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  • “It’s… overwhelming, to say the least, reading the old unsent letters I’d written to you, all those months ago.

    The certainty with which I spoke of the future.

    I’m never going see you again.

    It’s going to be so awkward.

    You could never like me like that.

    You’re just being friendly.

    And now, here I am. Sitting here, having seen you again, many times, without (much) awkwardness. You liking me like that. It doesn’t feel real.

    I’d spoken of a story, once; a story that would, in all likelyhood, be absent of a happy ending. A story that I was sure would be ours.

    But now the impossible has happened. And many things remain uncertain, but I might just have to stop attempting to predict the future, in favor of basking in the present. Because sometimes, the present is pretty okay.”

    -excerpt from a book i will never write

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  • Fluff!

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  • Technically, this would happen later in the story but it’s something I wrote because I was feeling self indulgent. Idk if I’ll keep it but please enjoy

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  • “…It’s not really a big deal, but I’m sort of a history bad boy.” He smiled.

    I hate this fucking line, but I refuse to delete it.

    #excerpt #you stupid fuck i love you #meeting shadows #its got ben wyatt from parks n rec vibes #kobra kid
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  • Hello, lovelies! I’ve been on a writing hiatus, but let’s be real here, I have no self control and have been working on a fic regardless of my own lax self discipline. I wanted to share a small portion of it, hopefully I’ll have it posted within a few days, and it will be on AO3 rather than Tumblr. Lemme know what you guys think, this is the first bit of writing I’ve really tried with since my hiatus, and I’d love to hear some feedback! 

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  • “We face a crucial choice. Do we allow the Chokehold to continue to strangle our democracy and risk the rebellion that always comes to police states? Or do we transform the United States of America into the true multicultural democracy that, at our best, we aspire to be. The book is about the urgency of transformation. All of the people will be free, or none of them will.”

    ~except from “Chokehold: Policing Black Men” by Paul Delano Butler

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  • Okay things have been a lot. A lot. Here’s an excerpt from one of my WIPs for a breather:

    Cooking, like writing, took me out of myself and that’s why I liked it, other than having always loved food. To actually cook, you only need to know a few techniques, have a few simple tools, and then live in your senses. Is the onion firm to the touch? Are the toasting nuts just starting to smell? Does the pasta water taste salty enough? It is almost instinct, touching and tasting your way through.

    And to someone who suffered under a ‘quirky’ mind and a confused heart, it was sometimes a blessed relief to only wait perfectly until the zucchini you were sautéing transformed into the best sauce. And then there was the best part: sharing the art that you had artfully spun.

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  • Find the Word Tag

    I was tagged by @radiowrites; thank you!

    The words are book, knee, support, and cake.

    Book: found in 120 Grains of Sugar (Wip #4)

    “That’s nothing,” I say, breezy, maybe a little too quick. Another eternity passes between words. Before he can make a move, I slide the old book forward into his waiting hands and let go. Two clicks of a single button on my watch turns the timer off and resets it, resets it, resets it. Not one drop of reassuring ink lines the back of my wrist. There’s no gentle way to put it: I think I might be screwed.

    Knee: found in IIDWTS (Wip #1)

    Tsukosu sat on the edge of the bed with his back to them, staring dully out at his balcony. His hands were empty and loosely rested on his knees, though small, all-too-familiar bandages were scattered like patchwork across his forearms, and Setsuko, at least, knew that if Tsukosu turned, his face would be the same. Tsukosu’s dark hair was a mess, as was his bed; unmade and rumpled, the pillow close to falling onto the floor.


    “Oh, gosh.” Sakata pressed his head into the ground and exhaled in relief. His arms slowly folded in until both hands were propped beneath his neck for support. He relaxed just enough to steady his heart once more, then pressed his eyes closed and let out a small chuckle of his own. “Now you’re scaring me.”

    Cake: found in IIDWTS (Wip #1)

    Taniguchi knew well that it would take nothing more than a swipe of his arm to throw the puny bastard off and one misstep to completely pancake his ribcage. He was still a guest on the campus, however, and aside from Yamada being more irritating than a gnat that wouldn’t buzz off, there really was no reason to harm him.

    I tag @dreamerwriternstargazer, @vioaeon, @kessler-writes. Your words are: protest, tender, flight, and guard.

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  • I don’t know why I let myself lose control. My mind should be on studying and ensuring that my future is bright. I don’t need anything that would be… a distraction.

    — Mizutani Shizuku // Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun

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  • “You have made magic erupt out of my ribcage only to burn the spell when I needed it the most.”

    - You’re no longer here and I need you - n.c.d - Aladea

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  • thilea

    taglist and text transcription under the cut

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  • “Why do you and your friends travel? Why don’t you have jobs?” Castiel asked.

    “Nothing better to do, I suppose,” Dean said with a laugh.

    “Where did you meet?” 

    “Here and there, on the road.” Dean looked at him. “Why all the questions?”

    Castiel flushed, again. He was thankful it was growing darker in the square to hide his face. “People in town, the knights, they’re always cautious of new folk. And nosy.” It was true, but not why he was asking questions. “They’ll want to know.”

    “Then I’ll have to come up with some convincing lies to tell.” Dean grinned. “What do you think they’ll accept better—that I’m an orphan since my family died of typhoid and now I travel from town to town looking for honest work, or maybe that I left home because my father couldn’t support me and my seven siblings and now I’m searching for a wealthy uncle I’ve only heard tale of who will take me in?” He looked at Castiel and his eyes crinkled at the edges in amusement. 

    Maybe they’re so green because his clothes bring them out, Castiel thought. He realized Dean had asked him a question. “I—I don’t know. Are any of those tales true?”

    Dean laughed. “No. But I think they’re the ones people would want to hear.”

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  • image

    ( a little something from malachi’s outline from like a week ago oops )

    taglist / @semblanche, @vandorens, @intomatter, @booksnotbookies​, @clarence-writes, @writeblrfantasy

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  • Calamity Week 2020 𝓓𝓪𝔂 5: 𝓜𝓪𝔂 29𝓽𝓱 ✦ 𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 ✦ 𝐟𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲

    #calamity week 2020 #he xuan#blackwater #ship-sinking black water #tian guan ci fu #heaven official's blessing #tgcf#excerpt
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  • “His lines had been honed over centuries, passed down through generations, for poor people needed certain lines; the script was always the same, and they had no option but to beg for mercy. The cook knew instinctively how to cry.”

    Kiran Desai, The Inheritance Of Loss

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  • Fraeya awoke to the brush of scales and fur over his face. He could feel the sunlight playing across his skin, casting warmth over him as he sat up, yawning. The smell of rain - damp earth, fresh and musky - was strong. 

    “Morning,” Seng said. She brushed his arm with her tail. “Come on,” she said. There was a sizzle as she stomped on the dying flames from their fire, putting them out. 

    Fraeya stood, stretching. The cave floor hadn’t been too uncomfortable, in all honesty. He’d slept in worse places. And besides, he was fairly sure that he’d been leaning on Seng for most of the night. 

    He grabbed his cloak from their bags and clasped it on. The familiar weight of it around his shoulders was comforting. 

    “I’ll take you to the edge of town,” Seng said, “before I head off.”

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    #wip: not even the rain #fraeya sengui#excerpt
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