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  • justmochi
    18.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    A Free Woman

    pairing :: eden (feat. blackpink, teddy, jimin)

    word count :: 1.5k

    summary :: eden finally works up the courage to break up with jimin

    warnings :: eden being a boss ass bitch

    time :: march 31, 2019 - april 1, 2019

    March 31, 2019

    Eden sat in the leather chair, her legs pulled into her chest as she had read the message she typed out for the millionth time. The empty studio was her hiding place for times like these. It was quiet, so much equipment to potentially mess with, but most of all, the place where she could truly embrace herself without judgement.

    She was at war with herself. She always knew that Jimin was bad for her. All the things that she wanted in a partner, Jimin didn’t have. She still was drawn to him. She still yearned for his touch and attention. She never planned for it to ever come to this point. Her self-respect was down the drain. She lost sight of herself. Her true self.

    The girl spent the last two days trying to type out a message to Jimin. Even after reading each one over and over, none of them seemed fit to send to Jimin. Some messages sounded needier than others. Somehow she would find a flaw in every single paragraph she typed out. She even almost said screw it and considered staying with Jimin, not wanting to break up with him. But even she knew that she couldn’t do that to herself anymore.

    Eden sighed to herself, turning her phone off and setting it down on the table. She hugged her legs while her cheek rested against her knee. The room was dim with the blue LED lights faintly brightening the studio. The soundproof walls were so tempting, she almost wanted to let out the biggest scream. A scream that would shake others to their very core. A scream that would cause people to worry whether she was being attacked or not. It was all very tempting.

    Hearing a knock on the door, she used the table to spin in her chair, revealing Teddy who was standing in the hallway. He had the typical hoodie, looking as comfortable as ever.

    “You doing okay?” He asked her, pulling another chair and slouching back against it.

    “I could be better.” She shrugged her shoulders, her legs falling to the floor as she folded her arms.

    “Did you send it yet?” The members were happy enough to hear that she was planning on breaking up with Jimin. They were destined to hound her if they knew she was hesitating on even sending the message.

    Her texts were dry ever since he kicked her out of his apartment that day. Jimin kept talking to her as if everything was normal, as if he did nothing wrong and Eden was the enemy in the entire situation. A pep talk and crying on her sister's lap sealed the deal for her. The girls didn’t particularly like Jimin because Eden couldn’t keep her mouth shut and would vent about their problems. They tried their best to be a moral support system, but they all really wanted Eden to be happy and to break up with the asshole.

    “No, I don’t know what to say.” She picked her phone up, unlocking and handing it to him. He read it in just a few seconds.

    “May I offer my criticism?” He looked up from her phone, waiting for her to nod before he scooted closer to her to let her see what he was doing.

    “This, it all has to go.” He held the delete button until her entire message was gone.

    “What are you doing writing him paragraphs? You don’t owe him anything. He doesn’t even deserve an explanation.”

    Her head dropped to her lap, sighing while her finger glazed across her freshly done nails.  “I don’t know how to do this.”

    “Should I write something out for you?” He offered his best advice, trying to get her to look back up at him.

    “Go for it.” Her elbow rested on the arm of the chair, holding her head in place with her hand.

    She heard the keys click as he typed fiercely. He was seriously good at everything. He handed her phone back, her eyes adjusting to the bright screen as she read his text.

    “That’s it?” She was quite shocked to see the five word sentence.

    “That’s it. Simple but straight to the point. I guarantee he will feel shitty, and realize how dumb he is for taking you for granted.”

    His reasoning was enough to convince her that it should be the final message. Now she just needed to work up the courage to send it.

    Eden had her arm laying over Rosé, her head resting on her tummy as the two watched a show. Her members knew all about what went on. The girl brushed her fingers through Eden’s hair.

    “Do you feel better?” She spoke low, trying to not startle her.

    “A little.”

    “Did you do it yet?” The members were so delighted to hear Eden was planning to break up with Jimin. They were just curious when she was going to do it.

    “I’ll do it tomorrow.” She mumbled, finding a cold spot in the bed to rest her feet in.

    “Eden,” She pinched her shoulder, anticipating when they could actually celebrate Eden as a single woman. “You have to do it soon. You don’t need him bothering you anymore.”

    “I promise, I’ll do it in the morning.” She reassured Rosé, letting out a sigh before shutting her eyes.

    “I am holding you to it.”

    “I know.”

    April 1, 2019

    Just as she promised, she stood over the bathroom sink working up the courage to finally send the text. Her eyes were still tired and she didn’t even expect Jimin to be awake at this time in the morning.

    She slapped her face with her hands, waking herself up but also telling herself to stop being a coward. She turned towards the shower, turning the knob and adjusting the temperature. She took a deep breath, clenching her jaw before finally pressing the send button.

    I can’t date you anymore.

    She instantly saw the message delivered and grew worried. She also felt a wave of relief. Like the baggage on her bag was finally released and she could breathe again.

    She turned her phone off and hopped into the shower, rinsing off the guilt and cleansing herself of the person she told herself she would never become. She hated how much he influenced her, how much he changed her. It affected her emotional and mental stability, but now she could finally say she was free.

    Once she was dressed and looking fresh, she walked out to the living room where the girls were eating their breakfast. Eden had her wet hair in a towel, instantly grabbing their attention as she entered the room.

    “Guess what ladies,” She put a hand on her hip, quickly snatching the towel off her head and flipping her wet hair around. The girls’ raised their eyebrows as their cereal missed their mouths. “I did it.”

    Rosé and Jennie shot right up, squealing and running to hug her. Eden became flustered, finally realizing how much this meant to them as her friend. Lisa and Jisoo soon followed, wrapping Eden in a group hug. Jisoo smiled, patting her head.

    “I’m so proud of you.” The oldest congratulated her, brushing her fingers through her hair. Everyone wanted Eden to break up with Jimin. Jennie and Jisoo played a big part in helping her build up the courage and realizing how toxic he was for her. Confiding in Seokmin one night was truly the final push she needed to finally bring herself to break up with him. If Eden didn’t have this strong of a support system, she would still be dating him, losing sight of herself and ultimately becoming another person than who she really was. He corrupted her enough, and there was no way the people around her were gonna let him destroy her.

    Hours passed before she checked her phone again, only to find two from Jimin.

    nice one babe~

    Eden turned the phone towards Rosé, who she was cuddled up with on the couch. She let out an audible gasp, rolling her eyes and scoffing. “What a jerk.”

    Eden relayed the message to the rest of the girls. They were quite shocked, expecting Jimin to lash out on her the second he got the message.

    “Eunhye,” Jisoo butted in, biting her lip and sighing, “It’s April Fool Day.”

    The room went quiet as Eden’s jaw hung to the floor. The holiday was nothing special to her, she didn’t even play pranks or get joked to on this day. The girls purse their lips, scanning the girl's face. Eden only shrugged her shoulders, letting out a hum. “Oh well, it’s fine.”

    Lisa snorted, slapping her hand over her mouth.

    “He would think you were joking. Just wait, he will see.” Jennie nodded before crossing her legs and laying back against the couch.

    “He’s gonna be in for a very rude awakening.” Rosé giggled, giving Eden a high five as the two shared smiles. Her best friend was so happy that she was free from the restrictions that they all called Jimin.

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  • yourlovelycottontail
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ʚ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴄʀʏ, sᴜɴʙᴀᴇ! ɞ

    ❛ 𝑬𝒖𝒏𝒔𝒐𝒐 & 𝑯𝒂𝒋𝒐𝒐𝒏 ❜

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  • rabidline
    03.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Eunsoo Lim, Sabrina by John Williams

    2019-2020 Free Program

    Choreography by David Wilson

    Costume by Lisa McKinnon

    #eunsoo lim#figure skating#fs#david wilson#lisa mckinnon #figure skating dresses #figure skating costumes #this will probably become a series #season: 2019 2020
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  • rabidline
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Eunsoo Lim, The Journey Back in Time // Somewhere in Time by John Barry

    2019-2020 Short Program

    Choreography by Jeffrey Buttle

    Costume by Lisa McKinnon

    #eunsoo lim#figure skating#fs#jeffrey buttle#lisa mckinnon #figure skating dresses #figure skating costumes #this will probably become a series #season: 2019 2020
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  • leeenuu
    23.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    – tove lo, scream my name

    #secret forest#kdrama#kdramaedit#stranger #shin hye sun #i miss my girl #eunsoo epic comeback when?? #this gifset was sponsored by the sudden lack of stress and tiredness #my gifs#sf*
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  • rikabot
    15.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    the way korean ladies have the most beautiful dresses...

    cred. IG: k._.skaters

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  • rabidline
    14.03.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Eunsoo Lim at the 2021 South Korean Figure Skating Ranking Competition, March 14, 2021 (x) (x) (x)
    #eunsoo lim#figure skating#fs #south korean figure skating ranking competition #ranking competitions #figure skating dresses #figure skating costumes #ahn gyu mi #season: 2020 2021
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  • sewnfate
    13.03.2021 - 3 monts ago
    tags,  supers.

    bi miha   ﹕  threads .

    bi miha   ﹕  visual .

    bi miha   ﹕  study .

    bin eunsoo   ﹕  threads .

    bin eunsoo   ﹕  visual .

    bin eunsoo   ﹕  study .

    celia laural   ﹕  threads .

    celia laural   ﹕  visual .

    celia laural   ﹕  study .

    cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  threads .

    cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  visual .

    cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  study .

    #bi miha   ﹕  threads . #bi miha   ﹕  visual . #bi miha   ﹕  study . #bin eunsoo   ﹕  threads . #bin eunsoo   ﹕  visual . #bin eunsoo   ﹕  study . #celia laural   ﹕  threads . #celia laural   ﹕  visual . #celia laural   ﹕  study . #cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  threads . #cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  visual . #cha ( selene ) yiren   ﹕  study .
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  • seokjj
    12.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    • yunwoo and eunsung | top management

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  • heartlace
    07.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    kim eunsoo.

    #⧽ ( rose gold ) / ❝ mirror : eunsoo. #⧽ ( rose gold ) / ❝ lookbook : eunsoo. #⧽ ( rose gold ) / ❝ paper hearts : eunsoo. #⧽ ( rose gold ) / ❝ aesthetic : eunsoo. #⧽ ( rose gold ) / ❝ fragments : eunsoo. #⧽ ( into the night ) / ❝ eunsoo speaking. #♡ ( you put your arms around me & i'm home ) / ❝ eunsoo & jinsun. #⧽ ( synergy ) / ❝ eunsoo & jinsun. #✧ ( may all your trials end in full bloom ) / ❝ eunsoo & dasom.
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  • rabidline
    05.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Eunsoo Lim, Capriccio Espagnol, Op. 34: IV. Scena e Canto Gitano // V. Fandango Asturiano by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, performed by Cleveland Orchestra

    2019-2020 Short Program

    Choreography by David Wilson

    Costume by Lisa McKinnon

    #eunsoo lim#figure skating#fs#david wilson#lisa mckinnon #figure skating dresses #figure skating costumes #this will probably become a series #season: 2019 2020
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  • manticxre
    02.03.2021 - 3 monts ago


      “ both, kind of. ”  one day’s ending, another’s beginning. no rest for the dead, as the saying goes. ( is that how the saying goes? he can’t remember. . . )  “ ‘want to help me out with a job? Proxy left me hanging —  as usual. ”  he complains lightly, an undeserved condemnation: it’s not as if Proxy had ever volunteered his help in the first place.  “ you might like it; ‘catching a criminal evil-doer — that kind of thing. ”  wasn’t that sort of her responsibility?

    “What kind of evil-doer? Like, white collar crimes?” Eunsoo’s interest was immediately piqued by the pursuit of justice (now that she teetered between life and death, it seemed an eternal quest in truth), before she narrowed her eyes at her friend, “I don’t know...coming from you, it doesn’t seem that straightforward. While it is my job, I can’t exactly leave my post and chase a lead with you if you don’t submit an official report, you know?” She furrowed her brows, placing her hands on her hips and trying to think. “So...are you actually going to file the report, or...?” 

    #spectral thief | responses #shimmerseas #jhsdhjjdsdjk rip Eunsoo is far too lawfully inclined to help Tida unless there's a report filed #she would be happy to though
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  • sashas4t
    27.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    The Korean Ladies - Aka the Best Dressed Ladies of Figure Skating

    Young You - Lord of the Rings

    Ahsun Yun - Star Wars

    Eunsoo LIm - East of Eden

    Seoyeong Wi - Tristan & Iseult 

    Haein Lee - Ave Maria

    Yelim Kim - Lieberstraum

    Yelim Kim - Love Story

    Eunsoo Lim - Capriccio Espagnol

    #figure skating#fskateedit#eunsoo lim#young you#haein lee#seoyeong wi#yelim kkim#ahsun yun #ugh im so bad at coloring #these gifs do not do the dresses justice #especially eunsoo's fs
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  • rabidline
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Eunsoo Lim, East of Eden: Finale by Lee Holdridge

    2020-2021 Free Program

    Choreography by Jeffrey Buttle

    Costume by Ahn Gyu Mi

    #eunsoo lim#figure skating#fs#jeffrey buttle #ahn gyu mi #figure skating dresses #figure skating costumes #this will probably become a series #season: 2020 2021
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  • ohtheseskaters
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #ladies#eunsoo lim #korean nationals 2021
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  • ohtheseskaters
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #ladies#eunsoo lim #korean nationals 2021
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  • ohtheseskaters
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #ladies#eunsoo lim #korean nationals 2021
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  • jennibeultimate
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Eunsoo Lim, Haein Lee and Young You @ South Korean Nationals 2021 - Free skate


    1. Yelim Kim

    2. Ahsun Yun (Junior)

    3. Haein Lee

    4. Young You

    5. Seoyeong Wi

    6. Eunsoo Lim

    Worlds 2021 Team South Korea 🇰🇷

    Yelim Kim and Haein Lee

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  • austerlitzborodinoleipzig
    26.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Korean Nationals Ladies SP - quick notes

    So far we've had am homage to Yuna Kim (one of the girls skated to James Bond) and Carolina Kostner... Which is great.

    Haein Lee did very well. She had made great progress in terms of skating skills and presentation. You could see she was feeling the music much more than last year. The step sequence is a personal highlight. I like that SP on her... I just hate the version of Ave Maria they are going with. Terrible, terrible vocals. Also I love her dress. Also fuck covid for killing Haein's senior debut. T

    Well at least Eunsoo's Capriccio Espagnol is back from the war. It really was one of the best SP last season (wayyy better than Somewhere in Time I never understood the hype for it). That ending alone is better than the entirety of the Russian girls programs. It was good to see Eunsoo attack her jumps. I hope she can get everything back.

    I thought after NHK that Young You's Cleopatra had potential. Yesterday was such better showing but I was a bit let down. The choreo is lots of arms with not much going elsewhere and i find Young really stiff. Maybe it's the lack of practice and competition.

    Also her SP was really empty. Especially since I watched her after Yelim Kim, the amount of two-feet skating and the difference in terms of SS was glaring imho.

    Seoyeong Ji sold the hell out of her Moulin Rouge SP, as she always does, but she needs to work in her speed. She was really slow there. Also not convinced by the program.

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