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  • Good Noon! 🌧️
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    (at PN Farm House)

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  • I feel like there’s a miscommunication between me and my cousins. We’re not as close anymore and its probably my fault. I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe it was meant to be. It’s like we don’t understand each other.

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  • The delay in posting makes me feel a certain way but I really ran out of data and just ave to make do with what I have.


    Originally posted by purrpleaesthetic

    I am learning how to let things go if it wasn’t meant to be and stop holding onto sadness and pain from sharing my faith.

    Its crazy to read Luke 9:57-62 to see that Jesus can’t control these three men and their decisions.

    There are two guys who are super willing to follow God but Jesus saw the first guy was going for comfort.

    Luke 9:58 Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of God have no place to rest his head.

    and the second one wanted to say goodby to his family.

    Luke 9:61 I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodby to my family.

    Life with God is not about physical comfort. It is about letting God control my life and relying only on God to give me comfort in the hardest times. Following God isn’t an easy path and its a path that I chose without the approval of my parents. It is a path that does not require any man’s approval. It is just an individual’s decision.

    And how this comforts me is that a Christian’s life is sacrificial and not dependent on other’s conviction. It is not something everyone can say and do. It is something that no one could understand in an age of glorifying comfort and approval of men. It looks ridiculous but Jesus is all that I ever need.

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  • El 28 de octubre es mi #cumpleaños y casi #halloween #happybirthday #birthday #love #happy #cake #party #birthdaycake #birthdaygirl #family #like #instagram #birthdayboy #photography #friends #photooftheday #birthdayparty #follow #balloons #celebration #thbirthday #bday #celebrate #cgculturagourmet 🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎃🎃🎃🧹🧹🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️👻👻 (en Las Condes, Chile)

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    I grew up with two parents who never dealt with their problems. My father was an alcoholic who spent majority of his time working. He was an amazing man and had a big heart but never worked through his past trauma. He drank the pain away and never asked for help. I had to watch this talented and whole hearted man drink himself to death. Being a daddy’s girl this broke my heart but I was also depressed at the time and completely understood how he was feeling. He lived across the country from me and when I turned 18 I made the decision to move near him so I could have him in my life more. After he was arrested for drunk driving on Christmas Eve we sat down and a a talk and he told me he didn’t want to live anymore. I told him I was going to be there every step of the way to help him be happier and enjoy life but unfortunately there were too many negative influences around him. I made the decision to leave a year later back home to California where I am now. Exactly a year later on Christmas Eve he passed away. I spent a lot of my childhood between family members once I was brought to Cali when I was super young. My mom was a coke addict and spent a lot of time away doing whatever she did. She finally got her shit together when I was in middle school and we had a good few years before she started to have some medical issues. She was prescribed narcotics and became addict. To this day she still self medicated and tries to get meds from anywhere or anyone she can. She is a non functioning addict who uses people constantly. She is extremely selfish and bitter. Last year she had her leg amputated and our family thought this would be a perfect opportunity for her to get sober and better herself. She did really well for a few months when she moved in with me for after care but once she moved back home she fell right back into her old ways. I spent so much time and effort trying to help her and finally gave up a few years ago. I didn’t want anything to do with her and didn’t want her in my life. Recently my grandparents have asked me for help with her and other things. I absolutely adore my grandparents and always try my best to help. I have realized I wanted to make a great life for myself and want my mom around but with healthy boundaries. The only time I ever hear from her is when she needs help with something or wants something from me. I finally told her today I am trying to have a healthy relationship with the one parent I have left but I need some effort from her too. Normally I would flip the fuck out and yell and be mad but I just don’t have the energy for that anymore. I have changed my self so much in the last few years and worked so hard to get where I am today and just want respect and effort from the ones I love. I am honestly proud of myself for communicating how I was feeling and she responded with what I wanted to hear. Of course I am a little skeptical because she is a master manipulator but actions speak louder than words. Hopefully I will see some effort if not I don’t need someone like that in my life draining me of my energy and wasting my time. I have so many friends and family who love and care for me and that actually out in the same effort I give to them. I appreciate everyone who is here for me and I just expect the same from the one parent I have left. I firmly believe in you choose your family.

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  • Me knowing the horrible things my family members have been through and how it’s damaged them and lead to their mistakes, including the ones that lead them to hurt me now, don’t really make me sympathetic to them or want to just forgive and forget. I need to leave them far behind first.

    #family #fucked up family
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  • Halloween poses !!

    October 19th 2020

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  • XXXX

    Mi abuela había fallecido y no encontraba lágrimas para destrozarme en ellas, la noticia nos había tomado por sorpresa en mitad de camino. Íbamos de regreso a la ciudad donde mi padre había pasado toda su infancia, donde mis tíos habían hecho las pilatunas más incrédulas en la iglesia y de paso, donde el calor era sinónimo de los habitantes de estas tierras.

    No me la llevo bien con los funerales porque es una de esas situaciones de la vida donde no dan libretos o guías para saber cómo comportarse, ya había pasado por uno donde no soportaba que nadie estuviera a mi alrededor y no esperaba tener una reacción diferente.

    Al llegar a la ciudad, nos quedamos en la casa de la mejor amiga de mi madre, sabíamos que en la casa de mi abuela había ya demasiada aglomeración y pocas camas. La señora Elsa era la misma de siempre, su mismo carisma, su misma gentileza, su misma mirada seria y de paso, su mismo olor a chocolate, desde que la conocemos y de paso mi madre, ha sido fanática número uno del chocolate, aunque su cuerpo no; nos instalamos, maletas ubicadas, cambio de ropa, pies descalzos y listas para terminar de disfrutar la noche viendo novelas.

    Mi madre era la más afectada por la noticia del fallecimiento, no entendía que tan mal estaba por dentro para no entender ese dolor, pero sabía que ese mismo efecto la haría salir corriendo lo más rápido posible a encontrarse con los demás familiares, pero yo no me sentía preparada aún.

    Al día siguiente las primeras palabras que escuche de mi madre fueron: necesito ir a la casa de la abuela, es importante que este allí, si quieres quedarte lo puedes hacer y llegas el día del entierro.

    Estaba entre la espada y la pared, porque no quería que se fuera sola, me necesitaba como su apoyo, pero estaba yo, una insensible de corazón que no quería toparse con el resto de la familia por orgullo y peleas intrafamiliares descabelladas.

    No tuve que responder, mi madre sabía en la posición en la que me encontraba y para tratar de calmar mis pensamientos, soltó: te amo, la abuela te amaba, solamente es el último adiós por el que vinimos hasta aquí, ve a dárselo y después nos iremos.

    Así como ella se fue de rápido, los dos días siguientes pasaron de la misma manera, ya me encontraba haciendo maletas para irme a encontrar con una despedida que había intentado evitar; dos horas en auto y estaba a las afueras de la iglesia donde mi madre, mi familia y mi abuela estaban esperándome.

    Entré, pasó la ceremonia, miradas inquietantes con el resto de los familiares, miradas intrigantes por el resto de los invitados y miradas acusadoras por los hijos de mi abuela, todo gracias a mi vestimenta.

    Todo terminó rápido gracias a Dios, el estar sentada en la primera banca escuchando lo que el pastor decía para consolar, me hizo revivir el momento donde también tuve que enterrar a otro ser querido, todo era tan parecido. Al salir por las puertas estaba rodeada de toda clase de personas, pero me sentía sola, me sentía quebrada, me sentía perdida, mi remedio fue pararme al lado de un auto para que no se iniciara otro funeral.

    Mientras seguía perdida en mí, lo escuché, me hizo venir en sí sin más, ¿por qué él estaba aquí?

    Él: Hey, Ane, ¿no piensas saludarme?

    Mi saludo fue abrazarlo tan fuerte que no noté que había golpeado a la chica que llevaba de gancho. Era él de nuevo, ¿por qué tendría que ocultar mis sentimientos ahora que ya nadie me lo impedía?


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  • “So that’s who Finnick loves, I think. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol. But a poor, mad girl back home. ”  

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    I can’t express how grateful I am for my mom & brother for how we banded together.

    This birthday has been the best in a very long time if not ever.

    No matter what you couldn’t stop the party the support & the laughs!

    We had sushi & my gifts 😭😭 more polish but like the ones I wanted. I can’t wait to open and share!!!!!

    Today is the day, lucky 33 and the world is with me.

    333 everywhere (::


    Happy 33rd birthday to me!!!!

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  • I find it funny that in most milked-franchises, the children of the former protagonist/s are always in trouble or getting up to some mischief.

    You’re telling me that the son/daughter of one (sometimes two) world-saving, seasoned warriors/heroes is even able to step one foot in any direction without their mother/father’s Veteran-Sense kicking in and taking notice?.

    I’m sorry, sir, I do not believe it.

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  • It’s champagne popping time at home with my mom, Pa’ and gorgeous man. #family #familia (at Avon Calling with Milagros)

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  • How do I reach you? I am begging for a clue, tell me how ?I am an opened book, my pages turn with a blow of the wind.

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