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    some angel sam content for the heart and soul

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    Some bts from Assembled : The Making of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes gif #sebastian stan gif #sebastian stan#sam wilson #sam wilson gif #anthony mackie#chris evans #anthony mackie gif #chris evans gif #steve rogers #steve rogers gif #assembled#disney plus #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws#captain america
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    22.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    (Image Credit: Whumptober Challenge Tumblr)


    Day Nineteen

    Just A Scratch

    Bitten | Bleeding | Stabbing

    It was supposed to be a simple fact finding mission. Get in, find out what this sketchy organization was up to and then get back out and plan from there. The theory was that the group was working on some kind of biological weapon. When Bucky heard the term biological weapon, he thought of some kind of weaponized virus. He did not think of an army of mutants made up of some kind of grotesque mix of machine and animal.

    The creatures each had four arms and two legs and could walk upright or on all sixes depending on the situation. They also had large mouths that took up most of their heads, each mouth filled with dozens of viciously sharp teeth. They look unsettlingly like the Outriders used in Thanos’ army, which still haunted Bucky’s nightmares. And when the scientists realized the compound had been compromised, they unleashed the creatures in order to cover their escape.

    This was way above Bucky’s paygrade.

    “Get out, get out now!” Sam snapped over the comms. as he was flying cover over the compound.

    “Way ahead of you,” Bucky gasped as he ran.

    He sprinted up the stairs back to the main level as fast as he could, the sound of the creatures scuttling and screeching after him filling the stairwell. Bucky fired his automatic rifle behind him, not bothering to look as he tried to push his legs to move even faster than their already unnaturally fast pace.

    Bucky slammed opened the door at the top of the stairwell and flung it closed behind him to try and buy himself some time. But five seconds later there was the unmistakable sound of the door being ripped right off its hinges. So much for that.

    He had no chance in such close quarters. He knew he had to get out of that building -- where Sam was anxiously waiting -- as fast as possible.

    “Sam, I’m exiting the building on the northeast side,” Bucky said as he ducked into an office, flinging the door shut behind him again.

    There was a beat of silence. “Buck, there isn’t a door on the northeast side.”

    “I know,” Bucky said shortly.

    He put his vibranium arm in front of his face as he launched himself through the nearest window. He tucked his shoulder as he rolled through the grass, came back to his feet and kept on running.

    Because he knew those creatures were still right behind him.

    “Got your six!” Sam shouted as he let loose explosives over the window where the creatures were now escaping.

    Bucky continued a short distance away before he finally spun around and raised his rifle, ready to pick off any creatures that made it through Sam raining fire on them. The creatures were alarmingly resilient, several making it through the explosives as they lunged toward Bucky. Bucky’s aim was perfect, but each creature took too many bullets before it went down. Bucky was backing up as he fired. The first creature went down a few feet away. The second went down about a foot away. The third came within inches.

    The fourth lunged and tackled him hard to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. His rifle was knocked out of one hand, but thankfully he was able to hold onto it with the other. He quickly brought the rifle up and was able to shove it longways into the creature’s mouth just before it managed to close it’s teeth over his head. He shoved the creature backward with all his strength as scrambled backward, trying desperately to get enough space between him and the creature so that he could raise the rifle.

    And that’s when the creature’s jaws clamped down hard on Bucky’s calf.

    Bucky screamed out in agony even as he raised his rifle and shot the thing point point. The creature was knocked back, but managed to catch itself as he started back toward Bucky…

    And then a blur of white, blue and red fell from the sky. The shield hit the creature, knocking it farther away from Bucky. Sam landed hard just a few feet away and fired an explosive from his gauntlet, finally taking the creature down.

    “Bucky! You okay?” Sam demanded as he rushed over.

    “We in the clear?” Bucky asked warily as he glanced back toward the compound.

    “Looks like it,” Sam said, glancing back as well to ensure no other creatures were coming after them.

    “Good,” Bucky sighed as he dropped his head back down to the ground. As the adrenaline started wearing off, the pain in his leg started washing over him in waves.

    “Bucky?” Sam said as he knelt down next to him, looking him up and down.

    “Got bit,” Bucky ground out as he clenched his jaw.

    “Shit!” Sam said as he looked frantically for the injury.

    Bucky figured that the blood must have blended in with his black pants. “Leg,” he managed.

    Bucky determinedly looked straight up at the sky, not wanting to see the damage that was done. He felt Sam roll up his pant leg, and judging back the steady stream of curses under his breath Bucky figured it couldn’t look pretty.

    “How bad?” Bucky grunted, his gaze still resolutely straight ahead.

    “Well, the leg is still attached,” Sam hedged as there was a shuffling noise.

    Bucky snorted. “Well,” he said flatly. “Better than when I fell off that train back in ‘45, then.”

    “Shit, sorry,” Sam said, seeming to realize that the joke was in bad taste. “I forgot.”

    “Lucky you,” Bucky deadpanned.

    “It’s bad, but if we stem the blood loss I think you’re super soldier healing can handle it,” Sam said gently. There was suddenly pressure on his calf and Bucky couldn’t stop the yelp of pain as all his muscles tensed. “Sorry, Bucky. Just gotta wrap this up, okay?”

    Bucky let out a shuddering breath as he nodded. He clenched his fists and rode out the waves of pain as Sam wrapped his cafe tightly with the bandage he had taken out of the med kit in his suit.

    “Done,” Sam finally declared.

    Bucky let out a sigh of relief as his muscles finally relaxed. He let his head fall to one side as his eyelids suddenly felt heavy. Shit, he was exhausted.

    “Hey, stay with me, Buck,” Sam said as he gently shook Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky looked up at him, seeing the concern that shined freely in his eyes. Bucky still wasn’t used to seeing people care about him. “You got some decent blood loss. I need you to hang in there until we get back to the safehouse and then you can get some rest. Okay.”

    “Yeah,” Bucky mumbled.

    Sam helped Bucky sit up. Bucky slung his arm over Sam’s shoulder and took several deep breaths. Sam was watching him and waiting for Bucky to nod before he lifted him up. Bucky kept all his weight either on his good leg or on Sam, but the pain still pulsed as he let out a groan. They started forward and Bucky put as little weight as possible on the bad leg, trying to use it only for balance as they moved along.

    “Gonna make it?” Sam asked as he was watching Bucky closely. “I can always scoop you up like a new bride and fly us there if you want.”

    Bucky snorted a laugh. “No, I’ll make it.” He paused. “Thanks, though.”

    “Hey, that’s what coworkers do, right?” Sam said teasingly.

    Bucky gave a real laugh this time. “Yeah. Guess that’s what they do.”

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    Remain (Wish You Were Here) - Character Intro(?)

    Let me introduce you to Malachi [MAL-ə-kie], one of my favourite characters in Remain. He’s a shadow peregrine falcon and Lief’s ‘pet bird’(?) The story goes that Lief was found as an orphan baby on an old lady’s doorstep cradled in Malachi’s wings and they’ve been together ever since.

    As you can see from the drawing, Malachi’s beak has seen better days. During Remain, we’ll see a lot of Malachi since he’s the one delivering Lief’s letters and Lief loves writing about Malachi in their letters, here are some short excerpts:

    Speaking of Malachi, he's acting like a sour grape. He's clearly upset that you're gone. Your shoulder was his favourite perch after all.
    While returning from delivering my first letter to you, he crashed head-first into my bedroom window. There was no lasting damage, thank the heavens, but his walnut-sized brain has been thoroughly rattled the past few weeks.
    We've spent far too many nights sending each other little notes from our respective beds with the help of Malachi. He can recognise your soul anywhere, so I trust he can fly this letter safely to you.

    Taglist: @avian-writes​​, @dontcrywrite​, @ellierenae​, @hannahs-kudos​, @pagesofcursive​, @talesfromgringolandia​ (let me know if you wanna be +/- from the taglist!)

    #wip: remain #malachi the peregrine falcon (remain) #lizzy draws#wip excerpts #can you believe i'm writing an important development arc involving malachi (because surprise surprise i am)
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    the way mackie is holding the phone is very concerning 😂

    #yes i did scratch s*b out #tw sebastian stan #anthony mackie #falcon and the winter soldier
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    British Army Thales Watchkeeper WK450 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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    the falcs make a tik tok account for the team and give the players turns to make videos, and everyone usually does some trend or funny dance. but jack goes around and films the player's reactions to the phrase "bitty didn't make sandwich stuff this week"

    #check please #omg check please #samwell men's hockey #providence falcons#omgcheckplease#omgcp#zimbits
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    My fav from the MCU ❤️

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    torres’ selfie he sent sam was posed like fucking flynn ryder lmao he said i have a crush i better look beat up but ✨sexy✨

    #not rlly a ship but WHY #joaquin torres #falcon and winter solider series #falcon and the winter soldier #fatws#flynn rider#tangled#marvel shitpost#fatws shitpost#marvel meme#i speak
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    (Image Credit: Whumptober Challenge Tumblr)


    Author’s Note: Yeeeaaaahhh fell a little behind. I started writing this last night but it was just coming out so bleh. This morning I woke up and it just flowed so much better! I still have plenty of time to catch up… right?? ;)

    Day Eighteen

    The Doctor Is In

    “Now smile for the camera” | Doctor’s visit | CPR

    “Sam, look out!”

    During the battle, one of the power lines had been cut. As Sam took down one hostile, the other grabbed the insulated part of the line and lunged toward Sam. Sam started to turn at Bucky’s warning… but it was too late. The hostile shoved the live end of the power line into Sam’s back, freezing him in place as all his muscles immediately locked up.

    Bucky was already sprinting toward them and just a few seconds later he managed to tackle the hostile and land a hard punch in his face in order to render him unconscious. The second that the power line fell away, Sam collapsed silently and bonelessly to the ground.

    It would have been better if he were screaming or convulsing or doing anything at all. But instead, Sam lay deathly still where he fell.

    “Sam!” Bucky gasped as he kicked the power line farther away from them and then dropped to his knees beside Sam.

    Bucky rolled Sam over onto his back, his stomach twisting as there was no reaction to the movement. Sam’s eyes were closed and all his muscles were completely slack. Bucky pressed two fingers into Sam’s neck, shifting them a few times because surely he didn’t have the right spot. But after a few long seconds of searching, Bucky finally had to accept the reality of the situation.

    Sam had no pulse.

    “Shit!” Bucky spat as his whole body went cold.

    Bucky’s brain froze for just a split second as he just stared down at Sam’s lifeless form. Bucky had had some first aid training back in the forties when he had joined the army, but CPR was not invented and widely taught until the late fifties. By that time Bucky was well within the control of Hydra, a mindless weapon that they kept cryogenically frozen unless they needed him for a mission. And Hydra obviously had no interest in teaching their weapon anything other than how to kill.

    The realization that Bucky didn’t really know what to do hit him hard. But he knew he had to do something. Bucky rolled Sam over just enough that he could reach the pack that held his wings with his vibranium arm and rip it off so that Bucky was able to lay Sam out flat. Bucky placed his right hand on the middle of Sam’s chest -- afraid to use both hands and accidentally cave in Sam’s ribcage -- and pressed firmly. That’s what they did on TV, right? He felt Sam’s ribcage dip with each compression before rising again and again. That had to be a good sign, right?

    Bucky had no idea how many chest compressions he had done before he remembered rescue breaths were a thing.

    “Shit,” he hissed to himself.

    There was a number of chest compressions to do before rescue breaths, but Bucky had no idea what that number was. Fuck it, he had done a whole bunch of compressions with no change, maybe the rescue breaths was what he was missing. He pulled Sam’s chin down and breathed into his mouth… only to feel the breath come back out of his nose. That wasn’t right. Bucky pinched Sam’s nose and tried again, this time seeing Sam’s chest rise and then fall before going completely still again.

    Bucky went back to the chest compressions again, this time pushing just a little bit harder. The minutes were ticking by agonizingly slowly, and with each tick Bucky was growing more panicked. How long could a person go without oxygen before they were beyond saving?

    “Don’t you dare do this to me, Sam,” Bucky begged as he continued compressions, struggling to keep them even. “Goddamnit, Sam, you can’t… you can’t be…”

    Sam could have done this. Sam would have known exactly what he was doing and been able to bring a person back from the brink. Sam was going to die because Bucky had no fucking idea what he was doing.

    Bucky pinched Sam’s nose again, leaning over and delivering another rescue breath. Sam’s chest rose and then fell… and then shot up again as a wheezing gasp rattled it’s way up Sam’s throat. Bucky stared in shock for a moment, hardly able to believe what he was seeing as Sam continued to gasp. Then the gasping turned into a gurgling coughing and Bucky quickly turned Sam on his side just in time for him to cough up a mouthful of stomach bile.

    “Jesus,” Bucky hissed, his hands gripping Sam like a lifeline. “Sam? Can you hear me?”

    Sam was still gasping, his eyes squeezed shut, but he lifted one hand and reached up and across his body to place it on top of Bucky’s.

    “Damnit, Sam,” Bucky sighed. “You scared the shit outta me.”

    “S’rry,” Sam mumbled as he breaths finally started to even out.

    “There’s a hospital not far from here,” Bucky said, knowing that Sam very likely still needed medical attention. “Can you make it?”

    “Think… so…” Sam murmured.

    “Okay,” Bucky sighed on a huff of relieved breath.

    Bucky helped Sam roll back onto his back and then slowly sit up. He braced Sam for a moment so he could get his bearings, and then pulled Sam’s arm over his shoulders and very carefully lifted him up to his feet. Sam swayed unsteadily as he leaned heavily on Bucky.

    “You’re gonna be okay,” Bucky assured Sam as he waited for Sam to get his bearings again. “By sheer dumbass luck on my end, you’re gonna be okay.”

    Sam snorted a laugh. “Thanks, Buck.”

    “Yeah,” Bucky hedged as they started to stumble forward. “I’ll say this… as soon as you’re recovered, I need a damn CPR lesson. That’s gonna be first order of business.”

    Because there was no way that Bucky was going to come that close to failing Sam ever again.

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    Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines MS Borealis

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    ✨𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒗𝒆𝒍 𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆 • 𝒂𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒄 | 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒑𝒍𝒆✨

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    金 ࣪𖦆 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗽𝗼𝘀𝘁 !¡ ❪ 𝓑ucky 𝓪nd 𝓢am ❫

    𖣠┊like ❫ reblog ꒦꒷ ≡ cr𝘦di𝘵s b𝘺 m𝘪n𝘦 ﹆ׂׂ ˖

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    Captain America (Steve Rogers), All-New Captain America (Sam Wilson) and US Agent (John Walker) are captured by Commander Julia Krieger, Hate-Monger and Sinthea Shmidt. Steve Rogers gets his mind violated by Julia Krieger until Bucky Barnes and Arielle Agbayani arrive just in time to save the captured Captains. 

    - United States of Captain America #5, 2021

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    „Play with fire“ - chapter 2

    Mob!James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader (Mafia AU)

    Words: 2.6k

    Summary: „What do you want, business or pleasure?”

    You are your bosses favorite little spy, send out to get information from a very dangerous and very handsome man. James Buchanan Barnes, leader of the most feared mafia in the country.

    But can you resist his charm and get the job done?

    Or more likely, can he resist you?

    Warnings: explicit smut, flirting, dirty talk, light knife play, power play, unprotected sex, mentions of abusive relationship / non con / rape / drugs / alcohol / blood & violence … (will add more as the story goes on)

    Notes: Please check out my character visuals & moodboards for this fic 💗 (coming soon)

    🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍

    „Hey boss, look who we found,” the man holding your arms tightly said to Brock, who was sitting in his large chair, dominating the middle of the room.

    „Bring her to me and then leave.”

    As you’re being shoved across the room, you suddenly realize what you had gotten yourself into. Your blood freezes, panic filling you as you realize in just how much danger you’re truly in.

    This was only supposed to be a simple job. Inspect the area, check out how many guards, locate his vip room, find a weakness in their security, leave and it report it to Rumlow. Quick and easy. So how is it, that you forgot the whole point of this job so easily? Were you really that easy? You tried your hardest to remember any details from that night. There were two bodyguards, one at the door and Steve. Was Steve even a bodyguard? No, no he was his right hand. Okay one bodyguard… That didn’t sound right at all, James Buchanan Barnes would never leave his house with just one Bodyguard, there had to be more. Fuck, you can’t remember. If Rumlow really planned to attack Bucky, one of the biggest fish in the ocean, in one of his clubs and it would fail because you delivered false information… Okay stay calm, breath, you got this. At least you knew where exactly his vip room was.

    God, I’m fucked.

    The subordinate shoves you to your knees in front of his boss before turning and walking away. The door shuts with an audible click, the sound making you flinch as you’re left alone with the mobster.

    Brock had a god complex, way worse than Barnes or literally anyone else in this country and he was after the throne. Buckys throne.

    He’s been after it for years now, being the leader of one of the last few gangs that weren’t working for Barnes already. Yet he wasn’t even remotely close to his goal and with every day passing, Barnes seemed to gain more and more power. And that made Rumlows blood boil. To your incredibly luck, you owned this sadistic bastard a huge amount of money. Of course, being the pretty little thing that you were, he took full advantage of that. And he loved making your life hell, from the day he picked you up from the streets, gave you shelter and a job, he loved playing with your mind until you believed him that he owned you. And no matter how many jobs you’ve got done for him, no matter how often he did things to you that made you cry yourself to sleep at night, your debts even seemed to grow. You belonged to him and he could do whatever the fuck he wanted to do with you.

    „Tell me, what manner of insanity led you try and run away from me?” His voice was calm, casual, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d say he wasn’t mad. But you do know better, and you know you’re going to have to use every bit of your wits to get out of this.

    „I didn’t.“, you begin to explain, „I didn’t try to run away it’s just that… It’s just that I couldn’t get the information that you asked for and I swear, I wanted to come back and tell you everything you wanted me to find out. I just needed some more time and, and-"

    „Okay you know what? Shut the fuck up,” your explanation was quickly cut off before you could even finish. „Do you have any idea how many people I have shot dead for debts that were not even half as high as yours? And now, after everything I’ve done for you … You. Couldn’t. Even. Get. Me. Those. Simple. Informations?“ Rumlow was shouting now, every word punctured with a fist on the table in front of him and every single time you flinched.

    „You’re lucky I like you, babe and that I actually don’t feel like arguing right now.“, he exhaled trying to calm himself by changing the subject, pinching the back of his nose before looking down to you again, „I told Leo to get your stuff from that shitty apartment of yours that I’ve been sick of paying for and bring it to my house. You’re with me most of the time anyways, so I think today is your lucky fuckin' day.“

    You look at him in horror, your pretty eyes already filling with tears by the thought of him now actually being around you all the time. Now there was truly no escape of him. And you did this to yourself; you digged your own grave the second you went into the club and laid eyes on this dangerous man with the blue eyes and a metal arm.

    „Don’t look at me like that, you know I hate when you try to guilt trip me. Now get the fuck up, go take a shower or whatever and make yourself at home because by the time I get back… I‘ll make you regret every decision of your life that lead you into my arms, pretty girl.“


    Over a month now of waiting for the war that Steve had predicted to come and yet nothing had happened; Buckys disappointment was evident for several nights in a row as of late. No sign of Rumlow or his girl, the latter he hadn’t expected but perhaps had hoped for, and so he was willing to let it go. Things were business as usual as he watched over the club from his couch in the VIP section, eyes idly scanning the crowd as he attempted to ignore whatever brainless floozy had parked herself in the blonde’s lap tonight as she tried to make chitchat.

    „So do you guys, like, workout a lot?” The girl asked, making Bucky roll his eyes as he dug for his smokes in his pocket, placing one between his lips.

    „Oh yeah, all the time.” Steve muttered sarcastically but with a smile planted on his lips. „Ain’t that right Buck?”

    „Sure, I workout…with your sister. All the time.” Bucky shot back, looking at the girl as he chuckled out plumes of smoke and her brows furrowed.

    „I don’t have a sis–” She began only to be hushed by the blonde, his gaze flicking from the crowd to Bucky as his smirk grew wider. „Shut up, no one cares.” He hissed at the girl and pushed her away, dismissing her with a wave of his hand, much to Buckys surprise.

    „Heads up, Buck, your toy’s back…and she brought him with her.”

    Bucky sat up straight, following the blonde’s line of sight as he flashed a toothy grin before he leaned back into the cushions. He could see the pair of them heading their way, the guard on the staircase looking up to the two of them for confirmation on whether he should let them pass. Steve motioned to let them through as Bucky simply took another long drag from his cigarette, eyes on you as you kept your gaze averted.

    He could tell you weren’t happy with the man’s arm slung around your waist, in fact you looked like you’d rather be anywhere else in the world. You looked tired and no amount of make up in this world could cover up how fucking sad you looked. Your dress was uncomfortably short, short and revealing enough for him to see a few bruises on your inner thighs and arms, which was horrifying enough considering that the club had barely any bright lights and the bruises were still dark enough -visible enough- for him to see. And with how he knew that sadistic bastard, Bucky was sure Rumlow made you wear that dress to demonstrate something, like a silent a message.

    Oh he knew exactly what has happened.

    „Hey Angel, long time no see.” Steve chimed, smirking haughtily as you rolled your eyes while his gaze flicked to the man at your side. „Rumlow.”

    „Steve Rogers…do you ever tire of being his lapdog? Surely you could be doing bigger and better things than being a glorified bodyguard“, he shot back, charming smile splitting his face and god, it made Steve want to punch it right the fuck off. „Anyways, my business isn’t with you but rather with Barnes.”

    „I didn’t realize we had business, Rumlow.” Bucky said flatly, ignoring the growl coming from his right hand man. „Finally ready to hand over that measly ass turf of yours to someone who knows what they’re doing?”

    „I hope you’re not implying that’d be you.” Rumlow sneered, tightening his grip around your waist as you tried to pull away from him. „No, I think you know exactly why I’m in this shithole you call a club. Isn’t that right, my darling pet?”

    „I’m not doing this, Brock, I’ve already told you.” You muttered bitterly, sparing a glance at Bucky sitting across from you before looking away. 

    „You know what I’ve always wondered, Rumlow?” Bucky piped up, drawing the man’s attention once more, for which you threw him a grateful look briefly.

    „What it feels like to be a God amongst mere peasants like yourself?” Brock spat back in a pleasant tone, a hint of a smirk on his lips as he waved off the idea. „A base creature such as you, Barnes, would never understand.”

    „Yeah?” Bucky retorted, scoffing as he sat up and leaned his elbows on his knees as he smirked right back at him. „Nah, what my cock tastes like…”, he explained, „Surely you got a nice taste when you kissed her, you know…when she came home to you stuffed full of my cum.”

    Your muscles went rigid as you listened to Buckys taunting words, Steve snorting laughter and even the deep growl coming from the man right next to you sounded very far off. You couldn’t believe you had just heard the James Buchanan Barnes speak about you so offhandedly, as though you weren’t sitting right there, as if your cheeks weren’t heating up with embarrassment. You honestly didn’t know what you expected, you had set this all in motion and you knew it would come to this, as soon as Brock found out about the night between his favorite plaything and the man he wanted to see dead.

    You didn’t even feel the arm around your waist retract, and when you dared to glance up from your shoes, Rumlow was already standing as Bucky rose to his full height. Bucky smirked at the man, holding up a hand to stop Steve from rising as well as he took one last drag from his smoke and flicked it away, blowing the smoke right into Rumlows sneering face.

    „You want the whore so fucking bad?!” Rumlow snarled and his words made you flinch so hard, it made both -Steve and Bucky- look down at you, „All she does is cry and be good for nothing but a few hours of fun, when she bounces on my cock. You know, I actually had planned to throw that bitch in the thrash by the end of the week so I should probably thank you. She’s your fucking problem now, James.“

    And with that, he’s gone. The Bodyguards made sure he actually left, communicating via sms with Steve, once his car left Buckys territory, as you found out later.

    Like a gunshot had just echoed, the silence in the room was deafening. Steve was the first one to sit down again, pouring himself and his boss a glass of scotch.

    For a moment, Bucky just stands in front of you in silence, mustering you and you don’t even dare to look up at him. Not with all the things that had been said about you, over your head like you weren’t even there, like you weren’t a person… just a thing that someone could own.

    Suddenly a hand lingers on your shoulder, his thumb brushing up and down the side of your throat and over a fresh bruise that still stings, before he carefully cups your face in his hand and makes you look up at him.

    „Are you okay?“ Buckys voice is soft but you hear it loud and clear, even over the music from the club below and you slowly nod.

    „I‘ll get you a driver that brings you home, if you want. I can make one of my security man stay for tonight and make sure that-"

    „I live … I used to live with Brock so I have nowhere to go“, you interrupt his unbelievable kind offer and it makes you want to hide your face in shame; not daring to move, you just close your eyes shut as tight as possible. Oh if only a hole would open up under your feet and swallow you whole…

    „How could you even be with a sadistic monster like him? That bastard, Rumlow?” Steve suddenly asked and you let out a sigh.

    „I’m not exactly with him“, you said quietly.

    „If you’re not with him, then–” He began but you were quick to cut him off.

    „Why do all this? Why let him treat me like this?” You shot back and he nodded, crossing his arms loosely over his chest. „Because…that’s Rumlow. I owe him a lot. He made sure I have a home, food and he gave me jobs to pay back my debts. But over the time I realized that’s his way of showing–

    „Don’t. Don’t you fuckin’ dare say that bastard loves you, that is not how you show love.” Bucky suddenly barked and he made a disgusted face, interrupting you without second thought as he ran a hand through his hair with a growl. „I should have his fuckin’ head for tonight and for what he did to you…”

    „No, that was his way of showing me to whom I belong. He owns me, Barnes.“ You spat back with a glare. „But now it’s done, over, just like he said…he wanted to get rid of me by the end of the week, so I guess the last few weeks I spend with him finally paid off for my debts.”

    „You can come with us and stay at my house tonight, until you find somewhere else to stay.” He offered quietly, it was so odd to hear such a huge man speak so softly but you pushed yourself away from him, as he reached for your arm. You know he’s just trying to help in his own way, but you can’t risk getting right into the hands of another dangerous man. You barely even knew him, who knew what he was capable of and even Rumlow was once just a nice guy that made you think he only wants to help you.

    „I can handle myself,” You replied, suddenly standing but still having to glance up at him, catching the way his brow furrowed at your coldness, „I don’t need or want your pity.”

    „Pity? Is that what you fucking think this is, pity?!” Bucky raised his voice as he stared incredulously at you.

    „James, he was the one who send me. He send me to get information from you because he wants to see you dead, don’t you get it!? Why are you even trying to-"

    „Don’t you think I don’t know this already? Of course he wants to see me dead. From the moment you stepped into my club we knew who you where and why you were here and even if you actually tried to get those information, they wouldn’t have bought him far. What he was looking for isn’t here and it may not look like it but all of my clubs are safer than the fucking pentagon. Believe me, Rumlow can’t touch me. He’s just a dog that barks a lot, but he doesn’t bite.“


    „Do you think this will work, boss?“

    „Give her a few weeks, maybe a few months… but she‘ll get that job done, even if she doesn’t know it yet.“

    << Chapter 1 | Chapter 3 >> [coming soon]


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    Art drawn in April VS Art drawn in October

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    I was a little insecure about posting these, But check out this portaits I did for my illustration class a few weeks ago!

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