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    Here’s to the role-players who have crafted complex characters –– ones who do not yield to anything but their own spirit. These amazing mun’s and characters are so beautiful and do not get enough appreciation IMO. They are characters who have traits similar to Caspian; soft but with edges. There is a beautiful part of these character’s, who instinct is to defend first rather than attack. 

    I’m a sucker for these kinds of characters, but even more so I simply adore these muns. kind and helpful, I know that I fail you at times with how little we speak, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how much your muses mean to me! Keep making complex, kind, beautiful characters.

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  • It had been simply SLUGGISH two weeks — no, wait, had it even been two weeks? Time had lost its power, lost in his agitated state of mind. For months, he had waited for this, waited for the right moment to appear. Even when the most perfect times would offer themselves to him ( and her ), he had drawn back. no, not yet – Sometimes the thought vanished to the back of his mind, not as present as he’d like to, but that was made up for what he feared to be obvious anxiety revealed on his face, spacing out and VISUALISING the object’s placement in his flat, pocket, wherever it was in that moment.

    Some would call it FOOLISH to purchase such an item so early into a relationship. Even a part of him scolded him for doing so, doubting his impulsiveness, not letting other than a selected few to know about his decision. (  mostly for financial reasons, money had to be borrowed, and a REASON had to be given for this almost shameful act. Believe me, it wasn’t how he wanted to go down on this road, but he let his pride take the hit this once. It’d be WORTH it. )

    Now, his fingers fidgeted with anticipation while eyes restlessly scanned the area for the redhead. The plane had landed, right? Shit, the dwelling storm in his stomach was gathering more clouds, the restlessness making him ANNOYED at the people who had their friends, family and whatnot arrive before HIS love.

    —- !! 


    Arm stretches, hand waving and greeting and trying to get Eileen’s ATTENTION to his direction. God, she looked a bit lost, a bit tired, and amusingly adorable with that hugeass bag of hers. No words were let out, but his IMPATIENT feet took the iniative to approach her with this uncharacteristic shy smile on his face.

                                            Ah, his heart was about to explode —-

    #faillte #:)))))))))))))))))))) HERE W E Go
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  • faillte answered your question: yall which looks better blue or purple ??

    purple is rly pretty but blue is easier on the eye!!

    yEAH thats what i was thinking also

    #faillte #i also checked the purple on the girls and it messed up #im gunna stick with blue thank you !! #;outofrent
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  • @faillte plotted her doom.

        Ever since Lucy was young, moving was a normal occurrence from the age eight and up. After he had stopped visiting her, she left shortly after. That was when she never got to see her best friend or him again without ever uttering a single goodbye. Losing both of what LITTLE good influences she had on her life disappeared with them and she was never quite the same. Since then, she never did quite fit in and the teachers often paid special attention to the child who needed it whether or not she wanted it. She would have liked to make NEW friends and she wanted to make memories of what she little time she had but she was isolated. Instead, she was forced to spend her time picking up after her belongings that had fallen or dumped to the wayside. Eventually, the little girl of sunshine STOPPED trying whenever the teachers gave her that sort of consideration and she began to try and hide her illness. Hiding it, however, changed each new teacher’s perception of the girl and began to assume that she was having difficulty in studying and was lagging behind.

        For some teachers, she played ignorant and apathetic and for others, she was herself filled with cheer and enthusiasm. Due to her lack of proper attendance in school because of frequent VISITS to the hospital, Lucy had to stay after school to make up for the missed classes. The teacher that often spent that special time with her was always one that had quickly grown fond of her since she was often filled to the brim with questions and an eagerness to learn that was hidden from the rest of her classmates. But that meant she revealed the genius to some teachers, a natural born prodigy when it came to any subject she learned. What she excelled the most in was science; most particularly biology and natural science.

        However, such talent was hidden and restrained after Lucy had learned one teacher had taken her words and published a work under their name instead of hers. Discovering the plagiarized work was a low blow to a prodigal girl of eleven and she stopped telling people about her ideas. Instead, the girl grew with DOUBT of people, wondering if there was anyone else as comforting as he was or as kind and wonderful like her PRECIOUS best friend. Still, this didn’t prevent the girl from trying to make friends every time she moved to look on the bright side, even though this still meant that she had to hide parts of herself. But then, everyone seemed to pity her when they found out.

        It’s been near a whole semester since Lucy met Eileen, a vibrant young art history teacher-in-training that had the responsibility of looking out for her after school. The youth was about fourteen, showing signs of improvement in physical health, and was allowed more HOURS at school. Lucy’s mother wanted Lucy catch up on schoolwork she had missed since she was gone almost a quarter of the semester and Lucy had never been happier. Miss Eileen was nice and as energetic as she was and all Lucy wanted to do was be with Miss Eileen.

        There was only a week left of school before they were let out for spring break and Lucy wanted to spend all of her time with her favorite teacher. ( Even if she was just a teacher in training. ) Today, she had brought a book for Miss Eileen to read on her off time which depicted of an adventure where the main character would encounter TRUE love on a harrowing adventure to save her kingdom. It was a dazzling book and she couldn’t wait to share it that she was fidgeting in her seat the entire day.

        She waited with bated breath for the bell to ring. The moment the clock struck and the bell rang, she swiftly scooped up her small brown messenger bag and excitedly dashed off to Miss Eileen’s classroom with buzzing energy. She burst through the door with an excited squeal, nearly tackling into the other in her excitement, ❝Mademoiselle Eileen!❞ She wrapped her arms around the other’s waist briefly and pulled out the book triumphantly with an accomplished grin. ❝You HAVE to read this book when you get the chance okay?! This one is exactly the type I think you’d really enjoy — fierce adventures, heart-jarring romance, and of course, lots of amazing loyalty and dedication.❞ Lucy sat down on the closest and nearest seat with a stifled giggle while pulling out the paperwork assignment that Miss Eileen had given her.

        At this current moment, as exciting as it would be to talk about a book, Lucy was not at all concerned about the EXAMS that were to be had this week just before their break was to begin. ( She wasn’t worried, quite honestly——she knew the material like the back of her hand. ) But still…

    #faillte #「❇」verse // veiled truths. #「❇」story // peace of mind. #『✲』love & light joins through a smile // starter. #( .... um... welp. )
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  • #faillte #( ooc ) damn carrie ; back at it again with being unnecessary
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  • faillte replied to your post “Btw feel free to reblog that art trade post because i seriously want…”

    sob i’d love to do an art trade with you if it wasn’t that i’m in a super art block period / i can’t draw males / MY ART IS SHITTY RN

    (oh god it says something if u knew already it was males)


    #faillte #{ out of class }
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  • faillte replied to your post “Do you do art commissions?”



    laughs into the sun bc i have 1.5 finals this week and 1.5 finals next week


    #faillte #i gotta update my price sheet tbh #;off at sea.
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  • faillte replied to your post: FACTS ABOUT THE MUN. tagged by: @lucentiox thank u…


    o non onoo don’t cry becca !!!! ily too much !!

    #◜✧. ‹ ooc. › #faillte
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  • image

    she’s humming softly to herself as she walks, for once to be found in a good mood.  these days, when she feels her feet don’t quite touch the ground below, are rarer and rarer, she’s found.  but when they do come along, she just appreciates them more and more.  today, though, she has an armful of flowers and is handing them out to people she sees, along with a compliment.  a carnation is thrust at the woman with a cheery smile before she speaks.

    ❝ i-it’s a d-day of k-kindness, s-so…..j-just like the s-stars, y-you can l-light up s-someone’s w-world !! ❞

    @faillte // ♥’d

    #▉ ‖ ◯ ┊❝ love can change the world in a moment. ❞ ✦ ( main verse ) #▉ ‖ ╳ ┊❝ don’t melt your golden heart to keep someone else’s warm. ❞ ✦ ( in character ) #faillte #day of kindness is something we do at my school so !!! #it inspired this cute starter uwu !!
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  • faillte replied to your post: boob talk // ft. hope              as anyone who’s…

    those… kinda boobs are so pretty tho im crying… but im a ‘all boobs r good’ kinda gal SO I RLY… DONT COUNT…

    I HONESTLY LOVE THEM PARENTHESES BOOBS? so cute…but una feels so awk cause they’re not a regular teardrop shape like “wtf why do i have so much meat up on top and on bottom…if my boobs are so full why are they still so flat…tell me what’s up w that, huh”

    #faillte #;off at sea.
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  • #and thus the asks tag makes sense #|| sticky notes ( asks ) || #|| bad talk ( ic ) || #|| eileen || #faillte
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  • @faillte replied to your post “@faillte replied to your post “@faillte replied to your post …”

    OH NO I FEEL THAT!!! but like any tale or story rly works tbh?? AT LEAST I GO WITH IT >B( she’d be a good alice also bc she looks pretty in blue OKAY

    MMM maybe she’ll be alice then??? it kind of brings things full circle since i used her for an AiW rp back in like 2010…and she does look really good in blue. like, i’d love for her to be the little mermaid just cause una’s so tied to the sea, but alice makes more sense in terms of personality. BUT LITTLE MERMAID…i’m so conflicted.

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  • faillte replied to your post “MY ! URL! MAYBE!!!”


    u keep telling urself that becca, i’ll get u a blanket and tea

    #faillte #&&. AT PRACTICE ( ooc. ) #IM SO GLAD UR HAPPY THO
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  • faillte replied to your post: ��

    M A S H P O T A T O E





    it’s tru tho!! u heard it here first folks Eileen is soft n warm like mash potatoe !!!

    #faillte #❬╳❭ ━ (ooc) #claire: or mayb like fresh bread when it's still warm and soft
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  • @heistborne replied to your post “i feel so blessed…….. when ppl murder my son”

    i want to kiss luke does that count

    my dude if u were to kiss luke it would be the kiss of LIFE MY SON WILL BE BLESSED I AM BLESSED

    @faillte replied to your post “i feel so blessed…….. when ppl murder my son”


    becca join me in my quest to kill luke it’ll be magical and we’ll all sing songs and dance around the bonfire ( except for luke he’ll be dead i guess )

    #heistborne#faillte#death / #ANYWAYS AGAIN IF U WANNA KILL LUKE JUST LET ME KNOW #dont kill him w out me knowing tho just gimme a heads up i will 100000% agree #ALSO MY LENOVO LAPTOP LIVES #IDK HOW #I TURNED ON TODAY AND IT LIVES!!!!!!!! #instead of studying...... i shall use this time to get to some replies bless me heart
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