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    ok ok i know i should be working on kinktober fics but i couldn’t help myself :( !!

    meanie prequel and sequel coming soon ???

    #attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #aot #aot x reader #eren yeager #eren yeager x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #eren x reader #eren jaeger x reader #jean kirchstein smut #aot jean#jean kirschtien #attack on titan jean #jean kirstein #jean x reader #jean smut#snk eren#snk jean#eren snk#aot smut #attack on titan smut #eren smut #attack on titan eren #aot eren
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    Should I?

    Hello there

    so I was wondering if you guys would like me to post a story with my Attack on Titan OC Kayla Ackermann

    I was just wondering if you guys would like that


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    28.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Incorrect AOT quotes

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #eren yeager#eren jaeger#zeke yeager#zeke jaeger #incorrect attack on titan quote
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    Do you guys think that Kris will be all Eren Yeager about wanting freedom and stuff?

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    Original Art book Wit Studio

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    28.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Make me Fade [2]

    Summary: After Jean breaks off your long term relationship, your friends recommend a new buzz to you: Eren Jaeger.

    Pairings: Jean x fem!reader, Eren x fem!reader

    Warnings: swearing, mentions of drugs, eventual smut

    Word Count: 2k

    A/N: Thanks for all the attention the first part is getting! Let me know what you guys think so far! I would love to hear input from you guys!

    After listening to what Ymir had to say, you send them both a wave and a smile before making your way towards Eren. She seemed very serious about what she told you but  you decide to shake it off because why would you purchase anything but weed from Eren?

    You nervously approach the picnic table where Eren was seated. God he looks even better up close. You usually weren’t nervous when approaching new people but not everyone looked like him. He notices your presence and looks up from his phone, giving you a blank stare and not even bothering to take at least one of his earphones out. His stare was intimidating; it sent chills down your spine.

    “Can I ask you something?” You ask him with a faint smile on your face, trying to be friendly. He sends you a quick nod and looks back down at his phone. Damn this guy doesn’t seem very friendly. He barely even acknowledged my presence. 

    “Could I uh.. Buy some pot from you?” You raise your voice a bit, hoping he’d hear you through his headphones. 

    Eren’s eyes shoot wide open and he suddenly grabs your wrist. He then yanks you down to sit beside him, turning his whole body towards you with an annoyed look on his face. “Lower your voice, dumbass! I don’t want the whole campus to know what I do.” He harshly whispers. 

    “I figured most of the students already know. You’re like the plug for a shit ton of people right?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion.

    “Damn, you really are dumb.” He scoffs in your face. “Did you forget that students aren’t the only people roaming around campus?” He explains while motioning his hand towards teachers and staff walking past. 

    Your face turns bright red as you realize how stupid the question actually was. So much for first impressions. But actually who cares, I’m just here for weed. “Well you were the one that was too rude to take your headphones while someone was talking to you! I had to speak louder!” You defend, trying to save yourself from the embarrassment. 

     Eren smirks and pulls the right earphone out of his ear and gently presses it into yours. The action makes you realize that he had turned down his volume to what sounded like the lowest setting while you were speaking to him. “You really think I’m rude enough to not down my music while someone is talking to me, sweetheart?”

    So he’s hot, cocky, and an asshole? Great..

    The embarrassment from before fills back into you as that sentence leaves his mouth but you decide to ignore it and give him the same energy. “Well yeah honestly. You look like the kind of asshole that would do something like that.” 

    You can tell by his facial expression that he was not expecting you to say that and feel a sense of satisfaction. Eren then clicks his tongue and stands up from the table, gathering all his belongings. “You know you shouldn’t call people names when you want something from them.” He scolds and turns his back towards you. 

    “Wait! I’m sorry, okay?” You give in and shoot up from beside him, wanting to roll your eyes at the fact he shut down the energy you returned, real quick. 

    Eren turns back towards you with a smirk on his face and holds his hand flat out in front of you. “Give me your phone.” He demands. His demand catches you off guard so you hesitantly reach into your pocket and hand it over to him. He easily gains access since your phone doesn't have a password. 

    “No passcode huh? Someone is pretty trusting.” He says, his eyes glancing up at you through the loose strands of hair that were hanging down in his face. He then looks back down and proceeds to put his number in your contacts.

    “Well yeah.. I don't have anything to hide. I’m in a relationship. I mean was.” You remember you just got broken up with like two hours prior and awkwardly correct yourself. Surprisingly this is the first time you thought about Jean during this whole interaction with Eren. It felt nice not to think about him. “But he-” The feeling of your phone being slapped back into your hand interrupts you.

    “Let’s not overshare. You’re just talking to me for business, correct?” He smirks and turns back around. “I’ve gotta run, text me later sweetheart and we’ll get you taken care of.” With that he’s gone. You almost want to scream at his rudeness but his choice of words along with the smirk stick in your mind like glue, the thought keeping your lips sealed. 

    You look down at your phone to see what he put his contact name as. It was a simple E with a black heart emoji. You roll your eyes at the emoji and begin the walk back to your dorm.


    Upon entering your room, you see Annie on her side of the room sitting at her desk and engaging in studies. Damn. You were hoping she wouldn't be here so you could sulk in peace. She continues to stare down at her textbook, not even bothering to acknowledge your presence. Maybe you could sulk in peace since she acts like you don’t exist half the time. 

    Having Annie as a roommate had it’s advantages. She was quiet and minded her own business, never daring to bother you. Even so, she wasn't very friendly. You felt you couldn't go to her if you needed anything. After living with her for almost two weeks, you still couldn't tell if she was shy or just a bitch. 

    You quietly walk past her to your bed, not wanting to bother her studies. Before you can reach the end of your bed, the picture frame on the nightstand holding a picture of you and Jean stops you dead in your tracks. 

    It was a photo from one of your very first dates. He brought you to the fair and made you go on the ferris wheel with him, hoping to get a kiss from you. He was always so romantic. Sometimes it felt like he was a character pulled straight out of a romance novel, written by a woman of course. It seemed like coming to college ruined him. The reason he broke up with you was so out of character for him.

    You push the picture face down and crawl into bed with a huff. As soon as your head hit the pillow, the tears started to flow. What is happening? I got broken up with so suddenly and now I’m about to go buy drugs. 


    “Y/n.” Annie calmly calls your name and shakes you to wake up. Did I cry myself to sleep? You slowly sit up and wipe your eyes with your sleeve. “How long was I asleep?” You question in the middle of a yawn. 

    “Like three or four hours, I don't know.” Her blank stare starts to intimidate you a bit so you try to speed the conversation up. “Okay so why did you wake me? What’s up?” You ask, trying to avoid eye contact. 

    “Do you have anywhere else to go? I have a guy coming over in a few and we don’t want to be bothered.” She explains while walking back to her side of the room. You choke on your spit a little, not expecting her to boldly ask you to leave for a guy. You get it though, she would always leave when you brought Jean over to your dorm the first few days of school. Not like you asked her to but she was understanding. You begin to contemplate on where to go, wanting Annie to have her private time. Since Jean was out of the picture, you couldn’t go there. 

    Then you suddenly remember. Eren. 

    “Yeah I have somewhere to go. No worries.” You reassure her and scramble to get your phone to text Eren.

    “Thanks.” Annie quietly utters, giving you a small smile. She rarely ever smiled. She must really like this guy. 



    Hey.. it’s Y/n. The girl you spoke to earlier. 


    I was starting to think you forgot me babe :(


    What are you even talking about?


    I was kidding. Lighten up. 

    Also I talk to a lot of girls, so 

    you’re gonna have to explain better.


    I just want to buy from you damn


    Oh right. Come to this address in like 20


    You don't feel the need to reply so you leave him on read and start getting ready. You slap on a simple black hoodie and athletic shorts that cut off at your upper thigh. A knock from the door echoes throughout the quiet room as you reach for your wallet and keys. You shoot Annie a quick look to see any signs of anger because you were still in the room. She notices you looking and shrugs.

    “No rush. We’re just gonna watch a movie first. Could you get that though? I’m gonna get the movie set up.” She requests, rummaging through her backpack to get her laptop.

    You nod and head over to the door. Opening it revealed a mid height boy with blonde hair and eyes blue like the ocean. He was cute and innocent looking. You stare at him in awe, confused as to how this boy was here for Annie. You could tell without him saying a word that they were complete opposites.

    “Um hi. Is Annie here?” He shyly asks while fidgeting his hands, unsure on where to put them.

    His voice breaks you out of your gaze and you slightly blush upon realizing you were awkwardly staring at him. 

    “Yeah, she’s back there getting the movie ready.” You enlighten him, clearing your throat in the process to try to get rid of the awkward feeling. You move out of the doorway, revealing Annie sitting on her bed with a small smile. 

    “I’m Armin by the way. Nice to meet you” He politely says, slipping past you to get to Annie.

    “I’m Y/n. Nice to meet you too.” You quickly turn to Annie before Armin could make it to her bed. You mouth the words oh my god. Wanting her to know you were impressed by the boy she managed to snag, you give her a thumbs up. She playfully rolls her eyes at you and pats the spot next to her on the bed, requesting Armin to sit down. “We’re watching Harry Potter.”

    You smile to yourself, happy that your roommate had luck with boys so far and at the fact that she is a Harry Potter fan. You grab your black vans and begin slipping them on. 

    “I love those movies!” Armin exclaims. “Though I haven't seen them since Eren and I were friends. We used to marathon them a lot as kids.” He explains, his tone not sounding as excited anymore. 

    That name makes you halt your actions and you turn to face Armin from across the room. “Eren? As in Eren Jaeger?” You ask. Surely there were many Erens on campus, it probably wasn't him.

    Armin slowly nods, a bit confused as to why you were asking. “We grew up together. We’re not friends anymore though. I don't agree with his lifestyle. Plus he changed, he's not like how he used to be.” He explains, hoping that would be enough to avoid further questions. He just met you so could very well be one of those crazy girls Eren messed with, always asking him to talk to Eren for them. 

    You finish slipping your shoes on and awkwardly laugh because you weren’t expecting a whole explanation from him. “Sorry for intruding, you guys have fun!” You wave to them both and push yourself out the door.

    This Eren guy seemed like bad news, but fuck it, you needed some excitement in your life. Some excitement for your college experience.

    #aot#aot fanfiction#aotfanfic#eren jaeger #eren jeager x reader #jean kirschstein#eren yeager #jean kirschtein fanfiction #eren jeager x you #jean x reader #aot x reader #attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan fanfiction #snk #shingeki no kyojin #eren x reader #connie springer#ymir#annie leonhart#armin#armin arlert
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    28.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    how can ppl think that eren would be a good boyfriend? bro im pretty sure that boy would gaslight and cheat so fckin much

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    time for my nightly routine of browsing through my eren reblog tags ☺️

    #ren ren 😡 #sofi loves eren #sofi wants eren’s love:( #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #eren yeager#anime#eren aot#snk eren #eren x reader #eren x you #eren jaeger
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  • irememberthedark
    28.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Whatever He Wants

    Summary: Mikasa buys a piece of lingerie that she’s too shy to show Eren. Luckily for her, she ends up not having to work up the courage at all.

    Or Mikasa gives her first blow job spurred on by how down bad she is for her man.


    NSFW, Explicit, Smut

    Mikasa had been shy about buying it. Of course she had some cute lingerie here and there, things that made her feel pretty, but this one...this one different. It was sexy. A bit dangerous...naughty almost. It made her think of Eren. When she saw it on that mannequin, Mikasa knew she wanted to wear it for him.

    But she was even shier about showing it to him. Working up the courage to surprise him with it was so hard, not because she thought he would hate or anything. It was just that he’d never seen her in anything like it, she had never owned anything like it, still...she didn’t expect to love the way she looked in the black body suit as much as she did.

    It happened when she was trying it on for the hundredth time, turning this way and that in the mirror. Her fingers ran over the soft mesh, caressing the skin at each opening, admiring the ridiculously high cut that exposed her hips and waist and parts of her tummy. As she looked, Mikasa vaguely wondered if it were possible to turn yourself on. She had never been one to really over appreciate herself, but she could feel her skin starting to prickle in that telltale way, her blood heating up, her mouth going a bit dry. She turned to marvel how the mesh nestled so prettily between her cheeks. Honestly, this giddiness was almost like when she was with -


    There he stood, the object of her thoughts and affection and fantasies, in all his positively fine glory. Mikasa felt a bit silly for not realizing he was there or at least near. Of course, her body would react to him like it always did. Since she had met this man, her innate responses to his mere presence baffled her. For it to happen when she didn’t even realize he was near...for it to get so much worse when she finally did.

    “I didn’t hear you come in.” It honestly didn’t matter, was just a way for Mikasa to try and not be over whelmed by how his aura filled her small bedroom, ignore how delicious his tall, lithe form looked leaning against his door frame, the flex of his forearms and biceps where they lay folded against his broad chest. She wasn’t succeeded and Eren didn’t answer anyway.

    The way his bright greens, raked over her figure had a rush shooting straight to her core, her nipples tingling as they hardened right in front of him. And when his eyes finally met hers, those heavy lids told her she was in trouble.

    “I haven’t seen this before.”

    “It’s...new.” The words came out so pathetically breathy, but this man he just - just -

    “Hm. How long have you had it?”

    “A month.”

    “A whole month?” Mikasa looked down at the ground, suddenly filled with guilt at the disappointed edge to his tone. “Answer me, sweetheart.”

    “Yes.” The level of unprepared she was for this situation made it so hard to actually to do that. He always found some way or another to catch her off guard, to fluster her so completely while he remained casual.

    “And what were you doing with this for a month?”


    “Nothing? It doesn’t look like nothing.”

    “I was looking at it. Sometimes I like to look at it.”

    “And that’s all you were gonna do? Look at it? Not share it with anyone?” At that, Mikasa finally had the courage to look up at Eren and there was something to the set of his lips, the way he looked off to the side that had her closing the space in between them.

    “No! No. I bought it to wear for you. I wanted you to see it. No one else.”


    “Of course.”

    “Good.” And his change in demeanor was so abrupt, that she just stared at a loss when he left her at the door to go sit at the foot of the bed, had absolutely no idea what he wanted when he looked at her expectantly once settled. “Well it’s for me to see, right? Come here.” He pointed to the spot just in front of him and Mikasa felt her tingling skin kindle in a warm flame, her feet carrying her over as he commanded.

    It only grew hotter from there, her insides starting to melt at how hungry his stare was compared to his surprised examination just minutes earlier. Eren was going to eat her alive and she desperately wanted him to, allowing his hot palm settle on her thigh. A trail of fire is left behind as it stroked up her hip and waist, stopping to pull and pinch her little peaks that poked out the openings.

    Teeth digging into her lower lip was the only way she could keep the sounds in. Pressing her thighs together was the only way she could keep her wobbly form from falling over as his fingers slid back down her torso, intentionally catching in the netting, brushing against the sensitive skin.

    Wordlessly, he leaned back on one hand and gestured for her to turn around. Mikasa does it of course, although not with turning her reddened face over shoulder to watch how his tongue darts out to lick his lips.

    “Bend over, sweetheart. Let me see,” he murmured lowly, the words vibrating through her as she realized the embarrassing position he wanted her to assume. Nearly a year later, Mikasa still didn’t know what it was about him that had her obeying so willingly, that had her crossing her ankles and slowly leaning down in front of him to grip them for support.

    Did she need a reason?

    She wanted Eren to squeeze and grope at her ass, to make her shake with anticipation when his touch paused at her inner thighs, have her wiggle around as he played with the netting that scratched against her clit wishing he sink his long fingers into her waiting heat. Mikasa didn’t realize how much she wanted attention until he appeared from nowhere giving it to her in spades, demanding hers back too.

    And she couldn’t help but want to give it to him when she peeked around her legs and saw the way he was palming his hard on through sweatpants, when she heard the soft shit that follow. Was it the way her dripping lips clenched that made him say it? Regardless, Mikasa was all too eager when he finally pulled her up and tugged her closer.

    “You only put this little thing for me to see?”

    “No.” She knew exactly what she wanted, exactly why she wanted to wear this for him, kept glancing at it in the store until a shopgirl came and gave her the little push she needed to buy it. She didn’t consider herself sexy or rather didn’t know how to actively be sexy, but Mikasa wanted to try because she absolutely weak for this man. He knew it. She knew it.

    It’s why she sometimes disliked that he could read her so well, not that she could even help it. Eren never let her hide, always wanting hear her say things out loud, things she’d normally be too nervous and self conscious to say, things he always managed to coax from her so easily it was offensive.

    Mikasa secretly loved it too. Because he loved it. Because it was freeing for herself and her mental to say exactly what she wanted no matter how crass the wording; and so satisfying when he finally gave it her.

    “So what are we gonna do, then?” Eren’s hands were so warm as they caressed up and down her sides. He just made it so hard for her to think. Mikasa was smart, very smart; and although it wasn’t in her nature to flaunt it, she took pride in that. Yet with Eren, all other thoughts besides him flew out the window.

    Her father and cousin Levi had warned her about guys. They had told her how men only wanted one thing and it was the only they kept on their minds. It had made her wary and her shyness did nothing to help, but now it was funny because when she looked at this man, was in his proximity, when he looked her, spoke to her, touched her, anything really...fucking Eren Yeager was the only thing on Mikasa Ackerman’s mind all the damn time.

    And it made her go red with embarrassment and just a little bit of shame because she didn’t want to objectify him. He was so much more than that, but he just made it so hard with way he how enticing his toned body was, his tanned skin that contrasted so nicely with her own, his alluring green eyes when he looked at her, his skilled hands that worked so diligently, and don’t even get her started on his voice.

    How could she not answer his question by slowly sinking to her knees between his legs?

    “Oh?” He was as surprised as he was when he first walked in an saw her, but it didn’t stop Mikasa from tentatively sliding her hands up his legs, wishing she could feel his skin through the navy sweats. When her fingers find their way under his shirt, grazing his gorgeous abs, tucking themselves into his already low hanging waistband, he says, “This isn’t the only thing we can do.”

    Are you sure

    And she can only stare at those lovely eyes, now so so dark as she continued pulling at his pants. Was it terrible how she salivated at the deep v revealing itself. The way her thighs pressed together so tightly, arousal making her core ache when his dick sprung free all thick and hard and with the most exquisite curve. It was honestly the prettiest dick she’s ever seen, which isn’t saying anything at all, but this one was Eren’s and everything about him was so pretty and so handsome and the fact that she’d gotten him leaking those tiny shining beads, splotting against his stomach gave her the confidence to gently wrap her fingers around him.

    She preened at the hiss that came from his lips, at the way his dick twitched in her grip, veins becoming more prominent.

    “Stroke it, sweetheart. Move your hand up and down.” Mikasa started slow, enjoying the way the smooth skin moved under hand. It was so hot, so heavy.

    “Like this?”

    “Yeah, baby. Just like that. Twist your hand a little when stroke. Good baby, good.” His praise made her feel so good, made her want to do even better, made her want to do so good that he was out of breath, abdomen working as he struggled to breath; made her want to see his mouth fall open and release his pretty moans and deep curses that made her pussy throb with need. His encouragement made her lean in, taking in his clean, musky scent and give his pink head a little lick, tasting the salt of his cum

    “Miki...” Watching his eyes flutter closed as she gave him another lick. Yeah, that exactly how she wanted to hear it. Being with Eren made Mikasa notice how greedy she was or maybe she was just greedy for him because she wanted so much more, to give him so much more.

    She lets her tongue swirl around and around his smooth head, delighting at the soft ridge gliding on her tongue, sucking up the little droplets that were becoming more frequent. Enamored with how wet his cock was getting, his grunts and jerking hips, her tongue falls out in fully, dragging its way down his length.

    “Fuck baby, wet it up.” He wanted it wet? Without question, she would give him what he wanted, lifting just enough to open her mouth wide, the spit she’d worked up flowing around the grooves of her taste buds, dripping from her lips, slipping over his dick, sliding along it’s grooves and veins, slicking up her pumping fingers even more.

    It was so filthy. She had never done something so dirty in her life, never imagined she could, but Eren’s hand settled so comfortably on her head, digits combing through her black strands. The strangled whisper of, “Good girl, Miki. Slobber all over my dick,” had her free hand squeezing the fat of her inner thigh, a bolt of pleasure - excitement - making her pussy clench and squeeze and wish he was stuffing the needy little hole.

    But she was doing so good for him, making him feel good if his words, his panting mouth was anything to go by. That in itself had her lips parting over the smooth tip of his cock, his groan making her hips squirm, the grip on her tightening as she filled her mouth with dick, feeling him slide back on her tongue, against the roof, taking up all the space she had to give, but disappointingly it wasn’t enough no matter how far her jaw opened. She should have figured with how stretched her pussy got when he sank in.

    Still, Mikasa did her best, so eager to please, watching his eyes flutter close and open, like he wanted to keep watching her lips drag up and down his dick, fucking her own mouth on him, let it move in and out just like how he fucked her soaked cunt.

    She can no longer help herself, hand seeking out her drooling pussy, whole body quivering as it brushes against the drenched threads of the body to reach her swollen clitty. It caught Eren’s attention when Mikasa started to moan on his cock, making it twitch some more, no doubt seeing the tremors and shaking of her ass behind her.

    “Look at me baby.” And with difficulty, she managed to, eyes hazy with lust, face no doubt red from moans and dick preventing her from breathing properly. He was just so so sweet with his jaw clenched, veins bulging in his neck. “Are you touching yourself, sweetheart? Making my cunt feel all good and ready for me to slide into?” She found herself actually sucking on him, hand working more quickly, taking him in so deep that she was close to gagging, eyes starting to water but he guided her head off him and if Mikasa thought the previous scene was filthy, then this one was just obscene.

    The streams of spit and cum bridged her sticky face to his reddened cock, covered her hand and fingers, brought a pretty shine to the matte pink polish on her nails. She had an errant thought of switching hands to smear their combined fluids all over her cunt as she rubbed herself to orgasm, but Eren didn’t let her stay so distracted.

    “You got your fingers shoved up your cunt?”

    “No,” she huffed, her lungs trying to regulate themselves.

    “Then what are you doing down there.”

    “Touching my clit.” Jolts ran through Mikasa as she circled it a little harder, enjoying the way his teeth bit into his lip for that quick moment.

    “Does sucking my dick make you so hot you have you to touch yourself, baby?”

    “Yeah. Yes.” Where she would usually be hesitant and skittish, the affirmation of his assumptions came out willingly. The thought of keeping quiet as she sunk two fingers inside herself didn’t even occur to her. She immediately went back to work when he pushed her open, mewling mouth back down his dick.

    It was completely erotic, the outer body experience she was having to the sounds of rough curses tumbling from his lips, slurping from her waterlogged mouth; to the feelings of his big hand pulling and pushing her along his fat dick faster and faster like he was refraining from just shoving himself all the way down her throat, to his hips nudging upward each time she went down, to her fingers struggling to give some relief to the fire burning inside.

    And it was all topped off by his deep groans resonating from him and through her as his cock jumped exploding cum all into her mouth. Mikasa was so surprised she pulled off, watching cum shoot out of him with wide eyes; feeling it splatter on her face and chest, staining the thin threads of her bodysuit, dripping into the openings the net made. She’d always seen how full the condoms got, felt so loaded up the times they’d gone without, but there was so much saltiness hitting his panting stomach, slipping over her already messy fingers, dripping down her chin, sliding down her throat. It was just another part of him that she was so happy to have.

    In the end, Mikasa was glad she took the leap and bought the suit. She never failed to feel a euphoric pleasure every time Eren tugged the seat of it to the side, letting the bunched material dig into flesh of her ass when he pulled her hips over his face so she could ride his hot tongue or when he buried himself so deeply inside her wanting heat, dicking her down from behind. The sound of the netting stretching, threads popping when his thick fingers grabbed and yanked at it always made her walls squeeze his spearing cock more tightly, wanting him to tug it harder, be even rougher with her.

    Suffice to say they were both disappointed when it was too in tatters for her to wear again, but maybe for his birthday she’d buy another or perhaps something new altogether.

    #eremika#eremika smut #mikasa ackerman x eren yeager #attack on titan #shingkei no kyojin #eren yeager#mikasa ackerman #eren x mikasa #aot fanfiction#eremika fanfiction#irememberthedark fanfiction#fanfiction #this one doesnt quite hit for me
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    He saw the seagulls flapping their wings on Noah's ark🕊


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    Prince Eren X Reader X Prince Armin

    Note: The reader is a princess/prince and they are meant to get married due to the strictness of their parents forcing them to get married, soon they come across prince Eren, and prince Armin, and due to the time they spent together the reader decides who they'd like to marry?

    - This will have two endings, you can choose between Eren or Armin.

    - P.S. The picture is supposed to be be young (Y/N), Armin, and Eren. Just ignore the girl and insert yourself. 

    Word Count - 1,749



            My parents were the king and queen of this land. The strongest kingdom of them all. So we always attracted a lots of attention from all the other higher ups. We were always visited by other royalties and lords. I was my parents only child so I was always visited by other's children when I was younger. When I was younger I just thought of making friends and having fun. It's when I got older that I realized they were looking for a proper man for me to marry. My father was a very strict person, I never had a say with him. But my mother was a very kind and loving person. If she wasn't queen this kingdom would be a very cold place. 

            Thousands of princes would visit trying to win my hand. But I was never sure. I wanted to actually love man I marry. But no matter what I did my two old friends from forever ago always came to mind. Maybe one of them would make me happy. I could hardly remember what they looked like, but I could clearly remember their names Eren and Armin. 

            Every day I didn't choose someone to marry the angrier my father would become. My mother was the only person who could cool his temper. He decided to throw a ball inviting every prince or high up young man. He gave me tonight to find someone to marry or else he was gonna pick someone for me.

            I was sent to my room to get ready for the night. I was extremely nervous as my maids helped me get ready. My father always treated the help badly, It made me feel horrible to ask for their help. I wasn't gonna allow my kingdom to be run like my father's, I'll rule the way my mother would. Strong, loving, and fair, the way it should be. 

            "It's alright my dear, have fun tonight. The right person will find you." My head maid told me kindly.

            "Thank you for your kind words." I say with a small smile. 

            As I get dressed my mother opens the door and lets herself in. She looks at me with loving eyes, and walks over. She softly grabs my hands and rubs her thumb across my knuckles. 

            "I know it'd hard to make such a big choose with little knowledge. Just know I love you my dear. Pick someone who makes you happy. ignore you're father." She says before letting my hands go.

            "Oh and one more thing. Do you remember those two boys you used to be friends with. Eren, and Armin was it?...I believe their here" She says with a wide smile.

            "Really!?...I-I mean really?" I ask happily surprised. 

            "Yeah my dear. Please try to enjoy yourself tonight." She says before leaving.

            As I finish getting ready I smile. I show a real smile for the first time tonight. I quickly get ready and head to the ballroom. My mother and father were sitting at their thrones waiting for me to join. I walk over and sit besides my father. The music starts and people start rushing in. I let out a breath and calmed myself down. 

            "How about you mingle with the people. It's hard for you to make a choose up here." My father says annoyed. 

            I stand up and almost the entire room freezes. Almost everyone was here for me. You had parents trying to gain power with their sons, perverted old men, other princes, and plenty of others. I slowly walk down the stairs to the main floor of the ballroom. I had been looking for Eren and Armin all night but I hadn't seen them yet. 

            A few men fight to help me down the stairs but I polity refuse their help and walk down the stairs myself. I see Jean and Marco, They were also old friends of mine. I quikly walk over to them so I get a little less attention. 

            "It's good to see you guys. It's crazy in here don't you agree?" I ask almost out of breath.

            "Yeah, you poor thing." Marco says with a smile.

            "So have you made a decision yet?" Jean asks with a laugh.

            "No." I say softly.

            "Do you have someone in mind?" Marco asks with an eyebrow raised.

            "Not exactly..." 

            "Who is it?" Jean asks.

            "Well do you remember Eren and Armin, I'm looking for them. I'm kinda thinking about choosing one of them." I say shyly. 

            I hadn't really thought this through. We were friends and I haven't even seen them yet. Plus it's been years. They may not be interested, they may not even be here. Before Jean or Marco could say anything to me I feel a hand on each of my shoulders.I quickly turn around thinking is some random guy. It's Eren and Armin. 

            "Guys!" I yell happily.

            I jump up and grab both of them by the neck to pull them in for a hug. I haven't seen them since we were like eight. 

            "We missed you to." They say with smiles as wide as mine. 

            We had all definitely grown up. Some more them others. They were both taller then me now. It was weird how much a person can change in ten years. 

    Y/N chooses Eren 

            After we had talked for a while a slower song started to play. Eren gives me his hand asking for a dance. We say our goodbyes to Armin and head to the middle of the ball room. People move so they can watch the princess/prince dance with the man of her choosing. Eren was getting rude looks from all the other guys. But we simply ignored them. All we cared about was each other. It was almost like no one else was there. All I could see were his beautiful, yet powerful green eyes. He had deferentially matured. He wasn't that hopeful and playful child I used to know. Behind those eyes were a world I would never get to truly understand. But he was still able to show love and kindness. Maybe he was the one. He's definitely the choose my father would approve of. But it would also make my mother happy because I care about the person I choose.

            I clear my mind as I dance with my old friend. We were both smiling like we used to. And when I caught Armin's eyes he looked happy for the both of us. Once the song ends be show our respect with a bow. When we both stand back up he lightly grabs my hand and gives it a kiss. It makes me blush lightly and look away. I believe I've made my decision. I hope I don't ever regret it. 

            At the end of the ball I danced and talked with many people but only one has my heart. Everyone is standing in  anticipation seeing who I choose. My father asks me to bring the lucky person to mean them. I slowly walk back down the stairs and find Eren talking with Armin. I poke his shoulder and wait for him to turn around. He looks down at me with surprise. He points to himself in surprise. I nod my head before grabbing his arm. Together we walk up the stairs to my parents. With me the future king, and I would be his queen. Both our heart were beating rapidly. We stood in front of my parents. I kept a hold of his arm lovingly. He had a proud smile as my mother and father stood op to great him.

            My father'd look never changes. He still his his plan and unloving look. While my mother was beaming with joy and happiness. 

            "So this is the man you choose to become king after me?" He asks looking Eren over. 

            "Yes father." I answer looking at my feet. 

            "Keep you head up. The future king and queen have to look presentable." He says.

            He walks past up to address the entire kingdom that the princess/prince had made their choice. Most cheered, while other's groaned. Most people left after it was announced, while others stayed to enjoy the ball. I stayed By Eren's side for the rest of the night. And The rest of my life. 

    Y/N chooses Armin

            I stayed with Eren and Armin for a while. They were some of few I felt comfortable with. The roomed calmed down when a soft song started to play. It was one I loved to hear when I was a child. I look over to see Eren give Armin a nudge my way. He slowly and shyly walks over to me. 

            "Would you care for a dance my lady?" He asks giving me his hand.

            "I would love to." I say grabbing his hand. 

            Together we walk to the center of the ballroom. I meat my mother's eyes. She had a few happy tears in her eyes. The people move aside for me and Armin. He pulls me close and dances with me. It's like we've been together for years. 

            When the music stops I never let go of his hand. It was like we were perfect together. We spend the rest of the night together until my father calls for me. Armin genitally grabs my arm and walks me up the stairs to meet my mother and father again. 

            My father looks a bit annoyed. I don't believe he's ever liked Armin. He said he was weak and girlish as a child. But he's really grown up since then, But I've always cared for him. He would be a very intelligent leader. But my father's happy I've picked someone. We walks past us to announce that a future king has been picked. 

            Me and Armin meet up with Eren, Jean, and Marco. They all congratulated us hoped our futures were filled with happiness.

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