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  • wired-heartbeats
    25.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Ah, to curl up on my F/Os lap and be able to feel them give a warm chuckle before they start running their hand thru my hair to see me tiredly grin up at them and see them softly smile down at me

    #SOFT!! SOFT!!!! #self shipping#self ship #self ship prompt #fo imagine#f/o imagine#cats chatterbox#it’s uh #it’s soft time #the cold season begins so you know what that means???? cuddle imagines and keeping warm thoughts 👀
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  • escapeism-s
    25.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Other robot selfshippers!

    Can they run doom

    #robot f/o #self ship imagines #imagine your f/o
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  • selfshipprompts
    25.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #aah this is sweet! your familial f/os are totally there for you through everything! #thankyou anon! ♡ #anonymous#f/o imagines#familial imagines #self shipping community #submissions
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  • hai-nikolaidesu
    25.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    "...but thank you, for saving me back there."

    "Anytime, Doctor."

    I was in a general creative block but while playing Arknights and re-watching old comfort media, something possessed me to sweep the dust off my old Dokutah-sona, give him a boyfriend, and write a worrying amount of lore, like a madman

    Meet Dr. Tokoh Mendax! The doctor for my BSD and Arknights crossover AU (an incredibly self indulgent one might i add)

    The screencap that inspired this is under here!

    #It's nice that when ur hyperfixating on something that it makes you go bonkers dammed yonkers #AKA me trying to figure out how i could bully Dazai and Chuuys #nick's art#fan art#self insert#S/I#F/O #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd#nakahara chuuya#chuuya nakahara#Mendax tag#Arknights#dokutah
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  • catgirlselfships
    25.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    One year ago today I began playing Mystic Messenger. One year ago today— even though I wouldn’t know it for a few months yet— I met the fictional character that would become my fictional husband. To celebrate that I am posting this OTP questions list, and another one to follow, and I’ll be spamming some posts.

    1) we both are 💖😘

    2) trying to get through are stressful problems as a result of Saeyoung’s past and how it affects us now and how we should deal with it.

    3) depends

    4) did this really have to include “no sexual”? Anyways, it’s just hang out together, talking or doing any activity while talking, or even cuddling together.

    5) He drives. I ride shotgun

    6) I physically cannot carry him so he carries me.

    7) oooo okay here’s the list I had saved onto my notes explaining this:

    my nicknames for him are honey🍯 & babe💞 +the occasional 707💻 shortened to 7 (it’s only used bc I’m his 606📱) but he loves it best when I call him by his real name, Saeyoung. I also joke about him being my pet (cat mostly, but I have told him he has more of a dog personality lol). his nicknames for me are various and most are rarely used bc they’re just for funsies/a joke. honey🍯 & babe💞 are used most bc they’re also my names for him, along with 606📱, sweetie💝 (dragged out a bit), kitty (or referring to me as a cat), my galaxy☄️⭐️🌙🪐☀️ (my world equivalent), and of course “my” name (self insert’s) Gabriela.

    8) he does!

    9) I only do if I’m alone bc I hate my voice. But he’ll do it in front of others.

    10) me

    11) he

    12) we

    13) uh…our tastes both vary a lot so it depends on what you mean by “weird”.

    14) he does but only bc I order the same things all the time.

    15) me

    16) 😐😑

    [both, but mostly me lolol]

    17) both! depends on what’s going on as to who does.

    18) we’re always holding hands or very near each other, it’s hard to tell who grabs for the other first.

    19) Saeyoung does

    20) I am

    21) neither bc we have enough animals but it’s more likely to be me bc I can’t help wanting to save the poor things.

    22) he does, bc he’s taller

    23) many would think it would be Saeyoung but he’s respectful of my anxiety and would never public ally embarrass me, even if done goodnaturedly.

    24) he does, only bc I absolutely refuse!

    25) both (but the questions aren’t weird for us, we’re already weird so they’re normal :p)

    26) me. But on accident! Somehow I always end up wrapped up in them when I wake up. It’s why Saeyoung likes sleeping right next to me so much. It’s the only way he’s guaranteed blankets XD

    27) he does

    28) me

    29) we don’t drink coffee

    30) me. but he did cry while watching one particular movie.

    31) sorta both of us? but at the same time we’re like “nah this is whatever”

    32) I sometimes cut his hair. But I mainly leave it to the professionals.

    33) he did

    34) his friends knew as it was developing

    35) his friends and family ship us (lol). my friends are supportive, my family is worried.

    36) to everybody’s surprise, it’s Saeyoung

    37) I do

    38) me

    39) he does (I play along tho)

    40) inappropriate things as in sexual things? neither. Inappropriate things as in “not appropriate for this situation”? both, but most likely he’s doing it

    41) he makes me laugh more, but I make him laugh too! Just not as much.

    42) it depends on what the reassurance is about. I need it about almost everything. He needs it about me not leaving when things get tough, or that somehow things will get better.

    43) pfft. we’re both too smart to ever land in jail.

    44) hmm. idk

    45) Saeyoung. Only bc I can’t sing :,(

    46) wait for the other to come back. Lol no, we can manage to not be around each other all the time. We just, go on about our days.

    47) not a headcanon since I decide what’s canon, so this is canon, but bc of his extremely unhealthy lifestyle when he was young, he dies earlier than he should, and his last 7 years of life were tougher than they should have been. He dies at 77 (so my s/i is 75). So my s/i has to live on without him…

    48) until age 70, Saeyoung’s physical health is fine so he and my s/i live a happy life. My s/i never has major physical health issues. They enjoy 57 years of marriage. Though they had mental and emotional problems for the first few years of their marriage, they both agree that their lives got better and happier once they met the other. Even though they both know soulmates aren’t actually real, and Saeyoung refers to his brother as his other half (since they’re twins), they still know that the connect they share is a rare thing. It’s as if they were literally made for the other, destined to be together, they’re so perfect for each other…

    #otp questions #OTP: If God allows it… I’ll always have you in my heart 🤍 #main s/i: gal❤️‍🔥🫀❤️‍🩹 #main f/o: syc❤️🖤💛 #aenrys’ specials 🔥
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  • lilacslovers
    25.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    teamwork makes the dreamwork!

    #quick doodle of arlen n shuckle because i felt like it ! #fankid: arlen #familial f/o: shuckle #self ship fankid #pokemon sword and shield fankid #pokemon fankids #ask to tag #self shipping fankid
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  • wired-heartbeats
    25.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Comparing! Hand! Sizes! F/Os who’s hands are bigger than yours and they take every chance they get to hold yours and mentally scream over it, and lowkey compare their hand size to any part of you they hold, your face, your arm, your thighs, etc. They also occasionally just, put their whole hand on your face because it makes them grin in amusement, and wrap their fingers around your wrists to see if they can

    F/Os who’s hands are smaller than yours! Holding their hands in yours and easily pulling them after you with your fingers intertwined, cupping their face and watching them turn red from it, painting their nails and being able to easily hold their hand still in yours, pressing a kiss to their palm and watching them buffer

    Just, H a n d s

    #H A N D S #Look- #i like to think about comparing hand sizes okAY- #self shipping#self ship #self ship prompt #fo imagine#f/o imagine#cats chatterbox
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  • clydesducktape
    25.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago


    Kinktober 2021: Day 25

    Alpha!Din Djarin x Omega!F!Reader

    Kinktober Masterlist

    Warnings: A/B/O AU, Breeding Kink, PiV

    Wordcount: 275

    Impregnation fetish: enjoying the risk or the possibility of unprotected sex.

    Din’s teeth into your skin just so, hard enough to pull a gasp from your throat but not enough to break the skin. Dark chocolate eyes blowing out almost black at the thought as he pistons his hips against yours, moving faster as you flutter around him, sucking him in. 

    It’s almost as if your body craves it, needs him to fill you to the brim and plug you with his knot. Keeping you full until it takes and over the following months your belly swells as you grow his pups. He can smell it on you when you’re like this. Spread under him, leaking and slick. Your pheromones calling to him to quench the raging fire in your belly. It can only be him, he knows it. Feels it. He paints your walls, claims you as his. He fits so perfect and snug, keeping his gift to you where it belongs as he presses his hot skin to yours. “Maybe this time, Omega?” His words rumble against the shell of your ear before his lips return to the slope of your neck.

    “Yeah, Alpha.”

    When you’re not like this, he knows, he remembers as his fingers skim your birth control implant nestled in your hip. Discussions have been had, it’s all understood and he knows. But right now you both want it, keep trying and going until it takes. Until that little primal need of your heat passes and you giggle at the filth mumbled against each other’s skin. 

    But right now he doesn’t need to remember, that’s not what you want right now. Right now he’ll hold you tight and close, full and filled just the way you like it.


    Thanks for reading!

    #CDT Kinktober#Kinktober 2021 #alpha!din djarin #din djarin x reader #the mandalorian x reader #alpha/beta/omega dynamics#a/b/o au #omega!reader #f!reader #thia writes#clydesducktape
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  • shot-by-cupid
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #I’m probably going to delete this later I just thought it was funny 😭 #self ship meme #suggestive#f/o post
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  • breastmilkconjuration
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • candyselfships
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Honestly I really don’t like that episode where lil cato got trapped in a time shard (forgot the name or number). They basically abused lil cato just for the sake of abusing lil cato, he has 0 character development from that episode for the good or bad except for stopping to use the avocato keyboard, which we only learn he even has it in that episode!! And I’m talking he was in a time shard for 60 YEARS!!!! And Nothing changed about him!!!! and it’s not even even important to the plot later!!! And barely even brought up again!!! It’s basically a filler!!! The only reason it’s important is so you will understand why the wiki says he’s technically 74 years old!!! What the hell?!?!

    #final space#little cato #candy’s f/o opinions
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  • fo-messages
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    {ID: A fake screenshot of a received message. It reads: Even if your weight fluctuates, your value doesn't. You will always be worthy, and I'll always love you just the same. Never forget that please. End ID}

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  • mocharaycookie
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ok but what if your blunt rotation was your entire f/o list

    #selfship#self ship#selfshipping#self shipping#f/o #imagine your f/o #nephro.txt #this came outta nowhere sorry #drugs#drugs tw
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  • story-and-art-files
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Intro to me and my blog I guess-========================================================

    Last edited: 10/25/2021


    Hi I'm Cinna, this blog contains sona x canon or selfshipping. It also contains some personal art and reblogs and some animations and story written stuff.

    I'm female, she/her but gender sometimes explodes and its just yes.

    I am Uranic, meaning I like males, nonbinaries, nonbinary males and potentially(?) demi-boys. I also potentially simp on some females but that's besides the point.

    I also am potentially a monster fucker.

    This blog is only for 16+ and above, please come at you own cost human/creature/etc. it also contains some triggers that may trigger you, please be warned!!!!


    here's some of the tags I'll use:

    Keywords: F/O (fictional obsession)

    + #my selfshipping stories - for my sona x oc/sona x canon/sona x character ship stories

    + #selfshipping rules - for my art including sona x oc/sona x canon/sona x character ships

    + #familial love - anything platonic with my F/O or smth with my sona and an OC/character/canon

    + #Cinna Blake - some stuff about my sona

    + #triggerstuff - trigger warnings

    + #Monmon talking and #Panpan speaking - it's me talking or ranting or rambling or uhhhhhhh

    + #mytrashyart - my art and stuff

    + #original stories - when I post my own original written story

    + #ahah animates- - when I post my animations/animatics/smth idk


    Anyways here's a list of F/O's, got inspired to do it by @adams-selfships aka my child :3


    - Balan (Balan Wonderworld)

    - Craig (South park)

    - Kenny (South park)

    - Stan (South park)

    - Sans (undertale)

    - Ink!sans (UTAU)

    - Dream!sans (UTAU)

    - Nightmare!sans (UTAU)

    - Error!Sans (UTAU)

    - Dust!sans (UTAU)

    - Ruv (FNF mid-fight masses)

    - Garcello (FNF smoke em out struggle)

    - Edd (Eddsworld)

    - Tom (Eddsworld)


    - Skid (spooky month)

    - David (camp camp)

    - Gwen (camp camp)

    - Kyle (south park)

    - Tweek (platonic)

    - Mae (Night in the woods)

    - Greg (night in the woods)

    - Bea (night in the woods)


    - Pump (spooky month)

    - Malak (dark deception)

    - Agatha (dark deception)

    - Bierce (dark deception)

    - Germ (NITW)

    - Angus (NITW)

    - Max (camp camp)

    - Senpai (FNF)

    - Flippy/Fliqpy (happy tree friends)


    That's all! you can see when this post was last edited above, maybe you should pay attention to that

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  • duck-ee
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #f/o ask game #Sanji
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  • aeshiteirus-self-shipping
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    This is the longest I have gone without any major feelings of insecurity. They've still popped back up here and there but they're definitely not as bad as before. I forget exactly what all led up to this point though I do know that I was trying to learn to just not care about whatever happens in canon. I loved BakuDeku so much that I stopped caring for myself and I was letting what happened in canon dictate what I did and didn't do. Over and over for a few days I just told myself that I didn't care, hoping that I would eventually settle into that mindset. Needless to say, it worked and I am back on the road to how it was before I started feeling insecure. I feel loads better and now I actually feel loved, as opposed to before where I didn't.

    #aeshi rambles#self ship#self shipping #self shipping community #self shipping stuff #fictoromantic#fictosexual #f/o: izuku midoriya #f/o: katsuki bakugo
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  • lostinthe-jojos
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Part 1

    By the time we're 13, I stop receiving letters from them for almost two months. Letters from me pile up in their mailboxes until I get a letter from Keisuke where he explains that Kazutora is in juvie.

    I keep writing to the both of them, sending my letters for Kazutora to Keisuke, for him to give to our friend, knowing that Kazutora needs our support more than ever.

    I go back to Japan by the time we're 15, some time after Kazutora's release. This time, I no longer live in the same building as Baji but still live close to him. He goes to pick me up a few days after and tells me him and Kazutora are in another gang, a new one, called Valhalla.

    I find it strange, both had founded ToMan along with their closest friends, the idea had even Baji's. But they don't talk further about it.

    Baji's a bit distant and Kazutora acts different. Neither talk about the past two years, and change the topic whenever it comes up.

    A few days later, I see a girl asking for help. There's a blond boy laying on the floor, his face nearly completely covered in blood, swollen and bruised. We manage to get him to the hospital. We talk a bit and she tells me he got beaten up by a gang member, someone who used to be his friend.

    Keisuke is still distant and Kazutora, despite spending time with me, seems to zone out more often than ever.

    Days later, two blond boys and a girl approach me. I recognize one of the boys and the girl immediately, but still don't know their names. They introduce themselves as Dani, Chifuyu and Takemichi. They want to know whatever they can about Kazutora and Keisuke, and I tell them all I know, which still, isn't enough given how strange the two have been acting.

    Dani knew Keisuke as well, but he suddenly stopped talking to her a few days after he left ToMan. They figure he still talks to me since I've never been involved with anyone from any gang apart from him and Kazutora.

    Then Halloween comes. And I get a call from Dani: Keisuke is at the hospital and Kazutora is being arrested.

    I rush to the hospital and the waiting room is almost full of who I assume are the rest of the ToMan founding members.

    Chifuyu and Dani tell me that Keisuke is in the surgery room, he had two stab wounds. He stays in a coma for three days and we check on him everyday, talking to him and waiting for him.

    When he finally wakes up, he makes fun of us for being so worried but weeps a bit when all of his friends hug him.

    He then explains to us the reason he did all that and asks us to not put any blame on Kazutora, he was being manipulated. Mikey tells him that he's forgiven him and Keisuke sighs in relief.

    We scold him for keeping all that to himself and for stabbing himself.

    Still, he smirks at me when I tell him that I'm going to visit him that same evening, in just an hour, to clear things up. Baji simply asks me to tell him he'll go visit him soon.

    "You didn't have to come," he says with glossy eyes.
    "I needed to, Tora. I should have noticed you weren't doing fine sooner"
    He looks down and scoffs.
    "I almost got our best friend killed," he says, "you must hate me"
    "I don't, Tora. You're my friend too and it wasn't your fault"
    He looks at me, weeping.
    "But you do need to get help," I remind him, "we'll be waiting for you, so get better, Tora"
    "Thank you," he says, smiling through the tears.


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  • kabumutual
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


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  • reginasansrex
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Being uncomfortable sharing F/O doesn't make you less lovable. And this will not change the fact that your F/O loves you. Your F/O will never love you less because you are uncomfortable sharing them. Your F/O understands ☺️❤️

    #f/o community #self shipping community #self ship community
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  • toonsandtunes
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    <3 domestic bliss …

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