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  • When the air

    Feels like a storm cloud

    Between us,

    I’m not going to open my mouth

    And welcome

    A lightning bolt

    Into my heart.

    I’m not strong enough

    To keep letting

    My words






    I am just a scarred tree

    Holding onto

    Whatever branches I have


    - Sheehan

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  • I’m pretty sure nothing un-reconsilable with me

    It’s just, at some point I’m not going to be the one to be making all the effort anymore

    You try, and I’ll try

    Otherwise I’ll give up 🙃

    In most cases I’ve already forgiven what I think has been done wrong by me, I just want you to ask for it

    And I’m always ready to own up to what I’ve failed to notice was a slip up

    But you have to reach out first tbh

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  • it was a yellow rose

    in the dark of night.

    a plea for a chance, he said.

    I accepted it quickly,

    as I choked and I sobbed.


    but I should have known by now,

    that a clipped rose never lasts.


    I watched a chance wasted,

    a hope only tasted,

    as its life ebbed

    into oblivion.


    for all the more months I’ve watched it,

    a Wise Woman waiting for day,

    a corpse of a brotherhood left frozen,

    a latch for a life never lived.


    I watched it freeze,

    its yellow yield

    as its life ebbed

    into oblivion.


    while he never so much as smiled at me,

    or looked to me,

    as if I were worth the pretty words he preached

    and I felt a kinship with

    that golden, frozen, rose.


    Because once it is clipped,

    it is only a matter of time





    and no amount of sugared deeds,

    or water-logged pleas

    can bring back a Rose

    whose roots were clipped

    before you





    I finally walked away,

    from the frozen rose.

    its life petrified

    by the hardened form

    of that which granted life.

    a beautiful crystal,

    and a claim to preserve,

    but the one who dies and froze knows,

    that the warmth is only a lie.


    and I knew this kinship,

    with a long dead rose.

    a promise –

    as all roses are –

    to protect and preserve.

    but I’ve seen the ancient world froze over,

    and I know they aren’t alive.


    Because once it is clipped,

    it is only a matter of time





    and no amount of sugared deeds,

    or water-logged pleas

    can bring back a Rose

    whose roots were clipped

    before it





    a new rose corpse

    to hold to a brother

    without tie,

    without tries,

    without pain.

    for you claimed

    to begin anew

    before you




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  • I want to say hello, I want to say goodbye. I use to love this guy who told me nothing but lies. Were they that good, were they that bad. I wish I wasn’t so sad about how I’m so mad. They really meant the world, that I wouldn’t sell because it was already sold. To repair that past bridge, caught on the ridge. Roses wilted the feelings tilted. For them only the best, now left with the rest. Their pain I fought the upward flood, nevertheless behind my blood. Only ever did I want their friendship, now a sinking ship. Forever now forgotten, no longer with digital sin.

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  • Lessons from today:

    • It’s always better to be straightforward and honest with what you want and what’s going on in order to effectively work towards a solution.
    • Know your boundaries and set the limits. Period. If people don’t understand, then they don’t respect your feelings or your wishes and aren’t worth the time frankly. Some things just aren’t up for discussion, you feel?
    • Biting your tongue and biding your time just makes things escalate until it spirals beyond repair. Always say what you want and what you need because soon things accumulate and it’s more than you can carry onward.
    • Sometimes the people you spent so much time helping and who you thought would never put you in certain situations will and that’s not a cautionary tale to avoid closeness but to be more aware of who you’re choosing to be close to and why.
    • It’s good to take a step back from a situation and not respond right away to avoid things getting too out of hand. Come back to it with a clear head.
    • Everything happens for a reason and even if we can’t see the good in it immediately it’ll soon be apparent why things happened the way they did.
    • Some things are worth fighting for even when things get a little messy— and some things aren’t.
    • When you’ve had a disagreement with someone, try to avoid looking at the situation as who’s right and who’s wrong or that the other person is bad because it’s counterproductive. We all have different desires and feelings and experiences and that needs to be taken into account not as an excuse but as a measure of compassion towards one another to be more forgiving long term.
    • Sometimes sharing your experiences with a few close people you trust and getting advice, opinions, and support can be well needed to help you frame what needs to be said in a clear concise manner.
    • You need to love yourself and know your worth and take care of your own mental health and happiness at the end of the day. You’re the only you you got and nothing is worth compromising or neglecting those thing for.
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  • nothing but pain

    why does my heart still hurt

    when I know you don’t care for me

    why does my voice still work

    against your indifference and tendency

    how did I end up where we are

    fighting against you instead of for

    as the hate swells up

    I think of the us I hoped but got much more

    the dislike is strong now, it formed dangerously

    the sight of you, my fists clenched murderously

    the looks I got, were they in vain?

    was I seeing love, or was I seeing pain?

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  • Tonight On The 11 O’Clock News:  Denture Disaster


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  • lol i feel really petty rn but i dont even care. fell out with my family so i changed the netflix password since im the one that pays for it

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  • So I’ve just fallen out with all of my friends and I don’t think I’ve ever been more upset. If you would like to be my friend it’d be appreciated.

    #friends#falling out #I want to cry very much rn #hurting
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  • That night when you pressed me against your car, asking me to be your girlfriend. Did you look into my eyes? When I looked away did you not feel fear? The uncertainty of getting your heart shattered to pieces right in front of you?

    Because I did.

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  • You know what sucks. When you type a whole paragraph to someone you don’t talk to anymore expressing how your sorry about everything and talking about how your feelings were getting in the way of everything. And then you get your hopes up expecting them to write out a whole paragraph and apologizing too. But all they say is K.

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  • tell me, are we falling out?

    please don’t mess around

    careful now, love is not worth this

    can’t forgive,

    tell me, are you happy now?

    #falling out #rome hero foxes #for when you’re falling backwards #lyrics#vent #kc.mp3
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  • Funny when you start to hate the scent of the person you used to love.

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  • Wishing one of the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, purest human beings I have ever met an amazing birthday.

    My dearest MJ


    I know that for a whil we have fallen out because we have been on different life paths since highschool

    Even though I haven’t spoken to you in a few months you are still and will always be one of my closest and dearest friends.

    I love you to death and wish you nothing but amazing memories today and the upcoming year.

    Hope to finally contact you again soon.

    It’s been difficult to contact you since I broke my phone last summer with your number on it.

    Since I left facebook for good and you don’t get on here any more.

    Regardless I will figure out a way to send you all of my love on this day of your birth and make sure you recive it.

    I love you for always my dearest Watson ❤

    As always wish you nothing but goodness, health and success.

    Your friend for always

    Rosa or Sherlock 😉 💕

    #besties#birthday friend#miss you#falling out #@yourtypicalfangirl #love you always my beautiful elf princess 💕
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  • A year ago today I had a falling out with a girl who had modeled for me, and a couple days ago I started thinking about it out of the blue. Funny how anniversaries are important to our brains, even if they ones you’d rather forget.

    She volunteered to model for me when I was wanting to learn how to draw nudes and needed to find my own models because my conservative art program wasn’t about to let that into the classroom. During one session she set up a black sheet and blanket in her dorm room so we could take reference photos for future drawings. Later, I asked her permission to continue to use those images for more artwork unrelated to my art classes, she said yes. I made a tasteful nude watercolor painting, from the back, slightly out of focus. It was beautiful. I double checked with her when I had my first post college art show and wanted to display it, along with a couple other pieces, and use it for the promotional materials. She said that was fine.

    But when I posted on Instagram about a year that the piece had sold, she messaged me and was so upset that I had sold an image of her. She knew I wanted to be an artist, she liked the meaning behind my art but once it was singled out and purchased, that apparently removed all context and made her feel like her body wasn’t hers. It bothered her that some one had “paid money to look at (her) naked body without her permission”.

    But I had asked permission, multiple times, but apparently creating art and displaying art doesn’t include selling art. I explained the situation around the sale, told her I could send her the other piece I had created using her as a model, and delete the reference images of her so they wouldn’t be used in further productions. Then she asked “Are you always going to sell your pieces? Is that the sole reason why you do them?”

    I explained that I make them because I love them, and that as someone who wants to make a living off my art I am open to selling anything I create, including ones of me. She said that wasn’t what she signed up for. I mailed her the piece I had finished, sent her a video of me deleting the pictures from my computer, and we haven’t talked since.

    I find myself still getting upset about this. Did she think I was just going to fill my apartment with nude paintings I did and show them in galleries but never offer them for sale? And as an artist, it made me feel terrible that she was upset by this, but also angry because apparently what made it not art was the part where I got paid for all my hard work. The part where someone said “I have not been able to stop thinking about this painting since you showed it to me on your phone a few months ago, I want to buy it”. 

    I reached out my other models immediately to make sure the same miscommunication hadn’t happened with them. It hadn’t, they were fine with my selling my work that was based on them. 

    So here I am a year later, still frustrated, angry, and sad. Was I wrong? Am I wrong to be hurt? I don’t know…

    #anger#frustration#hurt#artist#falling out#miscommunication #The Introvert in the Tower #selling my art doesn't demean it's message #it just means I gain resources to make more art #angry artist#frustrated artist #I deserve to be paid for my work
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  • Buses.

    What I really meant was that we’ve done a full 360° from where we were. We’ve gone from being our best kept secret and back. It’s a little different though. Now we’re each other’s worst discretions. Everybody knows about us but we try to make it seem that there is no “us”. That there never will be an “us” in the upcoming future. That this is just a bus stop and we’re both waiting for our buses to arrive to take us to different destinations. You may not realize it yet, but I can see it clearly since the day you started to keep things from me (and say I’m being too nosy on you). I just hope that one day you have the decency to end things properly, to be kind enough to say it to my face.

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  • Trust meant lust and I can’t take it

    These bad thoughts you can’t erase them

    Smash my head against the pavement

    Just leave my mind and take my patience

    #rome hero foxes #for when you're falling backwards #falling out
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  • i have some weird guilt associated with my former best friend.

    we cut off ties like 6 years ago and yet, a bunch of former high school friends are trying to organize our 10 year reunion, and no one else was really friends with my ex-best friend, so i feel like a lot of people might assume i’d invite her to get the word out.

    but i have her blocked on any and all social media except on instagram. and its weird that i have guilt about this.  but i do.

    #ex friends #former best friends #falling out #high school reunion
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