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  • dreamylittlesugarcube
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago


    Genre: Romance, Fluff

    Characters: Reader x Kyungsoo

    Warnings: kissing, slightly suggestive

    Word Count: 1.2 k

    Summary: Kyungsoo gets home early from a tour with EXO and you get home to find him singing in shower.

    A/N: This came out “steamier” than I was intending lol. Was trying to find an ab pic for a story image but they are few and far between, so we have Wet Shirt Kyungsoo as our aesthetic today.

    *Please note: I do not own the image above, all credit to the original owner(s)*


    “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy

    But here’s my number, so call me maybe

    It’s hard to look right at you, baby

    But here’s my number, so call me maybe”

    You hummed along to the upbeat melody as you ascended the stairs to your apartment on the thirteenth floor. Did the building have an elevator? Yes. Were you taking the stairs so you could pretend this “cardio” made up for not going to the gym today? 100%. Did you question your life choices at least twice between the lobby and your floor? Also 100% yes.

    With a bunch of deadlines on the horizon at work and with your boyfriend, Kyungsoo, being away on tour with EXO, you were looking forward to a quiet night at home. Some delicious spicy ramyun that your chef-like boyfriend frowned upon you buying, and good old-fashioned trashy reality television would round the night out. You imagined your boyfriend’s face and giggled to yourself. You could almost hear his voice: “Why do you need those convenience store ramyun noodles when I can cook for you? Too much sodium is bad for your health, babe, let me make you some bibimbap with vegetables.”

    Four quick taps of your finger on the keypad and you are stepping into your darkened apartment. With a sigh of relief, you slide your shoes off and toss your work bag in the corner, banished from your sight until tomorrow morning. Suddenly parched from the stair “cardio”, you head to the kitchen to grab a drink of water from the refrigerator. Halfway to the kitchen you notice a dim stream of light filtering out from the partially cracked door to the bedroom. You briefly wonder if you forgot to turn the light off when you left for work this morning, but you can’t recall.

    Pushing the bedroom door open, you peer into the room. Immediately, you notice a familiar black suitcase sitting on the floor next to Kyungsoo’s upright wardrobe cabinet. Kyungsoo’s back! You feel giddy, excitement coursing through your body at the thought of getting to see your boyfriend, days before you expected him back from his tour.

    The sound of running water draws your attention to the en-suite bathroom. Typical Kyungsoo, wanting to wash off all the dirt and grime from the road before anything else. You loved post-shower Kyungsoo, his soft skin, warm to the touch, his lightly defined abs peeking out from the towel tied around his waist, droplets of water on his skin just waiting for you to kiss them off. You imagine his hum of contentment as you gently towel dry his hair, fingers sifting through the soft strands before you place a delicate kiss to his forehead. You lived for those soft, every-day moments with him, especially when he was away from home. Sweet kisses on the way out the door, holding hands across the dinner table, the soothing honey of his voice, singing you to sleep as his hand gently strokes your forehead; simple pleasures that never fail to make your heart flutter in your chest like a butterfly trying to break free.

    Above all, Kyungsoo’s voice just did something to you, his deep speaking voice heavily contrasted by the smooth agility of his singing voice. You liked to sing too, but you often found yourself nervous at the thought of singing with a professional vocalist like one of EXO’s mains, AKA your boyfriend. That didn’t stop Kyungsoo from coaxing you to sing with him once in a while when you were in a particularly giving mood. It felt so right when your voices mixed and harmonized together, becoming one.

    As though to prove a point, you hear the sound of Kyungsoo vocalizing through the door in front of you, the good acoustics and hot steam a perfect way to de-stress from time on the road. You press your ear to the door. Listening closely, you start to make out the words coming from his lips:

    “Do you hear me? I'm talking to you

    Across the water, across the deep blue ocean

    Under the open sky, oh my

    Baby, I'm trying”

    You recognize the song, “Lucky”, a duet by Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz. Without thinking, you respond in kind as Kyungsoo reaches the end of his verse:

    “Boy, I hear you in my dreams

    “I feel your whisper across the sea

    I keep you with me in my heart

    You make it easier when life gets hard”

    A brief pause is the only sign that Kyungsoo is surprised at the sudden appearance of a duet partner. The two of you continue together into the chorus, your voices blending together in perfect synchronicity:

    “Lucky I'm in love with my best friend

    Lucky to have been where I have been

    Lucky to be coming home again

    Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

    Ooh, ooh-ooh”

    As the song comes to an end, you savor the feeling of closeness and connection, even in the absence of physical touch. You hold your breath, closing your eyes as your hand hovers over the bathroom doorknob, wanting to hold onto that electric sensation just a bit longer.

    “Y/N, come here”, Kyungsoo’s voice summons you from within.

    Your heartbeat accelerates, like a motor going from twenty to a hundred in two seconds flat. You turn the doorknob slowly and push open the door, the steam from the shower hitting you like a weight. Your feet carry you forward to the enclosed glass shower on the opposite end of the wall, as though pulled by an invisible force. You feel Kyungsoo’s gaze on you, heavy with longing, water dripping off of him as he steps out from under the spray. You stop in front of Kyungsoo, inches away on the other side of the door.

    “Hi”, you begin, your heart in your throat. “I missed you.”

    “I missed you too, Y/N. So much.”

    Eager to touch him, you place your hands against the glass as though to push through to him. Kyungsoo mirrors your position, your hands almost touching, yet not. You lean forward, your breath creating a fog against the cold surface between you. Unable to help yourself, you press your lips against the glass, eyes open to watch his reaction. Kyungsoo eases his head forward, his eyes eating you up with every millimeter closer that he gets. His lips press against the glass, in perfect sync with yours. Your heart beats in double time as your gazes lock together.

    “I love you,” you whisper, lips parting slightly as you speak.

    The molten chocolate of Kyungsoo’s eyes becomes even more vivid at your declaration.

    “I love you,” replies, voice thick with emotion.

    The words hang in the air. The room is quiet, except for the sound of running water and your breaths.

    Without warning, the glass door between you and him is shoved open. A warm, wet hand snakes out from the misty entrance and ensnares your wrist, pulling you forward through the opening. You hear the door bang loudly behind you and feel the water from the showerhead above soaking your clothing.

    “Kyungsoo!”, you exclaim. “What are you–”

    Your words are cut off as a pair of lips descends upon yours and you can no longer think of anything but him.


    Thank you so much for reading “Steam”! If you liked what you read, follow for more! Give a like or a re-blog so that others can find and enjoy. Thanks much!



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  • kimbapuhkidding
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Girlfriend Stealer//Kim Jongin

    Pairing: Kai X female!Reader

    Themes: Fluff, established relationship. 

    Summary: Babysitting Chen’s daughter is very inspirational

    “I know it’s really such short notice, but our babysitter just bailed.” You could never say no to babysitting for Chen. You could be out of the country when he asks and you would be on the first flight back. Or you could be out on a date with your boyfriend, who also just so happens to be Chen’s groupmate. You still would drop him just to babysit that baby.

    “Wait, are you choosing the baby over me?” Jongin asked in fake-hurt. 

    “Absolutely. We all know this baby is the light of my life.” You packed up your stuff and left your date. Jongin understands that it’s nothing personal. He even said he would do the same. Well... maybe not so much, but he still understands. 

    By the time you arrived back home, Chen was waiting for you with his daughter. “Thank you again for watching her. I owe you one.” He handed you the baby and left. To most people this would have seemed rude, but you had everything you needed to take care of a baby. And by now this was routine for the two of you. 

    You quickly entered your house and brought the baby straight to the play room you always have set up for her. “How’s my little angel?” You had only been playing with the baby for a few minutes when your front door opened. You quickly turned to see who was coming in. “Jongin! Welcome home.”

    “Oh good, you remember I live here too.” He walked over to you and the baby, picking the baby up. “How’s my favorite girlfriend stealer?” He cooed at the baby, clearly just teasing. 

    “Just because the baby is cuter than you doesn’t mean you need to get jealous.” The baby giggled at yours and Jongin’s bantering. “What a little angel?” Your attention was immediately captured by the baby. You took her out of Jongin’s arms and bounced her on your hip. 

    “See. Girlfriend stealer.” The baby giggled again, catching Jongin’s attention. “But a cute one.” He tickled the baby, completely forgetting about your banter. 

    Seeing the two of them play together  made you smile. “I want a baby.” You said it so bluntly it took Jongin by surprise. His eyes flashed to the baby and then back to you. “I want our own baby.”

    “Thank you little girlfriend stealer.” He whispered to the baby. “I’m calling Chen so he can pick up his child.”

    “Don’t you dare. You can wait. Besides, I’m going to get as much times as I can with this little angel.” You turned away from Jongin with a flourish. “Right, my little angel?”

    “But a baby. We need to get working on it.” Jongin sounded deflated, but you knew as soon as Chen picked up his child, he would get his wish. And so would you. 

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  • sleeping-sirens
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    07 | Playful Honey


    Intro - One - Two -Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven

    Silence consumed the dimly lit room, the morning light curtaining Ara and Baekhyun as they laid in bed, awake. Backs sinking into the mattress, arms brushing against each other, and pinkies intertwined.

    "The album is dropping next week." Baekhyun softly reminded her, chest rising and falling peacefully.

    "The songs are magnificent, it's good that you didn't spoil anything this time." Ara chuckled, turning on her side. She gazed at him, admiring the smoothness of his skin and how his long lashed draped over his closed eyes.

    "I won't let you tease me about it, remember you were the one who didn't want to go out on a night drive with me?" He raised a brow, referring to the time he spoiled the whole Delight album the night before its release.

    "Yeah and I regret it," she scoffed with a roll of her eyes. "But just because I wasn't there with you doesn't mean you're allowed to spoil the whole album."

    "They were going to listen to it anyways." Baekhyun shrugged, rolling on his side. "You never told me what's your favorite song from the album?"

    "Mmm," Ara squinted her eyes and bit her lip. "It's hard to choose, honestly. Love Scene." She paused. "Or maybe Cry For Love? Oh! All I Got, it's definitely it. Bambi? Chef's kiss." She screeched. "Amusement Park hits different though, to be honest. Privacy is amazing too."

    She was on the verge of having a breakdown, pupils shaking and wandering everywhere on his face. She clutched the sides of her face, her laugh vibrating through Baekhyun's chest. "Yeah...I think they're all great."

    Baekhyun squealed cutely at how she looked so deep into his eyes with sparkling coffee orbs and pouted lips. He attacked her with a hug, tickling her sides and drowning in the sweet and euphonious giggles blooming from her.

    "What do I do with you? Why are you so cute?" He wailed, squeezing her cheeks and kissing the pout that had formed on her lips.

    "Stop! Look who's talking! You're getting cuter and cuter each day." Ara replied with the same tone oozing with adoration. She sat up straight and fixed her hair only to be pulled against Baekhyun's arms.

    He turned her around, pressing her back to his toned chest. She could feel his heartbeat vibrating through her skin, rippling with goosebumps. He nuzzled his face on the crook of her neck and halted his jumpy movements, only breathing in her scent. She smelled like fresh clothes and golden sunshine. And Baekhyun couldn't get enough of her.

    His eyes closed and his hands snaked down her sides, fingers trailing under her shirt and settling on her bare stomach. He murmured sweet words she couldn't quite decipher, soft lips dancing on her skin and igniting crazy butterflies on the pit of her stomach.

    "What are you thinking about?" She asked quietly, feeling his fingers tracing circles on her warm skin.

    "Nothing, really." Baekhyun trailed off, breathing calmly against her neck.

    Ara sighed deeply, deciding against asking too many questions. Questions she knew the answers for. Her mind and heart were peacefully connecting and working together to prepare herself for the separation that was yet to occur.

    "It'll be alright." She whispered. "We will be alright. It's not like we won't be able to see each other at all. Yeah?" She turned to face him, her hands already making their way to cup his face.

    She caressed his cheeks and his eyes closed naturally, his thumbs brushing her sides. Her touch had always been soft and healing. He could be breaking down and at his worst and just a touch from her soft hands would make everything in him alive again.

    Love was scary.

    It was never easy, neither to him nor to her. It made them do dangerous things because love could easily make you drown in the mistaken belief that dreams were much greater than reality. Love made the concept of reality fade away with the fantasy of shared thoughts and touches, of burning skins and beaming souls, of sinful words and innocent lips.

    Love was a white dream, and reality a red shadow on harsh grounds of ruthlessness. It shrouded the couple and made them do sacrifices that could kill them alive if they just realized how bad it was.

    They were all or nothing and everything was made in the name of love.

    Ara leaned closer to Baekhyun's face, her fingers never ceasing their tender strokes, and pushed her lips against his. They moved against each other like tidal waves, gentle at first and then all wild and messy.

    His lips tasted like melted hints of desires and playful honey. Demanding and sweet. And just like that, she went crazy and out of control. The kiss was slow but the emotions whirl-winding inside her heart were far from being serene. All because of him.

    Baekhyun was a lot of things at once.

    He was spring fields and summer breeze. Winter flowers and violet peace. Wild ocean waves and electric storms. Midnight talks and late-night drives. He was fresh baked cookies and rich red wine. The definition of love and heartbreak. The edge separating her from falling into an abysmal hole of unknown dreams and whisked reality.

    He was one of her favorite places. A shelter from dark thoughts and heavy aches. The place where she could breathe deeply and strip her soul bare from any negativity.

    With Baekhyun, Ara was alive, living and loving him and only him.

    The kiss made everything around them disappear. It was only them and the sky and the birds and their lips and hearts and minds setting themselves on fire with the closeness of their bodies.

    His hands discovered hidden places and healed invisible scars and her heart found a million and one reasons why Baekhyun was not someone to let go, simply because he was one of those rare people that you just couldn't live without.

    She wanted him to know that, with her silent words translated into heated and deep kisses that Baekhyun reciprocated with as much love and passion.

    He heard her, he knew her and he trusted her heart.

    "No words could ever describe how happy I am to have you in my life." He breathed out as he pulled away for some air.

    "Then shut up and kiss me, you fool."



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  • lovekpopdream
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Slow Dancing

    "I don't know." You say laughing as you take a sip from your wine. You bite your lip and look at him. He raises his eyebrow at you and laughs.

    "Fine. We don't have to go if you don't want to."

    "No I would want to but I don't know...." He shrugs and takes another sip. The music changes to a slow song. You smile thinking of a cute scene in your head.

    You look over to the speakers and without thinking you stand up and walk towards him. You are hovering over him and reach out your hand to him.

    "Dance with me." He takes your hand in his and stands up.

    "Don't you hate dancing?" He says as he pulls you closer to him.

    "Yeah but I've always wanted to do this." You say shyly. He laughs and kisses you on the cheek.

    "Is this one of your fantasies?" He asks in an amused tone raising his eyebrow. You step away from him as you felt your face turn red.

    He grabs your hand laughing pulling you closer to him again. He places your hands on his shoulders and you loosely interlock them behind his neck. He then places his hands on your waist pulling you even closer as he starts moving to the song. You follow his lead and just enjoying the music.

    "I like fulfilling your fantasies." He whispers softly in your ear. You bite your lip and keep your gaze away from him as you tried to keep your focus on the dance. He always had this affect on you with a simple sentence he would make your heart race.

    After a couple seconds the songs ends and you pull away.

    "Thank you." You say sitting down but he continues to stand there.

    "One more?" He says cutely and you laugh. "I liked slow dancing with you." You sigh dramatically and stand up. He walks over to the music and changes it to another slow one. You smiled as he turned around and walked towards you. You recognize the song as being one of his favorites.

    Pulling you close, you position yourself like you were before and follow his lead. You look up at him and he's already watching you. You smile and lean a little over so you can whisper in his ear.

    "Am I fulfilling your fantasy now?" You whisper in a seductive voice which makes him laugh.

    "Being with you is my fantasy." He says and lightly pecks you on the lips before he continues dancing the night away with you in his arms.

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  • noonachronicles
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The End of the F**king World - Extended Ending

    Byun Baekhyun X Reader

    Word Count: 6.5k

    Warnings: Smut.

    Genre: Apocalyptic/Alien Invasion AU. Slow Burn (ish?). One pining pup and one idiot in denial to eventual lovers.

    A/N: A little extra because I felt bad. :)

    “Honey,” Baekhyun turned to look at you with a grin, “we’re home.”

    He dropped the backpack he’d been wearing on the counter and flipped over two of the shot glasses. You watched him grab one of the flashlights that you left under the bar for emergencies, or in this case because he didn’t have one, and made his way down to the basement.

    You didn’t follow. Suddenly you felt stuck. Your eyes wandered around the empty hall in front of you. It hadn’t been raining over Cordially yet but it was still overcast outside which left the whole room looking a bit dull which was only accentuated by the dust on the floors. You could see the cleared track that Baekhyun had left when he threw the stool.

    The memory felt so distant in your mind it made you feel displaced. You could remember the anxiety, the fear, and the tension that surrounded you that night. It hit you that you didn’t feel any of those things at that moment and that it had been such a long time since you hadn’t.

    In fact for the last three years all you’d remembered feeling was anxious and scared. There was barely a moment that you weren’t tense between the shoulders. Always thinking about what life threatening situation you’d have to figure your way out of next.

    Baekhyun came back upstairs with a wistful clap of his hands that snapped you out of your daze. “I got the generator going.”

    “Oh.” You gave a little nod, barely registering that’s where he’d gone to.

    “You okay?” He asked, realizing you hadn’t moved any further inside.

    “Yeah. Better than I’ve been in years.” You said with complete genuineness. “It’s just weird. Don’t you think? Feels like all of this was a lifetime ago. It’s only been a week or two but so much happened.”

    “I try not to think about the before times.” He smirked, “The before you and I times, I mean.”

    “That’s true. The last time we were here we weren’t us. We were just you and I.”

    Baekhyun stepped in front of you and your body eased even further at the feel of his fingers brushing the loose hairs from your cheek.

    He watched your face as he leaned in, a little gulp moving down his throat as if you made him nervous all over again. You watched him back while he got closer until his lips met yours and then you closed your eyes.

    “Is this okay?” He whispered against your lips after a couple seconds.


    Only a minute passed when you noticed there was a middle school dance amount of space between the two of you and tried to lean in. It was only then you realized how tense he seemed. He kept one hand gently cupping the back of your head and the other one firmly on your hip. His forearm was stiff, keeping the space between you.

    It took a moment to understand why but then you remembered on the roof when you’d told him you weren’t sure you were comfortable being intimate. You could feel your heart swell in your chest and just when you’d thought you couldn’t love him any more than you already did.

    Gripping his forearm tightly, you pried his hand from your hip, freeing you to step in closer to him. He seemed a little hesitant at first but gave in pretty easily. Wrapping his arms around you, pulling you chest to chest. You knew instantly he’d been itching to hold you like that the whole time.

    You tried pressing yourself into him as the kiss finally deepened. You wanted him deeper, you wanted him to sink into you through your skin and never leave. It felt good, unquestionably good, like it was supposed to.

    “Do you want to…” he pulled back, just barely enough to look at you with a suggestive little smile. “I know you said… and that you’ve been through a lot the last few days so if you don’t, that’s okay. We don’t have to do anything. I’m okay like this. Just kissing. You’re kind of just giving me, you know, vibes.”

    “I thought maybe I wasn’t being obvious enough.”

    “Oh you were.” He laughed and then looked at you more seriously, “Are you absolutely sure?”

    You nodded and then the sound of your best friend's voice echoed at the back of your mind, you look like shit.

    “I think maybe I’d like to wash up first though. If that's okay?”

    Baekhyun looked down at his arms, still streaked with dried blood. “I guess I should too.”

    “We could always do it together…” you suggested, “I wash your back, you wash mine…”

    “Yes.” He said with zero hesitation. “You head upstairs and I’ll go run and grab a couple lanterns? Looks like the generator needs to warm up still since the lights aren't turning on yet.”

    “I can get them. You already went down to turn the generator on in the first place.”

    “No, no it’s okay. I don’t want you to have to be down the stairs and up the stairs again. I can do it for you.”

    “Baek, you don’t have to treat me like I’m some delicate thing.”

    “I do.” He argued, “Because you are.”

    You couldn’t help but blush at the softness in his tone. “I won’t break if you let me do things.”

    He glanced at the sling Seulgi insisted on making you before letting you take off with Baekhyun. “Just let me do this nice thing for you?”

    “Fine.” You sighed, “I hope you really relish this time of my incapacitation. When my shoulder’s back in business I’m gonna do things for you. And I’m gonna protect you. And I’m gonna save you from evil space villains.”

    “I know,” he smiled, rubbing his thumb over your pouty cheek. “You'll be back to kicking ass in no time. Actually it's one of my favorite things about you. You don’t need me.”

    “Yes I do! Of course I do!”

    “No you don’t, and that’s okay.” He leaned in and gave you a little kiss, “You don’t need me, Y/n. You want me. And that’s so much better.”

    “Okay, I like that.” You blushed, “But it’s only partially correct. I don’t need you for dumb shit like opening my pickle jars, and moving furniture, but I do need you. I need you the same way I need air. Sometimes it seems like I don’t need you to do much but if you were ever gone I’d die.”

    His cheeks were round with a smile and growing pinker by the second but he just laughed, “Remember when you spent years pretending like you weren’t totally in love with me? Oscar worthy performance.”

    “I hate you.” you sighed and gave his shoulder a shove, “Go get the lanterns, I want to get this Lurker ash out of my hair.”

    You followed him to the top of the stairs and watched as he disappeared into the basement. After a second of consideration you yelled for him to bring some clothes to change into while he was down there. It took a couple minutes but finally he trudged his way back up the stairs. You offered to carry one of the lanterns he’d grabbed but you would only let you take the clothes from under his arm.

    When you were in the bathroom watching him set up the lights you couldn’t help but get nervous. It was the first time you were going to be in the bathroom with someone else. It wasn’t like seeing you naked was something he’d never done, but the idea of being with him here gave you butterflies. While you wondered if every new thing you did with him would make you giddy and excited you realized how grateful you were to have someone that made you feel that way at all.

    After he'd finished he helped you take off your sling and placed it carefully on the shelf with the towels. Then he came back and helped you ease your shirt over your head, making sure it didn’t tug too much on your bad shoulder and you stood there for a moment in just your jeans and bra. You kept your balled up shirt against your chest as you looked at Baekhyun. He was tugging off his shoes and throwing them near the door. Though he’d helped with your shirt he hadn’t really looked at you yet and suddenly you weren’t sure you wanted him too. You were too afraid that he’d see your naked body and remember that you’d let someone else put their hands all over it. With his hands on the hem of his shirt, ready to pull it over his head, he looked over at you and stopped.

    Dropping the shirt he let out a little sigh and smiled over at you, “You changed your mind.”

    “Yes. No…” you sighed too and stepped into him. He wrapped his arms around you and you leaned your head against his chest. “I don’t know. I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to be a tease. I really thought it’s what I wanted but I keep…I keep having these moments and it makes me so unsure.”

    “You don’t have to explain yourself to me. I’m not in any rush.” He pressed a quick kiss against your cheek. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Though we should wash up since we’re already here. And if you’re uncomfortable I can go first. And if you want me to leave when I’m done so you can be alone, that’s okay too.”

    “I definitely don’t want to be alone.” You told him. “Well, really I just don’t want to be without you.”

    There was the hint of a blush on his cheeks. He gave you another reassuring kiss and stepped back as he tugged his shirt up and over his head. Your heart sank as you looked over at him. The shirt in your hand dropped to your feet as your whole body seemed to go limp at the sight.

    “Baekhyun.” you said so quietly and so pained he barely heard it.

    He caught your gaze and then looked down at his own body. It was dark all over with bruises that mixed with little pink cuts. Some of them were just a couple days older, from the battle, but a lot of them were from the night before. He tried turning around so you weren’t so bothered by it but his back was worse. Practically one big bruise and all you could see was Baddie beating him with the two by four and you couldn’t stop the sob from escaping your mouth.

    “Fuck.” he dropped his shirt on the ground and came back over to you, his fingers wrapping around your arms, “It looks bad, doesn’t it?”

    “Mmhmm.” With a little nod you just sniffled. “I’m so sorry you got hurt.”

    “Why? You didn’t do it!” he laughed, “And I swear it doesn’t feel as bad as it probably looks.”

    “He said it was my fault.” you muttered pitifully. “He said he picked you because I loved you. And then he did this and it’s my fault.”

    “Well, he’s dead so what did he know?” he asked, “I don’t blame you for loving me. I love you for loving me. And I’ll heal so there's no reason for you to be so upset. We all got hurt. Look at you, you have some battle scars too. We’re going to be okay though, we’re gonna be just fine.”

    You looked down at your arm. You hadn’t really looked at yourself in days. Your shoulder alone was bruised all over. It was black with blues and purples mixed in, it looked like a little galaxy. He was right, both of your arms, your abdomen, they were all sprinkled with cuts and bruises. Nothing at all as bad as him, but still a part of your story.

    “I still feel bad.” you pouted.

    He nodded, his thumb moving over the sad curve of your lips. “What if as a punishment I make you wash my hair? My arms are really sore so I would appreciate it if you would help me.”

    You nodded enthusiastically, you’d been waiting for him to need you all morning. “I can do that. I'll get the shampoo.”

    While you went over to the shelf with the towels and everyone’s different soaps and shampoos Baekhyun turned on the water. He let it run, just barely, before grabbing the shower head from its holder and shoving his head under the water. You watched him longer than you intended before quickly kicking off your shoes next to where his shoes had landed and pulling off your socks.

    As you walked back over to him he gave his head a little shake, like a puppy just out of the bath and threw his head back. Water flew all over the room, including directly into your face, but it made you smile to see him so playful. So himself.

    “Here…” you stopped beside him and squeezed a dollop of shampoo into your hand before slapping it on top of his head.

    He just smiled as he watched you attempt, as best you could, to shampoo his head one handed.

    “Let me make it easier on you.”

    He leaned in giving you a kiss on the lips and then moving his mouth over your skin. He kissed your cheek, your neck, your chest. He kept kissing you as he sank down to his knees in front of you. From there you were easily able to run both of your hands through his soapy hair.

    “I like this.” He muttered after a few minutes massaging, his forehead pressing against your hip.

    As you continued washing his hair he left little kisses along the waistline of your jeans. His hands massaged the backs of your legs as you massaged the top of his head. And you sighed as the mood inched its way back.

    “Please don’t hate me,” you were hesitant to even say it, then he looked up at you with big doe eyes, “Can we try again?”

    He nodded, a hesitant smile on his face, “As long as you’re sure.”

    “I am.” You tried to give him your own reassuring smile, “But first put your head back.”

    He did as you asked, leaning his head back so he was looking up at you. Then he closed his eyes and waited patiently. When you looked down at him your stomach did a flip. It could have been a hundred little things. The way he’d been so obedient about it. The way his wet hair was pushed back showing you every inch of his gorgeous face. The way water droplets moved across his skin, down his neck and chest.

    Shaking yourself out of it you rinsed the shampoo from his hair, letting your fingers move through the soft, slick locks.

    When you were sure you’d gotten everything you dropped your hands to your sides. The shower head completely drenched your pants but you didn’t care. You were far too preoccupied.

    “Okay.” You said quietly.

    Then you watched as Baekhyun, kneeling before you, peeled the wet denim from your thighs. Standing there in just your underwear would have usually left you feeling vulnerable but you didn’t, not with him. His eyes moved over your skin before his hands did. He looked serious.

    Baekhyun looked down at your legs, scratched and bruised, with a frown. As if it was his fault. As if there was a way he could have protected you better. He understood, looking over your body, exactly how you’d felt seeing him.

    “Do you hurt horribly?” He asked, lifting his hands to your thigh. His fingers moved slowly and gently over your skin, and he left a kiss just above your knee.

    “Not so much anymore.” You shook your head, “It looks gross though, I know. Ugly.”

    With a little hush he scowled at you, “You’ve never known anything about how beautiful you are.”

    You almost felt silly standing there, not really sure what to do other than watch him. His lips pressed little kisses all over your legs. He nuzzled gently to a spot near your panty line and you felt an excitement bubble in your stomach and laughed.

    “What?” He asked in a murmur against your skin.

    “Deja vu.”

    “I can promise you, we’ve never done it this way before.”

    “Do you remember the fantasy I told you about?” You asked, “The one I was having on the roof, the day Baddie showed up? This was basically it.”

    Baekhyun hummed, and hooked his fingers into your panties and dragged them down your legs, careful not to hit any especially gnarly looking bruises.

    “We should have lit some candles.” He said thoughtfully. “Next time maybe. We’ll just keep doing this until we get it right.”

    “I would love that.”

    You dug your teeth into your lip while he leaned in. His tongue and lips met your most sensitive skin. You’d been so anxious and worried that he’d think you were repulsive. Projecting your disgust and disappointment in yourself you’d imagined a scenario where he didn’t even want to touch you anymore and had apparently been trying to make it a reality.

    Baekhyun wasn’t going to let you do that, and he was making it clear to you. Within a few minutes you were nearly doubled over. His cheeks squished, happily, between your thighs. The fingers from your good arm were tugging on the hair at the top of his head while the ones on your sore arm just tried to keep their grip on the shower head.

    He ate you out like he had something to prove. You’d half thought to tell him he didn’t need to go so hard but who were you to complain. His fingers moved inside of you, coaxing your orgasm until finally you couldn’t take it anymore. Your legs were shaking and you weren’t sure you’d be able to stand if he went on much longer. You tried to hint that he had sufficiently warmed you up but he didn’t get up from his knees until you'd come.

    You already felt exhausted but Baekhyun popped up happier and more enthusiastic than you’d seen him all day. “How are you doing? Still okay?”

    “You could say that.” you laughed, lifting your hand to his neck. You pulled his face to yours for a kiss, tasting yourself on his lips. His hands met your hips gently and he walked you back a few steps until your back was pressed against the cold tile wall of the bathroom.

    “Is this right here okay for you?” He leaned away and eyed the wall as if looking to check its integrity.

    “This is fine.” You nodded.

    “If at any point you want me to stop-“

    “I won’t.” you whispered back. “I promise.”

    He nodded and then stepped back. You watched with great amusement as he hopped and wiggled his way out of his wet jeans until he was naked in front of you. Stepping in closer to you he looked at you one more time and you just nodded. Then he slipped himself inside of you. His head fell back with a sigh of what sounded like relief. Pulling his head back up he caught your eye and tried a couple test thrusts. Groaning with the absolute pleasure of being with him, you were ready to melt into him. You realized you were still clutching onto the showerhead and switched it over to your good hand, so you could wrap your arm around his shoulder a little more comfortably.

    “Is this okay? Do you feel good?”

    “Mhmm.” You assured him, “It feels really good, Baek. You don’t have to keep asking, just…enjoy yourself.”

    “Oh trust me, I am.” he laughed, “If you change your mind, say the word.”

    You sucked his bottom lip between yours, giving him a kiss that left him moaning. “I’m not going to change my mind.”

    Baekhyun seemed to finally believe you then and really let himself get into it. He was still very cautious, very aware of where he put his hands in relation to your bigger wounds. He was so thoughtful and never let his pleasure take priority. He leaned his whole body into you, his hand lifting your leg up to his hip to get deeper.

    “Wait,” you gasped, suddenly very aware of the fabric of your bra keeping you from feeling him all the way against you. He stopped instantly to look at you, “Everything's okay, but help me take this off?”

    “Oh of course!”

    Keeping your leg up around his hip you leaned into him and he unclasped your bra, helping you slide it down your arms. He threw it over to where all of your other soaked clothes were piling up and went on more vigorously than he had been before.

    You ran your hands gently over his bruises. Your fingers roamed slow and soft against his wet skin. He shivered with pleasure as they went gliding over his stomach and his hips.

    The romance between the two of you was alive and well. It surprised you how happy it made you. You never really thought the element of softness and intimacy was important when you were having sex. Then again it wasn’t really just sex with him. It never had been, and knowing him it never would be. He’d always sneak in some way to let you know he loved you. Leaning back to check on you once again his eyes went wide.

    “Oh god. You’re crying.” He said, sounding completely mortified.

    “No, it’s okay!” You laughed, you knew you were crying but you thought with all the water it wouldn’t have been so noticeable. Then again it was him and he noticed everything. “It’s good. It’s a happy cry.”


    He leaned in to kiss your neck and you could feel him push deeper inside of you. Your mouth dropped with a sigh, “It just feels right. It’s you. It’s us. It just feels right and it makes me so happy.”

    “I’ll never get tired of making you happy.”

    “I know.” you whispered against his ear, before giving him an encouraging little nibble on his earlobe.

    He reached his hand up to his shoulder where you were holding the shower head, just letting it waterfall down his back.

    “Can I see this for a second?” He asked, wrapping his fingers around the handle.

    “Yes, oh, yes.” You said, letting him take it from you.

    He brought the shower head between the two of you and slowly dragged it down your naked body. You gasped as the water hit that particular spot he’d been aiming for and pulled him closer with your good arm.

    “Does that feel good?”

    You nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes! Oh fuck, oh fuck me, it feels so good.”

    Baekhyun kept his steady pace and your whimpers and gasps of pleasure became more and more frequent. That was the part he lived for. He watched your face eagerly for the little signs that he was doing it right and that you were about to come. The sight of them only urging him closer to his own orgasm.

    “Shit!” You yelped, “I’m gonna…I’m coming.”

    You buried your face in his neck, fingernails digging into his shoulder as you attempted to keep him as close as possible. He kept the shower head steady for a few minutes longer, feeling your body vibrating all around him. With you still in a daze he finally dropped the shower head with a clatter onto the bathroom floor so he could finish himself off. His thrusting became much more aggressive, nearly lifting you off your feet. When he was done he eased you back down and neither of you moved for sometime.

    Finally, after several minutes, of just the both of you breathing and the sound of the water coming out of the shower head you managed a, “Oh, wow.”

    “Do you feel okay?” He asked sweetly, pushing your hair back.

    “Okay?” You laughed, “I haven’t felt this good in days.”

    “Good.” He grinned, just a hint of arrogance on his lips.

    You stood a little unsteady when he removed himself from you. But you watched him bend down and grab the shower head, giving both of you a nice rinse down before shutting off the faucet.

    “Well, I think we definitely used up the water allowance for the day.” He joked, and you rewarded him with a happy, dazed little laugh.

    Leaving you leaned up against the wall he hurried over to grab the towels, not wanting to make you wait too long. Though you probably wouldn’t have noticed. You were too busy soaking in your own euphoria. After his quick return, Baekhyun didn’t leave anything for you to do but stare at him bright eyed as he dried you off. He started with your legs and moved up to your stomach and your chest. You caught his hands in yours then and urged him to kiss you, so he did.

    “I have to ask,” he mumbled against your mouth. “Am I better than he was?”

    When he leaned back to let you answer you looked at him for a long time to see if he was serious. It seemed he was so you held back your amused laugh so as not to offend him.

    “In every single way.”

    He smiled then, satisfied, and helped you get your hair into the towel before drying himself off. It was as he helped you get dressed in the oversized shirt and boxer shorts he’d picked for you to wear that you became overwhelmed by how sweet and thoughtful he was. He took care of you first every step of the way and you wished you could put into words what it felt like.

    Being Baekhyun is what made Baekhyun special. There was no other way to say it.

    Once you were both dressed and he’d helped you get your arm back into the sling, you each grabbed a lantern and made your way downstairs. The others still weren’t there. They'd gone back to the hotel to get Irene to bring her home too and you knew it would take some time for them to get her back with her injuries. For the moment you were grateful it was just the two of you. You looked forward to having everyone back home, but having a moment for just the two of you was heavenly.

    “Your place or mine?” Baekhyun asked as you made it all the way down to the basement.

    After a moment of thought you looked over your shoulder at him, “You know, I’ve never stayed over at your place.”

    Rubbing his wet hair with his towel he gestured over to the sheets that kept his cot private. You moved through the opening and looked around at the small space. It was tidy and you weren’t sure why but it made you smile.

    “Do I get the tour?” You asked as he made his way in behind you.

    “Hmm,” he cleared his throat, “Of course. Over here is my study.”

    You looked over at the small side table sized bookshelf. There was a stack of books, a couple of notebooks, a cup of pens and markers, and what looked like a journal.

    “Next to that is my at-home office, and next to that is the kitchen.”

    The at-home office was a crate overflowing with bookbinding tools, photos he’d developed at his dark room a few blocks away, and the latest volume of his History of the End of the World books that he was working on. The kitchen was an electric kettle, a box of tea, and a glass jar of oatmeal.

    “This is nice!” You grinned, “What do you pay for a spot like this, and in such a great part of the city? Like fifteen hundred?”

    “I don’t want to brag, but it’s rent controlled, so actually not that bad.” He tossed his towel onto the lone chair in the corner of his small living space. “So, do you want to see the bedroom next or the playroom?”

    Your eyebrows shot up towards your hairline, “Playroom?!”

    With a huff he moved past you and opened up one of those plastic crates people used to put Christmas decorations in once the holidays were over. Inside you could see it was packed with puzzles, lego sets, tabletop and card games.

    “What did you think I meant?” He asked looking up at you.

    “I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m also somehow not at all surprised.” You laughed.

    He nodded over to the crudely put together bed, a small mattress on a stack of old wooden pallets. “Bedroom.”

    You sat down with a little hum. It was nice, actually. It was no hotel bed, but it was better than sleeping on the floor.

    “It’s nicer than mine.” You noted, before throwing your legs up to stretch out.

    “Yet another thing you’ve been missing out on all this time.” He shrugged smuggly before crawling over to the side of the bed.

    You rolled your eyes at the comment, “For the rest of our lives?”

    “For the rest of our lives.”

    Taking a deep breath you rolled over and looked at him, “Good.”

    “I’ve been thinking about getting you into my bed for a long time, and I’m gonna say it, you never disappoint.” There was a small smile on his lips as he pushed a few strands of wet hair back under the towel on your head.

    “I’m not even doing anything. I’m just laying here.”

    “And you’re doing it wonderfully.”

    “Well what can I say…” you slid your hand to test out the cool underside of his pillow. The pillow that smelled like him and was soft like him. You could get used to this pillow.

    You could feel something relatively sharp poke your knuckle and lifted your head to see what was hiding underneath. A huge smile plastered itself on your face as you pulled out a small stack of photographs.

    You couldn’t help but feel giggly at the idea that he’d really had pictures of you hidden away under his pillow all this time. Like some smitten school boy. He was in love with you in such a cliche sort of way that it was absolutely perfect. He was absolutely perfect.

    “Tell me these are all of me.” You laughed.

    Baekhyun just blushed, knowing full well he’d been caught. He watched as you happily flipped through the pictures. There was something so special to you about getting to see yourself the way he saw you.

    The stack was small but stretched pretty evenly over the last few years. From what you could tell the pictures were mostly candid. It held up. After Baekhyun had established his documenting hobby everyone in your family ignored having their picture taken pretty easily. He took pictures of anything at any time for practice with the cameras and also developing. The click and flash of his camera was incredibly common. It made sense you wouldn’t have noticed him taking so many of you.

    There was one of you being taught how to throw knives by Sehun. One of you on the couch with Seulgi and Irene, all of you in your pajamas laughing hysterically at something you’d long forgotten. He had one of you tucked into an oversized chair reading a book that was propped open on the arm. You lingered on that one for some time trying to remember where he could have taken it. Then you remembered when you used to scavenge together, if it was a slow day, the two of you would go to the bookstore and read all afternoon.

    “That ones my favorite.” He said as you came across a close up picture of your face. It was black and white and you looked concentrated with your teeth digging into your bottom lip. You watched as he lifted his finger up to the photograph and made a move as if to brush the hair behind your ear. “Always makes me wanna do that.”

    The last one was a little surprise, it was a picture you’d taken. You were behind Baekhyun, hanging over his shoulders. One of your arms was outstretched, holding the camera and the other one was wrapped around him. Your faces were squished together cheek to cheek. Your face was at just the perfect angle that your lips were kissing the corner of his mouth.

    “Why isn’t this one your favorite?” You asked curiously as you handed the pictures back to him.

    He shrugged, placing them on the corner of his nightstand. “Just after this was taken you stopped wanting to be around me. Sometimes it reminds me of that and, I don’t know, it sounds lame but that really hurt me. I don’t like remembering it.”

    “I don’t know why I always thought you wouldn’t notice that I did that.”

    Baekhyun laughed at that, “You were my best friend and then all of a sudden you weren’t. Of course I noticed.”

    “I spent so much time making sure I didn’t get hurt I didn’t realize I was hurting you in the process.” You frowned and reached your hand out to touch his cheek.

    “It’s history now.”

    “Still you’re a saint for loving someone as selfish as me.”

    “Loving you isn’t as hard as you think it is.”

    “I’d still like to try and make it easier for you.”

    He nodded, “I like that.”

    With a groan from your aching body you sat back up and let your towel slide off your head, “I have to brush my hair.”

    “I’ll do it for you.” Baekhyun suggested.

    “I can brush my own hair, but thank you.” You scoffed.

    “Can you?” He asked, sounding very light hearted.

    He grabbed a box from beside the bed and pulled out a hairbrush before handing it to your freshly slinged arm. You switched the brush to your good arm and brushed that side. Then you tried using the same arm for the other side and let yourself look like a fool for way too long. Your hair gathered knots in the process.

    “Fine, but I have to run back to my place and grab something. I promise I’ll come right back.” You said dropping the brush in his lap before taking off without another word.

    When you came back he was sitting up on the bed with a space for you between his legs and you had brought with you a nail file and some polish. He brushed out your hair as you painted your nails. He even hummed as he gave you a half decent french braid. You decided not to ask him where he learned how to do it.

    “All done.” Baekhyun announced, dropping his hands to your waist.

    “I’m almost done too.” You said focusing on your last couple of nails.

    “And then snuggle?”

    “And then snuggle.” You agreed.

    “I was thinking,” he said as his hands massaged their way up your back, “tomorrow I can start to clean up the loft at the record store. Maybe you wanna come with? Make sure I don’t toss out anything you might want?”

    Eyebrows scrunched in bemusement you closed the cap in your nail polish. “You know what I was thinking? Three to four straight days of laying right here with you and not doing a single other thing.”

    “Wait, I like yours better.”

    “We deserve a break. The world is not going to end again if we take a couple days to do nothing.”

    “I think you’re right.” He said moving around beside you until he was laying down.

    He looked up at you expectantly as you waited for your last few nails to dry. Suddenly the perfect set of nails seemed less than important and you scooted yourself down the mattress to lay beside him. He cupped your cheek with his hand and kissed you softly. You were certain this was all you needed in the universe. Only one thing could make it better.

    “Actually, I may have to leave for a little bit tomorrow.” you muttered quietly against his lips.

    “Oh yeah?” He said, “You have somewhere important to be?”

    You shrugged, “I just want to run back to the hotel and get my tape player. I left it there before the fight.”

    Baekhyun nodded with understanding, a little smirk curled up on his lips. “Gotcha.”

    “What's with the face?”

    He rolled over you, all of his body weight pressing into, as he reached over the side of the bed. You groaned in very mild discomfort but your arms were trapped at your sides so you couldn’t push him off. Instead you looked down at where he was digging into his backpack.

    “Shut up.” You couldn't stop your cheeks from bubbling up in a smile. “You didn’t!”

    He pulled your tape player from the bag and rolled back over to his place in bed, placing it on top of your stomach. “Once I knew you were at the antique store I went back to the hotel the next morning and got all of our stuff. I didn’t really have a plan but if we needed to go away somewhere I wanted to be ready.”

    “I must have already left the store before you got back, how’d you find us again?”

    Baekhyun’s proud smile dropped into a frown almost immediately. “I was heading back, I was going to hide in the building across the street again until I could figure out what to do. I heard you scream. That’s how I found out you guys were in the building. I almost walked right into him.”


    “It was the worst sound I think I’ve ever heard in my life. You sounded so hurt. I thought he was torturing you or something. I wanted to do something then but I knew I wasn’t ready and when I saw that you looked okay, physically, I didn’t want to run in there and get you hurt.”

    “Wait, you were there? You were in the building with us?” When he nodded you let out a pained laugh. “He told me you were dead. He said he killed you. It hurt so much I couldn’t breathe so I had to scream.”

    “God, this whole thing has been so shitty.” He wrapped his arms tightly around you. “You’ve been through such a nightmare. I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s fine.” You sighed, and you were pretty sure you meant it. “He was lying and you’re alive. I have you back now, the real you, so…I don’t know, none of the rest of it matters.”

    “Really?” He asked, obviously pleasantly surprised.

    “Someone taught me that I should try and live in the moment more. Turns out it’s kind of working for me.”

    “This ‘someone’ that taught you that…Are you in love with him?”


    “You so are.” He smirked. His eyes lingered on your face for a while like he worried there was a chance he’d have it taken away from him again, “Are you happy?”

    “Very happy.” you nodded.

    “Because of me?” he raised a cheeky eyebrow, “It’s because of me, right?”

    “Couldn’t possibly be because we survived the end of the world.” you said sarcastically, but he just looked at you with his happy, knowing smile. With your best annoyed sigh, you rolled your eyes, “Yes, because of you.”

    You’d been so tired. For days you'd felt exhausted and desperate for rest. However, lying there beside Baekhyun, you couldn’t fall asleep. You didn’t even really want to close your eyes to try. Maybe you were afraid that if you closed your eyes you’d find out this was just another dream. Or maybe he was just the spark of energy you needed. Your life force.

    Apparently he was content in the same way. The two of you just laid there together, waiting for your friends to get home, looking at each other like there was nothing better to do. You weren’t sure there was anything better for you to do. So you pushed an ear bud in your ear and one into his and pressed play on your tape player and waited. Both of you together, just waiting for the next end of the world to come.

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  • noonachronicles
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The End of the F**king World Pt. 10 - Final

    Byun Baekhyun X Reader

    Word Count: 22.2k

    Warnings: Language, violence.

    Genre: Apocalyptic/Alien Invasion AU.

    A/N: I don't have any good words left. For anyone thats stuck around, waiting for me to finish this, THANK YOU so much and I'm incredibly sorry for the ridiculous wait. I hope I made it worth it at least!

    Your eyes were burning. You hadn’t slept at all, you were sure you hadn’t even blinked all night. You couldn’t help yourself but to feel stupid, so stupid. It was almost all you thought about, how incredibly stupid you felt. You knew Baddie could shift into whoever he wanted, probably whatever he wanted too. This whole time, for three years, you’d been so cautious about everything. You’d been able to protect yourself at every turn because you were smart and you were careful. Somehow you’d let yourself become so desperate to have Baekhyun with you that you ignored every gut feeling that told you something wasn’t right. That man…that man was your biggest weakness and your greatest strength.

    All night you had waited so patiently for Baddie to move or at least loosen his grip on you. You’d even tried praying for a chance to break away but he’d kept his arm tucked firmly around you and your legs trapped under his.

    When you started to think back on the last couple of days you were sure you hadn’t done anything to make him believe that you were at all suspicious or that you might take off in the night. However it concerned you that he didn’t move an inch all night. Then you started to wonder if he’d even gone to sleep at all or if he was faking it to make sure you didn’t leave. Did he even have to sleep? Had he really been in a coma, was that a lie too? Every minute you went without sleep made you even more paranoid than the last minute that had passed until you became certain that he knew that you knew.

    In lieu of sleep you focused on keeping your heart rate normal. You practiced keeping a smile on your face and making it feel genuine. You worked on resisting the urge to cry every three minutes. Convince him. You repeated the mantra over and over all night long. Convince him. Convince him.

    Convince him you weren’t absolutely terrified.

    Convince him you were in love with him.

    Convince him you still believed he was Baekhyun.

    Convince him like you’d convinced yourself for days.

    It was your only option, you didn't know much else at that moment but you were positive of that. As long as he believed that everything was okay, that whatever his plan was hadn’t been ruined, you figured you had a chance. All you needed was to find a way to get a minute without him. Even if it was for just a moment. That’s all you needed and you were sure you could get away. And if you were ever going to talk him into giving you time away from him, he had to really believe you would come back.

    It wasn’t until the room was showered with the warm glow of the sun that he stirred behind you. His hands moved over your skin, his lips pressed against your shoulder, your neck. You tried not to tense, or hurl, or tremble. With a light sigh you wrapped your hand around his fingers as he attempted to get a little too fresh. You pulled his hand away from the front of your pants to your lips to press a kiss against his knuckles.

    “Five more minutes.” You groaned, and moved around a little as if in an attempt to get comfortable.

    “Anything for you.” He sounded happy. You felt proud of your performance so far. You could do this.

    After a few minutes you felt him kiss the top of your head and ease himself away from you. Keeping still, and your breathing steady, you listened as his feet moved across the room. There was a tiny click of the door shutting. You didn’t know where he was going or how long he’d be gone so it didn’t seem like your moment but you let yourself breathe and your muscles relax for the first time in hours.

    “Fuck.” You whispered into the quiet of the room. You strained yourself to keep from weeping. If you cried he’d be able to tell and then you’d have to explain why you’d been crying and you just didn’t have it in you to come up with a good enough story.

    He gave you what felt like exactly five minutes before he was back. When the door opened again you could hear the sound of music wafting up the stairs. After a deep breath you turned to face him.

    “I found peaches.” He smiled, holding up the opened can as proof.


    You watched him come into the room and take a seat next to you and you sat up. You couldn’t stop staring at him. Fascination had taken over your fear for just the moment. It was amazing how much he looked like Baekhyun. If you had to you could probably delude yourself into believing it was him again. Though you truly hoped you didn’t have to.

    It was quiet between the two of you as you shared the can of peaches. He watched you eat and you watched the details of his hands, his mouth, his eyes. It was all the same but somehow you just knew it wasn’t him. It did make you ache for him. It made you feel entirely alone. You had to make your move, you weren’t going to be able to hide how miserable you were for much longer. Not if you kept thinking about Baekhyun like you were, and you knew you would.

    “You seem to be in a much better mood.” Baddie noted as he looked over your face.

    “I am in a much better mood.” You rolled your teeth over your bottom lips slowly, suggestively. “I think last night was exactly what I needed. Thank you.”

    He took a deep breath, his chest puffing out slightly as he grinned. “Of course. I’m here for you…whenever you need me.”

    “Yeah?” You pushed yourself up and moved your leg over his lap so that you were straddling him. “Whenever I need you?”

    He pushed the empty can to the side and brought his hands up to grip your hips and he hummed happily at the fact you’d taken initiative. “Say the word.”

    With the tiniest gulp you steadied yourself and closed your eyes. You latched onto the memory of Seulgi’s wedding night. Dancing with Baekhyun, your lips reaching for his. It’s Baekhyun. It’s Baek. You tried to lie to yourself as you leaned in and kissed him. Just one kiss on the lips, that was it.

    It was more than you could really stand and it wasn’t supposed to last that long but he’d sucked your lip between his and wouldn't let you go. You let out a groan and hoped it sounded like you were enjoying yourself. Then you wriggled in his lap a little, pushing against his chest until he set you free. You moved your mouth to the side, to his cheek and his jaw so he didn’t think you were outright rejecting him. Plus it was easier to kiss him there.

    “You want me right now?” He asked as you kissed along his neck. His hands moved up your waist to cup just under your breasts. .

    Lifting your mouth to his ear you gave him a little nip with your teeth. “Later.”

    “Later?” He asked, pulling back to look at you in disbelief. “Why later? Why is it always later for you?”

    You sat back on his lap with a bright smile trying desperately to hide your disgust. “I like making you wait. You get a little…rough… in your desperation.”

    “Oh? You like it when I get a little rough?” He asked and pushed himself up, landing you on your back beneath him.

    Laugh. Your brain begged you to laugh instead of stare in fear. You let out a little giggle and pushed at his chest with your fists. “Hey. Focus.”

    “I am. I’m focused on you.” He said and leaned in to kiss you. You turned your face just in time and he kissed below your jaw and then down your neck to your chest.

    You laughed again and pushed him off of you as playfully as you could manage. “I’m serious. I want to talk to you, stop distracting me.”

    Letting out a deep, slightly annoyed sigh, he sat back. Grabbing your hands he helped pull you back up so that you were sitting as well.

    “What’s so important we need to talk about it when we could be kissing and touching and...”

    “I think you were right.”

    He raised an eyebrow, finally intrigued. Your eyes felt strained as you held back a deep eye roll. Fucking narcissist.

    “I was? About what?”

    “You said we should stay here a couple nights. Me and you.” You dragged your fingers gently over his forearm. “I think I’d like that. I could use the break from everything, everyone.”

    “You deserve one.”

    “If we’re going to stay, there’s some things we need. So,” you took a nervous breath, “I’m thinking I’ll go out for a bit and find some food, some more water, medicine and bandages… a surprise. For you.”

    His face turned into a scowl as he thought about it. “You want to separate? You want to leave me?”

    “Not for long.” You laughed lightly, and squeezed his hand. “If you come with me, my surprise won’t be much of a surprise, will it?”

    “I don’t know.” He shook his head, “I don’t like it. We still don’t know what’s out there. Who’s out there.”

    “Baby, come on.” You whined, “Let me do this for you. After you’ve done so much for me! Listen if you stay here, you can set up this room to be more like the one we shared together our first night. Remember?”

    “Umm…” You knew he didn’t. You weren’t sure when his knowledge of Baekhyun’s memories started but it was before the mall. How much further back you didn't know yet. “Of course.”

    You lifted your hand to his cheek and moved it back into his hair. “It’ll be romantic.”

    “Tell me what the surprise is and I’ll let you go.”

    “I was thinking something red,” you smirked, “and lacey.”

    “I see.” His eyes sparkled as he looked at you. “Okay, you’ll be quick though?”

    “You won’t even know I’m gone.” You stood up and kissed the top of his head.

    He watched you diligently as you tugged your boots on and tied them. After the first boot was secured he started to look hesitant, like he might take back his permission. Tying up your second boot you smiled over at him.

    “I love you, Baek.”

    You watched as his shoulders visibly relaxed and he smiled back at you. “I love you too.”

    Not wanting to wait for him to change his mind, you stood up and threw your bag over your shoulder. You even bent down and gave him a kiss on the side of his mouth before quickly pulling away.

    “Hey.” He called, and you looked back at him as you got to the door, “Our first night, what was your favorite part? In case I can’t find all the stuff to make it just right.”

    With a thoughtful sigh you said, “The stars.”

    “Hey.” He called again as you turned to leave. When you turned back he smiled. “You know I really do love you.”

    A thick gulp moved down your throat, “I know.”

    You weren’t going to be stupid anymore. You had learned from that mistake. You knew at the very least he was going to follow you down to the door. He was going to watch you, you knew that too. So you weren’t at all surprised, as you made your way to the door, that you could see his reflection behind you in the large silver water pitcher as you passed it. And it didn’t shock you as you moved down the sidewalk that you could see his reflection on the building across the street when you looked through your peripherals. Just standing in the door, watching your back as you walked away. You just hoped that's as far as he would follow.

    Your body was trembling as you walked down the sidewalk. You tried to remain calm, to look normal. Not too quick, not too slow. You knew he was watching you and you didn’t want to seem suspicious or give him a reason to believe you’d figured it out.

    The first chance you got you made a turn off the sidewalk, it ended up being an alleyway. Stumbling forward a few steps you got a one handed grip on an old, rusted garbage and doubled over. Partially digested peaches splattered on the ground at your feet. Then it was mostly bile. Then finally it was just dry heaves. The plus side to living in an apocalypse was that you never had enough food in your stomach to really throw up. The downside was that you never got that sort of satisfying moment afterwards where you felt okay. Like you’d purged everything from you that was making you sick.

    There was nothing more you wanted in that moment than to purge everything from your body. Every touch, every kiss, every single time you said I love you. Instead all you got was viscous bile that you spit on the ground and tried to scoop out of your mouth with your fingers. Eventually you were clear headed enough to realize that no matter how hard you tried you’d never get it all out.

    When you were finished you moved back to the entrance of the alley and looked down the sidewalk. You were half surprised he wasn’t still standing there, outside of the antique shop. Watching and waiting like a psycho. You’d hoped he’d gone back inside. It might mean that you had been convincing enough. Maybe he was in there cluelessly trying to figure out how to make the office the way you wanted it. Feeling satisfied that for the time being you were safe you turned back around and headed down the alleyway to the next street over.

    You’d gone about two blocks when you walked past one of those specialty stores where they make bath bombs in front of you and let you wash your hands with their all natural soap. The store had been ignored so much that you had to really shove into it to get the door open. The little bell above the door almost gave you a heart attack, but at least there weren’t any Lurkers. At least you thought as you realized that you didn’t even have a weapon. Lurkers never made much of an effort with buildings that weren’t already broken into or destroyed unless they knew something alive was inside.

    Bypassing all the tables still filled with merchandise you headed to the back. You knew what you wanted. There was a tub sink on the back wall and you turned the faucet after a little prayer. A bit of relief came as the water started to pour out of the faucet although it was brown from the rusted pipes. You let the water run as you searched the store for the next item on your wishlist, an all natural loofah. You grabbed a soap and a shampoo as well but not really caring about either one, you just needed something. By happy little surprise you found a display for wooden toothbrushes near the register. A little chalk sign sat next to it, Save the Planet, One Brush at a Time.

    When you got back to the sink the water was running clear. Though you were grateful for that you also knew you would have used the brown water too. Anything was better than your current state. You washed your hands first, using almost the entire bar of soap and having to get another one, scrubbing your hands and forearms clean. You tore your shirt over your head and eventually dragged your pants off as well.

    You scrubbed every inch you could reach until all of your skin was raw and burning and your gums bled from the excessive brushing. You’d even used the entire bottle of shampoo on your head. Washing and washing until you’d convinced yourself you’d gotten him off of you. Out of your hair, off your skin, out of your mouth. You just wanted to be clean.

    When you were done you sunk down to the ground in just your underwear and cried until you could barely breathe. After spending all night keeping it in you just wanted to get it all out. You’d spent almost an hour in the shop and you knew you couldn’t waste much more time. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the privilege of being sad today. He’d look for you soon if you didn’t return and you still weren’t entirely sure where you were planning to go. Pulling yourself back together you got dressed and drank some water from the sink before heading back outside.

    There were a few options. The first was to keep heading in the same direction and trying to make it to the hotel. You were still sure that’s where everyone would have gone. The problem with that was it also meant leading Baddie directly to everyone else. You didn’t know how exactly but you were sure he was tracking you.

    That led you to the second option which was to take off in any other direction to lead him away from everyone else. Though with that option there was the chance he’d still go to the hotel. If he didn’t…well then what? You’d just keep running until he eventually caught up?

    There were two other options that pulled at you a little harder than the first. One of them was to go back to the intersection where the fight had been.

    No one knew what happened when Baddie shifted into another person. You didn’t know if that person had to be dead in the first place or if they died right after. You didn’t know if they lived. The worst possible situation, in your mind, would be if he somehow entered the person physically.

    It was ironic because Baekhyun himself had been the one to suggest it the night you all came to the realization that Baddie was becoming different people.

    “‘Maybe he wears them like meat suits.”

    He’d been so casual about it, like what he said wasn’t the most disturbing thing he’d ever said out loud. At the time you’d all been sitting around the couch. Seulgi had thrown her granola bar at him. You gagged at the thought then and you gagged at the thought now. Worse than before because it was him you had to imagine. You gagged so hard you thought you might start dry heaving again and grabbed onto the nearest building for support.

    It couldn’t be that, you couldn’t let it be that. You needed it to be that he was somehow alive out there, that was the best option. Second best was that he had died and didn’t have to deal with any of this anymore. Maybe he was at peace somewhere just waiting for you.

    Still the possibility you liked best was that he was alive. If you went back to the intersection maybe you could look for him. The real him. You could imagine it perfectly. Pulling up some huge chunk of plywood off of him and he’s alive. Severely dehydrated, likely, but alive. He missed you and he’d hold you so tight and you could cry and he’d tell you everything would be okay now. That wouldn’t be the case though, you couldn’t delude yourself enough to believe that’s how things ended.

    With the reality of that at the back of your mind, out of all of the options, the one that pulled at you the most, the one you couldn’t stop thinking about, was the option where you went back to the building across the street from the antique shop.

    It was crazy. You felt insane for it, but something had been pulling you to it last night and it was pulling you there now. It could be Baekhyun. In your heart of hearts you really believed it had been him in that window. He could be there now, waiting for you to figure it out. With a deep sigh you knew you’d made a decision. Even if you were wrong, you had to know.

    If you were going to go back your chances of running into Baddie jumped exponentially, and you’d be best off if you were prepared, so you stopped by a few places as you circled back around. You found a better backpack and stuffed some food in it, a couple water bottles, some bandages. Then you found a boutique and shoved the first piece of red lingerie you saw into your bag as well. That way if he found you, you could prove you had been exactly where you said you were going. As an added bonus, you found a decent knife and tucked it, in its sheath, into the back of your pants.

    Almost an entire thirty minutes passed as you stood around the corner from the entrance of the abandoned building. The entrance that sat directly in front of the old antique shop where you’d left Baddie. You watched and watched and watched a little longer. The door, the front windows, the windows in the office upstairs. You looked for shadows and movement. You looked for him, but he didn’t seem to be there. You waited as long as you thought was smart.

    While you wanted to make sure you waited long enough that you would see him if he was there, looking out on the street for you, you didn’t want to wait so long that he would get curious about where you were and would actually come looking. It was an incredibly delicate balance. Not to mention he could already be out on the street looking for you and then you’d have just wasted your precious time.

    When you were near certain he wasn’t lurking near a window and wouldn’t see you sneak into the building, you took your shot and moved around to the front and through the entrance. It was an office building, which was obvious from the inside, though you weren’t entirely sure what kind of business. To the right was a set of glass doors that opened up to what you could see was a cafe. Along the back wall were three elevators. And to the left there were desks and offices and conference rooms.

    At your feet you could see recent tracks in the thick layer of dust on the ground. Following them with your gaze you reached three dead Lurkers. They were spread out on the ground near the front desk. They’d been killed by a blade, that was obvious, but it made figuring out who had been there that much harder because everyone used a blade for the most part.

    With a sigh you looked down at the trail that was left in the layer of dust on the ground. It was a little chaotic and hard to follow at first but then you had it. Whoever it was had dealt with the Lurkers as soon as they came in. From what you could tell they moved to the small cafe area, likely looking for food. An opposing set of tracks made it obvious they’d moved back into the foyer, and through to the offices on the other side.

    You followed the tracks from there. It annoyed you at first. The way the path zigged and zagged around the desks like whoever was here had all of the time in the world. You couldn’t tell where they had been going, what their intentions were. Drawers had been pulled open and things seemed contextually out of place along the way. Though you couldn’t be sure if it was whoever was here last night or if it was from the chaos of the day of the invasion. Not knowing what the end goal was made you itch. Then you realized you knew exactly who would be so casual in their movements and your heart began to race.

    As you moved around you tried to see the space the way he would have. The details he’d have noticed as he walked through. It was an incredibly open space. Any rooms that were enclosed were done so using glass walls. There weren’t any cubicles, only communal desks with computer setups. According to business cards you'd found on several different desks this place had been a publishers office.

    People had been here the day of the invasion. You could tell not only from the ancient dried out coffee mugs, but also the upturned chairs. The pencil holders tipped over on their sides, their contents spread out over desks and across the carpet. And the blood. So much dried up blood. You could practically hear the screaming echo through the empty office. The sound of absolute terror that rang through the streets those first couple of weeks would never leave you.

    Finally you reached a hesitation in the trail. A hallway that was tucked away. There was a set of bathrooms on one end and on the other side, three more dead Lurkers. One of them had fallen in front of a doorway, holding it open. It looked like the Lurkers had been trapped in a stairwell and whoever had been there had released them. You pulled the flashlight from your backpocket and switched it on, the light following up the first set of steps. With a deep breath you stepped over the pile of Lurkers and into the stairwell.

    The door to the second floor was already open when you got to the platform. It had been propped open and the sunlight was shining in. The layout up there was completely different from the first floor. Still the same style, open desks, glass walls for all of the offices. However up here there were shelves everywhere, filled with books and the desks were covered in manuscripts.

    You weren’t entirely sure how to get to where you needed to be. The monotonous style of the glass and maze-like setup of the desks made your head spin with misdirection. It was lucky, you thought, that whoever had been there had left a trail. Bright yellow post-its were stuck against the walls every yard. Looking closer you noticed that they all had hand drawn smiley faces on them, in green pen ink. It was smart, you thought, once your eyes had adjusted to the dark it would be pretty easy to see the little squares. Whoever had been here last night wouldn’t have needed their flashlight to follow their path back. And they wouldn’t have wanted to use it if they were worried it was something Baddie might see.

    Once at the end of the path, on a large glass pane, there was an entire smiley face made out of the sticky notes. Again each one had a little face drawn on it but they were all different. Swirls for eyes on one and a wavy mouth on another. You couldn’t help the way it made you smile.

    “Baekhyun…” you muttered under your breath as your fingers moved over the little yellow notes.

    It was him. You were so certain now that it had to be him. No one else would have even thought to do it. You could picture him so perfectly. Standing in the empty room, a stack of post-it’s in one hand and a pen in the other from where he’d taken them from a desk downstairs. He’d probably been bored and decided to leave something. Stuck up here because the street was filled with Lurkers.

    If he’d seen you in the window maybe he knew you’d try to look for him. Maybe he knew you’d find it and he figured it would make you smile. If he knew about Baddie, that you were stuck with him, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to leave an actual note with any pertinent information in case you weren’t the one that found it. But he’d be thoughtful enough to leave you something like this. He’d be thoughtful enough to leave you something hopeful.

    You plucked one of the post-it’s from the wall, your favorite one, the one with the hearts for eyes, and pressed it against your chest.

    “Please be you.” You begged over and over again until finally tucking it into the inside pocket of your jacket along with your pictures.

    There was a renewed hope inside of you but it was coupled with a severe doubt. You were certain that whoever had been here was Baekhyun but you were also sure that you’d do anything for him to be alive and to be with him again. You knew it would be too easy for you to delude yourself into thinking just about anything was a sign that he was alive. You were desperate for it to be true. You needed it to be true more than anything. Even just trying to imagine the worst brought you to a horribly dark place and you knew you’d never survive if that was your reality.

    Letting out a deep sigh you tried to breathe out all of the heaviness in your chest. You kept moving down the hall until you saw the broken windows. Going into the office space you noticed a stack of books on one of the desks. Several of them were opened. Dropping your pack on the desk, you took a minute to read a few of the pages. A couple of them, you noticed, were marked with green ink.

    Your favorite highlighted passage had been in a book, a collection of poems. It had been circled so vigorously the pen had torn through the page.

    ‘No mountains, nor sea,

    no thing of this world

    could keep us apart,

    because this is not

    my world…

    …you are’

    Finally you moved over to the windows cautiously. You stood for a moment looking down at the antique shop, at the little bench in the window you’d sat on. It looked so close and so far at the same time. You wondered what it looked like from here at night. What the person in the window had seen, if anything. There still wasn’t any movement in the shop windows now and you felt pretty certain that Baddie was out looking for you.

    Turning away from the window you looked down at your feet. There were dozens of burnt down matchsticks scattered all over the floor. Your hands shook as you knelt down beside the window. There was also a small rectangular box among the matches. You grabbed the box and flipped it over. It was from Cordially. Your blood was practically vibrating in your veins. It must have been Baekhyun. It had to be. If you had to keep an open mind it could have been Chanyeol. He could have even been here with Seulgi and Irene. For a second you stopped feeling completely alone. Only a second though.

    “Not sure why you’d be in an abandoned building looking for supplies.”

    You nearly jumped out of your skin as Baekhyun’s voice hit your ears. Though it was his voice you knew now it wasn’t him. Standing back up, you turned to look at Baddie. Every inch of you was trembling as he looked you over.

    “I, um,” you gulped and nodded toward your backpack on top of the desk, “I already found supplies. I just wanted to look around to see if I was right about last night.”

    “And were you?” He was calm, way too calm, as he took slow steps towards you. “Were you right?”

    “Someone was definitely here.” You held your hand out towards him, showing him the matches.

    He didn’t say anything, only stepped in front of you. He lifted his fingers to your neck, curling them around the nape, and urging you forward. Your lips were pursed tightly as he kissed you. Pulling his lips away he kept his forehead pressed against yours and let out a deep sigh.

    “How did you figure it out? Where did I mess up?”

    You squirmed, trying to get out of his tight grip, “I don’t know what you mean.”

    “Don’t lie to me.”

    Leaning in he tried once more to kiss you. He pressed his mouth so roughly against yours you thought you’d end up bruising. Finally you had to turn your head away with disgust.

    “What did I do wrong? What did I say that gave it away?”

    “Please.” you gasped, as it all began to set in.

    With another sigh he lowered his head to your neck, running his nose over it, inhaling your skin. “I had really wanted this to last longer. I wanted a little more time with you where you loved me. But it’s okay, you’ll love me again…eventually.”

    Silent tears streaked your cheeks. Your chest hurt with the thought of what had happened to Baekhyun. The real Baekhyun. Your Baekhyun. It was impossible to go on not knowing, you had to ask even if you knew the answer.

    “Did you- Baekhyun is he...he…” you couldn’t even stutter out the words.

    “You want to know if he’s dead?”

    You let out a whimper and covered your mouth with your hand to stifle your cries.

    “If you really want to know you have to say it. Use your big words like a big girl. Ask me if your boyfriend is dead.” He said harshly, as if he had any reason to be angry with you.

    “No.” You shook your head, your chest growing tighter with every second. “No b-because he can’t be. I can’t…I can’t breathe”

    You opened your mouth as if to gasp but you couldn’t get the air in your lungs. There was such an intense pain that tore through your chest that it dropped you to your knees. You felt sick and you knew if there was anything left in your stomach you would have thrown up on the spot. Baddie squatted down beside you and cupped your wet cheek in his hand. You could barely see him through the tears.

    “I hate to break your heart, but he can be and he is. I killed him. I watched the light leave his eyes. They looked a little like yours do now.” He said quietly before leaving a gentle kiss against your forehead. “He’s back at that pathetic battle ground. I left him out there, just another pile of dust. Now he’s all mixed up in the dirt and the rubble with all of your useless friends. And now I’m all you have left, beautiful. Being with me is the only way you get to see him again.”

    Your entire body was tense with pain, every muscle felt tight and cramped in your skin and you couldn’t remember a moment in your life when you’d felt like this. You’d been heartbroken before. You’d loved and lost plenty of times before Baekhyun, but you didn’t know you could feel a broken heart so physically.

    It felt as if the heart in your chest had literally been torn apart and the shattered pieces were slicing through your insides. You balled your hands into fists and you couldn’t handle the brick on your chest any longer so you let out a scream of complete agony. It helped in the sense that you could finally breathe but the pain was still more than prevalent.

    “Stop crying.” Baddie groaned after a few minutes, annoyed. “It won’t bring him back.”

    “No…” It was the only thing you could think to say. “He’s not dead. He’s not, you’re lying. You’re just trying to hurt me. He was here. It was him, I know it was him!”

    “You’re being delusional and dramatic.” Baddie said as his foot tapped against the floor. “Will you get up? Despite my best efforts you obviously have friends left hiding around here and I need to find them. I’ll have to kill them before they get any stupid ideas and ruin my plans any further. And I’ll obviously have to do something with you. I clearly can’t trust you to just…stay put, can I? The second I leave you’ll run off somewhere.”

    That stilled you. The tears, the sobs. You stopped everything, your head took over your heart for just long enough that you found clarity. The matchbox you’d found was still squeezed in your palm. And momentarily you allowed your concern for your friends to outweigh the pain in your chest.

    If it was Chanyeol that had been in this building or if it was Seulgi… It was more than likely that they didn’t know Baekhyun was dead. Baddie would have the upper hand. You had to warn them. You could at least do that. It would be the last thing you did, but it was something. With a deep steadying breath you got to your feet.

    You wondered if you sounded as tired as you felt, “What do you want? I’ll do whatever you want. I only ask that you leave them alone.”

    Baddie grinned and you had to look away. It was miserable for you to have to see him as Baekhyun. “I know you’ll do whatever I want, my beautiful girl. You don’t have a choice”

    You asked again, “So? What is it that you want?”

    “I want you to tell me where they are.”

    “How could I know? I’ve been with you.”

    “Don’t play dumb. You wanted to go to a hotel, some place you expected all your friends would go if they survived. Take me there.”

    “Can’t you just leave them alone? Haven’t you done enough?”

    “I’ll tell you when I think I’ve done enough. Now tell me. Or I’ll tie you up and leave you here and find them myself. If you make me do it that way, I will hurt them, just for the inconvenience.”

    “Fine. If they know you’re not Baekhyun… they might not even have gone back there.”

    “That’s what we’re going to check. If they’ve figured it out, they have to be dealt with. If they haven’t, I’ll let you say goodbye and then we leave.”

    “Leave where?”

    He sighed heavily, “Wherever the fuck I want. Will you stop procrastinating and just do as I say? Take me to where your friends are. Now.”

    It seemed the romance era of your relationship with Baddie was definitely over. Now that you knew who he was he didn’t have to hide his true self from you. So you walked and he followed. After grabbing your backpack you walked him down the hallway, past the post-it note smiley face which you still swore had Baekhyun written all over it. You walked him downstairs. You walked him out into the street. You didn’t know what to do or how to warn your friends about what was coming so you walked slowly in hopes that something would come to you sooner than later.

    Baddie made taking your time even easier by the fact that he insisted on checking every accessible building that you walked past for signs that someone had been there, just in case. You kept your eyes open as you moved down the street, looking for a sign of life. Looking for a friend. You didn’t know if you were more happy or heartbroken that you didn’t see anyone. You wanted to be saved, but not at the risk of someone you loved getting hurt in the process.

    “Tell me about him.” Baddie said calmly as you followed behind him.

    The two of you had been zigzagging back and forth down the street for hours, looking into shops to see if they were empty and then moving on. Mostly he was doing all the work as you wandered aimlessly around the city trying to make it look like you were taking him where he wanted to go. Really you were just waiting for a plan to drop into your lap while you thought about Baekhyun and how much you missed him and how nothing would ever be the same. It had been awhile since either of you had said anything so the sound of his voice surprised you.

    “What?” Your voice cracked from having kept your mouth so tightly shut for so long.

    “Your guy. Baekhyun.” His name coming out of that mouth filled you with a rage so instant it was nearly paralyzing. “What did you like about him so much? I can try and do that for you. I already have the look down, maybe if I capture his personality you won’t act so put out by the situation.”

    “You could never be anything like him. You could try for the rest of your life and never even get close.” You scoffed. “You’re a psychopath.”

    “Humor me.” He sighed, “There has to be something specific. Something he did that made him special for you.”

    “He’s perfect.” Your lips trembled. You weren’t sure what more you could say without breaking down again. “No one has ever loved me the way he does. He’s thoughtful and caring-“

    “Doesn’t sound very spectacular.”

    “He is.”

    “Was. He was thoughtful and caring and made you feel loved? Sounds pretty generic to me.”

    Your jaw tensed with anger. “That’s why you’ll never be him! The difference is you have to ask. You literally had to ask what you can do to be better, to make me fall for you, to be more him. Baekhyun never has to ask. He just knows. What I want. What I need. How to love me. He knew how to love me when I didn’t even know how to love me. And he didn’t ask once. He always paid enough attention that he didn’t have to.”

    “He was only paying attention so that you’d fuck him.”

    “No, that’s you. And you were just barely paying attention.” You shook your head in disbelief. “The most Baekhyun thing you’ve ever done is remember enough about me to know I’d be impressed by that stupid record player last night. And I’m half certain you did it because you knew hearing that song would terrify me and you get off on torture.”

    “You have such a horrible opinion of me.” He laughed.

    “Can’t possibly imagine why.”

    “I really can’t. I’m not the malicious monster you think I am. And I’ve only done what I had to to get to you.”

    “Get to me? Why would you want to do that?”

    Baddie stopped and looked back at you over his shoulder, “What a precious thing you are. You can be truly oblivious, can’t you?”

    Ignoring him as best you could, sure that he was just trying to annoy you, you looked just past him. That’s when you saw it. It was a half-cocked plan but it was worth trying. What would he do if he found out you were lying? Kill you?

    You lifted your hand and pointed just ahead, “That’s it, that’s the hotel.”

    Baddie turned back around to look. It was obviously a hotel, not your rendezvous hotel, but he didn’t need to know that. You could take him inside, walk around, pretend to look for your friends, and tell him they must have realized what was happening and run away. You had your doubts but you still hoped it would work. If he didn’t believe that maybe you could get him distracted enough that you could get away and warn them properly.

    Torre Circolare was probably the most expensive hotel in the entire city. It was a part of La Grande Hotels, a chain of internationally famed Italian hotels and resorts. Or at least it had been. You’d never stayed in the hotel before but you’d heard all about it. You didn’t know what to expect when you walked in but you had to pretend like you were plenty familiar.

    “What about Lurkers?” You asked as he gripped the brass handlebar of the front entrance.

    “What about them?”

    “What if they’re inside? We don’t have any weapons.” you said, not wanting to give away that you had a knife.

    “One of the benefits of being with me, darling, is that you don’t have to worry yourself about weapons. I’m the only weapon you’ll need from now on.” He pulled the door open and gestured inside , “Ladies first.”

    The hotel was famous for its architecture, one of the only rounded tower buildings in the entire city, and the largest by far. At its center there was an enormous spiral staircase that went all the way up to the fortieth floor. No one that stayed past the second floor ever used the stairs, but they made for a beautiful Instagram picture. It was all marbles and gold, and red velvet carpets. Now that you were inside you weren’t sure what to do.

    “Well?” Baddie stepped up behind you, “Where are they?”

    “It’s a big hotel, how should I know?” You asked with a little gulp. “Would you like to check every room, one by one?”

    “Why don’t we walk around for a bit? If they’re really here like you say they are, surely someone will pop up eventually, right?”

    “I never said they were here. I said this is where I thought they would come.” You glared over at him, “You seemed pretty confident up until this morning that every one I knew and loved was dead so I don’t know why you seemed to have been expecting a big welcoming party.”

    “Well there’s at least one of them out there isn’t there?” he asked, “The one from the other day. Maybe they’ll come back here and I can make it a quick ending so everyone can move on.”

    “Yeah, maybe.”

    He gestured over to the staircase, “Come on then. Maybe we’ll find something. Perhaps they left a note saying where to find them if not here.”

    You started up the staircase and he followed along. One floor then another and another until you were already four floors up and hadn’t even seen a hint of another person. Either he didn’t notice or he was stringing you along just as much as you were stringing him. Whatever it was, each floor gave you more time to try and think of a real plan. So far all you had come up with was to run and that a plan was mediocre at best. It might end up being the only one you’d get as you continued up two more floors without seeing anyone or anything. Not even so much as an open door.

    On the sixth floor there was something other than just long hallways lined with locked door after locked door. There were two double doors that opened to what would have been a bar or club area. Along one side there were three pool tables and a couple dart boards. In the center was a small dance floor and the rest of the room was dotted with two person tables with leather seated chairs. The bar itself ran along the entire back wall. A long marble slab and a number of barstools. There were used glasses on the bar as if someone had been here. Most likely, you thought, the day of the invasion. It looked like everyone had just up and left with no warning. Darts were on the board and one of the pool tables was still set up with a half played game.

    This had to be it, you thought to yourself, any further up and you’d never have the stamina to make it all the way out of the front door. You walked along the backside of the bar still concocting your half a plan. Half a plan was better than none. Then Baddie's voice bounced off the walls of the bar.

    “You really think I’m a fool.” He said watching you walking around the bar, putting as much distance between the two of you as possible.

    “What are you talking about?” You stopped at the furthest spot you could find.

    “This isn’t where your friends have been staying. No ones been in this hotel for months, years probably.” He laughed lightly, “I knew before I even opened the front door.”


    “You asked about Lurkers. I know your crowd. I know you clear a place out before you stay there. You wouldn’t have been worried about them if you thought your friends were truly here.”

    There was really no use in lying. “If you knew then why did you play along?”

    “I wanted to see how long you’d try and drag it out.”

    “So what do we do now?” Your voice was calm but inside you were shaking with nerves.

    “You lied.” Baddie said, the annoyance clear in his tone. “I asked you to do one thing. I told you if you did it I wouldn’t hurt your friends. It’s like you want me to punish you. Do you want me to kill them?”

    “I want you to leave them the fuck alone!” You yelled, fear and frustration taking over your calm demeanor. “I want you to leave me the fuck alone!”

    “Is this how you’re going to behave? Deceitful and childish.”

    “Deceitful? A liar?” You spat, “AND WHAT ARE YOU? You’re a murderer who’s been lying to me about who you are for days! You make me sick! You make me wish I was dead!”

    “I don’t understand why you’re so upset about this. You love me. You saved my life!”

    You let out a frustrated yell and swiped your arms across the bar top. The motion sent bottles of alcohol and dusty drinking glasses cashing down on the floor. It wasn’t just his words that got to you. It was the fact that you’d been pissed at yourself already knowing that you’d helped in getting him stronger. If you hadn’t looked, or if you’d only just left him he could have even been dead by now but you fucked it up.

    “I saved you because I thought you were someone else! I thought you were someone I actually love! ” You stared at him, furious, “I would do anything for the people I love. That’s why I’ll do everything I can to keep you away from everyone else I care about.”

    “As long as you have people left out there that you care about you won’t be able to find it in yourself to care about me.” Baddie offered calmly. “Maybe if you could understand that you’d understand why I can’t just leave them alone.”

    “You are just one red flag after another.”

    “I know what you’re thinking.”

    You glared back at him. “You don’t know shit.”

    “You think you can get away from me. You want to save them and you don’t know how. So you think you can get away and at least warn them, right? Tell them to run because you think eventually I’ll just give up looking.”

    He moved around the bar towards you so you moved with him. Something about the dance seemed familiar. Then you remembered Baekhyun and how he’d gotten away from you that night in the galleria. You kept moving, slowly, both of you circling the long narrow bar.

    “I can play this little game all day.” He said with a bold arrogance, tucking his hand in his pocket.


    You waited a few more steps until he was at the opposite side of the room as the door. Your hand wrapped around the pool stick that was leaning against the bar and you took a deep breath. Turning on your heel you sprinted out of the room. You pulled the doors shut behind you and shoved the pool stick between the brass handles. It wouldn’t give you a lot of time but you hoped it would give you something.

    As fast as you could you started to run down the red velvet carpeted stairs. You could hear Baddie, pounding heavily on the door and yelling out muffled angry obscenities. You were nearly to the next floor when you heard a massive explosion. You could feel pieces from the wooden door raining down on your back, but you couldn’t stop.

    You didn't even look back, you just kept going. There were four more floors. Maybe, you thought, if you could just get outside you could find a place to hide for a minute. You needed to catch your breath and sort out your surroundings.

    By the bottom of the next set of stairs you could hear him behind you. You knew you weren’t going to make it but you kept your feet moving. You couldn’t just give up. Then his hand was closing around your backpack strap. He spun you around to grab hold of you but you put up a fight.

    “This is fun.” He said angrily as you smacked his hands away from you. “You can stop whenever you’re ready.”

    “Fuck off!” You growled and sunk your teeth into the hand that was holding onto your backpack. He released you just long enough for you to start running away but this time he was just behind you from the jump.

    “Stop. Running.” He grunted.

    You’d made it to the top step but his hand grabbed at your shirt, your body spinning around towards him once more. He lifted his hand, you expected that he was going to hit you, but you already had your free hand at the small of your back. As he swung his hand forward you brought your hand up. There was something satisfying about his own momentum helping your blade sink into his hand.

    “Fucking bitch!” he groaned, finally releasing you from his grip.

    As he pulled the knife from his hand you tried again to make it down the stairs. Halfway down the next set you felt a sharp pain at the top of your head as he grabbed you by your hair. You fell back onto the stairs, stumbling to get back on your feet as he pulled you up by your hair. The last thing you did was watch the angered sneer on his face as tighten his grip on your hair. Then everything blurred and blackened as he slammed your head into the wall.


    The hit had left you teetering in and out of consciousness. At first you found yourself running. You were in a thickly wooded forest, somewhere far from the city. There wasn’t any panic in your steps, you weren’t being chased. Instead you felt calm, almost joyful, as you moved across the floor of fallen branches and leaves.

    Then, with no effort from you at all, you were somewhere else. The first time it happened you struggled to recognize your surroundings, your vision was too blurry. It took you a long moment to realize you were viewing the world upside down. Your body was hanging over something that was both soft and hard. It was moving you down a set of stairs. You could feel something, a shoulder, dig into your gut with the bounce that came with each step.

    You didn’t prefer that reality. That one came with a sharp pain at the side of your head. You were grateful when your eyes fluttered closed and you were back in the forest. Back to running. The pain in your head was dull there and you felt a sense of freedom. You were looking for something or someone but hadn’t yet figured out who or what.

    When your eyes opened again your whole body was shifting, sliding down the front of a man until he held you in his arms. It was much brighter than before. You recognized the warmth and light of the sun on your face. It was nice at first. Familiar. However the brightness made the pain behind your eyes sharpen and you groaned at the ache.

    “Good, you're still with me.” The voice you heard was garbled in your mind. Like you’d only heard it through the chest your head was rested on. “I worried I’d lost you for a while there.”

    “Baekhyun?” You muttered drowsily, “Is it you?”

    “Of course, y/n, it’s me.” He dipped his face down to yours and left a kiss.

    “I love you.” You whispered, wrapping your arms tighter around your delusion.

    “See, I knew you could.” He replied happily. “Sleep now. I’ve got you, Princess.”

    When your eyes closed you found yourself in the forest but you weren’t running any longer. And you knew it was a dream and you knew Baekhyun didn't have you safe in his arms. Baddie did. And you didn’t try to fight your way back to consciousness. You knew what you were here for. You knew who you’d find and you didn’t want to go back to a miserable reality. You wanted to stay here with him.

    Standing alone in the forest, you felt different. Lighter? You were wearing a summer dress. Red, floral, and flowing. Cold metal blades were still strapped against your thigh beneath the soft fabric but you didn’t feel the urgency of needing them like you usually did. Now it was just from habit. Looking up you could see the sun was high in the sky, and through the branches overhead it looked clear and blue.

    For a long minute you stared down at your feet. You stared down at the sandals that you’d never usually wear because they weren’t practical. Then you heard it. The laughter. It was like a boost of serotonin to your system and a smile grew on your face. It was a familiar and bright little song that filled the air.

    You moved quickly through the trees towards the sound until you found the opening to a wide open field of grass and wildflowers. For a while you stood quietly, just watching Baekhyun as he stood with his back to you. He was wearing just a T-shirt and some jeans and he was drenched in the sunlight, just glowing. Your eyes filled to the brim with tears because he didn’t even have to look at you and you knew it was him. You didn’t have to worry about him being anyone else. It was safe here.

    When he looked over his shoulder at you his smile was warm and perfect. “Thought we lost you for a minute.”

    “I’m right here.” You whispered to keep your voice from cracking.

    Lifting his arm he opened himself up for you, “You wanna be over here instead?”

    Your feet were already moving before you started to nod. In a blink you’d crashed into him, tucked into his side with his arm around you. Home.

    “This is just a dream.” You muttered sadly against his chest.

    “Everyday with you is a dream.” His lips pressed softly on top of your head. “He found a rabbit. Said if he catches it he wants to keep it.”

    A smile found your lips. “And let me guess, you agreed to the terms?”

    “Of course I did! You never let me keep the wild animals I find, but I know you can’t say no to him.”

    Looking out over the field you found what you knew was the source of laughter from earlier. The little boy with his fathers soft hair flopping up and down as he chased the poor animal through the grass. You wished you could see his face but you knew you wouldn’t.

    “Don’t go too far!” You called out, it wouldn’t be effective so you just leaned heavier into Baekhyun. “I was so stupid before.”

    “How so?”

    “I thought I was okay just surviving. I thought I’d wake up and try to survive and go to bed and I’d be fine doing that everyday until the one day I finally stopped surviving or stopped waking up. I was wrong. I was so incredibly wrong.” Your lips trembled as you spoke. “I want this. I want this with you. Now I’m too late. I’ll never have it.”

    “In another life then. We can have it all.”

    He dropped his head just a little, just enough to kiss the side of your head. Pain bloomed from the spot. Throbbing that matched the beat of your heart and you knew it was time to wake up. While you still could, you tightened your grip around Baekhyun. You hoped you could pull him with you back to reality.


    It was definitely your pulsing head that woke you. Baddie wasn’t making a sound. With your eyes still closed you wondered if he was even with you, wherever you were. You tried to assess your situation before opening your eyes to reality, not really wanting to be back so soon.

    Blood was dripping down the side of your face along your hairline. You knew it wasn’t sweat because it was too viscous and warm. It was slow, not gushing, so for the moment you felt at least that wasn’t going to kill you. Your arms were tired and sore, tied up above your head. The arm that had been dislocated was throbbing as much if not more than your head and you wondered if it had been dislocated again, you sighed in defeat. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered much anymore. Twisting uncomfortably you tried to find an angle that didn’t feel miserable. The task was difficult

    You looked around the room, if you could really call it that. You were on one of the top floors of a clearly unfinished building. There was an opening where a window would have gone if they’d been able to finish construction and looking out of it you imagined you could probably see almost the whole city when the sun was up. It was already dark, and down below in the streets you could hear the lurkers gathering. No one would be coming for you. Even if they did, they'd never get to you.

    Baddie was in the corner shuffling through your belongings, probably trying to find some clue as to where your friends would be. You almost didn’t want to interrupt him. You knew he wouldn’t find anything so you didn’t care if he went through your pack. And every second he didn’t realize you were awake was a second you didn’t have to listen to him. But there was something you’d been thinking about.

    “Why him?” You asked quietly, the question had been weighing on your mind for some time. “Why did you choose Baekhyun?”

    He turned his head to look at you with a bright smile. “Well, hello there sleepy head.”

    You watched him stand up and begin to walk towards you so you asked again. “Why Baekhyun?”

    Brushing some of the hair from your face, he looked at you like it was just the silliest question. “You told me to choose him.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “In your dream. I asked you to tell me who you loved the most. You made it very clear.” He shrugged, “You loved him so much you would give your life for him. He was the easiest way for me to get to you.”

    “What dream? Get to me?”

    “I told you before that everything I’ve done was to get to you.” He was so casual about the conversation as he paced slowly around. It was driving you crazy. “You should really try listening.”

    “Get to me for what? To kill me? You’ve had plenty of chances, why don’t you do it already?” You asked, “Or am I here for you to torture for your sick, psychotic pleasure.”

    Baddie turned to you, he looked genuinely upset. “Y/n, kill you? It’s never been my intention to hurt you. I came here for you. Why would I want to hurt you?”

    “What does that even mean?” You were frustrated now, tired of him being so vague about his intentions. “Came here for me? What do you mean here? To earth? How would you have even known I was here or who I am?”

    “Not to earth.” he specified, as he moved in front of you. He lifted his fingers to your face. Though you flinched away from him he just gave you a little look before brushing his thumb against your cheek. “To this city. I’d been watching you for months. I needed to meet you, to know you. When I finally saw you in the flesh that first day I knew I’d made the right choice. The fear in your eyes when you looked at me...unmatched.”

    ““How? How did you watch me? How did you know about me?”

    He leaned forward brushing his nose against your cheek, “Oh, I can’t tell you all of my secrets now can I? We should really try and keep a little mystery in our romance. Especially since I know I can’t trust you to keep it to yourself.”

    “I still don’t understand what you want with me. Why did it have to be me?”

    “I told you, I’ve been watching you. Little bits, here and there, every day for months. It started to feel like I really knew you. You’re so impressive. You know I watched you take on five talorcs at a time. There are people of my kind that can’t even do that. You’re the strongest of the women on this planet that I’ve found. You’re clever and intelligent.”



    “That’s how you watched me, isn’t it?” You asked, “You’re connected to them somehow. You can see what they see. Even from halfway around the world. Command them to do whatever you want. That’s why they won’t hurt me, you’ve programmed them not to.”

    “When you put your mind to it, you are truly a genius .”

    “You're really not going to kill me? ”

    He laughed, amused by the idea. “No. Not now that I’ve met you. Now that I know your touch. Now that I know your taste. The way you taste. I’ll keep you forever. My favorite pet.”

    His hands spread over your hips and pushed up your shirt to cup just under your breasts. You wanted to cry, you felt so disgusting. His lips moved down your cheek to your mouth, where he dragged your bottom lip between his before letting it go.

    “But what to do with you in the meantime until I can take you home?” He muttered, mostly to himself.

    With your forehead creased with confusion, you responded anyway. “Home?”

    “My planet.” His head shook with amusement, “I’m not exactly from here, beautiful.”

    “Well why wait? There’s barely anyone left alive. They’ll never be able to rebuild what you’ve destroyed. Why not just leave and let them live out what time they have left?”

    “Oh, that’s not what this is about. That’s never been what this is about. I don’t care how many humans live or die. Eradicating human life from the planet was not and is not my priority here.” he chuckled, “We needed a neutral ground for the War so that our own worlds don’t get destroyed. Humans had what we needed and so we took it.”

    “We?” your chest tightened.

    “You didn’t think it was just me did you?” he smiled, strangely proud, “I’m honored you thought so highly of me to believe I was capable of all of this on my own.”

    “How many are there?”

    “Of my kind? Countless. Coming here? Nine more. My brothers. We’re…what I guess you would call princes. Royalty. It’s our duty to rule, keep order and protect our planet. And right now it’s in danger. So we will win the war and when it’s been completed, I will take you home with me. When it’s safe again.”

    “Ten Big Baddies.” you muttered, feeling any hope you’d had left drain from you. It truly was over.

    “Big Baddie. I like that. I’ve always liked that.” he smiled brightly and then leaned in to kiss your neck. “Of all the names the people of this planet have given me over the years, I think I like that one best.”

    Your skin was absolutely crawling. There was no way you could live like this. A tear slipped down your cheek as he teased the waist of your jeans with his fingers. If he wasn’t going to kill you, you’d have to do it yourself. Just as soon as you got yourself free from these ropes.

    “Yes, I like Baddie, but you can call me…” his lips tickled beneath your ear, “Baekhyun. If you’d prefer. If it would put you at ease with me.”

    Your lips trembled and you couldn’t hold back any longer. You were so angry and your heart was so shattered that the tears fell freely from your eyes.

    “You might wear his face. You might even use his voice...but I will never call you by his name. You can never be him! You’ll never be anything like him! And I will never love you the way I love him!” you screamed before spitting into his face. “Fuck you, you monster!”

    Baddie’s smile faltered as he gripped your chin roughly between his fingers, and growled, “You already did, but we can do it again if you liked it that much.”

    It was obvious as he wiped his face he was furious. Even as he laughed, brushing his hand clean on his pants. He looked at you and his face tightened. His jaw clenched and his eyes sharpened. You could see the evil in them. Stepping forward he wrapped his long thin fingers around your neck and squeezed just enough.

    “You’re right, Princess.” He leaned in, lips brushing against yours, and he whispered. “I will never be your little boyfriend, Baekhyun. I will always be better than him because look around… I won. I win. And anyway, I don't need you to love me to get what I want from you. It might even be better if you don’t. I do love when you put up a fight.”

    You turned your face away from him in disgust. Growing bored with you he released a sigh, turned and walked away to contemplate further just what to do with you. He’d set up a couple lights in your immediate area but for the most part the floor was dark with shadows. Sniffling as you tried to get control of your emotions again you stared into the darkness. Tired on a dozen different levels you thought you started to see movement in the shadows.

    Before you let panic set in you had to remind yourself that you’d barely slept in the last two days courtesy of your realization that Baekhyun was not Baekhyun. Physically and emotionally exhausted, it was almost as if you didn’t want to believe there was something in the shadows because you didn’t want to deal with anything new threatening you. However the movement was growing closer, it was more distinct and becoming more difficult for you to ignore.

    Your breath caught in your lungs. What if Baddie had changed his mind and really was going to turn one of his Lurker minions on you. Or what if he didn’t know it was there, what if he didn’t have the control over them he thought he did and this one was here to take you both out. Your mouth was half open, ready to mention the movement to him when you decided against it. Whatever it was didn’t move like a Lurker. Your eyes followed the movement curiously as it grew closer. If your arms hadn’t been tied above your head you might have even shrugged with how little you cared. At this point if you died you died.

    Then you realized what it really was. The mystery moving in the shadows. A tiny gasp escaped your parted lips.

    Baddie had his back to you when you looked over to him to see if he’d noticed. He hadn’t, he’d been too in his own head. Taking a deep breath you turned back, hoping he was still there and that you hadn’t dreamt him up.

    Baekhyun. Your Baekhyun.

    He was crouched down behind a half fallen wall. His finger was pressed to his lips as if to try and shush you. To keep you from reacting too obviously. You were able to keep yourself from openly gasping, or speaking or screaming but your vision blurred completely as tears welled in your eyes. Though you let a little whimper escape, for the most part you’d stifled your sobs. You’d even stopped your tears long enough so that you could see him again. You had to see him again. Face drenched in tears and lip trembling you were finally able to blink back the last of the tears until your vision of him was clear again. He looked miserable, it was killing him being unable to just go to you.

    He moved his hands and mouthed to you directions but you’d become too distracted by your longing for him. He was alive. He was alive? He was alive! He looked so warm and safe and all you could comprehend was your need to be in his arms.

    It wasn’t until you realized how frustrated he was becoming that you forced yourself to focus. Baekhyun repeated what he was saying several more times before you finally realized he was telling you to get Baddie’s attention. You needed to distract him. Looking between the two of them you tried to think of something, anything. Then, like getting your head slammed into a wall, it hit you and you knew what to do. You just hoped you didn’t have to do it for too long. Obviously you were a miserable actress. You wiped your face on the sleeve of your jacket as best you could and cleared your throat.

    “I’m sorry.” you said as genuinely as you could muster.

    Baddie looked over his shoulder at you curiously, “Come again?”

    “I would like to apologize.” you gulped.

    He moved back across the room and stood before you. Eyes completely on you, you had every ounce of his attention. Good.

    “Yes, well, go ahead.”

    “I’m sorry about how I behaved. I overreacted. I’ve just been through a lot the last few days.” You tried to not groan at your own words, “I should be grateful that you chose me. Grateful that you want me above anyone else.”

    “You should be, shouldn’t you?” he agreed. “Despite your cute nickname, I’m not a bad guy. I’ll be good to you. I mean I have been so far haven’t I?”

    You couldn’t help but think about the dull ache at the side of your head where he’d slammed you against the wall and tried not to roll your eyes.

    He noticed anyway, and frowned as if he already knew what you were thinking. Or more likely he’d seen the streak of dried blood running down your face, “That…I had to. I had to stop you from running and I couldn’t think of another way fast enough. If you’d just behaved…but either way, I won’t do it again.”

    You nodded as you tried to discreetly watch as your Baekhyun maneuvered around the room, inching closer. “Of course.”

    Baddie leaned in, brushing the loose hairs from your neck before pressing his nose against your skin and inhaling you.

    “You do seem happier.” he smiled, “Finally happy to be with me?”

    His eyes blew wide in front of you. Baekhyun popped up behind his shoulder.

    “No,” he growled, twisting his blade into his doppleganger’s side. “It’s for me, you fucker.”

    Baddie choked out a cough, warm blood splattered against your cheek, and gushed heavily down his chin. His eyes bore into yours with a sense of anger and betrayal. He didn’t look away from you as his eyes turned a blinding white and he lifted his hand.

    “Baek, watch out!” you screamed barely a moment before he twisted his body and shot an orb of electric light from his palm.

    Baekhyun ducked with just enough time to avoid getting hit. The orb flew past him and slammed into a cement wall that burst into hundreds of chunks that scattered across the floor. You pulled uselessly at your restraints to try and free yourself as they fought. You were getting nowhere quick and your arms were aching with pain before you finally resolved yourself to the fact that all you could do was watch and pray to whoever was out there. Surprised at how evenly matched they seemed, you were proud of Baekhyun.

    The only upper hand Baddie seemed to have was his actual hands, the ones he continued to use to blast energy orbs. Your Baekhyun was swift and had been able to avoid getting hit which only further irritated Baddie. So frustrated with the fight he gathered every ounce of energy within him, creating a massive boulder sized orb which he threw uselessly against the ground creating a huge crater sized hole. The entire building shook and rumbled and you assumed the orb had made its way down to the very first floor, if not completely into the ground.

    Baekhyun took advantage of the outburst, sprinting towards Baddie with knives in both hands and slicing the palms of Baddies outstretched hands. From his panicked attempts to use them afterwards you could see they’d been rendered useless, and he roared in frustration. The playing field was truly even now and a wave of hope washed over you. With every blow Baddie seemed obviously weakened. Baekhyun however seemed strong, like he could go all night. And you’d never felt so proud.

    “Did you enjoy the show last night?” Baddie asked with a sneer, blood still dripping from his mouth into the ground as they circled each other in front of you. “Did you stay until the climax? Doesn’t our girl come so pretty?”

    Your forehead creased in confusion by the comments but it was clear by the anger on Baekhyun’s face that he knew exactly what Baddie was going on about. With a rage filled growl he charged forward and hooked Baddie in the chest with his shoulder lifting him into the air and then slamming him down against the cement floor. Baekhyun bent forward on his knees to catch his breath. You watched as Baddie shook with laughter on the ground.

    “Hit a nerve, did I?” he pushed himself up into a sitting position and choked out another laugh, “I hit a bundle of her nerves over and over again last night, but you knew that. I knew you wouldn’t be able to look away.”

    You watched shaken, as the heel of Baekhyun’s boot clipped Baddie’s nose with a crunch, throwing him backwards, an arch of rich, red blood flinging through the air with him. His head slammed back down against the cement floor with a crack. It shook you to your core to see Baekhyun so angry. He’d never been that upset in front of you before. Even when he’d yelled at you it was more out of frustration than anger. All the joy you were used to seeing in him was replaced with pure rage.

    “Say it again, you piece of shit! Give me a reason! I’ll shove my foot through your throat!”

    “I fuck her better than you do, and you know it now!”

    It was then that it hit you. Last night, in front of the window. It was Baekhyun across the street, you’d been right, and he must have seen everything. Feeling sick, you wanted to say something but you knew you couldn’t distract him. In another burst of rage he stomped his foot into Baddie’s gut. He lifted his foot to do it again but Baddie reached up and wrapped a hand around his ankle. Baekhyun very smartly twisted his body around with his ankle to avoid letting Baddie break it but he crashed down onto the cement in the process. He groaned but he seemed okay. Both of them used the opportunity to stand and face each other once more.

    “You’re both fools.” Baddie said before spitting a mouthful of blood on the ground at his feet, “You can’t even fathom what’s coming next.”

    “If it’s anything like you,” Baekhyun said panting, “I’m not too worried.”

    He bolted forward with his blade, ready to end it all. You saw the flash in Baddie’s eye from where you were but it happened too fast for you to even say anything in time. He dipped his shoulder like Baekhyun had done to him and lunged towards him, lifting him completely into the air. He charged about a yard and a half before ramming Baekhyun’s spine into a steel beam. You felt the air leave your lungs just from watching how hard he hit before slumping down onto his hands and knees. Baddie stumbled backwards, having used most of his remaining energy on the act. Baekhyun choked out for air, unable to stand back up.

    “Baekhyun!” you shouted across the room. You weren’t sure what to say, maybe you’d just needed him to know you were there.

    “I’m okay!” he coughed out as he tried standing back up again.

    “But for how long?” Baddie asked and you looked over to where he was dragging a hunk of two by four behind him.

    Baddie lifted the length of wood over his shoulder and all Baekhyun could do, still too weak to get up from the ground, was close his eyes and wait for impact. You watched in horror as Baddie swung the two by four down onto Baekhyun’s back. You turned your head, unable to watch, but you could hear him repeat the action two more times.

    When you looked back Baekhyun was sprawled motionless on the ground as Baddie moved to lift the wood once more.

    “Stop! Please! Just leave him alone!” you screamed desperate to pull him off course. “God, please just stop!”

    Baddie sneered over at you. His teeth, his whole mouth, his neck and his shirt were all drenched in blood and sweat and dirt. He dropped the wood to the ground with a clatter and stormed back over to you. The long fingers of one of his hands grabbed roughly at your jaw.

    “Why,” he hissed into your face, splattering spit and blood against your cheek, “should I?”

    “I’ll do anything.” every part of you was shaking, “Anything you want.”

    “I’ve heard that from you before, y/n. What makes you think I trust you now?”

    “This is different.” You begged through sobs, “This is Baek. I won’t try anything, you know I won’t. I swear I’ll do whatever you want. Please, just don’t hurt him anymore.”

    “You’ll come with me?” he asked, shoulders relaxing.

    “Yes. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter.” your words were frantic, anything to get him to leave Baekhyun alone. “Let’s just go right now. Just don’t hurt him anymore please. Please.”

    “You promise you won’t fight me?” he asked.

    Your eyes were squeezed shut as you sobbed, as you kept begging, “I swear. Just leave him alone. Please just let him go. Let him be and I’ll be good. I’ll be fucking perfect.”

    “Look at me.” he said quietly. You opened your eyes slowly. “If you’re lying I will kill him, slowly, and I’ll make you watch. Then I will take from you what I want anyway. Do you understand?”

    “Yes.” You gasped.

    He licked his lips as he looked at you, trying to decide if you were being genuine or not. He dragged a bloody finger over your forehead as he brushed away a few stray hairs from your face. Finally deciding that you were telling the truth he leaned in to test your willingness with a kiss. You closed your eyes, not wanting to watch, but his lips never met yours.

    “I did not…” Baddies hands lifted from where he’d had them at your sides and your eyes flew open. Baekhyun had his blade pressed against Baddie's throat, droplets of blood already streaking the metal. “Spend all this time trying to get her attention, just to get cockblocked by a douchey version of myself.”

    He walked Baddie backwards towards the still fresh gaping hole in the ground. He turned him around, blade still at his throat.

    “I’d say it’s been a pleasure, but I think we both know it definitely was not.”

    Holding onto his collar Baekhyun let the blade of his knife slice through the skin of Baddie's neck until it was gushing blood. For good measure, and a little bit for himself, he dug the blade into his gut several times before shoving him backwards through the hole.

    It happened quickly. Satisfied it was finished Baekhyun turned and smiled at you, absolutely beaming. Seeing his sweet face so happy lit you up like a fireworks display and you smiled back. Then fast, too fast, you watched the confusion on his face as his body jolted and then his mouth fell agape and his eyes went wide. You looked down in time to see that the hand of Baddies falling body had tightly wrapped a strap that had been hanging from Baekhyun’s jacket around his hand before he fell.

    “No!” you screamed helplessly, as Baekhyun’s feet flew up from beneath him and he fell backwards into the hole as well.

    You continued your relentless screaming, only half aware you were even doing it. You tried to tear your body from your restraints again and again, desperately trying to escape. You tugged the ropes so hard against your hands and wrists that they’d gone raw and you started to drip blood down your arms. Even then you tried again, you'd have ripped your arms from your body if you could have. Having started your struggle with very little strength to begin with, you eventually exhausted yourself and slumped against the wall defeated. All you could do now was cry and wait to die, however death would choose to come.

    “Baekhyun…” you whimpered, you’d just gotten him back and in a breath he was gone again.

    There was a gasp and then you heard, “Yeah?”

    Your eyes darted towards the hole where you’d seen him fall through. You stared for what felt like a long while and then you saw them. His long fingers among the rubble, clinging to the side of the opening.

    “Baekhyun!?” you shouted this time.

    “Yeah…” he grunted painfully, “hold on.”

    “Baek?!” Your mind reeled as you tried to figure out what was happening. “You’re okay?”

    “There’s a ledge down here,” he called out, and then groaned, “just give me a minute.”

    “Oh god, okay,” you cried, “I can’t get this stupid rope off. I can’t get to you! I can’t help!”

    “I know!” there was another deep grunt and then you watched his leg swing out of the hole and hook to the side. Then agonizingly slow, but sure he climbed his way to safety. Once out of the hole he laid on his back for a minute panting, trying to catch his breath. Finally he rolled over to his side and smiled over at you, “That's why I'm coming to you.”

    Once the shock of seeing him passed, again, your whole body shook with hysterical sobs that you could not stop.You’d lost complete control. You felt unable to withstand any more dips or rises in this rollercoaster of emotions. Tears gushed relentlessly down your cheeks as an exhausted Baekhyun dragged himself over to you.

    When he reached you the first thing he did was grab your face with both hands and plant a kiss on your mouth. You could finally feel yourself come down. With your focus on his lips you breathing steadied and you felt calm.

    “Hey, pretty girl.” He muttered into the kiss.

    “Hi,” You sniffed.

    “I’m gonna get you down, okay?” You nodded as he pulled out of the kiss.

    You watched as he grabbed a blade from his ankle strap and sawed at the rope you were hanging from until you collapsed into his chest. His arms wrapped tightly around you and he sank to his knees bringing you down gently to the ground. Then he sat down against the wall and pulled you into his lap.

    “Are you okay?” You asked, looking him over. “Are you bleeding? Are you hurt anywhere?”

    “Oh, I’m hurt all over. But I’m okay.” He answered, his eyes looked glossy with tears as he looked at you. “I’m fine now.”

    “Are you sure?”

    With a small smile he nodded, “I have you. I’m fine. I feel great.”

    With trembling hands, still tied with rope, you grabbed his face and kissed him like you’d never kissed anyone in your life. It was such a flurry of emotions that finally ended with you breaking down again.

    “I can’t. It’s-it’s just too much. I-I-” You sobbed. It felt like, after everything that had happened, your sanity was teetering on a very thin string that was just waiting to snap. “I need...it has to stop. I can’t keep losing you.”

    He laughed lightly, his own tired arms ran over your back comfortingly as he left gentle kisses on the top of your head. “I know. It’s over. You did so good. You’re so brave.”

    “I. Love. You. So. Much.” you gasped between sobs. You wanted to stop crying but you just couldn’t.

    “I can tell,” he grinned. How he could possibly be so happy seemed beyond you but then you realized that most of the overwhelming feeling inside of you was joy. You were happy and you were relieved. “I love you too. God, I really missed you. You can’t imagine. I’ll never leave you again.”

    “Don’t. Don’t ever leave me.”

    For a moment you just sat looking at him, calming yourself down as he cleaned the tears and dirt and blood off your cheeks with his thumbs and left you little kisses all over your face. After you moved from his lap, sinking down onto the floor beside him, he helped you untangle the rope from your raw wrists. Suddenly you started to wonder if it was really him or if it was possible that Baddie had just re-transformed into an updated version of him. You started to worry that you’d never truly be able to trust him again. That the trauma would be too much for you.

    Then after a soft, sweet kiss against your lips he pulled back with a cocky smirk, “I told you losing me would break your heart.”

    “Ugh, god.” you muttered, “It’s definitely you.”

    “You were expecting someone else?” he asked, still with his smirk.

    “Not this time.” Finally you found yourself able to smile. It was him. “I missed you. Even when I thought you were right next to me I missed you. I should have known then.”

    “Wow, would you look at that,” he sighed and lifted his hand to your face, his thumb running over your smiling lips. His eyes glistened and though he was smiling his lips trembled, then you watched several tears trickle down his cheeks. “Damn. There it is. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my whole life”

    You blushed and buried your face in his chest before mumbling out a joy filled, “I hate you so much.”

    “I love you too. Love of my life. Perfect, beautiful wife.” He mumbled against the top of your head.

    “Mm, say it again?”

    “What? My wife?”

    “I knew you wouldn’t forget.” A deep sigh of relief escaped your lungs.

    “Absolutely not.” He jolted slightly and you leaned back to look at him. “Oh! I have something of yours!”

    Your brow creased in confusion, “What is it? Are you gonna make a bad joke? Is it a sex joke? Is it your dick?”

    “No, I’m saving my bad sex jokes for later, when my ribs aren’t throbbing and my arms, and my back. God, my back hurts.” He laughed and reached down the front of his shirt. He pulled out the chain he’d been wearing, the one you’d given him. There, dangling beside his own ring, was the ring you’d lost. “I found this. I was hoping you’d want it back.”

    “Oh my god, Baek…” your eyes filled with tears that you didn’t even realize you had left in you as he released the chain from his neck.

    Your smile only brightened as you watched him place the ring on your shaking hand. He lifted your fingers to his lips and pressed a kiss against your knuckles. “Back where it belongs, just like you are.”

    “Where? How? When did you find it?” You asked and realized you had about a dozen more questions to ask. “Baekhyun, what happened that day? Why did you leave me? Why would you do that? What were you doing? What were you even thinking? You’re so reckless. Why are you like that? I could have lost you. For real lost you. You know how upset I would have been? I’m so mad at you!”

    “Breathe.” He said slowly, his hand gently rubbing your arm. “Calm down.”

    You took a deep breath and released it slowly, “You left me. What was so important you had to leave me?”

    You watched as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a thin silver chain. He held it in front of you until you opened your hand for him to drop it in your palm.

    “What is this?”

    “Everyone has a weakness. Everything can be destroyed. I just had to figure out what His was.”

    “And his was a… busted necklace chain?” You asked flipping it over in your hands

    “Do you remember he used to always wear that veil?” You nodded, “The veil was attached to a chain. This chain. It’s titanium.”

    “How’d you know it was his weakness?”

    “Every time someone stabbed him or shot at him or whatever, he always recovered instantly. We watched it happen on videos, we saw it happen right in front of us. His cell rejuvenation was insane. That’s where we went wrong. It’s where everyone went wrong. We weren’t using the right weapons.”

    “Okay, but you figured this out, how?”

    “I had been watching him. I remembered that Taeyong had gotten him with a solid right hook on the face. I remember because afterwards Tae was bleeding pretty bad from his knuckles and when I asked what had happened he said it was the chain, that it had sliced him.” He recalled, “Anyway, so I was watching him and I realized that Baddie had a cut on his cheek. It was still there. He was still bleeding. I figured whatever that chain was made out of...that’s what we needed.”

    You shook your head with confusion “And you just happened to know it was titanium and had a titanium weapon lying around?”

    “Ummm.” He hesitated. “Well, I may have stolen one of your blades off of you when you were crying at me, which I knew was titanium. You hadn’t used them yet, I think in the chaos you forgot they were there. And it’s not so much that I knew…”

    “Byun Baekhyun…” you said his name so slowly and pointedly he felt a shiver run down his spine, “I hope you’re not about to tell me you risked your life on a guess.”

    “Well I’m not gonna tell you that now.” He laughed until he saw the less than amused look on your face, “but I mean, if it had been a guess, it was a really good one. Don’t you think so?”

    With an annoyed sigh you rolled your eyes, unable to stay mad at him. “Okay...but why would he just wear his great weakness right on his face?”

    “Self flagellation.” He said simply. “It was like a reminder to stay humble, that he wasn’t invincible.”

    “Oh and he just told you that?” You asked sarcastically.

    “I did ask and, well,” Baekhyun gestured to the destroyed space before you, “we both know he’s one of those super villains that likes to talk.”

    “When? When did you have this conversation? Wasn’t there a massive explosion? It knocked me out.”

    “There wasn’t, not exactly. That’s not what happened, at least not the way we were used to seeing.” He shook his head. “I jumped on him from behind just before he could do it. He lost his balance and threw his arms out. The light shot like a beam from his hands across the streets, demolished a bunch of buildings. You could have been blown back from that but there wasn’t an actual explosion. That’s when most everyone that was left took off. I thought you had too. I was still behind him, and I grabbed the chain on both sides and just fucking pulled. It sliced right across his face. He threw me off at that point. We fought, he rambled. Something happened. Something caught his attention. Maybe it was you, maybe you were waking up. Either way he blasted me in the gut with his light bullshit. I was knocked out instantly but apparently I flew down the alley like a ragdoll.”

    “Oh, Baek…” you muttered into his shoulder, pained by the thought of it.

    “Luckily Jongin and Taemin had been watching, they found me after the blast.”

    “Jongin?” You gasped, “He’s alive?”

    “Yeah, he and Taemin took me to a hiding place. They told me I’d been out for three whole days. I woke up the evening of the fourth. They had dragged me into an abandoned building and took care of me. When I woke up they said after I got hit Baddie was taking down buildings in a panic, like he was blocking himself in. They figured he’d got wounded pretty badly and wanted a chance to heal without people being able to get to him. He blocked off that whole area. It was a bitch to get back to...but I’m getting ahead of myself. I had asked about you as soon as I woke up and they told me they hadn’t seen you or the others. I...I assumed you were with Yeol and Seulgi. I’m sorry about that. I should have been looking for you so much sooner, but I thought you were safe.”

    “You didn’t know.” You said quietly. “Hell, I didn’t even know I wasn’t safe.”

    “Still…” he sighed, “I wanted to leave right then, I had to be with you, but it was storming out. Taemin and Jongin and I, we all went to find the others at the rendezvous the second the sun was up and the streets were clear of Lurkers. They’re okay, by the way. The others. Irene was hurt pretty badly but she’ll recover. Seul’s leg is messed up, I don’t think it’s broken, but she’s struggling with it. Obviously it wasn’t until I got there that I realized you weren’t with them and I-“

    He paused, the memory of how it felt thinking he’d lost you still very fresh. You knew the feeling many times over. Having lost him and gotten him back and then losing him again and then getting him back…

    You reached your face up to his and gave him a kiss, “It’s okay.”

    “So I ran. I didn’t wait, I didn’t even think about it. I fucking ran and I couldn’t stop until I was back to the block where I lost you. I had to find you. I had to know for sure, you know? If you were alive or if you were ...no matter what had happened, I had to know, either way.” He continued while you gently slipped your arms around his waist, “Chanyeol and Taemin found me there after a little while and tried to help look. Yeol said he was gonna follow right after me but trying to get Seul to stay at the hotel, to stay safe and not try to come to find you was a miserable job. We searched for hours. All I’d found was the ring. I’ll be honest, I thought it meant the worst. I was devastated. I was ready to give up. Like...give up.”

    “Baekhyun…” you gasped. You wanted to hold him closer but you didn’t want to hurt his sore body any further. “If you off’d yourself and I was still alive, I would have found you in the afterlife and absolutely strangled you.”

    “I know.” He chuckled and then added thoughtfully, “I, I um, found your set up in the pharmacy. It’s how I knew you were out there, alive. I didn’t tell Yeol that I found the ring. While they kept looking I’d gone in to see if I could find pills or something. I just wanted an easy way out and then I found all the stuff you’d used. My jacket was there. I didn’t understand because I had literally been wearing it, but it was there and it smelled like you. Your shampoo, that smell saved my life.”

    As if needing to assure himself you were really there he paused his story for just a moment to bury his nose in your hair. “I guess that’s when I figured it out. What he’d done...I told the others what I realized. We climbed back out of there and we kept searching. Sehun found us looking for you.”

    “Sehun!” your heart swelled, “He’s okay too? Oh, god. Oh thank god.”

    “He said he’d seen you just a little earlier and that you were with me but he thought it was weird because he thought you saw him too but you took off in the other direction.”

    “It was him?” You asked. “I saw him. I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t get a good look. I found his blade, I thought….maybe. ”

    “It was him, he’s okay. “ he assured you. “I took off to where he said he’d seen you and found the two of you a couple of blocks over coming out of a store. It was weird. It was so weird seeing you with me but knowing it wasn’t me. I can’t explain it. You looked mad at me, him, but then you forgave me. Him. I saw you kiss him...I don’t know, it was like getting to see what we look like together. I loved it and I hated it. I was following you after that, waiting for my moment. It killed me a little, to watch him sabotage you. Did you ever realize that?”

    “What do you mean?” you asked, trying to think back to the day before. You could only recall being increasingly frustrated and having gone several miles in the wrong direction.

    “I assumed you would have gone back to the hotel. You’re smart, you would have known that was where you needed to go to find everyone.” you nodded in acknowledgement that he was right. “Well every time you were going in the right direction he’d pull you into a store and when you’d come out he’d lead you in the opposite direction. Until you had, what I assume was a bit of a breakdown. Then, well, you guys found that antique shop. Last night may have been the worst night of my life.”

    “I...” you shuddered at the thought of what Baddie had said and what that meant. Knowing both what you’d done and that he’d seen made you feel sick all over again. “I’m so sorry. You must think I’m disgusting. You probably hate me, but I hope you know I would have never, Baek.” You trembled, trying to keep yourself from crying again, “I would never hurt you like that. If I’d just known...I should have known. I am so sorry.”

    “Don’t.” He tightened his hold on you, “Don’t do that to yourself. What happened to you was horrible. I thought I was dying, not being able to stop it, to stop him. I never wanted to kill anyone so bad in my life. I would never hold what he did against you. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “You would have known it wasn’t me.” You whispered, burying your nose in his shirt to breathe him in. “You’d have known immediately. You always know everything. It took me days. He practically had to write it on his forehead for me.”

    “You’re wrong.” He sounded confident, “If I had two options, one of them being accepting that you were dead and the second was having to convince myself that someone pretending to be you was actually you… I would choose to believe it was you every time. I would live in that delusion for the rest of my life because the other option is not acceptable for me.”

    “Did you know I’m in love with you?”

    “I had really hoped so,” he mumbled against the top of your head. “Otherwise I would have to assume you only married me for my money.”

    You shook your head with a laugh and leaned your head against his collarbone.

    “I left my bag by the stairs. I can go get you some water if you’re thirsty. There might be a granola bar left too.”

    “No. I’m okay.” Your arms tightened around him and then you looked up at him, eyes practically pleading for him not to leave. Still you said, “If you want to go get it you can...if you're thirsty.”

    He looked down at you with a grin. He knew you didn’t want him to leave you, not even for a second. To be honest he wasn’t ready to be any further away from you than he already was either.

    He shook his head. “I’m good.”

    You tucked in even closer to him and eyed the empty space around you roughly, keeping your head on his chest and wondered out loud. “Do you think it’s safe here? I’m so tired. I just want a tiny itty bitty nap.”

    “Sleep. You’re safe with me.” He promised, resting his head on top of yours. His arms tightened around you and you knew he wasn’t letting you go any time soon.

    For a while you stayed just like that. Arms wrapped around one another. You kept your head near his chest and listened to the steady beat of his heart until your eyelids had grown heavy. And he hummed. You didn’t know the song and you didn’t care, it didn’t matter. You were exhausted but you didn’t want to sleep because you were terrified that you’d wake up and this wouldn’t be real. Eventually you closed your eyes, or more like they refused to stay open any longer. You really had only meant to rest them for a moment but they had other plans.

    When you opened your eyes again it was still dark outside, but there was a feeling that you couldn’t quite describe that let you know it was morning. At some point the two of you had moved to lying on the ground. Baekhyun was sleeping beside you, he’d given one of his arms to you to rest your head on and the other was wrapped firmly around your body. You were trapped the way you’d been the night before but this time you were much more grateful for it.

    For a long time, you weren’t sure how long, you just watched his sleeping face. Your fingers ran through his still soft hair and did your best to wipe away the dirty mess on his face without waking him up. Every once in a while you caught sight of the ring on your hand and it made you smile. After a while he reached his hand up to wrap his fingers around yours and he just smiled. Practically glowing with joy and he hadn’t even opened his eyes yet. You wondered how many times you could tell him how much you loved him before he’d get tired of it. Because it was the only thing you really wanted to tell him, the only three words you’d even need to say to him again.

    Instead you teased him with, “Good job looking out.”

    He yawned as he pulled you closer. “Well, you were just supposed to be taking a nap.”

    Finally he opened his eyes and somehow seemed even more happy. You chewed on your bottom lip as you looked at him. And he smiled at you, just smiled and stared, like there was nothing else in the world more interesting than your face. You tried not to think of how dirty you looked. You spent so much time crying and the whole building you were in had been so filthy with dust. You knew you probably had some smears of dirt on your face somewhere and the dried up blood on the side of your face. If you did have a filthy face, he didn’t care. He was there smiling at you, staring like you were the only thing that had ever brought him joy.

    “I missed you.” He whispered in the quiet of the morning.

    Your face warmed instantly at his words and he lifted his hand to brush his thumb over your blushing cheek. With a content sigh you closed your eyes; just enjoying the feel of his hand moving over your skin and running through your hair.

    “I dreamt about you.” He admitted and you opened your eyes again. “When we were apart. Every time I closed my eyes it was you. It felt so real I didn’t want to wake up.”

    “Why did you?” You lifted your hand to cover the one he had on your cheek.

    “Insatiable need to be with you.” he let out a breath of a laugh, “the real you, not the dream you. She’s much too nice, very agreeable. Not very realistic.”

    “Mmmhmm. Do you remember it?” You asked, he nodded. “Tell me.”

    He hummed thoughtfully as if trying to think of where to start. His hand dropped down to your hip and with very little prompting you inched your body towards his. Baekhyun didn’t even say anything, he just kept smiling. While he continued his silent thought you could feel his fingers absentmindedly start to trace circles on your hip. It was a little mesmerizing and it made your skin tingle.

    “I guess it was before this. Or maybe this had never happened. You know, the invasion.” He sighed, “I was on a beach. Alone at first, but I wasn’t worried, you know? I didn’t feel lonely. I wasn’t scared. I was happy, calm. I was content.”

    “What were you wearing?”

    “Oh you want to know what I was wearing, huh?” He teased happily.

    “Paint me a picture.”

    “White shirt, grey swim trunks, bare feet.” He laughed as you wiggled your eyebrow at him. “Sand was white, soft and warm. The water was crystal blue. Setting sun was just glistening on the tops of the waves like diamonds. Very sexy, very romantic.”

    “Sounds beautiful.”

    “I had my toes in the wet sand, watching the waves crash over my feet again and again.” He stopped to think for a moment and smiled happily, “Then I turned around and there you were. Took my breath away, it was just you and you made my heart stop. You were wearing this cream colored dress and your hair was down. Face was bare except for that smile.”

    “So easy to please.” you grinned. “How’d you know it was a dream? How’d you know to come back to me?”

    “You mean besides the dress that you wouldn’t have been caught dead in?”

    “Ha. Ha.”

    “Just a feeling, I guess.” he answered earnestly, “Everything was a little too perfect. And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against things going right for me, but this was eerie. I knew it wasn’t real and if it wasn’t real then I wasn’t really with you.”

    “So you woke up because things were going too well for you?” you laughed.

    “I woke up because I wanted the real you, not some idea of you.” he shrugged, “If you think about it I woke up to save you. And I did.”

    You just smiled as you looked over at him. It felt good to see him. There was such an obvious difference to you now between him and Baddie. A brightness that had been missing before. The way his genuine joy made you feel good just by seeing it.

    “I saved you.” He grinned, fingers moving gently through your hair. “I always thought it would be the other way around. I would need saving, you’d do the saving.”

    “I would have. I did sort of save you.” You frowned, “I just saved the wrong you.”

    “Right, and I know this is really upsetting for you. At the same time you just have to live with the fact that I’m taking the win on being the real hero between the two of us.”

    The harder you glared at him the happier he seemed to become. His smile grew wider and wider at the sight, and at the knowledge that he really would always be the one that saved you and that there was nothing you could ever do about it. Ultimately you just rolled your eyes and let out a deeply unsatisfied groan. That’s the only acknowledgement he’d be getting from you. For today at least.

    “Will you come with me somewhere?” he asked after a long stretch of comfortable silence.

    You nodded, “Anywhere.”

    With an achy groan of his body he pushed himself up off the cement floor and helped you to your feet. Squeezing your hand with his he walked you over to where the stairs were. He bent down and grabbed his backpack from where it was sitting, just outside the room, and led you upstairs. He brought you all the way up to the roof where it was relatively dark. It was about dawn, the light from the sun barely hitting the horizon. You followed him until he found what he was apparently looking for. A nice little spot where you could sit and watch the sunrise take over the city. While it was still dark he dug into his backpack and made you drink most of the water in his water bottle and found some trail mix for you to eat.

    As you watched the sky taking shape and changing into a thousand different colors, you sat with your head on his shoulder. It hadn’t even been a week since you’d watched the sun rise and thought it might be your last. That morning had felt like an ending but this one was definitely a beginning. You were happy to spend it with Baekhyun. You hoped and prayed he felt the same as your thoughts became bombarded with the knowledge that he’d see what you’d done and that you could never take it back. He’d told you not to worry but he could have been lying.

    “There’s something wrong, you’re worried.” he said watching as the daylight lit up your face. “What are you thinking about?”

    “I’m worried you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

    Baekhyun threw his head back and laughed so loud it echoed off of roof tops. You watched him laugh so long you couldn’t help but smile even though you still sat there with your concern. When he was done he let out a sigh of a breath and slapped his hand against his thigh. He looked back over at you and his smile faltered.

    “Oh.” He said with genuine surprise. “You’re serious.”

    “Yes, I am.” you confirmed.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, I just thought you were making a joke.”

    “Well I wasn’t.” you said softly, “What are we going to do if you don’t want to be with me anymore, physically? How could some platonic marriage with me be enough for you? I mean I guess I could understand if you decided not to be with me anymore. It would hurt terribly, but it would be my own fault…”

    He let you keep going, just running through scenarios of you not being enough for him. Of him leaving you because the lack of sex would be too problematic. He sat there quietly and let you run your mouth until it was dry and out of ideas. Then after you’d been quiet for a minute, just to make sure you’d gotten it all out he spoke.

    “You know what, I think you're right.” He said solemnly.

    “You do?” The surprise and the pain clear in your voice.

    “Yeah and I think we both know there’s only one way we can fix this. One way that I’ll be able to finally get over it, and then we can begin to really fix ourselves.”

    “What’s that?”

    “I have to find a lady alien and have sex with her in front of you. And honestly I hope she has three boobs. I’ve always been really interested in the three boob concept.”

    “You sound ridiculous.” You frowned, “You’re making fun of me.”

    “Good, I’ve made my point then. You sound ridiculous!” He laughed incredulously. “Me not wanting to be with you? That’s literally crazy!”

    “No, it’s not.”

    “You really think I’m so old fashioned that I’ll think you’re…what, tainted? You were with Siwon for like six years, right? You lived together for most of those six years. Did you think I thought you were some right out of the package virgin?”

    You shook your head in frustration, “That’s different.”

    “It’s not though.” He shrugged, “Y/n, there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m never going to think there’s anything wrong with you. Stop tearing yourself up about something that wasn’t even your fault.”

    “I can’t just pretend it never happened.” You mumbled.

    “Sure you can.” Baekhyun gasped dramatically, “Unless you’re pregnant!”

    “That’s not funny.”

    “Oh my god, what if you are?” He asked leaning into you, grabbing your hips. “How would we know whose baby it was? Do you think it’ll come out looking weird?”

    “I’m not! Don’t joke about that.” You grinned as he leaned against you, pushing your back flat against the roof.

    “What if it looks like a little alien?” He asked, his fingers tickling your sides as he inched closer, “What if it comes out all gooey and scaley? And it has sharp little teeth and claws!”

    “Baekhyun! Stop!” You laughed as he nipped at your neck.

    “You’ll have to love it because it’s your baby.” He grinned. “Your gross, slimy, little alien baby.”

    “You’re not funny.”

    “No?” He smirked, “Then why are you laughing?”

    “Because you’re stupid and I hate you.” You groaned.

    “Oh yeah?” He asked, leaning in for a kiss which you gladly gave him.

    “Yeah.” You said quietly when he pulled back.

    “Please stop worrying that I don’t want to be with you.” He was serious. The first thing he’d said seriously at all, it felt like. “If there’s one thing in this life that you never have to worry about it’s whether or not I want you and want to be with you.”

    “Have I told you yet today how much I love you?”

    “Huh, I don’t think you have.” He smiled down at you, “but, just so you know, there’s no limit to how many times you can tell me that per day. Maybe a minimum, no maximum.”

    “Oh, is that right?” You moved your arm over his

    shoulder. “What’s the minimum?”

    “A billion.”

    “And you’ll be keeping track of this right?” You asked, leaving a kiss on his cheek and then the bridge of his nose and then his other cheek.

    “Mmhmm” he hummed, the sound vibrating against your mouth as you gave him a kiss on the lips.

    He moved his arms around your head, almost protectively, as he leaned down. The two of you kissed for a while and it gave you all the silly, butterfly feelings that you’d gotten that first night at the galleria. Though after some time had passed you could feel the energy of it change to something more serious. You knew he’d want more, and you genuinely wanted more with him. Still there was an anxiousness that built in your belly and you knew you couldn’t give him what he deserved. So to save it from going too far or making him feel like you’d teased him too much you pulled away from his kiss.

    “I still don’t know if I’m ready for more.” You whispered. “I’m sorry, Baek. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. I swear.”

    “Hey…” he smiled, a soft kiss pressing against your cheek. “Don’t. There’s no rush, we’ll wait until you’re ready.”

    “You’re not mad?” You asked cautiously.

    “Not even a little.” He wrapped his arms around you in a hug, tight but not so tight it hurt your arm and then pulled you up to your feet. “I have an idea. There’s some people I know that would really like to see that you’re okay. Can I take you to them?”

    “Okay.” You smiled, genuinely excited at the idea.

    With your hand securely wrapped in his, you followed Baekhyun back down the stairs. The two of you split up just long enough for you to run over and grab your backpack when you hit the eighth floor. Then you were back together, hand in hand, making your way down to the ground floor.

    On the second floor platform you stopped in realization and pulled Baekhyun back to you.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked instantly.

    “What if there’s Lurkers still?” You asked. “Stay here, let me check?”

    “I can go.”

    “Baekhyun.” You said his name so sternly that he lifted his hands in defeat.

    Having lost him for what felt like a hundred times there was no way you were letting him risk himself again.

    “At least take a knife or something.” He pulled his pack around to the front and grabbed one for you out of the front pocket and one for himself just in case.

    You made your way down the stairs carefully, quietly. At the bottom you snuck over to the door that led to the open floor and your ultimate exit. Your stomach seemed to drop as you took in the sight. Under the cover of the building there stood hundreds of Lurkers. They looked like an army waiting for orders. As your eyes moved over them you realized it went even further. There were Lurkers standing out in the street. It was like they’d all converged on the spot where Baddie had been and then just hadn’t left.

    “Oh god,” you whispered and moved back up the few steps to Baekhyun. “They’re still there. They’re everywhere.”

    “In the light?” He asked.

    You nodded and he went past you. Down the steps to see for himself. You followed a little, staying on the stairs just in case. He stood at the door frame for a long time. A long, quiet time. Then you watched as he looked around the bottom of the staircase for something and then picked up a chunk of cement. He moved over to the door and tossed the debris through the air. You could hear it clatter somewhere further off. Then nothing.

    “They’re not moving.” He turned around and came back to the stairs. He still looked confused himself but he reached his hand up to you, “Come on.”

    Stepping down to meet him you intertwined your fingers with his and followed him slowly down the stairs. Baekhyun held his blade in his free hand and you held the one he’d given you out of his pack. You didn’t know what to think when you finally made it out of the stairwell, in clear view of about three hundred Lurkers. None of them moved, not an inch. It was like they were frozen in place. You followed behind Baekhyun as he weaved through the crowd of Lurkers.

    “Do you think it’s because he’s dead?” You asked.

    “Maybe.” He said pushing forward anxiously, “We should still get out of here, there’s cloud coverage coming. We don’t want to be stuck in the middle of hundreds of them if that’s not the case.”

    As you inched your way through the mass of Lurkers you tried not to touch any of them, worried that it might trigger something in them if you did. It was just so curious to you. They almost looked like they’d been turned into statues. Some of them looked like they were in the middle of doing things. Several of them had their mouths wide open as if they had been letting out a howl.

    Baekhyun paused for just a moment trying to decide which way to go next and that left you stopped in front of a Lurker that had been reaching out when it was frozen. Leaning in close you tried to get a good look at its eyes. They were shiny and black like little marbles. Their teeth were razor sharp.

    Just as you thought to reach out and touch it Baekhyun tugged on your other hand to pull you forward. Your fingers touched the tips of the Lurkers claws, just barely, but it froze both you and Baekhyun. You held your breath as you waited for any signs of life and watched as the tip of the claw seemed to disintegrate. It looked like it had been just a statue made of ash, crumbling into little flakes that slowly fluttered down to the ground. It lost momentum, slowing and stopping at about the elbow.

    Looking over at Baekhyun he just shrugged, he knew as much as you. Lifting your hand back up you shoved the Lurkers shoulder. Both of you watched as it quickly collapsed into a huge pile of ash at your feet. You turned and watched Baekhyun as he lifted his own hand, slowly pressing his fist into the Lurker in front of him. He’d gone through the stomach and you watched the monster crumble around his arm until you could see his fist come out the other side.

    “Huh.” Baekhyun said quietly, “Holy shit.”

    “Careful.” you warned.

    “For what?”

    He tugged his arm back through the Lurker causing it to collapse. He’d also pulled his arm back so hard he elbowed another Lurker behind him. One of them collapsing wasn’t bad, but two of them collapsing and colliding at your feet caused a plume of ash to billow back up. You were quick to cover your mouth with your shirt to avoid breathing in Lurker ash. It was pretty amusing to watch Baekhyun choke on the ash, the realization of what he was choking on cross his face, and then the subsequent gagging and spitting.

    “Let’s get the fuck out of here.” He groaned.

    “Carefully.” You noted.

    This time he agreed, “Carefully.”

    The maze of Lurker bodies went on for almost two blocks. You wondered if that was all of them. Or if you’d be finding Lurker statues hidden around the city in dark corners for years to come. While the idea was unpleasant you realized how thrilled you were at the idea of having years to come. As you weaved through the last remaining Lurkers before the clearing a smile spread across your face so big it made your cheeks hurt.

    Once you were finally in the clear you pulled Baekhyun back into you with such vigor that he nearly tripped on his own feet. Before he could even complain you planted an unexpected kiss on him.

    “I love you.” Was the only response you could think of for the bewildered look on his face when you pulled back.

    After a breath of a laugh he leaned back in, giving you a kiss of his own. Then with a seconds worth of thought he said, “Nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.”

    And just like that he threw his arm over your good shoulder and the two of you started the long trek home. Though it only lasted a moment before you heard your name being yelled down the street. You looked up and saw Chanyeol and Seulgi about a block away. Your breath caught in your chest as you watched for a second as she limped towards you on crutches. Without a second thought you tore yourself away from Baekhyun and sprinted the rest of the way to her, holding on tightly to your limp arm.

    The second you were within reach she dropped the crutches and threw her arms around you. You were able to get your good arm around her and then the two of you just hugged and cried. You didn’t know exactly how long it was but it was long enough that Baekhyun was able to casually walk his way to where you were. Baekhyun and Chanyeol mostly just smiled with content as the two of you sobbed and babbled at each other. Nothing really coherent at first, but you knew what she was saying and she knew what you were going on about.

    “I’m here too.” Chanyeol pouted after a few minutes.

    Seulgi leaned back and grabbed the crutches from him so she could actually stand without you. And you turned to give him a big hug too.

    “Hey kid, I’m really glad you're okay.” He said, “I don’t know if I could take care of these two without you.”

    “I think you did okay.” You laughed, “Thank you for keeping her safe… for the most part.”

    “Okay,” Seulgi whined, “give her back.”

    As you turned back to her you could hear Chanyeol ask Baekhyun what happened. She held your face in her hands for a minute and then you watched her eyes well up with tears again.

    “Oh god.” she started to cry as she wrapped her arms around your head, kissing your forehead, “You look like shit.”

    You gave her a squeeze as you laughed, “Thanks, Seul.”

    “But you’re alive.” She said and almost as if she was finally letting it hit her she cried even harder and held you tighter. “You look like shit and you’re alive and I’m so happy.”

    “I’m alive.” You laughed through your own tears, “We’re alive. What a crazy week it’s been.”

    “When Baek showed up without you...when we realized we didn’t know where you were.” She shook her head as she pulled out of the hug. “It hurt so much I thought I was dying. I don’t think I moved an inch until he came back yesterday and told us he found you. Not just because of my leg, mind you.”

    “Your boy did good.” Chanyeol said with a proud nod. “The way he just kept going. I don’t think I would have been strong enough to keep going but it was like he just kept getting stronger.”

    “My hero.” You grinned and held your hand out to him, wrapping your fingers around his before pulling him close. “I’m a lucky girl.”

    He just rolled his eyes at the praise before leaning his head against yours. His arms moved around your waist and he had half a mind to keep you there forever.

    “You’re so in love with me.” He whispered against your ear.

    “I really am.” You agreed.

    Then you felt the first splatter of rain against your skin. You welcomed the rain, you were ready for it.

    “Hey look.” Chanyeol nodded behind the two of you.

    Turning around you watched as the Lurkers nearest you started to get hit with raindrops. They were dissolving. It was slow at first but as the rain came down heavier they just completely disappeared. You watched for a little bit as the large mass of them started to melt away. Then you turned back and started to head down the road. It was a nice, slow and steady pace. Partly for Seulgi’s benefit, partly because for the first time in a long time you weren’t in a rush.

    “Irene’s okay?” You asked after a few blocks.

    Seulgi shrugged. “Her leg is definitely broken, we’re doing what we can though. We found Seungcheol, Baekho, and Solar. They’re with her back at the hotel.”

    You nodded, with Sehun, Taemin and Jongin that was eleven. “Any others?”

    “Not yet.” She said quietly.

    “Baddie said there were more coming.” You’d wanted to enjoy having won the battle a little longer, but you knew they deserved to know that it might not have been the end of the war.

    “Well who knows what that means?” Baekhyun asked, “He could have been lying and no one is coming at all. Or maybe they are coming but it’ll take them years to get here. Maybe they’ll be here tomorrow or later this afternoon. Just…who knows.”

    “What do we do?” Seulgi asked.

    Chanyeol brushed his thumb over her worried cheek. “The only thing we can do. Wait.”

    “What do you think we should do?” Baekhyun asked you, always eager for your opinion.

    “I think I want you to take me home.”

    A smile lit up his face and he tightened his grip on you. And then he did exactly that.

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