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  • softetsurou
    28.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    [ 5:29 PM — kuroo t. ]

    you’ve always had this beautiful smile. one that would light up your eyes, teeth barely exposed by your lips, telling him that he was an idiot. kuroo would do all sorts of things just to see you smile, laugh, look his way if only for a second. you never seemed to do it otherwise, your gaze always shifting from him.

    “i never get it right,” you grumbled, catching strands of hair as you removed the hair tie to try again. he had watched you for some time now, sitting on the chair by his desk, homework long forgotten, with his chin propped up on his palm.

    “what are you even trying to do,” kuroo wondered, chuckling, furrowing his eyebrows when you released your hair from another attempt to put them up in a bun. the scowl on your face hinted at your frustration, head turning away from the mirror next to his bed with a pout.

    “a messy bun,” you explained, releasing the grip on your hair. you were cute that way, hair all messy, pouty face that made him want to pinch your cheeks. “why’re you staring at me like that?”

    “you’re adorable getting worked up over your hair.” he smirked as you raised an eyebrow at him.

    “you’re one to talk, rooster head.”

    “yeah yeah, i can’t get rid of my bedhead hair, i’m coming to terms with it,” he grinned, grabbing an eraser from his desk to throw it at you lightly.

    you caught it with ease, and then smiled that beautiful smile of yours. the soft glow of the afternoon sun coming in through the window highlighting it as though you smiling was all he needed to see in this moment.

    kuroo knew he was crushing on you, hard, his first friend he had made after kenma in middle school. but he had always had that crush on you, your cheerful attitude, carefree demeanor inspiring him, though you matured enough to know better now.

    “maybe sleep like a normal person, then,” you sneered, throwing the eraser back at him. you missed, hitting the door next to him instead.

    “you suck.”

    “YOU suck,” you retorted, turning back to his mirror to try again. “jerk..” that’s when he appeared behind you, his taller frame looming over you. kuroo liked the way you curiously peered up at him in the mirror, the question unspoken on your tongue. grabbing your hands, he took away the hair tie, pulling at it until your locks gathered around your shoulders, covering the skin of your neck he so itched to touch.

    you didn’t know what he was doing. he didn’t even know what he was doing, but his fingers found your sides regardless, soft touches prickling on your sensitive skin that had you curl up instinctively, laughter bursting through your lips.

    “no! please—STOP,” you half-shrieked, half-laughed, trying to escape the tickles that didn’t seem to stop. it really didn’t and at some point you had tried to forcefully jump on his bed to escape him, to no avail.

    but you were lying below him now, tears catching on your lashes as you gasped for air, clutching his shoulders to push him off of you. he had always played dirty, knowing all your weaknesses and exploiting them when you least expected it.

    what you didn’t expect was the sudden realization that the tickling had stopped, but kuroo lying on top of you made it hard to breathe, hard to stop laughing—what the hell was going on?

    “tetsu—please, i can’t—can’t breathe,” you nearly cried, laughing. confused but still grinning, he propped himself up on his elbows, watching you laugh and cry with adoration. no, wait—he probably shouldn’t be so close, trapping you between his knees like a boyfriend would his girlfriend. he got carried away..

    you were just friends, nothing more, just—

    your grip on his shoulders didn’t ease up when he tried to get up. he looked at you, his usual lopsided smirk faltering, softening in confusion, his eyes squinting slightly as though to understand. but your face was a mess, a beautiful, stunning mess. looking up at him with heated cheeks, tears in your eyes and labored breaths escaping your parted lips. he clutched the bedsheets on either side of your head.


    “be good now?” kuroo asked, his voice low and you nodded, though you had no idea what he was referring to anymore.

    there was only him, his messy bedhead hair that made him appear even taller than he was, his golden eyes that were so sharp and cunning that you didn’t dare to stare into them for too long. his shoulders that felt so hot under your touch. you couldn’t stand the thought of separating now.

    you’ve been friends for so long now, but starting high school your heart had started to beat more rapidly in his presence, heating your cheeks, having you avoid his gaze to not give away your feelings. he would just make fun of you—

    kuroo shifted slightly, trying to move off of you but your hold on him confused him, making him hesitate which is why one of his legs got caught between yours, grazing the exposed skin by chance.

    the sudden sound you made made him clench his jaw, the soft whimper resonating in his ears as he tried to meet your gaze but you had turned your head to the side, exposing your beautiful, slender neck.

    just what the hell were you doing to him..

    “yeah, sorry,” he murmured, again trying to get up but you just wouldn’t let him. so then he decided to pinch the exposed skin between shirt and skirt of your school uniform, making you jump.


    “let go off me?” kuroo asked amusedly, hiding the fact that his heart was trying to beat out of his chest with a coy grin. but you shook your head shyly, and he blinked. what?

    “just..” you began, quietly, gaze still averted, “just a bit longer?”

    his muscles relaxed, tension easing up as he processed your words, taking in your flustered appearance. he didn’t really understand, he didn’t want to get his hopes up. after all, you had just mentioned that you liked somebody the other day, so why would you—



    “hmm,” he hummed, letting him fall next to you, his other arm and leg still an extra weight on you. he stared at you, observed the little changes in your expression, the way you desperately tried to hide the fact that you were blushing, hard.

    smirking, he poked your cheek with the tip of his nose and you began to hold your breath.

    “so.. when are you gonna confess?”

    this time your eyes darted to his, finally meeting them, with surprise, your chest hot with embarrassment. you furrowed your brows, feeling your face heat up even more as you grabbed a pillow, stuffing it in his face and growled, “never!”

    © softetsurou. please do not modify, copy, repost or claim as your own. ♡ reblogs are much appreciated!

    #exams are over~ finally some time to write more stuff #but watch me write for kuroo again fml i was gonna do bokuto this time #haikyuu fanfiction #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x female reader #kuroo tetsuro x reader #kuroo tetsurou x reader #kuroo x reader #kuroo x y/n #kuroo scenarios#kuroo fluff#kuroo timestamp #kuroo x female reader #haikyuu fluff
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  • energon-with-a-curly-straw
    28.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    ‘A simple yet profound queer love story’ Bitch I want to watch something trashy and problematic

    #why does queer representation have to be perfect and sin-less? #nine new series of big tittied hs girls pining for some loser are made every day and no one cares #allow this queer one guilty pleasure #‘here’s 10 non problematic bl series! half of these aren’t even bl!’ #‘this character isn’t defined by being queer!’ yeah but can he be #here’s my completed exam on critical thinking skills can I watch something with certain negative aspects now #give me gratuitous fanservice that adds nothing to the plot #I DID find a series that would be PERFECT if it wasn’t for one thing that would have been easy to fix in post #I actually love this series to the point of creating an (almost self-insert) oc to replace the main character
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  • everykabuto
    28.07.2021 - 55 minutes ago
    #naruto#kabuto#kabuto yakushi#mangacap#chapter 62#chunin exams#everykabuto #the first time i watched naruto i already called that kabuto was going to betray them somehow but i didn't know how #but now i get it more. because yes he is trying to keep them alive. but the reason he only ever jumps in at the very last second #is because he's testing them. he wants to see what they're capable of #that's also why he didn't call out the genjutsu until the kids notice something is wrong #the whole point was to figure out their skills. and so he only jumps in when he sees that they wouldn't be able to get out of the situation #because orochimaru doesn't want them dead yet
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  • mermaidsibling
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    whelp I guess I didn’t pass that substitute exam

    #a;lhkfl;hakf;lhak;lhafk #I hate it here so much #this is the last time I take other people's recommendation for a professor #he's bound on screwing us over #there's not even a reoffering of the class next semester I'll literally have to wait until next year #if I don't pass the recuperative exam #aahhhhhhhh#personal rant
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  • watches-and-windchimes
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    That feeling when you can't remember the English word for something, but your speaking teacher only knows the German word so you both spend like five minutes trying to remember the word

    And then you've got to use wordreference to find out a word from your own native language

    #i once read the word verlässlich in an exam #and i fully understood what it meant #but couldn't remember the english word #i lost marks because i couldn't remember the fucking English word #in a German exam
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  • medblrgirl
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I did well enough on my UCAT to apply to my fav uni's 🥳

    Round 1/3 down

    #medblrgirl #post grad med #biomed student #biomed to medicine #ucat exam
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  • larrivex
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i love reading timelines for sp but my FAVOURITE. my absolute FAVOURITE thing about all of them is their fundamental misunderstanding of the irish school system

    in soa, val has just finished her first year of secondary school, and is 12 (with her birthday in august). the school year ends at the end of may, and goes back start of september. this is all perfectly in line with how school works over here. its completely reasonable for val to be 12 in first year (the equivalent of 7th grade) and i say this because i was 12 in first year with a summer birthday. the idea that soa's timeline is out of line because "school lets out at the end of june" is just not true but still very amusing

    #the only time secondary school lasts into june is exam years (freshman and senior equivalent) #her getting her exam results the week of her 18th birthday (early august) also makes sense thats how things work here bc the reflection #wouldve sat those exams in june #sorry i think about this wayyy too much #skulduggery pleasant#valkyrie cain#etc etc#vexpost #lassies tl is an absolute godsend tho. i have been thinking this for ages but i was reminded of it while i read that #feel free to ask more qs if you have them i am an open book to helping people understand ireland better lmao
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  • theswizzle16
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it’s almost midnight, i just made cappuccino because im tired and still need to do things™️ but im just sitting here with my coffee and a cookie and wondering why life can’t always be like that

    #i worked uninterrupted for about five hours #and worked out for an hour today #and then i made cookies #im really looking forward to august 10 when my exams are done
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  • maritasdump
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #FUCK GOVERNMENT EXAMS #NIGHT#marita's shenanigans
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  • alolaneevee
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Zelda Me, wanting to see my ap scores


    waiting for a link

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