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  • Okay, read a theory on Twitter about AFO’s quirk designed to force activate another person’s quirk WITHOUT killing them.


    Forced quirk activation, episode 48; he uses it on Magna. It looks identical to what is stabbing through Kacchan in the last panel. So…

    Maybe Kachan is fine. Maybe it will all be fine. He might be down but NOT out!

    The chapter is titled Katsuki Bakugou RISING

    Which means our boy is about to overcome some shit and become a true hero! I just fucking know it!

    All the BKDK hearts and bakustans out there stay strong! Our boy’s redemption arc isn’t over yet! There’s a victory smirk on the horizon somewhere!

    There’s gotta be!

    🤞 I hope.


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  • Want to start from the beginning? >Table of Contents  

    After forty-five minutes, Severus started to worry. She might have been cornered by reporters. Thinking of which, how rigid were the protection spells around the school now? They would not be as thorough as they were during the war, would they? If they were, the camouflage spell would have been stripped away as soon as Mette entered the gate. How had he not thought of this? He needed to go look for her. To test its durability, he cast the camouflage spell on himself.

    He sneaked out of the inn, through the back alleys of Hogsmeade and approached the gate to the school. When he entered, a sensation like warm water trickled down his skin. He looked at his arms and cursed. The charm was lifted.

    A feeling of foreboding crept over him. He started jogging towards the castle, still hoping that he would meet Mette on his way there.

    Slowly, he opened one of the heavy front doors and peered into the dimly lit entrance hall. No one seemed to be there. Faint music and the noise of many people talking reached him from somewhere inside the castle. Everyone was at the feast. After another moment of straining his eyes and ears, he slipped through the gap in the entrance and tip-toed up the stairs to the corridor where Mette’s office was.

    A weight dropped off his heart when he saw Mette lock her office door. He broke into a trot to get to her. When he was only a few paces away, he called her name. As she turned to him, she pulled something off from around her head and moved her right hand. Severus felt his wand slipping from its place at his hip. Claire caught it. Her strawberry blond hair now cascaded down her shoulders once more.

    “Hello,” she said cheerily. “What brings you here, I thought you were banned from the grounds?”

    “Wait, no… what are you doing here? Where is Mette?”

    “Oh, right,” She said, her voice dripping with mock empathy, “poor Miss Squibby! Where could she have gone?”

    “What did you do to her?” His heart had started pounding.

    Claire laughed. “I didn’t do anything to her, darling.” There was something threatening underneath the sweetness in Claire’s voice.

    “Where is she?” Severus snarled.

    “Safe. For now,” Claire said lightly. He strode towards her, ready to grab her by the throat. She arrested him with her wand. “Now, now, calm down. We can talk about this.” A pair of shackles appeared out of thin air and bound his wrists together with a small gold chain. He strained to break the chain but Claire said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You see, if the chain breaks, your girlfriend will meet a fate worse than death – instantly.”

    Severus balled his fists and barked, “It was you! You put those patches on us, you fed my stories to the press!”

    “Tut tut tut, better not raise our voices. Remember, you’re not supposed to be here. But yes, of course it was me. I’m so glad we can finally drop this charade!”

    “But… the patches are gone, how did you know where I was tonight, where Mette was?”

    “Oh, honey! You don’t think you had only one patch on you, do you? I have had… access to places that Squib has never even seen.”

    Severus started sweating. Why had he not checked his entire body?

    “Also,” Claire said off-handedly, “There are some in your office.”

    “How did you even get those things? Only people high up in the Ministry can buy them.”

    “Please! Look at me! I’m a beautiful, rich Pureblood. I have friends everywhere. And I have a way of making influential old men wax under my hands.”

    He had no trouble believing this. “Then what do you want with me? You could have anything you want without my help.”

    “Not anything. Not the things that really matter. You see, anyone can marry within their own circles. All my friends do it. But I cannot— must not be like everyone else. If I married, say, Kenneth, I’d disappear among my peers. And that’s just something I can’t let happen. I need to be more. I need to be everything. And You. Are. My. Ticket.” With every word, she had taken one step towards him. “And I am yours.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You want to save your little girlfriend, don’t you? And you also want to be left alone by the press. I will make all of that happen.”

    “I will not be blackmailed by you. Tell me where Mette is.”

    Claire laughed heartily, it sounded very different from her usual cute tinkling laugh. “Here’s the deal. You do as I say and she will go unharmed. Otherwise, she’ll get shipped to one of my elderly friends who has a taste for Muggle women and is skilled in casting submission charms.”

    Severus asked through clenched teeth, “What do I need to do?”

    “Wonderful, now we’re understanding each other. Tonight, we will go meet someone I know well, a reporter of the Daily Prophet. To her, we will tell your story. The whole story. About your tragic childhood. About your desperate, unrequited love for Lily Potter. About your breakdown after you betrayed Lily. The works. And my friend, skilled writer that she is, will spin a tale so profound and beautiful that all of Britain will weep for you and instantly forgive you.”

    She said Lily’s name. All hope that Claire was bluffing evaporated. Severus’ hands got numb and his throat closed. Not now. He forced himself to stay in control over his body. “What’s in it for you?” he hissed.

    “I will be by your side through your miraculous healing process. I will be the one who helped you get through your trauma, who helped you find the courage to finally address your issues and answer the wizarding world’s burning questions about you.

    "At first, I will act as your publicist. But the wizards of Britain will wonder about us, and Witch Weekly will print photographs of us, rumouring that there might be more than just a professional relationship. And then, how wonderful, a photographer spots us kissing! And soon, we will reveal that yes, we are in love. We will be Britain’s power couple. Everyone will love us. They will marvel at your stoic bravery and my unparalleled style and beauty. Imagine our children! Red-golden hair and deep, black eyes… We’ll have to do something if they get your nose, of course.”

    “You are mad.”

    “About you, darling! Which is more than what I can say of our dear Mette…” Claire shot him a sideways glance, waiting for her words to take effect.

    “What is this?”

    Claire laughed. “You don’t know? That’s hilarious!”

    What are you talking about?” he spat.

    “Oh, my poor dear! Mette is leaving England at the end of the school year. She already talked to Minerva about it.”

    “You’re lying.”

    “I’m really not. Listen.” She tapped the side of her neck with her wand. Mette’s voice emanated from the spot, quietly, but clearly audible.

    “I accomplished what I came here to do,” Mette’s voice said, “There’s no reason for me to stay in England any longer. I will leave after the exams.” There was the sound of someone else talking, more quietly, but Severus could not discern the words. Mette said, “I know, and I’m really sorry. I wish I could have told you earlier, but I found the information I was looking for only a few days ago. Now, I really want to leave as soon as possible, to get back to my life at home.”

    Claire tapped the spot again with her wand. She pouted and took Severus’ hand to pat it. “Truth hurts, doesn’t it,” she said gently. “Stop running after someone who only wants to use you for her own gain. You’ll get nothing out of that. I can offer you so much!”

    Had Mette been using him? It couldn’t be, they had gotten so close. And yet… Something Mette had said when he had told her about Legilimency popped up in his mind: You were the solution all along, I just looked at you from the wrong angle.

    Claire looked at him earnestly. “If we stick to my plan, you’ll be beloved and famous. A true prince among wizards.”

    That word made Severus look at Claire. Prince. He frowned. “You’ve promised this before, when you strung me along to that party. Yet, none of your friends seemed to care about me at all.”

    “Oh, that! I’m so sorry, that was my fault! You see, I hadn’t really told them who you are. Just in case you’d say no to the date, I couldn’t embarrass myself like that, could I. I’d just dropped a few hints. So, they suspected it might be you, but were unsure. And they didn’t want to make a big fuss just to find out afterwards that you weren’t who they thought you were! It was totally my fault. Tomorrow, though, everyone will know what you look like. Your picture will be in the newspaper along with the article.”

    “My picture? One of those photos they took when I ran through Hogsmeade?”

    “No, silly! There will be a photo shoot tonight as well. We’ll be sure to catch your essence – deep and thoughtful, tormented by your past, but on your way to turn a new leaf. I know the photographer too, of course.”

    “What about Mette?”

    “I promise we’ll get her back to Sweden safely. Tonight, as soon as the interview is over.” She shook his hand back and forth as if to shake him awake. “Come on, you don’t want to disappear into obscurity, do you? You wouldn’t let everyone think you’re some cowardly Death Eater who has to hide from the world? Don’t you want every wizard out there to know how brave you are?”

    He did want people to know that. Right now, everyone around him only focused on the bad things he had done. Madam Malkin had shown him very clearly what the broad public thought of him.

    “If I were to go with you,” he said, “how am I supposed to ever trust you? You spied on me for months!”

    Claire looked at him with a mixture of pain and pity on her face. “Darling, I protected you! I understand that you are wary of me right now, but you must believe that I only ever wanted the best for you! When you first arrived here, you were so… lost. But I saw your potential. You can be the most beloved wizard in Britain. In the world, even!

    "Right now, you are going in the exact opposite direction. Fraternizing with a Squib!” Claire shook her head and creased her brow. “I know that what I did was not great, but I had to keep my eyes – well, ears – on you somehow.” She giggled, then got serious again. “It was all just to make sure that you didn’t get lost and damaged your chances of being recognized for who you really are! And Mette… you heard her. She was using your knowledge and power for her own gains. She was going to abandon you either way!”

    “Why didn’t you just tell me this? Why did you have to kidnap her?”

    Claire threw him a pitying look. “Darling, I tried to talk to you so many times! But she was always there, making sure I couldn’t catch you alone. I had to take her out of the equation – if only to finally get your full attention. Don’t you understand I just want the world to see you for the wonderful man you are?” She looked at him pleadingly. “Don’t squander this precious chance.”

    Severus searched her expression. She looked unusually earnest.

    Could this work? Could Claire really give him an easy way out? The sessions with Xanimus were hard work, and what had Severus really gained? The one friend he’d thought he had had used him. And everyone else hated him. Which was crazy, considering what he’d done during the war. They should be thanking him. But he was just not good enough at telling his story. He would only ever end up having to justify himself, but coming woefully short.

    With Claire, a world of people – important, influential people – would be at his fingertips. What if everything bad he had done became perfectly understandable once someone put it into the proper perspective, someone who knew how to convince people? He could stop hiding, stop struggling, stop being ashamed.

    He had experienced first-hand how powerful the press was, how easily they could sway public opinion. If the right story was told, fame and glory were within his reach. And Claire had no troubles wrapping people around her finger. At that party, she had been dancing on air, fluttering between groups and becoming the centre of each of them as soon as she appeared. Everyone had been interested in her life. They had not been interested in him, Severus, as a person, but as Claire’s partner. She did seem to be the key ingredient to being accepted.

    “Don’t think about it for too long, someone might catch you here any minute now,” Claire coerced him.

    He examined his feelings for Mette. He had trusted her, so much. He had opened up to her completely. But she was just going to leave him. There was no reason for her to stay, she had said so herself. No reason. In fact, she couldn’t wait to get away. There is no love for you! You knew that, didn’t you? a voice cackled in his head. Still, he needed to make sure that nothing would happen to Mette. It was the right thing. If he was going to start a new life, he needed to do so with a clear conscience. He shoved away the feeling of desperation that was trying to grab hold of him. He swallowed the sadness that was threatening to overwhelm him. Mette had made him weak. He would have no more of that.

    “Where’s the interview?” he finally asked.

    “In Hogsmeade. My friend is already waiting for us.”

    “I’ll come with you.”


    Is Severus going to choose the easy way out? Only two more chapters to go!

    I’m happy and sad at the same time, because I really, really wanted you guys to know the entire story, but it also means that the story is finished soon T_T Although there might be some one-shots in the future, yay!

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  • #no time to die #madeleine swann#safin#bond 25#fanfic#fanfiction#ao3#ffnet #archive of our own #ignores about 85% of spectre (2015) #headcanon abounds#drama#eventual romance#angst #lots of bickering happens #thriller#graphic violence#some language #uhh yeah that's it
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    Fandom: Red Dead Redemption 2

    Pairing: Eventual Arthur Morgan/Named OFC

    Rating: Holy shit M.

    AN: I’ll see you guys on Friday with the conclusion to this tale. But first, we howl at the moon. Enjoy!

    [Spoiler warning for the first three chapters of the game!]

    Tag List:  @huliabitch @cookiethewriter @pedrosbigdorkenergy @thirstworldproblemss @anonymouscosmos @culturalrebel @karmezii @teaofpeach @crookedmoonsaultpunk @wrestlingfae @zombiexbody @nelba @gabrielle1776 @toxiicpop @mstgsmy@misty-possum

    Part One: Strangers

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    Fandom: Red Dead Redemption 2

    Pairing: Eventual Arthur Morgan/Named OFC

    Rating: Holy shit M.

    AN: You guys wanna’ join me in yeehell? I don’t know what’s happened to me. I’m from New England. I shouldn’t find this cowboy chicanery appealing, and yet here I am with eighty something hours in the game. So! I’ve only just gotten to Chapter Three and I have avoided spoilers thus far. Enjoy!

    [Spoiler warning for the first three chapters of the game!]

    Tag List: @huliabitch@cookiethewriter@pedrosbigdorkenergy@thirstworldproblemss@anonymouscosmos@culturalrebel@karmezii@teaofpeach@crookedmoonsaultpunk@zombiexbody@nelba@gabrielle1776@toxiicpop@mstgsmy

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  • My first Kita Shinsuke x reader fanfiction! Read the full text on AO3 here.

    Summary: Your first day at Onigiri Miya takes a turn when a pretty rice farmer drops off his supply for the shop.

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  • 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼



    Psychological horror, Thriller, Action, Romance, supernatural



    Thier job was supposed to be simple; kill the leader of the Kagehebi-gumi. That was it. But, Genkei should have known that working with someone like Takahashi Kouichi wouldn’t be simple in the slightest bit.

    Especially since Genkei felt Kouichi knew more than he let on. Soon he realizes the truth. There’s something much more sinister going on, and Kouichi was in the center of it all.

    Now, Genkei has no choice to choose between protecting Kouichi or giving him up. The problem, Kouichi doesn’t want him involved. The other problem Genkei makes choices he’ll regert for the rest of his life.

    In the end, they both end up questioning their own sanity.







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  • What Do You Gain? Chapter 3

    Rating: Teen and up

    Characters: Deathsaurus

    Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Strangers to Lovers, Eventual Romance, Fluff, Falling in Love, Post-Canon, Post-Victory, Third Person, Gender Neutral Protagonist, Human Protagonist, Interspecies Romance, Alien/Human Relationships, Robot/Human Relationships, Eye Trauma, Blood, Robot Blood, Blood and Injury, Swearing, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Denial of Feelings

    Words: 1,930

    < Previous Chapter

    | Next Chapter>

    The sound of the alarm clock rings out, annoyingly, through the bedroom. The human groans from under their covers, a hand poking out to fumble around their nightstand until they find the clock and hit the snooze button. They turn and pull the cover over their head, not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed.

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    #Transformers#maccadam#macaddam#Deathsaurus#Transformers Victory #Deathsaurus x Human #swearing #denial of feelings #hurt/comfort #hurt and comfort #eye trauma#blood#robot blood#human protagonist #gender neutral pronouns #strangers to friends #strangers to lovers #fluff#eventual romance #falling in love #implied character death #third person#xeno #blood and injury #What Do You Gain? #my writing#long post#post canon
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  • Want to start from the beginning? >Table of Contents

    Mette’s face contorted into a grimace of pain. Severus jerked his hand away. She gasped.

    “I’m sorry!” Severus blurted out.

    Mette sat up, breathing deeply, holding her head.

    “I’m so, so sorry,” he repeated, cursing his lack off attention. Anger scratched at the surface of his mind from underneath.

    “It’s alright,” Mette said, taking another calming breath and slowly shaking her head. “I’m okay. It wasn’t as bad as last time. You pulled away real quick.” She opened her eyes and smiled crookedly. “It’s easy to forget, isn’t it?”

    “I understand now what you meant back then, after I found you in the corridor. About people touching each o—” His mouth fell open. “Wait!” he exclaimed and rushed into his bedroom. There, beside his bed, lay the satchel he had brought back from his second visit to Stolberg. He picked it up and brought it to Mette, who greeted him with a quizzical look.

    “Open it,” he said, holding the satchel out to her. She untied the cords and extracted two triangles made of thin black leather from the satchel. One was about as big as her palm, the other was slightly longer. A small loop was attached to the tip of the triangles and a bigger loop to a corner at the base. The base itself was connected to a short, intricately braided strap. Mette marvelled at the objects, running her fingers over the material. A sudden look of understanding appeared on her face. She gave Severus an excited glance, then slid the small loop over her ring finger and the larger one over her thumb. Severus sat down next to her and clasped the strap around her wrist. Mette smiled at the black triangle that now covered her palm.

    “It’s so soft, I can barely feel it,” she said. She fastened the other glove to Severus’ hand and interweaved her fingers with his. “You made them.” It was a statement rather than a question.


    She took his face in both her hands, intently looking at her gloved hand as she did so. Nothing happened. She let out a delighted laugh before she kissed him.

    “Can you forgive my blunder?” Severus asked.

    “Are you kidding? Let’s try these out, shall we?” She wiggled the fingers of her gloved hand.

    While Severus, to a certain extent, let himself be swept along, he was still nervous about having to take off his trousers. Mette, however, seemed to be perfectly happy with what he could give her tonight.


    Spring came and Severus finally felt like he had room to breathe. There had been only minor articles about him in the Daily Prophet. Also, since the press conference, Claire had settled down and stopped pestering him. She even gave the two of them a friendly smile whenever she saw them.

    While his guilt was still constantly gnawing on him, the sessions with Xanimus helped him to increasingly accept it as a part of his life. By acknowledging that it was there, he could give it space, stopping it from turning around and around in his head. “Practice kindness towards yourself,” Xanimus kept saying. “Whenever you realize you are brooding on the past, pull yourself back and think about the present instead. Counter every negative thought with a positive one.”

    Severus heeded this advice as best he could. He had always assumed needing help was a sign of weakness. Now, he started to realize that being able to accept help was a strength.

    The days got longer and warmer and Mette and Severus went for long hikes together. He also took her into the Forbidden Forest to show her the Thestrals. She couldn’t see them, but she could hear and feel them. Their mere presence left a deep impression on her. Often, the two of them just sat by the lake together after dinner, talking, or simply keeping each other company.

    “Did you know the Ministry introduced two new holidays after the war?” she asked him one evening.

    “I did not. But I assume they are meant to celebrate our victory?”

    “Yes.” Mette looked at her hands. “The second of May is called Commemoration Day, in honour of those who died. It’s a day of reflection and contemplation. There are no real lessons, The other teachers talk to the students about the war and politics all day. Last year, I just sat with the students and tried to learn a bit about British Wizarding History.

    "And on the third of May, there’s a feast… and a ball.” She started absent-mindedly plucking out leaves of grass. “It happens here, at Hogwarts. This is where the battle was fought, after all, so I guess it makes sense. It’s called the Feast of Life. There’s a ball.” She laughed nervously. “What do you think about dancing, do you like it? You don’t seem the type, but one never knows, right? I don’t want to assume anything.” She was plucking at the grass more quickly now. “But I guess you won’t want to be in a room full of people commemorating the battle, seeing as you played a role in the whole thing. And there will be other people coming to Hogwarts, maybe even Harry Potter. Although, he wasn’t there last year, they say he’s had enough publicity and lives quite a withdrawn life right now. I mean, I get it, he—”

    “I’d like to go there with you,” Severus cut short the torrent of words. “To the ball,” he clarified with a small smile. She finally looked at him, a little red in the face, laughing. She wiped the leaves of grass from her hands, leaned against his shoulder and put her arm around his waist.

    “That’s wonderful. Thank you.”

    “And I do remember some basics of ballroom dancing.”

    “Really?” she looked at him in surprise. “I’m intrigued!”

    Severus’s heart made a little leap. He’d just had an idea.


    His claim to remember how to dance had been exaggerated. His wish to go to the ball with Mette hadn’t. With Xanimus’ help, he managed to find a Muggle VHS tape explaining the basic steps of the most important dances. He practised a little every day while Mette taught lessons. In spite of himself, he was excited at the prospect of dancing with her, even in front of people. It was time to brave the wizarding world at large.

    For practice, he decided to go to Diagon Alley. None of the clothes in his wardrobe were smart enough for a ball – he needed proper dress robes.

    As he stepped out of the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron, he was relieved to find the bar empty. The morning sun was reflected off the cobblestones of Diagon Alley, which was not busy, either. Nonetheless, he kept his head down, his face hidden between curtains of hair, while he walked towards Madam Malkin’s. Every now and then, he looked up to see if people were staring at him. He thought he saw two witches whisper and look in his direction, but nothing else happened.

    The bell above the door in the robes shop tingled. He stepped inside.

    “Coming!” a female voice sang. Severus stood in the middle of the shop, looking around. The left side of the small room seemed to be entirely devoted to Hogwarts robes. He saw some Quidditch uniforms as well. He turned away. To his right, long racks held witches’ dress robes, sorted by colour. The portion of the rack holding all shades of green was close to him. He thought he saw something very closely resembling the dress that Claire had worn on Valentine’s Day. Severus took a step closer. The robes on the rack jerked into motion. The entire rainbow of garments slid past him, dresses briefly fluttering on their hangers and turning before him to advertise themselves before they flew up and retreated to the end of the ever-moving queue. Quickly, Severus took a step back. The parade of robes came to a halt. From behind a curtain at the back of the shop, a stout witch appeared, carrying a large, flat box containing lots of little cylindrical items in different colours

    “Good morning, what can I do for—” the box fell and spilled spools of thread everywhere, which unravelled as they rolled away in all directions. Madam Malkin stared at him, her eyes wide. She turned the slightest bit, as if wanting to run away, but stayed rooted to the spot. Severus took out his wand. She threw up her hands and took a step back. As he waved it, the spools rolled themselves up and soared neatly back into the box, which came flying into his hands. He stowed his wand and held the box out to her.

    “I’d like to buy some dress robes,” he said.

    Madam Malkin kept watching him through narrowed eyes as she stretched out her arms and snatched the box from his hands “You are Severus Snape,” she said. “What do you want?”

    “To buy dress robes.”

    She didn’t move.

    He took a breath. “The things the Prophet wrote about me are exaggerated. I have no desire to rise to power. I don’t know how I came back to life. I just need to buy some dress robes.”

    “So, you weren’t a Death Eater?”

    “That was a very long time ago.”

    “Oh, and that’s supposed to make it better?”

    “No, of course not. I have deeply regretted it ever since.”

    Madam Malkin threw up her arms in exasperation, upsetting the box of spools yet again. “Harry Potter grew up an orphan and had to spend his youth trying to escape the most dangerous wizard of all time, and you called that man your Master! You think that your regret is enough to redeem you?” She was almost yelling.

    The bell tinkled again. Madam Malkin looked past him towards the door and her face lit up for a split second, then she resumed glowering at him. Before she could break into another tirade, however, a dreamy voice behind him said, “Professor Snape?”

    He turned and saw a young woman with waist-long hair so fair it was almost white.

    “You came back,” she said matter-of-factly. She stepped forward and took both his hands, scrutinizing his face for a moment. “How old are you?”

    He was too stunned to answer. She let go of his hands, saying, “You were so brave. It must have been hard to look Voldemort in the eyes and not lose yourself for so many years.” She looked past him and at the robes lining the walls. Her face assumed a quizzical expression. “Are you buying new clothes? I suppose you didn’t have any when you woke up. Were you scared?”

    Luna Lovegood was stripping away every pretence. “Yes,” he heard himself say. She nodded, although he hadn’t clarified which of her questions he had answered. “I want to buy dress robes,” he added lamely.

    “I’ll help you.” She drifted towards a rack with robes, ignorant of Madam Malkin’s alarmed look. She quickly pulled out a few robes and said, “Come to the mirror.” Not knowing what else to do, he obeyed. Luna held a set of pale green robes on a clothes hanger in front of his chest. He vigorously shook his head. Next were robes of a deep chocolate brown. They were more to his liking, but Luna cast them aside decidedly. Finally, she held a set of light-coloured robes before his chest. They were a dust grey with the merest hint of purple. “This works. I know you prefer black, but these would look really good on you. Put them on.”

    Hesitatingly, he took the robes and went into a changing cubicle. While he changed, he heard Luna chat to Madam Malkin. Apparently, Luna was also here to buy clothes for the ball. When he stepped back out, the girl smiled and nodded. Madam Malkin pressed her lips together, but then said, “I’ll need to take them in for you. Step onto the pedestal.”

    Before he did so, Severus looked into the mirror. Luna was right, the colour of the robes did something to make his skin look less pale. It “worked”, as she had put it. While Madam Malkin pinned the robes, every now and then sticking a pin into his skin without apologizing or even acknowledging it, Luna had waved her wand to arrest the rack’s movement. Now, she wandered along the row of dresses, letting her hands glide over them. It reminded him of how he had picked his wand using the magic it sent out. He remembered Luna. She had been jarringly wacky as a student. But maybe she just saw the world differently from other people. His face grew hot when he remembered having witnessed others picking on her. He had never stopped them.

    “I’m sorry,” he said loudly enough for her to look up. “I’m sorry for looking away when you were teased. I should have done something.”

    She smiled vaguely. “That’s okay. I figured you had bigger things to worry about. And you know, when you’re different from everyone else, it’s much easier to find out who really is your friend. Then, there’s a good chance they like you because of who you are, not in spite of it.”


    Two days later, Minerva approached Severus and Mette at lunch and asked them to her office. After they had sat down in front of her desk, the Headmistress said, “I have analysed those patches you gave me. Or at least, I have tried. They disintegrated soon after I cast my first revealing spell. Their makers clearly wanted to make sure that their secret stays safe. Luckily I had a very good idea who those makers— who the maker is.” The Headmistress pressed her lips together and the shadow of an emotion crossed her features.

    “My guess was correct. Severus, you might remember the Weasley twins?”

    Severus nodded, frowning slightly.

    “Fred Weasley gave his life during the Battle of Hogwarts,” Minerva continued.

    The battle. Severus was suddenly painfully aware that many students probably died that night. A memory pushed itself into his mind. The night when he had overheard the prophecy and told the Dark Lord about it was vivid before his inner eye. Had the knowledge he had delivered to the Dark Lord made the second Wizarding War possible? Were his actions the pivoting point of the war? So many had died. And he had been instrumental to their deaths. The spiral of thoughts turned ever faster around him, squeezing the air out of his lungs. He had forgotten how to inhale. His arms and legs got stiff and tingled painfully. He tried to move, but his body wouldn’t obey him.

    Mette appeared before him, her mouth was moving but he could not hear her. He was slipping away.

    Something warm touched his cheeks and pulled him out of the spiral. Still in shock, he heard rapid breathing and saw Mette’s face contort. She started crying, sobbing quietly. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Minerva jump up but managed to say “Don’t!” warningly enough for her to not approach them. He had been pulled out of one agony just to be tossed into another. He wished there was something he could do to help Mette. He tried to calm his own breathing, feeling stupid and useless. Seeing her hurt was painful. He knew that she needed to go through all the emotions, but the wait was excruciating. I’m doing this to her, he thought as he watched her trembling body.

    Finally, Mette started to calm down. Severus exhaled, only now realizing he had held his breath.

    “Now,” Mette whispered. Severus closed his eyes and laid his hands on hers. The world around them slowed and came to a halt. In the quiet centre of it were he and Mette.

    Eventually, Mette took her hands away. Severus jumped when Minerva’s voice asked, “What are you two doing?” Mette returned to her seat and quickly wiped her face on her sleeves. She proceeded to explain to Minerva about her gift.

    “Well, I must say!” the Headmistress uttered after Mette had finished. “I assume this is the thing you mentioned you wanted to do ‘research about’ when you started here?” After a pause, she added, “Are there any Seers in your family?”

    “No. At first, I also thought it must have something to do with Seeing. But Severus realized that it was actually a form of Legilimency.” She smiled at him.

    Minerva looked back and forth between the two young people, saying, “It seems you have… bonded over this.” Although her tone was crisp, Severus thought he saw the merest hint of a smile. “Will you be alright?” she asked, addressing herself at both of them. When they nodded in unison, she cleared her throat and said, “I suppose in that case, we can continue with what we are here for.

    "As I was saying, I assumed correctly that the patches were manufactured by Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. The business started out as a joke shop, and is still primarily one. However, they also carry a line of more serious equipment that is currently being used by different departments of the Ministry, mostly the Auror Office. I have inquired with George Weasley and he confirmed that the patches are listening devices. He also assured me that their line of espionage instruments is not on display and only a number of registered Ministry officials are allowed to order them. Naturally, Claire Blanchard is not among them.”

    Mette groaned.

    “Would you have liked her to be responsible?” Minerva asked pointedly.

    “No, no. I would simply like to know who has been listening in on us!” She shuddered. “To think that someone put that thing on me…”

    “I have already turned the matter over to the Auror Office. They will lead an investigation. However, with the patches gone, I cannot promise you anything.”


    Thanks for reading again! Tell me what you think if you want to :)

    > Next Chapter

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  • Eternally Yours - A Terminator fanfic

    Eternally- in a way that continues or lasts forever. That is what she was told, but now that doesn’t seem true. However, it seems it might actually be true when she is forced to deal with forces she is familiar with. Now it’s her choice to fight or run. She plans on going down fighting.

    My first Terminator fic. I was given permission to tag @tilltheendwilliwrite in this. I want to thank you for being an inspirational writer. I hope everyone enjoys my new fic. 


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  • #darcy lewis#jane foster#shieldshock#eventual romance #is this a slow burn? #eventual fluff #why am i like this #why don't i know how to do fluff without angst #fanfic update
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  • Chapter 21


    Words: 1.5k

    Warnings: Some suggestive themes and mentions of kidnapping.


    ︻デ═一 ♥

    After a successful day at work, Sehun had picked Haneul up from work, the dress he had bought her well hidden in the backseat. He couldn’t wait to show it to her, but he had to tell her she would accompany him to the social gathering Junmyeon had spoken of. And now, here he was, in the living room sipping on a glass of whiskey while Haneul had busied herself with giving Vivi his food. She seemed happier now that she was working again, but something else wouldn’t leave the back of his mind.

    “What if I actually end up falling in love with you?!”

    Her voice echoed in his thoughts, and though Sehun had come to terms with the fact that he was so in love with her, being even several feet away from her felt unbearable. He recalled just this morning when he had her standing between him and the counter, and he caught the beautiful pink flush that graced her cheeks. Her scent was so intoxicating–a sweet blend of vanilla and apple blossoms that calmed him yet drove him crazy.

    As she stood up to brush off her jeans, he mulled over her appearance. Her long, silky brown hair which he wanted to tuck away from her face, those eyes so sweet and innocent he wanted them from milk chocolate to dark, and her lips so pink, he wanted to make her breathless with each kiss he gave her. Her shoulders were small, her body petite and slender, her skin soft and creamy–she looked so elegant, and he wanted to make her a mess. He imagined tasting her candied skin, her small, perky breasts fitting perfectly in his hands, listening to her gasp and mewl lewdly while he ground against her. He wanted to grip her slender hips as he moved toward that delectable prize, lapping at the arousal pooling between–

    “Sehun?” Haneul broke him out of his dirty reverie. “Are you alright? You’ve been staring at me like I’m some intruder…”

    She had found him looking at her just behind his glass of whiskey, completely still, his eyes cold and piercing, and Sehun put down his glass, clearing his throat and turning his head to hide what little red had colored his cheeks. “Mianhamnida…” He apologized formally, his hand in a fist as he felt her looking at him with those doe eyes. Fuck, he thought, slightly frustrated. Don’t look at me like that, Neullie… or I might just pounce on you right now. And he didn’t want that, even if the girl before him held so much power over him.

    To make sure that wouldn’t, he stood from the couch and reached for something over one of the arms, pulling out the bag that had her dress, “I have something for you. But… I have to tell you why this is necessary. Come here, sit with me.”

    She hesitated slightly, afraid of the unnatural palpitations that would take over her heart if she was anywhere near him, but she knew she couldn’t decline. Haneul closed the distance between them slowly, taking a seat beside him. “What is it you want to tell me?” She asked carefully, her hands gripping the edges of the couch.

    “Well,” Sehun began, running his fingers through his raven hair, brows furrowed. “Junmyeon hyung is holding a social gathering soon, and I was told to take you as my plus one. All of the crime syndicates will be attending…”

    “A social gathering?” She parroted, not too thrilled about the idea nor being his plus one with all the other clans attending, but Junmyeon had a good reason, so she pressed forth, asking him once again. “Won’t the FT Syndicate be there? They’ll take the opportunity to kill me…”

    “If they did, they would be starting a war with all of the clans,” he explained, giving her an assuring smile. “If you’re there, the syndicates will know you’re alive and not to mess with the Cho Clan since your family’s name still holds weight in the underworld. EXO will be demonstrating their power over FT and we will establish that you are under our protection and that we won’t tolerate any assassination attempts and the like.” He could tell by the look on her face that she was anxious. Her shoulders were tense and her grip on the couch wouldn’t let up. Her eyes remained on the coffee table before them and he understood why. She would still be in harm’s way even if she was being protected. “I understand you’re scared,” Sehun spoke, trying to appease her. “but I’ll be right by your side the whole night. I’ll protect you no matter what…”

    “But will that be enough?” Haneul wondered, lifting her gaze to meet his dark one. “Who will protect you?”

    The raven-haired hitman chuckled a bit, smirking, “Don’t worry about me. I’ve been through worse and I’m still living. Right now, you’re my top priority.”

    The brunette moved her hands toward her lap, clasping them gently, “I just don’t you getting hurt trying to protect me.”

    “I won’t, I promise,” Sehun answered, looking over her side profile. “I’d teach you how to use a gun, but those pretty hands of yours shouldn’t have blood on them. Those hands are meant to bring comfort.”

    Haneul gave him a soft chuckle, looking up at him with a smile. He sure has a way with words, she thought. “I also promise not to do anything reckless like last time. I won’t want you to worry like that ever again.”

    “Really?” He tilted his head slightly, and then, swiftly, he moved closer to her, and Haneul couldn’t pull back. Just like this morning, she was looking into his eyes again. She could smell his musky cologne and milk bubble tea, his large frame shadowing over her, and Sehun raised his hand, caressing her cheek.

    “Sehun? What is–?” She tried, but he interrupted her.

    “You always make me worry,” he rasped, looking at her with such intensity, she felt like she was his target, and he would treat her like one–without mercy and with all of his ability. “You sure love to cause trouble for me, Neullie… I didn’t know the innocent ones were the naughtiest.”

    “I–” She stammered, but she didn’t pull away from him or protest to his close proximity and unlike this morning, her heart was beating so quickly, she was afraid it would burst in her chest.

    “You broke that promise long before you made it,” Sehun continued, his face inching closer, lips parting slightly. “Look at you, running away and making me come after you… you have no idea what it does to me.”

    “Sehun, I don’t think…” She pressed her hands to his chest as if she was going to push him away, but the fact of the matter was, she didn’t want to. Haneul wanted him to stay. She wanted him to come closer. “I…” She could feel his breath on her lips, her eyes becoming half-lidded, and without much thought, she was gripping the material of his buttondown.

    “Easy on the goods, Princess,” he smiled complacently when she fisted his shirt. He wanted her so bad. He wanted to hold her and kiss her, hear her breath go ragged as he worshipped her. She was becoming his whole world and he was afraid she would be a dream if he didn’t kiss her right now. The bedroom would have to wait another time. “I’m not going anywhere,” Sehun wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer until she molded into his frame perfectly. “and you’re not either.”

    Haneul’s eyelashes fluttered, her eyes closing, and she was about ready to meet him halfway. She wanted him to hold her like this. She wanted him to stay as close to her as possible, but that would be short-lived.

    There was a vibration coming from the kitchen counter, and Haneul opened her eyes, stopping Sehun from coming closer and bringing her attention toward her phone. She was slightly disappointed that this had to end, and Sehun even more so. He groaned deeply, pulling away and pouring himself another glass of whiskey. “You should get that,” he spoke coldly, and she gave him a slow nod, standing from her seat and fixing her shirt before making for the kitchen counter. Haneul was still flustered from that ordeal, grabbing her phone and finding Bella’s number on the screen, and she brought it to her ear.


    “Neullie?!” Bella’s voice came from the other side, her town quivering and frantic. “Please… can you get Sehun on the phone?! It’s Taehyung!”

    “What?” the girl asked, eyes wide with shock. Bella never called her sounding like this before. She suspected something had happened. “Is he hurt? Where is he?!”

    “I–I don’t know! Put Sehun on the phone, please!” She begged, and Haneul turned toward the couch once more, and he was still drinking.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked, and she handed him the phone, allowing him to talk to Bella.

    “It’s Taehyung,” Haneul said. “I think something happened. Bella wants to speak with you.”

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  • Title: Hunted
    Author: GraceAnnie
    Word Count:
    Status: Likely Abandoned (last updated 7.04.19)
    Summary: People are going missing and the wizarding world does not know where they have gone or who is behind it. Draco Malfoy, newly released from Azkaban, seems to be the only one who has an idea. Hermione Granger seems to be the only one who will listen to it.

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  • image

    A hybrid is a being that has the features of an animal and is often faced with cruelty for being different from the rest of society.
    Oh Sehun, a charming cat hybrid is found severely injured during a rainstorm on the doorstep of Cho Ha-Neul’s home. After saving him from certain death, they begin to live together, bridging the gap between humans and hybrids.

    Chapter 1

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  • As usual, the preview’s a rough draft. It might be edited and a little different when it’s actually posted.

    Also, here’s the new cover! It’s similar to the old one, but I definitely prefer this :)


    MacCready bit his lip as Little Lamplight came into sight, casting a glance in Xara’s direction. “You remember our cover story?”

    “Yup.” She gave him a nudge and clasped her hands behind her back. “You’re sure the bikes are safe at your farm?”

    “Safe as kittens,” he confirmed with a nod, adjusting the rifle on his back. “And you remember the plan, right?”

    She chuckled. “Of course I do. You’re going to cozy up to Hayes and try to get on the next field mission he goes on. When that happens, I’m getting into his office and grabbing the F19. I’ll leave when I have it, and I’ll radio you when I’m a safe distance away.”

    “And I’ll radio you if something goes wrong on my end,” he added.

    “Exactly.” Xara cleared her throat and stuffed her hands in her pockets. “Simple. Nothing’s going to go wrong, though, so.”

    He eyed her for a moment but neglected to respond. Things always went wrong – it was just a matter of when it happened, and how badly. Instead, he jerked his chin toward the entrance to his childhood home, now flanked by two soldiers in power armor. “Think they’ll let us in?”

    She shrugged and laced her fingers through his, giving him a playful grin. “Only one way to find out, husband.”

    MacCready almost yanked his hand back. It had been ages since anyone made that kind of gesture, and he wasn’t entirely certain how he felt about it. Still, it was part of their cover story, so he had to endure. He breathed a sigh and tightened his grip on her hand as they approached the Enclave soldiers.

    They raised their guns as MacCready and Xara neared, as expected, and it prompted the two to stop. “Halt!” The one on the left barked. “State your names and business!”

    Xara stepped up, offering a sheepish smile as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Melanie and Liam Tate. We’re vault dwellers from Iowa looking to join the Enclave.”

    The two men paused and looked to each other, then the one on the right sighed. A hiss came from the power armor as he exited and stepped out, revealing himself to be a tall, built blonde. He approached MacCready and Xara, eyeing them curiously. “Vault dwellers, huh? Which one?”

    “Vault 118,” she stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

    “And what was the experiment they conducted?”

    MacCready huffed and stepped up next to Xara. “Not that it’s any of your business, but it was a control vault. It only opened a few years back because the water chip finally broke down.”

    The man crossed his arms as well and glared down at MacCready. Even outside the power armor, he still towered over the pair. “It is our business. You’re here trying to join us – and we’ve had people trying to claim they’re vault dwellers before, so Commander Hayes told us to start asking.” He paused, then rolled his eyes. “That said, he wanted all the vault dwellers brought straight to him.”

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