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    Baekxytocin YouTube Channel Survey Form

    Only 7 questions; 1 greeting question, 6 questions are about the channel.


    Your opinion means so much. Please. Thank you in advance!

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    I'm There 002

    originally posted by exo-stentialism

    Maybe—just maybe—saying yes to Baekhyun’s endearing confession 5 years ago was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

    2022 Masterlist | Main Masterlist | Story Masterlist | Part 2✓

    networks — @/superm-net @/bbh-net @/exowritersnet

    word count — 2.6k

    genre — r&b singer! baekhyun, boyfriend! baekhyun, lovers!au, romance, angst, smut (in part 2), and fluff

    [ This chapter contains: angst, hurt&comfort, and smut 💞 ]

    A/N: This smut scene never happened 😳😳 goodbye!

    The voice of the woman you despise more than anything calls your name. You clench your jaw, typing up the last couple of sentences in your important email before spinning around in your office chair with a fake smile plastered on your face. “Veronica, what pleasure do I owe your visit today?”

    You’ve greeted her with this question for the past year and a half. Not by your wants either. After she took up your supposedly “unwelcoming behavior” with HR, you have made a point to be as sickeningly polite as possible with her.

    “I lost the reports.” Her grave words have an immediate impact on you.

    It’s Monday morning, you are running low on sleep and high on adrenaline thanks to accompanying Baekhyun to another one of his shows last night, and here comes the worst news you could receive at the beginning of another week. Another hell week—because you know shit is about to hit the fan when the director hears about this.

    You blink slowly, taking a deep breath. There will be hell to pay, and you aren’t in any shape to deal with it today. “Can you repeat that for me, please?”

    “I lost them,” she examines her nails, leaning her hip against the wall of your cubicle. Must be nice to not have to worry about your boss turning red in the face and spewing insults at you. Just the thought of the screaming you will receive later has your blood pressure spiking. Your temples throb and you know it is only the first of many headaches that will hammer away at your head soon.

    “We’re doing inventory this week.” You try not to panic, digging your nails into the leather of your seat with a vice-like grip. “Have you tried asking IT about it? Maybe you can restore-”

    “They are gone.” She looks you dead in the eye, a smirk playing at her red-painted lips. “You can’t find them even if you wanted to.”

    You set your jaw, straightening up in an instant. “I will contact IT just in case.” You swivel around in your chair, starting a group email with her, IT, and other coworkers while she walks away. The clicks of her high heels pound away at your head like the bad feeling forming in your gut.

    Your work phone rings; you don’t need to see the number to know who it is. You pick it up with a shaky sigh, an encounter with your boss is evident.


    You step through the front door, accidentally slamming it behind you. The loud sound echoes across the silent apartment. You roll your eyes at the faint flashes of light in the hallway, tugging off your annoying heels. Your feet are killing you. You spent the rest of your first shift running up and down the stairs all over the factory. Taking an elevator was out of the question because “only executives” are allowed to use them.

    The latch of your heel has a tear in it from you ripping them off, and the two-inch heel itself is breaking off of the rest of the shoe. Frustrated tears fill your eyes. Nothing is going right today. The moment your foot touches the cold wooden floor, it cramps up. You wince, having to lean onto the wall for support. The back of your foot is throbbing, you know a blister is forming there. If not, it will soon.

    Yeah. This is so not your day, and you can’t wait for it to end.

    You limp into the kitchen, going to get a cup of water to soothe your parched throat before you lose your mind, when your eyes fall on the sink instead. Filled to the brim with dirty dishes.

    Your eye twitches when you hear Baekhyun shuffle into the room. “I guess you expect me to be your maid now.”

    He stops dead in his tracks. “What?...”

    You turn to him with a cruel smile. “I pay the bills, keep the lights on, buy the groceries,” you show off the room, noticing that the tap is dripping as well, “and you can’t even clean after yourself.” You scoff. “The bare fucking minimum.”

    “I was going to-”

    “When? When were you ‘going to’ Baekhyun?”

    “I’ve been out all day!”

    “Oh yeah?” You laugh bitterly. “Doing what? Securing a gig at some rundown bar for your little shows?”

    Baekhyun turns red in the face. He lowers his head for a moment, puts his hands on his hips, and takes a deep breath. His jaw clenches, brown eyes flickering back up to meet yours. “Are you done?”


    “Since you must know.” He interrupts, fire burning bright in his brown eyes. “I was out looking for a better job. For you.”

    His words snap you out of your rage mode at once. You freeze, watching him step closer.

    “There’s a publishing house downtown that has a position worthy to have you.” He shuffles through his pockets, handing you a business card. “I was checking it out for you.”

    Now as he stands fully under the bright kitchen lights, you notice his styled hair. Half of it ruined by him continuously running his hands through it, but the hair gel is still there. Your anger vanished completely, leaving you with a painful ache in your chest. You just went off on him because you had a horrible day, and he didn’t deserve that at all. You can’t believe he went out on the town for you after the amazing show he pulled off last night at an upscale club either.

    Tears sting your eyes. You duck your head and rush past him to grab your shoes. Baekhyun is hot on heels while you struggle to pick up your broken shoes with your shaking hands. Big water drops land on the wooden floor, your salty tears roll down your trembling lips. You can’t break down. Not here. And he doesn’t make leaving easy for you.

    You give up on your shoes entirely and head straight for the door, opening it only to jump back when Baekhyun beats you to it, slamming it closed. Your heart races in sync with the one pressed against your back. “Baekhyun…” you swallow, blinking back tears. “Let me go.”



    He wraps his arms around you. “Stop running from me,” he whispers, his breath stuttering in his chest. “Stop running away.”


    “Come back home.” He rests his forehead against the back of your neck, hugging you to his chest. “Come back to me.” His voice sounds more broken by the minute. “I miss you.”

    You sob, trying to shake him off. He can’t see you—not like this. Not after you spent months holding everything together while everything was slowly killing you. Just the thought of going back to that place tomorrow has dread squeezing the life out of your heart.

    “You know I’m always here for you, right?” he murmurs over your sniffles, holding you securely in his arms. “Whatever problem, worry, or trouble comes your way.” He presses a kiss to your teary cheek, the ends of his hair tickling your chin. “I’m there.” He nuzzles his face in your neck, hugging you tighter, his heart racing with yours. “Right here with you.” His lips brush over your heated skin. “I love you.”

    You sniffle one last time, blinking a few times before turning around in his arms to look at him with your blurry eyes. He rests his forehead against yours, looking at you with his soft brown eyes. You cup his cheeks in your hands, relishing in the familiarity of his minty breath before he presses his lips to yours.

    Your salty tears mix with the taste of him on your tongue, but you don’t care. You pull him closer, melting into his passionate kiss and cinnamon scent.

    He walks you back to your bedroom, not breaking the kiss for a second. Stripping off your clothes along the way. Your coat lands on the floor, your shirt falls onto a lampshade, and your bra goes flying off to who knows where by the time you cross over the threshold.

    Baekhyun backs you up against the nearest wall, pressing his body to yours. His bulge pressing against your stomach makes you gasp, tangling your fingers in his hair as he takes your breath away. He takes your face into his hands, kissing along your jaw and slowly down your neck. Swirling his tongue around a sensitive spot on your collarbone that sets your whole body on fire.

    His hands caress your hips and waist while you tighten your grip on his hair as his lips travel lower. He slides his hands up your body to cup your breasts in his hands, leaning down to press a kiss over your beating heart racing in your chest. He licks his lips before gliding them over your chest, his soft lips and wet tongue don’t leave a single spot untouched. You’re panting by the time he reaches one of your perked nipples.

    He smiles up at you, taking in your every pleasured expression with his warm eyes, sparkled with love, and darkened in want. The lower his lips go, the more your thighs clench together. He has to gently push them open by the time his mouth reaches your navel.

    You breathe shakily when he kisses your wet mound, flickering his tongue against you. It makes you shiver, leaning back onto the wall while his warm hands tighten their grip on your hips. You tug on his hair after a few minutes. You love his mouth, but you want his body against yours.

    Baekhyun stands up, stealing your breath with another kiss and taking you into his arms. He lifts you up, swallowing your gasp with his unrelenting kiss. He walks you over to the bed and lays you down on the satin sheets. You slip your hands under his shirt, helping him pull it off before he joins you. He chuckles at your hurry to remove his jeans, stripping himself bare and tangling his legs with yours in the sheets.

    His hand interlocks with yours, lost amongst the pillows under you. You wrap your thighs around his waist, arching your back when he slides inside of you. Baekhyun smiles, tucking his head in your neck.

    You could spend forever like this. Skin to skin. No space in between, and wild hearts racing in sync.

    [ gif credit: same as above ]

    You clock into work a minute before 7:00 am the next morning, taking a swig of your coffee. You make your way to your cubicle, ignoring the burning stares and weird atmosphere in the room. Whatever has everyone up in arms and buzzing with conflicting energy today, you don’t care. You had enough drama yesterday to last you 2 years.

    Sighing softly, you plop yourself down in your leather chair, rolling it closer to your desk. The moment you log into the company desktop computer, your work phone rings. You clear your throat, hoping your lingering drowsiness won’t make itself known. “Hello?”

    “Come to my office.”

    The call disconnects before you can even say a word.

    A bad feeling forms in your gut as you put the phone back down. This isn’t good news. You gulp down your nerves, clenching your sweaty palms. Whatever is going on, you can’t freak out here. You’ve cried enough this week and don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon.

    Steeling your emotions, you push yourself out of the false safety of your cubicle, slowly making your way down the long, executive hallway. You knock on the director’s door and smooth down the fabric of your pencil skirt while waiting to be allowed entry. When he tells you to come in, you take a deep breath and open the door. Your stomach drops to the floor when you find Veronica and two other workers in the room. You have a feeling that you know what you are here for.

    Veronica’s smirk widens the further you walk into the room. You do your best to ignore her haughty sneer and focus on your boss instead, “you called for me, sir?”

    He grunts, checking his watch. “Have a seat.”

    You slowly sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, growing weary at all the cold stares focused on you. Your eyes snap over to your boss when he calls your name in a patronizing tone.

    “It has come to my attention that the inventory reports,” his beady eyes zero in on yours, “were deleted by you.”

    What? Your mind draws a blank, these four walls seeming to zoom in around you. “Sir?” Sweat breaks out on your back as you watch him cross his arms and lean back in his chair.

    “Veronica here has informed me of the incident.” His eyes flicker to the smut woman resting her hand on his shoulder before shifting back to you. “You yelled at her when she came to you for help and deleted all the reports.”

    Your feathers bristle. Your jaw clenches shut as your hands shake and blood boils. That is not what happened at all, and now, the other two men in the room are smirking at you too. You take a deep breath to compose yourself before speaking again. “That is not what happened, sir,” you start in your calmest of tones. “Veronica informed me that she lost the reports-”

    “And no one else witnessed this?” he raises a brow, turning to the raven in the room. “Did you hear this, Sunghoo?”

    “Nope,” he pops the ‘p’ obnoxiously, smiling evilly at you.

    “I sent a group email,” you shake your head, eyes wide in panic. Why would Sunghoo lie? He works in the cubicle next to you! He’s always eavesdropping on what you do. “I contacted IT, Sunghoo, and Hyunwoo.” You have no idea why the guy literally in charge of counting each product isn’t in this room with all of you.

    Your boss hums, turning to the last man in the room. “Did you receive an email, Jihoon?”

    Jihoon flicks dust off of his expensive three piece suit, dragging his sly eyes over to you. “I have received no such thing, sir.”

    Your hands quiver in suppressed anger. Jihoon doesn’t even work in IT. He doesn’t work in your department at all. You turn back to your boss as he delivers his final words to you:

    “You’re fired.”

    You don’t cause a scene. You don’t go off or plead for another chance like they expect you to do. With a polite smile, you take off your work ID and set it on the desk, stand up, and walk out of the room without a word. Not a single tear drops from your eye until you make it through the building and down to your car in the underground parking lot.

    When you manage to return home in one piece and wash the unfairness of the short day off of you, Baekhyun sits on the couch and welcomes you into his arms. You rub your cheek with the sleeve of one of his stolen shirts and curl up in his lap, shutting out the rest of the world.

    A/N: Screw everyone OC worked with (>.<) one more chapter to go~~ <3

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    Part One - Stay Up

    Characters: Reader x Baekhyun Feat. Chanyeol

    Genre: Soloist AU, Smut, angst, fluff

    WC: 8k

    Tag List: Let me know if you'd like to be tagged in future chapters!

    Warnings for this chapter: explicit smut, alcohol consumption

    A/N: I can't even express how excited I am to start sharing this fic with you guys, its been a while in the making (I started writing it in august, and had the idea in my head before that even) and it's finally here!! I've worked so hard on this story, and there is much much more to come :) This will be By Far my sexiest fic, but not without plot to go with it! I'm also expecting it to be my longest fic, and lemme just tell ya'll it's gonna be one hell of a ride. And please let me know what you guys think of the first chapter! I always love getting feedback!


    Addiction (noun): Disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences

    “Relax. You can do this.”

    She hoped nobody heard her little pep talk to herself. She stood there in her best dress, in front of the most extravagant club in Seoul, hoping the bouncer wouldn’t see how nervous she was despite having an invitation.

    The invite had been a fun perk, having just started a new job at one of the top entertainment companies in Korea. This party, however, was something special.

    It was an after party, for a man she was all too familiar with, a man named Baekhyun.

    When she first received the invitation, she didn’t think she had it in her to go. Sure she’d been to clubs before, but never something as opulent as this. Baekhyun had expensive taste, and his parties reflected this.

    It was her friends and coworkers who eventually convinced her. Her friends especially, had insisted that she must be crazy to pass up such an opportunity. But due to the exclusive nature of the event, she still worried that she wouldn’t fit in.

    The music could be heard from outside, an upbeat yet smooth and sexy song of his, with vocal riffs that sent shivers down her spine. The dress she wore was the shortest and tightest she owned, although as she looked around she still felt underdressed. She didn’t own designer clothes or diamond jewelry, like many of the others in line with her, many of whom were still turned away at the door.

    When it was her turn the bouncer looked her up and down and she showed him her invitation. He only smiled, a smile that she couldn’t quite read. Then the door opened, and she stepped inside. The room she entered was unlike anything she’d seen before.

    The whole club glittered, colorful lights reflecting every color of the rainbow across the masses of people dancing on the large dance floor. It looked opulent, expensive, and so, so beautiful.

    Above the main dance area was a large balcony, overlooking the rest of the club. She gasped a little when she saw him, drink in hand, leaning over the railing, watching as his guests enjoyed themselves with an impossibly handsome smirk on his face.

    Though he was still quite far away, she could easily make out his broad shoulders and slender face. Working at the company she was used to seeing celebrities in person, but somehow he felt different. Baekhyun, to her, represented indulgence, he was the sexiest brand of sin the city had to offer. He had built quite the reputation for himself, a reputation far from that of squeaky clean idol singers. While nothing ever got exposed officially, Baekhyun was known to enjoy the party scene, and was more than familiar with drugs, alcohol, and casual sex. However it never seemed to affect his career. If anything, it made him more enticing.

    With him was another man she recognized, Park Chanyeol. Chanyeol was another artist at the company, a true rockstar. A one man band, who’s fame, while not being at the same level as Baekhyun’s, was still something to be reckoned with.

    She was still nervous, which meant she headed straight for the bar. The drink she ordered was strong, something fruity and refreshing and as she sipped it down she felt her inhibitions slowly begin to melt away. Once she felt sufficiently loosened up, she made her way to the dance floor.

    Despite her worries from earlier, she knew she looked good, incredible even. She’d spent quite some time on her hair and makeup in preparation, and the dress, while not being anything fancy, hugged her curves in all the right places. She let herself go, enjoying the beautiful glittering lights and rhythm of the music, and another drink later, there were no worries left in her mind as her body swayed almost involuntarily.

    She felt beautiful, and free. Like nobody was even watching.

    Little did she know, he already was.

    She heard some commotion around her, but with the alcohol running through her veins and music thumping through her body, she paid it no mind. When she felt someone’s hands on her hips she only smiled, happily dancing with whoever it was behind her, inhibitions long gone. She felt a gentle hand move the hair off her neck, before speaking in her ear.

    “That dress looks so fucking good on you.”

    The voice was low and smooth, sending a shiver down her spine. She knew that voice, it was the same voice that had been coming through the speakers all evening. Quickly she spun around in his arms, unable to move or speak as her eyes met his face, wearing that same smirk from earlier.

    He looked even better in person, and from only a few centimeters away. The well fitted black pants and glittering white shirt he wore only served to make him appear even sexier, with his shirt mostly unbuttoned, showing his smooth, well sculpted chest, and the pants showing off the delicious shape of his hips and thighs. His hair was pink, and she never before thought it possible for a man to look sexy with a head of cotton candy pink hair, but he proved her wrong.

    She stood frozen, and Baekhyun gave her a knowing smile, taking her hand to lead her off the dance floor. She followed, still in a daze. This wasn’t really happening, right? No way Byun Baekhyun was taking her up to his VIP booth.

    However even after blinking a few times, he was still there, looking back at her every couple seconds as he led her up the stairs to the VIP balcony. Even in her intoxicated state she was vaguely aware of the eyes on her and the whispers as she followed him.

    Eventually he led them both to a couch where he sat down, pulling her down with him.

    He turned towards her, placing one hand on her thigh and the other on her chin, making her face him. She still only stared back in awe. He was so close, she could smell the sweetness of his cologne as it served to drive her even more insane.

    “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” He asked, shooting her a smug smile.

    She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm herself. He was so close, in all of his beautiful glory, she found it hard to remain poised. Everything about him seemed to pull her in, he was absolutely delectable.

    “I’m s-sorry… I-“

    “Never been to one of these, have you?”

    She nodded, and he kept his hands in place, bringing his face closer to her own.

    “I figured… I wouldn’t have missed a sweet little thing like you.”

    If she wasn’t already blushing, she definitely was now. If it wasn’t for the alcohol in her system, her mind would’ve been going into overdrive already. Luckily for her though, the drinks helped keep her from completely freaking out.

    “You’re the new production assistant, right?”

    “You know who I am?”

    “I know a lot of things babydoll.” He said with a smirk.

    She was still slightly in disbelief. It seemed, to her, that Baekhyun had selected her as his fun little play thing for the night.

    “You… you knew I was coming?”

    He shrugged. “Not really, but I know everyone who worked on the concert got an invite.”

    He spoke so casually, yet all the while she was still trying to calm herself down, to get ahold of reality again.

    “Why did you bring me up here?”

    He leaned in further, speaking softly into her ear, the depth of his voice sending chills through her body despite the heat of the club. “I thought you looked nice, thought that maybe we could have some fun together, if that’s what you want.”

    He twirled a strand of her hair around one pretty finger of his as he spoke.

    For whatever reason, he had in fact chosen her to be his for the night. His words were direct, and she found herself feeling hotter and hotter as his hand crept slowly up her bare thigh. She pressed her legs together, trying to get some bit of friction, which did not go unnoticed.

    “You want that baby?”

    The feeling of his warm breath on her neck, his hand on her thigh, and the sweet words rolling from his pretty lips, were getting overwhelming. She could tell she was already shaking slightly under his attention. This was not at all how she had expected her night to go. Sure she thought she might go home with someone, but the possibility of it being him? It never even crossed her mind.

    But here she was, with Baekhyun touching her and whispering his dirty propositions in her ear. She wasn’t usually the type to have one night stands, but Baekhyun was so irresistible, she knew she’d easily make an exception for him.

    She realized she still hadn’t answered him, and he cocked an eyebrow at her. He knew she wouldn’t deny him. Baekhyun was very used to getting what he wanted.

    Slowly she nodded, and Baekhyun’s smirk grew even more mischievous.

    “What’s your name babydoll?”


    His hand moved further up her thigh, until he was able to wedge a thumb between the tops of her thighs, directly beneath the hem of her dress. Just a little bit further up, and he would’ve been touching her where she already yearned for him.

    “Hmm, pretty, just like you.”

    Her heart was beating so fast she was worried it might give out any second. His lips were still dangerously close to her neck and soon she felt them make contact, pressing a soft kiss directly under her ear.

    She let out a small gasp, and Baekhyun felt how her thighs squeezed his hand. She was going to be so much fun, he could already tell.

    The moment was abruptly interrupted as another man threw himself onto the couch next to her, a strong looking arm reaching over and shoving Baekhyun off of her playfully.

    “Ya! Get a room will you?”

    Baekhyun only laughed, reaching behind her to smack his friend on the back of the head. “Don’t be such a prude Yeol, you’re just jealous.”

    The larger man's eyes met hers, and then she watched as they traveled up and down her body. “I was the one who pointed her out to you, don’t you think you’re being a bit stingy keeping her all to yourself?” He slurred.

    Working at the company she’d heard rumors about many of the male celebrities being like this, and despite still being quite star struck, she already didn’t like the way they were talking about her. Sure they were both rich and hot, but she still had some decency left. She sunk deeper into the couch, trying to avert the man’s intense gaze.

    To her surprise, Baekhyun seemed to pick up on this right away. “Think before you speak, asshole. Can’t you see you’re making her uncomfortable?”

    She wasn’t sure if Baekhyun was actually trying to help her out, or if he was still just acting in his own best interests, but as long as she could get away from the other man she didn’t really care.

    She turned away from the larger man, leaning into Baekhyun for comfort. “Can we go dancing again?” She asked Baekhyun softly.

    “Of course baby, whatever you want.” And with that, she was once again following him through the club.

    There was a smaller dance floor on the upper level, where she recognized several other celebrities as well as some of the higher ups from the company. She soon found herself being dragged into the crowd, and Baekhyun’s hands were back on her hips. With some time she loosened back up, swaying to the music and enjoying all of Baekhyun’s soft praises as he spoke into her ear.

    “You look so sexy like this.”

    “Your body fits so perfectly in my hands.”

    “Can’t wait to take you home and give you what you deserve.”

    The throbbing between her thighs was getting harder and harder to ignore, and with a blind burst of confidence she was spinning herself around in his arms and greedily latching her lips onto his.

    At first he seemed a bit taken aback, but he quickly smiled into her lips, happily returning her kiss, letting it get dirtier and messier.

    She almost couldn’t believe it. Here she was, on the VIP balcony of the most expensive club in Seoul, making out with none other than Baekhyun himself. Baekhyun, the frustratingly sexy, incredibly smooth voiced r&b singer that nearly every Korean person with eyes and ears wanted to get into bed with.

    Her arms wrapped around his neck, bringing him in closer and she felt one of his hands wander from its position on her waist down to the small of her back, and to her ass. She whined into his mouth, and she felt him grin against her lips.

    Baekhyun wasn’t sure what it was about this girl that drew him in so much. While on tour he hadn’t had the time to go out so it had been a while for him, but even then, there was something about this girl that was making him feel crazy. The dress she wore, the way she danced, it was irresistible in his eyes. She was exactly what he wanted.

    She pulled away from the kiss to take a deep breath, already feeling slightly overwhelmed, and the look on her face pleased Baekhyun greatly. Cheeks flushed, lips swollen and slightly parted, she looked up at him hungrily. He could see the want written clearly on her face, and he too was getting impatient.

    “Are you ready to get out of here?” He asked.

    Her eyes widened for a second, mouth opening slightly but not letting any words out. He was going to take her home, and the idea of that in itself was enough to take her breath away.

    “Baby? I need you to answer me.”

    She nodded quickly, and he gave her a knowing smile. He took her hand once again, and soon they were outside stepping into the backseat of a very expensive looking car.

    “A-Are you taking me home? With you?”

    Baekhyun raised an eyebrow, “Unless you don’t want me to.”

    “No!” She quickly had to catch herself, not wanting to sound desperate despite the fact that she very much was when it came to him. “No, um, I want to…”

    She felt a hand back on her thigh and another at her chin. “Baby look at me.” He said calmly, but still firmly enough that she quickly obeyed.

    She hadn’t even realized how she’d been avoiding his eyes. Looking him in the eyes felt crazy. His gaze was so strong and his face was too beautiful for her to fully comprehend. When he looked right at her, she found it difficult to breathe.

    “Hmm isn’t that better.” He hummed, eyes moving across her face, taking good note of the blush on her cheeks and slight tremble of her lower lip. He made her feel small with his intense eyes, and when she broke away from his gaze again he spoke up.

    “You don’t have to be so shy with me baby, you’re here for a reason, I want you here. I want you.”

    As he spoke he gently but firmly held her jaw, bringing her closer until the distance was gone and his lips met her own.

    He kissed her like every girl wants to be kissed, with hunger, and with passion. Baekhyun made her feel completely out of this world, with only his lips. His lips moved to her jaw and then her ear, his hand sliding all the way up her thigh, and this time wedging itself beneath her dress.

    “Can’t wait to kiss you…” he whispered softly, and she gasped when one finger danced gently over the wet patch in her lace underwear. “Here.”

    And then his lips were back on hers, his tongue greedily entering her mouth and she shamelessly moaned into the kiss. She was thankful that the car had a partition separating them both from whoever was driving.

    She was already so turned on, she found her previous shyness quickly going out the door. Her mind was focused only on how much she wanted him. The promise of his beautiful, talented mouth between her legs was enough to have her shaking and gasping against him as he kept kissing her hungrily.

    Baekhyun wasn’t doing much better himself. He was already almost painfully hard, bulge clearly visible through his tight pants.

    “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’re gonna feel me for days.” He sighed into her ear. “Can’t wait to fucking ruin you baby.”

    She let out a whine at his crude words, and he groaned at the beautiful sounds she made for him. His hand was wedged beneath her dress again and when his pretty fingers started to make gentle circles over the fabric of her underwear, she lost all control.

    “Please, Baekhyun, p-please.”

    He leaned back to look at her, seeing her already panting, eyes heavy with lust. The way her chest moved rapidly up and down beneath the tight confines of her dress was entrancing, watching as her skin shone with her arousal and her cleavage fought the tight fabric. His lips curled into a small smile and his eyes sparkled as he took in her desperate expression. He looked at her with wonder, eager to see just how much he could ruin her.

    “Oh baby, we’re not even there yet and you’re already begging for me?”

    She could only squeeze her eyes shut in embarrassment, but he quickly grabbed her chin and spoke firmly.

    “No. Look at me.”

    She quickly obeyed and she felt her heart hammering in her chest even harder with how he was looking at her, like he wanted to absolutely devour her.

    The car finally came to a stop and Baekhyun was pulling away, getting up and offering a hand to help her up.

    She stared for a second, mesmerized by how beautiful even his hands were. She swallowed as she thought about his previous promises, and just how much more she was going to feel those hands on her tonight.

    She got out of the car and followed Baekhyun up to his lavish apartment, and the whole time she was in disbelief. Byun Baekhyun was really taking her to his place to fuck her. Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected this. But here she was, and then he was pulling her through the doorway to his home and swiftly shutting it behind her.

    He didn’t waste any time, immediately backing her up against the nearest wall and attaching his lips to her neck.

    Baekhyun couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt like this. He’d barely drank anything, but he felt drunk, or high, or both. He just knew that he needed to be between her legs as soon as possible.

    One hand quickly yanked up her dress, before finding its way back to her clothed pussy. She let out a high pitched whine and felt her body twitch at the contact, and it was satisfying him greatly.

    “So sensitive, you’re gonna be a fun one aren’t you?”

    It was demeaning, but she was too turned on to give a shit. She wanted to feel him too, so she moved her hand down to cup him and the feeling of his hardness beneath her palm was enough to take her breath away. She wanted to see it, and she wanted it down her throat, eager to please him, to somehow prove herself worthy of being his for the night.

    She dropped to her knees, and Baekhyun let out a deep breath as she freed him from the confines of his underwear. It made sense with how gorgeous the rest of him was, that his dick would be perfect too. The perfect size, perfect shape, she couldn’t wait to get a taste.

    She took him in her hand, looking up at him as she slowly pushed the tip past her wet lips. She started slow, teasingly licking and sucking at his tip before finally taking him all the way, until she felt him hit the back of her throat. She swallowed and started bobbing her head, satisfied by the low groans and curses Baekhyun was starting to let out. Being able to make him feel this good lit a fire inside her, she wanted to feel him cum down her throat.

    He twitched when she swallowed around him, still picking up her pace, and when Baekhyun started thrusting lightly into her mouth, she took his hand and placed it on the back of her head.

    “You want it like that baby? I won't hold back.” He asked roughly as he started pushing her onto his cock and she did her best to nod, still most concerned with making him feel good. She didn’t give a fuck if her throat is completely raw after this, she’d happily let him use her as he pleased.

    He started fucking into her mouth faster, and with more force. He was panting heavily, feeling his high just around the corner. She felt the tears start to sting her eyes as her throat burned and jaw ached, and when she looked back up at him, lips wrapped around his dick and mascara running down her face, he pushed her onto himself one more time before releasing into her mouth. She swallowed the warm liquid, pulling away to relieve the ache and the burn and as her mouth left his cock, one last stream landed on her chin and lips.

    Baekhyun was completely out of breath, cursing and panting heavily as he recovered from his orgasm. She slowly stood back up, feeling wobbly on her heels. She was breathing just as hard as him, trying to regain some of her composure.

    He was stepping close again, one pretty hand of his cupping her jaw. His eyes moved across her face, paying special attention to the wet trail left on her lip. Her breath was shaky as his thumb wiped the last of his cum away in one smooth motion, before pressing the digit into her mouth.

    “So fucking gorgeous, such a good girl. Couldn’t wait to get her filthy little mouth on my cock.”

    She swallowed down the last of it, savoring the taste of him. Her red cheeks were now stained with her ruined makeup, and the sight brought a smug look to his face. If his plan was to ruin her, he was already doing a fantastic job.

    Baekhyun made it clear from the beginning; he was the one in charge here. Luckily for him, she wouldn’t have had it any other way. She wanted him to take her as he pleased, too aroused to think about anything but her desire for him.

    She felt her heart start to pound again when he grabbed her hand and started leading her through the penthouse to his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door she was backed up against it, and his tongue was back in her mouth, his lips moving on hers feverishly. One hand snaked around her waist, bringing her closer to him and his hand traveled up the zipper of her dress, grabbing hold of it and slowly sliding it down, letting the dress fall to her feet. She was left in only her lace thong, and he stepped back to take in the sight of her body before him before pulling her towards the bed.

    She was laid down on the king sized mattress, and he hooked his fingers into the lace band of her last remaining piece of clothing, pulling them down her legs leaving her completely bare for him.

    “Hmm, beautiful.” He hummed, standing at the edge of the bed, loving the way her breasts rose and fell with her heavy breaths. She expected him to take off his clothes next, or to touch her, so her breath hitched in her throat when he spoke again.

    “Touch yourself for me baby, show me how you make yourself cum.”

    He saw how her eyes widened, amused by her innocent behavior after having just greedily swallowed his cock.

    “Aww, what’s wrong baby?” He asked, hands sliding over her knees before slowly parting them. “You weren’t so shy when my cock was down your throat.”

    She swallowed, still wanting to please him above anything else. Her hand slowly started to make its way between her legs, and she took in a sharp breath when her fingers first made contact with her already soaked center. Her eyes fell shut and her lips were parted in a drawn out moan as she started moving her fingers across her clit.

    Feeling his gaze on her as she pleasured herself was proving to be quite overwhelming. She’d never been watched like this before, and this wasn’t just anyone either. She had been so turned on for so long already, she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it very long.

    Her hands continued making small circles on her most sensitive spot, and Baekhyun watched intently as he circled the bed, coming to her side to take one soft breast in his hand, thumb teasing her nipple as she continued to get herself off. He loved the sounds coming from her swollen lips, desperate moans and whines for him to finally touch her and fuck her, but he was enjoying his little show.

    He paid special attention to her hand between her legs, memorizing the way she liked to be touched. He would put it to good use later on.

    His hand moved up to her face, pressing his thumb past her lips once again and she moaned around it as she reached her high, twitching and shaking, eyes squeezed shut and back arched as the pleasure flooded her body.

    He removed his finger from her mouth, cupping her face as he looked down at her.

    “So fucking pretty.” He whispered as he watched her writhe below him, slowly coming back down from her peak.

    Before she could fully recover he was moving, settling himself between her legs and she felt her whole body lurch at the feeling of his hot tongue on her still sensitive pussy. She was quickly crying out his name is broken pants and moans, overwhelmed by his tongue flicking and sucking at her. He didn’t go easy on her at all, immediately pulling her clit past his lips and using his tongue to make her legs shake.

    He was so good, too good almost, and she quickly felt the heat building in the pit of her stomach once again, but this time it felt amplified. She couldn’t help the way her hips moved and twitched and shook with how relentlessly he attacked her clit, and when she felt two slender fingers pushing inside she nearly lost her mind completely.

    His mouth left her pussy and he brought his other hand to her clit, toying with it as he kept up the pace of his fingers inside her, leaning back over her body.

    “You taste so fucking good baby.” He whispered before his mouth was back on hers, tongue pushing inside giving her a taste of herself, making her moan against him.

    His hands were picking up their pace and she felt another orgasm getting close, this time however the pressure was greater and more intense, and she found herself begging him for that release.

    “Fuck, Baekhyun, p-please, please.”

    His lips latched onto her neck and he spoke into her ear. “Please what? What is it sweetheart?”

    He knew how close she was, he could feel it in the way her hands gripped his shoulder and bicep, and the way her pussy squeezed his fingers. He slowed down slightly and he loved how she immediately let out a long desperate whine, trying to bring him closer but it was no use, he was the one in control here.

    “Aw baby do you wanna cum?” He asked, gazing down at her already fucked out expression. She nodded, eyes squeezed shut and trembling as she tried to hold back her frustration but he could see right through her. “Need you to open your eyes and look at me if you really want it.”

    She obeyed, meeting his eyes and she felt a rush of heat move through her with the intensity of his gaze. His hands picked up the pace again, one fucking into her perfectly while the other made harsh circles on her clit, and that was all it took to tip her over the edge, only this time it felt completely different, and much, much stronger.

    Her vision went white and her whole body arched and tensed and twitched and she didn’t even realize how much wetness coated the inside of her thighs until she was starting to drift back to reality.

    “Fuck, do you usually do that?” She heard him asking but she was still too dazed to fully understand.

    “Hmm?” She leaned up to see the large wet spot between her legs, and she realized what he meant.

    “Shit I- wow, um, no. I-I’ve never done that before.”

    She felt her face heating up in embarrassment and was about to apologize but Baekhyun didn’t give her the chance, grabbing her face between his hands and pressing a kiss to her lips before pulling back just enough to look at her.

    “You’re really fucking sexy you know that?”

    She felt her heart pounding, still slightly embarrassed now that she wasn’t so blinded by her arousal anymore. Being so close to him still wasn’t something she could get used to, and she found herself pulling away, trying to escape his eyes on her.

    Baekhyun caught onto this every damn time, and he was once again holding her chin to bring her eyes back to him.

    “Why are you still so shy? Hmm?” To her surprise his tone had changed completely. There was no more sexy teasing, he actually sounded concerned. His eyes had softened and he was no longer looking at her like something he wanted to devour, he was looking at her with what seemed like genuine care.

    “I’m sorry.” She eventually whispered, not quite sure what he wanted her to say. It was him, he was the reason she was getting shy, because he was way too sexy and talented when it came to these things. He just had this aura about him that made her feel small and submissive.

    “You didn’t answer my question sweetheart. I don’t want to feel like you’re scared of me.” He said as moved a stray strand of hair out of her face.

    “You’re just you and I-I’m just me.” She eventually said and he let out a soft laugh.


    If she was being honest, she felt shy with him because she still wasn’t quite sure why she was even there, why he had picked her of all people to take home. She couldn’t help but think about how much better than her so many of the other women he took home must be. She wasn’t even the type to have casual sex in the first place.

    “I just don’t really do this a lot and you probably do all the time and I’m not even anyone special-”

    “Y/n.” He interrupted before she could fully start rambling. “I told you that there was a reason I took you here. I didn’t want any of those other women in that club. I wanted you.”

    His tone left no room to argue. She stared back at him, dumbfounded.

    He noticed how she was clutching at the blanket to cover herself, while he was still fully dressed. He knew she’d feel more comfortable once he was exposed as well, so he started removing his clothes, until he was as naked as her.

    She couldn’t help but ogle him in all his naked glory. Every part of him looked delectable, from his strong chest to his slender waist down to his v line and the small happy trail leading down to his dick, which was once again hard. She also watched as he pulled a condom out of his nightstand before rolling it on.

    “Come here baby.” He whispered, and she moved closer until his arm was circling her waist, lifting her to sit on his lap, straddling him. She felt his hardness resting on her stomach and she felt it twitch slightly as she shifted over him.

    “You feel that?”

    She nodded, and his lips left a wet kiss on her neck before whispering in her ear. “That's how bad I want you. After you sucked me off like that I didn’t think I’d have another one in me but seeing you cum like that made me so fucking hard again.”

    She whined when his hand moved between their bodies, one skilled finger finding her clit.

    “Please.” She begged softly and smiled at her desperation.

    “You want me to fuck you baby?” He asked simply and she was quickly nodding. He held her hips down so she couldn’t move above him, still keeping his power over her.

    “Yes Baekhyun, please.”

    “Hmm what a good girl.” And with that he let go of her hips, allowing her to lift herself and he lined himself up before she sank down onto him in one smooth motion, letting out a gasp at the sensation of him finally filling her.

    “Holy fuck.” She whispered, and after a couple seconds she felt his hands moving her hips and he moved as well, pushing her onto his cock over and over.

    Her arms were clutching his back tightly, and she started to move with him, loving the stretch and the fullness every time she was sat down completely on his length. It was Baekhyun who clutched her face, bringing her lips to his as he continued thrusting up into her steadily.

    “Your pussy feels fucking incredible.”

    She groaned at his words, both of them picking up their movements but Baekhyun needed more, and soon he was leaning over her, taking her wrists into one hand and pinning them above her head before properly pounding her.

    Her legs wrapped around his waist and he picked up his speed, fucking her hard into the mattress. He leaned himself up a bit to look down at her below him and he loved the way her breasts bounced with every intense trust of his hips. She felt completely overwhelmed, mind utterly empty aside from thoughts of how good she felt and how sexy he was. She loved being fucked by him like this, he was hitting her just right, she never wanted it to end.

    The only noises present in that bedroom were of his panting, her whining and moaning, and their skin slapping wetly against each other. It felt dirty, downright sinful, how good he was making her feel. His cock hit her sweet spot perfectly every time, and just when she thought she couldn’t possibly get fucked any better he proved her wrong.

    He brought one of her legs up over his shoulder, and one hand came down to her face, pushing his thumb past her lips. He was able to get even deeper from this angle, and his hips kept slamming into her faster and harder, until it all became too much and he felt her start to shake and clench onto him tightly, moaning around his finger.

    This orgasm hit her like a bus, feeling how he continued pounding her even after she was twitching and squeezing him tightly with oversensitivity. Baekhyun kept fucking her through it, lost in the feeling of her losing herself around him. He wanted to pull her completely through it before letting himself go but that was easier said than done with how gorgeous he thought she looked, face red and chest heaving beneath him.

    It was the sight of her fucked out body and the squeezing of her pussy around him that had him finishing as well, burying himself as deep inside of her as possible before filling the condom. He pushed a few more times before slowly slipping out, a little disappointed to have let it come to an end already. She felt so unbelievably good he would’ve fucked her all night if possible.

    Eventually he rolled off of her and got rid of the condom, but he quickly returned to bed, pulling her into him, smiling at how tired but also just physically exhausted she looked. He knew he’d achieved his mission- to make sure she’d feel him lingering for days.

    “Thank you.” He heard her mumble.

    “You did so well sweetheart..” He whispered softly, running a hand lightly up and down her back. “Get some rest."

    Her head rested on his chest as she dozed off and he pressed a kiss to her forehead, still slightly in a daze.

    There was just something about this girl, and while the thought of it made him a bit uneasy, he knew he needed to have her for more than just one night.

    When she woke up the next morning she was relieved to see that it was still dark, and Baekhyun was still fast asleep next to her. As much as it pained her, she knew that if she didn’t leave now, she was overstaying her welcome. She started looking for her dress, pulling it back on and when she couldn’t find her underwear, she decided to just leave it be. They weren’t a particularly special pair, and maybe then he’d have something to remember her by.

    As if Baekhyun would ever view that night as anything more than just another stop on a grand tour.

    Once she’d gotten herself straightened up, she called herself a cab, dreading having to face the world in what were obviously last night's clothes. She saw the odd look the taxi driver gave her, but she tried to ignore it and soon she was back in her small apartment. Her place couldn’t even compare to Baekhyun’s top floor penthouse, with its floor to ceiling windows and panoramic view of the Han river.

    She’d had her little night of fun, of seeing what it was like among the young and ultra rich of Seoul. She still just couldn’t believe that she’d actually slept with him, that she was the one who ended up in his bed. If she didn’t know better she would’ve thought it was all just a bizarre, super realistic dream. However the ache that was present in her throat and between her thighs assured her that it had all been very real. She was still daydreaming, caught up in the insanity of it all as she changed out of her party dress and into some comfy sweats, plopping herself down on the couch.

    Of course, she had to tell her best friend all about it.

    “SUHYUN!” She more or less yelled through the phone in excitement when her friend picked up. “You would not believe the night I just had.”

    Suhyun of course was aware of where her friend had been planning on going, she was one of the people who had convinced her to go to the club in the first place.

    “How was the party? Did you go home with someone? Was he cute?”

    She heard her friend squealing in response. “You won’t believe, oh my god, it was so crazy, I still can’t even believe it.”

    “Believe what?”

    “Wait, are you busy right now? Can you come over? I feel like I should tell you in person. It’s just so crazy, saying it over the phone won’t even do it justice.”

    Suhyun was giggling on the other end, excited to hear whatever crazy story was coming. “I can be there in half an hour?”

    She happily agreed, hanging up the phone and trying to decide how to explain it all. What if she really didn’t believe it? She wouldn’t blame her, it was pretty crazy. She wished she’d had some sort of proof that she’d been at his place, but she’d been so blinded by lust, that was the last thing on her mind while she was with him.

    To pass the time until her friend arrived she decided to make something to eat, and just as she’d finished up she heard a knock on the door.

    She squealed and hugged her friend when she came inside, and they sat down to talk.

    “So spill, tell me everything.” Suhyun finally said.

    She took a deep breath. “I know this sounds crazy, and I swear to god I’m not lying but I went home with him.”

    She gave you a puzzled look, head tilting slightly. “Went home with who?”

    “Him, like the host of the whole event.”

    Suhyun hadn’t even considered the host. Her eyes widened as her friend's words sunk in. “No fucking way.”

    She just nodded, knowing how wild it seemed but it was all true of course.

    “Baekhyun, the singer, took you home with him from his party? Like for sex?”

    “I know how it sounds but I swear that’s what happened. It was so… God, I don’t even know, but I’m still sore.” She giggled at the last few words.

    “How…?” Her friend still looked at her in disbelief.

    “I was just dancing and he appeared behind me, and then he took me up to his little VIP area and we made out and then he took me home and the rest is obvious.”

    Her friend let out one weak laugh in response. “You really fucked him?”

    “It was more him fucking me.”

    Her eyes flicked back up, meeting her friends. “So how was he? It was good, right? Is he big?”

    She giggled again, going on to retell all of the events of the previous night, and the two girls laughed together at how absurd and amazing it all was.

    “Do you think things will be weird when you see him at work now?”

    She simply shrugged. “I don’t see why, it was just sex. A meaningless, really fucking hot, one night stand. I’m sure he does this all the time anyway.”

    “If you say so.”

    She wondered for a minute, if it would ever be worth mentioning that night, should she cross paths with him at work. But probably not. Baekhyun was, well, Baekhyun, and she was just an assistant at the company. She doubted he would ever address her as anything more than someone from work.

    They two went on to have a nice morning in together, and they were halfway through their first romcom of the day when she felt her phone ringing, looking to see a call coming from an unknown number. Suhyun paused the movie for her as she answered..

    “Hello? Who is this?”

    “You know I was a little hurt that you were gone this morning, I could’ve gone for round two.”

    She froze, almost dropping her phone at the sound of his voice. Suhyun was furiously whispering at her, demanding to know who it was after seeing the shocked look on her friend's face.

    “Hello? Y/n?”

    “Sorry!” She quickly said. “Did I forget something last night? Why did you call me?”

    Suhyun’s eyes went wide as she continued her whisper yelling, now asking if it was him, and for her to put him on speaker. For a moment she took the phone from her ear and quickly told her she had to be quiet before pressing the speaker button.

    “Aside from your underwear, I think you got everything. Do you want them back? I really don’t mind keeping them.”

    Her face had gone bright red at his crude words. She could hear the smirk on his face even through the phone, and Suhyun looked like she was about to burst from having to stay silent through it all.

    “No, um, why are you calling me though? How did you even get my number?”

    “I looked it up with the company. Are you busy Saturday night? A friend’s having a party and I’d like you to come.”

    She and Suhyun locked eyes, both in disbelief. More than anything though she was confused, as far as she knew Baekhyun was not the type to call the next day, let alone hook up with a girl more than once. It made no sense why she was being invited out like this, and it almost made her uneasy.

    “I-I’m not busy.”

    “Wonderful, I’ll pick you up at 8. Just text me the address.”


    “See you Saturday then, bye sweetheart.”


    And with that, he hung up.

    The two girls still just sat there staring at each other, as if to confirm that they’d both just heard the same conversation.

    “Holy fuck.” Suhyun eventually let out. “You are one lucky bitch.”

    She just barely laughed, mind already going wild with the thought of getting to see him again. “I can’t believe he… why would he…?”

    “He must’ve really liked you!”

    “But that doesn’t make sense.”

    Suhyun gave her friend a look, raising her eyebrows. “Come on y/n don’t do this you know you’re hot, are you really that shocked that he wants to see you again? Especially if the sex was that good?”

    She thought about it for a second, and it was true, it had been incredible, but she figured that was just how it was with him, no matter what girl might happen to be in his bed any given night. Had he really liked fucking her so much that he wanted to have her again?

    “I guess I thought it was always like that with him…”

    “It takes two to tango. There must’ve been something about you that stood out, just be happy! You get to go do it all again, and maybe you guys will even make it a regular thing! How amazing would that be? Although if you start seeing him a lot I want to meet him too, do you think he’d be nice? If you introduce us?”

    “He seemed alright…” she said, a little ashamed to admit that the two hadn’t exactly spent much time talking, another reason she found it so strange that he wanted to see her again. “We didn’t really talk much.”

    “You guys just got right to business huh?” Suhyun laughed.

    “Well it’s kind of hard to talk to each other in a club and on the ride over to his place we talked, but it was basically just him making me feel insane telling me all the shit he was gonna do later.”

    “God I don’t know how you were able to handle all that I think I would’ve gone insane.”

    “Oh trust me I was, he kept insisting that I look him in the eyes and stuff, I felt like my brain was going to melt.”

    Part of her wondered if that had something to do with him taking a liking to her, if he enjoyed seeing her so desperate and flustered, although she found it difficult to imagine any girl reacting to him much differently. It wasn’t just the fact that he was a celebrity either, there was something about him that made her feel unlike any other guy before. Baekhyun, while not being particularly tall or strong looking, still had this aura about him. Men like Chanyeol easily exuded power and confidence, just from their appearance, but Baekhyun went about it differently. He knew that while he wasn’t built like Chanyeol, he still was blessed with a handsome face and good proportions, and it was the way he combined this with his humor and wit that made him so attractive. The confidence that came from him was less obvious, but it was still very much there. Someone passing him by on the street might not immediately recognize him as a huge celebrity, it was when he spoke, what he said and how he said it, that gave him so much power. He knew how to speak to get what he wanted from people and his voice was deep and commanding in a way that left little room to question him, and he understood this well.

    “I wonder what it’ll be like Saturday…”

    “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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  • isearchedtheyooniverse
    19.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Tell Me You Love Me | Park Chanyeol [PRE-TEASER] [M]

    You taste yourself on his tongue when he leans in to kiss you hard, and you feel his cock in instinctively rubbing against your folds, making you shiver at the feeling of his head. He slaps his cock against your heat, and you moan. "You're dirty," you pull away from his lips, a string of saliva connecting the two of you.

    Chanyeol grins in that boyish way, but his eyes are dark. "Just for you, baby."

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  • evek95
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    A Hug Is All You Need

    pairing: sehun x reader
    tags: fluff, established relationship
    words: 581
    inspired after his last huya appearance and him being super soft and cute

    Your thoughts were interrupted, when you heard the lock on your front door. Looking at the clock again to make sure, you were surprised to see Sehun walk into the living room. ‚I thought you would work for a few more hours?‘, you asked him. Sehun didn’t say a word, he just walked over to the couch and lay down next to you, almost crushing you in the process. All he wanted was to be close to you and feel your arms around him. Sehun buried his face in your neck and you let out a small chuckle. ‚Exhausting day?‘ Sehun just nodded, tickling your neck with his slight stubble. You had wrapped your arms around him and pulled him on top of you, so he could feel closer to you. You moved your hand to the back of his neck and started running your hand through his hair. You could feel him humming more than hearing it. ‚I missed you‘, Sehun mumbled against your neck. ‚Do you want to go to bed and we can cuddle more there?‘

    Instead of an answer, Sehun got up and pulled you off the couch with him. He was hugging you from behind, having his jaw tugged into the crook of your neck. It made for a slow walk into the bedroom, but Sehun didn’t want to let you go for even a minute. That was until you got ready for bed, but Sehun made you speed through the process because he couldn’t wait to hold you in his arms anymore. ‚Please, baby, can we just go to bed?‘ You looked at him with a small smile on your face and instead of saying anything, just held out your hand for him to hold onto on the way to your bed.

    You both got comfortable, your back pressed to his chest and Sehun had his arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close to his body. Your legs tangled together and you were content. You couldn’t help letting out a deep, satisfied hum and you could hear Sehun chuckle into your neck. ‚Missed me too?‘ Sehun sounded happy. ‚You don’t even know how much.‘ Lying there, you both were content with being close to the person you loved the most in the world. No matter how stressful a day would be, as long as it ended with you both clinging to each other, everything was going to be alright. With a smile on your face, you slowly drifted into sleep, knowing the next day would start better than today, as you would be waking up in Sehun’s arms.

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    Just A Playlist

    x, x japan / marionette, boøwy / never, mie / second love, nakamori akina / dramatic love, inagaki junichi / sentimental journey, matsumoto iyo / silhouette romance, ohashi junko / cloudy heart, boøwy / rendez-vous, boøwy / katte ni sinbad, southern all stars / angelina, sano motoharu / all day long, kuwata band / i love you, ozaki yutaka/ it’s still a dark night, jeon young rok / to j, lee sun hee / don’t say goodbye, lee seung cheol / i am a happy man, lee moon sae / i want to know, lee sun hee / my best friend, jefferson airplane / at the door of the world, exhibition & shin hae chul

    Let’s go back to 19XX

    Credit: Layout

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  • exosmutfactory
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    I'm There 001

    originally posted by exo-stentialism

    Maybe—just maybe—saying yes to Baekhyun’s endearing confession 5 years ago was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

    2022 Masterlist | Main Masterlist | Story Masterlist | Part 1✓

    networks — @/superm-net @/bbh-net @/exowritersnet

    pairing — Baekhyun x You

    word count — 1.8k

    genre — r&b singer! baekhyun, boyfriend! baekhyun, lovers!au, romance, angst, smut (in part 2), and fluff

    [ This chapter contains: little angst, fluff, and romance 💞 ]

    A/N: Fun fact: I was supposed to write and post this on Jan 1st 2021... Yeah, a whole year of procrastination 💀 let's go! 😄💗✨

    ⏰💋 I'm There Tag List: 💋⏰

    @to-all-the-stories-i-love @you-n-me-e-e @insta1010 @bellamendoza @bbhflrt @weirdoome @marovekian1 @pearliejoy @loey0491 @jennxx3 @soonvivi @jairahxelle @geniusloey @pvtbbh @baekyeonoreo @you-n-me-e-e @bigbobohu @bubutaeyongie

    You hate your job.

    No, seriously, you hate it so much. The building, the atmosphere, the people. Oh god, the people are the absolute worst.

    All your coworkers do is get into utter bullshitty situations that always end with your whole department being reprimanded by your Director. Especially during the first week of July when festive fireworks are in high demand. If you counted how many orders you have had to rearrange today alone, you would be a billionaire. That’s how stupid all of them are. Why did you have to work with incompetent idiots who don’t even know how to use—let alone access a spreadsheet despite the Excel certificate stated clearly in their resumes?

    Yeah, you’re not one to hate anything, but with the emotional drain this warehouse subjects you to on a weekly basis, you’ve reached your inwardly coolheaded limit. The number of times you have sworn your boss’ name up and down these dark corridors during endless after-hours of cleaning up after the daydreaming workers in the cubicles next to you... Thankfully, mind readers don’t exist.

    Well, except for him.

    The man of your affection who has recently dyed his hair to a jaw-dropping orange hue. Trust him to make you change your mind about hating that god-awful color. There’s no room for hate when you’re tugging fiery locks between your legs.

    That’s what he’s good at—switching your opinion on trivial matters. Except for that time you argued over which shade of blue was the best for the curtains in your shared apartment. You wanted bright colors, not ones that would remind you how much your weekdays suck every time you enter your home. Thankfully a store employee had suggested sky blue for a compromise. It made his contrasting locks of hair appear less like an eyesore and more of a balance against the flowing fabric. You’d take small bickers over house decorations than missing files at work any day.

    “Baekhoney, I’m home!” You carefully close the front door behind you, locking the dead-bolt with furrowed brows, glancing around the dark house. Isn’t he home? He’d usually be all over you by now, living by his motto of greeting you with a, “welcome home,” kiss. Unless he has a gig tonight… but wouldn’t he have told you? You haven’t heard from him since your short phone call during your lunch break.

    Just thinking about the reason why your break got cut short makes your blood boil. You have to put all your focus into not seeing red while tentatively setting your shoes aside. His indoor slippers are missing, so he must be around here somewhere. Probably wearing the sound-canceling headphones that you bought him last Christmas. Not a day goes by where you don’t regret buying him those.

    “Baekhyun?” You flick on the light to the hallway, slowly making your way to the slightly ajar door to the left of the master bedroom. The flashing of bright lights and faint crash noises tells you all that you need to know.

    You open the door all the way, switching on the room light. An amused smile quirks your lips at the sight of him jumping in his seat, his orange locks of hair fluffing up from the motion.

    “Baby?” Baekhyun gasps, yanking the headphones off so quickly a few strands of hair are left around the ear-muffs as he spins around to face you. “When did you get here?”

    “Just now,” you murmur, leaning against the doorframe with a hand on your hip. “I called for you, but you never answered.”

    “Ah…” You’d find his sheepish smile and oversized hoodie endearing if you hadn’t had three different people yell at you for being a minute late on resubmitting edited reports today. “I’m sorry, love. I thought you were working later today.”

    “It’s fine,” you mutter, trying to keep your lips from twitching. Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you should take it out on him.

    “What’s wrong?” Baekhyun’s voice softens, his brown eyes full of concern.

    You reel in your emotions, shifting out of the doorway. “Nothing.”

    “Hey.” His hand wraps around your wrist before you can leave, gently pulling you into his arms. “What is it? You know you can talk to me.”

    “I-” you shake your head, relaxing against him. “It’s-”

    “Tell me?” he looks at you with those deep, brown eyes, brushing his thumb over your cheek.

    “It’s so stupid.” You sigh, looking away from him.

    “Baby, look at me.” He tucks his hand under your chin, urging you to face him again. “Your feelings?” he raises a brow, staring deep into your eyes with his serious ones, “are not stupid to me.”

    “I…” you’re at a loss for words, your heart stuttering in your chest. He has told you this a million times over the course of your relationship, but it still hits you in your feelings. The emotions you have to keep bottled up just to make it through another day at that place. “Work was hell,” you mutter, your avoidant eyes drifting back to him when he brushes his thumb over your cheek every now and then. “You know how it is.”

    “I do.” He agrees, but his eyebrows are furrowed when you lock eyes again. The worry in his brown eyes makes your own start to sting.

    “I’ll go shower,” you rush, lowering your head. Hurrying out of the room while blinking rapidly to chase the moisture away.

    Baekhyun wraps his arms around your waist before you can escape, hugging your back to his chest and pressing a kiss to the nape of your neck. “I love you,” he murmurs against your skin, resting his chin on your shoulder. It relaxes you instantly, making your heart race. He has always had this calming effect on you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “I love you too,” you whisper when his kisses grow more daring, his lips covering your sensitive neck in a path of small, passionate flames. It takes a lot of willpower to gently push him away. You need to wash the smell of dust and the remainder of the day away before you can fall into his alluring arms again.

    The walk to the bathroom in your shared bedroom feels endless. You grit your teeth as memories of today cross your mind, souring your mood all over again. If you could quit your job, you would in a heartbeat. That’s how bad it is to be there for you. Every day makes you feel like a ticking volcano waiting to erupt without a warning. But you support Baekhyun’s dreams even more.

    Your lips quirk up when you remember how he came into your life 4 years ago. Barreling down the street with 3 excited husky pups in tow while you had just walked out of a coffee shop with 8 cups in your arms. Chaos ensued, but when you were laying within his arms while he apologized profusely for your ruined shirt, you couldn’t be mad at him for long. Not back then, and not here now.

    You finish your shower and pull on one of his shirts, coming out of the bathroom feeling much better than you did going in. Finding Baekhyun lounging on your bed, flipping through channels as the smell of vanilla-scented candles hits your nose. Your smile softens and your aching heart soars when he looks up at you with those warm brown eyes. You love this man so much, you don’t know what to do with yourself.

    “Hey,” he smiles at you when you climb into bed, instinctively wrapping his arm around you. You bury your face in his chest, breathing in his cinnamon scent. Hugging him close and throwing a leg over his waist. Baekhyun hums, pulling you closer and running his hand through your hair. The beat of his steady heart chases all of your bad thoughts away. You can face the world a million times over if you get to return home to him every day.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” he murmurs into your hair, curling loose strands behind your ear. You take a while to answer. On one hand, you don’t want to ruin the tranquil bubble you are in, but on the other, you know how bad it gets when you hold everything in.

    “Veronica messed up the dates on 40 reports,” you mutter, rolling your eyes when you remember the fake look of confusion on her face. “I had to edit them all and resend them, and had 3 different department directors screaming at me for being a minute late.”

    “But that’s not your fault.”

    “My job is to send them in.” You shrug, having already had a similar conversation with your boss a thousand times. “I didn’t ‘do my job’ correctly.”

    “She didn’t do hers either.”

    “I’m the one at the end of the process, B.” You sigh, resting your head on his chest. “If I don’t do my job right, all of it is for nothing.”

    “But she messed up-”

    “And the director has made it pretty clear that I have to pick up the pieces after her as well.” You don’t even try to suppress your passive-aggressive smile. At the end of the day, you get the blame for everything while doing the work for 1 to 3 people ahead of you in the process of sending in reports to the higher-ups. Your blood boils until Baekhyun’s thumb brushes over your hip. It calms you down in an instant.

    “You’re stressed.” He points out.

    “That I am,” you joke at your own expense. Baekhyun frowns nonetheless, worry swirling in his brown eyes again. Not even the light from the TV can hide the dimness in his irises. “You should quit, baby. If work has got you to this point, you don’t have to deal with it.”

    If only things were that easy… Life is different now. Gone are the days of working on your Bachelor’s degree. You’re fending for yourself out in the real world now. You have your own place and bills to pay. Too many things are at stake for you to quit your job at the factory. The work is hell, but they pay you well enough to stay on top of things and help Baekhyun fulfill his dreams.

    He’s a shining star, born to be out there on stage. Performing for hundreds and thousands of people who flock his way. He’s like a magnet; a tempting flame drawing all the moths in. He’s so close to securing a record deal, and you’d watch hell freeze over before taking that away from him.

    “I’m fine,” you lift your head, smiling reassuringly at him. Knowing how happy he is and the way his whole face lights up after every performance is all the motivation you need to keep working hard for him. “As long as I have you by my side, I’ll be okay.” You steal his breath with a kiss and press him back into the pillows, melting under his hands caressing your exposed skin.

    Part 2 |

    A/N: Two more chapters to go~~ <3

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    🍵🌿 Sedansogu [Chap. 06] ¡FINAL!

    A/N: Okay, so this is the FINAL chapter, and i hope you guys had enjoyed at least a little bit of the history!

    Two days. That was the number of days — or almost — that Park Eui had no contact with Junmyeon. She still hadn't told almost anyone that she agreed to go out with him, but she started to regret it when she arrived at the office on Friday, and Taeyong didn't seem to know anything. She knew, of course, that the two of them were talking, and that in reality, he might know something, but she didn't want to ask anything.

    The only person she actually told about: Do Kyungsoo. The young man became not only a faithful companion at breakfast and lunch but also a constant visitor at his work desk since according to him his supervisor was not there and he could not bear to be in the presence of "that giant idiot" who was his colleague. Eui didn't care, in fact, he took the opportunity to talk about his situation. The boy understood, and was also shocked by the situation, but advised her to just relax.

    "Don't be so worried, he must just be planning something for you..."

    The girl wanted to believe it, but when she woke up Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. and had no text or call from the guy, she began to feel restless. She didn't know what to do anymore, and telling her friends was now out of the question, she knew that telling her small group of friends that she had agreed to go out with the extremely handsome and elegant guy they had insisted she really should do. , would result in thousands of questions and jokes about the end of his singleness.

    After organizing her couple, catching up on her subjects, as well as marathoning several movies, Eui was already giving up on any communication Junmyeon could do. The brunette got up, grabbed her ice cream spot, and was ready for the deep, depressing "Sex and the City" marathon when someone rings her doorbell. The girl didn't have so much hope anymore, but she couldn't control her heart from beating a little faster. Upon opening the door, all she found was a white box with a red bow. The brunette looked at it, unsure whether to open it or not. The side of her that watched many movies and series told her that there might be something dangerous in there (a... bomb... who knows) but her curiosity got the better of her, and without wasting any more time, she took the box and took it to your living room.

    Carefully undoing the red bow, she finds tissue paper covering something, and on top of it a note. On her front was a simple handwritten "Junmyeon", and that alone made her heart flutter faster. Sitting up properly, Park Eui opens the paper to find the following handwritten words:

    "I look forward to seeing you on this beautiful night, I hope you like what I have prepared for both of us. Please accept my gifts, and be ready by 9 pm."

    Quickly the brunette gets rid of the tissue papers and finds a simple black dress, but it seemed to have been chosen by her. On top of that, a red velvet box was attached, when opening it, she found a golden necklace with a small red stone, as well as earrings and a ring.

    Looking at the clock, Eui realized that she had just the right time to shower and get dressed if she wanted to be ready on time, and so she did.


    The dress covered her perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, not too short, and not too long. Perfect. The jewels matched perfectly, and once again she was delighted with all of Junmyeon's affection and perception.

    As soon as his clock struck 9 pm, his phone rang, with an unknown number answering Junmyeon's voice rang in his ear.

    "I'm here." his voice was decisive, and it caught Eui off guard for a few seconds. "Hi?" It was all she managed to say, and the boy laughed lightly at that "I'm in front of your house, you can come..."

    And even stunned by the sudden allocation, Eui grabbed her things and headed out of the house.

    Kim Junmyeon was leaning against his beautiful and elegant car, dressed all in black, with his hair parted to the side, and the necklace he wore shimmered through the light. I lost my breath.

    "Hi," she says shyly as she approaches him. The boy opens a huge smile when he sees her, and greets her in the same way. "Did you do all this?"

    "That" was nothing... shall we?" the brunette opens the car door for the woman who gets into the vehicle.


    The drive to the place wasn't as silent and awkward as Eui thought it would be. They chatted lightly about how their day was (and she clearly left out the part where she was anxious about the night they would have) while listening to the low music playing on the radio.

    When the car stopped, Eui saw a not-so-large house with lights illuminating it outside. When he got out of the car, the brunette made a point of opening the door for the girl.

    "I wanted to do something special, and that was your height, but I didn't want to scare you with any expensive restaurant...so I hope you like it." the boy says as they stop at the door. Not knowing what to expect, and afraid of her own reaction, Eui just nods. Junmyeon smiles weakly before opening the door.

    The interior of the house was simple, and it was filled with different candles that lit the house, along with low light. In the middle of the room, a table with two seats, set up with plates, glasses, and two more candles, on the floor red petals were scattered all over the corner.

    Seeing that, Park Eui felt her face heat up and she couldn't hide her surprise, and the happiness she felt at the sight. Beside her, Junmyeon admired her features...the way the candles made her skin feel even smoother to the touch, her eyes sparkled and her cheeks flushed. Her heart raced like it hadn't in a long time.

    The brunette guided her into the house and pulled out the chair for her to sit down.

    "Did you do all this… alone?" the brunette says still surprised. The brunette smiles and confirms.

    "Yes, this is a house I come to when I want to be alone, so I decided it would be fair to bring you here and cook for us to eat."

    "You cooked?" the girl's neck had never turned so quickly, as it did at this moment.

    "Don't worry, there's nothing poisoned..."

    The brunette makes her sit down as they quickly serve them with their food. The smell alone made the girl's stomach turn, and she was extremely curious to taste the boy's food. As soon as he put the first portion in his mouth, he couldn't hide his satisfaction at the taste, which drew a soft laugh from Junmyeon.

    "So I guess we need to get to know each other a little more, right?" he asks, and Eui nods with her head still traveling through the flavors of the food. "Where do you want to start?"

    "I don't know...tell me about your family."

    The two then amended one issue after another. They talked about things they like, things they don't like; of serious things and banal things; told stories, and created their first inside jokes.

    In the few encounters she had, Eui never felt as light as she was with Junmyeon. With every passing moment, he was showing himself to be an incredible man, and he seemed to genuinely care about her, not just try to take her to bed.

    When they finished dinner, Junmyeon took her to the backyard of the house, where they could have a view of the clear and bright sky while they talked and finished drinking. As they talked, the boy couldn't help but notice how not only the jewels glowed under the lights, but his skin as well. The girl seemed like his perfect jewel. But he also noticed a shiver under his body.

    "Cold? Here, use this..." he says taking off his overcoat and putting it over her shoulders.

    "You know, I was wondering how such a smart man who planned the night in small detail didn't think I would feel cold..."

    "Or I really imagined it would happen z but I liked the idea of ​​lending you my coat..." Kim replies making her smile as he helps her into the garment.

    The two were having so much fun that they didn't see the time pass, but when they realized it was late at night (or too early), Junmyeon decided that he should take her back to his house.

    "Sorry but I have to ask" the girl pronounces as they are on their way back "how did you get my address and phone number?"

    "I was wondering when you were going to investigate me..." Junmyeon smiles, and the girl ends up imitating his gesture. Sighing, he answers: "I asked Taeyong for his phone number, he didn't understand much, but after explaining, he gave in, and his address... I went to his friend's restaurant, and the blonde with long and tall hair was more than happy to help me..."

    "Wait! Johnny?" the girl was shocked. So did he know? And didn't say anything? Why? After all, which side is he on? "when it was that?"

    "Last night," Kim replies with a shrug. Eui's mouth opens in shock, and the brunette looks away from the street for a few seconds, so he can see the expression on the girl's face.

    "Did he know since yesterday? What do you mean?!"

    "Well, I dropped you off at home and went straight to the restaurant and talked to him, and hey...he was very happy to help me" he replies, making the girl laugh in disbelief and whisper "of course I do"

    "So the model of the dress, and the jewelry, went with it too?" she asks, and the boy quickly looks at her once more.

    "You do not remember?" I shook my head before remembering that he couldn't see it, so he just denied it "when we were in that store, I saw that you were admiring this dress, so when you weren't looking, I asked them to separate them into every size they had, just in case, and so I went back there and bought it."

    "And the jewelry?" she insists.

    "I just thought they were perfect for you. And as you can see, I'm not wrong."


    After that, the path was silent. Eui was shocked that her friend knew everything, and didn't say anything, and was also shocked by Junmyeon. Everything he's prepared, the amazing night he's planned, and even the dress and jewelry...

    "Ready" Junmyeon says before getting out of the car and opening the door for Eui. Both are face to face looking at each other, butterflies in the stomach and throbbing hearts making their heads buzz. She should come in, right? And he should go back to his house, right? But because neither of them wanted to do that.

    "Thanks for tonight, I had a great time." the girl says, her cheeks flush again. She doesn't know why her voice is lower.

    "Park Eui, I know it might not be the right time, but I can't leave without doing this..."

    As he spoke, Junmyeon brought his body closer to the girls. One of his hands went to the girl's face, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, taking the opportunity to hold her face. His thumb stroked the skin of the girl's face lightly. Junmyeon used his other hand to hold it close to him. Unlike what he imagined, Eui approached of his own volition and brought his hands to the back of the boy's neck.

    Without much ado, they pressed their lips together, and the inevitable kiss happened. His lips moved in sync, the desire implicit there, on both sides. Usually, Eui didn't kiss on the first date, much less the way she was doing it, giving herself body and soul to the guy. The two would like more contact, but they needed to breathe.

    "Junmyeon-ssi, do you want to come in?" the brunette asks, trying to show her intentions, and the boy notices, smiling and agreeing. As they turn to enter the house, Eui says louder "Good night Johnny!"


    I knew that upon meeting the blond friend the other day, he would ask about what happened when they entered. But she would never tell him how they spent the rest of the night entwined on the couch kissing, breathing fast and ragged, feeling desire well up between them. She would never tell him how she felt wanted after a long time, and how she wanted someone after a long time. And she certainly isn't going to tell him that she agreed to spend the other day alone with him in the house where they had their date.


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    🍵🌿 Sedansogu [Cap. 06] ¡FINAL!

    N/A: FINALMENTE! o último capitulo pessoinhas, espero que tenham gostado pelo menos um pouquinho :)

    Dois dias. Essa foi a quantidade de dias — ou quase — que Park Eui ficou sem ter contato com Junmyeon. Ela ainda não tinha dito para quase ninguém que aceitou sair com ele, mas começou a se arrepender quando chegou ao escritório na sexta feira, e Taeyong parecia não saber de nada. Ela sabia, é claro, que os dois se falavam, e que na realidade ele poderia saber de alguma coisa, mas não quis perguntar nada.

    A única pessoa para quem ela realmente contou sobre: Do Kyungsoo. O rapaz se tornou não apenas uma fiel companhia no café e almoço, mas também um visitante constante em sua mesa de trabalho, já que segundo ele seu supervisor não estava e ele não aguentava ficar na presença "daquele paspalho gigante" que era seu colega. Eui não se importou, na realidade aproveitou para falar sobre sua situação. O rapaz compreendeu, e também ficou chocado com a situação, mas a aconselhou a apenas relaxar.

    "Não fique tão preocupada, ele deve estar apenas planejando algo para você..."

    A garota quis acreditar, mas quando acordou sábado de manhã as 10:00 a.m e não tinha nenhuma mensagem ou ligação do rapaz, começou e a sentir inquieta. Ela já não sabia mais o que fazer, e contar para seus amigos agora estava fora de cogitação, ela sabia que contar para o pequeno grupo de amigos que ela aceitou sair com o cara extremamente bonito e elegante que eles tanto insistiram que ela realmente deveria fazer, iria resultar em milhares de perguntas e brincadeiras sobre o fim de sua solteirice.

    Depois de organizar sua casal, colocar suas matérias em dia, assim como maratonar diversos filmes, Eui já estava desistindo de qualquer comunicação que Junmyeon poderia fazer. A morena se levantou, pegou seu pote de sorvete e estava pronta para profunda e depressiva maratona de "Sex and the City", quando alguém toca sua campainha. A garota já não tinha tanta esperança, mas não conseguiu controlar seu coração de bater um pouco mais forte. Ao abrir a porta, tudo o que ela encontrou foi uma caixa branca com um laço vermelho. A morena contemplou a mesma, na dúvida se deveria abrir ou não. O seu lado que assistiu muitos filmes e séries a dizia que poderia ter algo perigoso ali dentro (uma...bomba...quem sabe) mas sua curiosidade falou mais alto, e sem perder mais tempo, ela pegou a caixa e levou para sua sala de estar.

    Abrindo cuidadosamente o laço vermelho, ela encontra papéis de seda cobrindo algo, e em cima um bilhete. Em sua frente constava algo simples escrito a mão "Junmyeon", e apenas isso fez seu coração palpitar mais forte. Sentando-se corretamente, Park Eui abre o papel encontrando as seguintes palavras escritas a mão:

    "Estou ansioso para te ver nessa bela noite, espero que goste do que preparei para nós dois. Por favor, aceite meus presentes, e esteja pronta às 21:00".

    Rapidamente a morena se livra dos papéis de seda e encontra um vestido preto simples, mas que parecia ter sido escolhido por ela. Além de tudo, uma caixa de veludo vermelha estava junto, ao abrir, ela encontrou um colar dourado com uma pequena pedra vermelha, assim como brincos e um anel.

    Olhando para o relógio, Eui percebeu que ela tinha o tempo exato para tomar banho e se arrumar, se quiser estar pronta no horário certo, e então ela fez.


    O vestido a cobria perfeitamente, nem tão justo, e nem tão largo, nem tão curto, e nem tão comprido. Perfeito. As jóias combinaram perfeitamente, e mais uma vez ela estava encantada com todo carinho e percepção de Junmyeon.

    Assim que seu relógio bateu 21:00, seu telefone tocou, com um número desconhecido, atendendo a voz de Junmyeon soou em seu ouvido.

    "Estou aqui." sua voz era decidida, e pegou Eui desprevenida por alguns segundos. "Oi?" Foi tudo o que ela conseguiu dizer, e o rapaz riu levemente daquilo "estou na frente da sua casa, pode vir..."

    E mesmo atordoada com alocação repentina, Eui pegou suas coisas e seguiu para fora de casa.

    Kim Junmyeon estava encostado em seu lindo e elegante carro, vestido todo de preto, com seu cabelo repartido de lado, e o colar que usava brilhava através da luz. Eui perdeu o fôlego.

    "Oi" ela diz timidamente ao se aproximar dele. O rapaz abre um enorme sorriso ao vê-la, e a cumprimenta da mesma maneira. "você fez tudo isso?""

    "Isso" não foi nada...vamos?" o moreno abre a porta do carro para a mesma que entra no veículo.


    O caminho até o local não foi tão silencioso e estranho como Eui pensou que seria. Eles conversavam levemente sobre como foi seu dia (e ela claramente deixou de fora a parte em que ficou ansiosa sobre a noite que teriam), enquanto escutavam a música baixa que tocava no rádio.

    Quando o carro parou, Eui viu uma casa não tão grande com luzes a iluminando do lado de fora. Ao sair do carro, o moreno fez questão de abrir a porta para a garota.

    " Eu quis fazer uma coisa especial, e que fosse a sua altura, mas não queria te assustar com nenhum restaurante muito caro...então eu espero que goste." o rapaz diz ao pararem na porta. Sem saber o que esperar, e com medo de sua própria reação, Eui apenas confirma com a cabeça. Junmyeon sorri fraco antes de abrir a porta.

    O interior da casa era simples, e estava repleto de velas diferentes que faziam a  iluminação da casa, junto a uma luz baixa. No meio da sala, uma mesa com dois lugares, montada com pratos, taças e mais duas velas, no chão pétalas vermelhas estavam espalhadas por todo o canto.

    Ao ver aquilo, Park Eui sentiu seu rosto esquentar e não conseguiu esconder sua surpresa, e felicidade que sentiu ao ver. Ao seu lado, Junmyeon admirava suas feições...o modo como as velas fez com que sua pele parecesse ainda mais macia ao toque, seus olhos brilharam e suas bochechas enrubesceram. Seu coração disparou como a muito não o fazia.

    O moreno a guiou para dentro da casa, e puxou a cadeira para que ela se sentasse.

    "Você fez tudo isso... sozinho?" a morena diz ainda surpresa. O moreno sorri e confirma.

    "Sim, essa é uma casa que venho quando quero ficar sozinho, então resolvi que seria justo te trazer aqui, e cozinhar para nós comermos."

    "Você cozinhou?" o pescoço da garota nunca se virou tão rápido, quanto nesse momento.

    "Não se preocupe, não tem nada envenenado..."

    O moreno a faz se sentar enquanto rapidamente os servem com a comida. Apenas o cheiro já fez o estômago da garota se revirar, e ela estava extremamente curiosa para sentir o gosto da comida do rapaz. Assim que colocou a primeira porção na boca, não conseguiu esconder sua satisfação com o sabor, o que arrancou uma risada suave de Junmyeon.

    "Então, acho que precisamos nos conhecer um pouco mais, certo?" ele indaga, e Eui confirma com a cabeça ainda viajando nos sabores da comida. "Por onde quer começar?"

    "Não sei...me conta sobre a sua família."

    Os dois então emendaram um assunto após o outro. Falaram de coisas que gostam, que não gostam; de coisas sérias e de coisas banais; contaram histórias e criaram suas primeiras piadas internas.

    Nos poucos encontros que teve, Eui nunca se sentiu tão leve quanto estava se sentindo junto à Junmyeon. A cada momento que se passava, ele se demonstrava um homem incrível, e aparentava se importar de verdade com ela, não apenas tentava a levar para a cama.

    Quando acabaram de jantar, Junmyeon a levou para o quintal de trás da casa, onde poderiam ter a visão do céu límpido e brilhante enquanto conversavam e terminavam de beber. Conforme falavam, o rapaz não conseguiu evitar perceber o quanto não apenas as jóias brilhavam sob as luzes, mas também sua pele. A garota parecia ser sua jóia perfeita. Mas ele também percebeu um arrepio sob seu corpo.

    "Frio? Aqui use isso..." ele diz retirando seu sobretudo e colocando por cima dos ombros dela.

    "Sabe estava me perguntando como um homem tão inteligente que planejou a noite em pequenos detalhes, não imaginou que eu sentiria frio..."

    "Ou eu realmente imaginei que fosse acontecer z mas gostei da ideia de te emprestar meu casaco..." Kim responde a fazendo sorrir, enquanto a ajuda a vestir a peça.

    Os dois estavam se divertindo tanto que não viram o tempo passar, mas quando perceberam já ser tarde da noite (ou cedo de mais), Junmyeon resolveu que deveria a levar de volta para sua casa.

    "Desculpa mas eu tenho que perguntar" a garota se pronúncia enquanto estavam a caminho de volta "como conseguiu meu endereço e meu telefone?"

    "Estava me perguntado quando você ia me investigar..." Junmyeon sorri, e a garota acaba imitando seu gesto. Suspirando ele a responde: —o seu telefone eu pedi para o Taeyong, ele não entendeu muito, mas depois de explicar, ele cedeu, e seu endereço...eu fui no restaurante do seu amigo, e o loiro de cabelo comprido e alto ficou mais que feliz em me ajudar...

    "Espera! O Jhonny?" a garota estava chocada. Então ele sabia? E não disse nada? Porque? Afinal de que lado ele está? — quando isso?

    "Ontem a noite. — Kim  responde dando de ombros. A boca de Eui se abre em choque, e o moreno desvia seu olhar da rua por alguns segundos, para poder ver a expressão no rosto da garota.

    "Ele sabia desde ontem? Como assim?!"

    "Bom, eu te deixei em casa e fui direto para o restaurante e falei com ele, e olha...ele ficou muito feliz em me ajudar" ele responde, fazendo a garota soltar uma risada descrente e sussurrar "claro que sim"

    "Então o modelo do vestido, e as joias também foram com ele?" ela pergunta, e o rapaz a olha rapidamente mais uma vez.

    "Você não lembra?" Eui nega com a cabeça antes de se lembrar que ele não poderia ver, então apenas negou — quando estávamos naquela loja, eu vi que você estava admirando esse vestido, então quando você não estava olhando pedi para separarem em todos os tamanhos que eles tinham, apenas pra garantir, e então voltei lá e comprei.

    "e as joias?" ela insiste.

    "Elas eu só achei que fossem perfeitas pra você. E como você percebeu, eu não me engano."


    Depois disso, o caminho foi silencioso. Eui estava chocada que seu amigo sabia de tudo, e não disse nada, e estava chocada também com Junmyeon. Tudo o que ele preparou, a noite incrível que ele planejou, e até o vestido e as jóias...

    "Prontinho" Junmyeon diz antes de sair do carro e abrir a porta para Eui. Ambos ficam frente a frente se olhando, frio na barriga e coração palpitante fazia com que a cabeça dos dois zumbisse. Ela deveria entrar, certo? E ele deveria voltar para a sua casa, certo? Mas porque nenhum dos dois queria fazer isso.

    "Obrigada por hoje a noite, eu me diverti muito." a garota diz, suas bochechas coram novamente. Ela não sabe o motivo de sua voz estar mais baixa.

    "Park Eui, eu sei que pode não ser o momento certo, mas eu não consigo ir embora sem fazer isso..."

    Enquanto falava, Junmyeon aproximava seu corpo do da garota. Uma de suas mãos foi para o rosto da garota, colocando uma mexa de seu cabelo atrás de sua orelha, aproveitando para então segurar seu rosto. Seu polegar fez um leve carinho na pele do rosto da garota. Junmyeon usou sua outra mão a segurou próximo a si. Diferente do que imaginou, Eui se aproximou por vontade própria, e levou suas mãos para a nuca do rapaz.

    Sem muita enrolação, eles colaram seus lábios, e o beijo inevitável aconteceu. Seus lábios se moviam em sincronia, o desejo estava implícito ali, de ambos os lados. Geralmente Eui não beijava no primeiro encontro, muito menos da forma que estava fazendo, se entregando de corpo e alma para o rapaz. Os dois gostariam de mais contato, mas precisavam respirar.

    "Junmyeon-ssi, quer entrar?" a morena pergunta, tentando demonstrar suas intenções, e o rapaz percebe, sorrindo e concordando. Ao se virarem para entrar na casa, Eui fala mais alto "Boa noite Jhonny!"

    "Boa noite!"

    Eui sabia que ao encontrar o amigo loiro no outro dia, ele iria perguntar sobre o que aconteceu quando eles entraram. Mas ela jamais o iria contar em como eles passaram o resto da noite entrelaçados no sofá aos beijos, respirações rápidas e alteradas, sentindo o desejo aflorar entre os dois. Ela jamais o contaria como se sentiu desejada após muito tempo, e como desejou alguém depois de muito tempo. E ela com certeza não vai o dizer que combinou de passar o outro dia sozinha com ele na casa onde tiveram seu encontro.


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  • yakuly
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    🍵🌿 Sedansogu [Cap. 05]

    N/A: Oie, eu juro que tentei manter uma rotina pra poder postar, mas claramente não consegui, então vou tentar postar tudo aqui :D

    Apesar de tentar manter seu foco total no que seu professor falava, a cabeça de Eui viajava para o dia que teve com Junmyeon. Fazia tanto tempo em que ela não se divertia tanto assim com alguém — em especial alguém do sexo oposto.

    De fato, ela fez o juízo errado do rapaz. Por estar acostumada com homens cheios de si, arrogantes ela teria se precipitado e o julgou ser da mesma forma. Mas a garota não poderia estar mais enganada. Junmyeon era o total oposto, educado, divertido, bem humorado, gentil, interessante, e apesar de ela ter tentado ignorar, ele é extremamente bonito e elegante. O jeito como ele respeitou seu espaço, e a fez se sentir confortável conforme o dia passava, a fez se sentir uma completa idiota, o tratando com ignorância.

    "Vamos lá, ele não parece ser tão ruim..." a voz de Jhonny surge em sua mente. No dia em que Jun apareceu de surpresa no restaurante do amigo, ela sabia que ele teria se tornado assunto entre eles enquanto ela não estava presente. Os dois voltavam pra casa, já que ambos moravam perto um do outro.

    "Ele pode até não ser, mas você não acha que seria meio estranho?" sua voz sai baixa, sua cabeça já estava cansada de ter estudado o dia todo, não queria se cansar mais. "Tipo, seria você namorado alguém da família do Minseok..."

    "E qual seria o problema?" o rapaz estava realmente curioso, e claramente tentando ajudar a garota. Ele sabia que as vezes ela só não conseguia ver o que queria.

    "Expectativas." Eui o responde simplesmente, na esperança de pôr um fim na história, mas acabou recebendo um olhar de Jhonny que significava que ela teria que se explicar. "Você conhece o Minseok, logo iria achar que...a prima...é, que a prima dele seria no mínimo parecida."

    "Espera, então você acredita que o tal sócio só quer sair com você, porque acredita que sua personalidade é igual a do seu patrão?" O rapaz tentou entender o que a amiga quis dizer. A morena encolhe os ombros, a resposta era sim, mas também era não. "Ou você acredita que ele tem a personalidade do seu chefe?"

    "Eu acredito que ele pode ser igual a todos os outros." ela responde em uma única respiração. Jhonny brinca com ela, colocando as mãos no peitoral, como se fosse atacado por suas palavras. "Ya! Você entendeu! Ele deve ser igual aqueles caras "olha pra mim, sou rico, tenho uma mansão incrível, vou ser gentil com você, e depois te jogar fora, porque posso ter quem eu quiser"

    "Wow! Isso foi muito específico, você está bem?" o loiro indaga jogando seus braços pelos ombros da garota. Eles finalmente estavam chegando em casa, e isso já fazia o corpo da morena relaxar.

    "Deixa de ser idiota!" ela o dá um leve empurro com o indo fazendo com que ambos acabem rindo "eu só...eu já vi isso acontecer antes okay? E não foi legal."

    As imagens de uma Seulgi triste durantes meses, tentando se reerguer, superar vieram vividas em sua cabeça. Eui lembra que nessa época, as duas se aproximaram mais, já que a morena percebeu como a colega não estava se sentindo bem, e passou a ajudá-la. Elas começaram a almoçar mais juntas, descobriram restaurantes, lojas, cafeterias, e se aproximaram até do chefe, Taeyong. Mas ela se lembra como era toda vez que Seulgi tinha que ver seu ex, e aquilo quebrava seu coração, e fazia a querer quebrar a cara do homem.

    "Mas e se ele não for? E se... ele for completo oposto disso?" a voz de Jhonny ecoou na voz da garota.

    Naquela noite, Park Eui ficou acordada imaginando qual Junmyeon era o real. Aquele a qual sua personalidade já seria conhecida, ou um Junmyeon completamente diferente? Mas aquilo não importava, ele logo a esqueceria, e Eui poderia seguir com sua vida.

    Ah, ela não poderia estar mais errada. Ele simplesmente conseguiu convencer Taeyong, e então ela o acompanhou em suas compras. E foi nesse dia em que ela pode ter uma amostra grátis de quem é Junmyeon.

    E apesar de ter passado grande parte do dia tentando se resguardar para o ignorar - como teria sido o combinado firmado entre os dois -, Eui se viu extremamente encantada pelo rapaz que conheceu. E mesmo no final, quando ela viu a esperança nos olhos dele, decidiu que gostaria de uma última confirmação de que Junmyeon é realmente alguém em quem ela gostaria de investir.

    "Junmyeon-ssi, eu preciso voltar pra casa..." no momento em que suas palavras saíram de sua boca, Eui viu seus olhos ficarem foscos, mas ele nada disse, apenas se levantou e ofereci seu braço para que ela o segurasse e fossem juntos até o carro.

    A caminhada até o veículo foi silenciosa, exceto pelos barulhos do ambiente. Quando chegaram ao seu destino, Eui se virou para Junmyeon, que parecia não conseguir a olhar direito.

    "Junmyeon-ssi..." a garota começa a falar em tom doce, mas o rapaz balança a cabeça tomando a vez da fala:

    "Não precisa se desculpar, nós tínhamos um combinado, e não se preocupe, eu vou segui-lo." o moreno a tranquilizou segurando uma de suas mãos e delicadamente deixando um beijo entre seus dedos. O coração da garota se apertou. Ela então segurou as mãos do rapaz, e voltou a falar:

    "Junmyeon-ssi, eu adoraria ir em um encontro com você." ao escutar suas palavras, os olhos do moreno brilharem, e suas bochechas corarem. Ela o explicou suas dúvidas, e como estava feliz por estar errada. Em momento algum, ele deixou sua mão, a segurando próxima ao seu rosto, em um gesto carinhoso.

    "Então o que acha de sair para jantar comigo no sábado?" de repente, o demenor de Junmyeon mudou para um homem paquerador, o que fez com que as bochechas de Eui corarem.

    "Eu adoraria, para onde vamos?" o sorriso que Jun tem nos lábios não poderia ser escondido.

    "Isso, minha cara, você só saberá no sábado." ele diz, e a feição da garota é de espanto. E já a conhecendo o suficiente para prever seu próximo ato, ele continua "não se preocupe quanto a isso, apenas espere."

    "O que você quer dizer com isso?" a garota não poderia estar mais confusa, o que arrancou uma risada nasal do moreno.

    "Por mais que eu odeie dizer isso, eu acho que você tem que ir, senhorita Eui." naquele momento ela se lembrou que ainda teria que se arrumar para ir a faculdade. Mas ainda tinha tantas questões para Junmyeon. "Agora confie em mim, e aguarde..".

    Foi tudo o que ele disse, se aproximando do rosto da garota. O mesmo acabou deixando um beijo rápido em seu rosto, e então a morena não se lembra como saiu do carro, nem como chegou até sua faculdade. Tudo que tinha em sua mente era Kim Junmyeon, e seu lindo sorriso.

    "Ya, Eui! Vamos a aula acabou"

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  • yakuly
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    🍵🌿 Sedansogu [Chap. 05]

    A/n: Okay, I really tried to keep a routine, but i clearly failed, so I'm gonna try to post everything today :D

    Despite trying to keep her full focus on what her teacher was saying, Eui's head traveled back to the day she had with Junmyeon. It had been so long since she'd had this much fun with someone — especially someone of the opposite sex.

    She misjudged the boy. Being used to self-important, arrogant men, she would have jumped in and assumed him to be the same. But the girl couldn't be more wrong. Junmyeon was the complete opposite, polite, fun, humorous, kind, interesting, and even though she tried to ignore him, he is extremely handsome and elegant. The way he respected her space, and made her feel comfortable as the day wore on, made her feel like a complete idiot, treating him with ignorance.

    "C'mon, he doesn't look so bad…" Johnny's voice comes into his mind. The day Jun unexpectedly showed up at his friend's restaurant, she knew he would have become a topic between them while she wasn't there. The two returned home, as they both lived close to each other.

    "He might not be, but don't you think that would be a little weird?" His voice is low, his head was tired from having studied all day, he didn't want to get tired anymore. "Like, would you be dating someone from Minseok's family..."

    "And what could be the problem?" the boy was really curious, and trying to help the girl. He knew sometimes she just couldn't see what she wanted.

    "Expectations." Eui answers him simply, hoping to put an end to the story, but ended up getting a look from Johnny that meant she would have to explain herself. "You know Minseok, you would soon think that... his cousin... yeah, that his cousin would be at least similar."

    " Wait, so you believe that this partner just wants to go out with you, because he believes your personality is the same as your boss?" The boy tried to understand what his friend meant. The brunette shrugs her shoulders, the answer was yes, but it was also no. "Or do you believe he has the personality of your boss?"

    “I believe he can be just like everyone else. she answers in a single breath. Johnny teases her, placing his hands on his chest, as if attacked for her words. —Ya! You got it! He must be like those guys "look at me, I'm rich, I have an amazing mansion, I'm going to be nice to you, and then throw you away, because I can have whoever I want"

    —Wow! That was very specific, are you okay? - The blonde asks throwing his arms around the girl's shoulders. They were finally getting home, and that already made the brunette's body relax.

    -Stop being an idiot! — she gives him a light push with going making them both end up laughing — I just… I've seen this happen before okay? And it wasn't nice.

    The images of a sad Seulgi for months, trying to get back on her feet, to overcome came vividly in her head. Eui remembers that at that time, the two got closer, as the brunette noticed how her colleague was not feeling well, and started to help her. They started having lunch more together, discovered restaurants, shops, coffee shops, and even got closer to their boss, Taeyong. But she remembers what it was like every time Seulgi had to see her ex, and it broke her heart, and made her want to break the man's face.

    "But what if he doesn't?" What if... he's the complete opposite of that? - Johnny's voice echoed in the girl's voice.

    That night, Park Eui lay awake wondering which Junmyeon was the real one. The one your personality would already be known for, or a completely different Junmyeon? But that didn't matter, he would soon forget about her, and Eui could get on with her life.

    Oh, she couldn't be more wrong. He simply managed to convince Taeyong, and so she accompanied him on his shopping trips. And it was on that day that she can get a free taste of who Junmyeon is.

    And despite having spent most of the day trying to protect herself from ignoring him - as the agreement between the two would have been -, Eui found herself extremely enchanted by the boy she met. And even at the end, when she saw the hope in his eyes, she decided that she would like one last confirmation that Junmyeon is indeed someone she would like to invest in.

    "Junmyeon-ssi, I need to go home..." the moment his words left his mouth, Eui saw his eyes go frosty, but he didn't say anything, he just stood up and offered his arm for her to hold and went to the car together.

    The walk to the vehicle was silent, except for the ambient noises. When they reached their destination, Eui turned to Junmyeon, who couldn't seem to get a good look at her.

    "Junmyeon-ssi..." the girl starts to speak in a sweet tone, but the boy shakes his head, taking the turn to speak:

    “No need to apologize, we had a deal, and don't worry, I'll follow it". The brunette reassured her by holding one of her hands and gently placing a kiss between her fingers. The girl's heart sank. She then held the boy's hands, and spoke again:

    “Junmyeon-ssi, I would love to go on a date with you." Upon hearing his words, the brunette's eyes sparkled, and his cheeks flushed. She explained to him her doubts, and how glad she was to be wrong. At no point did he let go of her hand, holding it close to his face in a tender gesture.

    "So how about going out to dinner with me on Saturday?" Suddenly, Junmyeon's demeanor changed to a flirtatious man, which made Eui's cheeks flush.

    "I'd love to, where are we going?" the smile Jun has on her lips couldn't be hidden.

    “That, my dear, you won't know until Saturday." he says, and the girl's face is one of astonishment. And knowing her well enough to predict her next act, he continues "don't worry about it, just wait."

    "What do you mean by that?" The girl couldn't be more confused, which drew a nasal laugh from the brunette.

    “As much as I hate to say it, I think you have to go, Miss Eui." at that moment she remembered that she still had to get ready to go to college. But there were still so many questions for Junmyeon. "Now trust me, and wait..."

    was all he said, moving closer to the girl's face. The same ended up leaving a quick kiss on her cheek, and then the brunette doesn't remember how she got out of the car, nor how she got to her college. All he had on his mind was Kim Junmyeon, and her beautiful smile.

    —Ya, Eui! Let's go class is over

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  • wordycerty
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    For Me | 01

    Summary: When your best friend Baekhyun asks you over to his place for dinner, you see this as your chance to make your feelings known. But what to wear? You drag him with you to pick out a dress sure to drive him up the wall. Pairing: bff!Baekhyun x reader Word count: 6.5k Rating: M Genre: Non-Idol au, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Smut Warnings: jealous Baekhyun, Baek’s filthy imagination, dry humping

    A/N: This is a collaboration with eggsbeans over on asianfanfics. Because it’s getting so long (yeah, I’m still going) I’m posting part one now and then part two once it’s finished. I recommend two songs for this: Love Lies and (of course) Bambi. Enjoy!

    Masterlist | Two

    Self Care Sunday was your religion. Ever since Jongdae mentioned the merits of pampering the ever-loving shit out of yourself once a week to “recharge and restore your spirit,” you were devoted to setting aside precious, uninterrupted time for yourself. You soaked in the bathtub with a glass of the sweetest, smoothest wine Junmyeon recommended as soothing music played. The candles? Unnecessary, but you were all about that aesthetic.

    Everyone important to you knew about your special nights and they respected them. All save for your nearest and dearest, a loud Cinna-Byun. Your music cut off and a special ringtone blasted into your calm space.

    You groaned loudly and slipped down into the bubbles. You didn’t have to answer. In fact, you knew you shouldn’t. He could wait until you got out. Sadly, you didn’t have that kind of restraint with him. You called out the command to accept the call.

    “Hello?” Baekhyun spoke, his voice a bit more mellow and toned down than normal. There was a surprising absence of background noise, considering he was always at some event or party, ever the social butterfly whose career thrived on making connections. “You got a second?”

    You pressed your lips into a thin line. “It’s Sunday, Baek. You know I do.”

    “Oh! Good, good.” He chirped, blatantly ignoring the attitude in your tone. “I was thinking we should do something...different. For our Friday night?”

    You let your head drop back. “What else is there for us to do?” You held up a finger as you listed off your past adventures. “We’ve hit nearly every club. I won’t do another speed date event—”

    “Me either. That was terrible.”

    “Shut it. Wine tasting events are getting kinda old. As much as I like the charity dinners, I hate the auctions. Especially when I’m on the block.”

    “I apologized for that. I didn’t know they’d pull candidates from the guest list.”

    “You’re lucky Jongin had the cash to save me. I had your death meticulously planned, down to the very last bloody detail.”

    “Okay, okay. I get it.” He cut you off. “I admit my idea of fun can be a bit...eccentric. But! That’s why I think you’ll like my proposal for this Friday.”

    You flicked the bubbles halfheartedly. “Right. And that is?”

    “Dinner. Here at my place. I’ll cook up something fancy while we just chill, drink, maybe even dance?” The way his words ended with a hopeful lilt made you shiver despite the warm water. He had to know how his words sounded. Just the two of you, alone at his place? Dinner, wine, and dancing? The rich tone of his voice only added to the intimate intonation. You could’ve been reading too much into it, but who could blame you? There’s always been this delicate dance between you when it came to the line between friends and something more. It was mostly the fear of losing a best friend to what could be nothing more than misunderstood platonic love.

    But...what if—

    “_____? You still there?” He paused and cleared his throat. “I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to. We can find something else to do. Just thought that maybe you’d like to—”

    “I’ll be there,” you blurted out to keep him from backtracking any further. While it was cute to see him get all shy and unsure, the wheels were already turning in your head.

    You’d been friends for over three years now. Having met by accidentally slamming your shopping baskets against each other at Wholefoods and brought together over your mutual love for a particular brand of organic peanut butter that you both swore was magic in a jar. With time, you came to see that you were two sides of the same coin, an odd case of yin and yang where you were so alike yet different that it was hard to believe you hadn’t known each other since birth. A closeness like that is always bound to spark speculation of being something more. Your friends thought so and never hesitated to ask when you’d stop putting off the inevitable.

    Maybe...maybe it was time to swallow your fears and take a leap of faith, and hope like hell he had the guts to catch you.

    “Really?” He breathed, unable to keep the surprise out of his voice. He quickly pulled himself together. “Great! Then I’ll see you here around 8?”

    “A little early, but that’s fine with me. Do I bring the alcohol?”

    “No, no. I’ll take care of everything.” He paused, and when he spoke again, his voice had dropped to a husky murmur. “Just worry about getting here. And maybe dress up a little. I know you like showing off on Instagram.”

    “I do not show off!” You hated how your cheeks caught fire at his teasing while using a tone made for phone sex. If you weren’t absolutely certain he was unaware of his effect on you, you’d accuse him of doing it on purpose. “I just like sharing cute looks for future use.”

    “Mmm-hmm.” He chuckled. “That’s all I wanted, Bambi. Be there or be square.”

    “You’re giving me food and booze. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

    You said your goodbyes, and he hung up, after which the music resumed. You downed the rest of your wine and gently set the empty glass down before losing your shit. You squealed loudly as you kicked your feet, sending the remaining bubbles flying everywhere. Come hell or high water, you were going to make sure Friday night turned out to be a special night. You yanked the plug and got out of the tub. The water was getting cold, anyway. After wrapping a towel around your body, you skipped over to your closet and threw the doors open. You needed a dress, but not just any old dress. You needed something spicy, guaranteed to knock him on his ass, leave him speechless.

    If you were going to fall, you wanted him to fall with you. You could crash and burn together. The best way to do that would be with a dress that would make him want to take you right there on the dinner table. You combed through the rack of dresses, all gifts from Baekhyun from his clothing line for attending whatever event or show he wanted you to attend with him. Though there were several winners, including a few you’d noticed him have a strong reaction to, they didn’t seem good enough. He’d been able to keep his cool in a room full of strangers. You didn’t doubt he’d be able to do it again. You’d need something new, sexier than the others, that took advantage of his lack of thought before acting.

    That settled it. It was time to go shopping.

    If Baekhyun had to define torture, it’d be helping you find a dress to wear for some special occasion with some dick he’d never even heard of, much less met. All he needed was the last name, something you avoided with admirable dedication. He swore he wouldn’t do anything crazy. He just wanted to put a face to the name of the bold motherfucker who was trying to take his place. Baekhyun knew it was a matter of time before he’d lose his chance, but he’d asked you over for dinner! It took a lot of bourbon to get the nerve to call you, so much so that he forgot what day it’d been.

    It was a miracle you even agreed. But now, as he sat in the plush armchair in a boutique he’d rented out to allow you to shop without interruption, he was sure you were punishing him for it. The cruel and unusual kind.

    When you originally asked him to go dress shopping, you’d made it sound like it was for something formal and boring. He’d been more than happy to offer a dress from his clothing line’s latest fashion show, eager to see you in something he helped create. He had his assistant arrange the use of his favorite boutique for his own little fashion show. He’d even kept his opinions to himself as he watched you pick out dresses from the rack to wear.

    You parted the curtain and stepped out into the sitting area. “Okay, how does this one look?”

    Baekhyun bit the inside of his cheek as he eyed the form-fitting dress. It was a modest design, an emerald number with a collar. But it was sleeveless and short. The less skin Mr. DickFace saw, the better. He gave a curt nod. “It’s okay.”

    You huffed, letting your shoulders drop with exaggerated displeasure. “I don’t want to look ‘okay.’”

    “Then go put on something else, Bambi.” He gestured to the changing room. “Maybe something longer with long sleeves. Full coverage. Or what about a pants suit? He’s bound to love a woman with power.”

    You laughed. “You don’t know what he likes.”

    “Well, I would if someone would have introduced us. Maybe even brought him up before now?” He glared. “I can’t believe you’d keep this from me. I tell you everything that goes on with me.”

    You shrugged and turned away to hide your smile. “I wasn’t sure I had a chance with him.” You headed back through the curtain. “Lemme try on a different one.”

    He waved you off, beyond annoyed. “Yeah, sure. Take your time.” Things only got worse from there. Each time you stepped through that portal to hell, you looked better than before. Maybe it was because he knew that only a sheet of fabric kept him from seeing you the way he did in his dreams, in various states of undress, intending to show yourself to him. The styles and colors covered the spectrum. Some of them left him gripping the arms of his chair with an otherwise bored, unaffected look on his face. He wouldn’t help this asshole, even if it meant death.

    Nine dresses in and he was ready to call it a day. But then you put on The One™. A classic red silk midi with straps and a split that exposed your leg up to your hip. The design came to him in a wet dream in which, ironically enough, you were taking it off for him. It put your breasts on display with a sinful amount of cleavage that he’d kill to bury his face in.

    Of course, his reaction—or lack thereof—didn’t go unnoticed. You could barely keep your cool as you watch his eyes zero in on your body and his jaw slowly drop open. Whatever he’d been prepared to say was lost to lust. You were pretty sure this was the same look you sported whenever he picked you up for his parties wearing his sexy suits and tousled hair. It couldn’t hurt to poke a little fun, could it?

    You dared to step closer, just within his reach, to admire yourself in the mirror. “So, what do you think?” You bit your lip to keep from smiling, but it just added fuel to the fire. You admired one side, then turn the other way, all but pushing your ass in his face as you tugged on the split. “I thought it was too high, but…” you glanced at him and he sure as shit hadn’t stopped gawking at you, “maybe it isn’t that bad. Right?”

    The question falls on deaf ears. Baekhyun was orbiting the fucking moon, trying to figure out how to reboot his ship to get back home. He knew he should say something—anything—to keep you from choosing this one to wear for someone else. Someone who wasn’t him. Someone who couldn’t possibly shower you with the love, affection, and attention he’d been doing for years. But fuck, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. He didn’t dare blink and miss the way you ran your hands down your body, wondering out loud if maybe the fabric was too loose and made that ass, that great ass he longed to hold with both hands as you rode his dick into the sunset, look too big. Too big?! His brain simply shut off trying to comprehend if it was possible.

    Baekhyun’s mouth flapped uselessly and produced nothing coherent. You fucking loved it. You embraced your inner brat and pushed your plush lips up into a pout. “Baekhyun, say something!” You crossed your arms, pushing up your breasts as you shifted your weight to one leg, jutting out the hip exposed by the waterfall of red silk. “You’re just staring at me. It’s making me self-conscious.”

    The whine in your voice snapped him out of it. He shook his head and finally, finally looked away. “I, shit. You, you look great. I just,” he cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “I got inspiration for another dress.”

    ‘Smooth, man. Real smooth.’

    You let your hands drop to your sides as surprise settled in place of the frown. “Oh. Cool! You should name it after me.”

    He wouldn’t dare admit he already did that. The lingerie line is simply an anagram of your name. If he could ever get you to model those sets… “Yeah. Sure.” He nodded dumbly.

    “That settles it!” You squealed happily and clapped your hands, then dropped into his lap for a quick hug. The last thing he needed was to feel your body against his, wrapped in his arms with your head resting lightly on his shoulder. “Let me go change.” He hated letting go, but his hand skimmed over your leg courtesy of that slit, dragging him back into his wild thoughts again.

    Normally, he cherished his vivid imagination. It helped him with his fashion designs and show concepts. But at that moment? It was a fucking curse. The feel of you in his arms, on his lap, mingled with the dream that conceived that slip of sin on your body. He could picture you standing in front of him with that seductive smile that’s ruined him on countless occasions.

    The vision of you in his mind unzipped the dress and let the straps slip off your shoulders with feigned innocence. He nearly choked on his spit upon seeing you in pale pink lace from his line, looking every bit as delicious as the pink drink he’d drawn inspiration from.

    “Do you like what you see?” You asked, biting your lip as you approached him slowly, fingertips toying with the strings of your thong. The changing room fell away and morphed into his bedroom, where he sat in his reading chair by the tall windows. He forgot that the real you was getting dressed and allowed himself to fall into the depths of your eyes, swept away by the undertow of his feelings and out into your sea.

    He tried to speak and found his throat dry. With a few swallows, he tried again. “Of course, Bambi.” He beckoned you closer with a curl of his fingers. “Come here. Let me see you.”

    Your cheeks turned rosy, and he loved it, loved how you always blossomed at his pet names and compliments. You made it easy to understand why people talked to flowers. Why wouldn’t he do such a simple, honest thing if the result was also a reward? You took a shy step forward. The movement caused your breasts to bounce and sway as you came to a stop between his knees. His fingertips ghosted up over your stomach to your breasts, where he savored the feel of the delicate, transparent lace that did little to hide your pebbling nipples. He released a shuddering breath when you pressed his hands over your breasts with a firm squeeze.

    “Touch me more,” you whispered as you straddled his hips. “Touch me anywhere, everywhere. Make me yours.”

    “Fuck, yes.” He bit back a moan as you rolled your hips hard against him and he felt the scorching heat of your cunt against his cock. You released his hands and leaned forward, pushing him into a slouch on the chair. His hands came to a rest on your ass, eagerly palming each cheek before pulling you tight against his cock and meeting each roll of your hips against him. When you reached behind you and the bra straps fell off your shoulders, he just knew he was losing it. Your bra fell onto his stomach, allowing your breasts to bounce freely, just like the titties in his favorite ecchi anime shows. He pitched forward and buried his face between them, moaning softly at the faint scent of soap, perfume, and sweat as he bit into a breast.

    “I need you, baby.” You cup the back of his head, encouraging him to keep biting, to keep marking you. “Please. Take me right here.”

    He was so gone you didn’t need to ask again. His fingers captured the strings of your thong and pulled—

    “Hey, Bacon. Where should we eat for lunch? My treat.” You called out from the changing booth in a playful tone.

    His daydream shattered with the vision of you on his lap, begging to be fucked, disappearing like fading smoke. He blinked, forcing himself to calm down. “Uh…” His brain struggled to switch gears and get with the program, the reality that you weren’t his. Yet. He dragged a hand down over his face as he covered his crotch with a pillow from a nearby chaise lounge chair. “What are you in the mood for?”

    You listed off the nearby choices, and he couldn’t say he listened. You always chose the same restaurant anyway because they had the best desserts. How many times had he lost himself like this? Torturing himself with vividly erotic visions of the one person he wanted most but had been too afraid to claim.

    ‘Friday,’ he promised himself. ‘Things will be different.’

    Everything was perfect. Baekhyun spent hours making sure nothing was out of place. He even rehearsed the night before to make sure that tonight wouldn’t be a waste. He would make his feelings for you clear before you went home. But first, he needed to dry his sweaty palms and maybe take a shot of whiskey for his nerves. There. Much better.

    He’d just put his glass down when he heard the light knock at the door, a cutesy rhythm unique to you. He sucked in a breath and let it out slowly, willing his heart to calm the fuck down before he ended up out cold on the floor. When he was sure he had his shit under control, he strode over to the door to let you in.

    “Hey, there.” You smiled brightly, too pleased with yourself as you strutted through his door. “You look great, as always.”

    And he did. He’d chosen a simple white dress shirt and black slacks. No tie, sleeves rolled up to his elbows so he wouldn’t be bothered with them while he was cooking. He did fuss with his hair and shaved, unsure if you’d find him not doing so to be a turnoff when he was trying to upgrade your relationship. He believed in being prepared, dressing for the job he wanted. And he wanted you.

    “Thank you, Bambi.”

    You, on the other hand, baffled him. You looked amazing, from what he could see. Your hair was down, and while you hadn’t gone without a little styling, it still looked amazing, like he always insisted you would. He loved seeing your hair this way and never passed up a chance to beg to see it this way. You had on the pink diamond earrings he’d bought you after mentioning you needed a new pair. It’d been hell getting you to accept them once you’d found out the price, but seeing them on you now made enduring your bratty tantrum worth it. Your makeup was immaculate and the black round toe stiletto pumps were sexy.

    But why the hell were you dressed in a trench coat?

    “What’s with the coat?” He asked as he locked the door. “It isn’t that chilly out, is it?”

    You shrugged, that mischievous grin of yours only growing wider. “Not really, but I wasn’t sure if I should be outside in this.”

    He blinked a few times, violently pushing back every dirty fantasy of what could be going on under your coat. “Oh?” He swallowed hard, forcing himself to stay calm and collected. “Well, you’re safe here. I’ll hang your coat up for you.”

    You didn’t hesitate to turn your back to him and start unbuttoning the coat. He said a quick prayer before grasping the coat by the shoulders and holding it up as you pulled your arms free. When you stepped away and spun back to face him, he nearly dropped the damn coat. He could only stare, mouth open and eyes wide, as you stood before him in The One™. The fashion designer he’d put on vacation for tonight was proud of your shoe choice now—it’s what he would’ve gone with, for sure.

    “Bambi, you… I mean, you’re always gorgeous—I didn’t think you, you’d wear it—” he stammered, so messed up over you he could only hug your coat tightly to his chest. You smiled as you clasped your hands together behind your back. He took a deep breath and when he spoke, his words were a near whisper, “Y-you wore it tonight? For me?” You nodded with a quiet giggle. “But you said it was for a special occasion, some guy I’d never—”

    You shook your head and waved him off. “There is no one else, silly. I spend most of my free time with you.” You stepped closer, taking your coat from him and draping it over the arm of the couch. “Besides, this is a special occasion. I mean...you’re special to me.”

    There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the person you love piece the puzzle together and finally receive your feelings for them. Baekhyun’s eyes filled with wonder and love as he came to a stop in front of you. He was all but breathless, barely tethered to his skin as his soul threatened to float away. The thought that you’d put forth such an effort for him and no one else filled him with a level of gratitude he’d never had before. The fact that he’d had a week of sleepless nights over the thought of some other man seeing you in this dress and then touching you in ways he could only dream about was suddenly absurd when he saw the way you looked at him. So shy yet playful, wanting his approval and attention, his love.

    Had you always looked at him this way?

    Of course you had. He’d been too wrapped up in his own love, and fear of losing you over it, to see it.

    His hands shook as they cradled your face, completely at odds with the determination and confidence in his eyes as he angled your face up to his. “_____,” he looked into your eyes as his thumbs stroked your cheeks, “Can I—I need to kiss you. Please?” His voice dropped to a breathy whisper as his lips lightly brushed against yours as he spoke, “Baby, please, let me kiss you.”

    Hearing him call you baby was like a shot of his beloved whiskey. It left a trail of blazing heat across your skin and settled in the pit of your stomach, warming you from the inside out. The desperation in his husky voice, coupled with his minty breath, had your head swimming. It was real. It was finally happening. No more wishing and waiting. He knew how you felt and was acting on his own feelings. You nodded eagerly, pressing closer as you pulled him to you by his shirt. He pressed his lips to yours and you both sighed at the contact, as if your very souls were saying “Finally.”

    He pulled back, fully intending to let you go, but when his hands touched your shoulders, he dove back in. He tried to keep the kiss chaste, really he did, but he heard the sweetest sound come from your mouth, something between a whimper and a moan, and he lost control. Before he knew it, he was taking one step forward, then another, and another until you couldn’t move anymore. He liked that. He didn’t want you to go anywhere, now or ever again. He wanted you just like this, pressed against his chest, clinging to him as he explored you at his leisure. With your back against the wall, he took his time trailing his fingertips across your skin as he took your hands in his own, lacing your fingers together as he guided your arms up and around his neck.

    “Tell me, baby. Has anyone else seen you in this?” he asked, looking you in your eyes.

    You pulled him close and captured his lips in another impatient kiss. “No. Just you.” You gasped into his mouth when his erection pressed into your inner thigh. “Only you, Baek.”

    “Good.” He brought his hands back up to cup your face as he kissed you harder, unable to get enough of the feel of your lips. His daydreams didn’t do you justice. Your softness, your taste. His imagination paled in comparison to the real thing. As your hands explored his shoulders, he deepened the kiss, sucking on your tongue and delighting in the way your moans sent chills down his spine. His hands continued down your body, one grabbing a handful of your ass as the other hoisted your leg up to his waist. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you, baby. Needed you like this.”

    “Like what?” Your chuckle was just as breathless as he felt. “Half naked and willing?”

    “No.” He did his best to kiss your breath away before he replied, “In my arms with no interruptions. All mine.” He explored the skin exposed by the slit of the dress, squeezing your thigh whenever your nails raked down his back as he tongue-fucked your mouth. He wasn’t sure when it started, but once you started panting with a death grip on his shoulders, he noticed how close he was to fucking you against the wall. Both of his hands were on your ass, holding you tight against him as he pressed his hips against you, shamelessly dry humping you to the point of near orgasm. Your heel just barely missed causing pain as you held him in place, trying and failing to get your other leg up and around his waist. It made him wonder if you were even wearing panties and if dinner could wait just a teeny bit longer.

    This isn’t how he planned for the night to go. While he was elated to know the attraction was mutual, he wanted more than a physical relationship with you.

    He allowed himself one last thrust against your clothed core, forcing your hips to be still. You huffed and pulled on his shoulders. Baekhyun chuckled against your lips, gently pressing kisses to the side of your mouth, to your ear, then down your neck. As he sucked marks into your skin, he gently pushed your leg off his hip. You were quick to protest. “Baek, no…”

    “I know, I know.” He pulled back and looked you in the eyes, looking every bit as wrecked as you did. “But if we keep this up, the whole evening will be nothing but sex.”

    You couldn’t keep the bewilderment off your face. “I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. I want it. You want it. We’re adults. I’m not against carpet burn, if that’s what it comes down to.”

    He buried his face in your neck and exhaled loudly. “You’re not really helping. I’m trying to do this the right way, ____.”

    You held him close, rubbing his back with small slow circles. “Okay, then. I’ll behave, for now. What’s the ‘right way,’ Baek?”

    Baekhyun pulled back with a shy grin, cheeks dusted pink. “I’m glad you asked.” He whipped his phone from his pocket and made the cutest little face as he concentrated on it. Soon enough, a beautiful melody played from the wireless speakers. There were no lyrics, but you knew that saxophone anywhere. Before you could call out the name, he clapped his hands. The lights dimmed to the perfect setting as a hundred little fairy lights lit up all around you and twinkled like fireflies.

    Your hands flew to your mouth. Had he seen the dinner date aesthetic posts you liked on Instagram? If so, for how long? The pride in his eyes was unmistakable. He took your hand and led you to the kitchen, both of you suppressing giggles as you fought to fix your clothes with one hand. He picked up a single pink rose and handed it to you. “I wanted to start a tradition of giving you one each time we went on a date, provided there’d be more after tonight.”

    You nodded with a smile as you cupped his cheek. “I’m gonna need a big vase then, huh?”

    He covered your hand with his own, kissed your palm, and whispered, “I was hoping you’d say that, Bambi.”

    “Why wouldn’t I?” You put the flower down and crossed behind him to the sink to pick up an apron. “Everyone knows I’m crazy about you.” You unfolded the apron as you searched for the strings. “So, what are we cooking?”

    He stopped you from pulling it over your head. “No, no. I’m cooking. You can sit at the bar and watch me.”

    “But—” He turned you around by your shoulders and lightly smacked your ass.

    “Nope. Not up for discussion.” He guided you to a stool at the kitchen island. “I promised myself I’d sweep you off your pretty little feet,” he admired you from head to toe, “and you deserve that much, at least.”

    “Thank you, Baekhyun.” You smiled shyly.

    He lifted your face with a finger and pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “I should thank you.” He pulled away and cut on the stove. “Teasing me like that. Letting me think someone else might take you away. I had to make sure I did my best to make this a night you won’t forget.”

    You watched as he took out various ingredients from the fridge. “Why would you thank me for that?” You asked as you slid the two wine glasses he’d left out, holding your hand up, and thanked him when he passed you a bottle of Lambrusco. “Sounds like I went too far.” You gave him a sly smile as you filled each glass, then took a sip from yours.

    “Because…” He peered at you over the rim of his own glass. “It made me want to fight for you. And you know me, Bambi. Whenever I fight for something, or in this case someone, I don’t rest until I have what I want.” He stared into your eyes with a look hot enough to have your fingertips itching to touch him again. You bit your lip.

    “Hurry up and cook. If not, I’ll order pizza and you can cook for me when we wake up tomorrow.” You pursed your lips and put your glass down. He considered your threat and was tempted to give in. But no. Taemin had suffered for hours with him setting up everything. Baekhyun was pretty sure he’d be skinned alive if he didn’t stick to his own meticulous plan.

    He put down his drink and got to work. You watched as he sliced sirloin into thin strips and marinate them in soy sauce. Soon enough, he had various dishes going while he grilled the meat, all the while talking to you about your week, his upcoming events, and updates on mutual friends. When everything was prepared and resting, he gently pulled you from your chair and into a hug. “Get your camera ready.”

    “For what?” You asked as he guided you to the balcony. You weren’t sure how you missed it. The balcony was decorated in the same theme as the living room and kitchen, with twinkling lights everywhere. Downtown Seoul provided a gorgeous backdrop to the table for two. The lights cast a gentle, intimate glow on everything. On the table, a single candle rested on a bed of pink and white rose petals. “Omigawd, Baekhyun! You were looking at my liked posts on Insta!”

    He shrugged. “I never said I wasn’t. Just that I had other things to do. Which I did.”

    You leaned over and kissed him before he pulled out a chair for you. “Thank you,” you said as he pushed your chair in, then lit the candle on the table. You admired the view of the city as he went back and forth, bringing you a fresh glass of wine, then your plates and utensils. Soon enough, he sat across from you with a wide, satisfied smile.

    “Dinner is served.” There were times when you wondered if Baekhyun had missed his calling as a chef. He’d prepared bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and a side salad with dipping sauce for the meat.

    He was reaching for his chopsticks when you held out your hand. “But first!” You picked up your wine. “A toast to the chef for his hard work now…and later.”

    Baekhyun mirrored your naughty grin as he touched his glass to yours. “You’re gonna make me egotistical with the way you’re outright thirsting for me, Bambi.”

    You picked ups your chopsticks and laughed. “Not my fault you took forever to come around. Maybe I’ve always been this way and you’re just now noticing.”

    He reached across the table and caressed your free hand. “I won’t make that mistake again. I promise.”

    The sincerity in his words left you speechless, allowing you both to continue eating in silence. You had a habit of fidgeting while you ate, so when you shifted in your seat, intending to cross your legs, your foot brushed up the inside of Baekhyun’s leg. “Sorry! I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

    He nearly choked on his food as the light touch went straight to his dick. “Nope.” Though he did his best to look unaffected, you noticed he began eating faster. When both of your plates were clear, he jumped to his feet to pick up the dishes.

    “I’ll help.” You got to your feet, picking up the dipping dishes and wine glasses. Neither of you spoke as you followed him to the kitchen where you handed him the dishes to go into the dishwasher. The second he turned it on and dries his hand on the dishcloth, you close the distance between you and gift him with a heated kiss that ended with his bottom lip between your teeth.

    He chuckled and pulled you closer, delighted with your eagerness. “Just one more thing, then I’ll give you what you want, Bambi. Okay?” He put a finger to your lips and hissed when you immediately took it into your mouth and sucked. “Fuck, baby. Please. Just let me do this one last thing and you can have whatever you want from me.” He smacked your ass, and you released the digit. He kissed you hard as he walked you backwards to the living room. He toyed with his phone again, then music began to play, something slow and jazzy.

    You took his hands and happily let him pull you close again. “Wait…is that Eric Benét?” He nodded as he guided your hands around his neck. “You’re gonna sing to me, aren’t you?”

    He nodded again, this time with a wide, boyish grin. It wasn’t a surprise, honestly. He was always singing around you, happily belting out tunes because he swore you made him comfortable enough to do so. He held his hands out, and you took them, delighted when he pulled you close. With one hand holding yours over his heart and the other resting on your hip, he led the dance. He nuzzled the side of your head with his cheek as he crooned. You’d heard him sing the song dozens of times before, but now every word took on a deeper meaning and gave birth to memories that would create the foundation of your new relationship.

    As the song drew to a close, he locked his hands together behind you. “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.”

    You nodded. “Honestly? Same. I’ve wanted to say something but didn’t know how to approach you. What made you take the chance?”

    “You.” He sighed and brushed his lips against your neck. “I was watching something on TV that reminded me of you and I thought, ‘I’d love to do that with her.’ And, of course, my imagination took over, and before I knew it, I had this list of things only to realize…none of it could ever come true if I didn’t speak up.”

    You pressed your nails into his back at the touch of his lips and shivered. “What’s on the list? There can’t be anything we haven’t done already.”

    Baekhyun chuckled. “You assume they’re things to do outside of my bedroom.”

    You started to pull back to look at him, needing to confirm he wasn’t joking around, but he bit into your neck and suckled as his hands wandered down to your ass and squeezed. With your hands trapped between your chests, you grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and moaned softly as heat flared to life between your legs. “Beak—”

    “I tried so hard to keep from thinking that way about you, Bambi.” He murmured into your ear as he started slowly grinding his erection against you. “I knew I could never replace you, so I wanted to protect our friendship, no matter what.” He pulled back and grabbed your chin. “Do you want to know what fucked that up for me?”

    The way he bit his lip, coupled with the needy look in his eyes, made it hard to think. Knowing you and how unaware you were around him at first, there was no telling what his trigger was. “Y-yes. Tell me.”

    “The first time I took you on a cruise. Imagine my reaction to seeing my beautiful best friend in a swimsuit I designed.” He kissed you and slowly let your lip go. “It looked so fucking good on you. All eyes were on you, but you only saw me.” He trailed a finger down your cheek. “That night, you laid beside me in bed. That’s when I found out you like to cuddle when you sleep. I barely got any sleep because I was too caught up in the way you were trying to wrap yourself around me. Too caught up in reminding myself why I shouldn’t roll you over and fuck you into the mattress.”

    “Oh, fuck.” You swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. “You should have. I would have let you. I’ll let you do it now.”

    “I know, baby.” His mouth moved closer to your ear, and he whispered, “I fully intend to take my time with you.”

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  • dreamylittlesugarcube
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Check Me Out

    Genre: Romance, Fluff

    Characters: Reader x Kyungsoo

    Summary: You find yourself attracted to Kyungsoo, a regular at the library where you work. Will love blossom between the shelves?

    A/N: Anyone else feel like Kyungsoo just fits in a library? I just picture him going to libraries, enjoying the silence, and sitting for hours reading books about cooking. Apologies in advance, I’ve been in a very punny mood lately :) As a newer writer, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    *Note: picture is not owned by me, credit to original owner(s)*


    Tick, tick, tick, tick tick

    For what seems like the millionth time today, you turn to see if the clock hands have changed position at all since the last time you checked 1:33 PM, the hands read. Has it really only been three minutes since you last checked the clock? Thursday afternoons tend to be pretty quiet at the library where you work, with mostly just regulars wandering in to take their usual spots, like the little old ladies crocheting in the plush seats by the window, the mothers in the children’s section reading picture books to their toddlers, or the job seekers perfecting their resumes on the library computers.

    And in exactly 27 minutes, there will also be him. Do Kyungsoo. You’d met Kyungsoo about three months ago when he’d wandered into the library looking to check out a particular Gordon Ramsey cookbook. He was beautiful, there was really no other way to describe him. Fluffy black hair, big brown eyes, lush-looking lips, and a dark pair of glasses that gave him a serious aura that you found absolutely alluring. His rich, deep voice gave you chills. In your deepest fantasies, you wonder what it would be like to hear that honeyed voice whispering in your ear at night—-

    Your Kyungsoo-fueled reverie is interrupted by a patron requesting your help to find a book that wasn’t where the catalog said it should be. After locating the book, which had been mistakenly shelved in the fiction section, you attempt to distract yourself with other tasks to keep yourself from focusing back on the time once again. You enter the remaining book returns into the system and pull the cart towards the shelves to begin putting the books back into their rightful spots. You fall into a well-known rhythm as you move from shelf to shelf. You stop for a brief moment, to run your fingers down the cover of a just-returned copy of Pride and Prejudice, your favorite book. You quickly flip through the book to find your favorite scene, the one at the ball where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth first meet and their romance begins. As you take your time scanning over the familiar words, you are startled by the sound of a throat being cleared and a deep voice saying your name.


    You close your eyes and bask in the sound of your name rolling off his lips, your ears perking up to take in any other sound his lips might utter. Butterflies’ wings beat at the inside of your stomach and the air takes on the same hyper-electric feel that it always does when in his presence. You feel a soft tap on your shoulder and you turn to see Kyungsoo very much in your space.

    “Y/N”, he tries again, “I didn’t see you at the circulation desk when I came in and I was wondering if you were here today.” He smiles, his cheeks puffing up in such a way that makes you want to reach out and gently pinch them between your fingers. In his hands he’s holding another cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1 by Julia Child.

    “Taking a trip to France, now I see. That’s a bit of a departure from the Japanese cookbook you checked out last week, “ you joke. Kyungsoo was an avid amateaur chef who loved to learn how to make anything and everything. Last week, he’d come in for a book about the art of sushi-making, the week before that it was an Italian cookbook claiming to have the best recipe for spaghetti bolognese within its pages.

    “It definitely is,” Kyungsoo laughed, “It’s a lot of fun to know how to cook many different types of food.” Kyungsoo took out his phone and motioned you over as he flipped through picture after picture of sushi rolls that looked pretty impressive in your humble opinion.

    As you peer over his shoulder, you are hit with the smell of Kyungsoo’s cologne, a mild and clean scent that isn’t too overpowering. Perfect for Kyungsoo. You take in another quiet breath, enjoying this closeness, this silence. Abruptly, you realize that Kyungsoo is no longer talking. You glance up to see Kyungsoo’s eyes trained on your face, lips parted, as though he’d lost his train of thought mid-sentence. The seconds tick by, neither of you moving to break eye contact or move out of each other’s space. Kyungsoo’s hand slowly moves to brush your hair behind your ear, then sliding down to gently stroke your chin. You feel hypersensitive, the impression of Kyungsoo’s touch on your skin is magnified and the smell of his cologne overwhelms your senses. He starts to gently pull your face towards his own….

    Ring, ring, ring, ring

    The sound of the phone at the circulation desk, causes both of you to jump, breaking the spell you both were under. In a daze, you move rotely towards the desk to answer the phone, leaving Kyungsoo between the bookshelves, hidden from sight. By the time you finished assisting the patron on the phone with an interlibrary transfer request, you’d managed to get your bearings straight.

    Professionalism in the workplace. Professional in the workplace. Professionalism in the workplace…, you chant to yourself, feeling heat on the back of your neck at the thought of almost kissing a patron while on the clock. Granted, there was nothing against seeing patrons outside of work, this wasn’t a medical profession, after all. But you had a sneaking suspicion that your boss might frown upon romantic frolicking whilst on the job. You sneak a glance towards the spot where you left Kyungsoo, but he’s nowhere in sight.

    Did he leave? Was he hiding? Had he sunk through the floor, never to be seen or heard from again? You don’t know, but you are suddenly very interested in rearranging the small jars of paperclips, tacks, and binder clips on your desk. In the midst of your mini-redecoration, you hear the *thunk* of books being plopped down, ready for checkout. You turn around to see Kyungsoo standing in front of you, cool as a cucumber, with two books in-hand. Looking at him now, it’s hard to imagine that not 10 minutes ago, his face had been six inches from your face, his lips six inches from your lips. You keep your eyes focused on your task as you scan Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1. You move to scan the second book, The Beginner’s Guide teo Cheesemaking at Home, but Kyungsoo stops you.

    “I’ll just take this one, the second one’s for you, there’s something interesting in there that I think you might like”. Kyungsoo gives you an enigmatic smile as he slings the cookbook under his arm, grabs the receipt, and makes his way out the door.

    You look down at the book in your hand, confused. A near-kiss and he leaves you with a book on making cheese at home? Curious, you move to speed-flip through the book. As the pages go by, your eyes catch a sliver of yellow. You turn back to that page to find a recipe for making gouda cheese. Just below the recipe you see a yellow post it note that reads:

    We go really “gouda” together. I’m very “fondue” of you. This might sound “cheesy”, but I’d love to get to know you “chedda”.

    Just below his lines of “cheesy” puns, he’d listed a phone number. You get out your phone and quickly add his number to your contacts. You type up a message and hit the send button before you have time to rethink your decisions.

    That was a little cheesy, but still grate. Coffee tomorrow? You watch as the little dots appear, signaling Kyungsoo’s imminent response.


    Yes, that would brie great! ;)

    ~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~

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    ★ Disco ball ★

    pedido pessoal

    — caso se inspire, por favor dê os créditos.

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    ☆ 1969: LET IT BLEED — LEE TAEMIN.



    teasers were previously posted on my old account (@milfnearyou)

    #lee taemin x reader #kim jongin x reader #byun baekhyun x reader #ficscafe#taemin angst#kai angst#baekhyun angst#shinee fanfic#exo fanfic #reposting my exo stuff here cause these chapters are coming up soon. #the sixties and seventies my fav eras #w some of my fav musicians and their sad fates.
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    "Industry Baby." Baekhyun (m) 4

    Chapter 4

    Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

    Warnings: Mentions of drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, prostitution


    Washing Machine Heart -Mitski

    fue mejor - Kali Uchis

    Northern Lights - Kennie

    Lottery - Kali Uchis

    Word count: 5.5k

    Summary: “She looked like a million bucks but felt like nothing.”

    << Prev Next >>

    “Here you go, be careful though.” Baekhyun sat down a mug of hot chocolate in front of you. The mug was steaming and the beverage in the cup was a dark chocolate brown. Your mouth watered at the sight. It looked delicious.

    “Be patient.” Baekhyun said sternly as he saw you eyeing the cup impatiently. You pouted slightly. “It’s better not piping hot and burning your tongue I promise.” He laughed as your hands wrapped around the mug.

    “It’s warm though.” You smiled down at the cup. This was a small slice of happiness you were grateful to have. And to be sharing with Baekhyun. The winter days starting to roll in, and the perfect thing to have on those cold days is something warm.

    “How about we make this our thing?” Baekhyuns looks at you with soft eyes, his arms crossed casually.

    “I would like that.” You agreed, you would just have to learn to accept his offers. Denying him every time felt like kicking a puppy.

    Baekhyun smiled, his eyes wandering over your face as you looked out the window. Your eyes focused on one thing, he didn’t know what it may be. Not interested in what it was, his eyes solely studying your little expressions. The furrowing of your brows when studying something, or when your eyes darting from many things.

    Your head turned to look at Baekhyun so suddenly he gasped softly, clearing his throat. “What were you looking at?” He asks.

    “There was a lady wearing this beautiful dress. But it’s so cold outside I was wondering how she wasn’t shivering.” Your explanation only made Baekhyun’s heart ache.

    Please give me the strength to make it through this without babying at her. His prayers were sent to nobody in particular.

    “Are you cold?” He asked, gesturing to your exposed legs.

    You nod slowly, “I had to leave so suddenly I couldn’t change.” You said without anymore context. You felt bad for dodging the topic but you didn’t feel like getting into that. Not when you were having a moment of happiness.

    “What’s your family like?” You asked suddenly.

    Baekhyun raised an eyebrow at your question, “Oh, well— I’m the youngest son. My mom and dad live together, they take care of my dog. I’m too busy to keep him myself, sadly.” He pouted, “I love visiting though, it’s always nice to see them.”

    “Do you miss them?” You asked, watching as his eyes drop to his mug.

    “I do. I don’t get to see them often…maybe a few times a year?”

    “Baekhyun…” You softly gasped, “You’re too busy.”

    He nodded in agreement, he couldn’t deny his busy schedule when he was demanded for so many projects. “I’ve decided to take a break for a while, but even during my break I’m working.” He laughed.

    “Then, you’re not on vacation. How can you work while the sole purpose of taking a break is not working.” You said sternly. Catching yourself scolding him, your cheeks turned pink. “Sorry.” “No—You’re right. I just can’t resist it. I really love what I do, Y/n.” He smiled up at you, “It should be cool enough now. Try some.” He wrapped his hand around his own mug, watching as you sip from yours first.

    “Mmm!” You exclaim softly, the chocolate was creamy and slightly rich. It was warm when it settled in your stomach.

    “This place is famous for their hot chocolate, that is why I brought you here specifically. They get super busy during December.” Baekhyun’s smile melted your heart, he laughed softly as his eyes scanned over your lips. You had a bit of chocolate on your lip. “Here.” He grabbed a napkin and wiped your mouth.

    You felt your stomach erupt with butterflies, licking over your lips subconsciously after he wiped them.

    “You had some chocolate.” He gestured to his lip.


    Baekhyun sipped from his mug, purposely giving himself a milk mustache. “Look.” He caught your attention, earning a fit of laughter from you. Baekhyun was that kind of person to make someone feel less embarrassed by embarrassing himself.

    “You’re really kind.”

    “You’re really pretty.”

    You paused, looking from your mug to his soft eyes and warm smile. He leaned his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his palm.

    “Watching you just be yourself is so addicting. Y/n you deserve so much.” Baekhyun said softly, “Please let me give you what you should already have.”

    With his dreamy words filling your head you can’t help but fall in love a little. He was such a charming man, and with him speaking to you like this, you could hardly resist.

    “I…” You felt at a loss of words, unable to think of something to say.

    “You’re speechless?” He asked after your moment of silence. “Let me take you home, give you a nice warm shower and let you pick whatever show you want to binge, hmm?”

    His offer sounded like heaven, better than any night you could imagine. Your nights were always tiresome, wanting to just sleep, never to have you time or just relax.

    You nod as your answer, “I would love to, Baekhyun.”

    His soft smile grew at your words, “Okay then, but first let’s get you some proper clothes. You can’t keep walking around cold.”

    The next thing you knew, Baekhyun was dragging you into a clothing store. “B-baekhyun—“

    “No, just pick what you want. I don’t care about your refusal. This is my treat.” His stubborn arms crossed over his chest as he stared down at you. “Y/n, it’s just so you’re comfortable, please.” He insisted.

    You sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to change his mind any time soon. After shifting through some clothes you find a few and Baekhyun pays for them without a fuss. Unlike Chanyeol who would refuse to pay for anything.

    Comparing them, Baekhyun was obviously the better person, the better man. You knew that, he liked you, you liked him. What was stopping you? Your ties with Chanyeol, you weren’t sure why you stayed with him. History was only a word but you stayed with him through it all. But you were aware he wasn’t good for you, what had he done for you?

    Baekhyun was making efforts for an almost complete stranger.

    Your heart swelled with adoration when you named all Baekhyun’s positive traits. You glanced at him quickly, his eyes on the road as he held the wheel loosely with one hand. His other was rested over the shift gear, he was handsome being so casual.

    He felt your eyes on him briefly, he looked over to see you playing with your bandaids. “Hey, quit that before they fall off.” He sighed.

    Your lips parted about to protest but decided against it, he was right anyway.

    “I’ll have to reapply them after your shower anyway.” He commented. “How do they feel? Sore?” He pouted.

    You nodded, “They sting but it’s okay.”

    “I’m sorry.” Baekhyun’s pout only continued as he drove.

    “You look like a kid when you do that.” You laughed lightly at his expression, “I’m okay, I promise.”

    He nodded, “If you say so.”

    Baekhyun kindly opens your door for you, lifting your hand to guide you to his front door. For the second time, this time you weren’t drunk.

    “Here,” Baekhyun took the coat from your shoulders laying it over a chair by the kitchen island. “I’ll get the place warmer, you can use those slippers by the door.”

    Your eyes traveled down to the shoes by the doors, there was a new pair you hadn’t seen. A pair of cat slippers…Did he just buy these? You smiled to yourself, they weren’t his size. Did he buy these for you? Absolutely.

    Baekhyun’s footsteps sounded closer, you turned toward the noise. He noticed the smile on your face, he looks down to your shoes.

    “Yes, to your unasked question. I did buy them for you.” His smile was contagious, filling you with warmth. It was such a small thing, but buying slippers for your friend to wear while they’re over? Isn’t that cute?

    “Thank you.” You walked closer shyly, “It’s nice to have them actually fit.”

    “Ah, I noticed your feet drowning in the ones you wore last time.” Baekhyun chuckles, “It was funny but I thought you might be more comfortable in ones your own size.”

    “How did you know my shoe size? Guess?”

    “I looked at your shoes you wore that night.” He smiled down at you, your cheeks were tinged pink. He found it adorable how you were gushing over this simple act. “You’re so pretty.” He said without thinking, “Sorry, that actually just came out without meaning to.” Baekhyun laughed.

    “Okay.” You giggled when Baekhyun’s canines shown through his bright smile. “You have a handsome smile.”

    “That’s so sweet of you to say, thank you.” He cooed at your compliment. “Okay!” He clapped his hands together. “Let’s shower and I’ll order us food then we can watch whatever you want.” His hand found yours as it slid down your arm to interlock.

    “You know, friends don’t shower with each other.” You cocked a brow up at him with a grin on your face. You weren’t stopping him because honestly, you enjoyed being around him. Being intimate with Baekhyun felt so romantic.

    “Y/n.” He pulled you closer by your hand, you followed until you hit his chest. “I think we both know we don’t see each other as just friends. When I look at you I feel something tug at my heart. It’s yearning for me to touch you, in anyway possible.” His eyes looked into yours, he felt your hold on his hand tighten.

    “I like being around you.” You confessed, “It helps me forget everything else. Knowing you for such a short time feels like it doesn’t matter. I enjoy your company.”

    Your words gave Baekhyun a boost of energy, such a confession going straight to his heart. “Come.” He smiled down at you before tugging on your hand gently.

    The smell of sugar cookies filled the house, you caught the scent many times as he guided you to his shower.

    “Do you like to burn candles?” You asked, staring at his back as he bent to run test the water. “I do, I kinda…have an addiction.” He chuckled “Are you sensitive to scents? Did you smell one?”

    “No! I’m fine, it just smells like cookies.” You giggled “It’s comforting, I really like it.”

    Baekhyun noted your interest in nice scents, “I’ll keep that in mind.” He turned to smile at you. “I’ll let you get in first I need to grab us towels.” He nodded before leaving the bathroom.

    You felt in a daze as you undressed yourself in front of the mirror, you saw the marks. The bruises, the hickeys, the scars. Was this what Baekhyun saw that night? Did he mind them? The insecure questions filled your head, a frown adorning your lips. You wrapped your arms around yourself, discovering more marks. You felt, pity. Pity for the girl in the mirror, the beautiful girl you never felt you were covered in hideous colors of abuse. The girl who covered her impurities so her beauty could shine, shine through dull eyes.

    Her dull eyes that saw the sickening lies behind what she loved doing. She loved entertaining but at some point entertaining had become some sort of tie to her abusive lover. She wanted out of this cycle.

    The woman in the mirror looked back at you with sad eyes, her shoulders shaking. She was crying.

    Baekhyun stopped outside the door as he heard your quiet cries, he didn’t enter the bathroom. He could see through the crack of the door, your eyes wet and face red. His heart ached, were you overthinking when you were left alone? Was him leaving to get towels his mistake?

    Should he comfort you?

    He decided to wait, watching as you wiped your tears away. You stepped toward the shower until you were out of his view. Baekhyun’s chest felt heavy when he could no longer see your sad figure. The marks adorning your body like some sort of reminder to him that you weren’t his; but some monster’s woman.

    Baekhyun’s hand pushed the door open gently, he placed down the towels on the counter, the mirror had begun to fog.

    You looked down at your knees as the water ran over your sore body. The door to the shower opened and close. Soon you felt hands on your arms, a chin nestling itself between your neck and shoulder.

    Baekhyun’s touch made you shut your eyes, sighing as if he brought you out of your dark thoughts.

    “Thank you.” You whispered as his chest pressed against your back. You couldn’t ignore his heart pounding as he exhaled deeply.

    “It’s alright.” Was all Baekhyun whispered back, his words being enough for you. His hand slide around your waist, holding you to him. “I won’t let anybody hurt you. As long as you’re with me.”

    You felt your heart skip a beat, Baekhyun surprising you with such a monotonous voice. His words were sincere and earnest, you felt comfortable in his arms as he just held you.

    “Yes.” You whispered, Baekhyun almost missed it.

    “Yes?” He questioned.

    “To your offer earlier, I’ll do it.”

    “Y/n? A-are you sure?” He stuttered as joy filled his heart, “You can give it more thought it’s okay—“

    “I want to.” You turned around in his arms, coming extremely close to his brown eyes. They looked into yours, yours filled with certainty.

    His eyes searched yours, darting from one another. “If you’re certain then I’m happy.” He smiled, his hand coming up to wipe the tears from your cheeks. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

    Baekhyun’s soft hands slid over your body in such a casual way as if he memorized your body already. His slender fingers hugging your hips when he held you still to scrub lightly. You were covered in suds from how playful Baekhyun was being. It brought a smile to your face, being brought out of your down mood and dark thoughts.

    Baekhyun was your sunshine in this moment.

    “Turn around.” He instructed as you faced him once more, he kneels down to carefully wash around your wounded knees. His hand wrapped around the back of your thigh to hold you in place. You watched the concentrated look on his face finding it adorable how attentive he was being while simply washing you. Your hand rested on his shoulder, your thumb brushing over his collarbone. You only did it to stable yourself. He looked up at you with those brown eyes, from this angle to Baekhyun you looked like the goddess he saw you as. Your hand moved from his shoulder to gingerly lifting his chin.

    Your eyes were trained on his lips, they were parted as if he wanted to say something. He didn’t, not when you pulled him toward you. He stood up, his eyes darting down to your lips as well. He felt as if he couldn’t help himself when you pulled him even closer. His patience had its limits.

    “Y/n.” He called quietly.

    “Shh.” You quieted him by placing your lips over his. Your hand gently holding his chin kissing him gingerly. It was a soft kiss, your lips moving together slowly. Baekhyun’s lips were as soft as they looked, incredibly so. You felt bad for pulling away when he chased after your lips when you parted.

    Your grin displayed on your lips made his desperate expression and pout deepen.

    “Why tease me?” He quietly whined, his hand sliding over your hip to hold your waist.

    You suddenly felt shy at his touch. Your hold on his chin dropped, and he noticed immediately.

    “I felt the need to after seeing you be so caring..” You explained your reason for kissing him. His eyes softened at your words, a small smile taking over his lips.

    “So you’re feeling sentimental now, I understand.” His hand rubbed your back. “Come on, let me take care of your boo boos.” He teased earning a slight pout from you.

    Baekhyun dried you off carefully, allowing you to dress yourself.

    “Sit here.” He pat the sink counter that was a bit too high to lift yourself on.

    “Could you help me?” You asked quietly.

    He looked from the first aid kit to you then the counter. “Oh—“ Without another word he lifted you onto the counter before digging through his med kit once more. “I’m not sure where my alcohol has gone—here it is.”

    You swung your legs anxiously, you hated the sting of the scrapes on your knees.

    “Okay, be still, this is going to sting a bit.” He warned as he dabbed a cotton ball soaked in alcohol over the cuts. It stung a lot actually, eliciting a short whine from you.

    “Im sorry!” Baekhyun cooed, he hurriedly finished dressing your knee, instead of bandaids opting for a gauze to wrap around incase the bandaids fell off.

    “Alright, are you feeling okay?” He asked, standing straight up. He stretched his back slightly, his shirt riding up to reveal his tummy.

    “I’m okay, thank you again.” You looked down at the dressing over your knees. They felt better than bandaids sticking to your cuts. Your mind began to wonder back into dark thoughts until Baekhyun brought you out of them. His hands gripping your thighs as he stood between your legs.

    “Hey.” He tilted his head at you. “Don’t go thinking too much. I’m right here.” He brought your eyes up to him and his bright smile that made you feel much better. You nodded, unable to find words in the moment. His warm hand over your thighs made you feel shy, you weren’t the girl he met at the bar. Not the confident sex idol you put on show that night. You were Y/n, the woman he came to be so intrigued by. The Y/n who refused his help and was independent, he admired your strong will.

    It was his weakness, your gorgeous tone of voice and your heavenly eyes. The pudge of your thighs, the smoothness of your skin, the way your cheeks poked out when they were full. He admired you when you weren’t looking, shamelessly.

    The proximity to your lips had Baekhyun second guessing your guy’s movie night. Many thoughts crossed his mind as his hands traveled higher. The tension he felt made him become needy. He looked into your heart melting eyes, and he saw his answer.

    Shaking his head, he pat the side of your thigh before slowly backing away. “Let’s order some food.”

    Baekhyun’s customer service voice was funnier when you saw his face along with it. He spoke so kindly to the other person on the phone, his eyes staring up at the ceiling as he thought of what he wanted.

    “Okay, alright, yes, okay— yes. Thank you.” He sighed hanging up. “Oh my god I’ve never wanted a conversation to end sooner.”

    You giggled, hugging a spare pillow in your lap. “What happened?”

    “She kept going over the order, asking if I was one hundred and ten percent sure.” He explained. The look on his face made you laugh even harder. He turned to look at you making fun of him prepared to interject until he saw the smile on your face.

    The smile you made when you laughed till your cheeks hurt. The smile you would have if you saw your friend for the first time in forever. The smile you wore when your heart felt so full and content you couldn’t possibly be any more happy.

    Baekhyun found it unbelievable how gorgeous you wore it, how beautiful you looked with joy across your face.

    “Is everything alright?” You asked when you noticed Baekhyun silently staring at you. Shaking his head a grin took over his lips as if he found something amusing.

    “I was just admiring you.” He teased sticking his tongue out at you. “What do you like watching?” He asked.

    “I usually watch stupid shows like reality tv, but I’ve started to hate them. All I do when I’m home is watch t.v.” You sighed, you felt indecisive unable to give Baekhyun an answer. “Why don’t you pick?”

    “Alright then,” He clicked on the t.v and shuffled through some apps before landing on one. He scrolled through endless t.v shows and movies until settling on one. “Do you like romance?” Baekhyun turned to se your expression.

    You gave it a thought, you didn’t really have a favorite genre. Romance had its times where there were enjoyable movies, but to you some of them were the same storyline. “I’m not apposed to it.” You smiled politely folding your hands in front of you.

    “You can say no.”

    “No! I’m fine watching it, It doesn’t matter what we watch.” Trying to reassure Baekhyun you offered him a wider smile.

    Baekhyun noticed it. Your eagerness to not cause conflict, he didn’t like it. If you disagreed you should voice your feelings, don’t agree with something because you’re scared of the other person’s reaction.

    “Y/n.” He called, you were sat on the corner, resting on the L shape of the couch. “Come over here.” Baekhyun patted the spot by him. “Why are you all the way over there?”

    You blinked at his words, why were you sat so far away? You only subconsciously picked the spot wedged in a corner, it was comfortable. You crawled across the couch ending up closer to Baekhyun.

    Baekhyun gulped as he watched your figure crawl over to him as if you were a cat coming to it’s owner. “O-Okay.” He stuttered out to clear his mind. “Here what about this one?” He randomly clicked a movie which so happened to be one he’d seen almost a thousand times.

    “Alright!” You said in a playful voice raising your fist in the air.

    Baekhyun flinched at your sudden burst of energy, blinking a few times. Was it just the hunger talking?

    The movie caught your attention when it started with two people floating in the sea, holding hands.

    “Will we ever see the land again?” The lady asked, staring at the sky.

    “I don’t think so my love.” The man closed his eyes. “But at least we can be together.”

    “For you, my darling I would never step foot back on the land. If it was the only reason I could close my eyes with yours, I would stay floating in this ocean for eternity.”

    The woman’s words pulled at your heart strings, her voice as she confessed her undying love for her man caught your heart in your throat.

    What a romantic thought. To be so in love you’d lay in a vast body of water to rot away with the person you adored. You turned to look at Baekhyun who’s eyes were focused on the screen. You looked down at your hands folded in your lap.

    A hand slid over yours, the arm connected to him. Baekhyun’s eyes caught yours.

    “What are you thinking?” He asked, such a simple question with so many answers. You felt too many emotions to name them.


    “It’s overwhelming isn’t it?” He asked, knowing exactly how you felt in this moment. “Her words for her lover, as they’re in the middle of this giant body of water.” Baekhyun’s thumb grazes over your hand. “The way she doesn’t mind dying with him, with a hopeless unsure answer to her question she feels secure with their hands intertwined.”

    Baekhyun’s explanation told you how well he understood your feelings toward the film.

    “It’s so…romantic.” Your quiet comment made Baekhyun’s heart skip a beat.

    “Romantic?” He thought it was more than such a word, more like a melancholic fate destined to be between two connected souls. His heart strings were tugged each way when he saw the saddened expression on your face.

    “We can watch something else, I know this may be a bit too emotional..” He asked softly, coming to comfort you immediately.

    “P-please.” You felt your lip quiver, the thought of loving someone to not be afraid of death was something you knew all too well. But that love was toxic, and nothing you wanted to be apart of.

    Baekhyun quickly exited from the movie, “Let’s just watch a holiday movie hm? That will cheer you up.” He offered clicking on the movie “Elf.”

    Your heart skipped a beat at Baekhyun’s eagerness to please you, no matter what he’s been here for you like he promised. He’s helped you in anyway he could, and every time without fail he’s made you smile in the end.

    You wiped your tears from your cheek before wrapping your arms around Baekhyun’s arm. Resting your cheek on his shoulder you watched the movie play.

    “Do you enjoy the holidays?” He asked as he watched you snuggle into his side.

    You hummed before answering, “I like decorating and baking, but as for the day of Christmas I haven’t had a good Christmas Day…” You explained. Your holidays were difficult, Chrismas day was cursed for you when something horrible always happened.

    “This year will be different.” Baekhyun stated as a fact, “I wan’t you to help me decorate.” He smiled.

    “R-really?” Your tummy filled with butterflies as you sat up in disbelief. “Don’t feel bad just because of what I said. You can enjoy your holidays I wouldn’t want to ruin—“

    “Y/n.” Baekhyun cupped both of your cheeks in his palms. Bringing your eyes to his he tilted his head at you. “I want to spend the holidays with you, let’s make memories together. You’re amazing to be around and spend time with.”

    Baekhyun’s kind words had you taken a back, your lips parted in awe. You found no words to say, no protest against him.

    The door bell sounded, making you jump slightly earning a chuckle from Baekhyun. He sat up before walking over to answer the door.



    “Here—Oh thank you sir.”

    “Thank you too, have a good one.” Baekhyun shut the door with his foot as he sat the food on the island counter.

    “Come child, food is here.” He said in a caveman voice taking the contents out. You giggled, pausing the movie before joining him.

    “It smells so good.” You whined, your stomach growled in protest at the aroma.

    “One cup for you. One cup for me.” Baekhyun gave you a cup of soup, bread and a sandwich.

    “Oh this is a bit much.” You realized how much food you guys ordered— or Baekhyun ordered.

    “I’m sure we can eat it all, right? I thought you were hungry?” He said patting your tummy playfully. You swatted his hands away. “Your tummy can take it.” He said in a playful manner. It sounded wrong in your mind, but you knew his intentions were good.

    “Mmm.” You made a quiet noise of frustration, “I’ll try. I just don’t want to waste it.”

    “Don’t worry, if we have left overs we can eat them tomorrow? You can stay as long as you want Y/n.”

    His words comforted you, he sensed how anxious you seemed and wanted to remind you he was here to be your stable rock. To ground you and make you feel secure.

    “Okay.” He heard you say.

    “Help me carry this to the living room?” Baekhyun smiled. You nodded, carrying whatever he couldn’t.

    The food was delicious, the soup was perfect for how cold it was. It warmed your tummy and you felt complete.

    Baekhyun sighed, his hand over his stomach. “I’m getting full. I don’t know if I can eat anymore.”

    You looked over at him, his eyes closed and he tilted back on the couch. His neck was exposed, revealing the pretty skin and his collarbones from his loose sweater.

    “I told you this was a lot of food.” Only you would nag at him at a time like this. “Don’t stuff yourself though, I’m not cleaning up your vomit.”

    “Ah, don’t say that I’m full!” He cringed at the thought of eating till he was sick. “I feel lazy now.”

    You giggled as his head lolled to the side, his eyes opening to look up at you with a tired look.

    “How dare you let me order this much food.”

    “Hey! I didn’t even know you ordered so much.” You defended, smacking his leg with your hand. Baekhyun laughed, his eyes shutting once more.

    “Hmm.” He hummed contently as he folded his arms over his chest. He took in the relaxing environment, you silently eating and making conversation while a show played in the background. The smell of sugar cookies and the sound of the fireplace crackling made it all warm and cozy, inviting.

    But you, your thighs begged for Baekhyun to lay his head on them. To look up at you and beg for you to play with his hair. You were more inviting.

    You finished dinner, packing away all of your guy’s leftovers back into their containers before putting them away.

    “I’m getting sleepy.” You commented rubbing your eye as you plopped back down onto the couch.

    “Aww, is the baby tired?” Baekhyun teased cooing at you like a child, he pinched your cheek playfully. “Should I go tuck her in to bed.”

    You thought about his words, instead of tucking you in he should be fucking you to sleep. But that thought quickly left your mind before you could spit out such a thought. Of course you two had sex already but, that wasn’t with you. It was with the facade you played, it was to steal from him. Which in the end resulted in a relationship with Baekhyun, a very healthy relationship of giving.

    “What’s on your mind?” Baekhyun asks, noticing how you’re staring into his eyes wordlessly. “I can see it on your face.”

    “I-I was just thinking.” You answer, almost caught off guard by his voice. “I got lost in though. Haha, and yes I want to go to bed.”

    “Yes darling. Let me clean up down here, you can go ahead.” He smiled at you before giving you a nudge toward the hallway.


    You shook your head at the nickname, closing the door behind you. Kicking off your slippers by the bed, you climbed in wrapping yourself with the blanket. Your eyes felt heavier with being so comfortable.

    Maybe you would just rest them until Baekhyun came up.

    Baekhyun put away the mess from dinner and wiped over the tables. He arranged everything back to how it was before walking toward his room.

    He turned the doorknob entering quietly, he could see you were already knocked out. You weren’t joking when you said you were tired. But it was understandable, after the day you had you deserved sleep. Baekhyun smiled, walking to his side of the bed and sliding off his slippers before getting comfy. He clicked on the television in his room, dimming the brightness and turning down the volume. He always listened to something while he fell asleep. It was like a comfort mechanism.

    You stirred as you heard the sound of rain, your eyes opened slowly. It was still dark, you turned to see Baekhyun was sound asleep facing you.

    You turned over to grin at his delicate features. His adorable lashes laying on top of his cheeks and his cute pouty lips. Your hand moved to trace his features, you unknowingly wrapped your legs with his. You were comforting yourself, your anxiety felt like it was rising but with Baekhyun right here. You felt calm and at peace, your heart rate wasn’t rocketing and your breathing was even. You were surprised when Baekhyun’s eyes fluttered open.

    “Can’t sleep?” He asks rubbing his leg against yours, his voice was heavy with sleep.

    You shook your head. “I was just woken up by the sound, but I’m okay.” You didn’t retreat your hand, and Baekhyun was grateful. Your hand caressed his cheek, watching his eyes close at your touch.

    “You have such soft hands.” He whispered, “I like this.” He said as he chuckled lightly.

    Your grin widened, wiping your thumb over his cheek. “I like this too.” You confessed, Baekhyun’s brows furrowed.

    “You do?”


    “Hmm, that’s good to know.” He smiled, “I’m glad connecting like this is favorable.”

    His words warmed your heart, earning a sigh from you. Not a sigh of annoyance but a sigh of contentment. Being in Baekhyun’s cozy bed with him quietly speaking to you in such a warm voice made you feel comfortable.

    In this moment your heart was was beating against your chest at how happy you became. The realization of this man in front of you wanting the best for you. The only person wanting the best for you. That was Baekhyun, a complete stranger up until this point, has treat you better than anyone in your life.

    “Baekhyun…” You whispered after a minute of his breathing going even once more.

    He didn’t answer, he had fallen back asleep.

    You smiled sadly at his closed eyes, placing a kiss on his nose. “Thank you, so much.” You said quietly. “For helping me, and not doubting me. For believing in me and for being so loving.”

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