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  • revarova
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    You’ve been here for a year. 12 months, full cycle. You’ve only been truly alive for half of it. Maybe you should start living again.

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  • idiot-izuku
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    how tf has it already been 6 days since 321 leaks came out

    how tf are the 322 leaks already tomorrow

    how tf am i gonna survive this chapter

    #you mean to tell me it’s been almost a week since 321??? #huh??????? #you’re gonna look me in the eyes and say the 322 leaks are tomorrow? #YOURE GONNA SIT HERE AND SAY THAT BAKUGO MIGHT APOLOGIZE TOMORROW? #that is mind blowing???? hello???? look at how far the story has progressed and where it’s going #look at the change they’ve gone through. like. damn #DOES IT EVER DRIVE YOU CRAZY JUST HOW FAST THE NIGHT CHANGES #sorry i had to do that #bakudeku#bkdk#bnha #bnha manga spoilers
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  • dannissunnyday
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Guess who's not ready to go to work tomorrow 🥺✋

    #dannissunnyday#it's me #I'm not ready #a few more days #feels like years #everything will be okay #self talk#girl#blonde #black and white #better days will come #green eyes #sorry for the snoot lol #it was the best one #it's close to midnight #let's get some sleep
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  • tsukiyomo-jane
    03.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Kyle Richards Reveals Her Favorite Under-Eye Mask

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member treats her under-eye ... Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. from Google Alert - eye lift https://ift.tt/3Cb18YR

    #IFTTT #Google Alert - eye lift
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  • ihavebeesinmyknees
    03.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #emmett is yelling #omg...the power of that sentence...my eyes have opened #he p much always has it #but Especially in that one outfit on bliss #asks#purplepunchsoda#owen wilson
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  • sickandtiredart
    03.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I lost the phone a bit ago, whoops- I'll get to digitalizing the full body images and icons when motivation is back.

    For now, take some eye glowies! I have a feeling Pap taught his new little (older?) brother and parents how to glow.

    Characters are from @cherryao3nova and @danceingbean 's fic Error's (Spiteful) Holiday

    #nightmare sans#reaper sans#error sans#handplates sans#handplates papyrus#goth sans #Error's (Spiteful) Holiday #eye glows! #haha glitchys tear tracks glow too
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  • tatsandpussycats
    03.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    also check out the size of this 🥕

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  • mii1o
    03.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    QUIZ! TAKE PLEASE! there is no extinction option, sorry! [@moon-jellie i made something you might like!]

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  • lesbianakechi
    03.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    [plays with alternate jjk where toji isn’t a deadbeat father] everything still goes to hell and i think geto dying is one of those things. hm.

    #ndjdjdjd the six eyes breaking his own fate... or something #regardless if the star plasma vessel doesn’t merge then nothing actually changes #besides geto and gojo being marginally less fucked in the head #and get possibly flying under the radar still. #.....and mister king of monkeys not being dead #jjk spoilers
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  • twst-planet
    03.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    When u see it u can't unsee it

    Behold 2nd yr Sebek✨

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  • marvels-bitch-boy
    03.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Emerald Eyes: Chapter 1

    Hi!! okay, so this is my first ever attempt at writing a series! but I'm so happy that I'm giving this a try

    this is the first chapter of my series idea (character backstory here) that I had after a mental breakdown from watching black widow, so here we go!

    Chapter 1: (Wanda’s POV)

    Word count: 1,128

    Wanda had been relaxing on the couch of the avenger’s common room when suddenly her brother can whizzing in turned off her show and was seated beside her, she was shocked and scolded her brother for springing up on her

    “Pietro! What the hell!... I was watching that!”

    Pietro just brushed her and off and started talking “so there's this party-” she immediately cut him off as she went to turn the tv back on “no”

    Pietro waited a second before he started again “...so there’s this party at a college a few miles away tonight-” she looked away from the tv with a serious face “No, I’m not going-” Pietro cut her off this time “-and a bunch of the new agents are going together...aaaanndd you can take vision with us” he flashed his puppy dog eyes and gave pleading smile, she rolled her eyes but reluctantly agreed because her boyfriend can come with “fine I’ll go, only because he can come”. Pietros smile grew and he pumped his fist in victory “Yess! We’ll leave at 9!” and with that, he was out of the room just as fast as he entered.

    Wanda got dressed for the party, headed down to the compound’s front door, and waited for her brother and boyfriend. She didn’t have to wait that long for Vision as he had arrived only seconds after her, he greeted her with a kiss and they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before Pietro came into the room with a gust of wind and pretended to gag when he saw the pair, Wanda and Vision simply chuckled to themselves as they walked out of the compound and headed to the car Pietro grabbed from the garage.

    When they arrived at the party Pietro immediately was greeted by a group of drunk agents, he told his sister he would be right back -she knew she wouldn’t see him until the end of the night except when he pulls some crazy stunt before she or Vision drags him back to the compound- she and Vision enter the party and were both overwhelmed with the intense smell of alcohol and the heavy flow of the music with the mix of the bodies dancing to the music and dim lights inside making it impossible to see the full length of the crowd, Vision, on the other hand, can see a table full of different drinks and offers to go and grab one for Wanda being the gentleman that he is.

    Wanda goes to sit on a couch on the other side of the party and she sits alone for a moment before she feels the couch dip to her side, like every rational girl at any college party she assumes its another heavily drunk guy who came to hit on her, but to her surprise, the stranger doesn’t say anything he simply lays his head back and closes his eyes for a second before he opens them and simply gives her a tight-lipped smile and a small wave, Wanda returns the wave and looks over at the sea of dancing drunk college students, the stranger just looks over at her and gives her an inquisitive look he speaks up before she can say anything “I bet I can guess who you’re here with?”

    Wanda lightly scoffs at this with a warm smile “I’m sure you can...go ahead” she waves her hand over to the crowd in front of them, he chuckles and looks over the crowd and squints as he strokes his chin to pretend to be thinking this makes Wanda roll her eyes playfully and smack his shoulder “go on guess already, I don’t have all night” with that he gives her a satisfied look “okay okay, you’re here with…” points over to Pietro who is currently hanging from a bannister with a blanket as a cape yelling “I AM THOR” right before he jumps off into the crowd, the stranger turns his head back to wanda “brother, and…” and turns back to the crowd and points at Vision who is currently attempting to reach between groups of people at the drink table “boyfriend…” he looks back at Wanda with a ridiculously goofy grin spread across his face, she simply shrugs and replies with “lucky guess” the stranger then returns the shrug with a smirk “its a gift of mine”

    Wanda and the stranger fall into conversation after this, it’s a very comfortable flow and both seem to be enjoying it, “you did not trip him down THAT MANY steps?!?” the man -that Wanda found outs name was Y/N and was a recent graduate- burst out as he started laughing at Wandas recount of one of the many times she tripped her brother as he tried to run away from her, Wanda starts laughing with him “yes I did, that isn’t even the best part after-” but she was cut off as a small fight had broken out on the other side of the party, Y/N stopped laughing as he got up and quickly looked back at Wanda “sorry I gotta go make sure nobody breaks a bone” Wanda just gives him a tight-lipped smile and a wave goodbye as she watches him make his way over to the rising commotion.

    Moments later she is joined by Vision who now has a cup in hand as he approaches her with a smile, she takes the cup as he joins her and asks her if she has been enjoying herself she simply nods and hums as she takes a sip of the drink her boyfriend graciously brought her, they both sit and watch the crowd for a few more moments before Pietro comes barreling over shouting “WE NEED TO LEAVE! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!” before he runs out the door and towards the car, Vision and Wanda look at each other before joining Pietro at the car, they rush out of there as fast as Vision is willing to drive, and Pietro is dying laughing in the backseat, Wanda just rolls her eyes at her brother before he leans over between the two in the front and asks with a wide smile “soooo...did you two enjoy yourselves tonight?”

    TIME SKIP----- 2 months

    Wanda is walking through the lobby of the compound with the other avengers to greet the new SHIELD recruits that are arriving for their advanced training at the avengers compound, Wanda stays nearest to Natasha and Vision, she notices two agents that are dressed in completely different uniforms that are talking to Steve who is listening very attentively, he nods at the two as they walk past him to the recruit living quarters, Wanda doesn’t see the face of the new recruit only the back of the (Y/H/C) haired man as he walks down the hall holding his duffle bag

    A/N: AHH oh my god! I can't believe I'm actually giving this a shot but fuck it! I really hope you guys like it!!

    #SWORD agent idea M-B-B #Emerald Eyes M-B-B #wanda x y/n #wandamaximoff #wanda maximoff × reader #wanda maximoff x m!reader #wanda maximoff x male reader #natasha romanoff x y/n #natasha romanoff x male reader #natasha romanoff x m!reader #scarlet witch x m!y/n #scarlet witch fanfiction #black widow x m!y/n #black widow fanfiction #marvel x male reader #x male reader #male reader #marvel male reader #male reader insert #male reader stories
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  • grahamcrackler
    03.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Dude I will go insane.

    I cannot use headphones (broken + snazzy new phone has no aux thingy) and my mom has an online meeting thing for work so there can't be any background noise. It is almost totally silent except for quiet mumblings from her computer and a car going vroom every five minutes.

    Kill me.

    #like fr im so vkred my eyes are ahot open and i xan feel my life wneragy draing away into dusg #need aound...... #sound noisey noises pleas. #please.
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  • sennokao
    03.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #◦  ☻  :  『   HEY   THERE   PRINCEY!   』  askbox. #seraphiia#toaunlocked2021#unlockedleicesterborder2021 #GOMEN FOR LONG THOUGHTS #i wanna say that celica to xane is sort of like a relic of the divine dragons #or at least a remnant of them bcs she's associated with the mila faith #which means he'll be keeping his eye on her :satisfied: #lets get along Teammate
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  • parkerlyn
    03.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #drabble#drabbles#the sage#the nameless#tnif#interactive fiction#interactive novel #there will always be another day #i will pretend that I have not already heard the question in your eyes #poetry prompts#queerbrujas
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  • laserbitch
    03.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #i remember listening to this song on repeat just so i could play the little synth lead in the second half #eyes set to kill #music#Spotify
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  • electricxmayhem
    03.08.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    yeah maybe i’m infected with a highly contagious disease and confined to my room but i’m also looking kinda hot… maybe the madness is setting in…

    #it’s literally cos i pinned my fringe back and a lot of it came out so my hair is kinda messy and my eyes are tired and i see myself #(in my amnesty international t shirt) #and i’m like okay who’s this rockstar 🤩 #listen i am insane #runaway scones
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  • piercedotnet
    03.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    “A king and his son” I love the tesmp (as I should since I’m a mod 🧍) c!schmidtt can catch these hands tho

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  • petalsbloomed
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    @lachrymosestorm​ whispered: ❝ Your skin is so soft… ❞ // Asmo

    sentences → affection.

         Goosebumps rose along the avatar’s skin at the feeling of her fingers trailing ever so gently along his arm.  Despite the chill it sent down his spine, he felt heat rushing to his face, and he leaned over so he could smirk at her.

         ❝ Well, of course my skin is soft, ❞  he teased, reaching over to give her a poke on her nose, smiling until he felt his cheeks stretching out.  ❝ You can thank my absolutely timely yet worth it skin care routine!  If you like I can show you at some point? ~ ❞

    #the lustful heart never stops desiring. (asmodeus in character) #no matter what i will always love you. (asmodeus asks) #lachrymosestorm #in a sea of people my eyes will always search for you. (lachrymosestorm: dez x asmo)
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