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    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #dri.mp4 #the boyz#lee sangyeon#eric sohn#kevin moon#lee juyeon #thank u twt user theboyzjournal for uploading this #i need to immortalize this on my blog #i was gna gif it but #i looked at the quality n decided to love myself <3 #tag urself im juyeon holding on for dear life
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    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    not good at staring contests

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  • stealanity
    18.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    the boyz's reaction to you who have a habit of sitting on their lap

    genre : fluff & suggestive
    request : @minsikluv hii, can you do a reaction where you have a habit of sitting on their lap? (they're friends but both have feelings for each other) group: tbz and you can make it fluff like they're shy or suggestive, your choice!! btw, love your work!!

    ✩ sangyeon !

    you developed this habit a few months ago

    once there wasn't enough chair to sit, so you had to sit on sangyeon's lap

    not to displease him

    since that day it's quite common that you find yourself sitting on his lap

    you like the way he always has a hand around your hip, to keep you from falling

    sometimes his fingers even caress your skin under your t-shirt

    making your cheeks blush

    and you know he loves making you blush, thanks to the smirk on his lips when he notices it

    since he knows how to make you blush, he does it even more

    sometimes whispering in your ear

    « am i comfortable enough? »

    making you blush like crazy again

    causing you to punch him in the shoulder, making him laugh

    ✩ jacob !

    he's the sweetest

    you started to develop this habit when one day, he didn't want to let you sit on the dirty floor

    so he pulled you on his lap

    you can't really tell if he blushes slightly because of embarrassment or shyness

    but he never asked you to stop

    he often lets his head rest on your shoulder

    and you take the opportunity to gently stroke his hair

    he kinda like it a lot

    sometimes you just stay here, talking about random things

    he especially likes it when you're just the two of you

    you sitting on his lap, looking at the stars

    he just watches you with adoring eyes

    thinking how tiny you look on his lap

    but so dazzling in front of the stars

    ✩ younghoon !

    the sweetest part. 2

    just younghoon and his love face hanging on you

    you started to sit on his lap, because one day he told you that he wanted you to always be glued to him

    so you answered his request by finding a place on his lap

    who is now your main chair

    and he is always glad to have you sitting on him

    his arms are always hanging tight on your waist

    his face in your neck, camouflaged behind your hair

    talking about your hair : he always plays with a lock of your hair

    sometimes he hums songs in your ear

    rocking you from right to left gently

    his fingers clinging to yours

    « i don't know if you know, but i love you, a lot. »

    obviously, you're blushing, and so is he

    especially when you approach him to kiss his cheek

    he's shy now aw

    ✩ hyunjae !

    he is the one who enjoys it the most

    he often asked you to come and sit on his lap

    because it implies a certain intimacy between you two

    which he greatly appreciates

    when it's in front of the other boys, he stays calm

    leaving one of his hands resting on your thigh

    caressing your skin casually

    but when the two of you are alone

    ^^ he forgets to be calm

    he often kisses your neck

    in a friendly way, he said, lmao

    he is not very friendly when he leaves his two big hands on your thighs

    making you blush like crazy lol

    « why are you blushing so suddenly, you want me to stop? »

    he knows full well that you don't want him to stop

    but he likes to ask, just to tease you

    fucking lee jaehyun

    ✩ juyeon !

    he. absolutely. love. it.

    there can't be a moment without him pulling you to his lap

    and if you don't sit on his lap, he will sulk

    he acts in an adorable way, even disinterested in front of others

    his hands on your hips, his chin on your shoulder

    pretending to listen to his friends talk, when he only cares about you

    only worried about your body who just moving on his thighs

    sometimes making him hold his breath

    and you absolutely know that you have a special effect on him <3

    when you feel his fingers clinging a little more to your hips, you know he wants to slip away elsewhere with just you

    but you prefer to play dumb, and ignore his silent signals ^^

    discreetly, you can feel his lips kissing the back of your neck, and another on your neck

    taking advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of others to turn to him

    kissing the corner of his pretty lips before resuming your conversation normally

    making his heart beat way too fast for his liking

    causing him to giggle nervously as he approaches your ear

    « mhh, wait a bit until we are nothing but the two of us. »

    are you two really still just friends?

    ✩ kevin !

    the first time was an accident

    changmin tripped you up unintentionally

    making you lose your balance, and make you fall on the first thing next to you : kevin

    oddly you found the floor comfortable, realizing right after that it was kevin's lap

    since that day, you no longer take any risks and always stay on his lap

    and it doesn't seem to bother him

    it's even the opposite

    he likes it a lot, he even says that you are now his walking blanket

    no matter where you are, he always pulls you to his lap

    his arms around you, and his head against yours

    he is not shy, and he doesn't blush

    but when it happens when you're just the two of you

    it's chaos in his head

    he doesn't know where to put his hands, he doesn't dare to move, he doesn't know how to act

    so he just stays straight as a stake

    making you laugh because of his strange behavior

    hearing you laugh immediately relaxes him

    making him get clingier than ever

    « dont mind me, you keep making my head spin, until i didn't even know what to do. »

    and now, you are the one who blushes

    ✩ chanhee !

    the first time you sat on his lap, it was because you asked him to make you braids

    since that day, chanhee has always volunteered to do your hair

    he really likes having you on his lap

    he likes to think he has this privilege

    you're his baby after all

    he likes to be able to observe carefully the features of your face

    with this closeness, he can see every detail of your skin

    the rays of the sun bringing out the radiance of your skin

    making him think how beautiful you are

    « you are exceptionally gorgeous, you know that? »

    he's blushing after that

    realizing what he just said out loud

    but you smile at him brightly, making him fall in love

    he blushes even more when you run your hands through his hair

    placing a kiss on the tip of his nose

    ✩ changmin !

    this boy

    he plays shy, but he's not

    you've been on his lap since day one

    because of a stupid game

    you were at a party, and your friends had the wonderful idea of ​​playing truth or dare with strangers

    and obviously, you had the misfortune to tell dare

    and after that, you must have spent the whole evening sitting on changmin's lap

    anyway, he absolutely loves it

    because he already had his eyes on you during the party

    since this day, you spend your days, evenings and nights together

    you almost always sit on him, even if there is something to sit elsewhere

    he plays shyness and indifference in front of others, simply propping his head against your back with one hand on your thigh

    but when it's just the two of you, this guy is ^^

    kissing your jaw, biting your skin (always)

    his hands under your top, brushing your skin

    he always approaches your lips, never crossing the line

    even if your hands are desperately hanging on the collar of his top

    « you want me to kiss you so baaaad.. »

    he laughs when you angry frown, he pulls away when you try to kiss him

    but only the stars know that in the half-light, your two faces are red with shyness to cross that line

    ✩ haknyeon !

    the sweetest part. 3

    he just wants you to always be comfortably seated

    if that means he's your walking chair

    then he will be.

    he is so caring that it makes you want to always be sitting on his lap

    and he will never complain

    he used to sing you songs every time

    while you look at him with adoring eyes

    his hands always intertwined with yours

    he finds this gesture reassuring

    as if he was afraid that you would go away

    sometimes he even reads you a book or poetry

    making it easy to fall asleep on him

    you are his soft spot

    and seeing your peaceful face asleep against him, makes him think you feel safe with him

    so he just look at you tenderly, gently stroking your hair

    he sometimes leaves a reassuring kiss on your forehead, watching the little smile that appears on your lips right after

    « sweet dreams baby. »

    he doesn't know it but you don't sleep

    just enjoy the lullaby that his heartbeat plays to you

    ✩ sunwoo !

    big flirt part. 2

    he is the one who initiated this habit

    he's kind of possessive, so one day, he just pulled you to his lap to get your full attention

    since that day you forgot what a chair or a sofa was

    you only know sunwoo's lap

    and he likes this fact

    especially when he can put kisses on your shoulder

    especially on your neck

    his protective hand is often placed around your waist to keep you close to him

    he's always flirting, so you flirt back

    sometimes making him blush from shyness

    he flirts twice as much after that

    making you blush when his face is like, two millimeters from yours

    « this position makes me want to kiss you. »

    and you're losing your mind again

    fucking flirt kim sunwoo

    ✩ eric !

    listen, my baby is shy

    he's really talkative, but still shy

    so since you developed this habit, he's always a blushing mess

    but he really like it

    he likes to put his arms around your body and keep you close to him

    he often rests his head against your back

    closing his eyes just to enjoy your closeness

    you're his personal pillow

    his hand clings to yours all the time

    he thinks when you sit on his lap, you're his home

    like turtles, they carry their house on their back

    he's the turtle, and you're his home

    « don't go away from me, okay? »

    he's damn cute

    you just kiss his cheek, promising him that you're not going anywhere

    and god, he's a blushing mess again

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  • chenleyah
    17.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #eric#the boyz#tbz#eric sohn#the boyz eric#son youngjae#mygif #he looks so fine I'm gonna pass out #yall have no idea how happy I am with this coloring efbvbrv
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  • stealanity
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ✩ endless race, eric sohn

    chapter 3 !
    ✩ summary : throughout her life, people kept telling y/n that she would never be good at anything : her parents, her grandparents, her friends, her teachers.. everyone. until the day his path crossed that of eric, an overly talented young boy who driving a racing car. unfortunately, history repeated itself, causing the two love birds to separate their way — until the day he made his comeback in y/n's life.
    ✩ paring : street racer!eric & mechanic!female reader, ft. jujae & sunkyu
    ✩ genre : exes to lovers, social media!au (& some texts), angst, fluff
    ✩ taglist (send me a dm or an ask to be added to the taglist !) : @deputyjuyeon @softforqiankun @lost-leopard-beanie @littleaprilcherryblossom @studioreader @bloom-bloom-pow @linoverq @kissuponthecloud @geniejunn @ahnneyong @littleaprilcherryblossom @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @ginasty @ruelsbabe
    ✩ a/n : more interesting things come after, i promise

    previous ✩ masterlist ✩ next

    #[💿] title track — endless race #eric#eric sohn#son youngjae#the boyz#tbz #the boyz eric #tbz eric#eric imagines#eric scenarios #eric social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz social media au #eric sohn imagines #eric sohn scenarios #eric sohn social media au #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios #tbz social media au #kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios #kpop social media au #eric angst#eric drabbles #the boyz drabbles #tbz drabbles
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  • yukheijoy
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    |teasing in public|

    notes | maknae line, yandere au, slightly nsfw

    requested? | yes


    haknyeon’s face hits blew up with blush
    “b-baby, hey, not in front of the other guys.” he’d try to scold you, “i don’t want them seeing you like that”
    but you ignore him, escalating your antics to the point where he was tired of your teasing
    he barely gave you any time to say goodbye before he pulled you up to his room
    he pushed you onto your back and pinned you against his bed
    “i’m done with your brattiness...”


    most of the time, sunwoo is the one teasing you in public
    it’s often his way of testing you, seeing how long you’ll tolerate it before begging him to take you home
    but when you started to tease him, it caught him off guard
    but he snaps out of it to tease you right back, sneaking his hand underneath whatever you’re wearing
    he doesn’t care who sees or who you’re with, he’ll make you cum on his fingers twice, letting people know who you belong to
    and reminding you that he is the only one who can make you feel that way


    “cut it out.” eric warned, gently smacking your hand away from his zipper
    but of course, you ignored him and continued because it was fun seeing him clench his jaw in frustration
    he grips your thigh so tight it almost hurt you, but it also made you even more needy
    eric doesn’t want to give in and satisfy you so he keeps his composure until you two get back home and you’re alone
    he pinned you against the wall in the entryway, leaning in close
    “you think it’s so funny huh you little slut? you’re dreaming if you think i’m gonna let you cum tonight.”
    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz reactions #the boyz reactions #yandere tbz #yandere the boyz #juhaknyeon imagines#sunwoo imagines #eric sohn imagines
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  • yukheijoy
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    |slapping them|

    notes | maknae line, yandere au, violence

    requested? | yes


    i don’t think haknyeon would have a violent answer like some of the others
    of course he’s angry, but i don’t see him hitting you back
    he might actually become sad
    “why did you h-hit me?” he whispered, holding his red cheek
    feeling guilty, you immediately embraced him and apologized profusely
    he can’t just let this go, next time, there’s gonna be punishment


    you must have a death wish to slap sunwoo..
    it was a heat of the moment decision, you couldn’t stop yourself
    apologizing is futile, sunwoo is so so so pissed off it’s not any exaggeration
    and you know how he’s gonna take out that anger? you
    he doesn’t care how much you cry or how hurt you get
    you shouldn’t have laid your hands on him in such a way


    with eric, i’m torn between thinking he would either hit you back or just stare at you in shock
    but considering how much some of the other members would hit back, i’ll go ahead and say that he’s just gonna give you a blank stare
    within seconds of your palm connecting with his cheek, you were on your knees begging for forgiveness
    eric just rolled his eyes and sighed, “stand up.”
    you obey and he grabs you by your neck, but instead of hitting you like you thought he would, he kissed you
    “don’t ever do that again.” he mumbled, “i won’t be as forgiving next time.”
    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz reactions #the boyz reactions #yandere tbz #yandere the boyz #juhaknyeon imagines#sunwoo imagines #eric sohn imagines
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  • yeo-cosmos
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝐄. 𝐒 | 𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞.

    me and my boyfriend, we lookin’ for hope.
    #eric#eric sohn#eric moodboard #the boyz eric #the boyz moodboard #kpop moodboard#kpop mlm #the boyz mlm #☁️#moodboard#🖼
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    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    [210616 eric fns update]
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  • fluttering-tbz
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    - ♬ music to my ears -

    prompt 📖 eric confesses to his best friend his true feelings after their shared chemistry class.

    pairing 📖 bsf!eric x student!reader

    genre 📖 fluff!

    word count 📖 2.2k

    warnings 📖 none (:

    { a flutter note 💌 ever since eric recommended the song ‘baby powder,’ i’ve been in love with it! finally wrote a longer oneshot haha enjoy luvs !! }

    sighing, you tried to entertain yourself during science class. your group had already finished the assigned lab for that day and there was simply nothing else to do. next to you, eric was jamming out. his headphones were obviously delivering a good playlist to him as he moved his head side to side, free-styling some choreography with his arms. realizing you were looking at him, he smiled and tapped one side of his headphone, non-verbally asking if you wanted to listen with him. you shook your head and pulled out a random notebook to doodle on.

    eric was your best friend - you had only met that year in school and he was your seat mate. as the social butterfly he was, he quickly befriended you. though you two were basically opposites - him being an extroverted sweetheart and you, well, being more introverted - he was able to break the ice. talking to him always felt so comfortable and he could make jokes out of everything. everyday, you looked forward to spending more time with him to hear about his day or hear another ridiculous joke.

    but, there was another reason you always wanted to come to this class. halfway through the semester, you realized you were growing to have feelings for eric. not wanting to ruin your precious friendship, you had always played off your feelings and did everything you could to keep your friendship going.

    there were times of course you would remember how he would care for you or treat you in ways that stuck to your heart. one time, you were sick and had to miss class. your classmates sent videos of them teasing eric as he didn’t let anyone else sit next to him. his backpack stayed in your absent seat. he denied any special reason for his action and laughed it off, shifting the attention to another topic. remembering that made you smile to yourself.

    suddenly, you heard your name being called. recognizing eric’s familiar voice you turned to him.

    “you okay babe,” his head tilted to the side, like a confused puppy. whenever he called you ‘babe,’ it definitely did not help with your cloaked feelings. he called you it from time to time, especially when he was worried. you never really asked him why he called you that nor asked him to stop, so it was a comfortable term for him to call you. “i’ve been calling out to you for a while now and you were not responding, had me worried for a sec...”

    “sorry, just lost in my thoughts, per usual.” you awkwardly laughed off. he could tell something was on your mind but chose not to pry. he knew you could tell him anything. instead, he took out his headphones again, gesturing for you to put one in. your hands briefly touched one another, sending a warm sensation throughout your body. once you put in his headphone, eric scrolled through his playlists, trying to pick the perfect one to cheer you up. finally, his thumb landed on one and he smiled to himself. clicking play, a familiar beat dances in your ears.

    “i’ma tell you the truth / not like these girls on the loose / i’ll put up with you, babe…” the lyrics of baby powder by jenevieve started playing, making you smile. satisfied, eric raised the volume on his phone, swaying along with the beat. you followed his motions - heck, this was your favorite song. he had recommended it to you before and ever since, you had simply been in love (…with the song). it relaxed you a lot and made you feel well, the way eric made you feel.

    this song always brought you to another world; you let yourself indulge and imagined slow dancing to it with eric. how he’d sway you side to side, humming along to the song in your ear. your head on his heart, the feeling making you melt. it may just be your imagination but a part of you wished it was a reality.

    the song came to a close and so did your daydream. “feel better?” eric asked, queuing up the next few songs. “mhm! you always know what helps,” you respond, grateful for him. this is why you could not replace your friendship for anything more. you were scared to lose moments like this and even worse - him.

    the next few songs passed by as you doodled. you were too busy letting your creative side flow on paper to notice eric staring at you. often, when you were lost in your own world, he would simply stare at you, a smile spreading on his face. he loved to see you so happy and content - and that you didn’t mind him at all. you could be yourself around him. but of course, you didn’t quite get to see the the way his eyes sparkled as he watched you sketch or how he bit his lip, trying to contain his smile before you looked up.

    your teacher started to tell everyone to clean up as class was about to end, so you quickly handed eric back his headphone and started to pack up. you noticed the slight pout he made at the realization that it was time to go and the sigh he let out. there were still so many classes left in the day that you too, didn’t quite want to leave. there was that english test next period, a quiz in history-

    “can you stay with me?” eric suddenly piped up. confused, you ask, “stay? we have class next period though…” your voice trailed off. he put his hand up, as if asking to hold yours. jokingly, you showed ‘rock’ with yours instead. shaking his head, he asked, “dummy. can i hold your hand?” as you slowly nodded, he opened your hand and intertwined it with his. you looked down at his hand, which was drawing circles on yours and then back to his eyes, which looked at yours longingly. he was hoping you would agree to stay back with him.

    setting your bag back down you nodded. “i’ll talk to the teacher really quick; i’ll be right back.” nodding again, he let go of your hand and walked over to the teacher, probably to make up an excuse as to why you two wanted to stay behind. you looked down at your hand, not truly believing eric had just been holding onto it moments ago. his hands were soft and made you feel a plethora of emotions. why does he want me to stay with him? did i do something? you racked your brain for things you could’ve possible said or done to upset him. an endless amount of possibilities came to mind, only scaring you more.

    eric walked back with his thumbs up, “she said it was alright! she has to go monitor another class though, so shes leaving us in charge, if that’s alright with you?”

    “yeah of course,” you fiddled with your fingers as he got closer to you, unable to keep your question much longer, “so uh, why did you want me to stay? is something up?”

    “hm? nothing’s wrong! i just wanted to catch up with you! it’s been a minute since we’ve really talked to each other, ya know?” easily, you could tell he was just making up an excuse on the spot. not buying his excuse you responded, “are you sure? i don’t know eric you’re kind of worrying me. you seem more…nervous that usual. did i do something? if i did i’m so-“

    “i swear, it’s not you don’t worry. can’t i just,” taking your hands again, he continued, “spend some time with my bestie?” he wriggled his eyebrows, making you laugh but the other half of your mind was screaming at the fact that he was holding your hands. again. he never did this and these odd switches in behavior were seriously throwing you off guard.

    like usual, eric went on about his day and about a new choreography he had learned. he went so far as to showing off some moves from the top of his head, asking for your feedback. entranced at him gushing over his passion, you couldn’t help but take in his features, the way his snapback cleanly pulled back his now red hair (he frequently dyed it, always wanting to try something new and you always scolded him for damaging his hair so much), the way his eyes glittered as he talked about music, the smile that took over on his face that made his nose scrunch…all of it. your stomach did somersaults as you took in the perfection that was eric sohn. somehow, in this world of millions, he was here with you and spending his time with you. for once, you felt like you had meaning. you meant something to him.

    too busy staring at eric, you didn’t realize he was blushing. you had been eyeing his features the entire time as he rambled on to notice that he was now watching you smile and simply loving everything you saw.

    that’s why you were taken by surprise when he suddenly rubbed his thumb across your cheek. he looked at you lovingly, just as you were looking at him. his other hand brought yours to his lips, gently placing a kiss on it and rubbing that exact spot with his hand.

    “you’re just so beautiful.” he cooed, almost completely freezing time. everything else slipped away as all you could see was eric. the way his eyes yet again shined as he looked at you. how his hand felt warm against your cheek. as much you didn’t believe this was happening, it was indeed, happening.

    “you mean so much to me. you may just be a close friend to me now, but deep inside, i want us to be more,” he couldn’t quite look you in the eyes as he said that, so your lifted his chin so that he could. you wanted him to continue. “i haven’t told you how i really felt because i was scared you didn’t want to be more. but every day i spend with you, i fall more in love with you. this class isn’t enough. i want to spend even more time with you, watch you doodle or take you out so that you can eat well. i want to be the person you can lean on when you aren’t feeling well and i want to take care of you. i want to be yours.”

    the last sentence rang like a bell in your ears. all this time of hiding and being scared of admitting your feelings as well - eric had felt the exact same. the thought made you chuckle. you both had been playing a game of hide and seek, neither aware of who was ‘it.’

    “is this too much? i’m sorry, i just don’t know. the way you looked at me earlier made me want to just tell you everything…” his hands slowly fell from yours, but your applied pressure so that they stayed in yours. hands now intertwined again, he looked up at you, ‘hopeful’ screaming through his eyes once more.

    taking a deep breath, you mentally prepared yourself to admit as well, “i’ve been hiding myself too. you’re so special to me eric - you make me feel important and loved. i didn’t know if you felt the same way so i got scared. i didn’t want to lose you.”

    those lines made him perk up, not believing what you had just said, in fact, neither did you. these feelings had been bottled up inside you for months and to finally tell him felt relieving.

    now that you both had confessed you could not lie, the air in the room stood awkwardly. you didn’t really know what to say or do next - and eric didn’t seem to either. he just stared at you, rubbing his thumbs across your intertwined hands, seemingly enjoying the silence and alone time with you. on top of that, you both had just confessed. it was like floating through a dream. but, of course, you wanted to be clear.

    “mm, so does this mean…” your voice trailed off, not quite ready to finish the sentence. his eye smile showing, he beamed and nodded his head.

    “if it’s what you want. if you must know i, for one, would like to be your boyfriend.”

    ‘your boyfriend.’ those words sounded so nice and more than anything, you wanted to be his too and so you replied, “i’d like to be ‘yours’ too.”

    putting emphasis on ‘yours,’ he quickly stood up, not letting go of your hand. he took you out of the classroom, skipping like a happy child. he swung your arms, obviously living his best life.

    “I’M (Y/N)’S NOW!” he cheered down the hallways. laughing, you playfully slapped his arm, trying to quiet him down. there were still classes in session and yet your (now) boyfriend did not care - he just wanted to show you off to everyone. he also seemed to forget the responsibility your teacher had left for you two.

    eric didn’t quiet down and you were starting to feel a little embarrassed. so, you abruptly stopped his skipping by stopping in place. confused, he slowly walked closer to you. before he could say anything, your lips pressed against his. no complaints came from him - he pressed a smile onto your kisses, savoring each contact your lips made.

    pulling away slightly, you asked, “now that i have your attention, can you please calm down. i might take back what i said earlier.”

    quickly understanding, he began to walk right by your side. his arm snaked around your waist, inviting you to lay on his shoulder. willingly, you did and you continued to walk around the school hallways as you both cherished each other’s presence on your day one together. he sneaked a headphone into your ear and put the pair in his, starting to play a song.

    “you make me feel like a teenager in love…”

    #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #the boyz x reader #the boyz x you #the boyz eric #the boyz eric sohn #tbz x reader #tbz imagines#tbz fluff#tbz eric #tbz eric sohn #eric sohn #eric sohn imagines #eric sohn fluff #eric sohn x reader #son youngjae
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  • sanrionyu
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    E-R-I-C!!! :-)

    pls like/reblog if u save <3

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  • houseofdeobi
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    [210616 eric fns update]
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  • woosohn
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    coming up next on animal planet: tbz in their natural habitat

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  • woosohn
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    evil wet puppy just wants a hug

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