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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 03 The package

    The knock on the door took Y/N by surprise. She wasn’t expecting any visitors, and she knew for a fact she was not expecting any packages, either.

    So she hesitantly made her way to her door after telling her friends that she had heard knocking, and looked through the peephole to see who was outside. To her surprise, there was nothing.

    That was strange.

    She slowly unlocked the door and upon opening it, the only thing that sat immediately outside was a package. Even stranger. The package, however, was not, by its outward appearance, anything spectacular. It looked very ordinary, almost irritatingly so. There was no sender—just an address to indicate where the package should be delivered to. Peculiar still, was the fact that there was absolutely nothing else that gave any indication as to who the sender might be.

    She picked up the package, and almost immediately, she could tell that there wasn’t much content in the box. Though there were some rustling sounds, it really could be anything. Upon tilting the box, there was a faint thump—as though something had slid from its original position to the tilted side of the box. Then she slowly tilted the box in the opposite direction, and—the sound was present again.

    What was it?

    She had closed the door at this point and made her way back into her kitchen. With little effort, she opened up the box and was greeted with a bouquet.

    Roses, in fact.

    Something inside of her head clicked. The roses from a few days ago—the ones she threw away because she thought it was from Jake but ultimately wasn’t. Plus, the roses weren’t in the best condition, considering that they were in a box—

    Who sent bouquets inside boxes, anyway?

    —however, the strangest thing was not the existence of the roses, but the envelope that accompanied them.

    And on the surface of the envelope were the words, in a typed font:

    ‘Dear Y/N’

    If the alarms in her head weren’t going off earlier, it definitely was now. Regardless, still, no reason to panic. There was someone in the world who knew who she was. Not too alarming…

    …but her gut was telling her a different tale that evening.

    (Here is the thing about y/n. She’s friendly, caring, and quite interactive with people she meets, and she can generally remember people’s faces if she’s met them before, or at least she will remember if someone left a big impression. And she’s sure that either she or her friends will be able to pick up on some clues that someone’s overly friendly with her.


    Yet, the previous package also came with an envelope accompanied by a generic card inside. This one was the same.

    And like the previous one, the tab was tucked in and not sealed.

    Once the card was out—it turned out to be another generic “I’ve missed you” card found in every card shop—

    The creepiness of the entire situation slightly lessens.

    But then she opened the card.

    And she had to stop herself from screaming.

    Inside, the card read:

    ‘I’ve sent you roses again. I hope you won’t throw them out like last time.’

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    ↝ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Vampire!Park Sunghoon x Human Fem!reader 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 the rest of enhypen (there are some Sunoo x reader moments), K and EJ from iland, Shin Ryujin + more to be added

    ↝ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄 | 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄: dark fantasy, vampire and werewolf au, horror, angst, enemies to lovers au, betrayal, slight suggestive

    ↝ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: blood, gore (nothing graphic), minor character death, major character death, a lot of cursing, blood-drinking in a nonsexual way, slightly suggestive (one makeout scene), some sexual jokes

    ↝ 𝐖𝐂 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐅𝐔𝐋𝐋 𝐅𝐈𝐂: predicted to be at least more than 3k

    ↝ 𝐖𝐂 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄𝐑 : 0.5k


    ↝ 𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐘: Mayhaps Y/N should've listened to her instincts when she sensed something was off but when an invitation to a party of elites lies before her, she can't help but feel tempted to make an appearance at it. if only She knew that once you enter a carnival there's no way out.

    ↝ 𝐀/𝐍 : hello! It's me rose. This has been sitting in my drafts for a long time so I decided I'll finally post. Even if the teaser doesn't sound that interesting, I promise the main plot of the fic is very interesting. Also I want to make one thing clear is that the fic is sunghoon x reader but there are some sunoo x reader moments. Taglist is open, if you want to be tagged when the fic comes out. That all, have fun reading.

    ↝ 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 : OPEN !! Send me an ask, dm or comment down to be added

    @bluejaem @ikigyu @yokshi-unbeliebubble @shotarology @yutabell @sweetylele @yurelic @mieohmy @alaeddis @skrtbabe @angelcob @lovesickgyu @tinysushimark @ahsshilee-me @lalisamnbn @jenosuh @dimplehyunn @chaoticdreaminisode @baekybaeky @shrutiajit @cherrycxree @sweetrainwrites @nikieskoo @baekhyunstruly @penny-quinn @azure-arcanum @bluhr


    Your heavy eyelids flicker open from deep slumber only to squint close again as the slightest dim light from above blinds you. you stretched out your arms in the air, groaning out loud, your dazed mind trying to process where in the world you are as your drowsy gaze observed the surrounding the roads upfront were empty, not a single vehicle passing by and dark except for a few dimmed streetlights shining.

    it took a good 5 solid seconds for you to finally register the fact that you had passed out at the bus stop in wait for your bus to arrive.

    you quickly fished out your phone from your pockets, and one glance at the time, your eyes grew wide as a fish'.

    "fuck! I missed the bus" you cried out in frustration, angrily stomping your feet and mentally slapping yourself as you wanted to clamp your hands to your ears as can already hear your mom's thunderous voice scolding you for coming home late again.

    with a frown pasted on your face, you sighed out, standing up on your feet, picking up your bag laying beside your feet, and hanging it by your shoulder. you run your bare palms over your crinkled grey skirt flattening the creases before running your fingers through your knotted hair, untangling it.

    "guess I gotta walk home now" you mumbled to yourself in low voice, as there wasn't a single living thing around here this late or at least you thought so. sighing, You started on your feet, ready to take a walk home along the sidewalk but something caught your attention causing you to stop in your tracks.

    Laying on the wooden seats was a perfectly cut rectangular black envelope. You stalked over to it, picking it up. "an invitation to our bloody birthday party?" you furrowed your eyes reading the contents "to y/n?" curiously you slip out the letter hidden inside the envelope. "from Yang Jungwon?" you crumpled your brows as recognized the name as it was someone who went to your school but what made it questionable is why would you get an invitation to his birthday party? as far as your mind could recall, never in the past years have you ever engaged in a conversation with him. You both could walk past each other in a hallway and not steal a glance at each other,. You doubted he even knew your name.

    As your eyes are fixated on the letter, what you failed to catch is how from the other side of the road Sunoo death stared at you, his eyes glittering like a cat's as he observed your every move.

    "Look, those foolish wolves even followed her up to here" Sunghoon sneered from behind, glaring at boys standing behind you as he pushed his hands inside the pockets of his pants.

    "they're her friends, of course they would" Sunoo plainly stated, his eyes still looking into your soul.

    Sunghoon ignorantly rolled his eyes at the comment "stupid girl isn't even aware of anything around her" he scoffed, his lips curving up to form a smirk.

    "that's good for us" Sunoo plainly replied.

    "how much longer do we need to wait for this brainless girl to leave?" Sunghoon complained as Sunoo stayed quiet, a little too used to his common taunts.

    He viewed how you unzipped your bag and carefully slipped the letter inside before running down the sidewalk, entirely unaware about how you just set your feet into a trap.

    Sunoo drifted his gaze towards sunoo standing behind him with a sneering "We can leave now, now all we need to wait is for her to show to the party" he declared

    "are you sure she'll show up?" Sunghoon questioned, his eyebrows rising up.

    "certainly" Sunoo simply said, making sunghoon's laugh out.

    Sunoo pushed his hands into the pockets of cardigan before turning around, starting on his feet.

    "are you coming?" Sunoo turned back, indicating at Sunghoon who was busy still standing behind giving the two wolves a very snooty glare.

    "yeah coming" Sunghoon gazed one last time at your figure walking down the sidewalk "stupid girl" he mumbled before catching up with Sunoo.

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    [📸] 211026 | SUNOO CAPTURE



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    [📷] 211026 | SUNOO CAPTURE

    smile sunshine!!



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    fairy dust 04

    pairing: jay x jungwon (enhypen)
    warnings: swearing, some mentions of baking but no real food mentions, minor sexual language and pet names, a bit of pda but nothing explicit
    genre: romance, heavy fluff (its jaywon what else would it be) a bit of pining
    summary: the long awaited bakeoff! and jay's heart gets recked lol
    wc: 2k
    ao3 link<-


    Jay sighed in annoyance, glancing over to where Sunghoon and Jake had death grips on each other’s hands, staring up at the towering trees like they were going to eat them whole. “Guys.” Jake yelped softly, jumping at the sound of Jay’s voice. “Fuck, I forgot you were there,” he exhaled, loosening his grip on Sunghoon’s hand. “How… that’s not important. Guys, we need to go in eventually. And by eventually, I mean in the next five minutes or Jungwonnie’s gonna lose his mind with worry because apparently, if you can fly, being late is almost never a problem.”

    Sunghoon sighed, the worry in his eyes slowly being replaced with intense determination. “Why do you look like you’re about to go fight something or something? You’re like, so determined, dude.” Sunghoon rolled his eyes. “Not my fault that I don’t have a cute fairy boo to save me from the forest.”

    “Hey, you have a cute human boo!”

    “You guys disgust me. It’s a fucking forest, the hell is it gonna do to you?” Sunghoon rolled his eyes again (seriously, how are they not falling out yet?), and then seized Jake’s hand with renewed passion and dragged him into the forest. Jay let out his millionth sigh of the day and trudged in after the two. Contrary to how he seemed, he was actually so excited he wanted to jump in the air and squeal and shake his fists like a little kid. He’d been preparing for the fated bake-off for a week, and now that the day was finally there, he was almost exploding with enthusiasm. He also really really badly wanted to bake with Jungwon again, since the small fairy could make anything he did look either delicate and professional or positively adorable. Jay was so whipped for both (and all) sides of Jungwon, he could barely stand being around the fairy without being able to press soft kisses onto Jungwon’s rosy lips. (Not that he would ever admit that.)

    The three of them made their way through the thick, lush forest. The two by Jay’s side were still proceeding cautiously, holding onto each other for dear life. Jay, on the other hand, was practically skipping along, and had to stop every minute to grab onto his friends and yank them forward.

    “Eager much?,” teased Sunghoon. Jay shot him a death glare, clamming him up immediately. “Shut the fuck up, you fucking penguin. I just don’t want Wonnie to get worried about us, he always gets so scared.” The other two boys looked like they were physically restraining their laughter, Jake’s lips heavily pressed together until they disappeared from view. Jay turned back around, picking up his brisk pace again. “Somebody’s simping hard,” someone murmured quietly behind Jay’s back. He whirled around, ready to throttle both of them. Before he could do anything, they stepped over into Jungwon’s part of the forest, and Jay felt his veins thrum with added excitement and adrenaline.

    Forgetting all about his earlier anger, Jay practically tripped spinning back around, eager to see his fairy again. Holy shit, when did he start thinking of Jungwon as his? He heard Sunghoon and Jake giggling behind his back, but he was too hyped up on Jungwon’s feelings to even care. He could tell that it was having a similar effect on his friends, but it seemed to affect them a little less. Jay furrowed his eyebrows for a second before pushing it away, deciding that it was just a trick of his imagination. Instead, he focused on the growing feeling of familiarity, a certain sign that he was drawing closer to Jungwon. As they reached the edge of the clearing, Jay could see sparkles of Jungwon’s fairy dust in the air. A few sparkles seemed a bit more unfamiliar to him, and he realized with a start that it was probably the dust of the other fairy in the clearing, presumably called Sunoo. A bit of panic entered him at that, realizing that Jungwon had said that fairy dust releases when fairies see or think about something that they like or are attracted to. Are Jungwon and Sunoo a thing?, he wondered, suddenly too nervous to do anything but swallow, his already dry mouth protesting at the feeling. Wait. Hold on. Back up. Jungwon had said that fairy dust releases more when fairies see something that they like, and he hadn’t specified if that meant romantically or not. Deciding not to spend the day overthinking, Jay reassured himself that Jungwon and Sunoo are just best friends, pushing down the knot of jealousy in his stomach. Finally ready, he stepped into the clearing, only to have his heart pulled out, stomped on, egged, and finally shattered.

    Jungwon and Sunoo were right there, right in front of him, and connected by the lips.

    Jay thought he was dying.

    He wondered if this is how bad most heartbreaks feel.

    Jungwon apparently had no idea, because he ran over to Jay the second he made eye contact, wrapping his (adorable) arms around Jay and staring up at him (adorably). Jay felt his heart shatter a bit more, if that was even possible.

    In his stupid little mind, Jay decided that the best possible thing for him to do in the moment was pretend he never saw anything, and pretend his heart was bleeding out on the grassy floor under Jungwon’s unsuspecting foot. Jay knew that logically, the only person at fault for the untimely shattering of his heart was himself. Jungwon wasn’t petty or a brat, he would never do anything like that if he knew how Jay felt.

    A downside of a heartbreak like that is the fact that Jay doesn’t have anyone to blame except himself.

    Everyone seemed to be completely unaware of Jay’s discomfort. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if he wanted the attention or not. He wasn’t sure if he deserved the attention or not. He shook his head, trying to focus on the task at hand. Jay stabbed his spatula deep into the cake batter he was mixing, letting out a frustrated grunt. He was distracted, and it was clearly showing. The batter was splitting and the flour was clumping into tiny blobs that Jay knew would taste horrible and bitter, tanged with the signature taste of raw flour. He sighed, wiping his hand on his forehead. “This is gonna taste like shit,” he muttered, too quiet for anyone to hear. He glanced at the timer they had set; there was definitely not enough time to redo the whole process for making the complicated batter. Jungwon frowned. “Jay, what’s wrong?” Jay groaned in frustration. “This fucking batter is all clumpy.” Jungwon bit his lip, contemplating the options. He brightened up all at once, and Jay could almost see a lightbulb hanging over the younger fairy’s head. “Okay, we could just try to manually break up the clumps?” Jay resisted the urge to slam his fist into the table, not wanting to spook the fairy. “No, it’ll take too long.”


    “NO, JUNGWON. IT WONT WORK.“ The fairy recoiled, clearly shocked by his tone. He realized with no small amount of guilt that that was the first time he’d ever spoken to Jungwon like that. He attempted to shoot him an apologetic smile, but he was met with a disgruntled scoff and a view of Jungwon’s back. The fairy barely talked to him for the rest of the hours, and a tight ball of guilt and humiliation formed in Jay’s stomach. Unfortunately, the guilt only served to distract him more, and before he knew it, the timer was beeping and Jungwon was slumped over their workstation in utter defeat, various baking materials tattooing his skin. Jay noticed with an even larger pang of regret that Jungwon had very clearly been picking up his slack.

    Jay delivered their cake to the table where Jake and Sunghoon were sitting, eagerly awaiting the dessert. As he walked back, he could clearly see that the cake paled in comparison to the attempts they had made over their multiple preparation meetings. He didn’t miss the way Jungwon’s bone-chilling glare morphed into a look of concern and utter confusion the second he thought Jay couldn’t see it. The next few rounds passed the same way, with Jay feeling more and more ashamed with every mistake he made. Even if they hadn’t noticed in the beginning, it was painfully clear to everyone that Jay wasn’t quite okay. He even saw Niki shooting him a bewildered, concerned look, and the kid didn’t even know Jay that well.

    Hours of suffering later, they were finally calling out the results of the bake off. The two teams stood in front of their tables; Sunoo and Niki jumping around in anticipation while the other two stood like statues, knowing far too well that they had not performed to their full potential. Jay glanced at the other boy out of the corner of his eye. Jungwon’s jaw was tight, and he seemed to be one poke away from cursing out (and putting a curse on) everyone around him. Jay longed to be able to sling an arm around him, to be able to ask him what was wrong, to be able to make him feel better in some way, any way. The fact that it was his fault Jungwon was wound that tightly only added to the clawing, numbing guilt eating up his insides. Watching Jungwon stress and worry only made Jay feel worse, and he forcibly moved his eyes back towards the “judges”. He hadn’t missed much; Jake was currently licking extra frosting off of Sunghoon’s lips (ew), and they obviously hadn’t done much winner-announcing yet. After looking at his fellow competitors one more time and deciding that they were not going to interrupt their judges anytime soon, Jay turned back towards the front and cleared his throat as loudly and gruffly as he possibly could. Everyone turned to stare at him, and he lifted an eyebrow towards the two at the front, attempting to convey his message with the tiny movement. “What?,” Jake asked, too drawn into the PDA with his boyfriend to remember why they were there. Jay let out his millionth sigh of the day. “You have one job.” Jake and Sunghoon tilted their heads in sync. “Announce the winner?,” Jay asked in the most passive-aggressive tone he could muster, pairing it with the kind of smile that came off as more of a grimace, or him baring his teeth. Sunghoon slapped a hand to his mouth dramatically. “I am sooooo sorry, angry bird. I totally just forgot,” he said in a tone that matched Jay’s level of passive-aggressiveness in sarcasm. Jay sighed, flapping a hand in the air. “Please, just tell us who won, we would rather not watch you and Jake-” he grimaced, “-lick each other.” Niki snorted out a laugh, and the sound of Sunoo gently kicking his shin was so loud in the quiet of the clearing that everyone heard it. “Sunoooooooo,” the youngest boy whined, clutching his shin like Sunoo had put a bullet through it. “You hurt me!” They all started talking over each other, Jay observing silently. At some point, he cast a glance at Jungwon, noticing that he hadn’t contributed anything to the conversation since it started. “Jungwon, are you-” his words were abruptly cut off by Jake, who had decided it was the best time to actually start announcing who won the friendly competition.

    The human couple stood in front of the two teams, Niki and Sunoo practically bouncing up and down with excitement. “Congratulations to… Jungwon and Jay!” The other two visibly deflated, and Jungwon’s eyes widened in pure shock. “Congratulations on second place, I mean. Sunoo and Niki, you two can officially call yourself the better bakers.” Jay groaned loudly at Sunghoon’s tricks. He saw how Jungwon had puffed up in happiness at first, and then it was like all of the air drained out of him as the real results were announced. As the other four celebrated obnoxiously, Jungwon dragged Jay out of the clearing and out of the earshot of the others. They ended up behind a tree, Jungwon’s face mere inches from Jay’s. Just like how he and Sunoo were, a snarky voice kindly reminded Jay. Jungwon swallowed, and Jay’s eyes followed every bob of his Adam’s apple, unable to look away.

    “Jay, I think we really really need to talk.”


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    𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 17 wait what


    ⇦ previous | next ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    a/n: omg a cute chapter? Shocking :0
    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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    Scene 42 • Just a Little Bit

    “Jay oh my gosh the ship was so fun you have to go on it with me.”

    “Right now? I kinda saw a ride I want to get on.”

    “Ooo which one? We can get on the ship later.” Y/n moved and linked her arm with his.

    “See that?” Jay pointed towards the hot air balloons. “Since it’s getting darker I thought it would be fun. To see all of the park from up there you know?”

    Y/n thought for a second. “Okay let’s go. It sounds fun.”

    “Whoa there isn’t any line for this.” Y/n looked around the surrounding area. “Do you think it’s closed?”

    “I don’t think so? it doesn’t have an out of commission sign.”

    “You’re right. We should hurry though we only have an hour til the park closes.”

    Jay unlinked their arms and grabbed Y/n hand, springing through the cue line. “Come on then.”

    When they reached the boarding dock an employee greeted them. “Welcome to the Balloon ride! Ride a balloon full of hope and happiness. How many are in your balloon?”

    “Just two.” Y/n signaled between her and Jay.

    “Perfect! I’ll set up the basket.” The employees walked over to the number 3 basket securing everything. “Come on in.”

    Jay and Y/n walked hand and hand into the balloon. “Keep all hands and feet in the balloon at all times and remember to have fun!”

    The basket shook before lifting up. “Whoa you were right you can see the whole park from up here.” Y/n looked down from the net in the balloon.

    “I told you.” Jay snaked his arm around her.

    Y/n turned around to face Jay. “It’s an amazing view.”

    Jay played with the frog headband that he had bought her earlier that day. “I think I have a great view too. You look so cute today.”

    Y/n laughed and looked back towards the park. “How smooth of you Jay Park.” The balloon moved its way towards the performance stage. “Oh look, you can see the show from up here.”

    Jay peered over Y/n’s shoulder. “I wonder what they are performing.”

    Suddenly the balloon stopped midair. Y/n looked towards Jay panicked. “Did the ride just stop?”

    “I think so.” He looked towards the employee and signed to him. The employee nodded and turned on the speaker in the balloon.

    “I hope you can hear me in there.” Y/n looked up towards the speaker.

    “NINGNING??” Y/n looks around confused.

    “Look down at the stage Y/n” she peers over the net of the balloon as spots Ningning waving at her. “Awww you look so tiny in there.”

    “Get on with it Ning.”

    Y/n turns back towards Jay. “Is that Taehyun?”

    Jay nods and gestures for her to look back at the stage.

    “I know what you think Y/n you are probably so confused right now huh.” Yeonjun says.

    “Well don’t worry cause I will explain.” Karina clears her throat. “Jay told us about what happened and because we love you we decided to help in his surprise to confess.”

    “Can you believe he rented out all of Lotte world?” Jake laughs into the mic.

    “You what?” Y/n turn back towards Jay.

    Jay shrugs “I had to make things right.”

    “Okay now let the surprise begin. Giselle says. “Hit it Ni-Ki!”

    A slow song played through the speakers. “Once upon a time there was a girl named Y/n who loved a vampire show.” Heeseung started.

    Karina stepped out behind him. “And a boy named Jay who loved her.”

    Huening Kai spoke. “But Jay was selfish and messed up what they had.”

    “Cause he’s a dumbass!” Jungwon yelled.

    “And now he’s called upon his gracious friends to help.” Sunghoon said.

    Sunoo grabbed the mic from Sunghoon.“WE DIDN'T WANT TO.”

    “Yet we thought of our lovely Y/nnie and decided to help.” Soobin said.

    “So uh enjoy the show!” Jake said.

    Y/n watched the dancers on the stage perform. Jay wraps his arms around her, engulfing her in a back hug.

    “Do you like it?”

    “Jay, I love it. Wahh they have fireworks?” Y/n pointed at the dancers now performing with sparklers singing a soft tune.

    “They’re called sparklers actually.”

    “Fireworks sparklers whatever they do the same thing.”

    Jay laughs holding her tighter. “I love you.”

    Y/n giggles turning around in Jay's grasp. “Thank you for all of this. Really thank you.”

    “You're the one I should be thanking.”

    “What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.”

    “Y/n you are like my universe.”

    Y/n laughed. “Jay please.”

    “I’m being serious. You are like a crack in my small world. Everything is easy with you. You're a bit different and you keep shaking me up. Your eyes and the way you speak, style. Oh it's like living in a different world.”

    Y/n felt tears welling up in her eyes.

    “My heart wants you after I met you. Just a little bit, just a little bit I cared about your existence. Just a littlе bit, just a little bit breaking my world. You put me in danger with that harmless face. I keep getting more curious about you. I can't stop”

    Y/n brings herself closer to Jay. Their faces are just meters away. The tears slowly slipped from her eyes.

    “I’m unfamiliar with my twisted and tangled heart but don't I hate it though? I feel like I'm falling for the first time, it’s an uncomfortable yet sweet feeling.” Jay moves his hands from her waist to her face wiping her tears away. “Y/n I love you so much. Will you have me back?”

    Y/n nodded and pulled Jay in for a kiss. She felt as if her heart was going to explode bursting out of her chest like fireworks.

    “Jay I love you too. I love you so much. I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life.”

    Jay and Y/n laughed holding each other. Jay peers out from the hot air balloon signaling for the employee to start the balloon again.

    “How should we tell them we are staying together?” Y/n asked curiously.

    “Hmm why don’t we give them a little scare?”

    “Do you think she said yes?” Yeonjun asked, standing at the hot air balloon ride exit.

    “God I hope so it took forever to plan.” Sunghoon looked around trying to see if their balloon had already pulled in.

    “Let’s hope for the best.” Karina smiled trying to calm them down.

    “And what’s the best may I ask?” Ni-Ki asked.

    “Whatever Y/n chooses is the best.” Ningning said, sighing out.

    “Oh shit I think I see him.” Beomgyu shouted. He started waving seeing Jay walk out of the exit. “Hey Jay.”

    Huening Kai leaned towards Giselle. “Where is Y/n?” She shrugged trying to see if she could see her behind him.

    “Hey guys.” Jay greeted them.

    “So? How’d it go?” Soobin asked.

    “Yeah where is Y/n?” Minjeong said.

    “I’m right here.” Y/n waved while walking towards the group.

    “So the confession? How’d it go?” Jake asked.

    Y/n smiled. “Nothings changed.”

    “WHAT?!” The group yelled out.

    Jungwon looked around distraught. “What do you mean nothing has changed?”

    Jay smiled intertwining his fingers with Y/n’s “nothing changed we are still together. No breakup!”

    “OH THANK GOD.” Sunoo screamed. He ran toward Y/n hugging her and bringing in Jay. “I was so worried.”

    The others nodded in agreement bringing everyone into a group hug.

    “We’re sorry for scaring you guys.” Y/n said. “I appreciate all the preparations you guys did for me.”

    “It was nothing Y/nnie” Taehyun said.

    “You can pay us back.” Ni-Ki said.

    Jay raised his eyebrow in confusion, “How?”

    “You rented out all of Lotte world, the least you could do is let us have some fun.” Ni-Ki broke away from the group hug pointing towards a rollercoaster. “Last one there has to pay for snacks on Monday.” He swiftly ran off.

    “Oh you are dead Ni-Ki.” Heeseung yelled before running after him.

    “Hey wait.” Giselle said, running after them. The others quickly followed suit trying to pull each other back so they weren’t last.

    Y/n tried running after them before being pulled back by Jay. “Jay lets go I don’t want to buy snacks”

    Jay laughed, kissing her cheek. “I’ll buy them. I just wanted to have a second with you before I have to share again.”

    Y/n smiled, kissing him. “When was my boyfriend selfish?”

    “Hmm, almost losing the person you love most changes people.”

    Y/n nodded. “You got me back didn’t you?”

    “And I won’t ever let you go.”

    Previous • Epilogue

    ♡ ྀSummary: Y/n’s class is doing favors for various students during their school festival but what happens when Jay Park, member of the campus famous 02z, asks her for something that's a little bit more than she can handle?


    A/n: only one chapter left! Stay tuned!

    Taglist 🏷: @fiantomartell @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @ncityy04 @blossomnct @softsakusas @kac-chowsballs @msxflower @whoe-dis @dear-dreamie @rein-deer-stuffs @youreverydayzebra @pixyseeun @kingkaithekiwi @kyleeanne @enhacolor @shynypeacekitten @meiiiwa @liliansun @leefelix-gf

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    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ENHYPEN - 211026 The Show Twitter update

    © THE SHOW

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  • beomgyuanti
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    in honor of the failed interview i got the dimension: dilemma album 😌

    #they didnt have the scylla ver but eh #the photobook is adorable and has some of my fav enhypen photos so 😖 #also! pink hair sunoo pc is going right in the phone case ! #auggie rambles #but the heeseung one….. he might have to go in there to #alternating. it is skxjfkks
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  • snvngkwan
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    old friend — thinking thoughts

    previous | masterlist | next

    synopsis: when sunoo and y/n were kids, sunoo confessed to y/n only to disappear the next day. now years later, all y/n wants to do is get through school as easy as possible but when sunoo unexpectedly comes back how easy can it be?

    a/n: gonna start trying to move the plot forward faster

    taglist: @ncityy04 @whoe-dis @sunysunoo @studioreader @korejijiyo @s0ngk4ng @xoxojayd3n @mika-t3t @sugawarasrose @leenthepanda @niikipuff @meiinumaki @nyfwyeonjun @voidiinn @enhanote @aj-1154 @xetherealbeautyx @meiiiwa @wccycc @msxflower @diestheticu @hobistigma @ielaa @dear-dreamie @jisungs-ubb @ja4hyvn @kyleeanne @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @luv4gyu @c9tnoos @meijiamikas @strwberriki @pixyseeun @haechans-sunflower @txtdreamm @tomorrowbymoa-together @genderlessflower @nnasheii [cant tag] @adoreyeonjun @angxln-ki

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  • noocoffee
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    yesterday I got the dimension dilemma album pulled out a Jay and niki pc 👩‍💻

    #dimension dilemma#enhypen#enha#enhyphen#enha jay#enhypen niki#photocards#kpop album #and I brought my sister a txt album #this is a cry for help #my wallet is crying #kim sunoo#lee heeseung #I want a Sunoo pc
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  • thomas-the-tank-engene
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    best-best friend

    pairing: heeseung x (f)reader,

    Genre: angst and fluff ig?

    wc: 1.1k

    warnings: mentions of cheating and a swear word or two, also horrible writing but that’s nothing unusual

    a/n: ahhhh hello, i worked every night this long weekend so this is probably really badly written beacuse i’m so tired but i wanted to post this anyway because why not? also im defiently not writing this when im supposed to be writing my history essay pffffftttt

    summary: heeseung finds out your bf cheated on you and is not very happy >:(

     When Heeseung heard the news going around school that your boyfriend of two years had cheated on you, he was very confused. He sat in disbelief for a few seconds. Only being able to respond with a simple “huh?”, as the older girl nodded her head. 

    “Yeah, we saw him with a girl from the year below us in town the other day. Holding hands, and kissing n shit. We followed him round and got some photos if you wanna see?” Jake and Sunghoon squinted as the phone was placed in front of their faces. The girls were right, that was definitely y/n’s boyfriend and definitely not y/n. 

    The two boys felt a pang of hurt in their chest, cautiously glancing towards Heeseung, who was already looking at them expectantly. Hoping that it was just a prank and that they weren’t actually telling the truth.

    Jake grimaced, offering a tight lipped smile to the boy.

    “We already told y/n, just thought you guys should know too cause you’re friends or whatever,”

    Heeseung remained still for a little while longer, unable to comprehend that one of his friends would cheat on the most amazing girl he had the honor of knowing. The boy was lucky to get along with his best friend's boyfriend. They had similar interests and hobbies, which made it easy to form a friendship rather quickly. However, Heeseung felt no shame in throwing it all away as soon as he heard the truth.

    The boy abruptly got up from his lunch table, his friends not bothering to stop him but instead throwing him sympathetic looks as he turned away. His fists were clenched tightly at his sides as he hunted your boyfriend- or ex boyfriend- down. 

    Heeseung was beyond pissed.

    He knew where your ex liked to hang out at lunch, and it wasn’t long before Heeseung had him pinned against a wall with his shirt bunched tightly within his fist. Heeseung wasn’t often violent, and he put a conscious effort into not letting his anger, or emotions, get the better of him. However when it came to you, it was a different story. The boy was quick to abandon his morals in order to find the truth. Heeseung’s eyes were dark and murky as he glared at the pathetic boy before him.

    “Did you do it?” Heeseung asked, voice low and husky. He didn’t need to clarify what he meant, the boy knew. 

    Your ex gulped loudly, eyes darting back to his friends who avoided eye contact. They were not going to get in the way of Heeseung. 

    “How long have you been doing it for?” Heeseung prompted, waiting expectantly for a response. 

    “I-i not too long, I mean-not with this one-” The older boy pushed the stuttering kid into the wall once more, a little harder, causing him to groan in pain. Heeseung showed no remorse.

    “What do you mean ‘not with this one’” He growled, finding himself growing angrier as seconds passed. He was a ticking time-bomb bound to go off any minute.

    Heeseung soon found a soft hand on his back, and he turned around, finding the warm eyes of Sunoo.

    “Leave him alone hyung, go find her.” The boy couldn’t move. He wanted to know the truth. Wanted to make the kid hurt. But one more look from Sunoo was enough to knock some sense into him and reluctantly, Heeseung let go of your ex (not without a small shove to make him stumble a bit).

    The older boy nodded at Sunoo, who patted his back lightly.

    Heeseung then took off to begin his search around the school. He had no clue where you would be. The school was abnormally large, and you could be anywhere. The boy was lucky, however, that you wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see you. He pulled out his phone to see a text message from you. Simply reading, ‘T67’.

    As he ran through the school, his heart was beating fast. His breath was ragged and he felt his cheeks growing warm. Not because he was unfit or tired (the boy was hella fit iykwim), but because the thought of you drove him mad. 

    He wanted to hold you in his arms and never let go. He wanted to protect you from all the dangers of the world. Your smile was like the sun to him. It brightened not only his day, but his entire life. He needed you. You were his oxygen.

    Opening the door to the classroom, he found you curled up in a ball, back leaning against the sidewall of the classroom. He felt his heart melt at the sight, and he wasted no more time and quickly made his way towards you. Heeseung knelt down in front of you, eyes sparkling with love.

    “How are you my dear?” He whispered softly. Your head slowly moved up, allowing heeseung to see your black stained cheeks and redshot eyes.

    “I’ve been better,” You mumbled in response, attempting to laugh it off. Heeseung pouted slightly.

    “Be honest love,” You glanced away as he spoke, not being able to make eye contact with him and not start crying again.

    “This kinda sucks I guess,” He laughed at that, causing a smile to bloom on your own face too.

    “It really does,” He whispered back. His deep voice catching your attention.

    You looked back at him, holding his gaze. The two of you sat frozen for a few seconds, before the tears began to build up in your eyes once more and you burst all over again.

    The boy was quick to pull you into his arms. Rubbing your back soothingly. Whispering sweet nothings while kissing the crown of your head.

    “It’s okay love, you’re okay. He’s an absolute dick.” 

    Your fists clung onto his school sweater tightly as you sobbed into his chest. The two of you stayed there for a while longer. Not moving as the bell rang signalling the end of lunch and the beginning of last period. Eventually, when you gained your composure, Heeseung took you out of school, driving you to the nearest cafe and ordering your favourite drink for you, as well as some chicken nuggets (because who doesn’t like chicken nuggets? I deeply apologize if you don’t because you are missing out, idc what they’re made from they taste good).

    The boy stayed with you for the rest of the day, thinking of ways to make you laugh and smile. You didn’t know where you would be without him. He really was the best-best friend.

    tehe uwu i want heeseung to be my best friend plz <3

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  • googoojeu
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    the little things enhypen does for you!

    a/n: lea is back with an ot7 post! i haven't been posting a lot lately because a lot has been happening in my personal life rn, but it's my semester break and i can freely write again! have this cute enha bulletpoint au i made for self indulgence

    warnings: mentions of food, mentions of nightmares, brief encounter of sexual assault (but nothing too much)

    lee heeseung! — carries your bag for you!

    you don't notice it really, he's very subtle about it

    once your class or work ends, he's outside, his signature smile plastered on his face as he extends his hand to take your bag from your shoulder and asks you about your day

    so you rant about how your co-worker broke the coffee machine and that you got blamed about it, throwing your hands in frustration

    heeseung smiles affectionately at you while cuddling your bag close to his body

    doesn't care if it's heavy!!! will still carry it for you because you're his baby <33

    you only discovered it when a friend of yours pointed it out

    "how come heeseung never complains when you hand your bag to him? my boyfriend nags about it all the time." and you're just left confused because huh???? i don't give heeseung my bag????

    and surprise, surprise! after your little study session you had with your friend, heeseung stands outside the library waiting for you. he smiles at you, gives your forehead a peck and immediately takes your bag from you.

    and then you go, 'oh'

    you had a mini battle outside on whether you should carry your bag or not but you ultimately lose because heeseung does his puppy eyes and that he'll never let you walk around with something heavy on your back because he understands how stressed you can get

    an angel <33333333

    jay park! — massages your back or any place in your body that's hurting you & cooks for you

    having the worst day because of a back pain? jay is on the rescue!

    has any kind of oil for any kind of pain you've been feeling, very knowledgeable when it comes to massages

    you don't even have to say anything, he can sense it. he'll immediately get his oil set and will massage your back in no time

    doesn't complain, he doesn't care

    and when you offer to massage his back for him when he has back pains, he declines. he says he knows how to do it himself

    he gets giggly when you thank him, he has this evident pink tint on his cheeks after that

    scolds you when he sees you sitting with bad posture, "hey! that's bad for your back!"

    cooks for you. nags when he sees you eating instant ramen while crouching. double nagging.

    cooks you five star meals. loves getting compliments about his cooking from you :((

    will never stop nagging you until you listen to him and even if you do, you'll never hear the end of it

    but even though you don't always listen to him, he still loves you <3333

    jake sim! — leaves you notes so you won't forget about important things

    you're very forgetful, jake knows that, so he started making these small notes for you, which turned into full blown letters after awhile

    he writes notes in a 'to-do list' type of way like

    pack your lunch, don't forget to eat before going to school, double check your belongings, don't forget about your homework

    started making your schedule because he sees that you're too busy and that you don't have time for yourself

    from discovering to small post-it's plastered in front of your notebook full of your schedules, the small notes turn into a full letters tucked in your books randomly

    it always starts with "have a good day love!"

    sometimes it's, "you're doing amazing bubs!"

    but you love them nonetheless

    literally loves making these notes for you

    gets all blushy and stuttery when he sees that you started doing it for him too

    will never shut up about it!!! the boys are over it!!!! #saveenhypenfromhim

    park sunghoon! — offers his belongings without a second thought

    sunghoon doesn't like sharing his things, that's what you knew about him ever since you met him

    so imagine the shock when he randomly offers you his eraser when you lost yours

    still a shocker to you after you started dating

    he just randomly gives you his things even if you don't need it

    his hoodie? sure. his tumbler? yeah, take it. his phone? use it. his shoes? it doesn't fit you but yeah you can make use of it. his ice skates? you don't skate but pop off ig?

    ignores you when you say you don't need it

    sunoo discovers this and tries to test it

    "hyung, can i borrow your charger?" silence.

    "oh, so you let (name) borrow it but i can't?" (sunghoon slowly looks at him) "i'm not dating you?"

    nevertheless, sunoo teases him about it <3333

    kim sunoo! — reads or sings you to sleep

    sunoo, undeniably, has a really soothing and good voice

    he uses it to his advantage, like singing in school events or the announcer for school related stuff, sunoo's voice is his charming point

    he's not shocked when you tell him to read you a story so you can sleep peacefully at night ("you really have a beautiful voice sunny")

    he knows you get nightmares, so he agrees

    reads children's books or poetry to help you sleep

    was nervous when you ask him to sing for you, is relieved when he sees you sleeping peacefully after he finishes singing

    really loves hearing your compliments, it makes his day <333

    calls you when he's away. doesn't take no or an end call for an answer when you tell him you can sleep peacefully at night without hearing his voice

    is petty when you don't listen to him so you just let him do it

    really loves doing it for you, doesn't care if he sleeps late, as long as he knows you don't have nightmares and will wake up in the morning with nothing but happy thoughts

    yang jungwon! — teaches you self defense techniques

    jungwon has a black belt in taekwondo, he knows the basic things for self defense

    brings you to his practice room one day to teach you a few things

    you're amazed by how he moves so fluidly and you immediately follow

    giggles at your attempts following him

    you leave the room sore and tired, he just laughs at you

    his teaching does help you one day

    one of your classmates inappropriately touched you when you were alone in a room and you immediately used what jungwon taught you

    offers to beat up your classmate but you just shake your head

    teaches you more techniques, still makes fun of you when you don't get it right

    but when you do, he rewards you with cuddles and food!!!!!

    ni-ki! — plays games with you & teaches you japanese phrases

    ni-ki is the king of playing video games, heeseung can back him up on that

    has a habit of screaming when he wins, punching anything remotely close to him or getting frustrated that he lets out an ungodly screech when he loses

    has so much patience with you when you two play

    you're not good at video games, ni-ki knows that

    doesn't speak about it though, opts to help you out

    he??? doesn't??? screech??? when??? you??? two??? lose???

    gets called "simp" when he excuses why you two lost

    you always apologize to him when you lose, he says it's okay, you're still learning :')) (if you listen closely, you can hear the others calling him "simp!!!!")

    randomly teaches you japanese phrases so you can make fun of the people you play with (which is mostly heeseung and jake)

    is very proud when you win your first game on your own, starts confessing in japanese which the only person who understood beside him was jay

    bribes jay to not tell you about the whole confession fiasco, jay doesn't listen and tells you. now you're stuck dating him.

    subtly shades you when you make wrong choices in games, he still loves you tho!!!

    #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen au#enhypen fluff#lee heeseung#jay park#jake sim#park sunghoon#kim sunoo#yang jungwon#ni-ki#park jongseong#sim jaeyun#nishimura riki #lee heeseung imagines #park sunghoon imagines #jay park imagines #park jongseong imagines #jake sim imagines #kim sunoo imagines #yang jungwon imagines #ni-ki imagines#enha#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios
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  • odxrilove
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    #.chapter four:: heartbroken

    #.masterlist.!! | #.previous.!! | #.next.!!

    #.author's notes:: FINALLY SOME JUNGWON CONTENT HEHE :D please give me some feedback, i want to know what you guys think!!

    #.taglist:: @0x1lovebot @itsyaapollochild @sunshinelixie-lee @meraniki @fairybinie @fluttering-tbz @verifiedsunghoonsimp @simpforsung @msxflower @nikieskoo @youreverydayzebra @shrutiajit @creamkwan @heeseungarden @iyeonjuni @meijiamikas @yjwfav @hyuckslytherin @chewychubchuu @you-njinhwang @leefelix-gf @ja4hyvn @lumixen @lokideadontheinside @wonietree @korejijiyo @meiiiwa

    please do not copy, steal or repost any of my work. all content belongs to @odxrilove

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  • shotasdarling
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    lee heeseung

    nothing yet

    jay park

    nothing yet

    jake sim

    nothing yet

    park sunghoon

    nothing yet

    kim sunoo

    nothing yet

    yang jungwon

    nothing yet

    nishimura riki

    nothing yet


    nothing yet

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  • nar-nia
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    "So I've heard you haven't listened to dimension yet?!"

    #he reminds me of the duolingo owl #is this the aggressive youth??? #help #the whole video looks like a homemade movie made by two kids for their grandparents #love how he's constantly smiling tho #enhypen#dimension dilemma#enha sunoo#kim sunoo
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