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    Fantastic Four (2018) #38

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    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    thou like almost every trailer i watched was forgettable none of the stories really stuck and it was all? v underwhelming? im not even that excited for p'aof's show this time. the only thing that had me excited was the cast.

    also. CHIMON??? did gmmtv forget they have him or??? how is one of their BEST only a side character in stuff that makes no sense.

    i knew gmmtv hates women but like. i really thought they might do a gl. instead we get backward shows about women fighting each other again and?? god their women just dont have enough personality.

    #waste of all their actresses #and some actors #im so mad about chimon im trying not to think about it #i remember how excited i was watching it last year like #when bad buddy's trailer came out #i was ready to make that my whole personality #and f4!! #it was just. much more exciting last year #these scripts feel so generic and overused #i cant get behind them #gmmtv 2022 #fr feel like i wasted 5 hours fnsjnfsl
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    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fsx F4 Phantom

    The F-4 Phantom II is truly an iconic aircraft, not only for its strikingly unique and aggressive appearance, but also for its wide. The F-4F was modernized between 19 with a Hughes APG-65 radar and the ability to use the AIM-120. It is located in the Federal Republic of Germany still in service. The McDonnell F-4F Phantom II is a two-seater and supersonic fighter capable of long range, all-weather fighter-bomber capabilities as well. F-4F Phantom II Professional.

    This crisis led to a reorganization of the airline in July 1962, under an entirely new management team. Riddle Airlines faced financial difficulties and in June 1962 all services were suspended. This is a continuation of that airline's affairs. My previous uploads were the of Riddle Airline's fleet.

    Also, in 1966 they recorded a net profit of $3 million dollars. In fact, it was previously the largest all-cargo airline in the USA, in 1951. In 1966 they were able to take over Slick Airways, itself a big cargo carrier. By 1965 Airlift was on cloud nine as they earned and a net profit of $1,744,907. They started international operations to Rome and Milan with their solo DC-8F aircraft, with another DC-8F joining the fleet in June 1964. Airlift, got off on the right foot as they received 31 of Riddle's aircraft.

    For Airlift the 1970s did not allow them to reach the heights of the 1960s. Recession, and cutbacks in Vietnam airlift operations. In 1970 however, they had a downturn due to the U.S. In 1967 they received L-100 Hercules, 727-172Cs, and 707-365Cs.

    It was the first privately owned new-age airline to be established in Vietnam, being granted its initial approval to operate by the Vietnamese Minister of Finance in November 2007. VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company (Vietnamese: Công ty Cổ phần Hàng không VietJet), trading as VietJet Air or Vietjet, is an international low-cost airline from Vietnam. VietJet Air orders 42 new Airbus A320Neo. It should work on FSX, P3D v1-3, & FS2004.Fs2004_fsx_p3d_airlift_international_c-46.zipUS Army "Vietnam Era colors" Bell 206 OH-58 KiowaMilitary repaint for FSX default Bell 206 Jet Ranger (named OH-58 Kiowa) in US Army Vietnam Era colors.Vietjet Air "Minions" Airbus A320 Sharklet (VN-A650)This is the paint of Vietjet Air (Minions) for Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM based in Vietnam.

    VietJet Air orders 42 new Airbus A320Neo. aerosoft_airbus_a320_cfm_vietjet_air_vietcombank-3.jpgThis is the paint of Vietjet Air (Vietcombank) for Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM based in Vietnam. aerosoft_airbus_a320_cfm_vietjet_air_vietcombank-2.jpg aerosoft_airbus_a320_cfm_vietjet_air_vietcombank-1.jpg VietJet Air is owned by Sovico Holdings, HDBank, other organisational investors and individual stakeholders.Vietjet Air "Vietcombank" Airbus A320 Sharklet (VN-A658)

    With theTube retracted for transport, tube positionedFor direct fire, Tube at a low angle and tubeAt a very high angle. The 6 ft175mm and 8 inch Self Propelled HowitzersFS2004/FS2002 API macro-8 inch and 175mmSelf propelled Vietnam era howitzers in 4Versions each for scenery designers. Both ofIt's V-Board Launcher with berm. VietJet Air is owned by Sovico Holdings, HDBank, other organisational investors and individual stakeholders.Aerosoft_airbus_a320_cfm_vietjet_air_vietcombank.zipCategory: Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery DesignFS2004/FS2002 API macro-105mm Howitzer in 3Vietnam era versions for scenery designers.With no wall, with a sandbagged wall and withAn ammo box wall complete with ammunitionCould also use it as a 155 howitzer. As of its launch in December 2011, it became the second private airline to offer domestic service in Vietnam, as well as the fifth airline overall to offer civil domestic flights and international flights. It was the first privately owned new-age airline to be established in Vietnam, being granted its initial approval to operate by the Vietnamese Minister of Finance in November 2007.

    This is for Strike Fighters: Project One. 1960 and took 12 days, the route being across the continental United States to Chicago, thence to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, UAR, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia and finally Australia.You may wonder why they took the "long way round" rather than ferry the aircraft across the Pacific route: very simply, the Viscount did not have the range required to safely transit the distances between the only refuelling points available down through the Pacific Ocean.A ReadMe with the simple installation instructions and historical information is included.FS2004/FS2002 API macro-20 ft Fishing DhowOf the Vietnam era for scenery designers.This is a small version of the larger dhowsThat were used for transport of goods andPeople and it was used primarily for fishing.Centuries for fishing and for transport ofGoods and people on rivers and ocean watersCategory: Strike Fighters: Project 1 - Repaints388th TFW Wing Commader Plane during Vietnam. Howard.The flight commenced on the morning of September 17th.

    #Fsx F4 Phantom
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    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 400 | Autumn 2021

    Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 400 | Autumn 2021

    This is the second ever roll I have shot with my Nikon F4! I was fortunate enough to finally get one last year. This camera was a dream camera to have back when I first got into photography. An autofocus professional 35mm SLR. However the price was unattainable for me in the late 90’s and I quickly dismissed ever having one and kept to my more basic Pentax ESII and Minolta X-700 with their manual…

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    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    New lens! Super Takumar 200mm f4

    For those moon pictures.

    #mine#my photos#my photography #film is alive #super takumar 200mm f4 #pentax spotmatic
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  • dizzyduck44
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    So am I right in thinking that by the end of next year McLaren will have

    • An F1 team

    • An Indycar team

    • An Extreme E team

    • A British GT team

    • Supplier of cars for other GT teams

    • An option on a Formula E team in 2023

    • An interest in British F4

    • Both drivers heavily investing back into karting

    • Oh and a CEO who races his vintage car collection for fun

    • A threat they will do Bathurst

    Wow they really want you to know their name across as many platforms of racing as possible don’t they? Either that or Zak is building the ultimate stay your whole career with McLaren option!

    I love it.

    Just keeping giving Juan Pablo and Mika opportunities to play and I couldn’t love you more 😍

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  • missmoonysweetluna
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    The scariest songs in Everywhere at the End of Time, in my opinion (as well as a ramble about why they're scary and a few other things)

    EATEOT is an album that I like casually listening to. I don't find it all that scary, not even in the later stages. However, there are two songs in the album that make me genuinely terrified. Those would be "Burning Despair Does Ache" (F4) and "Mournful Cameraderie" (F8). Both are in Stage 3.

    I'm going to cut it here because I have quite a bit to say. Also, spoilers for Everywhere at the End of Time. I think.

    For starters, when I hear these two songs, I feel like I'm placed in fight-or-flight mode. The way that the music distorts is bone-chilling, and makes me feel shaky. I both love and hate it.

    And the strangest part is, those two tracks are the only ones in the entire collection that genuinely make me scared. The "Hell Sirens" in Stage 4 and the seemingly endless noise in Stage 5 are nothing to me compared to those two Stage 3 tracks.

    It's not because I dislike Stage 3, either.

    Stage 3 of EATEOT is probably one of my favorites, seconded only by stage 1 (because it has A3, "Late Afternoon Drifting", which reminds me of my Grandfather and my childhood home). Most of the tracks are incredibly soothing to me, and I listen to them if I'm going through something rough. In addition, the ones that aren't particularly calming are ones that I personally can relate to, because I've gone through experiences that have made me lose around two years worth of memories, and I've spent months in the worst of it, with part of my consciousness seemingly not even present while I just stared blankly at things I don't even remember doing. Basically, the theme of confusion and memory loss is not only familiar, but a subject that I love exploring and hold dearly.

    However, those two tracks are the sole exception. I hate listening to them whenever they come up in Stage 3 because of the fear reaction they bring out in me.

    So... Why do these two specific tracks garner this reaction from me?

    I'm not quite sure, but I have a theory.

    It revolves around the repetition of Al Bowlly's "Heartaches" throughout the entire collection. When you're first introduced to the album, the first track that plays is A1, "It's Just a Burning Memory". This is a sample of Al Bowlly's "Heartaches". In stage 2, we're brought back to the same song in C3, "What Does it Matter How My Heart Breaks". However, this time it's a cover of "Heartaches" done by Seger Ellis. Both of the tracks are very calming, if not sad if C3's case.

    The next time "Heartaches" is played is in E2, "And Heart Breaks" in Stage 3. It's the same version as A1, albeit pitched and distorted. Despite it being more distorted than the first two times it's heard, I still don't find it scary. It sounds almost bittersweet and faded, much like Stage 2's version.

    However, the final (most recognizable, anyways) times that "Heartaches" is heard, it's in F4 and F8. The music is incredibly distorted, with some of the first few notes changing pitch halfway through and with other background noises flickering in and out. The song sounds like it's being reversed while played normally, creating quite a terrifying listening experience.

    F8 is even worse.

    Not only is it just like F4, it also sounds like it's been swirled together, and all of the horrible noises that were once "Heartaches" fade in and out altogether. As the track continues, it just fades from that horrifying menagerie of noise and sound to just... drones. it sounds almost similar to Stage 6's drones. It gives me goosebumps, and I almost never resist the urge to skip that track simply because of the pure horror it instills in me.

    But it's not like I don't like those tracks! They're actually some of my favorites, as much as I hate to admit it. F4 and F8 are the two tracks that embody the "musical horror" aspect of Everywhere at the End of Time to me. The Caretaker did an amazing job in creating such a horrifying masterpiece. And if you actually read all of this, you deserve a gold star.

    #Everywhere At The End Of Time #everywhere at the end of time analysis #analysis#stage 3#eateot #eateot stage 3 analysis #f4 burning despair does ache #f8 mournful cameraderie #god i love stage 3 #but those tracks creep the fuck out of me #Youtube
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    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Xiaomi Poco F4 Pro

    Xiaomi Poco F4 Pro Full Specifications and Price in Bangladesh Brand Name : Xiaomi Model : Poco F4 Pro Launch Date : Not announced yet Status : Rumored OS : Android 11 Chipset : Qualcomm SM8250-AC Snapdragon 870 5G (7 nm) CPU : — GPU : — Ram : 6 GB, 8 GB Internal Memory : 128 GB, 256 GB External Memory : No Network Type : GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G Spreed  : HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A,…

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    #Poco F4 Pro #Smartphone
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    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Siyah Beyaz Lincoln Heykeli

    Siyah Beyaz Lincoln Heykeli

    Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC’nin sahte siyah beyaz film görünümlü oluşturması DxO PhotoLab 2’de ham geliştirme. PhotoLine 21.50 ve Skylum Tonality CK’de (Ilford SFX 200) işleme sonrası. Olympus PEN-F, OLYMPUS M.12-100mm F4.0, 21mm, f4, 1/60 sn, 6400 iso. Fotoğraf © 2019 Bob Shrader. Posted by Pen-F-Fan on 2019-09-05 13:40:01 Tagged: , Olympus PEN-F , OLYMPUS M.12-100mm F4.0 , 21mm , f4 , 1/60…

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    #1/60 sec#21mm#6400 iso#America #B&W negative film #beyaz #black & white #Black and White #BW #District of Columbia #DxO#DxO PhotoLab#exterior#F4-#faux film#Film Emulation#Heykeli#High Contrast#historic site #Ilford SFX 200 #Landmarks#Lincoln#Lincoln Memorial #M.Zuiko 12-100mm f 4.0 IS PRO #M4/3#mFT #micro four thirds #mirrorless#Monochrome#monotone
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    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #af-s nikkor 24-120mm f4 g vr
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    26.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    This car looks great ngl, glad they finally get rid of that mygale f4, it’s so shit that teams are threatening to leave the series if they don’t change constructor lol

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    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    #thank you so much for the ask!! #f4#emiratexaaron#ask meme
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    [ 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐭𝐬𝐢𝐞 ]

    ⚠︎ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | Dilf! Aged Up! Yuta, Smut, Unprotected Sex, Footsie, Cunnilingus (f), Dacryphilia, Creampies

    You only knew Mr. Nakamoto as the typical "dad's best friend"—nothing more, nothing less. Until now. Right now you were rather annoyed at Mr. Nakamoto.

    No, it's not like you didn't like Mr. Nakamoto or anything. You just had one simple, itsy bitsy, minuscule, tiny problem with him.

    He was hot.

    You hadn't noticed before, or maybe you just didn't look hard enough. The man who always wore such perfect fitting clothes, from the crisp white Ralph Lauren polo to those black dress pants that adorned his thighs—everything seemed flawless about that man. In addition, the oxfords he wore fueled your emotions—and his pushed back hair. How could've you ignored all that?

    One other thing too—he was nearly twice your age at the mystifying age of 46.

    So there he sat, daring to laugh with your father like you totally weren't trying to play a game of footsie under his dining room table with him. Something obviously abrupt happened to cause your father and mother to leave his house entirely, leaving you in the responsibility of none other than Mr. Nakamoto.

    Mr. Nakamoto’s fingers tapped against the dining table. He sat back in his chair with his legs wide open. When your foot brushed against his knee, his gaze on you intensified. "You’re a playful one," he smirked, leaning closer to the table "isn’t that right, little lady?" He tsked, "I'm sure you enjoyed that" he said giving you a tight smile "Or at least I hoped you enjoyed that."

    You shot him back a small, cheeky smile and continued to hike your foot higher—almost getting it where you wanted.


    Your breath hitched, your eyes quickly glared up at the man who currently restricted your leg from moving. Releasing your ankle, he stood up from his seat and bent down to whisper in your ear.

    "If you want me, you can always tell me, angel. No need for your little games." He smiled at his own words in realization of what he just said. "Unless you wanna play your little games with me." Mr. Nakamoto swiped his upper lip "Although, I don’t necessarily suggest it—I'm a little old for games, don't you think?"

    You nodded as if you were trapped in some sort of trance, your whole attention was placed on this otherworldly man.

    He glanced at the door, as if someone were to burst in at any second, and looked back at you. His eyes were almost as dark as it was outside. The menacing look on his face did not go unnoticed by you.

    "So tell me what you want, doll," he said, his voice raspy "and I'm sure I can give it to you"

    Never in your life have you met a man like him.

    Nor do you think you'll ever meet a man like him again.

    His eyebrows raised as he took your face in his hand. "You gotta tell me, angel. Or else I'll just never know" he taunted with a smirk on his face.

    So here you are now, bent against the one and only, Mr. Nakamoto's dining room table. His tongue moves in a circular motion on your clit making your back arch prettily. You could've sworn you saw stars. "Pussy tastes to fuckin' good, baby" Mr. Nakamoto praised as his tongue traced up and down you folds. You tried, and failed, to dig your nails into the table when the man groaned against your core.

    You let out a choked out whimper when his lips wrapped around your clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves a little roughly. You whimpered even louder when your upper body finally gave up and dropped to the table, letting your tits feel the cold surface.

    Mr. Nakamoto's hands were placed firmly on your hips as he was on his knees, having the time of his life as he lapped up any drop of wetness your pussy oozed out. His grasp on you hardened even more as you whined about being close. He waited for the moment, the perfect moment of when you were about to cum. "P-please, M-mister m'gonna...m'gonna—"

    And just like that, he pulled away.

    Your hips wiggled in the air at the loss of contact. Tears began to well up in your eyes as you felt your core throb, almost yelling at you in pure need of Mr. Nakamoto. Your core gushed out more arousal the second you locked eyes with the cause of your frustration, did he have to be that hot? His lips were puffy and covered with your arousal when he smiled at you. His gelled back hair only had a single strand out of place.

    You swallowed all your shame and threw your dignity out the window. You tried your best to hold back your tears. You needed him that badly as he got up off his knees. "I wan' y-your cock~" you whined, looking up at him through teary eyes. He cooed at you and your current state. "Awe, baby wants me so bad that she's crying." he smiled, carrying your pretty body to his room.

    Setting you down on his bed, he chuckled. "Don't worry baby," he said, sending you a wink as he unbuckled his belt "I'll give you what you want."

    When the tip of his cock lined up with your hole, his hands planted themselves firmly on your hips. The mewl you let out morphed into a moan as Mr. Nakamoto's hips thrusted in and out of you quicker.

    You felt yourself get lost in the sensation of him, your nails dug into his shoulders nearly ripping off his polo shirt. Luckily for you, he'd remove it himself giving you the opportunity to dig your nails into the flesh of his back to his biceps. He hissed at the pain before he lowered down to the crook of your neck, leaving pink bite marks anywhere his lips came in contact. As his pace sped up, you cried out making him chuckle. "Baby's gonna look so cute when m'done with her," he said, leaving one endearing kiss close to your ear "Isn't that right baby?"

    He chuckled breathlessly at your fucked out state, you looked like you couldn't even remember your name while strings of moans and his name left your pretty lips.

    Taking your wrists in his hands, he fully pulled out only to ram his dick all the way back inside you. Tears instantly fell from your eyes in pleasure and Mr. Nakamoto was so eager to kiss your tear stained cheeks. "Awe," he cooed "You look so pretty when you're crying, say it. C'mon, say you're pretty, baby."

    You made a noise of confusement, your brain still stuck on the feeling of your orgasm coming so near—"H-huh?" Mr. Nakamoto scoffed at your cluelessness, "Say you're pretty, baby." Smiling down at you, he'd be surprised if you didn't stumble on your words.

    Gathering your thoughts you basically moaned out, "I- I'm pretty...a-ah! Mr. Nakamoto~" the end of your sentence was slurred into a mewl as your orgasm hit you oh-so suddenly causing you to be a complete mess under the man you were so very fond of.

    Mr. Nakamoto watched in awe as your chest heaved up and down with the combination of your tear stained, flushed cheeks. He was quick to follow after your orgasm. Letting out a string of profanities, Mr. Nakamoto threw his head back while his cum gushed in your pulsing walls. Keeping his dick inside you for a moment, he swallowed hard when he pulled out. Seeing his cum mixed with yours made him want to fuck you all over again.

    Unfortunately for the both of you, your parents could be home any second. Mr. Nakamoto gladly helped you get cleaned up and dressed to go back into his dining room in the nick of time.

    You bid Mr. Nakamoto goodbye as your parents decided they'd wanted to go back home. When you'd give him a hug he was quick to whisper something in your ear without the knowledge of your parents.

    "Same time next week, yeah?" he said, probably with an enormous smile on his face. You could practically hear the smile.

    As you walked off with your parents, you looked back at him causing him to send a wink at you.

    You knew he'd be on your mind 24/7 until then.

    𖦹 "FOOTSIE", an F4 work┆Word Count: 1.3k

    TAGLiST┊@fineapplehoe @sangiedarling  @aaasteroidsky  @cheesy-gimb0ps @morklee02 @honglips  @taeisbae13 @kimanniexxx @renjunato  @chitaphrrrr @fullsuhnny @alexameliamg @yo-dreamrush  @tulipatethic @thinkingplushie  @sunshinedhyuck  @multislut  @cyb3rbab3  @softieforgyu  @eggoyu  @pukupukupawpau  @3ranch  @mrkleelvr  @violetwinters  @artgukkx @nonosjams  @lonjwinsworld @silent-potato  @tar0nya @tyyongkitty  @its-bsma  @ktylovebot @antisocialunic0rn-blog @markthemapleleaf @90sgatsby-jjh

    UNABLE 2 TAG┊ @doyoungsjohnny @jenos-lvr @lmaorawr @blossomyyy @daintyja4m @acemontgomery3000b @lilac-dxll @goddessfrey @yvesplz

    #nct smut#nct dilf#yuta smut #nct x reader #nct 127 smut #nct yuta smut #YALL THIS IS THE LAST F4 FIC IM- #CRJDNEKNSKSMSKAMAKAMWKKW#NWKWNSKSMKANAMAMAMAK#NSMWKNSJNGHNGHFNFJFNNFNFNRNDNE#welp #thanks for reading :D
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    i really need to start paying attention to the narrative in games, i accidentally got the entire argonian race exiled from tamriel in eso

    #alt f4 my life please
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    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tumtober 3 - Part 29:

    Anime/Game: Rune factory 4 - Been playing the switch version again lately and I forgot how much I liked Dylas. It occurred to me that I had been wanting to draw a centaur for a good while now and who better to subject to such a fate than a character that used to be a literal horse? I mean, he still maintains the attributes of his horse monster form. I indulged with the hunger part and added a couple of full stomachs because there’s no way I’m drawing a centaur without two stomachs really. Poor Dylas, half transformed and stuck with two hungry bellies to stuff.

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    #nature#landscape#trees#backlight#november#autumn#niigata#japan #original photography on tumblr #photographers on tumblr #smc macro takumar 50mm/f4
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  • happy-geology
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    Callicarpa japonica in an autumn form.

    #nature#plants#wildflowers#callicarpa japonica#fruits#november#niigata#japan #original photography on tumblr #photographers on tumblr #smc macro takumar 50mm/f4 #ムラサキシキブ
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