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    Ah, so it spoke. Grimmjow wasn’t impressed. But what was this shit about ‘hunting grounds’? And if he has the time to make sense of it, will he care? There were more than enough souls to chow down on here, and he’s pretty sure his claim was staked first.

    He could speak back, but…no, he’ll just let his tail flick back and forth. His spiritual pressure inches out slowly, bit by bit. He’ll stay, actually.

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  • This one goes out to @ex-mercenary / @skulldxddy. Always hoping to see more of you, dude. Your Guts is legendary, and Guzma, that buggy punk, seems to be making you really happy. Every day is appreciate Guz and Guts asks day. (Every day is also appreciate Shaggy day too).

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  • #exmercenary #⚔ V: Modern AU #dfkalfjlkfdkj GOD THIS ASK #i swear it still kills me #and I hope this reply does it justice because!!! fuck #the way u write Puck as dog is just too much for me n I love it so much lmao
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    Thinks about how much she loves Guts. 

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  • ex-mercenary What a blessing.


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    “– you.”

    She’s gotten older. A little taller, much thinner– the baby fat didn’t stand much of a chance against the stress. Dressed in plain, albeit fine clothes, the kind a noblewoman might wear while hunting. She’s still got those big grey eyes, just as furious at the sight of him as the last time he saw her.

    Heedless of her guard’s warning, Theresia pulls her knife from her belt and charges. He’s twice her size, but it doesn’t matter. The refugees around them in the crowded little camp cry out, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters, all that’s mattered in years, is the promise she made over her father’s mangled corpse.

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  • ex-mercenary replied to your post: ��

    // I’m not the most familiar with the series Ozen is from but put it this way, your portrayal of her is makin me pretty damn curious to check it out lmao

    ((asjdakjfaskdj that’s such high praise I’m not worthy! ;;____;; Thanks so much for your kind words! Hearing this means a lot, especially today.

    ((I definitely recommend checking out the series. Gruesome tragedies aside, it has a beautiful world with a storytelling style I absolutely love. It has a bit of everything too in that it’s hard to pin down a specific genre, which just means there’s a great mix where everyone can find something they love.

    ((AND THE FEELS! THE FEEEELS! ;;////____////;;

    ((10000% would recommend <3))

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  • Today the world ended sooner than expected, and what new life lay ahead for one little boy remained uncertain and terrifying. It had started with reluctant journey to retrieve medicine his parents sorely needed. The boy worried over everything, even his own shadow at times. So, when his father had requested something of the boy, bigger than anything he had ever done, there was hesitation and doubt. He had never gone off of the farm, not even to follow his father into the nearest keep to sell off some of the arduous work that was placed into farming. 

    Perhaps his life had be spared because he had left, but what now? Death might as well be more kind compared to this. Orphaned, alone and afraid. The mutilated bodies of his parents are fresh on his mind at the moment. His father, butchered in the field, his mother ravaged before her death. Their son? Tied up behind a bandit ridden horse to an uncertain fate.

    Each step feels heavy and by now the cold, hard ground had left his small feet numb and tingly. It takes him quite a bit to remain upright because of the distance walked, the tug on his bound wrists remind him to keep up. Looking down at his wrists, it appears as though the skin had been rubbed raw and blistered, his chapped lips draw into a tight line as a whimper escaped him.  

    The look of one of the bandits causes his breath to catch in his throat, his face to become pale as he is reminded of the hard kick to the side he had received earlier.  Oh no… oh god no. The group of bandits comes to a halt once they hear of a commotion at the rear.  “Hey! What’s going on back there!?” One of the members shouted, the reins of his horse is tightened to turn the beast of burden towards the back to investigate.

    “Nothin’, just this kid whining again. Unf!” He struck the boy across the face, causing the child to topple over and curl up with his hands on the right side of his cheek. Because his hands are guarding his face, the boot of the bandit plants itself right in the boys gut, forcing most of the air out of him.  The bandit soon sneers in disgust. “Aw, shit. Kid’s gone and pissed himself!” Another kick. Again, and again.  By now it appears that the bandits have decided to settle for the night, ignoring the brutality of one man towards the little boy.

    “Alright, knock it off. He’s no good to us if ya kill him.” A voice spoke, sounding much more superior to the abuser who spat upon the boy and stormed off huffing. “Dirty little…” Grumble grumble. The rope is untied from the horse and dropped onto the ground before the horse is lead off to the rest of its kind. Untacked and left to feed and drink. Nikolai is given a bit of relief for the time being, retching momentarily, shifty so that he is settled on his rear and holding his arms close to his stomach. He is hurting, keeping sobs as quiet as he can from the ears of the bandits.

    A little bit passes by and Nikolai finds himself away from the warm glow of the campfire. The stake in the ground connected to the rope deters him from any hope of running off coupled with the beating he received earlier, his cheek now hot and bruised. He is curled up on the cold ground, shivering silently as tears well in his eyes.  His thoughts drown out the laughter of the bandits, who share tales of the women they bed and the future that lay ahead. 

    Nikolai merely stares at the darkness of the woods, sniffling and carefully curling up a bit more as he hides his face in his hands. “Mama… papa…” He whimpered, pining for the loved ones he knows are gone.

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  • ex-mercenary


    Just wanna say your art is amazing.



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  • @ex-mercenary | @therosiesweetheart

    Rosie sat across from the warrior, terminally wasting away, awaiting the presence of Kia. The colorful red robe had been exchanged for one of pure white, her jet hair clinging to her face as a few drops of the spring’s water formed dew along the tips. Washed and renewed for the greatest decision.

    “Guts,” she addressed gently, lovingly, “you’re just so stubborn. Rosie came to me first to offer you life, but I deferred the decision to you. For so much of your time on this planet, people have been taking your sovereignty from you. I give you the choice and you give it back to me?” The chuckle was faint yet fond. His mate went to her knees before him, the warmth of her hand on his shoulder futilely trying to reach deadened senses. “Guts, I knew from the moment I made you my mate,” the red mark on his neck was gently touched “that this day would come– the pain that a dragon loving a human would inevitably feel.“ The grip on him was light but tightening. “I tried to accept it but…I cannot. I’ve spent nine hundred years looking for someone like you. The thought of only knowing my soulmate for such a brief moment is…heartrending. A life without you is a cold, lonely world.”

    So take my life— a piece of it. Please, allow me a moment to explain. Even amongst my own people, I am a bit of a rarity.” Guts’ skin would raise as Kia channeled the magic he had come so accustomed to. With a soft exhale, a plume of lights, colors he could no longer perceive, left her lips. “Do you remember our talks about dragon magic? Fire, water, wind, and earth: the four elements that govern my world. For you see,” Kia held the swirling orb of magic before him “I wasn’t born with just one soul. The souls of four dragons, one of each of these elements, came together to make my whole being. This concept has a few names —Earthbound Dragon, Prophecy Dragon— but the foreign and corrupted nature of magic in this world had dulled my attunement to them and hampered my own magic. That is why I never told you of them.“


    “Forgive my rambling, my dear, you know how I am.“ Magic so raw and primal she held so casually before her, a single string anchoring it to her chest.What I am offering to you is one of these souls: a quarter of my lifespan, a quarter of my mana. This is something I have thought long on, Guts. I am not afraid of the costs.“ One of the fragments was plucked from the mass. “Knowing you, I believe this earth soul would suit you best.” A serpent of light coalesced around her fingertips, threading energetically between them. “How many years this soul contains will be given to you. It will heal all those unseen wounds of your spirit and keep you alive while Rosie heals your body.”

    “A dragon giving their soul to a human is not so unusual. As different as we may seem, our souls are more alike than anyone expected. Dragon Knights, Dragoons, Dragonbounds, different names for the same phenomena. Understand that accepting this will give you the lifespan beyond any human. Could you even tolerate me for a few hundred years?“ A humble hope was renewed in those eyes, a wordless prayer that she would keep him.

    “But once again, I give the decision to you, my beloved. Your life is your own to control, and even as queen, I cannot command your free will. Will you accept this fragment of my soul so you may live?“

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  • *Shakes head loudly*

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    Being eyed for a reason she can guess is one thing, but this has been absolutely fucking ridiculous. She scowls and whips around to face him, features tight.


    “Got a fucking problem, asshole? What, think I did shit to some of your buddies or some shit?”

    #exmercenary#ic #v: only hell awaits (berserk) #rea/renal @ guts: #wtf is this wtf are you even ur a damned WALL wtf wth (and i thought my dad was huge goddamn) #jiao/jun @ guts: .....u wanna fite skunk-man ILL RIP YOU INSIDE OUT N BATHE IN UR BLOOD-- #(jiao chill p l z) #also yes hello from both blogs ahaha #left this one more on the vague side too if only bc??? SHE'S AN APOSTLE ONLY NOT BUT SHE / I S /
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  • Shout-out to @ex-mercenary for giving me the best roleplaying experience I have ever had in my almost ten years of writing.

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  • I have no idea how to explain this to people outside the RP community.

    @draconicmatriarch​ | @ex-mercenary​: Here’s your adopted son who likes festivals and dressing like a princess >//w//<

    Please do not edit/repost. Thank you.

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    “He’s gunna touch all my toys and break them!”

    Kia rested a reassuring hand on his shoulder and reached out to the little dragon girl and touched her own shoulder to bridge the gap.

    “Sonia, sweetheart, I know this is sudden and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier. Please be nice to Griffith. We have to be nice to those with less than us.” Sonia angrily broke away from her mother, face reddening into a brooding tantrum.

    “I don’t like you,” she said flatly to Griffith’s face.


    “Sonia! If you don’t change your attitude now, you are going to sit in the corner!” Struck by her mother’s sudden firmness, Sonia quieted down, but still gave him a searing look, clinging to her worn out dog doll.


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  • When a dragon loves someone deeply and wants everyone know that person’s heart belongs only to them, they will signify that with a colored mark on their neck. This is the the ultimate step in a relationship with a dragon; it is their equivalent of marriage and not a commitment to be taken lightly.

    • The mark can only be placed during an intense feeling of love.
    • The color of the mark is always the same color as the dragon, and the mark glitters under the sunlight.
    • It is tradition to place the mark on the neck, as it is a sign of vulnerability, but they can be placed anywhere on the body.
    • The mark forms after a bite and magic being inserted under the skin into that bite wound. This process only takes a few minutes.
    • Size and shape vary on the one giving the bite. Sometimes it is just a small dot, and sometimes they can be an intricate pattern spanning a portion of their body.
    • Non-magical beings cannot give their own marks.
    • Mate marks disappear when the marker dies.
    • A marked mate can sense when their partner is in grave danger. The mark will pang and throb in response.
    • Marks can be removed. They can be removed by the giver or forcefully dug out of the skin if the marker refuses to remove it. Removing the mark gives the host an immense feeling of emotional loss.
    • Dragons are usually reserved beings, and marking is generally a private ritual. The exception is for royally-mandated pairings, and the marking will viewed by the families to bare witness to the alliance.
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  • ex-mercenary replied to your post: So out of curiosity, I went to see if the…

    dude i feel the exact same way with exmercenary. GIVE EM UP ALREADY YOU FUCKERS

    I sorta wish tumblr would like… I dunno, send an email out to blogs if they’re inactive for a certain amount of time (like a year or more), to see if they’re still intending to return, and if they don’t get a reply or say “no”, then they add something to the end of the url, like -inactive or something so the blog’s still there just in case but the url is free again.

    Then you don’t have a bunch of blogs that have been inactive for YEARS or just posted like one thing and hoarded the url floating around after forever.

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  • #it doesn't count because i say so #>O<#ask#exmercenary#ic#crack #((you make a good point LOL)) #ex-mercenary
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  • ex-mercenary replied to your photo “altruisticroyalty: sinday be like @wingsofgild @chesed-judeau”

    // this moment is one of my forever faves tbh.

    ((IT’S BEAUTIFUL Q//w//Q What’s better to share than sexy pictures? Or pictures of sex. Same thing.))

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  •                ·             A humble farming village devastated in a single night. Livestock were slaughtered and the once-fruitful cornfields strewn with grizzled guts and gore. The usually rowdy local tavern was silenced, where a hardwood door swung limply before the wind broke it from its hinge. At the heart of the rural destruction stood its cause; an iron beast stumbling weakly, its massive cleaver dragging behind it and laying a gory path of its own. 


       He knew this would happen when he chose to don the Armour. The senseless hunting, the fatigue, and the price his already screwed up body and screwed up mind would pay. There would be no turning back. It hurts to keep pushing, but he has to. The beast needed to feed.

       It needed more blood. Something. Anything. Anyone.

    #;open #warning: i ain't responsible for any death or injury if u wanna reply to this #me: has 16 replies to do haha yeah let's post an open #exmercenary
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