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    Sim Jaeyun / 640 words / angst / fluff / smut

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    Seeing Jake was starting to become near impossible. It was heavy schedules for Jake since his comeback and you were preparing for your exams, meaning there was little to no time to be around each other. Of course you called and texted non stop, but it was different. You just wanted to be close to him, have him hold you and help you relieve some stress.

    You finally had the same weekend off, and Jake made sure to paid a visit with takeout in hand. Although, it was barely acknowledged as you brought him in for a messy kiss, needing to feel his hands all over you.

    "God, it's so good to see you," You mumbled breathlessly against his lips, "I was about to lose it if I didn't see you this weekend."

    Jake chuckled, holding you tightly before pulling you towards your bedroom, hitting a ray of items along the way since neither of you could pull away. Once you reached the bedroom, clothes already discarding throughout the halls, Jake pushed you onto the bed so that you were on your hands and knees.

    "I'm glad I came to," He sighed with a smirk, dropping to his knees to lick at your already drenched pussy, "Jerking off to the thought of you wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed to touch you."

    You whimpered in acknowledgement before tangling your hands into his hair as he began to eat you out. Though, it was short lived as he stood up abruptly and lined his cock with your entrance.

    "Fuck," You mumbled once he bottomed out and began to thrust in your dripping core. As much as you loved moments like these, right now you needed more. His thrusts were slow, trying to get the two of you used to it before you spoke up.

    "Jake, I don't like this position," You mumbled quietly, feeling shy for even mentioning it and maybe even hoping he didn't hear.

    He stopped at your words, noticing some sort of discomfort before pulling out and holding you against his front, "What? Why's that babe?"

    You sighed in frustration, hating yourself for getting like this in the middle of sex, "I don't know," You answered truthfully, "I just want to look at you. It's been weeks. I miss your face.”

    Turning you to face him, he smiled lovingly at you before planting a kiss to your nose, "Why didn't you say something sooner, baby?"

    Shrugging your shoulders at him, you let Jake lean forward and pull you into a sweet kiss. Hands wrapped around your body as he slowly laid you flush against the mattress before moving to press kisses all over your exposed skin.

    "Fuck baby," He groaned against your skin, "You're so beautiful. So beautiful and all mine."

    "Mmh," You moaned once he began to line his cock with your entrance, "This is so much better."

    Smiling in satisfaction, Jake pressed a tender kiss to your lips before pushing into you and thrusting slowly until you told him to go faster. Once the two of you found a pace, his free hand wouldn't leave your skin, traveling from your breasts to your clit in the hopes of getting you over the edge.

    It didn't take the two of you long before you were coming, moans and whimpers filling the room and the sound of skin slapping echoed. Jake pulled out of you carefully, watching the way your mixed cum spilled from your core before chuckling to himself and pulling you into his side.

    "Well," He breathed out, "That was way better than jerking off alone."

    Laughing in amusement, you pulled the duvet to cover your bodies before snuggling into his side, “I’m glad you found that entertaining because I’m not done with you yet. We still have a lot of time to make up for.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

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    PAIRING : dom!sunghoon x afab!reader x dom!hyunjin
    GENRE : smut, oral (m and f receiving), threesome, degradation, double penetration, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex (use condoms y'all), usage of nicknames, cursing, fwb relationship, kinda(?) possessive hyunjin and sunghoon.
    WC : 2k words
    WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
    A/N : hihi! i wanted to write a hyunjin sunghoon threesome fic from a long time so here it is! i hope y'all enjoy it. all likes, comments, reblogs and feedback is highly appreciated :3 iloveyou all <3

    “was that y/n who just left?” sunghoon asked, eyes big and curious yet trying to act nonchalant about it.

    hyunjin looked up at him, water droplets racing down his chiseled torso with only a towel wrapped around his slender waist. he had just come out of the shower.

    “oh, yeah. you know her?” he asked, looking at him with a raised brow.

    sunghoon did. a little too well in some areas. he wasn't sure what business you had with hyunjin but he was sure to find it out one way or the other.

    “i do. what was she here for?”

    hyunjin finally got dressed in his sweats, looking up at him, “how? she's usually shy and reserved.” he pointed out as if he knew her the best, completely ignoring his question.

    sunghoon scoffed, “that's exactly why i'm confused—what was she doing here with you?” his interrogated. this time, possessiveness on display.

    “why do you care? are you like dating her or something?” hyunjin laughed but was curious nevertheless.

    “we're fucking.” he deadpanned and hyunjin froze.

    “what?” his voice came out high pitched. “but we've been fucking too.” he told him, muttering curses under his breath.

    “who knew the quiet kid was this freaky.” sunghoon bit his lip, smirking but also feeling unsettled, he wanted all of you to himself.

    “but why would she fuck you when she's got me to do so?” he wondered. “maybe cause i fuck her better than you, hoon.” now it was his turn to smirk, mentally recalling how you moaned his name not even an hour back.

    “are you guys exclusive?” sunghoon asked, ignoring his stupid remark, his fist clenched.

    “not really but i'd like to have her to myself.” he stated, eyes serious.

    “no one asked.” sunghoon shut him up and hyunjin glared at him.

    they collectively sighed, trying not to get mad at each other, plopping down on the couch. the two players were being played all this time, innocently at that.

    hyunjin broke the silence after a few minutes. “when are you meeting her again?”

    “probably tomorrow, why?” he asked, harsher than intended. but hyunjin ignored that.

    “i've got an idea.” he grinned evilly.

    you were simply scrolling down your instagram feed as the apartment bell rang, indicating that sunghoon, your fuck for the day, was here.

    you opened the door to see him leaning against the doorside, looking attractive as ever. his hair parted to the side, making him look even more charming than he usually does.

    “sunghoon, hi—” you gasped as he picked you up wordlessly, attaching his soft lips to your neck, kissing it messily. your arms going around his neck as a reflex, resting your hand on his nape to guide him better. your eyes shut down as your head tilted back on its own accord to give him more access.

    he kissed the exact same spot which made you weak in knees. in this one month of your friends with benefits setting, sunghoon had memorised you wholly—all spots which made you crazy, each touch which sent a shiver down your spine and even the pace at which you enjoyed sex the most.

    he didn't feel the need to fuck other girls, not when you were available for him as he wished and vice versa. the fact that everyone else knew you just as the quiet student made it even better for him, he wanted this side of you to him. it made you insatiable to him, until he realised that hyunjin has been having his own rendezvous with you.

    just the mere thought of it made him burn with jealousy. he carried you all the way to your bedroom, throwing you on the bed and climbing up, hunger evident in his sharp eyes.

    “sunghoon, are you okay?” you were concerned as he was hastier than usual, his movements still sharp as he went on to suck on your neck, harsh enough to leave a mark. again, something which he had never done before.

    your breathing sped up, lips parted to let out sounds that would make your neighbours complain later on. he ignored your question, his hands massaging your breasts through the flimsy material of your tank top. you finally moaned his name, making him smirk and glide his hand down inside your shorts.

    he scoffed, “no panties? such a whore for me.”

    the insult adding on to your arousal. “

    “you don't need these either.” he announced, getting up and taking your shorts off in a swift motion.

    “fuck, hmm.” you hummed, feeling his cold hands spread your legs, the air hitting your dripping core making you close them on impulse but his strong hands prevented you from doing so, veins now on display with tight hole he had on your thighs.

    “be a good girl and spread your legs” he ordered.

    you knew better than to disobey him, so you did what he asked for. he switched his positions, sitting as so your back was pressed against his well built torso. he had removed his t-shirt, making you feel his warmth.

    you were a puddle in his hold, his one arm wrapped around your waist while the other rubbed your clit harshly. you whimpered, the stimulation already too high for you.

    “that's my slut.” he whispered, biting your ear gently.

    your eyes shut down, head leaning on his shoulder with your arched back. his hands never stopped.

    “now this is a sight to see.” you snapped open your eyes seeing hyunjin standing in your bedroom, he walked closer, throwing his shirt away and getting on the bed with a smirk.

    “hyunjin, ah—” you screamed as sunghoon pinched your hardened nipple. “what's your colour, slut?” he asked.

    “fuck. g—green.” you managed to let out as hyunjin got between your legs.

    “hoon got you this wet? now let's make you cum, princess.” he wasted no time in licking your wetness and sucking on your pussy, the pace almost agonising, just like he always does it.

    that's the difference between sunghoon and hyunjin. the first one being impatient, wanted to consume you as a whole in a go while hyunjin loves to take his sweet time with you. the similarity? they won't let you close your eyes but, instead would stare at you while doing each activity with a gaze so intense it could make you cum right then.

    sunghoon put you in a chokehold to prevent you moving around, “you like it, little fuckdoll?” he growled near your ear, his voice deeper than the usual.

    you tried to answer but only got a choked moan in reply, making hyunjin smirk against your folds. his tongue worked wonders as your gazed down at him with half lidded eyes. he maintained the contact, lapping your pussy like a starved man. 

    his fingers dug into your thighs as he sped up his pace, the pleasure doubled up as sunghoon continued to mutter filthy words in your ear. every touch, every movement eliciting a moan from your mouth.

    you grab a fistful of his hair, pulling him closer to where you needed him the most, the tip of his nose brushing your swollen clit sending a wave of shiver down your spine. you felt dizzy, almost reaching your orgasm.

    “oh my—faster.” you cried out making sunghoon slap your tits. “heard the whore, hyunjin?” he smirked and that's when hyunjin went harsher on you while sunghoon left wet kisses on your neck. it finally hit you—walls clenching, legs shaking and a loud moan resonating the room. you came all over hyunjin's mouth.

    “so needy.” he scoffed, looking at your flushed face. his two fingers collected your mess, bringing it closer to your mouth and you immediately sucked on them. “that's a good girl.” he praised while sunghoon got up and fully undressed himself.

    hyunjin doing the same as you kept your eyes fixated on them. two men, perfect in all ways, stood in your bedroom—ready to fuck you.

    your breathing was uneven, hyunjin came up and discarded your flimsy tank top as well. “on your fours.” he ordered.

    “colour?” sunghoon asked, getting at the back, rubbing his cock on your wet folds. your ass up, looking perfect to be filled up his hand marks. hyunjin on the other side, came closer to your mouth, his hardened dick touched your lips as they waited for your reply.

    “green.” you confirmed, still not knowing how they both knew each other or when they even made plan to do this. your mind stopped working as sunghoon pushed himself inside you, his cock filling you up. hyunjin mentally captured your expression, how blissful you looked while taking hoon in.

    “put your mouth to good use, hmm?” you nodded and hyunjin yanked your head up, tugging on your locks to handle the pace by himself. you gagged around his length.

    sunghoon decided to move, rutting his hips on yours, slapping your ass, painting it a pretty shade of red as the sound resonated your bedroom. you cried, being in a threesome was on your bucket list but the reality was tons better than your imagination.

    “y/n. fuck—you're such a perfect whore.” hyunjin moaned, seeing tears running down your eyes, face innocent yet begging for more.

    you clenched around sunghoon, yet another orgasm building up as he hit your g-spot with all his power. his thrusts well angled, making you moan around hyunjin, sending a pleasurable shiver down his cock.

    sunghoon rubbed your clit, the other hand occasionally slapping your already red ass. just when you were about to cum, they both pulled out looking at you with a smirk.

    hyunjin caressed your cheek, seeing how you stared at them with an expression of betrayal for not letting you cum.

    “you can take us both in together, right?” hyunjin stated rather than asking.

    “of course she can, she's our fuckdoll anyways.” sunghoon added and you nodded, head clouded with the need to get a release. they both nodded as a signal.

    sunghoon got under you. capturing your lips in a messy kiss as he lined up his cock on your folds. hyunjin got at the back, kneading your ass as he lined up as well. he slapped your ass once and both of them entered your hole, together. 

    you moaned into his mouth, tears freely flowing out of your eyes by now, the stretch being too much for you. so they started of slow, the tightness of your pussy, the feeling of hyunjin's dick over sunghoon's, everything felt overwhelmingly right.

    they both picked up pace as you got comfortable in that position. both wanting you fuck you harder than the other and you freely moaned their names, not sure what came out of your mouth anymore.

    you clenched around them as they got off to each others dicks sliding in together, the movement being pleasurable.

    “gonna fuck you so good.” hyunjin groaned, pushing himself fully into you. all three of you close.

    “so fucking pretty when you're stuffed with our cocks.” sunghoon added on, “pretty little fuckdoll will let us fill her with cum, right?”

    “y—yes, please fill me up!” you cried, already cumming on their dicks and the sight was heavenly to see, they snapped too.

    they cursed, filling you up with their cum and pulling out later. you collapsed on sunghoon's chest, breathing hard and eyes closed, coming down from your state of euphoria.

    “you alright, baby?” sunghoon asked. you weakly nodded. hyunjin came and laid down next to you, both the boys holding you close as you relaxed in their embrace.

    “how do you two know each other—no what are you doing here together?” you asked once you gained enough air to speak.

    they smirked, “sunghoon saw you leave the apartment that day and asked about you.”

    “so you fuck me?”

    “i didn't see you complaining a few minutes back.” sunghoon laughed. “i remember you mentioning about your wish to have a threesome someday, wish granted, my lady.”

    you huffed, a blush spreading your cheeks. they both softly massaged your body.

    “i'm glad it's just us you have been fucking.” hyunjin said.

    “uh—” you said and their eyes widened.

    “who else?” they asked in sync, almost possessive.

    “lee jeno.”

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    [7:23 p.m.] You loved your boyfriend very much, but at that moment, you were about one second away from strangling him to death.

    “Jay, I’m cooking!” you whined and jabbed your elbow backwards in an attempt to get rid of him. “Stop distracting me! Your parents will be here any minute now and I cannot afford to let this soup burn.”

    Tightening his grip around your waist, Jay snuggled his nose deeper into the crook of your neck. He shook his head in refusal and mumbled,

    “But I missed you so much.”

    You rolled your eyes, ignoring the goosebumps that erupted across your tender skin when his hot breath came in contact with it. “You were gone for a few weeks, Jay. It wasn’t that long.”

    Your boyfriend, along with six of his close friends from high school, had gone on a vacation. The boys had promised each other that once they graduated from college, they would get together one last time before life decided to tear them apart for good. Jay had only returned from the two-week reunion earlier that day.

    He had invited you along, but you had refused firmly. Had been offended, actually. You weren’t one of those overly clingy people who couldn’t leave their partners alone, and having your boyfriend ask you to accompany him on a trip that was exclusive for him and his high-school friends had been insulting.

    While the two of you were in a serious relationship of three years, you both had separate lives and things you’d rather do without each other.

    “It was that long,” Jay defended himself and placed a soft kiss right below your ear. You couldn’t help but arch your neck to the side, craving more. Even though the two of you had spent the better part of the day cuddling, you weren’t really satisfied.

    Apparently, neither was Jay, because he accepted your invitation right away. He began placing open-mouthed kisses on your exposed shoulder, working his way up to your neck and jaw.

    Gently grabbing your face with a hand, he made you look at him. You shifted so that your hips were pressed against the kitchen counter behind you, and your chest was flush against his.

    Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him close. Jay’s head dipped, his lips immediately capturing yours in a desperate haze.

    He removed the hand that was cupping your cheek and snaked his arms around your waist. Tilting his head and pressing his lips harder against yours, he deepened the kiss.

    You made a small sound of protest, causing Jay to back up immediately. Concerned, he asked, “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong? Did you not want to kiss me? Holy shit, Y/N, I’m so sorry—”

    He stopped talking when you turned off the stove and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him a few feet away.

    “There was a boiling pot of soup behind me, lover boy. Wouldn’t want any accidents happening, would we now?” you mocked and placed your hand on his nape, slowly dragging it upwards until it was lost in his tangle of black hair. “You looked like you were really into it.”

    Jay huffed a laugh and rested his forehead against yours, relief evident on his face. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just—I really did miss you, you know?”

    You smiled, nodding in understanding and were about to continue what your boyfriend had started when the shrill sound of the doorbell reverberated through your apartment. The two of you exchanged a look. While your gaze was filled with uncertainty, Jay's was full of reassurance.

    Cupping your cheeks in both his palms, he looked deep into your eyes. “You’ve met them twice before, okay? You’ve already made a great impression and they love you so much. This is going to be awesome.”

    You took a deep breath and nodded. Jay slipped his hand into yours and together, you made your way to the front door.

    “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Park,” you greeted the couple and held the door open for them, a genuine smile on your lips. “It’s so good to meet you again.”

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    Hey everyone!

    sorry ive been ia these past few days

    i got an unexpected amount of assignements from school but good news... I FINISHED EVERYTHING

    so ill be back to writing now woo!

    please send in requests and check out my page to see which groups i write for

    - B

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    Puppy Love

    ♡ Part 1 and 1/2: Someday~

    note!! the mini-series consists primarily of sfw chapters. Nsfw parts are optional and are not necessary to the storyline. If you are of legal age and would like to read the nsfw portions, they are linked in the masterlist of this account.

    rated TV-MA

    synopsis: you met him in a dog park, quickly falling in love with his beautiful border collie. And it didn’t take long before you were head over heels for him too.

    genre: jake x female reader, highschool au, fluff, slightly suggestive, first love au, puppy love au, friends to lovers, (n)sfw

    warnings: sexual content, puppy love

    This is my entry for the Puppy Love collab hosted by @/seoulbinz

    << series masterlist >>

    He licked his lips before leaning in again. “You’re so pretty.” 

    As he pressed his lips to yours, you blushed deeply. You’d never really had a boy call you pretty before, and hearing those words fall from his lips sent butterflies spiraling through your tummy. 

    Things got heated fast, despite the fact that the door was wide open. His hands were burning into your skin, and you barely noticed when they dipped below your shirt. All you knew was that he was touching you and you wanted him never to stop. His fingers knew what they were doing despite his obvious lack of experience, rising to cup cautiously at your bra. 

    And then somehow, he was hovering over you as you sprawled out on your covers, panting his name. It must’ve been a time-skip due to the lack of oxygen, your head spinning from his breath-stealing kisses. But it was the sweetest time-skip, the end scene being fraught with lips on lips and neck and skin. His nails raked down your stomach, sending a new and somewhat intimidating rush of heat through your body. 

    "Jake," you gasped, hips rising to chase after his.

    His eyes were blown wide with something dark and feral, but somehow still sweet -- there was an echo of insecurity and childish innocence to mirror your own. 

    "Quiet, princess," he breathed, biting carefully down on your ear. "Your mum might hear."

    But the need for him clouded over all your common sense like a drug-induced haze, and all your thoughts were muddled. Only Jake was clear in your mind. Just him. 

    You could only watch with hooded eyes as he tugged at your skirt, panting heavily. The silky fabric was slipped off your legs, cool air giving rise to goosebumps across your thighs. 

    “So precious,” sighed Jake. A low whimper escaped you as his hands began to wander, tracing the backs of your knees up along your hips to the junction of your thighs and your core–

    And then you snapped back. 

    He was staring at you. You, in nothing but a hoodie and a pair of faded blue underwear. Cotton underwear. With little grinning clouds on them. 

    "Wait!" you gasped, hands shooting out to cover yourself. 

    Jake stumbled off your form with shock, almost toppling off the edge of your bed in his haste to comply with your outcry. 

    "I'm sorry," he stammered over and over again. "I didn't mean-"

    It seemed that neither of you could bear to make eye contact. 

    "It's okay," you mumbled back, flushing bright red. "I'm- I'm just-"

    Jake looked like he was about to cry as you choked on your words. "I'm sorry," he said over and over again. "We don't have to- If you don't want me like that-"

    "No, t-that's not what I meant!" Mortified, you half-hid your face, using the excuse of scratching at your hairline. "I do want you, I think," you mumbled into your hands. "I just don't know if I'm ready yet."

    "Hey." You felt his cool fingers plucking carefully at your wrists, drawing your face out into view. "I like you too much to force you to do anything you're uncomfortable with." Jake tilted his head, a nervous little smile ticking up the pretty corners of his mouth. 

    "Will you wait for me?" you breathed. 

    Jake nodded as he pulled a loose blanket over your bare legs, covering you up. "I'll wait forever if you want me to."

    "Not forever." Opening your arms and pleading with your eyes, you silently begged him to come back into your embrace. Which he did, wholeheartedly. As you reclined on the mattress, heart still thumping with the novelty of all these new experiences and feelings and sensations, Jake lay between your arms. His weight was heavy on your chest, but in a good way. It felt like a physical embodiment of his promise to wait for you, somehow. 

    "Not forever," you said again, eyes fluttering in pure bliss as his cool fingers memorized your face. "I'll be ready someday."

    "I'll be here," Jake promised quietly. 

    Oh, that sweet, kind, innocent Jake Sim. He made that promise so, so willingly, caught up in the thrall of teenage, summer love. And you believed it just as recklessly, with just as much careless abandon. 

    You should have known that teenage boys weren't to be trusted. 

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    Pairing: Tiger Hybrid! Jay x afab! reader

    Genre: Smut rated 21+; hybrid au; tiger hybrids; oral (m. receiving); marking; unprotected sex

    Word Count: 2.2k words

    Mellow speaks: My first hybrid! au let's go!! Thank you to the nonnie who requested this, and I decided to go with a tiger hybrid! Jay bc, well, it just seemed cooler lmao. Hope you guys enjoy!! PS. Been a while since I wrote over 2k huh, but it was fun!!

    Tagging: @freckledwinterfalls bc Xie is a simp for Jay xD

    This was too unfair. Not only was Jay being forced to spend one whole hour locked up inside a room, he was also being forced to be locked up with none other than the apple of his eye (not), you.

    This was totally unfair, because there was no way in hell he could spend an hour alone with you without wanting to rip either your, or his, head off. The two of you had never gotten along well, having had started off on the wrong foot on the very first day of university. And since then, you hadn't looked back, continuing to despise and be an eyesore for each other.

    He knew you weren't all that bad, because he knew how his friends (who incidentally were good friends with you too), always raved about how cool you were to be around, urging him to try and make a fresh start with you. And try he did, but he just couldn't bring himself to see eye to eye with you. He was part tiger after all, he was used to not having anyone to oppose him. But that, of course, was until you came along.

    Still, you couldn't really expect him to bow down, could you? And much to his disappointment, you didn't seem keen on accepting defeat either. It was like the two of you somehow always found each other, and whenever you did, sparks flew. Red, hot, burning sparks. The kind that only brought destruction in their wake.

    And yet, here he is now, sharing a room with you because of a stupid game of spin the bottle. Your spin just had to land on him, didn't it? He actually suspects that you had somehow rigged the whole setup, and the mere thought causes him to growl deeply in annoyance. The sudden sound results in you looking up from your phone, the irritated look on your face doing nothing to calm him down.

    "What are you staring at, L/N?," he calls out, an edge to his voice that sends shivers down your spine. His tiger blood makes Jay rather unpredictable, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't at least a little scared of what might happen. But you still put on a bold demeanor, setting your jaw and looking him straight in the eye as you click your tongue, a "Mr. Royalty seems pissed off" escaping your lips before you can stop yourself.

    Your words aren't too harsh, considering that's the kind of stuff you say to him on a daily basis. Yet there's just something about the way you say it, your voice laced with venom as you all but glare at him, that gets his blood boiling, making him clench his fists. "What the fuck did you say?," he growls, voice falling two notches deeper as he sneers at you. "Just what you heard," you reply, rolling your eyes before adding, "Oh wait, could your tiger ears possibly be failing you?"

    "Nope," he says through his teeth, "My ears are completely fine. But your voice is so annoying that I prefer to filter it out." Now it's your turn to clench your jaw as you get up from your place on the couch, sauntering over to the man who's taken a seat on the bed. "What's gotten your panties in a knot?," you ask, hands on your hips as you stand in front of him. "Being forced to be in the same room as you is enough to drive anyone insane," is all he says, whipping his phone out from his pocket.

    "On the contrary actually," you counter, smirking as Jay looks up at you, eyebrow quirked. "Most of our friends enjoy being with me, you're the only problematic one." This time, you speak in a calm manner, voice almost down to a whisper as the words slip past your lips. But still, Jay finds his insides boiling once again, causing him to say something he regrets instantly. "Well I'm sure they're just hanging out with you out of sheer pity. I mean, who'd want to be friends with a stuck-up bitch like you?"

    His words shouldn't hurt you the way they do, but you can't help but feel as if he just slapped you right across the face, the shocked expression on his face in stark contrast to your angry one. "Shit, I d-didn't mean that-," he starts, only to be cut off when you say, "Clearly, you meant every fucking word." And before you know it, your feet move of their accord, carrying you towards the washroom as you fight back the tears that threaten to escape your eyes.

    Jay has never been nice to you, but this is hands down the worst he's ever acted towards you. It was downright insensitive, and you know that your friends would support you if you asked to be let out of the room immediately. But you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he got inside your head, and so, there really was only one place you could go to: the bathtub.

    However, just as you're about to push the door open, you feel your wrist being grabbed, and turning around, you're met with Jay's face close to yours. A bit too close, enough for his hot breath to fan your cheek as he looks at you. "Listen to me," he whispers, but you're not having it, twisting your wrist in the hopes of prying it free. Your efforts, though, go in vain, when the lips of the man in front of you curl up into a sneer, his arms swiftly turning your body around and pushing you up against the door, hand still on your wrist as another growl escapes him, this time much more deep and sinister.

    You make the mistake of looking into his eyes, and that's the moment you doom yourself. A gasp escapes you before you can catch yourself, surprise evident on your face as you stare at his irises, shining almost golden in the light. You know what this means. His inner tiger is beyond mad, struggling to break free, something you can already make out from the way his face morphs into one of pure anger. You're scared, of course you are. But that doesn't stop you from completely losing yourself in the pools of gold, almost in a trance.

    Jay notices the change in your demeanor in a heartbeat, the way your facial features soften as you cease struggling against him somehow calming him down. You look so innocent, beautiful even, looking into his eyes with subtle hints of surprise dancing in your own. He's aware of how wrong it is, he's aware of how he shouldn't do it, but it's like he's not in control anymore. Next thing he knows, he's leaning in, his like brushing yours as his chest presses against your form. He's hesitant, but eager. And much to his joy, you don't push him away.

    It happens in a flash, but neither of you cares. His mouth meets yours in a rough kiss, lips molding against each other like puzzle pieces as he continues to pin you to the door. Your brain tells you to push him away, but it's like your body has been craving Jay's touch since forever, you just never knew. Before you know it, he shifts his attention to your jaw, swiftly making his way down your throat and neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses on your skin. It doesn't take him long to find your sweet spot, and when he does, you're in for rather a bruising hickey while he marks you as his.

    You can only moan under his ministrations, arousal spreading throughout your body and making you want him, in every sense possible. Bucking your hips, you say something you had never thought you'd say, but it's like you can't help it. "W-want you in-inside me," that's all Jay needs to hear before he starts taking your clothes off, exercising every last bit of self-control he has to not tear them off your body altogether.

    First goes your top, your bra following suit soon after. The moment his eyes land on your bare breasts, he latches his lips onto your nipples, sucking on them as your hands make their way to the hem of his T-shirt, tugging on it as a signal for him to take it off. Despite himself, Jay lets out a chuckle while he pulls away, discarding his tee to the floor before going back to what he was doing.

    You're too lost in the pleasure of having his mouth on your body to notice his fingers fiddling with the button of your shorts, and it's not until the fabric is being pulled down your legs, along with your panties, that you actually notice. Pulling away once more, Jay takes in your fully naked form, a low groan escaping him as his eyes run over your body. "Fuck, you're so damn hot," is all he says before his lips are on yours again, your face cracking into a smile as you let your hands roam to his pants, palming him gently through the fabric and eliciting another groan from him.

    Soon enough, his pants too, are lying on the floor, his hard-on slapping against his abdomen as you feel your mouth water. "I know where Heeseung keeps his condoms," he mutters, ready to pull away from you once more. But you're quicker, gripping his wrist just like he had gripped yours and causing him to look at you. You only shake your head no, biting your lip as a silent signal for him.

    Thankfully though, he understands, smirking as he grabs hold of your jaw, a soft "Such a dirty slut, hmm?" escaping past his lips as he squeezes your jaw, before letting his hands fall to your thighs, gripping them hard. You yelp in surprise when you feel him lift you up, your legs getting wrapped around his torso as your hands grip his shoulders for support. "Ready?," he asks, and you can only nod, your eyes meeting his right before he penetrates you, his member stretching you out as he enters you hilt-deep.

    A pace is soon set up, your back resting against the door as he pounds into you, his moves growing more relentless with each thrust, while his hand moves down to rub circles on your clit. His lips, meanwhile, continue to mark your skin, only moans and whines escaping you as he fucks you sore. It's almost animalistic, and even in your weary form, you can't help but fear that the sheer force of him pumping into you might cause the door to crack.

    The room fills up with the sound of skin slapping against skin, interspersed only with your moans and his growls. It doesn't take much time for the coil in your stomach to tighten, your senses growing blurry as you near your climax, the fastest you have ever had. Your whines threatening to grow louder, you end up digging your teeth into his shoulders, trying to muffle the sounds. A couple more thrusts, and he has you cumming all over his dick, your body convulsing as all you see is white.

    Coming down from your high, it takes you a second to realize that Jay is pulling out you, your juices slipping down your legs as he puts you down. But once you do take notice, you don't waste a single second in falling to the floor, hands wrapping around his shaft as you lick your lips, taking him into your mouth. You begin bobbing your head up and down, massaging his balls while you come up with a pace. Jay throws his head back in pleasure, deep groans escaping him as you continue to please him.

    Maybe it's the way your tongue swirls around his girth, or maybe it's the way you look up at him through hooded eyes, or the way your hands feel against his balls. But he too, feels himself inching towards his orgasm, his sounds becoming guttural as he approaches his high. And just like that, you make him cum, lapping up his seed before pulling away, a satisfied grin on your face.

    Kneeling down in front of you, Jay harbors a soft smile on his face, his hand gently stroking your cheek. And much to his delight, you lean into his touch, all signs of anger or fear having been washed down. It's at that moment that he realizes something. He doesn't hate you. Heck, he doesn't even dislike you. Instead, looking at you, so vulnerable in front of him, something stirred up in his heart, something he would never have expected to feel for you.

    "What are you staring at, Park?," you ask, a mischievous hint to your voice as you mimic his question from earlier. He simply shakes his head, voice dropping to a whisper as he says, "I think I'd like to start over with you, Y/N."

    You can only smile, replying with a "I'd love that, Jay." He leans in once again, ready to catch your lips in another kiss, but before he does, he adds, "Good, because I've marked you anyway." And to your surprise, you don't have any problem with that.

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  • jakeyuni
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    [3:33 am]:

    pairing: bf!heeseung x gn!reader • genre: suggestive/fluff (?) • cw: making out & lusty shit ;) • wc: 298.

    “i missed you hee.” you say. your voice a mere whisper because of the proximity of your face buried within your boyfriend’s chest.

    “not more than i missed you, my love.” he retaliates. you perk your chin further up heeseung’s comfortingly broad chest and look at him in the eyes. the way your irises linger from his own to his lips doesn’t go unnoticed.

    it’s as if though heeseung knows you like the back of his hand; he dives in to kiss you, softly. the kiss heightening as the passion grows. you slightly open your mouth to whimper. giving away just how much you craved and missed the pillowy warmth you found in your boyfriend’s lips as he takes the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, to which you respond feverishly.

    you don’t bother battling with him for control. instead, simply settling on basking in his presence as heeseung’s hands travel way down south, resting barely above your most sensitive part.

    taking note of what was about to become, you wrap your arms around heeseung and pull him on top of you so that your back is now lying on the couch. his hands on either sides of your body. separating from your lips for a moment to admire you in all your needy glory, hints of love and lust present in his eyes.

    his is hair disheveled due to the delightful ministrations of your hands from earlier. and you can’t help but tangle your fingers through his hair once again as you pull him so close to your face that you could count every eyelash. his breath now fanning your lips.

    “god. please hee. i need you. now, please.”

    to which he obliges. i mean, how could he resist such a tempting offer?

    DISCLAIMER: this work is pure fiction and not a real-life depiction of any person whatsoever. you are responsible for your own media consumption. any forms of copying, translations, reposts, etc are completely prohibited.

    © jakeyuni 2022. all rights reserved.

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  • catanaartpr0duct
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    What/who I'd like to write about

    I said in my last post that I'd make this so here we go!


    Kpop Idols





    Stray Kids





    Monsta X



    Hyunjun Hur




    Eric Nam

    Kang Daniel

    Jackson Wang


    Red Velvet




    Chandler Riggs

    Song Kang

    Bright Vichirawit

    Tom Holland

    TV Shows/Movies

    The Walking Dead


    Cherry Magic??

    Squid Game

    Alice In Borderland??

    Harry Potter


    North Star Boys



    These are just the people/shows I can remember but I'm sure there's more so if I remember any later then I'll edit this post

    Bye bye friends!💜👋

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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    ▬ pairing : hyung line x fem!reader

    ▭ warnings : use of nicknames, outdoor sex. 18+ content, minor dni

    ⚞ 𝐇𝐄𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐔𝐍𝐆 ⚟

    once heeseung sees you in that pretty lingerie set, he literally loses it. biting his lips and awkwardly shifting on his seat, he immediately starts praising the features of your body and tracing his fingers over the exposed parts. "you've no idea what your little strategies do to me." desperate, he asks you to ride his thighs while he enjoys the sight of you desperately getting off on his thighs, and moaning his name like a mantra. "i'm trying so hard to not rip that thing off your body right now." he whispers in the shell of your ear, nibbling it softly. he'd ultimately tear it off later, too annoyed at the material hiding all your pretty parts, promising to buy you another one.

    ⚞ 𝐉𝐀𝐘 ⚟

    you are tired of not earning any kind of attention from your sweet boyfriend who's too busy aggressively tapping on his laptop's keyboard and keeping his eyes fixed to the screen. determined to disturb him, you get into a pretty white set of lacy lingerie; its lacy material barely covering up your core and nipples. "f-fuck," jay chokes when he finds you all dolled up with red lips, standing in front of him looking all innocent and pure. he'd fuck you real good in that set itself, only pushing aside the flimsy material and burying his cock deep inside you. "only mine. my pretty doll." he'd pull out when close to release and spill his hot seeds on your lacy bra, taunting you for making him ruin it.

    ⚞ 𝐉𝐀𝐊𝐄 ⚟

    jake had gifted you a pretty red lingerie set and asked you to save it for a special occasion. you are stunned when he asks you to wear that for today's dinner date with him. "oh come on y/n! it's not like i asked you to wear just that lingerie for our date. i mean— i want to, only if you allow." he smirks at your flustered form. instead of letting you enjoy your date there, he's the one to rile you up genuinely bad until you beg him to fix the unwanted problem he caused. pulling you inside a restroom, he peels your dress off your skin and decides on marking up the uncovered parts. "this set would look better on the floor, but unfortunately we're in public." he'd tease, thrusting clumsily and kneading your ass.

    ⚞ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐍 ⚟

    the moment sunghoon opens the door, he finds you in a black lacy bra with a matching pair of garter belt and stockings. you are laying on your side and staring up at him with the purest look on your face. he freezes at his place; expressions quite unreadable and his jaw and fists clenched. clicking his tongue, he discards his clothes and hovers over your frame at an instant, pinning your hands above your head. his eyes wandering along your body, he hisses. "i come home after a long day, expecting some kisses and cuddles and here you're… dressed up in this fucking set." tearing apart the weak fabric, he'd use you as he wishes to. "mine." he mouths, slapping your pussy and tits.

    © jaeyunify | tumblr

    no copies, reposts, translations, etc. allowed.

    #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive#enhypen scenarios #kpop hard hours #enha smut #enhypen hyung line #heeseung smut #lee heeseung smut #jay smut #park jay smut #jake smut #sim jake smut #sunghoon smut #park sunghoon smut #enhypen headcanons #enhypen x y/n #enhypen heeseung smut #enhypen sunghoon smut #enhypen jay smut #enhypen jake smut
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    NSFW LINK 🖇️ AHEAD (minors dni)

    pairing : jay x fem!reader

    i saw this on twitter and my mind is all fucked up rn. hard dom ceo!jay overstimulating you as a punishment for sending him a video of touching yourself while he was at work. you didn't have his permission to touch yourself oops

    upon reaching home, without even saying a word to entertain you, he has your hands are all tied up and begins with his torture. you cry, beg, buck up your hips but all he does is chuckle at your weak form and palm himself, not forgetting to occasionally set the vibrator at the highest speed. "you wanted to touch yourself, right? now you're not going to stop cumming until i feel like it."

    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen scenarios#enhypen suggestive #jay hard hours #park jay smut #jay smut #jay x reader #kpop hard hours
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #jay smut #park jay smut #enhypen suggestive #jay x reader #fwb!jay #kpop hard hours
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive#enhypen scenarios#jake smut#heeseung smut #jake x reader #heeseung x reader #heejake #kpop hard hours #sub!heeseung #sub!jake
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive #heeseung x y/n #heeseung smut #lee heeseung smut #enhypen scenarios #kpop hard hours #sub!heeseung
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive#sunghoon smut #park sunghoon smut #sunghoon x y/n #kpop hard hours
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive#jay smut#park jay #park jay smut #enhypen scenarios #jay hard hours #jay x reader
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive #sim jake smut #jake hard hours #jake smut #kpop hard hours #jake x reader
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive #kpop hard hours #jake smut #jake hard hours #sim jake smut #enhypen scenarios #dom!jake
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    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.answers.?! #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #jake smut #jake hard hours #enhypen suggestive
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  • jaeyunify
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #.rix.hard thoughts.?! #enhypen suggestive#enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen scenarios #enhypen sunghoon smut #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon smut #park sunghoon smut
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