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  • So I was thinking about this really weird dream I had a few nights ago. Okay, for some reason, Cassandra is on Rapunzel’s side again. She didn’t give up the Moonstone or anything like that and was still sad about her place, but I guess she just maintained her guilt for betraying her friends or whatever. I have no idea what happened to Booberry. Anyway, Moonsandra is somehow on their side again.

    I guess she and Rapunzel were talking or something (idk what about though) so they went “off-screen”, and my dream decided to focus on Eugene. For some weird reason, since the embodiment of the Moondrop was a stone, the Sundrop was a crystal like the amber that Varian created (which makes no sense because Rapunzel is the embodiment of the Sundrop).

    As I said, they were focusing on Eugene. There were black rocks embedded inside the sun amber crystal, and when Eugene touched it, both disappeared in a magical flash. So I woke up thinking that Eugene had the power to neutralize the Sundrop and Moondrop for a few minutes.

    Okay, dreams always have weird extra details and things like that, but it focused on Eugene very clearly. Obviously dreams are just images in your sleepy head that don’t mean anything, but I can’t help but wonder….Guys, does this mean anything?

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    Once her existence was only known by one person, but now she is a princess loved by the entire kingdom.

    He has looked all over the world, but now there is only one person in his eyes.

    They all see the new world because of each other.

    #tangled #tangled before ever after #eugene#repunzel #rapunzel x eugene #disney #tangled the series
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  • https://ift.tt/2PD8T2x - Careful With That Axe, Eugene

    #Careful With That Axe #Eugene
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  • You know what time it is!

    New Rortron Radio is now streaming on @soundcloud, just hit the link in my bio to listen.

    This mix features artists like @le__boeuf, @yuksekofficial, @djkozeofficial and many more. Please share if you’re feelin it and I would love to hear your comments 😁

    Thanks for listening
    #rortron #rortronradio #rortronmusic #dj #mix #mixtape #soundcloud #dancemusic #housemusic #melodichouse #vocalhouse #eugene #oregon #eugeneoregon (at Eugene, Oregon)

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  • ((I debated posting this here because of the shit I could get… But honestly, can’t hurt me more than I already hurt))

    Tw: Ableism, transphobic, abuse, homelessness, suicide ideation, illness. (Let me know if more is needed)













    I am/can:

    I am trans.

    I am in the disability SSI process right now.

    I am disabled.

    I am mentally ill.

    I am physically unwell.

    I am exhausted.

    I can work MAXIMUM 35hrs a week.

    I can get a job.

    I can relocate.

    I can learn.

    I can share.

    I only have ONE friend.

    I am NOT/ can NOT:

    I am not able to lift alot

    I can not drive

    I can not donate plasma(small veins)

    I have no money and bad credit.

    I can not give up my ESA or 17yr old cat. CAN NOT.

    I can not take anymore abuse.

    I do not have any support or family.

    I need help…

    I need resources…

    I need support. I wanna be in the Portland area (Tigard, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, etc) Or Corvallis. Or if I have to Salem or Eugene. I want out of Eugene cause I want away from my abuser… Away from my mother… but right now I am dependent on her for a place to live and her “support”.

    But she is transphobic as hell and hates me for being trans and wants me to stop. Along with my sister who wants me committed and thinks I need shock treatment…

    If I argue with my mom or don’t do what she wants she threatens to evict me, name calls, and is very emotionally/mentally/psychologically abusive.

    I know I’m an adult and should be self sufficient at my age. But I had a string of very very bad things happen in a row leaving me without a home, without a job, and on my own…

    I’m wanting to die daily and therapy and meds haven’t helped and won’t help while I’m stuck like this.

    I have been applying for work nonstop but due to my restrictions, have found nothing. All my interviews got no job.

    I’m physically and mentally exhausted as my body is attacking itself daily and I’m battling my mental health…

    My cats are the only reason I’m still alive…

    Please…. Any resources… any help….

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  • 10 Ways to get the MOST of Sorority Life + how to make it worth your while

    Published by  Kiara Madisen

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    I was watching tangled the series recently, I like the setting of lost prince x lost princess too muchXD I like the image of the prince of the dark kingdom, this makes Eugene more interesting…..

    These two are too cute for me😭😭😭😭

    #tangled #tangled the series #rapunzel x eugene #rapunzel#eugene #not undertale sor
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  • https://ift.tt/2E5FOXU - Careful With That Axe, Eugene

    #Careful With That Axe #Eugene
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  • @milavoices

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  • despicable me

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  • Truffle Oil Fries

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  • Apex.  Eugene.  May, 2011.  

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  • Eugene and Rapunzel: look at each other

    Me: Woah calm it DOWN you two this is a children’s show.

    #tangled #tangled the series #rapunzels tangled adventure #rta#tts#eugene#rapunzel#new dream #rapunzel x eugene #eugene x rapunzel
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  • Honestly a bop, not gonna lie.

    #try guys#kieth#zack#ned#Eugene #try guys kieth #try guys zack #try guys ned #try guys eugene
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  • My teacher explaining something:

    Me acting like I understand:

    #try guys #without a recipe #kieth#zack#Eugene#ned#gif #try guys gif #meme?
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  • Honey

    • Chapter: 1/?
    • Rating: M
    • Warning: Depictions of violence and sex, also cussing.
    • Word Count: 1,025

    “Zellie?” Rapunzel turned around and saw her little brother look at her by her doorframe.

    “Yes, Patrick?” She asked, removing her headphones.

    “Anna ate your chocolate.” Patrick said, gesturing downstairs. Her eyes widened and they resembled emerald green plates.

    She immediately rushed downstairs where she did find Anna raiding her chocolates with a sheepish smile.

    “Um … I can explain?” Anna grinned sheepishly, showing her teeth that were stained with chocolate. She just smiled.

    “No need to do that, An. So, what brings you here?” She asked as she sat down beside her.

    “Well, you do know that I’ve been ticking off things from my bucket list and have been wanting to go on an adventure with one of my closest besties …” Anna said, a small smile forming on her lips. “So I decided that we can go to this incredible place that I just found out!” She squealed as she pulled out her phone, showing her map app viewing a familiar place.

    “Wait, Barnavia? Are you serious?!” Rapunzel asked excitedly, glow radiating from her in her excitement.

    “The one and only! You’ve got to go with me, Punz! It’ll be fun! We’ll take pictures, eat the local food, visit the tourist spots, and hey! What if you even find your true love there?" Anna asked, excitedly clapping her hands in delight.

    Two words rang in her head.

    True love.

    She always wondered what it felt like to be with your true love and from stories of her friends, that made her fantasize about it.

    "So, are you coming?” Anna pulled her out of her trance. Rapunzel shook her head slightly, giving her best friend a gentle smile.

    “I’m in.”


    Nights at Barnavia were grand, especially for the well known thief, Flynn Rider.

    It was that time of day where he looked out for targets and victims of theft.

    The wind sent chills down his spine as he stepped in the open window he picked his lock with. God, he hated this damned cold weather. It made it worse when he was in a fully air conditioned room.

    Then suddenly, he spotted it.

    There it was.

    A fucking mirror!

    He really needed to look at one, because hey, if you wanna steal something, you’ve gotta look good while doing it, right?

    He pulled out his comb and winked at himself as he straightened his hair.

    “How ya doin’ there, handsome?” He muttered to himself with a cocky grin.

    As he looked at the mirror, he spotted something behind him. 

    A ruby.

    But he knew that it wasn’t just a ruby.

    It was the one that every thief sought out for and he was the first one to get it. This had to have some trap.

    He pulled out a dime from his satchel and tested if there were anything that could trigger an alarm.

    He looked at the dime, which was now showing a laser mark. Hopefully, that was the only alarm that this room had.

    But he was wrong.

    Glowing lines showed on the floor. Luckily, he knew how to get around these kinds of things.

    He tiptoed, avoiding to step on any line.

    Steady, Flynn. He told himself.

    Suddenly, he was starting to lose balance and he flinched, but he regained his composure, letting out a relieved sigh.

    He finally made it and silently opened the glass case of it and smiled triumphantly as he stole the ruby from the velvet pillow that it was resting on and stashed it in his satchel. He tiptoed back to the window.

    He looked around. No one was there. Nice. Not a single soul knew what was coming at them. No one even noticed that the alarm went off.

    “Suckers,” He snickered.

    He snuck out, running off back to his hideout.

    Just a few more stolen treasures, and Rider Island would finally be his.


    Weeks later, Rapunzel started packing as soon as she knew when they would go. 

    She bought a new camera just for the trip and brought everything that she needed to document every moment of it.

    Of course, her brother went on and on and on about how she needed to be careful. The last time she checked, she was the older sibling and not Patrick.

    Still, she smiled at her younger brother’s protectiveness.

    She clutched her chameleon plushie tight as she stepped out of the apartment, locking it.

    This was it. She was one step closer to her dream.


    Flynn counted the jewels, gems and accessories that he stole from all the fine and pampered women of Barnavia.

    He must say, he was really good at this thieving career.

    He was practically unstoppable and high and mighty to new rogues.

    He stood up, placing the new ruby he got earlier on his pile of stolen treasures in a secured room.

    “You’ve done great today, Rider.” He muttered confidently as he patted his back with a smile.


    Rapunzel sunk in her airplane seat, taking out her camera before she took a picture of the clouds. That was going to be in her album.

    She looked beside her, silently chuckling at Anna as she slept and snored.

    She took a picture, not wanting to miss the opportunity of a blackmail material. She smirked at herself.

    “I never stole your chocolate …” Anna muttered before she clutched her bear tighter and continued snoring.


    Soon enough, the two finally arrived. When they got out of the airport, they squealed excitedly at each other before they headed to their hotel.

    As they rode the cab, Rapunzel can’t help but to take a picture of everything she sees. From people walking on the sidewalk to buildings that towered all over the country’s capital. 

    “So … Punz. What do we do after we check in the hotel?” Anna asked excitedly as Rapunzel started to read a pamphlet.

    “We could go to the art museum or the national park.” She smiled.

    “Sounds like a plan,” Anna smiled before she squealed with her best friend.

    It was only the beginning of their trip, but she knew that this will be the grandest one yet.

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  • A miniature volcano of happiness explodes inside of me every time I see Rapunzel and Eugene being a loving couple.

    #Rapunzel#Eugene#New DREAM #Seriously though these two keep me alive and I love them in every aspect
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