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    hm … consider this a plotting call.

    #this is a five hour flight. i have plenty of time to spare #getting around to writing will be a bit difficult tho as i will be with family 🧐
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    After brushing her teeth, Perry walks into her room, ready to throw herself in bed, but something stops her dead in her tracks. She doesn't remember seeing that doll. It's a weird little thing, the young girl finds herself thinking as she leans down to look at it some more. The doll isn't plastic like the ones downstairs in the playroom; instead, it resembles the toys that Connie makes for her from time to time. Weird, her mother would've told her about the latest project and given it to the young girl in a gift box like she tends to do with the other plush toys. Well, Perry can't really blame Connie; the woman probably forgot about the thing because of everything that's still going on or believe that she already gave her daughter the plush. Either way, Perry accepts the pig-tailed toy with a smile on her face and saying that she'll give her a name tomorrow morning. Perry hops into bed and knocks out as soon as her head hits her pillow. However, before the youngest Knight could close her eyes and drift off into the void, she heard a whisper coming from the dolls' direction.


    <<<    >>>

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    AX: Part of SCHITT’S CREEK is obviously the parent/child relationship. Is that based at all on your family relationship?
    LEVY: It is based on a writers’ room of family stories. It was a really fun show to write, because once all our writers came in, we just started talking about family fights, family hang-ups, different stories, and the storytelling that came from all of our writers is sort of what resulted in the Rose family.


    Photo: screenshot from Hudson’s Bay video


    I love thinking that all those family fights can turn into something wonderful someday.  

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    Story via @allwhimsicalart instagram

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    Greed and Lust’s Pre-Battle Dialogue for Anon. The second one might not actually be a teasing threat, Lust could just be saying she’ll try, but I’m not sure.

    Greed_Lust_00000 and Greed_Lust_00001

    Greed: Lust, I hope you’re not too rusty. (ラスト、うでは錆びついてねえだろうな。)

    Lust: I’ll make you take back those words. (その言葉そのまま返すわ。)

    Greed_Lust_00000 and Greed_Lust_00002

    Greed: Lust, I hope you’re not too rusty. (ラスト、うでは錆びついてねえだろうな。)

    Lust: Shall I try out on you? (試してみる。)

    Greed_Lust_00000 and Greed_Lust_00003

    Greed: Lust, I hope you’re not too rusty. (ラスト、うでは錆びついてねえだろうな。)

    Lust: Oh, we've known each other for so long and you don’t have faith in me? (あら、長い付き合いなのに信用ないのね。)

    Current in-game bond level: 2

    Plays: Greed_Lust_00002

    FMA Brotherhood (PSP)

    #fma#Fullmetal Alchemist #greed the avaricious #Lust the Lascivious #greed fma#fma lust #Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood #lust fma#fma brotherhood#fmab#kikuko inoue#yuichi nakamura#fmabpsp spoilers#fmab spoilers #shoco plays PSP #Interesting that Greed doesn’t use Lust-san for her here like he does in the manga. #he does the same for Pride when he's greeding Pride-san #he only does it for his older siblings #even though its weird to use honorifics on your family when using their names #like how in 03 Ed gets tipped off immediately that Hoho doesn't see alternate world ed as his son because he uses ed-kun #pro tip I've never seen 03 subbed but that's probably how it went #I heard it somewhere
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    Summary: Lan Xichen’s seclusion had gone on long enough, in Jiang Cheng’s opinion. It was time for an intervention. Fem!JC

    Author's Note: This work is set in jiucengta ‘s haunting legacies au (https://archiveofourown.org/series/1716682)which I suggest you check out. Jiang Cheng is female and was married to Wei Wuxian before shit hit the fan. The relationships are not explicitly stated here, it's very background. I just had this idea and wanted to get it out there. I may or may not do another fic very similar to this one but not set in an AU, just post-canon instead.


    Two years had gone by since the fateful Guanyin Temple incident that rocked the cultivation world. Two years (a little more really) since Jiang Cheng’s erstwhile husband had returned from the dead. Two years (a little less actually but who’s counting) since she lost her widowed status and gained an extra love to boot somewhere in the middle. And two years since Sect Leader Lan had gone into seclusion, punishing himself for his blindness and mourning the loss of both his sworn brothers.

    Normally Jiang Cheng would not stick her nose in other sects’ business. But Gusu Lan had become more than just another sect to her; it was important to those she loved and so, it was also important to her. And even if things hadn’t turned out the way they did in her personal life, Lan Xichen is someone she would have wanted to help anyway. During the thirteen years her husband had been dead he had been one of the few to show any open support for her.

    She would never forget that fateful discussion conference-- the one where she’d been dubbed Wife of the Yiling Demon after she rebuffed Jin Guangshan’s attempt to pressure her into marriage (brokered by him no less-- undoubtedly trying to get her to wed one of his own relatives...control over the Jiang could only work in his favour). Loudmouthed Sect Leader Yao would have turned things even uglier for her had it not been for Lan Xichen’s timely intervention on her behalf. His steady support had helped her in more ways than one over the years despite the fact that they were not ever particularly close. With Gusu Lan seemingly in her corner, the voices that would (and initially, did) loudly decry a young female Sect Leader were forced to whisper instead.

    That was why she found herself sitting opposite the man, sipping on a cup of tea as he gazed inquisitively at her.

    “Sect Leader Jiang,” he greeted, sounding weary, voice containing only a trace of his former warmth, “What brings you here? As you know I am still in seclusion, technically, I should not be having visitors. Is there something urgent that you need my help with?”

    “Yes,” she said, and continued bluntly as was her way, “I’m here to convince you to leave it.”

    His eyes widened slightly. “Excuse me?”

    “You heard me.”

    It spoke to the measure of self control the Lan’s had that he didn’t simply kick her out of the hanshi.

    “I beg your pardon but I don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

    She cleared her throat and tried to measure her words more carefully; she didn’t want to be asked to leave before she had made her arguments and she tried to remember that this Lan Xichen had been hurt too deeply to retain his former magnanimity.

    “You may not know it Lan Xichen, but outside these walls you are sorely missed.”

    His lips twitched, as if he wanted to smile but couldn’t quite make it.

    “I’m aware my family may miss me, Sect Leader Jiang, but I had no idea that you harbored such strong feelings towards me that you now miss my presence.”

    She sputtered slightly, not expecting him to joke about it when he looked like he could keel over if she spoke too loudly. “I…” her face turned red, “That wasn’t what…”

    Taking pity on her he waved her protests away, voice becoming more solemn, “Why don’t you tell me why you think I should leave my seclusion. You of all people should understand why I need to do this. It was your family hurt the most by my ignorance.”

    She drew in a breath to steady herself, “Did you hold me responsible when Wei Wuxian did all the crap that he did?”

    “That’s different, he was manipulated,” he frowned.

    “Nobody knew that until recently Zewu-Jun. And manipulation or not he still made choices that led to a lot of harm. So I ask you again, was I to blame? Should I not have been able to stop my husband? Is it not, therefore also my fault? Maybe I should join you in seclusion since his demonic cultivation was partly because he gave me his core and had no options left.”

    He looked pained, “I have never blamed you for his choices. You couldn’t help what you didn’t know. None of us knew he didn’t have a core.”

    “And none of us knew Jin Guangyao was a megalomaniac either. So how can you be blamed for his choices? If you are to shoulder the blame then so should all the rest of us.”

    “The rest of you weren’t his sworn brothers!” he almost shouted.

    “Mingjue knew. He warned me not to trust him so many times. I dismissed him. I thought he was paranoid and misjudging A-Yao like so many others. If he could see it, why didn’t I? I wronged Da-ge in the worst way because I thought I knew better than him,” His breathing was coming out ragged, “I thought A-Yao was the one who knew me best. Who I knew best.”

    It spoke to his state of mind that he even let all of that out in front of her.

    “Sect Leader Jiang, the man I considered my closest companion is the man most hated by the cultivation world and reviled as a monster. How do you think I must look in comparison? I am sure there are those out there wondering if I had known and if I even helped him with all of his plans. There are people who will speculate as to the bounds of our relationship. If I did not go into seclusion they would say I had no shame, look what his sworn brother did and he’s out and about like normal. Then there are those who look at my decision to seclude myself as an indicator of guilt and may accuse me of complicity. Or they will look at my mourning and see someone who mourns a monster and who does that? Why mourn a monster? Sect Leader Yao even openly criticised your young nephew for crying at the coffin of his uncle who also helped raise him. A parentless child who saw one of his only remaining close family members die brutally after being exposed as a serious criminal, who even threatened him with bodily harm, could not grieve him without censure. What of a grown man, and a Sect Leader at that!”

    “With all due respect, so what?”

    “E..excuse me?” Lan Xichen was torn between being confused and insulted.

    “You heard me. So. What?” she started, “So what if they think these things? Does that make it true? If Sect Leader Yao thinks that you’re an incestuous troll would that make it true? If Sect Leader Ouyang says ‘hey did you know that Sect Leader Lan likes to visit brothels in secret’ would that make it true? Just because people think something does not make it a reality. Your sect certainly does not believe you are responsible for the actions of Jin Guangyao and would stand by you if anyone insinuates otherwise. You have your brother and your uncle who love you and are worried about you. Your sect has thrived under your leadership and undoubtedly they all miss you too.”

    That Lan Jingyi kid couldn’t shut up about how much he missed Zewu-Jun. And she knew Lan Zhan missed his brother and lamented that he could not do more for him. He and Lan Qiren were working themselves ragged trying to pick up the pieces. He’d hardly had time to come back to Lotus Pier and she and Wei Ying missed him dearly. They’d had to make up so many ‘official’ reasons to find themselves in the Cloud Recesses so that they could spend some time together. So yes on the one hand it would be good for them if Zewu-Jun were to leave seclusion but she wasn’t simply doing it for that reason. It was because if anyone could understand what Zewu-Jun was going through, it would be her. And she didn’t think that seclusion was going to help anything. All it would do is make him ruminate on his mistakes over and over again until he likely went mad himself.

    “You said that the man you considered your closest companion turned out to be a monster. Gee, I wonder what that feels like? You said that people will wonder if you helped him with his plans, oh gee, I wonder what that feels like?” Zewu-Jun had the grace to look abashed at that.

    She continued, softer, “You said people will talk about what kind of person mourns a monster. But you’re not mourning a monster, are you? When A-Ling cried over his coffin, did you blame him for it? Did you think ‘why is this child mourning when he should celebrate the end of the one who fractured his family?’ like Sect Leader Yao did?” Zewu-Jun shook his head but didn’t say anything, letting her continue.

    “A-Ling was mourning the loss of the uncle he knew. And you are mourning the loss of the companion he had been to you. The world will only ever view him as a monster because the world never knew him. But you did. Maybe you didn’t know everything about him, but not everything about him was fake. I hate Jin Guangyao, I will not pretend otherwise. But I was there, Zewu-Jun. I was there, and I could see that he truly did care for you and value you. Not everything he showed you would have been fake. You of all people probably got more sincerity out of him than anyone else. And so you, of all people, have a right to mourn the man he was, the same way A-Ling still mourns the loss of the man who gifted a lonely child a dog. Not everything had an ulterior motive. Even monsters can love can’t they? Even monsters had people who loved them. I would know. So if you need to mourn him… then just mourn him.

    Who gives a damn what people will say about it? People will always talk, Zewu-Jun. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, people will believe what they want to believe. So why let their opinions force you into repenting for something you didn’t even do? Let them think what they want to think. It is not a crime to be deceived. We all were. Why take the world on your shoulders when you don’t actually have to? And again, with all due respect Sect Leader Lan, if I, a family-less, alliance-less woman whose husband was the most reviled personage in the jianghu, who suffered the scorn of the cultivation world for over a decade, could raise my nephew on my own and build my sect back from literal ashes into one of the strongest and most respected once again, then you, who have a strong sect and people who love you, who believe in you and will support you no matter what… you can manage to live too.”

    “Sect Leader Jiang…” Zewu-Jun was at a loss for words. What could he say? It only sounded selfish and petty to claim that he suffered more than she did, because he truly didn’t. She was right after all. Sect Leader Jiang was a remarkable woman. Life had not been kind to her. And...her words struck something within him. He felt ashamed. He hadn’t even thought about what it was like for her before this. He’d never offered her any support, but here she was trying to get him to live his life again without guilt. She, whose family most assuredly suffered because of his inaction, was here telling him to let it go, to not take responsibility. But how could he do that so easily?

    “How did you do it? Sect Leader Jiang...” his voice cracked, “Can you ever forgive me, for the harm that my inaction caused you and your family?” Maybe if he heard it from her, maybe he could begin to forgive himself.

    She sighed. “On my part, there is nothing to forgive Zewu-Jun. And so I can’t grant you forgiveness because you haven’t done me any wrong. But there are a few people who do deserve an apology from you. And your seclusion is a self-imposed punishment that you feel you deserve but at the end of the day, it does not actually do anything tangible when it comes to making amends to those who have been hurt.”

    He was silent for a moment, stunned by her words. He hadn’t considered that his seclusion might have been causing others even more harm than he’d already done to them. Sect Leader Jiang was wise (she would disagree...she’d just learned from bitter experience in her opinion). He felt like he’d done her a great disservice all of these years, by not making an effort to reach out to her.

    “Please, tell me. I.. I confess I no longer trust my judgement. I thought I knew A-Yao. I thought I was a good judge of character. I no longer know how to tell what is up from down. All I know is that I was so, so wrong about A-Yao. If you say that I have not harmed you then I am glad. I would hate to be the cause of more pain. You said that I am not responsible for A-Yao’s actions, and though it isn’t easy to believe that just yet, if there are those who I have truly wronged then please...please tell me. I still don’t know if I am ready to leave seclusion, if I even know how to, but I need to atone for my actions.”

    Jiang Cheng nodded, “That’s the right attitude at least. So to start with I’d say you need to have a chat with Huaisang.”

    His eyes widened, “I… I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Sect Leader Jiang.” His face darkened slightly. He wasn’t pleased with Huaisang at the moment. It felt like he never even knew him.

    “And why not? Out of everyone, it’s Huaisang that you unintentionally hurt. And I don’t mean because of not listening to Nie Mingjue. His death was not your fault.” He was about to protest but she cut him off. “It wasn’t. I told you, stop taking responsibility for what isn’t your fault and own up to what is.”

    He sighed heavily, “If it’s not about Da-ge then how did I wrong Huaisang?”

    “Well for one, you’re still his Er-ge. Yet you seem to have forgotten that in lieu of what happened in the temple. Huaisang… has lost everyone. He may have been acting like a shady shit for the past however many years but… do you know what it’s like to be the last one of your family, Zewu-Jun? To have nobody beside you except subordinates?” He inhaled sharply. “I.. I hadn’t thought of that,” he said mournfully. How much did he just not consider? What kind of a person was he that he resented Huaisang for his deceit but yet did not consider for one moment that Huaisang may have done those things because he thought he was all alone and could not come to him for help? What kind of brother was he that his little brother could not confide in him? He should have been there for Huaisang, instead he had thought so highly of Jin Guangyao, even dismissing da-ge’s claims, that Huaisang had not dared to approach him with his suspicions.

    Sect Leader Jiang was being very understanding however, “Zewu-Jun, I know you’re not pleased with Huaisang. I know there are many things that he’s done that are not right. I know there’s a possibility that he lied and forced your hand at the end. Believe me, I know the feeling...more than anyone, I know what it feels like to be deceived by someone you love...to kill someone you love. I know what it feels like when everyone praises you for it. Like you did such a great thing and you should be happy and celebrating with everyone else, except you can’t because your heart has shattered…has been ripped to shreds.

    As someone who once loved a so-called monster...as someone who as good as killed that person with their own hands, I understand better than anyone what you’re going through. What Huaisang did was cruel, even though I’m glad Jin Guangyao is dead. It was cruel to have you be the one to end him. Huaisang likely knew that Jin Guangyao valued you. He knew it would be the worst end for him to be killed by your hand. I can’t speak for Huaisang, but I don’t believe he did it to hurt you, even though that’s inevitably what happened anyway. He did it to hurt Jin Guangyao. But even though it was not kind of him to have you be the arbiter of justice, he still deserves to have his Er-ge in his life.

    She paused remembering the pain of losing her husband and sister all in one night.

    She didn't have to imagine how Huaisang would have felt at losing the last member of his family at the hands of someone he cared about.“You and I aren’t the only ones who were deceived by someone we loved. Huaisang loved Jin Guangyao too, didn’t he? He loved and trusted him. When Nie Mingjue was getting worse, didn’t Huaisang trust and rely on both you and Jin Guangyao? It wasn’t a front. You were both dear to him. He loved him. He loved him and was betrayed by him in the worst way. And then yes, he orchestrated a whole convoluted plan to have him exposed and killed.

    But you and I can both attest that justice, and even revenge, doesn’t stop the pain does it? Huaisang avenged his brother, but he lost another in the process, the same way you did. Don’t let him lose you too. You said you wronged Nie Mingjue by not listening to him. I think you’d wrong him even more if you left his little brother alone, without anyone to call family. You don’t have to forgive Huaisang right away, or at all if you don’t want to, but eventually you should at least try and reconcile with him. You’re his big brother... the only one left. And you know, Huaisang would have had the realisation that he was fooled by Jin Guangyao all on his own. But you don’t have to be alone.

    Huaisang and you share the experience of being blinded by him. It would be much easier to talk to someone who has gone through the same things, no? Huaisang is there. And I am here. You don’t have to endure this on your own. We may not be very close Zewu-Jun, but we can understand each other, not so? So I’m here if you need someone to confide in. And Huaisang...Huaisang must be waiting too. For his Er-ge. You both owe each other apologies.”

    By the time she was done speaking there were tears rolling down his face. She didn’t think it was quite appropriate given their positions, (though she was sort of his secret sister-in-law so really, he counted as family) but she moved over to his side and embraced him. If he was surprised he didn’t show it, only moving to cling to her more tightly and sob with a ferocity that had her a bit surprised. She wondered if this was the first time since the temple that he’d allowed himself to fully grieve what he had lost, without the guilt of letting his sworn brother die, killing the other one, and feeling bad for mourning for someone who he should hate.

    Everyone praised him for killing Jin Guangyao however, it was something he didn’t want to be praised for. But what could he say? That he hated the fact that he killed him? He was right about one thing, if he ever said something like that people would most assuredly say he was complicit and probably want to implicate him. Jiang Cheng of all people knew how hard it was to listen to people praising you for a deed you were not proud of. And so she was the only person who would understand. The only person who would, who could, acknowledge the hurt it would have caused him to do what he did, especially if he was tricked into it.

    His feelings about Huaisang would be complicated, but it wasn’t too late to reconcile as long as they were both alive.

    She rubbed his back consolingly and just let him cry. It must have been no more than 15 minutes, but it felt much longer, before his tears slowed. When his sobs petered out he tried to compose himself. She let go of him and he embarrassedly turned away, sipping his tea. He cleared his throat, “I’m sorry Sect Leader Jiang, that was unbecoming of me.”

    “Don’t mention it,” she waved off. She was there to help after all.

    “I will give your words due consideration. It was remiss of me to forget that I was not the only one affected by A-Yao’s schemes. I truly regret not thinking of how Huaisang would have felt when he first found out. You are right. I have done my little brother a disservice,” he said, voice croaky from his bout of sobbing.

    “You said that there were people I needed to apologise to. Who else have I wronged?” he continued. His respect and admiration for Sect Leader Jiang had grown exponentially since the start of this visit. He would take her words under advisement if he could.

    “Oh Zewu-Jun,” she sighed, “What you’re doing with this seclusion, doesn’t it remind you of someone? Because it sure reminds your uncle.”

    Zewu-Jun looked as if she had slapped him.

    “Nobody would begrudge you needing time to grieve and to come to terms with what happened, it is human nature. It’s understandable. We were all blindsided. And I understand the wish to seclude yourself because I wish I could have as well, though I didn’t have the luxury,” she said, not unkindly but it made him wince anyway, “But it’s been too long. A few months would be okay, though grief will last longer than that, but more than that is just being unfair to others. You are the Sect Leader. Your uncle has already had to watch his brother shirk his duties and seclude himself from the world for the rest of his life.

    Your uncle has had to pick up the slack. He raised you and your brother like a father would, while taking care of sect matters. None of those things were his responsibility yet he did it. And now… now he has to go through it all over again. Master Lan is elderly though and he cannot keep up with all of the duties required of an elder, teacher and now Sect Leader once more. And so that leads me to the last person that you have wronged.

    Lan Zhan is Chief Cultivator now, did you know? His duties are myriad and yet he has to come back here and help Master Lan run the sect. It pains Master Lan to see history repeating itself. A younger brother once again has to take the reins from his older brother and he does it without complaint, because he loves you. But it is unfair to A-Zhan. He can’t live his own life because he’s too busy living yours. He’s barely managing to keep up with both sets of duties, but he’s doing it for you. It has been two years, Zewu-Jun. He worries so much about you, as does your uncle. It pains them to see you this way. And so Sect Leader Lan,” she pointedly used his rank, “I beg of you to consider leaving your seclusion. You have people who love you waiting for you. Your family needs you.”

    His eyes were glittering once more, but no tears were shed this time. He swallowed thickly. The past few months it had seemed as if he was living in a fog. He’d barely managed to keep his routine up, it was only through decades of strict routine that he’d gotten himself off the bed and eaten his food and meditated everyday on his shortcomings. But it seemed that while he was doing that he’d missed quite a few. Because she was right wasn’t she? He hid himself away like a coward and didn’t even think about how it would affect Wangji and Uncle. He hadn’t even considered how hurt his uncle would feel to see him go down the same route as his father.

    Her words were like a splash of cold water. It seemed to wake him up; it got him out of the daze he was in. If this woman before him could raise a child and a sect from the ashes all alone after going through more tragedy than a hundred people in one lifetime would...he could get himself in gear and do what he had to do. He felt ashamed in front of her. She was right that she didn’t have the luxury to seclude herself. But he did. He did, and he took advantage of the support system that he had to take time for himself. More time than he should have.

    She said it was understandable, and maybe it was, but she was also right that it should not have been going on for this long. He had no desire to be Qingheng-Jun the second. But if she hadn’t come here today… if she hadn’t said all that she had said… He would not have even thought of those things. He was too busy thinking of himself. It was likely that he would have stayed for years in his seclusion, just ruminating on what went wrong and what he could have changed. It was all too easy to get caught up in could-have-beens.

    “Sect Leader Jiang,” he said, devastated at the thought of his uncle, the man who raised him when he didn’t have to, who did his best to prevent them from turning out like their father, thinking that he had failed when it was Lan Xichen who failed, “I’ve heard you loud and clear. But…”


    “But I don’t know if I even know how to go about being Sect Leader anymore. I feel like the decisions I make would be questionable now. How can I trust that I will do what’s best for the sect? I have already failed in so many ways. Now I have failed Wangji and Uncle too.”

    “What did I tell you? You’re not alone Zewu-Jun. You don’t have to leave seclusion immediately. You don’t even have to start doing everything right away. Ease back into it. Your family will be there to help you. I’m offering to help you. If you need to talk about things that you can’t with them, you can write to me. Master Qiren should not have to be taking on these responsibilities any longer and A-Zhan needs to have time to breathe...his own position is challenging enough. Besides you haven’t failed, you’ve just had some setbacks is all. Failure would be wallowing in self-pity forever and leaving everyone else to do your duties indefinitely,” she looked at him pointedly. He got the hint.

    “Okay Sect Leader Jiang. I shall take you up on that then. But I do have a question if you’ll indulge me,” he said.


    “I mean no offense at all, in fact I’m actually extremely grateful for your concern, but I am curious….why do you even care? You didn’t have to do any of this. I’m well aware that you have your own duties and worries. Why bother about mine?”

    She smiled for the first time since she walked into the Hanshi. He was struck by it. It had been a long time since he’d seen her smile... truly smile. In fact, the last time he’d seen a smile as bright as that on her face was probably right here in the Cloud Recesses when she was a student.

    “You may not remember it, Zewu-Jun, but there was a time Jin Guangshan sought to marry me off. It was your words of support for me, against that awful Sect Leader Yao, that saved my skin, though they still called me Wife of the Yiling Demon after that. But at least I was only his wife. I will be eternally grateful to you for that. It was thanks to your words that nobody else tried to make me marry. I was able to focus on my sect in relative peace. It was a kindness that I have never been able to repay until now, though you shouldn’t think that it is only because of repayment.”

    She got up and dusted off her clothes perfunctorily.

    “I shall take my leave now, Zewu-Jun.”

    “Please, call me Xichen,” he said, thinking that after all of the things that were said that day, she might as well.

    “Well then, Xichen you may call me Wanyin. Thank you for hearing me out and please forgive me for barging in unexpectedly. I have intruded upon your hospitality long enough.”

    “It is no matter,” he said, and for the first time in a long while he was able to manage a weak smile, “I was honored by your company. If you did not give me so much to think about, I would offer you some more tea.”

    She laughed, “Thank you Xichen, but I will be missed soon anyway. I do not need to cause an uproar in Cloud Recesses if they can’t find a Sect Leader. Plus the scandal that would happen if someone other than A-Zhan or A-Yuan finds me in here will not be pleasant.”

    “A-Zhan?” he raised an eyebrow, “Is there something I should know about, Wanyin?”

    She snorted and threw him a cheeky smirk, “If you want to find out you’ll have to come to Lotus Pier.” And with that she saw herself out, leaving nothing but the scent of lotuses behind her.

    Huh. Well then. How curious. He’d thought that Wangji had gone off with Wei Wuxian, who he’d been in love with since he met him. How did Sect Leader Jiang factor into this? As far as he knew they didn’t even particularly like each other. It seemed like he missed quite a lot while he was in seclusion. Was his little brother in a love triangle? It would explain why Wanyin said that he shouldn’t only think of her visit as repayment to him. It wasn’t the purest motivation but huh maybe he would leave seclusion after all. His brother might need support in more ways than one. Sect Leader Lan leaving seclusion because he was too invested in his brother’s love life was a hilarious thought, and for the first time in two years, he chuckled mirthfully to himself. Maybe he would be okay after all.

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    04.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Not doing well time management wise. Ppl moving in, ppl moving out, baby shower gifts to give, finishing degree/diploma, crisis about all the doors I've shut when I was younger....im gonna take a lavender salt bath about it

    #also family drama but that i can ignore
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  • regurgitates
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    if i made a gfm for my education would that be like. stupid.

    #like this is Rly an investment for my family #and i just need like. the debt paid so i can actually enroll #august.txt
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  • aurora077
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    #the untamed#mdzs#cql #chen qing ling #mo dao zu shi #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #fanfiction#ao3#aurora077#intervention #the untamed fanfic #mdzs fanfiction#cql fanfic#hurt/comfort#angst#family#grieving#seclusion #fem!jc #jiang cheng#jiang wanyin#lan xichen #sect leader jiang #sect leader lan #sect leader yao #nie huaisang#wei wuxian#wei ying#lan wangji#lan zhan
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    New Series Alert

    I have gotten back into Twilight and have decided to take a swing at writing fanfics for it. This is the prolouge/start to my new OC series. Please read and let me know what you think! Don’t worry I will be continuing writing the Their Daugther series as well, but my James Potter and Percy Weasley series has been put on pause. I’m not 100% sure where to go next in those stories so until I figure it out I am trying something new!

    Warnings: Bella bashing, jealously, umm Renee being rude

    Word Count: 900

    Lucky Star

    “Well I see that you are still dying your hair those God awful colors, Elizabeth,” Renee sneered at her eldest daughter while her step-siblings, Jack and Maisie, and her sister laughed.

    “Yeah, I am. Good to see you too, mom,” Lizzie rolled her eyes slightly. She had always been the least favorite twin in her mother's eyes. Isabella, her sister, was perfect in every way possible according to Renee. This was the first time she had seen her mother in about 4 years. Lizzie had lived with their father all of her life. When she and her sister were three their parents got divorced. Isabella went with their mom and Lizzie with their dad, then during the summer, the girls would switch for a month. That was up until their mother met Phil and his two-span, then Lizzie’s summers became filled with sitting in her small room alone. Bella decided when she was 11 that she didn’t want to switch anymore causing Lizzie to stop seeing their mother altogether. She would call once or twice a year if that, but it was fine. Lizzie had plenty of people to fill that void in such as Sue Clearwater and her boyfriends’ mother, Esme.

    Lizzie wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for Renee not wanting Bella to fly alone, but of course, it was okay for Lizzie to fly alone to Arizona to just turn around and fly right back to Forks, Washington. Lizzie would much rather be at home watching baseball with her dad or out with Rose causing mischief to Roses’ siblings. Lizzie had always been slightly envious of the Cullen siblings' relationship. Although adopted they were all incredibly close. Emmett and Edwards were always joking around with Rose and Alice talking about fashion while Jasper and Grey were always working on some sort of puzzle. Isabella and Lizzie had never really gotten along even as kids. The favoritism from their mother combined with Bellas's need to be the center of attention always caused a rift.

    Lizzie remembers the one time she got the lead in a school play during the fourth grade. She had called her mother, excited to share her achievement only to have her rip it away by saying Bella won some award for math and that Lizzie probably only got it because the other girl was sick or something. Bella bragged about her award every time she saw her sister while belittling her about the play-calling it and Lizzie names.

    “I would love to stay and chat, but we have a flight to catch. Come on Bella.” Lizzie turned and walked back towards the Port Angeles terminal wanting to get back to rainy Washington and away from her mother as soon as possible. She hears Bella say goodbye and her hurried footsteps to catch up with Lizzie.

    “You could have said goodbye” the younger Swan snapped while they waited for their boarding passes to be called.

    “Why? It’s not like mom or any of them care if I do or not,” Lizzie answered back. The sound of Lizzies phone ringing cut of Bellas reply. Lizzie smiled before picking up. “Hey, Esme. What’s up?”

    “Hi, darling. I was just making sure you landed okay and was about to be on your way back,” The matron of the Cullen household replied. Esme had loved Lizzie ever since she met her. The girl was sweet and caring towards everyone including her family of vampires. Lizzie never made them feel like they were anything less than human. Esme had heard of how her actual mother treated her and stepped in to help fill the role since she already saw her as one of her own.

    “Yeah, the flight was fine. We’re waiting to be called now. So I’ll have to get off soon.” Lizzie ignored Bellas's confused looking glare.

    “That’s fine. I was just checking up on you. I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully.” Lizzie heard a yell coming through the background. “Tell my girl I’ll see her at school tomorrow!”

    Lizzie giggled, “I’ll see everyone tomorrow. Bye Esme,” and since she knew whoever was in the house could hear her, “Bye everyone else!” a chorus of byes rang out as she ended the call.

    “Who was that?” Bella asked. She was confused as to why her sister had so many people who cared about her. Bella knew she was the better twin; she was prettier, smarter, funnier.

    Lizzie ignored her sister till after take off. She knew she was trapped into answering now. “Lizzie, who was that? Whose Esme? Dad’s girlfriend?”

    Lizzie burst out laughing. She knew that her dad would never date, she had tried multiple times to get him to. He was too focused on his daughter and job to do so. And the thought of Carlisle and Esme not being together was heartbreaking, “No, Esme is not dads’ girlfriend. Esme is my boyfriend's mother.”

    Bellas jaw dropped to the floor. Does her sister have a boyfriend? Who has a family that likes her? That was insane to her. Bella remained quiet for the remainder of the flight thinking of how she was going to get this ‘boyfriend to leave her sister and come to her. She knew that he was probably weird if he was dating her blue-haired sister, but she didn’t care. Soon everyone would see what a freak Elizabeth Star Swan was

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  • stunfiskz
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    i feel like this is a pretty cold take but like seeing ppl unironically act like c!schlatt did nothing wrong/c!schlatt is actually really good makes me uncomfortable like -_-". are we forgetting that he executed a teenager and is also abusive ? you can look into his character motivations beyond just being evil without acting like his actions are good ?

    #txt #idk it just. deosnt sit right when i see stuff like acting like hes part of the las nevadas found family #which like that itself i have probelms with but. wtvr
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