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  • I am actually crying cause I had enough energy to draw this week. This is part of my arttrade with @those-damn-mercs of his tf2 oc Eugene a defense class with a good mustache. 

    #My body hurts so much but I don't care #I drawed #I drawed thingss #I got to do what I actually like #eugene#tf2 oc#those-damn-mercs#gruvu's art#tf2 #team fortress 2 #team fortress two
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  • Tell me if I got anything wrong; I’m not a Kpop fan so I probably did.


    • Lead Rapper. I picture this boy as a prodigy at rapping. I literally have no reason for it. One day, I just went “Ethan should be a rapper!” and I’ve stuck with it since. Due to the “gruff” voice I picture he has, rapping is perfect for him. He’s a natural at rapping, but he doesn’t practice it much, so he remains the lead rapper. However, this position already takes up too much of his energy, so he prefers not to have any other positions.


    • Main Vocalist. Eugene has a talent in music, so I think he was once interested in singing. Before the apocalypse, he had taken singing as a serious hobby. Thanks to the dedicated practice, he’d be the best singer out of the fellows.
    • Sub Rapper. Thanks to his wit and sharp tongue, Eugene is talented in free style rapping. This allowed him to easily develop the rapping skills he needed to become the sub rapper. He wasn’t as interested in rapping as Zion, so he didn’t dedicate himself to learning how to rap as much as Zion did.
    • The Maknae. Eugene is the youngest in the entire group, making him the Maknae. His personality as a Maknae is unique, because he is sharp-tongued yet adorable. 


    • Lead Vocalist. Personally, I think that Harry has a natural talent in singing. I dunno, whenever I think of a voice for him, I always think that he’d have a soft angelic voice.
    • Main Dancer. I think Harry has the most flexible body out of the fellows, maybe besides Eugene. The others’ sprites radiate a “stiff” vibe. I can picture Harry as the agile one when playing sports. I can see this boy playing sports like badminton, which heavily rely on footwork, and this gave him the fundamentals to being an amazing dancer.


    • The Leader. Self-explanatory. He was the leader in the game. If they were a band, Lawrence would be the kind of leader who doesn’t stand out in terms of talent, but is the foundation of fleshing out the talent of other members. Thanks to his manipulative nature, he knows how to use each member to their full potential. 
    • Sub Vocalist. Lawrence was pushed to get high grades, and one of the subjects in elementary school is singing. I think that Lawrence would’ve worked hard to achieve a high grade by practicing singing outside of school, albeit that he had to drop the practice once he passed the class to focus on other subjects. So, he has a good amount of experience.
    • Lead Dancer. If Eugene was interested, he could have been the lead dancer with a bit of training. However, Eugene is not an active person, so he took no interest in the position and left it with Lawrence. Lawrence, wanting to have power as the leader and take as many positions as possible, accepted the position. Lawrence was the perfect second-choice because he took dance for PE, and he took it with dedication like he does with any other subject. This gave him more experience in dancing, making him more qualified than any other member.
    • The Center. In almost every single photo of DF in the game, Lawrence is in the center. It makes sense for him to be the center for the band.


    • Main Rapper. Zion is the type of guy who’s taste in music is rough pop. I don’t doubt that he got into rapping at one point. He probably practiced a lot because he thought it was cool. 
    • Visuals. Let’s all admit it. When we saw the DF poster, the first two people who caught our eye was Zion and Eugene. It happened to all of us. Those two are the most attractive among the fellows. However, in comparison to Eugene, Zion is more taller, muscular, and has a more prominent jawline, making him stand higher in society’s beauty standards.
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  • Cassandra: Some people are like slinkies.

    Rapunzel: What?

    Cassandra: Not really good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


    Rapunzel: Please don’t push Eugene down the stairs.

    Cassandra: You can’t stop me.

    #cassandra#disney quotes#eugene#funny#incorrect quotes #incorrect tangled quotes #incorrect tts quotes #lance#rapunzel#tangled#tts#rta#cassandra tangled #tangled the series #rapunzel’s tangled adventure #rapunzel s tangled adventure #princess#disney princess#cassunzel#new dream#cass#raps#disney#disney tangled#varian#ot3
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  • Eugene: Alright, everyone know what they’re doing?

    Varian: With the plan or in general?

    Eugene: The plan, Varian.

    Varian: *let’s out a sigh of relief* Oh, thank God.

    #tts rapunzel#tts#tts rp#tts varian#tts eugene #tangled the series eugene #tangled eugene#eugene#eugene fitzherbert#tangled varian #varian the alchemist #varian #tangled incorrect quotes #tangled the series
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  • Excuse me but where the

    ✨ Frick ✨

    Are Jack and Eugene >:(

    I just started Season 2 Radio for the serotonin and it SEEMS LIKE THEY DIED BUT THAT ISNT RIGHT.


    #thats wrong right #i wanna know when theyll be back #if its not soon ill be throwing hands #I MISS THE BANTER #jack#eugene #i do have to give phil and zoe credit though #they do be kinda funny
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  • image

    from Whiteaker with love

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  • this is official art … OMG

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  • image

    This is the seventh catchphrase you’ve stolen Eugene.

    #animal crossing #animal crossing new horizons #acnh#eugene ac#eugene #he’s stolen catchphrases from Deirdre Rolf Eunice Papi and Twiggy twice #he’s now taken Anchovy’s brand new catchphrase that I came up with yesterday lol
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  • @piecesoftape

    I love my darling fiancée, and I’m so grateful that we got to get away for a day and take such lovely photos. The wedding’s still a year away, but I’m so glad to have her in my life every day.

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  • Victory Party

    (This fic is actually dedicated to @honeyxmonkey because they need positivity today!)

    “People of Corona, I have an announcement.” said King Frederick, standing in the courtyard addressing all his subjects, with his wife and daughter by his side. “I know a lot has happened this past week, and I am proud of how valiantly all of you fought against the dreaded demon Zhan Tiri.”

    There was a murmur of applause from the crowd.

    “That is why I am proclaiming today a celebratory day and starting today we will have a victory party every year to commemorate the defeat of Zhan Tiri.” Frederick concluded.

    The crowd erupted in cheers, but Eugene and his friends stayed silent. They were looking at Rapunzel, who they knew was wrestling with many emotions now that Cassandra had left. Frederick’s announcement was probably at least partly meant as a distraction for her, but they could tell it wasn’t completely working.

    “You okay, Sunshine? I know you still miss Cass, but this party could be just what we need to lift our spirits.” said Eugene.

    “I know.” replied Rapunzel. She tried to smile, but didn’t quite pull it off.

    “Yeah, I can make a fireworks display. Thanks to Lance, we know flynnolium has excellent pyrotechnic potential.” Varian put forth.

    “See? I knew what I was doing.” Lance said smugly.

    “Really?” Varian arched an eyebrow.

    “Well, I mostly knew.” Lance amended.

    “And just think of all the treats we’ll have! Cupcakes, pies, candy…” Eugene rattled off a list.

    “Dibs on the candy!” yelled Kiera.

    “No fair, I wanted to call dibs!” Catalina pouted.

    “I guess I could make an outdoor mural with chalk.” Rapunzel mused. “And we can all be on it, even Cassandra!”

    “Tell you what, Sunshine. We can set out a lantern– just one– in honor of Cassandra and wherever she is, she’ll be able to see it.” Eugene said.

    “Oh, can we?” Rapunzel clasped Eugene’s hand, looking genuinely happy for the first time that day.

    “Of course. I loved Cass like a sister, but you I love more than anything.” Eugene told her.

    “I love you too, Eugene. And just knowing how much you care about me, really helps right now. I think I might be able to enjoy the party after all.” she said.

    “I knew you would.” Eugene replied, kissing her cheek. Rapunzel blushed and then she kissed him back. She was feeling much more like her usual, chipper self.

    “Okay, gang. Let’s go out there and help everyone make this a party to remember!” Rapunzel proclaimed.

    “Yeah!” they all cheered. Kiera and Catalina went to help (mostly bother) Monty and Attila as they made the snacks. Lance tried to follow Varian over to where the teen planned to set up the fireworks but was told in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t welcome around flynnolium. Varian did relent and say he could play with the lancide, a new compound which fizzled a lot and mostly made a mess of things. And Eugene and Rapunzel walked slowly arm in arm, watching their friends make preparations.

    “It really is going to be a good day.” Rapunzel said, more to herself than anything.

    “I know it is. Here’s the chalk, Rapunzel. Go do your thing.” Eugene urged. And Rapunzel got down on her knees and began drawing an elaborate picture of her, Eugene, Pascal, Maximus, Lance, Kiera, Catalina, Varian, Ruddiger, Quirin, Frederick, Arianna, Cassandra, Fidella, Owl, and Cap. She even added Stan, Pete, Nigel, all the castle staff and some prominent citizens of Corona. It was a big picture, but Rapunzel had a big heart and room enough for all her friends.

    The End

    I hope I didn’t forget anyone! I love what close friends the gang are. They may not be family by blood, but they are family by choice and that’s just as good.

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  • Eugene x Marshal x Moose x Raymond 70′s aesthetic for anon, I hope you like it!!

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  • EMERALD VILLAGE: a Dream of an Affordable Tiny House Community…this one in Eugene, Oregon

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  • Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures
    1.02 - What the hair?!

    Glaciers and Cassandra…

    #cassandra#Eugene#Rapunzel #rapunzel's tangled adventure #rapunzel the series
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  • image

    Drawing this made me sleepy ngl, anyways heres the beginning frames of something I’m working on

    #rapunzel#eugene #tangled the series #rapunzels tangled adventure #tts#rta#art stuff #otp: new dream #new dream #domestic new dream???? on my blog??? absolutely
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  • My biggest project in ACNH is to give Eugene so many transparent glasses that he no longer wears his OG sunglasses that hide his cute little eyes.

    #eugene#acnh#animal crossing#new horizons #animal crossing new horizons
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  • Varian: *Running to Cassandra for a hug*

    Cassandra: *moves*

    Varian: Cass! Why did you move?

    Cassandra: I thought you were going to attack me.

    Varian: I was going to hug you!

    Cassandra: Why would you hug me?


    #cassandra#disney quotes#eugene#funny#incorrect quotes #incorrect tangled quotes #incorrect tts quotes #lance#rapunzel#tangled#tts#rta #rapunzel s tangled adventure #rapunzel’s tangled adventure #tangled the series #varian#cassunzel#new dream#ot3#disney#disney tangled#princess#disney princess
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  • Cassandra: I honestly don’t know why Rapunzel wears makeup.

    Eugene: To look pretty, obviously.

    Cassandra: But she’s already pretty.

    Eugene: Aw, that’s actually cute…

    Cassandra: Eugene you should wear makeup.


    #cassandra#disney quotes#eugene#funny#incorrect quotes #incorrect tangled quotes #incorrect tts quotes #lance#rapunzel#tangled#tts#rta #rapunzel s tangled adventure #rapunzel’s tangled adventure #tangled the series #cassunzel#princess#new dream#ot3#cass#raps#varian#disney#disney tangled
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