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    You Are Wakandan

    Hey Ya’ll!! I was writing this for a month or so but I still think it can do with some editing... wanna beta read it, anyone? Hope you enjoy it, and PLEASE reblog if you do like it.

    Dynamic: mostly N’Jadaka and N’Jobu
    Work count: 4k
    Warning: Homophobia tw, Angst, mentions of death.

    “Erik! What did I say about leaving you bag on the floor?” Denzel Stevens called to his son from the kitchen.

    Erik didn’t respond at all.

    Denzel flipped an omelet on the stove and leaned out from the counter to find the backpack still lying dead by the door, a zip half open and  spilling out some stationery.


    He tried not to slip back into a Wakandan accent like he did when he was annoyed. “That’s a lot of time to get into a fresh shirt. Come eat somethin’.”

    The man set the table for his son, plating the steaming omelet with a few bell pepper slices. Not a sound from the child. He was getting irritated now.

    The nine year old hadn’t talked a lot since he got in the car on their way home, and when he had spoken, he only had a couple of sullen replies, accompanied by an uncharacteristic amount of eyerolling. Denzel even tried to ask him if he was ok, but was blatantly ignored with what he assumed was exhaustion.

    Denzel pinched the bridge of his nose.

    It had indeed been a rough month for both of them, with Alia sent to the County Jail, and awaiting her next trial. Denzel, or rather, N’Jobu, now that his door was shut, had tried his best to protect Erik from being too caught up in the middle of this mess.

    He knew that Erik missed his mother, but was also aware of how little time and energy he had between work and legal research, to give his son enough attention to compensate. That included his frequently thinning patience with the boy.


    His voice boomed in the small space, heavily laced with a Wakandan accent now. A shadow appeared under Erik’s door as the boy took the hint that his father was losing his temper. The door opened slowly and Erik slipped out in a pair of track pants and an floppy beige hoodie. He hung his head as he approached the table to avoid his father’s stern gaze.

    “Eat. You’re clearly hungry, son.” N’Jobu sighed signaling at the plate, lacking the energy to pursue more conversation. He was about to head to the living room when he happened to glance back at Erik; and froze.

    Tears were glittering in the child’s eyes. He dazedly cut up his omelet into peices, without actually eating it, and continued stare blankly at his plate.

    N’Jobu’s irritation melted away, replaced by a wrenching guilt in his gut. It suddenly occurred him that there could have been something really bad that happened in school. Because he had only seen his boy do this in the worst situations he’s been in. Like the night after he saw his mom get arrested.

    “Son,” He came up behind Erik and gently placed a large hand on his shoulder.

    A tear dropped directly onto a red capsicum slice, rolling off the glossy surface onto the plate. He gave Erik some privacy by not facing him as the child began to shake with sobs.

    “Unyana kam...” He repeated in their native tongue, bending down to rest his forehead against the back of his son’s head. He knew that Erik needed to cry more than speak right now, so he held the child until the sobs died down a little.

    Erik put his fork down and twisted his hands in his lap, mildly rocking back and forth. He whispered something inaudible.

    “What?” N’Jobu leaned in further.

    “I’m sorry.” he repeated.

    The father pulled out a nearby chair and sat down in it. “For what, my son, did you do something wrong?”

    “I...” Erik stared at his palms, leaning a little into his father’s comforting hand “I don’t know.”

    N’Jobu rubbed his son’s back, “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you don’t need to be sorry.”

    They shared a moment of silence, before he continued-

    “What exactly happened?”

    Erik sniffed and shook his head in refusal, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

    “Are you sure you should keep it to yourself? Something that’s hurting you this much?” N’Jobu reasoned.

    Erik shook his head again. “It’s not very...” he stopped.


    “It’s not that serious.”

    N’Jobu raised a curious eyebrow. “It doesn’t matter, son... it could be just a scratch and still hurt because its on an older wound.”

    Erik seemed to consider these words.

    He looked up at his father, like he was going to say something.

    “Go ahead,” N’Jobu encouraged.

    “I-” Erik’s voice cracked and he paused. He took a shaky breath to continue- “Do you remember Vic?”

    N’Jobu furrowed his brow as he tried to recall Erik’s classmate in fuller detail. “I think so... is he the down-street kid with glasses and locs?”

    “He does have locs... but glasses and locs is Adam” Erik clarified, “Vic’s new: he just joined in this September. I didn’t really notice him before ‘cause he’s usually in another class.”


    The nine year old played with his sleeve. “I sat with him at the middle school soccer game today, and we started talking. Just about sports and stuff...” He looked up again at his father for reassurance.

    N’Jobu nodded, absentmindedly trying to guess how ‘Vic’ could have hurt his little boy. “Did he say something?”

    “Not exactly,” the boys voice got quiet again, “He said something about the basketball team only picking the good looking kids in the try outs.... and well, he’s like “that’s why they don’t pick me”-”

    “They don’t pick you?-”

    “They don’t pick him.”


    “And then, I thought I should tell him that he was good looking. I said that he’s handsome.” Erik blurted, “ And that he probably didn’t get in ‘cause he’s shit at basketball.”

    N’Jobu grinned, and his son returned a weak smile.

    “Is he good looking though?”

    “I mean, that’s what he asked me... and he said that there’s no way, because girls don’t even look back at him on the street and they don’t think he’s handsome. But I don’t think he’s- that he’s ugly, so just I told him that I thought he’s handsome,” the boy’s voice cracked a little, “like you tell me.”

    N’Jobu took his son’s clammy hands in his own. “That was kind of you, N’Jadaka...”

    Erik perked up at the sound of his Wakandan name, but began tearing up a moment later. “But-”

    “Hey, ‘Daka, unyana kam,” Denzel wrapped his arm around N’Jadaka and pulled him close, kissing him on the forehead. Erik took a shaky breath:

    “Then he asked me if I was serious. I’m like, ‘yeah you have really beautiful eyes.’ And then... I heard a bunch of people laughing behind us.” He began to speak faster. “I looked, and I saw Donald telling his friends that I’m ‘gay’. I didn’t mind them at first, but... they didn’t stop saying it, and in, like a minute, Vic got up and sat away from me.”

    N’Jobu scowled and squeezed his son’s shoulder. Donald was one of Erik’s best friends at school, and he just had to imagine how the boy felt being prodded off his gang in addition to everything else that was going on.

    “So they took your compliment as something romantic? Or were you...?”

    “I don’t know,” Erik sniffled. “I just thought that’s the right thing to do. I don’t... I don’t see Vic that way.”

    The father nodded, and held his son for some more time before softly continuing: “What did Vic feel before he heard Donald?”

    “I... guess he looked kinda... I’m not sure, but he looked like he was surprised that he had nice eyes?” Erik chuckled feebly through his tears. “Because he does, I mean, I just said the first thing that occured to me.. ‘cause, he’s got these really soft brown eyes with lashes and all ... ain’t noone got eyes like that in school.”

    “So I’m assuming he did like it? At least a little, because people usually like it when you tell them that they’re beautiful.” N’Jobu whispered with a small smile.

    Erik’s face cleared up just a little. “Yeah... I guess?”

    “And you called someone beautiful, to lift their spirits, or to tell them that they’re shit at basketball-”

    “-I’ve seen him, he dribbles all wrong.” N’Jadaka was smiling a tiny bit now.

    “Yeah, but it was pretty nice of you, y’know? It’s not really because you wanna flirt with him, it’s because you just wanna say something like that to someone, and get them thinking that maybe they are beautiful; if they’ve never felt that way before. And that’s what I’ve taught you to do... to make the world a better place,” They met each other’s eyes, “even if it’s with the little things.”

    Erik nodded.

    “And about them calling you gay; I need you to know something ‘Daka. Like I’ve said many times before, the place we live in has a lot that should be fixed. I need you to listen to me and remember this all your life, no matter what.”  N’Jobu said.


    He took a deep breath before starting- “The people who colonized this world believe in a capitalist society. They like to organize things into little boxes so that everything’s easy to control and exploit. You see boys having a certain ‘place’ and girls having another, and then, they grow up, get married to each other, have kids, and contribute to the big money.”

    “But isn’t that basically us?” ‘Daka croaked.

    “Yes, men and women marrying isn’t wrong. It’s acting like it’s the only right way is what’s wrong.  In not just this country, but everywhere they’ve pushed their toes into: people who don’t conform to that system are treated like outcasts....and It’s gotten to a point where people start pointing fingers at things that even resemble anything different.”

    The boy sniffed. “Like Don did to me?”

    “Exactly.” he sighed, “ His family, like the families of many people ‘round here would’ve blindly repeated the same colonial lies they were taught. Regardless of whether they actually understand what being gay is.”

    N’Jobu wrapped his palm around Erik’s smaller fist. “Homophobia is like racism. They made this whole mess to justify the enslavement of other humans for industrial profit. They also made another mess to get everyone into neat male-female couples to run their religious and consumerist show. “

    “Consumerist show...?”

    “You know-” N’Jobu waved his hand around ”-you see instead of kid’s toys they got boy’s toys and girl’s toys. Instead of soap, they got thirty kinds of feminine flower scents and three manly variants.”

    “Mhm... seen that,” Erik smirked minutely at the joke,

    “-literally everywhere.”

    “yeah, and...”

    “But my point is,” N’Jobu recalibrated, “that this is a country designed around oppression and exploitation. That’s exactly how it’s people are gonna act, whether they know it or not. But I don’t want that in any way to stop you from doing what’s right. This is America, but you are Wakandan. Your blood comes from a land untainted by colonizers and their evils. You should never in your life think that a white man’s belief can really hold anything over you or anyone else.“

    N’Jadaka nodded silently, his eyebrows furrowed and his expression thoughtful. “But... why do they call gay power a white thing? Adam said that us Black folks don’t do stuff like that ‘cause we ain’t... sissies. Like white people.”

    N’Jobu had a feeling Adam had used a stronger slur, by the way his son didn’t want to say the real one. But he resigned himself to rolling his eyes at the classmate’s notion. “’Daka,” He chuckled, “You know back in the 1890s when people like Oscar Wilde were incarcerated for being gay, my grandfather dated and eventually married the man he loved. It’s not just my grandfather, but about a quarter of all the people in Wakanda. And not just Wakanda, but so many cultures around the world before they were colonized.”

    “Your grandpa’s Black...“

    “I mean-, what else could he be?”

    “What- oh, no!” N’Jadaka giggled, “I was just thinking. Because I never knew that... he was gay. While being Black.”

    N’Jobu grinned, “I can assure you, N’Jadaka, he was not a ‘sissy’. And even if he was feminine, there would be no reason to disrespect him. Our cultures, back in Wakanda, are diverse on many levels: there is no ‘right’ way to be a man or a woman. There also is no need for every single person to even be a man or a woman. They’re the two identities that are the most common. It’s just the western society I’ve seen that relies so much on reproductive binaries as their basis of gender.”

    “So Black people can be gay?”

    “Black people can be gay. There are transgender Black people. There are bisexual and asexual and lesbian Black people. Being heterosexual is not what makes us strong. We’re just strong because we decided to be.”

    Erik fiddled with the end of the tablemat for a while before finally looking up with still glazed eyes:

    “What if... I’m gay?” he mouthed, barely in a whisper.

    N’Jobu smiled and gently thumped the boy’s shoulder.

    “It wouldn’t make a difference to me. Or your mother. If you were to end up with a man, we’ll be just as happy.”

    The boy seemed to take this in for a moment,- before pulling up his feet in the chair to kneel on the seat to wrap his arms around his father’s neck. N’Jobu hugged him back as he felt his son’s face pressed firmly to his shoulder, trembling a little.

    “’Daka...?” He tensed a little when he realized that his son was crying again. “My son, are you alright?”

    “Mhm...” Erik’s voice was choked when he answered.

    N’Jobu’s heart dipped a little when a thought struck him. “Do you think... you felt something for Vic?” He felt his son’s now wet face bump his head as the nine-year-old shook his head desolately.

    “No... I just met him, Baba. I thought I should maybe-” He broke into fresh sobs that made his father’s heart ache. N’Jobu soothingly rubbed his back to comfort him.

    “It’s okay, unyana kam... take your time.”

    N’Jadaka took his face off for a second, only to rest it on another spot on the older Stevens’ large shoulder. He stayed there, gasping for breath before he began speaking again-

    “I don’t like Vic. He’s pretty, maybe, but I think it stops there.” He whispered. “I don’t know when it really started, but... I- I’ve been having this thing for him for a long time.”

    “How long?” The father whispered back.

    “Since last year?”

    “I see... are you talking about someone else? Not Vic?”

    “Someone else.”

    “You wanna tell me?”

    Erik looked tenser than he was before. But he also looked equally eaten out by it. He drew another shaky breath before training his brimming eyes resolutely upon a spot on the floor-

    “It’s...it’s Don.”

    N’Jobu’s heart really sank now, and his brow furrowed deeply. “The same Donald?” N’Jadaka’s lip wobbled as his new tears fell from their tiny dams. He nodded again before burying his head under N’Jobu’s.

    “He’s always been nice to me.” the boy choked out. “Like he really cared. He doesn’t expect anything in return for the chocolate cake, and-”

    N’Jobu nodded as Erik broke off from his throat closing up. He remembered the cake that Erik brought home: apparently Don gave him some so that he could feel a bit better after Alia was arrested. He remembered holding the boy as he tearfully nibbled at the cake, and telling him that he should give something to Donald too, to keep the bond they needed at the time. The next day, they cut out an untouched piece of Alia’s apple pie from the fridge: the last thing they had left of her cooking, and boxed it neatly for Erik to give Don at school.

    Now, some things just made a little more sense. Erik’s sensitivity to that one classmate. His obsession with talking about Don. N’Jobu had just assumed that this was some kind of platonic fascination. One can never tell.

    “So you like Don, especially since he’s been nice to you. And he’s the one who’s making this fuss about gay people?” he sorted out the information.

    The child nodded tearfully: “He’s not a bad guy, dad... but he started it, and now everyone’s calling me a- a-”

    He didn’t seem to be able to say it.

    N’Jobu realized that only half of the story had unraveled from the boy:  his blood began to run cold with every dawning clue that Erik might have just become prey for what could become a long ordeal of bullying, verbal abuse— and possibly violence from their own neighborhood. He had seen openly queer people in this country walk home one day and show up under the obituary column the next. He had not only seen, but lived through his wife being charged on basis of vaguely alleged crimes. He could not see his little boy going next in what seemed to be a line of bad luck.

    “Hey, Erik, ‘Daka... listen to me.”

    Erik’s chest rose and fell from his breaking sobs but he still tried to hold his father in focus through a layer of tears.

    “What they may call you does not in any way define what you really are. The way they say gay is not the way you should call yourself gay. Because all their lives, they’ve been told that it’s something bad, without ever seeing it first hand.“

    “But-” Erik sat back helplessly in his chair, “It feels so damn horrible- it just feels like... I don’t belong there anymore. And- and I can’t- I don’t know what to do...” he trailed off, his voice becoming frailer by the minute.

    “’Daka... I know. You have every right to not like it. But what I need you to know is why they’re saying this: it’s not because you’re anything lesser; It’s because they’re ignorant. If they ever make you feel like you don’t belong; If it ever get too loud for you to bear, I’m always here for you.”

    N’Jadaka tried in vain to blink away his tears.

    “B-aba, but what do I d-do when they- ....?”

    N’Jobu exhaled, feeling his own throat finally tightening.

    “Ignore them.” He said, looking at his son. “Just laugh and tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about. If Don brings it up, tell him that he doesn’t either. Because he doesn’t: none of them do. ”

    Erik didn’t reply.

    “And if you have anything to let out, I’ll always listen.”

    N’Jobu pressed a soft kiss to his boy’s head. “I promise.”


    “I promise.”

    Erik slammed his door shut and flung his bag across the room, shattering a tall basketball trophy by his desk.

    His father’s words were echoing in his head all of a sudden- fading and morphing, getting louder; now with the fresh memories of blood covering the inside of his eyelids.

    The sixteen year old bit back a scream and pressed his fist against his mouth in a vain attempt to stifle his breaking sobs-

    “What if they try to hurt me, Baba?”

    “Remember what I taught you? If they’re your age, underhand twist, and run. If they’re surrounding you, crack a joke, tell them that I’ll be looking for you.”

    “But you’ll be there, right?”

    “I’ll always be there, unyana kam.”

    Erik sank into his bed, gasping for breath.

    Why is Baba lying so still?

    He weakly grasped a pillow as every single horrible thing he remembered flooded back to him:

    “Erik, I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but your mom didn’t survive the bleeding...”

    “What? What d’you mean?”

    “Erik.” A muffled voice called out.

    “ERIK.” It commanded, accompanied by an insistent knock.

    The lost Prince let out a shuddering breath and got out of bed to head to the door. He tried hard to make his voice even before violently bolting it and growling:

    “For God’s fucking sake, leave me alone.”

    The person scoffed on the other side and Erik absently listened to their footsteps wandering along the lobby, now accompanied by another pair.

    “He’s alive?”

    “He’s paralyzed.”

    “Should we tell his friend?”

    “He won’t open up. I tried.”

    “Well, tell him. He seems pretty disturbed.”

    The footsteps came nearer, and there were shadows of two large feet under the door. Erik stared blankly at them, sitting back onto his bed.

    “Mr. Stevens?” the man approached cautiously, taking the hint that the teenager was losing his temper. “Donald’s alive. He’s just a little hurt... can you come out to talk? The cops need some information, and you’re the best guy for it.”

    Erik’s lip trembled as he buried his face in his hands.

    “I’m not givin’ anything unless it’s about investigating who the fuck thought it’s funny to shoot my roommate.”

    He heard the idiot sigh. “Erik, you know Donald was involved with a gang?”

    “He was just threatened by one. You damn well know that.”

    “And that implies some involvement in the first place.”

    Erik stood up so fast that his knees cracked a little.

    The balding hostel manager gasped when the younger man wrenched the door open, getting into his face in the split of a second.

    “Donald Stone, was targeted at least NINE TIMES this week.” the Erik seethed, curling his hands into fists to stop them from trembling. “Ain’t no coincidence that it’s happenin’ right after he came out!”


    “He almost died. Because he shoved off the people who came at him. He’s a scoring student for fuck’s sake- and ya’ll are worried about him being a gangster.”

    The man fell silent, and hastily broke eye contact with the teen.

    “Fine. But they still need to know all they can about them. To prevent cases like Donald.” He coaxed, finally.

    Erik stepped back into his room, not responding for a good minute.

    “They also just want to know if you... and Donald... were, well, involved with each other.”

    The boy snorted. “Does it look like I’m dating my roommate? Cause he’s bisexual?” He lied.

    “Alright, alright.” The manager turned away, sighing, probably in relief. “You’ll also be allowed to see him in an hour. After his family.”

    Erik didn’t reply to this either, numbly fumbling for the handle of the door before shutting it, locking it, and trudging to the washbasin to splash some water onto his face.

    “You are Wakandan.” He whispered to softly.

    ‘He’s gonna be fine, he ain’t dead.’ The Prince tried to reassure himself. ‘This is just another thing, another person got hurt, but that happens. This is just life in America, but you are Wakandan.’

    ‘You are-’

    But every time he said it, he found it harder to believe his own words.

    He found it harder and harder to call his blood untainted by the messed up shit that happened ‘round here.

    He wished his Baba was here, like he had promised years ago.

    He wished he was still eight years old, being the happiest he had ever been in his life.

    He wished he could live in some fucking peace with his boyfriend without worrying every minute about other people.

    He also knew that with his mother gone there was hardly anyone who cared. Not even the country he was the literal Prince of.

    What’s the point of being Wakandan?


    Might make a part 2!

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         Hi guys so I’ve been in the mood for Erik Killmonger content and it’s kind of just missing in excess from the Tumblrsphere. I just want to make sure there’s still an audience out there if I did want to dip my toe in. This is an excerpt from something I’ve been thinking about fledging out in a full series. Any likes, reblogs or interactions I get will automatically be put onto the taglist for this work. 

       Warning(s) + Premise: This is an college!au for Erik Killmonger x Black reader. There is profanity, and use of the n-word. (To check that box, I am absolutely, undoubtedly black lmfao) + Not proofread of touched up in any way

       “Missing posters? MISSING POSTERS? What part of low key don’t you understand? OPEN THE GODDAMNED DOOR ERIK!” You shouted pounding your fist on the door his apartment.

       “It’s open princess!”

       Without a second thought, you twisted the knob and pushed the door in, eyes zeroing in on Erik as you charge at him. All the while he was cheesing as if this was the best thing that had ever happened to him. 

       “I’m gonna put my foot so far up your ass you’re gonna be coughing up rubber soles and shoelaces until you turn eighty!”

       “I ain’t know she had ass.” 

       You whip your head to the side to see a sight you disregarded on your rampage, a group of guys, friends of Erik’s apparently, sitting on the couch looking over at you like you had not only lost your mind, but they were having fun watching you lose it. 

       “Nigga, shut UP.”

       You slap your hand over your mouth suddenly embarrassed. “I am so sorry, I didn’t know you had company. I-” You look at the with wide eyes, “I’m sorry, I,” You sigh heavily lowering your head. 

        “I’m just saying he was doin’ all this talking about her. She off limits this, that’s my shawty that and he ain’t tell nobody she had ass. You think he woulda mentioned that first, that’s the important shit.” Jermaine kept going.

        “Nigga, SHUT UP. Damn, you talk too much.”

        Erik’s eyes hadn’t left you since you burst into the room and that didn’t change, even with big mouth Jermaine talking out the side of his neck , he’d deal with him later. But you, you were the main thing on his mind. 

       You roll your eyes, in exasperation, throwing up your hands, then thrusting the poster in to his chest. “Cut it out, killa.”

        “Stop callin’ me that.” He grabs your wrist before you can pull away keeping your hand pressed to his chest.

       “That’s your name, isn’t it?” You tilt your head to the side.

       “Not to you.”


       “That’s better.” He smiles.

       “Let me go, stop telling people I’m missing, and leave me alone.”

       “You missin’ if you ain’t wit me. I ain’t letting you go and I damn sure ain’t leaving you alone so stop askin’.”

       “Would you stop it with that - with this?”

       “He gon introduce us or what?”

        “I’m nobody, I’m sorry for interrupting ya’ll, I’ll see you around.” You try to shake his hold on your wrist but it doesn’t give, he doesn’t give, instead wrapping his arm around your shoulder and bringing you in. 

       “Ya’ll know her. This y/n, and y/n, these niggas is idiots. The one who can’t shut up for two seconds is Jermaine. The other one who keep him like a dog on his leash is his brother, Deonte. Them other two who know how to mind his business is Tyshawn.”

       “Erik,” you lower your voice so they can’t hear you. “I don’t care. They don’t gotta know me and I don’t have to know them.”

        “They’re good people, I want you to know good people.”

        “I’m not your responsibility. Don’t want anything for me.”

        His face falls and his swipes his thumb under his nose with a quick deep inhale and exhale finally backing away from you and leaning into the island behind him. “You always gone be my responsibility. I wish you’d stop acting like that.”

       “I wish you’d stop acting like that. Stop acting like you care, like you know me, like you give a fuck about responsibility, about obligation. I want you to just stop.” You leave, slamming the door behind you in the same way you arrived, leaving Erik worse than before. Still wanting you, and guilty as ever. 

    #erik killmonger#erik stevens #erik killmonger x black!reader #erik killmonger college!au #college!au #black panther fanfiction #erik killmonger fics #erik stevens fics #erik killmonger angst #erik stevens angst #bp fanfiction #erik killmonger x black reader
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    Is it too late for a part 2 of my Estelle DeVille X Erik Stevens fic?

    @muse-of-mbaku @im5ftbutmythroat66 @chaneajoyyy @melanin-samii @theunsweetenedtruth @doux-ciel @[email protected] @wakandantings @thadelightfulone @[email protected] @tropicalsun10 @babydoll756 @[email protected] @quinsly @pinkdemolition @[email protected] @bugngiz @[email protected] @lostgalaxies @[email protected]@babygotl01292003 @acceptyourselfloveyourself @[email protected] @theogbadbitch @[email protected] @toniilaney @[email protected] @raysunshine78 @[email protected] @silenceisplatinum @[email protected] @[email protected] @cutewylie @allhailqueennel @10bsatatime @nickidub718 @lildashofmelanin @allhailqueennel @amirra88 @[email protected] @ghostfacekill-monger @cherrystainedlipsbaby

    #soft boi erik #erik killmonger x oc #erik stevens x reader #redeemed erik #erik killmonger x plus size reader #erik killmonger#artisticestheticreads #erik killmonger x reader #erik stevens#bp fandom
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    Rules/General Things:

    He/Him pronouns

    Racism towards POC, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, jokes about assault, etc. will not be tolerated.

    This version of N’Jadaka is Alive and well and is the king of Wakanda. So if you come on this blog ready to ask questions or RP treat me as a living being.

    NSFW ask and RP are allowed. (However, if you and I do engage in NSFW RP we must talk about how we’re going to do things so that everyone is comfortable.)

    I do *this kind of rp* and RP that is consist of written out actions.

    I use the citrus system and that will be linked here.

    This version of N’Jadaka is gay and if you don’t agree, the block button is there as well as the unfollow button. Don’t worry I will not piss on myself because you decided to avoid me.

    This is an RP blog but responses to ask and RP will not be the only thing you see. I will post things relating to the aesthetics of N’Jadaka as well.

    The mod has a life outside of tumblr so if they don’t respond on time, they’re not ignoring they’re just busy. However, this doesn’t mean don’t message them, they love answering ask and Messages and what have you.

    Don’t be an ass.

    This list will be updated as needed.

    #rules #black panther rp #n’jadaka#king Killmonger #ask me stuff #ask me anything #RP blog#erik stevens #erik x reader #golden jaguar#marvel rp
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  • gxorg
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    looking for friends lmao

    this is a list of things I like and am passionate about. if you like this things too, then we are surely going to be friends :)

    PS. I would feel more comfortable if you were a teenager (13 to 18 year old)


    James Bucky Barnes, Loki Laufeyson, T'Challa Aja-Adanna, Erik Stevens, Matthew Murdock, Frank Castle (these are just my favorite/comfort characters, but I do like and appreciate most of the Marvel characters)

    Chicago Fire/Med/PD

    The Queen




    Harry Potter (but I do not know everything) (I am a Gryffindor)




    creating pinterest boards

    Stranger Things

    Hunger Games



    Spirit - Wild Horse

    Pose (Netflix series, if you haven't watched it yet I really suggest it)

    Orange Is The New Black


    the color red, purple and black


    Lost In Space

    Sex Education


    Music in general

    rock music


    blues music


    cats and dogs





    every animal

    staying in and watching Netflix with a warm blanket with my favorite people




    I like a lot of other things that you will be able to find out if you're willing to be my friend <3

    personal info:

    I'm Italian

    yes I am a teenager, we don't like pedophiles

    I'm bi (with a preference over men)

    I use she/they pronouns

    I might sound rude, cold and dry at first but if I will feel comfortable enough with you I will open up and be kind, sweet and funny even!

    I know this post might sound desperate, but I am desperate lmao. I really hope that with this I will be able to find new friends, because I really need some lately <3

    (social medias: tiktok - juribang, instagram - giorgia.torrieri, discord - juri.bang#3414)

    lots of kisses, G ❤️

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  • andreivasilevskiy88
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    nice, nice.. cgy @ tbl jan 6, 2022

    #stammer was having a word with gaudreau on the other side #steven stamkos#erik cernak #tampa bay lightning
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  • te-lly
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    So I was eating’ a twizzler ….

    And was thinking, 🤔 💭

    What if—

    The was a fanfic out where the reader is actually part of the wankandan royal family instead and Erik is her personal guard since childhood? Like they were so close and the best of friends! But her dad and uncle thought it was unbecoming and sent them both away for proper training for each of their respectful positions.

    *Insert fillers about them reuniting and finding things between them being wildly different than before*

    Then one night as the reader was on a political business trip over seas alone with her guard dog, she gets drunk to drown her anxiety about never becoming a good leader for her people and than just angrily take it all out on Erik. Complaining about how he’d let the disfuctional men in her life dim the light he had in him that would light up her own little darkworld, that he’s so far gone as a Soldier of war and training that he can’t see her cries for comfort or show any validation of her feeling other than just staring at her like he wants to say something but never will. All just because it’s been so program in him that she was law itself and that he was to lay down his life for the royal family member and nothing more. That the mere thought of conversation was pointless and it would only be a distraction for him to any threats on her life.

    So in her heated and drunken state of mind at the moment of realizing they were finally alone together for what felt like the first time in forever—

    (Two best friends in a room.they might kiss…)

    —the reader chooses to selfishly abuse her power of command and orders Erik in a detailed manner on how to make love to her, and only at the end of the passionate love makeing, when they’ve completely drowned themselves in each other that in the mist of almost giving in to the hands of sleep, Erik finally confesses he loved the reader and her feelings were no different from his.




    Mmm… Good soup.



    [If I misspelled anything , sorry it was the twizzler!]

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  • phenomenal1500
    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Under The Influence | Erik Killmonger

    Chapter 2: ~Burn It All Down~

    For Chapter 1: ~Long Live The King~ click here. 


    "Nah. I'm your king." He yelled and turned around, his dark eyes landing on his new adviser in front of him while he walked up to her.... the words secretly being meant for her in particular.


    Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Shuri, Nakia and Queen Mother had already fled through the cave's tunnels while the rest of the Elders quietly walked away from the tragic event, softly crying or visibly angry. She would've loved to do the same, to show emotions and grief for her former king and the Warrior Shaman, but she couldn't, not when the murderer of T'Challa and Zuri was standing right before her with his hand held out for her to take it.

    Venery looked up with hesitation and back at his hand covered in dried blood before forcing herself to take it. She had to stay in character, be loyal to the throne, that was the oath she had taken after all.

    "I will walk you to your room and send someone to patch you up before we start the ritual, your highness." She slightly bowed with her head, really trying to keep her voice from breaking. She felt like such a betrayer to Wakanda and all the kings that had once ruled over it.... she felt like such a failure.

    "Aight, princess. Lead the way." He gave her a small smirk, showing off his golden fangs while his muscles flexed with every breath he took. If they weren't in the situation they were in right now, if he wasn't the bad guy.... if everything was different, she would've given into the fact he was really handsome, but everything wasn't different. This was the situation they were in, he was the bad guy, he did kill Zuri and T'Challa and he was the new king now. The new king she had to serve no matter what happened.

    The woman managed to pull her golden eyes off of him before turning around, not saying a word as she began to walk. Not that she was able to say anything either, her voice would definitely crack if she did so and she didn't want him to already doubt her loyalty on the first day. With burning eyes from the tears that were forming and an unsteady breath, she picked up the path that led back to the palace with the man following her closely.

    Killmonger didn't say anything either as he walked behind her, giving her time to silently grieve or just process what had taken place at the Warrior Falls.

    He didn't mean to hurt her or anyone else the way he did, but he had waited his whole life for this moment and he had to do it.... no matter how much it disgusted her or the rest of his people. Not that he truly cared that much about their judgements though, the thing was just that she was his adviser and he needed her by his side to remain seated on his throne.

    He had to make her trust him and he had already gotten off to a bad start.

    Killmonger knew she was astounded by his actions and he was right. Everything about the man truly disgusted her, but even then.... he did have the right to take over the throne. The right to take what belonged to him as well. He had done nothing wrong according to the law of Wakanda, but Venery still had a bad feeling about the king.

    After following the path of the grey smooth stones back to the inhabited city again, they ended up on the airstrips just in front of the palace and she opened the massive and heavy glass doors for him.

    "After you, my king." Her hand waved through the air elegantly as a sign for him to step inside first, but the man was stubborn though.

    He hovered over the woman's smaller frame, placing his hand right next to her head. "Nah- after you, princess." He sighed for her to walk and she nodded slowly, awkwardly slipping past his body to walk in.

    Together they continued to walk through the gigantic halls and into the elevator and at the top floor, they finally arrived at his room.

    Ven unlocked the door and stepped inside to check if everything was okay. The room was semicircular on the side where all the windows were, a circular balcony attached to it, and the color scheme of the king's room was green, white, gold, and black. The walls were decorated with many different kinds of Tribal paintings belonging to almost each Tribe he now ruled over, and in the center of the only straight wall was a very large double bed set against it.

    "This is the room you'll be staying in." His eyes scanned the room once he joined her inside. "If you  need anything just knock on the door on the opposite side of yours. That's my room."

    Before she could flee from the room and go back to her own to break down there, he kicked the door shut with his boot and she backed away from it.

    "Listen, girl.... we need to talk." He leaned against the door and crossed his arms, his voice confident and calm. "Tell me what's bothering you."

    "Bothering me? Sir, you...." She went silent, knowing that whatever she was going to say next was going to be bad talk about Killmonger and he was standing right there.

    "We're in a safe place with just you and me, princess. It's okay to speak your mind." He walked away from the door, circling around the woman before sitting down on the huge double bed. His legs were wide, his elbows resting on his thighs, and the eye contact they held never broke. "Again- what's bothering you that you want to talk about?"

    She inhaled deeply, not knowing what to do so she simply decided to be honest.

    "I.... I served T'Challa for a long time and I feel like such a betrayer whenever I think about serving you the same way. I want to, I truly do because I believe your motives could be good ones and till know you did nothing wrong, but I have this bad feeling.... like I'm living on the border of right and wrong. I don't know whether to serve you and be loyal to you or stay loyal to-...."

    "A dead man?" He interrupted her, still in that same controlled and calm voice while he leaned forward a bit. "Being loyal to a dead man is what you're doing right now. He's gone and I'm sorry, but it had to be done." She lowered her head, fighting the tears and clearing her throat so her voice wouldn't crack.

    Whatever she was going to do, whatever she was going to say, she in no circumstances was going to look weak in front of him.

    "Perhaps you're right." She sighed, still feeling like a betrayer as she looked at her feet. However, in the meantime that Venery was struggling with her thoughts, Killmonger leaned back and stretched his arms which suddenly reminded her of his wounds. "Almost forgot, let's get you patched up, my king." She held out her hand to him and he took it, standing up so he could follow her.


    "Welcome to the City of The Dead." She smiled when she saw the beautiful temple appear before her eyes after the long stairway they had to climb and she turned around to face her current king. The man had begun to act more calm and more controlled when he figured what was about to happen, finally feeling a bit of peace since this was what he had trained for all his life. Together they walked into the sacred temple and she helped him get ready for the ritual. "As per tradition, you must undergo the ritual where all Kings of Wakanda must go through by drinking the fluid of the Heart-Shaped Herb. It will grant you visions, a moment to speak to your ancestor's spirit within the Ancestral Plane even, before officially being crowned as king and Black Panther."

    He hummed and carefully laid down in the circle filled with terracotta coloured sand encircled by the shamans, royal guards and his adviser.

    "Allow the Heart Shaped Herb to give you the powers of the Black Panther and take you to the Ancestral Plane." The woman shaman chanted and then ordered the others to bury Killmonger after the herb's fluid that he drank began to take effect on him. Venery helped, gently covering his face while the rest covered his body. Once Killmonger was completely buried in the sand, everyone was silently waiting for him to wake up and Ven kneeled down beside him once he started to breathe heavily.

    He was.... scared?

    Before she could reach out to rest her hand on the accumulated sand to hope it would somehow comfort him, he suddenly arose from the sand and it shocked her. She stumbled backwards and he wiped away a single tear that he tried to hide. It appeared something changed him in the time he was in the Ancestral Plane.... He looked like a whole new man. Powerful. Ready to conquer the world, but yet hurt. Traumatized. It made her curious about who he had talked to that made him change like this?

    "Breathe, my king." She reached out to touch his shoulder and he faced her before she could even do so, hyperventilating and shaking. He suddenly noticed he scared her away through all the panic he felt at that moment and held out his hand which she took carefully, stroking the palm of his hand. "Just breathe, my king."

    Taking a deep breath, he suddenly felt the power of the heart shaped herb coursing through his veins and he smirked a little, clearly enjoying the wave of power.

    "The Heart Shaped Herb did that?" Killmonger began to walk toward a dirt plot filled with the heart shaped herb and glared at it while the female shaman that had followed him nodded to confirm he was correct. "This is all of it?"

    "Yes. So when it comes time for another King, we will be ready." She stated and Venery joined them instantly, knowing that what she had said wasn't going to appeal to him at all.

    "Another King....?" He narrowed the gap between the shaman and him with a dangerous look in his dark eyes. "Yeah, go ahead and burn all that."

    Ven furrowed her brows as she heard Killmonger order the rest of the shamans to burn all of the herbs and she couldn't believe what she had heard. She knew he wanted it to be done in order to cement his status as king over Wakanda permanently and to prevent anyone from ever opposing him, but she couldn't let it happen.... it was something holy to them....

    "My King, we cannot do that. It is our tradition-...." She stepped in front of him and he clenched his jaw, really trying not to harm her in any way while she tried to go against his commands.

    "When I tell you to do something, I mean that shit, girl. Burn it all!" He growled lowly as he leaned into her ear and her heart stopped for a second before she automatically nodded, frightened of what would happen if she didn't agree with him.

    "You heard the king-...." She felt a lump form in her throat and repeated the order to the other shamans so they would finally take action, burning the whole garden while Killmonger observed the landscape to make sure all of them are burned down.

    "I'm sorry my kings." Ven whispered softly while watching all the beautiful flowers turn into ash.

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  • dashhoney25
    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    SB: fourteen


    I followed her into the bedroom and found her gathering her things, placing them into the duffle bag. I closed the door behind me and she turned to look at me with her tear stained face. I walked over to her, reaching out to touch her and she jerked from me. “Don’t” she said angrily. “Tash, don’t leave like this” I said. She kissed her teeth while looking down at the floor, in an attempt to hide her tears from falling. “You’ve been through enough tonight” I said calmly, slowly wrapping my arms around her. She cried in my chest as I held her in my embrace.

     She pulled back from my embrace, and I wiped her tears. I sat her down in the chair next to the bed, and I sat in front of her on the floor. “Tash I’m sorry. You came here for comfort and I didn’t give you that respect to have peace. That’s my fault.” I started. I took her left hand and massaged it in my hands, “Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you leaving me like this tonight. Knowing that you and my baby are out there and you’re in distress, on account of the fact that I didn’t listen to you when you needed me to. The fact that I didn’t do what I needed to as a man to make you feel safe and valued. I don’t want that call in the middle of the night, knowing that I could’ve changed the narrative.” I explained. Natasha sighed, and stared at me with longing eyes.

     “This is new for me, these feelings, realizing that I have to move different. This is more than the current situation that I’m in (Mercedes and I), and I wanna be better for us” I admitted. I rose to my feet, and hovered over her. She elevated her chin to get a better look at me. I leaned in and rested my finger under her chin and placed a soft kiss to her lips. Her response to this lead to her kissing me passionately and pulling me in closer to her. I broke the kiss and motioned for her to switch with me so that I could sit in the chair, and she could sit on my lap. Taking direction, I rested my right hand around her waist, while my left hand caressed her neck, intensifying the kiss. I could feel her tears falling against my cheeks as I massaged her back.

     Natasha gave me a few small pecks before breaking the kiss. She stared at me a moment and caressed the side of my face, “That’s all I ever wanted D. I just wanted to know that you were listening to me. I know that I want things done in an instant, but in reality, it doesn’t work out that way” she admitted. “This is a change for me too” she continued. “I just don’t wanna feel alone right now, and I owe it to myself to get closer to you and do everything that I can for this baby” she said with longing eyes. “I hear you beautiful, and I’m here for you” I said sincerely. Natasha leaned down and kissed me softly, and I could feel the calmness in her lips. If I could be quite honest, I’ve never felt anything sweeter than this, I had never felt a moment like this with any woman. I never knew that two individuals could reconcile and share a moment of peace like this. Makeup sex isn’t always the answer, and buying gifts can’t equate to feeling like this. I could only imagine the intensity of this moment if Natasha and I were naked—skin to skin.

    I looked at Natasha and smirked, she raised a brow and before she could speak, I interjected, “Go take a seat in the living room and get comfortable. I got something I wanna do for you” I enticed. Natasha chuckled, “You tryna woo me Adonis?” she questioned. “I’ll do whatever you want me to” I replied with a wink.


    My body lit up internally like a Christmas tree when Adonis spoke in his usual deep baritone voice, winking at me. For the first time ever, Adonis has given me butterflies without the use of sex. I never thought we’d ever talk like adults and reconcile our differences. It’s shallow to say, but I didn’t think that Adonis had a caring bone in his body. Although I still think he’s selfish, he’s making some progress. I’m glad that he talked me down from leaving him, Lord knows I’m just not ready to face King right now.

    I took off my shoes and socks and I proceeded to the living room. I took a seat on the couch and turned on the tv that hung above the fireplace. Adonis comes out shirtless in a pair of sweatpants with a cushioned stool and towel in hand.

    I could feel the heat rising in between my thighs and I crossed my legs on the couch. Placing the stool a few feet away from the couch, he handed me the towel. “You ok?” he asked biting his bottom lip, noticing my demeanor. His sex appeal was getting the best of me. I nodded my head as my gaze never left his. Knowing the effect he had on me, Adonis winked and walked through the kitchen and opened the storage closet. “Do you want anything from the kitchen while I’m over here?” He asked taking a big box from the storage closet. “Do you have any juice, and something sweet?” I question.

    “Let me check” Adonis replied. I watched as he placed the heavy box on the marble island and opened the fridge, “I got some Tropicana Strawberry Peach if you like that” he offered. “That’s fine” I reply. I sat up on the couch and watched as he pulled a carton of eggs out of the fridge, placing them on the island. Adonis opened a few cabinets and grabbed some vegetable oil and a red box. Closing the cabinets, Adonis bent down to open another cabinet and grabbed a square pan. He placed the items on the island, he grabbed the big box and brought it into the living room placing it next to the cushioned stool. I looked at the box and noticed that it was a foot spa. I glared at him, “I’ll grab the water, oils, and foot scrub in a few, let me get these brownies in the oven aight?” he suggested. The corners of my mouth curled up and my stomach was doing somersaults. “Y-Yo-You need some help?” I stammered. “Nah, let me do this for you.” Adonis replied leaning over me to place a peck to my lips.

    I sighed heavily, smitten at the moment. I directed my attention back to the tv and searched for something to watch. A few moments later, Adonis came back with a tall glass of iced Tropicana Strawberry Peach to quench my thirst. I scrolled through Adonis’ Roku stick and found that he had a few streaming subscriptions. I came across Netflix and I scrolled through a few categories when I got interrupted. “Could you come here for a second?” Adonis questioned. “Of course” I replied. I walked into the kitchen and found Adonis standing with the mixed brownie batter. Adonis had a zip loc bag of chocolate chips. “Should we add a few to the mix?” he questioned. I smiled at the suggestion, “Are these any good? You know you don’t come here often” I said taking the bag of chocolate from him. “I’m here for a good time, not a long time. Get it right” Adonis joked. I looked at the expiration date on the back of the chocolate bag and the chocolate is within date. I opened the bag and pulled two chocolate chips out and popped them into my mouth. Smiling at the sweet sensation on my tongue, I commented “I guess they are good. Drop a few in the batter” I commanded.

     “Let me get a few of those” Adonis said taking the bag from me playfully. Popping a few chocolate chips into his mouth, he moved closer to me, backing me into the corner of the kitchen cabinets. My eyes never left my gaze as I kept a firm stance against the counters. His body moved closer to me as he pressed his lower half into mine. His chocolate scented breath hitting against my skin, tickling at my nose, “These chips still aren’t as sweet as you” Adonis confirmed. My gaze still on his, I watched as Adonis’ eyes lowered staring back at me, he placed his hands on my hips and pressed his lips against mine passionately. His chocolate coated tongue explored my mouth savagely, and I did my best to keep up with the tempo.

     Moans escaped my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he swiftly lifted me upon the counter as my feet dangled in front of the cabinets. My hands caressed the side of his face, down to his neck and chest; my nails grazed against his skin roughly as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I needed Adonis, I wanted him. Adonis took my bottom lip in between his lips and sucked it roughly, causing my warm pink center to gush in between my thighs. “Mhmmm…” I let out loudly on his lips, pulling him as close to me as possible, as if no air could escape us. Adonis placed kisses up and down my neck and collarbone, dragging his tongue slowly against my skin. I felt myself ready to erupt internally. “Damn, I want you” I muttered calmly pushing his chest away from me, the more he pressed against me, kissing my neck. “Fuck!” I let out as he sucked the skin on my neck, finding my spot, gripping at my thigh.

     Adonis removed my shirt, revealing my black Savage Fenty bra. Swiftly, he removed my sweatpants and matching underwear; exposing my lower half. Adonis knelt before me and moved to my thighs, “You don’t want me to stop” he seduced in a sultry voice before taking a lick to my glistening honey pot. His eyes fixed on my facial expressions, I shook my head no and closed my eyes as his tongue pressed against my wet center, licking, tongue flicking, and sucking at my clit as if he’d never tasted me. I bit my bottom lip and spread my legs wider, letting him devour me. I placed my hand under the counter for a stable grip as I was spread eagle, letting him have his way with me. Adonis didn’t let up at all, his fingers flicked at my clit speedily while he sucked at my lips, massaging my inner thighs, reassuring that my body would be pleased. Out of reflex, my hips grinded against his tongue, gyrating against his movements out of pleasure; I couldn’t bear to look at him while he sucked at my clit viciously, gripping my thighs roughly.

     I wanted him so bad, despite the fact that I cussed him out for everything that he was worth, regretting the day I met him; and here I am, fully submissive, legs wide and lost in a creeping orgasm. I gripped the back of Adonis’ head and rode his face, gripping the counter as I felt his tongue entering in and out of me at a speedy rate, my mind couldn’t process the pleasure. Tears were forming from my eyes and I couldn’t control the rate at which my legs were shaking. I held onto the counter, barely losing my grip as I felt peak rising, I groaned out roughly. “Donnie, baby.. Mhmmm, fuckkkk!” I let out. He looked up at me, still focused on bringing me to ecstasy, pleasuring my love box. “Please… come –” I said faintly, I couldn’t hold back anymore as I bit my lip while he continued to tongue fuck me.

    Rising from the ground, Adonis’ fingers crept to my lower half, massaging my folds while flicking my clit. He stood in between my legs and placed a peck to my lips, allowing me to taste myself as he continued to play with me. I sucked his bottom lip, attempting to devour his top lip at the same time. “Mhmmmm” he groaned, I scratched his back as I felt myself cum on his fingers just from the sound of him groaning. The sound of bliss leaving his lips, as he fingers continued to excite my lower half, I couldn’t help but grind against him. Coming down from the high, Adonis’ fingers were soaked, seductively removing his fingers from being in between my thighs, he licked them in front of me, playfully enticing me. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped myself, catching my breath, while he washed his hands in the sink. I hopped down from the counter and slipped into my underwear and sweatpants. Adonis slapped my ass, I turned around and leaned into him as he held my waist. He pulled me into his embrace as I stood on the tips of my toes, placing kisses all over his chest.

     “I’m sorry about earlier” he admitted. I squared my eyes at him, this couldn’t have been the same Adonis from 2 minutes ago, he doesn’t apologize… especially after sex. I couldn’t say anything, “Can you set a timer on your phone so that I can bake these brownies?” he questioned before kissing my cheek. “I’ll go get my phone” I agreed. Adonis preheated the oven, while I walked to the bedroom to grab my phone from my duffel bag. I unlocked my phone to find 2 missed calls and 2 unread texts; a text from Audrey and a text from King as well as two missed calls.

     Audrey: King just checked in with me looking for you. I told him you were staying at my place. I know you’re not home and I don’t want to be in the middle. Please go home, talk things out with King—He loves you girl. I love you, D isn’t worth it.

     King: Natasha I’m sorry, for everything. I hope that you and the baby are safe. I love you. Come home safe baby.

     I felt the stinging sensation in my nose anytime I felt myself getting emotional. I exhaled heavily and shook my head . Why does King do this? Why is he checking up on me now all of a sudden? Anytime I’m with Adonis, he NEVER does this; he never checks in with my friends about my whereabouts. I rolled my eyes in annoyance as Adonis yelled, checking in on me. “You set the timer?” he called out. I gathered myself before walking back into the living room.

     “How long should I set the timer for?” I asked, taking a seat on the couch. “25 minutes” Adonis replied, placing the pan of brownie batter into the oven. Adonis grabbed a big bowl from the cabinet and began to fill it with water. “Plug that foot spa in for me please?” Adonis instructed. I got up and pulled the foot spa from the big box and plugged it into the nearest outlet while Adonis walked into the living room with the big bowl of water.

    I sat on the couch and began searching through the Roku stick for a movie while Adonis added essential oils to the foot spa. Taking a seat on the cushioned stool, Adonis directed his attention to me, watching me scroll through movies. “Just put it on something and put your feet in this foot bath that I’ve prepared for you” he cooed. I smiled, “Fine…” I replied, putting the television on Bob’s Burgers as background noise.


    I watched as she placed her feet in the hot foot bath. She flinched a bit, easing her feet into the soothing water. “Too hot?” I questioned getting up to pour some cold water into the bowl. “No no, it’s fine. It’ll cool off” she insisted. She leaned back into the couch to relax, I stared at her in admiration, admiring the fact that I made her glow and gush all because of me. I grabbed the bottle of foot scrub and instructed her to put her foot on the towel that rested on my knee. I poured some of the foot scrub into my hands and massaged her feet, I watched as her body relaxed to my touch and her mouth fell agape as I squeezed her heel and tugged slightly at her toes.

     “You alright over there?” I asked as she moaned in pleasure. Natasha chuckled. “I’m fine D. This feels good” she admitted. “Better than what took place on the counter?” I questioned as my fingers massaged in between her toes. Natasha bit her bottom lip roughly and groaned.. “Ugh… why must you tempt me?” she questioned in a seductive tone.  “I just wanna know, how good do I make you feel?” I asked turning on my charm, flashing my dimples. Natasha sighed. “Adonis” she said as she stepped out of the foot spa and straddled me on the stool. Natasha caressed the side of my face and lifted my chin as our eyes locked. “You make me feel a lot of things” she said before kissing me. “But?” I questioned, breaking the kiss. “I really want to take a backseat on you making me feel the way that you do, and we spend quality time getting to know each other… with our clothes on” she stated, grazing her thumb across my bottom lip.

    “You sure?” I asked with a smile. Natasha pulled me into another deep, yet passionate kiss. Pulling away, she rested her nose against mine, and kept her eyes fixed on me. The energy in the room was magnetic between us. “I’m sure, I just want to connect on a deeper level. If that’s alright with you” she said kissing the tip of my nose, migrating to my cheeks and down my neck. I could feel the energy between us shift as my hand palmed her ass and I pulled her onto my pelvis so that she could feel what she’s been missing, growing against her.

     A vibration from my sweatpants pocket, followed by a ring, caused us both to jump. “Don’t” she pleaded, kissing at my neck, sucking it with fervor. “Damn ma” I let out gruffly as I pulled the phone out of my pocket. Natasha turned her head towards me and locked eyes with my phone, Mercedes was calling me. Natasha stared at me intensely, as if her eyes pierced a hole through my skin. I silenced my phone and slid it back into my pocket. “No more distractions, I promise” I reassured kissing her. Natasha pulled away from me. She got out of my lap and returned to the couch. I could tell she was annoyed. “We should really stick to getting to know each other with our clothes on. I know we’ve been used to hopping in and out of bed together, but we can’t. We have to start acting like parents—parents who can keep their clothes on.” She said with a sigh, “As much as I want you, Donnie I’m not in a place to have sex. I’m scared, like this shit is new to me, I don’t know how to maneuver life with a human inside of me” Natasha continued. I nodded my head in agreement, “We don’t have to go there, granted it is fami—” our conversation was interrupted again by my phone going off.

    Natasha folded her arms and I pulled my phone out. Once again it was Mercedes, I scrunched my face and before I knew it, Natasha came over me trying to pull the phone from my hand. I grabbed Natasha’s wrist to intercept. “What do you think you’re doing?” I questioned her with a firm grip to her wrist. I could tell she was uncomfortable, I loosed my grip but didn’t let go of her. “We keep our hands to ourselves over here baby girl” I reply condescendingly. The look in Natasha’s eyes read anger with a hint of fear. As I loosened my grip even more, she jerked away from me and disappeared into the bedroom.

    I walked into the bedroom to find Natasha’ duffle bag in the chair, and she was under the covers. “Thought I would finish your foot massage, but you had other plans” I say, placing her duffle bag on the dresser to take a seat in the chair. “I really don’t think you should be in here Adonis” she replied annoyed, turning off the lamp that rested on the nightstand. The moonlight shined through the curtains, illuminating the room. Natasha really thought that darkness would silence this conversation. “Just because I proved a point, it doesn’t mean that we had to take a rain check on our plans” I admitted. Natasha huffed, she turned the lamp on and sat up in bed. Natasha visibly looked over it, “Adonis, I told you from the jump that I wanted to move forward with this relationship with you all to myself, without any parameters. Right?” she questioned firmly. “And you know what the situation is with that-“ “Regardless Adonis, you know what I said.” Natasha interjected abruptly. “You got it” I said nonchalantly, annoyed at her tone of voice.

    “You reassured me that you’d do everything to make me feel comfortable and happy while we’re together. This would be OUR time. Yes I flaked on us communicating more, and us falling into our old habits of being all over each other, but Adonis I’m committed to this. I’m committed to us being here for our child! I’m trying to understand you, and wrap my head around how we’re going to do this, while still processing how to deal with my feelings for you! But you and this shit… it’s messy and disrespectful! You literally dogging this girl, telling me you don’t love her, you get me pregnant, but when she calls you, you raise your hand up to stop me from touching your phone?! How dare you?” Natasha fussed. She got out of bed and stood in front of me. “You don’t see me taking calls or texts from King do you?! I’m not out here disrespecting you! I know where I stand with him, but you.. you reporting to Mercedes like there’s an obligation! You’re not even married!” she yells at me.

     I avoided eye contact with her, I felt my jaw clenching and I couldn’t control the nonchalantness in my face. Natasha was trippin, she was definitely in her feelings and out of line for starting shit. I know I said what I said, and I know what I promised her, but in reality; things aren’t as simple as she thinks. I rose from the chair and towered over her. “If you want me to be honest” I started. Natasha’s phone went off, she reached over onto the bed to check it, “Get the cookies out of oven.” She instructed.


    As I waited for Adonis to come back, I felt a crazy feeling in my stomach that this conversation wouldn’t be good. Internally, I was still fuming over the fact that Mercedes called Adonis—twice to be exact. I know that I missed King’s call and text, but I didn’t ruin the mood by addressing the calls in front of Adonis at least. I huffed at the thought as Adonis walked back into the bedroom.

    “So what is it that you want to be honest about?” I questioned with folded arms. Adonis exhaled and looked away from me. I turned Adonis’ chin towards me and we locked eyes. “Things with Merc and I… are more complicated than you think” Adonis spoke. I searched his eyes in confusion, “What are you saying?” I questioned feeling the agitation grow little by little. Adonis kissed his teeth, “Legally, I’m obligated to check in with Mercedes… and go home every night to her, regardless of my dealings that I have with you—that make me look bad on paper” Adonis admitted. Still unsure of what he meant, I felt my stomach going in knots. “The dealings that we have that make you look bad on paper?” I questioned. “Adonis you’re talking in circles!” I yelled at him as I talked with my hands. “She can’t find out about us, it wouldn’t be good for our agreement… considering that there’s a lot at stake. I know she’s your friend and what you and I have done… and what we’ve created” Adonis started off as he rested his hands on my belly. I placed my hands on Adonis’ wrists and looked in his eyes feeling uneasy. “Just tell me” I said plainly.

     Adonis caressed the side of my face and I pulled back. I raised a brow at him, awaiting an answer. “Mercedes and I are married. We have been for quite awhile. I’m her husband, and she’s my wife. We signed a marriage contract that includes strict clauses of infidelity, and as a consequence there are businesses and financial investments that are at stake if she ever found out about us” Adonis admitted. I immediately let go of Adonis and took a step back. I felt like I had been shot, I couldn’t believe my ears, the audacity of this married man to hide this from me. After all that we had been through, he hides the fact that he’s engaged—just to tell me that he’s married and if his wife (which is my best friend) finds out, he’d end up broke?! It serves him right, but how would he take care of our family?

     My body felt hot and I couldn’t properly process my feelings… at all. I couldn’t even look at Adonis. “I’m sorry” Adonis admitted. “I’m sorry?! How long Adonis?” I questioned. “How long what?” he asked. “How long have you two been married?!” I questioned, trying not to sob as I felt myself getting emotional. “Three months” he admitted. Before I knew it, my hand swatted Adonis in the face in an instant out of reflex. “Piece of shit! How dare you!” I yelled out of anger and frustration as I hit him repeatedly. “I just got out of my first fucking trimester and you married her anyway?! Knowing the shit that we had going!!!” I yelled hitting him. “I hate you!!! I hate you!!” I yelled. I ran off into the bathroom and locked the door behind myself. I grabbed two full body towels and screamed in it as loud as I could.

    All I could feel was rage and anger. I swear to God the lock on this door was keeping me from hurting this man. I couldn’t put into words how angry I was at him. I trusted him… I gave him every part of me, hell I don’t know if King is the father but if I really gave this nigga a child… how could I live with myself knowing this?! I instantly fell sick to my stomach and I ran into the toilet, face first spitting up what I could. My vision was blurry from my tears, but I couldn’t stop throwing up. I was so sick! I was interrupted by the door opening and Adonis walking in with a screwdriver in hand. I couldn’t bare to look at him like this, and I didn’t want to. Adonis grabbed a washcloth and ran some cold water over it. Once he saw that I had a moment of normalcy, he sat on the floor beside me. “I came to check on you and the baby. I still care about you, and us” he said calmly.

     “Go to hell” I managed to say as I burst into tears. Adonis pulled me into his embrace and I fought him for as long as I could until I gave into his embrace. He wouldn’t stop apologizing to me. I finally sat up to look at him, his face was stained with tears and his nose was red, he had been crying too. “I hate you” I admitted. “I know” Adonis said lowly. I couldn’t stop crying, the pain was unbearable, I just couldn’t believe that this is what my life amounted to. “You should leave. Go home.. go home to your wife” I said rudely. I got out of Adonis’ embrace and washed my hands. I walked into the bedroom to grab my toothbrush and tooth paste from my duffle bag. “I can’t leave you like this. I should stay” Adonis suggested.

    “Just go Adonis.” I say not wanting to put up a fight. I proceeded to brush my teeth. Once I finished, I grabbed some extra clothes from the duffle bag to take a shower. Twenty minutes later, I get out of the shower and get dressed for bed just to find Adonis asleep in bed. I grabbed my phone, charger, a pillow, and blanket from the bed and I walk into the living room to make myself comfortable on the couch. I got up to grab a brownie from the kitchen, I turned on the light above to stove to find that the brownies were stuck to the pan and were burned. Adonis failed to grease the pan, and I sure as hell hate burnt brownies. Annoyed, I turned the light off above the stove and proceeded back to the couch.

    I turned off the tv in the living room and laid in the dark. I was finally alone with my thoughts, able to evaluate the events that took place today. Before I could reminisce, I unlocked my phone and decided to re-read the text message from King.

    King: Natasha I’m sorry, for everything. I hope that you and the baby are safe. I love you. Come home safe baby.

    How could this man love me, despite the shit that I’ve put him through? Why do I even deserve to be with him? What did I do for King to not give up on me? I know I have a lot to discuss with King when I get home, I can’t even begin with where to start. I mentally just couldn’t wrap my head around the damage that I had done to King, its unfathomable. First Malcolm, and now Adonis… why was this man putting himself through this? Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with someone who wants to give me the world, and sees me worthy of receiving it all and more? What if this child isn’t King’s? What if I have to deal with the true repercussions of my actions and Mercedes has to find out about Adonis’ infidelity? Would King still be with me and raise this child despite it not being his child biologically, or would I be stuck with a broke divorced baby daddy? There’s no way that Mercedes would stick beside him! As foolish as it sounds, I can’t expect for King to do the same for me either, knowing all that we’ve been though. I can’t hold Korryn against him, knowing that I have a checkered past; and I can’t expect to be forgiven when clearly I haven’t learned from my past transgressions. I went back and forth in tears over my thoughts and possible outcomes, I eventually went to sleep with so many questions looming in my head, unanswered, and filled with fear.


    The pregnant urge to get out of bed to use the bathroom plagued me. I snatched the covers off of me and immediately ran to the dark bedroom. I couldn’t see so I turned on the light to guide me through, not caring what Adonis had to say. Turning on the lights, I noticed that the bed was empty, Adonis wasn’t there. My bladder was urging me to run to the bathroom, so I couldn’t process being alone at the moment. Making it to the bathroom, I relieved myself and came back to reality. This has been one hell of a night. I got up to wash my hands and I proceeded back to the bedroom. Adonis was gone and it was for the absolute best, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but its best that he go home to his wife. I don’t need him. As much as I didn’t want to be alone, I was still sad that he was gone.

     I went back to bed on the couch and was awakened by the sunlight that shined through the beautiful glass windows. I got up, folded my blanket, and brushed my teeth. I gathered my duffle bag and left the condo, ready to face the reality of King and I. As I walked out of the building, heading to my car, a car door slam startled me.


    I was sparking up a blunt when I saw her leaving my building. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen her and I knew exactly why she was here. I quickly got out of my car and slammed the door to get her attention. She jumped. “Didn’t mean to scare you baby” I laughed. Natasha turned around and looked annoyed. “What do you want Malcolm?” she asked. “Good morning to you too Miss” I say jokingly with my arms wide open, “Can’t get a hug?” I asked. Natasha rolled her eyes and walked over to me, she leaned into me. I know we aren’t on the best of terms, but something seemed off, she seemed down.. she looked like she hadn’t slept.

     “You good?”  I asked as she moved away from me. “Never better” she said folding her arms. “Look can we make this quick? I really need to get home” she rushed. I sighed, “I know you don’t wanna hear this coming from me, but you need to be careful. Anytime I catch you leaving this building, it’s never good news.” I warned. “You won’t have to worry about seeing me anymore, he and I are done” she admitted, as she tied her hair in a high bun, I noticed the bulge in her stomach. I stared a moment and looked back at her and we locked eyes. She didn’t hide it, but there was remorse in her eyes. “Does King know?” I asked with concern. “He does, and so does he” Natasha said pointing to the building. She turned on her heels and headed for her car.

    “Let me walk with you” I said catching up to her. She stopped in the middle of the parking lot,  “Malcolm, I don’t want you caught up in any of my shit right now. Thanks but no thanks” she stated before turning away. I grabbed her arm. “Tash, chill. I’m not here for all of that. I’m here to warn you to be careful. This shit you in, you don’t even know this nigga. While you walking around here pregnant and having to call Maury, I just wanted you to know that you need to tread softly with Adonis” I said firmly with concern. Natasha snatched her arm away from me and examined it. “Don’t!” she yelled, and proceeded to her car. Unlocking it, she threw her duffle bag in the front seat. I walked up on her. “Tasha, Adonis is bad news baby girl. He hits women! You really think you know this nigga and you don’t! Yet here you are contemplating if he’s the father of your baby!” I yelled at her. “You don’t know shit about me Malcolm! Look I appreciate you tryna look out for me, but don’t!” she yelled back.

    Noticing people entering the condo building, she got in the car. I walked around to the drivers side and got in. “What do you mean I don’t know you Tash? We were just in this situation two years ago, you, me and King. You weren’t sure of who the father was, and then you lost the baby—so don’t tell me I don’t know you!” I yelled hitting her dashboard. Her eyes were dark. “Did you really come out here to warn me, or did you come out here to throw old shit in my face because you real salty that we didn’t have a child together?!” she questioned angrily as her chest heaved up and down. “I know that that child was mine. There’s no question about that meline.” I admitted calmly. “But we not on that no more, I’m not tryna go there with you. You’ve been through this shit with King once, why put him through it again and sacrifice your safety just for some dick?!” I questioned.

     “Since when do you care about King when you betrayed him by sleeping with me behind his back?! Malcolm you’re making this shit about you, and making accusations about my child’s paternity status and I’m deading this conversation!!” she yelled. “I don’t want you to get hurt, you might hate the delivery but don’t shoot the messenger, ma” I said chastised. “What you and I had is history, if you really care about me, you’d take our situation out of it and stop bashing me for my decisions. Just tell me what’s going on with Adonis and leave it at that” she said simply. I shook my head and sighed. “Look, he has anger issues. I’ve seen it for myself. The night I saw you two at the club on the night ya’ll met, he was getting busy with a chick in the bathroom and hit her because she wasn’t pleasing him the way that he wanted. I seen it for myself.” I stated. Natasha shook her head, “You remember when he was fucking with Audrey? They came to my crib one night, we were having a get together with them and one of my girls at the time. Me and shorty stepped out on the balcony to have some alone time. When we came back in, I noticed Audrey’s bottom lip had a small cut and it looked a little swollen. I didn’t like what I saw and asked them to leave, and I told Audrey to call me. Obviously she didn’t, but the next day when I pulled up on Adonis he told me that, they got into it because he caught her texting Tae and he hit her.” I said truthfully.

     “You take it for what you want, but she told me she regretted cheating on Tae with Adonis. She and Tae went through some shit, and because of Tae, Adonis won’t ever cross her again. I don’t want Adonis to hurt you. I know that King loves you, I just don’t want you to put yourself in a position that causes him to stop being there for you, and you end up dead!” I say. “So you’re saying if King doesn’t protect me, you won’t either?” Natasha questioned. I sighed in annoyance, I gripped the bridge of my nose. “Fuck Natasha! I’m here for you! But I’m not your man, and I’m not overstepping my boundaries! Don’t lose yourself over a man who only sees you as someone to fuck and nothing more! You don’t know him, you don’t know who else he fucking with! He could have a double life! You have a man that wants you in every aspect of his life, he still took you back when you fucked up! Shit, the worst part about it is that you fucking up now! I can bet money that he just wants you home! Scratch that, I know for a fact he wants you home! Tash, you potentially carrying his child! Take your ass home and leave this abusive nigga where he at! That girl from the club and Audrey were lucky, you might not be. Get out while you can” I warned. I placed a kiss to her cheek and noticed a tear roll down the side of her face.

    “King and I won’t ever be cool again, but do right by him. Go home” I said staring at her. We shared a long gaze before she pulled me into a hug. Lasting for a few moments she looked up and smiled. “I’ma head out. I got shorty coming through, I don’t need her questioning why I ain’t answer the phone cuz I’m hugged up with you” I say playfully pulling away from the embrace. “I’ll see you later” Natasha said finally. I smiled back at her and got out of the car. I hope she doesn’t take what I said for granted.


    I drove out of the parking lot and headed home. The encounter that I experienced with Adonis and his phone last night, confirmed Malcolm’s claims—not to mention his “double life” with his wife. Malcolm cares, a little more than he should, but who am I to argue with the fact that we have history. Audrey has warned me about Adonis on multiple occasions, Malcolm confirmed what she had already said about Adonis, I just didn’t think he was bold enough to do this at someone else’s place of residence; it shows that he has no remorse, and doesn’t care who knows what he does to women.


    I arrived home 20 minutes later. Grabbing my duffle bag, I let out a deep sigh, turned off the car, and let down the garage. I entered through the kitchen and saw that the room was spotless. I walked into the living room to find everything in its proper place, and nonetheless spotless. I ventured upstairs to King and I’s bedroom, it was very dark. King had the blackout curtains pulled, anytime he did this, I knew that he was in a mood. I took off my shoes and tiptoed into the bedroom, I quietly walked into my closet and unpacked my duffle bag, placing all of my clothes into the hamper. As I zipped my bag and placed it on the shelf, I was startled at his presence. “Good morning” King said in a groggy voice. I jumped. I turned around to see a shirtless King in a pair of boxer briefs that rested right at the V-cut of his hip.

    I turned away shyly and proceeded to push the bag further onto the shelf as a distraction. “Didn’t hear you come in” King’s voice was clearer now. I turned over my shoulder to see he was right behind me. “Everything okay?” He asked wrapping his arms around my waist. I let go of the bag and turned to face him, he looked tired, as if were up all night worried about me. I locked eyes with King and instantly felt miserable. I placed my hands on his biceps, “I didn’t mean to wake you. Please, go back to bed” I instructed. Ignoring me, King tilted my chin to him and stared at me. “You… you look like you’ve had a long night” he stated. I looked away as his hand rested on my stomach. It fell silent for a moment, King spoke up, “I’m just glad you’re home, alright?” he replied looking at me intently. I searched his eyes as I wished words would come out of my mouth, but I couldn’t.

    I was still lost in awe at the fact that we were this close right now. His hands fell to my waist as our gaze never broke. I wanted to tell him that I was sorry for not coming home and that I was sorry for putting him through this shit again with Adonis. I wanted to apologize to him for jeopardizing our relationship and the love that we’ve built over the years. But I couldn’t. I didn’t want to say much, let alone start another argument. King exhaled, “Can we get into some clean clothes and take a shower?” he asked. I nervously nodded in agreement. I followed King toward the bathroom and watched as King turned on the water. I walked to closet like cabinet and grabbed a set of towels. I handed King a towel and found that he was undressed already. I took a moment to gaze at his third leg.

     Noticing, King lifted my chin and directed my attention to him as he wrapped the towel around his waist. He placed a soft kiss to my cheek. “By the time I’m done in the mirror, you should be in the shower” he cooed. King walked over to the mirror and examined himself.

    I quickly undressed myself, keeping my back turned against King while he brushed his teeth. I stepped into the shower and felt at ease. I stepped closer under the shower head and allowed the hot water to cascade over my body. I looked down at my feet and looked up at the ceiling, running my hands through my wet head. Tears streamed my eyes as I leaned against the shower wall. I wept… lamented rather. I felt the weight of reality settle in regarding the fact that I’m fucked up. I fucked up big time! I don’t deserve King, let alone this baby doesn’t deserve me. Knowing what I know about Adonis, I’m still contemplating this pregnancy, because I don’t want to do life knowing that Adonis could be the father and my life is in shambles and I end up alone all because of my selfish greed.

     I felt a cool breeze enter the shower as I crouched down and held my knees to my chest in the shower. “You alright?” King asked as he closed the door behind himself. I shook my head. King sat down behind me and held me. Oddly enough, I was too ashamed to let him see me naked. I wanted to wash myself of Adonis from the night before. King took my hair down, removing the hair tie that kept my hair in a bun, he pushed my hair to the left side and placed a kiss to the back of my neck. He rested his head against my cheek, in the crook of my neck. Tears fled my face even faster as I felt his body against my back. I broke down… BAD in tears.

     I turned to face him, keeping my knees at my chest to cover myself. “How could you… how could you still love me like this?” I sobbed. King shook his head, “I don’t know… I..” “If this is just for the sake of our child, please let me know now and I..I can relieve you of everything and move forward. Jermaine…” I said caressing his face. “Jermaine, you shouldn’t be with me anymore out of obligation. I fucked up and I don’t deserve you or anyone of that matter. I can’t keep—” King interrupted me with a kiss. I let go of his face and he caressed mine. He pulled away, “Just stop. I don’t want to talk about that right now. I love you, just accept it for what it is Natasha” King said simply. My heart sank at those words. I climbed into his lap and I wrapped my arms around his neck. King pulled me into a passionate kiss. He rubbed and caressed my back, rubbing his nails up and down my spine—petting heavily, moaning at the feeling. Caressing his face, I felt his face was wet. Breaking the kiss, I realized that wasn’t from the shower. King’s nose was red, his eyes were watering. “I love you” I mouthed feeling breathless. King happily pulled me back against his lips, welcoming him to another kiss.

     I placed a trail of kisses along his neck, sucking on it roughly while holding him tightly. I grinded against him, as my body yearned for him. I broke the kiss and caressed his head, looking in his eyes. “I know you love me, and I know you don’t want to discuss it right now, but we have to” I admit. My vision became blurry as my eyes watered, “I just wouldn’t feel right doing this… being in this intimate space, and not coming clean before this baby gets here” I continue.

     King sighed, “You’re right” he admitted, rubbing my back. “We shouldn’t be doing this” he said looking down at how close we were, examining me in his lap. “Whenever you’re ready to talk. We… we can try… we can move forward with this… if you want” King suggested. “Baby I do…” I admit getting up from his lap, standing against the shower wall as King stood before me. “My heart is just heavy, and I don’t know where to start” I replied as streamed from my eyes. King pulled me into his embrace, holding me close as I sobbed heavily, “Whenever you’re ready, I’m here baby” King reassured as he kissed my forehead. I held him close. I felt as if I held onto him for dear life as I broke down. I knew that if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t be able to move forward with this relationship, and I wouldn’t be able to endure this pregnancy full term if I hid my feelings from him.






























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