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  • corpsechic
    04.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    my voice is breaking some more..

    #i thot that was over. #sound like a clown #exciting though
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  • cornishgoldfish
    18.07.2019 - 1 year ago

    Literally had a mini panic attack because a cute girl asked me out on a date 🙈

    #Exciting though #Shes really sweet #Bit nervous
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  • septic-bella
    29.06.2019 - 1 year ago

    It's gonna be so weird to see Seán in green hair again!

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  • this-is-an-open-letter
    09.03.2018 - 3 years ago

    New chapters to be added to Tessa and Scott’s Book - October 2018

    #tessa and scott #so exciting #wonder when they'll sit down to do this #we wont know either way #exciting though
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  • quick-wide-perception
    12.01.2018 - 3 years ago

    the more I research and read about the subjects I want to better articulate, the better I am at articulating them! whaaaaaat no way

    #exciting though #never stop learning!!!! #I wanna create a knowledgebase 4 U! #*points finger like that army poster* #okay Im done being unfunny
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  • giant-tinynerd
    23.10.2017 - 3 years ago

    Aaaaaaand the shit talking has begun.

    #this is gonna be a long year #lmao#exciting though
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  • kinglyqueenly
    26.07.2016 - 4 years ago

    So a couple of friends and a few you tubers have gotten me into anime, and as the only one in my family who enjoys it, at a electronics store, I'm gonna hunt for it. So I went to the anime section (my brain: EXCITE) and start hunting down the ones that I've heard were good. But damn, they were expensive. But now, as a lover of good tv shows, I have decided to save up for Death Note!! YAY! One problem. It's $75 dollars. Ah, expensive, quality TV shows. I won't be spending much money for a while.

    #anime#death note#money#expense#exciting though #so looking forward to this stuff
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  • smallstuffdolls-bjd
    16.02.2016 - 5 years ago

    Apparently I really like tiny-size grumps 

    #doll plans#bjd#exciting though#but who #crobidoll coffee of course #yes yes it's happening
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  • mayaschuyler
    17.12.2015 - 5 years ago


    #random#non gmw#exciting though #although no one probably cares #oh well #happy birthday to me #17th December#yaayy#my post
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  • buteverynight-islikeadream
    08.09.2015 - 5 years ago

    SOMEHOW I went through the day without constantly telling people Taylor followed me on tumblr this summer

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  • teabookschocolate
    15.06.2015 - 5 years ago

    Charity has just had a baby. Like what even?!?!

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  • larehl
    20.02.2015 - 6 years ago

    did u know one day in the distant distant future our milky way and the andromeda galaxy (the closest galaxy to us) will collide?  but our solar system probably won't even be affected because there's so much empty space in galaxies so there's only a very small chance that we'll collide with another entity

    #i have so much to say about this #i call andromeda our sister galaxy #i think it's 5 billion years away #but i dunno for sure #exciting though #.txt
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  • sketchyfletch
    06.12.2014 - 6 years ago

    Oh wait so that wasn't the endgame? I'm so confused

    #dragon age inquistion #EXCITING THOUGH
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  • consolecadet
    22.10.2014 - 6 years ago

    I am finally shooting for the Daily tomorrow

    several other people are also covering the event, which is good because a) I have class overlapping it and b) the pressure's off, a little

    #exciting though #boring text posts #daily#college
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  • howelljenkinss
    17.10.2014 - 6 years ago

    Hi. Good morning! I hope everyone has a good day uwu

    #i'm waiting for class to start #i'm supposed to finish my art project today!!! #and then at lunchtime i have to sing in front of the school #eek! big day for me #exciting though #wish me luck! #Eliot speaks #tbd later probably
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  • healthy-equilibrium
    08.09.2014 - 6 years ago

    I have spent all day packing my trunk for uni and yet it somehow feels like I've done nothing at alllll! only 4 days to go! So excited for the big move. Man, there is so much to think about, shoes, bed linen, towels, kitchen shit, food, books, clothes, desk lamp, rug n shit. 


    #a bit stressed #moving is stressful #exciting though
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  • may-the-quartz-be-with-you
    16.07.2014 - 6 years ago

    So I officially moved into my first real apartment and am paying for everything with what little money I have. Does this finally make me an adult? 

    #i don't want to grow up #so much money #exciting though
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  • strangestlifeiveknown
    18.06.2014 - 6 years ago

    Is it possible to reignite a crush from over a year ago? So strange :P

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  • kxpowski
    28.04.2014 - 6 years ago


    I've got a girlfriend...

    #gf #idk how this is gonna work out #exciting though
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