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  • alavoluntedupeuple
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Podrían ser Grantaire y Enjolras perfectamente

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  • leonor-h-art
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Les Amis + colors

    Enjolras - red

    Grantaire - green

    Combeferre - blue

    Courfeyrac - yellow

    Feuilly - purple

    Joly - pink

    Jehan - teal

    Marius - orange

    Bahorel - black

    Bossuet - white

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  • cx-shhhh
    27.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Me: *posts 20k words across multiple chapters*

    Also me: *posts all 20k words in a thicc one-shot*

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  • wtxch
    27.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Delphin Enjolras (French, 1857–1945)

    La Lecture, 19th Century

    Oil on canvas

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  • reddeadrevolutionn
    27.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Is this not just Enjoltaire

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  • cx-shhhh
    27.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I can name a few off the top of my head.

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  • a-little-fall-of-pain
    27.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    What I think the Amis would wear in 2021/ Amis style guide IMO /part 1/

    so my last post got two notes which is more than enough for me, I’m doing this. Let’s start with the leader, Enjolras

    So here are the two outfits I came up with, the first one is fairly similar to what people already headcanon Enjolras to dress like, while the second one is a bit more out there. I don’t have much to add cuz I already explained it in the slides so.

    (also I’d really appreciate it if you would like share this and maybe say something because making all of these style guides took me a LIFETIME so ;P)

    #Les mis#les miz#les misérables #les amis de l’abc #the Amis of the abc #Les Mis headcanons #the brick#barricade boys #the barricade boys #enjolras #Les mis enjolras #Enjoltaire#Litblr#musical theatre #modern Les mis #les mis style guide
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  • partloma
    27.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Drawing people as if they had fever it's my speciality, anyways have Enjolras

    #I have to practice more traditional art bc #The glow down I had at it??????? #the pigeon’s art #les mis#les miserables#Enjolras#art#fanart#traditional art
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  • randorevolutiomemes
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Thermidor is to Frev fans as Barricade Day is to Les Mis fans.

    Both are days to cry over the deaths of French twinks!

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  • hatchetfieldmoodboards
    27.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Lex and Ethan Grantaire and Enjolras

    “Gentlemen of the human race, I say to hell with the lot of you.”

    -Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

    #rebellion and alcoholism #These were the traits that defined these two rebels who probably ended up dying tragically #anyway#they dead #or one of them's dead #I can't decide who would be Enjolras and who would be Grantaire #But it works! #Enjolras#Grantaire#enjoltaire#les mis#les miserables#lexthan#lex foster#ethan green#tgwdlm#black friday#nightmare time#hatchetfield#tw// alcohol#tw// gun#tw// weapon#moodboards#my moodboards#hatchetfield moodboards
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  • roxann-with-no-e
    27.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    In a sense, the magic trio.

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  • a-little-fall-of-pain
    27.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I’ve been meaning to cut my hair short for the longest time and I've also been meaning to cosplay Enjolras SO. what I'm thinking IS, I’ll cosplay Enjolras on halloween, bleach all my hair, and since I hate the way my hair looks like bleached (usually) I’ll just buzz cut it the next day. BOOM problem solved. I’m so smart. 

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  • vamillepudding
    27.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I'm bored so let's play a game: what's the most horrible exR AU you can think of? Here's mine:

    Napoleon AU! Napoleon Bonaparte, who prefers to go by his nickname R, has been looking for a mate. Who better to pick than the fragile omega Enjolras he runs into in a strip club, who has been severely abused and needs someone to show him that knotting does not have to be painful? Will Enjolras allow himself to be...conquered?

    Who wants to do better?

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  • cx-shhhh
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Asexuals who read smut: You could say that I’ve been around… my phone ;)

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  • dauntless-sakura
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    consistent art style? I don't know her

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  • p-trichor
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    @aromantic-enjolras since you already have so much platonic work to read, here's chapter 5

    #fanfic#aro enjolras #les mis fic
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  • cx-shhhh
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Grantaire deserves to have a sweet tooth. He deserves to enjoy fruity cocktails and cute muffins and sugary coffee. He deserves to be adorable and accidentally leave cookie crumbs on his lips which Enjolras just has to kiss away.

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  • enjscurls
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #i must specify i love éponine and Enjolras very much #just not together
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  • lawisnotmocked
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I Read The Court of Miracles And Now I Am Going To Scream!

    The Court of Miracles is a young adult historical fantasy Les Mis and Jungle Book retelling that was published in June 2020. It’s set in the criminal underworld of an alternate revolutionary France and follows Eponine ‘Nina’ Thénardier of the Thieves Guild as she works with the other criminal guilds of the Court of Miracles to take down their common enemy - Lord Kaplan of the Guild of Flesh. A longer summary of the book can be found on Goodreads!

    I started reading this book at the beginning of the year, stopped in the middle to finish my dissertation, then finally finished it the other day to present you with a very long and slightly incoherent review! My review does contain spoilers and a lot of rambling you have been warned 😌💞

    Just to get this out of the way first, I did genuinely enjoy reading COM. I thought it was a really fun book and I think if I’d read it when I was 14 it would’ve probably been one of my absolute favourite books! There’s animal symbolism and imagery everywhere, political drama, an awesome criminal underworld and a cast of really fun main characters! Sure it’s kinda dumb sometimes in a ya fantasy kind of way but that’s part of the fun!

    I am however reviewing this book on my Les Mis blog because it’s also a les mis and jungle book retelling, so the les mis aspect is going to be the main focus of this review. I think court of miracles is a good book (or well bad in a good way ;3), but a bad les Mis retelling.

    The way Kester Grant veiws Les Mis has the same energy as a 2013 Enjonine shipper? She thinks Cosette is a boring bland character, she identifies with Eponine in a not-like-other-girls kind of way, Enjolras is reduced exclusively to his revolutionary enthusiasm and she hates Marius because he loves his girlfriend, he’s a little bit pathetic and he doesn’t care about the revolution as much as Enjolras does. (I’m getting all of this information from an interview she did with scifinow btw) She’s clearly read the brick but the way she views the characters feels like she’s looked at mainstream musical interpretations of them, shook them through a sieve then taken the remaining one character trait and built her les mis-based characters around said single character trait.

    The COM characters themselves are more than just one single character trait they all have their own personalities and character arcs! But because of this they also end up being nothing like their les mis counterparts. To make things even more complicated, the main characters Nina (Eponine) and Ettie (Cosette) are also Bagheera and Mowgli respectively. Even Thenardier is also Tabaqui! I think the only characters who are solely based on les mis characters are St. Juste (Enjolras - yeah I know I’ll get to it ^^’), Grantaire, Montparnasse, Javert and Valjean.

    Despite my criticisms I actually think COM is a really good ya jungle book retelling! In my opinion the strongest parts of the book were the parts that were inspired by the jungle book! The worldbuilding itself was super fun and engaging and the idea of the guilds was something that was inspired by the jungle book too. The main storyline of the book, and the strongest and most engaging one, was also part of the jungle book retelling! And Lord Kaplan (Shere Khan) was one of my favourite characters and one of the most interesting to read about! At some points it even felt like the Les Mis inspired plotlines took away from the story. The Les Mis inspiration mostly just appeared in the names of a few characters and the setting being Some Point In Fictional Revolutionary France, but even the French nobility were part of the jungle book side of the retelling as the bandar-log.

    I think the last kind of general thing I could put here is that the story is broken up into sections with pretty big time skips in between, and I think this was meant to be similar to the way the jungle book is written but it did make the story a little bit hard to follow at the beginning ^^’

    COM is clearly Kester writing something very self indulgent for herself - and this isn’t a criticism you go girl write that borderline self insert enjonine jungle book au! It’s just a comment about how it reads to me ^^’

    Okay I’m gonna get more into the les mis side of COM now bc that’s obviously what people following me want to read about most and what I want to talk about most too 😌

    Aside from perhaps Montparnasse and Thenardier, all of the Les Mis characters were so out of character that some of them didn’t even bare surface resemblance to the characters they were based on. I am. Having some Especially Strong Feelings about Javert in this book But I’m gonna start by sharing some thoughts about the amis!

    Okay first I have to just. His name is Enjolras St. Juste. He gets referred to as St. Juste the entire book. St. Juste. The man’s a dumbass your honour I rest my case 😌 He’s clearly supposed to be Enjolras, but he feels more like Enjolras from a 2010s canon era enjonine fanfic that someone wasn’t really taking too seriously and present day modern au fanon Enjolras got smushed together then got handed some cue cards with some facts about canon Enjolras on them. He’s an obnoxious revolutionary student who wears a red coat and lives eats and breathes The CauseTM 😤 St. Juste is actually a pretty fun character and I did genuinely enjoy all the scenes with him in! But as the story progresses he ultimately starts to feel more and more out of place and his RevolutionaryTM side story begins to feel like it’s more for The Les Mis Aesthetic than being properly integrated into the story. There’s a plot to overthrow the government but it gets called off at the last minute because it turns out it was a trap laid by the royal family. There are barricades but all the barricade fighting happens off screen and St. Juste and his friends are never really involved in it. He has a will they won’t they kind of thing with Nina so I really wasn’t kidding about the enjonine thing either :’3 He survives to the end of the book though and apparently this is supposed to be a trilogy so I really hope he gets to be his own character a little bit more instead of just providing the Les Mis Revolutionary Aesthetic because as much as he’s kind of sheltered and obnoxious and dumb as a brick I liked him! He’s a terrible Enjolras but a really enjoyable character!

    This one’s going in my St. Juste cringe compilation though lads

    Okay moving onto Grantaire! Literally the only similarity between Les Mis Grantaire and COM Grantaire is that he’s an alcoholic. But he’s a fun alcoholic y’know! Liver failure but make it charming! It’s romantic and he’s less of a bummer now! See what I said about it reading like bad fanfic sometimes :’3 COM Grantaire is St. Juste’s Vice President and is also Fully On Board With The Cause 😤 even though he sometimes gets on St. Juste’s nerves by being drunk or teasing him 🤪 Can you tell I’m not a fan? :’3

    The only other named ami is Feuilly, but the character is more like Combeferre and Jolly combined. A background character is also referred to by the name Jolly in one scene.

    I don’t think I really have much to say about Nina and Ettie. I really like Nina!! She’s a lil bit edgy and a lil bit not like other girls in a transgender kind of way and she really loves her sisters and I’d like to giver her a hug 😌 I love Ettie too and I really enjoyed reading about both of them! They’re not Eponine and Cosette but they also weren’t supposed to be just Eponine and Cosette in the first place and I can see where the different les mis and jungle book inspirations are in their characters so I’m more forgiving of the fact that they’re pretty different to their les mis counterparts. They also get to be their own people more than St. Juste does and I think that was good for their characters too! As always Montparnasse is my sweet baby murder boy and I love him and I’m team ninaparnasse out of Nina’s three very handsome and talented love interests who drink respect women juice hashtag young adult fantasy 😌 I also really liked Thenardier!! He’s just the same asshole but he gets quite a few scenes and some awesome animal imagery so I was totally on board with that!

    Okay. Now it’s time to talk about Valjean and Javert :’3

    Jean Valjean, also known as Monsieur Madeleine and le Maire, is a member of the Guild of Letters. For the most part I really love his character!! The guild of letters specialises in record keeping, extortion, forgery, etc. and Valjean is infamous among the criminal underworld for how good he is at disappearing into different roles whenever necessary. We first meet him when Nina helps him escape from prison and he shows up at different points in the story to help Nina and Ettie out in order to repay the debt he owes her. I love him and I would maybe give him a little kiss 👉👈 One thing that bothered me a lot though was the absolute lack of positive relationship Ettie and Valjean had. They’re not even just indifferent to each other - at one point in the story, Ettie spends two literal years living with Valjean in order to hide from Lord Kaplan and they both actively dislike each other. Ettie even thinks she’s been kidnapped and spends a full two years trying to escape because no one ever bothered to explain anything to her and it’s just?? The coldest possible take on a Valjean Cosette relationship?? He’s not some random man who kidnapped her he’s her dad and they love each other how could you do them both so dirty like this!! Two years and they just hated living with each other and didn’t talk to each other at all!!

    This take also bothers me a lot?? Like I know Valjean isn’t Actually a predator in COM but I don’t like the implication that their relationship Could be like that being in any kind of Les Mis adaptation or retelling! It annoyed me a lot when the same implication was put in beebmis and it annoys me a lot here. Valjean and Cosette’s story is one about radical love and healing and I don’t think we need any grimdark predatory Valjean content anywhere at all! Don’t slander my Valjean like that >:// If I just pretend that scene didn’t happen though Valjean’s a really great character and I did enjoy most of the scenes with him in 😌

    Mm Javert though...... Kester Grant where are you I just want to talk 🙂 Javert is a white woman with red hair and blue eyes. Okay, fine, you can genderbend Javert if you want I don’t really care, but what I absolutely Do care about is that Javert’s one (1) character trait is that she’s Valjean’s bitter heterosexual ex who’s obsessed with capturing him because he broke her heart. Genderbending Javert just to make her boring and heterosexual is a hatecrime specifically against my gay ass you could’ve at least let them be gay!! I don’t care if you genderbend both of them or leave them both as men gay people can have boring petty character arcs too!! Why is Javert the one who always gets genderbent so they can be het too?? If you have to make them het at least give me a buff lady Valjean I can simp for sometimes :/

    I still can’t get over this Kester Grant girlbossed Javert :’3 Miss Javert isn’t like other girls she’s an obsessive misogynist uwu

    This is just genuinely embarrassing for me to read how could you do this to me :’3

    Anyway Miss Javert would call me the f and t slurs gaslight gatekeep girlboss 💞 /j

    Hsvsnsvsv bullying aside, I really did enjoy reading COM. Sure it works by ya logic and Nina has three love interests and awesome thief powers and people just kind of shake off gunshot wounds sometimes but it’s fun! This dumb book managed to pull me out of months long reading slumps twice and it’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve read in ages! Don’t read COM if you want a good Les Mis retelling because that’s not what it is, but as long as you know what you’re getting into and you don’t take it too seriously then it’s a super fun read that you can both laugh and scream frustratedly at 😌

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  • lesmis-lesmisera-lesohno
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    @aromantic-enjolras, @p-trichor

    *awkward wave* hiiiiiiii:))))

    okay so i know i said i would write this last week, but tbh, last week was a w e e k (fuckyouanxiety)

    anyways, i have written down my headcanons for the werewolf au! it is a bit of a mess, and it probably doesn't make much sense but! i did it!:))

    i honestly wasn't planning on writing this much tho, it kinda got away from me lol, but i would have written more tbh, if it wasn't already so long

    (also now that i have written this i really want to draw this whole thing, somebody please s t o p m e)

    (also if anyone wants to take this shitty au idea and actually write a fic, i would be absolutely delighted! and! i would love to do art for it!:))))

    enjoy this mess i guess:))))


    This is a fantasy au, set in a slightly ambiguous time period (I'm thinking anywhere from the middle ages, to today, mixed together and thrown in a blender:)))

    Werewolves and other monsters live side by side with humans, but often have to hide their identity for fear of discrimination and unjust prosecution

    Les Amis de l'ABC Is an activist group, fighting against the discrimination of werewolves and other monsters

    The group consists of both humans and non-humans


    He was born with lycanthropy, as the result of a curse placed upon his parents before he was born

    His parents didn't want a wolf child, so they abandoned him in the woods as a newborn, where he was found by an old woman who took him in

    The old woman had been raised by witches, and though not skilled in the art of magic herself, had quite the talent for medecine, and remedies, and was well equipped to take care of a young werewolf

    And so, for most of his childhood, Grantaire and the old woman lived peacefully and happily in a small cottage in the woods

    The old woman taught him to read and write, and gifted him with books on mythology, art, and magic, and on full moon nights, he would be allowed to roam the woods

    When he was eight he met Enjolras for the first time

    They never knew each other by name, they were just two children playing together in the woods, referring to each other as 'friend'

    A year later Grantaire tells Enjolras about his lycanthropy, and the following week, Enjolras stops coming to the woods

    Grantaire learned to keep his lycanthropy to himself after that

    When he was seventeen, Grantaire left the safety of the small cottage behind, wanting to explore more of the world than the woods he had been raised in. He left the old woman with the promise that he would write home with tales of his adventures, and would visit whenever he was in the area.

    A werewolf is not, as you might have heard, some kind of vicious, mindless beast. If you stay out of it's path and treat it with respect, it should pose no particular danger, to anyone but the fools stupid enough to threaten it.

    Unfortunately most people do not know this fact, and Grantaire quickly learned to hide everything that about himself that tied him to the wolf.

    He was nineteen, when the old woman he had lived with his whole childhood, sent him a letter telling him not to come visit anymore. A while later he found out that she had been arrested and executed for alleged crimes against the country. And he realized, that her letter had not been her rejecting him, but a warning, and that her only crime had been housing a werewolf.

    Around the same time, he started drinking. He started sleeping around with anyone who would take him. And he fell into cynicism and depression

    The boy who had been raised with love and care, and had gone out into the world, hopeful, and eager to create his own path, had now seen just how cruel the world could be to anyone it deemed a threat, or viewed as different. He was done fighting.

    When he was twenty five he met Les Amis de l'ABC, and he fell in love. For the first time in six years, he felt hope again.


    Ejolras was born with a tail. No one knew exactly how or why, except maybe his parents, but to them the fact that their only child had a tail, was their greatest shame, and as far as they were concerned, it had to stay hidden at all times

    In every other aspect, Enjolras was perfect. Having been born with beautiful golden locks, and radiant blue eyes, and being rather mild marrered, his parnents would recieve many compliments on their child's good looks and behaviour

    Enjolras might have been a soft spoken child, but his favourite thing was playing outside in the woods, much to his parents frustration. Enjolras also did not like his parents very much

    Enjolras' parents were very conservative, very outspoken against anything they didn't agree with, and most of all, not very good people. Not that anyone but Enjolras seemed to notice this, they were wealthy after all, and were respected members of the community.

    When Enjolras was six, he met Grantaire and he made his first friend

    Grantaire doesn't care that Enjolras has a tail. Grantaire doesn't care that Enjolras likes to play outside, and gets dirty sometimes. Grantaire doesn't care that he doesn't wear the dresses his mother buys him, or that he isn't really a girl.

    Grantaire is weird, and he is Enjolras' favourite person

    When Grantaire tells him that he is a werewolf, Enjolras knows his parents are wrong

    He gets in a fight with them.the following week, and the next day his parents hire a surgeon to remove his tail, and he is shipped off to boarding school

    Enjolras cries for weeks after that

    At school he meets Combeferre and Courfeyrac, and they quickly become his most trusted friends

    It's not until years later that he realizes that neither of them are completely human, and he accepts them fully , just as they have always accepted him

    When he is thirteen, his two best friends are sent away, and for the first time in seven years he feels entirely alone

    At sixteen he runs away from home, and from school, and from everything he has ever known.

    The first of the amis he meets is Bahorel. They meet after he gets into a fight with three people twice his size, and Bahorel saves him. He proceeds to call Enjolras an idiot, and takes him under his wing.

    Bahorel is seven years older than him, and a werewolf, and he introduces him to Feuilly and Jehan (a human and a wood nymph)

    He meets Joly and Bossuet next

    Joly is dabbling in witchcraft next to his medical studies, an Bossuet is his boyfriend who has been cursed from an early age with bad luck

    Enjolras takes to his new friends instantly and together they form Les Amis de l'ABC

    Enjolras is twenty and he is the leader of an activist group fighting for the rights of every creature and human alike

    Two years later Combeferre and Courfeyrac finds him again

    They find him by accident, having heard of the group and decided to attend a meeting. The moment Enjolras sees them, his eyes light up, and he embraces them both in a crushing hug. The rest of the group warms up to them immediately

    A year later Grantaire joins them, and Enjolras doesn't recognize him

    #long post #sorry! i don't know how to do that line break thing so you don't get the whole thing on your dash:(( #les mis#les miserables#les amis #les amis de l'abc #enjolras#grantaire#enjoltaire#exr#combeferre#courfeyrac#bahorel#feuilly#jehan#joly#bossuet#werewolf au#monster au#werewolf #tw death mention #headcanons#au
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