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  • doctor-gyro-gearloose
    29.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Just Bluey being the prettiest show ever

    #Bluey show #I cannot get over how gorgeous this show is #the amimantion is just everything #I will never stop talking about it #there is so much care and detail in this show #ugh I want to live in it
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  • tytrack
    29.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    all i can think about is how i need to go to the grocery store tomorrow to buy literally everything but there’s a snowstorm happening and idk if i want to make a walk out of that 😑

    #i need eggs milk bread veggies literally everything #someone with a car could fix this but :(
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  • pacificasnorthwest
    29.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    12 year old Flynn found the tower and could've saved Rapunzel years earlier agdgajakak

    #currently reading: lost legends rise of flynn rider #im screaming!!! #i know this is probably just a case of prequels feeling the need to set up everything that happens in the original but idk this hurts
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  • bees-tes-blog
    29.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    scouring nexus for a nice lighting mod rn

    #buzz #I think maybe I’m a little picky #I like super warm and dark interiors but I also want clear fresh exteriors but I ALSO want vivid colourful sunrises and sunsets #everything is either way too saturated or way too washed out #I might spend an hour messing with mods just to end up using the one I have on xbox
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  • alciavikkander
    29.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    it really sucks how the incompetence of one (1) professor can suck all the joy and happiness of a concentration/field you want to go into. 

    #like i was so into it for the first two weeks of class #hardworking and on time #but my professor was just NOT listening to what i had to say #fighting with me about how i did everything wrong #then proceeding to send me a video showing me what i should have done right and I DID ALL OF THE THINGS SHE TOLD ME TO DO #laughed at me on said video cause she believed i did something so wrong #and then i proceeded to miss the week 3 turn in and give a really shitty level design in week 4 cause i just wasn't having it #i feel like environment art and 3d art in general is something i'm gonna love more for the pieces i make on my own time and learn at my own #speed #cause this is RIDICULOUS #at this point #as long as i pass this class (even with a low grade) i'm good #i can't afford to retake it and especially at a $500 retake fee #rant over #rain for ts
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  • thisisformygarbage
    29.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    I love when my meow meow has a specific whump tag on ao3

    #like yes. please. hurt him until he wants to die #then almost kill him. then hurt him some more #everything ive ever wanted #make me cry
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  • kingpattillo
    29.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago
    #i have an android so i'm blissfully clueless about apple (derogatory) #except in situations like this #everything /else/ i've learned about apple has been against my will #Anonymous #ask box 360
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  • jazztrolls
    29.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Its so jarring when i see like a real human person with the same kinda tattoos that people put on their fantrolls

    #ghost.txt #like the blackout lines?? #that shit?? so painful?? looks funky fresh?? #i see that on a person and i question everything
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  • cozy-the-overlord
    29.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Don’t mind me, I’m just in a heavy simp spiral for Edward Ferrars

    #he is everything #he is literally everything #he is sweet #he is kind #he is adorably awkward #he wears a frilly collar #he’s british #he is GOOD WITH KIDS #AHHHHHHH HIM AND MARGARET IN THE MOVIE #AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH #sense and sensibility
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  • idkwhattoputhere7
    29.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Man, I hate life right now

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  • ghosty-schnibibit
    29.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    must resist urge to ruin my sleep schedule again to mass download a bunch of fics i love

    #a fic i really liked that i put on my big au rec list got deleted #no idea why the author didn't just orphan it #either way it just kind of made me bsod for a minute bc iirc it was a very popular fic #and that in and of itself made me panic like 'oh fuck what other popular fics could have been deleted w/o me realizing it' #and now i'm going through said au rec list + a bunch of my browser bookmarks and downloading everything i can #i'm going to be good and go to sleep before one but only bc it's snowing again and i want to be awake enough to go out in it tomorrow
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  • ficsforeren
    29.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago
    #just the way he interacts with his wife #is pretty chill about the whole thing but gets hella excited when it comes to toilet i'm-- #and the way he explains everything in such a weird/funny way #he's so random lmaooo #i feel like that's him #that's rockstar eren #the last song canon #in another life canon
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  • daaedoodles
    29.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    throwback to when my psychiatrist asked to talk to my mum and tried to explain how my anxiety works and what she can do to help only for my mom to start badmouthing her straight saying she “didn’t know what she was talking about” and she has “no right to tell her what to do” after the call ended <3

    #i fucking#hate#everything#<3 #i use mum and mom interchangeably #nz uses mum but i hear mom all the time #she literally ignored everything my psychiatrist said about anxiety #and said that because she told my mom to (the same effect of) ask her to do stuff nicely #let her out of the house #its important for her to get out of her room #and see friends and go to school #goodbye
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  • blueteehood
    29.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    I see your "Death, resurrection, Lazarus Pit, and universe reboots made Jason's memories kinda messy and sometimes he isn't sure what's real or not" (which I think it's great and you're all doing amazing) and I raised you "Jason remembers everything, with painful clarity, and that's ten times worse". 

    #And I mean EVERYTHING include that shit that doesnt make any sense for his character #how fucked up is that #he makes a list of all the shit Bruce canonically did to him and thats enough for him to nope out of the family for good #which os kinda the fic Im writing in response for urban legends 6 but moving on #jason todd#dc stuff#batman
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  • citizen-of-the-fandom
    29.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    it is the year 2022 and I have not once, not ever, seen a slightly heretical joke about cain and abel being the story of a vegan killing a shepherd

    #gotta do everything myself #cain and abel #i mean it doesn't say cain didn't eat meat but it doesn't say he did either #idk it's just a lil funny
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  • vrnicky
    29.01.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Not undertale found.

    Notes: I should have finish the drawing of Paps now called Nolan but i couldn't because motivation so now its pure writing!

    In this au basically Sans doesn't exist, he never existed and he will never do, for reasons.

    Everything changed with that small thing... How Papyrus was created? Well, no one knows either, he just appeared in the door of the hurt king who started raising him.

    When he was a small kid tho, when the royal scientist was doing a lot of things, he decided to leave and he stayed with a kind fire monster.

    Now, i can't continue without you knowing names, can't i?

    Papyrus here was called Nolan, thats the name the king put him.

    The king Asgore is called Viggo, the queen Sigrid and the prince.. Aren

    The royal scientist Arwen and the captain of the royal guard Cleopatra

    "But Nicky, Asriel is dead how he can be alive?" Im going to that point, dont worry!

    Arwen, by herself knew how to upgrade the core not needing a cool down for every time, founded way to created the determination and used it to the monsters without killing them and actually bringing them back, If we dont count how she injects small dose of determination to the royal guards to get higher stats without needing to kill!

    Now thats a big succeed for her right? What helped her more was getting the prince back to live making the king and queen get together once again.

    What about Chara? They did existed but they're dead, the body stayed with the humans so Arwen couldn't saved them but the royals were more happy with the prince only.

    So that made the royals not care of killing humans to gain the souls, Arwen did accept the challenge of breaking the barrier by herself.

    So that means the fallen humans were not killed? Yeah! They lived with the monsters and died there, the only alive human is Frisk (Faina) that helped Arwen break the barrier thanks to their big determination Arwen couldn't create.

    And that should be the basic information! These new guys would be added to my rules! Please, ask away!!

    #just a chillin' taco #undertale #taco writes! #my au #my au undertale #undertale aus #not undertale found #Nuf au#nuf #basic information! #character names #finally!! #ask away #everything!! #<3#undertale au#alternative universe#au #Sans doesn't exist
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  • daggryet
    29.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    say what you want, but dsmp fans just replying "where are the askers?" and "any askers?" to antis was legitimately a fun time

    #'it was cringe' everything is cringe grow up
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  • childrenoflight-darkness-nothing
    29.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    what if

    #i dissapeared #no. #how about CoN!Ferret having to deal with unsettling changeling child who has various gifts but will not acknowlege she has said gifts #who always knows way too much about everything but. questioning that or pointing it out will get you no where #*she's human and theres nothing special about her* 🤨👀 #how about soulcode maureen who's 'soulmate' died when they were teenagers #and for a long time she thought that meant she'd lost every chance she'd had at belonging somewhere and not being alone #but she finds love and peace and contentment with an ex soldier turned rebel fighter #how about CoN jaime who gets attacked in the worst way and gets kinda ostracized from their family and people #but they find a new family with a rag tag bunch of pirates who never make them feel like they're broken or wrong #and they're able to raise their brother in that environment so maybe he will grow up at least knowing some love and acceptance #how about CoN jace who over and over chooses whats best for eir friends. eir found family. never expecting to be a choice of anyones #but ey are. #castor and tyde go back for em. max pleads and begs for eir life. and stephan gives up a bit of his own soul for em #and over and over its shown that. we choose you too.
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  • filibusterphil
    29.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    I love how incredibly angry the past Sophie Jackal gets when the two bit London gangster points the loaded, working Turlington Pistol at his wife’s head “as a joke.” Jo is clearly terrified for a moment, knowing exactly how dangerous her husband really is, but plays it off as soon as he starts laughing and lowers it. She moves on quickly because she needs to, this is her lot in life right now, her husband is a dangerous and unstable man and she has to be used to it. But the Jackal is not. She’s a grifter and a thief, used to being around dangerous people and being who she needs to be to make anyone and everyone like her. But here she cannot contain the rage and disgust she feels for this man, staring him down even after Jo brushes past her. She’s known Jo for all of a week and is already falling for her to the point it’s affecting her con. The con has shifted from it mattering what the man who stole the gold thinks of her to what his wife thinks of her. Jo becomes her focus, right up there with the gold that brought her to the pub. She manages to push that rage back down for her interaction with Jo - she doesn’t want to scare her away, she’s a little distracted by being that close to the payday. But it lingers, growing in the background as she bonds more and more with Jo.

    #leverage#leverage: redemption #i love them your honor #sophie devereaux#the jackal #Stella x Josephine #the way that Stella looks at Jo #I weep #it was the only thing that would’ve made the original leverage better (making it canonically gayy) #there are things that they missed the mark on a little in redemption #but the gay content by god this shit slaps #this episode makes me feel insane #everything Breanna does and says makes me feel insane #the TRAIN JOB MAKES ME FEEL INSANE #and I love it so much #and Gina with that hair? cherry on the top she looks cute as hell #a timeless beauty who wears her age with pride #it has never dimished her hotness and the show never treats her like she’s any less hot as she’s aged #not in the original and not now and they’re goddamn right
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  • ilywilbur
    29.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    they havent posted since tuesday. i hope they’re fucking dead.

    #stupid goddamn excuse for a best friend!!! i fucking hatedd you you hurt me so much and then #and then you ahd the GALL to tell me I HURT PEOPLE #THAT I HURT PEOPLE. I KNOW I HURT PEOPLE WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TH OUGH YOU KNEW IT WOULD RUIN ME #WHY WOUDLD YOU SAY THAT WHYWOULD GOH SAYTHt IM GOING INSANE #THIS IS ALL YOHD FUCKINF FAULT!!!!! YOU RUINED ME #I NEVER WANT TO SEE GYOU AGAIN IN MY LIFE I HOPE YOU DIE DIE DIEDIE DIE YOU WERE NEVER WORTH ANYTHING #YOU WERE WORTH EVERYTHING ACTUALLY BUT I MEANT NOTHING TO YOU!!! FUCKINGGF NOTHING #YOU SAID YOU NEVER MEANT TO HURT ME YOU FUCKING LIAR!!! IF YOU DIDNT MEAN IT YOU SHOULD HAVE FUCKINF TRIED HARDER #im so glad you left i never want to see your stupid fucking face again i never want one of your bony ass hugs ever again #i dont want to pay for your monster cans at the cvs ont he street corner i dont want to watch movies curled up next to you #I HATE YOU I MISS YOU SO MUCH PLEASE COME BACK I HOPE YOU”RE FUCKING DEAD
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