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    I wanted to Contribute to @bichcarito ‘s City

    It looked like fun and I wanted to create a paranormal chick named 826; she’s a host, she possessed this woman and now owns her while killing others to satisfy her thirst for blood and vengeance. She also looks for a child to hold, for she lost her’s in the experiments and now she searches day and night for a child to call her own.

    Age: dead

    Sadly she fails to express emotion, all she does is smile, nod and tilt her head when someone calls and or summon her. A way of saying “I heard my name~”

    She just wants a child to hold again, once satisfied she’ll continue that but she’ll protect the child as well.

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  • Drago

    Write Blitz Numero Four

    The hunter’s feet crunch against the gravel, she has no need for stealth anymore, he knows she’s here. He knows his fate is sealed.

    She can hear him crying for help, begging her not to do this. She won’t fail a second time, not if she could help it. He’d killed so many people, just for the sake of what he called Peace.

    The Titan can no longer hurt people, not in the way he used to. She quiets her breathing as she nears the struggling man. He is old, so much older than she remembers. Although, every time she saw him she was running.

    “Please don’t do this! I-I can offer you-”

    “I don’t want any offers, Drago, I didn’t come to negotiate.” She crouches beside his head and stares down at him. He muffles a sob in his hand as he stares at her.

    “You’ve lived far too long to concern yourselves with offers.” She mumbles. She’s debating making his death painless and merciful. She doesn’t like to see people suffer, but she does want to let him know the pain he’s caused.

    “You need my help!” He cries frantically, and she looks at him in pity. Now she understands Ian’s choice. Ian was always hard shelled and soft insides, but he wasn’t hard to crack.

    “I don’t see it that way, sir.” She mumbles, taking off her helmet and giving him a solid glare. She’s heard his stories long enough. He’s cunning and resourceful, a manipulative type.

    “No, you don’t see it! Y-You need guidance!” He cries reaching out to grab her leg. She flinches and flicls her knife to his neck.

    “Another move and you’ll lose your head.” She growls. He freezes up, eyes pleading with her. He doesn’t want to die, and she knows it.

    “Please, You have so much ahead of you if you let me-” She flicks the knife across his throat and looks away immediatley. He makes a warbled gasping sound as he clenches her thigh and gags. She squeezes her eye shut as his hand goes lax.

    He wouldn’t be hurting anyone else.

    @scout-fang @khaosgaming22

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  • 🔥 Una version malvada de mi Oc 🔥

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  • made me an evil lady,i like evil ladies

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