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  • “Everything”, she said. 

    “We’ve lost everything.”

    She pause and took a breath.

    “I know some of you felt very connected to xim”, the “very” weighing heavily in the air.

    “And xhe loved you, and I still love you”

    “It’s still my voice, it’s just a little different now. It’s okay to grieve the people I was if you feel the need to, it’s okay to miss them.”

    “But I’m not really gone.”

    #everything#xim#xhe #just a little different #not gone
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  • Chris Wallace stated that Donald has everything to “undercut the media” to “raise doubts” about them when they report on him and his White House.

    Mr. Wallace is right, that is what dictators or wold be dictators do.

    The first thing out of their playbook is attack an independent media.

    So maybe Donald does indeed read, but reads the speeches of Mussolini and other dictators.

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  • my songs have been streamed over a million times, it might not seem like a lot but to me thats mind blowing as an independent artist. Thank you all of you, means the world to me <3 

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  • favorite drarry headcannons and/or fic things that i am a disaster for:

    • contrast. just. all contrast is good contrast. Draco in sharp black suits and Harry in red sweaters and ripped jeans; Draco being Calculated and Harry being Impulsive; Draco having a white Persian cat named Lady and Harry having a golden retriever named Golden (Draco makes fun of the name)
    • to expand on contrast, different ways of showing affection. Harry bursts in the room and goes “Hey, sunshine! you look lovely today!!!” and Draco deadpans, ”what is this. Affection? disgusting. also I did your laundry and made you tea and cleaned your room and filed your paperwork, enjoy your sunday with me, for one bloody time.”
    • a sectum sempra scene which - if done right - would be loved by anyone. because Harry would be crushed to think there are scars and Draco’s just like I?deserved it? smh don’t be so daft, potter
    • Draco sucks at cooking. he thought it would be easy since he was so good at potions, but potions are precise, and food is messy, and complicated and if you say one more time that I need to measure something ‘with my heart’ I swear I’m going to throw these eggs at your face, potter
    • there is always that first delicate moment of complete trust, maybe Draco is sick with an aftereffect of a wrong potion, or Harry got injured in the field, but there is a moment when they put their wand away and close their eyes and let the other take care of them, and it takes the other’s breath away
    • a scene with the mark, and a whispered you are defined by your actions, not your past
    • Harry tells Draco some of his childhood, and then has to physically restrain him from turning up at the dursleys’ house full of cold fury
    • Draco is an overthinker and Harry is intense, and frankly, not like anyone Draco was ever closely exposed to, in his life. so the very first stages of their budding friendship consists of Draco carefully considering every situation and dialogue option and being Prepared for everything, just for Harry to say something entirely different and disorient Draco
    • just. Draco being wrong-footed and his composure failing around Harry
    • Draco got Malfoy hair color, but Black hair texture, which means that the first time he took a shower without any of his usual hair products on hand - aka Harry’s flat - he strode throught Harry’s kitchen with his slightly curly hair Like That and asked what they had for dinner, as if Harry had not just lost all semblence of high brain function
    • making friendships. Harry carefully talks to pansy about politics but finds Curse Breaker Blaise easy to talk work with, and Draco falls into a rhythm of talking about Quidditch to Ron and books to Hermione
    • Draco and Ginny become friends, too! it’s actually not awkward at all and they click instantly
    • Harry and Draco in long nights, where they can’t sleep, so Draco reads a book while he cards his fingers through Harry’s hair until they both fall asleep like that on the couch and wake up tense but refreshed
    • Draco is like, 90% of my impulse control and unfortunately for you, he’s not here right now
    • first kisses. the ones where they kiss the other because they can’t take it anymore, a caress on the lips and back again because what if - but the other is already moving and they’re crashing
    • Draco being a general drama queen, as he is. read the more inappropriate fan letters out loud completely deadpan, in character (sometimes getting a few ideas himself ;)) Draco reveling in Harry Potter Themed things (one Christmas he buys sheets with Harry’s face on them, and Harry refuses to talk to him for a solid three days)
    • Draco being ready to hex all the reporters that bother Harry, Draco nagging Harry to come home sooner, or file his paperwork faster, and finishing the work himself when Harry falls asleep on the desk, exhausted
    • the same Draco almost hexes Harry when he buys a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. enough said.
    #i love my two disfunctional idiot sons #just#everything #and this version didn't have any smut in it #maybe i'll add more #drarry#drarry headcanon#draco malfoy#Harry Potter #draco x harry
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  • uh oh the family is fighting on main

    #divorces cheating disownments #everything #meg what have you done #skam france & cry tag
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  • image

    I couldn’t ask for better person

    All mine ❤️

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  • Find me here
    And speak to me
    I want to feel you
    I need to hear you
    You are the light
    That’s leading me
    To the place
    Where I find peace again

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  • image

    //tbh everytime i see hamilton stuff i always hear the liberty kids theme song.

    #listen tHAT SHOW WAS MY CHILDHOOD #IT HAD EVERYTHING DAMNIT #EVERYTHING #I LOVED IT #x. one day my life will be a musical (ooc) #and the theme is such a bob #bop
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  • It’s all or nothing.

    Free spirit

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  • Everything 4 #

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  • Everything 4 #

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  • { @broughtflowers | sc }


    “So, uh…”

    Beau wipes blood from her nose. Shakes it off her hand and onto the stone floor as casually as she can manage. (Which, considering it’s blood…)

    She’s got to say something, right? She’s the only one who hasn’t said something yet. Yasha is back. Yasha nearly killed her. Now she’s back.

    The pile of sludge that used to be Obann lies pooled on the floor across the chamber, and it remains the demonic elephant in the fucking room.

    “–that…sucked, huh?”

    #broughtflowers #( m: Beau ) #( Beau :: MAIN :: cobalt asshole ) #cr spoilers #critical role spoilers #kljshdfg i'm so sorry #for like#everything
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  • escape, but to where?

    i was supposed to get out of here. to be heard. to be understood.

    but who was i kidding?

    i’m not special

    just as bland as the others i so despise.

    i’m doomed to remain in this failing state

    watch as the unemployment rates rise.

    and watch my hope fall down the drain

    as the years fly by. i could’ve been something,

    yet i remain,

    repeating the cycle,

    inflicting the pain,

    that wounded me so that i’d stay.

    at night i’d pray, but to what God?

    who watches over any of us

    as we scramble on this dying earth,

    trying to swim in an economy that caters to the rich,

    while starving the poor of their worth.

    i cant remain but yet i stay, contributing in my own way, to my own personal implosion.

    and god if i could run away, that’d be the day, but everywhere’s the same.

    #poetry#kinda#writing #angst. #sad poetry #im just so angry #and sad#everything #writers on tumblr #tryingtoimprove#writer#poem #poems on tumblr #my poem
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  • #I just found this reaction pic and I'm gonna use it for #everything #ily!! #lostyourcolor#asks#el
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  • Wanna rant about kpop?

    Hey, my name’s Les Carlisle and I’m from Australia (tho please just call me Les haha). I’ve been into kpop ever since 2017 when I first saw bts’ DNA. Ever since then I’ve been exploring more and more groups. My fave group is bts, but I also really like twice, red velvet, got 7, monsta x, ateez, stray kids, ikon and exo.

    Aside from kpop, I also really love kdramas, anime and 80s movies (dude dirty dancing omlllll)

    Anyway, I don’t mind where a person’s from or their age, but I’d love to do old fashion snail mail :)

    Anyway, dm me if you wanna chat

    tumblr - @lescarlisle

    insta - @les_carlisle0

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