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  • armin-my-beloved
    23.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    i just finished volume 34 and i’m an emotional wreck. so much so that i cried for 15 minutes

    be sure to check back in 3-5 business days to see if i’m okay (i won’t be)

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  • eremikamybeloved
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • ofoceansandtombstones
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fresh Wind | Official Eren Jaeger Tea

    Extraction Time: 3 minutes Rating: 1.5/5 Rumblings

    Ngl the Eren tea came out swinging when I open the can. The peppermint smell was s t r o n K and it made me worry that, in spite of all the flavors attached in this tea, the only flavor that would be apparent would be the peppermint. I wasn’t too sure if this would be a good or bad thing at first, to be honest, because I do remember liking mint teas as a kid but that was when I added sugar to my tea and it’s been years until now since I’ve had a peppermint tea.

    But I don’t think it’s a tea for me, so if you like peppermint and mint teas this will probably be a winner for you. It’s definitely refreshing in how your mouth feels after chewing mint gum where everything you breathe in has a fresh air to it, so the tea definitely lives up to its name.

    I really wanted to get the taste of the rooibos, the apple, but really all I got was the peppermint and when I do that weird tongue smacking sip thing tea experts do to get more of the flavor, I get a hint of rosemary. Peppermint and rosemary are things that I like, admittedly, but I wasn’t a fan of them as teas. I’m not sure what the ratios are for the tea, I can’t read all of the kanji and such on the can yet but once I do I’ll know for sure, but I think maybe the ratios of the peppermint and rosemary should be decreased in future batches depending on how long this tea is produced.

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  • ohayopoko
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Lmfaoao she dick whipped #no but let’s really talk abt it #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #eren jaeger#eren yeager#eren brainrot#dremesroom #x black reader #eren x black reader #erenxblackfem
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  • mtkartist58
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “Love, Rosie” Eremika version…

    “Love, Mikasa”

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  • coyloves
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    nsfw link

    this is how eren eats you out right after he came home after a long day

    #eren yeager#eren smut #eren jaeger smut #eren jaeger #eren yeager smut #eren yaeger aot #snk eren
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  • casskid
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    “Everyone can make a choice after they have learned what it will result in. It is so easy to say we should have done it this way afterwards. But you can’t know what your choice will result in before actually choosing.” – Armin Arlert

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  • vordh0sbn90
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


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  • cookiefics
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #eren smut #eren x reader #eren x you #eren x y/n #aot smut#snk smut#cookie kinktober#tw somnophilia #minors dont look #minors dni #aot x reader #snk x reader #eren jaeger smut
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  • smfics
    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    A Little Too Personal - Part 2

    Title: A Little Too Personal

    Pairings: Eren x Reader, mentions of Armin x Annie and Eren x Mikasa

    Story: Eren is CEO of a company and is looking for a personal assistant. Then you come along and fuck his life up

    Length: 4.1k

    A/N: any and all feedback is welcome, thank youuuuuuuu. Also apologies to Mikasa I’m sorry girl but I had to make you a baddie. I’d feel much more guilty about this fic if she wasn’t. lmao

    TW: cheating, or at least, thinking strongly about it


    The waiter came around and took your orders and menus, taking away the one layer of armor you had left, leaving you vulnerable to the stares of the two men before you. 

    Eren started, with a grin and a glance at Armin, before turning to you. “How has everything been so far, Armin wasn’t too hard on you was he?” he nodded his head towards Armin, but his gaze did not leave you at all. 

    Your thoughts were jumbled between trying to listen to the actual words he said, versus listening to the smooth honey of his voice. And staring at his lips. And how badly you want to taste them. And his jaw—

    You blinked before stuttering out a reply, “N-no not at all. Armin has been great. Probably the best job interview experience I’ve had.” You flashed a grin at Armin, hopefully that wasn’t too forward to say.

    Armin took the opportunity to reply, “I am glad to hear that.” He turned to Eren, “She seems like she’d be a great candidate Mr. Jaeger but of course it is ultimately up to you.”

    Eren rolled his eyes at that. “Now, Armin, you know you can just call me Eren.” He turned towards you, with a finger pointed towards you, closing the distance between you two. “That goes for you too.” He leans back afterwards, returning to his normal posture at the table.

    “Oh I couldn’t possibly—” you started

    Eren interrupted, “I’d really prefer it if you did. I’m not looking for people to blow smoke up my ass.”

    You were shocked with his crass language. Armin lifted a hand to his face, exasperated by Eren’s constant unprofessionalism. But Eren was mostly amused by your reaction. 

    “Well,” you started, chewing your bottom lip and looking down at your silverware, out of nervousness. Eren briefly stared at your lips before reluctantly pulling his eyes back up to your face. “I guess I could when it’s just us. But in front of business partners I’d rather be respectful” You replied, looking back up at Eren.

    “That’s fair” he agreed.

    As if on cue, the waiter brought out a small antipasto dish for the three of you to share, along with a couple small rolls of bread. The three of you split up the meats and cheeses. While you and Armin ate small pieces with the silverware, you glanced over at Eren and let out a chuckle before you could stop yourself. He was making a small sandwich out of the food.

    His eyebrow raised once he heard the tiny laugh and he turned over to you with a face of feigned shock. “What?”

    You blushed out of embarrassment, not wanting to laugh at the man who may be your future boss. “I’m sorry, Eren. I didn’t mean to laugh.”

    He grinned, “what’s so funny?”

    Since he didn’t look upset by your laugh, you replied honestly, “It’s cute, your little sandwich” you laughed again. Armin grinned too, seeing you becoming comfortable with his boss.

    Eren coughed, expecting you to say his actions were stupid. Did she really just say cute?

    Armin wondered if it was just his eyes playing tricks, or he swore the tips of Eren’s ears were red.

    As if to try and steer the conversation away, Eren decided to change the topic. “So, you’re working for Ackerman right now?” he took another bite of his ‘sandwich’, waiting for your reply.

    You swallowed a piece of cheese you were eating and wiped your mouth with the cloth napkin before answering, “Yes, Ackerman Law. Are you familiar with them?” You asked, turning towards Eren, once again meeting those intense green eyes.

    “Well of course, Levi’s my lawyer.”


    “Really? Small world,” you replied, now even more nervous. What if he tells Levi you’re looking for a job? What if—

    “Don’t worry I have no reason to tell him you’re here,” he assured you, recognizing that look of panic on your face. You let go of the breath you were holding, trying your best to relax. “Besides, if you’ve managed to put up with that asshole for this long you must be an incredible worker,” he laughed.

    You tried your best not to join in, despite how much you’d love to trash the man, and responded, “Levi’s a great man, I respect him immensely—”

    “Save the loyalty for the exit interview,” he smirked, bringing his wine up to his lips with his right hand.

    Armin clarified, “I think what he’s trying to say is that, knowing Mr. Ackerman, he only works with the best. 3 years of working with him is a great achievement in and of itself,” he smiled, trying to save face, despite his terribly unprofessional boss.

    “Thank you Armin. I pride myself on my hard work and hope that I’d have the opportunity to work with you as well.” You said to him, turning to your left towards Eren at the end of your response. 

    Eren then quipped, “I’m quite the busy guy. You’ll be able to keep up?”

    Why did his eyes look so mischievous? What’s with that smirk? God this man is the devil isn’t he, sent here from some corner of hell to tempt me.

    It didn’t take long for Armin to notice the look Eren was giving you, and it took all his willpower not to sigh. Eren’s thinking with the wrong head isn’t he.

    “If you give me the chance I’ll prove I can.” You replied, hoping that confidence will win them over. At least, that’s what Sasha told you in her pep talk last night.

    It was then that the waiter approached with your lunches. You all began to dig in, and Eren and Armin asked you more questions about your work at the Ackerman firm. You had no idea that Eren was a client, but you supposed since you weren’t Levi’s direct secretary you couldn’t have possibly known all his clients. You answered the questions as best you could, giving equal attention to Armin and Eren with earnest stares and smiles.

    Halfway through your meal, Armin’s phone rang. He excused himself and stepped a few feet away, answering his call. You couldn’t hear what was said but you could tell by the change in Armin’s face that his expression was one of panic. Eren’s smile faded into a thin line once he saw Armin’s face.

    Armin then got off the call and sat back down. He turned to Eren and said, “Hope you don’t mind but it was a call from Annie. Baby has a fever, he’s—”

    “Go. Don’t even think about it” Eren responded without a second thought.

    Armin turned to you, “Sorry I know I drove you here. Mind heading back with Eren?”

    “It’s no problem at all, Armin. Hope your baby will be okay,” you offered a small smile in return, and Armin quickly stood up and left the restaurant in a rush.

    Now it’s just you and Eren left. Trying to make small talk, you turned to Eren. “So Armin has a baby boy? That’s wonderful.”

    Eren replied, “yes actually, not sure if he mentioned it to you, but his wife was my secretary until a month ago. They just had their baby three weeks ago. The cutest little blonde blue-eyed alien I’ve ever seen.” You couldn’t help but laugh along with his contagious laughter.

    “You two seem close. Armin had some great things to say about you during the interview.” You took a few more bites of your flatbread.

    Eren put down his fork full of pasta and replied, “yea Armin and I go way back. Childhood friends. He’s a real great guy. Really stuck by me through thick and thin, and helped me get my head out of my ass a couple of times.” He let out a laugh, “I’m glad he’s here, able to work his dream job, and working alongside me.” The way he spoke about Armin was so earnest and kind. True best friends.

    “What about you, are you working the dream job too?” You couldn’t help but ask. You’ve never met a CEO of a large company and imagine it to be an incredibly tough job. Especially for him, he seemed quite young.

    “Well, my father started this company after becoming a doctor. He was really passionate about it, hoping to change the lives of patients. I’m not much of a medical kind of guy, I only really know business. But I watched him build this business from his very first patent. I want to follow in my fathers footsteps and improve the lives of others. Even if it’s a hard job, someone's gotta do it right?” He turned towards you, a faint smile on his lips but his eyes were quite serious. Determined and unwavering. Almost as if it’s something he isn’t saying to you, but to himself.

    You could only offer a small smile and a nod in response, unsure of how to reply. He must be carrying a lifetime of responsibility on his shoulders to have to take over his father’s dreams. But it’s incredibly admirable.

    After a few more bites of food, he turned to you again. “How about you? You majored in chemistry didn’t you? What made you become a secretary?” He asked, his clear eyes focused on yours. They were so earnest it made it impossible for you to lie. As if they would see into your soul.

    “Right before graduation my mom died—“

    “I’m sorry” he quickly responded, eyes laced with concern. You continued,

    “—I needed to support myself and my friend was working at the law firm. She was able to help me get the job. I know it’s not chemistry related but I took it just as seriously and gave it my all. I think I’ve made a darn good secretary,” you grinned. You’re not sure why, but it was so easy to talk to Eren, that you didn’t even mind telling the truth. That you were on your own and desperately needed a job. Surely he’d understand.

    “I’m sure you are. But I’m also sure sometimes you wish you could follow your own dreams, right?” He asked, looking at nothing in particular, as if the question wasn’t really for you. 

    You were unsure where this conversation was going, and you didn’t want to make it sound like you didn’t want to be a secretary, so instead you gave a vague reply, “Well, sometimes we don’t follow the exact path we envision for ourselves. Can’t help it if life has something different in store for you. But as long as you’re trying your hardest, you owe that much to yourself, right?”

    Eren continued to stare at the wall, his eyes widened slightly as if trying to piece together his feelings about what you said. He wasn’t sure if he was really up for confronting his demons in front of a woman he only met an hour ago, so he reels the conversation back in, turning to you.

    “Well, with both secretary skills and a science background, it seems like you’d be perfect here. I’d hope it would be an opportunity for you to use all your skills and grow to your full potential.” He replied, uncharacteristically serious. He then turned back down to work on the last of his pasta.

    You couldn’t help but stare at his plump pink lips as he spoke, and that last line for some reason almost sounded dirty coming out of his mouth. Get it together dammit.

    By this point you both had finished your meals. Eren tore his gaze away from you to glance at his watch, noting it was now 5 minutes past 1 pm.

    “I’d hate to cut this date of ours short—”


    “—but I have a meeting at 1:30 I have to get to. That’s okay with you?”

    “Oh of course. Yes, thank you for the time you’ve already spent with me today.” You replied, not wanting to take more of this busy man’s time than needed.

    Eren motioned to the waiter for the bill, and without glancing at it, placed a heavy credit card in the small book. You tried to give even the smallest protest, but Eren held up one finger and said he was paying, in a voice that said his decision was final. The book was instantly whisked away by the waiter, who returned momentarily with a receipt for Eren to sign.

    Ever the gentleman, he stood up, pushed in his chair, and got up to help you up and out of your chair. You were too flustered to notice him taking a long look at your body once you both stood up. He walked ahead of you towards the exit, opening the front door with his left hand, and gesturing for you to walk through. As you walked through the door, his right hand briefly touched the small of your back and you thought right there and then that you would pass out. The spot that he touched felt hot, as if his hand had branded a spot with hot iron. Eren then walked behind you, of course taking a moment to appreciate the view. That skirt sure did it’s job.

    The black car that he came in pulled up to the curb effortlessly, as if the driver had been on stand-by waiting for Eren to arrive. Which they probably were. He opened the rear door and gestured towards you. “After you”.

    You nodded and made your way into the backseat, sitting in the rear left side. Eren shuffled in after you and closed the door behind him. Without a word the driver drove off.

    Sitting this close to Eren, the intoxicating scent of his cologne drifted towards you. A mix of bergamot and lavender. You were facing the window initially, but decided to take a quick peek at the man to your right. He was on his phone, which was in his right hand, looking like he was checking an email. His left hand was flat on the middle seat beside him. It was then that you noticed something.

    He’s wearing a wedding ring.

    You immediately looked away, anywhere but his hand, hoping that the disappointment on your face wasn’t too obvious.

    What am I thinking, checking out this man. He’s married dammit. And potentially my boss! Get it together. Of course he’s married, he’s so damn attractive, why wouldn’t he be?

    Eren noticed you looking out the window, and took a minute to stare at you. Beautiful long waves of hair over your shoulder, smooth skin, eyes that reflect the brightness of the afternoon sun. Tight white button down, short skirt, long legs crossed over each other. He’d be lying if he said his pants didn’t feel a bit smaller right now. And he’d be lying if he wasn’t imagining you on his lap in this backseat...

    He was startled out of his fantasies when he heard your voice, “so you’re married?” You asked with a smile, pointing to his ring finger. You tried your best to make it sound like casual small talk, but inside the disappointment was monumental.

    Eren blinked and looked at his hand, almost as if he didn’t even recognize it as his own. He absentmindedly played with the ring on his finger, turning it left and right with his right hand’s index and thumb. For a split second his expression was strange. It’s as if he was sad. He quickly shook off his conflicting feelings and plastered on his smile.

    “Yes, I’ve been married for two years. You may actually know my wife. Mikasa Ackerman. She’s a cousin of your dear Levi.”

    You didn’t know Levi had a cousin, but you surely knew Mikasa. The Mikasa Ackerman. The famous model. You didn’t even know she was married.

    “Wow Mikasa Ackerman the supermodel? She’s gorgeous,” you turned to Eren, unsure of what to make of his facial expression. “I didn’t know she was married, or related to Levi even,” you said more to yourself than to Eren. When he didn’t reply, you fumbled, wondering if your question was too personal. “I’m sorry if that was too much of a personal question, Eren.”

    Eren was pulled out of his stupor and gave you a more genuine smile, “No it’s fine of course you can ask. She is quite beautiful isn’t she?” He pondered aloud, but mentally he was looking at you thinking Not as beautiful as you are.

    “As my personal assistant you would end up being pretty involved in my affairs. So it’s natural to ask questions. I’m an open book. Promise.” He flashed you a toothy grin, and you swear you felt your stomach turn to mush.

    Just like that, the 10 minutes car ride from the restaurant was over, pulling you back to reality. Eren stepped out first, and once you scooted down the rear seat, he held out a hand to help you up. Despite your brain screaming not to, you took his hand and he helped you up. His palm had to be a thousand degrees, again feeling like it was burning your skin. He walked with you towards the visitor parking to send you off.

    “So,” he started, your name rolling off his lips, “when can you start?”

    It took all you had not to let the excitement show. “Perhaps a two weeks notice?”

    “How about Monday? Two weeks' notice be damned. I’ll work it out with Levi,” he said with a smirk and, fucking hell, a wink.

    “As long as it’s okay. I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble.” You replied nervously, trying your hardest to ignore that fatal wink.

    “No trouble at all sweetheart,” he said, turning on his heels to walk back towards the office building. “I’ll expect you Monday morning,” he waved off, walking away before you could thank him again for your time. 

    Sweetheart...your heart clenched.

    You debated back and forth in your head whether you should say anything else before deciding to call out after him.


    He turned slightly to look back at you.

    “Thank you for today!” You smiled at him, offering a small wave. Eren smiled in return and continued his walk back.

    You then entered your car, put your bag down on the passenger seat, and let out a huge sigh, burying your blushing hot face in your hands. God, what is wrong with me.


    After arriving home in the late afternoon, you changed out of your tight suit into comfortable sweats and an old tee, and lounged around the apartment until Sasha arrived from work. She dropped her bag by the entrance and immediately sat across from you on the couch.

    She looked at you eagerly, “Spill!”

    “Sasha I’m in trouble…” you started, gripping a nearby pillow and holding it against your chest.

    “What’s wrong, they reject you?”

    “No, I got the job.” Sasha clapped her hands once and let out a huge smile, but it quickly disappeared when she saw you were not smiling back.

    “Isn’t this a good thing? What’s with that face?”

    “Sasha, my boss.... He’s so hot, how can I even work around him?” you buried your tomato red face into the pillow and Sasha laughed so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard.

    “So he’s not some old fart? Unless you’re into that kinda thing, no judgement” She giggled. You picked up your phone and unlocked it, already open to his LinkedIn profile, and turned it to Sasha. His profile picture, obviously, looked like something out of a fucking GQ magazine. Button up shirt that was perfectly fitted, blazer, rolled up sleeves, perfectly messy but not messy man-bun. Million dollar smile. For fuck’s sake.

    Her eyes grew to the size of saucers.

    “Oh shit.”

    “Yes…definitely shit”

    “Well, who knows maybe you can be more than coworkers eh?” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and elbowed you.

    “Sasha...he’s married.” You dug your head further into the pillow. She sighed.

    “Well, then either decline the job--”


    “--Or you have to deal with your crush head on!”

    You lifted your head up from out of the pillow. “How would we do that exactly?” 

    “Get wasted and get laid,” she laughed, “I’m taking you out Friday night and you can’t say no. Think of it as a celebration for your new job!”

    There was no saying no to Sasha, ever, so you reluctantly played along. 

    “Alright, we can go out Friday night. But no getting wasted or getting laid. I’ve got to rest up for monday.”

    “What’s monday?” she asked.

    “My first day of course!”


    Eren stretched out in his office chair, sighing for the thousandth time that day. He took a glance at his phone and checked the time - 6:30 PM. Way past time that the office has been cleared out. He was finally done catching up with his work for the day, cursing his lack of an assistant to help him with the mountains of work piling up. He had so many whirling thoughts in his mind, he decided to call his best friend.

    After a couple of rings, he picks up. “Eren?”

    “Hey Armin. How’s the baby?”

    Armin, currently juggling said baby in his right arm, held up the phone which was once on speaker with his left hand to his ear. “His fever has gone down a bit, but still under the weather. Should be fine after a night’s rest. Thanks for asking.”

    “Anything you need you let me know, Armin.”

    After a pause, Armin asked, “So how’d things go with the new girl?” 

    Eren, momentarily distracted by talking about the baby, was now back into his garbled thoughts once Armin mentioned you. “Armin”

    “Yes, Eren?” He didn’t like where this was going.

    “I think I’m in trouble, Armin.” Was all Eren could manage to say, knowing that his thoughts were much more… lecherous.

    “Listen Eren. Whatever you’re thinking. Stop thinking it. I’m your HR manager. I’m the last person who wants to know what nonsense you’re thinking.” Armin sat down at the edge of his bed, shifting the infant to his other shoulder, moving his phone from his left to his right ear. 

    “I just want to talk to my friend Armin, not my HR manager Armin. Please,” Eren begged, knowing that his thoughts were wrong, but he needed his friend, his voice of reason.

    “Okay. What’s the problem, Eren? I promise it will stay between us. HR Armin has left the building.” Armin sighed.

    “Armin, do you ever have thoughts...about other women? Besides Annie?” Eren started, dragging his hand through his loose hair.

    “Absolutely not. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what ____ was wearing today. Could care less.” Armin said, point blank, as if it was absolute truth. 

    Eren groaned.

    Armin continued, “and even if you did, those thoughts can’t leave your head. It’s disrespectful, Eren.” 

    That managed to set Eren off.

    “Disrespectful? You think Mikasa hasn’t been disrespectful?”

    For a moment, Armin didn’t know how to reply. It’s true, every few weeks paparazzi photos are showing Mikasa at some party or some gathering, a new man in her vicinity. Initially she assured Eren it was all for show, faked for press coverage. But Eren has his doubts.

    “You of all people know why we got married in the first place. It’s not like I wanted this.” Eren continued. He threw the pen he had on his desk at the wall out of anger.

    Annie popped into the bedroom, giving Armin a look as if saying “again?” Armin nodded.

    “Listen Eren. There’s only two ways out of this. You continue your marriage or you don’t. But get those thoughts out of your head. Don’t involve her. She doesn’t have anything to do with this -- she’s just your employee. Alright? I gotta help Annie feed the baby. Don’t do anything stupid, okay?”

    Eren sighed. “Alright Armin.”

    “See you at work tomorrow.”



    “Thank you.”

    Eren hung up the phone and stared at the ceiling on his office, dark now that the sun was down, and quiet, now that the office was empty. The fact that his life was so out of his control angered him. And now, meeting you, he realized just how little freedom he actually had.

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    hyunjin & eren layouts! ♥︎ 진격의 거인

    좋아요 또는 리 블로그 like or reblog 🌪

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    Bonus points if they've committed genocide

    #meme#original character#oc#rubi akaikami #the crypto club #steven universe#eren jaeger #attack on titan #phosphyllite #land of the lustrous #houseki no kuni #One of these kids is not like the others #one of these kids HASN'T committed mass genocide
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    23.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Rubi with Eren and Phos: *to Steven* "Get in loser, we're committing genocide!"

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    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
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    Parasite - Eren Yeager x Reader

    Eldia - Jean Kirstein x Reader

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  • kethamine
    22.10.2021 - 18 hours ago


    I am still mourning finishing Attack on Titan and I just want to watch/read the whole thing once more RIGHT NOW

    look at them



    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #will there ever be a more solid more consistent story than this? #will there be a more dramatic character than eren jaeger? #will there ever be a more amazing man than levi ackerman? #I doubt it my friends I truly doubt it
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