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    ;intro !

    ! shared blog :: myles [he/they] & tony [she/her].

    ! we are minors.

    ! kpop multistan acc [treasure, xdinary heroes, twice, nct, oneus, etc].

    ! ults :: exo and skz.

    ! updates, moodboards, gif sets and more.

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    Oh my god the next memorial saga is about zeon's dad oh my gooooooood

    (my speculation)

    #exos heroes #and young schmid too #so like athlon wanders cause his family got slaughtered... so I'm assuming his nuclear family and not his parents #if so that means he didn't know zeon survived #oh my god schmid took to zeon cause he reminded zeon of athlon #i bet omfg #speculation of course but #!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    rkgk plush doll

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    ; ✰ - 𝚜𝚗𝚊𝚙𝚜

    💖 - nsfw

    ✨ - sfw




    yugyeom fem!reader



    NCT / WAYV







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    ; ✰ - 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗

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    about me:

    name: azaan

    pronouns: he/him

    ethnicity/race: asian

    sexuality: no idea :)

    time zone: gmt

    ults: jongho <3, chanwoo

    groups I stan: ikon, ateez, pentagon, bts, exo, got7, enhypen, txt, nct, day6, stray kids, twice, itzy, xdinary heroes, boy story, shinee, sb19

    other artists I like: p!atd, mero, reynman, d block, my chemical romance, fall out boy, paramore, lil tjay, polo g + ofc bollywood music <3

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    paint it black red

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    Ramge held Rachel's hand, palm up, between his own. "Minea told me that a person's fortune can be told through their hands."

    "That blind seer?" Rachel cocked his head curiously.


    Ramge ran a fingertip down the longest crease in Rachel's palm. It was bisected by many faded scars, and he could vividly imagine the busted flesh from hours of training, raw and red, weeping with burst blisters. The skin was ugly with calluses, pockmarked, rough, peeling. This was not a soft hand, but the hand of someone who ran with the sun, trying to catch it, to best it.

    But Ramge enjoyed the coarse glide of that palm over his thighs when the sun slept, scratching and tickling his own smooth, unblemished skin. The feel was not soft, but the touch always was, no matter what they were doing, and Ramge never stopped wondering what he had done to deserve it.

    Cupping Rachel's hand between his own palms, Ramge flipped it over, sliding his topmost hand off to reveal swollen knuckles and square nails which were clean but cut almost to the quick. Rachel's hand wasn't particularly wide or big—Ramge's fingertips could curl past Rachel's own—but despite that mundanity, there was a presence to it: solid and implacable like its owner. Ramge could trust it to never let go.

    It never had.

    A band of metal, simple and unassuming, encircled the ring finger, mate to Ramge's own. It was entrenched in the flesh, never removed since the day it was put there. Ramge polished it with his thumb, unable to suppress his smile, and he knew Rachel saw because he quietly laughed.

    With his nails, Ramge followed the deceptively delicate fingerbones creating little mountains and valleys on the plain of the back of Rachel's hand until they joined at the delta of a strong, supple wrist. Then, like a trap, that wrist twisted, Rachel's fingers snapping around Ramge's, but gently, gently.

    He pulled Ramge closer.

    "So? What'd you discover?"

    Ramge hummed, feeling coy beneath adoring blue eyes. "It's a secret."

    #roofic#exos heroes #rachel x ramge #kerunji #i love these two so much T_T
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    Happy Birthday, Rudley!

    #rooart#exos heroes#rudley #i love how puffy his gold fc is--lotta round lines #very friend shape
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    #exos heroes#screenshot #trying to finish this birthday pic... i have until tomorrow....
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    Okay, I know I just posted something else, but this has been nagging me since I saw it in Ch24 (Loner) and mentioning it briefly last post just sent me down a rabbit hole of speculation, so ignoring that any plot holes are due to the game’s absolutely stellar writing (/s)…

    (about Rachel’s mental break, spoilers for ch9, 24, and MS:R)

    MSR was released quite some time after Season 1 and really has shades of what the plotline was supposed to be for Exos Saga since the tone was noticeably much darker than Zeon’s Adventures in the Remake have been, ending with the infamous reveal that It was Rachel All Along who killed the Emperor.

    MSR ended with Rachel concocting some bizarro plan to pin the murder on Ramge (or rather, let the association Ramge did it stick), then help Ramge escape with the express instruction to travel to Saint West, where Rachel’s status as King’s Guard could get him off the hook.  ... ....  ......... it makes even less sense now, almost half a year after the fact.  But that was the plan!

    Looking at Rachel’s original introduction in Ch9, specifically when Ramge shows up, Ramge’s surprised by Rachel’s appearance in NVF—and Ramge’s not exactly a great actor or liar, so this reaction was genuine:

    Of course, this was written long before MSR’s release. Rachel as the culprit might’ve not been the endgame then, but I doubt that, going by Ramge’s reticience to Baraka’s threat and Baraka’s subsequent reaction in Ch8.  So what if the writers actually Big Brained the whole thing and Ramge’s reaction makes sense because Rachel was supposed to be at Saint West(ish), waiting to “catch” him?

    Rachel reaction to Ramge’s surprise at meeting him in NVF is a statement of confusion:

    Doesn’t seem to make sense if there had been a plan to… well, basically catch Ramge and bring him to Saint West to clear him of all charges.  But Rachel could also be lying, trying to keep up the act that he had nothing to do with the assassination and was just being a good friend to his bestest buddy.

    So. Shoddy writing? Cover-up?

    Or is this seriously some big brain shit that I only just realized makes sense if we go with the whole “actually yes, it is a split personality thing.”

    Now, I don’t think it’s the split-personality type where it’s two different people, Good Boy and Bad Boy, a Jekyll and Hyde. His personality in Saga made it pretty clear that he was very aware of his intrusive thoughts and accepts them as his own, but doesn’t act on them cause he’s generally a decent person until something triggers his trauma (aka: his inability to protect).

    I think it’s more like a switch, something that turns off his moral judgment and in doing so, shuts down that ‘nice’ part of him. Sort of like, I guess, you can say the Hulk?

    (Hm.  It’s hard to explain; I actually had an OC like this, where it was the id overriding the ego, but not in the sense that it was two distinct personalities with two separate set of memories. It would be akin to sleepwalking, where you did things without realizing, and ‘wake up’ to those acts being done and recognizing they were done, in fact, by you, but just by a part of your brain that normally isn’t ‘on’ because the other part of your brain was ‘on.’  Something like that.)

    This could be further supplemented (and why I’m even yammering about this) by the scene in Ch23 (Loner) where, at the end, Rachel is lost and broken with despair and his final line is (the line is the same in Korean):

    As the screen fades to black, there is a very distinct creaking sound like a door opening, which is an audio cue the game has never done before and considering how the story’s format is done, singles it out as an incredibly important audio cue.

    When Rachel shows up again, he’s rampaging through the enemy, blind to friend or foe, and his artwork has changed into his Awakening Fatecore, Executor of the Battlefield:

    The translation uses the ‘divided personalities’ thing, which is why there’s a subset of fans who subscribe to the multiple personality theory, but he’s never given any indication in Heroes or Saga of having an alt-in-a-Jekyll-and-Hyde way so much as holding homocidal impulses and intrusive thoughts.  When he killed the Emperor, there was no ‘yeah I’m another person’ act or even in the Heowon comic where Emma found him surrounded by the dead assassins he killed there was no indication another separate personality was at play. Even his “Now assassins fear me” world-map line is very self-aware. He doesn’t have alts of good and bad—he’s a berserker who copes through murder.

    So I think Awakening basically broke the off switch.  He’s always sleepwalking now.  Intrusive thoughts are just thoughts; he operates quite normally but he doesn’t try to suppress his cruelty.  He hulked up. (LOL at the idea of this twinky boy hulking up tho lolololol)  Basically his MO is exactly as described by his Core Memory group i am extremely concerned for both his and ramge’s safety right now www:

    (I’ve been slowly hammering at an AU where Ramge and Rachel meet later in life when Rachel’s already king, and Garff refers to him as a benevolent tyrant. lol)

    Anyhoo, all of that is to explain that when he killed the Emperor, along with his actions thereafter, it could be argued the switch flipped off on his “nice” self. His have-no-compunctions self sleepwalks, does the deed and attempts a cleanup, and the nice one doesn’t "wake up” until Ramge’s gone. So Rachel-as-usual came back to find that Ramge left and the Emperor’s dead. Of course, he knows Ramge didn’t actually do it (BROS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER) but surmised Shufraken orchestrated it:

    Now, I love Rachel and I 100% believe he’s a liar (it’s all over my stories, after all), but keeping up this deception just seems so bizarre in the context of YOU ARE THE ONE THAT DID IT AND YOU ARE BLAMING YOUR BEST FRIEND WHO YOU LIKE LITERALLY KILLED THE EMPEROR TO PROTECT SO I AM VERY CONFUSED???? but maybe this is all unreliable narrator and my joke post about how Rachel actually is just fucking with Ramge’s head with all that loyalty nonsens nd ahgkl ahg;h


    As I was saying, this could also mean that his whole “so how do I clear Ramge’s name” and “let’s escape to Brunn” weren’t contradicted by MSR, but a huge big brain by the writers that Rachel legitimately doesn’t remember what actually happened.

    Am… am I giving the writers too much credit? This is a ridiculous twist I could see a fanfic writer doing but… would the game writers actually do something like this?  Am I just big braining myself?!

    Man, I think I love this character too much; I’m sitting here literally arguing with myself if the writers actually managed to do this kind of weird-ass plot twist or if they’re just making it as they go along as they have with basically all other aspects of the game.

    (it’s probably definitely the latter but they have surprised me a number of times concerning rachel so i’m buckled in for this ride)

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    You know, the more I think about it, the more I'm wondering if, in Rachel's fucked up thought process, he thinks that if he perpetuates the idea that Ramge (and thus Shufraken) is behind the Emperor's death, it gives him (and/or others) a justifiable reason to go after Shufraken and by eliminating him, set Ramge free.

    (spoilers for ch24 and MS: Ramge)




    You know, when Rachel first disappeared in Chapter 10, I always had a scenario where he returned as the King of Saint West to help Zeon against Shufraken, and had to face off against Ramge (except in that scenario, Ramge thought Rachel had died).

    I am sweating. Really, really sweating. (But really, give me the tragedy! It was inevitable they'd face off, come on! It's such a common trope in these type of dramas! All that friendship bonding and "I'll always be with you" nonsense is such a red flag!)

    The other theory that I've been ruminating lately, helped by the door sound effect and "I can't do it alone" when he Awakened in Ch24, is that he literally doesn't remember what happened because "nice" Rachel shut down when the murder occurred. I never really subscribed to the split personality theory, and I still really don't in the popular sense, but that could definitely be a possibility on why he still talks like Ramge did it.

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    Pure Alabaster

    Characters: Valentina & Ramge (Gen)

    General content: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH(S), Dysfunctional Family, AU - Canon Divergence, Rachel/Ramge (implied)

    Word Count: 4928

    Summary: They were bound together as family.

    AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36173914

    She was three when they first met at her (their) mother's bedside during the coldest autumn of the decade.  She was a slim, serious girl, dainty and mature for her age, and he was an ugly, wrinkled thing—nothing like the pretty baby dolls which adorned her room.

    He did not squall like a baby should, only gawked with large, unseeing eyes not yet the shade of her (their) father's or her own.  That would come in time, when he became cognizant of the world he now occupied.  For now his half-lidded gaze was aimless, dazed from the shock of birth.

    Unsure of what was expected of her, she glanced furtively at her (their!) father for guidance, but his proud visage was indecipherable to her immature mind.  The firewood in the hearth popped and she jumped, clutching her dress and petticoats.

    "This is your new brother, Ramge," her (their!!) mother said to her kindly, wearily, slowly dying though no one knew it yet.  "You need to support one another, Valentina, and together support your father.  You are bound as family."

    Valentina nodded, eager to please.  "Yes, Mother."

    "Would you like to hold him?"

    Valentina stared at this pink thing named Ramge and tried not to fidget because it was unbecoming of a lady.  This was not what she expected, not while playing with her pretty dolls with her mother, not while touching the swollen belly which she had been told housed a baby.  She had imagined a new doll to play with, but a strange sense of yearning welled in her when those not-red eyes fluttered over her and it frightened her.  She glanced again at their father but still found no answers.

    "No, thank you, Mother."

    Their mother's understanding smile was brief like the daylight during winter, and she cradled Ramge closely, a painting of warm motherhood in the blue-grey room.

    The first time Valentina held Ramge was at their mother's funeral.  He was much, much bigger now and didn't need to be coddled like a babe.  Curiosity rounded his red eyes as people approached those their mother left behind, offering condolences.  Valentina's arms ached from his slight weight, but it was for her own comfort, a way to hide her mourning from their father's grave, implacable gaze.

    Not understanding what was happening, Ramge touched her tears as their mother was lowered into the frozen earth.

    Alone in her silent chambers, Valentina berated her reflection for her weakness.  Tears were not a luxury for the royal family.  She had to be a mountain like her father, the pillar which supported the nation and her people, towering, stalwart.

    The sad little girl in the reflection did not want to listen and continued to cry.

    Over the following days, Ramge's nursemaids tailed him as he wobbled around the castle on unsteady legs, looking for their mother.  They seemed reluctant to explain to the toddler what had happened and he would wander until he was exhausted, calling for her.

    Only when Valentina managed to shutter her grief did she finally take him aside and bluntly tell him their mother was dead and that it meant he'd never see her again.  He didn't cry like Valentina expected, only screwing his face in thought as he tried to understand.

    She envied that innocence.

    He grasped her hand with his tiny one and asked if he could stay with her.

    Ramge followed her everywhere as he grew older.  There weren't a lot of children his age at court, so he had no other companions.  And despite his precocious maturity, he was also painfully, anxiously meek, barely able to speak to the servants much less his peers.  He mumbled and stuttered and avoided eye contact, fidgeting as if the clothes Valentina picked for him were full of nettles.  He preferred to hide in her skirts than deal with people, letting Valentina handle all social interactions.

    He was clumsy as a child was wont, but sycophantic in that clumsiness. He was quiet, lacking the rambunctious energy common to children his age, oddly self-conscious. A lamb, content to be silent and follow.  Sometimes his utter lack of presence made Valentina forget he was there.

    This made him deficient in their father's eyes.  Never mind his age; he acted nothing like a child of Shufraken should be.

    "I-I'm sorry, F-Father…." Ramge's soft voice fumbled for words and directed them at the floor. They bounced pitifully on hard stone, off hard ears.

    The witness to his punishment, Valentina stood beside him awkwardly as he shriveled against her in a silent plea for protection.  She didn't acknowledge him.  It was a minor transgression, but mistakes were not allowed from Shufraken's children.  Their father's fury was not like a blizzard, but akin to the deep freeze sweeping through a deceptively beautiful night.

    Nothing but contempt on their father's face.  No, Valentina realized.  Not even contempt; just outright dismissal.

    Ramge was considered a liability.  Without their father's approval, he would not survive.

    But she couldn't abandon him.  Their mother said they were to support one another.  They were family.  And he was still young—perhaps it was not hopeless.  If he changed and became strong, befitting, then surely their father would accept him once more.

    She took charge of his etiquette lessons. His governess pitied him which made her lenient, but Ramge could ill-afford such compassion.  He was not some lesser noble, able to lollygag about on the family's laurels and money.

    "Ramge, straighten up," Valentina said in clipped tones, pressing a firm palm into the small of the boy's back.

    He jerked upright, large eyes wide like a startled cat.  "I-I'm s-sorry!"

    She frowned, her fists planted on her hips, looming over him.  "First impressions matter, Ramge. Your strength is judged by it and it's difficult to dispel preconceived notions."

    As he listened, his gaze slowly dipped toward the ground, taking his posture with it.

    "Ramge!"  Her voice was a whip and he jerked back.

    "I-I'm s-sorry!" But this time, instead of straightening, he hunched over further.

    Perhaps it was hopeless after all.

    But she did not give up.  She was the daughter of Shufraken and defeat was a foreign thing to them, unknown like death.  Not only Ramge's life but her own pride were now at stake.  She continued to drill him relentlessly until his posture was unyielding, but the droop of his neck, like a wilted flower, remained.  She made him recite for hours to rid him of his mumbles and stutters, until his soft voice became a bird's sweet song, but hiccups in his speech would still bubble up together with his insecurities. And sometimes she pitied him, because he tried so hard and never complained, yet only continued to fall short.

    But she did not let up.  Ramge was the son of Shufraken, of the same powerful lineage.  It just needed coaxing out.

    "You should not spend so much time with that one," her father said to her.  The order was implicit.

    "Yes, Father," said Valentina, defeated.

    She was a dutiful daughter when she thought he was watching, through his eyes or his spies.  She excised Ramge from her daily schedule.  She used various pretences to avoid him.  His face would brighten if he managed to cross their paths and then darken with despair when she'd turn him away.  Their father said to leave Ramge to the wolves, and so she did.

    But he was the son of Shufraken.  He continued to survive.

    "H-her name is Sia," Ramge said in that oddly endearingly shy way of his.

    He removed the black kitten from the small box it was hidden in, holding it out to Valentina.  He had come to her door in the late hours, silent as the snow, and in the loneliness of night, she had been unable to turn that sweet, adoring face away.  She was too aware that someone was most likely watching—and reporting—when she had ushered him inside, but felt at ease to be with him again.

    Ramge was oblivious, vibrating with nervous excitement which stilted his words. "She's… she's my new f-friend.  She... she can talk…!"

    Valentina stared down at it, bemused.  White bandages were wrapped with a child's care around its torso and a forepaw.

    The cat did not talk.  It just yawned in her face, unimpressed, and Valentina wrinkled her nose at the stench of fish.

    "I… I can k-keep her… right?"  Ramge cuddled the kitten close, turning large, pleading eyes on Valentina.

    She knew what their father would say.  These attachments were liabilities, weak points to be targeted by enemies.  But those large eyes were so hopeful, so desperate.  A friend, was it?  Perhaps a kitten could keep Ramge company where she couldn't.

    "Don't let Father know about it.  And it mustn't make any mess."

    Ramge's face was the sun, one of his rare smiles brilliantly blinding her.  "I promise…!  She's very smart!"

    He rubbed his cheek against the kitten's fur, his eyes crescents of happiness.  "Thank you, Valentina."

    She didn't smile.

    He continued to have no friends besides the cat.  He was persona non grata and it made him invisible.  At best he was treated like he was a still toddler; even people with neutral opinions considered him a fool.

    Sometimes Valentina wondered how much of that was a lie, a type of armor subconsciously cultivated by Ramge to appear harmless.  He was intelligent, cruising through his lessons with startling ease, and strangely empathic despite his young age and inexperience.  He observed more than what people were comfortable showing, and had his heart been less gentle and honest, he would've been dangerous.

    "Can you explain to me about the Lunar Trade Route?"  Ramge found her during her few—and rapidly disappearing—times of leisure.

    He was growing into his paternal lineage. It seemed like every time she saw him, so infrequent now, he was a little bit taller.  It was not an attractive growth; rather it's as if someone had taken his small frame and started stretching it long without adding to it.

    "You were eavesdropping again."  North von Frosty's dealings in the Lunar Trade Route were not an open secret.  She only knew about it because she was the heir to their father's legacy.

    He was silent.  A bad liar, he always hid behind his silence.  It was one of the few wise decisions he made.  She approved of it, but did not approve of his eavesdropping.

    Even as she was becoming more and more enmeshed in the duties of the throne, Ramge remained completely shut out from royal affairs.  There were no plans to have him serve in the military like many other young noblemen, despite how hard he worked at sword and sorcery.  He was not even allowed to become a page.  Still, he tried to learn, dreaming of a day he might be useful to the cold man who sired him.

    And he might be useful, when Valentina was queen, when their father was gone.  Because Ramge was family and no matter what judgment their father imparted on his character, they were bound together.  She would find a place for him in her court.

    But there were spies here.  She knew at least one Frost Hound dogged her steps during the day.  Their father would know if Valentina humored Ramge's request.  Would he be angry she defied his orders?

    Most likely not; Ramge occupied none of his thoughts these days.

    Valentina held out a hand, daintily motioning for Ramge to take a seat beside her.

    "Your brother is a bit strange."

    Valentina said nothing, setting her teacup down on its saucer without a sound, as a lady should.

    "I believe he fancies me."  Her contemporary giggled.  She was a pretty girl of Valentina's age and of fine noble bearing.  Her family owned a number of mines in the frozen wastes and were staunch supporters of the current regime.  "It's rather adorable.  A boy like that is an ideal husband, wouldn't you agree?  You can order them around, control them.  Quite like having a pet."

    Valentina bit the inside of her cheek, quickly lifting her cup to mimic drinking from it so the other girl wouldn't see the fire igniting in her eyes.  She wanted to argue that Ramge was not a pet; he was the son of Shufraken: proud, intelligent, powerful.

    But she did not.  Because it was better for people to believe Ramge was non-threatening.  Better to be dismissed and subsequently ignored than to be targeted.  Politics in the North were not kind; fear of Shufraken kept his allies safe, but Ramge had been ejected from that circle.  Yes, better for people to find Ramge harmless.

    Because he was harmless.  So eager to please and failing, so eager to be loved and failing.

    In his isolation he was safe, even from the ones whose love he sought, like this ambitious girl, like their father.

    For their father had plans.  Big plans for himself, the family, the nation.  He explained them to Valentina one cold, blustery night as she poured colourless liquor into his goblet, the blazing fires of the massive hearth in his private quarters carving long shadows onto the sharp planes of his scarred face. He looked uncannily similar to the devils in the fairy tales her mother used to read to her, the ones who offered impossible wishes in exchange for the heroine's most precious thing.

    Those plans excluded part of the family.  Valentina was not close with their cousins, but Ramge had tried to be, and he did what he could to ease the discomfort of their house arrest until Valentina forced him to stop, inwardly terrified of their father's retribution if he knew.

    It didn't matter for long anyway.  Those that remained after Mahar's exile were either killed or sold.  And Valentina was relieved that Ramge couldn't risk his safety for them any longer.  But he didn't know the truth—only that they were gone.  They stood before their father as he explained this, and from the corner of her eye, Ramge's posture went rigid.

    Valentina realized he finally understood then what it meant to live under Shufraken's will.  Whatever deceptions he told himself about his family, their father, his life, they buckled under the weight of this knowledge—but it did not crack, because he was the son of Shufraken.  This was who he was and where his loyalty lay.

    In the buried secret of her heart, she cursed that blood in him because he did not run away when he was finally allowed to participate in the great plan.  He did not falter or protest his duty, kissing her farewell as he left, anxious but earnest to take his place by their father's side.

    And once again she knew the truth where Ramge didn't.  Her father had no expectation of success for Ramge; it was merely a setup for a patsy of a son that would hopefully end in his demise.

    Ramge's letters to her were full of uncharacteristic cheer.  He liked springborn Lenombe. He was beginning to establish himself as a King's Guard.  He made new friends.  He had a new best friend. He was becoming stronger in both swordplay and magic.  He missed her.

    She had a hard time placing his quiet, doleful voice to those spirited words.  Her letters in return were coolly cordial, reminding him not to forget his duty.  Not to forget who he was.  And she inquired more about Lenombe and the King's Guard, under the pretence of gathering political leverage.

    She did not write she missed him too.

    Her father had her meet the leader of the Red Skull, a tall, gaunt man with a predator's gaze.  The Red Skull were more fanatically loyal to him than the Dark Souls, and this meeting was a courtesy toward North von Frosty's future queen.  Her father's charisma and wisdom were awe-inspiring and she was a mere child beside it, humbled by how he was able to rally such devotion.  And though she still had so much to learn, she was the rose of his garden, cultivated with delicate, paternal care.  His proud confidence in her filled the yearning abscess left by Ramge's departure.

    In one letter, Ramge quietly confessed to her about his relationship with the Second Prince of Saint West.  The parchment crinkled between her fists.  Their father must not know about this lapse… but she was sure he already did.

    All of Ramge's following letters were filled to the brim about his newfound infatuation, and she could tell he was smitten, drunk on the idea of being loved.  She immediately sent her own spies after the Second Prince of Saint West, worried about the scoundrel's untoward intentions, convinced that Saint West was trying to ply its way into North von Frosty.  And what she learned bothered her.

    Her replies remained coolly cordial, bringing up the subject of his attention with the strictest of warnings, reminding Ramge that nothing good would come of this dalliance.

    He didn't care.

    He didn't state it outright.  Ramge was too polite and deferential for that.  But the intent of his words were clear and Valentina wondered if maybe, possibly, her father had made a misstep—that throwing the young bird from the nest allowed it to learn to fly.

    She did not bring up the matter again, afraid of estranging Ramge, and continued to have her spies watch the Second Prince of Saint West.  If he hurt Ramge, as the bloodied rumors surrounding him suggested he might, they were to kill him.

    Ramge's letters slowed.

    Her father continued to further monopolize her attention and she began to lose sight of Ramge.  Her eyes were filled with her father, her head with his ambition.  Her thoughts were her father's thoughts until she became Shufraken's Heir.  Ramge became distorted in her memory, exaggerating his weakness, his frailty, his indecision, his entire pathetic existence.

    She believed her cruelty to be kindness and maybe it once was.  Now it was only an echo of her father's empty heart.  His disdain became hers.  Maybe it was hers all along, a resentment she had buried deep, now finally sprouting, hollow and empty.

    It showed on her face when she arrived at their uncle's fortress and Ramge was standing here, back straight but neck bent, long and gangly, graceless, foolish.  He had botched her father's plans; he had lost the sword.

    But it was not all failure.  By the luck only fools have, he managed to glean information on one of the dragon relics—the most important dragon relic. She smiled, cold, a mirror of her father's.

    "Please don't—" Ramge quickly lowered his voice and whispered the rest of his request, "—don't hurt them."

    "That'll be up to them," she said, and it was true.  These people Ramge wanted to protect were as insects.  They could continue their meager existence if they did not sting.

    Her smile faded as despair grew on his face.  He held Sia tight and it was like he was a child all over again.

    Sudden, (un)familiar yearning overwhelmed Valentina and she turned abruptly away, motioning for the Frost Hounds to escort Ramge to her airship. Whatever happened during his stay in Lenombe left its mark, but the chains of family binding him to them were stronger.

    He was the son of Shufraken and he knew it and made the right decision.

    Her father crushed the insects as he took the final steps toward his goal.  Her spies informed her of the aftermath and she summoned Ramge for one reason.

    "The Second Prince of Saint West is dead," Valentina said, to the point.

    His face paled, eyes like blood on snow.  His mouth worked, clicking uselessly, until sound finally fell out. "I-I…  see..."   His voice cracked.

    "They were foolish to defy Father."

    Ramge said nothing.

    "Remember who you are, Ramge. You shouldn't fetter yourself with these unnecessary associations."  She gazed at Sia pawing at his leg and the cat's ears flattened.

    "...Yes, Valentina..." he whispered.

    She paused. "If he hadn't come for you, he'd be alive."  Her words were cruel, but necessary.  He needed to wean off his security blankets to fully come into his own.

    His hands trembled minutely, but Ramge clasped them together tight.  It did little to stop them.

    "I... know."

    "Then don't forget again."

    There were cracks in his composure as he excused himself but he did not cry.  She approved.

    Later, however, she spied him alone in the garden pavilion despite the frigid air, his face disfigured with a wrenching grief for the loss of the only one he believed had ever loved him.

    Would he ever grieve for her the same way?

    She didn't comfort him.  She couldn't.

    She wouldn't.

    So she silently watched him weep and call for the dead, his voice and tears swallowed by winter until she couldn't bear it any longer and left.

    "Ramge, you are not strong."

    "I… I know."  It had been a week, yet his face was still pale.  He hardly ate or slept.  She needed him to snap out of it; her father was proceeding quickly, too quickly, and there was much to do.

    "You have lost almost everything.  What can those feeble, trembling hands hold onto?"  Cruel.  Her words always had been, but it was because this world was cruel, especially to the kind and weak.

    He understood that now.  She could see it on his face, clear as the time he understood what it meant to live under Shufraken's will.  His hands stilled, long fingers splayed flat on the table with its untouched tea and biscuits.  He stared at them, revelation dawning.

    She didn't know it then, but, in that moment, Ramge chose to give up his future to atone for his existence, grasping the chains their father had looped around him and wrenching them apart with those selfsame, steadied hands.  But she didn't know it, as he quietly labored for her father's ambitions, his dark hair becoming streaked with white.

    With relics in hand and the opposition crushed before him, her father gained what he most desired: power.  The plan to expand North von Frosty's domain over the entire continent would come to fruition.  No longer would the nation kowtow to others, trapped in an inhospitable land, begging for aid from an incompetent, neutered Emperor preoccupied with their resources.

    But now that her father had gained the power to change the world for the better, he became almost disinterested in his noble goal.  Even as Valentina organized the troops and enacted their years-long conspiracies, her father began to mentally retreat from the world, wandering down avenues only he could see.  And one day he wandered away for real, swallowed by a white storm where even the Dark Souls couldn't follow.

    Eventually he was located at an abandoned shrine in the mountains, unbothered by snow or ice, body twisted and malformed by the power he had consumed.  And when Valentina questioned him, pleading for him to return, reminding him of his kingdom both present and future, he struck her, demanding to know what need had he for such mortal desires.  The world was already his and the world would burn.

    He was mad, a monster wearing the skin of her father.  Ramge drew her back to safety of the airship.  She was shell-shocked and confused, lost without the chains which had bound her to her father.  Ramge was speaking to her, but she didn't hear over the flurry of wind and her whirling thoughts.

    All this time, her father had been a fool, the power he craved his undoing.  She had followed him blindly, because she believed in him and loved him.  She had been a fool.

    Ramge gently wiped the tears from her wide, glassy eyes as the airship bore them back to Obliana.

    The monster's rampage was slow, almost lethargic, as if he had not fully roused from his slumber.  There was no urgency to Shufraken's destruction; on his whim, mountains were leveled and towns disappeared from existence, while others were spared.  It was simply as if he was passing the time, a bored child knocking down blocks. Days could pass without activity, leading to an atmosphere of constant tense anticipation.

    She remained shuttered in her rooms, paralyzed by betrayal.  As the heir, advisors, councillors, and nobles alike all came to her with needs she was mentally unable to fulfill.  So they turned to the only other who could rally the nation against this threat.

    So much of Ramge's hair was white now.  He was trying so hard.  He always tried so hard.   She wanted to ask what drove him when everything seemed hopeless. They had lost everything, including the meaning of their existence.  Why did he keep trying?  

    And she remembered that day when his whole world had been shattered, when she berated him for his weakness.  She remembered the revelation in his eyes and the way his hands steadied.    He was a child of Shufraken—more than she ever had been.

    It shamed her.

    She cleaned herself up, made herself presentable.  The regal woman in the mirror stared back at her proudly, but not coldly.  She held onto the image, strode into a meeting between Ramge and a number of officials, and took charge as Queen.

    The smile on Ramge's tired face was small and brief, but she caught it all the same, and her words almost faltered from the rush of yearning it elicited in her.

    Under her guidance and Ramge's assistance, North von Frosty secured safe zones for the people. Lenombe finally reacted to Valentina's barrage of requests and lent their aid.  The remaining nations rallied to this shared threat, no longer deemed only a problem for North von Frosty.

    But Shufraken was too strong and he was a pall over the entire continent, a slowly approaching doom no one knew how to stop.

    She caught Ramge researching the tomes their father once poured over. He avoided her questions and didn't address her accusations.  But she knew what he was thinking.  As children of Shufraken, it was their duty to stop him.  It was the sin of their family and only they could atone.

    She didn't know why she went.  Was it the fear of losing Ramge?  Was it the remorse of abetting their father?  Or perhaps she was simply obeying the filial piety which had been driven into her for her entire life?  Regardless, she went to that ancient dragon shrine to seek their father, to try to reason with him one last time.

    Tears touched her eyes when Shufraken approached her as she stood alone in the snow, the wind whipping her hair free.  Her tears blurred Shufraken's warped form and she saw him as her father.  Foolishly she still loved him.  She had accused Ramge of weakness, but she had been just as guilty.

    "Father…" Her voice quivered like Ramge's, her hands trembled as she reached out to him.

    A whim had spared her from great harm the first time.  She was not so fortunate now.

    Under the explosion of pain, she was dimly aware of Ramge crying her name and wondered if she was hallucinating. But then he was at her side, gathering her in his arms without heed for her wound.  It didn't matter.  She knew it was fatal.

    She pushed weakly at him to urge him away as Shufraken drew closer.  His grip only tightened, his long body curled over her, as if he could shield her from the world's horrors, the way her skirts used to shield him.

    But in the end, Shufraken overlooked him, as he had all of Ramge's life, as Valentina ensured he would.  Ramge had been spared the full reality of their father's contempt, his hatred, his disappointment, and now Ramge was spared his wrath, as Shufraken, with their father buried within, passed by him without a glance, disappearing into the snow.

    Once, Valentina had wondered if Ramge would ever look upon her death with grieving eyes.  She had her answer now and it was bittersweet.

    "Ramge."  His name was thick in her throat, bubbling up with her vitality, which made it sound warm in ways she never spoke it before.  "I know you are strong."  She smiled as best she could at that grieving face, squeezing his hands with what little strength remained in her.  "Because you are my brother."

    She would not live to see him on the throne, could only dream about what his rule would bring for their country and their people, and there was regret for the years wasted by her bad judgments.  But the white in his hair was proof of Ramge's strength despite the neglect, and that ultimately, he was a child of Shufraken, no matter how much their father denied it.  They were kin, bound together, and she was proud he was her brother.

    'I'm proud of you,' she tried to say, but it was too late.

    All she could see in the growing darkness was his large eyes.  Just like the first day they met, he did not cry, but the grief was there and it was more than she deserved.  On the first day they met, their mother had told them to support each other, and though he had been too young to remember, it was what he had always done, even as she eventually forgot.

    But she loved him as she did that first day, her dear baby brother, and that was something she never told him and now, never will.

    #roo fic#exos heroes #i was supposed to finish this on the first so it's a bit rushed and hopefully i caught all the typos lol
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    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Meta talk below. I don’t do this often (because we all have our bullshit we believe lol so who cares), but some thoughts have been in my head lately about the game’s themes and I thought I’d put them down since it demonstrates how I approach these characters and the story when I write or draw them. Spoilers for everything, mostly all the drama in Saint West.

    The latest chapter solidified the thing I like most about EH despite ... everything else (vague hand wave at incompetent devs, incompetent translation, and just... everything)... is that the game’s characters, especially the King’s Guard, are very messy, very shades of grey types.  Few in the cast are genuinely good people—Iris comes most to mind and she still had her revenge issue (before ultimately giving it up), along with Luke (WHO IS THE BEST ORC I AM NOT TAKING COMMENTS)—with everyone else on a sliding scale of very human, flawed motives and reactions to their world and their situations.

    This is definitely most present in the King’s Guard—none of them, yes, not even Ramge, who unquestioningly helps his father’s dark ambitions and doesn’t bat an eye about being an accessory to murder, are “good” people.  An old post for Exos Saga talked about how the Guard in that iteration were representative of the cardinal sins, and I think that was quite apropos, as each Guard was given a very prominent trait which lined up with a sin and was presented as a great character flaw: Rachel as wrath, Baraka as sloth, Xiakhan as pride, Ramge for greed, Rera for lust, and Bathory as envy.  These people were not good, stalwart, shounen heroes. They were not meant to be emulated or admired; they earned your sympathy at most and contempt at worst.  Despite being a “guard,” they only protected their own self-interests and hidden motives, sometimes outright working against each other.

    EH toned down that aspect a bit by shuttling the King’s Guard to the background; probably because most people don’t like their heroes to be morally ambiguous or people with inadmirable traits.  It’s hard to self-identify with characters that are unashamed of their flaws and do nothing to address it, because it amplifies our own flaws instead of romanticizing them.  It’s why you often see the flanderization of fan-favorites in fic; the character becomes a vehicle for the fan and few like to think of themselves as cowardly, selfish, mean, or weak.  We want to think of ourselves as “good” and righteous.

    But the game never really gave up that aspect of Saga because the devs seemed genuinely interested in presenting a story that was different from the usual mobage fare.  This is not some philosophical navel-gazing like FG0.  This was basically Game of Thrones in Korean Court edition, and the writers embraced the fact that people will act like people: good sometimes, selfish other times, but all doing what they think is right in their head.  Surface level moments of nobility are undercut with threads of self-serving intention upon closer inspection. 

    Even the game’s villains (minus Shufraken, as of this writing lol) are not doing it for the lulz. Carrie, for instance, had great plans to protect her homeland and her son, which did include doing some terrible things that made her a “villain”; if it weren’t for those terrible things, she’d be admirable in her love and drive!  She also was incredibly petty about the existence of a woman and boy who ultimately were not a threat to her, because they were undeserving in her eyes of what they had.  Because of this jealousy, this flaw in her nobility, because she could not let go and not be a sore winner, she lost the most important thing to her.  All her scheming was for naught, and that was shown to be karmic retribution.

    More karmic retribution (EDIT the deux: on further reflection, I think karmic would be the best general descriptor, as these came about from vices and character flaws that influenced their actions) came for characters through death: Nemeris for greedily wanting to have his cake and eat it too (save his mother, keep his crown, and spare Rachel, despite all of these being completely incompatible due to the circumstances), John Donk (his lust for Emma which spearheaded Saint West’s fall), Emma (for aiding Baileysh’s schemes, neverminding who it hurt), and even Garff (for his naivete and unwillingness to speak up when things were wrong—as an aside, I found it interesting his black FC was the exact opposite!).  Saint West was a whole tragedy of flawed people making flawed decisions and paying the ultimate price for it.

    And yes, I loved it, even as I cried over Garff.

    The game has always been big on certain themes: sins of the father, karmic retribution, and redemption through action—popular themes also found in Korean court dramas and Korean storytelling in general. To me, this makes the game’s plot and the characters entwined in it a lot of fun to explore, as they will rise and fall and rise and fall, tugged about by the intrigue surrounding them.  Triumph is not guaranteed. Tragedy is given. (We love our tragedy lol.)

    But there’s hope too, an element I think most exemplified in Zeon, the ultimate hero of the story.  Not without his own trauma, his hope is a little rough, sometimes a little violent, and definitely very tsun, but the writers made him a perserving type who does what needs to be done cause no one else will step up.  Where others are flawed, he’s turned into strength, showing that everyone can rise up past their weaknesses to grasp hope.  The people he meets are influenced by that and change.

    So yeah. This game is definitely not cut-and-dry, despite appearances with its stilted translation and ... *gestures at everything.*  And I personally find it hard to go ‘this character is 100% right’ and ‘this character is 100% wrong’ for a lot of the cast, because they’re all acting in ways with good intentions—for themselves, their own—and this often runs afoul of others who are also acting in ways with good intentions for themselves and their own. Conflict occurs and it leads to tragedy.

    And that’s what I find so damned interesting that I can’t stop writing about it lol.

    #exos heroes#meta #also should have a new fic up tonight! #which also partially inspired this post #and it's actually not a shipfic for once wdf
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    I don't think I'll ever get around to writing it (my backlog is intense gahhhh), but the flavor text for Ramge's Season 4 suit made me want to do a fairy tale Cinderella-esque thing.

    I was thinking that Ramge's family are old nobility: they have land and prestige but no power or money. And this has made Shufraken very unhappy so he's not a good Daddy, especially after Mommy died. :(

    Meanwhile, the Emperor Theodore invites all the nobility from all over Exos to a special party to try to marry off his aging son (you know, do they ever name the new Emperor?). It takes place during a blue moon, which is a magical time of good luck and fortune and wishes. Shufraken takes Valentina to the ball while Ramge can't go to this nice party since he's persona non grata. And he's very sad about it cause it looked so charming. He wanted to dress up and people watch and eat nice food! And maybe dance and all those fun things that people seem to like doing at parties in the books he reads.

    Sia, a stray cat Ramge had taken in, has an old plush toy she dragged home a year ago that she likes to chew and claw on. It's a lion. :) Its previous owner(?) tried to stitch up all the places its stuffing was coming out, even on its face.

    I never decided what ridiculously cutesy name Ramge would give it... Ramge thinks it's cute though and he'll talk to it from time to time. He tells it he's very sad he can't go to the party.

    Meanwhile the blue moon rises, and the lion comes to life. It was magical powers! It'll grant Ramge a chance to go to the party by granting him all the necessary things to attend! Nice clothes! Transportation! Other stuff! (Also it asks Ramge to stop calling it by that cutesy name. >( Its name is Rachel tyvm.)

    But Ramge doesn't want to go alone cause he doesn't know anyone at the party. He's really shy. :( He asks if he can take Sia somehow?

    No pets and the lion can't turn Sia into a human escort cause Sia would still have a kitty brain, so it nominates itself and poof! Turns into a handsome date!

    So with the fairy godlion magic the two go to the party and have a good time, and Ramge even meets the Emperor's son but is totally not interested cause Rachel's fun to be with. Rachel meanwhile had fallen for Ramge while he was living it up as Sia's chew toy, so he's taking advantage of his good fortune.

    At one point Ramge even asks who Rachel really is and Rachel's like "I'm a prince that got cursed by my dad's first wife to be a doll," and Ramge's like "wutrly?!" And Rachel's like "nah, just pulling your leg lulz want some food?" (Except not, it's actually true.)

    Anyway, as the moon sets the magic wears off so they have to return, but before Rachel transforms into a plushie, he tells Ramge that Ramge shouldn't be afraid to follow his heart and do what he wants. (Also please keep Sia from chewing on him.)

    So the next morning, Ramge leaves his home with his cat and his stuffed lion, and travels the world looking for a way to lift the curse, cause he absolutely knew Rachel was lying about it being a joke.

    The end.

    ... another story idea where they don't even kiss. Maybe that's why I don't feel like doing anything with it. I write enough smarmy fic as it is lol.

    Also it's a silly idea lol. ... The real reason is I wanted Sia to treat Rachel like a chew toy.

    #roofic#exos heroes#screenshot #wait should i tag this roofic? do i even have a spitballing idea tag?
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    i feel like deleting this game but then this happens hmmmmm

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