, a chill running down her spine as the warmth of her covers left her at once. she swung her feet over the side of the bed where they were promptly inserted into her favorite pair of slippers before she fully rose from the bed. taking the fuzzy blanket she kept folded on the chair next to her nightstand, she wrapped herself in it to preserve any leftover warmth and shuffled tiredly downstairs.

    "cali, there you are!" her mother exclaimed exasperatedly, halting in her steps in the center of the vast living room with her hands placed on her hips. "you should've been up half an hour ago, we need to be out of here by six if we plan to catch our flight on time."

    cali glanced warily at her mother from across the room, her brows furrowed as she only then took the time to notice the multiple suitcases stacked near the door. her heart dropped into her stomach. "what do you mean?" she pried, her voice raising an octave as the bad feeling festering in her gut grew by the second.

    her mother blinked silently and fixed a look of vexation at her disheveled state. "we're leaving for tahiti today," she articulated in a way that implied that cali should've already known this information.

    cali began shaking her head in denial as tears began brimming at her waterline. "what? no, that trip was booked for next month!" just as the panicked cry left cali's lips, her father shimmied past her with a few pieces of luggage, himself. "dad, you said they weren't sending you out there until next month!"

    "honey, your mother and i both reminded you numerous times that plans have been rescheduled. it was your responsibility to pack your things," he countered, seeming not at all concerned for cali's lack of knowledge on the change.

    "if you wouldn't spend so much time with your nose in your phone, then maybe you would've actually heard us all those times we kept reminding you," her mother surmised with a shrug of her shoulders.

    hot tears rolled freely down cali's flushed cheeks as she watched her parents begin to gather up the luggage near the door to take to the awaiting car outside. "maybe i wouldn't spend so much time on my phone if my parents actually spoke to me from time to time," she lamented, her voice wobbling slightly as she stormed further into the living room. "you only acknowledge my existence when i do anything that benefits you and makes you look good!"

    "that's enough, cali," her mother scolded. "you can act like a brat all you'd like, but this is on you for not being prepared. maybe you can come with us next time." cali watched with a seething glare as her mother lifted the handle to her suitcase and began to roll it towards the opened front door. "have a good first day of school and don't wreck the house, we'll be back in three weeks. we love you!"

    before cali knew it, the door closed behind her parents and she was left in an empty, quiet house alone with nothing but her own snivels to occupy the space. cali threw herself onto one of the three pristine white sofas and sank deep into the cushions as her shoulders wracked with her sobs. she took a few minutes to compose herself before pulling her phone out from under the blanket she'd wrapped herself in and navigated straight to her contacts.

    she selected the person whom she needed to speak to and pressed the phone to her ear, sniffling one last time as the ringing began. four rings later, his groggy voice echoed on the other end of the line. "yeah?"

    "i need you to drive me to school today," she sighed shakily, a pout forming on her chapped lips.

    "just get your parents to take you." the irritation in his voice didn't go unnoticed by cali and she had to swallow down another lump that began to form in the back of her throat.

    "they just left to tahiti for the next three weeks," she deadpanned in response, the usual hostility beginning to come back to her as she gradually grew angrier at the situation she was left in. she hated how quick and easy it was for her parents to reduce her to a hollow, sobbing mess and she hated even more when anyone outside of her household witnessed her in her time of weakness. she was not weak.

    a long sigh drew from the other line and it was quiet for a few beats as light shuffling could just barely be heard. "fine, be ready by seven or you'll have to take the bus."

    cali's nose wrinkled up at the thought of being stuck on that migraine on wheels for who knows how long until they'd reach the school. "okay," she agreed. "thank you, jay."

    "yeah, sure." the conversation ended at that and cali rose from her slouched position on the sofa to rush around the house, ensuring that she would be ready on time.

    ↻ Jay — 6:00 AM, Monday

    jay hung up the call and planted his face into his pillow, letting out a despaired groan as the hand that hung over the side of his bed dropped his phone to the carpeted floor below. he couldn't even be granted a solid week to grieve over the breakup before cali was pestering him again. he should've expected as much, it had been happening for over a year by this point.

    shooting his group chat a message asking for thoughts and prayers for the day ahead after retrieving his phone from the floor, jay lifted himself from the coziness of his bed which could've been enjoyed for half an hour longer if he hadn't been summoned. stumbling his way out of his room and down to the kitchen, he was met with bright lights and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

    "hi, honey," his mother greeted with a small concerned frown, "what are you doing up this early?"

    "i, uh, gotta drive someone to school today," jay answered vaguely as he shuffled over to the coffeemaker to pour himself a much needed cup of the caffeinated beverage. he brushed back his mess of dark locks as he continued to make his drink, hoping and praying to any higher power that his mother would just leave it at that.

    "is it cali?" she asked knowingly, and jay visibly cringed as he sat the coffee pot back down. a frustrated sigh left her lips as jay slumped over to where she sat at the dining room table with a look of shame etched on his face. "sweetheart, you've got to stop letting her walk all over you like this."

    jay shook his head adamantly. "we're not back together, she just needs a ride to school and that's it," he explained between tentative sips.

    "she can drive herself, can't she?" his mother scoffed dismissively.

    "no, she doesn't have a license," jay countered tiredly.

    "because you do everything for her, right?"

    jay glanced up to meet his mothers disapproving expression and a small pang of guilt bloomed in his chest as he quickly lowered his gaze back to his coffee cup. "it's just for today, i'll make sure she gets someone else to take her for the next three weeks..."

    "three weeks?" her eyebrows shot up.

    "her parents left her home alone...again." jay's shoulders slumped and his mother let out another disapproving sigh, but she didn't push the subject any further which jay was grateful for.

    jay took his time in getting ready, hoping to prolong the time before he'd have to allow his ex-girlfriend into his car willingly. at five minutes until 7:00, jay gathered up his school things and left the house with a kiss to his mother's cheek before starting on the drive to cali's house. she was already waiting outside on her porch by the time jay pulled up the long driveway and he took in a deep breath to calm his nerves as she began to approach the car.

    cali slid into the passenger's seat wordlessly and the car was suddenly filled with the familiar scent of her that had jay's stomach twisting. a tense silence filled the air between them as he then continued on towards their school, neither speaking nor sparing the other so much as a brief glance. cali stared out of her window and jay kept his eyes on the road straight ahead the entire ride there.

    after parking in an available spot in the student parking area, jay turned the car off but neither one of the two made any move to exit the vehicle. the same tension filled the enclosed space and jay fidgeted uncomfortably, his hands fiddling with the keyring he now held.

    "can you take me back home, too?" cali asked quietly.

    jay nodded wordlessly and spared a glance in her direction, his attention immediately being caught by the ring adorning her finger that was glinting in the sunlight. his eyes traveled to his own hand where a matching ring decorated one of his digits, as well. that twisting feeling in his gut only intensified and he began to chew on the inside of his cheek anxiously.

    "do you have someone to take you tomorrow?" he finally managed to ask. this time, cali answered wordlessly with a shake of her own head. "can you find someone?" again, she shook her head negatively. jay let a deep sigh draw from his lungs before he began to gather up his things. "we'll talk about it later, we should get going so we're not late."

    cali, too, began to gather her school materials and exited the car as quickly as she had entered it. she walked a little ways ahead of jay where she met with her best friend near the main doors. jay began to mentally prepare himself for a long year ahead.


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  • haechanhues
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago


    it was once a love triangle that you walked away from. you find you must make a choice once again. however, tensions will rise as a third guy is added to your already complicated predicament.

    chapter sixty five : paint picnic

    masterlist | prev // next

    taglist: @softforqiankun @penny-quinn @youreverydayzebra @p2arks @hobistigma @studioreader @ncityy04 @mykalon @liliansun @pixyseeun @woniebae @lionessmane @diestheticu @acciomylove @luvrseung @jay-durian @kac-chowsballs @strawbrinkofdeath @theskzvibe @dandelionxgal

    #enhypenwriters#houseofincantations#ficscafe#enhypen#enhypen smau#enhypen fic #enhypen jay fic #enhypen sunghoon fic #enhypen jake fic #enhypen angst #enhypen angst fic #enhypen jay angst #enhypen sunghoon angst #enhypen jake angst #enhypen scenario#enhypen imagine #enhypen social series #enhypen jay social au #enhypen jake social au #enhypen sunghoon social au #enhypen x reader angst #enhypen x reader social au #enhypen x reader fic
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    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    twenty-three. / twenty-four. — the one where sunoo doesn't walk y/n home. / twenty-five.

    for me. — k. sunoo

    ✴︎ synopsis: to sunoo, you were just a random girl in one or two of his classes who happens to be friends with his friends while to you, sunoo was the guy who you’ve been swooning over for a year or so. now, with you tweeting about your crush on him on the wrong account, sunoo has just one question. you’re the one who confessed to him, so why the hell is he the one chasing (literally and figuratively) you?

    ✴︎ pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    ✴︎ content/genre: smau, college au, fluff

    ✴︎ warning(s): swearing, always,, sorry sjsj,, is this considered angst

    ✴︎ note: hi,, idk what to say,, say hi hehe <3,, tell me about your spotify wrapped 2021 !!

    ✴︎ taglist: @tomorrowbymoa-together @icywhatim @giyyuzz @ncityy04 @goldenhypen @yougeans @hobistigma @ja4hyvn @nyfwyeonjun @big-fool-energy @amakumos @pixyseeun @angel-hyuckie @meiiiwa @jvnsun @aria-grace-scott @msxflower @pebbypenny @isaluv @snowfalltxt @dinosdance @m1ng-how @taylorswifeyyy @tobiosbbyghorl @urresidentdrugdealer @acciomylove @leeis @yizhoutv @chirokookie @apricottulips @jay-durian @studioreader @euphorencia @hibuki-chan @mildlystupid @tenten-67 @hiqhkey @wh4txium1n @uhhalexwashere @sunswonie

    #y/n x sunoo but jungwon is right stop it sunoo #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen series#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #sunoo imagines#sunoo scenarios#sunoo reactions#sunoo smau #sunoo soft hours #sunoo x reader
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    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    MASTERPIECE ⸻ [ 17 | sunghoon's got a plan ]

    A/N. the girls ( -yeji ) already knew that y/n is leaving bc yuna & winter told them hence, why the chapter "mission get y/n & sunghoon together" was made BUT y/n & yeji didn't know that's why y/n told them the news in the gc, and the girls ( -yeji ) was just faking they're reaction LMAO, I hope you guys get it 😭💀

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    ⸻TAGLIST ( closed! )

    @postalenha @abdiitcryy @redikuluspupil @nyfwyeonjun @mikaa7 @yanqsfairy @ncityy04 @studioreader @kac-chowsballs @y-jung1 @3ggieyolk @katastrophesworld @waeng-gang @softforqiankun @hobistigma @minhyunct @dontcallme20 @oureris @cha-raena @aj-1154 @gyuza @whoe-dis @ja4hyvn @kyleeanne @dear-dreamie @ddunghonnie @yourlocalhotgf @jakes-tummy @msgirlie @g0niki @liliansun @c9tnoos @hyuckslytherin @cosmiclele @sunvishine @planethyuka @w3bqrl @a-obsessed-fangirl @todorokiskitten @ninjaleeknow @solarswonderland @hoewithnojams @wonjaems @wonietree @diestheticu @seungstarss @kiillmeee @lionessmane @sheepgardenenha @angel-ishere

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    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    I Still Wanna Try

    VI. You're Really No Good For Me.

    🏹 pairing(s): heeseung x female reader, heeseung x giselle, sunghoon x female reader, jake x female reader

    🏹 genre: angst, smut

    🏹 warning(s): language, manipulation?, several mentions of cheating, unprotected sex, oral (fem receiving), sex on call (idk what to call it)

    🏹 synopsis: y/n and heeseung, two highschool sweethearts whose relationship seemed to only have grown worse as time went on. what was once nothing but puppy love turned into an immature and toxic romance that lead to the downfall of their relationship. heeseung, the displayed unfaithful partner, went seeking comfort in the arms of another woman, essentially cheating on y/n. after the situation was brought to light, he lost y/n. now, with the help of his friend jake, we get to watch as he carelessly tries to win her heart over, while either earning her trust back, or making matters worse for himself.

    🏹 word count: 5.0k

    taglist (just ask) : @nyfwyeonjun @kac-chowsballs @mykalon @3ggieyolk @enhabb @neovrse @dontcallme20 @httpheeseung @thejjrl @ddeonubaby @wanlore @softforqiankun @wntrsgf @luvrseung @k4aerina @arikiu @aujewels @hoonstrology @gongiz @luvlyjaemin

    jake and heeseung walked into the unfamiliar restaurant, looking around. a big part of heeseung was thankful for what giselle had done for him, but the other part was so confused. why would giselle go out of her way to suddenly help him out? more importantly... how did she even know that he was still trying to get to you?

    the only time jake and heeseung had talked about the situation when she was around was four days prior. but she wasn't awake when they had the discussion. and he had gone out of his way to romance her to make sure she didn't have any doubts about where she allegedly stood with him. i guess it didn't matter now, did it? the important thing was that she gave him tabs on you, tabs that seemed to be true as he spotted your eyes as they met his. he smiled at the contact, laughing silently as you quickly averted your gaze.

    he was happy, while you on the other hand were freaking out. you didn't remember exactly what was happening before you stupidly decided to look at the door making eye contact with your heart breakerㅡ all you knew is that your mind was blank and filled with panic while you prayed he wouldn't come over to your table. you were still surprisingly calm on the outside, not even flinching one when sunghoon soothingly rubbed your thigh in a way to ease your anxiety.

    no no no no no no no no... you started bouncing your thigh as it quietly tapped on the floor. you could see from the corner of your eyes that heeseung was still looking. and you were surprised by how silent sunghoon chose to stay, but maybe not talking about it would make things easier.

    "god i wanna go by her so bad," heeseung admitted, unable to cope with the fact that you were there with sunghoon. it hadn't even been a week, yet here you were being unaffected by his presence even though all he's feeling is hot as he looks your way. was it fair of him to be upset about this? no. was he still going to be? always. that's just the kind of asshole he was. "look- that piece of shit isn't even talking to her-"

    "hi! my name's winter, can i help you two handsome young men to be seated?" heeseung's angry mumbles were cut short by one of the restaurant's waitresses. his fake smile masked his anger as he smiled kindly at her. this was his chance.

    "yes, please, we actually love the view of my left, your right, side of the building, so could we be seated somewhere over there?" he replied. she nodded, quickly looking for an open table in that area.

    by now, you and sunghoon's food had arrived. you were eating, but not before playing around with it nervously. you were basically numb about the whole situation, choosing to be emotionally closed off about heeseung's presence in fear of breaking down over it like you did about giselle's random instagram follow. and speaking of which-

    "im wondering if i should follow her back," you said while chewing your food. sunghoon shot you a confused look as you shrugged your shoulders. "i mean, she followed me first. and she's not here, so maybe she's not aware of this. or maybe... ha, i don't know. i just think that not following her back will make me look bitter."

    "you're looking too deeply into it," he laughs slightly, making you pout.

    "you're only saying that because you're a boy," you protested. "you don't get it the way that i do."

    he sighed, not looking at you as he took a sip of his soda. "do what you want, then," he finally says. you let out a breath through your nose as you pouted. sunghoon couldn't help but smile at it. cute, he thought. "you look cute when you pout like that."

    his compliment caught you off guard, making you choke on your food. you coughed up a storm, wiping your mouth of the drool that resulted in it while sunghoon watched amused. seeing how heated your cheeks got from it made him smile. "shut up... i'm gonna use the restroom," you said getting up, quickly walking away from the scene, but not before tripping a bit making him laugh behind you. you grumbled as you made your way to the restroom. once you were in a stall, you opened your phone back up to the notification.

    giselle_aeri started following you 27m [Follow]

    taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes quickly, clicking to follow back. opening your eyes, you stared at the screen feeling like you just climbed over a forbidden milestone. but with struggles being overcome, life has to balance it out again with another struggle. and that's exactly what it did, you looked up at the top of your screen to see something you never thought you would ever see before.

    giselle_aeri: i'm sorry, y/n.

    quickly opening the dm, you watched as she kept typing.

    giselle_aeri: i know you probably won't be too happy about this, but please. i beg of you, leave heeseung alone.

    you: excuse you?

    giselle_aeri: i know you have something to do with the way he's been acting around me. and i know he's probably looking for you right now. i know you're trying to get back with him, so stop it. do you even care about how unfair you're being? i worked so hard to get him.. to love him when you wouldn't. why can't you just leave us be? he deserves nothing but happiness. and you can't give that to him, so please leave him and i alone please. i won't contact you again, so have a good night, y/n.

    you stared at the screen stunned by the audacity she had. not only did she bother you first, and not only is she insulting something that you already knew you lacked heavily in, but now she's accusing you of being behind heeseung's actions. and you weren't. in fact, you didn't want any of this to happen in the first fucking place.

    you: do you think you're so big and bad? who the fuck do you think you are to follow me and then come disrespecting me off of your own insecurities. you wouldn't have to worry about the shit he's doing now if you didn't homewreck our relationship.

    you: and i didn't fucking want him back in my life, he came on his OWN accord. but now, since you've already insisted that i'm trying to take him back, i will.

    giselle_aeri is typing....

    you: and don't even worry about texting anything back, im blocking you. i won't contact you again, so have a good night, giselle.

    you exited out of the chat, immediately blocking her. "the nerve people have," you mumbled as you sat there. you decided not to leave yet. you wanted to leave and get back to sunghoon as well as possible, but you didn't want to project that energy onto your night that has already had so much trying to ruin it.

    giselle was shaking. for some stupid reason, she thought that, by texting you, it would make her feel like she had more control over the situation. like she would intimidate you into rejecting heeseung's advances. she knew you had nothing to do with what he was doing, but it hurt too much to admit that heeseung made the choice to use her on his own accord even though she heard it herself.

    she had woken up that night after she had sex with heeseung. the bed was empty which made her pout. she was going to get up, but when she heard the muffled conversation, and the anger in the air, she furrowed her eyebrows and closed her eyes as she tried to make out exactly what they were saying.

    "do you wanna get back with y/n or not, hyung?" she heard jake say, making her heart almost stop. the air felt heavy as it went silent.

    "well? answer me." she waited a few more seconds before she allowed herself to get happy with heeseung's silence. it was the confirmation that she had finally won. a smile painted her face, but it was quickly torn off of her lips when he finally responded.

    "of course i do, you know how badly i wanna be with her," heeseung finally spoke up.

    "then why are you still fucking around with your little side chick?" jake pressed more, making giselle wince at how lowly he spoke of her. ouch.

    "can you stop talking about her like that?" heeseung begged making giselle smile at him coming in her defense. maybe he does have feelings for her after all.

    the smile didn't last long, again. jake started screaming at him, blaming giselle and giselle only. "AND FOR WHAT?!?!" he asked, frustration clear in his voice.

    "I DON'T KNOW!" heeseung's voice cracked. was he crying... over her? god she didn't want him to cry over her. "i don't know, man.... i don't know, okay?" it went quiet for a little bit after that. giselle had gotten off of the bed by now, she had her ears glued to the door as she listened to heeseung talk.

    her heart hurt at the way he was so honest with jake about how he was really feeling. but it would only start hurting more once she heard what he really felt about her. "giselle is the only thing that's making me feel like anyone still needs me. i know that no matter how much i run, she's going to chase me. i know that no matter how many times i push her away, she's willing to pull me back. it's fucked up.. to use her like that, but i just can't let go of the way she makes me feel. i don't want to." that's when it hit her, thinking back to what he was saying prior to admitting he was using her.

    but the way he spoke so differently, when it came to y/n, hurt her the most. "but seeing and being with her again after all that time, even if it wasn't her choice to be there in the first place, made me realize how badly it's been hurting me this whole time." he'd met up with her again? why? giselle didn't understand. she did everything right. she listened to him when nobody else did, she lent him a shoulder to cry on, gave him emotional support, and nothing but love throughout the process of his breakup, yet... he still went back to her.

    she was zoned out in sad thought when she chimed back in. it got a little foggy after that, her brain could only register what heeseung was saying. and she wished it would stop because it only hurt more the more she listened.

    "it wouldn't be fair to y/n if i loved giselle back." but- that's not fair to me!

    "i wouldn't ever want to be happy with someone who ruined the only thing bringing me happiness in my life." but- it wasn't just me! you said.. you told me you liked me too. you told me you wanted to be with me, too!

    "then why keep her around? why is she still here?" jake's voice finally registered to her again.

    she tuned in once more, her last clutch on faith wavering to none as heeseung replied.

    "she offers me support and stability regardless of my ill feelings toward her." ill feelings...?

    "i need her around until i can get at least on friendly terms with her. then i'll dump her off without another word." giselle couldn't hold back the silent tears she let them drip down her face. not bothering to listen to what the boys were saying anymore, she walked back to the bed pretending to still be asleep once she heard the door open.

    she only scrunched her nose when she was slightly shaken being sweet-talked by heeseung's voice, his soft tone feeling so disingenuous now. "wake up, my aeri," it was disgusting how he could fill his words with a false feeling of love. it was hard to not fall back into his trap. maybe.. just maybe she could pretend like she never heard him. maybe she could make a plan to make him stay. to make him choose her over y/n. because this wasn't his fault, right? it was only y/n's. she's the only one to blame. not heeseung. not giselle herself. and most definitely not jake. only y/n.

    with that thought running rampant around her headspace, she thought that she'd have the upper hand when she attacked you. but now, looking at the last message you sent to her, she realized just how badly she fucked up now that she'd intentionally sent heeseung and jake directly to you. biting back tears, she threw her phone down on her bed shoving her face into her pillow as tears started falling again. "fuck fuck fuck FUCK!"

    once you had finally calmed down, you washed your hands and walked out the bathroom witn a confident stride, only stopping when you came face to face with him again for the second time this week. and fuck- he looked so much better up close. your eyes widened as you realized he was walking toward you. you walked backwards until you hit a wall, essentially trapping yourself under him.

    "y/n," the way he whispered, in a breath filled with so many emotions, as well as the unreadable look he gave you as he stared into your eyes, made your knees go weak.

    "what?" you spat as you only looked up at him, your doe eyes not projecting the anger you attempted to show. he put his hands on either side of your body, really trapping you.

    "i've missed being like this.. having you so close to me," he took a breath, taking in your scent. still the same scent. it was the perfume he introduced you to all those years before. god he loved how it smelled. especially when it was on you. it was like you were still his. "you're never gonna change that perfume, huh. good, i like it."

    "can you just get whatever you have to say over with? i need to get back to sunghoon," you said with the roll of your eyes making him ball his fists on the wall behind you. you still knew just how to get under his skin.

    "fuck sunghoon."

    "i already have," you laughed, slipping under his arms in an attempt to walk away. he grabbed your wrist, roughly pulling you back to him. "what are you doing?" you whisper-yelled trying to yank your arm away.

    "you already what?" he asked, eyes filled with fire as he dared you to repeat yourself. you only smirked at the way he got angry. you took a step closer to him, pushing him back with one finger as you continued.

    "i. already. fucked. sunghoon," with each poke he only got angrier. he grabbed your hand, his grip so tight that it almost hurt. "ouch. did i hit a nerve? is baby boy heeseung mad that i fucked my rooma-"

    you were interrupted mid-sentence by his lips smashing onto yours. you didn't even try to fight it back, letting your eyes close as you kissed him back. it was rough, but emotional. you almost whined when he pulled away. "oh, baby i'm gonna be hitting more than nerves tonight."

    before you could process what he was saying, his lips quickly found their way back onto yours as he grabbed your waist, pulling your body onto his, walking backwards into the family restroom. locking the door, he slammed you onto it, attacking your neck with kisses, sucking on your sweet spot. even with all that time he spent away from you, he could never forget how to please you.

    you whimpered in response to it, gripping his shirt in an attempt to pull him closer to you than physically possible. you knew that he was leaving hickeys marking you as his as if he had any right. you wanted to stop him but you missed his touch, his taste, everything. you missed this too much. so you let it be, even though you knew he didn't deserve it. he moved back unbuttoning and taking his shirt off as he threw it to the side. eyes staring at his body in admiration of the changes from when you last saw it were evident. it made you wonder if he was insecure before he bulked up. yes, a man taking his shirt off could be something that anybody would easily overlook, but it was different to you.

    heeseung- never in all the years of his sexual history with you had he ever taken his clothes off first. he never explained to you why before, but now you understood.

    he was hoping you would notice this and realize he was true. that he was ready to be completely naked and honest with you. you couldn't help but tear up as you let your hands roam his upper body, seeing how easily he melted into your touch. in a sick way it still felt like it was meant to be. you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a long and deep kiss. tongues slipping through to greet each other for the first time again, not fighting for dominance, but instead peace.

    slipping his hands up your shirt, he let them aimlessly wander their way up to your breasts. groping them harshly, massaging them to ease them, rolling his fingers around your nipples and pinching them just how you liked it, all while his lips never met yours. how was he supposed to escalate the situation enough to fuck his love into you if he couldn't keep his mouth off of yours?

    being the needy, and (heeseung) touch starved princess that you were, you laced your fingers through his hair, pulling him back. "please, hee. im already soaking wet..." you begged, lifting your shirt up to display your bare breasts to him as a request. his mouth nearly watered at the sight. the way you could still look so innocent while speaking so lewd was so sexy to him. he was already painfully rock hard by then.

    "sorry, baby," he chuckled as he lowered his head to be at mouth level with your right breast, taking it into his mouth gently as he swirled his tongue around it. you closed your eyes, letting your ears be flooded with the lewd sounds of him sucking and popping as he switched to give your left breast into his mouth, repeating the motions.

    he began kissing his way down your stomach, getting onto his knees, before he lifted your skirt up. you automatically spread your legs for him as he bit his lip as the wet patch that your arousal made when it had soaked through your panties. he inhaled the sweet aroma it emitted offㅡ seemingly made just for him. he planted a small kiss on your clothed lips, licking a stripe up before he carefully pulled them down and off of you, stuffing them into his pockets (because he clearly had no intentions of giving them back, especially since he still couldn't be sure if you'd let him stick around after this.)

    once the barrier was out of the way, he threw your leg over his shoulder. this had to be his second favorite view, the first one being your face. he'd always have to imagine that anything of giselle's, that he looked at or touched (because he refused to taste), was yours otherwise he couldn't get hard. this was his reality check, imagination could never beat reality. he almost teared up from happiness as he latched his lips onto your clit, sucking it sweetly as if it was his first meal that he didn't want to take for granted.

    being egged on by your sweet moans and whimpers, he used two fingers to play with the juices between your folds before he inserted it in, curling them to hit the spot where you needed it the most. he didn't even mind when you grinded onto his face, smearing his nose with your juices. he didn't even tease you, instead complying when you desperately begged him to go faster as he moved his mouth's focus down to where his fingers had been working their magic, switching placeㅡ his fingers stimulating your clit while he indulged in your juices. and he especially was more than happy when you came onto his tongue. he happily lapped the juices away as they spilled out. god, he loved the way you tasted.

    pulling him up, you brought his lips onto yours, tasting your essence as his tongue invaded your mouth again. when he pulled away for air, you looked into his eyes panting prettily. "wanna make you feel good, too," you said, pouting when he shook his head. you didn't understand why he declined when his erection looked so painfully tight in his jeans.

    "what will make me feel good is bending you over the sink while i make love to you," he said as he grabbed your hand, guiding you to the sink. you looked at him through the mirror as he got behind you, gently bending you over the sink. he unzipped his pants, pulling them down as he grabbed his dick out of his boxers. you couldn't help but to turn around and look at it. to you, in the moment, it was the prettiest thing you've ever seen. the way his precum glistened on his reddened tip, as well as the veins that popped out due to his willing neglect. you turned back to the mirror to watch his face as he did some prep stokes. it was so heavenly. the way he shut his eyes and threw his head back at the slightest motions, the way his adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed a breath, rubbing his tip through your folds finally ready to give you his all as he pushed in slowly.

    you bit your lip, closing your eyes. you could never get used to the stretch. pushing yourself backwards, you motioned that you wanted all of him, and who was he to deny you of that? he grabbed your hips as he started slowly thrusting. you loved the feeling of it, the way he was able to fill you up so nicely. you moaned quietly as he picked up the pace. holding onto the sides of the sink for support because your legs seemed to turn to jelly all of a sudden.

    getting lost in the moment of time that seemed to stretch, you both were pulled back to reality when a phone rang. heeseung's moves slowed as the both of you looked around for where the sound was coming from. it was on the floor next to your feet, and the contact read sunghoon. "shit," you cursed, wondering if you should try and bend down to get it. a smirk appeared on heeseung's face as he pulled out to grab it. you whined at the loss, but gained composure when he handed you the phone.

    "answer it."

    "please don't try anything funny," you warned as you picked up. heeseung bites his lip, mischief clear on his face. "hello?" you said into the phone. sunghoon let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. he thought you had ditched him to get away from everything, but the slight echo made it evident you were still in the bathroom.

    "hey! have you calmed down yet? your foods gonna get cold," he said looking at the plate of pasta which had become messy due to you playing around with it. you mentally face palmed. how could you forget sunghoon was still here? thinking quickly, you began to speak, but not before heeseung decided to thrust back into you without warning

    "u-uh i... shit," the words got caught in your throat as you tried not to lose your train of thought while heeseung began his slow pace. "i don't think i'll be able to calm down, hoonie." heeseung didn't know why that nickname bothered him so much, but it did. if he wasn't trying to play this game with you, he would've sped, but he couldn't.

    "well then i can get your food to go, pay, and we can get going, maybe?" sunghoon said. it made you feel bad hearing how concerned he was about you, but it was hard to focus on that when heeseung's slow thrusts were so precise and hitting everywhere you needed him to me. it caught you so off guard when you tried to respond again, not wanting there to be a suspicious pause.

    "no!" you exclaimed, a moan almost slipping out as you continued. "just... you should just leave without me," you said, trying your best to sound sympathetic. sunghoon bit the inside of his cheek in thought. he couldn't just leave.

    "but i'm your ride, we came together," he protested. there was absolutely no way he'd leave you alone, almost half an hour away from home. "ill get a to-go box and wait it out. i'm not leaving."

    heeseung was getting fed up at this point. couldn't this loser take the hint? you bit your lip, clenching around heeseung. "sunghoon-ah i'm sorry just please-"

    "no, y/n."


    "she said leave," heeseung finally said, having run out of his patience as he ended the call. finally, without sunghoon's irritating concern, he could speed up again. he sped up his movements quickly, filling the air with sounds of wetness and skin slapping. with the slow teasing of his slow thrusts and the sudden change of speed, it was so hard to hold back an orgasm, and heeseung could tell by the way you started clenching around him. he could barely hold off either as your breathing started to speed up the closer you got to the edge. he wanted to take you there. you looked at his figure through the mirror. he held his tongue out, resting it on his bottom lip with closed eyes as he focused on bringing you two to your orgasms. not being able to hold it back anymore, you moaned out loudly as you came all over his cock. just a few more thrusts and he came, too, painting your walls with his seed, tiredly collapsing forward as he laid his head on your shoulder.

    and for a moment in time, everything felt like it was okay. like the fallout that led to your toxic love never happened. like you never stopped listening to his problems and insecurities. like heeseung never cheated. like you two were still in innocent love with each other.

    picking his head back up, he kissed the back of your neck, bringing a finger to play with your clit. your body jerked, still sensitive from both orgasms, but he didn't care as he talked to your clit like it could respond. "i'm sorry, baby. i should've played with you more."

    he pulled out completely, walking over to get some paper towels to clean you up. once he finished that, you both stared into each other's eyes. earlier before all this, all you could see was your ex boyfriend who you wanted to hurt, to get back at. now, having all those intricacies that only made sense to the two of you, you could only be hurt that he waited so long to show you. or that he could've shown giselle the same side, too. you wondered if he had fucked her raw, too. it sucked having reality checks.

    you couldn't help but cry as you hugged onto him, letting your sobs soak into his shirt. he held onto you tightly, so scared of letting go. so scared of losing you again because he knew what those tears meant. it meant regret. it meant hatred. it meant he still couldn't have you. it meant that despite all his efforts to prove his love to you, it didn't work.

    "i'm sorry," his own tears started falling down, soaking your head as they ran down his cheeks. "i'm so sorry," it sounded so sincere, but you couldn't believe it. shaking your head, you broke from his embrace, slamming your hands onto his chest trying to hurt him physically the way he did to you mentally, as if those weak punches could do any real damage.

    "liar!" was all you could say. that's all he was. that's all he'd ever be now. "i just.. i just want you to myself again. not that bitch. you're mine! you're. supposed to be. mine..." he shut his eyes, the lump forming in his throat as he forced you back into a hug that you didn't deny.

    "i am yours, y/n. my heart will always belong to you."

    you shook your head. while the sex was nice and meant the world to you, you knew only one relationship was worth something now. you and sunghoon's. and being here any longer would surely ruin that, so you fixed your shirt, grabbed your phone, and left without looking back (even though you so badly wanted to). heeseung, again, was left even more broken hearted cause you left on your own. he sighed, redressing himself up as he stared in the mirror, finally, and genuinely, regretting all the mistakes he's made.

    you ran out of the restroom area looking for any sign of your best friend. quickly finding your table, you were saddened to see that nothing and nobody was there except your to-go box. guilt immediately started to eat you up as you stared at the text message he sent you.

    hoonie 🥳😁: i got you an uber, ill text you when he gets there.

    hoonie 🥳😁: also. i think we should take time to ourselves

    hoonie 🥳😁: you're really no good for me, y/n.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smut #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #kpop smut#enhypen heeseung#heeseung imagines#enhypen angst #heeseung x reader #heeseung x you #heeseung smut #I Still Wanna Try: Toxic Hee Series
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    #💌 : jayflrt love notes #enhypen-supremacy #series: no nut november
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    pairing: enhypen ni-ki/reader
    featuring: enhypen, nct, loona, aespa (ningning)
    genre: smau, comedy, highschool au, fluff, romance

    synopsis: niki is not the best at making the most resolute decisions, even more so when it comes to his own feelings. but when it comes to you, a random classmate who somehow got forced into the lovely minecraft club, will he finally get his head out of his ass and figure out his feelings?

    taglist: (send an ask to be added!) @shguacamole ​@mitsukifilms @polarwon @dinosdance @sthinqsz @alderiasamantha @navsnct @mildlystupid @vilenishis @itzxvaxella @acciomylove @yuakagi @pepperrye @bigtittietoji @meiiiwa @bear-beom

    O36: dilemma 💪

    masterlist | previous | next

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    FINDERS, KEEPERS. ONE : finding nemo

    — you sprinted out of the café to the school gates with "yang jungwon"'s student card.

    your eyes were shut tight while you prayed that he had yours. you had to of swapped.

    theres no way he just left it somewhere, he must have picked it up.. right?

    masterlist 🏷 previous / next

    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    taglist (open, send an ask or reply to masterlist post): @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair
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    hii i apologize for those who are waiting for their requests but currently i do not have the motivation to finish them. i am working on a request and i do have a plot ready but i feel like i cant push myself to finish it. but i promise by the start of our holiday break i will try to work on your requests. thank u guys for ur patience :33

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    SYNOPSIS. you lost your student id card — fuck. you have someone elses instead.. yang jungwon?
    PARING. jungwon x reader. GENRE. fluff, classmates -> lovers. WARNINGS. slow updates.

    chapters ;

    profiles [not the kids👎] [parakeet club??😹🎤]

    1 — (finding nemo)

    2 — (lost n' found)

    3 — (CONGYUSED??)

    4 — (STFU-WON 🤨)

    5 — (toot love)

    taglist open! 🗣 (send an ask into inbox!)

    @yenart @aminihhj @itzxvaxella @mitsukifilms @sunysunoo @amakumos @tlnyjoong @giyyuzz @andromedawillburryyou @clear-color-hair @diestheticu @heejinw0rld @lemonqi @makiswrld @sheepgardenenha @ja4hyvn @acciomylove @odxrilove @theskzvibe @wonielvr @hiqhkey @ilvaussie *bold couldn't be tagged!

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    I Still Wanna Try

    V. Why Did Heeseung Want To Ruin That?

    🏹 pairing(s): heeseung x female reader, heeseung x giselle, sunghoon x female reader, jake x female reader

    🏹 genre: angst, smut

    🏹 warning(s): language

    🏹 synopsis: y/n and heeseung, two highschool sweethearts whose relationship seemed to only have grown worse as time went on. what was once nothing but puppy love turned into an immature and toxic romance that lead to the downfall of their relationship. heeseung, the displayed unfaithful partner, went seeking comfort in the arms of another woman, essentially cheating on y/n. after the situation was brought to light, he lost y/n. now, with the help of his friend jake, we get to watch as he carelessly tries to win her heart over, while either earning her trust back, or making matters worse for himself.

    🏹 word count: 1.9k

    taglist (just ask) : @nyfwyeonjun @kac-chowsballs @mykalon @3ggieyolk @enhabb @neovrse @dontcallme20 @httpheeseung @thejjrl @ddeonubaby @wanlore @softforqiankun @wntrsgf @enhappenstance @neptuniees @luvrseung @k4aerina @arikiu @aujewels

    *this one is short, but the next one is gonna be longer!!

    four days had past since your breakdown  making it six days since heeseung forced his way back into your life and mind (not that you were counting). and you were kinda okay now. sunghoon had finally cheered you up enough to go out to an amusement park with him and you were actually having fun.

    he had parked at a parking lot that was like twenty minutes away from the actual park, so you guys spent some time walking, taking pictures, and living in the moment. his jokes, that usually made you cringe, turned into the funniest things you've ever heard, and once you guys got in line to buy your all-day passes, he paid for both of you!

    you hadn't been to an amusement park before. but the way the colorful buildings made the world seem more saturated, than it normally was, made it intriguing enough to say the least. you two got on a lot of ridesㅡ ones that always ended with you both screaming for your lives. the last one you two had just gotten off was the... death drop, was it? and you were still crying while leaning onto him because your legs were shaking from the aftermath of the fear.

    "n/n, i told you that you didn't have to get on if you didn't want to," sunghoon cooed in a comforting way while he wiped your tears away. you sniffled as you held onto him, snuggling your head into his side as you tried your best to calm down. it didn't help, though. the sudden comfort only made you cry more as you both walked.

    "i didn'tㅡ *hiccup* want you to go alone," you sobbed as you two walked to a bench to sit down. he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, then moved your head to lay down on his shoulder. he couldn't help but smile at the cute reactions people gave you two as they walked by. you hadn't noticed it because your eyes were filled with tears, but people looked so envious of you. it was like you two were a real couple, in his mind at least.

    "you don't have to do something on my behalf. if anything, i should be doing that for you," he kindly scolded as he ruffled your hair. he told himself he wouldn't think about your situation, but it was hard not to considering the fact that it was all that bothered him lately. no matter what you were going through, in this case it was your fears, you still somehow made it your job to think about him (and others) before yourself. he thought about it for a second. "but you know what?" he asked, laying his head on top of yours with one of the biggest smiles on his face.

    "what?" you hiccupped again as you wiped away more tears.

    "i'm glad that you went through it with me by your side for support," he paused, still hesitant to bring it up. would it soil the mood? would it make you start crying againㅡ god he really didn't want to make you cry any more than you already were... but he still wanted you to know that his comfort goes beyond amusement parks and tears shed from scary rides. "i hope you know that it'll always be like that now, me being by your side whenever you need me," he let out a sigh at the way you seemed to tense up, but he wasn't done yet.

    "you're not alone anymore. i promise i won't let you know what that feels like again," you knew exactly why he was saying it. and you knew it was supposed to make you feel better, but it only made you cry more as you hugged onto him. why is it that receiving even a little bit of the love you craved made you cry?

    "shh, it's okay. it's okay, i'm here, y/n. i'm right here."

    you don't have to cry because.. i love you.

    and if that asshole won't love you, i will.

    and i'll love you better than he's ever had.

    of course he never let those words make it out of his mouth. he'd keep that to himself until you were ready. and after that, he took you out to this outdoor restaurant as an apology for all the scary fun you guys had. for a split moment in time, you wondered if this was what boyfriends were supposed to do.

    if this was how sunghoon would be as a boyfriend, you wouldn't mind him taking that title eventually. even if you didn't love him in that way, maybe you could learn to? after all, he didn't have to do any of this for you. ah, you shouldn't even be thinking about that right now. so, instead of continuing to tie the day to your love life, you decided to keep living in the moment with him. it was all smiles, jokes, and giggles with him while you two waited for your drinks to come.

    "i'm gonna go to the bathroom," sunghoon said with a smile as he excused himself from the table. you nodded, taking a video to post to your instagram story, tagging the location for memories.

    before you put your phone back to lay down on the table, it vibrated in your hand. and for another second, you were brought back to the one reality you tried to escape. the smiles on your end came to a complete stop as your heart sank to the bottom of your chest. you stared at the notification on the app, sadness taking over any positive emotions you had left in you.

    giselle_aeri started following you 7s [Follow]

    your eyes stared at the notification, a terrible feeling settling in your stomach. you exited out the app, opting to just ignore it like any sane person would as you placed it downwards on the table. it cant bother you if you don't let it. even so, you couldn't stop bouncing your thighs in anxiousness as you wondered what she could be up to. you had only figured out her name through heeseung's phone, when he had been texting her; so you had never really... known what she looked like. should it even matter? no, it shouldn't. but what if she was prettier than you? what if she posts him all the time? you began to feel a bitter feeling at the thought of it.

    you looked towards the restroom area. sunghoon still wasn't back yet, probably taking selfies for his instagram. you looked back at your phone as it laid there. it felt like it was begging for you to pick it up. begging you to give into your insecurities and find out exactly what she had going on. who were you to deny yourself of answers, anyways. sighing, you looked to the restroom area one more time before you finally gave in, picking up your phone, unlocking it, going straight back to your notification bar.

    giselle_aeri started following you 3m [Follow]

    god. were you that weak, couldn't even last five minutes before you checked her account? ignoring your self criticism, you clicked on her account. only two posts, and no highlights. it would've been fine if heeseung wasn't in any of them, but he was. in her very first post.

    tears pricked in your eyes as you looked at the post. from her caption, to the likesㅡ to his like. he was in the kitchen in his apartment. cooking for her, you assumed. something he told you he wouldn't do for anyone else, besides you, unless he absolutely had to. and it had only been like two weeks since she posted it. yes, you technically weren't in the question at that point, but it didn't make it hurt any less.

    if you didn't know the story behind their love that came to be, you would agree with anyone that they looked so happy. even with knowing their story, they still looked so happy. it hurt, but you still tried to feel happy for them in a way. yet still, you didn't understand. what was it that made heeseung want to ruin that?

    that's when it happened again. memories of the day he came back into your life, came flooding in.

    "i've tried so hard, y/n. i tried so hard to love her. to make my heart beat faster at the sight of her, or feel any sort of butterflies when she's around." butterflies, you scoffed at the thought.

    "i know she's good for me. i know that being with her means i'll never have to go through that kind of pain again, but my heart just doesn't want it." why? why doesn't he want it? why can't he be happy with the girl he snuck around with for so long? why did he insist on barging his way back in? why can't he just be happy with the consequences of his actions? you kept asking yourself, but you already knew why.

    "..i would rather live the rest of my life feeling miserable if it meant that i'd still get to be with you. because i can't love anybody that's not you. i don't care if we never fix our problems at this point, i just need you back. i don't care if it hurts anymore..." why does he have the nerve to still love me even after all the fucked up shit he's done? you felt the tears you had been holding in fall, your cheeks moistening up as they did so. none of this was fair. not to you, not to giselle, not to anyone. you just wished this would all go away. and GOD you wished sunghoon could come back already-

    "why are you crying?" a voice suddenly asked behind you making you jump. you turned around, being face to face with the guy you were just thinking about. quickly wiping the tears away, you tried to turn your phone off, putting it down before he could see, but he was quicker as he snatched the phone out of your hand to see what got you so upset.

    it was still on her post of heeseung, he scanned over the whole post, noticing everything you did as his grip on the phone unknowingly tightened. with a deep breath and a sigh, he exited out of her account, and out of the app. he saw that giselle was the one that followed you as well, so he couldn't be too upset at you. he was still beyond pissed off at them though.

    he didn't speak as he took his seat again, making you nervous. you looked at him as you watched, waiting for him to say something. "i wish they'd just leave you alone," his voice was low, and for the first time since all of this started, you realized that this was hurting him, too. seeing the girl he loved still being borderline harassed by the people who've hurt her the most.

    you didn't say anything in response. the waiter came back with your drinks and took your orders before quickly leaving again. you took a long sip of your beverage, not really feeling like speaking. sunghoon picked up on it and didn't engage in conversation either. it became a comfortable silence as the two of you calmed down, and you were almost starting to brush the whole situation off. but then the restaurant's front door opened. had it not been for your brain's instant reaction being to turn to the noise, maybe you could've lived in your ignorance for a little while longer, but you couldn't.

    because of your stupid brain, your eyes had to be met with the people- well person, you were dreading ever seeing again. heeseung and.... jake.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smut #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #kpop smut#enhypen heeseung#heeseung imagines#enhypen angst #heeseung x you #heeseung x reader #heeseung smut #I Still Wanna Try: Toxic Hee Series
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    [12:56 PM] EPIPHANY. (PJS)

    — SIXTH INSTALLMENT of the 'let the rain be our witness' series. [ series masterlist ] | [ previous installment ] | [ next installment ]

    SYNOPSIS: ❝Jay had always been content with admiring you from the sidelines. You two were only friends, but he was okay with that as long as he could be near you. Until the news of someone confessing to you finally made him take a hasty step towards you. But could he reach you before it's too late?❞

    TYPE OF WORK: oneshot/fic.

    GENRE: fluff, slight angst, highschool!au, friends to lovers.

    PAIRING: park jongseong x fem!reader.

    WORD COUNT: 1.7k+ words.

    WARNINGS: informal language, mentions of a confession, depictions of (perceived) unrequited love, unnecessary dramatic writing.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: yes double posting from elly (2/2) the second to last installment for the series is here! 🎺 the back-to-back jakeness streak is broken by jay 💔 /lh i'm not very proud of this one personally (dang it 😭), but i still hope you'd enjoy reading it 💐 thank you for being here, mwah! <3

    [ did this peak your interest? then, head over to our catalogue (masterlist). ]

    [12:56 PM] Park Jongseong had never been someone who was too familiarly acquainted with love. He didn't have enough time for love — or at least, that was what he tried to convince himself. But for some reason, he just couldn't get you out of his head.

    So close, yet so far. Sometimes, it felt as if he could just intertwine his fingers with you right then and there — but, there were so many reasons that stopped him from doing so. Reasons that only a coward in love could understand.

    His feelings for you weren't all that complicated, Jay already knew that he was in love with you. But would the thought of one-sided love really suffice him?

    The both of you weren't close friends nor were the two of you strangers — and Jay preferred to keep it that way. At least, he could still be near you, even if all he could do was adore you from afar. Even if he had to sacrifice his feelings, at the very least… he won't lose you.

    But oh, it won't stay that way forever, will it?

    He was a competent man, one admired by older grown-ups and his colleagues alike for his intelligence and composed manner. Not that Jay ever cared too much about how he seemed to other people, but he sure as heck cared when you were around.

    If other people told him he looked too uptight, he wouldn’t heed them much — and yet, he quickly fixed his hair and sitting position to look relaxed as soon as you entered the room. If other people nudged him closer to you, he would act as if it were nothing — and yet, his gaze always betrayed him because he just couldn't help but engrave every single feature of your side profile into his mind from the corner of his eyes.

    Jay showed his love for you in small implicit ways, he'd do anything for you in a heartbeat. Well, anything except confronting his feelings, it seemed. Maybe one day, this would backfire on him because it seemed as if Jay underestimated the true magnitude of regrets.



    To feel the butterflies dancing around your stomach, knowing you could never be with the one who gave you that feeling in the first place. To chase someone with love in your eyes, knowing they would probably only look ahead and never turn back to glance at you.

    Who knows? Maybe Jay had thought of it, or maybe he just chose to ignore it. After all, feelings of loss never make themselves known until something was finally robbed away from you.

    At first glance, nothing felt different that day. Well, minus the falling rain and constant grumbles from his classmates about the weather. But something was clearly off — Jay stared at the empty seat in front of him; you weren't here. It was recess and there were no signs of you anywhere in the room.

    It had been exactly 13 minutes since Jay had been fiddling with his pen mindlessly, thoughts filled with nothing but you. Maybe you just went to the restroom. He assured himself. Jay didn't know what got him so antsy, something just didn't feel right.

    But, he made up his mind.

    Jay placed his pen down quietly to tap on the shoulder of his friend sitting by the desk beside him. The confused face of Jake Sim greeted him instantly, "Hmm? What's up, bro?" But Jay had no time for small talk right now, "Do you know where (Y/N) went?"

    Jake shrugged his shoulders with a shake of his head, recalling the smugness Chulsoo emanated almost a little too obnoxiously yesterday. "Isn't she supposed to be at the tree near the field or something? Man, Chulsoo made a whole show outta wanting to confess to her yesterday."

    "Almost made me buy earmuffs and stuff— huh, Jay, where are you going?" But before he could say anything else, the sight of his friend hastily walking out of the door had him even more astonished. Jake received no answer from Jay, only a little wave gesture before he disappeared right out of the door.

    God, Jay wished so badly he heard it wrong. He wished it wasn't true. The male rushed through the hallways, passing by several people and occasionally receiving questioning glances. Why was he making such a fuss out of a silly thing like a confession? The voice at the back of his mind whispered.

    Tap! Tap! Tap!

    No, it wasn't silly. Or maybe, Jay was just scared to face what he had been avoiding all this time.

    He reached the entrance of the building sooner than he expected, the weather making itself apparent as small droplets began pattering on top of his clothes. The sound of the rain falling against the pavement was a repetitive melody, almost as if it was urging him; Go faster, Jay, faster — find her before it gets too late.

    There it was. The tree stood proudly by the school field, although Jay could barely see any silhouettes due to the downpour. But he ran anyway, he ran as far as his feet could take him. The state of his soaked clothes was the least of his priority right now. He was far too concerned about something else to care.

    What if he was too late? What if you were already holding someone else's hand and not his? What if? Maybe this was what he deserved.

    Maybe it was all because he was a coward.

    Maybe it was all his fault he couldn't look you in the eyes and tell you honestly.

    Maybe it was all his fault.

    Droplets of rain that fell against his cheek executed an excellent job at hiding the tears trickling down the sides of his face — not a single person could even differ which from which. Regret suddenly stings like never before.

    His breath felt like it was out of reach, his chest heaving up and down with ache… from all that running or all that thinking? Jay couldn't tell either.


    A familiar whisper of his name had the male lifting his head up in disbelief. It was you, looking at him with a frown and a hand shielding your head from the little mist of rain seeping through the tree leaves.

    You squinted your eyes at him with concern, "What are you doing here?"

    Was he too late?

    He still hadn't caught his breath, but that didn't matter. His head was dizzy, his sight blurry with little droplets of rain and his own tears, and his heart was ramming against his ribcage. He couldn't do this anymore, he couldn't pretend any longer.

    "I like you, (Y/N)."

    Those words, those very same words, that Jay always thought were funny to think about every night before he went to bed, thinking there would never come a day he would ever utter it to you. Look where he was, now.

    "I have, for a long time now. And I wanted to tell you, but I'm a coward. I didn't want to lose what we already had, I just..." He's just making a fool of himself, wasn't he?

    His lips stopped stammering out words that he had been bottling inside, and he sealed his long speech with a tired sigh. "Darn it. It doesn't matter... just, just tell me already. Tell me that you don't feel the same. So, I can finally tell myself to get over these stupid feelings." His words were devastating, it was as if he was expecting you to reject him.

    You ignored the slight crack in his voice as you reached out to place your hand on his shoulder, a small gesture that you had always done to him many times before.

    "Jay, listen."

    Back then, he'd always smile whenever you did that but your heart slightly recolied at the sight of him wincing underneath your harmless touch. His clothes were sopping wet — you knew Jay had always been someone who cherished his outifts and the fact that he'd allow his clothes to get soaked just to come here — for you.

    Your lips stretched into a small smile with a rueful hint in it, "...You're not a coward. You're only considering what could happen afterwards and that's called being cautious and considerate. Being scared of rejection is normal, so don't go around calling yourself a coward." You could see tears prickling through the little gaps between his fingers as he cradled his face in his hands, muffled sobs escaping his mouth; you had never seen Jay so vulnerable.

    How long had he been beating himself up over this? You desperately wanted to bring him into a hug, but you decided to continue all that you had to say.

    "Besides, if I really were about to reject you, although it'd be a little awkward at first afterwards, it'll take some time. At least, it's better than us being strangers with a grudge."

    That caused Jay to take a moment to process your words. Maybe he was overthinking, but what did you mean by saying; if you were to reject him? He lifted his face up from the shelter of his hands, eyes swollen and nose red. Does that mean—?

    Almost as if you could read his mind, you nodded your head with a chuckle. "Yes, Park Jongseong, I like you too. I already told our school's oh-so beloved playboy, Chulsoo, a harsh no." The words went out of your mouth so naturally, it felt as if you were waiting to say that to him. "Although I thought you didn't like me back at first, but I waited for you, still. I wasn’t expecting you to come here, but you did."

    You didn’t even let him respond as you sneaked your arms around his figure, bringing him into an embrace. It didn't matter if your clothes were damp, as long as you could savor this moment. Jay allowed his head to rest on top of your shoulder. Just for a moment, he wanted to stay here longer, just a little longer.

    It all felt like a dream. You actually liking him back? He would've thought this was all a dream if it weren't for your warm hold ensuring him that this was, indeed, reality.

    Epiphanies sure worked in strange ways, and for Park Jongseong; it was the realization that all along, the distance between you and him wasn't as as both of you initially thought. After all, who would've thought all it took was the school's playboy being an arse to bring the two of you together?

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    SERIES TAGLIST: @markdebutslimitlessly

    thank you for reading.

    © meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!

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    [4:11 PM] APPLE OF MY EYES. (SJY)

    — FIFTH INSTALLMENT for 'let the rain be our witness' series. [ series masterlist ] | [ previous installment ] | [ next installment ]

    KOREAN TITLE: 소송 대신 전화번호 알려주면 안돼나? | (meaning: instead of a lawsuit, why don't you give me your number?)

    SYNOPSIS: ❝Jake initially pictured a relaxing drive in the rain with his brand new car. Until wow, he stupidly forgot about the existence of puddles and nearly got himself struck in the head with a stiletto because of it. That's when you came in, and you know what? Forget his new car — you're the apple of his eyes now (yes, even after you almost sent him into a coma).❞

    TYPE OF WORK: oneshot/fic.

    GENRE: fluff, humour/crack, strangers to lovers.

    PAIRING: sim jaeyun x fem!reader.

    WORD COUNT: 1.6k+ words.

    WARNINGS: slight violence (a nearly inflicted coma due to aggressively thrown stilettos), jake being a man of 'broke and barely has money' culture and names his new car 'leonardo', unfortunate events of getting splashed by cars.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: yes double posting from elly (1/2) this is just pure crackheadry with fluff ✋ nonetheless, i hope you will enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it! if you have a license, please drive safely during the rain :( be careful, mwah <3

    [ did this peak your interest? then, head over to our catalogue (masterlist). ]

    [4:11 PM] When Jake Sim decided to go on a drive in his new car that day, he was only expecting to hear the rumbles of the engine going ‘vroom vroom’ and the soft pitter patters of the rain against the window panels.

    That was all, definitely not the sound of a mega splash similar to the one you usually heard at a waterpark and a banshee scream following afterwards. That banshee scream sounded too human-like for his liking, he actually didn’t know if he'd rather it be a human being or a banshee.

    For a moment there, Jake felt as if he almost defied the laws of gravity by how hurriedly he stepped on the brake that almost caused him to fly out of his seat. Thank God he didn’t fly off, but Jake’s train of thought only circled around one thing; should he be expecting a lawsuit soon? ...He was just trying to be positive. After all, nobody loves lawsuits.

    That scream was undoubtedly by a passerby, but he hoped it would be otherwise. Jake had only just bought Leonardo yesterday evening — yes, he named his new car Leonardo. In his defense, it reminded him of his dog, Layla, so why not? Anyway, he vividly recalled checking out his wallet last night. And if Jake were to be honest, his wallet felt a little too light for his liking.


    The male unbuckled his seat belt in a swift motion before shutting the door to his brand new vehicle behind him. Little droplets from the shower of light rain pitter pattered Jake’s shoulders as soon as he stepped out. Luckily, he was wearing a jacket at that time — Jake turned around to face you, the unfortunate passerby who fell victim to his stupid flexing drive.

    “Hey, are you—?” But not-so-lucky because he was instantly greeted by the monstrously furious expression on your face. He swore he could see an angry red glint in your eyes, or maybe that was just the aftereffect from going to a comic café a few days ago.

    Ah yes, a pretty stranger throwing a (F/C) stiletto directly at him at full speed.

    Wait a darn minute.


    His fight-or-flight response told Jake to duck and he did exactly that; but dear Lord, he barely dodged it by a finger’s length. Uh, hello, what just happened? He was just complimenting you in his head a few seconds ago?

    Were you supposed to become sort of barbaric civil citizen— Whoosh! And there went another stiletto he managed to dodge, this might as well became one of the times Jake thanked God that humans only had two feet.

    It didn’t end there because you began marching up towards him with such a brisk pace, all the while you were barefoot, might he add. Now that Jake could see you upclose, he really meant it when he said, or mentally thought, that you were pretty. Yes, even when you were stomping towards him like a child throwing a tantrum, even when you ominously grabbed the collar of his jacket.

    Okay, maybe he was about to die and appear in the headlines tomorrow.

    “You…! You selfish bastard!” He flinched, both by your words and your infuriated tone. Jake knew, for sure, he looked like a puppy cornered in a corner because he really didn’t know how to respond. At the brink of not wanting to be punched, he held his arms up in defense and tried to inch away his face from you with a grimace.

    “W-wait! First, can we, uhh... chill?”

    That was some bad choice of word — he panicked, alright? But it seemed you didn't take his words too lightly. Jake could tell that was the case because as soon he said that, you began shaking his collar back and forth.

    “Chill...? Chill!?”

    Was it fortunate or unfortunate that there were no other passerbys except you two — Jake felt sure God was cursing him for naming his car Leonardo; he sincerely thought it was cool though. But would you please stop shaking him? The male could only garble dizzily, "Uwegh, woah, woah. Hold on, let's talk like civil citizens—."

    Still fuming with anger, you brought his face close to yours with one tug of your hand. Woah, he gasped in his mind; your face got even closer to his own. Jake's eyes widened at the abrupt shortness of proximity but that frown on your face was frightening, to say the least.

    "You wanna know what's first?" But your grip on his collar slightly tensed before you released his collar from your grasp and shook your head with a defeated sigh. Jake fixed his disheveled collar in relief but his curious eyes stayed on you as you sat down on the side of the pathway beside the road.

    "First, I got rejected at two of my job interviews at the same time. And then I got splashed by a car." Your hand was propped on one of your cheeks, you slightly despised how cold your skin felt against your face. "Now, I missed my bus… Can today get even worse? Life hates me, I'm sure of it.”

    One moment of silence — then, you heard a rustling noise that the stranger had filled the empty spot beside you, sitting down in the exact same position as you. "Hey, uh, I'm sorry to hear that. Is there... anything that can make you feel better?" This stranger, who you almost wrestled to death, fiddled with his fingers quietly; seemingly still unsure of what to say to you.

    But hey, remember that whole thing Jake said earlier bout his wallet feeling light? Forget it, what he wanted right now was to make you feel better. Your day sounded pretty rough, Jake really really wanted to comfort you but God, he clearly wasn't an expert.

    "I can buy you coffee… or, if you like bubble tea, I can buy that too."

    You didn't respond.

    Suddenly scared by how quiet you had been, Jake's eyes searched for yours nervously only to be greeted by teary (E/C) eyes. Oh no, no, no, did he say something wrong again? “Wait, are you crying? Oh my God, please don’t.” He peered into your face with a panicked frown, “Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I suck at comforting other people, I didn't—."

    Your voice sounded croaky as you uttered in between little sobs, “No, it's not that. I'm just crying… because... I feel stupid for taking it out on you.” He looked almost stupefied by your answer, but he responded anyway. "You're—." Cute, that one word almost rolled off his tongue if it weren't for the sudden mini tsunami splashing both of you in the face.


    A car drove past the two of you, speeding its pace up as if to leave the scene as soon as possible. Well, the déjà vu really came in clutch. To be honest, although he was soaked from head to toe himself, Jake was expecting you to bear more ounces of anger.

    But when he gazed at you, you were looking back at him with your eyes turned into crescents and your mouth curling up the brightest smile he had ever seen. A fit of laughter escaped your damp lips, "Pfft— what just happened?

    Little droplets of water ran down the side of your cheek; you looked pretty, Jake thought as he shrugged his shoulders with a silly smile. "Not gonna chase that driver and punch him?" He's joking with you? You reciprocated his comical jab with an amused giggle. "You know what? I guess that guy's not nice enough to check on me, unlike you."

    His heart warm, Jake could feel a rush of heat scrambling to his cheeks. The prior embarrassment from earlier made you tuck a strand of your (H/L) (H/C) behind your ear, "And hey, I'm really sorry for taking it out on you earlier... It was stupid."

    There was something gentle about the way he smiled that you couldn't place your hands on as he jested. "Nah, if I knew grabbing me by the collar would help you let your emotions out, I would let you do it a thousand times." You almost snorted at his words but that didn't stop the smile on your lips, not at all.

    "Well, your collar is a little too soggy for me to grab it, since we're both soaked now.” You cradled your knees close to your chest, seeking some warmth. Your little act didn't go unnoticed by him. You felt a warm fabric droop over your damp clothes and your head immediately snapped to glance at the guy beside you.

    He didn't even hesitate, “Here, take my jacket.”

    One of the jacket's dangling sleeves caught your eyes; well, particularly, a noticeable scribble of ownership across the fabric. Jake Sim written in a messy handwriting, with a smiley face at the end.

    “And how do you expect me to return it, exactly, Mr. Jake Sim?” You spoke his name as if you had known him for years, it sent an array of butterflies flying around in Jake's heart. So much, that he almost forgot to answer your question.

    "Uh— you can… have my number? Or, um, I can give you a ride home?" That was not supposed to sound so awkward for no reason, Jake cursed his inner foolishness — but you, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind as you looked at him with such a gentle smile.

    Your tone was indignant as you pointed out, "You know my clothes are still wet, right? One damp seat is less worse than two." Jake gestured towards his awaiting red car with a grin, "Sounds fine to me, as long as you get home safe."

    You lightly scoffed at his carefree response, but he could see the same smile staying glued to your lips. "You're going to regret this, but I'll take your offer."

    Well, who cares about Leonardo anymore — you're the apple of his eyes now.

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    thank you for reading.

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    it was once a love triangle that you walked away from. you find you must make a choice once again. however, tensions will rise as a third guy is added to your already complicated predicament.

    chapter fifty six : two shades

    masterlist | prev // next

    taglist: @softforqiankun @penny-quinn @youreverydayzebra @p2arks @hobistigma @studioreader @ncityy04 @mykalon @liliansun @pixyseeun @woniebae @lionessmane @diestheticu @acciomylove @luvrseung @jay-durian @kac-chowsballs @strawbrinkofdeath @theskzvibe @dandelionxgal

    #enhypenwriters#houseofincantations#ficscafe#enhypen#enhypen smau#enhypen fic #enhypen jay fic #enhypen sunghoon #enhypen jake fic #enhypen angst #enhypen angst fic #enhypen jay angst #enhypen sunghoon angst #enhypen jake angst #enhypen scenario#enhypen imagines #enhypen social series #enhypen jay social au #enhypen jake social au #enhypen sunghoon social au #enhypen x reader angst #enhypen x reader social au #enhypen x reader fic
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    pairing: enhypen ni-ki/reader
    featuring: enhypen, nct, loona, aespa (ningning)
    genre: smau, comedy, highschool au, fluff, romance

    synopsis: niki is not the best at making the most resolute decisions, even more so when it comes to his own feelings. but when it comes to you, a random classmate who somehow got forced into the lovely minecraft club, will he finally get his head out of his ass and figure out his feelings?

    taglist: (send an ask to be added!) @shguacamole ​@mitsukifilms @polarwon @dinosdance @sthinqsz @alderiasamantha @navsnct @mildlystupid @vilenishis @itzxvaxella @acciomylove @yuakagi @pepperrye @bigtittietoji @meiiiwa


    masterlist | previous | next

    #scaredy cat !! ☆ #enhypen niki#enhypen #enhypen nishimura riki #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen smau#enhypen sunghoon#kpop smau #enhypen x reader #niki smau #enhypen x y/n #niki scenarios#niki imagines#niki #niki x reader #niki nishimura#enhypen sunoo#enhypen scenarios#enhypen series #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen socmed #enhypen socmed au
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