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  • autemis
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    OMG we got a new scene with the two babies! 😍💕

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  • otakunationalnews
    24.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #One Piece episode 963 reaction #One Piece episode 963 #One Piece ep 963 #One Piece episode 963 review #One Piece ep 963 reaction #One Piece #One Piece ep 963 review #One Piece reaction
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  • the-dormant-ocean
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Amatsuki Toki hair colour is green so I'm wondering if she is related in anyway to Zoro because I feel like we are about to learn more about his past in Wano and we never saw what his life was like before he started training in the dojo and we don't know anything about his parents. I don't expect her to be his mom or anything but it seems like she is the only green haired person in Wano.

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  • the-dormant-ocean
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    So Marco was a little shit when he was young like Ace used to be. Good to know.

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  • pencilmagiciann
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Marco has had his fruit when he was 15. No wonder he's so good with it.

    But wait!!!!

    He can turn isolated parts then as well???


    #im tired of relying on fics for backstory u prick #just show us the flashback #i am starving for more oda #i am literally cryin #like #ive been waiting since 7th grade!!!! #im on first year college now #oda u sunnuvabitch #one piece #marco the phoenix #marco the pineapple #whitebeard pirates#ep 963 #one piece episode 963 #thats like 8 years of waiting now #i am tired of ur crap oda
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  • ask-wbp-b
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The new episode was great

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  • rickypozzi
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Episode 963 vs Chapters 963-964

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  • rickypozzi
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Marco the Phoenix + smile ~ ep. 963

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  • rickypozzi
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Amatsuki Toki ~ ep. 963

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  • rickypozzi
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I don't know who you are, but let me ride...on your ship!

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  • animetube
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #Anime#Manga#Japan #One Piece Episode 963[media] #Tokyo#Cosplay#AnimeTube
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  • rickypozzi
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    You stopped my sword! Old man you're awesome!

    #one piece#kozuki oden#whitebeard#edward newgate #oden vs whitebeard #one piece episode 963 #one piece anime 963 #one piece episodio 963 #wano
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  • chromatic-lamina
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Young Izou

    is handsome.

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  • kaylawritesfics
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Love Persevering || b.b.

    summary: 5 months later, you’re still reeling with the death of your father and Bucky is dealing with his past. You find comfort in each other’s presence.

    WARNINGS: swearing, grief, mentions of death, mentions of violence, awkwardness, endgame spoilers?

    pairing: bucky barnes x stark!reader

    a/n: This is loosely based on the first episode of TFATWS but not really? It doesn’t really follow canon at all. Also yes, the title is a WandaVision reference. There’s not much romance here, mainly just the reader and Bucky bonding over grief and guilt. i’m pretty sure it’s gender neutral but as always lmk if it’s not :)

    requests are open :)

    word count: 963

    “And now introducing Stark Industries newest CEO: Y/N Stark!” 

    You plastered a smile as you walked up to the podium. Your ears rang and the applause sounded muffled. This didn’t feel right. You shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t have to do this.

    “H-Hi,” the microphone feedback made you wince and you softly cleared your throat. 

    “Hi. It’s good to be here and thank you all for coming,” the shutter of a few cameras sounded throughout the room and you shuffled nervously. 

    You looked to the front row and found Pepper, who gave you a reassuring smile and leaned down to whisper something in Morgan’s ear. Morgan nodded at her mother and then looked up at you. She gave you a big smile accompanied by a thumbs up. You grinned at her and sent her a wink.

    “To be completely honest with all of you, I never expected to take over the company but, here we are. Here’s to making my dad proud,” you gave a tight-lipped smile and posed with a peace sign for pictures as Rhodey walked back up onto the stage. He brought you in for a hug. 

    “Short and sweet. Nice job, kid,” he patted your back and quickly brought the ceremony to an end. Your feet dragged as you walked off the stage and you let out a relieved sigh.

    “Y/N!” A familiar voice rung out. You grinned as Sam swept you up into a hug. 

    “Sam!” You laughed, all your nerves fading away at the familiarity.

    You pulled away from Sam as your eyes met icy blue ones.

    “Bucky,” you breathed out, wrapping your arms gently around his neck as his snaked around you waist.

     “Yeah, I’ll let y’all talk,” Sam excused himself, sauntering over to Rhodey. Bucky smiled nervously.

    “You’ve been dodging my calls,” you teased as you grabbed a drink from the table you were leaning on.

    “Yeah,” Bucky scratched the back of his neck nervously, “Truthfully, I didn’t know what to say to you,” he looked down almost shamefully.

    “It’s okay, seems like a lot of people haven’t known what to say lately,” you smiled ruefully, nodding your head towards a group of Stark Industries employees, who were whispering in a small circle and, occasionally, one of them would look over at you and smiled pitifully.

    Bucky grimaced.

    “You know, my mom called me a couple weeks ago,” you glanced at Bucky over the rim of the red solo cup you were holding and too a drink. Bucky raised an eyebrow incredulously and you nodded.

    “First time in like, fifteen years. The last time she called was when I was twelve, right after dad got back from Afghanistan,” you let out a laugh as Bucky shook his head.

    “What about you? How are things going?” You inquired.

    “Ah, you know, therapy, pardonings, amends, the usual,” he grinned sarcastically, leaning back against the wall. 

    “Therapy’s good...” you trailed off, nodding slowly, suddenly feeling the awkward atmosphere. 

    “Yeah, you look like you could use some,” Bucky eyed you up and down, noticing the bags under your eyes. You snorted out a genuine laugh.

    The sound of tiny footsteps pattering against the tiled floor caught your attention.


    “Maguna!” You picked Morgan up and slung her over your shoulder.

    As she giggled as she leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Mommy said you look awkward.”

    “Well, tell mommy I’m naturally awkward and that it’s not my fault,” You sent Bucky an amused smile as you sat Morgan back on the ground and she took off running towards Pepper.

    “You wanna take a walk?” You asked Bucky, already starting to walk towards the back exit of the building. Bucky nodded and followed you out the door.

    The two of you found yourselves walking down the path of a quiet park downtown.

    “So, how have you really been?” Bucky spoke first, glancing over at you with concern.

    “The grief comes and goes, I guess. Like, sometimes, I’ll be working in the lab or playing with Morgan and I get this really heavy feeling and a pit in my stomach,” you explained, wringing your hands.

    “Guilt,” Bucky answered.


    “That feeling, it’s guilt. Trust me, I know guilt. You feel guilty that you’re able to do all the things he liked to do,” Bucky explained.

    “Huh, I guess you’re right. What about you? Are the nightmares still bad?” You questioned, recalling the late nights you and Buck shared in the compound, drinking coffee and talking after nightmares.

    Bucky sighed defeatedly.

    “They’re getting better, I guess. Recovery’s a bitch,” Bucky laughed humorlessly, running his metal hand through his newly cut hair.

    “Yeah,” you whispered, staring down at your shoes. A mixture of grief and guilt washed over you as you took in Bucky’s tired appearance.

    “I wanted to be there, you know?” You admitted, coughing anxiously. Bucky looked up in confusion and raised an eyebrow.

    “At Steve’s funeral,” you explained, “I just couldn’t bring myself to go. Got dressed and everything but I just couldn’t bring myself to walk out the front door.”

    Bucky grimaced again and his eyes fell to the floor.

    “I’m sorry I wasn’t there,” you let out a deep breath, barely reaching out to brush your hand against his.

    “It’s ‘kay,” Bucky whispered, kicking a pebble with the tip of his shoe.

    “Would’ve been easier if you were by my side, though,” he continued, turning his head to make eye contact contact with you. You smiled softly, bumping him with your hip. You cleared your throat awkwardly.

    “Steve would be proud of how far you’ve come, Buck,” Your hand intertwined with Bucky’s and you gave it a short, comforting squeeze as the sun began to lower beyond the horizon.

    “They’d be proud of you too, kid.”

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  • zvlda
    18.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    —   𝐉 𝐄 𝐒 𝐒 𝐈 𝐂 𝐀  𝐀 𝐋 𝐁 𝐀  ,  𝐆 𝐈 𝐅   𝐏 𝐀 𝐂 𝐊

    ( 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐃 𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐊 ) by clicking on the CONTENT SOURCE BELOW you’ll find #366 gifs of actor jessica alba in the series: l.a’s finest ( season 2, episode 7-10 ). bringing their gif total to #963. all of the gifs were made from scratch by me, and intended to be used for roleplaying purposes only. please like/reblog if you find this pack useful!


    claim them as your own or add into hunts!

    use in smut rps / krps, use to portray minors

    use in your own graphics or crop for personal use, without visible credit

    [ ! ] CONTENT WARNINGS : guns, violence, suggestive scenes, blood

    #jessica alba gif pack #jessica alba gif hunt #gif pack #fc: jessica alba #*mine
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