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  • yeoniries
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    anyone who writes smut for enhypen or any minors in the kpop industry is SICK in the fucking head.   

    #enhypen #yep i'm talking about jisung as well #enhypen smut#kpop smut
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  • sunnyjae
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • jay-durian
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I wanna try making a smau 👁️👁️ send in asks if y'all have any smau ideas tht I could try <3

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  • jeontaeil
    30.11.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #enhypen hard hours #jake smut
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  • enhal0ve
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    not to be horny on the TL or whatever but I've been watching the hunger games and its kinda inspired me.... but Like what if I maybe possibly wrote something like for the cave scene for like Jake.. I would do like Hee cause I wanna write for him, but Jake gives Peeta vibes as hell especially with his BLONDE HAIR


    it would be like you're the two tributes from your district and you've just gotten the supplies you needed and you apply the suave yada yada and he's realizing your forehead is almost completely healed, and you're checking his leg and its barely even cut, and you realize you both could actually win this and go home. Emotions all out of wack and stuff, and he kisses you. Deep and full of longing, and he's pulling at your clothes desperate for you. But you're embarrassed cause you know there's camera's but he's shushing you and he starts covering the camera with his jacket.

    and then boom you're fucking in a cave in the woods in the middle of a survival game. and its raw and desperate and dirty, and when you both win they're all giving you both knowing looks and you wanna die from the shame of it

    #enhypen jake smut #enha smut#enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #jake sim#sim jaeyun
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  • jayflrt
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𝐍𝐎 𝐍𝐔𝐓 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐑 02. coriander 6:18

    SUMMARY ▸ four men suppressing their carnal instincts for thirty days doesn’t sound plausible, but it’s no nut november, so victory is crucial. yet, there’s only one obstacle keeping lee heeseung, park jongseong, sim jaeyun, and park sunghoon from their prize: you. game on, boys.

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    FIRST TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower​ @baekhyunstruly​ ​@mykalon​ @heelariously​ @hobistigma​ @jjun4thitboy​ @liliansun​ @emobeomgyu​ @w3bqrl​ @yeonjunsleftboob​ @undeadbots @sheepgardenenha​ @domojoo​ @meijiamikas​ @rikisnuggie​ @jongsaengseong​ @pixyseeun​ @woniebae​ @rielleluvs​ @softforqiankun​ ​@3ggieyolk​ ​@ryu-naa​ @from-xero​ @baekhyuns-lipchain​ @misfitsjy​ @outrobegins​ @mishtidoie​ @primorange​ @blank-velvet​ @kyleeanne​ @wonkiluvr​ @yourlocalhotgf​ @unipanda1006​ @rikisnotforsale​ @flameykeese​ @yougeans​ @mybabywearschanel​ @s2elf-z​ @httpheeseung​ @hvunvely​ @mildlystupid​ @violevantae​ @pr3ttyf4ce​ @person-standing​ @youreverydayzebra​ @rikibae​ @gu8ki​ @minatagramm​ @niikipuff​ @rinyx​

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  • enhal0ve
    30.11.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #enhypen hard hours #touch me #enhypen jake smut
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  • shinramyeonz
    30.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    flip the switch | jay park (preview)

    part two of "switch it up", no possible release date yet.

    pairing: sub!jay x dom reader

    synopsis: being the dominant one in bed for a while, it hasn't occurred to park jongseong how you've been wanting to pin him down for so long. and just as fate planned it, an unfortunate encounter with one of his fangirls riles you up in the worst way possible. would he be able to prepare himself?

    genre: smut, angst, established relationship

    "keep still if you wanna cum." you command, running your nails down his chest, making him hiss in pain as your acrylics dig into his skin. "yeah, baby?"

    "try me, mommy." jay chuckles amidst the sting traveling along his body, trying his best to resist the urge of submitting to you. this isn't me. i won't be the 'baby' she thinks i am.

    with that, you pull your hand away from his cock and step back a few feet away from the bed where his whole body was splayed on, much to his dismay. you marvel at the way he writhes against the confines around his hands, and how he rubs himself desperately against the cotton sheets.

    "fuck!" jay grumbles, struggling to find the friction he so wanted to feel against his cock. "touch me. now. i need to cum now."

    "hah!" you haughtily exclaim, sauntering towards the bed, now with a strap on your hand. you crawl on top of his still squirming figure, teasing his entrance with the tip of the shaft. "you should've thought about that before testing my patience, slut."

    © 2021 all rights reserved | shinramyeonz on tumblr.

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  • heenuna
    30.11.2021 - 22 hours ago

    「 🖤 」 :springtime flow⠀「1/2」

    genre: slight nsfw (!!!)
    pairing: reader x heeseung
    warnings: college!au, first love somehow (?) are these even warnings


    how many times has he done this already? five? six?

    you seem to have lost count, watching your groupmate heeseung, a very calm, quiet guy. what's the problem?

    a candy.

    a damn lollipop.

    the most common, banal, typical sweetness in the world, but in hee's hands, or to be more exact, lips, it becomes something like instruments of torture. it would be better if you were executed on the guillotine or in the Iron Maiden, seriously.

    his slightly plump, soft lips gently encircle the sugar base of the candy so that you see a straight row of teeth, and immediately after - a playful, but for some reason looking so soft tongue sliding over the sweet surface. the lollipop disappears completely in his mouth, and all that reminds of it is the compressed lips and the puffed cheek holding the snow-white stick.

    you mentally reproach yourself for falling for such a caricature gesture but you can't help yourself, because when the lollipop is back in your field of vision, you greedily watch how heeseung passes over it with his tongue, squeezes his lips as if kissing and releases it that now the candy rests between his fingers.

    the most beautiful and elegant fingers, in your opinion.

    your detached figure, sitting in the distance, would be insanely happy to tell the boy everything that you have in your heart, however, your courage is only enough for a couple of anonymous poems and one box of chocolates, presented for some holiday as a thank you for helping with the project, and not some kind of love. not at all.

    he wraps his lips around the candy again, and you mentally burn from how much, it turns out, you are in love with him. he's so unreal, his pinkish tongue slides so perfectly along the candy that you squeeze your lips, when suddenly.. your eyes suddenly meet his gaze.

    you look into his deep brown eyes and don't know what to do. the body freezes and a chill is felt somewhere in the chest area. you expect him to get scared and turn away, as it usually happens, but this time the corner of his lips playfully lifts, forming a grin, and he sticks out his tongue almost completely, licking the lollipop from all sides before taking it back into his mouth. his cheek bulges out again, and his eyes take on the same innocent shade. hee pouts slightly, smiling at you with his eyes, and the cold in your chest is quickly replaced by the usual warmth.

    you nod nonchalantly, and he turns away. you breath out.

    so beautiful. you slowly lower your eyes to your hands, and then turn to the window. it's already spring outside, a warm and sunny day. the wind makes the crowns of the trees rustle, the birds sing their silly songs. summer is coming soon.

    you sigh dreamily, realizing that this summer, like all the previous ones, you will spend exactly the same: in your room, composing verse by verse for a guy who will never even know that you were his mysterious admirer all this time.

    your lips tighten a little, you lower your head on your hands folded on the table and close your eyes, falling asleep. you don't dream of anything, you just sleep, distancing yourself from the outside world, from worries, and from heeseung.

    awhile later you wake up feeling something warm on your hand. hmm?

    having gathered your strength, you raise your head and, it seems, at this very moment everything around you freezes and you seem to fall into a slow mo, not knowing whether it is a dream or reality. in front of you, very close, you can see heeseung, his hand, big and warm, lies on your forearm and slightly squeezes it, and he himself is smiling with his usual sunny smile, which he gives to everyone.

    as usual, you look into his eyes for another good 5 seconds, and begin to smile back, restrained, as always. nothing should betray your sympathy.

    “you fell asleep in class, cleaning up is your punishment,” hee's voice sounds a little quieter than usual, but he's still calm and peaceful. you slowly relax listening to him, and then you purse your lips.

    “why are you still here?”

    “i volunteered to help you.”

    “nice of you, but go home. it's been a long day, you need to rest.”



    you, as always, mumble in response, not understanding why heeseung's eyebrows are frowning so unusually. his lips are pursed like yours ones, forming a kind of pouting. he's really cute.

    “i wanted to be alone with you.”

    you're perplexed. what for? did you do something wrong? did he begin to guess? your head is filled with a swarm of thoughts, and you don't know which one to analyse first. they're all so chaotic.


    in your usual intonation, this question sounds distant, and heeseung shivers, taking his hand away from you. well, you've ruined everything. his look expresses the same bewilderment, resentment, and even.. guilt? where would the guilt come from? you look at his face, trying to figure out what's on his mind, while he's playing with his fingers, forming a thought in his head.

    finally, he looks up at you, “i wanted to be with you because you're acting like a stupid protagonist from all these classic novels: staring at me from afar, writing your poems for me, giving me candies when you get up the courage.. and you could have just come up to me and asked me out a long time ago. how stupid you are. the whole lollipop show was just for you, and again you didn't understand anything. seriously, you're a fool.”

    his confession penetrates into your heart somewhere, you attentively catch every word, every letter, before reaching out to his hand with your fingers and taking it in your palm, bringing it to your lips for a kiss. heeseung doesn't understand what and why, but he doesn't pull his hand away, waiting and anticipating what you will do next. you would never do that in any of his dreams, in any of his scenarios, which is why this whole new situation causes such a stir in his young heart.

    you don't waste time on reasoning, and immediately kiss every knuckle, every fidget, before looking at heeseung again, “i'd never expect you to find the truth out.”

    “i'm not blind.”

    “i'm embarrassed, i'm sorry.”

    “kiss me.”

    he has already struck you for the umpteenth time. a kiss? does he mean on the lips? is he kidding? you would never allow such a liberty yourself, but once hee asks..

    you move closer to the edge of the desk and stretch forward, nodding, “okay, i've been dreaming about this for a long time.”

    heeseung nods to you in response, and also stretches forward to meet you, leaning his hands on the desk. you both look at each other feeling excited to start, at such an intimate distance.

    you look at his nice nose, cute cheeks, warm, seemingly tender lips.. and, having no strength to endure it any longer, you kiss them like in love stories. your kiss is not fast, neat and as gentle as possible. squeeze a little, lick and suck - that's your algorithm.

    he whines softly, and this drives you even harder, so soon you slowly, afraid to scare him off, slide your tongue into his mouth, intertwining them into a single whole.

    he trembles a little, but willingly responds to your eagerness, and his tongue in response begins to slide along yours. you feel your temperature rising, and you can't stop, however, it's still worth doing it. slowly, you pull away and raise your eyes to hee's face, he's flushed and his lips are slightly swollen, but he hasn't lost his charm. cutie.

    “you have soft lips,” you notice, looking at them. heeseung instinctively licks them with the tip of his tongue, and you smile at the realization that just a few moments ago this very tip was completely under your control. the guy in front of you silently looks at you, his chest is heaving every now and then, and he's playing with his fingers again, not knowing what to say in such cases.

    you can't think of anything better than to take your keys out of your pocket and hand them to him, smiling. he looks confused, “why?”

    “i live alone, so we can go to my place now, if you don't mind. I mean, you can go now, and I'll be back as soon as I finish cleaning,” you say calmly, winking at him. it's his turn not to understand your gestures, so he's still frowning.

    “what should i do there?”

    you shrug your shoulders, “if you want, you can sleep. or eat something. whatever it is, just rest.”

    hee nods and finally accepts the keys from your hands. they're light, and the boy immediately hides them in his pants pocket, smiling at you, “are you sure you don't need help?”

    you nod your head negatively and you both get up from your seats. he leans over to kiss your cheek. wordless. and soon he's gone, leaving behind a kind of feeling of emptiness. it's worth finishing the cleaning as soon as possible.


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  • jaylaxies
    30.11.2021 - 23 hours ago


    WARNING : please note that all fics are for hyung line members and will contain smut, minors dni.
    LEE HEESEUNG (two is a company)
    PAIRING : heeseung x fem!reader
    TROPE : stranded/locked in together
    SYNOPSIS : a night at the abandoned cabin with your friends didn't sound bad to you initially, it was a mere dare afterall. but what if the whole group bails on you and heeseung, the only guy you don't get along with, to spend the chilly night together with no way to go home in the heavy rainstorm? "fucking helps in production of body heat, y'know?" heeseung more or less offered. "yeah, i'd rather freeze, no thank you."
    PARK JAY (never have i ever)
    PAIRING : jay x fem!reader
    TROPE : brother's best friend
    SYNOPSIS : three months into his new university and sunghoon had made a whole new friend group. more importantly—a new best friend. inviting jay to hang out, sunghoon forgot about the extended skating practices he had to attend, so he conveniently asked jay to keep an eye on you, making sure you didn't sneak out to a party. now what would you do if jay promises you a game of never have i ever to be more interesting than your party? and what would you do when things start to heat up more than they should? "never have i ever kissed my brother's best friend." you confessed. "we can change that now, princess." he smirked.
    SIM JAKE (the switch project)
    PAIRING : photographer!jake x lingerie model!reader
    TROPE : project partners
    SYNOPSIS : being the top model for your company was something you had grown accustomed to, alongside your photographer, jihoon, always placing number one on the 'monthly evaluation list'. just opposite to jake not being accustomed to be placed second. so when company announced 'the switch project', jake had to turn the tables for him. the hard part? you're his partner and you hate him. "what pose do i do?" you asked, wanting to be done as soon as possible. "i say doggy style–" you threw a bra, hitting him right in the face. "asshole."
    PARK SUNGHOON (lovers in the night)
    PAIRING : sunghoon x fem!reader
    TROPE : sharing a bed
    SYNOPSIS : you despised dinner parties with the park family, solely because you had to face sunghoon there, your resident fuckboy and childhood 'friend'. things took a turn when his mom caught you both in a compromising position, mistaking it as a relationship, when in reality, all you were trying to do was to snatch your phone back from sunghoon. highly pleased, his father allows him to go to the trip he's been waiting for since long. desperate, he begs you to keep up with the facade in return to set you up with heeseung, your crush. before it all, they invite you for a dinner and night-stay, forgetting to inform you that you'll be staying in sunghoon's room, sharing the bed with him.

    taglist : @lowkeyjakey @sunghoonsworld @softforqiankun @ye0njunzp1xie @eunoia-kth @lix-freckle3 @woniebae @baekhyunstruly @heenotes @sungniverse @shinramyeonz @starryjake @wntrsgf @eli-zzy @heelariously @liliansun @hoonstrology @abdiitcryy @w3bqrl @9900z


    send an ask or dm to be added to the taglist!

    © jaylaxies 2021

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  • vinnieee
    30.11.2021 - 23 hours ago


    #THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD #HAPPY 1 YEAR #im literally in class rn but i couldn't miss this live #♥︎ vinnie talks ♥︎ #enhypen jay#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jungwon#enhypen sunoo#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen niki#enhypen fluff#enhypen#enhypen smut#enhypen ff
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  • sundoghae
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Devil's night

    Pairings: Freak!Heeseung X bratty!femreader ft Jay&Sunghoon

    Genres: Halloween party, smut, college!au

    Triggers: Humiliation kink, sexual scenes, vulgar language, unprotected sex, blowjob (female/male receiving), handjob (female receiving), overstimulation, degradation kink, bondage, choking, fear play, Voyeurism, BDSM???

    WC: 15,3k

    Notes: It's baaaaack!!!!! Idk why it disappeared but it's back 🤧

    We were in the car, my best friend Bora and I, on our way to Jake's villa who had organized a Halloween party with all the high school alumni and some university students. He never missed an opportunity to throw an unforgettable party.

    It had only been a year since we had become students and left high school.

    _"He's going to fucking let us pass that damn security guard?" Bora lingered, hands on the wheel.

    The car had stopped for almost five minutes in front of the gate, which was still closed. The security guard approached us and looked at us insistently.

    _"Your names". He asked.

    _"Bora and Y/N". Bora answered impatiently.

    _"You want our IDs maybe". I said annoyed.

    _"No need." He said, giving us a last look before opening the gate.

    _"Tch, this old pervert just wanted to enjoy looking at our costumes." Bora rasped.

    Bora had parked the car in the parking lot and we were checking ourselves one last time before leaving.

    _"Why didn't you come with Yeonjun to the party?" Bora asked me.

    _"We broke up."

    _"What? After all the efforts you made to get back together with him, you broke up again?!"

    _"This time I won't go back to him."

    Yeonjun and I back in high school were the most popular couple. He, who was the leader of a music group and I the captain of the cheerleaders. We had a reputation, which until now is still with us. But since the incident, everything went to shit and so he dumped me.

    That bastard...

    _"Is it because of him?" Bora asked.

    I knew very well who she was talking about.

    I didn't answer and got out of the car.

    Suddenly, Bora's gaze landed behind me and her expression changed to shock.

    _"Speaking of the devil..."

    I was about to turn around when she stopped me.

    _"If I were you I would ignore him, let's go."

    Although Bora warned me, I turned around anyway and was shocked by what I saw.

    _"What the hell is Heeseung doing here? This is no place for creeps like him! How could Jake invite him?" I said out of state.

    Lee Heeseung was our favorite target in high school. Quiet, always in the corner and with weird tastes. Our group had several targets, but Yeonjun really hated him more. But I have to admit, he had a face that could be easily punched. He had a detestable look.

    But the Heeseung I saw there was not the one I knew. He was more muscular, taller, more imposing, and I don't know if it was his costume, but he scared me a little, he intimidated me.

    He was in a black police officer's outfit, with a red contact lens over his left eye.

    He turned his gaze towards us and a grin spread across his mouth. He walked in our direction and stopped in front of me, still smiling and with his eyes on me.

    _"It's been a long time". He said

    _"What are you doing here?" I said, trying to hide my intimidation by frowning.

    He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair.

    _"I was just invited."

    _"Lies, how could a guy like you get invited by Jake?"

    _"I see you're still in high school, but as you can see, times change and so do people". He said with an arrogant attitude.

    What happened to the nerdy kid he used to be?

    _"I guess I'll see you inside." He said before leaving.

    I was shocked and angry. How dare he talk to me like that when he was kneeling at my feet less than a year ago?

    _"Do you think he remembers what happened?" asked Bora.

    _"Don't be silly, of course he remembers, it's because of us that he was kicked out of school." I said in a rage.

    It was rather my fault.

    The first time Yeonjun broke up with me, I wanted to annoyed him by making him jealous. And the best person to make him mad was Heeseung. I met Heeseung in the locker room and kissed him, what I didn't expect was the fact that he kissed me back even more intensely. That's when Yeonjun came in and beat him almost to death before Heeseung pulled a knife out of his pocket. When the principal heard this, he called the police and Heeseung was taken away by force.

    I will always remember the look on his face and his bleeding nose.

    It really was my fault.

    A wave of guilt passed through me and then Bora patted me on the shoulder.

    _"Ignore him, it's not like it's the end of the world. Let's just do what we did before and pretend he doesn't exist." Bora reassured me.

    _"Yeah, you're right."

    It was not him who was going to ruin my night, after all, he will always remain the petty creep that we were bulliying.

    We had returned to the house which was beautifully decorated. Jake came to greet us with a drink in his hand.

    _"The popular girls have finally arrived. He said with a huge smile on his face."

    _"May I know what Heeseung is doing here?" I asked directly.

    Our eyes landed on Heeseung who was a little further away with a group of people laughing.

    _"I invited him here."

    _"But he's a loser, and you yourself thought he was weird."

    _"But now we get along pretty well, he's cool."


    _"Well I'll leave you guys, have fun."

    Jake went to join Heeseung.

    Why was he surrounded by people who wouldn't have looked at him in high school? Why?

    _"Why is he staring at you?" Bora said, holding her cup up to her mouth to mask her lips.

    She was right, Heeseung's eyes had fallen me and he had yet to look away. There was recognition in his eyes, and I wondered what memory came up for him first. Was it me glancing at him in the halls while I was with Yeinjun? Or was it my face's inches from his own before we kissed?

    With a sudden sharp pain in my chest, I wondered if he hated me. It's not like i cared gaining the liking of a weirdo like him, but...the way he was looking at me didn't feel hateful. He seemed curious, his eyes lingering over my face and then down, over my body. Of course he would stare. But somehow i still felt...guilty?

    After all, I'd made-out with him and then immediately got back with the guy who'd been bullying him since freshman year. I'd tease him relentlessly, spread rumors about him, laughed at him. If that didn't make me look like an asshole, I didn't know what would.

    _"This is so fucking weird," Bora whispered "Since when are they friends?"

    I shrugged, trying not to linger on the topic. The more I thought about it, and the more I looked at Heeseung, the more awkward I felt. And "awkward" wasn't a normal feeling for me at all.

    A round of beer pong had just ended, so Bora and I stepped up to challenge the winners. I had always been a competitive person, whenever category it was, i hated to lose. We sank the opposing team's cups quickly, taking them down within a few minutes and getting a nice time while we were at it. With the game over, I realized that a small crowd had gathered to watch us play. Heeseung was watching too. Watching me.

    Again the fear that he hated me gripped my chest, but i couldn't warp my mind around why i cared. I hadn't see or thought of him in a year. Our kiss had faded up into the background of my memories, as had all our tense interactions, all my cruel words and haughty looks. It had faded until I saw him tonight.

    All I'd done was kissing him.

    And he kissed me back.

    But why Heeseung, appart the fact that he was hated by Yeonjun? It was not because his quit, lifeless looks had always scared me, and things that scared me were irresistible. It was not because that shy, withdraw exterior I was sure there was a beast patiently lying . It hadn't been because his lips were unexpectedly soft, and when I'd kissed him he'd wrapped his hand around my throat, and my heart had fluttered for a second...

    No, it was not because of any of that. At all. It was just petty high school shit that we were all better off forgetting.

    _"Who's next?" Bora laughed, "Come on, who's the next challenger?"

    _"I'll give it a go."

    My heart dropped. Heeseung had stepped up. Now that he was closer, standing almost directly in front of me across the table, I could see that he'd become muscular since I'd last see him. He wasn't massif, but his biceps strained against the sleeves of his shirt and his chest was tight beneath the leather harness he wore. What was up with his harness anyways? Was it some kind of fetish thing?

    _"Uh, sure okay," Bora sounded irritated "Who's your teammate?"

    Heeseung shrugged.

    _"Just me. Me against her." He pointed at me.

    It was a struggle to keep my mouth from falling open. I hid my discomfort behind the best resting bitch face I could make.

    _"Yeah, maybe you haven't noticed but we're playing in teams." I said slowly, sarcastically.

    _"Aw, scared you'll lose if you play alone?" His voice was taunting and steady. He was almost cocky in the way he carried himself, his mannerism, his tone.

    Dammit, he knew how to get to me.

    I laughed.

    _"Oh, no. More like I'll be bored with how easy beating you will be."

    _"I take it you accept the challenge then," he said, bouncing the little white ball on the table, "I mean, it's an easy victory for you after all, right?"

    My jaw clenched. I wanted to snap out something rude, but Jake interrupted us.

    _"Woah, guys, if you're gonna go one versus one, let's make this a little more interesting!"

    He came up to the table, sharpie in hand, and began to write on our cups. I glimpsed what it said: DARE.

    _"Drink or dare!" He exclaimed. "Same rules except if you make it in one of your opponent's dare cups, they have the option to do your dare instead of lose the cup." He smiled slyly, "Any dare you want. No boundaries."

    The crowd began to cheer, then chant; "Drink or dare! Drink or dare! Drink or dare!"

    With that many eyes on me, I'd literally die if I'd loose.

    _"Fine", I said, picking up my ball. "I hope you're ready to be humiliated, Heeseung. Oh wait...but you're already used to humiliation, aren't you?"

    The crowd rippled with laughter. They knew exactly what I was talking about. They all knew. Heeseung may have managed to get on Jake's good side, but that didn't mean everyone had forgotten where he came from.

    Heeseung just smiled as we went eye to eye.

    _"So you remember my name. I'm flattered, Y/N. Miss Popular remembers who I am, oh wow!" His voice was dripping with sarcasm. He lined up his shot, and said;

    _"I guess I was such a good kisser that you can't forget my name".

    Less people knew about that. Far less. But I could have heard gasps and murmurs "Ooooh shit!" from those who knew. I winced, instantly irritated as my face grew hot. That grin of his was unnerving...so unnerving that I missed my cup and lost the eye to eye. I swore softly. I couldn't let him get under my skin.

    _"So how's Yeonjun been, Y/N ?" Heeseung said as he lined up his first shot.

    _"How would I know?", I said sharply. "We're not together."

    _"Aww, too bad. Prom king and queen didn't get their happily-ever-after. What a sad world. Shocking, honestly".

    His ball flew through the air and sunk, luckily not in a dare cup. I guzzled down the cheap beer and set the cup aside.

    _"I was surprised to see you here, Heeseung", I said, taking aim. "I didn't know Jake was allowed to invite dogs."

    More laughter, even from Heeseung. The longer we snapped back and forth, the more my heart raced.

    _"Everyone likes dogs," he said, leaning down behind the cups so that as i aimed, i was forced to meet his eyes.

    He was so damn distracting, and creepy, with that one red contact in. "And those who don't, well...only dumbasses kick a dog and expect not to get bit".

    _"You're still carrying knives around?" I tried to sound condescending, but my voice shot up in pitch.


    So serious. So damn serious. My hand shook, and the ball flew, made it in! A dare cup! I folded my arms victoriously.

    _"So what's your dare, miss? he said, looking at the cup musingly. " I might just take it."

    The crowd was throwing suggestions, then Bora leaned forward and whispered in my ears, and I smiled slyly.

    _"I dare you...to shove your head in the toilet, and flush it," I said sweetly.

    His smile, that oh-so-cocky grin, faltered slightly.

    _"You've had plenty of practice with that already, right?"

    For a second, I thought he might actually do it. Instead, he downed the cup and set it aside. It still had the effect I wanted regardless: He would lost his cocky grin.

    _"Oh Y/N," he shook his head. "Little Y/N. Don't you know that you're supposed to grow up after high school? We're all adults here."

    He tossed the ball and made it in. A dare for me too.

    _"But I guess some of us really did peak in high school."

    _"What's your dare?" I snapped. there was no way I was losing this game. I would take whatever dare he gave me.

    _"Kiss my boots."

    People gasped, laughed, and whistled. Bora made an horrified noise behind me. I frowned.

    _"So...what...just one little kiss?"

    _"Oh, no no no," he chuckled, walking around the side of the table, so I could see him fully. "I dare you to get on your knees, get your face down to the ground, and kiss my boots for a whole minute."

    The horror on my face brought back that cocky grin of his.

    _"Or you can pussy out and drink."

    _"Big words from someone who just refused his dare," I shot back. But he was unfazed.

    _"Yes or no, Y/N," he said.

    The crowd was invested, of course they wanted me to do it this perverted fucks. I tossed back my hair, determined not to let him see me sweat.

    _"Fine, one minute."

    Bora was muttering protests behind me but I could hardly hear them because the crowd was bursting into cheers. I walked around the table, heart pounding as Heeseung stood before me, arms folded. As i got closer, I remembered how tall he was.

    I sunk to my knees in the grass, he looked over me like a creepy dead-eyed spectre. I glanced up, and Heeseung smirked down at me.

    _"You look better on your knees, Y/N," he said softly, soft enough that I don't think someone else could have heard him over the music.

    _"Enjoying your revenge?" I hissed.

    He laughed.

    _"It's just a dare, Y/N. It's a game."

    It wasn't just a game. It was more than that. This was payback for every time I laughed at him. Payback for the kiss that had gotten him attacked and expelled.

    I wasn't going to let him see me blush...but the heat in my face had become a wildfire, overtaking every inch of my skin. I lowered my head, bent low, ass up. My skirt hitched up, and the cold night air brushed against my cheeks. If I was going to get attention, I figured I'd be hot while I did it.

    His boots were shiny. The leather was worn, with cracks and wrinkles around the ankle and where his laces were pulled tight. As I got closer I could smell the leather itself, the smell rushed in my nose and awakened something in me, a strange feeling I couldn't quite name.

    I kissed the toe of his boot. The leather felt smooth under my lips. I kissed it again, then switched and kissed the other. One minute...sixty seconds...that would be quick...right? I touched my lips to them lightly, but even so, my lip gloss left the imprint of my kisses behind. The marks would remain there, likely for the rest of the night, a constant reminder of what I've done. The position I'd choose to put myself in was causing my tight thong to press even tighter against my intimate parts, and I was suddenly, horrifyingly aware that I was having a reaction to this that I hadn't expected.

    I was getting wet. My pussy felt so warm it was as if she was blushing too. Shit! Shit! Shit! Surely it wouldn't show through my thong, but the thought that someone might see a damp spot when I was in this humiliating position made my blush go cold with horror.

    Why was this turning me on?

    I kissed up the toe, until I reached the curve of his ankle. I kissed there, too, where the leather was worn.

    It was the longest minute of my life.

    I've never done something so blatantly degrading. I had expected to feel my embarrassment settle in my stomach and leave me ill as hell. Instead, that feeling of embarrassment was turning into lust, and suddenly I was thinking about Heeseung pressing the sole of his boot down on my face. I was thinking of him crushing me into the grass, laughing at me, calling me a whore for daring to like it.

    _"One minute!" Jake yelled out.

    I got up, feeling dizzy, and turned away as quickly as I could. I didn't want to see Heeseung's smug, victorious face.

    I went back to my side of the table, chin up, and tucked back my hair, trying to act as if nothing unusual had happened. Bora watching me, wide-eyed.

    _"Was it that bad?" I said softly, taking her drink as she offered it and drinking the alcohol.

    _"Well...I mean...it was uh..." she shrugged, brushing it off. "It was just a dare. But girl...you're really red."

    I nodded quickly. Steadying my breath, I turned back to my opponent.

    _"What the fuck are you smirking for?" I demanded.

    Heeseung looked pleased. Far too pleased.

    _"Was it worth not loosing the cup?" He said.

    _"Of course it was. I don't plan to lose, Heeseung."

    I sunk his cup and he drank again, but he'd claimed a victory and we both knew it.

    We traded cups, back and forth. He did his next dare, taking a raw egg shot effortlessly when I'd hope to see him gag on it. He took more of mine, cups without dares, so I drank them down. I got 4 cups remaining.

    _"Looks like you might be losing, Y/N," Heeseung chuckled, "Unless you really like doing dares."

    _"I don't lose," I said with a fake sweet voice.

    While I was distracted by his taunts, he bounced the ball and made it in. Two cups for one, both of them dares. I sighed, closing my eyes to mask my frustration.

    _"Just give me the dare." I groaned

    _"it's two cups," he said warningly. "you know it's going to be a hard one."

    _"You don't scare me Heeseung."

    A lie, he did scare me. With one red eye, that confident grin, and my kiss marks on his boots, he seemed like he held all the power. Even worse: every time I looked at him and found him staring me back, I felt a warm rush in my belly and tingles up my back.

    He was turning me on. Just standing there, he was turning me on, and that scared me.

    _"I like that thong you're wearing." He said musingly, pacing a little as if he was daydreaming.

    My stomach twisted up into a knot.

    _"I saw it while you were down on your knees. Real cute choice to wear under a short skirt."

    I rolled my eyes. I wasn't ashamed of the crowd having seen my underwear; I'd always gotten enjoyment out of showing off, knowing they desired me but couldn't have me.

    _"Take your thong off," he said. "And give it to me."

    Cheers and whistles immediately sounded.

    Girls from my old cheerleading squad were there, people I'd known for years. All waiting, watching and sipping their drinks.

    I was not going to lose, not to Heeseung. I reached up under my skirt and yanked down my thong. As I did, I could feel my arousal clinging to the fabric. I glanced at them briefly, I noticed the there was a spot of wetness on the cloth that would betray all my prideful posturing the second he looked at it.

    Phones were out, recording. This would be all over social media in the morning. But I put on my best sarcastic smile and twirled the panties around my finger.

    _"Are these what you want, Heeseung?" I said. "Hmm?"

    He held out his hand expectantly. So damn cocky, as if it was no surprise to him that I took the dare, no surprise that I was giving him exactly what he wanted without hesitation. I balled up the thong and threw it over, chucking it aggressively.

    He caught it, smirked, and held it spread between two fingers.

    _"Thank for the trophy."

    _"You fucking perv," I tried to sound disgusted, but my voice came out too high and shaky to be convincing. To my horror, I saw Heeseung's eyes linger on the spot of dampness. As his gaze slid back up to me, there was fire in his eyes.

    I expected him to announce it but he just shoved the thong into his pocket with a victorious smile.

    _"Your turn," he said.

    Every breath of wind kissed up under my skirt and slid over my pussy, cold ans shocking against my wet lips. Yes, wet. I tried not to think about it. I squeezed my legs together, worried that I was going to drip down my thighs. I was literally being degraded in front of friends and strangers, and I liked it.

    Heeseung was certainly enjoying himself; I could see it all over his face. I wondered how long he'd thought about humiliating me, if he'd fantasized about me squirm, making my cheeks turn red and my voice shake. I wondered if it was turning him on too.

    I took another of his cups, and he took two of mine. Jake declared the rules to be that if dare had already used to keep a cup, if the ball went again there wouldn't be a second dare. Since I'd already used my last dare to save two cups, those went off the table.

    Heeseung's aim was annoyingly good. He got a third cup for me, and I clenched my fist as I waited for his dare. What else could he possibly ask of me?

    He pulled my thong out of his pocket.

    _"Take your next shot, with this in your mouth."

    People were disgusted, intrigued or shocked. Their phones were still out. I snatched up the cup, chugged it down, and threw it furiously aside.

    _"You can fuck yourself on that." I jabbed my finger at him. "Fuck you."

    Heeseung chrugged, and tucked my underwear back into his pocket.

    _"Relax Y/N, it's just part of the game."

    I wanted to continue shouting at him, but I was losing and doing that would make me look even worse.

    Imagining me stuffing my own panties in my mouth made me wet, maybe I was paranoid but I was certain that Heeseung could tell this was turning me on. The humor in his crooked smile tell this all.

    I was down to only one cup. I took one of his, then another. People were shouting obscene dare suggestions, but I already knew what I wanted.

    _"I dare you to give me back my thong." I said tightly.

    He looked at me skeptically.

    _"You sure you don't want to come up with something else?" he said.

    _"No, I dare you to give it back."

    He should be grateful that I gave him a weak dare. I couldn't bear standing there feeling so naked. It was too distracting to see the lace out of his pocket and there was no way I would give him the satisfaction of getting to take it home with him.

    He drank. He drank the damn cup rather than giving me my fucking thong back, and my mouth dropped open.

    _"Your turn." he said smiling at my shock. "You're gonna lose. Better get it over with." He added softer, but not less confident.

    We were tied. I couldn't lose, not know! Not after all his smirking and smug looks. I carefully took my aim, shot...missed. I glanced back at Bora, and found her watching in horror, hand over her mouth. She thought I was going to lose.

    And honestly I thought the same too.

    Heeseung took aim. I needed my thong back, because I couldn't separate my legs without feeling the dampness of my arousal.

    The ball flew over the air, and plopped effortlessly into the cup. I tried to concentrate, tried to take my time with careful aim...but then Heeseung reached down and toyed with the edge of my thong, caressing the fabric between his fingers. My aim was off, way off.

    I'd lost.

    I squeezed my eyes shut, holding back a growl of frustration. Drunken Jake picked Heeseung up in a hug, holding him like he won the Olympics. People gathered closer, congratulating his victory, holding up their phones. God dammit, I was screwed. My social standing had just been drop-kicked. I stomped off, and Bora quickly came by my side. I was ready to lose myself in a drunken stupor and forget this annoying game.


    I turned back, jaw clenched. Heeseung was motioning me back.

    _"You still have a dare, Y/N."

    He was right: my final cup was a dare cup. But what kind of dare would he give me to potentially lose his victory? It would be horrible, I knew it. He would choose something I'd have to refuse.

    _"Fine," I came back slowly to the table, arms folded. I didn't even want to hear it. "What is it?"

    He paused before he answered, and I swear it was just to see me squirm. I tried to stay still, but my pussy was still slowly dripping, and I could feel it on my thighs. Just having him looking at me like that...as if I were insignificant...made me want to curl myself back down onto my knees.

    _"I'm going to give you another chance," he said. "If you make it, you win, instantly. But if you don't...and you lose...you have to be my slave for the rest of the night."

    My heart was pounding, and I masked how intrigued I was with anger.

    _"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Your slave?"

    _"You do whatever I order you to, for the rest of the night or until you go home. Any and every order, you do it. No avoiding me. If you agree, you stick by my side."

    Fuck him and his stupid dare. Fuck this people that will ruin my social life and fuck my vagina for betraying me every step of the way and making me horny over all this. I had to refuse.

    Something in me was telling me that if I accept and lose, I will like it. I could not let myself imagining this.

    _"What happened to all that competitive spirit, Y/N?"

    Heeseung pouted as I wrestled with myself.

    _"Are you intimidated? A little scared of losing now?"

    Fury, intrigue, and horniness were creating something inside of me that made my brain feel like my skin was on fire.

    My hands were shacking. The only thing in focus was Heeseung. Heeseung with his one red eye, his cocky grin, and my lips marks on his boots. Heeseung, waiting and watching. Heeseung, knowing he'd won.

    _"Come on, Y/N, just forget it." Bora swore up then called to me.

    But I couldn't. Heeseung curled his finger at me, motioning to me as the next group of players crowded onto the table.

    _"How's it feel to be a loser?" he said softly, as I came to his side, arms folded, refusing to meet his eyes. His words dug into me, that smooth condescending tone sliding over my skin. He'd gotten into me...

    And the worst part was...I enjoyed it.

    _"So. You're actually doing this?"

    The next round of beer pong hd begun, crowding us away from the table.

    Being Heeseung's slave? Obeying his every word? It sounded ridiculous.

    But I was going to do it.

    He looked uncertain, even a little annoyed, as if he was shocked that I was lingering. I shrugged, as if the answer should have been obvious.

    _"Uh, yeah? You dare me. What am I going to do? Laugh it off?"

    _"That's what I would expect from you, yeah."

    There was a note of bitterness in his tone, but he chuckled softly and it disappeared.

    _"You really think you're going to spend the night doing everything I tell you? Seriously?"

    I gave him an irritated, wide-eyed expression.

    _"Again...yeah? Unless you were just making it up to fuck with me. If you can't handle me, i'll gladly-"

    _"No, no," he shook his head, and his smirk seemed to shift...it became darker. Hungrier.

    _"I can handle you."

    My stomach twisted weirdly at his words. Something about it excited me. It sounded like a threat.

    _"I'm more concerned if you can handle it. I don't think you realize what you're in for."

    I stepped up to him, my face inches away from his, chests almost touching. I had to crane my neck back to look at him.

    _"I'm not afraid of you, Lee Heeseung. Whatever you've got..."

    My eyes dragged slowly to his body, and backup again.

    _"I can take it."

    His smile didn't waver. Despite what I'd said, I felt tiny, sudden jab of fear. That kind of fear you experience before watching an horror movie or walking into a haunted house. It was a thrill, a rush, a hint of adrenaline straight to my veins.

    _"If you say so, Y/N," he said softly. "But you might be looking for mercy sooner than you think."

    He stepped back, and I was finally able to breath.

    _"Follow me then."

    Heeseung went a little bit farther, I stepped to follow him but Bora stopped me.

    _"Let's bail, we just need to go home..."

    _"I'm not bailing."

    _"You're not bailing? What the heck? What's your problem? Y/N you're crazy, why would you..."


    My heart stuttered. Heeseung had paused outside the back door. He snapped his fingers, and pointed to the ground at his feet.

    _"Come. Now."

    I glanced back at Bora.

    _"Y/N," she said tensely. "Are you really?"

    _"Sorry Bora, but I just..."

    Am I really gonna let this weirdo treat me like a dog?

    That's what my normal self would have thought right now.

    But...The self me that is taking the leads now was telling me something different. Heeseung's condescending tone sounded hot, and his confidence was sexy, and that running to obey his summoning would feel so good.

    _"Just give me a minute okay?"

    I squeezed Bora's arm apologetically, then turned and walked towards Heeseung. I could see something twitch in his jaw with every slow step I took.

    I was annoying him. Good.

    I folded my arms, trying to match his irritation in my expression.

    _"Yeah? What?"

    He pointed down again, with a slow sigh.

    _"My shoelace. Tie it."

    Yeah, they were undone.

    _"Your shoelace, really? What are you, five?"

    But I knelt and I tied his bootlace for him. I hurried to get back up, ready to throw other insults to him, but his hands on my shoulder shoved me back down.

    _"Being a brat doesn't change that you're still obeying me," he said softly, leaning down to bring his face close to mine. "Acting like a goddamn chore for you doesn't change that you're still doing it."

    He smiled wickedly.

    _"Pretending you don't like this won't make it go away. Keep it up, and you'll only manage to earn yourself a good attitude adjustment."

    _"Attitude...Attitude adjustment? What the hell..."

    _"Keep it up and find it out," he straightened, taking his hand from my shoulder, and I scrambled to my feet. "And from now on, when I give you an order, you respond with "yes, Master," understand?"

    It took a great deal of self-control not to roll my eyes at him again.

    _"You're really pushing it..." I growled.

    Then, when I saw his eyebrow twitch, I added sarcastically, "Master."

    _"Keep it up. I know you need some discipline in your life. You'll earn it soon enough."

    Discipline...what the heck?! I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but I was suddenly determined to find out.

    Heeseung got swept into a conversation with some friends of his, and I stood awkwardly behind him, pretending I wasn't really with him.

    Bora rejoined us, but this time, with Heeseung's back turned, she seized my arm and dragged me into the kitchen.

    _"Okay, literally what the hell are you doing?" she said. "You don't have to do that goddamn dare, Y/N. Like...I will fight him-"

    _"No Bora, it's okay...Just enjoy the party, okay? You could-"

    _"Wait wait wait, hold on," her frown deepened. "Are you...into it this? Because there's nothing stopping you to bail. He can't force you to do this but you..."

    She wrinkled her nose.

    _"Girl, if it's some weird fantasy thing...Look, I knew you were lying when you said you weren't into him. You made out with him. You were into him, okay? And that's fine. But just like..."

    She lowered her voice, as if anyone could even hear us.

    _"If you're trying to get with him you have to let me know. Like I think it's really weird, but...I'm not gonna cock block you."

    I looked at her, mouth opened, wide-eyed.

    I wasn't into Lee Heeseung, that was ridiculous, that was...

    _"You don't have to worry about me, okay? I'm just...I'm gonna try this...dare thing..."

    Bora rolled her eyes.

    _"Dare thing? You mean you're going to try the being-his-slave thing? That's like...super kinky, ya know?"

    I knew it was. Our interaction was built with teasing words, taunting and humiliation with a hint of sexual tension...A big sexual tension...

    Our hatred toward each other was filling up that sexual tension. I wanted to explore more of it.

    _"Yeah, it's...it's weird," I said. "I know. I can't really explain it."

    _"No worries girl. I'll keep an eye out text me if you need me, okay?"

    She hugged me before she walked away. I slipped back to the other room, but not before Heeseung noticed my absence. His eyes were scanning around the room, and locked on me the moment they found me.

    _"Sorry," I stepped up beside him taking a long sip of my drink. "I had to go pee."

    _"In the kitchen?" he said dryly. "I think you're done with that."

    _"Um, excuse me?" I glared at him in disbelief as he pulled my drink out of my hands, took a small sip, and tossed it in the trash. "What the fuck? I wasn't finished-"

    _"You're finished because I say you're finished," he said softly, leaning nearer to me so I could hear him above the music. "I don't want you getting drunk, Y/N."

    _"What the fuck," I stomped my foot. "Are you just trying to ruin the night for me? I can't wander around, I can't drink. Are you trying to be a dick to me?"

    _"Aww, is poor Y/N bored?" He gave my chin a little bump with his knuckle. "Go get me a beer then."

    _"Fuck you!" I flipped my hair over my shoulder and stomped my feet as I took two steps back toward the kitchen, before he stopped me.


    I glared back at him.

    _"What, Heeseung?"


    I blinked rapidly.

    _"I'm sorry, I must have misheard you. What?"

    A slow, pleased smile spread across his face.

    _"You heard me just fine. Crawl. Crawl into the kitchen, get my beer, and crawl back. And remember you goddamn manners."

    He couldn't be serious. He really thought I will crawl...in front of all this people. His words from earlier echoed in my head. If I disobeyed, would I earn that discipline he mentioned?

    He leaned against the wall behind him, calm, straight-faced.

    _"I'm waiting. I'm awfully thirsty."

    I marched back at him and jabbed my finger against his chest..his hard, surprisingly muscular chest.

    _"You're crazy if you think I'm gonna crawl through this goddamn party and to get you a goddamn beer, in front of all this goddamn people-"

    He caught my wrist, stopping my angry jabbing.

    _"Now, Y/N. You're making a scene. You're making more people watch you. You should obey for the sake of you reputation."

    _"I'm not going to obey you, asshole-"

    _"Then why are you still here? I thought you could handle it?"

    His grip on my wrist was loose. I could feel the roughness on his fingers. I could even smell him: he was sweet, like a cigar mixed with a masculine cologne that was fresh and musky.

    It made me want to get closer to him, but I couldn't give away how intrigued I was. I couldn't seem too eager.

    _"I can handle it just fine," I muttered.

    _"Oh, is that so?" He said his eyes narrowing.

    He was still so calm.

    _"I can't force you to do anything Y/N. You can easily walk away, especially since you're so angry about this orders. But...you're not walking away. You're standing here, arguing with me, trying to make me change my mind. You're going to do it, Y/N. You're going to obey, because you want to, no matter how much you try to hide it. Go - crawl and get me my beer."

    I grit my teeth, hands balls into a fists. Something squirmed inside me, a frightening and unexpected thing. It was that tingling pleasure, the joy of being put in my place, the excitement of finding all my struggling to be absolutely useless.

    I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to walk away. I knew I wanted it. I knew it was going to hurt. I just had to do it.

    I'd obey. Of course I'd obey.

    I got a little close to his face. Close enough that, for a moment, my breath stuttered in my chest. But my voice was steady.

    _"So sorry about my manners, Master. I'll go get your beer at once, Master."

    Sarcasm dripped from my voice. I couldn't help it.

    _"Oh, yeah, and fuck you, Master."

    With my jaw clenched, I dropped to my knees, then placed my palms against the floor. My stomach knotted up and my pussy clenched, my arousal basking in the humiliation.

    _"Hurry up."

    Consequences...discipline...I knew something had to be coming. I'd pushed and pushed, determined to see Heeseung reach the edge of his patience. There was beast in him, beyond the calm; it was vicious and dangerous. I'd seen it the day he gotten expelled, when he pulled that knife on Yeonjun. That was the beast I wanted, that was the Heeseung I had to experience.

    I reached the cooler and knelt next to it. I pulled out a beer, the bottle was cold.

    How the hell was I supposed to crawl and carry this beer?

    _"Fuck this." I whispered, and stood up.

    I snatched a bottle opener, popped the cap, and took a long sip.

    He would punish me for this. No doubt about that. I was about to found out about this "discipline".

    Chills had gone over my arms at the thought. My pussy was one thing horny betraying bitch! But now my brain was turning against me. I walked back to Heeseung on my own two feet, instead of crawling .

    _"I thought I gave you an order? Y/N."

    A smile playing around his mouth as I walked up beside him.

    _"Found your feet awfully quick."

    I'd taken another swig of the beer. But as he scoled me, I smiled, brought the bottle back to my lips, and spat the mouthful of beer back in. Then I shoved it into his hands.

    _"Oh right, sorry. I forgot about the no-drinking thing. Forgot about crawling to." I shrugged. "Sorry 'bout that...I guess..."

    Heeseung's smile seemed frozen on his face. It was unnerving, and suddenly I wondered if this was really a good idea. How could he tolerate this from me? Would he just walk away, calling the thing off? Or could he actually handle me, as he'd claimed?

    Heeseung took a sip of beer and my stomach turned. I've spitted in that bottle and it didn't even phase him.

    _"Oh, Y/N. I get it. I do. And don't worry: this will get handled properly."

    I frowned in confusion.

    _"What...What do you get? What do you mean handled...?"

    _"This bratty behavior over every little order can't continue," he said, almost sadly. "Trust me, it's funny as hell to watch you struggle with yourself and try to save your pride be cursing and acting angry but..." He shrugged. "But it really defeats the purpose of the game. I need to see better obedience from you and, well..I think there's only one way to get it."

    I lowered my voice suddenly self-conscious.

    _"Look, I'm sorry...okay? I'm sorry. Doing this is weird and-"

    _"You're doing it willingly, Y/N," he said gently. "I'm not going to accept any of the excuses you come up with for being such a brat. I won't tolerate this behavior."

    He said it so sweetly but my heart pound. He really meant it. He was actually going to punish me for this. I wanted this. I was going to let him punish me.

    _"I need you to be a good, obedient girl for me," he said, as my eyes grew wider and my heart thumped harder. "That was the deal you agreed to. I think you want to be good for me, Y/N." He reached out, and his fingers brushed softly, slowly, long my chin. His touch was cool, and goosebumps prickled up my back.

    This was it: the exact thing I'd wanted...feared...hoped for? Was I really going to let freakshow Lee Heeseung punish me?

    _"You don't know that," I whispered. "You don't know anything about me...maybe I just like being a bitch to you. Maybe I..."

    His touch turned into a grip. He held my chin, and tipped my face up slightly. His gaze felt like fingers probing deep inside me.

    _"I know enough, Y/N. I know you're so careful with how everyone perceives you. I know you don't like to let that better-than-you mask slip for even a second. I know you'll keep it up even if it means denying yourself something you want, if that something happens to not fit the cool social norm."

    I viciously bit down on the inside of my cheek. The fact that he was right stopped me from hissing at him every insults I would know.

    _"So, Y/N, for your own sake, I have to rip away that mask of yours. The best way to do that..." He leaned even closer, turning my head slightly to the side so he could whisper in my ear. "Is to punish you until your silly pride doesn't matter anymore. The best way...is to make you cry."

    I folded my arms, realizing my lower lip was pouting, and when I spoke, my voice came out as a whining, weak protest.

    _"I don't need to be punished. That's stupid."

    _"It's exactly what you need, Y/N. What's even better is that as much as you're dreading it right now, you're still going to follow me."

    He released my chin, chuckling.

    _"You're going to follow and accept your punishment like a good girl, aren't you?"

    He turned his back, and wandered his way down the hall. I stood there, frozen in my hesitation.

    He was right. Following won out.

    The entertainment room occupied a large proportion of the house, but tonight the lights were off and the door was barely ajar. There was a massive TV on the wall, playing some horror movie. A girl fled from a masked killer through a empty neighborhood. The room was isolated, dark and currently empty. We had the room for ourselves, and Heeseung shut the door behind us.

    Heeseung sat down on the couch, right in the middle, spreading his arms cross the back.

    _"Good slaves don't sit on the furniture, Y/N," he said, as I turned away from the TV.

    There was still a smile lurking behind his serious expression. He was enjoying every second of humiliating me.

    _"Where the hell do you expect me to sit then?"

    _"On the floor, on your knees, at my feet. Like a good submissive dog."

    I closed my eyes slowly. At least there was nobody here. I knelt, and crawled at his feet, facing him. He smiled.

    _"So much better, Y/N. Doesn't that feel good? Just letting go, accepting the embarrassment? It's one of my favorite thing to see..."

    He watched me in silence for a few moment, likely waiting to see if I had anymore cursing for him, but I bit my tongue.

    _"Should I make you kiss my boots again? Hm? Since you're down there already..."

    _"Please dont," the words slipped out in a whisper.

    I regret letting Heeseung hear this tone of voice. He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, so close I could smell the mint on his breath.

    _"Please?" he mocked. "Begging already, Y/N?"

    His eyes searched over my face. It was difficult to see that one red contact up close. It was creepy, like seing a shadow in the background of a family photo that wasn't supposed to be there.

    _"Such a silly girl. Why are you down there, on your knees, begging for me to order you to embarrass yourself?"

    _"I don't know." I said softly

    But I did know: I liked feeling as if I had no choice. I liked that I had an excuse to let go of my pride and do the filthy, degrading things that made my pussy clenched. I couldn't resist diving deeper, I couldn't resist getting more of that feeling.

    Giving Lee Heeseung that power over me...maybe it was karma for what an asshole I've been to him.

    _"You don't know, Y/N," Heeseung said calmly. "You know there's the surface level reasons: you accepted my dare, you acted like a disobedient little brat, and know you have to be put in your place. But you know the deeper reasons too." He smiled sadistically. "I'd hate to deprive you of something you enjoy, even if it scares you. Get your head down, angel. Left boot only. Kiss it. Clean it with your tongue."

    _"Please." I whispered again. Tighter this time, more desperate. He just laughed.

    _"You're going to do exactly as I say," he said softly. "No matter how much you whine and cry about it, you're going to do it, Y/N."

    _"I'm not crying."

    The idea of crying and breaking down in front of him sounded delicious. The idea of begging, sobbing uncontrollably, only to have to give in and accept it in the end. I wanted to imagine him forcing me, that there would be consequences for refusal. The fantasy of it really took me over like a high.

    Heeseung leaned back in his seat again, calm, collected, waiting.

    _"Obey me, angel. Get your head down and let me see those pretty wings of yours."

    An actual whimper came out of my throat. I looked down at the boots I'd been commanded to put my mouth on once again. I dare one last look up at Heeseung. He was smiling as he watched me.

    _"Do it," he said. "This is what you get for being the brat you are. You'll learn.

    I let the the roughness of his tight laces brush my lips. I pressed my lips to the leather, lingering there now that I no longer had all the eyes of a crowd on me.

    Heat rushed between my legs, my arousal intensifying as I placed my kisses lower. I pressed my forehead against his ankle as I kissed.

    There was a tap on my head, something pressing me down and keeping me there. Within moments, I recognized the textured feeling of a boot sole, and realized Heeseung had pressed his opposite foot on top of my head. I felt him shift, and knew he had leaned forward again by the nearness of his voice.

    _"Use your tongue. Get it clean."

    I didn't wanted to say no, I just wanted to beg. But I couldn't manage any words with my face pressed down on his boot.

    Obediently, I stuck out my tongue and tranced it along the leather. I licked around, above the sole, over my lipstick mark, up beside his laces. I savored every inch. I felt on fire, alive and vile.

    _"Head up."

    His opposite foot no longer held me down. I raised my head. Still on my knees, I stared him and waited.


    He held out the beer bottle. My mouth was dry, and reached for it eagerly, only to have him pulling it back.

    _"No hands."

    I put my hands down slowly, uncertainly.

    _"Open your mouth, angel."

    I didn't even hesitate to obey. He filled his mouth with beer, filled it, but didn't swallow. He leaned forward...I knew what will happen next. I didn't back away, I didn't close my mouth.

    He leaned close, so close our lips nearly touched.

    He spit the beer into my mouth, all of it, not spilling a drop. It tasted like him. The same as I remembered. My arousal dripped as I gulped it down.

    _"That's much better, angel," Heeseung said. "If only you were this obedient all along, I wouldn't have to punish you."

    I was going to leave a wet spot on the carpet. I was too turned on, too humiliated, too desperate.

    _"Give my thong back," I said quickly. "Please"

    He frowned, still close.


    _"Just give it back," I hissed.

    _"I'm gonna need a reason, Y/N." Heeseung said calmly.

    I clenched my fists. I wanted to slap him, to whine at him, pathetic begging. How had he managed to reduce me to this?"

    _"I...I'm..." The words garbled up in my throat.

    Heeseung's fingers wrapped around my chin, forcing my gaze up.

    _"I'm wet and I'm afraid I'm going to drip on the carpet, okay?"

    _"Is that so?"

    The smile that spread across his face only made it worse.

    _"Oh, Y/N. Poor little angel. I've made a sinner out of you. Enjoying your punishment even worse," he said, his voice mockingly sad. "I can't have you enjoying yourself that much." He patted his lap. "Come here."

    My eyes widened. Here it was, the moment I'd dreaded an desired. Heeseung spanking me...His red eye seemed to glow. I crawled up onto his lap, my back to him. His hands gripped my hips and leaned forward, pressed against my back, and said softly in my ear;

    _"Do you know what a safeword is?"

    _"Yes." I gulped

    _"Your's is red. Call it if need to. Although, now that I'm seeing how much of much of a masochist you are, I don't think you'll be calling it. You know what you deserve."

    _"I'm not a masochist." I hissed.

    The wetness between my legs was getting worse as my fear over my punishment intensified. I'd get a wet spot on his pants. I tried to squeeze my legs together, but it didn't make a difference since I was straddling his laps. As I moved, I felt the harness in his crotch and frozen. He was enjoying this, really enjoying it...god, he felt big.

    _"You've been a bad girl, Y/N," he whispered harshly. "A very bad girl. You deserve all that is happening to you."

    I held my breath so I wouldn't start gasping. The heat in my pussy felt unreal. Before I truly realized what I was doing, I pressed myself against his crotch, so that his hard dick made contact with my aching clit and I moved against him. Heeseung's hand gripped into my hair.

    _"Naughty angel. Very naughty. You think that's what you deserve right know?" He pulled me back, his mouth close against my ear.

    _"You deserve to have your clit aching all night. You deserve to have duct tape slapped over it so you can't touch while I crush your pretty little pussy under my boot."

    The sound that came out of me was somewhere between a sob and a groan.

    _"But we'll get to that, won't we, angel?

    He pressed me forward. Then further...further.

    _"Bend over. Head down to the ground."

    With my torso and face dangling off the couch, he forced me to put my legs up so that my thighs straddled his lap and all my intimate parts were bared, open and spread for him. He moved my feet behind him, crossing my ankles and leaning back, so I was effectively locked into position.

    _"You're so wet ."

    His hands squeezed my thighs, his rough palms moving higher until his thumbs fit right beneath the curve of my ass. I was completely melting in his hands. I was craving his touch, his grip. I started to shake.

    _"Feeling a little scared now?" He murmured as my legs shook. "You'll be more afraid in a moment, you know. But it's alright: the door is shut, and the music out there is so loud that you can scream and cry as you want."

    _"Fuck you," I hissed.

    The words weren't angry...they were desperate, needy, filled with desire.

    _"Please Heeseung, don't...don't..."

    _"Don't what?" he chuckled. "Don't punish you? Hmm? Is that it? My naughty little angel doesn't want to be punished?" His voice suddenly became serious. "if you don't want this say so, now. Right now. you're safe to do that. I promise you."

    _"I want it." My voice cracked, but I had to be honest. "I'll use my safeword, if I need to, but I...I want it."

    He squeezed my ass.

    _"Such cute little ass. It'll look even cuter with bruises."

    The final scene in the movie had begun. The woman ran through the empty hall, looking back terrified by the killer who was chasing her. He would catch her...they always did.

    Heeseung's palm slapped across my ass with a crack loud enough to be heard over the screaming coming from the screen. I sucked in my breath, the held it through the next swat, and the next, and the next...but the fifth... Goddamn it! Heeseung was determined to break me. My skin was burning. His sixth smack made me shriek and wiggle my feet.

    _"It's okay to struggle, angel. Struggle all you need to, you won't get away." His voice was soft and soothing.

    Smack, smack, smack! I was wiggling in earnest now, grinding over his lap. My clit kept rubbing against his jeans, and the tangled of pain and pleasure made me moan. Heeseung moved his legs, and I felt that pressure on the back of my head again. He've slid one leg over my back and pressed his boot onto me, forcing my face against the carpet and holding me pinned.

    _"Doesn't it feel better to be restrained?" he said over the brutally loud sound of the swats.

    I gave a long low cry, the pain and my nearly unbearable humiliation winning out over my pride. I had no way to escape, I had no choice but to submit and accept the pain. I was getting wetter from this. My clit was pulsating with need, my nerves on fire.

    I wanted him to touch me desperately. But the pain made me realize that the only contact we've made so far was from him spanking the death out of me.

    _"Please, stop, stop, stop, stop, I'm sorry, please, Heeseung, I'm sorry."

    _"Are you really?"

    The swats paused.

    _"Yes! i'm sorry! I won't talk back anymore!"

    _"You'll be a good angel? You'll obey?"

    _"Yes," I groaned. "I'll obey, Master."

    _"That's better."

    His boot slowly moved off my head.

    _"Give those boots a kiss while you're down there. Show me how thankful you are for you discipline, angel."

    I kissed one boot, and then the other. Heeseung helped me sit up, slowly and eased me back onto his lap despite my ass stinging as it made contact with his jeans. I settled against his chest, the buckles of his harness cold against my back. For a moment, all I wanted to do was lay there close to him, feeling his harness cold against my back and the heartbeats from his chest. His arms encircled me in an embrace - soothing but not demanding. When I settled into it with a heavy, trembling sigh, his hold tightened. Heeseung's fingers traced circles on my arm.

    _"Are you alright?" he murmured.

    I nodded.

    _"I can't believe you...you actually..."

    _"I can't believe you let me," he said softly.

    I sat up, enough so that I could look back at him. He wiped a rogue tear from my eye before it could fall, and I leaned into his hand. Lee Heeseung - weirdo, freakshow Lee Heeseung. He made me feel safe and terrified, protected and violated, all at once. But it wasn't only that.

    In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to get in his pants.

    _"Are you going to be a good girl from now on then?" he said, taking my chin in his hands. "No more sass?"

    I smiled.

    _"I can't promise no sass. But...I'll try to be good."

    _"Sliding into your old ways so soon?" he chuckled. "It's been two minutes and now you'll only try to be good?"

    _"Being good is hard for a bad girl," I said. I traced my fingers up his chest. "But you know...It may help me...If you fucked me."

    His calm expression was rattled by his surprise. Heeseung smiled slowly, as if I've said something silly. He squeezed my cheeks and gave my face a shake.

    _"Oh, Y/N, I can't make it that easy for you, now can I? That's no fun. I like watching you struggle."

    _"Of course it will be fun! Just a quickie-"

    _"No, angel." His voice was firm. "Not yet. When I fuck you - if I do - it won't be some quick fuck on a couch. I'll make you scream."

    I didn't dare doubt what he was capable of, and I wanted him even more. I wasn't used to not getting what I wanted.

    _"Please, Master. Come on."

    I moved my hips, making smooth circles, and felt his dick twist against me.

    Heeseung reached around and gripped my hair.

    _"When I say no," his voice was low and threatening. "It means no. Understand?"

    _"yes, Master," my response was quick. As horny as it had made me, I didn't want to get spanked again.

    _"You're going to be patient for me," he said, holding my head in such a way that I couldn't look away from his gaze. "You're going to suffer through that wet pussy of yours and wait. And every time I order you to do something, it'll feel a little worse. You'll just have to take it."

    He stood up suddenly, dragging me with him, holding me close against his chest with his hand still tangled in my hair. Looking up at him like that made me quiver, yet somehow, in total disregard for self-preservation, I whimpered,

    _"That's not fair."

    He raised up an eyebrow, and said slowly.

    _"Not fair? Not fair, angel?"

    _"Well...I mean...you...you can't just..." I gulped

    _"I can't just what?"

    His grip on the back of my hair tightened, tugging me down, forcing me back to my knees as he leaned over.

    _"I can do whatever I want, angel. I can make you suffer all night and never give you release. I can spank you again just because I like hearing you scream and you do sound so pretty when you scream."

    I didn't want another spanking when my skin was already so burnt.

    _"I'll call my safety word then," I whimpered.

    _"Your safety word means that this stops, angel. That's what it's for. It's not a way to get what you want, it's a way to keep you safe."

    _"You're so mean."

    He grinned, and kissed my forehead.

    _"Oh, angel. You have no idea."

    I'd know it would be a torture. But god, I wasn't prepared for just how awful it was to be horny with no hope of relief.

    I followed Heeseung around the house. Walking felt so awkward, between my stinging butt and overwhelming arousal, and still without my panties, I was in constant fear that someone was going to get a peak under my skirt.

    How could he stand to wait? Spanking me had turning him on but I guess sex wasn't the thing that turned him on, but it's more the fact that I suffered. That was terrifying.

    I began to plot a desperate escape to the bathroom, where I could satisfy myself and maybe he wouldn't notice.

    Midnight was approaching. Heeseung and I were easily the most sober people there.

    My heart plummeted into my stomach. Cold dread shot through my veins. Without realizing it, I squished myself tightly against Heeseung's side.

    _"What's up?" he said, glancing back in the way I was staring. "What's wrong?"

    _"Zombies," I hissed. "There's fucking zombies."

    Two men were talking across the yard, beers in their hands, laughing and shoving one another.

    I quickly turned away from staring at them.

    _"Let's go inside," I said quickly.

    But Heeseung had spotted the approaching zombies and recognition lit up his face.

    _"I know those guys," he said. "Hey Jay, Sunghoon!"

    _"Don't fucking call them!"

    I gripped his arm in absolute horror.

    _"Nope, no, no..."

    Heeseung gripped my arm, preventing me from running away in the house.

    _"Are you..." He laughed, as in disbelief. "Are you actually scared of zombies?"

    _"Yes!" I whispered. "They're fucking creepy and gross and - oh my god"

    They were right there, enfolding Heeseung in a giant hug. The only thing I could focus on was the paint on their faces... Ugh gross.

    _"Hey, hi, I'm Jay," he extended his hand. "You okay? You look a little, uh..."

    _"She afraid of zombies," Heeseung said, sounding so amused I wanted to slap him. "She's my slave for the night."

    _"Don't fucking say that."

    _"Well done, my man."

    _"Aren't you Y/N?" he said. "You are a cheerleader?"


    _"Let me introduce you properly." Heeseung said, hooking his arm around my waist and dragging me up alongside him.

    _"This is Jay and Sunghoon."

    _"Cool, hi, yeah, nice to meet you." I muttered, forcing a smile.

    Now that I could see them more closer, I could see under their make up how attractive they were. But still, they still look like fucking zombies. I'm scared as fuck.

    _"She's shaking!" Sunghoon laughed. "It's just paint, girl! We're not gonna eat you."

    _"Or maybe we will," Jay snapped his teeth, and I gripped Heeseung's hand.

    _"I'm just cold..." I muttered.

    If I stay here and forget my fear for zombies maybe Heeseung will reward me...

    _"Don't worry about scaring her, boys," Heeseung said, giving me a little squeeze. "It's a good training for her."

    _"Is she from the club?" Sunghoon asked.

    _"No, she's a newbie. Remember Yeonjun, from high school? She was his girlfriend."

    _"Yeah, yeah, I thought so," Sunghoon was nodding. "Who knew Miss Popular would be into that kinky shit."

    _"She's learning," Heeseung smiled in the face of my glare.

    _"Heeseung...can't we...can't we just..."

    _"Don't you know it's rude to whisper around friends?" Heeseung said with a hint of enjoyment. "Can't we just what? Go inside so you can get fucked?"

    I must have go red from head to toe. My eyes went back and forth between the zombies as they laughed. But they didn't seemed confused by the situation. I guess they're used to it...used to Heeseung's thing...Maybe I'm not the first one to do this with him...Is that jealousy that I'm feeling right now?

    _"Let's just go back inside," I whined. "Please Heeseung...you've made me wait long enough."

    _"You know better, angel," he warned. "This is on my time, not yours. And you're neglecting to properly address me."

    How would I call him like that in front of his friends? This was too embarrassing.

    _"Gotta use the restroom," I muttered as I backed off from his arm. "I'll be right back."

    I expected him to stop me but he just looked at me.

    _"Don't take too long."

    As I hurried away, I heard him saying to his friend;

    _"She a bratty one, guys. Only one good way to tame her."

    The restroom was occupied, so I waited outside until a drunk girl went out and let me enter the restroom. A line had formed behind me so I knew I had to be quick. Finally alone, I looked at my ass in the mirror, they were really red.

    I leaned against the wall in front of me and slipped my hand beneath my skirt. My fingers slid over my clit and I rubbed quickly, furiously. I needed to hurry, people were still waiting outside. I bit my lips to keep quit, thinking of Heeseung's hands on my ass.

    A harsh knock pounded on the door and I gasped out.

    _"Hold on...Just minute..."

    I was so close...My fingers were slick, and I closed my eyes. More pounding at the door, damnit...

    I imagined Heeseung bending me over, holding me tight under his arms, smacking me until I'd cry.

    More knocking. it was angrier, insistent. I couldn't cum like this. With a growl of frustration, I tugged down my skirt, yanked open the door.

    _"I'm done, okay, you don't have to be such an asshole..."

    Heeseung shoved me back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He grabbed me, gripping my arms, and pressed me back against the wall. I was terribly aware of the stickiness of my arousal on my fingers.


    He looked over me, as if he wanted to eat me alive.

    _"What do you think you're doing, angel?"

    He grabbed my wrist, pulling up my hand.

    _"What's all this on your fingers, hm? Dis you think you could just sneak off and do something so naugthy?"

    _"I...um...there were people waiting out there..."

    _"Not anymore," he smiled. "It's big house, there's other bathrooms they can use. I pointed them the way. We need a little time the ourselves."

    _"Are you going to hurt me?"

    _"Oh yes. More than you can imagine. Do you remember your safe word?"

    _"Yes." I whispered.

    _"if I cross a line you better use it. Do you understand?"

    I nodded again. My pussy clenched and I whined, squeezing my legs together.

    _"Time to another lesson, Y/N," Heeseung said, looking me up and down. "It was only a couple hours ago that you were getting that cute little ass of yours beat. Did you forget what that feels already?"

    He released my arms and reached out to squeeze my ass.

    _"I didn't forget!"

    His hold on my ass pulled me close against him, and I pressed closer.

    _"You make it so difficult to obey! And you didn't tell me not to touch myself!"

    _"You little brat," he chuckled. "I told you I wanted to see you suffer. You don't get to take that pleasure away from me. I really wish I had a paddle with me..."

    I was shaking. He owned a paddle...he owned instruments to inflict pain and humiliation. He was such a freak.

    And god, I loved it. I wished he had his paddle with him too.

    _"Come on...Heeseung...if you just let me..."

    _"I don't bargain for good behavior, angel. Don't you know how long I've wanted to do this? Do you have any idea how good it feels to punish the girl who always laughed at me? Getting to watch you whine and complain and get so red...but still do everything I say? It's too good."

    _"You're jerk," I whimpered. "I wanted it so bad, Heeseung..."

    _"What?" he said softly. "What do you want?"

    _"I want you! I just want to fuck you, you've got me so fucking turned on I can't stand it, it's going to drive me crazy! Please don't make me keep waiting, just...just fuck me!"

    I was cringing inside my, but I couldn't help it. Heeseung was chuckling, then laughing aloud.

    _"Oh, poor girl. You're gonna get fucked, trust me. Soon enough you'll be fucked so hard you wouldn't be able to walk straight for a week. But first..."

    He pulled something out of his pocket.

    _"Do you still want this back?"

    _"Yes please?" I said with small voice.

    _"Then, put them in your mouth, face the wall and bend over." He said with a gentle voice.

    I opened my mouth. He pressed the thong into my mouth. I closed my mouth just enough to keep it inside. I met his eyes for a moment before I slowly turned, bent at the waist,and clutched my ankles.

    _"Spread your legs," he said. "I want you exposed. All of you."

    I shuffled my feet apart. My legs began to tremble as I was waiting for a reaction from him.

    _"Spread more."

    I did as he said. The position was difficult to hold, even more with me heels. I had my wet pussy exposed and still dripping my arousal. This position was so humiliating...I loved it.

    I heard his breath change, it might have been a gasp, or perhaps a soft laugh.

    _"It's so pathetic how needy you are. Running away to touch yourself in the bathroom."

    I couldn't respond to his taunt because of my thong in my mouth. That was frustrating.

    Heeseung squatted down, staring at me where my head hung down between my legs.

    He smiled...a sadistic, wolfish grin.

    _"Look at you know. And you dare said to me, that I was the freak?"

    His gaze shifted, he was staring at my pussy.

    _"You can't expect to be rewarded when you're still acting like a brat, right? You can't even follow correctly my orders..." He murmured.

    The urge to spit out my thong was growing, but the discomfort felt right. I need to obey him if I want to have my reward.

    _"Y/N look at me."

    I gazed at him, upside-down between my spread legs.

    _"Finger yourself," he said softly. "One finger only. Slowly."

    With one finger, slowly, I pressed inside my pussy. Only one finger wasn't enough, but the stimulation made my breath shudder. I closed my eyes, unable to look at him as he watched me.

    _"Fuck yourself. Come on. In and out."

    I slid my finger out, then slowly all the way back in. Again and again. I could feel the weight of his gaze on me even with my eyes closed. I was getting wetter. My clit felt swollen with need. I moved my over hand between my legs, and rubbed my fingers around my clit, sending shocks of stimulation through my trembling legs. Drool dripped down my chin as I moaned, putting my head against the wall so I could keep my balance. I was so close...

    _"Y/N, stop. Now."

    I withdrew my finger, swearing around my gag. I'd been close...so damn close! I pulled my thong from my mouth and tossed it to the floor, then turned to face him with my back pressed to the wall.

    He looked at me and smiled.

    _"How funny," he murmured. "It's good...you obeyed me."

    He grasped a hand around my throat, but didn't squeeze...not yet. He just held me there, pinned on the wall. My breath was unsteady, hot and heavy. With his free hand, he grasped my wrist and brought it up, looking at the finger I used to please myself.

    _"You're more fun that I expected." He said softly.

    Gently, he took my finger in his mouth. I gasped t the contact. His tongue slid over my skin, his mouth embracing me in a way that was both terrifying and arousing. His lips were soft. His teeth grazed over my skin as he sucked. His grip on my throat tightened, pressing me back.

    He slowly withdrew my finger, licked his lips and his eyes met mine. His look was vicious, hungry. His gaze flickered from my eyes to my mouth.

    _"Do it," I demanded. "Kiss me."

    His hand remained on my throat as he claimed my mouth, his body pressed against mine. My hands gripped his hips, then his back, wrapped around his shoulders as our tongues intertwined. He bit my lip, laughed at my gasp, then kissed me again. I scratched his neck, and he shuddered against me.

    He suddenly picked me up, slammed me back against the wall, and held me there as we kissed.

    My legs wrapped around his body and my hands stroked in his hair. I bit his lip until he moaned into my mouth as I tasted blood. He tangled one hand in my hair, while the other hand squeezed my ass beneath my skirt. I felt the hardness in his jeans as he pressed against me.

    We both paused, breathless. He slowly lowered me back to my feet, then reached up and wiped his bleeding lip with the back of his hand.

    _"You made me bleed," he said with a small smile.

    _"And you didn't make me bleed."

    _"Is that a problem?"

    _"I expected more. I thought you'd make me cry." I shrugged, trying to seem unimpressed.

    He laughed.

    _"Is that what you want, Y/N?"

    _"I want to slap you."

    He leaned down.

    _"Oh, do you? Why? You like seing me in pain? Go on."

    He turned his cheek slightly.

    _"Slap me. I dare you. See what happen."

    He didn't need to tell me twice. I slapped him and i've put my strength into it but he barely even flinched.

    _"Now I have to make you cry." He said with his soft voice.

    We went out of the bathroom, my hand in his.

    _"Upstairs." Heeseung whispered, and guided down the hall.

    We went into a bedroom, with the light turned off. Heeseung pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit the candles.

    _"I like the scent of this candles, it makes my bedroom more relaxing to me."

    _"Wait...it's your bedroom?" I said in chocked.

    He laughed, then went to in the middle of the room.

    _"This bedroom is mine, no one will bother us."

    _"How...really?" I stuttered.

    _"Yeah, I've been leaving here since I've turned 18."


    _"Because I wanted to leave my shitty family's house as soon as I will turn 18 and Jake kindly proposed me to live here."

    I didn't know what to say, I just felt sorry for him. I didn't dare to ask him why would he wanted to leave his family's house but I knew the reason would be as painful as his expression right now.

    _"I'm sorry Heeseung..."

    _"I don't want to talk about it," he said firmly. "Maybe...someday. If you want to hear about it. But not now."

    _"I want to hear it. Someday."

    I gave him a smile, a genuine smile. I wanted to know more about him, to hear him talk, to see into him deeper.

    His caressed his fingers over my collarbone, up my throat, and rested them beneath my chin.

    _"Someday? You mean, you're not scared of me anymore?"

    _"Not at all, besides, I like being scared."

    He laughed in disbelief.

    _"Back in high school you would have fit in the freaks group rather than the populars one."

    _"People like to be scared, it's just that I like it a bit...more."

    A sudden noise made me jump. Something was moving in the dark.

    There was familiar laughter, and then two faces appeared out of the dark.

    _"Miss us?" Jay murmured.

    I was locked in a room with two fucking zombies!

    I screamed as I covered my eyes. Heeseung pulled my hands down and gripped my wrists.

    _"I couldn't let them miss out the fun." He said sweetly.

    My hands were shaking, heart pounding and my breath heavy.

    _"Do you want to leave?" He whispered tenderly. "Or do you want to face your fear for me?"

    This zombies are just normal humans wearing makeup...it's not that deep...don't be afraid...

    I raised my head slowly, looking back at them. They were standing near the window, eyes fixated on me. Sunghoon was twirling something around his hands.


    I raised my eyes to Heeseung.

    _"I want to stay," I said softly. "You're fucking evil, Heeseung. I like that."

    He grinned, kissed my forehead and said;

    _"Be a good angel then: be on your knees and offer me your mouth."

    _"But..." I said as I looked in the zombies direction.

    _"Don't mind them, they're just here to watch. Just focus on me, okay?" he said as he gripped my chin.

    I dropped on my knees. Sunghoon and Jay sat on the bed behind Heeseung. I could look at them in the eyes like that which was terrifying and humiliating at the same time.

    Sunghoon threw the handcuffs to Heeseung who locked them around my wrist.

    _"Don't forget your safe word," Heeseung reminded me. "Or three taps on my legs if your mouth is occupied."

    He grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him.

    _"Oh, I forgot..." he turned my face slightly to the side. "Look at them while I'm fucking your mouth."

    Jay went to our direction and kicked apart my knees, spreading them, then he leaned around my side and lifted my skirt.

    _"Wearing no panties, uh?" Mocked Jay.

    _"Getting scared turns the angel on," said Heeseung. "I think the more she screams and struggles, the wetter she'll get."

    My clit throbbed, my insides pulsing and clenching with the desire to be filled.

    Heeseung unzipped his pants, showing his thick, hard cock.

    _"Open your mouth, open wide."

    I obeyed, my mouth watering.

    Heeseung entered my mouth, slowly filling my throat.

    _"Make him feel good," Jay ordered, and I closed my lips around Heeseung's cock , sucking and curling my tongue around it. He started to groan and thrust into me, hitting the back of my throat.

    _"Look up at my angel," Sunghoon said sitting on the edge of the bed.

    My eyes wide as I stared at Sunghoon, his fangs bared viciously as his breath began to shudder from the pleasure of the scene he's witness of. Heeseung tangled my hair, fucking into me, hard enough that my eyes filled with tears. Excitement invade into me as his cock throbbed. He pressed deep into my throat, cursing as he came, filling my mouth with his cum.

    _"Good girl." Heeseung said a grin on his face.

    Suddenly, Heeseung went back into my mouth. He was more rough, pressing deeper and harder. When he reached the back of my throat I gagged, not used to the roughness. I was still looking at Sunghoon and Jay who were sitting on the bed and masturbating. The gaze they'd give me would scare the fuck out of me if I wasn't too focused on Heeseung's cock thrusting in my mouth. Instead, now that I was burning and horny, I kinda like the way they look at me. That lust in their look make me even more excited.

    Sunghoon went to us, leaned on my side, slipped his hand beneath my skirt and caressed over my clit. I nearly convulsed from the stimulation. I whimpered, flicking my tongue over Heeseung's head. Sunghoon's fingers slid lower and pressed inside me.

    _"You're so wet," he murmured.

    He pumped his fingers into me, and when he withdrew them, they were slick with my arousal. He scissored them before licking them, then touching me again, rubbing my clit slowly, until my les began to shake.

    _"Make him cum," Sunghoon said.

    I bobbed my head to take Heeseung deeper. His mouvement were harsh and body grew tense.

    _"Such a good little whore," Jay said.

    My mouth was full and my eyes were still locked on Jay who was touching himself. Sunghoon's stimulation over my clit had me shacking, bringing me to the edge of orgasm.

    _"She's not allowed to cum," Heeseung ordered, and Sunghoon slowed his touches...it was just a tease now. I nearly screamed in frustration, I would have if Heeseung's cock wasn't in my mouth. He came a second time, filling my mouth again.

    I swallowed him down, gasping as I finally had a moment to breath. My body was on fire, and still needy. The cold of the metal from the handcuffs made my skin feel a thermic shock.

    Sunghoon withdrew his fingers from me and brought them to my lips. I sucked on his fingers and he chuckled.

    _"Well shit. How can I resist that?"

    All the fear had disappeared and given way to excitement.

    _"It's a shame that Heeseung don't want us to play with you." Jay said as he went off the bed.

    _"You can go now, I need my alone time with her, after all she endure well her fear, it's time to reward her." Heeseung said, his eyes still on me.

    After Jay and Sunghoon leaved, Heeseung carried me to the bed, crawled over me and kissed me. My hands were still cuffed, and I desperatly wanted to touch him. He was hard, grinding against me and biting the curve between my neck and my shoulder.

    _"Heeseung please...I want you to..."

    He hooked one finger under my bra strap, snapping it against my skin.

    _"Don't worry you'll be rewarded slowly and painfully."

    He went off the bed for a moment. When he returned, a knife was in his hand.

    _"Remember when you asked if I'm still carrying my knife? Well, I think you have an answer now."

    My entire body pulsed, adrenaline flooding my brain. Why am I not scared of that knife that could have killed my ex? Why is it exciting me? Heeseung's hand reached out, stroked through my hair, and gripped it. Then he pulled my hair, so that, my throat would be exposed, with the biting marks that he would leave me earlier.

    _"That's what I like to see."

    He pressed the flat of the blade against my cheek, caressing me. The shacking in my legs refused to stop and my clit aching to be touched.

    His knee moved between my legs, to force them apart. The knife was resting against my jawline, but moved slowly on my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut.

    _"No, no ,no, look at me, I need to see your eyes."

    He paused as I opened my eyes, looking at my expression, then smiled.

    _"Good girl. So brave."

    His knee pressed up against me, I gasped at the contact. I moaned, my hips trying to grind again, rubbing myself against him. He leaned close.

    _"Do you remember your safe word?" he said.

    His voice was tight, rough, as if he was struggling to control himself.

    _"Yes, I remember." I said softly.

    The knife was no longer pressed to my throat. His hand disentangled from my hair and wrapped around my neck, squeezing just enough to lightly breath. The sensation of struggling to breath sent chills of pleasure through me. He took a key from his pocket and unlocked one of my wrists but he used the cuff to secure my arm to the bed frame. I thought I would finally be able to touch him, but he was restricting me even worse.

    _"No, no, Heeseung please!"

    He secured the other wrist as he took another pair of handcuffs from his beside table. My arms were spread wide. I just wanted to touche him...myself...anything at this point. It was just torture. My lust-filled frustration felt uncomfortable. I couldn't!

    _"I told you I'd make you cry," Heeseung said, sitting back to look at me. "Angels need to learn not to touch themselves without permission."

    He forced my legs apart, slapping my thighs so I'd spread them wider. My pussy was fully exposed.

    _"I need to tease you a little before giving you your reward."

    His voice was slow and gentle. A sob escaped me.

    _"Please Heeseung, just...just..."

    I was going to lose my mind.

    _"Naughty girl, you look so cute when you try to get away. What a little masochist you are."

    He looked down at my cunt, then with a dark gleam in his eyes, reached over to his beside table and picked up a candle.

    _"We're gonna have fun with that."

    I could smell a strong smell of jasmine as the candle was melting.

    _"It's not wax, if you're wondering. As the candle is melting the liquid that come out is massage oil."

    I was reassured after what he've said. But a sudden grin appeared on his face.

    _"But, the oil is still really hot. I wonder how you will react if I drop it on you. I'm going to spread you apart, hold you open, and let it drip right onto your clit, since you want to be touched here so badly."

    I whimpered, hands clenched into fists as I prepared for the burning pain.

    _"That's good to see you accepting your punishment so sweetly."

    He tugged up the edge of my skirt, tucking it into the waistband. He watched my face and his fingers stroked down. I gasped sharply. He rubbed over my clit, lightly, barely touching, so light I wanted to scream. He hovered the candle closer. I sucked my breath. How badly would it burn? How long would it last?

    _"You look cute when you're scared. Try not to scream too loud, angel."

    He tipped the candle, and three tiny droplets of oil fell. For a moment it was like fire, a split-second of burning, terrifying. And then it was gone.

    Heeseung tipped the candle again, and more droplet fell. I groaned against my teeth. It took all my self control to not scream. He paused the torture a moment to rub his fingers over my clit. His touch was rougher that time, the scent of jasmine covering my clit as he massaged me in circular motion.

    Pleasure radiated through me, so intense that I squeeze my legs together, but he slapped my thighs again.

    _"Don't try to get away. Take it like a good girl."

    I shook as I forced my legs to stay open. Heeseung held the candle over my thigh and dripped the hot oil onto my stinging skin. Soon my skin was spotted with little red spots.

    _"Now, have you learned your lesson?"

    _"Yes, I will not touch myself without permission."

    With his two fingers spreading my labia, he used his middle finger to rub me.

    _"How does that feel? Do you want it faster? Harder?"

    _"Yes please!" I gasped.

    He increased his speed and my pleasure became a knot in me, growing and spreading even more. I shut my eyes tight, letting the ecstasy consuming me. I was about to cum, it was a matter of a minute...just one minute.

    _"Not yet." He pulled his hand away.

    _"No, please, Heeseung!"

    But Heeseung just laughed in disbelief.

    _"What a spoiled girl."

    _"I'm sorry...I will stop..." I was on the verge of crying, tears dripping my eyes because of frustration, but I instinctively stopped whining, afraid I would rather punish me than giving me my reward. His face was so close and gently, his lips brushed against mine.

    _" Okay, you've been teased enough. Do you think you deserve to cum now?"

    _"Only if you think I deserve it." I whispered.

    I met his eyes.

    _"What a good girl. A very good girl."

    He moved back slightly, gripping my legs as he lowered himself between them. He kissed my burnt thighs. He looked at me as he approached his lips from my pussy and grinned.

    _"Say please."


    He started slowly, but it still gave a big impact. The tip of his tongue slid over my clit. I groaned, and he licked me again.He flicked his tongue back and forth, every flick made my body scream of pleasure. He glanced up at me, then his mouth eaten me out entirely. His tongue licked and lapped at my arousal, teasing around my entrance. I wiggled helplessly.

    He kept watching me as he pleasured me.

    _"I'm gonna cum..." i said out of breath.

    He slid two fingers inside me, thrusting into me as he sucked at my clit. I screamed as the orgasm explode. Every thrust of his fingers inside drew my orgasm until I could hardly breath and rolled my eyes back.

    He raised his head, chuckling, eyes bright.

    _"We're not done yet, angel."

    He unbuckled his belt, whipped it out of his jeans. Unbuckled the straps of his harness, then pulled his shirt over his head. He unlocked the handcuffs and I reached his jeans and unbuttoned it eagerly, then slid down the zipper. His hard cock was straining against the fabric. He flet so thick. He leaned down, kissing me deeply.

    _"I want to fuck you, Y/N."

    His voice was raspy, his eyes burning as he looked down at me.

    _"Please do it."

    He tugged off his pants. He flipped me over onto my stomach and grabbed my hips, pulling me up to my knees. He pressed my face against the mattress. He squeezed my ass and spread my cheeks.

    _"You look so good." He murmured.

    The head of his cock pressed against me, just enough to tease. He entered me slowly, then pulled out.

    Finally, he entered me fully, deep and hard, stretching me so tightly I cried out. I gripped the blankets as he fucked into me. He reached between my legs and began to rub my clit as a second orgasm was building up inside me.

    _"Do you like that?" He growled, flipping me onto my back.

    His hand squeezed around my throat.

    _"I love when you cry like that. Is it too much? Too bad I love seeing you cum."

    With one more deep thrust, he pulled out of me, replacing his cock by two fingers.

    _"You're gonna cum, right? I can see it all over your face."

    He was right. I couldn't help it. Tears slipped down my cheeks...tears of pleasure. Heeseung licked his fingers, then brought his face close to me, kissing my tears.

    _"I want to cum inside you..."he murmured.

    _"Please do it..."

    He went inside me, pressed his face to my neck and kissed me. He rocked against me, faster and faster.

    _"Fuck, Y/N..."

    His cock swelled as he was cumming inside me. We lay across from other on the bed, arms tangled together, facing each other. I lay for a while with my eyes closed, amazed and exhausted.

    I opened my eyes and found Heeseung looking back. He looked sleepy. He gave me a crooked smile.

    _"Wanna go back downstairs?" he said, his fingers lightly brushing my cheek.

    _"Do you?"

    _"I like it here. Like this. With you."

    _"Me too." I smiled.

    He leaned closer. His kiss was tender. How could a man be so cruel and soft at the same time.

    Heeseung and I were at there parking. The party was over and the night was slowly fading. Bora was waiting for me next to the car.

    _"Do you want to come with us?" I asked to him.

    _"I need to help Jake with the cleanup. Besides, I don't think Bora is warmed up about me being with you."

    _"She'll get over it."

    _"Eventually," he smiled, leaving a kiss on my forehead.

    _"Maybe, hanging out at a café sounds like a good idea."

    _"Sure, next week then."

    _"I'm looking forward to it."

    He gave me a butt swat as I walked away.

    _"Be good for now on."

    _"Yes, Master."

    The end

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  • woniebae
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    📍Upcoming works

    Waste it on me

    Pairing: jay x fem reader
    Genre: angst, fluff, smut
    Summary: You, a fashion student who took the interest of the jay park, eversince freshman years always rejected his advances for some unknown reason. Jay can't take it anymore and confronted you which leaded to an argument and maybe an after sex? Who knows

    Earn it

    Pairing: teacher!sunghoon x teacher!fem reader
    Genre: fluff, smut
    Summary: You and your highschool sweetheart are both teachers at the school where you both once studied. Both of you are pretty popular among the students and called you as the 'visual couple'. Your students would flirt on you from time to time, girls would on hoon too. What happens when your partner did something, which leads you to punishing him at his very own office?

    What's on your pocket?

    Pairing: bestfriend!heeseung x fem reader
    Genre: fluff, smut
    Summary: You and your bestfriends are having a movie night at you guys apartment, watching not just any movie but a sexual one. Cuddling on your bestfriend with you on his lap made you annoyed at the hard thing poking on your thigh. Asking your bestfriend to remove the 'thing' on his pocket, eliciting an awkward chuckle from him.

    A/n: send in an ask to be part of the taglist and permanent taglist is open, just send in an ask to be added. Y'all can send in an ask too if you want to request/suggest a part too, to be written on these upcoming works. Have a great day everyone!!

    🏷️: @jay-durian @rielleluvs

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  • snghoonist
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    A/N: this is the most recent thing i’ve worked on, i got a random boost of motivation and this came out and I have no idea how to end it, this is unfinished and it won’t get finished. I also didn’t want it to collect dust so here.


    contents: Sunghoon thinks you and Jaeyun are hot, auralism and pervy tendencies (?)

    "The noises you make are incredible"

    You let out a needy moan as Jaeyun tightly grips onto your hips, filling you with every inch of him with rough powerful thrusts that makes your legs being to shake.

    "nngh...J-Jake, you fuck me so good." You sobbed out loudly not caring if Sunghoon heard you in the next room.

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  • vinnieee
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    im bored so send asks!

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  • 3raaaachachacha
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    4:56 pm

    ~ Requested ~ okay imagine you being figure skater teacher, but only for some kids or just beginners, and park sunghoon, literally the god at skating, best of the best, falls in love and pretends to be bad at skating just to get close to you.

    Park Sunghoon / 703 words / fluff

    ​​⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    He couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Maybe it was the way you effortlessly skated around the frozen rink with your perfectly styled hair or the cute pink blush that adored your cheeks from the cold. Sunghoon was always on the shy side when it came to girls and he had only met you a few times in passing, but that didn’t stop his feelings for you to grow. Thankfully, he finally came up with a plan to get closer to you, but it meant damaging his pride a bit.

    When you weren’t practicing for competitions, you would teach kids 5 and up how to skate. It was something you did for fun and to make a little extra money. You had just ended your class and continued skating around on the ice to warm up for practice, when you noticed Sunghoon, your long-time crush, waving to you from the rink entrance.

    You skated over to him with a shy smile on your face, “Hi Sunghoon, what’s up?” You asked politely, curious to see why he waved you over to him. The two of you hadn’t spoken much, so inside, you were exploding with happiness to see he wanted your attention.

    “Hi Y/N, uh,” He began as his hand rubbed the back of his neck from being nervous, “I saw how good you are with teaching skating to those kids, could you possibly help me as well?” He asked with a light pink adoring his pale skin.

    His question confused you since he was one of the best skaters you had ever met, yet he was asking you for help? Even so, curiosity piqued your interest as you nodded your head shyly about to turn away from him as he called out for you. You turned back to face him as he held his hands out for you to take. You could feel yourself internally sweating as you giggled softly before taking them and helping him onto the ice.

    “Watch my feet and how they glide against the ice, follow that movement until you begin to feel comfortable,” You calmly instructed as you held onto his hands while focusing your gaze on both of your feet.

    He followed your movement as his gaze moved to observe your delicate features in awe, “Sunghoon, keep your eyes on your feet,” You gently scolded, laughing at his cute reaction as he chuckled along with you.

    “Sorry, it’s hard to focus when my instructor is so beautiful,” He smoothly commented as your cheeks flushed a bright red from his comment, trying to hide the smile that grew on your face, but failing miserably.

    You should have been paying more attention to your surroundings, but with Sunghoon’s hands in yours, it was too distracting to you as you yelped out in shock from the abrupt stop. Sunghoon had pulled you into his firm chest as you clenched onto his thin shirt, one hand wrapped around your waist and the other pressing harshly into the thick glass of the rink. You had almost skated backwards into the hard boards of the rink, which easily could have hurt you.

    “Are you okay Y/N? You aren’t hurt right?” Sunghoon asked, carefully looking at you as his hands roamed your body and face, respectfully, to ensure you weren’t hurt.

    You shook your head as you took deep breaths, still trying to calm your nerves from how close you were to your crush, not from almost severely hurting yourself.

    “You need to be more careful Y/N, you could have been really hurt!” Sunghoon grinned at you as he took your hand in his, “I think practice is over for the day. Come on,” He said, gently pulling you towards the exit for the rink.

    “Where are we going?” You asked, halting your movements as you hit Sunghoon’s chest again as he turned to face you.

    “On a date with me,” He smiled shyly down at you before gesturing to exit, “Come on, you won’t regret it.”

    You were too stunned to say anything after that as you followed Sunghoon off the ice to change for your date. There was no doubt in your mind that you would regret anything that happened after this.

    ⊱───────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

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  • heetrbl
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    I Still Wanna Try

    VI. You're Really No Good For Me.

    🏹 pairing(s): heeseung x female reader, heeseung x giselle, sunghoon x female reader, jake x female reader

    🏹 genre: angst, smut

    🏹 warning(s): language, manipulation?, several mentions of cheating, unprotected sex, oral (fem receiving), sex on call (idk what to call it)

    🏹 synopsis: y/n and heeseung, two highschool sweethearts whose relationship seemed to only have grown worse as time went on. what was once nothing but puppy love turned into an immature and toxic romance that lead to the downfall of their relationship. heeseung, the displayed unfaithful partner, went seeking comfort in the arms of another woman, essentially cheating on y/n. after the situation was brought to light, he lost y/n. now, with the help of his friend jake, we get to watch as he carelessly tries to win her heart over, while either earning her trust back, or making matters worse for himself.

    🏹 word count: 5.0k

    taglist (just ask) : @nyfwyeonjun @kac-chowsballs @mykalon @3ggieyolk @enhabb @neovrse @dontcallme20 @httpheeseung @thejjrl @ddeonubaby @wanlore @softforqiankun @wntrsgf @luvrseung @k4aerina @arikiu @aujewels @hoonstrology @gongiz @luvlyjaemin

    jake and heeseung walked into the unfamiliar restaurant, looking around. a big part of heeseung was thankful for what giselle had done for him, but the other part was so confused. why would giselle go out of her way to suddenly help him out? more importantly... how did she even know that he was still trying to get to you?

    the only time jake and heeseung had talked about the situation when she was around was four days prior. but she wasn't awake when they had the discussion. and he had gone out of his way to romance her to make sure she didn't have any doubts about where she allegedly stood with him. i guess it didn't matter now, did it? the important thing was that she gave him tabs on you, tabs that seemed to be true as he spotted your eyes as they met his. he smiled at the contact, laughing silently as you quickly averted your gaze.

    he was happy, while you on the other hand were freaking out. you didn't remember exactly what was happening before you stupidly decided to look at the door making eye contact with your heart breakerㅡ all you knew is that your mind was blank and filled with panic while you prayed he wouldn't come over to your table. you were still surprisingly calm on the outside, not even flinching one when sunghoon soothingly rubbed your thigh in a way to ease your anxiety.

    no no no no no no no no... you started bouncing your thigh as it quietly tapped on the floor. you could see from the corner of your eyes that heeseung was still looking. and you were surprised by how silent sunghoon chose to stay, but maybe not talking about it would make things easier.

    "god i wanna go by her so bad," heeseung admitted, unable to cope with the fact that you were there with sunghoon. it hadn't even been a week, yet here you were being unaffected by his presence even though all he's feeling is hot as he looks your way. was it fair of him to be upset about this? no. was he still going to be? always. that's just the kind of asshole he was. "look- that piece of shit isn't even talking to her-"

    "hi! my name's winter, can i help you two handsome young men to be seated?" heeseung's angry mumbles were cut short by one of the restaurant's waitresses. his fake smile masked his anger as he smiled kindly at her. this was his chance.

    "yes, please, we actually love the view of my left, your right, side of the building, so could we be seated somewhere over there?" he replied. she nodded, quickly looking for an open table in that area.

    by now, you and sunghoon's food had arrived. you were eating, but not before playing around with it nervously. you were basically numb about the whole situation, choosing to be emotionally closed off about heeseung's presence in fear of breaking down over it like you did about giselle's random instagram follow. and speaking of which-

    "im wondering if i should follow her back," you said while chewing your food. sunghoon shot you a confused look as you shrugged your shoulders. "i mean, she followed me first. and she's not here, so maybe she's not aware of this. or maybe... ha, i don't know. i just think that not following her back will make me look bitter."

    "you're looking too deeply into it," he laughs slightly, making you pout.

    "you're only saying that because you're a boy," you protested. "you don't get it the way that i do."

    he sighed, not looking at you as he took a sip of his soda. "do what you want, then," he finally says. you let out a breath through your nose as you pouted. sunghoon couldn't help but smile at it. cute, he thought. "you look cute when you pout like that."

    his compliment caught you off guard, making you choke on your food. you coughed up a storm, wiping your mouth of the drool that resulted in it while sunghoon watched amused. seeing how heated your cheeks got from it made him smile. "shut up... i'm gonna use the restroom," you said getting up, quickly walking away from the scene, but not before tripping a bit making him laugh behind you. you grumbled as you made your way to the restroom. once you were in a stall, you opened your phone back up to the notification.

    giselle_aeri started following you 27m [Follow]

    taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes quickly, clicking to follow back. opening your eyes, you stared at the screen feeling like you just climbed over a forbidden milestone. but with struggles being overcome, life has to balance it out again with another struggle. and that's exactly what it did, you looked up at the top of your screen to see something you never thought you would ever see before.

    giselle_aeri: i'm sorry, y/n.

    quickly opening the dm, you watched as she kept typing.

    giselle_aeri: i know you probably won't be too happy about this, but please. i beg of you, leave heeseung alone.

    you: excuse you?

    giselle_aeri: i know you have something to do with the way he's been acting around me. and i know he's probably looking for you right now. i know you're trying to get back with him, so stop it. do you even care about how unfair you're being? i worked so hard to get him.. to love him when you wouldn't. why can't you just leave us be? he deserves nothing but happiness. and you can't give that to him, so please leave him and i alone please. i won't contact you again, so have a good night, y/n.

    you stared at the screen stunned by the audacity she had. not only did she bother you first, and not only is she insulting something that you already knew you lacked heavily in, but now she's accusing you of being behind heeseung's actions. and you weren't. in fact, you didn't want any of this to happen in the first fucking place.

    you: do you think you're so big and bad? who the fuck do you think you are to follow me and then come disrespecting me off of your own insecurities. you wouldn't have to worry about the shit he's doing now if you didn't homewreck our relationship.

    you: and i didn't fucking want him back in my life, he came on his OWN accord. but now, since you've already insisted that i'm trying to take him back, i will.

    giselle_aeri is typing....

    you: and don't even worry about texting anything back, im blocking you. i won't contact you again, so have a good night, giselle.

    you exited out of the chat, immediately blocking her. "the nerve people have," you mumbled as you sat there. you decided not to leave yet. you wanted to leave and get back to sunghoon as well as possible, but you didn't want to project that energy onto your night that has already had so much trying to ruin it.

    giselle was shaking. for some stupid reason, she thought that, by texting you, it would make her feel like she had more control over the situation. like she would intimidate you into rejecting heeseung's advances. she knew you had nothing to do with what he was doing, but it hurt too much to admit that heeseung made the choice to use her on his own accord even though she heard it herself.

    she had woken up that night after she had sex with heeseung. the bed was empty which made her pout. she was going to get up, but when she heard the muffled conversation, and the anger in the air, she furrowed her eyebrows and closed her eyes as she tried to make out exactly what they were saying.

    "do you wanna get back with y/n or not, hyung?" she heard jake say, making her heart almost stop. the air felt heavy as it went silent.

    "well? answer me." she waited a few more seconds before she allowed herself to get happy with heeseung's silence. it was the confirmation that she had finally won. a smile painted her face, but it was quickly torn off of her lips when he finally responded.

    "of course i do, you know how badly i wanna be with her," heeseung finally spoke up.

    "then why are you still fucking around with your little side chick?" jake pressed more, making giselle wince at how lowly he spoke of her. ouch.

    "can you stop talking about her like that?" heeseung begged making giselle smile at him coming in her defense. maybe he does have feelings for her after all.

    the smile didn't last long, again. jake started screaming at him, blaming giselle and giselle only. "AND FOR WHAT?!?!" he asked, frustration clear in his voice.

    "I DON'T KNOW!" heeseung's voice cracked. was he crying... over her? god she didn't want him to cry over her. "i don't know, man.... i don't know, okay?" it went quiet for a little bit after that. giselle had gotten off of the bed by now, she had her ears glued to the door as she listened to heeseung talk.

    her heart hurt at the way he was so honest with jake about how he was really feeling. but it would only start hurting more once she heard what he really felt about her. "giselle is the only thing that's making me feel like anyone still needs me. i know that no matter how much i run, she's going to chase me. i know that no matter how many times i push her away, she's willing to pull me back. it's fucked up.. to use her like that, but i just can't let go of the way she makes me feel. i don't want to." that's when it hit her, thinking back to what he was saying prior to admitting he was using her.

    but the way he spoke so differently, when it came to y/n, hurt her the most. "but seeing and being with her again after all that time, even if it wasn't her choice to be there in the first place, made me realize how badly it's been hurting me this whole time." he'd met up with her again? why? giselle didn't understand. she did everything right. she listened to him when nobody else did, she lent him a shoulder to cry on, gave him emotional support, and nothing but love throughout the process of his breakup, yet... he still went back to her.

    she was zoned out in sad thought when she chimed back in. it got a little foggy after that, her brain could only register what heeseung was saying. and she wished it would stop because it only hurt more the more she listened.

    "it wouldn't be fair to y/n if i loved giselle back." but- that's not fair to me!

    "i wouldn't ever want to be happy with someone who ruined the only thing bringing me happiness in my life." but- it wasn't just me! you said.. you told me you liked me too. you told me you wanted to be with me, too!

    "then why keep her around? why is she still here?" jake's voice finally registered to her again.

    she tuned in once more, her last clutch on faith wavering to none as heeseung replied.

    "she offers me support and stability regardless of my ill feelings toward her." ill feelings...?

    "i need her around until i can get at least on friendly terms with her. then i'll dump her off without another word." giselle couldn't hold back the silent tears she let them drip down her face. not bothering to listen to what the boys were saying anymore, she walked back to the bed pretending to still be asleep once she heard the door open.

    she only scrunched her nose when she was slightly shaken being sweet-talked by heeseung's voice, his soft tone feeling so disingenuous now. "wake up, my aeri," it was disgusting how he could fill his words with a false feeling of love. it was hard to not fall back into his trap. maybe.. just maybe she could pretend like she never heard him. maybe she could make a plan to make him stay. to make him choose her over y/n. because this wasn't his fault, right? it was only y/n's. she's the only one to blame. not heeseung. not giselle herself. and most definitely not jake. only y/n.

    with that thought running rampant around her headspace, she thought that she'd have the upper hand when she attacked you. but now, looking at the last message you sent to her, she realized just how badly she fucked up now that she'd intentionally sent heeseung and jake directly to you. biting back tears, she threw her phone down on her bed shoving her face into her pillow as tears started falling again. "fuck fuck fuck FUCK!"

    once you had finally calmed down, you washed your hands and walked out the bathroom witn a confident stride, only stopping when you came face to face with him again for the second time this week. and fuck- he looked so much better up close. your eyes widened as you realized he was walking toward you. you walked backwards until you hit a wall, essentially trapping yourself under him.

    "y/n," the way he whispered, in a breath filled with so many emotions, as well as the unreadable look he gave you as he stared into your eyes, made your knees go weak.

    "what?" you spat as you only looked up at him, your doe eyes not projecting the anger you attempted to show. he put his hands on either side of your body, really trapping you.

    "i've missed being like this.. having you so close to me," he took a breath, taking in your scent. still the same scent. it was the perfume he introduced you to all those years before. god he loved how it smelled. especially when it was on you. it was like you were still his. "you're never gonna change that perfume, huh. good, i like it."

    "can you just get whatever you have to say over with? i need to get back to sunghoon," you said with the roll of your eyes making him ball his fists on the wall behind you. you still knew just how to get under his skin.

    "fuck sunghoon."

    "i already have," you laughed, slipping under his arms in an attempt to walk away. he grabbed your wrist, roughly pulling you back to him. "what are you doing?" you whisper-yelled trying to yank your arm away.

    "you already what?" he asked, eyes filled with fire as he dared you to repeat yourself. you only smirked at the way he got angry. you took a step closer to him, pushing him back with one finger as you continued.

    "i. already. fucked. sunghoon," with each poke he only got angrier. he grabbed your hand, his grip so tight that it almost hurt. "ouch. did i hit a nerve? is baby boy heeseung mad that i fucked my rooma-"

    you were interrupted mid-sentence by his lips smashing onto yours. you didn't even try to fight it back, letting your eyes close as you kissed him back. it was rough, but emotional. you almost whined when he pulled away. "oh, baby i'm gonna be hitting more than nerves tonight."

    before you could process what he was saying, his lips quickly found their way back onto yours as he grabbed your waist, pulling your body onto his, walking backwards into the family restroom. locking the door, he slammed you onto it, attacking your neck with kisses, sucking on your sweet spot. even with all that time he spent away from you, he could never forget how to please you.

    you whimpered in response to it, gripping his shirt in an attempt to pull him closer to you than physically possible. you knew that he was leaving hickeys marking you as his as if he had any right. you wanted to stop him but you missed his touch, his taste, everything. you missed this too much. so you let it be, even though you knew he didn't deserve it. he moved back unbuttoning and taking his shirt off as he threw it to the side. eyes staring at his body in admiration of the changes from when you last saw it were evident. it made you wonder if he was insecure before he bulked up. yes, a man taking his shirt off could be something that anybody would easily overlook, but it was different to you.

    heeseung- never in all the years of his sexual history with you had he ever taken his clothes off first. he never explained to you why before, but now you understood.

    he was hoping you would notice this and realize he was true. that he was ready to be completely naked and honest with you. you couldn't help but tear up as you let your hands roam his upper body, seeing how easily he melted into your touch. in a sick way it still felt like it was meant to be. you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a long and deep kiss. tongues slipping through to greet each other for the first time again, not fighting for dominance, but instead peace.

    slipping his hands up your shirt, he let them aimlessly wander their way up to your breasts. groping them harshly, massaging them to ease them, rolling his fingers around your nipples and pinching them just how you liked it, all while his lips never met yours. how was he supposed to escalate the situation enough to fuck his love into you if he couldn't keep his mouth off of yours?

    being the needy, and (heeseung) touch starved princess that you were, you laced your fingers through his hair, pulling him back. "please, hee. im already soaking wet..." you begged, lifting your shirt up to display your bare breasts to him as a request. his mouth nearly watered at the sight. the way you could still look so innocent while speaking so lewd was so sexy to him. he was already painfully rock hard by then.

    "sorry, baby," he chuckled as he lowered his head to be at mouth level with your right breast, taking it into his mouth gently as he swirled his tongue around it. you closed your eyes, letting your ears be flooded with the lewd sounds of him sucking and popping as he switched to give your left breast into his mouth, repeating the motions.

    he began kissing his way down your stomach, getting onto his knees, before he lifted your skirt up. you automatically spread your legs for him as he bit his lip as the wet patch that your arousal made when it had soaked through your panties. he inhaled the sweet aroma it emitted offㅡ seemingly made just for him. he planted a small kiss on your clothed lips, licking a stripe up before he carefully pulled them down and off of you, stuffing them into his pockets (because he clearly had no intentions of giving them back, especially since he still couldn't be sure if you'd let him stick around after this.)

    once the barrier was out of the way, he threw your leg over his shoulder. this had to be his second favorite view, the first one being your face. he'd always have to imagine that anything of giselle's, that he looked at or touched (because he refused to taste), was yours otherwise he couldn't get hard. this was his reality check, imagination could never beat reality. he almost teared up from happiness as he latched his lips onto your clit, sucking it sweetly as if it was his first meal that he didn't want to take for granted.

    being egged on by your sweet moans and whimpers, he used two fingers to play with the juices between your folds before he inserted it in, curling them to hit the spot where you needed it the most. he didn't even mind when you grinded onto his face, smearing his nose with your juices. he didn't even tease you, instead complying when you desperately begged him to go faster as he moved his mouth's focus down to where his fingers had been working their magic, switching placeㅡ his fingers stimulating your clit while he indulged in your juices. and he especially was more than happy when you came onto his tongue. he happily lapped the juices away as they spilled out. god, he loved the way you tasted.

    pulling him up, you brought his lips onto yours, tasting your essence as his tongue invaded your mouth again. when he pulled away for air, you looked into his eyes panting prettily. "wanna make you feel good, too," you said, pouting when he shook his head. you didn't understand why he declined when his erection looked so painfully tight in his jeans.

    "what will make me feel good is bending you over the sink while i make love to you," he said as he grabbed your hand, guiding you to the sink. you looked at him through the mirror as he got behind you, gently bending you over the sink. he unzipped his pants, pulling them down as he grabbed his dick out of his boxers. you couldn't help but to turn around and look at it. to you, in the moment, it was the prettiest thing you've ever seen. the way his precum glistened on his reddened tip, as well as the veins that popped out due to his willing neglect. you turned back to the mirror to watch his face as he did some prep stokes. it was so heavenly. the way he shut his eyes and threw his head back at the slightest motions, the way his adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed a breath, rubbing his tip through your folds finally ready to give you his all as he pushed in slowly.

    you bit your lip, closing your eyes. you could never get used to the stretch. pushing yourself backwards, you motioned that you wanted all of him, and who was he to deny you of that? he grabbed your hips as he started slowly thrusting. you loved the feeling of it, the way he was able to fill you up so nicely. you moaned quietly as he picked up the pace. holding onto the sides of the sink for support because your legs seemed to turn to jelly all of a sudden.

    getting lost in the moment of time that seemed to stretch, you both were pulled back to reality when a phone rang. heeseung's moves slowed as the both of you looked around for where the sound was coming from. it was on the floor next to your feet, and the contact read sunghoon. "shit," you cursed, wondering if you should try and bend down to get it. a smirk appeared on heeseung's face as he pulled out to grab it. you whined at the loss, but gained composure when he handed you the phone.

    "answer it."

    "please don't try anything funny," you warned as you picked up. heeseung bites his lip, mischief clear on his face. "hello?" you said into the phone. sunghoon let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. he thought you had ditched him to get away from everything, but the slight echo made it evident you were still in the bathroom.

    "hey! have you calmed down yet? your foods gonna get cold," he said looking at the plate of pasta which had become messy due to you playing around with it. you mentally face palmed. how could you forget sunghoon was still here? thinking quickly, you began to speak, but not before heeseung decided to thrust back into you without warning

    "u-uh i... shit," the words got caught in your throat as you tried not to lose your train of thought while heeseung began his slow pace. "i don't think i'll be able to calm down, hoonie." heeseung didn't know why that nickname bothered him so much, but it did. if he wasn't trying to play this game with you, he would've sped, but he couldn't.

    "well then i can get your food to go, pay, and we can get going, maybe?" sunghoon said. it made you feel bad hearing how concerned he was about you, but it was hard to focus on that when heeseung's slow thrusts were so precise and hitting everywhere you needed him to me. it caught you so off guard when you tried to respond again, not wanting there to be a suspicious pause.

    "no!" you exclaimed, a moan almost slipping out as you continued. "just... you should just leave without me," you said, trying your best to sound sympathetic. sunghoon bit the inside of his cheek in thought. he couldn't just leave.

    "but i'm your ride, we came together," he protested. there was absolutely no way he'd leave you alone, almost half an hour away from home. "ill get a to-go box and wait it out. i'm not leaving."

    heeseung was getting fed up at this point. couldn't this loser take the hint? you bit your lip, clenching around heeseung. "sunghoon-ah i'm sorry just please-"

    "no, y/n."


    "she said leave," heeseung finally said, having run out of his patience as he ended the call. finally, without sunghoon's irritating concern, he could speed up again. he sped up his movements quickly, filling the air with sounds of wetness and skin slapping. with the slow teasing of his slow thrusts and the sudden change of speed, it was so hard to hold back an orgasm, and heeseung could tell by the way you started clenching around him. he could barely hold off either as your breathing started to speed up the closer you got to the edge. he wanted to take you there. you looked at his figure through the mirror. he held his tongue out, resting it on his bottom lip with closed eyes as he focused on bringing you two to your orgasms. not being able to hold it back anymore, you moaned out loudly as you came all over his cock. just a few more thrusts and he came, too, painting your walls with his seed, tiredly collapsing forward as he laid his head on your shoulder.

    and for a moment in time, everything felt like it was okay. like the fallout that led to your toxic love never happened. like you never stopped listening to his problems and insecurities. like heeseung never cheated. like you two were still in innocent love with each other.

    picking his head back up, he kissed the back of your neck, bringing a finger to play with your clit. your body jerked, still sensitive from both orgasms, but he didn't care as he talked to your clit like it could respond. "i'm sorry, baby. i should've played with you more."

    he pulled out completely, walking over to get some paper towels to clean you up. once he finished that, you both stared into each other's eyes. earlier before all this, all you could see was your ex boyfriend who you wanted to hurt, to get back at. now, having all those intricacies that only made sense to the two of you, you could only be hurt that he waited so long to show you. or that he could've shown giselle the same side, too. you wondered if he had fucked her raw, too. it sucked having reality checks.

    you couldn't help but cry as you hugged onto him, letting your sobs soak into his shirt. he held onto you tightly, so scared of letting go. so scared of losing you again because he knew what those tears meant. it meant regret. it meant hatred. it meant he still couldn't have you. it meant that despite all his efforts to prove his love to you, it didn't work.

    "i'm sorry," his own tears started falling down, soaking your head as they ran down his cheeks. "i'm so sorry," it sounded so sincere, but you couldn't believe it. shaking your head, you broke from his embrace, slamming your hands onto his chest trying to hurt him physically the way he did to you mentally, as if those weak punches could do any real damage.

    "liar!" was all you could say. that's all he was. that's all he'd ever be now. "i just.. i just want you to myself again. not that bitch. you're mine! you're. supposed to be. mine..." he shut his eyes, the lump forming in his throat as he forced you back into a hug that you didn't deny.

    "i am yours, y/n. my heart will always belong to you."

    you shook your head. while the sex was nice and meant the world to you, you knew only one relationship was worth something now. you and sunghoon's. and being here any longer would surely ruin that, so you fixed your shirt, grabbed your phone, and left without looking back (even though you so badly wanted to). heeseung, again, was left even more broken hearted cause you left on your own. he sighed, redressing himself up as he stared in the mirror, finally, and genuinely, regretting all the mistakes he's made.

    you ran out of the restroom area looking for any sign of your best friend. quickly finding your table, you were saddened to see that nothing and nobody was there except your to-go box. guilt immediately started to eat you up as you stared at the text message he sent you.

    hoonie 🥳😁: i got you an uber, ill text you when he gets there.

    hoonie 🥳😁: also. i think we should take time to ourselves

    hoonie 🥳😁: you're really no good for me, y/n.

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