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  • Chapter 12


    Words: 2.2k

    Warnings: None

    ︻デ═一 ♥


    Originally posted by mapofthesoul7

    Haneul bowed before the three males that accompanied Sehun, her eyes darting toward the man with cat-like eyes, then the tall one from hours ago—Chanyeol—and the third man who was much shorter. He was more like a boy than a man, his eyes twinkling and his smile wide.

    Annyeonghaseyo!” Baekhyun greeted cheerfully, not minding that his voice had slightly cracked during his greeting. “Wow… you really are pretty. My name’s Baekhyun, want to be friends?”

    “You remember me, right?” Chanyeol showed off his dimples while he smiled. “I’m sorry I lied to you too… but really, I want you to be safe too. Sehun-ah may look scary but he’s very kind and loyal. When he takes care of someone, he is very gentle and loving.”

    “I’m Kim Minseok, but you can call me Xiumin oppa,” the eldest of the four males walked toward her, chuckling a bit before patting her head. “You must have been very lonely here… Sehun-ah,” he scolded the youngest gently, looking over his shoulder. “You should have stayed here with her… we could have handled FT. It’s not right to leave a girl alone at home…”

    Even though he was right, Sehun knew she wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him if they were alone. It only made his heart shatter again, but he managed to push away the unpleasant feelings in his chest and speak toward the girl, “I’m sorry this is so sudden… I thought maybe having some more people to talk to could make you feel less scared.”

    He was right. She wasn’t feeling very afraid right now. Even though he tricked her, Chanyeol was smiling at her, Baekhyun was buzzing with excitement, eager to talk to her, and Xiumin was very affectionate. Haneul remained silent, and the eldest gestured first her to go toward the living room.

    “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable? Standing isn’t good,” he spoke gently.

    “Right! Come this way into the living room, Haneul!” Baekhyun said still holding his smile. He loved that he potentially had a new friend, but she just needed to warm up to him first.

    Sehun stepped out of the way so she could follow after Baekhyun and Xiumin. He figured if she could get accustomed to his friends, maybe that would be enough to convince her to finally look at him and trust him. Chanyeol sat down across from the three of them with Sehun beside him, looking over the girl again. She sat with her eyes on the coffee table, her hands in her lap and her body was only a little stiff. Vivi leaped onto the couch and sat on Sehun’s lap silently, his fingers absentmindedly stroking his fur.

    “So, how old are you?” Xiumin asked her, hoping to ease the tension by asking her personal questions, wondering what her interests were.

    “Twenty-two,” she answered once she faced him. “I was born in ninety-eight, but I was able to go to school with the kids that were born in ninety-seven.”

    “Ah, so cool! You must be so smart!” Baekhyun cooed from his spot. “What did you study while in undergrad?” He sat forward, resting his chin in his hands.

    “I studied music. I only graduated recently,” Haneul replied. “I love to sing and play the piano. I was thinking of becoming an artist but things didn’t go as planned. Instead, I sing at The Magic Shop. My friend owns that club.” Xiumin looks very handsome, she thought as he watched her with intent. And Baekhyun… kind of reminds me of Taehyung. Chanyeol looks like a restless puppy…

    “Musically gifted huh?” Xiumin chuckled, jerking a thumb toward the tall, dimpled male across from them, “Chanyeol is musically gifted too. He can play drums, piano, and guitar.”

    “Yeah, I taught myself, but I can’t read music,” he laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m sure you can though. Maybe you can teach me next time!”

    Sehun smiled slightly, happy that she was warming up to them. Having his older brothers come along turned out to be a good idea after all. She just needed someone to socialize with to feel more comfortable. “Perhaps you’d consider playing for us one day?” He asked, finally joining in on the conversation. He looked at her curiously, the cold look from earlier in the night completely gone. He was fascinated that in such a short time, he’d learned so much more about her. He’d have to repay his friends later.

    “That’s a great idea, Sehun-ah!” Baekhyun agreed. “Sehun loves music as well. He usually does dance routines and choreography work for songs he really likes.” He said to the brunette, who heard the hitman’s question, glancing his way, but the moment she saw his face, she averted her gaze, her knuckles going white and her body tense.

    “H-Hey,” Xiumin began, hoping to cut the tension that filled the air. “it’s okay,” he held her arm, smiling at her in assurance. “No one is here to hurt you. Sehun is a good guy. Go on, take a look at him. You’ll find he looks like a little boy more than a man.”

    “Minseok hyung is right,” Chanyeol said. “In time, he’ll be running after you like a baby chick just to get your attention. He’s got a very cute face!”

    “Just one itty bitty look?” Baekhyun tried as well along with the others. “He really is a sweet guy. I mean he has a fluffy white cloud for a dog!”

    “Haneul…” Sehun called out softly to her. He was beginning to feel sad knowing that she still couldn’t look at him even after bonding with the others. His brows furrowed slightly, his eyes becoming narrow, and he didn’t know how else to help her feel safe around him.

    Haneul listened to their pleas, unsure if she could fulfill what they asked of her. After what happened in the alleyway days prior, all she could see was that cold glance. She wanted to hide, disappear so she wouldn’t have to be afraid, but at the same time, she knew she couldn’t stay like this forever. She would have to face him eventually. Maybe one look didn’t mean he would kill her.

    She slowly looking up, and she was met with Sehun’s face. His eyes were dark but shone like stars, and his hair was black as night. His skin was pale, his nose tall and his lips thin, his features mature and chiseled, and his expression not so cold or murderous. In fact, he looked… normal. He didn’t look as scary as she thought he was.

    Sehun smiled a little more now that she had finally looked at him. She’d gone as far as to look him in the eye. Knowing this made some of the weight on his shoulders lift.

    “That’s better, isn’t it?” Xiumin smiled between the two of them, content that she mustered up the courage to look at him. “She’s much prettier when she looks at you, huh Sehun?”

    “I agree with Minseok hyung, she does,” Chanyeol have a single, firm nod, sitting back against the couch.

    “There’s still one thing missing though,” Baekhyun squinted his eyes, looking over the girl’s face with a hum. “It’s the most important thing of all!”

    “Smile!” The eldest male sang to her. “A pretty girl like you has got to have a pretty smile.”

    For a moment, Haneul wondered if she was capable of truly smiling again. After everything she had been through, she thought she couldn’t smile anymore. However, these men thought she was capable of it, so she decided to humor them. Her lips tugged gently, and she smiled at Sehun, feeling her own heavy burden being lifted off her shoulders.

    The raven-haired hitman couldn’t help but stare at her now. He thought she was beautiful before, but now he was sure of it. It was like looking back at all the old photos from her house on the day of her grandmother’s funeral. Her smile was beautiful in the photos, but in person, it was absolutely gorgeous. He was able to witness it now, and he hoped she would do so more often. “I like it when you smile. You look prettier.”

    “And here I thought I had the cutest smile. Looks like I’ve been beaten, so I give the title over to you!” Baekhyun clapped his hands together, and they all broke into laughter.

    Sehun listened to her break into giggles, and he found the very sound to be cute like soft bells chiming. Just listening to her laugh made his heart skip a beat, and one single thought crossed his mind at that moment. She’s happy.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Hours later, after the three of them left, Haneul gave them one last bow before watching them leave, and she was alone in the apartment again with Sehun and Vivi. This time, she didn’t run into her room and hide. She decided to stay out, her gaze trained on Sehun’s back.

    “Did you enjoy meeting them?” Sehun asked, facing her after he closed the door and locked it. “Sorry if they were a bit overwhelming. They can be a handful. And don’t even get me started when Minseok hyung, Baekhyun hyung, and Jongdae hyung are together.”

    “It’s fine… I enjoyed meeting them,” she said, looking up at him again. The more she looked at him, the more she realized how sweet he looked. Right now, she noticed how his eyes turned into crescents when he smiled. It was as if he was a completely different person. She felt guilty for not looking at him before and even thinking that he would try to kill her.

    He looked her over once more now that she was looking at him without cowering away. Her petite frame stood elegantly in a very proper manner, her healthy, long brown hair tumbled down her shoulders and back, shining in the light, and her beautiful eyes were like sweet chocolates, shining brightly with a lively innocence. Sehun cleared his throat and looked away, hoping to not scare her again with his excessive staring. “You must be tired. Why don’t you get some sleep. I still have some work to do so I’ll be up a little longer.”

    “Alright,” she nodded, clasping her hands in front of her. “And… you make sure to get some sleep too,” she proceeded to walk toward her room before coming to a stop, turning to face him once more. “Also… if you’d like, you can call me Neullie…”

    “Neullie…” He tried out her nickname, which rolled off his tongue effortlessly, sounding rather pleasant. It was endearing, just like her, and he liked it. “Alright… Good night, Neullie.”

    She bowed once more and walked into her room, closing the door behind her, leaving Sehun to be the only one left in the middle of the living room. Vivi walked up to him, standing beside his feet and the raven-haired male glanced at his office. “Come, Vivi…” he mumbled, and the white Bichon followed.

    Once he entered his office, Sehun took a seat at his desk, leaning back against the leather rolling chair with a heavy sigh as he recalled the events that transpired today. He realized this wasn’t some weird dream. He wasn’t living alone anymore. There was a girl four years younger than him staying in the other bedroom, she was the last surviving member of a powerful syndicate she knew nothing about, and he was going to protect her from this day forward.

    How will this work…? He thought. He only ever lived with Suho and his family and that was when he was growing up in the Kim estate after they adopted him. As far as he was concerned, Sehun didn’t know how to cook or do simple menial chores because the housekeeping staff always handled it. He didn’t want Haneul to handle it all but it seemed she would either way. Though having a woman’s touch would benefit his life—which wasn’t a sexist mindset, not in the slightest—he would have to find some way to make up for his irresponsibilities.

    You are such an idiot, he mentally kicked himself. Living off of ramyeon and steamed rice… she’s not a prisoner.  You have to make her feel at home, Oh Sehun.

    In her new bedroom, Haneul was laying between the sheets again, the comforter pulled up to her chin as she tried to sleep. She too was thinking about the day’s events. Yesterday, she was living in the storage room of The Magic Shop before she was almost assaulted, and now, she was living in an expensive penthouse with a gorgeous man who happened to be an enforcer in the mob.

    Guess I’ve been reading too many books, she thought as she hid under the covers. This isn’t some stupid Beauty and the Beast scenario… he’s just an intimidating guy who works for a powerful family. And you’re a girl… who is living… with him… She groaned and burrowed deeper within the comforter. Crap… it is that kind of scenario…

    Well into the night, after mulling over every little thing about each other and how they were going to live together, the two of them eventually came to the same thought.

    At least we didn’t run into a pack of wolves.

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  • Happy Evil Author Day! 

    Here’s a WIP I’ve been considering for a while for a one-shot (I know, shock! A non chapter fic from me? Will wonders never cease!) but haven’t really been giving a good amount of attention to because I’ve been focused on finishing Philtatos and the other fics I already have posted. 

    Pairing: JayTim

    Rating: M for language, sexual themes (not nsfw tho)

    Summary: Years from now, they’ll make up a story about how it really happened. After all, how do a series of autocorrect fails lead to a relationship?


    T: Wanna bang?

    Jason stares at his phone for a full ten seconds trying to connect the words to the contact name.

    Logically he knows Tim probably meant ‘hang’, since they have been doing that more often lately. Something about brunch and commiserating over Alfred’s waffles established a tenuous friendship that’s continued in the form of intel sharing and the occasional team-up on cases when they both happen to be in Gotham at the same time.

    The relationship is about at the level of shooting each other the occasional meme or gif via text, and ‘hey, let’s grab a chili dog but you’re paying, Mr. Moneybags’. Even if Jason were inclined toward trying to get into his replacement’s pants—which, he’s not thank you very much even if he recognizes as a completely objective equal-opportunity appreciator of the human body that Tim Drake grew up hot—he also knows that Tim Drake is depressingly straight.

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 11


    Words: 3.4k

    Trigger Warnings: There will be blood, violence, mentally unstable behavior, implications of gang rape and sex trafficking, and murder. Please read at your discretion

    ︻デ═一 ♥


    Originally posted by dyomino

    Sehun had been called out to do a last minute job. Ever since he murdered Jonghoon, a number of clans had been on the move, hoping to work their way into new territory or get their hands on unclaimed goods. The night was dark and moist, fog clouding the streets as the car made its way toward the pier near the Han River warehouses. Chanyeol was seated in the car with him, his hand on the wheel,

    “How’s the little beauty?” He asked the younger male with a smile. “Is she settled in alright?”

    “She’s settled in. As for alright, I’m not so sure she’s completely alright with this idea,” the raven-haired hitman rested his chin on his hand and looked out the window. “She’s still frightened of me and I have a feeling she will be for awhile.”

    “Still scared huh…?” Chanyeol hummed, staring straight through the windshield. The first part of their plan was a success, but he was disappointed that she was keeping her distance. Even so, he could understand why. She was scared. “Maybe Baekhyun and I can see her after her. And Minseok hyung too. Seeing us interact with you will most likely put her at ease.”

    “It could work and maybe more time with Vivi,” Sehun began to think over ways of getting her to break out of her shell. “Just make sure to keep work related topics out of the conversation. She’s still a bit shocked over her family beginning associated with this kind of work.”

    “That can be arranged, and as for you,” the older male smirked before pulling up near the FT syndicate’s territory, ready to seize it. “Why not use your charms on her? We all know the women at the cabarets we went to can’t resist your eye smile… but that would require her looking up at you… we need her to look at you first.” He stopped the car and opened the dashboard, pulling out his glock. “Minseok hyung and Baekhyun should be here already.”

    “I’ll find a way to get her to look at me, but it won’t be by force. That would only complicate things more,” Sehun pulled out his gun with the tally mark etchings, reloading ammo before tucking it into the pocket inside his suit jacket.

    Kim Minseok–or as his friends call him, Xiumin–was standing beside a building, his cat eyes scanning the area as he waited for Chanyeol and Sehun to arrive. He was the man responsible for all the coffee imports that came in. Ever since he joined EXO in his younger years, he had helped Suho’s father accumulate so much money, and he was entrusted to protect him once Suho inherited the family business.

    With him was Baekhyun, who had a wicked look in his eyes as he turned over the silver handgun with a smirk. This look was much different than when he was in the estate with Chen, being mischievous and having a laugh. “Yah, Baekhyun-ah… put the gun away. Don’t take it out until we move in…”

    “I’m only admiring it. Look how pretty is shines in the light,” Baekhyun remarked, looking over the gun in his hand. “Remember, I’m Hyun when I’m out here, Minseok hyung.”

    “Early as always I see. Some things just never change.”

    Xiumin heard Sehun’s voice, looking away from the younger male and toward the other as well as Chanyeol when they approached, “You know I’m punctual. Junmyeon told me what happened. You took out Jonghoon of the FT Syndicate?” He questioned.

    “It wasn’t my intention at first, but the guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut and decided to give away all the information he had before any of the real fun could begin.” The hitman chuckled, remembering the night he cornered the blabbering coward before he could get his felthybhands on Haneul.

    “And the girl?” He wonder while they walked into the other syndicate’s territory, hiding behind another building where an import was coming in. “She’s still uneasy about all this, I’m guessing?”

    Chanyeol’s eyes were on Baekhyun, smirking a bit when he saw that deranged look in his eyes. He was Hyun right now—while he was out taking another territory. Once this was over, he would be back to being the regular Baekhyun who smiled and giggled brightly, “Nice gun. Is it new?”

    “You noticed!” Baekhyun grinned with excitement. “Thought I should treat the boys with a present for our surprise arrival.”

    “You’re always willing to go the extra mile, Baekhyunnie,” The other male said, leaning against the back of the building with his gun out. The leader of the FT Clan, Oh Wonbin, was immersed in a conversation with one of his men, his expression slightly contorted. He was a man in his thirties with black hair and tanned skin, his suit blending with the night as anger radiated from him. It seemed he had figured out that Jonghoon had been killed.

    “She’s kept herself locked in her room. I told her the entire place was hers as well, but I guess she just hasn’t warmed up to it yet,” Sehun joined Xiumin in their hiding position. “Chanyeol hyung and I were discussing a way in which we think can break the ice a little.”

    “All this waiting makes me anxious. Can we go now?” Baekhyun asked with wide eyes, on the verge of going trigger happy if he didn’t step out and begin his assault.

    Yah! Not yet!” The eldest scolded the shorter male, holding up his gun before addressing Sehun. “If you mean us meeting her, I’m more than alright with that.” He looked toward Wonbin, his brows furrowed and his eyes narrow, listening to him yell.

    “Find the bastard who killed him!” The man yelled. “If they mean to start a war, we’ll give them one!”

    “Yes sir!” His men exclaimed.

    “Sehun-ah,” Chanyeol muttered. “I think you pissed him off… not that I care though. I would have killed Jonghoon too…”

    “He crossed the lines between zones and then went after Haneul. He got what was coming to him,” the younger male spoke coldly, his blood boiling slightly. “The rest of this clan is about to know the same fate seeing as Wonbin had taken an interest in her.”

    “We move in and take this territory. We don’t use our guns unless we have to,” Xiumin said, sprinting away from the building and running up to one of Wonbin’s men, punching him across the face and throwing his head against the garbage dump. He watched the man’s body slump to the ground, and he turned to face the other men in the FT Syndicate.

    “It’s EXO!” Another man cried out.

    “EXO is here!”

    Chanyeol moved away from the building, eyeing the other criminals with their suits, rings and tattoos, all holding metal batons in their hands. He chuckled darkly and cracked his knuckles, “I’m going to have fun with you all…”

    “Yahoo!” Baekhyun exclaimed, chasing down a group of men with a psychotic look in his eye. He punched one in the gut, then kneed him square in the jaw when he doubled over in pain.

    Wonbin looked between them, watching his men as they ran into the fray. It was his ten men against four, which meant they were outnumbered. Even so, he knew EXO was always a problem, especially because of their hitman. He would be difficult to kill, and paired with his apathy, that made him someone who wouldn’t hesitate to take a life. Wonbin took out a set of brass knuckles, “Looks like I know who killed Jonghoon.” He said as Sehun walked quickly toward him.

    “You know, you should teach your men to keep their big mouths shut,” Sehun stated plainly. “I would have kept him alive, but he just had to blabber. He would have been well taken care of with us.”

    “Like I’ll believe that. EXO’s always been an obstacle for the FT group,” he sneered, taking his stance, his fists up. “Now that a survivor of the Cho Clan has risen, my Clan is in danger. Jonghoon could have taken the girl if you hadn’t showed up. We could have had so much fun with her! We could have sold her off for a pretty penny, maybe made her into our slave.”

    About a minute into fighting, the men that we’re against Chanyeol were on the ground, groaning with bruised eyes and broken noses. “Aish… you got my suit all bloody,” he frowned, looking down at his clothes, stained with grime and crimson. “Do you know how hard it is to get blood stains off of clothes?”

    Xiumin was finished on his end, but another round came running toward him. He took his stance, holding up his fists before he saw three of them holding out knives. “You really want to play dirty, huh…?”

    Baekhyun looked up from the man who he had pinned on the ground with his arm held tightly behind his back. “Oh look! More people to play with.” He harshly pushed the guy’s arm further until a pop emitted from it. The man under him screamed with agony, laying on the ground and breathing heavily, fatigue taking over his body, and he joined Xiumin in his fight against the next wave of opponents.

    He glanced at the younger male and cracked his neck, “No wonder you’ve been hyper today,” he said as one of the men with the knives came at him, and he dodged swiftly, pushing his arm away and landing a punch to his torso.

    “I haven’t had a good fight in ages!” Baekhyun chuckled darkly, finding a slim metal rod on the ground picking it up and holding like a bat. “So, who wants to pitch first?” One of the men charged him. He took a step to the side before swinging the rod and making contact with the man’s side.

    Xiumin executed a roundhouse kick, the man he was fighting stumbling backward, and Chanyeol jumped up to kick his back, and he fell forward, falling to their feet. “That went well,” he wiped away the blood from his split lip.

    “And Baekhyunnie is having fun too,” Chanyeol said as he watched him swing at others with a rod before yelling. “Yah! Leave some for us! Don’t have fun without us!”

    “Well then, stop being slow and find your own man!” He shouted before taking a hit to the face. The man who had punched him laughed, pleased with himself until Baekhyun slowly turned back to look at him. He wiped the blood from his busted and swollen lip, looking at it briefly before turning his wicked eyes back on the man, followed by a crazed smile. His grin spread further across his face as he raised the rod in his hand before swiftly bringing it down on the side of the man’s knees, throughly dislocating it. The man crumbled, prompting Baekhyun to strike in the center of his back. He laughed maniacally, continuing to beat the rod against the man’s back, not once ceasing until a loud crack was heard.

    Meanwhile, Sehun had been attacking FT’s leader, aiming a fist low and under Wonbin’s ribs, hoping to hit far enough under to shock him long enough to get another blow in.“Like hell I’ll let that happen!” Sehun protested.

    Wonbin staggered, watching the hitman close in to give him another attack, but he grabbed his fist before he could, pushing it back with a strong grunt. He cackled, finding joy in taunting the younger male, “All tied up with no way to help her! You’ll hear her begging and pleading for me to stop! Who knows? Maybe I’ll have my men have a go at her. How does that sound?!”

    That’s when Sehun snapped. He lunged at Wonbin, fist flying with the intent to break his jaw. He’d had enough of sitting by and listening to him talk. It was time for action. Every word, every suggestion, every sick, twisted thought that came into the other man’s mind had him reeling. He wasn’t sure why he was losing it but Sehun was now blinded by his anger and hatred. He would kill this man for even thinking about using Haneul as some slave. It was like he was seeing red, all sense blocked out as he continuously attacked, his fists zooming through the air, creating bruises and drawing blood from the FT Clan’s leader.

    Wonbin fell back several times, attempting to block each attack, but it was proving to be difficult. He knew EXO’s hitman was deadly but he didn’t think he was senseless. It was like he turned into a monster who wouldn’t stop until he was dead. The pain raked through his body, fresh bruises littering his face and spitting blood when it fell from his mouth. Crying with pain, he couldn’t move his jaw—Sehun had successfully broke it—more blood spilling past his lips. He looked up at the raven-haired with fear, crawling backward.

    “Now look what you’ve done it. You’ve gone and made me the bad guy,” Sehun sighed wiping his hand across his face along with the bruise forming on it. He looked back down at him and walked forward.

    “Y-You’re goddamn crazy!” He sobbed as he held his jaw, his words unclear and coming out in slurs, but Sehun was able to tell what he was saying. “Junmyeon is going to pay for sending you here!” The man barked, and suddenly, a gunshot sounded, but the bullet touched the ground by the younger male’s feet.

    Across the street, another male appeared, his gun poised with a string of smoke rising from the barrel. He had silvery blonde hair, his narrow eyes resting on the other hitman as he approached his leader. This was Hongki and he was the hitman of the FT Syndicate.

    “Kill him, and I put a bullet in you.” He said calmly.

    Sehun turned his attention away from Wonbin to glare at Hongki. Now that there was another hitman here, things could turn uglier than they already were. Another mob war was something he wanted to prevent. If this continued, more innocent people could die and Ha-Neul would have a bigger target painted on her back. He breathed through his nose and put his gun away, the silence of the pier surrounding him. Of course, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Xiumin has successfully dealt with the other men, and that meant this was more than enough to get the message across. However, in the long run, they had failed their assignment and he would have to tell tomorrow when he visited him.

    “We’re done here,” Sehun said gently, turning away and walked toward the car, and his friends followed close behind, keeping their distance when they saw the livid glint in his dark gaze.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Haneul woke up from her nap, finding the apartment was silent, her new bedroom dark except for the city lights that illuminated Seoul’s skyline. She was warm and the bed was still very soft, and though the feeling was pleasant, she was disappointed that this wasn’t a nightmare.

    She sat up and rubbed her eyes, getting off of the bed and tiptoeing toward the door. She closed her hand around the doorknob slowly, opening the door and looking at the hallway. The light was on, and so were the lights of the rest of the apartment. She stepped out, closing the door behind her quietly and looked around, opening the door across from her.

    She was greeted with Sehun’s room, simple and furnished with a bed and dresser, along with a walk-in closet that held all of his expensive clothes. There was another wide window that beheld the city as well as a small basket in the corner with a soft blanket and cushions. She assumed Vivi slept there.

    She closed the door to his room and found the bathroom with its porcelain toilet, large shower, white sink and sparkling mirror. The towels were rolled up in the shelf neatly and another hung near the shower, the material soft to the touch, matching the warm bathroom mats. Everything is so expensive, she thought as she walked into the living room.

    The door to Sehun’s study wide open, meaning he was out. Breathing a sigh of relief, she was able to relax her shoulders, walking into his study and looking over the many books that lined his shelf. She found a leather-bound Bible, a Talmud with intricate designs, and many novels in English, Mandarin, and Korean. There was a laptop on his desk, a picture with Sehun and his brothers, and the chair was made of fine leather as well.

    Haneul’s stomach began to grumble softly, licking her lips in hunger. She left his office and walked toward the kitchen to find something, her soft steps making Vivi’s ears twitch. He had been laying by the coffee table until he found her exploring the penthouse. He stood and walked toward her, his tongue out.

    “Hey, boy,” Her voice was soft, kneeling before him and stroking his fur, managing to smile back at him half-heartedly. “Your Master isn’t home, huh…? Are you hungry too?”

    Vivi wagged his fluffy tail that reminded her of a fluffy cloud. He opened his mouth almost like he was smiling.

    She giggled to herself, tilting her head, “I’ll take that as a yes,” she stood back up and searched the cabinets until she found his dog food, filling his bowl with the appropriate amount of food as well as his water tin, setting it to the side. “Eat up… and now,” she crossed her arms and frowned, unsure of what to make. “I have to find something to eat too…”

    The brunette opened the fridge, and there wasn’t much besides milk, eggs, and rice cakes. She sighed heavily and grabbed the eggs, opening another cabinet and finding the last pack of ramyeon, and just her luck, there was leftover rice. In the next half hour, she had taken the rice out of the rice cooker, placing it into the bowl with cooked ramyeon and a soft boiled egg, grabbing her chopsticks and sitting at the breakfast counter, satiating her hunger.

    It wasn’t the home-cooked meal she usually made for herself but it would have to do. She would have to find some way to ask Sehun to stock up on food. From what she gathered as she searched the kitchen previously, he probably didn’t cook at all. It made her wonder if he even ate a proper meal.

    Why am I suddenly so concerned? She thought, quickly pushing away any thoughts of him, reminding herself that she wasn’t free—that he was a part of a dangerous gang. She didn’t know how she would like this, constantly hiding from him and waiting for him to leave just so she could eat and relax. This wasn’t living at all. Even though he said everything in this apartment was hers as well, she still felt like a prisoner.

    Suddenly, she heard the sound of a key pushing into the lock, and she froze in place, her chopsticks slack in her hand when the front door opened.

    “Haneul, I’m back,” Sehun called out as he slowly pushed the door open. He walked inside, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Xiumin behind him, and he looked toward the kitchen where Vivi had finished his food, sitting with his tail wagging and his doggy smile on his face. “Where is…?” The raven-haired male wondered before he saw the half-finished bowl of rice and ramyeon. She stood beside the breakfast counter, holding her hands in front of her with her eyes at her feet.

    “So that’s her,” Baekhyun said, his lips pursed and his eyes wide as he took in the girl from head to toe.

    “Ah… she’s so pretty,” Xiumin remarked, smiling toward her affectionately. “And she looks so tiny…”

    Sehun was glad she wasn’t hiding, but he was still disheartened since she didn’t look up at him, even more so when he saw the food she was eating. He truly thought he was keeping her here as a prisoner.

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 9


    Words: 2.2k

    Trigger Warnings: None

    ︻デ═一 ♥


    Originally posted by sehunicorne

    He opened the door to the spare bedroom, pulling the curtains apart to allow the sunlight in. The bed was yet to be graced with sheets and a comforter and the empty closet will be out to good use once she arrived. Staying here would be for her protection, but he wasn’t entirely sure how he would get her to come here. He knew with one look, she would be scared.

    “Sehun-ah,” Chanyeol stepped into the room and the younger male faced him. “So… she’ll be using this room, huh?”

    “She might as well,” the raven-haired hitman shrugged. “Its the only room in this apartment that hasn’t been touched since I moved here.” He crossed his arms and sucked in a breath through his teeth, his face scrunched with perplexity. “Although… I’m not entirely sure how we’ll get her to come here.”

    “Make an ad,” Chanyeol suggested. “You’re looking a renter. Once she sees the listing, she’ll come here.”

    “But I don’t want to lie to her,” Sehun muttered, looking down, and Chanyeol tucked his hands into the pockets of his coat, tilting his head.

    “You know we’ve committed a lot more serious crimes than lying,” he spoke solemnly. “And this is a kind lie. She’ll know you’re doing it for her own good…”

    “I just don’t want her to feel like a prisoner,” He lifted his gaze, staring toward the other male with a frown. “She’s been through enough already and she knows I’m around. That look on her face when she saw me… it still haunts me.”

    “I know,” Chanyeol nodded in understanding. “But really, she’ll be fine. If you’re willing to protect her, then that’s more than enough. And I think I can help you!” He added with a smirk, and Sehun narrowed his eyes with suspicion.

    “You’re not going to do something foolish, are you?”

    Yah, relax! I’m your hyung and you can trust me,” he made his way out of the room, his smile growing wider once he saw the big fluffy white bichon laying on the carpet with his tongue hanging out. “If we’re going to win her over, we’ll need something cute to do it, and you have something cute.”

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Haneul couldn’t live in The Magic Shop’s storage room after what happened the night before. After closing, Jungkook had taken her to his place, offering her the spare room, the fear of her getting hurt chipping away at his thoughts. He knew she wanted to find a way to get on her feet but he truly wanted her to stay with him as long as she pleased, but the girl proved to be very stubborn.

    The door to the brownstone apartment was open, and Jungkook was in the kitchen making himself some iced tea while Haneul sat on the steps of the front porch, scrolling through her phone as she looked through listings for affordable apartments. So far, she could only find seedy one bedroom apartments in the poor part of Seoul where gang activity was prominent, or ridiculously expensive ones in Gangnam that only celebrities could afford.

    “Dammit,” she mumbled, putting her phone down for a moment and running her fingers through her hair.

    Jungkook stepped outside, taking a seat beside her and sipping his iced tea. He noticed the defeated expression she harbored, his eyes filled with concern, “You okay?”

    “Yeah,” she answered, smiling half-heartedly. “I’m just trying to get out of your hair… I don’t want to burden you…”

    “You’re like my little sister,” he told her. “You can never burden me. In fact, I want you to stay. Live here for as long as you like. Plus, the apartment feels less lonely with you here…”

    “Jungkook,” she began, but she couldn’t find the words to continue. After all the trauma she had faced, she felt she needed to face this on her own. She didn’t want to drag her loved ones into her problems, even if it meant she had to distance herself from them. Maybe coming to Seoul was a mistake, she thought. I should have used the money I had to leave the country…

    “You want a fresh start. I get it,” he said as if he had read her thoughts. “but being alone won’t give you that, Neullie.” He stood again, looking down at her and giving her a smile. “Anyway, if you change your mind, that’ll make me very happy. There’s leftover iced tea so hurry inside if you want some.” He made his way through the door, leaving her alone on the steps once more, and she made an affirmative sound, staring out toward the street and apartments that lined the other side of the pavement.

    Chanyeol stood a few feet away, watching the young man retreat inside, and the girl picked up her phone again, going back to looking for more apartments. Vivi was on his leash, walking once the tall male made his way down the sidewalk, posting a flyer that he and Sehun had made onto one of the posts near the brownstone.

    Once he was close enough, he was able to get a glimpse of the girl that his friend had begun to protect. Chanyeol had to admit, she looked very cute. She had a sweet look about her—one that must look beautiful when she smiled, her face round, framed by long silky hair, her eyes doe-like and colored chocolate. However, he noticed the sadness they harbored, the light that once graced them gone. Her lips appeared thinner and her cheeks lacked some color. She looked miserable, like the traumatic experiences she had encountered had begun to take a toll on her. She looked so small and afraid, ready to break, but the tight grip on her phone, the way she furrowed her brows, keeping herself from crying, made him realize she was trying to be strong.

    That she was willing to hold herself together after everything she had been through.

    Haneul’s mind began to wander, her thumb no longer moving along the screen of her phone. She took into account Taehyung’s words from yesterday, telling herself to run if she saw any illegal activities… and if that guy ever came back. “Sehun…” she mumbled his name absentmindedly before his blank face appeared again, his cold gaze piercing through that other man, his black hair falling along the sides of his face. She jolted in fear, dropping her phone onto the pavement, the screen now severely cracked. Her heartbeat was elevated, and she breathed heavily, growing slightly as she stared at the damaged screen. The hair on the back of her neck stood and she shuddered, her trembling hand reaching for her phone.

    While she was distracted, Chanyeol deliberately let go of Vivi’s leash, and the big white bichon came running toward her, his white tail wagging and his tongue out. He stood on his legs and pressing his pawns against her.

    The brunette raised her brows, all thoughts of her phone long gone once he yipped sweetly, and that brought a small smile to her face. “Oh, hi!” She cooed, rubbing his fur.

    Now was his chance. The tall male pretended to hold a frantic face, running toward the steps of the brownstone until he stood doubled over before the girl. He prayed this would work. “Vivi-ah!” He huffed, feigning relief before standing straight, looking down at the dog. “Sorry about him! I’m looking after my friend’s dog while he does his work today. He seems to have taken a liking to you.”

    “It’s fine,” Haneul said once she looked up at the man. She giggled when she saw his floppy ears and dimples. His face was a nice change from what she saw yesterday. “He’s adorable… they both are.” She looked at the bichon.

    I feel bad… but she bought into my lie. “Thank you,” the male laughed, satisfied that she was at ease around Vivi. His plan was working, but he hoped that with this, she would be able to look into the apartment listing. Maybe she won’t be so afraid when she began living with Sehun. He looked at her cracked phone, keeping up with their conversation and tilting his head. “How did that happen?”

    “I just dropped it,” she said while scratching Vivi behind the. “I was preoccupied and I may have scared myself… I was looking for an apartment to move into so I wouldn’t be a bother to my friend.”

    “Is that so…?” He hummed, giving her a smile of encouragement. “I know you will. Don’t lose hope. Who knows? The perfect apartment may be closer than you think.” He grabbed the bichon’s leash and tugged on it gently, “Vivi-ah, let’s get going. It was nice meeting you, little miss.”

    “You too,” she nodded once and darted her gaze back to Vivi, giving him a wave. “Have a good day, little Vivi!”

    Vivi gave one last yip toward the girl before walking away.

    From the other end of the block, at the corner of one of the buildings, Sehun watched as Chanyeol approached him, staring back at the girl for a moment. His face softened when she looked back at her phone, that fleeting smiling of hers gone. He was disappointed she stopped smiling but once she began living with him, he would make sure to protect that smile.

    Chanyeol rounded the corner, his smile fading once he stood before the younger male, handing him Vivi’s leash. “It’s done… now, all that’s left is for her to look at the flyer and go to your apartment.”

    “Good. I don’t think it will be long as before she notices the listing for the apartment,” Sehun knelt down to pet Vivi, a gentle smile on his face. “She’ll be away from the crime and no one will think of finding her there.” He turned back to the brownstone, and he found Ha-Neul’s eyes on the flyer. She stood up from the steps, walking toward the electrical post and pulling off the tape gently. She read the listing carefully and her shoulders weren’t so tense. It seemed she was considering looking into the apartment. This lie would have to continue, but Sehun hoped she would understand.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Haneul was able to find the apartment in a clean part of the city. She was careful to traverse there, although she knew Jungkook would flip if he found out she went alone after everything she had been through. Even so, she had to do this on her own. She couldn’t depend on her friends all the time.

    She entered the building, looking around the lavish lobby, the reception desk void of any receptionist. The elevator doors were a shining silver and she walked toward them, her shoes clicking quietly against the immaculate floor. She stepped inside once the doors opened, riding the ascending shaft in silence until she came to a rather lavish hallway.  What is…? She thought. The apartment building’s interior wasn’t at all what was described to be on the flyer. Maybe it’s a scam, she continued down the carpeted floor, the lights dim and the walls colored brown with potted plants beside each door. Apartment 707.

    She found the door to the apartment, which lay at the very end of the hallway. She knocked on the door, but there was no answer, prompting her to knock again. Once more, she didn’t hear anyone on the other side. The brunette decided to grab the handle, and the door pushed upon, her eyes widening slightly. The moment she stepped inside, she was greeted with a clean apartment, a wide glass pane showcasing the city skyline. The large living room harbored leather couches, a coffee table and a TV hanging on the wall. The contemporary kitchen had white cabinets and an electric stove, and there was a water dish meant for a dog. There were two bedrooms in the hallway, and she deduced that someone was already living here.

    Maybe it was a scam after all. She sighed and faced the door, ready to leave.

    “I see you found my listing, but you’re not going to inquire about it?”

    Haneul froze in place, her body growing stiff and her grip on the doorknob growing tighter. She knew that voice.

    It was him.


    She should have known better. She should have suspected this wasn’t real. Now she was about to be killed again and no one would know that she disappeared. She could feel her hands shaking, fear in her eyes, and she didn’t dare turn to face him.

    Sehun stepping from around the corner into the main room. He had changed out of his black suit into more casual clothes as to not intimidate her with his usually serious image–a white buttondown and black pants, his long hair slightly matted, the free strands falling along his forehead.

    She was here. She stood right there, in front of him and he could feel a sense of respite in her presence. Now he could tell her why he truly wanted her here. Now he could protect her. Now he could apologize for lying to her. The last thing he wanted was for her to run away.

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 8


    Words: 2.9k

    Trigger Warnings: There will be murder, violence, and post traumatic stress in this chapter. Please read at your discretion.

    ︻デ═一 ♥


    The man stumbled backward, holding his bruised jaw before meeting the gaze of his attacker. He saw his black hair, those intense eyes, and his suit was as dark as night. He knew that man anywhere, a sneer curling on his lips before he broke into laughter, “You’re him, aren’t you?! Junmyeon’s lapdog! I didn’t think I’d find you here.” Jong-hoon pulled his glock, pointing it toward Sehun, his finger on the trigger. “You sure know how to make a man angry…”

    "You’re way outside you bounds, Jong-hoon,” the hitman said dryly, that cold expression not leaving his eyes. “If I were you, I’d leave before this situation gets worse. Wouldn’t want other groups finding unwelcome guests stumbling about.”

    Jungkook pushed the door open. After taking a rest for a moment, he too had heard Haneul screaming. In a fit of panic, he ran into the alleyway to check on her, coming across the scene in front of him.

    Choi Jonghoon of the FT Syndicate stood before them

    Jungkook knew him from many news articles that showcased his violent crimes. He also saw the other man, who was most likely from another crime syndicate, but he wasn’t too sure. He had never seen him before.

    Following behind him was Taehyung and Bella, who noticed the way he had left abruptly. The silver-haired girl moved carefully to the side, reaching out her hand, “Neullie! Come quickly!”

    The brunette snapped out of her frightened state, getting to her feet and running away from the two males, grabbing Bella’s hand, and she pulled Haneul close to her.

    “Take her inside,” Sehun instructed in a hard tone, his eyes still on Jonghoon.

    “Okay,” Jungkook answered, and Taehyung ushered them back into the storage room, closing the door, leaving the two men to themselves.

    “Oh Sehun… EXO’s merciless hitman,” the older male chuckled darkly as he raised his gun. “The boss is going to be pretty pissed when figures out you’ve got your sights on her. You do know she’s a threat, right? She isn’t as innocent as you think she is.”

    The raven-haired male took out his own handgun, ignoring his words. If one could hold the gun out toward the light, one would notice the small tally marks that were carved onto the barrel. “One last warning. Leave, keep your mouth shut, and you might live to see another day. In all honesty, a rat like you isn’t even worth my time.”

    “But you’re worth my time,” Jonghoon hissed. “When I take you out, EXO will be crippled, Junmyeon won’t have a hold of his territory, and that girl can join her pitiful grandmother!” He pulled the trigger, shooting at the hitman, who quickly ducked for cover behind the large metal trash bin.

    He could hear the bullets hitting against it, leaving dents as the shots echoed through the alleyway. No doubt the civilians would be in a panic and Sehun hoped the employees in The Magic Shop would find a way to keep their customers from leaving.

    Back inside, Haneul was seated in the couch, endeavoring to steady her heartbeat, the onset of a panic attack taking over her body. The events that transpired could have gone another way, but her friends had come to help her. And that man… she couldn’t help but feel scared again. He looked like someone who wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone. “Oh my God,” she choked. “I was almost—”

    “You weren’t,” Bella held her hand tightly, rubbing her back. “Nothing will happen to you.”

    Aish,” Taehyung ran his hands through the blue strands of his hair. “If the customers hear what’s going on outside, they won’t feel safe…”

    “I’ll keep them entertained,” Jungkook proceeded toward the door. “Call the cops and tell them what’s going on. I’m giving them a round of drinks on the house.”

    “Good idea,” Bella looked away from the other girl, pulling out her phone to make a call.

    The gunshots kept coming until Jonghoon had run out of ammo. He made to quickly reload his gun, but Sehun took this opportunity to shoot him in the shoulder and legs, crippling him and drawing out a painful grunt. He stood from his place behind the garbage disposal, his gun still poised and his eyes narrow. “And here I thought you were going to put up a fight…” his shots were clear and concise, as expected of a merciless killer.

    The other man began to whimper, crawling back while nursing his wounds, blood staining his suit.

    “You wasted bullets, firing at a target you couldn’t even see. Being trigger happy doesn’t get the job done,” Sehun continued. “It’s pathetic, really. You’re in such a well-established syndicate, and yet, you can’t even take out one person.” He towered over the cowering man now, one of his hands tucked into his pocket. “I’m at a crossroads with myself… do I shoot and put you out of your misery? Or do I take you in and see what I can get out of you? You seem to know something I’m invested in.”

    “I-If you kill me,” Jonghoon spat. “The boss will kill you,” he didn’t stop cowering as Sehun’s tall figure overshadowed him. “That girl is going to get what’s coming to her! Her blood—her family—is tainted! Once she’s killed, she won’t pose a threat to the boss!”

    “And what threat does that girl and her family pose?” The hitman questioned, leaning forward. “Her grandmother wasn’t just as innocent as she is, and now you’re claiming she’s a threat? I fail to see the logic here.” At this point, if Jong-hoon kept talking, he was going to end up a corpse. He was practically giving away everything he knew.

    “She’s the heiress to the Cho Clan!” He spoke strongly, backing up against the building. “Her father… was Seoul’s most elite mob boss. He owned almost every territory before my boss took him out! We were so sure we had killed every last one of them, but instead, the man shipped his daughter off to the boondocks to live with his wife’s mother! That old lady had been raising our biggest threat! One day, she’ll kill your clan too!”

    “And what makes you think this girl has any recollection or indication as to what her family once did?” Sehun continued to inquire. “From my view, she doesn’t have a single clue. You’re just targeting her for something she isn’t aware of. It’s scum like you that I hate the most or yours or any other group will lay a finger on her.” He places his finger on the trigger. “If they do, they won’t make it out alive… I’ll make sure of it.”

    The final gunshot sounded, and the male’s body went limp against the building, no longer breathing. Sehun lowered his gun slowly, tucking it away as the sound of sirens came from the distance. He faced the back door of The Magic Shop, his expression softening before he ran out of the alleyway. We’ll meet again, he thought with slight melancholy. She had seen his face and he saw the fear her eyes possessed. He didn’t meant to scare her, but he knew she would eventually come to know of his existence. He would have to relay the events of today to Suho later.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Word of Jonghoon’s murder reached the ears of the civilians. The alleyway beside The Magic Shop has become a crime scene. After the patrons left and they closed up, the police had interrogated the staff but Taehyung had instructed everyone to stay quiet about the unknown hitman that had come to take out Jonghoon. It could have been out of gratitude, or maybe it was out of fear of getting involved with the mafia. One thing was certain: none of them wanted to become targets for any crime syndicates.

    Haneul had changed out of her dress and into a black shirt and jeans, laying on the couch and pushing away any thoughts of what happened hours ago. She felt dirty, like his hands wouldn’t leave her body. Even taking a shower and scrubbing her skin until it almost bled wasn’t enough to make her feel clean again.

    “Hey,” Bella knocked on the door and stepped inside, and the brunette sat up, noticing the chipped mug of tea in her hand. “I made this for you. It’s chamomile. It’ll soothe you.”

    “Thank you,” Haneul accepted the mug, the warmth of the tea spreading through her hands and across her nerves, the scent already soothing her.

    “Sorry about the mug,” her friend chuckled sheepishly. “The rim is slightly chipped.”

    “It’s alright,” she bright the mug to her lips. “I like it this way…” After taking a sip, she placed the beverage down, smiling sadly. “Halmeoni always had tea like this… I guess the two of us are a bit peculiar…” She released a long exhaled, closing her eyes. “I don’t think I’ll ever catch a break…”

    “Things will turn out okay in the end. You’ll see,” Bella assured her. “You just have to hang in there. No one expects you to get back on your feet right away. I know you want to do it quickly but you’ve been through a lot. It’s okay to be vulnerable and ask for help.”

    “I know, but this isn’t like me,” Haneul replied. “I’ve lost everything and I know it’s hard, but I just want to be strong. I want to handle everything on my own. If I can’t do that after everything that’s happened, then what kind of a granddaughter am I?”

    “Neullie,” her friend began, her tone firm. “You are one hell of a good granddaughter, but if Halmeoni was here, she would tell you that it’s fine to break. She knows you’re trying your hardest not to let her death define you and she knows it was a traumatic experience on your part, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to grieve. That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to cry after what happened today. Don’t bottle it up. Let everything out. Cry if you want to. It’ll ease the pain you’re feeling.”

    Mianhe, Bella,” Haneul apologized with a dejected chuckle. “But… I’ve cried enough. I’m on my own now. I can’t afford to cry anymore.”

    The silver-haired girl opened her mouth to speak again, but the rest of the boys came into the storage room, gracing then with their presence.

    Gwenchana?” Jimin asked, his eyes wide with concern as he sat beside Haneul, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a tight hug.

    “I’m fine now,” she patted his arm. “A little shaken up, but I’ll live.”

    “This is scary,” Beomgyu frowned. “There was a mob fight right next to us and we could have been caught in the crossfire.”

    “Luckily, that didn’t happen and everyone was safe,” Jungkook reminded him.

    “If this happens again, The Magic Shop will no longer be safe,” Yoongi drowned, his eyes downcast. “What do we do?”

    “We stay open,” Namjoon answered. “We can’t give up yet. The mafia isn’t going to make our restaurant a base for their crimes.”

    “Namjoon hyung is right,” Soobin added. “We’ll take extra precautions. We can’t bribe the customers with free drinks every time since we need the money, but we can put on performances ten times as better.”

    “I know we kept quiet when the police came but who were those two guys?” Jin wondered.

    “Their names were Choi Jonghoon and Oh Sehun,” Taehyung said, his hands tucked into his slacks. “Everyone knows who Jonghoon is, right?”

    “One of the FT Clan’s hitmen,” Hoseok spike solemnly. “But what would he be doing here? It doesn’t make any sense…”

    “The mafia are dirty people,” Yeonjun pointed out. “They’re involved in the use of drugs, dealing with contraband, sex trafficking—the list goes on.”

    “And the other man? Oh Sehun?” Taehyun rubbed the back of his neck, looking between his friends.

    “I don’t know much about him aside form rumors,” Huening Kai said. “People say he’s very scary… he’s ruthless and kills people without a second thought…”

    “Yeah, he’s in EXO. That’s why,” Taehyung said to the two of them, his face indicating seriousness. “He’s a hitman under one of the most powerful clans in Seoul. Whatever you all do, if you see him again, run.”

    Bella tensed slightly afternoon hearing that name. It did well to stroke fear into her heart. She’s heard a number of stories about EXO, and the realization that one of its members was right in their alleyway made her feel slightly unsafe. What was worse was that this was the same man she served a drink to, one who she thought was a good person who was genuinely interested in her friend. If she had known he harbored ill will toward Haneul, she wouldn’t have talked to him. The possibility of him taking her and keeping her all to himself made her anxious.

    “I’ll stay far away,” Haneul promised. Like Bella, the very name made her blood run cold. Even the man’s face was frightening. She didn’t think she could look him in the eyes God forbid she come across him again. “If… If I see him again… I’ll run… I’ll hide… I’ll do whatever it takes to escape.”

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    On his way to meet with Suho, Sehun remained unfazed about the night’s events. Haneul’s expression of fear still plagued him immensely, even though he had managed to acquire information concerning her and regarding her grandmother’s murder. It seemed now, the only way to protect her was having her at his side since she had seen his face.

    The guard allowed him entry, opening the door to the penthouse, and Suho looked up from his tablet, placing it onto the coffee table and turning toward the younger male. “Sehun-ah… I heard what happened. Are you alright?”

    “I am, hyung,” he bowed respectfully. “I acquired information on Haneul as well. I’m sure you’ll find it useful as I have.”

    “What is it?” He questioned.

    “Jonghoon may be another body added to the count, but he was useful in his short time of living,” the hitman explained. “He told me everything. Haneul is the last known member of the Cho syndicate. The FT syndicate feels threatened by her and have attempted to kill her even though she has no idea about her family’s background.”

    “I see,” EXO’s leader held his chin, furrowing his brows. “You said the Cho Clan, yes? Well, as it turns out, my father was in an alliance with the Don of that syndicate?”

    Abeoji was one of his allies?” Sehun tilted his head. “How do you know that?”

    “You’d be surprised about what you learn once you become the Don of your own clan,” Suho chuckled, crossing the living room and pouring a glass of whiskey. He handed one glass for he raven-haired male before bringing his own drink to his lips. “The Cho Clan was the biggest syndicate in Seoul, ruling over almost the whole city. It’s boss married a civilian woman and eventually, they had a daughter, who we now know is Haneul. I always thought she had been killed as well once the mob war between them and the FT Clan began. Abeoji always said there were no survivors, but now we know that she was given to her Halmeoni before she could get involved and she lived a life away from the violence, not knowing her origins. The only thing we can do now is protect her. Her father would have wanted that since he didn’t want her to be a part of the underworld in the first place.”

    “Yeah… about protecting her,” Sehun frowned, looking up from his drink. “She saw my face… I’m not sure how much longer I can go watching her from the shadows. By now, she’s become more aware of her surroundings.”

    “So… she’s afraid then,” the older male hummed, placing his glass down. “I’m not sure what else you can do to alleviate her anxiety other than having her by your side. Give it time if she’s scared. Now that she knows you’re here, she’ll eventually learn about your kind side. And if all else fails, show her Vivi. That dog will certainly assuage her worries.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind,” Sehun laughed a bit, his smile fading afterward. “Guess that means she has to live with me now…” the last thing he wanted was for her to be isolated from the world, to feel like a prisoner and be so small in his presence, but he wouldn’t allow that. He would make sure she was comfortable and that she saw past his merciless side. Sehun couldn’t imagine hurting her. After seeing her at the funeral, closed off from other people, and then tonight, signing out toward the customers at The Magic Shop, that girl had to be protected. She was a source of light in the darkness of his world and he would preserve the light that shone from her. He will treat her with care and patience and maybe, she won’t feel afraid.

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  • It was that summer that Richie confessed, and time froze for me, and we spent the day together talking and holding hands. And that one where the clown came, and the one the year after- where Beverly left. Worst of all, not when IT came back- but 1992. The day they left.

    A series of vignettes of Loser’s club member, Y/n L/n, and all the summers that went right, that went wrong, and went the worst.

    T/W - Homophobic Slurs (Enter At Your Own Risk)

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  • image

    When I look into your eyes, good feels bad

    Bad feels good

    The world is upside down and I’m in trouble

    Girl, you’re trouble

    I’m dizzy, wrong feels right

    Right feels wrong

    My head is tangle up and I’m in trouble

    Girl, you’re trouble

    Trouble - EXO

    Blood, Sweat, and Tears - SehunxOC Mafia!AU


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  • Sugar, Butter and Flour - A CEO!Steve Rogers x Baker!Reader (Christmas Series) Chapter 5 - Memories As Sweet As Apple Crumble


    Warnings - MOSTLY FLUFFY AND SO SWEET IT’LL ROT YOUR TEETH BUT DOES MENTIONS :- Character death (Peggy Carter) and Steve Rogers being sad. 

    Word Count -  4552

    A/N - This series will be completed by the end of January! Sorry for the delay! December was extremely busy due to university deadlines I had due!

    Masterlist - https://protectthelesbians.tumblr.com/post/189337379588/are-you-wanting-a-heart-warming-fan-fiction-just


    The cold, winter breeze pounded against the window-panes, shaking and creaking against the brute force. Slipping off your soaking wet shoes as you turned to Steve “Before I drag you into the kitchen, I’m going to get out of these clothes.” peeling up the edge of your sodden wet sleeve from your arm “I’m completely and utterly soaked.” With a quick glance to Steve again, you spoke up “You’re probably soaked too, I might have some of my dad’s clothes which you can borrow.” You offered which made Steve perk up “You would be a lifesaver because if I keep these clothes on any longer I will become a prune.” his words made you giggle “Well lets fetch you some clothes then.” Leading Steve towards the staircase which connected the bakery to your apartment, the perfect location for you. When reaching the top of the staircase, Steve hunched down as not to bang his head against the low door frame as you unlocked the door to your apartment. The door opened to reveal the small apartment, which made Steve pause. This small space reminded him so much of his childhood home back in Brooklyn.

    The walls of the apartment, though small, was littered with hundreds of cracks tracing up to the ceiling, even the wallpaper had become discoloured with age, peeling at the edges and corners. But Steve still felt a sense of home and comfort which exuded from how you worked with what you were given with this space. Photographs covered the larger cracks, the decor upon the walls made the room more spacious than it was. Placing your wet shoes under the radiator, you turned to Steve “Let me put yours under too to dry.” Steve agreed and kicked his shoes off, his once pristine leather shoes now ruined from the snow, socks soaked right through to his skin as well, gently placing the shoes beside one another under the radiator, both pairs of socks lay atop the radiator to dry. 

    “I’ll go find those clothes.” you turned on your heel, walking off to what Steve rightly assumed was the bedroom, leaving him standing there in the living-room, his bare feet nestled in the soft carpet. Taking another look at the walls, Steve smiled at the photograph’s which ranged from (YN)’s childhood to more recent times. His eyes locked on a particular photograph, you were standing in the middle of the frame in front of the bakery. The paint on the door and sign looked fresh and crisp, a red shining ribbon covering the front door. Your face was covered with the biggest smile, so bright and full of joy. 

    “That was our grand opening, one of the best moments of my life.”

    Steve quickly turned to see (YN) standing there, the clothes for him nestled in the crook of her elbow, you too were looking at the photograph which Steve had been gazing at for some time. Steve just listened as you spoke again “Just fresh out of culinary school and my apprenticeship under my mentor just completed, I was so lucky with finding this space and starting my business. I was truly blessed.” reflecting on that happy memory of that day, it felt like only yesterday when you opened the front doors to ‘Fairy-Cakes Bakery’. Breaking from your nostalgic haze and turning back to look at Steve, a smile on your face “Here. found some of my dad’s winter pajamas he left here.” holding the clothes out for him to take. The two sets of fingers brushed gently together as Steve softly took the clothes from her hands, the simple touch felt like a current of energy running up both of your arms and straight to your chest, a warm feeling growing there. Pulling your hands away from him, cheeks a soft pink as you smiled “I’ll leave you to get changed.” walking back to the bedroom to get changed yourself and of course to give Steve some privacy. 

    Closing your bedroom door behind you, you immediately began to shake your hands around as to try and get rid of the tingly feeling they had in them, the tingly feeling which had gone straight to your chest after brushing hands with Steve, palms sweaty. After letting the tingly feeling fade, you set out to get changed into your warm pajamas, which so happened to be one of your Christmas onesies. Throwing your wet clothes into the washing basket, they made a thud when hitting the basket, your skin happy to be feeling the warmth which was coming from the radiator in the room. Grabbing the onesie, sliding it up your legs and letting out a squeak as you stumbled putting it on, falling onto your bed.

    “You alright in there?” Steve called out from the living-room, you got back up “Y-Yeah!” stumbling with your words as you continued to pull the onesie up your body, getting back up to your feet, zipping up the front of the onesie, the hood of the onesie cradling your neck. With the onesie on and fluffy socks in hand, ready to be slid on, slowly regaining the warmth you lost from being outside. Fluffy socks slid onto your feet with ease, your toes no longer feeling like icicles, it was time to head back to the living-room. Pushing your bedroom door open, your eyes looked around for Steve and you found him, for sure. You definitely could not miss him with what you were seeing.

    Steve was in the midst of removing his wet shirt to put the pajama shirt on, his toned chest exposed, he seemed to not have noticed you come in. You tried not to squeak but you couldn’t keep it contained “A-Ah!? Sorry! Didn’t realise you were still getting changed!” Steve looked up as you squeaked, looking like a deer in headlights for a moment. Immediately, you avert your gaze and tried your hardest not to picture his bare chest in your head, cheeks growing as red as strawberry jelly. Steve just stared at you for a moment before letting out a boisterous laugh “Oh my god (YN), its okay! It was just an accident.” he continued to chuckle as he pulled on the red pajama shirt before walking over to you. But you still remained stood by your bedroom door, gaze averted and your hands covering your eyes and your reddened cheeks.

    Steve was now stood beside you, his hand on your shoulder as he tried to turn you to face him, your hands still plastered across your face to cover your eyes and cheeks ”Hey. Come on you can look at me now, I’m fully changed.” he teased and tried to pull your hands from your face but you wouldn’t budge, Steve just smiled “Oh Sweetheart come on, look at me please.” his voice like melted butter, which in turn made you melt and pull your hands from your face to peek an eye open. Looking into his serene, ocean blue eyes, your cheeks were still tinted pink out of embarrassment but it began to soften as Steve smiled tenderly and spoke again “There we go, now I get to see your face.” pushing a strand of hair behind your ear softly. A smile broke onto your face, giggling faintly “Still. Sorry for walking in on you.” twiddling your fingers as you spoke, making him chuckle once again “Sweetheart, when you have a kid, you get used to getting interrupted when getting changed.” Having no embarrassment about the situation, which in turn made your own level of embarrassment drop a little, not feeling as much shame as the initial moment did. You took this moment to gently pull up the hood of your onesie, now revealing the theme of the onesie, antlers flopping around as well as a tiny pair of ears, Steve just seemed to look at you in awe for a moment and smiled. The two of you stood in the living-room, both stood wearing fluffy socks, only centimeters apart “Uhm time to head down to the kitchen?” you asked to which Steve nodded “Time for me to show you how much of a failure at baking I am.” he joked which made you smile “Oh come off it! Let’s head down.” slapping him on the chest gently as a joke before walking over to the door, the tail on the reindeer onesie wagging side to side as you walked. 

    Gently descending down the staircase down to the bakery, Steve walked behind you and entered the bakery once again. The windows covered in snow, which was piling up outside and especially on his car “Thank goodness Sarah’s with Bucky tonight.” thinking of how his daughter was spending the night with Bucky and Sam, the number one babysitters. Nodding, you looked at Steve “She’s probably cuddled up on the couch with Bucky watching a movie.” you noted and smiled, tying your apron as you slid it over your head. Steve smiled “Buck’s probably snoring, after being forced to watch Frozen for the third time that day.” a grin on his face as he thought of his daughter and Bucky’s uncle and niece bond. Smiling to yourself, you picked one of the larger aprons off the peg “Oi mister!, its apron time for you!” waggling it in front of his face for a moment before he took it from you “Alright Alright.” he slid it over his head, the strap pulled across his head of thick, blonde hair and the ‘dad-beard’, his hair now slightly ruffled as he tied the straps at the back “There. Better?” You gave him a thumbs up and pulled your phone out from one of the onesie’s pockets “Now for some music!”

    The iconic voice of Bing Crosby began to serenade you and Steve as your phone connected to your speaker, having music on just made everything feel right. The rhythm made you sway side to side gently to the music “Music sorted! Now for the recipe!” You ushered Steve into the kitchen, an area of the bakery he’d never been into, always staying clear of it when here. Cracking your knuckles and pushing up your sleeves to your onesie up your forearms 

    “Now. Tonight I’m teaching you how to make a simple apple crumble.” you were determined to teach him this recipe and would not admit failure ever. Steve already looked baffled just at naming the recipe “I promise Steve, this is easy and delicious.” placing a hand on his forearm, reassuring him you’d help him along, not throwing him to the wolves just yet. Taking his hand “Come on, let’s go to the storage room and fetch ingredients!” his fingers interlocked with yours as you led him round back to storage where you kept various ingredients, always making sure that on any given day you could make something just by what was in storage.

    The two of you walked through storage and picked up 4 granny smith apples from the storage room, using 4 for good measure and as not to be too frugal with the filling. Steve held the apples in his arms, you checked each one for bruising and any imperfections, choosing the best 4 out of the basket. Gathering the rest of ingredients came easy enough, grabbing sugar, butter and flour as you walked back to the kitchen with Steve. Placing the ingredients down on the counter, you turned to wash your hands, guiding Steve to do the same which he did. Stood side by side, washing your hands, preparing to start this recipe together. After drying off your hands, you walked back to the counter “First things first with apple crumble, we need to peel, core and dice them.” starting the first step off with something Steve could definitely do. 

    Giving Steve a paring knife, you started on your own apples as you split the work evenly. You immediately began peeling the skin off the apple with ease and coring it out with ease, listening to the sweet voice of Bing Crosby which played through the speakers. Glancing over to Steve, you could tell he was struggling with the paring knife “Here, let me show you.” speaking gently as your hands covered his, showing him the technique slowly so he could pick it up easier “There! You’ve got it now. Keep going!” happy to see him get better at it, returning to your own apples but turning to watch Steve happily, a smile on his face. 

    He no longer looked as baffled as he was before.

    Chopping up the apples, you perked up when Steve called your name “Are these the right size?” showing you the diced apples “Yep! Perfect size!” You finished chopping up your own and placed them in a pot “Now we need to soften these in sugar on the hob.” The two of you worked in perfect unison, with you guiding him through the steps. He listened intently to each word and watched you as you were in your element. Pouring sugar atop the apples as well as some water, you gently cooked the apples through still they were soft and almost golden from the sugar which melted beautifully before gently spooning the softened apples into a dish, smoothing them out so they lined the whole tray at the bottom. Leaving the tray to sit, the two of you turned your attention to the ‘crumble’ which you needed to sprinkle on top of the sweet apple mixture. Combining sugar, butter and flour together, letting Steve cream the sugar and butter together before adding the flour, it began to form the breadcrumb like texture which was needed for this recipe. 

    With Steve sprinkling the crumble on top of the apples, you checked the oven was nicely pre-heated and ready for the apple crumble to go in. Ushering Steve over, he gently placed the apple crumble into the oven and left it to cook. It would take a further half an hour for the crumble to cook, the two of you looked at one another “Clean up time?” Steve asked to which you nodded and began clearing up, Steve working alongside you. Cleaning the counters and putting back the packaged ingredients into storage, the packet of flour still on the counter to be taken back to storage. Things in the kitchen were beginning to look much cleaner, that was until Steve decided to dust off his apron.


    Steve looked up and saw that the flour he’d dusted off himself had flown and covered your hair, leaving a white caste, Steve’s facial expressions matched the one you’d given him when you walked in on him. You were unimpressed, you were covered in flour and now had your arms crossed. Steve gave an awkward smile “Whoops. Sorry.” You blinked before giving Steve a mischievous smile “Sorry aint gonna cut it mister.” You reached for the packet of flour on the counter and scooped up a handful, ready to attack. Steve had his hands raised in defence, knowing that with that handful of flour, an full-out war would commence “Woah! Woah! Sweetheart we can solve this in a civil manner!” ready to bolt “Oh don’t sweetheart me Steve, this is revenge!” You rushed at him, he tried to block you but failed miserably, flour covered his hair and beard as well as his shirt. Steve stared down at you in shock, his eyelashes dusted with flour, his hand rose to wipe the flour from his eyes as he went silent before chuckling

     “Oh this is war, Sweetheart…” 

    You squeaked and attempted to run away from him, but this time he was quick to snatch a handful of flour from the counter and doused you in it, holding you in place “AH! RUDE!” You laughed and escaped his grip “Excuse me you’re the rude one here!” He was hit with another flour bomb, his shirt covered. 

    The battle was glorious, flour flying left right and center around the kitchen, the two of you laughing like children, trying to outwit each other. The flour in the air looked as if it were snowing inside, the Christmas lights which decorated the ceiling dusted with flecks of white. The two of you ran straight into each other with handfuls of flour, trying to attack but ended up running into Steve’s arms. You were both panting from running around the kitchen, your flour-covered hands on Steve’s shoulders, laughing tiredly. Steve’s head was rested atop yours, laughing gently as you were there in his arms.

    “I’ll be home for Christmas~”

    The speaker began to play Bing Crosby’s rendition of ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’, the soft tune made the two of you look into each other’s eyes, as if both sharing the same thought. Steve reached up to take your hand in his, your other hand rested upon his shoulder gently. The music swept the two of you into its spell as you began to softly slow-dance. Steve’s other hand gently rested upon your waist, pulling you closer to him. Relishing in the moment, you rested your head upon his chest, swept up into the dance and closing your eyes, tender smiles on both your faces. Dancing together around the kitchen, moving in unison, just like you had done when baking, elegant but sweet. Steve rested his chin upon yours, swaying and doing gentle turns together, moving as one “I’m sorry if I’m rusty at this, Sweetheart. I haven’t danced in a long-time.” You hummed “No. You’re perfect Steve. Truly.” Steve’s heartbeat quickened, he knew you would feel it with your head rested upon his chest, he just hoped it wasn’t too obvious. With a gentle sigh, you spoke again “When was the last time you danced like this?” Steve froze for a moment. 

    “5 years ago. May 6th 2015.” He remembered it off the top of his head “The day Sarah was born.” You were confused, blinking your eyes open and lifting your head to look at Steve as he continued “The day Sarah was born, I was dancing with my wife, Peggy.” Your eyes were locked on him, you listened and didn’t say a word “To help with her contractions, me and Peggy danced in the hospital room to music, that was the last time.” Steve sighed sadly, his eyes glazed over and watery, but you stayed silent. This was his time to tell his story “It was a day like this when I lost her, Sarah was 7 months old. Her first Christmas.” He still slow-danced with you as he retold the story, retold the memory which had been lingering in his heart for so long.

    “Peggy, a hard-worker at heart went back to work when Sarah was 5 months and we’d moved her to formula, I was at home with Sarah on paternity.” His hand on your waist tightened as he continued to tell the story, the hand which you had on his shoulder began to rub gentle circles into his shoulder, to comfort him, “She was on the highway, on her way back from a company meeting, the snow was coming down hard…” he began to choke up 

    “A driver crashed into her head-on.” He paused before continuing,  “I lost her that day 5 years ago and left to raise Sarah, my little Sarah… Christmas is so hard for me, just reminds me of what I lost. What Sarah lost.” A tear trickled down Steve’s cheek, his tired eyes watery, letting down a big barrier which he’d been holding up for 5 years, putting on the strongest face for Sarah. But here you were, letting him push that wall down and letting him cry and you now understood why he was a “Grinch” at Christmas. 

    He was dealing with grief, a grief which stopped him from enjoying the most wonderful time, a constant reminder of what he lost.

     Gently, you wiped the tear from his cheek, raising your hand from his shoulder to brush it away, your hand upon his cheek, he leaned into your touch and closed his eyes, “You are the strongest man I’ve ever met Steve. You’ve raised such a beautiful and wonderful girl, Peggy would be so proud of you.” you had tears in your own eyes, trying to reassure him and console him. Steve nodded and opened his watery eyes to stare down at you in such awe and adoration “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” His forehead pressed against yours ever so gently, noses brushing together softly, the two of you drawn in as you stared into each other’s eyes. His deep, blue eyes filled with such sorrow but also hope. 

    Lips were centimeters apart.

     With only a little step, you would be able to brush lips with his, breathing in and out in time with one another. Your eyes began to flutter open and closed, lashes gently fluttering. Your eyes closed shut as Steve prepared to take a step closer, when suddenly…


    The two of you were pulled out of the spell which the music had put you under, the timer for the apple crumble was ringing, your faces were so close but gently you pulled back “I-I’ll go take that out.” your eyes opening once more and looking up to Steve, who nodded and gently removed his hands from you, watching as you walked over to the oven. Turning your back to him, you could feel your heart pounding in your chest, oven mitts covering your hands as your mind reeled. 

    You almost kissed Steve. So close.

    Trying to slow down you breathing, you took out the crumble, the crumble on top was a beautiful shade of gold, steam coming off it. Turning around to look at Steve, you carried the crumble over to the counter where Steve was stood, his hand gripping the edge of it slightly. Placing it down on the counter and meekly looking up at Steve “Shall we taste our efforts?” Your voice shy and your lips trembling, as if the adrenaline from the flour fight and the dance had all but worn off, Steve nodded and cracked a smile, you smiled back at him “Vanilla ice cream or custard?” you asked to which he quickly responded “Ice cream please.” You scuttled off to the storage room, opening the freezer to take out the ice cream but also to cool yourself down, your body warm especially your nose and cheeks. 

    Holding the carton of ice-cream in your arms, you were ready to head back in to see Steve. Carrying it back in with you, you put a smile on your face as you walked into the kitchen “Let’s get our portion and we can head upstairs, watch a movie maybe?” You suggested, he grinned and nodded. Grabbing a couple of bowls, you began to ladle out portions of the crumble, breaking the crunchy crumble to reveal the steaming apples which were shining from the sugar coating, it looked divine. Taking two portions, you began to scoop vanilla ice cream into the bowls.

    You turned to Steve “Want to taste your creation?” asking him happily, to which he nodded, taking a spoonful. Half of the spoon loaded with the beautiful crumble and the other covered with smooth vanilla ice cream which complimented it perfectly. He finished the spoonful and paused for a moment “That’s amazing!” His eyes lit up again which made your heart soar “And you made it! I told you you could bake!” Steve smiled at your words “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you though, you’re truly an angel.” The compliment made your heart flutter “How about you take these up and I’ll lock up for the night?” offering and smiling to which he agreed “I’ll see you upstairs then.” He carried the two bowls and headed upstairs.

    As soon as he disappeared from sight, you pressed a hand to your heart. This man was killing you, he just knew what to say which could make your heart soar and knees buckle. This man was perfect, sent to you by angels. And that near kiss was lingering in your head. You didn’t want to push Steve, he had lost his wife 5 years ago. Was he ready to move on and would he want to move on with you? That was a question for later. 

    Right now, you needed to lock up.

    Keys in hand, you locked the windows and the doors and made sure all the fairy lights were switched off. Checking each of the fobs on the oven and appliances, making sure they were all off, taking the time to carefully store the crumble in the fridge. You walked through the kitchen once more and switched off the light as you walked towards the stairs. Step by step, you walked up the stairs and opened the door, Steve was sitting on your couch with the bowls of crumble in hand, smiling. Running a hand through your hair for a moment, you smiled “I’ll grab some blankets.” Opening a cupboard and pulling out an old blanket, big enough for the two of you, once used to cover your double-bed. Draping it across Steve’s lap and across the couch, you got under the blanket and curled your legs underneath you, Steve placing your bowl of crumble in your lap, the ice cream hadn’t fully melted and the crumble still nice and warm. The two of you, sat on the couch together with bowls of crumble in your laps, switching on the TV to find the movie channel. You didn’t really care what was on, since there was a seemingly comfortable silence growing. 

    No words needed to be spoken between the two of you as the night went on.

    Apple crumble was devoured, the bowls on the coffee-table as ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ played on the tv, snow still falling outside but much softer as the storm subsided. During the 3rd act of the film, your eyes had started to close. You didn’t fight the need to sleep, you gave in easily and gently you rested your head upon Steve’s shoulder as the final moments of the film played out on screen. Steve simply wrapped his arm around your waist, staring down at you in awe and seemingly wonder struck, he moved so you could rest your head on his chest. 

    Which you did.

    Face nuzzled into his chest, his arm wrapped around your waist. He brushed the hair away from your face and smiled as you nuzzled deeper into his chest, his thumb brushing against your flour-covered cheek. His heart pounding in his chest, he reached down to peck your forehead softly before pulling back.

     The only sounds he could hear being the sound of the tv and of your gentle breathing. Firstly, he switched the TV off and gently held you close to him, letting his eyes close.

    As he began to drift off, he muttered something under his breath which was not only a promise to you but a promise to himself that he tiredly hoped he would have the courage to follow through with. His voice soft and comforting, a smile on his face as he fell deep into sleep, your head on his chest. 

    “I’ll tell you soon, I promise… Sweet dreams, Sweetheart.”

    END OF CHAPTER 5 ———————————————————————

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 5


    Words: 1.7k

    Trigger Warnings: References to sexual themes and post traumatic stress.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Haneul’s eyelashes fluttered, stirring from her short nap before looking around the bus. The driver was fixated on the road, and there weren’t any passengers that had joined in on the ride. Pulling her head away from the window, the brunette stared out toward the lights that illumined each street and the towering buildings.

    It seemed she had arrived in Seoul.

    She stood up from her seat, rolling her suitcase slowly as she made her way toward the driver, “Ahjussi,” she began and the elderly man smiled at her.

    “What can I do for you?”

    “You can drop me off at the next stop,” she replied. “I can walk the rest of the way…”

    “Oh… are you sure?” He frowned. “It’s dangerous late at night. Why don’t you tell me where you are headed and I can drop you off there?”

    Gwenchana,” Haneul assured him. “It’s not far from here.”

    “Alright then,” he nodded and the next stop closed in. The bus came to a halt and he opened the doors for her, allowing her to step outside. “Be careful, little miss. Wherever you are headed, go there as quickly as you can.”

    “Goodnight,” she bowed, watching the bus driver leave the stop, and Haneul remained on the quiet street. She stood in silence, exhaling before grabbing her suitcase again and rolling it alongside her, walking toward her destination.

    The city was dead at night, with no signs of cars or people walking the streets. The violence must have made the citizens fearful, and they didn’t dare come outside unless it was in broad daylight.

    The brunette was beginning to feel slightly afraid, shivering slightly as the cold air bit away at the skin of her cheeks. She thought if she looked over her shoulder, someone might be following her, or worse. Instead, she walked, eyes planted straight ahead as she made for her destination.

    In several minutes, Haneul found the place she was looking for, staring at the sign that would have been glowing brightly hours ago, but given the state of the city right now, it had to be closed until morning.

    She dug into the pocket of her black jogging sweats, pulling out the key to The Magic Shop and rolling her suitcase inside. Haneul closed the back door, locking it quickly lest the criminals of Seoul’s underworld came following her, and she turned on the heat. The cold, empty storage room was beginning to warm up, and she turned on the lamp on the table, welcoming the comforting silence that surrounded her.

    Crouching to the floor, Haneul opened her suitcase and took out a spare blanket, turning her phone off and placing it on the desk as she settled on the couch, pulling the warm cover over her body and laying on her side, curling into a ball and attempting to sleep. She no longer felt terrorized by the sound of gunshots. She couldn’t see the puddle of blood as it pooled toward her feet, the comfort and safety of The Magic Shop shielding her from the painful memories of the past few days.

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    A tall young male with black hair and youthful features pulled up near the curb, the engine of his car going quiet once he pulled the keys out of the ignition. He stepped out of the car and walked toward the back door of The Magic Shop, unlocking the back door and stepping inside, the warmth of the heat gracing his skin when he entered the storage room.

    That’s odd, the boy thought as he straightened the lapels of his black suit jacket. I could have sworn we turned off the heat last night. He continued to walk deeper into the storage room until he came across the low light of the lamp, a phone on the desk, and curled up on the sofa was Haneul, sleeping soundly with a blanket tucked under her chin.

    Noona!” Soobin knelt before her and shook her gently. “Yah, Noona! Wake up! What are you doing here?!”

    Haneul stirred from her slumber, her lashes fluttering and coming into contact with deep brown eyes. She rubbed her bleary eyes and sat up slowly, glancing at the younger male, “Soobin…”

    “Why are you sleeping here?” He asked. “You should have called us and let us know you were coming!”

    “I…” She began, pulling away from the blanket. “I couldn’t stay there… not when…” She swallowed the lump in her throat, fisting her hands as she recalled how unbearable it was to live in that house.

    “We were planned on going to Icheon this morning,” Soobin explained with a soft grin. “but since you’re here, I’ll call the others.”

    She nodded and watched him stand, pulling out his phone to call Namjoon. In the next hour, Soobin opened The Magic Shop to allow the people to find safety from the rest of the city, and in that time, Haneul was able to take a shower, putting on an elegant sleeveless buttoned flower dress after drying off, the skirt cut short on the right side, making it asymmetrical. She got into her heels and did her makeup, knowing full well now that she was here, she would have to work. She placed her essentials back into her suitcase and stepped into the club, listening to the instrumental music which created a sense of solace for the patrons that filed in. She walked toward the bar, standing behind the counter and ready to serve.

    Namjoon stepped inside, wearing a navy vest over a ruffled white buttondown and slacks, searching the club until he found the counter, his eyes widening slightly, “Haneul!” He ran toward her as she poured a drink for a young woman, her chocolate brown eyes set on the older male. “You came! We wanted to pay—”

    “I did,” she interrupted with a frown. “I think… it was best you didn’t go to Icheon… you wouldn’t want to see me in such a mess…”

    “You should have called at least,” he scolded her gently.

    “I told her the same thing,” Soobin crossed his arms and smiled at her before bowing his head. “The least you could do is allow us to pay our respects to Halmeoni… we’re sorry about what happened. You have our condolences…”

    The brunette gripped an empty glass tightly, staring at the shiny counter while the onset of tears prickled at her waterline. A stray fell, landing onto the counter and Namjoon noticed how tense she was, his brows raised as he leaned over to place a large hand on her small shoulder, “Haneul?”

    “I couldn’t stay there,” she choked, trying her hardest to hold back her sobs, but it was all in vain. “All I could hear was the gunshot! I kept seeing her fall at my feet over and over again! How can I stay there knowing she was killed in our house?!”

    The two males stared as she buried her face in her hands, her shoulders quivering as she cried. She didn’t want anyone to remember her grandmother at that gruesome moment. She wanted them to remember her when she was most vibrant—when she sang and played the piano, when she fed them her most delicious food… when she helped other people. 

    Haneul wished more than anything that she took the bullet instead of her Halmeoni. Why would anyone want to hurt them when they lived a quiet life away from all the terror? She didn’t know anything anymore, and the world that was once full of sunshine and smiles was now dark, selfish, and full of blood. 

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Sehun opened his eyes, meeting the light of the morning through the small crevice of the dark curtains. He could feel a slight weight on his arm and he recalled the night before after he had killed Seungri. He went into one of the many bars in the red light district to have a drink, and he ended up talking to the woman seated next to him. After a few more drinks, they ended up back in his apartment, and he was able to piece together what happened next.

    The woman’s black hair pooled onto the pillow and he carefully removed his arm from under her head, checking his phone to find several texts from Suho and then some from Chanyeol. He made a mental note to call them once he dealt with the woman in his bed.

    The raven-haired male grabbed his boxers and slacks, slipping into them before he felt the mattress shift. He didn’t have to turn around to know the woman was awake. Her arms loomed around his midsection and she pressed several kisses along his shoulder, “Why don’t you come back to bed…?” She suggested quietly. It seemed she was hoping they would end up as more than a one night stand.

    Sehun moved away from her arms and shook his head, entering the password on his lock screen so he could text Suho, “Just get out,” he told her. “Don’t expect to see me again…”

    Oppa,” she whined slightly, pressing her chin to his shoulder this time, pouting. “…please?”

    “I said… get. Out.” He spoke, his tone deathly calm.

    The woman frowned, pulling away slowly before rolling her eyes with a huff. She mumbled under her breath and grabbed her things, putting on her dress and shoes as she let herself out of the apartment. Sehun was now alone, looking over the replies that came from the older males, instructing him to meet them in Gangnam where G-Dragon would be holding a meeting. He prayed it wouldn’t start a war between EXO and BIGBANG and that he would able to understand why they killed Seungri in the first place. BIGBANG was one of the richest crime syndicates in Seoul and anyone who messed with them was known to disappear off the face of the Earth.

    After sending a text to confirm he would join them soon, Sehun stood from the bed, heading toward the washroom to take a shower. It seemed to find that old lady’s killer would have to wait. He hoped her granddaughter was doing alright and he knew what came once an innocent civilian got caught in the violence. He imagined she must have been scared.

    The killer surely made her a target now and he had to figure out why they were his targets in the first place.

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 2


    Word Count: 1375

    Trigger Warnings: None

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    The brunette listened to the soft chatter of the people, all dressed in black hanbok, suits, or dresses, waving their glasses of refreshments in their hands as they remembered the sweet old lady that once brought life into this house.

    She was a kind lady who left the hustle and bustle of Seoul for a quiet life in this town just one hour away. It wasn’t so far away that she would feel the distance of the place that was once her home, but it wasn’t close enough for her to have to see the violence that plagued its streets.

    In this town, she made a difference, listening to the people who lamented their worries at the local clinic where she volunteered. She greeted the people and her neighbors with kindness in her smile and stars in her eyes. She gathering soybean paste for her delicious soup and kimchi to compliment each dish. She played her piano on rainy days to push aside the gloom, and on sunny days, she would walk under the path of apple blossom trees with her beloved granddaughter.

    Life was a multicolored kaleidoscope in the presence of Kang Soonbok, but with her death, the world became grey.

    Haneul would never see her Halmeoni again.

    Upon mulling over that notion, she could feel her tears stinging at her waterline, and her face hardened, staring straight ahead.

    Hold it in.

    That was what her thoughts told her, screaming at her not to make a fool of herself in front of the others. She had to be strong if she wished to continue on.

    Shedding tears wouldn’t bring her back.

    “Neullie…?” A soft voice came from another female, who stood a centimeter shorter than her, her dark hair pulled into a half up-so, her hand on Haneul’s elbow. “Neullie… gwenchana…?”

    She turned toward the girl slowly, inhaling gently and holding her hand, giving her an affirmative, “I will be, Surin…”

    Someone else walked up to her–a young woman with long brown hair, tips dyed blonde, and she pulled the brunette into a hug, “I’m so sorry, Haneul…”

    She chose silence, closing her eyes and hugging her back before pulling away, “I’ll be okay, Unnie…”

    “Your Halmeoni will always be remembered at the clinic. She made a lot of patients and their families smile,” Minsoo assured her. “If you need anything, Surin and I are here for you…”

    Gomawo,” she muttered before taking a step back. “I–I… I need some… time alone… if that’s okay…”

    “Of course,” the younger of the two women nodded vigorously, and Haneul turned around, walking past the people that occupied the living room, traversing through the corridors until she came across those screen doors.

    She slid them open, the scent of floral perfume still permeating the air, the futons with purple sheets were still neatly rolled out on the floor, and there was the low table with incense that would burn on rainy days, the old piano residing in the far corner of the room with the bookshelf staked with many books that had been collected over the years.

    The final items in the room were the two picture frames. There was a handsome man with raven hair and an attractive smile on his plump red lips, his eyes turning to crescent moons, that beauty mark that went unnoticeable just underneath the corner of his right eye. On his arm was her grandmother in her youth, her brown hair falling past her shoulders and a fringe covering her forehead, her chocolate brown doe-like eyes holding stars as she smiled up at her husband.

    The second picture was taken years ago when Haneul was a child. Even as she got older, Soonbok retained that beauty her granddaughter had inherited, a streak of grey in her hair as she smiled at the camera, her laugh lines beginning to show as she held Haneul close to her, who was dressed in a yellow shirt with a mauve-colored dress over it, with stockings and matching mauve Mary-Janes, a wide smile on her soft face with one of her baby teeth missing, her newfound adult tooth growing in.

    Picking up the picture frame, Haneul stared at her grandmother, her vision clouding with tears once again, lips quivering.

    Halmeoni! I love playing the piano and singing with you!

    My Halmeoni is my favorite person in the whole wide world!

    When I’m older, I’m going to help this town just like you!

    I know I’m strong and beautiful because my Halmeoni is!

    Halmeoni! Jeongmal saranghae!

    A single tear dropped onto the face of the picture frame, and Haneul drew out a shaky breath, sniffling and wiping her eyes with her knuckles, endeavoring to stop herself from crying, but her attempts to stay strong had all but vanished. She released a sob, crouching to the floor, clutching the picture frame to her chest as her small shoulders trembled, ultimately allowing herself to cry.

    BogoshipdaBogoshipda, Halmeoni…” She mourned, covering her face in her hand as she sobbed harder.

    We were happy… we were peacefully living our perfect quiet life. Where did it go wrong? Why did she have to leave me so soon? She thought.

    “It’s not fair,” Haneul hiccuped. “It’s not…”

    What she wouldn’t give to turn back time, to be the one to take those bullets instead of the one person who was most important to her.

    “It should have been me…”

    ︻デ═一 ♥

    He stepped into the house, eyes scanning the halls and signing his name in the small booklet, running his long fingers through his blonde hair before setting the bouquet of lilies to the side. He adjusted his suit jacket, bowing toward the guests as he continued to look around, eventually catching two familiar faces in the living room. He ducked underneath the doorframe and called gently.

    “Surin-ah, Minsoo noona,” Ilsung walked toward them and the younger woman smiled with melancholy.

    “Ilsung oppa, you made it.”

    “I had to see her,” he tucked his hands into the pockets of his slacks, furrowing his brows. “This is all so sudden… where is Haneul?”

    “She said she wanted to be alone for a few minutes,” Minsoo explained. “I imagine she’s still somewhere in the house.”

    “I’ll go find her,” he said before thanking them, placing a hand on Surin’s shoulder as he walked past them, walking through the next set of corridors. He heard the sound of quiet sobs coming from one of the bedrooms, following it until he came across the open screen doors.

    His eyes widened slightly, staring down at the brunette who was curled up with the picture frame in her hands, tears cascading down her cheeks.

    The blonde male stepped into the room cautiously, kneeling beside the girl and pulling her hair behind her ear, “Angel…?” He asked and she opened her eyes, meeting his dark gaze with her glistening chocolate ones.

    “It should have been me,” she lamented. “Oppa… I should had taken the hit! Not her! Sh-She’s gone because of me! If I had only stepped in front of her then she would still be here!”

    He couldn’t comprehend what he was hearing. Before he knew it, Il-sung had his arms wrapped around the petite young woman, holding her to his chest as she sobbed loudly, his shirt stained with tears.

    “Don’t you dare say that,“ he told her. "It’s not your fault, okay? You did nothing wrong. She would have put her life on the line for you no matter what.”

    “She’s gone!” Haneul wailed. “Halmeoni…! She’s gone…!”

    He had never seen her this way. Seeing her shed tears stirred this unpleasantness in his chest, squeezing his insides as he felt her shake in his arms. It was like the light in her life had faded, and she was running through the darkness, in search of that luminescence that made her life vibrant.

    “She’s not gone, Angel,” he rubbed her back. He couldn’t bear to see her cry. “Everything is going to be okay, I promise… you’re not alone… you’re not.”

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Chapter 1


    ︻デ═一 ♥

    Word Count: 1149

    Trigger Warnings: None but there is mentions of murder and there is a funeral.

    Dark eyes observed as the people exited the Church, heading toward the memorial service that would be held in honor of the deceased, a bouquet of white lilies tucked in his arm. It seemed he had arrived a little late to the funeral but he could still make up for it by attending the service.

    The countryside wasn’t as bad as he initially thought. If anything, the air was cleaner than Seoul, and the people were very kind. This town was on the outskirts of Seoul, and some of the townsfolk traveled back and forth between here and there for work. The tall male began to walk, tucking a hand into one of the pockets of his slacks as he followed the people toward their destination.

    Aigoo… what will happen to her?” He heard one of the housewives ask her friend.

    “The poor girl… her Halmeoni was young too…”

    “I’m not sure. All I know is that she’s going to live alone now…”

    “And her parents?”

    “They just left her with the old lady when she was a child. They live in America.”

    “And they never even thought of taking them along?!”

    “Such heartless people, leaving an old lady and kind girl behind!”

    He continued to listen to their gossip until he arrived in front of a set of stone stairs leading to a gate. That must be the home of the deceased, and from what the housewives were talking about, her granddaughter lives here as well. He walked up the steps and entered the hanok, which seemed to be in much better condition than he initially thought. It was clean, with wooden planks that had been scrubbed thoroughly and screen doors that opened smoothly as if they had been oiled frequently. The residents of this house seemed to have kept it in perfect condition over the years.

    Taking his shoes off, the raven-haired male entered the house and opened the small booklet on the side table, dragging the pen as he signed his name in an inattentive manner. When he was finished, he walked deeper into the house, eyes scanning the picture frames on the walls, each holding a scenery or a family photo. There was one in particular that caught his eye. It was of the deceased old lady, who smiled toward the camera as she sat on a chair. From her facial features, he could tell the lady must have been very beautiful in her youth. She was in a purple dress and her brown hair held traces of grey.

    Behind her, he assumed, was the woman’s granddaughter. She was petite, with a thin physique, brown eyes, and silky brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders, air bangs covering her forehead. She had a soft face, a small nose, sweet pink lips, and she wore a blue dress, one of her dainty hands pressed to her grandmother’s shoulders as she smiled radiantly. She was like a doll, and she held a resemblance to her grandmother. If time had been turned back, the man believed her grandmother must have looked exactly like her granddaughter in her youth.

    He turned away from the picture and continued to walk into the spacious living room, where he noticed the people conversing with each other quietly. Their eyes darted toward the corner of the room every so often, and he followed their gazes, his eyes widening slightly as he was met with a familiar face.

    There she stood–the girl in the photo, her once shimmering brown eyes looking dark with melancholy, and her lips were thinner, her hair pulled into a ponytail, and she was wearing a black dress instead of that blue one. She had her hands clasped in front of her, her gaze blank.

    She was definitely so much more beautiful up close, and he wished to see her smile as she did in the photo. The women in the cabarets and the prostitutes that called Seoul’s red-light district their home couldn’t compare to this girl. She wasn’t tainted by the horrors of the underworld and she seemed to have lived a wonderful life up until now. Her grandmother must have been the reason behind her comfortable life–a luxury he couldn’t have, and as much as he wanted to leave her untouched by the world he lived in, he was walking toward her.

    Just as he was about to approach her, more whispers filled the room regarding the girl.

    “Haneul isn’t even crying…”

    “Does she feel anything?”

    “I think she’s holding everything in right now…”

    Aigoo… she always suffers alone… this isn’t good for her.”

    “What will she do now? Will she still live here?”

    “Some people are coming from Seoul tonight. These handsome boys who are her friends. I think she’ll be living there from now on…”

    “That makes sense… if I was in her shoes, then I wouldn’t want to live here after what happened…”

    That piqued his interest. What could have possibly happened that led her to make the decision to leave? He would have happily stayed if he wasn’t involved in illegal business. He turned toward one of the housewives that were speaking, “Annyeonghaseyo,” the man spoke quietly, bowing.

    “Ah, annyeong!” She bowed as well, smiling. “Are you a friend of Haneul’s?”

    “I am,” he answered quickly. If he had said anything else, he feared they would grow suspicious of him. “although… I seem to be in the dark. What exactly happened?”

    “You don’t know…?” The other woman asked, whispering now. She looked between the other guests before answering his question. “Haneul’s Halmeoni was murdered…”

    He stared at her in shock before glancing at the girl, who continued to wear that apathetic expression, “M-Mwoya…? Murdered…?”

    “Mm-hmm, murdered!” she answered. “Old man Hyuk said someone broke into this house and shot her multiple times. We aren’t sure why though… we don’t know much about Neullie’s grandmother other than she moved here from Seoul when her granddaughter was born…”

    “I see,” the male bowed graciously before taking a step back. So she didn’t die from natural causes. She was murdered in cold blood, forced to leave her granddaughter behind. A girl like her had to witness such violence when her life was already perfect.

    It was unforgivable.

    Placing the lilies to the side, Sehun pulled out his phone and left the living room, walking through the corridors as he made a call, “Yeoboseyo.”

    “Sehun-ah,” another young man spoke from the other side. “did you find anything?”

    “I did,” he answered, looking back at the house as he stepped into the courtyard. “and you’re right…there was a murder here.”

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Sehun x OC Mafia!AU) [Masterlist] (Ongoing)


    “A diamond is forever…”

    He is a hitman in one of the most ruthless syndicates in the city. She is a singer that runs a cabaret with her friends. The Underworld is where he drowns in blood and sweat. The Magic Shop is where she exchanges her tears for something better.

    After the death of her grandmother, Cho Haneul is left alone before she learns of the dark origins of her family, pulling her into the violence. It isn’t long until she meets the mysterious Oh Sehun that her life begins to change. He is assigned to protect her from those who might kill her. Can Haneul find her way out of the darkness and learn to live with such a man or will the terror of organized crime consume her?

    DISCLAIMER: there will be explicit sexual themes, references to drugs and prostitution, blood, gore, and violence.



    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

    Make sure to reblog is you like this master list or any of the chapters!

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  • image

    Warnings - Mention of Loss, Fluffy Romance and flirting, Sister!Nat playing Matchmaker

    Word Count -  3185

    A/N - This series will be completed by the end of January! Sorry for the delay! December was extremely busy due to university deadlines I had due!

    Masterlist - https://protectthelesbians.tumblr.com/post/189337379588/are-you-wanting-a-heart-warming-fan-fiction-just


     Your POV 

     Both of your arms were occupied as you shuffled to your rickety car, you didn’t drive much due to living above the bakery, you only used it to do the deliveries or to get out of the city to make visits home. Piling the boxes into the backseat, securing the seat belt across them so they’d be secure during the ride. Your patchwork scarf wrapped around your neck as to block the coldness of the wind from breathing up your neck, the weather was dropping in the city quickly, icicles forming from the swaying sign which was being battered around in the wind harshly. 

    Scuttling back to the store, you locked up and flipped on the closed sign before heading back to your car which was waiting for you on the sidewalk. Sliding into the driver’s seat, switching on the engine, your cold fingers fiddling with the heating to try and get some warmth into your bones. It was time to head to Steve’s office, checking for the address in your text messages with him, inputting the address into your google maps app as you sat still parked on the sidewalk. With the google maps voice going off on the seat next to you, using it to direct you through the large and ever-growing city which seemed to expand more with the blink of an eye. Eyes on the road, fingers tapping the wheel to the rhythm of a song you heard on the radio, trying to make it through the traffic and the chaos which was driving in the city. Christmas lights hanging above all the cars, softly twinkling in the December afternoon, bringing a smile to your face with the growing festive cheer.

    The party was 4 days away and you were organising everything you’d need before then. With the menu decided upon somewhat, using today’s delivery as research as to what people in the office liked. You wanted to make something that was one, a crowd-pleaser and two, something that would make people smile. Seeing smiles on your customers faces was the most important thing to you, you weren’t one for confrontation, preferring social harmony. Though sometimes that wasn’t possible, you hoped that someone felt a bit lighter, a bit happier after eating one of your sweet treats.


    Google maps snapped you out of your thoughts, taking a turn to the left and seeing the tall tower which Steve mentioned in his messages was the office. He said that its impossible not to notice the building due to the sheer size of it but also the design, a collaboration piece between Tony Stark and his wife Pepper. After finding a spot and paying for parking, you began to haul the cake boxes out of your car, swaying a little as you became off-balance but re-centered yourself quickly as not to drop the cakes. With boots clicking against the sidewalk, you approached the large doors of the building, feeling intimidated by the sheer size of it all. The atmosphere was heavy, the enclosed space of the reception space felt unnerving. Your bright green coat stood out amongst the monotone colour palette of grey, silver and hints of blue, you stuck out like a sore thumb to the receptionist 

    “May I help you? Do you have an appointment upstairs?” The tight-lipped receptionist eyed you as you struggled to hold the two boxes in your arms, you nodded “I’m here to see Steve Rogers, this is a delivery for him and the people in the building.” You cracked a smile to lighten the mood, but she simply glanced back down to the computer and then back at you “Ah yes, Mr Rogers had you down for 12 o’clock. It’s not 12 o’clock.” The receptionist glared at you, face blank as you eyed the clock for a moment “Well its 11:55, its better to be early than to be late as my grandma used to say.” you held the boxes, hands slightly sweaty.

    The receptionist for a moment opened her mouth, obviously ready to lay it on into you when a voice interrupted the uncomfortable quiet “Alright Janet, no need to be a sourpuss to the visitors, don’t want to make enemies before the Christmas party.” Sam walked in, holding his briefcase, he must’ve come back from a case elsewhere and arrived at just the right time. Sam approached the desk as Janet stuttered “I’ll just lead this little lady up since we’re heading to the same floor, okay Janet?” Janet grumbled and nodded, going back to her Sudoku book which she had on her desk. Sam grinned “Follow me then, want me to take one of those boxes for you?” he asked “Yes please, I don’t want to drop these on the carpet!” giggling as immediately Sam lightened the air as the two of you entered the lift. 

    Sam held one of the boxes and tried to open the lid to catch a peek at what goodies you’d brought “Hands off Wilson! No snatching till we get to the office floor!” Sam retracted his hand “Okay Mooom~.” he teased, making you laugh “Steve was right! you and Bucky are 5 year olds trapped in adult bodies!” making a comeback as Sam quirked a brow “So you and Steve been talking huh? About me and Bucky as well? aw shucks I ought to blush!” Further proving Steve’s point which he’d made in texts, that didn’t stop you from blushing at Sam’s insinuating tone at you and Steve talking together. You were saved by the bell as a gentle *bing* rang and the doors to the lift opened revealing the office floor. 

    Sam led you out and glanced around the office, the only sound was that of keys clacking from quick typing from the many desks which littered the room. Glancing around, you saw a sea of people just sat at their desks, eyes on their computer screens which only small whispers of chattering could be heard. Sam touched your shoulder “Let’s go see the big boss before these delicious smelling treats get snatched up.” carrying the box of treats under one arm as he led you through the office to a separate office. The walls of the office were made of glass, the room was sleek and modern in style, in the corner of the office was someone wearing a deep blue, almost black suit. When the person turned around, it felt like that moment back in the bakery as you locked eyes with Steve through the glass, your little heart couldn’t handle this. His soft golden hair styled away back from his face, the beard shaping his features giving him the rugged look but also still professional and powerful in this work-setting. Raising your hand gently, you waved to him softly as you saw him crack a smile when you did so.  

    Sam opened the door to Steve’s office, light was shining in through the glass walls and shining onto Steve’s face gently, the same brief beam of winter sunshine hit your eyes as you entered the office with Sam, making you squint for a moment. Hands holding one of the cake boxes, you walked up to Steve happily “Delivery for Steve Rogers.” you joked as Steve smiled “Why thank you, Ma’am.” he winked faintly and glanced at the two boxes of cakes “We should get these out on the office floor, Sam’s drooling on the box.” making you laugh, to Sam’s dismay. Steve held the door to his office open for you and guided you towards a table where stood a coffee maker, a water cooler and a sad looking fruit bowl with clearly neglected apples and oranges. Placing the boxes down on the table, you began pulling paper plates and recyclable cutlery from your backpack, all would be able to be recycled when you brought the rubbish back to the bakery. 

    Gently, you lifted the lid from the cake box, revealing colourful desserts filling the box to the brim, varieties of danishes, pastries to cakes and muffins. Each muffin baked beautifully, golden and risen and puffed up, airy and not too heavy. Cupcakes were iced intricately, the icing never fell or drooped down, the sweet coating swirled and pulled up into a peak which hadn’t been dented. Decorations littered the cupcakes top, varying from candy canes to snowflake sprinkles, some had little festive toppers such as a Santa face or reindeer made of icing. People from their desks watched as you set up the table, Steve helping you which made them raise a brow in confusion, never seeing their boss like this before. Standing back from the table, you watched as one by one, people rose from their desks and wandered over to the table to investigate. Nerves rose from your stomach to your face, cheeks becoming warm and as did your whole body, Steve’s hand brushed against your shoulder “Would you like to take off your coat, you look rather warm.” With your head turning to look at him, you nodded and unzipped your coat and peeled it off your arms, still wearing your apron from this morning underneath, not a dirty apron but an apron nonetheless. 

    The festive apron standing out against the formal business wear which everyone was wearing, most definitely. 

    But you broke out of that thought as you saw these tired business-folk, fatigued from their work and the energy of the holidays, brighten up as they took a bite into the treats you brought in for them. Sam had sneaked in and taken a few danishes for himself, Steve still stood beside you as you felt your heart swell. The down-trodden atmosphere of the office when you entered now gone, like you cast a magic spell over them and rid them of their fatigue for a just a moment during their lunch-break. Steve chuckled and looked at his employees, chatting together happily as they devoured the sweet treats you had brought in. 

    A few people came up to you, empty paper plates covered in the remains of whichever treat they’d devoured, eyes almost childlike as they began to compliment you on your treats. As a small business owner, reaching out to a large audience like this was extraordinary, you had your usual customers and a few delivery jobs you did for the bakery, but you never had this sort of outreach before. People asking about where you were based and being interested in your growing bakery, quickly reaching into your jacket pocket, said jacket placed on a chair close to the table. Handing out a few business cards to the interested people, smiling and chatting with everyone. Occasionally turning your head to look at Steve, who was still stood by your side and smiling. 

    Steve’s other close friends and colleagues came up to you such as Wanda and Nat, holding their own paper plates in hand. They seemed like they would get on so well with your best friend, Dot, especially Nat with her strong personality. But you could tell she had a sweet side to her, especially by the choice of dessert she chose, a simple cupcake with sprinkles powdered atop it. 

    Wanda smiled “So you’re the baker that’s catering for the party?” her voice sweet and kind, you nodded “Yes! I’m doing market research to see what you guys like before the party, want to make a people pleaser kind of treat!” smoothing out the wrinkles of your apron “I think everything you brought is a people pleaser to be fair.” Nat pointed her finger to the near empty cake-boxes where only two cupcakes left, the entire spread had been devoured “W-Wow!” you retrieved the remaining cupcakes and had one yourself “I think anything you make will be a crowd-pleaser (YN), literally anything.” Nat laughed and licked smeared icing off of her finger. Smiling, you glanced to Steve who’d retreated into his office when you weren’t looking and glancing to a frame which was on his desk.

    That’s when you remembered.

    Reaching into your bag, you pulled out a small paper bag which was adorned with festive design but also your logo for the bakery “Excuse me for just a moment.” You walked through the small crowd of people surrounding the tiny table in the office, bag in hand. Squeezing past the crowds of people to reach the door to Steve’s office, his eyes still affixed to the photo frame. Softly, you knocked on the door, breaking Steve’s eyes from staring at the frame and locked on you. He gave you his usual smile, using his hand to motion for you to enter, ushering you inside. 

    Heading into his office with the door closing behind you, stepping up to his desk where he was sat “For you.” handing the paper bag to him which held another treat you’d chosen for him specifically. By now, you’d learnt what he liked in his desserts. Steve grinned “You are full of surprises, Miss (YN).” He took a peek into the bag to see what you’d brought him “I try my best Mr Rogers.” shrugging and looking around his office, sneaking a look at the photo he’d been looking at on his desk.

    It was a photograph of a younger Steve, not much younger but by the lack of beard you could tell that this was some time ago, in his arms he held a small baby, definitely Sarah, who looked no older than 5 months in this photograph. Her little head dusted with golden blonde hair that looked almost white in the light of the photograph. Steve, who had opened the bag for the sweet treat and had just taken a bite, had spotted you looking at the photograph “That’s from Sarah’s first December, she was so entranced by the snow.” Speaking fondly of his daughter. 

    Smiling, you looked at Steve “She’s an amazing little girl, Steve. She’ll steal so many hearts. I can already tell.” You admitted, those round brown eyes which resembled warm honey, could and would melt anyone’s heart. Steve chuckled “She’s stolen mine completely and utterly, guess that just come’s with being a parent.” he took another bite of the muffin you’d chosen for him today. Glancing to Steve, you just nodded and sighed contently as your eyes looked around his office. 

    “You know you always hum Christmas songs when you’re daydreaming?” Steve broke your wandering eyes which were gazing out of the window of his office “Got a problem with that mister? I happen to like being in a festive spirit.” Cheeks adorned with a soft shade of pink as Steve chuckled “Okay Mrs Clause! I get it! Just because I’m not as big of a fan of Christmas as you, no need to be like that.” You laughed at that “Mrs Claus? Well okay then, Mr Grinch!” winking as Steve laughed loudly, sitting back in his chair. The sound of his laughter ringing throughout the office which made everyone’s head turn for a moment and they tilted their heads, hearing the sound of their usually stoic boss laughing an almost jolly laugh. Steve placed his hand over his mouth for a moment as you smiled widely “As retaliation for your dislike for anything festive, I will leave this here on your desk! To spread some Christmas cheer!” joking around with him as you retrieved one of the icing cake toppers that was on your cupcake and placed it atop his name plaque. 

    A small red robin placed atop his plaque “There!” sticking out your tongue as you affixed it onto the plaque, concentrating. Smiling as you saw him raise his brows “You are ridiculous but that’s what I like about you.” Steve eyed the robin cake topper and looked up at you “Then I will continue to be ridiculous, Mr Grinch.” crossing your arms just like he usually did and faked a grumpy face which immediately dropped when you noticed the time “Oh dammit! My parking runs out in 5 minutes!” Not wanting to get a ticket on such a happy day for you, Steve shook his head “Time to make a break for it.” to which you nodded and waved bye to Steve “I’ll see you later Steve! I’ll text you your bill for today.” winking jokingly as you left his office and gathered the rubbish and empty cake boxes, going to take those back to be composted at the bakery. 

    “I’ll look forward to it!” Steve called out as you entered the lift and descend down to the ground floor, rushing to your car before you got a ticket. Rushing past reception, you stopped for a split second and retrieved the final cupcake from the box and placed it on Janet’s desk “Have a nice day, Janet!” Hoping that would make the disgruntled receptionist finally smile. Which it did, you rushed out the door to your car and just getting their by the skin of your teeth. Piling all the rubbish into the back of your car and into the boot. Taking a final glance up to the Avengers Building before getting into the driver’s seat and starting your journey back to the bakery.

    Meanwhile, still up in the building. Two women stood with their backs resting against the wall as they were standing in silence. Nat’s fiery red hair cut so that it hit her jawline with a strand swept behind her ear, the pearl earring exposed, her eyes trained on her long-time friend who was in the office across from her. She cared for him like a brother. Truly. 

    “You know, I’ve not seen him smile like that since you know….” Wanda broke the silence between the two of them and looked at Nat who just sighed and gave a simple nod. She had been watching the two of you from their position in the room intently and especially when (YN) had left. Nat glanced to her friend “I know, Wan. I know.” thinking back for a moment and glancing back to Steve’s office “But I think he’s finally ready. Ready to have that again. He deserves it and I think she’s good for him.” Nat cracking a smile, Wanda couldn’t help but smile when she spotted Steve who was sat at his desk and in his hand he held the robin cake topper and moved it from the name plaque to atop the photograph of him a Sarah. His finger tracing the details of the little robin decoration. 

    Holding it as if it was the most delicate and his most treasured object. Nat smiled “Yeah I think she’s just what he’s missing.” The missing puzzle piece which was missing from Steve’s life for the past 5 years. And from what Nat could see and hope, you seemed to fit perfectly in that blank space in Steve’s heart. She just hoped that Steve had the grasp the opportunity before it runs away from him, he deserved all the happiness and so did that little girl who he’d raised. 

    All they needed now was a Christmas miracle. 



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  • “What, the Woman in White case back in Jericho? Yeah, of course I remember that, it was our first case. That was just about a week after we met, right after Dad went missing. I gotta say, sometimes I miss those days. Everything was a lot easier back then, all I had to deal with was a vengeful spirit hunting men down on a five-mile stretch of blacktop and your smart ass.” ~ Dean Winchester

    Find The Ties That Bind, a Supernatural series rewrite, on FFNet, Ao3, and Wattpad. Just look for TinkerbellBleu.

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  • image

    A hybrid is a being that has the features of an animal and is often faced with cruelty for being different from the rest of society.
    Oh Sehun, a charming cat hybrid is found severely injured during a rainstorm on the doorstep of Cho Ha-Neul’s home. After saving him from certain death, they begin to live together, bridging the gap between humans and hybrids.

    Chapter 1

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  • As usual, the preview’s a rough draft. It might be edited and a little different when it’s actually posted.

    Also, here’s the new cover! It’s similar to the old one, but I definitely prefer this :)


    MacCready bit his lip as Little Lamplight came into sight, casting a glance in Xara’s direction. “You remember our cover story?”

    “Yup.” She gave him a nudge and clasped her hands behind her back. “You’re sure the bikes are safe at your farm?”

    “Safe as kittens,” he confirmed with a nod, adjusting the rifle on his back. “And you remember the plan, right?”

    She chuckled. “Of course I do. You’re going to cozy up to Hayes and try to get on the next field mission he goes on. When that happens, I’m getting into his office and grabbing the F19. I’ll leave when I have it, and I’ll radio you when I’m a safe distance away.”

    “And I’ll radio you if something goes wrong on my end,” he added.

    “Exactly.” Xara cleared her throat and stuffed her hands in her pockets. “Simple. Nothing’s going to go wrong, though, so.”

    He eyed her for a moment but neglected to respond. Things always went wrong – it was just a matter of when it happened, and how badly. Instead, he jerked his chin toward the entrance to his childhood home, now flanked by two soldiers in power armor. “Think they’ll let us in?”

    She shrugged and laced her fingers through his, giving him a playful grin. “Only one way to find out, husband.”

    MacCready almost yanked his hand back. It had been ages since anyone made that kind of gesture, and he wasn’t entirely certain how he felt about it. Still, it was part of their cover story, so he had to endure. He breathed a sigh and tightened his grip on her hand as they approached the Enclave soldiers.

    They raised their guns as MacCready and Xara neared, as expected, and it prompted the two to stop. “Halt!” The one on the left barked. “State your names and business!”

    Xara stepped up, offering a sheepish smile as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Melanie and Liam Tate. We’re vault dwellers from Iowa looking to join the Enclave.”

    The two men paused and looked to each other, then the one on the right sighed. A hiss came from the power armor as he exited and stepped out, revealing himself to be a tall, built blonde. He approached MacCready and Xara, eyeing them curiously. “Vault dwellers, huh? Which one?”

    “Vault 118,” she stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

    “And what was the experiment they conducted?”

    MacCready huffed and stepped up next to Xara. “Not that it’s any of your business, but it was a control vault. It only opened a few years back because the water chip finally broke down.”

    The man crossed his arms as well and glared down at MacCready. Even outside the power armor, he still towered over the pair. “It is our business. You’re here trying to join us – and we’ve had people trying to claim they’re vault dwellers before, so Commander Hayes told us to start asking.” He paused, then rolled his eyes. “That said, he wanted all the vault dwellers brought straight to him.”

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