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  • maidemon
    28.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

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    ‘ Master phantomhive....would you like something to drink? you look -- parched...and tired.’ Hannah approached the young earl who treated her so well, something she wasn’t use to , standing beside his chair she poured some water into his cup, once It was filled she stepped back, her eyes closing as she looked towards the ground waiting for a order to leave or if he required anything else before she made her way to do whatever It is she needed to do. 
    #falseearl #he is Hannah's favorite earl ;v; #treats her so well !
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  • lightcreators
    14.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @falseearl​ continue from here

    Oh? So you're saying you can predict the future? Funny thing is just when you think everything is going fine it finds a wall to all come crashing down. And nothing ever goes fine for me."

    Excitement  filling  his  previous  reassuring  sentence  fated  out  dramatically.  Into  others  circumstances,  he  would  have  found  disappointment  how  Astre  ruined  everything  —  however,  there  was  a  sympathy  gaze  offered  instead.  Once  upon  a  time,  he  had  been  silently  holding  towards  this  mentality.  Once  upon  a  time,  he  would  have  loved  heard  that  sentence  multiple  time.  Even  today,  there  was  an  indirect  need  to  believing  it  still  remained  true.  Paradox  of  personality,  despite  be  emotionally  aloud,  most  of  time  uncontrollably  for  didn’t  have  decency  to  holding  his  feelings,  there  was  density  of  emotions  he  wasn’t  speaking.  For  once,  role  and  reality  interconnected  together  :  if  he  hadn’t  passed  from  similar  step  a  layer  of  understanding  would  have  been  missed  out.    ❝  I  can’t  predict  the  future.    ❞    Something  he  dreadfully  dreamed  to  anticipating  as  beautifully  as  the  original.  So  far,  he  was  an  intimidating  spider  able  barely  to  paying  attention  to  his  prey.  Not  as  the  point  to  forcing  concerned  fall  into  his  web  and  didn’t  understanding  what  happened  to  them.    ❝  Staying  defeated  won’t  get  you  any  good.  Except  if  you  want  to  spend  your  time  brooding  in  your  corner.  ❞  There  was  an  accidental  confession  into  his  words  choice,  when  regardless  of  shrugging  with  disinterest,  a  passing  sadness  appeared.  Internally  cursing  himself  for  have  stayed  observer.  A  vivid  effort  was  generated  for  not  obsessing  over  the  recollection.    ❝  You  aren’t  interested  to  fight  that  wall  ?    ❞  He  asked,  when  surprisingly,  he  appreciated  those  moments  when  he  became  completely  the  illusion.    ❝  Not  eager  to  give  a  different  turn  ?    ❞

    #falseearl #ic :: alois trancy #verse tbt.
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  • swanturn
    02.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

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    ‘ .....why is this so much HARDER then I thought it would be?  ‘ Odette sighed walking through the streets of London, wearing her cloak over her head to hide who she was Odette was so focused on her own thoughts, she accidently bumped into someone, causing herself to fall onto the ground her cloak falling off revealing her blonde wavy hair and fair face, placing her hand onto her forehead she looked up. ‘ I--are you alright? do forgive me..I--I was lost in my own thoughts...a-are you hurt? ‘ 
    #falseearl #*slides this towards you.* #hiiii ovo
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  • sxrpens
    19.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    What fanfic trope are you?

    love confessions & light angst

    you’re either a hopeless romantic or endlessly confused about romance in general. probably oikawa, killua, or bakugou kin

    tagged by: @silvcrreaper tagging: @motylheir @acollapsar @chainedfate @falseearl @hancfubuki​

    #;musings#;dash games #(( hmmm yeah except it more like heavy angst lmfao )) #(( def confused about romance this one )) #(( also tick i hate u for making me read kin stuff with my own two eyes ))
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  • diabolus-noctis
    04.08.2019 - 1 year ago
    #[ ~ Answered ~ ] #falseearl
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  • musehosting
    03.08.2019 - 1 year ago


    As the plate of food was set down in front of him, Smile could feel his eye twitch a little. “Doll. As grateful as I am that you got this food for me. Don’t you think you went a tad bit over with the amount? I mean this could bloody well feed four people easily.” He looked at the heaped up plate of food just as his stomach growled, the rich aroma of food hitting him. It smelled so delicious but he’d get sick if he ate this much. 

                   ❝ WHAT’RE ya talkin ‘ about , smile ? s’always good t’ eat as much as ya can , anytime ya get the chance , right ? ❞ she wore a WIDE grin as she spoke despite the darkness lingering under those words -- of course , she never knew when the next time she’d get a meal was ... before . regardless of whether she realized she was doing it herself , freckles was loading up on as much as she could - that underlying worry there that it might not come again .

                 ❝ OH , an ‘ , uh ... ❞ she leans in almost uncomfortably close , cupping one side of her mouth with her hand as she spoke to block any of the first - string members from overhearing or reading her lips . ❝ call me freckles when ah’m like this . no one outside’a the first - string knows my secret , ‘ kay ? ❞ she pulls back with a teasing smile , beginning to stuff her face . half - muffled by her breakfast as she tries to keep talking .

                 ❝ but y’can just gimme anythin ‘ ya can’t finish . i’ll try not ta get’cha so much from now on . ❞

    #falseearl #i Love that she doesnt question why ciel cant rly fight for food himself & just shares w him #she starts makin sure she can nab 2 shares everytime to make sure hes good n fed!! #&& . * muse : freckles / doll . ( the circus life is great . no one beats ya - ya can eat as many sweets as yer tum can hold . )
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  • falseearl
    04.03.2019 - 2 years ago

    test TEST test

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