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  • entertain me or perish(not yall but other ppl)

    I’m srsly bored rn(2nd night in a row), and if no one answers me in 5 mins im gonna do something dumb and its gonna be everyone else’s fault and not mine

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  • I require ANGST or GAY SMUT and I do NOT CARE which

    #angst#gay#smut#pls#help #roleplay? #roleplay#i have#many characters #and will do some canon rps #just#ask #or send me asks #ENTERTAIN ME
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  • Guys I’m home sick af and bored, ask me thingsss

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  • Whose going to entertain me on my journey to work then

    #me#talk#entertain me#chat #keep me occupied and make me forget I got no sleep #travel#anyone #open to anyone
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  • I’ll take not sleeping properly for 1000 Alex.

    Someone send me anonamoose messages 🙃🙃😜😜

    #team no sleep #im boooored #send me things #send me questions #send me asks #send me anons #entertain me#pretty please
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  • I am D-runk. Send me asks plz

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  • New Introduction


    *Once more with unrestricted, unfiltered desire and a firm hand*

    Hello lovelies! It’s nice to see some familiar faces already infiltrating my inbox. For those of you who do not know me, I previously had a blog under the name ‘mistress-of-fandoms’ and this is my second attempt at an activate NSFW blog. The previous was deactivated due to technical difficulties and limitations. This new blog is a main blog and with it, I hope to see, comes more freedom for me to run things how I want and more accessibility for those who follow it.

    I am Ma’am. You may address me as such or with other such titles as long as they are spoken with respect. I’m a self proclaimed dominate and a writer who writes captions and small smut stories under the things I reblog. Below this post (the artificial bottom of the blog) you will find all my old, archived posts from my previous blog. Above this post, you will continue to see all my new posts averaging about two new posts a day. If you choose to follow this blog I hope enjoy your stay for as long as you are here.


    • This blog is open and welcome to all excluding minors, bots, and terfs (blogs will be reguarly and strictly blocked if there is any doubt of age/activity, suspicion, or inappropriate behavior deemed by me; w/o warning or explaination). Everyone is free to interact w/ this blog or me, as long as you remember your manners! ✌🏻
    • DMs are closed to all (no exceptions)
    • Ask box will open once this blog hits 300 followers and remain open indefinitely. Anons are welcome. Ask me anything. If you want to PM me for any reason (including the removal of your content) mark your ask with ‘private’ and I’ll PM you back ASAP. Submission box will be opened peirodically for your own pleasure. With this being said, I have a right to ignore any submission or ask for any reason w/o giving said reason or a response.
    • Tags are your friends for navigating on this blog (learn them, cherish them)


    • #my boys, #nsfw fandoms, and #fandom friday (filter these tags if you have no interest in fandom content or older, mostly clothed men)
    • #personal and #mine (my pics or edits should I ever post them; they’ll be rare)
    • Event days will be assigned their own tags
    • Individual kinks will be assigned their own tags
    • #ma’am speaks, #advice, #answered, #get to know the mistress behind the blog, #thats not very dom of me is it, and #ma’am will mostly be relating to asks I answer or reblogs where I reveal my personal takes, tastes, and opinions
    • #ma’am creates will be reserved for my longer, more detailed captions and edits
    • Tags will be added as needed

    Event days:

    • Fandom Friday ~ every Friday, I will be posting original text posts and reblogs of fictional characters and celebrities I’ve collected and endearingly refer to as “my boys”. If you want to participate, feel free to send me your own celebrity crushes and we can fawn together! (Bonus points if you send it in a submission with a pic you view as especially drool worthy 😉)
    • Music Monday ~ every Monday, I will create a post with a “sexual” song recommendation of what music or artist I’ve been listening to during the week (if you want to participate, send me your own song or artist recommendations you find particularly intoxicating or sexy)
    • Submission Saturday’s ~ On certain Saturday’s, I will post/reblog a post to signal the start of the event and open submissions. If you want to participate, feel free to submit submissions to this blog. Submissions can involve things I can use to fill my feed; Submissions of active NSFW blogs/posts you would recc or think I would like based on my blog; your personal pics you want shared to the blog (including nudes, pics of your pets, or general pics you think I may like; for example, I’ve asked for submissions of people smoking cigarettes or cute/comfy selfies); or comments you want to make in submission form. You may also leave submissions and mark them as ‘private’ just like asks if you do not want the submissions to be post to the page. Again, a post will be made for the event to signal times and specific Saturday’s this event will be held.
    • Confession Wednesday ~ submissions will also be opened on specific Wednesday’s as will the day and time be indicated by a post. I love nothing more than receiving confessions from you lovely pervs that follow my blog. In addition, I may post some of my own confessions (original text posts, not based on fandom content) that are mere one sentence thoughts or personal fantasies on these days as examples to follow.
    • More events will be added as needed (pay attention to the tags associated with each as well as days and times; posts will be queued to go up at the same time on optional event days {so you won’t have to wait too long before you know if the event will be held or not} and submissions will open and close as needed). If you have questions about the status of your submissions, feel free to send an ask or PM me (off anon) and I’ll let you know if I got your submission. Any posts received that are not posted during the event day will be posted first on the next event day!!


    Originally posted by annamachtart

    And, I think that about sums up my little blog here! This post will continue to be ground zero for rules and guidelines and be updated as I deem necessary. Learn the rules, learn the tags, be respectful always, and most importantly have fun!! Thanks for reading and abiding to all my little rules. As silly as they may seem, I promise they are necessary for both mine and your own safety while on this blog.

    Now then, are you ready to play with me?

    Until the next blog update,


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  • The most hated line to me….

    Him: Well, we can always chill at the home…

    Me: And do what?

    #AND DO WHAT AT HOME BOI?! #aint nothing to do #we be in the house 25/8 and shit the same bro #hella bored#boring#bored #bored at home #entertain me #the most fun you wanna have is up the street
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  • Y'all SOS

    I need help staying awake before I go to work for my grave shifts. Send anons or some shit!!

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  • I walk around my apartment naked way too much…I should really stop.

    #send me anons #send me stuff #tell me stuff #ask me anything #ask me questions #hey guys#me#music#my post#send asks#message me #talk to me #so bored#apartment#ass out #all by myself #all alone#tired af#entertain me #tell me stories #tell me secrets #tell me a story #so hot i cant #ready for bed #mine#my night
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  • Work is so boring

    Send me stories, message me, tell me secrets, entertain me

    #send me anons #send me stuff #tell me stuff #ask me anything #ask me questions #hey guys#me#music#my post#send asks#message me#mine #alone at work #at work #chat with me #send me questions #tell me stories #tell me secrets #tell me a story #entertain me#bored af#work thoughts#ugh fml #all by myself #all alone#by myself
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  • Not gonna lie….Jeffrey Dahmer was really good looking. I’m into it…

    #send me anons #send me stuff #tell me stuff #ask me anything #ask me questions #hey guys#me#music#my post#send asks#message me #talk to me #jeffreydahmer#serial killer #good looking guy #tell me stories #tell me secrets #tell me a story #entertain me #alone at work #at work#work thoughts #chat with me #mine #my day so far
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  • alright what’s next lads any gif requests you have?

    #im bored#entertain me #nothing is off limits go ahead
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  • did I scare you?

    #me#myself#and i#my video#mine #just doing my thing #beauty #did i do it right #haha fml #why am i like this #idk why#im bored#entertain me #did i scare you? #short hair
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  • image

    Not really feeling to well, stomach is a little upset. Hopefully the feeling goes away….

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