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  • boooal
    19.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    i may not be a perfect person but at least i don't put character hate into that character's tag on tumblr.com

    #like it doesn't make me particularly angry or anything #i just don't understand the point lmao #it just seems #idk #petty? #i mean if someone is going into a character tag it's most likely because they like that character #so what compels people to put shit like 'lol this character is trash and so is literally everyone who likes them' there #i know some people might have those characters blacklisted/filtered but at the same time #if they DO have those characters bl'd then they're probably going to share your opinion anyway so why bother? #like you could just #you know #not be an ass #LOL#general
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  • charincharge
    19.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #just a small taste of what’s going on in my inbox rn #I swear I will answer all of your asks later tonight or tomorrow #gotta give everyone a chance to read before I spam with asks #but I hear you and I see you and I’m sorry #idwtw ask
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  • 3000yearmonarch
    19.04.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    ((What if the pack of cigarettes Val carries around for theatrical purposes weren’t even cigarettes? What if they were those fake chocolate ones?))

    #fun fact I once brought some packs of these into my history class #I don't remember the reason but it was relevant to what we were studying #and I walked around the room in the chill pre-warmup question time when everyone was cramming and asked if they wanted them #the teacher thought it was great #the teacher was also one who taught us how to form a British firing square so it was right up his alley #anyways the chocolate tastes really cheap but imagine him just taking a bite of one while 'smoking' #out of history #Tarnished Metal (Valere)
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  • uraharapropoganda
    19.04.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    cannot fucking wait to take my dog away from her awful fucking parents

    #theyre fucking bullies #they take everything from her and whenever she comes near me her mother attacks her #and the people they live with just laugh #oh haha my fucking puppy is getting attacked daily by her mother thats really funny isnt it??? fuck off #i want to fucking kill them #they get angry if i do anything about it and i dont live there yet so i just have to *deal* with it #ohhh my god WHY WONT EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP #THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS CAR #SHUT THE FUCK UP #personal i guess #animal abuse tw
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  • janhooks
    19.04.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i feel special and unique for wanting a vaccine but still being unable to get an appointment

    #just because of logistics because i'm moving somewhere tbd in less than 3 weeks #my other teammates who wanted to be vaccinated already got their first one but they didn't have enough slots for everyone #so it's just me all by my lonesome...
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  • georgelore
    19.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Imagine if i woke up to a george stream...

    #just imagine... #i'm looking at you directly george #anywaysssss#goodnight everyone #what a chaotic day it has been on 404blr #can't wait to re-live it all again tomorrow #byeeee#marie talks
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  • dykelouis
    19.04.2021 - 20 minutes ago


    #just wanna complain about larries for a second #so many larries on tumblr especially—specifically the bigger blogs—have such a superiority complex over antis #like that one ask that always being reblogged where the person wrote an entire essay about how larries mind their business but then antis #have blogs and podcasts about us and that’s embarassing and fan behaviours etc #but then they turn around and have masterposts and tumblr blogs and everything dedicated to shitting on hls stunts #like??? it’s the exact same thing. y’all realize you’re doing the exact same thing right??? #you’re running blogs and following every tiny detail about the life/lives of someone you hate. someone whose existence contradicts your #beliefs. and then so many larries completely ignore this in order to keep their superiority complex over antis #when really. i know this sounds bad. antis have more chance of getting through and contacting and getting under the skin of larries #bc both parties are just normal everyday people on the internet in close quarters #but larries w people like eleanor. they can just vaguepost about her on a website she most likely doesn’t use in the name of holding her #accountable. you can’t hold someone accountable when you can’t dm them or even comment on their instagram!! #like larries act like eleanor or olivia will have their entire lives ruined by some twenty year old answering an ask on tumblr dot com #you’re not holding olivia accountable for some homophobic thing she said. you’re answering an ask you likely sent yourself bc you came up w #a witty response to a question no one would actually send you on a website olivia has likely never been on #**idk if she’s actually said something homophobic i don’t pay any attention to her it was just an example #don’t get me started on the way superiority complex larries treat briana and everyone else involved in bg like christ #y’all are fucking twenty five years old and you have nothing better to do than try to bully a woman online who clearly doesn’t care about #anyone but herself while pretending to know the full details of everything surrounding bg #it’s just embarassing and annoying and a waste of fucking time #idk how to end this lmao #i’m gonna go for a bit i have errands #en
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  • marutsvke
    19.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    gender is held in the murata ugetsu

    #my goal in cosplaying him is to give everyone a little bit of gender envy #just a little! can't go too overboard #ugetsu#given#cosplay#mufie
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  • thembohux
    19.04.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    There’s a scene in Community where one character meets his favorite celebrity and has a breakdown over it because he never wanted to Meet him just have a photo of him and that is the energy Smuggler Ellaria has when she meets Han Solo

    Edit: here’s the scene

    #lita talks#smuggler au #Ellaria just being dead fucking silent and looking at han like 👁👁 while he tries talking to her and then she’s in a different #part of the ship SCREAMING because she knew she would just disappoint Han the way she disappoints everyone #and Han is basically her Hero after her mother
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  • padmerrie
    19.04.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #naruto#naruto shippuden#kakashi hatake#narutographic#anbu #teen death squad #WHEN EVERYONE LEAVES THE ROOM AND KAKASHI AND MINATO ARE JUST LEFT THERE STARING AT EACH OTHER #I MEAN#XD#naruto spoilers
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  • existencenomad
    19.04.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Is it better to just let myself eat sweets? I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth and I’ve really been trying to cut back. I used to eat a couple cookies every day, a pint of ice cream a week... and now that I’m restricting (like 6 months now) I go days where I can’t stop thinking about Publix cookies or Phish Food ice cream, and end up impulsively eating an entire pack of Oreos in one sitting or scarfing down a large Frosty. Why :(

    #personal #it’s getting worse the more I try to control it #it’s to the point where even my family is like why do you refuse to eat cookies I bought them bc they’re your favorite #meanwhile I’m secretly harboring a whole pack in my closet and can’t wait to just stuff them all down my throat when everyone has gone tobed #I’m pretty sure that ALMOST classifies as an eating disorder? #but I don’t have body image issues #I feel really guilty s lot of the time #except when I have an excuse #like I started my period today so I bought cookies which is why I’m thinking about it #it’s not that big of an issue yet but I’m worried it might become one #if not mentally then physically #it’s gonna catch up to me at some point #and I really have no idea what to do about it since I apparently have absolutely no sense of self control
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  • ohnoitsthebat
    19.04.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Kinda messed up that the writing advice posts that I reblog from other people gets more notes than the original content I post, the original content that I bust my ASS working on. It's yet another reason why I'm considering leaving writeblr.

    #writerly things #i know this sounds bitchy and whiny but honestly idc #i have tried to not get discouraged or upset by the lack of notes/reblogs/feedback #but it IS depressing and it IS discouraging and it DOES make me not want to post my stuff anymore #a lot of people are like 'don't let notes/likes/feedback make you feel bad! validate yourself' but it's like... #i work so so hard on my stuff #i just want to know if anyone is even reading it #i see lots of other blogs getting feedback and reblogs and it does sting honestly #i feel like it's easy for the bigger/popular blogs to tell everyone not to worry #because they're getting tons of feedback #while the rest of us have to beg to even get a crumb
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  • iwrestlenow
    19.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Out of Context MANY MORE TO DIE Moments, A Summary


    Patton: *does the thing as Roman is speaking*


    Janus: *is besotted and horny at the same time*

    #necromancer au#patton sanders#sanders sides#roman sanders#janus sanders #everyone in this fic is just both soft and desperately needs to get laid at the same time
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  • radioactiveshitstorm
    19.04.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    i haven’t had an energy drink in over a whole-ass week & that is something i can be proud of

    it might not seem much but like 2015-2017 i was fully dependant on caffeine pills, sometimes quadruple dosing (although i think twelve 50mg pills at once was my max), to function, and even though i stopped taking them when the heart palpitations and hallucinations got too scary i’ve had a solid caffeine habit (anywhere from 7-14 cans a week) for six whole years. yes i was downing energy drinks like water while also knocking back excessive amounts of caffeine pills. i know.

    the last time i went this long without caffeine was late 2016, when poundhell (where i worked at the time) stopped stocking the pills for a month, the box i had stashed lasted me less than a week, and after that i experienced withdrawal for the first time in my life. a headache painkillers couldn’t touch, fatigue, a deep deep slump in mood, shaky hands so bad i kept dropping shit, constantly feeling sick, snapping at everyone, the works. after two weeks of that i caved and went to a different store & bought a much more expensive pack of caffeine pills just so it would stop. 

    i don’t know where i’m going with this but the summary is:

    1: i’m feeling pretty proud of myself rn  2: i can feel a headache creeping in and i dont know if it’s The Withdrawal Headache back for another go, little worried but not gonna cave and most importantly 3: i really don’t think it’s taken seriously enough how easy it is to become dependent on caffeine, and how much it can fuck with you over time.

    head hurt too much to finish on any real point. be careful with caffeine, it’s all fun and games until you’re going 100+ hours without sleep and hallucinating and getting random sharp chest pains and laughing about it bc “haha it’s just caffeine, not like a real drug, how bad can it be?”

    #whiny whiny whine #addiction tw #(just in case bc i guess it counts) #i have a lot of thoughts on this and im gonna make that everyone else's problem #will probably delete later bc talking about this stresses me out for some reason
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  • lewishamlton
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #everyone is so funny and cool and nice #and i am just like here is this weird edit i have made lol #Anonymous
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  • mean-gemini
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Not to be a Megan Murphy apologist but it does bug me when ppl say she’s gone full conservative bc like if u actually listen to what she’s saying she’s rly not a conservative she’s just not as radical as she used to be. Like she’s definitely not a radical feminist anymore and maybe never was but she’s not right wing. She hasn’t gone conservative she’s just gone like ..... edgy liberal centrist lol

    #I think she’s said and done some questionable shit for sure but I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to call her a full blown conservative #I also see people say that the only feminist issue she cares about is the trans issue and I don’t think that’s true either #she still talks abt the sex industry and that kind of thing #idk like it sucks that she gave up on radical feminism but I don’t think everyone needs to dunk on her quite as hard as they have been lol #I listen to her other podcast that’s not feminist current sometimes and while it’s mostly like . kinda pointless she does still say some #interesting stuff and it’s very clear that she’s not right wing she’s just not as far left as she used to be
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  • sleeping-lilies
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #omg omg omg they’re back omg omg omg #everyone EVERYONE I LITERALLY JUST MADE A POST ABOUT TALIA TOO #AHHHHH #SAYING TALIA IS LIKE THE BLOODY MARY THING ON MY BLOG!!!! #talia al ghul #asks#mine
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  • melonmelona
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is the one and only thing yuji and sukuna will cooperate on

    #megumi you just got PUNK’D #is talk to the hand smth that everyone knows? i have no idea but everyone said it at my school #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen fanart #jjk#jjk fanart #jjk first years #itadori yuji#itadori yuuji#fushiguro megumi#nobara kugisaki#gojo satoru#gojou satoru#digital art #my art ;) #fanart#procreate#anime#art#comic #(pls ignore my misspelling RIP) #呪術廻戦
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  • thegittelbug
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I could sit outside pretty much forever and just listen to the different bird sounds.

    Can't wait for the next cicada horde to hatch and for these delightful chirps to be replaced by their screaming.

    #my random thoughts #honestly everyone predicts big cicada years #and each year they seem the same size to me #either we have so many cicadas i dont notice a few more #or we just arent that good at predicting cicada populations
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  • sharingan-eggs
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    one day I'm going to write a full on crack nothing is bad au with tons of ships and kids for everyone but until then you get angst

    #mine #there r days i want to attempt ita being a dad but the other 90% of the time i just want everyone to suffer for aesthetic reasons you know?
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