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  • inuiria
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Someone’s gonna take it off him n it ain’t gonna be me

    (Funny cool people only no kink/ddlg or ill shoot you)

    #sonseray #he’s got every disease in the world:) #and every single worm in the world:) #oc#doodle#art#monster boy#drawing#digital art#original character#my art#exophilia#monster oc
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  • cheery-blossoms
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Recently got into monster x human stuff and I think I got a new kink.

    Also really want a demon S/O now

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  • blackcatfromthevoid
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So I've been reading this web comic called Witch Creek Road and in the most recent chapters there's this monster guy...he has no name but I gotta say I can't wait to see more of him 👀

    Also can't wait to see more of Faye and hopefully the trio of demons too

    #monster fucker#monster lover#monster romance#exophilia#terato#my writing #I'd recommend giving this comic a read of you like eldritch elements and an insane plot
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  • offbeat-manga-ships
    18.09.2021 - 14 hours ago


    The Ancient Magus’ Bride / Yamazaki Kore

    Ongoing, with 16 volumes (as of 2021-09-18)

    F/M; Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama + exophilia, interspecies, age gap, ag: yf x om, younger female, older male

    SUMMARY: Despite having the ability to see otherworldly creatures, Chise Hatori has never considered herself lucky. Ever since her parents abandoned her at a young age, it has been the center of her hardship, driving her to the point of selling herself to the slave market, just to secure a place she can call home.

    Presented to the bidders as a rare “Sleigh Beggy’‘—beings who have an unusually high affinity to magical energies—Chise’s last remaining hope appears in the form of Elias Ainsworth, a mysterious magus more beast than man. Rather than keep her as a slave, he has decided to make her his apprentice, as well as his bride.

    Chise is not only physically transported to the English countryside where Elias lives, but also introduced to a world where wondrous things such as fairies and dragons are the norm. But she soon realizes there is as much to fear in her new life as there is to marvel at. And lying at the heart of it all is the question of whether she has fallen into the hands of something much darker than her own inner demons.

    MAL SCORE: 8.38

    PERSONAL SCORE: 10*/10

    *currently unfinished (still ongoing; score might change)

    #oms listing #mahoutsukai no yome #yamazaki kore #the ancient magus' bride #mahou tsukai no yome #mypost#manga recommendation #l: f x m #l: exophilia#l: interspecies #l: age gap #l: ag: yf x om #l: younger female #l: older male #personal score: 10
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  • blackcatfromthevoid
    18.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    To all my dear monster lovers out there, if you could spend the rest of your nights with ONE monster, who or what would it be? From any media of course.

    I'll go first, this might be a shock but but imma pick Nemesis from RE3.

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  • extreme-ultimate-hornknee
    18.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Hello Fellow Monster Fuckers/Lovers,

    I want to share a movie that is made for us and it’s brilliant and tragic.

    It’s on Netflix.

    I have a couple more movie recommendations and will post them later.

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  • love-and-monsters
    18.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Another week, another Magical Desires dateable! This one's a slightly shy, but enormously kind and gentle Dryad named Cherise. The cherry blossom ruff around his neck looks like an accessory, but it's actually a part of his body. He makes an sweet and affectionate partner, one who would do anything for his loved one.

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  • lovingthewildlife
    18.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I’m slowly working on an ovi thing to try to just get it out of my head before going back to the stories I’d really like to finish. Such a pain in the ass V_V;;

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  • abom-salad
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Colored Sketch of Bastard the Demon

    Might have forgotten his other arm in the sketch. Oh, well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I like most of his design in this sketch, but I might refine it somewhat still. Like I'm not a big fan of his feet and I want to add some more details.

    Also idk why the picture's colors look so muted. He's supposed to be brighter and more saturated (╥_╥)

    #bastard#demon#demon oc#eldrich horror#exophilia#exo#terato#body horror#sketch#art#digital art#illustration#digital illustration#digital drawing#my art #abom salad art #artists on tumblr #bastard is not his real name #just what people call him #on account of his bad attitude and general behavior
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  • thatdamnokie
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    unless the “space race” gets me an alien bf i don’t care

    like if spacex ain’t huntin’ for space dick for yours truly what is the purpose

    “BuT eLoN mUsK mAdE a LoT oF jObS--”

    unless elon musk can get me laid then he’s fucking useless

    #personal#shitpost#elon musk#spacex#exophilia #elon musk is a horrible human being for reasons not expressed in this post #this is a joke except also not a joke
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  • momolady
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Sanati the Orc

    A farm is in need of extra help, and the son of the owner isn’t living up to expectations. 

    Male/Genderfluid Reader x Female Monster

    The ‘Help Wanted’ posters were put up about a week ago, and already you’re getting prospective guards for the farm. Your father is very specific, wanting to find the toughest and scariest people he can to protect the farm. “We need to head them off at the pass,” he said. “So we need some scary-looking motherfuckers.”

    This makes sense to you, but you think you need someone knowledgeable, too, who knows how to act on the defensive. You need more than appearances when the rustlers come back. Still, you and your father hold the interviews. It’s a bit intimidating, to say the least. Lots of the people who come match the description your father wants, but none of them come up to your standards. This puts you in the position to argue with your father about what’s most needed. “Those rustlers will be back to steal everything away from us, and we won’t have a single guard around because you’re worried they won’t know what they’re doing?” your father snaps at you.

    “Anyone can throw a punch. We need someone who knows more than that.”

    “Aside from stealing a knight, how the hell are we going to find that? Stop worrying about that shit and worry more about looking like a man yourself.” He shoves a gnarled old finger in your face. “You’re going to take over this farm one day, and I ain’t letting you take it over looking like a sissy.” He storms away back to hire the three orcs you were arguing about.

    You stormed away too, angrier than ever. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you act, you’re never going to fill your father’s shoes in his eyes. You’ve long ago stopped being ashamed of being more like your mother and sisters. They never said it was bad, only he did.

    As you’re angrily stabbing feed bags so you can tend to your chickens, you notice someone watching from the fence. They look like another orc, but slightly smaller than the others, waving over the fence while holding one of your posters in one hand. “The interviews are over,” you say as you approach. You see the newcomer is a woman, her thick cloak covering most of her figure and her long black braid wrapped around her neck.

    “Oh, too bad,” she says. “I could really use the work.” She leans back on the fence and sighs heavily. “You got anything else that could be done around here?”

    You look her over, noting her muscular arms and scarred knuckles. There are jagged scars across the bridge of her nose that cut deep into the flesh. Something about her speaks to you in a way the others who’ve been interviewed haven’t. “What is it you can do?” you ask.

    “I’m a trained grappler,” she answers simply, “but I can do whatever work needs to be done. Even if it’s shovelling shit, I just need the work.”

    A bolt of excitement rushes through your system. “A grappler, huh? How good are you?”

    She smiles slightly. “You don’t believe I am? Well, if you want to test it out, I must warn you, I’ve only lost two matches in my entire life.”

    You swallow and shake your head. “It isn’t that, Miss. It’s just that we’ve interviewed a lot who have said they can ‘fight’ but have no real training. My father just hired three orcs, and while they look tough, I don’t think they’re warriors.”

    She smiles again and chuckles. “If you’ve been dealing with rustlers, you’ll need a vigilant night watch. Most of the ‘boys’ around this village seem to be more of a pub-crawling type.”

    “That’s what I told my dad!”

    The orc woman holds out her hand. “Sanati,” she says.

    You take her hand and shake it. “I’ll hire you on. But I’ll have to pay you from my own pocket.”

    Sanati hops over the fence to join you. She’s so much taller than you, and possesses a frame that is equal parts muscular and feminine. “Your dad won’t approve of this?” Her skin is forest-green dappled with spots of light brown, like shadows moving across her.

    “Probably not. But if I’m paying you on my own, then he can’t say anything. I’ll just tell him I hired you to guard the house.” You motion over to your home, where some of your sisters are on the front porch.

    “Do you have a big family?” Sanati asks, studying the house closely.

    “I’m the eldest, but I’m also the only male. I have five younger sisters.”

    “I have five siblings also,” Sanati chuckled. She turns her red eyes onto you. “Forgive me, I didn’t assume you were the eldest. You seem rather…”

    You shake your head to stop her. “No, I get it. Follow me, I’ll show you around.” You take her around the farm, showing here where the rustlers broke in last time and where your father is having a stone wall erected.

    “What did they take?” Sanati looks beyond the wall.

    “Most of our horses, and lots of equipment.” You cross your arms and frown. “They threatened to come back.”

    “Did any of your family get hurt?” Sanati focuses on you again, making the hairs on the back of your neck bristle. “Since you have so many women at home, it wouldn’t be surprising they were after them as well.”

    “That’s what frightens me,” you shudder. “If they return, they’ll come to the house and…” You stop yourself, and your eyes wander into the forest behind the new wall.

    Sanati claps her strong hand down on your shoulder, jerking you from your upsetting thoughts. “I can set up a tent near your home, and alarms around the building. If you like, I can even teach your sisters a few things to protect themselves should the worst possibly happen.”

    “I don’t want it to get to that point. But…” You frown and scratch at your neck to dispel the lingering chills there. “How much are your services?”

    “Three meals a day, along with two gold pieces. Every intruder or threat I take down is another two gold pieces.” She rattles this off like she’s been saying it her whole life.

    “Fair to me.” You extend your hand to her. “If you need anything else, you just let me know. As far as my father is concerned, I hired you just to watch my mother and sisters.”

    Sanati takes your hand and shakes it. “Glad to be on board.”

    Of course, your father is livid that you hired a woman as a guard. But since you’re paying her, he just laughs that you’re wasting your money. Your sisters are grateful and even fascinated by Sanati. Your mother is a bit leery at first, but after a while she grows to appreciate having Sanati around. Sanati sets up homemade alarms which will rattle and make noise when a string is tripped. She also teaches your sisters how to use kitchen knives to defend themselves, how to break out of an attacker’s hold, and spots to strike on the body and enable them to escape.

    It surprises you how grateful Sanati is to be here. It’s work after all, but there’s a sense of relief about her that makes you wonder. While you want to remain professional with her, you feel a growing attraction to her.

    After getting yelled at by your father one evening, you turn around to see Sanati there. You stifle your tears, suck in your gut, and force down the anger. “I’ll get your supper in a moment,” you say to her.

    “I’m not worried about that. And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overhear.” She approaches you with a gentle expression on her face. “Why does he call you such names?”

    You look up at her, her gentle gaze far too much to bear as you sit down beside her outside the barn. “I’m more like my sisters than I am my father. I like to keep my hair long. I like to wear things I shouldn’t. I like to feel beautiful like my sisters do.”

    Sanati’s expression doesn’t change at all. “I see. Your father doesn’t understand how you feel.”

    “He thinks a man should be a man, but I think there is no right way to be a person.” You sigh heavily and bury your face in your hands.

    “I was always the gentle one,” Sanati murmured. “But in my family that wasn’t acceptable. You had to be merciless, had to fight. So I did. I tried to become the things my siblings were. I fought so hard no one could beat me. But I couldn’t take it anymore.”

    “What happened?”

    Sanati leans back against the barn and turns her eyes up to the sky. “My eldest sister found out I was planning to run away. It was the hardest fight of my life, but I knocked her out and was able to escape.” You can see tears in Sanati’s eyes. “But I don’t have to fight anymore. I don’t have to keep up that pace.”

    “I can’t run away, though,” you murmur. “My mother and my sisters don’t care how I want to be. And if I’m gone my dad will try and force my eldest sister to marry just so he has a male heir to pass the farm on to. I can’t force her into that life.”

    “That’s why I like your family. Well, most of them. Your sisters have been a bright spot here.” Sanati smiles at you. “I’m curious, though. Do you wish to be a sister as well?”

    You shake your head. “No. It’s just that, some days are different. Some days I want to be masculine, other days I wish to be like my sisters.”

    “One foot in both worlds,” Sanati murmurs.

    “I hope you don’t think differently of me because of it.” You suddenly feel afraid. “I would hate to become a joke to you.”

    “I do think differently of you now,” Sanati replies coolly. “I think you’re much stronger than I first assumed.”

    A chill goes down your spine.

    “I admire that.” She claps her hand down on your shoulder. “Maybe one day, you can share your other side with me.” Your heart hammers and your face prickles with heat as you look at her. Sanati has your heart clenched in a vise, and she might never know.

    So one evening, when the house is quiet and your father has snuffed out his candle, you go to visit Sanati in her tent, dressed in a white nightgown embroidered with daisies, your hair falling down your shoulders in waves. “Sanati,” you call at the tent’s entrance, “it’s me. May I come in?”

    “Just a second.” She sounds flustered. “Okay, you can come in.”

    You push back the flap and stand there, seeing her holding her tunic shut around her chest. She looks at you, eyes wide and mouth falling open. “You wanted to see,” you say breathlessly as you step inside her tent. “This is the best of what I can get around the house.”

    Sanati ties her tunic back loosely and looks you over. “You look the same, yet so different.” Her cheeks turned a darker shade. “You do look very beautiful.”

    Your heart is thrumming wildly. “Thank you. Aside from my sisters, you’re the only one I’ve shown this to.”

    “I’m honored.” Sanati clears her throat and her eyes shift.

    “If I’m bothering you I can leave,” you offer.

    Sanati looks scared. “No! Please, stay. The company is nice.” She smiles at you, then quickly looks down. “It gets lonely out here.”

    You smooth your palm down your chest. “It gets lonely in there.”

    Sanati looks up at you. “Then stay as long as you like. I’m up late anyway.” She sits down on the edge of her cot and her tunic billows open. You see the curve of her breast before she moves to cover herself.

    “What do you do out here?” you ask, pulling up a bucket to sit on.

    “I listen,” she murmurs. “I’ve become familiar with how the farm sounds at night, so I keep my attention out for anything that is unfamiliar now.”

    “Don’t you get bored?”

    “Sometimes.” Sanati shrugs. “But I feel at peace here.” She looks at you, then points. “Your face is quite red. Are you okay?”

    You touch your cheek. “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Just a little embarrassed.”

    Sanati chuckles. “What for? I think you look stunning.”

    You shake your head. “It’s not that. It’s…” You don’t want to broach this topic. It makes you far too nervous. But if you can’t tell her now, you may never get the chance again. Sanati is kind and gentle, strong and intelligent. You find her a remarkable beauty, and no one else in the world has made your blood sing like her. “My feelings for you go beyond friendship,” you admit. “I am more than fond of you, and I don’t wish to cause you unease or make you think worse of me. But I adore you so much…”

    Sanati looks taken aback, but then she nods and covers her face with her hands. “I’ve never been confessed to before. This is new.” She peers between her fingers at you. “Or at least, I’ve never felt reciprocated.”

    Your heart leaps through your lungs and into your throat. “Reciprocated?”

    Sanati nods, moving her hands away. “You’re so lovely that when I first saw you I wanted to touch you and carry you away. I’ve always been weak for such pretty, shiny things.”

    You stand and move to the cot, sitting next to Sanati and placing your hand over hers. She grabs it and meets your eyes with a smile. You tilt your chin up, and she leans down. Your lips brush against her tusk before finding her lips. She’s soft at first, moving in and placing her hand around your face. Then she nips and your whole body shudders.

    “You flinched,” she whispers.

    “Sorry,” you chuckle. “That was new.” You lick your lips and look into her ruby eyes again. “It felt good, though.”

    Sanati smirks, going in for another kiss.

    After that night, kisses are stolen all around the farm, in corners and behind hay bales. She feels so good in your arms, and her touch feels so needed on your body. Some days, you find it hard to stop the kisses. “We’re getting too bold.” Sanati says one day. You haven’t kissed yet, but she’s already aware that if you do, neither of you would want it to end. “I dreamt of you last night.”

    Your heart surges. “You did?”

    Sanati nods, looking shy. “I did. And you were quite the naughty thing.”

    You bite your lip and movein closer to her. “Do I need to apologize for dream me’s behavior?”

    Sanati shakes her head and leans down, pressing her lips against your ear. “No. Because I goaded you on.”

    You pulse with the thrill of it. “What’d you do to me?”

    Sanati’s eyes dart around to make sure no one is watching. Then she strokes her hand down your chest to your thigh, her fingers tracing the shape of you. “I called you beautiful as I touched you. I pampered you and complimented you until you became rock-hard in my fist.”

    You shudder, chills were going down your neck and through your spine. “What did I do?”

    “You were mine,” she purred. “And you came when bit you.”

    “Sanati,” you whimper. You’re desperate for her.

    She suddenly stiffens and moves away from you, turning away as your father comes into the barn. He scowls upon seeing you both and grabs a pitchfork from the wall, glaring at Sanati as she walks away. “Don’t you think it’s time to send that one off? I don’t think we’ll be needing her.” Your father curls his lip, leaving the barn and shutting the door with a sound snap.

    You follow Sanati, who is heading to check some of her alarms in the woods. She adjusts the string and watches as you approach. “Sorry. I may have pushed that a little too far,” she breathes.

    “It’s okay.” You motion into the woods. “There’s a lake nearby, if you’d like to go for a walk or something.”

    Sanati nods her head. “That sounds nice.”

    You take her hand, holding it tenderly as you show her to the old path. It’s worn smooth by all the trips your family took to this lake when you were small. You come upon the crystal-clear waters, and Sanati lets out a heavy sigh. “What’s wrong?” you ask.

    Sanati laughs. “Oh, nothing. Just my own… desires, I suppose.” She smiles shyly at you. “I want to enjoy our time together. But being alone with you feels dangerous.”

    “It’s not dangerous when I want the same thing.” You touch her face. “I want you to goad me.”

    Sanati smiles and places her hands around your hips, moving her fingers onto your rear. “Are you sure?”

    You motion to the rocks at the lake’s edge. “There’s a cave back there. We can swim to it.” You start undressing, and once you naked you step into the water and hold out your hand to her. “Come with me.”

    Sanati’s smile is bright and beautiful as she reaches out to take your hand. But just as your skin touches, she stiffens, and her head jerks back the way you came. You begin to ask her what it is when you hear the rattling of her alarms.

    “Get dressed!” Sanati is already leaving the moment behind and preparing herself for something else.

    “Go on without me!” You bend over to gather your clothes. “I’ll be right behind you!”

    “Be careful,” Sanati urges before going back into the woods.

    It's still daylight out, and anything could have triggered the alarm. But Sanati is doing her job, and taking it very seriously. You’ve just donned your pants when you hear a scream coming from the farm. You run, not worrying about your shirt as it flaps in the wind.

    As you come upon the house you see your youngest sister crouched down behind a tree and rush to her, holding her close. “Go to the lake and hide in that cave we went to before. Okay?” you instruct her. “If none one comes to get you, go to the village.”

    “Sanati’s in there alone!” she cries.

    “It’s okay.” You kiss her forehead. “Hurry. Get to that cave, now!”

    She runs, and you rush to the house. Inside you hear a fierce struggle. On the porch is a rustler laid over the steps, unconscious or dead - you have no time to figure it out. You run inside to find Sanati fending off a rustler from the back. Your father is on the ground by the door, slouched over. Just as you bend to grab him you’re struck in the back. You turn around, swinging to knock your attacker off-balance.

    Sanati throws the one she’as fighting, chucking him into the one you’re up against. “There’s two more outside!” she shouts.

    You turn your attention to your father. He’s conscious, but bleeding heavily. “Dad, c’mon. Let me get you out of here.”

    He slaps your hand away. “Go get the others,” he coughs. “The ones I hired.”

    “There’s no time for that! Let me get you out of here.”

    “Don’t fuck around, son,” he wheezes, salvia and blood on his lip. “Go get help and get it fast. Those slobs are probably still asleep.”

    You’re pulled back into the fray, but luckily Sanati is able to pull your attackers away. You run from the house, everything moving in such a mad blur you can’t take it all in. You rush to the shed, where the guards your father hired are supposed to be. Unfortunately, none of them are there. There isn’t time to look for them, or go to the village to drag them back. You find their weapons though, and you take two of them, a sword and a club.

    Your heart is racing so hard you feel it might explode. Your family is in danger, and your father is hurt. Sanati is fighting them all alone. As you come back to the house you see that Sanati has thrown one of the rustlers through a window. You’re about to run back inside when you remember there are two more out there, but you have to choose between searching for them and going inside to help Sanati protect your mother and sisters. You drop the sword on the porch, taking the club with you inside the house. Sanati is trying her hardest to block the door with her body, fighting off the rustlers that remain inside. Your father is nowhere to be found, but you have very little time to wonder where he is. You’re running out of breath, and your lungs are on fire. Your body aches terribly and yet you continue to swing the club.

    When you fall, it’s like lightning hitting your body. You’re dragged backwards out of the house and onto the porch by a rustler, and you struggle in his grasp. But he has you on your stomach, his hand on the back of your head. You feel something warm and wet on your back. The hand comes loose, and when you look up you see the point of a sword jutting from the rustler’s chest. He falls off you, and your father collapses to his knees.

    “Get inside. Hurry.” He’s bloodied up too as he falls next to the rustler.

    A second later, your mother rushes out from the house. Sanati is carrying one of your little sisters in her arms. “You don’t have time. We need to get out of here now!” Sanati says urgently.

    “I told Claudia to go to the lake.” You’re lost in time, unable to feel anything or take in at all what was happening. Your mother is picking your father up off the porch, and your sisters are gathered around Sanati like hens.

    You help your mother to pick up your father. His eyes focus for a moment, smiling at your mother before he frowns at you. “Don’t let me down,” he croaks. “You did good today. Keep it up.”

    “Dad…” You feel yourself choke up as his eyes fade. They look up towards the sky, clear one minute and then clouded the next. “What…”

    “We have to go!” Sanati urges. “I’m sorry, but we need to get out of here now.”

    “Go to the lake!” you sob. “Just go!”

    Sanati and your sisters run, leaving you and your mother alone. You carry your father away from the porch, placing him in the shade by the house near his tool shed, covering his face with your mother’s handkerchief. “We would all be gone had she not shown up.” Your mother looks sober as she kneels there. Tears are in her eyes, but she’s not in the hysterics you feel. “She kept them away from the door for so long. Your father went to get the others, but they were gone.”

    You furrow your brow in confusion. “What? He told me to get the others though. Why would he send me out there if he knew there wouldn’t be anyone?”

    Your mother looks at you. “To protect you, I suppose.”

    The two of you leave, meeting up with the rest of your family near the lake. You stay in the village, with a family you’re close to. You go back to the farm with a group of others to do a sweep and make sure it’s safe, then go back outside and sit on the porch. Your family is all trying to rest inside, and you just barely have the strength to open the door and look at them.

    “Are you alright?”

    You look up at Sanati. “I don’t know if I can repay you.”

    Sanati sits beside you, taking your hands. “That’s not what I asked.” Her knuckles are wrapped, and there are bruises on her face. She fought so hard, and yet it looks like she barely suffered anything more than a scrape. You fall into her arms, weeping against her chest. She holds you close, her strong arms supporting you as you let the pain bleed from your body.

    Your father is buried behind the house, and your sisters plant herbs around his grave so that, in a way, he’ll still be taking care of you. You take over the farm, entrusting Sanati to hire a crew of guards that live up to her standards. A month goes by and things feel, for the moment, as normal as they could be.

    You go to the guest house that is now Sanati’s home and knock on her door. She’s been expecting you, and her hair is down and free from her braid. “Come on in.”

    “Thank you.” You watch her as she goes to the fireplace, taking the kettle out. “I don’t need any tea tonight. I just want to spend some time with you.”

    Sanati smiles. “Then sit down. I’ll braid your hair for you.”

    You take a seat and she stands behind you, taking your hair down from under your hat and brushing it out. She turns the mess into silky gossamer with her brush, then combs her fingers along your scalp to separate the strands. She works your hair into a beautiful braid, letting it lay over your shoulder. “What else can I do?” She kisses the back of your neck, making you shiver.

    You bite your lip, then turn your eyes on her, meeting her kiss as she dips down. She runs her hands down your body, undoing the laces of your tunic before she opens your pants, pulling you from inside.

    “Sanati…” Your voice catches in your throat.

    She kisses your ear and neck. “Get hard for me,” she commands.

    You moan, rolling your hips to meet her fingers. “Yes, of course.”

    Sanati turns your head back, kissing you hungrily as she strokes you. “You’re so beautiful,” she purrs. “Every inch of you is so lovely. Soft skin. Shining hair. Gentle fingers.” She bites the tip of your ear. “My own little princess.”

    You shudder, her words arousing you even more than her hand.

    “Good boy,” she growls into your ear. “You’re getting so hard. Even your cock is beautiful. So curved and elegant.” She cups her hand around your mouth when your lips part to moan. “Pretty things like you deserves to be cherished.”

    “I want you,” you breathe raggedly.

    “How do you want me?” Sanati moves away from you and lies down on the bed, posed in such a way that you only have eyes for her. Her toned and muscular body, mingled with the curves of her feminine form, draws you in. You move to her embrace, touching her and licking her where you can reach. You snuggle between her thighs, happy to have them compress your skull as you taste the fruit of her loins.

    “Lovely,” Sanati murmurs. “So lovely.” She captures your braid, pulling it as you press your tongue between her folds. The sharp tug of your hair makes you moan against her, causing her hips to tighten. You love this moment, making her feel just as soft and vulnerable as she’s made you.“My pretty one,” she eventually moans. “Hurry to me.”

    You rise from between her thighs, mouth wet but barely sated. “Tonight?” You lick your lips.

    She nods. “I want to see you above me tonight.”

    You knead your hands into Sanati’s thighs, smiling down at her. “I like seeing you with your hair spilled over the pillows like this.” You move between her legs, placing your cock on her mound. You rub it back and forth, enjoying the view before you take your shaft into your palm, stroking yourself as you angle for entrance. You love the expression on Sanati’s face, timid yet eager.

    “Now,” Sanati demands.

    You smile, moving your hand away as you slip inside her. You felt the velvety coils of her inner walls and they spring to tighten around you, She beckons you deeper inside, and you eagerly oblige. Despite the difference in size between the two of you, you fit together like a puzzle. Making love to her is like finding the other half of you. Sanati grabs hold of your braid again, pulling you down to kiss you and beg for more. She likes you rough, and you like her teasing you.

    When your release is fast approaching, she clutches you close, locking you in place. Sometimes she likes to finish you with her mouth, sometimes on her breasts. Tonight, she doesn’t want you going anywhere, she only wants you inside her. It;s a rush all its own. Once you finally feel that deep spasm in your groin, she tightens again, taking everything you have to give her, pleasure and seed.

    Her breath beside you stirs you, reminding you she’s waiting for your kiss. She giggles softly as you peck her cheek, turning her head to bite your neck playfully.

    “Marry me,” you beg her quietly.

    “I said yes a long time ago. Why must you keep asking?” Sanati smiles brightly.

    “I don’t know. I feel like I’m dreaming each day.” You look out the window. “I fear I’ll wake up and see my father die again.”

    “That won’t happen,” Sanati murmurs. “I won’t let it.”

    You roll back into her arms. “I love you.”

    Sanati knows your heartbreak and grief, and she’s been your rock through this past month. You asked her to marry you just a week ago, giving her your mother’s ring, which she wears on a chain around her neck. “Yes, this I know too. I love you, my pretty thing. We belong together, and we shall stay together.”

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    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    What that mouth do? I don’t think this one can do anything, there’s something very wrong with it anatomically. But it’s doodles and sketches, so I can’t care too much. Also, speckling is a nice way to zone out

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    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Physically I’m here but mentally I’m in a date with a yautja.

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    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    Some intimate moment featuring my two favourite Italians 🤌💗💗

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  • shawnsigma
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yes I do have sharp pseudo-teeth

    Yes I will bite you

    No I will not ask

    Yes I will take care of the wound and ask if you're ok and feel guilty about any pain you might feel

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  • creamymoocow
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    hey so i wrote like 1500 words of nagafucking? it’s been several years since i’ve attempted writing any kind of erotica so be gentle but please enjoy. or dont whatever i’m not your boss

    Content warnings for some coercion involved in consent, the reader has a dick (but is never explicitly gendered), reader gets called “pet” and “prey”.

    In truth, it hadn’t been all that many years since the village revolted against the lord of the castle - the trek up the overgrown and sun-dappled path had you remembering the event well, despite how young you’d been at the time - but in the ensuing years the place had fallen into the early stages of disrepair. Many of the stained glass windows were partially shattered, including the grand cathedral window, which had once depicted the first supposed lord seizing his realm.

    The revolt had resulted in a generation of untold peace for your village and the surrounding demesnes - trade was easy, food was plentiful, and no one wanted for the necessities of living. And yet, the villagefolk would still turn fearful eyes upon the castle at night, speaking in hushed whispers about the shade of the vengeful lord that still wandered the keep’s ruined halls some twenty years later. The farmers swore to a shadow passing atop the battlements, the fishers insisted they heard tortured cries from the ruins.

    You thought it was absolute lunacy, which is why you’d come to prove it. There was just no sense in letting fear continue to dominate your lives so many years later.

    Your journey was laywaid by the heavy, reinforced doors to the keep, hinges long rusted by the elements and lack of care, but you’d managed well enough. You wandered the halls of the keep (notably free from all forms of spectres and ghosts) for some time, the sun getting low and orange through what remained of the stained glass. There was only one more thing to do before you left.

    The chapel was the centerpiece of the keep, and you’d every intent of seeing it before you left with news of the castle’s decidedly un-haunted nature. You’d not expected, however, to see the gently writhing mass on the dilapidated altar. Whatever it was shimmered an iridescent lilac and was stained with the colorful fractals of the orange sunlight through stained glass, but it clearly was not a ghost. What it was was beautiful, so you had edged closer to the altar and --

    That’s how you end up here. The instant your foot cracks the glass shard on the floor, the rest of the purple shape shoots up and the naga is on you in an instant, startling a nearby dove alight on a crossbeam and trapping you tightly in her lavender coils and leering intently into your face with hard, yellow eyes.

    “Why,” she hisses harshly in your face, “has a human invaded my home?” The coils of her tail wrapping around you squeeze reflexively when she spits the word ‘human’ at you, and her face inches closer to yours.

    You have the good sense to be afraid while she waits for your response, but the rhythmic tensing and relaxing of her powerful body saps your will to struggle against the way she winds around you further.

    You attempt to explain your presence in what has clearly become her nest, but a well-timed flex turns your hurried explanation into a strangled groan. Despite the immediate danger of the situation and the way her preternatural eyes regard you - as prey - you cannot help the way you stiffen against the press of her soft, cool scales.

    The naga scoffs at your pathetic effort, leaning in to inhale your scent. A low hiss escapes her and she tightens her coils around you further, a predator’s grin gracing her sharp features. “I do love when the prey is afraid,” she says, forked tongue brushing her fangs, “but I smell something else on you, little human.

    Something far more entertaining.”

    She unwinds just a bit and it is only then that you notice how utterly limp your body has gone from the constant massage of her massive tail. While her immaculate claws make short work of your simple clothing, you cannot seem to make any effort to get away from the loose hold she has on you. You settle for a few deep breaths to relieve the pressure in your chest just before the air is forced out of your lungs again by the way she drags a single, sharp fingertip up the aching length of you.

    In your confusion and sudden need, you barely notice that when she winds herself around you this time, she leaves part of you free, just between your tummy and thighs. What you do notice is her proximity to you now - she’s close enough for you to see the hypnotic red of her irises, the lilac flush of the scales on her bare chest and face, the sharp points of her fangs as she continues to massage the resistance out of you. “I am Thazsi,” she says lowly. As you try to stammer out your name in reply, she hisses darkly. “No,” she tells you, red eyes boring into yours intently, “you are my pet.” You are compelled only to nod and arch against the scales that surround you, seeking any kind of contact, meeting nothing but the cool, empty air.

    The strength of her body allows her to handle you easily - too easily, in fact, like you really were the meekest of prey - and you find yourself facing her drooling slit. “You smell like need, prey,” she mocks, and you cannot deny the way the sight and scent and even the humiliation of it all makes you leak. “Taste me, pet,” she hisses, and you find yourself with tongue outstretched before you’ve consciously made the decision.

    Perhaps it’s the way her unblinking crimson irises eyes stare into yours, or the tensing and coiling of her tail turning your limbs to jelly, or some combination of her entire presence, but the moment the flat of your tongue meets the naga’s opening you lose yourself entirely in the act of pleasuring her while she hisses above you and tightens her coils to force you closer. Your tongue easily slips past her entrance, and the stronger taste sparks a reaction in your body, writhing and struggling against Thazsi’s hold on your limbs, again seeking out some - any - friction. Again, your attempts meet nothing, and the naga laughs at your predicament.

    “Pathetic, little pet.” She pulls you away from her and you whimper at the loss of her against your mouth, the taste still saturating your mouth and clouding your head. At once, she uses the sheer strength of her body to push you against her - your cock brushes against her slit, wet with her own juices and your saliva - and you groan out.

    “The prey intrudes in my home,” she muses, your face resting against the cool skin between her ample breasts. “It smells of need and human lust.” At this, an icy hand grips your shaft and offers a few short, shallow pumps. “Well,” she concludes, speaking almost as if you were a non-entity in the equation, “I’ve never been opposed to playing with my food.”

    Several things happen at once. You are raised up within her lavender coils. Her fangs settle against your vulnerable neck, pressing just enough that it threatens to - but does not - break skin. Your chest is held fast against hers, the skin there chilling you, the soft globes of her breasts making you shiver with frigid need. Finally, blessedly, she guides you inside of her, and your body tenses with the need to thrust and fill and move - but you can’t.

    Her tail is holding your limbs and tummy so tightly, even the weak writhing you could do before is impossible now. You’re being used, toyed with - but you can’t deny how fogged your head is by the pleasure of it all. Groaning aloud at the tight slickness enveloping you, at the pressure of her threatening fangs, at the way she’s using you to make herself feel good - already you feel like you could explode at any time.

    “I can smell your desperation, pet,” she hisses, removing her fangs from your neck for the barest of moments. “It’s not often I find prey so… needy.” The easy way she manipulates your body to her advantage emphasizes the point handily, and your conflicting needs to release and for the naga to continue using you fight - all while Thazsi uses your leaking cock to fill herself. “Release, prey, and I may spare you.”

    Her fangs pierce the fragile skin of your neck - just barely, just enough that the venom bubbles into your bloodstream - and the effect is immediate. Though you are still unable to move due to her impossibly strong hold on you, you are rabid with need, and when she forces you fully inside of her, you cannot help but spill yourself into her wetness and groan out at the sensation of her muscles tightening around you.

    Juxtaposed the way she was just using you, Thazsi places above on the dais with a surprising amount of care and releases you from her coils, your clothing next to you on the ruined altarcloth. She reclines on herself where she held you, regarding you almost fondly. “I expect you’ll return, little human,” she says in a lilting sort of hiss. “Keep your kinfolk away from my nest.” You nod a little too eagerly, head still fuzzy, and struggle with your clothes, dreading the walk you’ll have to make down that steep hill now with your limbs still so weak and uncertain.

    She’s right. You’ll be back.

    #nsft#nsft post#nsft text#nsft writing#nsftumblr#exophilia#monsterfucking #i barely proofread this bc i knew id hate it if i did #if you see a typo no you dont <3
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    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Friend from The Wall Chapter 7 is coming soon guys, very soon. 

    It’s almost Halloween MONTH so let’s get our Monster Love freakin’ ON.

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