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  • 3raaaachachacha
    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    4:56 pm

    ~ Requested ~ okay imagine you being figure skater teacher, but only for some kids or just beginners, and park sunghoon, literally the god at skating, best of the best, falls in love and pretends to be bad at skating just to get close to you.

    Park Sunghoon / 703 words / fluff

    ​​⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    He couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Maybe it was the way you effortlessly skated around the frozen rink with your perfectly styled hair or the cute pink blush that adored your cheeks from the cold. Sunghoon was always on the shy side when it came to girls and he had only met you a few times in passing, but that didn’t stop his feelings for you to grow. Thankfully, he finally came up with a plan to get closer to you, but it meant damaging his pride a bit.

    When you weren’t practicing for competitions, you would teach kids 5 and up how to skate. It was something you did for fun and to make a little extra money. You had just ended your class and continued skating around on the ice to warm up for practice, when you noticed Sunghoon, your long-time crush, waving to you from the rink entrance.

    You skated over to him with a shy smile on your face, “Hi Sunghoon, what’s up?” You asked politely, curious to see why he waved you over to him. The two of you hadn’t spoken much, so inside, you were exploding with happiness to see he wanted your attention.

    “Hi Y/N, uh,” He began as his hand rubbed the back of his neck from being nervous, “I saw how good you are with teaching skating to those kids, could you possibly help me as well?” He asked with a light pink adoring his pale skin.

    His question confused you since he was one of the best skaters you had ever met, yet he was asking you for help? Even so, curiosity piqued your interest as you nodded your head shyly about to turn away from him as he called out for you. You turned back to face him as he held his hands out for you to take. You could feel yourself internally sweating as you giggled softly before taking them and helping him onto the ice.

    “Watch my feet and how they glide against the ice, follow that movement until you begin to feel comfortable,” You calmly instructed as you held onto his hands while focusing your gaze on both of your feet.

    He followed your movement as his gaze moved to observe your delicate features in awe, “Sunghoon, keep your eyes on your feet,” You gently scolded, laughing at his cute reaction as he chuckled along with you.

    “Sorry, it’s hard to focus when my instructor is so beautiful,” He smoothly commented as your cheeks flushed a bright red from his comment, trying to hide the smile that grew on your face, but failing miserably.

    You should have been paying more attention to your surroundings, but with Sunghoon’s hands in yours, it was too distracting to you as you yelped out in shock from the abrupt stop. Sunghoon had pulled you into his firm chest as you clenched onto his thin shirt, one hand wrapped around your waist and the other pressing harshly into the thick glass of the rink. You had almost skated backwards into the hard boards of the rink, which easily could have hurt you.

    “Are you okay Y/N? You aren’t hurt right?” Sunghoon asked, carefully looking at you as his hands roamed your body and face, respectfully, to ensure you weren’t hurt.

    You shook your head as you took deep breaths, still trying to calm your nerves from how close you were to your crush, not from almost severely hurting yourself.

    “You need to be more careful Y/N, you could have been really hurt!” Sunghoon grinned at you as he took your hand in his, “I think practice is over for the day. Come on,” He said, gently pulling you towards the exit for the rink.

    “Where are we going?” You asked, halting your movements as you hit Sunghoon’s chest again as he turned to face you.

    “On a date with me,” He smiled shyly down at you before gesturing to exit, “Come on, you won’t regret it.”

    You were too stunned to say anything after that as you followed Sunghoon off the ice to change for your date. There was no doubt in your mind that you would regret anything that happened after this.

    ⊱───────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

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  • niskoo
    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago


    pairing: bad boy! jay x reader (ft. best friend! sunghoon)

    genre: fluff, slight angst, bad boy!AU

    warnings: mentions of injuries, mentions of a fight

    word count: 500 words

    a/n: .....deadass 2 days until finals what the actual fuck am I dong

    wish me luck HHH

    networks: @enhypennetwork

    It's fairly clear that Jay Park swooned you at your first meeting. All because he asked for a pencil softly, with a polite smile. From what you knew and saw, he was this big meanie who liked to flunk at school and flex about how rich he was.

    But, apparently he wasn't. Not when you two actually get to know each other. He's just a big, soft, funny guy who loved getting his friends to smile.

    Strangely enough, he claimed your smile was the one he wanted to see everyday, your laughs were the fuel to his life. His words, when he confessed his feelings.

    What's even stranger, is that Park Sunghoon wasn't too appealed by your relationship. You don't know why, something along the lines of Jay breaking your heart btu you know he wouldn't.

    Not after the one night he went sobbing in your arms at the thought of losing you, no.

    But Sunghoon claims he will, and this statement broke them into a big fist fight. Unfortunatley, you were in tutoring when this happened, and you went back ot your dorm to the sight of your beat up boyfriend chilling wiht your pillows.

    "You did what?!"

    "I punched Sunghoon,"

    It's astonishing, you think, how Jay can say these terrifying words while innocently blinking up at you. "Why??"

    "He said I was gonna break your heart."

    You sigh tiredly, before plopping onto your bed next to Jay, "Babe, just because he said that doesn't mean it's true. And it definitely doesn't mean you can punch him either!"

    Jay only huffs out, his lips pouting as he reaches out his bandaged hands to intertwine with yours. You can sense his guilt, and the slight pain from all his bruises.

    Your angers instantlly flows away, what were you expecting anyway? "I just can't believe you managed to put up a fight with him,"


    "What? He's a figure skater!"

    It's like all the negativity before disappears, only love and content swirling in the air as Jay leans on your shoulder and wraps his arms around your waist. You can practically feel his frown through your t-shirt, and find it oddly endearing.

    "I'll talk to Sunghoon later," This particular statement seems to have Jay calm down, his sigh leaving goosebumps on your shoulder.

    "But for now," You breathe out a chuckle when your boyfriend drags you down to your bed, his lips pressing against your cheek affectionately. "I think I'll be stuck with you."

    Jay's face pops up from the depths of your shoulder, his eyebrows up and lips pouty, you ought to peck them. His hand shows up in front of your face, his pinky finger the only oen stuck in the air as he curls it, "Pinky promise."

    "God, you're so childish!"

    Despite the annoyance laced in your voice, and your eye roll, your pinky curls tightly around Jay's, and seals a deal of a whole night full of cuddles.

    A pinky promise is a pinky promise, after all.

    #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen jay #enhypen jay x reader #jay park x reader #enhypen drabbles #enhypen jay imagines #jay imagines #i land jay
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  • poeticnai
    29.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    ENHYPEN as Types of Confessions.

    Note: And now that this is posted, I shall go back to my hibernation and come back after two weeks or so, for I have countless school works to do. /j 🤕 Feedback and constructive criticism regarding my writing are highly appreciated.

    Has everything planned out and even has a speech alongside a backup speech in hand · Heeseung, Jake

    Everything does not go as planned, yikes! · Ni-ki

    A tad nervous and stutters a lot when confessing, but in the end, manages to finish properly · Sunoo, Jungwon

    Feels very confident in themselves. Luck seems to be on their side that day, since they manage to complete their confession without any mistakes whatsoever · Jay, Sunghoon

    taglist: @heyy4812 ; @mildlystupid

    #enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen timestamps#enhypen drabbles#enhypen headcanons#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfiction #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen social au #enhypen series #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smau #enhypen soft hours #enhypen crack #enhypen dad au #enhypen high school au #enhypen comfort
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  • linoragi
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    nineteen. / twenty. — the one with the pretty partner. / twenty-one.

    for me. — k. sunoo

    ✴︎ synopsis: to sunoo, you were just a random girl in one or two of his classes who happens to be friends with his friends while to you, sunoo was the guy who you’ve been swooning over for a year or so. now, with you tweeting about your crush on him on the wrong account, sunoo has just one question. you’re the one who confessed to him, so why the hell is he the one chasing (literally and figuratively) you?

    ✴︎ pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    ✴︎ content/genre: smau, college au, fluff

    ✴︎ warning(s): swearing, always,, sorry sjsj

    ✴︎ note: happy twenty yaaaay

    ✴︎ taglist: @tomorrowbymoa-together @icywhatim @giyyuzz @ncityy04 @goldenhypen @yougeans @hobistigma @ja4hyvn @nyfwyeonjun @big-fool-energy @amakumos @pixyseeun @angel-hyuckie @meiiiwa @junnnoooo @aria-grace-scott @msxflower @pebbypenny @isaluv @snowfalltxt @dinosdance @m1ng-how @taylorswifeyyy @tobiosbbyghorl @urresidentdrugdealer @acciomylove @leeis @yizhoutv @chirokookie @apricottulips @jay-durian @studioreader @euphorencia @hibuki-chan @mildlystupid @tenten-67 @hiqhkey

    #im working on a hee timestamp heheh #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #sunoo imagines#sunoo scenarios#sunoo reactions#sunoo fluff #sunoo soft hours #sunoo smau
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  • poeticnai
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    okay, okay, i'm in the process of making a few written works for enhypen, and i'm planning on making a taglist for my posts. if you want to be added, like or reblog this post and i'll gladly add you!

    #nai rambles#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen timestamps#enhypen drabbles#enhypen headcanons #enhypen soft hours #enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen soft icons #enhypen soft layouts #enhypen social au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x reader #enhypen fanfiction #enhypen female oc #enhypen crack #enhypen as boyfriends #enhypen added member #enhypen au #enhypen high school au
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  • k-1ho
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    ╭ everybody knows about y/n and riki's reciprocated feelings towards each other, but both were too stubborn to make a first move.

    ⏤ nishimura riki x reader, skinny love trope!

    ⏤ fluff, lame attempt at comedy,

    REQUESTED! 1,6,10,15


    This is probably the 5th time you've said it this the whole day and you've been fighting the urge to punch Heeseung every time he mentioned Riki's name "Yeah sure," He fakes a sob, "My sister is growing so fast! I remember playing dolls with you when you still had little hands"

    "Stop being dramatic and get off the floor" You cross your arms, you were definitely aware of the reason why everyone thinks you and Riki are dating. Shit, not even you can't deny the obvious flirting going on between the both of you.

    This no labelled relationship was the sole reason of your happiness, but so was the never ending spawn of sadness when you sometimes craved for more than. But you were always so scared to show him what you truly wanted, afraid that he wasn’t thinking the same.

    The moment you hear a knock on the door, your heart beats faster, Heeseung immediately gets off the floor and even your dog Goji was wagging his tail “Oh look! Your boyfriend is here!”

    “Heeseung for the last fucking time, he is not my boyf—“ The moment Heeseung twists the doorknob, Riki was devilishly smirking and you were frozen. Goji immediately greets him with a bark, jumping up and down trying to crawl up his arms “Hey Goji” he chuckles, carrying him gently while he tries to avoid getting licked on the face.

    He was wearing a simple green hoodie, baggy jeans that perfectly show off his body proportions and some obviously worn out sneakers that still somehow looked great on him. Every colour complimented him and you sure did wonder how one looked so good in such a simple outfit. “Hurry up girlfriend we’re going to be late!” You roll your eyes, kicking Riki’s leg gently “Shut up Nishimura”

    “Or what? You’re gonna kiss me?”

    Heeseung raises his hands in defence “Hey! We still need to have a talk about that—“ You huff out of frustration, pushing past through both of the boys as you start walking away “Take her home before midnight Riki, call me if anything ever happens!"

    And with a simple bid of goodbye, Riki runs off to catch up to you.

    "You're really going to make me run to you huh?" He speaks over the phone, his deep voice sending butterflies down your stomach each word he spoke "Yes," You proudly answer "Now hurry up please" After ending the call, you could feel yourself shivering from the cold, nose red as white clouds form at every breath you take.

    Not far from a few minutes, Riki arrives with messy hair and wrinkled clothes, causing you to show him and endearing smile that made his heart flutter "You should've waited for me!" he whines in between pants, hands resting on his knees while he tries to catch his breath "C'mon! Didn't you say you wanted to work out? You even have that photo album and⏤"

    "Let's not mention that now shall we?" He fakes a wide grin, gritting his teeth while dragging you to the theatre "Hi can I please get one large popcorn and a large drink please" You were a little disappointed to say the least after realizing that he didn't even bother to share with you, and you knew to never get your hopes up with Riki because you were sure he wasn't one for affection.

    "What's wrong?" He asks, hands full while he looks at your pouty face "Nothing" You tried to assure him. As you start to head to the counter Riki realizes why you were upset "Stop being such a baby, we're sharing dummy" The moment those words slip past his lips, you try your hardest to hide the wide smile plastered all over your face "Why won't you look at me?" He asks, placing down the popcorn on the table while he tries to look at you in the eyes

    But the moment he saw your giddy grin, Riki only scoffed as he gently flicks your forehead "You look like the grinch" He jokes, walking past you as he carries the popcorn and drink "Fuck you!" You chuckle, nudging his shoulder "When?"

    "Nishimura Riki!" You grimaced, punching him on the shoulder causing him to groan "Hey!" He calls out, watching you roll your eyes.


    Half an hour into the movie and you could say it was going pretty well. Every time your hands gently brushed against wach others’ caused both your heart rates to increase. While you reach to grab a handful of popcorn it happens once again, but this time Riki decided to grow some balls.

    He interlocks his hand with yours, his face showing a bright tint of pink and he was thanking the lords for the dark atmosphere which perfectly covered it. You in the meantime couldn’t hold back your smile “Ew! We’re rubbing grease on each other!” You scrunch your nose which he found adorable, although he grimaces the second after realizing what you had just said "Way to ruin a romantic experience Y/n" He scoffed

    You immediately shift, trying your best to look for a tissue as you get rid of all the grease "Better now?" You ask, locking your hands with his once more as you ease your head onto his shoulder "Whatever,"

    But what you didn't see, was the wide smile and pink shaded cheeks written all over his face as he remembers this moment forever.


    It was nearing midnight and Riki remembered what Heeseung told him. He knew he was going to never see the living daylights if he didn't comply, knowing how protective Heeseung was with you.

    The movie was long done and you both spent most of the time sitting on the edge of an abandoned building looking at the stars "It's almost midnight, I gotta take you home before your brother kills me" You let out a groan, holding his hand as an attempt to make him stay for a little more

    But to no avail, he ended up having to drag you instead "Alright! I think I can walk from here" Riki chuckles, not letting go of you as he proceeds to walk "You're an idiot," He laughs at you huffing "A cute one, of course"

    "Shut up will you!?" Riki was certain you were flustered, he knew that you weren't used to him being so bold and courageous all the time "Wait up! Don't make me run again!" He laughs, running after your flustered figure

    The moment your house was getting clearer on sight, you both start to feel the slight disappointment of having to leave each other so soon (despite spending most of the day together)

    "I had fun today," Riki sparks up the conversation, looking at you straight in the eye as he gently envelopes his hand with yours. You honestly didn't know what's gotten into him lately, and he didn't know either. All he knew was that he found himself leaning in, cheeks obviously red as he reaches in for a kiss.

    He felt his hands go numb, not knowing if it was from the cold or from the intense nervousness from making such a bold move. But Riki knew if he decided to do it any other time it wouldn't have been as great as this one. The timing was just perfect, and not a single doubt ran through his mind if he was going too fast "Can I be your boyfriend?"

    The moment those words leave his lips, you wrap your hands around his neck again "Yes!" You excitedly say under your breathe, feeling yourself tearing up from excitement "You don't know how long I've been waiting, Nishimura" You bring your face closer to his, leaving a peck on his plump lips; unable to get rid of the cheeky grin plastered on your face "I love you, say it back" He mumbles under his breath "I love you too, so much more" Your smile causing him to smile as well.

    Before you could spend the whole hour just standing in the cold, you had to say goodbye, "See you tomorrow! Message me when you get home" You giggle, taking a step inside your house while Riki waves back, face still pink from the current situation. He stood there frozen, shaking his head to gain his focus; he does a little dance out of celebration.


    The next day, you couldn't help but boast to your friends about what happened the night before "After we were outside my door, he took my hand and stared deep into my eyes! Gosh! He looked so hot with his messy hair and tinted cheeks!" You squeal, clasping your hands together as you try to picture exactly what had happened "And then we kissed!," You whisper, your friend nodding her head as she brings herself closer to you " Don't tell anyone, but he's such a good kisser!"

    You both squeal once again, slightly bouncing from too much excitement.

    The moment you saw Riki walking your way, your friend hurriedly packs her bag, leaving you two alone "A good kisser huh?" He teases, leaning his hand to trap you in his arms


    #k 1ho ; n1ki #enhypen ff#enhypen fluff#enhypen reactions#enhypen timestamps #enhypen riki fluff #enhypen riki#enhypen requests#riki fluff #riki x reader #nishimura riki #nishimura riki imagines #nishimura riki scenarios #nishimura riki x reader #enhypen fanfiction
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  • poeticnai
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    jake dyed his hair blonde, ni-ki dyed his hair black, and heeseung dyed his hair red.

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  • poeticnai
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    a new writing blog for enhypen! currently taking requests. ask box is also open for chit-chat.

    rules, about the owner, master list, ao3

    if you want to be added to my taglist, do interact with this post! any feedback and constructive criticism regarding my writing are highly appreciated, though be careful with what you say to others online.

    Current WIPS

    the titles of the following works listed below have yet to be changed! they are there for temporary purposes only, and there is a high chance that they'll be changed once i finish the whole work.

    1. Bittersweet · LHS

    "Through ups and downs," they said. And (Last Name) (First Name) believed them, though that was until they came to the conclusion that good things eventually come to an end.

    2. My Next-door Neighbor · NRK

    (Last Name) (First Name) have always been the best of friends with her next-door neighbor, Nishimura Riki, most noticeably known as HYBE Academy's troublemaker alongside his partner in crime Yewon. However, his family all of a sudden moves houses due to Riki's failing grades recently. When the two teens cross paths once again after not seeing each other for years, will they grow to love each other again despite the circumstances given, or will they drift apart furthermore?

    Shim Jaeyoon, also known as (Last Name) (First Name)'s best friend and academic rival, is a cocky, flirtatious, and knowledgeable boy. Perhaps those were the things that made the said female attracted to him, but she's aware that there's more than what meets the eye.

    3. Distant Stars · SJY

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  • 3raaaachachacha
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    6:54 pm

    Park Jongseong / 695 words / fluff / suggestive

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    You quietly snickered to yourself as you thought of all the ways you could subtly turn Jay on without him realizing you knew about his new commitment to No Nut November. The idea was funny itself, yet it became even funnier after hearing how confident Jay was that he could make it the entire month without having sex with you. As if. He could barley go a week without touching you, let alone having sex. Nonetheless, if he wanted to commit, then you were going to make sure he suffered through it.

    “Dishes are all cleaned baby,” He smiled at you as he joined you on the couch, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

    You moved your legs to lay on top of his as he gazed down to see your long exposed legs, realizing you had changed into one of his big sweatshirts with nothing underneath.The sweatshirt wasn’t covering much as he got a glimpse of your red lacy panties that peaked out the bottom. He bit his lip trying to suppress his urges, he just committed to No Nut November, he couldn’t quit so easily.

    “Your legs are probably cold, here let me get you a blanket babe,” Jay stuttered slightly as he tried to stand up, but you pushed him back into his seat with a smirk on your lips.

    “I’m actually a bit warm right now. Might need to take off this sweatshirt soon,” You teased, seeing Jay tense up at your words as he gripped onto your legs to anchor himself to stay calm, “Let’s watch a movie, there’s a good rom com that just came out.”

    Jay internally thanked himself for not giving in and was relieved you chose an innocent movie to watch, trying to calm his growing desires. Well, he thought it was an innocent movie, until a steamy sex scene played, making him grow in his pants from picturing the two of you doing whatever position they were fucking in.

    Your hands played with the buttons of Jay’s shirt as you slowly began to unbutton them to feel his toned chest. His breathing became uneven as he almost let a groan leave his lips. You turned your attention towards Jay as you giggled to yourself, leaning forward to press your lips to his ear, “Wouldn’t it be fun to try that position out? I wonder how fast you could make me cum all over your big cock,” Jay moaned out, your words going straight to his now hard cock.

    You grinned to yourself as your lips pressed light kisses onto his ear, trailing down to his neck before finding his sensitive spot on his neck. His hands flew up to hold you in place, intoxicated by the pleasure you were giving him as your hand fully unbuttoned his shirt before moving down to rub his clothed hard on.

    “Someone’s excited,” You chuckled as you unzipped his pants to continue rubbing him through the material, “Does someone need help?” He moaned out, tilting his head to the side to allow you better access to his neck as his eyes closed completely forgetting about his commitment.

    “Fuck Y/N, we haven’t fucked in our new living room yet. How about we break in this new couch?” Jay cheekily suggested with a smirk written on his lips. You pulled him to face you by his chin as you pressed your lips against his in a passionate and needy kiss, making him pull you closer into him by your now exposed ass.

    You pulled away to scan his face before chuckling at his lust-filled expression, “That would have been a good idea if you hadn’t made the commitment to participate in No Nut November, but seems like you need to hold true to that,” You exclaimed, standing up and shooting him a teasing wink, “I’ll satisfy myself privately. Don’t want you going back on your commitment, now do we?”

    Jay’s mouth hung open, shocked at what just happened and how desperately he needed you, finally admitting defeat from this stupid challenge, “Babe, wait!” He followed you towards your shared bedroom, “I’m not doing that anymore. It was a joke, I swear!”

    ⊱───────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

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  • luvrseung
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago


    a little sad time stamp-! (lowercase intended!)

    you were never one for love. i mean, there were things you loved. your parents, your friends, studio ghibli movies, city lights- and the list goes on. what you didn’t, or should i say couldn’t, love were romantic relationships. a bit of an anti-romantic, if you will. it’s not that you didn’t have any suitors, you just didn’t see the point of it all. they all end in heartbreak, right? that’s all you saw anyways.

    your parents? divorced.

    your best friend and the boy she would sneak out of the house for? split.

    romeo and juliet? dead.

    that kdrama you finished not that long ago? the main characters end up together but the second lead has to watch their relationship while he still longs for the girl, heartbroken and alone.

    you weren’t really interested in that fluffy stuff either. fancy dinners, cafe dates, pet names, spontaneous rendezvous- the thought of all of that wasn’t really appealing to you. you saw it as a lot of work. having someone be your person, being that someone’s person, constantly talking to them. like, you even got tired of talking to your friends sometimes. how do you expect yourself to always be there for your partner. what if they get bored? what if you get bored? what if you both fall out of love?

    to be honest, you were just scared. being in a relationship, your partner sees you at your worst and loves you through sickness and in health, that’s scary. to unconditionally love someone through thick and thin. showing your vulnerable side to someone was an idea that you didn’t even want to think about. that would mean that there’s a possibility of getting hurt. so you avoided getting into a relationship at all costs. to avoid the heartbreak in the end because that’s easy, right?

    looking back at it, you didn’t realize your best friend was falling for you. if you had seen the signs, you would have tried to shut it down as soon as possible. but you just thought that’s how friends acted. you truly didn’t notice his subtle hints.

    you didn’t notice how his gaze would linger on you when you looked away. you didn’t notice how he would drop everything he was doing just to see you. you didn’t notice how he would reply to your texts in seconds or pick up your facetime calls just as fast, with the biggest smile on his face. and you never noticed how he wished for more than just a hug goodbye whenever he walked you back to your dorm after your evening classes.

    you didn’t know that sunghoon’s mornings started with you on his mind and ended with you on his mind as well. you didn’t know that sunghoon would regularly gush over how pretty you are to his friends. and you didn’t know that sunghoon would spend his nights wishing that he was holding you in his arms, letting you call them home. 

    but what sunghoon knew was that you didn’t want a relationship. you didn’t want to cuddle him while watching a movie. you didn’t want to go around being his girlfriend. he knows how you feel about this stuff. he really, truly knows.

    but sunghoon couldn’t stand it.

    the last thing you were expecting on a thursday evening was sunghoon at your door at almost midnight. the last thing you were expecting was your best friend telling you how in love with you he is. telling you how much it hurts him to keep his feelings bottled up inside. 

    sunghoon would be lying if he said he didn’t have a little bit of hope. he hoped you’d reciprocate his feelings and it would be happily ever after. but the night ended with a sad and lonely walk back to his dorm where he would stay up all night, wondering why you couldn’t love him. and all you could do was tell him a sad, “good night, sunghoon.” as you softly closed the door on him. turning down, yet, another boy who just wanted to love and be loved by you.

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  • naekkumi
    26.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    10:34 am

    "damn it," enemy! sunghoon muttered to himself.

    he couldn't help it, you were too cute. you were trying to blow a stand of hair out of your face, but it was still stuck. gently reaching over, he took the stand and pushed it behind your ear.

    "i couldn't unsee it," he told you.

    "yeah right," you murmured.

    from behind, you both looked like two idiots with scarlet ears.

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  • agoldsunsword
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago



    GOT.VI [named established by y/n, a mix of got7 and roman numerals]
    junior in high school, paused debating for two years for a reason no one knows, not even their closest friends. returned to their regular high school this term. a maverick debater and prefers to remain that way for the rest of their debating life. a devoted fan of johnny from nct and lowkey gatekeeps him. 
    junior in high school, and is the main soloist for the school choir. closest friend of y/n and basically calls himself y/n’s guardian. hates anybody that y/n hates, at this point people think they’re psychologically twins.
    senior in high school, part of the school choir with sunoo (they befriended there). absolutely babies and loves on y/n (jokingly ofc) but it’s strictly platonic. the quiet one of the group. did i mention, he loves on y/n at every and any chance he gets? but say you two would be a great couple and he’ll burn your eardrums with his high notes.
    junior in high school and is the father of the group. there isn’t a day where his father instincts don’t come into play, because his group is filled with mentally depreciated teens. niki is definitely his child though, no one can convince him otherwise or he’ll abracadabra your existence.
    senior in high school. y/n’s devil friend and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. on the school dance team with ni-ki and loves when the younger dances. almost always unavailable (as he unproductively occupies himself with reruns of yumi’s cells, and he’s very proud to say that) and you must have a severely good reason to need him present.
    junior and is on the dance team. the baby of the group but towers over all of them, and uses that to his advantage (it is a very soft spot for the rest of his friends, but he doesn’t care). literally the smartest one in the group despite being the youngest one, and it’s a massive flex for him. absolutely healthily obsessed with keeho, say he’s not his bestie and he’ll gladly bite you.

    ##SYNOPSIS: jake adores debating; his world revolves around it and he practically eats, sleeps and breathes the life-long hobby. not allowing anyone to tarnish his dreams, the maverick is used to doing things by himself and by his ways only, but then y/n returns and all of his plans for the new debating season takes a massive turn. not to mention, the two absolutely loathe each other and are partnered up for the rest of the academic year…

    taglist;; @hakuyeo @mykalon​ still open!!

    a/n;; repost because my dumb self was trying to ruin my reputation on tumblr before i even got one hA. anyways, this is the teaser and more will be coming soon (hopefully before i go to sleep, but probably tomorrow after school lol). please send an ask if anything needs changing cos im so tired and haven’t really proofread anything yay!!

    << pr. O1 >>
    #enhypen#enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagines#enhypen ff#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen oneshots#enhypen angst#enhypen romance#enhypen jake #enhypen x reader #jake x reader #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #niki x reader #jake imagines#jake imagine#enha#txt imagines#txt imagine #txt sm au #txt social media au #enhypen sm au #enhypen social media au #repost!!
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    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    [12:51 AM] lee heeseung | sim jaeyun

    i guess midnights aren’t so bad after all.

    jake can’t sleep.

    well, that’s one way to say his problem. it’s 12 am and all he could think about is a nice bowl of black bean ramen. but he doesn’t want to cook, he’s too lazy to cook. and what better way than to ask someone else to cook it for him?

    and by someon else, he meant his roommate, heeseung.

    but here’s the thing though, heeseung is probably asleep by now, and waking him up would be a suicide mission. not only does he sleep like a log, but when he wakes up, he’s the grumpiest person on earth.

    but no one’s stopping jake now, he’s already on his way to heeseung’s room to wake him up and ruin his night [kidding]. he opens his bedroom door, and there he is, deep in his sleep.

    ‘he’s probably in dreamland right now.’ jake thinks.

    jake had a wonderful [not!!] idea to wake him up, and of course, it’s blasting EDM music in his ear at full maximum volume. [srsly jake?]

    and you bet heeseung woke up.

    “jake? what the fuck? why are you here? and most importantly, why are you blasting music in my ear at midnight?” he says furiously.

    jake just smiled cheekily. he knows that heeseung isn’t actually mad at him, maybe a little annoyed, but never angry. [okay lovebirds]

    “i’m hungry, can you make me ramen, please?”

    jake pleaded cutely, making sure to stretch that please so heeseung would give in.

    “no.” heeseung responded.

    “pretty, please?” at this point, jake is begging for heeseung to cook for him, but heeseung doesn’t even look one bit fazed.

    “why don’t you cook your own, jake? come on, it’s 12 am, i need to sleep.” heeseung says flatly.

    queue jake pouting. “tsk. fine.” he says and went out of heeseung bedroom.

    jake looks like a child not given candy during halloween right now. he’s pouting, brows furrowed, and stomping his way to the kitchen.

    ‘of course he wouldn’t agree, jake. what were you even thinking? it’s 12:51 am.’ he thinks.

    jake was having a hard time finding a pot, so he didn’t hear heeseung entering the kitchen, hands in his pockets. he leans in the wall, just watching jake struggling to find a pot, with a smirk on his lips.

    “i’ll do it.” someone says.

    ‘hmm? heeseung?’ jake thinks.

    he looked behind him only to see heeseung smiling at him.

    “hey bub, sorry about earlier, you just surprised me, that’s all.” heeseung apologizes.

    “i’ll make you ramen?”

    “yes, please.”

    “black bean?”

    “black bean.”

    updated a/n: this for the shinramyeonz babies out there [ME!!!] good night!! 😴💕💕 (i can’t schedule a posting time in my phone :((( this was supposed to upload at 12:51 am, but oh well)

    © liivsun

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    ❀ by timestamps masterlist ❀

    [12:51 AM]

    heejake timestamp

    © liivsun

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    ❀ by member masterlist ❀

    ♡ lee heeseung ♡ [12:51 AM]

    heejake timestamp

    ♡ park jeongseong ♡


    sunsunjay prompt

    ♡ sim jaeyun ♡

    [12:51 AM]

    heejake timestamp

    ♡ park sunghoon ♡


    sunsunjay prompt

    ♡ kim sunoo ♡


    filo! sunoo tagalog short au


    sunsunjay prompt

    ♡ yang jungwon ♡


    vampire! jungwon x human! oc / fem! reader au

    ♡ nishimura riki ♡

    — coming soon —

    © liivsun

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    ❀ enhypen masterlist ❀

    — by member —

    click - here -

    — by au (written in tagalog & english) —

    click - here -

    — by smau —

    click - here -

    — by prompts —

    click - here -

    — by timestamps —

    click - here -

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    ↳ School Policy . . . Blog Rules

    ↳ Admissions Office . . . WIP Queue

    ↳ Student Yearbook . . . Character Profiles

    ↳ Extracurriculars & Clubs . . . Masterlist

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    ↳ School Status: Open . . . Requests & Interactions

    *DISCLAIMER: The content produced on this blog does not accurately depict any of the real world people included. These are simply works of fiction and are not to be taken seriously.


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    ↳ Blog Contents:

    This blog will contain writings including the Enhypen members and original characters (ocs) that we have made on our own. No reader insert or Y/N writings will be produced from this blog.
    This blog will produce content only relating to the school/university trope.
    No nsfw writings will be done for any member as one of our admins is a minor. Suggestive content will only be written for the hyung line and will only be done by the legal admin.
    The content on this blog will include the following media types: reactions, scenarios, imagines, blurbs, mini series, and moodboards.

    ↳ Blog Rules:

    Requests are absolutely allowed! Just follow the guidelines below.
    In order to request any of the media types listed above, you may send in an ask or a direct message to this blog. Once more, we will not write for reader insert or Y/N character, it will be for the Enhypen member x their assigned oc or for the member alone. The request does not have to specifically be school related, but please do refrain from requesting anything outside of the trope. For example, we will NOT write for vampire!enhypen or hybrid!enhypen and the likes, but if you'd like to request a plot such as first date, babysitting adventures etc. then that is totally acceptable! Hopefully this makes sense, if not then don't hesitate for clarification via the ask box or direct message! Obviously if you'd like to request plots such as studying for exams or getting detention/suspension and the likes then that is also totally acceptable!
    You may request for all members, solo members, hyung line, maknae line, ramyeonz, and basically any lineup you can think of!
    Character interactions are welcome as well! You can ask any of the characters, Enhypen and/or original characters, anything and speak with them! All we ask is that you refrain from engaging in any nsfw or toxic behaviors as that will absolutely get you a one way ticket to being blocked. We will, however, accept respectful character slander when it's deserved. 😌 This is school after all, drama is bound to occur. These can only be done via the ask box, no direct messages will be accepted for this activity!


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    ↳ Key:

    ☂︎︎ = Angst | ☁︎︎ = Fluff | ❣︎ = Suggestive | ☀︎︎ = Crack/Humor | ✍︎︎ = Requested

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    ↳ L.Heeseung:

    None . . .

    ↳ P.Jongseong:

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    ↳ S.Jaeyun:

    None . . .

    ↳ P.Sunghoon:

    None . . .

    ↳ K.Sunoo:

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    ↳ N.Riki:

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