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  • mvartes
    30.11.2021 - 1 minute ago


    A Eternidade da Matéria - Matheus Vargas


    Na natureza nada se cria, nada se perde, tudo se transforma.

    No final da vida nossos corpos terão se desfeito em cinzas.

    Ou seremos alimento para as bactérias, de dentro ou de fora,

    Ou, mais longe, seremos o petróleo de outras futuras vidas...

    Seremos eternos, enquanto formos eternas transformações;

    Eis nossa eternidade, enquanto estivermos em circulações.

    Seremos vivos quando morrermos; em quase tudo presentes;

    Eis a eternidade da matéria; do pó ao pó, a coisas diferentes...

    Não afirmarei nada aqui do que ninguém voltou pra confirmar,

    Mesmo crendo, limitar-me-ei a falar do que posso contemplar:

    Em energia, que se amplia, multiplica, até em tudo se misturar...

    Não seremos lembrados. Cronos vence quase todo o universo,

    Menos o tudo que compõem, o que se faz presente e é eterno:

    A matéria, em todos os estados físicos, da estrela a um verso...

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  • wei-gege
    30.11.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    © Whaleroad_刘津言 2021/11/21

    Liu Jinyan as Ling Wen Eternal Faith BTS Link in source
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  • comparativetarot
    30.11.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Eternal Light. Art by Marcail Madorum, from the Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck.

    #Marcail Madorum #Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck #The Sun#Major Arcana#Tarot
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  • fanaticalthings
    30.11.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Druig: *Can literally mind control people*

    Also Druig: ROCK

    #yes i know he probably cant mind control the other eternals but it i thought it was funny #he couldve body tackled sprite as well but nah the rock was clearly the better option #this is so fucking dumb i mught delete this later #if i were sprite i would literally never show my face again out of embarrassment #can you imagine being an all powerful immortal being given life from a celestial?? only to be beaten by a rock #BONK#mcu#marvel#the eternals#druig#sprite#incorrect quotes#crack
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  • puzzle-004
    30.11.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    big fan of the weird noises the characters make in the eternal diva. standby for a rewatch and a compilation

    #original#text#professor layton#eternal diva #i think whistler takes the cake for the most of 'eughhsu ehghguhgs's in the movie #in other news as i watch this movie again. i wanna hold descole's hand.
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  • readthinkbeme
    30.11.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Drop your hiking/camping/outdoor imagines below! I need some ideas!

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  • marvelcinematic
    30.11.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Friends with Benefits Part 3 18+

    Druig x F! Eternal Reader

    Summary: You and Druig reach a turning point in your situationship

    Warnings: Angst, blood, death, smut

    Word Count: 2.8k

    A/N: Feel free to request! I might be a bit slow due to school but I will try my best. I’m trying to get back to the Ever After series again and try to get it out by No Way Home!

    Whenever you and Druig would have sex it was never in the Domo and the two of you never really spent the rest of the night together. The routine was a place was found, usually outside and the two of you would arrive and leave separately during the night in order to avoid getting caught. Except this night was different. Maybe it was the situation, maybe it was because Druig started to feel hurt by the possibility that his feelings were one sided. You could tell your run in with Sersi caught him off guard. But this night and the morning that followed changed everything.

    You had just gotten back from patrol that night with Ikaris and Thena. You were pretty shaken up, your ears not registering the other Eternals' concerns over you as you made your way to find the only person who could help you. Thena and Ikaris watched you trail off, concern etching their faces after seeing how you were affected by tonight. Ikaris was about to follow but Thena placed a hand on his shoulder and shook her head, "She can help herself. Go to Sersi and tell her you love her." After the night the three of you had Thena figured it was best everyone had self care. She would go on to find Gilgamesh later.

    You didn't care who saw now, you were determined to find the person you needed now. You took in a deep breath as you gently knocked on Druig's door, praying he was awake. You didn't notice how tense you were, as Druig finally opened the door. Maybe he should have pretended to be asleep. But concern etched his face as his saw the faint stain of dry tears on your face, "What happened?"

    You stood strong and said softly, "I need you, come with me to my room please." Druig saw something was troubling you, that even though you were physically unscathed something was clouding your mind. You needed him, you needed to be with him to forget about what you saw and to only think about him with you. He nodded, looking around to see if anyone was watching. It wasn't important to him but he knew it was important to you. He followed you to your quarters, noting how your desperation was different this time. He closed the door behind him and you immediately stripped, not caring about the lack of foreplay or sexiness. He had seen you naked countless of times, you didn't care now. No, you just wanted to forget. You don't look back at him until you are lying on your mattress with your legs slightly spread. To your surpise he just stands there studying your face with his hands behind his back. Suddenly you felt hurt, were you not sexy to him anymore?

    "Druig please." you said softly as you looked at him with pain in your eyes. Druig shook his head as he approached your bed. He knelt next to you on the mattress, "Gorgeous as you are Y/N I can't."

    "Why not?"

    "Because something's troubling you. A fuck to forget is fine Y/N, but remember that I was, am your friend and your mind is important to me." Druig replied as he looked into your eyes as they softened. Of course he knew something was wrong with you. He didn't need to read your mind to see how hurt you were right now.

    You shook your head, turning away from him as tears started to well up in your eyes. You wanted to forget and now here you were remembering everything in front of the person you never wanted to see you cry. You pulled your knees to your chest, suddenly feeling exposed physically and emotionally. Druig softly placed his hand under your chin and turned your face back to him. His heart ached at the pain he saw leave your eyes. He never wanted to see you cry again. You shook your head as more tears filled your eyes, you tried to stop yourself by control your breathing but it couldn't stop the flood gates. Druig wrapped his arms around you, placing a kiss softly on your temple and gently rubbing your back, "What happened?"

    You sobbed into him, "It was terrible. She loved him." You couldn't tell him what happen without sobbing, so you looked at him and said, "You can see, but please make me forget." You couldn't explain to him in words, but you could allow him to see your memories if it meant taking the pain away. He nodded, not sure if he could bring himself to do so, but wanting to help you anyway. His eyes glowed as he devolved into your memories.

    It was only supposed to be a simple deviant hunt. You, Thena and Ikaris against a beast was simple enough, no casualties. The place supposed to be barren, no population, just a small area on the outskirts of Athens. Except there was a small home. You turned to Ikaris and Thena, "I'll check on them, you two find that deviant."

    Cautiously you approached. Your heart sank as you heard the woman's cries. You found her in the yard, craddling her dead husband. You noted the deep gash in his side, surely from the deviant. You slowly approached and placed a hand on her shoulder. She didn't care, she couldn't feel you. She held him sobbing, you knew she couldn't stay here you pulled her off of him. You softly brushed your hands through her hair and said softly, "We need to leave my dear."

    "No."she screamed, trying to get back to her husband. Your eyes widened as you heard movement amongst the foliage. Surely she would attract the deviant once again.

    "You need to live."you hissed, your grip tightening on her shoulders as you tried looking her in her eyes. She stared blankly at you, her eyes glossed with pain and tears. She sniffled and shook her head, "No."

    "You have to, for him." you said your eyes never leaving her's as you heard Ikaris' laser beams drawing closer. She stared at you blankly and muttered, "You don't know what love is." She pushed away from your grip, you grabbed her arm once again, forcefully. You wished Druig had been there to make things easier, for her and you.

    "Maybe not. Surely I wouldn't let it get me killed."

    "That's the thing, there's no life without love. It's not worth it." she replied as she turned again to look at her dead husband. She had no children, this man was her life. He would also be her death. Suddenly Ikaris and Thena came into view, battling the lion like deviant.

    "We need to go." you said firmly as you pulled her away. Rushing to get her out of the deviant's view. She let out a blood-curling scream, "No, let me go!" She knew it was a death wish, she didn't care if it was for you too. The deviant's head shot up, turning to the two of you. It knocked Ikaris away with its tail and sped up towards the two of you. You shoved her into the house, but the deviant broke through. Ikaris had regained his strength but it was too late. You weren't ready to fight, you tried to cover the woman but somehow she had gotten away from you once again. The blow that was meant for you landed on her. Everything felt slow in that moment. You watched her peacefulness through the pain as she fell in front of you. You never noticed the final hit Thena landed on the deviant that was too late.

    You held the dying woman in your arms, your heart racing. You felt like a failure. Thena and Ikaris watched in shock. They had never seen a human sacrifice themselves for an eternal before. You stared down at her, "Ikaris, get Ajak." Ikaris turned to look at Thena, she shook her head.

    "She won't make it Y/N."Thena said softly as she placed a hand on your shoulder.

    "No." you said as you looked down at her. Her mouth filled with blood as smiled, "I'm...sorry for being such a pain..." she gasped as the pain started to overcome the adrenaline, "I hope you...can love someone as much as I have...Then you will know..." Her eyes grew heavier as you tried to keep her awake, "No, stay please."

    "Let me die next to him."

    "You won't die."

    "Y/N." Ikaris warned. You looked back at him before turning to the greying woman. You picked her up, she cried in pain. You carried her yards to the corpse of her husband. She managed to hang on, as you laid her on her back. You watched as she took the last of her strength to turn on her side and hold him. She closed her eyes, placed a kiss on his cheek as she was gone too.

    You knelt beside them, you couldn't pry your eyes from the husband and wife. Were it not for the wounds and the paleness they just looked like two soulmates asleep in the moonlight. Ikaris never felt much for the humans but this was an instance that made him feel for them. He turned to Thena who had seen enough, she said softly "Y/N we need to leave now."

    You wanted to bury them, but Thena knew you had to go home.

    Druig's arms tightened around you as you let out more sobs, "Druig please. Make me forget." He shook his head. He wish he had been there for you in that moment, that Thena or Ikaris could have comforted or protected you better. He felt your pain. You finally understood how dangerous and tragic love could be. He held you in his arms as your sobs subsided. You didn't need to forget, you needed to express your emotions. You inhaled, finally calming down, "I just...I don't understand."

    "What's there to understand? She loved him, she was determined to die beside him." Even Druig knew there was nothing you could have done. The woman was determined to be with her lover until death, it was only matter of if she got you killed or not.

    "But why?"

    "'Cus when you love someone you want to spend your rest of your life with them." Unfortunately some lives are shorter than others. He paid no mind to the thought that if he were in the situation he would have died for you too. It scared him that one day he could lose you. It pained him to know that you could never understand love, at least not with him.

    You sat in silence, comforted by his warmth and by his arms. You didn't want to think about losing Druig, you were determined to keep him alive until the universe ended at least. You just didn't want to lose him as a person you could rely on and care for. You were comforted by the silence, by the feeling of his hands comforting you. You turned to look at him in his eyes, not realizing you were about to make the most selfish mistake of your life. You didn't care in this moment, because who knew when they would lose each other. You placed your hands on his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. You didn't care at the moment, you couldn't live without kissing the man you loved once.

    Druig's heart raced as your lips meet. His cheeks filled with warmth as he finally was able to feel your lips against his. He could tell why you had intially stipulated the no kiss rule. One hand pressed softly against your neck as the other pulled you closer to him. Your bare chest pressed upon his clothed as you deepened the kiss. You didn't need him to erase your memory, you only needed to feel him, to inhale him.

    You pulled away from him, your cheeks filling with warmth as you gave him a smile. He was blushing as if this was the first time seeing you. You nuzzled his cheek and murmured, "Please." He knew what you wanted, he slowly stripped though he was interrupted by you pulling him for more kisses. You fell back against the bed as he crawled on top of you, catching your lips once  again. Your arms wrapped around him as you deepened your kiss. You never wanted to let him go. He never wanted you more than now. One hand groped your breast, the soft skin of his thumbs rolling over your nipple as you moaned into his mouth. The other hand started to work on your cunt, making sure you were wet enough for him. His digits skimmed between your folds before plunging into your pussy. This time you bit his lip as your hips bucked to him. He pulled away to look at you. You were beautiful, gazing at him as if he was your sun and moon. Your cheeks warmed at his gaze as you moaned softly, "Druig I need you." With that his lips met your again. His hand left your warmth, your hips raised as you were ready for him. You wrapped your legs around him as he slowly led his cock into you. You moaned against him blissfully, as he found his rhythm. He was slow taking his time as he felt pleasure of your lips against him. One hand on the headboard the other back to stroking your cunt, he lead you to your climax as he savored being inside of you. You bit his lip, trying not to awake the others with your moans if he were to pull away, his hips bucked in response.

    Creatively it wasn't the best sex the two of you had. But it was the best sex the two of you had regardless. You felt him, you felt so emotionally connected to him as if the two you were one. As he finished he pulled away from your lips, your noses touched as he moaned your name softly. He slowly pulled out, catching his breath as you smiled at him. Why did tonight feel like the best sex ever? You turned on your side and wrapped your arm other his chest. You placed a kiss on his shoulder and murmured, "Stay the night." Who was he to say no to the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on? He nodded and turned on his side so the two of you were facing. It scared him how much he loved you. He ran his hand through your sweaty hair as he said, "I have always wanted to kiss those beautiful lips."

    Your lips curled into a smile, "I know. I've always wanted you to stay with me." You pulled him in for another kiss as your eyes grew heavier. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest. You decided in the morning you would tell him you love him.

    As the Sun rose Druig watched your sleeping form. You looked like an angel. He slowly sat up, recalling the events of the night. He shouldn't of had slept with you, you were traumatized. He should have taken you to Ajak. No, the two you didn't make love you were just emotionally vulnerable. Druig was angry, at himself for not knowing better and at you. How could you tease him? He was a fool to think that you would love him, no, you were cruel to yourself and him. You had come to him for a fuck and he gave you his heart so easily as soon as you kissed him, he was a fool. You stirred awake and his heart stopped. He stood up and started to dress himself, not even looking at you.

    You didn't know if you were paranoid, but now you wondered if you messed up. You sat up and said cautiously, "Druig I want to tell you something."

    "I do to, can I go first?"

    "Sure." you said as you watched him get dressed. Please look at me and tell me you love me too.

    "This was a mistake." and just like that your heart shattered into a million piece. You stiffened and gulped and nodded, "Agreed, exactly what I was going to say."

    "No, not just tonight. Everything." Druig said he approached the door, not turning to see the shock on your face, "I think we ought to rethink our professional relationship."

    And just like that he left you in your room. You wondered what you did wrong. You knew he wouldn't take advantage of you, right? Tears welled up in your eyes but no one was there to hold you. He hated you. You didn't even have to tell him you loved him to lose him.

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  • inori-tsukino-eternal
    30.11.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Oops... lol

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  • caitas-cooing
    30.11.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Got to the museum in Eternal Punishment and then Jun was there and I was excited I thought yay maybe he will join our party and then he didn't and the building caught on fire like in innocent sin and that was disappointing. I like Ulala and Katsuya a lot, but I miss the others, especially Jun and Lisa. Not sure how I feel about the other guy who joined that I don't remember the name of off the top of my head because I'm dumb. Kept watching for a little bit after that, but then I was having problems focusing so I did other things instead. I probably should not have stopped watching in the middle of trying to save the a bunch of kids from a burning building, but I make dumb decisions.

    #this happened hours ago so I don't know why I'm posting it know #or why my brain has decided to zoom in on this particular character #I blasted through innocent sin but I'm having a harder time with eternal punishment for whatever reason #Maya being more silent due to being the protag is probably another reason maybe #it's just so strange to have her be so quiet because she wasn't like that in the first game #that's not to say I'm not enjoying it though #I really am #it's just gonna take longer I think
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  • comparativetarot
    30.11.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Eternal Night. Art by Marcail Madorum, from the Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck.

    #Marcail Madorum #Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck #The Moon#Major Arcana#Tarot
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  • coolbeans495
    30.11.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Watched Dune, Eternals, and Shang-chi.

    (maybe spoilers????) Dune is only the first half of the first book, so to be honest, if you want more stuff to happen, you might want to wait a couple years for the other half to come out. I personally loved it, and out of the three, it's the one that I have the biggest urge to rewatch.

    Eternals and Shang-chi are Marvel movies, and that's all you really need to know tbh.

    I will say that Marvel seems to be on a trend of making some really pretty movies. I love how colorful they are now.

    #tbh shang chi wasn't that good #eternals was more interesting and filled with more lore #dune was just really good #marvel#dune#eternals#shang chi
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  • mothdruid
    30.11.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    the way druig loves humanity so much that he moved to a forest to love and cherish so many humans from the day of their birth to the day they died

    #brb crying#druig#the eternals#eternals #druig cares so much more than he leads on
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  • nighttimetraffic
    30.11.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Vegeta look at me

    #@aolihui #dbz#dbz vegeta#dbz bulma#dbz vegbul#dbz otp #dbz vegeta daddy #dbz vegeta aroused #dbz vegeta hot #dbz art#dbz baby #dbz capsule corp #dbz daddy #dbz eternal love #dbz fanfiction#dbz fanart#dbz fandom #dbz good dad #dbz headcanons#dbz heroes#dbz history#dbz hot#dbz icons#dbz imagines#dbz legends#dbz lovers #dbz prince vegeta #dbz powerful vegeta #dbz romance#dbz sexy
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  • ujuro
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Submitted my grad school app it’s OUT OF MY HANDS GOD BLESS IM FREE

    #now it’s on my two professors to finish the rec letters which meh I can badger them about it next week since the deadlines over two weeks #away #words of mine #my professor: uhhh I don’t remember you that well but I’ll write it if a must… #me: great perfect here’s the form please do it I’m eternally greatful bye
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  • comparativetarot
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Cosmos. Art by Marcail Madorum, from the Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck.

    #Marcail Madorum #Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot Deck #The Star#Major Arcana#Tarot
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  • saint-puffie
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Im so tired of ppl talking about the lack of lgbtq+ representation in anime. And it’s literally bc everyone’s so goddamn focused of whatever shounen’s out. Shounen’s suck change my mind.

    We have shit stuff like Blue Flag, When the Stars Align, and To Your Eternity yet everyone just seems to stay focused on shounen bs. All three of these deserve so much more attention.

    Get better taste jfc.

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  • friendlyvillagewisdom
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Oh no, is tomorrow the last episode? I'm not emotionally prepared!

    #rqg #rusty quill gaming #rusty quill #if zolf dies ill never forgive the world #if wilde dies ill jist curl into a ball and bury my head in the sand for the rest of eternity #wilde doesnt got LOADS of hitpoints goddammit #i have once again become emotionally attached to fictional characters help #im not ready for this to end #its carried me through two years ish of life #who am i without rqg
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  • gyugyugaga
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    druig was wrong but he wasn’t wrong wrong

    #my dude was speaking truth #but he was also just such an empath like it hurt #eternals#druig
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  • lordofthestrix
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have no reason to post this here but I have been feeling so abbysmally down lately...

    #Out of eternity #To be deleted
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