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    Thomas' @ on Instagram used to be ercobbra_

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    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Måneskin quiz y'all

    Which måneskin lyric represents you

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    let’s talk about the bands style and how we can bring that into our lives💖

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    #024: måneskin as random dialogue i've written in the past year

    (inspired by @teenyweenynightghost hehe)

    damiano: i think i'd get a cat, and name it fish. or oedipuss, with a pun in it for shits and giggles.

    vic: shit. shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, FUCK.

    thomas: and here i was thinking you'd come to be my beacon of light, my support system, if you will.

    ethan: good morning to you too, bitch. what seems to be the problem?

    #cw swearing#måneskin#maneskin#damiano david #victoria de angelis #thomas raggi#ethan torchio#incorrect quotes #incorrect måneskin quotes #ellie's incorrect quotes
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    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    💗 Tickled Pink (Ethan X reader)

    NSFW! 🔥 smutty filthy swearing smut

    Summary: Ethan is highly amused at your reaction to that IG story of him in just the pink pants & decides to have some fun teasing you.

    Characters: Ethan Torchio & female reader insert

    Word count: 5,366

    stock pics from pinterest

    At first he calls you kitten, then you’re his bad girl...

    "What are you looking at micetta?" Ethan asked, sounding casually curious.

    Your eyes darted up from the screen of the phone and you found the drummer staring directly at you. He had turned in his seat, his focus entirely on you.

    You could feel a hot blush on your cheeks as you swallowed slowly. You forgot about the other four people in the van, you were so overwhelmed by his intense gaze. 

    You felt unstuck from time as you wondered how long he had been watching you. 

    “I- huh? No, it’s nothing, just work emails and boring stuff.”

    You lifted your thumb from the screen of your phone, allowing the segment from the band’s Instagram story to play out and disappear. Then you tapped out of the app altogether and hit the phone’s lock button.

    You didn’t lift your eyes back to meet Ethan’s, you needed a moment to compose yourself. You were grateful that none of the car’s interior lights were on, the dark Swedish night providing you with shadows to hide in. He couldn’t see that you were blushing (probably harder than you ever had in your life). And what had gotten you feeling so heated could remain hidden as well. Even though at times under his penetrative stares, it felt like he could read your mind - this, in fact, wasn’t one of his skills. Your secret didn’t have to be shared.

    But the ability to come up with a convincing cover story was evading you. You were embarrassed, feeling uncomfortably exposed by his thorough gaze.

    “Work stuff?” He asked as you kept your head down, pretending to pick at your nail polish. “You know that I can see the reflection of your phone in the window, right?”

    You immediately looked up, making a nervous giggle involuntarily. “Nuh-uh.”

    “Ya-huh.” He said, pointing to the rolled-up window that you had your back to.

    You called his bluff, assuming this was one of his jokes. You didn’t know what to expect to see as you turned around. At first you didn’t see anything out of the ordinary - beyond the window there were streets and buildings you would never know the names of.

    You depressed the button on your phone, lighting up the screen. Your stomach twisted when, on the window pane, you saw the copy of your lock-screen. The flipped photo of Chili stared back at you, the unpleasant truth.

    You were jolted by the sound of Victoria laughing. When you looked around to the seat in front of yours, you were relieved to find neither she nor Damiano looking your way. They were wrapped up in their own conversation. And Thomas was too far away, in the frontmost passenger seat of the van, to overhear what Ethan was saying.

    You sat back in your seat, still avoiding his eye. You clasped your phone between your hands, unsure of how to act. You wondered if you could play this off.

    He bumped his knee against yours, refusing to leave you alone. “So, how come you were looking at it for so long? Is me with my pants down of such interest to you?”

    You cleared your throat, the blush in your cheeks growing even hotter. You were busted, caught in the act of staring at a video of him shirtless and with his tight pink underwear showing - caught in the act of leering at him like a piece of meat.

    “I wasn’t looking at it for so long, it just came up while I was checking the socials. Just doing my job, you know.” You kept looking down, wishing you could disappear out of the car, or rewind time.

    “Sure, whatever you say, micetta.”

    You were certain that this was not over. He took great pleasure in teasing you and usually you could give as good as you got.

    The two of you had had a playful friendship since the start, since you were brought on to work with the band. You saved one another’s unflattering selfies and set them as contact display photos. You played pranks on each other. You threw plastic straws at him across café tables and he sang repetitive songs to irritate you. It was always fun and you laughed harder with him than anyone else you’d ever met.

    But this was different, this wouldn’t be laughed off by you, not easily at least. You had been staring at the video with a fluttering heart and a warmth spreading from your stomach. The thoughts that filled your mind while watching the video weren’t a joke and it would be mortifying to hear him laugh at the fantasies you couldn’t help but develop.

    “You are so terrible at this game.” Victoria exclaimed.

    “I think it’s the stupid game that’s terrible.” Damiano responded.

    “You’re ruining her hair, you’re ruining it. Oh cazzo, this is so bad Damiano.”

    “I can fix it, just let me-...” He yelled out as if struck. “Right at the end, are you kidding me?”

    “Your scores keep getting worse, this is just sad now.”

    “What are you two doing?” Ethan asked them.

    “I’m trying to teach him to play Hair Challenge, but he’s not getting it-...”

    “Give it to him, I wanna see if he can do any better.” Damiano said.

    “I don’t need to play Hair Challenge, my life is a hair challenge.” Ethan said, causing laughter from the other two.

    “Dinner in my room when we get back?” Victoria asked, turning to face you to ensure you knew you were included in the invitation.

    “Actually…” You began while the others murmured their approval. “I might skip out on that. I’ve got a killer headache and I think I’m gonna have an early night.”

    “Oh no.” Victoria said.

    “Too much time on your phone.” Damiano said.

    “Sure nonno.”

    Ethan looked at you, his expression had become serious. “Headache?”

    “Yeah.” You lied. “I’m sure it’s nothing that a good night of sleep can’t solve.”

    You just needed some distance from him and this awkwardness - you needed a cold shower to clear your mind.

    For the moment, a truce was called. He reached out and gave your shoulder a comforting caress. You kept your phone locked, the screen facing down against your leg.


    In the privacy of your own hotel room, you had attempted to masturbate yourself to relief in the shower. You thought it would help to clear your mind of the horny-fog that set in upon first seeing the clip of Ethan backstage from earlier in the day.

    You couldn’t help feeling this way - the overzealous response had been unexpectedly triggered. Instead of just seeing your co-worker goofing around before a performance (as he always did), you were suddenly reminded of how many months it had been since you had last been fucked. Your eyes went to the bulge at his crotch and you noticed and you imagined. You saw that large hand spank his ass and you noticed and you imagined.

    You tried to excuse these perverted thoughts, an internal monologue of trying to separate Ethan from this entirely. You told yourself that it had very little to do with him. You were watching a provocative video of a man with a highly admirable body - it made sense that thoughts of sex sprung up in response.

    He was attractive and feeling an attraction to him was bound to happen. It was an inevitability so long as you had perfect eyesight and a pulse.

    It was just an idea, an image that got stuck in your head. You thought that it was an itch that needed to be scratched and once you had acted on those desires it would be satisfied - effectively rubbed out of your system.

    But you weren’t able to escape this feeling - the tightness of your chest, the lingering embarrassment, the endless heat between your legs. It didn’t matter how many fingers you got to fit in your pussy, they weren’t enough. You couldn’t accomplish the right stimulation on your clitoris to get off. You were stuck at the level of your hips bucking. Your knees trembled a little, but there wasn’t any real weakness in your joints.

    The pleasure that you craved could not be created by your own fingers, you needed more. You had no assistance, all of your private toys were hiding in a draw in your flat, in Italy.

    You thought you might actually be developing a headache from this mounting frustration. You envisioned lying in bed, unable to sleep, with a noticeable wet patch on your panties.

    You ventured out of the bathroom, wearing underwear and an oversized tee to sleep in. You immediately picked up the TV remote, switching the set on. You needed an outside source to distract you, something with enough colour and noise to keep you from this useless fixation.

    You had long ago accepted that you were never going to be Ethan’s girlfriend. The timing was so wrong. You had been assigned to travel with the band a mere week after an awful breakup. Emotionally you had been lost, four years of your life was forced into your past. You had to live on your own for the first time and you were left with far less possessions, not realising that all of the things you had thought of as ours, were actually just his on the technicality of him pitching in more for the joint purchases. Hundreds of photos had to be deleted from your devices and clothes heavy with memories had to be thrown out.

    You had been too wounded to let anyone else in, you had to figure out who you were. Jumping into something just to forget the hurt could only work for so long. You didn't want Ethan becoming your reason for emotional stability, you knew that was unhealthy as soon as you identified your feelings toward him and so you'd endeavoured to write the whole thing off as a schoolgirl crush.

    The dreams had stopped, mostly.

    There had been a couple of times when it seemed the two of you could become more, when you thought your feelings would be enthusiastically reciprocated.

    An after midnight flight layover that had seemed endless - had led to a high stakes game of truth or dare, with dares to kiss one another predictably coming up. You were the first one to accept this dare (preferring a party kiss to divulging a moment you wanted to forget) and Ethan had simply been the person sitting next to you.

    But it hadn’t felt like a party kiss, you had never kissed a friend that way before. It was immediately heated with his hand tenderly caressing your cheek and his tongue in your mouth. What should have been performative, felt very real to you. His soft lips were intoxicating and you had relished every second of it.

    Afterwards you felt a little dizzy, your world thrown off of its axis. You had blushed furiously, for hours.

    It could have gone further on a separate night - some tipsy flirting at a birthday party. The two of you had existed purely in one another’s personal space, not having to shout to be heard over the music. You had been sitting on his lap and he had taken every opportunity to rest his head on your shoulder. You had called him out for staring at your cleavage, both of you sharing a laugh. One of Thomas’ friends had observed you together and asked how long you had been dating, which you had corrected.

    But then Ethan had turned to you, letting you know that he would date you, hypothetically. And hypothetically, you had returned the sentiment.

    When it came time for a game of spin the bottle, you had gone to look for him. You had found him preoccupied with a man you didn’t know - oblivious to the rest of the party, engaged in a heated make-out session. He had disappeared from the house shortly after that.

    The next time you had caught up with him, he’d been excited to tell you of his hook-up - the guy was a longstanding crush. They’d slept together a few times, enjoying a friends with benefits situation. He didn’t want a relationship with this man, but they could have mind-blowing sex when their paths crossed.

    In that moment he was sharing his saucy secret to you as a friend and you shut down any fantasies. You put yourself in the friendzone, certain things would run smoother that way.

    But those moments of almost remained burnt into your memory and you would find yourself remembering how he tasted.

    And those memories were triggered during the first millisecond of that video.

    You needed a TV show that could drown out all of this reminiscing. But you hadn’t settled upon anything yet. Your teeth chewed over your bottom lip as you flicked through the channels.

    You immediately halted in your search when you heard a knock at the door. You dialled back the television’s volume, assuming this was a noise complaint from one of your temporary neighbours - it was one o’clock in the morning, after all.

    You put your eye to the peephole before opening the door. It wasn’t a hotel worker or a disgruntled guest.

    The figure waiting in the hallway was immediately familiar to you. You gulped audibly before turning the lock and opening the door.

    "Buonasera micetta." Ethan said with a smile.

    He had wrapped himself in a fuzzy white bathrobe that bore the hotel's logo over the breast. There were still traces of makeup around his eyes and you took note of the pink choker still fastened around his neck.

    It wasn't unusual for him to stop by your hotel room late at night - the two of you shared poor sleeping habits. A similar taste in tv shows led to you spending hours together, failing to separate again on the occasions when true exhaustion took over. It wasn't anything that either of you planned into your night's, but the company was always appreciated. He liked having someone to spoon and you preferred not sleeping alone.

    What was unusual were the numerous objects filling both of his hands.

    "What happened? Did you rob a fruit farm?" You asked.

    "They're home remedies for your headache." He said, stepping into the room.

    "Right, well, thanks." You shut the door, securing both locks in place again. "That's very sweet."

    He started to place the many pieces of fruit on to the table. "So how is the headache?"

    "Uh, you know, it's like, I mean…" You paused to clear your throat. "It was a lie, okay? I just wanted to come back to my room and recharge."

    “Oh, I shouldn’t have bothered with all of this, I guess.” He said.

    You shrugged. “It’s the thought that counts.”

    “How come you didn’t wanna have dinner with us?”

    You sat down on the bed, your posture awkward and stiff. “It’s nothing major, I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s been a long day.”

    He had picked up three shrink wrapped fruit cups and started to juggle them, able to do this without any real effort. “I thought it might have something to do with what happened in the car.”

    “How long am I gonna be paying for that one?”

    “I just wanna know how many times you watched it.”

    “Ethan, I…” You looked up in time to see that he had stopped juggling in order to loosen the tie of the robe. The rest of that explanation died on your tongue as your eyes drank in a sight you should have been used to by now. “Why are you… You didn’t wanna get changed?”

    “What’s the rush?” He asked, tossing the bathrobe over a nearby armchair.

    This exposed his muscular chest as he stood there in only the pink dress pants, which weren’t buttoned up. You didn’t want to look and get so drawn in by that body again - but the urge was very strong.

    “You know that I don’t mind it when you look at me.” He said, peeling back the plastic to help himself to some of the pre-cut fruit.

    “But it’s not professional.”

    “Who cares? I’m not gonna go to human resources over this, are you?”

    You had become fixated on his mouth, engrossed in watching him eat the fruit. There wasn’t any reason for you to be so interested in this - no reason for you to be so interested in every time his tongue swiped across his lips.

    “No.” You admitted, your voice much quieter than usual.

    “Strawberry?” He offered, a piece of red fruit pinched between his fingers.

    “Uh, okay.”

    You extended your hand, expecting him to place it on your palm. But he crossed the floor, coming to stand beside where you were seated. He was looking unblinkingly into your eyes and without needing to say a word, you knew what he wanted you to do.

    You opened your mouth and he placed the fruit between your lips. It should have been silly, a joking, out of the ordinary and unnecessary gesture.

    But once again, you found yourself unable to laugh. The air in the room had become so heavy and the way he looked into your eyes was mesmerizing. 

    You acted on the impulse without a fraction of a second taken to question it. You sucked his thumb into your mouth, licking away any juice left by the strawberry.

    “You would not believe how sexy you looked when you were watching the story over-and-over.” He said.


    “Yeah, honestly I wasn’t sure if I should say anything at all, ‘cause I was just so enjoying watching you. You didn’t know anyone was looking, so it was a genuine reaction. Your pretty cheeks got so red and you kept biting this lip. And you were doing this thing I’ve never seen you do before - you kept rubbing your knees together.”

    You froze when you realised you were presently grinding your knees against one another. This, you could stop. But unclenching your thighs wouldn’t be as easy.

    “Do you like what you see micetta?” He was leaning down, close enough to grab. “Or does it have to be more like this?”

    He hooked his thumbs through the belt-loops and lowered the pants off of his hips. He kept them above his knees, just as it had been in the video - a fantasy stepping into the real world.

    “Ethan, I…”

    You lost track of that thought when he placed the choker, still warm from his skin, around your neck. He was so close to you as he fastened the buckle - it was entirely different to any closeness you had shared before, it was nothing like falling asleep in his arms.

    The intimacy made the air between you crackle with unknown electricity.

    “When are you gonna stop resisting?” He asked.

    “Fuck it.” You sighed.

    You grabbed his face with both hands and planted your lips on him. His lips were scorching hot and he tasted of berries. You rushed to tease your tongue into his mouth, tasting more deeply but you wanted more still.

    “It’s been like torture, all day.” You were breathless as he placed his knees on either side of you, bringing his chest flush to yours. “Seeing you looking so perfect and knowing I couldn’t have you.”

    “That sounds like a you problem. You shouldn’t be so shy about what you want.”

    Your bottom lip trembled against his thumb. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

    He kissed you with the intensity you had been craving. It was as delicious as the first kiss you had shared, but your heart was hammering all the more as all of the possibilities flooded your mind. You were as eager as a kid waking up early on Christmas morning.

    You could hardly wait to start playing.

    It was easy to think of all the positions you wanted him in - the difficulty came from trying to identify the best place to start.

    You slid back on to the bed, out of his embrace. You scooted over closer to the padded headboard, without resting against it. He followed your lead, crawling over to you. You pulled him in closer, hooking a leg across his lap and running your hand up his neck.

    He hesitated before initiating the next kiss and you could see the slight smile on his lips. "So, how many times did you watch it?"

    "I didn't realise I was supposed to keep count." You said. "But if I had to guess…" You placed both hands on his chest, slowly lowering them until you reached his abs, enjoying each of the defined muscles as you counted them aloud. "One, two… three, hmm, four… five and yeah, six- sixty times."

    “Wow, so when is it my turn to see you in a state of undress?” He asked, hands going to the hem of your faded shirt.

    You answered by raising your hands above your head, arms extending to invite him to remove your top. Your skin prickled into goosebumps upon being exposed.

    He leant back slightly, one hand holding your side. Your heart felt like it could burst out of your chest as his eyes very thoroughly moved across your body. There was an expression of wonder on his face and you felt more like a treasure than a piece of meat. From the swell of your breast, to the plain jewellery at your belly button - he was taking note of all of it.

    The way he looked at you was typical in its intense focus, he was determined to see more than what a cursory glance could offer. It was so deep that it had you holding your breath - so deep that you felt it was all brand new, as if it were your first time being naked with a man.

    You slid a bit forward on his lap, your hand going up to brush through his hair. “Do you have a… you know?”

    His eyes instantly flashed with recognition and a hand disappeared into his pocket. “Yeah, I should have one, right here…”

    The wrapping of the condom crinkled as he raised it to your eye-level. With a grin, you snatched it from his hand before diving into another urgent kiss. He wrapped his arms around you and you could feel his erection against your thigh, begging for your attention.

    You forced yourself back and away from his mouth - you had finally decided on the best position to start at.

    “You need to take those pants off. I’ve seen enough of you in them to last me a lifetime.” You said.

    “Sure thing, but that means you’ll also have to lose these.” He hooked a couple of fingers under the waistband of your panties, which were embarrassingly far from your best, cutest pair. He stretched the underwear away from your skin before letting go. The elastic snapped back against your waist, the sting charging you and sending more heat to your pussy.

    Separately, you each shed these last items of clothing, until he was naked and the only thing you wore was the collar he had placed on you. He looked across all of this newly-bare skin while your eyes hungrily took in the sight of his cock - impossibly hard and a little dizzying to behold.

    You pushed some of the overly-plush pillows off of the bed, then patted the mattress, locking eyes with him. “Come over here.”

    He came toward the head of the bed. “Oh, so micetta gives orders now?”

    “Do you want to hear me say please?” You dropped your voice down to a whisper.

    “I’d rather just hear you sayin’ yes.” 

    You put your hand to his chest and gave him a push until his back was pressed to the headboard. You ripped the package open and pulled the condom free.

    “Can I tell you something?” You asked. His words seemed to fail him as you started at his tip, gradually rolling the latex cover down his length - the most that he could offer you was a jerky nod of his head. “I was thinking about you when I was in the shower before, thinking about how ridiculously fuck-able you looked all day.”

    “I’ve thought about you in the shower too.”

    You snagged your lip between your teeth. “Nuh-uh.”

    He beckoned you over with a curling of his finger. You complied immediately and straddled him, your lips meeting with somehow even more fire than before.

    He linked his arms around you, hands sliding down to grasp your ass. Your mouth fell open and straight away his tongue was filling this space, swiping across the roof of your mouth.

    Your wet slit parted effortlessly to bring his length into you. You gasped away from his mouth as your walls quivered around him.

    You rested your forehead against his and those entrancing eyes locked onto your own - there wasn’t any possibility that he didn’t know exactly what he was doing to you. You slid your hand up to the back of his head, unable to look away.

    At that moment the connection ran so much deeper than the physical. It wasn’t just that he was inside of you to the base of his cock or that he was holding you tighter than anyone ever had before. You felt those eyes could see directly into your soul and the fire that burnt for him.

    Your eyes fluttered shut as you grinded against him, testing how deep he could reach without really trying. Your lips met again, picking up a delicious rhythm that completely absorbed your focus. He sucked your bottom lip between both of his and you were happy to have him claim this tender piece of skin as his own.

    He moaned into your mouth at the first gyration of your hips. His lips left yours, his hot mouth finding a new home on your neck.

    You rocked your hips back and then forward, moving slowly on these first few thrusts. You cradled his head in your arms, feeling him suck and nip at the skin of your neck.

    His hips met every movement of yours and the eagerness was clear.

    You picked up speed, feeling the friction build. As you bucked more quickly into him, you had to grasp onto his shoulders to steady yourself.

    His lips and hands explored your body, all of these sensations flying to your head - utterly intoxicating.

    Each thrust brought you closer to him, allowing you to see and experience more. He was making moans and sounds different to anything you had ever heard from him. The effect you had over him was more than you could have hoped for and you revelled in every second of it.

    “Oh micetta, fuck. Why did we wait so long to- unf… wait so long to do this?”

    You couldn’t keep a needy whine from leaving your throat. You put your hands on his face. “I don’t know. Oh God, God. We wasted so much, ah… so much time.”

    You kissed him again, immediately getting lost in the synergy. You didn’t need to think or readjust for the sake of comfort. All that you had to do was sink into the flow - it was so natural, as if you didn’t have to learn one another’s bodies.

    He grabbed on to your hips, guiding you to move faster and come down harder. You threw your head back, crying out as your arousal reached its fever pitch. You clung to him, ready to come completely undone.

    “Ethan, fuck…” You gasped, feeling a tug when he hooked the choker over a finger. You were more aware of it in the most exhilarating way. “Yes, fuck me like a bad girl.”

    He grabbed your chin, roughly redirecting your head so he could look into your eyes again. “Are you my bad girl?”

    “God, yes. I’ve fantasized about this body so, so many times and… ung-... I touched myself in the shower, thinking about you. Oh, ah…”

    There was a sparkle in his eyes and he guided your jittering body to slow. “Did you come?”

    “No.” You said, greedily taking in deep breaths during this pause. “I couldn’t…” The heat in your cheeks was becoming uncomfortable.

    “Aw, poor micetta.” He cooed, kissing you tenderly.

    You felt him readjust his hold on you and you were eased off of his lap. You didn’t attempt to find your centre of gravity, simply trusting his movements, allowing him to place you onto your back.

    He pulled out of you and you whimpered pathetically in response. Your eyes fluttered open as you sought a reason for this. He hovered over you, looking almost unrecognisable - he was so lost to the desire.

    “Roll over.” He said, his breath so hot on your face - faintly carrying the scent of berries and cigarettes. “You’re gonna come like a bad girl.”

    Your stomach was flooded with butterflies as you acted immediately to complete this request. You rolled onto your chest, unable to keep your entire body from trembling. Your breathing had grown shallow, the anticipation taking its toll on you.

    He snaked one arm around your middle and his hair tickled across your shoulder blades as he leant into you. He placed a leg between both of yours, using this to ease your knees apart. You were thrilled by him taking over the situation, trusting your body to him entirely.

    Your pussy was aching for attention when his hand reached for your crotch. One finger slipped between your folds and it was an immediate response - an electric current that hit to your core.

    You pushed your ass up and everything fell into place - he entered you in this new way, with you instantly moaning your approval.

    "Oh, yes." Your mouth fell open as he filled you up. 

    His arms wrapped around your middle, holding your body fast to his and moving you to where he wanted you. He kept one hand steady on your pussy, his finger playing with your clitoris in a lazy manner.

    His main focus clearly lie with your ass, grinding into it. Your knees felt weak as he set into a powerful rhythm, pushing you into even greater heights of pleasure. 

    He rested his face in the curve of your neck, all of the incoherent noises he made were delivered directly into your ear. Your pussy clenched around nothing as you rolled your hips with his, chasing your orgasm. From how laboured his breathing had become, you guessed that he was close to his own climax as well.

    His strong arms had become so tight around you that you felt he was capable of snapping your body in half, leaving you destroyed by his fucking. But you didn't complain, the feeling of his power had you bucking and writhing against him.

    "Oh, my… ah, Ethan, yes…"

    "Come for me, bad girl." He said, teeth grazing your neck.

    "I'm gonna… fuck, yes." You couldn't help yourself, your movements erratic and your voice loud. "Yes, yes, oh yes, ah!"

    Your body spasmed into the orgasm and the only thing that kept you from collapsing was him and how he continued to cling to you.

    With a few deep moans, he finished after some more purposeful thrusts.

    You were gasping for air when he released you, your skin shiny with so much sweat. You shakily lowered yourself to the mattress, your heart lodged into your throat. You laid into a comfortable position on your side, looking to where he hadn't yet recovered. He was face down on a separate pillow, muscles tensed, hair thoroughly mussed.

    "Micetta." He whispered when you reached out an arm, stroking his back. "That was unbelievable."

    "You're telling me… I'm gonna be wet for days."

    This was enough to get his attention and he lifted his head, giving a dry chuckle as he looked at you.

    His stare went deeper, as it always did. But now it wasn't intrusive or intimidating. It was thrilling.

    "You should wear pink more often." You said with a smile.


    Thank you to this amazing post for letting me integrate some Italian slang (& google)

    If you like my writing, feel free to tip me. I am open to both commissions & requests, commissions get priority & the most input

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    All of my pieces of Måneskin writing in one place because even I lose track sometimes ✌🏼


    ☆ = Smut

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    ♤ = WIP

    Group Headcanons :

    Mornings with the Maneskin Members ♡♧

    Maneskin as LUSH products because I love my job

    Maneskin with a ND partner ♤♧♡

    Group Poly!Fics :

    Neon Lights (All x Reader) ♤♧☆◇♡

    Damiano David :

    Why Don't You Please Me (Dom!Dami) ☆♧

    Thomas Raggi :

    Beggin' (Sub!Thomas) ☆♧

    Hand Holding Drabble ♧♡

    Cafe au lait ♤♡♧

    Victoria De Angelis :

    La Petite Mort ♤☆

    Ethan Torchio :

    Our Gentle Sin ♤☆♧

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  • thewitchinthemountain
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Ver "Måneskin - Amandoti with Manuel Agnelli - Orchestrated and Conducted by Enrico Melozzi Sanremo 2021" en YouTube

    Italians. They are trouble. Sexy, sexy trouble.

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  • thomas-thomas-raggi
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    As a teenager, Thomas used to work at the Hard Rock Café in Rome. Even though he plays various guitars, his favourite one is the Fender Squier Japan 1983.

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  • thomas-thomas-raggi
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I finally decided to make a blog [its a side blog] for Thomas. Have been listening to Måneskin since 2017 and Thomas has been my favourite since day 1 and he must be protected at all costs. Enjoy xx

    Me discovering Måneskin in 2017: "That tall skinny Italian guitarist boy. Thomas Raggi. Yup. Always."

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  • daviddamiano
    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    *sigh* ethan torchio... once again telling you I’m free tomorrow but also whenever you want me to be

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    24.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Like/reblog if you save any icon.

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  • inureflower
    24.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    if someone doesnt write smut about sitting on ethans face ill go insane.

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  • victoria-and-more
    24.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Chili's appreciation post because he's adorable and he deserves it❤

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  • inureflower
    24.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • illicitfuck
    24.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
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