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    #ethan torchio #ethan torchio fanfiction #ethan torchio x reader #ethan torchio imagine #maneskin#maneskin fanfiction #ethan torchio fluff
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    𝐃𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐤 || 𝐄.𝐓

    requested: yes

    prompt: “yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk maybe i would.”

    pairing: Ethan Torchio x Fem!Reader

    word count: 951

    what kind of content: fluff

    warnings: consumption of alcohol

    a/n thankfully I’m done with school now. I can’t remember when it felt this easy to write something lol


    You were at the bands house they stayed at while writing and recording new music. The four of them threw a little party to celebrate all their achievements over the past weeks. It wasn’t a big Party just them, you and some other friends of yours. You stood in the kitchen with Giorgia and Vic, making the three of you a cocktail.

    “So when will you tell Ethan that you like him?”, Giorgia asked you, and you accidentally put  way too much alcohol in one of the glasses.

    “First this is your glass now and second I don’t know, ok? There is no way he likes me back. I don’t want to make a fool out of myself, plus I’m too shy for that, as you know.” you answered her

    “Well I think you’re blind then because he obviously likes you back boo. He’s also just too shy to tell, just do tell him tonight after you had one or two drinks you’ll be a bit more brave than usual” Vic told you.

    “If I do it, will you two leave me alone then?”

    “Yes!”, they both said in sync.

    You finish your cocktails and handed them to the two girls. Vic was right, when you were tipsy, you started to turn into an extrovert and spilling all your secrets.

    “Let’s play a drinking game!”, Damiano shouted from the garden.

    Everyone agreed, and you all sat down on the couches in the garden. You found an app that had different questions and tasks. To your luck, the app didn’t seem to like you, since you had to drink the most. You already had to down two of your drinks already and take a lot of sips for other tasks. You could already feel the alcohol influence you, which wasn’t surprising since you already finished four drinks. Thomas tapped the screen of his phone, skipping over to the next tasks. Again, the game had no mercy with you.

    “Y/n tell everyone who you have a crush on or drink six sips.” the guitarist read out.

    You could see every one turning their attention to you. They all look at you curiously. You know you told Vic and Giorgia, you would tell Ethan today, but not like that.

    “Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I won’t tell.”, you took six sips from your drink, like it was water. Not that it would matter anyway.

    All of you agreed to stop playing shortly after your question. Every one was either tipsy or drunk by now. Some people made their way home now. You already asked the others if you could sleep over tonight, and they of course said yes.

    When you wanted to go upstairs to the guestroom. You already failed at the first stair, as tripped and almost fell up the stair, but Ethan grabbed your arm and stabilized you.

    “Come on, let me help you get up.” he offered you.

    Ethan offered you, to carry you upstairs, but your stubborn drunk self said no. It took you two sometime to get to the guestroom, because walking really wasn’t your thing at that moment.

    “Ethie can you help me take off my make-up and- and put my lashes away, they are expensive, and I don’t want to lose them.”, you babbled.

    “Sure, you  can change yourself tho, right?”, you just nodded and told him where the container for your lashes was.

    You changed quickly as he got it and some make-up wipes. When he came back you already sat on the bed, waiting for him to  take off your make-up. You also took off your lashes already. Ethan made sure to put them in the container and then took off your make-up with the wipes. Neither of you said a word. You enjoyed the silence, his presence. When he was almost done, you grabbed his hand, as you remembered what you promised Vic and Giorgia earlier.

    “Ethan, I like you, like more than a friend.”, you told him honestly.

    “I like you too y/n, also more than just a friend.”

    “Why don’t you kiss me then?”, you asked having a huge smile on your face

    “Yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk, maybe I would.”, he answered you, chuckling softly.

    You started to pout, being disappointed by his answer.

    “Pinky promise, you’ll do it tomorrow, when I’m sober again?” you asked, holding out your pinky finger.

    “Yes, but only if you tell me you like me again, when you’re sober.”

    You nodded and the linked his pinky finger with yours.

    You both said goodnight and he left the room. When you came down the stairs the next morning, Thomas, Vic and Giorgia were preparing the breakfast already. All three of them gave you a curious look. You told them what happened, thankfully you remembered everything. All of them where super happy for you and Ethan. After  Damiano and Ethan also came downstairs, all of you had breakfast together. Ethan pulled you to the side after you finished eating and cleaning.

    “Do you remember what happened yesterday?”, you could tell he was nervous, by the way he was chewing on his bottom lip.

    “Yes I do. I really do like you, Ethan, I actually do so for a while now.”

    The drummer's expression turned from nervous to happy. You started to smile too, as his smile warmed your heart.

    “Do I get my kiss now?”

    Instead of answering you, Ethan just pulled you closer and started kissing you. The butterflies in your stomach were going wild. You made a mental note to thank Vic and Giorgia later, but then you just enjoyed the kiss. Well actually it wasn’t just a kiss but multiple kisses.

    #ethan torchio #ethan torchio imagine #ethan torchio x reader #ethan torchio fluff #ethan torchio one shot #maneskin#ethan maneskin#maneskinweek#måneskin#måneskin imagine
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    He is body and fashion goals I swearrrr

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    a/n: i’ve decided to reunite all my stories about the band in this masterlist so you can find what you’d like to read more easily! thank you so much for all of your support, it truly means a lot to me ❤️  

    +those marked with * = smut

    +none of these gifs are mine. all credits go to their owners.


    keep on loving you* 

    oh, what a time to be alive

    headcanon - his reaction to seeing you for the first time (+the whole band)



    headcanon - his reaction to seeing you for the first time (+the whole band)

    for your love - an enemies to lovers scenario


    headcanon - his reaction to seeing you for the first time (+the whole band)


    headcanon - her reaction to seeing you for the first time (+the whole band)

    #maneskin#maneskin fanfiction#maneskin fanfic#damiano david #damiano david fanfiction #damiano david x reader #ethan torchio #ethan torchio fanfiction #ethan torchio x reader #thomas raggi #thomas raggi fanfiction #thomas raggi x reader #victoria de angelis #victoria de angelis fanfiction #victoria de angelis x reader
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    #maneskinedit#maneskin#måneskinedit#maneskinweek#måneskin#maneskinsource#tuserlynn#userfia#tuserbecks#mine*#ethan torchio #my love for him grows every day #this was just a big excuse for me to gif him running his hands through his hair :) #maneskinweek*#flashing tw #flashing gif tw
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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok imagine sitting across the room from him, you feel like someone is staring so you look up and he serves you this gaze, i would absolutely piss myself from happiness and exitement

    #ethan torchio #why is he so hot #maneskin
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    I will tell my kids these are the Cullens. Jk, what kids.

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    His arms!!!! Holy -

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    I'm on instagram too! Trying to get noticed by their stylist :') @styledbyida_

    @cherubimbo i did it 😂

    #see me fly to rome or milan in a few weeks to work for maneskin full time #i'm ready #i'm this close to booking my flight #😂😂#måneskin#thomas raggi#damiano david#ethan torchio #victoria de angelis
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    @maneskinweek | Måneskin appreciation week - day two - Ethan Torchio

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    life: måneskin guitar solos:

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