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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    and these are the last few wallpapers i could recover! There were definetly more but they were not saved by the Internet Archive so it was impossible to access them sadly :(

    i tried out their screensavers but they dont work. At least not on windows 10 xD

    Icon set 1
    Icon set 2
    Murderdolls fonts
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3
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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    next batch of murderdolls wallpapers :)

    Icon set 1
    Icon set 2
    Murderdolls fonts
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3
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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    first 10 of the murderdolls wallpapers! They are super cool but sadly Tr!pp is on most of them

    Icon set 1
    Icon set 2
    Murderdolls fonts
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3
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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Here are the Murderdolls fonts! Font 2 is kinda broken and places weird rectangles for spaces

    gonna post the wallpapers next

    Icon set 1
    Icon set 2
    Murderdolls fonts
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3
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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    second set of the murderdolls icons!

    sorry for the shit layout but they are in some weird kinda icon file format so this is the best way to do it :)

    Icon set 1
    Icon set 2
    Murderdolls fonts
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2
    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3
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  • comaron
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I searched the old murderdolls websites and recovered multiple desktop icon sets, wallpapers, screensavers and fonts! gonna post all of that stuff here :)

    would def provide the files somehow for anyone interested :)

    Icon set 1

    Icon set 2

    Murderdolls fonts

    Murderdolls wallpapers set 1

    Murderdolls wallpapers set 2

    Murderdolls wallpapers set 3

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  • lickthatbattery
    15.07.2020 - 1 year ago

    re: last, let's not forget that it's not only normcore fashion that has a bias towards thin bodies 🖤 alt fashion scenes are just as guilty of perpetuating the idea that thinness = beauty

    #i think a lot about 90s alt fashion wrt like. tripp pants and jnco jeans. and how they affect one's silhouette #something something about how thin people are encouraged to fuck with their silhouette and ... #the contrast between wide legwear and tight tops is the visual appeal there. but fat people are deceptive for altering ... #the outline of our bodies with clothing. and there seems to be an ew factor if we do the same large-pants-small-shirt thing bc #why would we want to be wider than we already are? and why would we want to accentuate that with less-than-baggy clothes? #it's a weird damned if we do damned if we don't thing. acknowledge your body's shape and you're normalizing 'poor health' ... #hide or obscure it and you're lying to yourself and trying to trick the people around you #anyway. #glitch.txt #fatphobia cw
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  • spinef0ryou
    15.07.2020 - 1 year ago

    how the fuck is edsel dope trying to get icp and the juggalos to put a hit out on tr*pp e*sen the least wierd thing to happen today

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  • criminalmindsismynextfoundfamily
    09.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #thanks for the ask appy #appy#rue answers
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  • nateserenas
    30.04.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #i love ranking stuff #asks#anon #thank you for asking 😊 #anti derena#anti chair#serena asks#blair asks#dan asks#nate asks#save #sorry this is so long but i don’t know how to add a read more on mobile
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  • emmerestlovesarrow
    04.01.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Coulson: Welcome, kids. Thank you all for coming! Now, here's a question.


    Bobbi: I'm a vegan so no

    Jemma: I was in the lab in the entire time!

    Fitz: I was... having a personal me time in the Zephyr

    Piper: so that explains the ugly crying...uh i was just roaming around with Joey

    Joey: mhm!

    Robbie: I was literally from outside

    Lincoln: Well it wasn't me! I was training with Mack the entire time

    Mack: yeah, can double that

    Yoyo: And i was meditating in my room,,, until a certain someone decided to bang my doors really loud *glares at Hunter*

    Hunter: yeah well I'm sorry, i wouldn't be interrupting if you didn't stole my headphones!

    Yoyo: i really don't care

    Hunter: you bloddy-

    Davis: I was playing Tetris in my room

    Deke: really? That sounds suspicious

    Davis: You literally went to my room to ask if you can borrow my underwears

    Deke: oh yeah-

    Piper: Ew wtf-

    Jemma: Wait where's Tripp?

    Joey: Still asleep

    Bobbi: Wait wait wait,, Daisy, what about you? You've been quiet the whole time. Where were you earlier?

    Daisy: huh? Oh i was at the kitchen.

    Everyone: ....

    Daisy: Uhm...why is everyone staring at me, haha?

    Jemma: Daisy...

    Mack: Since you were the only one-

    Coulson: I guess that makes you the culprit. Daisy, you're grounded.


    Coulson: oh yeah that's what you always say. You know what? I might as well just ground EVERYONE, and that's on you

    Everyone: wait, wHaT?!

    *everyone arguing in the back*

    May, eating the grilled cheese: Mm, this is actually really good.

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  • thekidsareallfvckedvp
    29.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    hiiiiiii I wuz tagged by @mausoleumdoorz to do these 30 questions abt me!!! thanx dude

    name: mostly brody, but also keys and rzr

    gender: something androgyne/bigender but the girl part is more he/him than the dude part but the dude part is more prevalent. both want to look like 2005 william beckett.

    sign: aquarius sun/scorpio moon/capricorn venus

    height: like 5'4.5

    time: 647pm

    bday: feb 19

    fav bands: the academy is..., cobra starship, the hush sound, also a lot more but esp those ^~^

    fav solo artists: mostly pop queens like kesha, tswift, n carly rae jepsen :D

    song stuck in my head: swing swing by aar

    last movie I watched: uhhhhh idk :( i watch tv shows more than movies. maybe the clockwork orange??? i didnt like that movie

    last show I watched: either rick and morty or spn. ur allowed to judge me

    when I made this blog: early 2018 when I got my first phone!! i was 12 :) dont make a tumblr if ur 12/13 I beg of you. leave now.

    what I post: bands and absolute bullshit

    last thing I googled: reaction images

    any sideblogs: the only one I actually use is @rzrskttlz and also a bunch of hoarded urls

    do I get asks much: not rly xP

    why I chose this url: look at him. cmon.

    following: 4492 blogs and I bet most of them are inactive and from my theatre phase

    followers: 1038 and I bet most of them are inactive and from my theatre phase

    avg hours of sleep: who the fuck knows

    lucky number: 19

    do I play any instruments: mostly bass and piano, also guitar and alto sax, and im learning drums

    what im wearing: skinny black tripp jeans that are built for someone way taller and and with wider hips, a tapestry belt from disneyworld (ew ik), and a shirt from this annual halloween parade (the 2018 one tho, I obv didnt go this year)

    dreamjob: singer and/or bassist of a band <3 if I get good enough I wanna write lyrics too

    dream trip: idk xP maybe japan or nyc

    fav food: this weird spaghetti my mom makes a couple times a month and its basically a perfect meal (like with the nutrition in it). its spaghetti, butter, parmesan, olive oil, onions and red peppers, chicken, and artichoke hearts and its fucking awesome

    nationality: southeast american (I like the waffle houses here I have to specify)

    last book I read: lily and dunkin

    fav song: it changes every 2 business days but uhhhh paparazzi by lady gaga

    fav fictional universe: the a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me mv

    tagging uhhh @mikeyraygun @stupidblue @themadgearandkobrakid @itswarmerinthebasement if yall wanna

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  • nashibirne
    13.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Against all odds - 2.3

    It seems you didn’t like the previous part so much. Maybe because there’s no sex in it, but I really wanna save the steamy parts for the grand final. Till then you will get a little more of Henry and MC dealing with their feelings. Hope you like it anyway. If so it would be great if you leave me a like, comment or reblog, if not, please tell me why. It would be helpful for the upcoming chapters.


    Against all odds - 2.3

    Part 2.2 Part 2.1

    Henry Cavill x MC No warnings Summary: A new hope and bad news for Henry

    taglist: @hell1129-blog


    When they met for their daily dog walk the next morning, Henry’s heart was beating so fast he was afraid he might have a heart attack. Anna looked wonderful as ever greeting him with a wide smile and a cheerful “Good morning”. “Good morning”, Henry replied, trying to pretend he was not going to hyperventilate any moment. “Everything all right?”

    “Yeah, sure. Very well.” Anna was surprised how easily the lie slipped from her lips. The truth was, nothing was all right. She was a nervous wreck and had hardly slept last night. Covering up the dark shadows under her eyes had taken her forever but Henry seemed to notice them anyway.

    “Really? You look tired. Didn’t sleep well?” He gave her a funny look.

    “What? No…slept like a baby. Everything’s fine.”

    He couldn’t believe that she obviously tried to act like nothing had ever happened. Okay, he thought. She’s trying to play it cool. I’m in.

    Walking side by side with Henry, the dogs far ahead, she stared at her feet avoiding his gaze. When the silence grew uncomfortable she tried to start a harmless conversation.

    “So how are the rehearsals going?”

    “Great. The colleagues are really nice and we’re on target.”

    “Sounds good.”

    “We’re alle pretty excited though. Its only a few weeks to go till the premiere.”

    “Yeah, of course.”

    God, she really sucked at smalltalk. That was  her german side shining through.

    “I still can’t believe you’re part of the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is huge, Henry. Really. You’re going to be the perfect Macbeth.“Another attempt to keep the conversation running. "Thanks. I hope so. I guess Macbeth should be your type…bad boy-villain-kind of guy.”

    He winked and gave her one of his killer smiles which made her almost tripp over a large branch lying on the path. Stumbling sidewards she literally landed right in his arms. “Hey, hey….hold your horses, princess”. The way he looked her in the eyes, sent shivers down her spine, her body going all goose-pimply by his touch. She stepped back from him, straightening her jacket. “Sorry”, she mumbled, suddenly self-conscious.

    And that was the very moment Henry realized he had a chance. He saw it in her eyes and her body language told him she wasn’t as relaxed as she tried to pretend. So she had decided to say nothing at all about yesterday’s incident. All right. He was okay with that unless there was still hope that she returned his feelings. Her silence didn’t say

    “Henry, you are all I’ve ever wanted. I love you like crazy, take me and shag me senseless till the end of time.”

    But it didn’t say “Ew, gross, Henry. Leave me alone, stupid meathead…I just want you as a brotherly friend” either.

    He was a tenacious man, ready to wait patiently for an opportunity to finally win her heart.


    20 minutes later they had a short break at the little lake that belonged to Braxton Park. The Labradors and Kal were playing in the water, Anna and Henry stood side by side at the shore watching them in silence.

    Suddenly her phone rang. Suprised she took it out of her pocket to see who called her.

    ‘Milton’ her display showed. Henry successfully faught the urge to roll his eyes.

    “Sorry, I’ll have to take this” she said with an apologetic look.


    “Hey Milton” she answered the call, a bright smile spreading on her face.

    Luckily she stayed put, so that Henry couldn’t avoid overhearing.

    “Good morning, angel.”

    Angel? What the fuck? This little chat pissed him off already.

    “I hope I’m not interrupting something.”

    Yes, you are…

    “No, you’re not. We’re just walking the dogs.”


    “Yeah, me and our new neighbour.”

    “Oh. Right. Superman, huh?”

    Yes, Superman, toff.

    “Um, yes.” Anna replied, smiling sheepishly.

    “What’s up, Mils?”

    “Well I just wanted to ask if you still want to come visit me for a few days.”

    “Yes. Of course.”

    Shit. That sucked.

    “Great. Maybe you want to come next week? We’ll have a consultant from monday to friday. She’s going to give us some information about sustainable energies and what we can change inside and outside to live and work more climate friendly. This might be interesting for Braxton too, so I thought you might want to join in.”

    Oh…here we go again. Saint Milton.

    “That would be fantastic. I just discussed that topic with uncle George and Thomas the other day. Maybe you could also show me your organic farming. We are thinking about converting ours too and to serve all-organic food in the B&B.”

    “Sure thing. Feel free to take charge of me, sweetie.”


    “Great. You’re a darling, Milton.”

    “Always at your service, angel.”

    God…what a cheese ball.

    “Well, it’s settled then. Why don’t you come on sunday.”

    “Sounds great. Let’s sort out the details later, okay? I’ll call you tomorrow.”

    “Sure. Bye then, Anna.”

    “Bye Milton.”

    Henry gave her a half-hearted smile. “A trip to Yorkshire. Nice.”

    “Yes. Absolutely. I’m really looking forward to it. Milton is such a great host, staying at Brankhurst is always fun. Plus I haven’t seen him in ages.”

    “Just don’t enjoy it too much. I would hate to lose you to him.” he answered, hiding how much he really feared this scenario by grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    “Well, we’ll see.”

    #henry cavill fanfic #henry cavill #henry cavill fandom #henry cavill fanfiction #henry cavill x mc #friends to lovers #friends to lovers fan fic
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  • inacommitedrelationshipwithfood
    19.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    Thoughts and Feels on Roswell NM S2 Finale🤪🤪

    wow the magic of cpr

    yes he killed him, stop asking

    they resolved a lot of that stuff a lot quicker than I expected, huh

    "there are no more manes men left" shut up bitch


    A statue for jesse? *Jimmy fallon voice*: ew

    Can diego die? Been pretty sure he's evil for like 5ever

    I really thought we were over this whole michael and maria thing yk

    Isobel makes me s o f t

    FUCK the malex to zude parallel of just absolutely destroying the building that ruined your life wowwwww I'm emo

    This generex shit is 10000% gonna ruin their life and be the primary problem of S3 but whatevs

    they really been fuckin up that shed for a while huh? sun set n everything

    wha- not a dead body👀

    poor tripp

    Can y'all maybe uhhh stop hurting michael? ...FOR FIVE FUCKING MINUTES


    also Kyle is just soo. fucking. valid. rip his gf tho.

    I would really die for Jenna holy shit I also think women should tell other women when they're beautiful wow an undercover genius

    Romance isn't dead after all

    Of course the lock is made by that wack ass company

    Oop, bye bye lab

    Tripp + nora = couple goals y'all (some str8s are acceptable)

    Awww bad ass sisters🥰🥰

    Liz you can't just sit there and pretend like that research wasn't absolutely terrifying and damn near life threatening for all your lil alien dudes

    if Michael rebounds with Alex I'll be like at least a lil heated

    Wow we stan a woman committed to improving herself, you go rosa

    Ooh a grand romantic gesture would be fun

    Fuck this song is fucking me up

    God kyle I thought the same thing geez my heart hurt for a hot second there

    Noooo michael this song is not for him holy shit it is clearly for you

    Me at Greg: 🥰😍😍😍❤️💕😍❤️🥰💕😍❤️🥰

    Rosa no.

    Ew bad no 0/10 that song was not for the long boy ugh I hate this stop playing this game with my heart just PUT ALEX AND MICHAEL TOGETHER for crying out loud

    Helena kinda spittin facts yo

    Rosa is a STAR

    A tunnel? A cage? Bitch what


    #all in all #that was a wild ride #not what i was expecting at all #i prefered the last episode tbh #anywho on to season 3 #roswell new mexico #roswell nm #roswell tv show #roswell cw#malex#personal commentary#long post
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