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    mine | m. schumacher

    pairing: mick schumacher x reader word count: 3.8k words requested: yes/no by a lovely anon. "5 times Person A calls Person B by a pet name and 1 time Person B finds one for Person A. with mick schumacher??" warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of sexy times, language, sexist and misogynistic comments. protective!mick. char squared subtlely make their awaited return. i think that's it. english is not my first language so i'm sorry for any mistakes. also, this is not proofread! a/n: y'all really seem to like my mick content. thanks so much for all the messages you've sent me. i promise i'm trying my best to write the fics as quickly as i can. my askbox is always open for requests, currently the only drivers i write for are lando, mick, pierre, charles and george.

    my masterlist

    she sat next to mick, her teammate, on a stool. it was the week before the first race weekend of the year, their first race as formula one drivers ever. they were about to shoot a video for the team's social media. they'd been given a few cards with basic questions to get to know the other better. but, since they'd known each other pretty much their entire lives, it was more of a test on their friendship.

    he started the video, introducing himself as she waved at the camera. his presence immediately made her feel at ease no matter where they were or what they were doing. they answered easily the first few questions until one caught their attention.

    "do you have any nicknames for each other?" mick read off of his card.

    "i don't think we do," she answered, shaking her head as she thought of any nicknames she could've come up with whilst growing up. she wasn't really a fan, not that they bothered her, but she liked the intimacy of calling someone by their first name instead of a generic nickname someone else came up with.

    "i do," he interjected, raising his eyebrows. she frowned as she thought of what it could be, she rolled her eyes when she realized.

    "no, please, you can't say that." she pleaded, pouting as he started laughing.

    "what? you don't like it?" he asked, placing a hand on his chest, where his heart laid beneath the layers of skin.

    "i do, but i don't want them to know." she pointed to the camera, chuckling as well.

    "fine, i'll spare you this once. only if you come up with a nickname for me. because believe it or not, after who knows how many years of friendship, (y/n) still only calls me by my name." he stared at her accusingly.

    "it's a cute name," she shrugged her shoulders.

    "aww, thanks," he teased. her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

    after they finished answering the questions they took off the microphones and handed them to an assistant, making their way to his room in the team's hospitality.

    "i'll give you until the end of the season to find a nickname for me." he said, sitting on his couch, she sat next to him, throwing her legs over his lap.

    "fine, i'll call you barbie from now on." she stated.

    "barbie?" he questioned.

    "blonde, blue eyes. you can be anything," she listed. he threw his head back, grumbling in annoyance.

    "come on. i want you to call me something only you can, take your time. if you don't, i'll stick with barbie."

    "fine," she agreed and extended her hand, he took it in his own and shook it, sealing the deal.

    "you're on, pretty girl."

    "you're on, mick."

    - 2 months later -

    "i should get going," she whispered, her head laying on his shoulder. he had an arm wrapped around her, fingers drawing invisible circles on her bare skin. his other hand was holding hers, resting on top of his stomach. she traced the length of his fingers, compared them to her own, relished in the warmth when she filled the gap between his digits with her own.

    the white sheets that covered their bodies moved as he leaned back on his elbow.

    "maybe you should stay tonight," he said, his eyes looking deep into her own. she sighed.

    "you know i can't." she muttered as she left the comfort of the bed to look for her clothes. out of the corner of her eye, she saw him dropping back down on the bed, his hand on his hair, the hair she'd been pulling in pure ecstasy just a few minutes ago. his eyes glued to the ceiling above him, clearly upset at her actions. he knew their agreement was no strings attached, but there was nothing wrong with sleeping in the same bed when they'd already done things much more intimate.

    "i'll see you tomorrow on the track?" she asked as she tied her tennis shoes, once she had finished putting on the rest of her clothing.

    "sure," was his only response as he turned his back on her, facing the wall. she sighed, guilt settling in her stomach. she walked until she stood in front of him, then kneeled so she could meet his eyes.

    "hey," she ran her fingers through his soft, blonde curls. he eventually gave in and locked eyes with her, "you know what will happen if anyone sees us together, people will talk, i can't risk a scandal. not right now.” she stated, placing a small kiss on his lips. "sleep well, we've got a big day tomorrow."

    "right." he said, and kissed her one last time. she opened the door, the light from the hallway illuminating her face. "goodnight, pretty girl," he called as she was about to step out of his room. she turned, smiling.

    "goodnight, mick."

    - 3 months later -

    the chilly greek night breeze against her warm skin made her feel goosebumps. she walked the cobblestone streets of greece with mick by her side as they made their way to a local club for the night. they'd ran into a few other drivers who were also vacationing there at the moment, so they all decided to spend an evening together.

    she'd danced, drank, laughed the entire night, enjoying the company of the guys and their girlfriends in a work-free environment. she danced with mick, feeling his hands holding her waist, pulling her close to his body. she relished in the way he gripped at her skin, as if he was trying to stop anyone else from even looking at her. to let them know they didn't stand a chance with her.

    eventually george, nicholas and their girlfriends left, which left her with mick and the two monegasques. she sat on a private booth with the brunette girl as the guys left to get their drinks, which left both girls staring at them as they made their way to the bar.

    "how long have you been together?" charlotte asked

    "what?" she choked on her own saliva.

    "you and mick, how long?"

    "oh no, we're- we're not-" she shook her head, coughing to clear her throat.

    "oh, i'm sorry. i just thought... the way you look at each other is..."

    "is what?"

    "it's the same way charles looks at me, and how i look at him." charlotte said, which left her speechless.

    the guys returned with their drinks, mick sat next to her and placed the tall glasses on the tabletop. his hand immediately on her knee, and she was thankful that the table on top and the darkness of the club covered the action. not because she didn't want anyone to see it, but because she liked that this was something only they knew.

    "got you your favorite," he said, and she placed her hand on top of his.

    "thanks," she smiled.

    he eyed the monegasques in front of them, who were too busy in their own little bubble to pay attention to them. mick took the advantage and moved her hair away from her neck. leaning down to place a kiss on her sweaty skin that still held the familiar scent of her perfume.

    "anything for you, pretty girl."

    her eyes widened a little, quickly eyeing the driver and his girlfriend in front of them.

    "mick," she turned back to him. and for the first time in a long time, she felt nervous around him. "i-"

    "i know. no strings attached," he said grimly.

    she said nothing, but for the first time, she wondered if their agreement was the right choice.

    - 2 months later -

    interviews made her nervous. especially as a woman in a sport dominated by men. she was more than ready to defend herself, defend her spot on the grid, show other women and little girls that they can accomplish anything they wanted.

    she was so grateful when her pr person told her she'd been paired up with mick for the usual thursday interviews during race week. before they became... whatever they were at the moment, they were friends first. they knew each other so well, enough to know when the other one was feeling uncomfortable or anxious. which was how she felt right then and there.

    unfortunately, she'd gotten used to sexist and misogynistic comments, but this was a whole other level of stupidity.

    "question for (y/n), obviously during the weekend you spend a lot of time wearing the fireproof racing suit. does that make you feel less confident in your body? i mean, don't you wish the suit was built more to show off what you got?"

    the entire room fell silent, cameras clicking and flashing, capturing her stunned face.

    "why should anyone care what it looks like when the suit's job is protect her from any possible injuries?" she heard from her right side. "what would you rather she wore? a skirt and crop top?" mick shook his head, infuriated. her eyes couldn't help but travel back to the reporter, who merely shrugged and nodded. she felt like throwing up.

    "unbelievable," he stood up, rushed to her and pulled her from her chair. he wrapped his arm around her, keeping his back towards the cameras and frantic reporters calling both of their names, shielding her, protecting her.

    they bolted out of there, with his arms still caging her in his embrace until they reached their team's hospitality. the people in there glanced their way when they entered. a mix of pity, sadness, anger, and compassion that made her feel so overwhelmed.

    "mick," she whispered, so low so only he could hear, her lips barely moving.

    "i know, i got you." he answered, his voice calm and steady made her feel safer. with his hand on the small of her back, she hurried to her driver's room, and once they were in the privacy of her own space, she broke down.

    her hands hugged his body close to her own, his arms around her shoulders as he caressed her hair and whispered sweet words in her ear. she hid her face in his chest, the tears that fell from her eyes leaving wet spots on his shirt. he couldn't care less about the shirt, the most important thing right then was her well-being. he'd take care of that excuse of a reporter later.

    she didn't know how long they'd been in her room. she was ashamed for not defending herself, she'd heard thousands of comments about her, her body, her value and worth. she didn't why this stupid 'question' affected her this bad.

    "whatever's going on in that pretty head of yours, make it stop." mick breathed in her ear. the tears had stopped minutes ago, only the remnants of smudged mascara and eyeliner left on her eyes, probably making her look like a racoon.

    "i don't know why i reacted that way," she didn't dare lifting her face from his chest.

    "are you kidding? that idiot had no right to ask that kind of question. people should want to know you for who you are, what you can do with your car, your talent. not just because you're a woman, but because you're you. amazing, funny, talented, kind, fearless," he kissed the top of her head, she nuzzled her face into his neck, breathing in his comforting scent, wishing she could stay there forever.

    "i'm not fearless, if i were i would've stood up for myself i-"

    "(y/n), you are more than enough already. you don't need to prove anything to anyone. you don't need to stick around and endure someone else's negativity. most of all, you don't need to do any of those things on your own. i'm here for you, i'll always be here for you. you're not alone, pretty girl."

    "thank you, mick."

    - 1 month later -

    their no strings attached agreement was over. mick had come over to her hotel room the night before to end whatever was going on between them.

    she had no right to feel an ache in her heart, it was her who had been so keen on keeping feelings away from their activities, and they'd agreed that no matter what happened between them, their friendship would always come first.

    she'd tried avoiding him as much as she could the first few days. she tried playing it cool by hanging out with the other drivers and workers of the team, but eventually, mick caught on to what she was doing and confronted her about it.

    she was walking to her driver's room, silently praying he wasn't in his own room, which was right next to hers. faith seemed to be against her, because as she opened her door she was met with the sight of him leaning against her couch.

    "mick," she breathed. his eyes fell on her figure, he noticed the dark circles underneath her eyes.

    "what's going on with you? i feel like i haven't seen you in ages," he said as she sat on a chair on the other side of the room, trying to keep as much distance between them as possible.

    "yeah, i just... i feel like this year's gone by so fast, i've been getting to know the other drivers, the other teams..."

    "the other teams?" he questioned, she shrugged her shoulders

    "not all of us have ferrari for backup, a girl has to find her own alternatives in a sport like this." she explained. which was true, besides the fact that she just didn't know how to act around him now. he hadn't explained why he wanted to end things, and she shouldn't care why. but... why did it hurt so much? was she not enough? had he found someone else? they told each other everything, surely mick would tell her if he had his eye on someone. but if they told each other everything, why wasn't she telling him about how she felt?

    "why do you need alternatives? are you not happy here? with me?" he asked, his face serious. she understood what he meant by that, but that was a conversation she wasn't ready for just yet.

    "mick, i don't know about you, but i want a better car," she tried to joke, relaxing when he chuckled slightly. "and don't worry, you're stuck with me until next year." she sat next to him, and he immediately wrapped an arm around her, playing with her hair. she leaned against his shoulder.

    their friendship was more important than whatever she felt at the moment, she decided then and there.

    "is that a promise, pretty girl?" he whispered against her ear.

    this is going to be easier said than done, she thought.

    "it is, mick." she answered.


    - 3 weeks later -

    the season was coming to an end, they only had two races left. she was trying to fall asleep with the sound of the rain hitting her windows and rooftop.

    things with mick had been, odd. they hadn't hooked up since they broke things off, but the lingering touches and knowing glances were back. she'd been trying her best to get things back to the way they were once, but the recent discovery of her feelings for her best friend stopped her from letting herself enjoy his presence as she used to.

    things were changing, maybe they'd already changed, and she feared how long it would take for things to crumble down.

    the doorbell woke her up. she awoke startled, whoever it was kept pressing their finger against the small button over and over again. the ringing was accompanied by some equally incessant knocking on the wooden door.

    she grabbed a hoodie. mick's hoodie, that she found on her sofa, pulling it down to try and cover herself as much as she could, as she only wore a thin tank top and shorts. she looked through the peephole and gasped at the sight in front of her. she opened the door and found mick, his clothes sticking to his skin, the rain kept falling relentlessly.

    "mick, it's pouring rain. why are you here in the middle of the night? did something happen?" she moved so he could get in. closing the door behind him, she walked to the thermostat to turn up the heat.

    "i can't keep doing this." he said, breathless.

    "doing what? mick, did you run here?" she asked, his chest kept moving up and down rapidly. he nodded "oh, my god, mick. what were you thinking? we're leaving for jeddah tomorrow, you can't get sick!" she scolded him. what could possibly be so important that he felt the need to run in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain to her home? they did live two streets away from each other. but still.

    "it's important," he said.

    "god, is your family okay? did something happen?" she feared the worst. she visibly relaxed when he shook his head, making the raindrops that clung to his hair fly everywhere. "did someone die?"

    "no," he said.

    "then it can wait until you take a warm shower. go." she pointed to the door of her room.

    "(y/n)," he tried to get close to her.

    "i can't risk you getting sick, mick. we will talk once you've showered. i'll make us some tea." she turned on the lights in her kitchen. she could hear him thinking. "i'll get you some fresh clothes. leave what you're wearing outside, i'll put them in the dryer." she stated, didn't give him a second to complain before she pushed him and led him to the bathroom.

    once he was in the shower, she took his wet clothes and put them in the dryer, along with some sweatpants and a hoodie of his that he'd left during one of their sleepovers. once the clothes were dry she folded them, and knocked on the door of the bathroom. she heard a faint 'come in' before she opened it. the water was still running, and the opaque glass door separated the two of them, she could faintly make out his silhouette. she looked away, feeling her skin warming up as she thought about his naked body. it had been too long.

    "here, i found some sweats and a hoodie, i'll leave it next to the sink. your shoes might take a while to dry so feel free to grab some slippers if you want."

    "okay, thank you." he replied, she hummed. "(y/n)?" he asked.


    "we need to talk," she saw as he turned his head towards her, even though they couldn't really see each other. her heart sank down to her stomach, fearing the worst.

    "okay." she said and closed the door behind her. she leaned against it. letting out a long, deep sigh.

    she walked to the kitchen, warming up the water for some tea. she heard footsteps behind her as she poured the tea into two mugs. a pair of baby yoda slippers stood next to her. she handed mick his mug, and he thanked her.

    "what did you want to talk about?" she asked once she'd swallowed a long sip, the warmth burning her mouth and throat.

    "let's sit, first." he held her free hand in his, leading her to the living room where they sat on her sofa, as they'd done many times before.

    "okay, now, tell me." her voice didn't come out as confident as she'd hoped. she just prayed he hadn't noticed.

    "i can't keep doing this," he repeated the same words he said when he'd arrived.

    "i don't get it," she placed her mug on the coffee table next to her.

    "this. us"

    "us? what do you mean? you don't want to be friends?" her heart began speeding up.

    "is that what we are?" he questioned, raising his eyebrows.

    "of course we're friends, what else would we be?" she couldn't do this. there was too much at stake.

    "(y/n), look me in the eyes and tell me that we are just friends." he said, and she closed her eyes, shaking her head. this couldn't be happening.

    "mick i-"

    "it's bullshit and you know it." he cut her off. "(y/n), you know as well as i do that we've had something so much more than friendship for a long time. even before we started hooking up."

    "i don't-" she stopped, feeling a knot forming in her throat.

    "you don't have to say anything, just... hear me out. please?" he pleaded. she nodded as tears welled up in her eyes. "we've known each other our entire lives, you know what i like, what i don't. i know what you like and don't. i've seen you fall in love, i've seen you getting your heart broken. and you've done that for me as well. i think we were just too oblivious to see when we started falling for each other, but the other signs? they were there."

    she didn't want to interrupt his speech, so she just nodded. and he let out a breath he'd been holding.

    "we've done this whole 'together' thing backwards. the sex and the dates came before the feelings."

    "the feelings were there, during all of it. they were just... silent." she said.

    "silent," he repeated, nodding.

    "i don't think i want to keep my feelings silent anymore, mick. i think i found a nickname for you."

    "you did?"

    "and it's the only thing i want to call you from now on, if you agree."

    "i don't care what it is i'll take it."

    "i want to call you mine. i want to hold your hand and kiss you in public, and i'm so sorry it took me this long to accept that what i'm feeling is true, and i only want to feel this with you. i want you to be mine, and i want to be yours." she said as she kneeled, moving until she was in front of him.

    "mine?" he asked, taking her hands, that were still a bit warm from the forgotten mugs on the coffee table.

    "yours," she reassured him, nodding. he grabbed her waist, moving her until she was straddling him, caging him with one leg on each side.

    "say it again," he begged. one of her hands held his face, her thumb circling his cheek, his lips, whilst the other one went to his hair.

    "i'm yours. all yours, if you promise to be mine. my love, my hope, my future," she pressed a kiss on his cheeks, then his lips as she listed what he meant to her.

    "you have me. i'm yours for as long as you want me," he kissed her neck, underneath her ear, on her pulse point.

    "then you'll be mine for a very, very long time." she leaned back to find his blue eyes staring at her, the smile on his face was the biggest she'd seen in so long.

    "i'm okay with that, my pretty girl."

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    I want George's jacket 👌

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    Behind the Scenes with Pierre Gasly  ALL ACCESS | Monza Madness Italian Grand Prix 2021  

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    Meeting again ft. Charles Leclerc.

    Weddings. You had a love-hate relationship with these kind of events. You definitely loved pretty dresses, food, friends. But you hated always going as the single one. Though it was a good thing too, as you could just get involved with a handsome boy that you won’t probably see ever again. But that was the problem, you won’t see him again.

    “Promise me you won’t make out with any of my single friends” your brother, who was actually the groom, asked / demanded you.

    “I promise that as a sober me. But I’m not responsible of my drunk me”. You rapidly added laughing.


    “What? You know “me sober” and “me drunk” are completely different people” you said as you helped him with the tie. “Plus, you’re the one who is going to marry one of my friend in….. two hours” you said holding his wrist and looking at his clock. “God, I should really go and get ready” pronounced exiting his room on a hurry.

    “That’s right, I’m marrying her, not making out with her for a night!” He shouted as you left laughing.

    It was actually the first time you had to stand in the altar next to the couple as a maid of honor. You were shy at the beginning, everyone seemed to be looking at you and you though something was wrong with what you were wearing, but when the bride came in to the church in that beautiful white dress, you knew all of those eyes were looking at her. God, you even cried remembering how she used to tease you about your brother. You definitely didn’t think that they would get married someday, but here they were.

    The ceremony, thank God, was short, you couldn’t stand those heels for much longer and went directly to sit on a bench.

    “YN wait!” Kate, the bride and your friend called you. “We need to take the pictures and your coming with us” she said getting closer, referring to all the best mans and maids of honor you didn’t even know.

    When you exit the church, there were two buses. One of them took the guests to the restaurant, while the other, that was smaller, took you and the others to a forest out of the city to take pictures with the bride and groom.

    When you arrived, the couple was already taking pictures kissing passionately.

    “Get a room you two!!” A best man shouted from behind of you.

    “Hey, it’s their wedding day!” you said turning back to look at him laughing.

    “In that case, they should wait until tonight” he said chuckling. “I’m Charles, friend of the groom”. He said placing his hand in front of you to shake it.

    “I can’t believe you don’t remember me, Charles” you said laughing while shaking his hand and looking at you from head to toes. “I get your famous and rich now, but you shouldn’t forget your old-times friends”.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t remember you” he shyly confirmed rubbing the back of his neck.

    “Okay, let’s do this your way” you said clearing your throat and putting your hand in front of him to shake it just as he did before. “Hi, I’m YN, sister of the groom”

    “Oh my god” he said hiding his face behind his hands. “I’m so sorry YN, it’s so good to see you” he said now hugging you.

    “Guys come on, let’s take some pictures with the couple” the photographer said, making you and Charles separate for the whole evening.

    Charles and your brother knew each other since more than a decade without a doubt. When he moved to Italy because of racing, your brother, Alex, was the first friend he made there. Even though Alex didn’t have didn’t do anything related with racing, Charles really appreciated his company and he even came to your house from time to time to eat with your whole family. He was just a good friend of your brother that soon became a friend of the family, and yours too.

    He never really left, but got busier with racing and you with your studies and then work. When you spent a summer on your brother’s house, he came during his rest weekend to visit him. It was the last time you saw him. He changed, both physically and mentally, but in a good way. You got drunk that Saturday, and you woke up on his bed. But that was probably six years ago. You couldn’t stop thinking neither of you were really that drunk. Still, you followed his career, so you felt like he was close to you yet.

    Dinner was amazing, but the open bar was better.

    Before starting the party, of course you had to do a speech, and after your funny words, Kate even gave you her bouquet.

    “Does this means I’ll have to marry next?” You asked as you hugged your brother crying from the happiness.

    “You don't even have a boyfriend!!” Kate added laughing.

    “I don't, but I saw a couple of good looking guys to spend the night with” you whispered carefully so that no one could really hear it.

    “Don’t you dare, YN!” your brother said pointing at you with lifted eyebrows.

    After their first dance, the bar was finally open. You didn’t want to sound like if you only attended your brother’s wedding just because of the drinks, but you couldn’t deny it was one of the main reasons.

    So, as fast as you could, you headed to the counter with some friends and ordered your first glass of (favorite drink).

    After more than an hour dancing, you couldn’t even feel your feet, so you enjoyed the party from a comfortable couch located in a corner.

    “Want another one of these?” As you lifted your gaze, you saw him again.

    “Hi Charles. Glad to see you recognized me this time”

    “Come on, don’t be like that. It’s not like I didn’t remembered you, I just didn’t recognized you. You changed” he said sitting next to you keeping the distance “These are yours, right?” He asked pointing at some heels.

    “Yes” you said laughing. “my feet hurt way too much”

    “It’s okay, we can stay here”

    “We?” You asked looking directly at him.

    “I can leave if you wa-“ you cut him off.

    “No, it’s okay. You can stay” you just said looking back at the dance floor. “But I’m not responsable of what I say when I get drunk”

    “Okay” he answered laughing.

    Both of you stayed in silence, observing what was going on around. Kids running around, couples dancing, friends drinking…

    “YN, honey” a woman said approaching the couch both of you were fitted.

    “Hey mom”

    “We’re leaving n- OH, hi Charles! Good to see you” she said as Charles just smiled at her and your dad. “We are leaving now, it’s getting late. Have fun you too” your mom said winking at you.

    “Mom please” you said blushing. “have a good night. And drive safe” you added.

    “We are not driving anywhere” your dad now was the one who talked. “We are going to stay in this hotel tonight, it’s too late to drive” he said as you nodded. “Bye honey, have fun”.

    You saw them walking away as you started talking again. “I just hope they didn’t booked the room next to Kate and Alex’s” you said turning your face to look at him.

    “YN!” He shouted as both of you laugh. “I’ll go for some drinks, you want one?” He asked while getting up.

    “Just one more of this, please” you said pointing at a glass as he nodded.

    You watched him go away with a smile on your face. It really was a long time ago since you last saw him and-

    “Don’t even think about it” your brother interrupted your thoughts.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Charles, I’m talking about Charles. I know what happened the last time you saw him, at my house. God YN, it was at MY house, you made out with him at MY house”.

    “Oh my God Alex!! That was six years ago!” you said laughing. “Why aren’t you with Kate? Come on, go look for her, go, go” you kicked him out.

    After a few minutes, Charles was back.

    “So” he said sitting next to you. “Tell me why I haven’t seen you in so long” he said making you smile.

    “You don't need to stay. You can go dance or something” you said as he just shook his head energetically denying your offer. “okay” you added drinking from your glass.

    “Tell me, what’s been going on in your life?” He asked again placing his arm over the couch.

    “Not much really” you said raising your shoulders.

    “So you just been avoiding me during these 5 years??” He asked concerned.

    “No” you said laughing. “I’ve just been busy. And the last time we saw each other was actually 6 years ago” you corrected him.

    “That’s too much time. I can’t believe nothing happened” he repeated, he really was interested in knowing.

    “I actually went to study abroad for 4 years” you said as he directed his interested gaze to your face again. “I went to Norway, and before you say it, yes, it was cold, but it was totally worth it” you rapidly added.

    “I’ve never been to Norway” Charles said.

    “You should, it’s really beautiful”

    “And what did you do there? Study?”

    “I actually taught Italian during mornings and studied during evenings at college. And then partied during night, obviously” you said making him laugh.

    “No sleep then?”

    “Only when it was extremely necessary” you said laughing now too, remembering those old good time. “I would ask you about your life, but I follow your races, so there’s not much left for you to tell me”

    “You watch my races?!” He asked surprised.

    “Yes. I actually enjoy them”.

    “You should come to one then. You’ll like it even more”

    “I definitely will” you said smiling at him.

    There were laughs on the dance floor. Both of you directed your gaze there to find your brother dancing in a really drunk way, he really couldn’t hide it anymore. Both of you laughed and stare at him for some minutes laughing he stopped because, as he shouted, he got tired.

    “I actually can’t believe I’m not drunk already. I’m always the first person to dance like that at weddings” you said still looking at your brother. “Well, at parties in general” you added laughing.

    “I’m keeping you distracted, miss” Charles added chuckling.

    “You are” you looked at him. “But I don't mind it. Didn’t you come with someone tonight?” You rapidly added.

    “No” he just said.

    “I don’t believe you don’t have a girlfriend” you pointed out smiling at him.

    “I don’t. I just want to focus on my career”

    “I don’t believe you, that’s really mature of you to be true”

    “HEY” he said hitting your arm jokingly as you just laughed.

    After some more talks and laughs, you still continued talking.

    “What time is it? I just realized that alcohol works like coffee for me, and I'm not even drunk” you said laughing laying back on the little couch still.

    “It’s actually 5am. I’ll be leaving soon, I can take you home” he said. You just nodded too tired to care.

    You got up and walked to your bother letting them know you were leaving.


    “He’s just going to take me home Alex, don’t worry about it” you said laughing.

    “Were you and your brother talking about what I think you were talking?” He asked already inside his car.

    “I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but probably yes” you said entering the car laughing. “God, my feet hurt” you added as you sat and took them off.

    After some minutes, you finally arrived home.

    “Wait” Charles said before getting off the car. You watched him running around the car and opening your door as you just laughed.

    “What are you doing?” You asked him tiredly as he placed his hands behind your knees and on your back, lifting you up the seat and taking you to your door. “I wasn’t going to let you walk barefoot” he simply said smiling at you. Then you heard his stomach growled.

    “You’re hungry” you laughed as he blushed. “Come in to eat something”

    “No no, I’m heading directly home, I’ll eat something there”

    “Well okay, but I have some lasagna left overs from lunch” you just said waiting for his response. “And lasagna taste better at 5 am, everyone knows that” you added as he laughed.

    “But it’s late”.

    “You can stay a bit. I still need to change my dress and take off my make up and bun before going to bed. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to eat. Plus, I’m sure you have nothing to eat at your place. You’re still as bad as always when it comes to cooking, right?. Come on” you said opening the door for him laughing as he finally accepted.

    “I can’t believe you still remember the burned chicken” he said remembering old times.

    “Of course I do!!” You said. “You almost burnt my brother’s house”

    “Hey you’re exaggerating there, miss” he said laughing. “That was the last weekend we saw eachother” He asked as you its nodded, blushing at the memories of that day. “I thought we lost touch because of what happened that night”

    “No” you just said. “Well, kind of, but it wasn’t….” You started talking but didn’t really know how to continue “Charles, it not like I regret it or something” you finally said as he opened his eyes in surprise “But we were friends, I mean, we’re still friends, and we were drunk” you just said as he nodded.

    Then, you placed the plate of lasagna in front of him while he started eating and you headed to your bathroom.

    “YN” He softly said as you were leaving. You turned around to face him. “Thank you” he said smiling shyly and pointing at the plate.

    “It’s okay, really. Go sit on the couch, you’ll be more comfortable”. He just nodded as you left.

    You removed your makeup and them sat on your bed trying to undo your low bun, sleepiness already hitting you hard.

    Next thing you remembered, is the sun hitting your skin. After lazying around in your bed and taking a cold shower, you headed to your kitchen , jumping a bit when you saw someone sleeping on your couch. ‘Definitely Charles’ you thought. You decided to make breakfast and them wake him up.

    “Sorry” he said opening his eyes and getting up. “I just feel asleep here” “Don't worry about it. I fell asleep on my bed too when I hadn’t even finished takin out all the bobby pins from the bun” you said turning around so that he could see that the low bun was still there, messier, but there. He just smiled with his sleepy face and started to take the rest of the bobby pins, caressing your hair sweetly once he finished. “Thank you” you shyly said as you wasn’t expecting him to do that at all. After, he sat on the kitchen chairs as you handed him a mug with coffee and some toasts.

    You both started eating in silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, both of you were just too tired to talk still. You looked at him from time to time, watching him concentrate on eating the toast or drinking coffee without pouring it.

    “What?” You asked when you caught him looking at you.

    “Nothing” he simply said smiling. “I just can’t believe I didn’t recognize you”.

    “Well, I always wear sport clothes. I also cut my bangs since the last time you saw me….6 years ago” you said before drinking the lasts drops of coffee from your mug and getting up to place it on the kitchen sink.

    “I didn’t know you were coming to the wedding” you said again with your back to him. “If I knew, I would have wear that red dress you loved so much” you remembered laughing.

    “Still have it?” He asked sounding closer to your body than you were expecting.

    “Of course I do” you said sounded obvious. “Thank you for yesterday” he started talking after a silence. “I honestly was kinda nervous to be there, to see you again, but I didn’t even recognized you” he said laughing at his stupidity.

    “It was nothing. It was actually nice to have fun at a party without having hungover the day after” you turned around to face him now. He was way too close, it was too dangerous, but somehow it felt right. Then, it just happened. Your actions were faster than your thoughts and you leaned in to place a sweet but short kiss on his lips. “Sorry” you said blushing, still with his arms around your waist. He was staring at you with loving eyes, the same eyes that haven’t looked at you in six years. Too much time. “when I saw you and I didn’t recognized you” he started talking again “you said I shouldn’t forget old-time friends” you just nodded smiling at his words. “You know, I always though of you as a friend, as my best friend’s little sister indeed. But after the weekend, well, not after the weekend, after the weeks passed and I didn’t see you around, I just felt sad. I didn’t even asked your brother, it was something between you and me, and he didn’t like it when he saw you on my bed that morning” he remembered smiling too. “and then I couldn’t even recognized you, but the I started talking with you and it all just clicked. I dated a few girls, but I always found myself comparing them to you, to what you would’ve said, what you would have done, what you would have wear… and now that I’m here and that yo gave me hopes with that kiss” he continued smiling caressing your cheek with his thumb as you blushed “I just wanted to let you know. And I completely understand if you don't feel the same way, I will leave as soon as you want me to and not mention it ever again, but I just needed to let you know that I’m here, and I’ll always be”.

    “I’m actually impressed you couldn’t recognized me even though you felt this way” you said teasing him. “Ugh, fuck off YN” he said laughing and getting away.

    “No, but wait” you said following him. “I wasn’t that drunk that last weekend I saw you, you know? And I wouldn’t have kiss you now if I didn’t feel like it. I just though you didn’t want me to see me again after what happened that Saturday night. I kiss a lot of guys, but I’m not like that with you, your my friend, not a stranger to me”.

    “Your friend?”

    “Yes, as long as you don’t do anything to change that, your still my frie-“

    It didn’t take more talking to have Charles’s lips over yours once again after so much time. This time it was different, both of you trying to caught up on all the years you missed from each other’s life. Lifting you up from the ground, he placed you on top of the kitchen counter without breaking the messy kiss. His hands moved slow thought your tights, playing with the hem of your t shirt and then grabbing your cheeks.


    It was you the one who had to take off your oversized t shirt, leaving you only with your underwear, and then Charle’s. He continued to kiss your skin, this time your jaw, your neck and collarbones, making sure to leave marks there. “We should go to my room” you said with a heavy breath. “We should go to your bed” he corrected you making you giggle. He just lifted you up again and walked through the small corridor. “You live alone, right?” He asked you. “I do” you answered laughing.

    Once both of you laid on bed, you positioned yourself on top of him and started kissing his neck just as he did before with yours. You started to go down slowly reaching his abs. The room was filled with the only sound if his heavy breath and your kisses. Once you reached the hem of his pants you looked up to him. Charles just lifted his hips from the bed and helped you take them off, his pants and his underwear. “You want me to..?” You shyly ask. “If it’s okay with you” he answered back looking at you. “Come here” he said again taking your hand to bring you up and kissing your lips once again, as he saw you weren’t that comfortable with oral. He turned around, he was on top now, tracing the same path he did before, this time stopping on your breast and nipples. “Charles, i don’t like that” you just said. “Good to know” he just said moving his lips rapidly away from them. He started kissing your belly until he reached the hem of your underwear. He looked up to ask for permission while you just nodded. Now the room was filled with your moans and his kisses. “Is it okay if I keep on kissing you?” He asked you knowing what he meant. “I’ve never tried that” “Do you want to?” He asked again. You just nodded, trusting he would stop if you felt uncomfortable just like he did before. But it didn’t feel awkward, it was more the opposite. He started to kiss your core slowly, almost teasing you before he opened his mouth, his tongue touching your enterance. Your moans only encouraged him not to stop, you could tell he was enjoying this as much as you were. He hummed something you couldn’t really understand, but you just told him to keep going, you liked it. Then he helped his tongue with his finger. “Shit Charles” you said between in between moans. Probably that was what he asked you. You wasn’t expecting that, and you literally shouted with pleasure, even tears were starting to form in your eyes when you felt that feeling building up in your stomach. Charles kept working wonders with his mouth and after a minute you let go without even knowing you were that close. You felt embarrassed as you couldn’t even tell him you were close to cum, but he seemed to enjoyed it when you saw him licking his lips with your fluids. You couldn’t help but to grab his face and kiss him passionately once again, pulling him on top of you impossibly close, trying to get as much of him as possible and felling his hard member in the place his mouth was just seconds before.

    Without breaking the kiss, you opened a draw and handed him a condom that he put on rapidly. One of your hands left his hair and you started touching his tip, carefully stroking it as he just buried his face on your neck while soft moans escaped his lips. Feeling comfortable enough, you placed his tip into your entrance and asked him to move. He did it slowly at first, but as soon as you adjust to length and the feeling, you asked him for more. “It’s okay now, you can move faster” you said breathing heavily. He didn’t wait anymore and started to move faster and sloppier, making you moan louder. “Need you to open your legs, babe” he barely pronounced. You blushed from that nickname, but did as he told, instinctively placing your legs around his hips. That made him reach deeper in you and hit all the right places. “That’s so good Charles” you said breathing harder than before. “I’m close now. Fuck” he said now without even separating his face form your neck. Just as he pronounced those words, you felt yourself coming again, this time harder than before. “God, so close now” he said looking down at your juices. You rapidly hold his cheeks and pulled him for a messy kiss where you even bit his lips. Not long after that, he came inside the condom.

    Both of you laid in bed trying to recover your breaths. After a while you saw he sat on the bed ready to get up. “Where are you going?” You asked him concerned. “I’ll get a towel to clean you babe” he simply said as he leaned to kiss you one more time. “Not yet” you said pulling him back to the bed and positioning on top of him. “I want to make it now” you said kissing his neck again. “Make what?” He asked softly. You didn’t even answer, just started placing your lips all over his body once again, this time making it faster until you reached his cock. “You don’t have t-“ you cut him off. “but I want to” you simply said “do you want?” You asked him concerned. Maybe he didn’t feel comfortable and you were just being too confident, but that feeling went away when he smiled at you nodding and grabbed the back of your head. Slowly, you started to kiss his base and little by little his whole length until reaching the tip. His moans and whispers just made you want this even more than him, so you didn’t tease him anymore and took his cock in your mouth. His moans filled the room and so did yours, as you felt his length all the way over to your throat. The vibrations made him clenched inside you, and it clenched more as you started to stroke it with your mouth and tongue. “God YN” he shouted as you started moving. You knew he was still as sensitive as you from the last orgasm, but you didn’t even care a bit. You started to move messier as he held the back of your head trying to organize your moves, but it was almost impossible for both of you to think in anything else but the pleasure both of you were feeling. When he saw you move your hand to your core and felt more vibrations on his cock from your own moaning, his cum filled your mouth and dripped to your lips. Charles pulled you up so you could face each other, still with heavy breaths and liquid on your lips. As soon as he met your gaze, he leaned into you for a heated kiss where he seemed to be cleaning your mouth from his own juices. He got up (you let him do it this time) without even saying a word and came back with a towel to clean the mess in your tights, your bed and your mouth. “Thanks” you said as he just laughed.

    End of smut

     “What?” You asked. “Nothing. I just didn’t remembered you that way” he said laying next to you again. “i didn’t either” you said laughing laying next to him. He placed his arm around you and closed his eyes, definitely wanting to sleep for a bit again. “Are we doing it right?” You asked him. “I don’t know. But we came two times in a row, so-“ “Charles” you cut him off as he laughed and you looked at him trying to be serious. “I don’t know YN. I had feelings for you, and now they’re back” he said making you laughed “but if you don’t, then sex is just fine” he simply said “I didn’t know you felt that way” You asked him sitting now on the bed. “Yeah. I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing” he said smiling at you “I mean, come on, everyone liked you” he added as you blushed “They didn’t. They just wanted to be my friends because you were mine” you said. “I was yours?” he asked rising his eyebrows “You were my friend” you completed your last  sentence blushing as he laughed. “So, what should we call….this?” He asked pointing at both of you. “I dont know. Lets just say we’re hanging out, and we’ll se where this goes” you said “So not only sex?” he asked as you shook your head denying it with even redden cheeks while he nodded, happy with your decision. 

    After a comfortable silence, you started talking again while he caressed your arm sweetly. “I’m actually exited I went through a wedding without making out with anyone. I mean, it’s not like it’s the wedding still right?” You asked laying back in bed next to him. “Your brother warned me” he said laughing. “Yeah… I mean, it’s fun, but at the end of the day you’re still alone” you said as he continued to caressed your arm sweetly, leaning your head into his bare chest. “Well, I’m still here” he softly said pushing you closer, making you smile at his sweet words and actions. “You’re phone is ringing” he suddenly said looking now at the light up screen on your nightstand. You rapidly sat again to find out it was your brother video calling you. “Shit” you muttered as you fixed your hair a little.

    Alex: hey sister.

    YN: “HI!!! How was your wedding night??” You asked with a mischievous look.

    Alex: “turned out mom and dad were sleeping next to our room…and we definitely weren’t sleeping”

    YN: “OMG Alex!!” You started laughing and Charles, still laying next to you, laughed too.

    ALEX: “Who’s that? I heard someone laughing. YN…”

    YN: “it was no one. I just laughed”.

    CHARLES: “It was me. Hello mate” he said looking at the front camera to make sure your brother could see him. You looked at him angrily, but he just laughed.

    ALEX: JESUS!!! YN!! You promised me you wouldn’t make out with anyone at the wedding!!

    CHARLES: “It wasn’t at the wedding!! It was like 20 minutes ag-“ you cut him off.

    YN: Alright, time to go. Alex, don’t you have to go to your honeymoon?? Yes?? Okay, bye!!” you said hugging up without letting him even respond.

    “I hate you” you said now looking at Charles. “Sorry, it was just too tempting” he said pecking your whole face rapidly and pulling you over the bed again. “Do you want to stay for lunch?” You asked “as long as I can choose dessert” he said looking in a naughty way at you, making you blush once again. “If you clean you can choose” you answered back. He got up from the bed faster than his car “Where do you keep the duster?” He shouted already in the corridor. “I meant the plates!! But I keep it in the kitchen cabinet!” you said laughing.

    —> Thanks for reading it!! Maybe a part two with the rest of the day????? Let me know!!!!!

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    #its not like f1 drivers are too much of an improvement 😭😭 except lewis...ah
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    Anyone who has actually been to an F1 grand prix weekend....what day do you recommend getting to the track? Like is it worth it to be there on a Thursday?

    #f1#formula 1#formula one #yes i am an overplanner #and am already planning for miami #they said dates will be released soon #so i want to be PREPARED #f1 grand prix #grand prix #formula one drivers #formula one racing
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    Lace Fantasy

    Pairing - Lewis Hamilton x Reader
    Fandom - F1
    Summary - Met Gala prep but with a sultry surprise
    A/N - I just needed to get this out of my system. Enjoy horny hours

    "Oh- Fuck!"

    "Will you do that for Daddy?"

    "Such a good girl"

    "That feels so good!"

    That's what the prep team would have heard, had they not been in the next room, getting ready for the big red carpet appearance themselves.

    It had become too difficult to keep your hands to yourself when he looked that good, in his lace shirts and his braids, and all the see through material had your thighs clenching and your core throbbing. Twenty minutes ago, your eyes had followed his hands as he tugged the white lace shirt over his body, his hands sensually tracing his own abs, teasing you with a smirk on his face as he watched your slightly open mouth and lust blown eyes, your tongue peeking out to lick your lips, following the rippling of his abdominal muscles.

    The uncomfortable wetness had begun to sleep through your underwear when he had put on the lavender/purple shirt on, and had only intensified with the white lacy shirt, and you had to close your eyes and bite the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from jumping him right there. But it was proving to be a difficult job, with how he kept throwing you knowing glances and dirty smirks, purposely fiddling with the buttons and his rings, knowing full well it was getting you riled up.

    Just before he decided on the white sheer, see through shirt with the lace strip, he asked the prep team to give the both of you some alone time before getting ready for the Met. The team had thankfully agreed, and moved to one of the other rooms to get ready themselves, leaving the both of you alone in the room, the tension in the room now suffocating you as the throbbing between your legs intensified, and the wetness threatened to seep out and soak into the couch you were sitting on. The moment the door had shut, you had practically jumped off of the couch, and Lewis had crossed the room in 2 steps, lifting you by the waist, to wrap his arms around you, while your legs encircled his torso.

    His lips met yours in a searing kiss, burning into your mouth, his tongue eventually licking into your mouth, as a soft moan left your lips at the sensation, rubbing your clothed core against his mid riff, the feeling of the lace material rubbing against you sending you into a frenzy. Lewis's hands made quick work of tugging your pants down, leaving your path unimpeded to rub against him freely. "Wait baby, let me take the damn shirt off" he mumbled against your lips. Too impatient to wait, your hands reached down to drag the material upwards and off of his body, leaving his toned, tattooed body free for you to gape at.

    Moaning softly, his hands moved to your ass, squeezing softly, fingers splaying out on your waist, rings pressing into your hips, leaving indents that you'd spend hours admiring tomorrow. "You should wear all those outfits" you mumbled, head falling back as Lewis's lips sucked a hickey onto the skin of your neck. "The world deserves to see that beauty" you continued, gasping when he nipped at the skin, tongue licking away the sting. "I was thinking" he murmured, the vibrations against your pulse point making you clench on him, "That only you, my darling, deserve to see me in these outfits" he continued, moving backwards so he could sink down onto the couch, your legs straddling his leg.

    In the position you were in, your pussy was in contact with his thigh, and with a slight moan, you rubbed against his thigh, but the material between the both of you stopped the pleasure from coursing through your body. "What're you doing baby? Trying to get off on my thigh? Want to ride my thigh my sweet girl?" Lewis asked, watching how you kept rubbing on his thigh. "Stop it" he commanded suddenly, hands gripping onto your waist, stopping your movements on his thigh. "if you want to fuck my thigh, do it properly. I want to see you dripping down my thigh. Take your panties off. Now" he ordered, his eyes darkening when you moaned. Whimpering softly, you dragged your underwear down your legs, before settling back down on his thigh.

    Lewis leaned back against the couch, eyes silently commanding you to start gliding on his toned thigh. The moment your bare cunt came in contact with his thigh, a cloud of Euphoria settled in over you, eyes rolling back, and mouth falling open. Grinding down against him, you threw your head back, the shockwaves of pleasure only increasing when Lewis began bouncing his leg up and down, the movement only increasing the pleasure you were feeling. Your cunt had no problem gliding on his thigh, the wetness acting as a perfect lube. With a sudden jolt, Lewis bounced his leg whilst dragging your hips to glide on his thigh, the motion making your clit rub against his thigh, a desperate moan escaping your lips. 'You look so fucking gorgeous baby, using my thigh to get off, such a sweet girl" he muttered, his words spurring you on as your rode his thigh even faster, your release catching up with you.

    "Oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna-" with a moan you gushed over his thigh, tightening up on top of him, as his hands gently loosened his grip on your waist, lips pressing to your neck, as he helped you ride out your orgasm.

    "You did so good baby girl" he mumbled pressing his lips to yours, fingers tracing a pattern on your skin, "You did so good for me hmm?" He continued, words muffling against your lips, as his hands moved to caress your back. "That's a good girl, my good girl. Using me to get off. Now its my turn isn't it baby? Want you to use your pretty little mouth for me darling" he cooed in your ear, earning a whimper from your lips.

    "Will you do that for me, hm? Will you do that for Daddy?" He continued to purr, warm breath hitting the outer shell of your ear. You gasped, nodding your head, moving off of his lap to kneel in front of him. "An absolute vision my sweet girl, down on your knees for me. Now, make me feel good, like I made you feel good on my thigh" he ordered, the dominance that had been growing from the first kiss fully coming into play.


    "Yes who?"

    "Yes Daddy"

    "That's a good girl" Lewis murmured, leaning back on the couch, looking at you with anticipation. Shifting so you were comfortable, you pulled his black trousers down, before tugging his Armani briefs down his toned legs, salivating as his cock came into view.

    Leaning forward, you let your fingers graze the side of his cock, nails scratching delicately along the side, earning a soft groan from your lover. "Fuck don't tease lovie" he groaned, impatience growing. Smiling softly at him, you let your thumb graze his sensitive tip, earning a hiss from above. Leaning forward, you licked a stripe upwards, feeling Lewis tense above you as you did.

    With a soft smirk, you took as much of him as you could into your mouth without gagging, tongue swishing around his length, as his abdominal muscles clenched above you, a moan leaving his lips. "S-so good for me angel" he muttered, hips involuntarily thrusting up when you sucked a certain spot, forcing more of his cock down your throat, making you gag.

    Muffling a moan around him, you tried your best to keep going, the sheer size of him making your job difficult and your eyes watery. Above you Lewis couldn't help the involuntarily actions of his hips, your mouth doing wonders. "Your mouth is taking Daddy's cock so well hmm? Even when I'm fucking your pretty little throat raw such a good girl for me-fuck!" He groaned when you went even deeper.

    With a slight 'pop' he pulled you back up, desperate to feel your warm walls wrapped around his cock.

    "Wanna ride you Daddy" you said, feeling a rush of heat to your cheeks as you did. Stopping in shock, Lewis grinned broadly at you, not used to hearing you being bold with your desires. "You want to ride me princess? Right here on the couch?" He asked, guiding the both of you backwards as he spoke, before sinking down onto the couch.

    "Yes please" you replied, feeling an odd surge of confidence. "Good girl" was his reply, arms tightening around your waist as you positioned yourself on top of him. Guiding his cock to your dripping entrance, you sank down onto him, moans leaving the both of you simultaneously. With a slight gasp, you began to move on his cock, moaning at how damn big he was.

    Lewis moved his hands to your hips, guiding you back and forth slowly, eyes rolling back at the sensation of your warm walls enveloping his cock. "Such a good girl, baby. Riding me so well hmm? Move a little faster baby" he said, moaning when you increased your speed, spurring him on to his orgasm before you stopped suddenly.

    You began to bounce up and down on his cock, earning a deep groan from your lover, as he used his hands to help guide you up and down. "Fuck fuck fuck sweet girl that feels so good" he moaned, moving one of his hands to fondle your nipple, before catching it in his mouth, sucking on the sensitive bud making you moan.

    You bounced even faster, desperation rising like a storm cloud in your body, the coil in your tummy threatening to snap. "Fuck it feels so good Lew" you moaned, watching as his eyes rolled back. Your moan turned into a scream of pleasure when he starting thrusting up into you, his tip hitting that sensitive spot inside over and over and over again, before he stilled his movements for a second, earning a desperate whimper from your lips.

    Kissing your lips to reassure you, he angled himself again, so the tip of his cock would hit that spot that made you see stars repeatedly, before he thrusted upwards again, absolutely hammering your spot. "Oh my God, Lewis don't stop don't stop don't Oh-" you gasped when he reached down to rub your clit with his fingers, his rings sending you into a frenzy as the cold metal rubbed against your overstimulater nub.

    Moving your hips even faster on him, you leaned down to kiss and suck on his neck, biting the sweet spot on his neck as he grabbed your hips and forced you up and down on his cock to meet his thrusts. "Oh God, oh fuck I'm gonna cum Lewis, Im gonna fucking cum oh-!" With a cry you gushed all over his cock, drenching him in your juices. The feeling of your pussy spasming and clenching on his cock had Lewis releasing into you with a groan, his cum coating your walls.

    Looking down to where you met, he pushed the cum that had dripped out of you back into your pussy, making you moan softly again. "You look so fucking gorgeous, with my cum dripping out of you like that. You're mine aren't you sweet girl? All mine" he growled, before meeting your lips in a soft kiss.

    "All yours" you agreed kissing him back with as much passion as you could muster, slowly climbing off of his lap to sit down beside him on the couch.

    "Those damn lace shirts" you muttered, earning a laugh from Lewis. "I do look great in them" he agreed, smirking when you blushed. "Oh by the way, I'm taking them home"


    A/N - sorry not sorry.

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    There are 3 things in life that are universally accepted as true:

    The sun, the moon … and Dany Kvyat deserving so much better!!!

    #f1#daniil kvyat #nothing but respect for MY russian driver #honestly™️
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    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Mika Hakkinen | 1997
    #mika hakkinen#formula one#f1#m* #no one talk to me. no one look at me. #I really dont know why I love the part of drivers' helmets where it says their name like yeah. thats you
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  • shwartzwoman63
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    lil pierre

    #f1#f1blr#formula 1#formula one#rbr #just red bull junior things #alphatauri#pierre gasly #younger f1 drivers
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  • lastonthebrakes
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    i know we’re all currently taking a piss out of it but if we end up with another situation like at spa i’m gonna be seriously mad

    #they've got the experience now so hopefully they've learnt from it #and they can make it work #without compromising the drivers' safety of course #f1 #russian gp 2021
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  • waru-chan8
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Ask#Liza's tag#Basketball#MotoGP#Moto2#MotoE#WSBK#FE#F1#IMSA #Riders as Basketball players #Drivers as Basketball players #Joan Mir#Ricky Taylor#Luca Marini#Arón Canet#Jordi Torres#Kevin Magnussen#René Rast#Esteban Ocon#Toprak Razgatlıoğlu#Aleix Espargaró#Valentino Rossi#Danilo Petrucci#Dani Pedrosa#Sylvan Guintoli #I know I need at least someone else in the technic staff but I was runing out of ideas #I wanted to include Mitch but he give me 0 vibes regarding basketball and my gut was all over Rast and defence #Thnaks I love doing this
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  • moneymase16
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The one where he has prejudices.

    Pairing: Max Verstappen x reader

    Warning: none

    Word count: 525

    Note: this is part 2! Part 1 is here.

    The next day, after quali, I went back to my hotel room to get ready to go out with Max.

    I put on a sage green satin dress and my high heels and waited patiently for a text from him.


    From Max: I’m waiting for you in the hall.

    I took my room key and headed towards the hall.

    I finally drive on the ground floor and saw Max, elegantly put together, a black slack and a white shirt. He was handsome and I bit my lips as I observed him.

    POV Max

    I think I just saw an angel.

    « You look wonderful. »

    I saw her cheeks turn red and she bit her kips. Oh my god, she’s si beautiful.

    « You’re not so bad yourself. »

    She licked her lips and I suddenly got the urge to kiss her. Okay, concentrate Max, dinner first.

    We got into my Honda NSX and I drove to a nearby restaurant.

    « Hello, table for two, the name is Verstappen. »

    « Yes, follow me please. »

    I let her go first and she thanked me with a beautiful smile.

    We sat down and started talking after the waiter gave us the menus.

    We were having a wonderful night, at least on my part. At the end of the dinner, I asked for the check.

    « There’s no way you’re paying for all that. I’ll pay for what I ate. »

    « I invited you, so it’s on me. »

    « It’s ridiculously expensive Max, I can pay, so let’s split. »

    She didn’t get the time to take out her credit card that I put mine with the bill and handed it back to the waiter.

    She threw me a deadly look and I smile and winked at her, to which she blushed.

    We headed back to the hotel and walked through the hall to go back to our rooms.

    Okay Max, it’s time.

    « What floor are you on? »

    « 5th, what about you? »

    « Me too. »

    « Perfect. » She said with a smile.

    We got out of the lift and i accompanied her to her room to wish her a good night.

    « I really had a fun night, thanks Max. I hope we can do that again, and this time I’m paying. »

    I didn’t give her time to keep talking as I put my lips on hers. I sighed in relief when she put her hand on my cheeks to intensifie the kiss.

    We broke the kiss as we ran out of air and I put my forehead on hers, slightly smiling. Her hands still on my cheeks she spoke.

    « Alright, now we really have to have a second date. »

    I chuckled and kissed her again, to which she immediately answered.

    « Good night. »

    « Gold night Max, see you tomorrow? »

    « See you tomorrow. I hope you’ll encourage me as well as your brother tomorrow. »

    « For sure. »

    She gave me a timid smile and i headed towards my room with a stupid grin on my face.

    Stupid prejudices.

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  • hiddleshos
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago



    #F1 #drivers press conference #sochi gp
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  • uniformula
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i only follow people on tumblr based on how funny your tags are

    #if i see you calling adult men your meow meows #congrats we are on the same wavelength #oh that's your malewife? please tell me more #what is f1 but slutty men persevering #WAGs but they're all f1 drivers actually #f1
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  • redemptionshoey
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    Throwback to the "uber" to Sochi last year when Max reposted the same picture to crop out his drink🥂
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  • micallum
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    We are all so caught up in the merc-rbr bullshit that we forget there are literally other 8 teams in the championship. Go on a limb with me, next sunday Pierre podium. Gio points. George points. Este podium. Valtteri plays for team valtteri #goteam. Chergio Contact™️. Carlos drags the red car to P5 on sunday somehow despite the car being shit all weekend. Haas vs haas: leave br(m)i(ck)tney alone! Daniel licks all the stamps. Lando little gremlin thumbs up at Carlos from P4.

    #Nando proud mother cheering for Esteban on the radio please #sebchal moment during the driver's parade for you weirdos out there #tsunoda curses on the radio nur einmals live! #(sorry I don't speak Japanese) #for the championship bs I give you max DNF and lewis issues he tries but valtteri says no can do and he gets stuck behind a sexy red car 🌞 #happy monday #don't pay attention to me #f1 #f1 makes you go crazy
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  • redemptionshoey
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Its race week again but I still haven't processed the last race

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