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  • akrmn
    05.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    eren is always horny. there isn’t a single day he can go without fucking you dumb or atleast jack off to the thought of you and the pretty sounds you make when he makes you feel good. if you’re around him, he can’t help but touch and feel you up. eren will put so much effort in getting you in the mood too so you can't help but give in. when you’re at work or out of town get ready for plenty of suggestive messages and maybe even one or two pics of his art-like body.

    #hi #i'm not dead #attack on titan smut #attack on titan x you #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan #aot#aot smut #aot x you #aot x reader #aot x female reader #eren jeager smut #eren jeager imagine #eren jeager x you #eren smut #eren x you #eren x reader #eren headcanons #eren yaeger x y/n #eren yeager smut #snk#snk smut
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  • deunan403
    05.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Perge Sequar, Pari Passu, (Ch 21/21) [Complete!]

    Fandom: Attack on Titan | Shingeki no Kyojin Hosted on Archive of Our Own. Title: Perge Sequar, Pari Passu Chapters: 21/21 Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence Relationship: Ereri

    Summary: "It’s been six years since our last expedition outside Wall Maria, and the circumstances have changed. We have no idea where  our enemies are located, or how far, and the only way to remedy that is to send out scouts to try and remap the surrounding territory as best as we can. Four small units will depart from the Walls and head north, south, east, and west to survey the layout and the titan demographic. It will be vital if we ever want to have a foothold in a world we’re oblivious to,” Erwin continued slowly. His eyes scanned everyone at the table before adding, “And that's why I've specifically requested each and every one of you.”

    Or: Levi and Eren are assigned a lengthy cartography mission outside the Walls and pick up on the little things. Eren also does some reckless dumbass shit and Levi just wants to get back in one piece. General Tags: Fluff, Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Traveling, Slow Burn, Canon Universe/Canon Divergence

    #ereri#eren jeager#levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#deunanwrites#fanfiction#ao3 #perge sequar pari passu #pspp
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  • 6mystic9
    05.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Eren kinda kinky

    #eremin#erearu#fan art#snk #attack on titan #armin arlert #shingeki no kyojin #armin attack on titan #eren x armin #eren yaeger fanart #eren smut#eren yeager #eren jeager fanart #shingeki no kyoujin eren
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  • sly-d
    05.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Mine | Eren Yeager x Reader 🤞🏽 Minors DNI (+18)

    A/N: As promised, because @the-princess-button was thirsting over Ereh like half my feed today lmao. Hope you like it !! 🤭

    He just couldn't leave you alone could he? Your ex really had some nerve by scaring every guy you talked to away so he could be the only one to have you, to be the one you HAD to come back to. Yeah, that was Eren alright, he was the one to end things so why couldn't he accept the fact that you were free to talk to other guys?

    Which takes you to the position you're in right now, a very familiar one actually. Your legs were pressed over your chest, your abused pussy ached at every harsh thrust he administered, but God was it heaven on Earth. He looked so ethereal, pounding into you from above, one of his muscular arms held one of your thighs down and the other one extended to have his huge hand choke you. The silver rings that adorned his fingers were expected to leave marks around your neck, and if they didn't well, you should expect his finger tips to do the job for them. His green orbs emitted lust and hunger and, oddly enough , you thought, love. His beautiful moans and grunts mixed with the sounds of your arousal filled the room, your own whines and cries of his name followed.

    "You really don't get it do you? Why can't you understand you're mine hm? Why is it that you have to go and talk to every fucking loser you lay your eyes on?"

    The thrusts kept getting harder after every word that came out of his mouth like venom.

    "I guess I need to make myself clearer, right sweetheart? Dumb little sluts like you need to be reminded of who owns you." -you clench around him- "huh, guess we're making progress fast."

    The stamina he had was nothing less than impressive. To be quite honest, this was one of the reasons you didnt mind coming back to him, there was no one like Eren Yeager after all.

    "Let me hear you say it baby, who's the only one that can make you feel this good? Who owns you ?" -he leans down to whisper in your ear with a smirk- "tell me, who's your daddy?"

    As much as you hated him, you loved how good he made you feel. He was right, he was the only one that was ever going to make you feel that good, he knew you better than you knew yourself, he owned every single little thing about you .

    "Y-you Eren!! Only you can fuck me this good. I'm y-yours, I'm all yours !! Please make me cum daddy."

    That was more than enough for him to speed up, his climax just a few thrusts away and yours following right behind.

    "That's my girl, now take everything I have to give you m'kay? Let me make you mine again baby."

    "Eren, Eren I'm going to- going to- ahh!! "

    "Fuck, that's it princess, give it to me... You feel so good, I'm going to fill you up to the brim and fuck my cum into you until it spill out, shit..."

    With a few more sloppy thrusts Eren came inside you, your essence mixing with his as he continued to slide in and out of you slowly. He pulled out and laid next to you, his hand coming up to cup your face and turn it to face him.

    "It's true what I said by the way, I want you back. Please, I know I was dumb and it was stupid to let you go like that but...I'm lost without you and I can't stand the thought of somebody else loving you. So please, please be mine again?"

    And how could you say no? The grip Eren had on you was a tight one, you'd always come back to him no matter what, ready to devote yourself to him over and over again.

    #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #eren#eren jeager#eren jaeger#eren yeager#aot smut#snk smut #attack on titan smut #shingeki no kyojin smut #aot eren#snk eren #attack on titan eren #shingeki no kyojin eren #eren smut #eren x reader smut #eren x you smut #eren x y/n smut
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  • kazumi0
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    What if Levi and Eren ended up living in a cabin instead

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  • conniespringerblkwife
    05.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Unwrapping an Early Christmas Gift

    (Eren Jaeger x Female Reader | NSFW)

    Day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas with AOT Characters

    Tag list: @didiyogo

    A/N: I edited this in the car so if there’s any grammatical Errors…yeah 😵‍💫

    Warnings: Smut: use of vibrator, squirting, fingering

    Summary: Eren surprises You with an early Christmas that you weren’t expecting.

    *1,383 Words*

    Your back was pressed up against the wall as Eren kissed your neck and squeezed your ass. Soft moans leaving your lips as he caressed your body. Your arms laid limp around his shoulders as he made you feel good.

    You whined when he pulled away and tried to pull him back towards you, but he grabbed your hands. "I have a present for you." He said and you raised your eyebrow.

    "This early?"

    He smiled and you noticed a glimmer in his eyes. You knew he was up to something. "I wanted to wait, but I think now is perfect moment."

    "Now?" You were so confused. What gift could possibly be meant for right now. Maybe it was jewelry? A ring??!! He better not be proposing. You mean you loved Eren, but right now?!!

    As Eren walked over to the nightstand, your mind continued rambling what he could have possibly gotten you. Even as he pulled out the medium sized box that was covered with wrapping paper and laced with a bow, you were still confused of what the surprise was.

    He told you to sit on the bed and you did so, then he handed you the box. "Open it."

    You looked back at him and then the box. "Can you give me a hint?"

    "No, just open it. "

    You sighed and undid the bow then removed the wrapping paper carefully (You wasn't a fan of ripping apart beautifully decorated wrapping paper). Before you opened the box you looked back at Eren and he was staring back at you intensely. He seemed...nervous? On edge? What was in here that was making him act that way?

    You slowly pulled the top off and the object inside was not what you were expecting? A pink transparent vibrator that was long in length and girthy. It had another piece protruding from the top that looked like the head of the virbrator but had antennae looking pieces coming from it. You picked it up and watched as it jiggled...almost jello like.

    You didn't know what to say. You were in shock but also excited? You never used a vibrator before, and you never expected Eren to buy you one either. "Wow." You forced yourself to say something to break the awkward silence.

    "Is it too much?" Eren asked. You searched his face for any sign of emotion, but it was like he put on a mask. His face was neutral.

    You chuckled. "Well, it is a lot...But like...it's interesting." You were lost for words. "What did you...No, why did you buy this?"

    Eren looked back at the vibrator in your hand. "I wanted to try something...different that's all." He went to reach for the vibrator. "But if you think it's too weird then."

    "No!" You pulled the toy away from him. "It's not weird at all I just wasn't expecting it." You internally groaned. Why was this sooo awkward. "What did you..." You paused. "What were you planning on doing with this?"

    "To try it on you of course." Eren said. "But if it makes you uncomfortable, we don't have do that all."

    You stared back at the vibrator and shook your head. "No, I want to try it." You looked back at your boyfriend. "I trust you Eren." You saw his green eyes waiver a bit at your words and then pulled you into another kiss.

    "Lay back, okay?" You did as you were told. Your chest rising and falling in anticipation.

    Eren threw the box to the ground and began taking his shirt off. He crawled beside you and half of his weight rested on your body, He then pulled you into another passionate kiss. His hand traveled down from your stomach and rested on your clothed pussy. You glad you only wore a long shirt because you didn’t have to struggle taking off any annoying clothing.

    The passionate kiss turned into a full make out session as you guys' tongues collided with each other (me fighting the urge to not say "Your tongues fought for dominance). His hand was now inside your panties and middle finger circled your clit slowly; loving the sounds that were leaving your pretty mouth. He was trying not to rush things, but your reactions were making it difficult for him.

    You didn’t even realize your eyes were shut until you heard the sound of the vibrator hum to life. You opened your eyes and saw Eren holding it in one hand and pulling down your panties with the other. "Let me know if it’s too much, okay? I put it on low setting to start."

    You nodded your head. “I trust you.”

    He took one of his hands to open your folds and brought the vibrator to your clit. When the toy made contact with your clit you flinched at the new sensation. The vibrations sending new feelings of emotions throughout your body. At first nothing stood out until Eren started moving the vibrator in a circular motion and occasionally sliding it up and down your slit.

    Your mouth formed into an 'O' shape from how the toy was making you feel. You felt your clit pulse to life and began rocking your hips along with Eren's movements.

    Eren then took this opportunity to slowly insert the vibrator inside of you. He thrusted it gently inside and out of you. He could get off to your expressions and sounds alone. You sounded so pretty with your small 'Os' and gasps.

    He was painfully hard right now and wanted nothing more than to relieve himself, but this was about you right now. All he cared about was your pleasure. That's why he bought it. He wanted to make his baby feel good. He can admit that he was a little jealous that you were making those noises for the toy and not for his dick, but his priority was you right now.

    As Eren slid the jelly-like vibrator inside and out of you, you started to understand the importance of the piece with the antennae like pieces that was extension of the vibrator. With each thrust, the pieces would brush against your clit, adding more to your pleasure. The different textures and stimulations from the vibrator was driving you crazy and was only on the low setting. That was until Eren decided to turn it up three more notches which had you clutching the bed sheets.

    You couldn’t control the moans that fell from your mouth. Eren was also going at a faster pace, which was also sending you into a spiral. You were so close. Eren also knew you were close, by the way your thighs started to shake.

    He thought he have a little fun and play with the setting for the bit. The moment you were seconds away from cumming, he turned down the setting and went at a dreadful slow pace.

    You looked up at him though your eyelashes and groaned. "Eren."

    He kissed your lips and stared as your pussy clenched around the toy. 
"What's wrong love?" He turned the setting up again but continued his slow pace.

    He did this for about five minutes until you were begging him to let you cum. "please Eren." You were starting to squirm, and your arm covered your face.

    "Please what?" he challenged.

    "Please, I want to cum."

    Eren wanted you to plead. "You think you deserve to cum?"

    "Yes, please!"


    "Yes!!" You practically screamed.

    "Well, if you say so." He returned to the rhythm that originally was going to make you cum and after a few minutes you were gasping for air as your juices squirted onto the sheets and Eren's hand. Eren frowned, how come you never did that for him?

    You sat there for a minute catching your breath and then looked up at your boyfriend. It wasn't the expression you were expecting. His eyes were cold. "Eren?" Before you could continue, he was on top of you kissing you furiously. You wrapped your legs around his waist, and you could feel how hard he was. He began unzipping his pants and staring at you with so much lust.

    "Do that for me now, yeah?"




    Y/n when Eren was getting close to her with the vibrator: put.THAT.DOWN

    #armin x you #eren smut #eren jeager x reader #attack on titan #aot final season #aot spoilers#isayamahajime #anime / manga #anime#zeke aot#marco aot#jean kirschstein#mikasa ackerman #levi attack on titan #levi smut#armin smut#zeke smut #aot x reader #female #shingeki no kyoujin manga #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #titan shifters#founding titan#colossal titan#armored titan#eldians#marleyans#ymir fritz#historia#sasha braus
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  • arminsrealwaifu
    05.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Dina: F*ck the patriarchy.

    Carla: Yeah, f*ck the patriarchy.

    *the next day*

    Carla: Hey, guess who I hooked up with last night.

    Dina: Who?


    #for legal reasons this is a joke #reference @themorsecoda on tiktok #aot#Snk #attack on titan incorrect quotes #incorrect shingeki no kyojin quotes #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #incorrect attack on titan quotes #dina fritz#carla jeager#grisha yeager #aot incorrect quotes #Eren jeager#eren jeager#zeke yeager
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    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot #eren x reader #eren yaegar#eren jäger#eren jaeger #eren jeager x reader #eren fluff #eren yaeger fluff #eren jeager x y/n #eren jeager x you #comfort#fluff #soft!eren #aot boyfriends
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  • swagvo1d
    04.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    a wild eyed child of the sun, and right as rain, i’m not the same but i feel the same, i feel nothing

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  • hooneybon
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #eren jeager #attack on titan #aot#my art#snk #he’s in a silly goofy mood
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  • damn-stark
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Cherry #jean kirstein fanfiction #attack on titan #fanfiction #attack on titan fanfiction #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirstein x ackerman!reader #damn-stark #just a wip #hope you all like it! #shingeki no kyojin fanfiction #shingeki no kyojin #mikasa ackerman#Levi Ackerman#Sasha braus#Connie springer#eren jeager#aot fanfiction#aot#fanfic
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  • sinners-saintsandsaviors
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    A heart of gold peirced with pain; a mind of stone filled with rage; so young, yet old scream with shame; let loose the monster that yearns for escape


    #i accidentally wrote a poem trying to figure out a tag for him #eren jeager#eren rp#aot#eren yeager#eren
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  • iambilliejeanok
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Pairings : Eren x reader

    Warnings: 18+, brat taming, ddlg, nsfw, dacryphilia, overstimulation, unedited

    Eren has your head held back with a fist full of your hair , his other hand wrapped around your neck, restricting your breathing as tears pool in your big brown eyes before freely falling down your chubby cheeks.

    He’s looking down at your pretty face, sweetly motivating you to take another round because your punishment was far from over.

    “Yeth baby, you can do it”, he coed, planting feather light kisses on your pouted lips. “Nooo!, t-too much f-for meee”, you cried, “Yessss pretty, aren’t you my good little girl?”, he asked you sweetly, tugging at your hair when you didn’t immediately answer, his patience running extremely thin.

    “P-please d-daddy…can’t do it!”, you cried some more, making him growl in disapproval, letting go of your hair and pulling you forward to spank you a few times, making you scream out stop before he pulled you back up, your crying even worse now, hiccuping as you tried to breathe, his hand around your neck making it slightly difficult.

    He’s been spanking you throughout the night, very hard, your ass very sensitive and tender, making you cry because he was going to spank you until you told him you were ready.

    “Then say it my baby, cmon, I’m waiting”, he said, trying to keep up the sweet tone as his patience quickly left him. You were already fucked out, having cum too many times to remember, trying to breathe away the intense stinging of your ass.

    His heart skipped a beat while admiring your soft features. Your big, brown eyes now struggling to stay open with tears blurring them as they fell down your chubby cheeks, your lips a little swollen from his kisses, cheeks warm as he kissed your tears away, feint whimpers leaving your lips as your hands held onto the arm connected to the hand around your neck, weakly tugging at him to let go, only making him blush at the pretty little mess you were for him.

    “Im waiting baby”, he said a little more impatiently, tugging on your hair some more. “You’re my what?”, he asked you, “Your pwecious baby”, you squeaked, unable to form clear words in his uncomfortable hold. “Then say it”, he said, lips less than an inch away from you, his breath warm on your lips.

    “M-more please”, you whispered, loud enough for Eren to hear you, immediately letting go of your hair and neck, your chance to suck in mouthfuls of air while your boyfriend adjusted you to sit on his cock, Eren swallowing the scream than came out of you in a rough kiss, holding you tight against him as he prepared himself to fuck you.

    “Always bratty but not when daddy’s fucking your pretty cunt senseless right baby?”, Eren says, chuckling at how much of a mess you were. “My good little girl”

    #attack on titan imagine #attack on titan smut #aot imagines#aot smut#eren imagines #eren x reader #eren jeager smut #eren x you #daddys brat #daddy’s little princess
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  • geoshrimp
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just like the Founder a lot and gave him the mouth of the skeksis because yeah.

    Please do not steal, repost without credit, or manipulate my art. Characters belong to Hajime Isayama.

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  • conniespringerblkwife
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Building a Gingerbread House

    (Jean Kirstein x Female Reader | Fluff)

    Day 3 of 25 Days of Christmas with AOT Characters

    A/N: I realized I repeated a prompt on for one of the characters. Might change it might not

    Also, this short ASF!

    Taglist: @didiyogo (Comment to be added)

    Warnings: None...unless you're dirty minded

    Summary: Jean and y/n do shit that I will never see myself doing unless my s/o is as fine as Jean.

    *516 Words*

    You laughed as you watch Jean struggle to keep the sides of the gingerbread house up. “Keep holding them like that. You need more frosting.” You reached for the piping bag and squeezed the frosting along the cracks.

    You giggled as you heard him fuss under his breath. “Don’t laugh at me.”

    “I’m sorry.” You replied trying not to laugh at his expression and the frosting that was smeared on the side of his cheek.

    “Stay like that.” You said and stood on your tiptoes to lick the frosting from his cheek and then placing a kiss on his mouth. “Better?”

    You could tell he was blushing because he avoided eye contact with you and tried to hide his goofy grin. “You can remove your hands now. It should be dry.”

    “I’ll do the decorations and you put the rest of the house together.” Jean claimed

    “Deal because you suck.” You joked

    The house was now put together and Jean was carefully putting gumdrops along the roof. He was concentrating so hard on each placement of the gumdrops that you had to leave the room to try not laugh and compose yourself.

    When you saw that he was almost done you decided to wrap your arms around his waist and kiss his back. “It’s looking great.”

    “One more gumdrop.” He said and then slowly placed the last piece on the roof.

    He admired his work, and you rolled your eyes. So dramatic.

    “How does it look?” He asked.

    “It looks great. Now let’s eat it.” You went to reach for a gumdrop, but Jean grabbed your hand.

    “Nuh uh…I worked too hard on this.”

    “I worked hard on it too!”

    “Well, I carefully made sure to place each gumdrop perfectly y/n”

    You groaned. “Then what’s the point of building it if we aren’t going to eat it?”

    He glided behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “To admire it.”

    You rolled your eyes.

    You noticed the frosting in the bowl and thought of an idea. You took the spoon in the bowl and rubbed it across Jean's face. “HAH admire that!”

    He grabbed the frosting from you and smeared it in your hair.

    For five minutes straight you two continued throwing frosting on one another. It sticking in each other’s hair, face, and clothes. (Bruh the way I have the power to turn this shit into a smut)

    When you ran out of frosting, you two sat on the kitchen floor laughing at how childish you two were. “You know I love you right?” Jean said.

    “I know” you gave him small pecks around his face and then a longer kiss on his mouth. The taste of the sweet frosting lingering on each other's lips. You then pulled away from him and smiled. “And I love you too.” And gave him another peck on his lips. “And I love you more if you let me eat one of gumdrops on the gingerbread house.”

    “It’s still a no.” He joked and you two spent the rest of the night arguing who did the most work.

    #armin x you #eren smut #eren jeager x reader #attack on titan #aot final season #aot spoilers#isayamahajime #anime / manga #anime#zeke aot#marco aot#jean kirschstein#mikasa ackerman #levi attack on titan #levi smut#armin smut#zeke smut #aot x reader #female #shingeki no kyoujin manga #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #titan shifters#founding titan#colossal titan#armored titan#eldians#marleyans#ymir fritz#historia#sasha braus
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  • dreamtinthefyre
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    feeling something for ererei and erejean now but cant decide which i feel more for atm. there trope went from normal aloof enemies to more passionate romantic enemies somehow.

    #ererei#erejean#eren yeager#reiner braun#jean kirschstein#eren jeager#aot#snk#fictional ships #whats the trope i wonder #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin
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  • gabiloove
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    💕 ~

    #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyoujin #gabi braun#gabibraun#reiner braun#reinerbraun#eren jeager#eren yeager #the angry gabi ones are 100% targeted at eren lmao #meme#edit #text post edit #text post meme #someone give reiner a hug #can we get a protect reiner and everyone in the entire show bc authors r cruel LMAO #i say this as an author i know how we treat our own characters lol
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  • ciana-mairead-art
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Please enjoy my Eren Yogurt (by Ciana Mairead art)

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  • poisanous
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Modern AU Eren's anthem is Queen's I Want to Break Free.

    Driving down the empty highway as the stars begin to dissolve and the sun starts peeking from the east. All four windows are rolled down and what's left of the night air blows through his hazel hair as if it wants to take a piece of him before the sun gets to kiss his face. He's singing along, taking your hand as he gets to the "I've fallen in love for the first time and this time I know for real" part, placing a soft kiss to the back of your hand. The sweet moment is short lived the interlude getting him riled up, smiling over at you as he strums his air guitar and forces you to reach over and hold on to the wheel for dear life.

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  • tatorthots
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    AOT | Get You

    ↳ Characters: College!Eren x f!reader x Prof!Levi, Erwin Smith, Hange Zoë, Louise (Canon Yeagerist)
    ↳ Warnings: Suggestive Content, Slight NSFW, Possessive Behavior, Mention of Violence
    ↳ a/n: Erens my favorite red flag 🚩👄🚩but tbh I don’t think he’s toxic, we all know how good he is at putting fronts also babes you can’t convince me modern Levi doesn’t have major dilf energy 🧎🏻‍♀️
    Part 1

    ‘Did she just fucking leave?’

    Nails dipped into the soft cushion currently being used to cover a growing erection, mildew orbs glued to the front door. The atmosphere suddenly felt hot, the previous coolness prickling at his skin was now replaced with an uncomfortable warmth. Whether the sudden change was caused by his neglected, aching cock or the boiling of his blood, he wasn't entirely sure. But god how he hated you for the way you made him feel; as prideful as he was, Eren knew his mood could always be effortlessly manipulated by you — how easily swayed his day can turn from sweet to sour, each interaction with you leaving him with the bitter aftertaste of wanting what he can’t have.

    ‘Who’s she out with?’ Calloused fists bundled the pillow on his lap, tightening his hold until the back of his knuckles turned white. ‘Is he stripping her with his eyes?’ His nose scrunched in distaste, flashbacks of the laced heels wrapping around your calves only served to fuel his lust and envy, ‘Does he make her smile?’ The question alone made his stomach drop, ‘No… I’m worrying over nothing. I’m-’ So lost in his thoughts and insecurities, Eren didn’t realize how roughly his canines bit into his lower lip until the taste of iron offended his tastebuds, ‘Shit.’

    “Now that she’s gone,” Snapping him from his thoughts and pressing her body closer to his, the blonde girl sitting next to him ghosted her fingers across his chest, “we should—“

    “Don’t touch me.”

    Undeterred from the impassiveness in Erens tone she pushed on, “Oh c’mon what’s the harm in having a little fun~?”

    Though her words were laced with seduction, she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t hurt by the acidity in his tone. She cared for him after all. Besides, he didn’t mean what he said, right? He’s just upset, that’s all. It’s not like this was the first time she’d had to deal with the brunette's mood swings after seeing you anyway. In fact, it’s actually become routine; you brought out the worst in him, he’s not lashing out at her, he’s just being vulnerable, right? She’s playing the long game, soon enough her patience will pay off. To her, each altercation you had with Eren only drove a deeper wedge between the both of you — soon enough she wouldn’t be second place anymore, right? Yeah… that’s right. Besides, sex was always better when he was angry anyway. She felt more emotion from him through his anger than his lust — fucking out his frustrations into her with each harsh snap of his hips until her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

    A quiet mutter sliced the air as Eren swatted her hand off. “… get out.”


    Not sparing the gaping girl a glance he repeated himself, “I said,” lifting his arm he motioned over to the door, “get the fuck out.”

    Taken aback Louise scoffed, her face wrinkled in humored disbelief as she struggled to process what he said.

    ‘Just a second ago he was feeling up my skirt and kissing my neck and now he’s telling me to leave?!’ Her teeth bit down on her tongue, ‘Its her fault.’

    I guess wishful thinking can only last so long before reality kicks in. At the end of the day Louise wasn’t a fool, she didn’t have to personally witness the dynamic he had with you to know how he felt. She and Eren have been friends with benefits since freshman year, now they’re halfway through their sophomore year, she’s known him longer — maybe that’s why it was so painfully obvious to her that his world changed the second your name paired next to his on that damned dorm mate form. She’s spent the last 2 semesters observing the relationship he built with you as she stood forgotten on the sidelines. She’d listened to all the jokes and insults he’d tease you with — like a child does when they don’t know how else to express their feelings. She’d watched his eyes turn away from hers enough times to know where they would land, or more so who they would land on. But none of that compared to the heartache she felt when she saw his eyes light up each time he looked at you — what was so special about you? What did you have that she didn’t?

    ‘Why not me..?’

    She hated you.

    She hated the way Erens attention would quickly turn to you the second you stepped into view. She hated the sexual tension, the protective gaze, the possessive hold — all things he only ever displayed for you. Most of all, she hated how easily the boy she loved danced in the palm of your hand and you didn’t even know it. Truly a cruel twist of irony.

    “Are you joking?” She could feel her heart drop, “Eren you’ve never kicked me out, I’m no-“

    “Did I not make it clear enough?” His tone was bitter, monotone. “Or do I need to repeat myself?”

    “What the hell are you saying?!” Pressing her fists onto her thighs she couldn’t take it anymore, “Do you know how many of your friends want to fuck me? Are you going to risk losing me over some stupid fight with y/n!?”

    A wry grimace twisted Erens features, surely she should know by now where she stood in his life. His mind was racing, blood boiling, heart-wrenching, and now this shit? Clearly, the girl had gotten far too comfortable for Erens liking. She’s pushed her luck.

    Strumming his fingertips on the cushion, a small smirk played on his lips, “Let me ask you something, Louise.” His hard-on was long gone, his fixation now focused on her. “Did you really think you’d ever be mine? You’re not even my favorite lay.” Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes as Eren continued with his sneering commentary; a playful charm in his voice to cover the poison dripping off his words, “Did you think that me using you every once in a while was going to lead to anything?” A chuckle rumbled from his chest as his eyes squinted in amusement, “I guess you’re dumber than I thought. You know I only fucked you because you threw yourself at me like a street dog, right?”

    A cracked gasp left her lips, tears were now spilling from her eyes as her hand clasped over her mouth, ‘I guess they were right about him.’ lips quivering her mind raced to all the times her friends warned her about Eren Jaeger. ‘He’s a playboy.’ ‘Hah! You know he only ever uses girls and then drops them, right?’ ‘Louise he’s never going to love you, you’re only going to get hurt!’ ‘Did you hear what happened to the new student? The one that tried to talk to y/n?’ ‘Girls are just phases to him. Save yourself the heartache.’ ‘Apparently, he hooked up with that redhead from Garrison at last week's frat party.’ ‘He got sent to the Dean again for breaking the new kids nose, I guess he made a dirty comment about y/n or something.’ ‘Y/n.’ A fire lit within her, ‘All because of that stupid bitch—!!’

    Staring down at her lap, her voice broke through the tension, “Is it because of her?” Forcefully wiping away the tears streaming down her cheeks with her sleeve she clutched her fists, eyebrows furrowing with rage as she let go of the hold on her tongue, “That street whore? You think the slut is better tha—“ Her breath caught in her throat by the sudden force of Eren pinning her down on the couch, his hand forcefully cupping her jaw, fingertips pressing into her skin hard enough to leave marks afterward as green irises pierced into hers with disgust.

    “Don’t tell me you think you’re better than her?”

    “Eren s-stop! Please—!”

    Squirming underneath him to get away Louise knew she’d fucked up. She knew she crossed the line, stupidly cursing you out in front of him even though she’d witnessed the consequences of others doing so.

    ‘Like a knight in shining armor.’ She would think.

    Erens face remained indifferent, half-lidded eyes peered down at her, feigning disinterest — if she hadn’t known any better she would’ve taken his lack of emotion as a good sign, but the fire lit within his irises were enough to diminish that hope. She stopped struggling, finally allowing warm tears to pool at her sides because this is what she wanted, this protective side of his. She wanted him to be like this, but for her.

    ‘So why?’ Louise clutched onto Erens collar, ‘Why do I stay?’

    There were times when the poor girl tried to leave the fucked up situationship she had with the schools playboy. Louise knew Eren more than any other fling he’s had; unlike those other girls, she had moments with him in which she’d experienced Erens more compassionate side, moments where he would give her his jacket when she was cold or hold her hand as he would guide her down a steep hill. Sure, those moments were short-lived and fleeting but they were enough. She wanted to hate him, she wanted to leave knowing she’d never forgive him — she really did — but she knew she would. Eren Jaeger is an enigma, a paradox within itself; like her own personal high, he was addicting. Though he wasn’t all bad. She knew he was callous — malicious even, but not like this. This was the first time he’d ever gotten so aggressive with her, all because he was defending the one he loved. She couldn’t blame him.

    Her voice cracked as she tried to speak, but her attempt was quickly silenced by the bitter tone in Erens voice.

    “You’ll never compare to her.” Using his thumb he gently wiped away the tears staining her cheeks, “Everything people try to be, she already is, effortlessly.” His movements stopped, grip slightly tightening around her jaw just enough to make her wince, “If you ever use her name again,” he leaned down until his lips were brushing against her ear, “I’ll fucking ruin you.”

    He lifted himself off of her, eyes boring into her retreating form as she hastily walked out of the dorm, the sound of her sniffling coming to an abrupt end as she shut the door behind her. Walking to the sliding door of the balcony Eren leaned against the glass, eyes peering out into the night as he lost himself in his thoughts. His mind wandered back to the last couple of days — to the people who’ve recently spoken to you. Clearly, if you were out on a date there had to have been someone who managed to maneuver around Erens field of attention. ‘Someone new..’ His head tilted upwards as he let out a tired exhale, ‘Can’t be a transfer or anyone in her classes.’ His eyes focused on the ceiling. Usually, Eren made a point to everyone on campus that you were off-limits, his shadow always present wherever you were. If a student felt confident enough to approach you, Eren would be quick to make an example out of them; of course, most of this never reached your knowledge. It was funny, really. Every student on campus, including even staff, was aware of the hold you had on him except you.

    With a wicked smile, Eren chuckled, “Make this date count.”


    “Sounds annoying.” Fluttering his eyes closed, Levi took a sip of his tea, taking a moment to inhale the scent of mint and honey before focusing his attention on your dazed form.

    Basking in the warmth of the campus’s cafe, your eyes browsed through the Christmas garlands lacing over the furniture and shelves, a soft smile spread across your face as you felt your heart squeeze at the holiday feeling. Warm lights twinkled off the tinsel and ornaments as the welcoming sound of Christmas music played in the background. November had reached its end and Christmas decor was all over campus — seasonal drinks and pastries were neatly put on display, mistletoes hanged at the entrance of shops, and students buzzed with excitement to get a break from school to visit their families.

    ‘Ah, that’s right.. a break.’ Brushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear, your smile quickly faltered, ‘A break from Eren..’ Your lips formed into a small frown as you thought about your dorm mate, but he’s what lead you to your current situation.

    Walking through the doors of the cafe alongside Levi was probably the closest you’ll get to your 15 min of fame. You watched as everyone stopped their movements to stare at the both of you; whispers and questioning glances being directed at the pretty girl accompanying the schools most infamous face. The attention was uncomfortable to say the least, you wondered what sort of rumors would spread throughout the university just from this innocent meeting.

    ‘Mikasa and Sasha didn’t warn me about this.’

    You were caught off guard by the amount of attention you’d receive just by being next to Levi. Quickly glancing over at the man in question you couldn’t help but feel just a bit prideful at the fact that you were out with him.

    ‘He’s definitely something.’ He was handsome, it was clear he took care of himself, ‘Dismissive yet gentlemanly and he definitely lives up to his intimidating reputation.’ Looking out the window, you watched as students passed by, you couldn’t help but feel at ease around him. He felt safe and you couldn’t figure out why.

    “If you’re just going to space off then I’m going to leave.”

    The blatant tone in his voice pulled you away from your thoughts as the tips of your ears heated up in embarrassment. Looking back to see him you saw his shaped brows furrowed in slight irritation.

    Sighing he met your gaze, “You seem uncomfortable.” Leaning his weight over the table he tilted his head, “Do I make you nervous, y/n?”

    Your heart pounded, the cool silver of his irises slightly dilated as they dragged over your sitting form. The blush that reddened your soft cheeks made your body temperature rise. Clearing your throat you straightened your back as you leaned your head on the palm of your hand, too shy to continue eye contact with him.

    “Sorry…. um to sum it up, I’ve tried to be amicable with him but it just doesn’t work out.” The hollow feeling of guilt crept from the crevices of your mind, and for a second you hesitated.

    ‘Is this the right thing?’

    Cursing yourself under your breathe you hated yourself for even considering the question. You don’t excuse Erens behavior and you fully resent him for the shitty things he’s done to you, so then why? Why are you cowering out now?


    Strong arms wrapped around your torso as your hands clutched onto the soft material of wool and polyester. Your eyes were red and puffy, having cried for what felt like an eternity now.

    Comforting words soothed your mind. His chin rested on the top of your head as he whispered reassuring words — continuing until he felt your shaking body ease into his embrace. Under any other circumstance, his voice would’ve made you wince in offense but today was different.

    Your body was tucked between Erens legs as you bawled your eyes out against his chest. He had found you crying on your bedroom floor when he came back from class. You hadn’t expected him to be back so early so you didn’t bother shutting your door when you ran in crying — something he was silently thankful for. Did you initially try to push him away? Sure, but the second he wrapped his arms around you, you melted. He didn’t understand why, but he felt happy you allowed him to see you in such a vulnerable state. Though the warm relief didn’t last long. Eren had a question burning in the back of his mind, making his teeth grit in frustration; no matter the cause, he blamed himself for not being there to protect you.

    After 30 min of cradling your hiccuping body in his embrace, he placed his hand on the back of your head, gently guiding your tear-stained face to the crook of his neck. His eyes stared emptily ahead of him, almost like a switch, his green orbs were void of emotion, or in this case — mercy. That’s when he finally asked what he’s been patiently waiting to know.

    “Who hurt you?”


    ‘No.. no I can’t think of that now!’

    Gripping your cup you stared directly into Levi’s eyes, “Would you be able to help me move out?”

    “I suppose I could.” Strumming his slender fingers on his cup his steely gaze locked with yours, “But what would you do for me?” You nearly choked on your drink, “Surely you didn’t think this wouldn’t come without a price, now did you?”

    “W-what do you mean?”

    “I mean if I’m going to go through the trouble of helping you — what would you do in exchange to make it worth my effort?” His intense gaze never faltered yours as his suede shoes tapped on the tiled floor, patiently awaiting your answer.

    ‘Surely he doesn’t mean… no, right..?’

    You could feel the palm of your hands get clammy, your mind working to make sense of what he said, ‘M-maybe I’m looking too into it..’ Slightly squeezing your thighs together you chastised yourself for letting your mind run wild with lewd thoughts.

    “Look,” Placing both hands on your cup you let out a long sigh, bashfully averting your eyes from the man in front of you, “I’ve been backed to a corner. At this point I’d do anything to help my situation… so please Mr. Ackerman, I’ll repay my debt to you in any way I can!”

    Humming in content, you didn’t miss the ghost of a smirk tugging at his lips.

    “Very well.” His lean body reclined back on his seat, an arm lazily draping over the booth as he closed his eyes, “You said it yourself.” Bringing the hot cup of tea to his lips he paused, half-lidded eyes flickering up at you, “I’ll have you repay me with your body.”

    Your eyes widened, ‘My…. body?’ Your skin pricked with goosebumps, to say you were attracted to the man was one thing but to repay him with your body was a completely different story.

    “Hey! Now wait a m-“

    “Starting tomorrow you’ll be meeting me in my office after class.” Sighing before taking out his phone his eyes narrowed down at the screen as he quickly typed something out, “I’ll have work ready for you to do.”


    The incredulous stare you gave Levi almost made him chuckle — it’s not like he didn’t know what he was doing. The raven-haired man found pleasure in your flustered reactions, seeing your supple cheeks turn pink with embarrassment helped him envision what other scenarios had you turning so red. I mean, if you got to tease him with your sultry outfit then he had every right to play with his words until he had you shifting in your seat, right?

    “Is there a problem?” He placed his phone down, “You seem disappointed.”

    “O-oh no!” Running your hands through your hair you gave him a sheepish smile, “I’ll take whatever task I’m assigned.”


    By the time the conversation ended and the details of your new role were explained, it was past closing hours for the cafe. The curious crowd had slowly subsided and you were left alone with Levi. You were relieved that people were no longer around to gawk at the both of you but to be honest you couldn’t help but feel a little nervous at the more intimate setting. Slowly the conversation shifted from professionalism to light-hearted chatter; though most of the talking was one-sided, Levi would listen to the mindless things you had to say, acknowledging your rants with the occasional hum or eye-roll. By the time the both of you exited the cafe, the lampposts were on and the night had turned breezy. Levi accompanied you back to your dorm, brushing off your objections by saying he just wasn’t eager to get back to the stack of papers and emails waiting for him in his home office.

    ‘It’s getting cold.’ You thought as you slightly shivered.

    Moving to hug your body in an attempt to shield yourself from the cool breeze, your breast squeezed up, teasingly exposing your skin. Smiling to yourself you side-eyed Levi. Of course, you hadn’t missed the flash of his eyes as they hungrily followed your swaying hips, or how he’d slow his pace just enough to have you walk a few inches ahead of him. To be honest, you found his subtlety amusing — cute even. Maybe that’s why you didn’t bother to tug down the hem of your dress as it slightly shifted higher. But who could blame you? The man was fine.

    Reaching the stairs leading to your dorms entrance, Levi leaned on a streetlight; his arms crossed as his dark eyes studied you — drinking in every detail of your body standing idly in front of him. He thought about how close you were, two small steps and he could close the space between you, but patience is a virtue and Levi is nothing but patient.

    Cheerfully smiling, your voice spoke first, “Thank you for listening.”

    Your dainty fingertips played with the thin, silver necklace that rested on your breasts. You basked in the way his expression stiffened, watching him struggle to keep his eyes focused on yours.

    “And thank you for the coffee.” Turning to walk away, you glanced over your shoulder, slightly arching your back as you waved your goodbye, “Goodnight Mr. Ackerman!”

    Walking up the stairs, you had barely made it two steps before your body was forced into an abrupt halt. Your eyes quickly darted to the firm hand holding onto the small of your waist.

    Your mind didn’t have a chance to process the situation before you heard a soft scoff.


    Your heart felt like it could explode as you gradually turn your head to your left. Levi's body was towering right behind you, the man was confident — that’s for fucking sure. You stood still for a few seconds, minding the fact that his lips were only inches away as his breath ghosted the nape of your neck. Immediately your skin pricked with goosebumps.

    ‘Fuck—’ Your breath nearly hitched, ‘He’s doing this shit on purpose.’ Steadying your heart rate, a smile etched on your face.

    Leaning your body back, you gently pressed yourself against Levi’s chest as you tilted your head up — gazing at him with innocent doe eyes, you did your best to feign naiveness.

    “What a pretty name.” Your voice laced with honey, soft and gentle.

    For a second you saw the man’s confidence waver as he tried his hardest to stifle a groan.

    Quietly muttering a quick, “Brat…” under his breath, he took a step back.

    “Tch. Just don’t be late.” His grey eyes averted your toying stare, his face scrunched into a slight scowl — an attempt to hide the heat rushing to his pale complexion.

    A cocky grin plastered on your lips as you proceeded up the steps again, waving your last goodbye, you shouted a quick, “I won’t-!” Before disappearing through the entrance of your building.

    Pressing the button to the elevator you silently thanked the universe for the empty lobby, happy you’d be able to enjoy a ride to your floor in peace.


    As the elevator doors opened you quickly shuffled inside, crashing your back to the cool metal of the bars as your mind reflected on todays events.

    ‘Huh...’ Your hand caressed the spot Levi’s touch lingered on, ‘I wonder what he thinks about when he teases me like that..’ Slowly your mind wandered into other scenarios that would have him gripping your waist like that again. ‘Does he..? Ugh no! What am I thinking?’ Sighing in exasperation, you pinched the bridge of your nose, ‘I can’t think this way if I’m gonna work for him!’ Quickly shaking off your thoughts you looked up as the elevator doors opened.

    Up until now you hadn’t realized how exhausted you were. Standing in front of your dorm almost felt like you’ve made it to some sort of finish line, especially considering how you’ve been walking in heels all night. Truly an accomplishment within itself.

    Twisting your key on the lock, you quietly opened the door; softly walking inside as you placed your purse down on the entrance table — a courtesy your dorm mate never seemed to get through his head. Taking your phone out you checked the time, squinting at the brightness of the screen.

    ‘11:42 PM huh?’

    You leaned down to unlace your heels; sighing in relief as you stretched out your feet. Honestly, you were surprised to see how late it’d gotten, ‘I guess time flies by when yo-‘

    “Had fun?”

    Your body froze.

    ‘W-what the hell?’

    Quickly lifting yourself up, you reached to turn on the nearest light. There next to the balcony you saw Erens figure lazing on the armchair, his legs hung over the armrest as his head rested on the back of his knuckles — immediately you met his gaze.

    “Eren? Why are you still awake?”

    Your eyes strained as your vision tried to adjust to the dim room, the lamp you had turned on didn’t quite cover enough area, but you could still faintly make out Erens silhouette. He had on his grey sweats, the border barely clinging onto his torso, displaying his v line in full view.

    ‘Of course.’ You grimly thought to yourself.

    If there was one thing you hated, it was Erens fitted athletes shirt. You hated how well each of his muscles flexed underneath the sheer material any time he so much as breathed, teasingly accentuating his build when he wore it. It didn’t help either that, that hawk-eyed idiot caught you staring at him the few times he’d wear it.

    ‘Funny. He seems to wear it more often.’


    “You have class tomorrow morning and you’re coming back at midnight?” You could hear the sneering accusatory tone in his words, “You’re only ever out this late if you have some stupid study group or something.”

    “Since when do you keep tabs?” Huffing out in annoyance you picked up your heels.

    ‘Seriously I thought he’d be glad to have the dorm to himself wit-‘ Pausing for a second you glanced back to the living room, ‘… with Louise?’

    The sound of the armchair creaking snapped your attention back to Eren, he stood up from his seat — his usual bored expression settled back onto his features, but you could clearly see the icy glare reflecting off his green eyes as he swiftly strode across the living room to his bedroom door, opening it he glanced back.

    “Forget it.”

    His voice rasped out condescendingly — the whole situation felt like a whirl; you didn’t even have a chance to retaliate or ask him what he was doing up so late.

    You watched his broad shoulders disappear into his room as he slammed the door behind him.

    ‘What the fuck was that about?’


    *3 Weeks Later*

    “I’ve noticed you’ve been present at the office more often.”

    Levi’s tired eyes glanced over at the tall, blonde-haired man beside him, narrowing his eyes at the not-so-subtle glint in his companions irises. Of course Levi knew what his Director was referring to, as a matter of fact, the whole university’s been buzzing with gossip and rumors about the pretty h/c haired girl taking up the Assistant Directors time. Luckily, word hasn’t gone out on exactly who that mystery girl is but news runs pretty quickly in a campus full of curious students; at this point, it was only a matter of time before the school ran rampant with your name.

    Moving his eyes forward, Levi answered as flat and plainly as he could, hoping the overly observant — or perhaps nosey — man would drop the topic.

    “I’m always in the office.”

    “Yes. Though usually you prefer to do your work outside or in the library.”

    The all-knowing look Erwin gave Levi, made his blood simmer. He hated that look. It’s like those blue orbs were made of some sort of crystal ball, at times he honestly questioned whether or not his Director spent most of his time in the surveillance room spying on people like some sort of villainous overlord. Then again, it didn’t help that, that four-eyed brainiac spent more time in the Sci building, interacting with students than she did in her own office. Pair a know-it-all with a chatty fruitcake and you’ve got Levi’s personal mix of hell.

    Begrudgingly, he asked, “If you have something to say just spit it out already, Erwin.”

    “I’ve seen the helper you’ve picked up recently.” Erwin smiled proudly, “Hange has told me you’ve been spending a notable amount of time with your new ‘assistant’.”

    Rolling his eyes, Levi sneered, “Your point?”

    “She’s a rather attractive woman. She’s the one you’re helping move out of her dorm, right?” Without wasting a second, Erwin decided to see how far he could tease his short-tempered friend before he had enough of his games, “I’ve heard of her around campus.”


    Smiling contently, “She seems like a good fit for you.”

    Times like these are when Levi genuinely questioned whether or not he made the right career choice.

    “Glad you’ve mentioned it.” Scowling at the blonde next to him, “Have you looked into any available dorms? Or have you been too busy gossiping with Hange about things that don’t concern either of you?”

    A hearty laugh bellowed out of Erwin’s chest, his heavy hand patted Levi’s back as the latter tried to swat his hand away.

    ‘I knew I should’ve just taken the long way to the main building.’

    Silently cursing himself as his Director continued with the conversation, Levi eyed a group of students approaching. Three of them in total were taking up the majority of the sidewalk, two of them were bickering with one another as the third seemed like he was trying to relieve the tension, he looked unfazed by the commotion — like it was a common occurrence for him. Levi tried to ignore the three of them as they walked towards his and Erwin’s direction; staying put on his path, he didn’t care to move to the side for a couple of brats. Two had moved slightly to allow enough space for everyone to walk by — except one. There was one who stayed unmoved as he sauntered past, almost shoulder to shoulder, with Levi.

    ‘Tch. Disrespectful little shit.’

    Slightly turning his head to the side, Levi glared back at the stranger who bumped into him — he paused.

    Silver eyes had locked with emerald ones.

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