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  • Rust

    Back in April I I started this industrial landscape. I love the hulking steel monuments of Johnstown, how they loom over the river landscape, shadows of their former fiery presence.

    This is 20″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas.

    First draft: in some ways I still love this the way it is. But I have such a history of falling in love with the potential of an early painting, through the rosy glasses of what…


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  • Take a break from college and travel for 4-6 months around SEA?

    Hi guys,

    I am a guy who is 24 years old and currently study mechanical engineering. I have less then a year left before I get my bachelors degree and plan on taking a masters afterwards so I have roughly 3 years of schooling left. I recently moved from home and work part time saving maybe 200-300$/month and have 10 000$ in savings, with about 25 000$ student debt as of now. The education is tax-payed where I live so I am not taking huge losses over time. The interests are 0.05% and can pay it back however you want so I am not too concerned about debt but try to be smart about it.

    The logical part of me is saying that I should continue to save my money and finish school, but for the last year or two I feel like my life has been really dull. I am single, sit in my apartment most of the time during corona and am constantly busy with school, work and chores. I kind of feel like I need to break the routine for awhile and do something I never done before and then return to school/work afterwards.

    I have a real urge to travel around SEA for about 4-6 months as soon as the lockdowns are over and want to get your perspective for those who have experience with traveling.

    I could probably rent out my apartment during that time to cover the rent, the only thing I am concerned about is that traveling will drain my savings. My plan is to save up additional money to cover 4-6 months of expenses for food and rent when I return. Other then that I won’t have much left.

    What do you guys think? Should I focus on finishing school first or take a break and go and travel? Another concern is that if I go traveling right after I am done with school I will have a harder time finding a job. I know that this question has been asked a million times but roughly how much would a travel like that cost?


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  • What do you wish you had when you travelled?

    Ofcourse this is all pre-covid.

    What I’m grateful I did have:

    -really good insurance through my Canadian credit card (I got super sick in mexico), they covered everything

    What I wish I did have:

    -a translator, being stuck in a hospital where I don’t speak the language is super tough, I also got a bad reaction to the medicine they gave me

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  • Looking for advice on Trans-Siberian/Mongolian railway.

    Hello all, I am planning to go from Amsterdam to Beijing via railway. This will include a part of the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Irkutsk then south. I plan on doing this roughly 10 months to a year from now, departing early December or Jan depending on Covid. I am an American 24 year old male and have traveled solo a healthy amount of times. I’ve chosen this time frame because I plan on switching jobs around this time and will have ample time to travel. I’ve got a decent amount of research since this is a big trip and I’ve always wanted to do this but would absolutely love any tips or advise from someone who has done this, preferably on any logistical tips, if any towns on the route had memorable experiences, and cultural Do’s and Don'ts. Thank you so much.

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  • Tips on judging if a situation is dodgy?

    Hi all. I’m autistic and have a lack of a sense of danger, basically in any unexpected situation I struggle to tell if it is a normal, safe thing to happen or if I should be running as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Obviously when solo travelling this can be a bit of a problem for me since there is no one else I can ask to apply a bit of common sense for me. I try to keep up to date with common scams, for instance I know not to trust someone who invites me to go to a tea house or art gallery with them. However, if someone were to approach me for any other reason I would be absolutely clueless as to if their offer is legit or not.

    I’ll give an example of something that happened last year, I was in Harbin on my way to the ice festival and accidentally got off the bus a stop too soon. A woman ran out an unmarked office and told me there was a free taxi service to the festival for tourists and handed me over to a man who told me to get in his car (which was unmarked, not an official taxi). I know getting into strangers’ cars can be dangerous but I don’t know when that is the case. My instinct here was this is fine so I got in, but I really couldn’t tell if it was actually safe or if it was my autism making me think so. When we arrived he tried to take me inside another unmarked office saying that was where to get a ticket but I thought it would be quicker to buy one from the booth at the festival entrance so I left him. Anyway from my perspective it was a free taxi service as promised and everything worked out fine, but when I was telling my friend about my trip she told me I was wrong to get in a car just because a stranger told me to.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to be a bit more ‘street smart’ as it were? This is the main thing that stresses me out about solo travel and makes my family worry about me whenever I’m gone, especially since I’m a woman. Thanks for any help.

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  • I, the mighty Kirby the Explorer, have discovered tens of plushies trapped in a box!  Never fear, plushies, I shall rescue you from your prison by GRUMPing at that box!

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  • Travelling to South Korea during the pandemic

    So I’m planning to travel to South Korea in April . Has anyone from Europe been there during the pandemic or very recently . I don’t understand the quarantine period . If we have to go quarantine for 14 days do you recommend that I book extra time in Korea then ? I’m not a EU national , I have a South African passport however I live in the uk . If you guys have any advice or anything on the situation 😅it would be must appreciated .

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  • My first walk is always the best walk it’s always the one I remember the most.

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  • What is a travel journal you would buy?

    What is a travel journal that is pre-made (rather than just a plain notebook) that you would be willing to buy? One that has a lot of prompts? Just a few prompt with lots of space to write? A journal for one trip at a time or have a journal that allows for multiple trips?

    Let me hear it!

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  • Anyone travelled to Egypt lately?

    Egypt is one of the few countries open for tourism and easier for me to travel to. But how safe it is with the corona virus situation?

    Has anyone visited the country in the last few months and could you please share your experiences here?

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  • How are you guys dealing (mentally) with the travel restrictions?

    Pretty much just the title. I love trip planning even when I don’t end up going, but with travel restrictions there’s so many sites basically saying ‘you can’t do this anyway, so we aren’t showing anything in this location.’ I definitely won’t do any foreign or out of state travel until I’m vaccinated, but it’s still depressing to know there’s no possibility of me doing anything for at least another 6 months (I’ll be in phase 3 of vaccinations). How do you guys avoid feeling depressed about this?

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  • Japan Trip Spring 2021 Looking Less Likely - Advice/Similar Experiences?

    This past summer I finally got fed up with COVID lockdowns and lack of travel. I saw a flight deal through Air Canada for a really good fare to Tokyo and jumped on it for a solo trip, assuming I could fill the 10ish day itinerary out later. I just got a series of emails that Air Canada has canceled some of the flights in my itinerary and one of the flights they’ve “rebooked” me on is scheduled to miss a connection (one flight arrives at 8:13 am but the next flight departs at 8:10 am). This new wrinkle, paired with the current state of things in Japan, mean this trip is likely shot.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I’m primarily interested in how to approach the revised itinerary with a negative three minute layover. I realize that I could probably just cash this out for Air Canada vouchers but I’m wondering if there’s another option that I could leverage into a fall 2021 Japan itinerary or other itinerary which would likely be significantly more expensive than what I booked for the spring. Also, anyone else looking to travel to Japan this year and what are your itineraries and expectations for what will be open? I’m still trying to figure out what my next move is.

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  • Aruba or Antigua ?

    Hi everyone,

    After a breakup and after a year with lockdowns I’d like to go to the Caribbean in order to relax for a week, swimming in beautiful beaches and try some good food. Due to covid restrictions I can’ travel everywhere, so I’d like to choose between Aruba and Antigua.

    I have already traveled to (similar places) :

    • Punta Cana (all inclusive resort)
    • Sardinia

    Length : 1 week.

    Budget : I have saved some money, but i’m not trying to break the bank. Somewhere around $5000, including flights, would be good.

    Climate : I’ll travel on February so all the Caribbean Islands will be ok, no problem


    • Beach : I’ll travel from France so I’d like to found beaches that really worth
    • Outdoors : I’ll be alone so I’ll not stay the whole week at the hotel. I’ll be glad to be able to walk a little bit in the island and
    • Social : I know it’s hard because of covid, but if there is the possibility to meet someone there it would be perfect. But not mandatory.

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  • Moving to Australia from Canada

    I am a 28yo Canadian working on a ski hill in Alberta. No surprise I met a great Australian girl here that unfortunately is coming up on the end of her Canadian visa and will be moving back to Aus in March and I’d really like to go with her. I am really hoping that despite covid it would still be possible to get a working holiday visa approved, but having never applied for a foreign visa before and especially in the middle of a pandemic I am a little uncertain and confused on the application process.

    Just looking for someone that has made the move from Canada to Aus in the last year and can give me some insight to the process. Would I be able to get a “spouse” visa if we can prove we have been seeing each other for a few months before I apply or would it be best to try and find work and get a job sponsor or are the chances of getting a working holiday visa good enough on their own at this point?

    Anyone with some knowledge on this would be a huge help.

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