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    Pete’s IG story 🛴

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    Pete: Is there a polite way to say "Sorry for your head injury but I still want to hook up"?

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    I'm so happy with how this turned out qwq

    #traditional art #i guess :v #queue#gravity falls#otgw #over the garden wall #I missed up on bill (and forgot his hat) but I'm content with how it turned out :333 #the white parts glow in the dark btw òwó #this is my gym bag btw kdkdksndkf- #tag rambles#halloween #cause I did make this thinking halloween soooooo >:)))
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    A Madness Shared By Two Siren Battle

    Spoilers for A Madness Shared By Two. Under the cut TW for self harm mentions and blood

    A haunting song filled the night air as most people slept. Brown eyes opened and without a second glance to the sleeping form next to him he started to head to the sound. It belonged to a red headed woman standing by the lake. "Hello Petey."

    "Such a good boy Petey coming out here to see me. Although it pains me to know you're married now you won't be for long you'll be here with me. "

    "Over my re-dead body bitch! Get your slutty hands the fuck away from him!" Her blue eyes looked and was met with a pair of icy blue eyes that didn't look too happy about being awake.

    "Patrick?! You're supposed to be dead!"

    "I am and I'm going to prove to you my song is stronger than yours!"

    "So you really wanna battle a siren Pattycakes? You know what will happen and then Petey will be mine anyways."

    "Don't call me that and don't call him that. I'm going to win this or die trying."

    “You? You never liked to sing you’re too shy and you probably can’t sing but go ahead try.”

    The both of them started belting out Hallelujah. Pete’s brown eyes were glazed over still and in his minds eye he saw blue eyes but who they belonged to he couldn’t quite place….

    Halfway through Patrick’s knees started to wobble and fell down starting to vomit. “Give it up Pat you can’t beat a siren I don’t know how you’re back but I was the one that convinced Gerard to kill you so I COULD have Pete.”

    Blue eyes flickered yellow before lighting up in angelic blue/white glow. “You just signed your own death certificate.” Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand Patrick started to sing again…although the song was different.

    “It's all a game of this or that, now versus then

    Better off against worse for wear

    And you're someone who knows someone who knows someone I once knew

    And I just want to be a part of this

    The road outside my house is paved with good intentions

    Hired a construction crew 'cause it's hell on the engine

    And you are the dreamer and we are the dream

    I could write it better than you ever felt it”

    Pete’s hands started to twitch the image behind his minds eye started to develop. He still saw blue eyes but the red hair was fading and turning more strawberry blonde..

    “So hum hallelujah, just off the key of reason

    I thought I loved you, but it was just how you looked in the light

    A teenage vow in a parking lot, 'til tonight do us part

    I sing the blues and swallow them too”

     Pete was still by Ashlee’s side and she was singing too. Patrick knew battling a siren could make him sick..but he didn’t care this was for Pete the only anchor to this life he had…besides the kids which he wouldn’t have if not for Pete.

    “My words are my faith, to hell with our good name

    A remix of your guts, your insides x-rayed

    And one day we'll get nostalgic for disaster

    We're a bull, your ears are just a china shop

    I love you in the same way, there's a chapel in a hospital

    One foot in your bedroom and one foot out the door

    Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pills

    I could write it better than you ever felt it”

    Patrick looked at Pete and he was still next to the skank. Patrick could feel the vomit rising in his throat again but yet he still sang..hoping the next part would get his husband back.

    “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelu-

    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelu-

    (Hum hallelujah, hum hallelujah, hum hallelujah, hum hallelujah)

    A teenage vow in a parking lot, 'til tonight do us part

    I sing the blues and swallow them too”

    After the last line Patrick was keeled over in the bushes vomiting again. Gods it was worse than morning sickness he had with all the kids (well maybe not the twins) put together. When he felt a hand on his back he looked up and baby blues met wide eyed browns.

    “Trick? You okay?”

    “Yes and no.. I feel like shit but..you’re here. So that’s a plus.”

    “HOW HOW COULD YOU CHOSE HIM OVER ME?! HE’S FAT AND UGLY! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MINE PETE!” She fired  an energy orb at the pair and Patrick’s eyes widened in his current state there wasn’t much he could do…

    Before the energy orb could hit them an energy beam countered it. “Don’t you EVER EVER call him fat and ugly again. He’s perfect in every way. Selfless,beautiful and overall a perfect pure creature. He’s a lot stronger than you and he held back. He held back because he knows I don’t like to see him get consumed by his rage.” One of Pete’s arms was around Patrick the other outstretched where he had fired the energy beam from.

    “Come on Petey come back to me.” She started her siren song again and once again brown eyes started to glaze over.  Patrick pale and blue eyes lacking their normal fire stood up.

    “Really we’re doing this again? I beat you once I’ll do it again!”

    “You can’t beat a siren..Tricky.”

    “Watch me. “ Again he took a breath and shakily started to sing.

    “Don't panic

    No, not yet

    I know I'm the one you want to forget

    Cue all the love to leave my heart

    It's time for me to fall apart

    Now you're gone

    But I'll be okay

    Your hot whisky eyes

    Have fanned the flames

    Maybe I'll burn a little brighter tonight

    Let the fire breathe me back to life

    Baby, you were my picket fence

    I miss missing you now and then

    Chlorine kissed summer skin

    I miss missing you now and then

    Sometimes before it gets better

    The darkness gets bigger

    The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger

    Oh, we're fading fast

    I miss missing you now and then”

    He wobbled and looked over at Pete whose eyes snapped back to normal at the sad melody. This was what Patrick and Pete always sang to each other when the other down.  

    “Making eyes at this husk around my heart

    I see through you when we're sitting in the dark

    So give me your filth

    Make it rough

    Let me, let me trash your love

    I will sing to you every day

    If it will take away the pain

    Oh and I've heard you got it, got it so bad

    'Cause HE IS the best you'll never have

    Baby, you were my picket fence

    I miss missing you now and then

    Chlorine kissed summer skin

    I miss missing you now and then

    Sometimes before it gets better

    The darkness gets bigger

    The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger

    Oh, we're fading fast

    I miss missing you now and then“

    Tears pricked at the corner of Patrick’s eyes as he finally started to collapse forward. He would’ve hit the ground if Pete hadn’t dashed forward to catch him. “Okay that’s it we’re done here. Stop trying to lure me away from him…he needs me and I need him. We’re soulmates you stupid cunt. You could’ve asked me out in school but you didn’t you were a bitch then and you’re a bigger bitch now. Having a pretty face and voice doesn’t mean you can lure anyone in. Patrick’s got a PRETTIER face and ANGELIC voice and he doesn’t need it to seduce me. He does that by being himself.”

    From Pete’s arms Patrick groaned. “Shut up..I do not.”

    With a fast shimmer they were back home and Pete carried Patrick up the stairs. “Pete..baby you don’t have to do this I can walk.”

    “Nope absolutely not you exhausted yourself in that battle.”

    “I absolutely did not.”

    “You’re being stubborn and won’t admit it.”

    Patrick pouted but didn’t protest when Pete laid him down in the bed especially when he laid next to him.

    “Now lets go back to sleep especially since I know how much you hate being up early.”

    A kiss to his nose and a low grumble that sounded like shut up as Patrick snuggled into his arms.

    Patrick wasn’t sure how long he was asleep for when he heard it…the haunting siren call. Blue eyes glazed over as he untangled himself from Pete and slowly started to head towards the source of the noise.

    Pete was a much lighter sleeper than his husband and felt him get up. He assumed maybe Patrick was going to the bathroom or maybe to check on Mycah. But either way he shouldn’t be walking alone..he was still weak from his battle with the siren. And that’s when Pete could just faintly hear it….that bitch was going after Patrick..

    When Pete had found them Ashlee was singing by her lake and Patrick…Patrick was crucified against the tree..blue-silver blood dripping from his wrists and his head hanging down against his chest. “WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK DID YOU DO TO HIM?”

    “Who says I did it darling? I’m just singing my song..for a lonely broken heart…yours.”

    “My heart isn’t broken..its filled with rage that I’m going to kill yo—“ He was cut off  by Patrick’s shrill screech as she sliced her nails down his arm causing more of the blue-silver blood to flow.

    “Come on Petey you’re a vampire aren’t you and this one..he’s the head white angel how  tempting that must be for you. I promise I’ll take care of you just come kill him like a good vampire.”

    Vampires were naturally drawn to white angel blood it was like catnip to a cat to them. Patrick wasn’t just a white angel..he was the head white angel so his scent was one million times more alluring than any of his followers. Throw in that Patrick was well Pete’s other half and it was infinity more times alluring than any scent in the world. Pete’s eyes flashed red and his fangs extended. He ended up biting his own hand first. “I won’t hurt him… I hate drinking his blood. Leave him alone…I’ll go with you.”

    “Pete…no..” Patrick’s eyes were becoming more focused and the cuts on him had vanished. Pete didn’t know his husband could heal without using his hands. He did however know how strong Patrick was so he wasn’t surprised to see him break free of his binds once his cuts were healed. “I can beat her I just need the energy…I need you.”

    “You’ve tried Tricky and you failed. You gave in so NICELY when I was torturing you earlier.”

    Patrick frowned as he saw what had transpired before Pete got there.

    “You came I didn’t think I could lure a celestial being such as you..usually it’s creatures of the night. We’re going to have some fun before I kill you.” 

    Next thing Patrick knew he was crucified against the tree tight wire digging into his wrist causing the blood to start dripping.  The pain was excruciating and it reminded Patrick of his past..his dark past that almost cost him Pete. 

    “Thinking of him? Don’t worry he’ll come then he’ll be mine.”

    “I don’t care what you do to me…leave him alone.”

    “Whats on your mind Tricky? Mean little ole me could fuck your mind better than Gerard ever could..or what about your dear old parents?”

    Instantly Patrick froze and went completely rigid. Memories of curling in the corner hiding while adults screamed saying magic was make believe and to grow up to be a real man not some fag waving a wand flashed into his head. Pale white hands covered his ears and he started to rock back and forth.

    Pete was at a loss..he had never seen Patrick like this…what did this devil woman do to him? “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?”

    “Nothing..yet he’s weak Petey how can you expect him to protect you?”

    “I don’t need him to protect me! Leave him alone!” 

    “Why? You’re going to kill him.” With a few words a wall of water rose up and lifted Patrick in the air before freezing so it imprisoned him. Ashlee hopped up to him cutting his shirt down with her nails and then dragging her nails over his right shoulder where the tattoo of Pete’s name was.  Blue eyes opened wide and he started to scream again thrashing against his icy binds as the ice dug into him and more blood started to pour out of previously healed wounds.

    Pete followed her because he needed to wake Patrick up there was no way he could win this fight alone.“Patrick! Patrick wake up I’m here…I’m right here Trick… and I am so so so sorry.”

    “He can’t hear you. As far as he knows he’s this scared little teenager again that was hopelessly in love with his best friend that was just out of his reach.  So since that’s true..I’ll make sure to erase his memory of you permanently.” She finally reached down to his left hand where streaks of blue-silver blood trailed and almost helped lubricate his ring finger allowing her to pull off the silver band.

    When Pete saw her remove Patrick’s wedding band the bloodlust in his subsided but the anger rose to a fever pitch. He would never forget the day him and Patrick got married. Bathed in the warm glow of Patrick’s angel palace a place that Pete by all regards didn’t belong. But Patrick was firm and said for the light to exist it needed a little dark.  That was what was engraved on those wedding bands. Alongside the date and a brief signature.  He remembered dipping Patrick all the way down to kiss him in front of all their friends and how Patrick despite turning a beautiful shade of pink (it clashed with the all white that he was wearing) allowed it and even was the one to attempt to deepen it. The way they had waltzed around to their wedding song was magical. 

    Pete was at a loss. He didn’t know how to save Patrick. If roles were reversed Patrick would’ve had him safely in his arms by now.Even when Pete was named head vampire Patrick didn’t bat an eyelash about going to the vampire kingdom with him for the coronation ceremony.Even though it put him in extreme danger given how attractive a white angel’s blood was to a vampire. But no Patrick this pure and beautiful selfless creature walked confidently hand in hand with Pete and smiled when Pete was told it was him, he was the new head vampire.  At that moment he finally felt worthy of Patrick. Even though he was older than Patrick he always felt like Patrick was out of reach, he was smart, he was strong and he could command the white angel army easier than he could fall asleep. Pete sought out Patrick’s advice about ruling a species and Patrick just shrugged and gave him that smile with those blue eyes. “Just be yourself.”

    Ashlee had raised the prison even higher and sent a wall of water crashing into Pete knocking him back down to the ground.Fists clenched after looking down his left wrist where Patrick’s name was inked into his skin forever.  Using his super ability to jump fifty feet in the air he landed on the ice prison where Ashlee was still clawing her nails into Patrick who wasn’t screaming anymore and was just staring straight ahead like he was…oh god he couldn’t be.

    “Get your fucking disgusting hands off him and I won’t punch you hard enough to make your ancestors feel it.”

    “Awe but Petey….I’ll comfort you..sorry for the loss of your sweet sweet husband but face it. He was a little geek and you two just didn’t fit together. You’re better off without him—“ The punch when it came was hard and Pete felt like he was borderline going feral.  “Give me his wedding band RIGHT NOW OR I’LL TEAR YOU APART PIECE BY PIECE.”

    The next bunch of events happened so fast it was a blur. The two of them were wrestling and Pete had to admit she was strong considering his super human strength. Dear gods Patrick couldn’t really be dead could he?

    Her sharp claws dug down his arms and he screamed at the pain and slashed at her with his own claws.

    “Ice carcerem!” Now Ashlee was imprisoned in an ice prison just like she had done to Patrick and Pete was grateful he remembered a few spells from his school days.

    “Now I am going to tear you apart limb by limb. You’ll pay for what you did to him. I don’t know how to destroy a siren but I’ll figure it out!”

    “You? You were too busy banging Gabe to pay attention how did you ever pass scho—“

    Pete wondered what made her stop talking even as he pressed his hand to skin trying to stop the bleeding. If he had fed he’d be self healing but he hadn’t eaten in awhile.

    “Oh, the things that you do in the name of what you love

    You were doomed but just enough

    You were doomed but just enough

    If you were church, whoo

    I'd get on my knees, yeah

    Confess my love, I'd know where to be

    My sanctuary, you're holy to me

    If you were church, yeah, I'd get on my knees

    I love the world but I just don't love the way it makes me feel

    Got a few more fake friends

    And it's getting hard to know what's real

    And if death is the last appointment

    Then we're all just sitting in the waiting room

    I am just a human trying to avoid my certain doom”’

    Pete heard the haunting melody and it was a call like another siren…dear gods Ashlee was bad enough.

    “I didn’t know there was another siren nearby…but still they can’t have you. I claimed you first Petey..” She started to wail as the mystery siren’s song changed to something darker…

    “All the writers keep writing what they write

    Somewhere another pretty vein just dies

    I've got the scars from tomorrow and I wish you could see

    That you're the antidote to everything except for me

    A constellation of tears on your lashes

    Burn everything you love

    Then burn the ashes

    In the end everything collides

    My childhood spat back the monster that you see

    My songs know what you did in the dark

    So light em up…ignis anguis!”

    That last bit was not a song..it was a spell..a spell Pete remembered being cast the year they all got snowed in at the magic school.  The fire snake wrapped slowly around Ashlee’s ankles.  Her ice prison was melting and the collision of heat and steam made it hard to see. 

    Pete sighed softly and just started to sing softly trying to comfort himself for dealing with the after math of this battle.

    “The tombstones are waiting

    They were half engraved

    They knew it was over”

    Pete didn’t know how he was supposed to deal with losing Patrick again…

    “Just didn't know the date”

    He jumped about ten feet in the air when he heard someone singing with him.Was it the siren that had helped him? Were there good sirens? Maybe this one didn’t attract married men…so maybe Pete was safe, for the moment.

    “And I cast a spell over the West

    To make you think of me

    The same way I think of you

    This is a love song in my own way

    Happily ever after below the waist”

    And now the siren’s voice sounded familiar and Pete slapped himself. It wasn’t a siren’s voice it was an angel’s voice…his angel’s voice and he barely had time to process that when he felt lips on his. 

    “How did you get out of that mess? I thought you were dead!” Not caring about covering each other in their own blood the pair found themselves in a vice grip hug. “We’re connected love as long as you live I’ll find a way back to you. Plus well I can heal myself you know. Now then.”

    Pete watched as Patrick stood up and faced Ashlee. Despite being tortured he stood strong. “I believe you have my wedding band give it back and maybe I’ll remove the flames. Tell me Ashlee am I more than you bargained for yet?”

    “Hey Trick? I’m glad you’re okay but I can’t get my arm to stop bleeding think you could?”

    “Oh God…I’m sorry Pete..but I’m not going to heal you. You’re going to heal yourself.”

    “You know I can’t…OH!”

    Brown met blue (although Patrick’s eyes were more green from using his angelic siren powers) and Pete saw Patrick’s plush pink lips curve into a smirk. He walked behind his husband and held him by his waist nuzzling into his neck. “I still feel bad…”

    “Sush and just bite me.”

    “Trick baby..don’t you think you’ve lost enough blood..”

    “I swear to fuck Peter if you don’t bite me…trust me…I know my body…and I need you.”

    If there was one thing Pete couldn’t refuse it was when Patrick’s voice went low and raspy. It was like his voice dripped of sex,which right now Pete reminded himself it probably was.


    Having retrieved his wedding band back from Ashlee Patrick smirked looking at Pete. “Well put it on and kiss me.”

    “Babe you really want me to kiss you? My mouth is tainted with your blood and my own.” The ring was slid onto Patrick’s ring finger and he sighed softly however…

    “I don’t care kiss me now so help me—mmmph!”

    His hands tangled in Pete’s hair and their hips crashed against each other’s before Patrick broke the kiss leaving Pete confused. “Wait here..I’m gonna make sure she can’t bother us anymore.”

    Patrick couldn’t jump as high as Pete could but he could fly and was up at the top of Ashlee’s slowly melting ice prison the clashing of his and Pete’s fire and ice spells. “Well well well what have we here?”

    Ashlee looked at him and gasped. “You…you look different…you’re not fat like you were in school and you’re glowing.”

    “I know and I haven’t been for awhile. You were just too blind to see.  I’m going to sing you one more song and then we’re done.”

    “So wear me like a locket around your throat I’ll weigh you down,I’ll watch you choke you look so good in blue.” Closing his eyes and repeating in his head that this was for him and Pete he locked his lips on hers letting the combination of the mixture of his and Pete’s blood flow into the open cut on her lips. He pulled back smirking the spell was complete.

    The fire started to rise and she started to screech. “What did you do to me?”

    “Killed you with the power of love sweetheart now if you don’t mind I’m washing my mouth with soap and going home to bang my husband until the sun rises. Toodles!”

    "See Ashlee i would say thanks for the memories even though they weren't that great but Pete tastes like you only sweeter...much much sweeter."

    Once he was back on the ground with Pete no words were exchanged just  strong embrace. After a moment Patrick spoke up in his low, husky voice. “Can I take you home Pete?”

    “Do you have to ask Trick?”

    With a flash of blue they disappeared just as Ashlee turned to dust.

    Pete was laying in his and Patrick’s bed naked minus his boxers and glanced at the bathroom door where he could see his husband also naked minus his boxers and undershirt. “Trick…you’re going to scrub your teeth away you’ve brushed them about twenty times. Not to mention how many times you washed your face..”


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    Omg guys this is so cute!

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    I am going to bake today. I got stuff for rice crispies and im gonna try an apple pie i think!

    Been craving a lot of fall flavors. Want to try cinnimon rolls but bread is a little daunting to make.

    Last week i made pumpkin bread/muffins and also i tweaked a cookie recipe. They turned out really good. I was aiming for something like almond coconut cookies? Both recipes turned out really good so ill have to make again!

    #pumpkin bread#Cookies#Smugracoon bakes#Baking#bake#Pie#Apple pie #rice crispy treats #Fall#fall baking#fall treats#textpost#text #I get rhe urge to bake the most in fall and spring #I really like cookies but im working on my pie and bread skills! #Havnt had a lot of time or good vibes thid year to do what i like #So im really trying to make an effort for me #Plus our roommate moves out so its just us now #I dont have ti share the kitchen which is awesome #And i can just throw an apron on over my boxers #Its really great
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    I'm in the mood to read about Weird Bullshit

    #i just have a craving 2 read a book that just goes #''hey check out this weird fucking thing that happened one time that has no plausible explanation'' #''did you see that shit? was that fucked up or what'' #i dont care if they dont explain it. better if they dont explain it #i just wanna go ''yo what the fuck'' #the longer ive worked on atdao the more im like....... im so fascinated by weird fucking garbage #the kinds of fucked up things that happen in the world. the kind of energies ive loosely based ports on #~unexplained phenomena ~ #i know theres good stuff out there #i know there is #''inexplicable weird bullshit'' is indeed an extremely broad category and i am open to Literally Anything that falls into it #if anyone wants 2 just come yell at me about weird bullshit or rec me weird bullshit to read about i would love that actually #i feel like theres gotta b some really niche books or resources in this topic #i want 2 be a person who knows about this stuff and can rattle off facts abt it lol #like! i can TELL if i get into it at the right angle this is going to explode into such a thrilling interest #but i havent found the right starting point. rip
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    #fall out boy #music#warped tour
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    the matobas are so fucking funny actually

    u tellin me this family's been cursed for generations and at NO point did anyone go u know what im gonna take one for the team im gonna get rid of this curse once & for all they all really said no id rather wear this stupid piece of paper for the rest of my life LIKE EITHER WAY UR NOT USING IT???? just get that shit over with IMO wear a cooler eye patch put in a sick glow in the dark glass eye

    but NO all of them said fuck my kids & their kids and their kids' kids not even on the Death Bed grandpa coulda whipped off that paper and peaced out DONE but No they all gotta pass down the family heirloom uphill both ways in the snow no depth perception final destination piece of goddamn paper smH @ this family of boomers

    #mnanga readers DNI if theres more context on this i dont WANNA know #like what if they can magically see thru the paper. then they are cowards #i want to imagine matoba as a stinky stinky man who can never take showers bc theres a piece of paper on his face 24/7 #& i wont let canon workarounds stop me #i want to think that the paper is superglued to the back of his head so it never falls off #i want to think that his one true weakness is scissors and natori can control him w a lil pair of safety ones he keeps in his back pocket #natoris like i want mcdonalds #matobas like we have mcdonalds at home #natori pulls out the safety scissors #matobas like .) the usual? #retag later#ny blogging #i though abt matoba earlier point blank started laughing #no reason or context hes just inherently funny #i cant deal w him
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    🦄🔥Hella Mega Tour - Dodger Stadium

    September 3, 2021

    📸: Getty Images

    #fall out boy #fob#pete wentz #hella mega tour #2021#dodger stadium
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    CD haul bc I am materialistic✨

    💫 glorious CD quality audio💫

    (I forgot how expensive buying cds could get, still a better value than paying for spotify)

    #cd collection#cd collector#weezer #weezer pacific daydream #idkhbtfm #idkhbtfm 1981 extended play #fall out boy #fall out boy folie a duex #my chemical romance #three cheers for sweet revenge #fiona apple #fiona apple tidal #korn #korn life is peachy #deftones #deftones saturday night wrist #system of a down #toxicity#boston manor #boston manor be nothing #red hot chili peppers #mother's milk#foo fighters#green day #green day insomniac
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    💌   »  @greaterspeed​​ said: 

    "Yo, Metal! How 'bout a birthday race?" He bounces back and forth on his toes, fists up and pumping with excitement. Do robots celebrate birthdays? Well, they should.

         the hedgehog’s presence prompted a scowl to appear in their optical display. despite defecting from the doctor, they knew they would still have to face their old rival again someday. they just didn’t think it’d be this soon, and if their supposed “birthday” was meant to be significant enough to celebrate, then it almost felt like a cruel joke to be meeting sonic again on this day.

         races between the two rarely ended well. a battle would always break out, and metal would always fail, usually sustaining enough damage to require repairs that they couldn’t fix by themself. they could not allow that to happen this time, for they would have to return to the doctor, and therefore return to their old life as a tool that’s unable to complete it’s only task. but could they really decline sonic at this point? they’d never said no to a race from him before, they never had a choice before, they simply followed orders. if they made a choice now, would it even matter? would they have to race with sonic in the end anyways? did they even like racing, or was it something they had to do in order to defeat sonic? did they still want to defeat sonic? did they still hate sonic?

         ... what broke them out of their internal conflict was the realization that they had been standing there, trembling, for an unknown amount of time.

         ❝ ... ... ... ❞

         hands clenched as their voicebank let out a robotic sigh, finally deciding to answer sonic’s request with a simple nod. it would be fine, they’d failed so many times before, might as well add another failure to the ever-growing list.

    #📀 ˚ ⋆   001.  ic    »     [  make me sad. make me mad. make me feel... alright?  ] #📀 ˚ ⋆   003.  answered    »     [  you have no new messages.  ] #greaterspeed #// oh boy a birthday ask!! gonna write sonic and metal having a fun race-- *angst falls out of pockets* oh no there it goes... :( #// the reply got a bit longer than i intended as well my bad;; but THANK U FOR THE ASK !!
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  • frankiediscs
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High

    #fall out boy #2007
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  • cryinbroke
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ask #argument abt studying was the one that ended up us in a public falling out djdjdjfjdhdjdj
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  • sadlazzle
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i don’t rlly care at all abt drag race anymore but it’s also the only thing me n my mam can bond over these days so i guess im watching druk season 3

    #i rlly don’t want to #i want to go home n rewatch gravity falls #maybe draw a bit. sleep a bit #dont rlly wanna watch drag race. it’s become quite oversaturated #for me at least. there’s just so much of it that none of it feels fresh or interesting #too much content constantly coming out n i feel like the quantity is causing the quality to suffer significantly #plum.txt
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  • muismouse
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sometimes I hyperfixate so hard on one of my fictional characters that when I finally snap out of it I don't know what to do and just sit there like: "Maybe I have a problem"

    #mxtx#tgcf#mdzs #heavens official blessing #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #kiribaku #i started reading one kiribaku fantasy au last night #only one #and then when i snapped out of it i realized it was 2:30 am #i had to be up at 5 am #and i never fall asleep before an hour has gone by #im painting like im on lsd #i think i might need help
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  • gotharab
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    spent hours making 3 vampire ladies and 1 of the 5 guysinaband that they have control over. tomorrow.. or the day after. ..

    #but yeah medieval nobility vampire ladies hiding out in modern day moonlight falls :3c is the plan #sims#v #omg wait there can only be 4 sims in a band... umm..... i will think about it. #i was planning on having them all just be in the music career anyway .... hmm. ...
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  • ash-estoashes
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #patrick stump #fall out boy
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  • omeno
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #vent #2:40 to 4:09 of goodbye from inside is going to be the reason i relapse btw #/hj #i cannot fucking expressing how fucking hard hitting in a literal sense those fucking lyrics are #like word for word #i'd have to trauma dump to explain #it jsut fuck #makes me want to scream at the top of my fucking lungs until my throat bleeds #and today fuck #today rlly made it more exact more fucking real and possible #i feel like my nerves are fucking fried #and i dont know whats real anymore i dont know #i dont know whats paranoia whats real whats something else im jsut too scared to say out loud i dont know man #im scared and im unstable on my feet and im lost and i know that when shit gets bad my first instinct is to freeze & i dont wnat to do that #not now when maybe i was starting to do progress #im back with no apetite and no energy and a constant buzzing in my fucking ears and im just so fucking scared and theres no time for this #no room for this #not now #i feel like im falling apart again #and i dont have anybody to relay on #i just want to feel safe #dni#tbd
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