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  • mr-hollymoon
    01.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hi guys. I get very tired at work and the heat outside is exhausting too. But I don't give up and keep drawing ... weird jokes. 😅 P.s. reference to Extra # 1

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  • myzneths
    01.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    seth from 「saika no kami wa negawanai」

    災禍の神は願わない x

    seth from 「ennead」

    엔네아드 ✨

    just finished reading 『the god of calamity wishes for naught』 omo i’m in loveeee~♡︎
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  • redmamacita
    31.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Do u smell seth ending up liking the kid and protecting him but then something will happen to him and we will all cry ?

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  • colorlessname
    31.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ra best character in the whole manhwa i just love how she calls people out on their bullshit and in general her whole personality is everything

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  • pinkstatesmanknightpsychic
    31.07.2021 - 4 days ago


    Love You Anubis x Horus


    #anubis x horus #anubis and horus #anubis & horus #anubis/horus#ennead
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  • pinkstatesmanknightpsychic
    31.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Anubis ❤ Horus

    Anubis and Horus


    Kiss Love You Apple


    #anubis x horus #anubis and horus #anubis & horus #anubis/horus#ennead
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  • pinkstatesmanknightpsychic
    31.07.2021 - 4 days ago



    #anubis x horus #anubis and horus #anubis/horus #anubis & horus #ennead
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  • dezainnet
    28.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Ennead Architectsによる中国、上海の天文学博物館「Shanghai Astronomy Museum」(ArchDaily) Shanghai Astronomy Museum / Ennead Architects (ArchDaily)

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  • milistefhan
    28.07.2021 - 6 days ago
    #China#Shanghai#Astronomía#Astronomy#Museum #museo de astronomía #astronomy museum#Ciencia#Science#Universe#universo#world#mundo #new astronomy museum #created by Ennead Architects #museo#news#noticias#cosmology#cosmología#astrophysics#astrofísica#2021 #the largest astronomy museum in the world #el museo de astronomía más grande del mundo #cosmos#galaxy#astronomy lovers #amantes de la astronomía
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  • kawasdoodle
    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    i made a terrible attempt

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  • eli-kittim
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Know Thyself

    By Author Eli Kittim


    Through the study of books one seeks God;

    by meditation one finds him.

    (Padre Pio)

    According to the Greek writer and geographer, Pausanias, the ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” (γνῶθι σεαυτόν) was a maxim inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Throughout the centuries, people have studied the physical and metaphysical world through science and philosophy. But how can a person study himself or herself? By turning inward! In the Phaedo, one of Plato’s famous dialogues, Socrates explains that the senses are incapable of informing us about the true nature of reality, and thus are not to be trusted. One needs to look beyond the senses in order to find meaning and clarity. Socrates says to Simmias:

    Did you ever reach them [truths] with any

    bodily sense? – and I speak not of these

    alone, but of absolute greatness, and

    health, and strength, and, in short, of the

    reality or true nature of everything. Is the

    truth of them ever perceived through the

    bodily organs? Or rather, is not the nearest

    approach to the knowledge of their several

    natures made by him who so orders his

    intellectual vision as to have the most exact

    conception of the essence of each thing he


    Later in the Phaedo, Socrates begins to expound on what we today would call “silent meditation.” Remember, this is not India. This is 5th to 4th century BCE Greece! Gautama Buddha happens to be Plato’s contemporary. Socrates begins to describe the practice of meditation as follows:

    He who has got rid, as far as he can, of

    eyes and ears and, so to speak, of the

    whole body, these being in his opinion

    distracting elements when they associate

    with the soul hinder her from acquiring truth

    and knowledge – who, if not he, is likely to

    attain to the knowledge of true being?

    Over 500 years later, the Neoplatonist philosopher Plotinus would also base his entire philosophy on meditative silence. So, given that Socrates (Plato’s teacher, who coined the phrase “Know Thyself”) lived in the 5th century BCE, it is difficult to say if this contemplative practice originated in the East or the West. Let’s not forget that Plato is deeply indebted to an older mystical philosopher named Pythagoras (6th century BCE), who was probably one of the first great and well-known mystics in the west!

    Plotinus follows Socrates’ advice regarding the path to self-knowledge and the philosophy of Being. He insists that the soul must discard all form, image, and thought. It is through concentration, away from the sense world, that we reach the “One” (i.e. God). And the self discovers this when it is annihilated. In other words, a person loses his/her identity during the supreme mystical union with the “One.” it’s as if the person has been “ ‘seized’ by an elemental force and swept into liberation by mystical frenzy” (Thomas Merton). Plotinus says:

    shut your eyes . . . and wake

    another way of seeing, which everyone has

    but few use.

    The “awakening” in the presence of the “good” is a result that is accomplished by removing multiplicity through the process of negation (which later became known as “apophatic theology”). That is to say, there is a detachment from the many to the One. The disciple must proceed by way of negation. Rather than positing what the One is, the practitioner gets rid of all knowledge and begins by contemplating what the One is not. This practice has been alternatively called “silence” or “stillness.” It is a way of putting away all otherness and reaching an ineffable union with the One (or God). In the mysticism of Plotinus, the student must not chase after the good but wait quietly til it appears.

    Unfortunately, since the time of the Renaissance and the Age of Reason, the contemplative aspect of the Platonic tradition is no longer discussed in modern academia. Plato is often taught as a cold, rational thinker whose insights are solely derived from discursive thought. However, Plotinus thought that he was simply clarifying Plato’s teachings. According to Wikipedia:

    Plotinus was not claiming to innovate with

    the Enneads [his book], but to clarify

    aspects of the works of Plato that he

    considered misrepresented or

    misunderstood. Plotinus

    does not claim to be an innovator, but

    rather a communicator of a tradition.

    Plotinus referred to tradition as a way to

    interpret Plato's intentions. Because the

    teachings of Plato were for members of the

    academy rather than the general public, it

    was easy for outsiders to misunderstand

    Plato's meaning.

    Plotinus lived in Alexandria, Egypt in the 3rd century CE. Over 150 years earlier, another Platonic philosopher, Philo of Alexandria, had done the same:

    Philo of Alexandria had written on some

    form of ‘spiritual exercises’ involving

    attention (prosoche) and concentration and

    by the 3rd century Plotinus had developed

    meditative techniques.


    According to Plotinus, the One is not simply an intellectual concept but rather something that can actually be experienced; an existential experience where one goes far beyond all multiplicity. The individual eventually reaches a state of tabula rasa, a blank state where everything is deleted, so to speak, while the person merges with the One. The self is dissolved, completely absorbed into the One. But in order to reach this stage, “the Proficient’s will is set always and only inward” (Enneads I.4.11). This process eventually leads to ecstasy:

    The essentially devotional nature of

    Plotinus' philosophy may be further

    illustrated by his concept of attaining

    ecstatic union with the One (henosis).

    Porphyry relates that Plotinus attained such

    a union four times during the years he knew

    him. This may be related to enlightenment,

    liberation, and other concepts of mystical

    union common to many Eastern and

    Western traditions.


    In Greek, Henosis is the term for mystical "union.” In Platonism, and particularly in Neoplatonism, the aim of henosis is union with the ground of being or absolute reality: the source or the One (τὸ Ἕν):

    Henosis for Plotinus was defined in his

    works as a reversing of the ontological

    process of consciousness via meditation

    . . . toward no thought . . . and no

    division (dyad) within the individual (being).

    Plotinus words his teachings to reconcile

    not only Plato with Aristotle but also various

    World religions that he had personal

    contact with during his various travels.


    Plotinus’ meditation is not unlike that described in Ps. 62.5, which reads: “For God alone my soul waits in silence.” According to Wikipedia, “Plotinus' final words were: ‘Try to raise the divine in yourselves to the divine in the all.’ “ Meditation, therefore, is the method by which we not only grasp the essence of true Being, in the Platonic sense, but also how we find the sure way of salvation, in the Biblical sense:

    Be still, and know that I am God!

    (Psalm 46.10)


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  • m14wm14
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I read Ennead like two days ago and I'm kinda in love with the art style. So I stole it like a thief in the night and used it for my own nefarious purposes...Like making a random OC who's blond because I like blonds.

    #My art#Ennead#The ennead #Bruh its been so long since i've made art #Literally lost my mind making this #Took two hours to figure out how the fuck to light shit in medibang #Also curly hair???? #I have curly hair and why is it such a struggle irl but also in art #My first draft made him look like a bride to be who j got her hair done #Thank god i figured sumn out
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  • somerandomextremesethfan
    24.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Bruh I wish someone would translate and leak Ennead season 2 or at least upload the three officially translated episodes.

    I'll support the creator when I can but I move out in five months and my christian father would drop dead if he checked my account and saw a yaoi like Ennead lol. Or any yaoi at all.

    So I'm stuck foraging through google like a piece of trash. If anyone has or can get the translation or have a site where season 2 is being uploaded for free lmk and DM me! <3

    I know some will be enraged when they see this, but I'm not tolerating attacks from rich know it all's waving their fingers. I'll instant block.

    #ennead #Ennead season 2
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  • thehiddenedge-blog
    23.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Shift - (Six Sentence Story #169)

    Shift – (Six Sentence Story #169)

    We’re going for the shift A change in our thoughts, To stop future worry: what has been and what’s gone. We need to act upon, A movement in state. -o0o- We may need a sharp jolt A slap in the face, To ensure we notice where we are right now. Neither tense needs no bow, Today is all that’s real. -o0o- Thoughts last just a moment Be they fear or joy, Let us seek peace in between each…

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    #Centre#chakras#Double Ennead#JustOneThing#Ki #Leadership and management #metaphor#Poetry #six sentence story #Yoga
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  • myzneths
    19.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    omo birdy horus need some huggy uwu 💜
    cutest thing ever kyaaa😆✨
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