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  • aw there’s only one step up high water fic in existence

    #fanfiction things #step up: high water #i was hoping there'd be some tal/dondre fic #i guess i have to write it #i'm going to #eventually
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  • Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

    Roman is Alexander Hamilton

    Logan is Aaron Burr

    Virgil is Hercules Mulligan

    Patton is Laurens

    Andy (from Sanders Shorts) is Lafayette

    Thomas is George Washington

    Emile Picani is Eliza

    Remy is Angelica

    Critic/Dice is Peggy

    Remus and Joan are Jefferson and Madison, respectively

    Deceit is Mariah Reynolds

    Orange Side is Phillip Hamilton

    Some things to consider:

    Drunk bois in both the Story of Tonight and the Story of Tonight Reprise. Also in Aaron Burr, Sir, and My Shot.

    Helpless and Satisfied featuring Emile and Remy, respectively

    Thomas when he finds out that Patton fucking shot a man for him and that Roman was helping him 


    Andy rapping in Guns and Ships


    Virgil’s rap in Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

    Emile telling Roman that Patton’s dead after the war is over.

    Logan with his husband Theo and their lil adopted daughter Theodosia and him singing to her.

    Remus wearing a magenta suit and singing What’d I Miss

    Remus and Roman angrily rapping at each other in both the cabinet battles. 


    Remus being a snarky little bitch in Washington On Your Side

    The fucking emotion you’d have in One Last Time when Thomas goes home.

    Emile in Burn.

    Roman and Emile in the Stay Alive Reprise and It’s Quiet Uptown.

    The utter sass between Roman and Logan in Your Obediant Servant


    okay I’ll shut up now but HOOOO BOY there’s some good stuff in there

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  • #I told you I would do it #Eventually #* mun art #Mobile //
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  • my followers used to my she ra bullshit


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  • I’ve updated the navigation links on Lookin’ for Love! 

    Sorry that fell off my radar. I’ve been playing a lot of animal crossing 😓

    #dl#text post#non-sims#kinda sims#since#sim story #the links will probably always be a day or two behind #but I'll#eventually #get to them #blog update #hope people are doing okay
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  • (continued from here)

    Jaskier met her violet eyes. “You don’t know for sure that it’s in order. I could be maimed for life, unable to complete my… functions.” 

    Yen slowly brought her hand up and over his shaft, carefully dragging her fingernails over the head. “You’re right. You should give it some exercise.” She reached for one of his soft, girlish hands. 

    “Hey now, I don’t have any special expertise.” He curled his fingers around her hand and held it, in a tiny battle of very stupid wills. “Surely your healing powers would give you greater insight.” 

    From behind them, “Show her your party trick,” rasped Geralt, smiling into the last of the wine. Yen snapped her head around. “Party trick?” 

    “Dammit Geralt, a little support? Hey!” Yen had a fairly good idea of what “party trick” Geralt might be referring to, but to be quite sure she had just a little pry into Jaskier’s mind. Aside from the bard’s quite immediate desire to coat her breasts in his own fluids, a frozen image stood out of a particularly festive Belletyne with an audience of cheering yokels, his stomach sucked in and spine bent unnervingly… 

    “Well,” smiled Yen. “I think a trade might be fair. You might say… tits for tat.” 

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  • I fucking loooove my girlfriend. She’s so pretty and my nice

    #were lowkey like valkyrie and militsa #im brunette and edgy snd shes ginger and bubbly but so fuckin cool #i wish i could SEE her #eventually#sp#valitsa#valkyrie cain
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  • Send me a character, and I’ll write one sentence each on the following themes:

    (Favorite) Color



    Mythological Creature




    Role Model


    Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Cardinal Virtues

    #memes by me #in case people need/want other writing exercises as distraction #here you go #feel free to reblog #any fandom any character #they'll be up...um #eventually
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  • image

    for skin tone 5!


    skin-tone: 1

    #animal crossing new horizons #acnh#acnl qr#pattern#ac #figure ill do All the skin colors #eventually
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  • jon and martin would be good dads eventually

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  • i feel like i’m about to pass out and i don’t know why asdflkn

    #Valerie Rambles #i am... so... tired... #not rlly??? feelin' bad??? atm??? #just v v v v v tired #i need a fuckin' nap asdlkfjn #unless i can wake myself up a bit more; i don't think i'mma start on that chapter today asdfkljn #sorry y'all... #i know that probably nobody is interested in it; but #i dunno #i like it #i'm invested in mine story #and i'mm gonna post about it #eventually #'s more for me than anyone else
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  • unfortunate quarantine discoveries: apparently you can be “allergic” to different kinds of toilet paper

    #allergic is in scare quotes because its not QUITE the right word #but you can apparently REACT BADLY to cheap toilet paper #luckily we have other toilet paper #like its not in short supply here so...hopefully this should work out #eventually
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  • fuck it. mushroom kid. they’re twelve

    (”they” not because of gender, but because theyre a hivemind)

    #the town of nowhere #tton oc #also I WILL get to making an oc that isnt just normal body but cool head #eventually
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  • Fully obsessed with Daniel and Betty’s friendship circa S2

    they are so supportive and enthusiastic on each other’s behalf, the show is letting them be sweet and earnest with each other and not forcing them into conflict even when the rest of the plot is full bananas and I just think they’re neat

    #ugly betty#betty suarez#daniel meade #do i ship it? #eventually #but its so nice that they get to be real friends
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  • every single time my mom tries to set me up with someone I just laugh. She has no clue that setting me up with a nice boy is a bad decision.. because I’m a bad girl that would corrupt the fuck out of them.. well corrupt them or scare the fuck out of them idk 😝😈

    #personal#funny#im chillin #being single sucks sometimes #im somewhat hopefully that i'll find my person #eventually
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  • Me: hungry almost every hours

    hungry night now.

    Also me: dying to eat only when the other person i live with, goes to work.

    The struggle ;-;

    #ooc #i'il get up and eat #eventually #it just feels awkward with them present
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  • Your Curse is my Command

    Ready for idiots in love?


    Chapter 2

    “Look at me,” Geralt ordered. Jaskier wasn’t going to look at him, of course he wasn’t when suddenly his head lifted completely against his will.

    “Geralt, something strange is going on, this isn’t normal. Look, I’m serious, ever since we walked out of that house something… I don’t know. Look it feels funny. I don’t feel like myself, I just-“

    Geralt raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

    “No! Stop it with that face! I’m being serious!”

    “Oh shut up!” Geralt said and suddenly Jaskier’s mouth snapped shut.

    “Oh wow, that was fast,” he commented. Jaskier smacked his chest. He grunted in pain. Jaskier gestured wildly to his shut mouth, waving his arms around in panic.

    “What, Jaskier?” the bastard sounded impatient.

    Jaskier tried to groan but no sound escaped, only a comical display of body language was left.

    Why was this man so dense?


    “I never thought I’d say this but just talk, Jaskier.”

    The bard seemed to regain his linguistic abilities and screamed, “Something is wrong!”

    Geralt frowned.

    “Uhh.” Jaskier fiddled with his fingers and bit his lip, looking like he was searching for something to say. “Ah, tell me to do something.”

    Geralt frowned some more. Jaskier looked at him expectantly.

    “Uhhh, raise your hand?” Jaskier’s hand shot up.

    “What the hell! Look!” he shouted, staring at his raised arm in terror. “I can’t control anything! What the fuck?!”

    The man looked terrified. He began shaking, Geralt’s eyes widened as he saw him starting to tremble. “Good gods, put your hand down. Relax!” he said. Jaskier instantly relaxed above him.

    “Don’t tell me to relax! Don’t tell me to do anything! I don’t like this,” he moaned.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I can’t…” He searched for words. “-Not do what you tell me. I can’t control it. At all. Please do something!”

    “I’m sorry, just ah, do what you want.”

    “No no no no no,” Jaskier protested even as he moved closer. “Try, do as you see fit? That worked. Or something? Anything else!”

    “Do as you see fit!” Geralt said quickly, Jaskier moved away instantly and sighed in relief. How odd.

    They stared at each other, which was a more frequent experience than one would expect in their daily lives. Jaskier made a ‘well?’ gesture. Well? Well Geralt didn’t know, how was he supposed to know?

    “How should I know? Spells and curses aren’t exactly my area of expertise.”

    “Well, what do we do then?”

    “I don’t know, what if I order you to not to do anything I say?”

    “Won’t that just have the opposite effect? That won’t help. What if we break some law or something, what if we get stuck like that and then whenever you tell me to do something you’ll have to tell me what not to do.”

    “Yes, alright just-“

    Jaskier cut him off with a finger to his lips. “Don’t you dare.”

    Geralt sighed. “We have to go see Yennefer,” he said.

    Jaskier groaned. “Yennefer? Why do we always have to go to her? She doesn’t like me,” he complained. Geralt chuckled. “What is it with you and Yennefer?”

    Geralt shrugged, “She’s the smartest person I know. She’s a sorceress, she’ll know what to do.”

    “She’ll know what to do,” he mocked. “Where is Yennefer anyway,” Jaskier asked, trying to sound casual but Geralt could hear the venom in the way he said her name.

    “Close,” is all he said.

    Jaskier scoffed. “Well anyway I’m not disinfecting this anymore, I can’t stomach it. I’m sorry but I can’t”

    “It’s fine just clean it with water.”

    “Geralt don’t order me to do things!” He moaned as he angrily picked up the cloth with the water that was still lying next to him. It was already red with blood.

    “Sorry, do as you will.”

    Oh, this was a recipe for disaster.

    “Promise me you won’t abuse this… curse,” Jaskier demanded as he bandaged the cut.

    “Fine,” Geralt sighed, “but I can’t promise not to have some fun.”

    Jaskier gasped. “You wouldn’t.”


    When Yennefer opened the door of her latest manor to see Geralt and his pet bard standing on the doorway with expressions of lost puppies on their faces, she rolled her eyes so hard she was surprised she didn’t see what the hell she was thinking when she let them in.

    She led them to an artfully decorated sitting room and motioned for them to sit before bringing them all a pint of ale because heavens knew she would need it. And some biscuits, because self-love was important.

    “So,” she started crossing a leg, “what did you do?”

    She wholeheartedly expected Geralt to deny that they had come for her help but Jaskier didn’t give him a chance. He didn’t even bother to pretend they were here for tea and biscuits and started rambling immediately. It was a refreshing change from Geralt’s stubbornly short sentences.

    “So the other day we were in this city and there was a sorceress there, we didn’t catch her name-“

    “Maryan Helsing,” Geralt filled in.

    “Maryan Helsing?!” Yennefer nearly spit out her drink, her eyes went wide. “She’s the craziest sorceress on the continent!”

    “Thank you Geralt. Anyway-“ Jaskier put a hand on his knee in thanks. Yennefer raised her brows in anticipation for him to sweep it off, smack it away or even just move his knee away but he never did and the hand stayed even though Geralt looked very uncomfortable. Now that was interesting.

    “-She’d apparently just appeared in the city all of a sudden, and put the lord under a spell like you did with Geralt once-” Yennefer narrowed her eyes at the mention and Jaskier immediately steered away from the subject. “– for no reason and the lord was obviously out of his mind and doing the gods know what and then a lord’s wife who had been visiting family, and let me tell you she was a useless piece of gossip, came and cried to Geralt about it, and now imagine everyone has been talking about the famous Witcher and how he hunts monsters for years now and still they’re asking Geralt to kill people. How stupid can you be.”

    Jaskier rolled his eyes dramatically. It was cute how defensive the feral little bard got. For a bard, he really was quite bad at recounting their misadventures. Yennefer only looked into the drink she’d been swirling and took another sip.

    “Now the wife tells him to kill the witch because she has their son, their son! And she said it so casually! Now anyway I wasn’t there at the time so of course Geralt decided to get involved. Again.”

    That was a familiar line. Geralt looked offended but didn’t get a chance to say anything.

    “And then nearly got himself killed trying to reason with the woman who was very clearly absolutely deranged! Maniacal laughter and death threats included, according to Geralt. And then she poured some salt on the ground and started chanting. And the salt crept around him and made a circle, all the while the boy was sitting behind a table and crying his lungs out, he was traumatized! And the circle sealed and suddenly there was a hurricane in the room.”

    Honestly how had he gotten all that out of a man who talked as much as a brick. Oooooh wait a minute, she knew where this was heading. These absolute idiots, how were they both still alive?

    “And then she stopped and started doing I don’t know what so Geralt kind of, ahh,” he gestured vaguely.

    “You killed her?” Yennefer demanded. “Before she could finish the spell?”

    “Well she looked finished,” Geralt grumbled. Yennefer groaned.

    “And then I rushed into the room because I heard Geralt was out getting himself killed. And then I don’t know what happened but watch this.” He gestured for Geralt to say something.

    The Witcher sighed but spoke, “Stand up.” Jaskier stood up immediately. Now that was unfair, Geralt had never done what she told him to and neither had the bard.

    “Take off your shirt,” Geralt said casually. Jaskier started untucking his shirt even as he protested.

    “What? Wait, Geralt no! You said you wouldn’t take advantage of this! Make it stop!”

    Geralt chuckled in amusement but relented, “Alright stop.” Jaskier immediately ceased any action and stopped comically midair, shirt still half off.

    “Right, sorry. Do what you want.” Jaskier started took a step toward Geralt.

    “Uh Geralt,” his voice rose higher in panic. “Not that one.”

    “Do as you will!”

    Yennefer frowned, how curious. What had Jaskier wanted to do? Jaskier relaxed and turned to her. “Well this is the problem and I don’t know what we did.”

    Geralt was still smiling. She’d never seen Geralt smile as much as he did in the past few minutes. A smile looked nice on him. And how on earth did Jaskier get all that out of the man? Talking to him was like talking to a wall.

    Oh. Oh of course! It hit her then. He was in love! The Witcher was in love. They both were! Gods they were idiots. It had only taken her minutes to figure it out. Minutes. They were in love!

    She sighed. “I’ll tell you what you did.”

    Jaskier sat down next to Geralt, so close that Geralt tensed, but he didn’t move or shove the bard away. And they didn’t know. Yennefer took a biscuit from the tray.

    You,” she pointed at Jaskier with the biscuit, “stepped into the circle, like an idiot. You should know not to step into funny looking circles. And you,” she gestured to Geralt, “said his name.” She took a bite of the accusatory biscuit. “And now you have to do what he says because you finished the spell.”

    “For how long?” Jaskier asked.

    “Indefinitely,” Yennefer lied. She’d fix it when she was done playing.

    “Indefinitely?” Geralt demanded. “What do you mean indefinitely?”

    “It means you’ll have to wait it out,” Yennefer said sarcastically and got up. “Well you’re welcome to stay here a while if you like. I’d rather recommend it, what with the unpredictability of her magic. And the weather is about to take a turn for the worse over the next few weeks.”

    Well the weather was going to be horrid, that much was true but Geralt and Jaskier were still gaping like fish. Oh matchmaking was fun.

    “Unfortunately I only have one guestroom,” she lied further. “You’ll have to share the bed but you always do, so I hope you don’t mind. Come on, I’ll give you a tour.”

    Jaskier paled and Geralt’s eyes widened at the word ‘share’. She had to repeat the offer for the tour. They were adorable.


    Jaskier barely retained any information during the tour except the location of the guestroom and the bathroom next to it. “You’ll have to share the bed” ran like a mantra through his head.

    After supper, Geralt procured Yennefer’s help to make his potions and Jaskier decided to take his chance at privacy and have a hot bath and then retreat to their room.

    He stared at the bed, it was large and fluffy and all too inviting. It looked like a cloud and with further experimentation, he discovered it felt like one too. This was going to be awkward. They hadn’t shared a bed in months, and worst of all not since Jaskier had discovered he had feelings for Geralt.

    He got dressed for bed quickly and climbed under the sheets. The bed seemed to hug him and the pillows were a piece of heaven itself. But all this felt like a secondary experience to Jaskier, all his mind wanted to think about was Geralt, Geralt, Geralt, Geralt is going to sleep in this bed.

    He couldn’t escape it. Eventually he shut his eyes and hoped Geralt would only come to bed after he’d fallen asleep and wake up after Jaskier did, if only to save them both the awkwardness that was waking up in the same bed. Possibly entangled. He had a long history of cuddling in his sleep and it wasn’t going to benefit him now.

    No, Geralt wouldn’t appreciate that. At all. But he wasn’t exactly going to sleep on the floor or the couch in the sitting room so with a sigh and a prayer he climbed into bed and hoped for the best.


    Geralt opened the door of the guestroom he’d been shown to earlier to see Jaskier sprawled out over the sheets. He slept on his stomach, hugging a pillow and most notably, shirtless.

    One look at his sleeping form, smooth, freshly cleaned skin hiding the barest hint of muscle gained from their adventuring, one look of how his spine made a perfect curve, and his already sleep mussed hair, of his face was pressed into the pillow, eyelashes making long shadows over his cheeks, one look of Jaskier and Geralt promptly closed the door as quickly as he had opened it.

    He leaned back against the door and slid down slowly and frankly pathetically until he was sitting on the floor, head in his hands and thinking:

    Oh fuck.


    Well, the gods evidently had a personal vendetta against him, and had decided to completely ignore his prayers. Jokes on them, he didn’t believe they were worth being prayed to anyway.

    When he woke up, Geralt was nowhere to be found.

    Awful things immediately started running through his head. Had the Witcher woken with him on top of him, using him as a pillow? Or had he woken with entangles limbs and a bard in his arms. He seriously debated just staying in the bed but decided it would accomplish nothing and got dressed and headed downstairs to find his possibly last breakfast.

    But there Geralt was, solemn as ever and looking no more inclined to murder than usual. Jaskier even poked him on his very muscled arm, to which he only got a what-the-fuck-do-you-want stare, a specialty.

    Had he ever been in the bed? If so, how had Jaskier not noticed? He wasn’t a heavy sleeper, he usually woke up when Jaskier came back to a rented tavern room in the middle of the night, covered I blood and gore. He would have noticed, right? Had he not slept at all? He should be able to see that, dark circles or something. Maybe he had meditated. Well in any case, Jaskier was still alive and as far as he could tell, Geralt wasn’t even mad at him.

    So he shut his mouth and went on with his day.


    Next chapter up soon! Probably tomorrow, thanks to quarantine I have a lot of time on my hands. Please leave likes and comments for me <3

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  • But i know why I’m waiting. I never said I didn’t know why i was, i just stated that i am. I wait, because i believe one day it can work out for us, an we will be an unstoppable pair. Our love could ignite the night sky if we let it, and thats what gives me hope. The love that i feel when i look into your eyes, getting lost in the ocean blue of them, or sometimes sky grey or field green, is what keeps me going. The absolute and pure joy of wearing your hoodie and smelling you, even when you’re not here, and the feeling i get when i get to gush about you to my friends because they ask me who’s hoodie is that or who’s that on your lock screen, or why I’m always so happy when I’m texting “mon amour”. And i know that, for now, the love is unreachable, but i can not deny the fact that when you told me you were gonna kiss me that night but were afraid it would make things awkward or would ruin our friendship, i felt pure regret. Because i, too, wanted nothing but for you to kiss me. is it selfish of me to want you this bad?

    #in love#hopeless romantic#love#love quotes #i love him #ocean eyes#for him #la douleur exquise #one day #one day i hope #eventually #be my forever #eventual happy ending #eventual love #i want him #does he know #does he want me too #i can only hope #i can only dream #but#my#heart#aches#for#him#and#it#always#will
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