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  • iammarriedtotwogamiirl
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hgh :no_sleep:

    #))i dont know what to do anymore . #))after all this work i am still not happy with my sprites . #))i am extremely frustrated because i have tried literally everything and cannot get them spot on #))i dont know what it is that's wrong with them #))i REALLY dont want to have to resort to tracing #))i want them to look real #))and i refuse to even LOOK at a tutorial/guide #))then everything would be for nothing . #))i would see myself as a cheater and so would twogo . #))all of this work i do is all for twogo in some way.. i just want him and sadashi to be happy together #vent
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  • princeanxious
    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I. I think i know what they mightve done to make the site crash, but to do that I need prior info that i do not currently have???

    Bc i knew the desk top version had different eye burning recolor layouts and stuff like canary and classic, ect. But uh. I dont think mobile had them??? I can confirm tumblr mobile doesnt have Canary atm which is the Only pallete option name i remember from desktop but uhhhhhhh

    Idk if this is new. But mobile has two new(to me anyway) color options. Gothic Rave and. Pride.

    I have Pride selected. If u saw my last post about the newest annoying notif bar being really dark, well, you'll be happy to know its now my favorite* color: hot pink (*sarcasm)

    #tumblr mobile #maybe this isnt new but to me the names sure are #tbh with you i have no idea why the Pride pallete is named as such bc its only pink purple and blue?? #oh and theyre absolutely as eye searing as the past ones #which makes me extremely sad because the text for Pride is actually really nice?? its a dull-ish purple and cute #like of they toned down the satuation on Pride i'd literally be 100% okay with my dash being 90% pink for the sheer fact that its so close- #-to being a genuinely pleasant alternate color pallete skin? and its only with the filled in sections where the bright neon colors pop that #-theres any true form of eye strain #at least personally #like... especially with the tag system where instead of all the bubbles being grey or even a muted blue- they are neon indigo #:( #might just keep pride selected after i investigate gothic rave bc idk. the bright colors are making me happy okay. #i might get horrible migraines from it but gosh darn it the dark muted blue made me sad #at this point im not trying to souns big brain but im like 80% sure they where already here but i just. never touched them until now #its less big brain and more 'HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME I COULD HAVE PURPLE TEXT AS MY DEFAULT APP TEXT COLOR' #Literally i am going to get a migraine from this neon indigo and i dont even care bc if it stepped down in saturation itd be my *fav* color #literally the hue that you cant tell if its. really blue or purple is my fav color and this lvl of neon & disgraced hot pink cannot stop me #even better is that its only this indigo color when yer typing #but when you arent typing in the tags- the bubbles are a soft not-eyesearing pastel pink! #well. at least when yer editing the post. #the text of the tags of posts when yer straight reading them are unfortunately the neon hot pink color against white >>
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  • rafaelcsal
    23.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    always a bee.

    #i dont want to be extremely sappy and annoying but. #jadon was the whole reason i became interested in dortmund and i got to know a club that means so much to me bc of him #as sad as i am to see him go i am so happy that so many other doors and opportunities will be opening for him bc he deserves it so much. #ik his heart will always bleed black and yellow and that's good enough for me #thank u for everything. #jadon sancho#borussia dortmund
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  • mickeyssleevelessflannel
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Alright so earlier I was thinking about them cohabitating, and then of course I was thinking about their apartment and what a significant decision it would be for them to decide when to move out of it, and how that decision would come with certain connotations if they decide to get a bigger place.

    So when their lease is coming to an end, nearly a whole year in the little apartment already behind them, they'd talk about it.

    Even though Mickey feels like that year dragged, he can admit that it did have its highlights, some happy moments and overall positives. It’s the first place they ever lived together that actually felt like theirs. Ian got to regularly use the gym and the garden and really nurture his hobbies. Mickey got to take advantage of the fact that he could bring home a cat and not have to consult anyone else in the house about it besides Ian and like, that rules pretty hard. They learned how to really navigate each other and how to be together without the pressures of being in prison or surrounded by eternally present family members. And the rent is a drop in the bucket compared to what they bring home each month, a fact Mickey still has trouble wrapping his mind around even though they’d been at it for over a year now with their business, diligently saving up for whatever was coming next.

    For how heavily-laden the pro side of the list may be, Mickey can still count several cons. He mainly still just takes issue with the daily pressure he feels from his surroundings, walking through his neighborhood to go grab a fucking sandwich or something feeling like he’s got a neon sign over his head indicating that he isn’t from around here, that he doesn’t give a shit about trying to act like he’s from around here, that he’s still pretty rough around the edges. And his husband likes him that way, thank you very much, but he sometimes longs for those times when that inherent roughness didn’t make him feel so misplaced. His life on the South Side had its issues, but it felt like home. The West Side still doesn’t feel like home. And as much as the apartment itself feels very much like their space, the lease was only signed by Ian. Mickey isn’t even on it. He’s gotten over harboring any resentment towards his husband over it after they’d talked about it to death, apology after apology after apology battering down his doubts and fears that his husband had really just wanted to move on without him. But despite the endless conversations about it, even though they “worked through it,” it was still a sensitive issue.

    But it was also the place where they decided to expand their family, newly adopted cat notwithstanding. This is where they lived when they finally concluded the parenthood conversation, came to a decision with no more loose ends left behind after sitting at the little kitchen table that Mickey had picked out online and nursing stupid fucking four-dollar beers and being so painfully earnest with each other about it, the most split open Mickey had ever felt in his life. It was fucking terrifying. But he wanted to do it. They both did. And truthfully it was never a matter of want, anyway. So Ian did what he does and helped him “work through it,” helped him address his fears and put his mind at ease. And now here they are, loose ends tied up on that conversation when there is another very important one to be had.

    So they talk about it. It would happen over dinner at their little kitchen table, a decidedly fine place for significant life decisions to be made. Ian hesitatingly points out that their lease is ending soon, trying to gauge where Mickey’s feelings are on staying in the apartment. And Mickey figures there’s no point in lying about not wanting to stay, even if it means hurting Ian’s feelings a little, figuring maybe his husband thinks a bit more time on the West Side is good for them somehow, helping them grow or whatthefuckever. But he tells him the truth. And Ian beams. Because he also wants to get outta here. Maybe get some place bigger, ya know? The implication of that isn’t lost on Mickey, knowing that a bigger home means more space for, well. A kid or two, maybe. If they want. Which they do.

    And who wouldn't be nervous at the idea? But Mickey is also so overcome by how much he feels for his husband in that moment, the relief of being on the same page about something so important making him blow out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding. And that night they lie side-by-side in bed as they scroll through real estate apps, looking at homes in neighborhoods they actually give a shit about, somewhere they’d be comfortable and happy. And with their steady income they can buy a place, something that never even seemed within the realm of possibility for them. Mickey can't even fathom it, confused when Ian shows him a listing on his phone for a place that's for sale, and Ian reminds him that they make money, they've saved, they can do this.

    They'd check out open houses, go to showings with that realtor Tami recommended, until they settle on a place with a couple of bedrooms and a decent-sized back yard on the South Side. And like, is this regressing? Somehow? After all this growth? It's a valid concern I guess but nah, growth is still going to happen here and there's nothing wrong with living and raising your kids in a neighborhood you give a shit about.

    So they'd move. And think about next steps, waiting for the right time to make some moves towards growing their family somehow now that they've got this house with this other empty bedroom just waiting to have some life and movement in it. And it would feel weird to be back in more familiar territory after a year in the apartment, but that's fine. Because it also just feels really fucking good to be doing what feels right for them, what makes them happy.

    #aw man thinking about made me feel. extremely #like i just want them to be happy ya know #and i don't hate the apartment really and i don't even know for sure if i think they'd end up back on the south side #but this felt right today #gallavich#gallavich headcanon#domestic gallavich #also filing this under #it's dad gallavich truthing hours #also maybe#gallavich fic #? #fic adjacent
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  • beesza
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    i just came back from the beach and i feel absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! drifting away from the safety float line in the sea is amazing. the water is amazing. it's been exactly two years since i've last let myself go in a big body of water and i had missed it so incredibly much. i teared up a little while i was floating. i'm so grateful for being here again, thankful for being able to swim, and for my salty skin that soaks up the sun rays

    #i'm so extremely happy #i can't describe #personal
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  • swordsareforthegays
    23.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I mean think of how awful it must have been for Pink, in the aftermath of hurting Pink Pearl, to see her washed out and stiffly posed, being piloted by White Diamond. Her best friend with her face still cracked and not even herself any more. Talk about adding more trauma to the trauma

    #*inhales* from the very beginning I wanted the Diamonds to have redemptions arcs and I am extremely happy that they did #that they changed and are able to happier now while making everyone else’s lives happier as well #but they can get fucked for what they did to Pink
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  • toadpiss
    23.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    omg i’m scared to be in the public 👁……..

    #like happy i’m getting shot no. 2 tomorrow but #extremely scared #covid did a huge number on my pre-existing agoraphobia lmfao
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  • saintdabi
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    thinking about how underrated itafushikugi is as a ship. they’re soulmates your honor.

    #PLEASE LET THEM BE HAPPY GEGE I AM ON MY HANDS AND KNEES #i feel like i should have a ship tag so u guys can block it rip um #ship tag #that’s gonna be it bc i’m extremely uncreative #so block that for any character x character ship mentions!! #vicspeaks
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  • you-changedmedean
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    okay but Misha riding a horse is a fucking mood

    #so glad seeing Misha being happy doing his normal things #but those thighs #are made for (insert extremely ridiculous activity) #jasspeaks
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  • sgt-paul
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    it's 2021, we have the ability to deepfake people and yet creating a beatle wig that does not look like a badly cut, literal mop from 1964 is apparently still a challenge


    wig stylist.... wig. stylist.

    did they not turn up then or

    #i wouldnt even mind the weird ass face that much (i mean.. its pretty unsettling lol and it looks like an uglier evil impostor #but its a cool idea) #but..... the hair just really throws me off agsgfahshd #r #(anyway the video itself is a lot of fun as well) #(and ofc im happy that its 2021 and we are still getting new paul content. we are extremely lucky)
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  • awacatin
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sharing this here bc I'm very proud of it n i can't wait to finish doing the linocut so I can stamp it on a shirt

    #linocut#kinda#originalart#original #i know original stuff doesnt slap as much as fanart n thats fine. tbh i dont take it personal anymore? #it used to get to me! back when i only shared things on insta. but original stuff made me extremely happy so yeah!! #hhhh ngl im gonna miss drawing tma n the feedback of it o(--( fandoms are nice. original n fanart make me happy #i wanna do tma linocut tho....but i only know like 2 friends irl who like the podcast fjjdjfdf selling printed stuff wouldnt work #wanna do more nice tma serious stuff!!! wanna draw BGs!!! #ive been doing a lot of shippy n r18 stuff!!! wanna do more complex stuff #woah i rlly dont know many synonyms. i hate english. se chingan ahora todo lo woa escribir en español .l.
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  • wavesmp3
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #asks #are you happy? #might honestly be one of my favorite things I’ve written too #it’s a little rough and could use some polishing probably but the idea of it and like structure of it I love #the grief parts in particular were extremely cathartic for me as well
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  • sageinacage
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #IM LITERALLY. I. AH. /POS #asks #sage is extremely happy tag
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  • theunembarrassedalto
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    okay we’ve moved like less than half our stuff BUT we are in the apartment!! my brother came by in the evening and helped us haul the mattress in plus some extra boxes; we got him Thai food as a thank you; we unpacked most of our dishes and ran the dishwasher (DISHWASHER!!); and I went for a fucking SWIM and jumped straight into the 7ft part of the pool and oh. oh this is so unbelievably glorious. I have apartment impostor syndrome; I can’t believe they actually let us live here. and I get to sleep in my own goddamn bed tonight and oh. oh I am so happy

    #personal #my feet hurt and my legs hurt and my arms hurt and I have a ton of shit to haul in here still #but I am so extremely fucking happy right now #the wonders of being stably housed!! let’s hope this + a swiftly instituted routine #will help my mental health from going completely down the toilet before my first fucjing semester of grad school
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  • parrishthieves
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    anyways thinking about how pynch have such a beautiful relationship based on mutual trust and respect, and though they have/are facing problems it is never a question that they love and care for each other so much and are actively trying to build a good life together. thinking about how the two of them are fiercely protective for each other but never try the limit the other in any way, even if they disapprove. thinking about how they’re helping each other grow. it’s never really manipulation or orders or commands with them; it’s making choices and respecting them. it’s adam making time to help ronan wake up his father’s dreams. it’s ronan’s silent support after persephone’s death. it’s adam pressing charges to save ronan. it’s adam explaining to ronan why bryde is a bad idea, pleading with him to understand himself because he knows it’s important that ronan does. they are not only in love but they are also good for each other!! 

    #the healthy relationships aren't the ones where there are no fights or disagreements #it's the ones where you never question their love and devotion despite the disagreements. the one where you know there is always support! #thinking about how they were (are) extremely traumatised teenagers who found love and happiness and belonging in each other #pynch#trc #otp: tamquam alter idem #I miss them :( #for two extremely traumatised teenagers who have seen fucked up things they’re doing pretty well
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  • 4xmulti21champion
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    daily seb 093/365

    #f1#dailyseb#preseason 2019 #sonnenschein seb! #the serotonin levels here are extremely high #he's so pretty and so happy and so sweet #lemme kiss 🥺👉👈 #original for this is massive so do click
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  • nogf
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I do not fucking understand anything shit is actually going nominally good for me for once and I just want to die. Like I'd been feeling better than I had for as long as I can remember earlier this year, from p much february until july, grinding work and school and shit and now the grinding comes to fruition, I got promoted and have a hot shit meme position and title and relatively hot shit meme pay and almost instantly I'm back to constantly wanting to off myself

    #i know this is extremely extremely worlds smallest violin but im only on earth to complain so w/e #im extremely dumb and have to learn everything for myself so i think this is just me finding out that le you cant buy happiness #and also realizing for the 4656th time that external validation doesn't do it for me lol #i didnt expect i was suddenly gonna feel great and my life would be awesome just because i got some recognition and a little bread but #it feels like the floor came out from under me lol ive had like 3 migraines in the past two weeks because i just want to #end my shit. i forgot what it feels like to have a gnawing void inside you lolz #im getting pretty fucking tired of being like this
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  • astrangergivingthestrangewelcome
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    The concept of Kaz/Jesper is sending me like. I'm sorry that you had to have unrequited feeling Jesper that sucks but. Uh. You do realize that would have been a nightmare relationship right?

    #first of all kaz would be so shit for Jesper #like kaz would not be understanding to Jesper #wylan is happy to help jesper overcome his self-destructive tendencies #kaz would either not help or help in such a resentful way it wouldn't be helpful #like he would only bring jesper down #and jesper would be so shit for Kaz too #jesper can get Kaz to lighten up not open up #also frankly just like kaz wouldn't be up for dealing with gambling addiction #jesper would not be up for dealing with Kaz's intimacy hang-ups #kaz is an extremely difficult person to find the right person for #and frankly I only think he could have a 'healthy' relationship with someone who understands what it's like to be as #well... damaged as he was by everything #that person is NOT jesper #soc #six of crows #kaz brekker#jesper fahey
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  • androidboy
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    gummy bears new favorite candy

    #i was missin sour gummy worms hardcore but im not! allowed! to have them! #extremely happy that gummy bears are hittin tho i haven’t had anything that’s tasted like this in 2 yrs
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  • painandalsosuffering
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    (this is a vent post, ignore it if you want)

    yall ever just

    realize that you're getting worse but don't know how to help yourself so you just rot away in bed

    yeah me too lol

    #its getting worse #lost basically all of my friends #extremely mentally unstable #nothing makes me that happy anymore #interests are going away #i probably need help #vent#tw vent
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