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  • lilacandwhiskey
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    omgggg my mother is seriously trying to start a fight with me because i don’t necessarily believe in god/christianity by saying she doesn’t like atheists and asking if i ever prayed for grandma and grandpa when they were dying

    #personal yeehaws #she is pissing me offff #u wanna know why i never share anything with you mother?? bc you immediately judge or get angry #family death ment
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  • kermiekermie
    14.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    oh i was gonna post abt this but forgot!! im gettin the first dose of the covid vaccine on monday and my second shot will b in early june i believe!!! my mom was able to get me one as soon as they were approved for 12-15 bc she works for a hospital lol

    #m getting!! the vaccine!! #my entire family has gotten the Pfizer vaccine so far and my mom was like. basically almost dead for 2 days after her second dose #sso m scared but im gonna feel a lot better n less anxious afterwards for sure im p sure #needles ment
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  • diilucs
    11.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    There are some people who mix cooked pasta w shredded cheese and try to call that mac n cheese

    #no sauce #just it's so dry. #also see? every family thing of friends I've ever been to #also underseasoned/not seasoned at all like.... #ew???? #chatters;#food ment;
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  • mrspider
    11.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    the fact that this all started because no one sent her flowers.

    #even though every single one of us messaged her #shes gotten like our extended family involved and all of them are just uncomfortable and trying to understand why shes upset #i just. am so scared for my baby sister man shes there by herself #she has a job now and she goes to school so i guess shes not home much #shes doing the same thing i did #just sorta sleeps there #idk. god. fuck. #it just makes me so sad #i wish id been a little older. so i coudlve been somewhere for them to go to #or just. a little stronger or something. smarter so i could make more money. #stronger so i couldve taken the brunt of this. wiser so maybe i couldve gotten evidence and reported it #it enver worked but i tried #txt#cobwebs #sorry for venting here i just. cant talk to any family about this #for tw: #parental abuse ment #abuse ment
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  • thewrongsorts
    10.05.2021 - 1 week ago
    #allmypotterbabies#franktheauror1x1#answered #THIS IS THE SAD ONE #i'm sorry #like the sky spread over everything [alice & her mum] #m: to no avail [alice] #i'm not saying irene had Fantasy Tuberculosis but #coughs blood into a hankerchief indicating to the audience she's not long for this world #cw family death ment #cw terminal illness #cw memory loss
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  • monster-soda
    09.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’m not rlly one to talk abt family but like I’m the kid in your school who’s somehow related to everyone through some form and probably has a twentieth cousin six times removed on my moms side that’s somehow tied to your dads side.

    #family mention #I have over 30 cousins and #I have #21 siblings all together #none are full blood bc I was an affair child #but yeah #dating is NOT AN OPTION FOR ME EVER AHAHAGAH #mother ment tw #father ment tw
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  • monster-soda
    09.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    why my family gotta be hella big 

    #family mention #girl help i have to go to my pops for a birthday party for one of my like 90 cousins #but the cousin im seeing is like my favorite cousin and hes bi so we are mlm solidatary to eachother #but imma have to fistfight my oher cousins showing up bc the ones showing up once offered my seven yr olf brother a fucking edible #and says racial slurs so im gpnna be coming home beat up as shit #drug ment tw #grandfather mention#cousin ment
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  • akechisboyfriend
    09.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    It's mothers day so I'm legally allowed to think about my cool pirate sheep mom :)

    #my 'real' mom?? hm no i'm pretty sure c!puffy is my real mom thanls :) #*thanks #damien.txt #the antarctic family #mother ment tw
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  • okapiandpaste
    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    My little sister accidentally took my anxiety/sleep meds instead of her depression meds and now she’s stoned af 😭

    #gurl oh my god why #hopefully she’ll be fine #family ment#my life #me posting crud
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  • skiesfall-from-the-stars
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    i just think it’s funny that i was sitting there sobbing on the floor yelling all the problems i had with my mother instead of keeping them to myself like i have for the past five years, and she took it as a personal attack and began openly mocking me, might i add, in front of my best friend, and still continued calling me lazy and a burden and denying everything, she’s told me that i’ve gaslit her before, among other things,she continually took all of my problems that i had, minimized them, and came up with excuses surrounding her own “problems”

    like, yes mom, i’m aware you had a spinal tap, and that you have a bad headache, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WOTH ANYTHING I JUST SAID AT ALL

    what does that have to do with the fact that you’re openly mocking me for expressing things to you

    what does that have to do with the fact you’re sitting there calling me worthless, a burden, a disappointment, and lazy

    on top of that, after she literally kicked me out of the house, i tried to text my sister, she’s 23, we aren’t very close, but i thought maybe she’d understand, but no, she took moms side saying “that’s just how it is to be a teenager”

    is this honestly how it’s supposed to be???

    i wish she would stop playing the fucking victim card all the time

    i’d probably kms, but she’d play victim to that too and no one would ever know about anything that happened “because my mother was such a wonderful mom who did her best to raise such a difficult teenager, and no one could’ve ever seen this coming”


    one stable family

    one fucking stable family that’s all i wanted..

    #tw abuse#abuse tw #suicide ment tw #tw suicide ment #suicide mention tw #tw suicide mention #suicide mention#gaslight tw#tw gaslighting #tw bad family #ask to tag #my sister was raised as a slave to her father tho #so of course that’s all she really knows #she’s normalized the abuse #she doesn’t see it as concerning or upsetting #i just wish my *sister* of all people would understand that... #not a single stable family member
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  • paiges-poetry
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    My mother is like the thunderstorms she loves watching,

    Loud, sometimes scary but also brilliant with a striking force

    Beautiful yet something no one would want to find themselves struck by

    I think maybe she's drawn to them because they speak to her soul in a way people often find themselves unable to

    She holds a power I don't quite understand, one where I see thunderstorms as some thing to fear and she looks at them in admiration

    I look at her the same way for that

    I wonder if she can find a sky, a reflection of herself, that's less dark

    And if she would actually want to

    If she'd be stuck looking at the storms she loves forever

    And if it's her favourite sight

    I wonder if she'll shift her gaze to something safer

    But I suppose storms are all she's known

    The beautiful storm is her

    and I wonder if she knows that

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  • sunsblush
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    please send good vibes if u have a spare second. my familial and disability related trauma are affecting me really really badly tonight after a Talk with my family. anything helps seriously

    #just generally feeling like a burden and like i'll never be good enough #at least not good enough to please my d*d #like the way he straight up manipulated and shut me down today.....lol #if there was an olympic category for making me wanna kermit....the man would win gold before it even started #i'm just exhausted. literally so fucking exhausted #i hate being this way and dealing with this and i hate being stuck with a mind and body that makes me not good enough #and before anyone reports this post or calls the fucking cops on me: IM SAFE #sorry this is longer than it was supposed to be just thanks if u read this far and i'd love good vibes or funny shit to look at/watch #chatter#negative#suicide ment#trauma ment#family ment#abuse ment
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  • higgs-the-god
    03.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    #this isn’t. really... anything. uh. #self harm ment #but GOD I have been. so fucking tempted to fall back into bad coping mechanisms lately #cutting doesn’t really do anything for me cuz it’s just. a big inconvenience with hiding it but. every day. every time I think about my #blades. it gets tempting #like. fuck. I don’t even go that deep and all of my family already knows but godDAMN! #I literally have like no healthy coping mechanism?? drawing used to be it but it’s. not anymore #what am I even saying. point is that this is just to ramble and that yes! I am still mentally ill! #I hate how fucking. how the General Public reacts to cutting like Yeah it’s bad but like. :/ #it’s always about getting me help and stopping me and trying to get me to move to other coping mechanisms that don’T WORK #so just let me do it a bit and then I’ll be done for like. a fucking month. christ #like it’s literally an addiction. I can’t just STOP
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  • twoex2
    03.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    so today went.... well :)))

    #VENT TIME BABEY #church was........ as usual #gotta love wearing a skirt and then have everyone look at u disapprovingly #like . no one commented but Damn i could feel the judgement #its not even that short 😭😭😭 #it's only short if ur a middle aged conservative woman but ig that's everyone so 😐 #also the irony of my mom saying that they should pray for the suicidal teens due quarantine.......... and then me just there like 🧍🏻‍♀️ #hahahahahahahhahahagahahahahahahah #it's ok i'm (probably) better now but quarantine...... L o l #ok anyways i got crooked kingdom so that was good 👍🏻 #who needs therapy when u can read soc and spend 24/7 in the found family trope on ao3??? not me that's for sure #uhh#religion tw#suicide ment #dl probably maybe idk gonna go read now
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  • ask-elliotgang
    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    April 1st. a day for fools.

    This is a large post that is mainly a text wall, but however shows more lore and backstory to Elliot. Content warnings for cemeteries, medication, mentions of abuse, mentions of homophobia and transphobia, dissociation and dead family. Stay safe when reading.

    The sharp squeak of the water pipes closing from turning the shower waters off breaks him out of his trance. How long was he even in the shower for?  That. That doesn’t matter. 

    The Pikachu dries himself off with a towel before wandering back to his room, pulling open his drawers to find clothes to wear.

    He simply decides on what seems to be a very old pair of sports shorts, and a black hoodie. No shirt.

    He goes to his bed where he kneels down on the floor and gets a box out from underneath it. It’s gained a lot of dust that he simply wipes off with his hand, before realising that the dust is indeed going to stick to his hand, he then just rubs his hand on the carpet to get it off.

    Opening the box reveals a large yellow cardigan with a copper-like ring in the centre. He puts on the ring and the cardigan. It smells a bit odd but hey. That’s what you get for refusing to wash it. (He notes the slight scent of sandalwood still lingering on it and smiles.)

    He grabs his wallet, house keys and a notebook that he kept underneath his pillow. He puts all of the things into the large kangaroo pocket his black hoodie provides before he exists his room and goes downstairs.

    He doesn’t spend long in the kitchen, simply eating a slice of bread and drinking a bit of water. He looks around to check if any other inhabitants of the house are nearby before opening a cupboard high above the sink and taking a pill container out. Opening the ‘Thursday’ segment and pouring half the pills out onto his hand, quickly shoving them into his mouth as he puts the container away and takes another sop of water to wash the bitter taste down.

    He walks out to the loungeroom where Ardel can be seen browsing websites on a crappy laptop, said laptop looks like someone has tried to paint a design on the exterior and with the cheery colours used, it was probably Luke or Mausa.

    The electric rodent starts the conversation with his usual happy tone, despite being awfully forced for this day.

    “Sup.” The dark canine responds.
    “I’m not going to be available today. At all. Have to do something important and I won’t be home. Just so you know.”
    “Aight. What’s so important that it’s got you dressed up like a hobo lookin’ for more drugs than a pharmacy?”

    Elliot looks Ardel in the eyes and drops his happy voice act. Instead replying in a deadpan monotone.

    “It’s. That day. I’m spending the day with her for her birthday.”
    “Her? O-OH. Oh yeah. Okay yeah I. I get it man. I’ll tell the others to not message you or anythin’ I got it covered. Bro code.”

    Elliot’s face relaxes as he lets out a long sigh that he didn’t even know he was holding in.

    “Thank you. I’ll be off now.”

    He exits the lounge heading right to the front door, pulling a pair of black shoes off the shoe rack. He didn’t wanna step in glass or anything.

    Now, the location he needed to head to was a good while away. Rustburo Cemetery. But hey at least on the way there he can pick up some flowers!

    He gets a bundle of Yellow Carnations.

    And before he knows it, he’s at the Cemetery. Walking in there with a default route he’s followed many times before. He could feel the cold air nipping at his legs. But he ignores it, choosing to instead zone out again until he finds a certain grave stone.

    When found, he simply sits down in front of it. Cross legged.

    He places the carnations in front of him and puts his hands together, fingers wrapped tightly between each other. And he sits in silence.

    He didn’t know what to say yet. So he sat there thinking.

    He thought for at least an hour before pulling the notebook out from his pockets.

    “Okāsan. It’s me again. Um. Sorry I was a bit late today I uh. I don’t have an excuse. I just spent way too long in the shower. But can you blame me? Heh heh. Ahh that laugh was so fake. Sorry.
    A lot has changed since I last came here to talk with you. I’m no longer paired up with that Lorien-san for the contest co-op program. The guy wasn’t even helping and just wanted to take my money. He also treated my friend Ardel-san and Luke-san like crap. So we managed to get away and I used up some of that spare fund you left me to spruce up this house that wasn’t used anymore so it’s now really good and we live there!
    I met some of Ardel-san and Luke-san’s friends from before I even knew him too. They’re really nice and stuff so it’s fine. Uh. Oh yeah one of them, Intel-san, helped find some more Pokémon that Lorien-san were abusing. HE left them in poke-balls and hadn’t let them come out for years. Two of them ended up staying with us as they latched onto Intel-san emotionally. But they’re nice. They’re Burst-san and Edna-san. They act like big sisters to Intel-san and the others and it’s nice. Edna-san seems really mature while Burst-san is more open to be childish like Ardel-san is. It’s nice though having new friends and company.
    Oh. And my friend Isa-chan? Her Okāsan kicked her out of the house. She didn’t like the fact that he daughter likes women apparently. Which is bullshit. Love who you love. But her Otōsan has her back and has been helping her. I sometimes give her money to try and stay sane. Cause she can’t really stay in the group house we have because of her sensory issues. Too many people around her constantly would stress her out. So she’s currently happy just sleeping in her Otōsan’s car or random motels they find. I really respect her Otōsan for the fortitude he’s kept up. He even managed to take me and Isa-chan to a waterpark for fuck sake.
    OH! Yeah and Okāsan, Okāsan, Okāsan! You know that really nice girl who kept showing up to my shows and performances ever since the start? She was at the water park and I got to spend time with her and we’re even dating now! She’s so nice and lovely and honestly I don’t deserve her she’s just so good. Aaaah. I wish you could meet her. She’s gonna meet Obāchan and Ojīchan soon because. Hah I. Accidentally scheduled one of her stay overs on a Saturday and you know I where I have to go on Saturday. I know that Obāchan is gonna love her. Since she’s always been there for me. But. I’m scared what Ojīchan will say or do. Cause you know how he is. Fuckin... Bitch... I know he must have been nice to you since you were his daughter and I’m. Well. The leftover waste but hey. Maybe he’ll go back to being nice one day. Maybe when I’m gone or whatever. Do Liepards have a longer life expectancies than Pikachu? I’ll have to check that out...
    But yeah. I brought you some Carnations. They’re yellow like us... And uh... I’m sorry for being such a horrible son. He’ll I don’t even know if you’d accept me as a son even if you were alive. To you I could just be an attention seeking mistake of a daughter... So. Yeah. I’ll stay with you though. It’s your birthday. I gotta.”

    So he sat in silence. For hours. No matter if it was too cold. Or if it looked like it was going to rain. He sat there. In silence. Until the sun started to go away.

    “Ah. I have to go Okāsan. It’s getting late and I don’t want to upset the spirits resting. So. Um...”
    “Happy Birthday Mama. I’ll be back next year.”

    - - - - -

    Happy Birthday to Joane Anwir - April 1st

    #this post is a month late sorry #happy birthday joane anwir (april 1st) #yellow carnation: distain. disappointment. regection. #elliot anwir #elliot the cosplay pikachu #cosplay pikachu#pikachu #mod: @astrogoatz #ask-elliotgang#content warning#tw cemetery#tw medication #tw abuse ment #tw homophobia ment #tw transphobia ment #tw dissociation #tw dead family #tw dead parent #tw implied suicide #tw death#joane anwir#elliot's mother #joane the cosplay pikachu #mother
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  • 7000s
    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #i hope you're okay! tysm <333 #anon#asks #food ment / #family ment /
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  • moonhungers
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    hmmm things are. extremely bad right now!!! if any of you want to send in some asks about writing/pop culture opinions/small and fluffy animals/good things that have happened to you lately they would be much appreciated :’))

    #ari.txt #every day we wake up to the news of someone else dying like how many more friends and family members are we going to lose #death ment in tags
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  • chibikkohammer
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Au premier mai, fleurit le bon muguet

    #may#frog #lily of the valley #bjd#doll #DOLL FAMILY-A Frog #green#toys#miniatures#RE-MENT#muguet#anthro
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  • mathieubellamont
    28.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ive been finding a BUNCH of old fanfiction from high school while ive been moving house and like. the amount of shit i used to write....... literally the extent of my TES fanfiction in the past few years (IE post-this-prolific-highschool-era-im-talking-about has been this and this alone

    a) what does that mean b) i didnt even title it LMFAO

    #i do remember though VAGUELY that i had a point and it wasnt meaningless words i just. didnt get to the point in the end so its fucking #lost to time. #traitor's ramblings #im looking at my personal notes and that was in there im fuckin laughing #also real shit. shoutout to 2010....2009? me for giving my self insert character in my old naruto fanfic MY FUCKING NAME INSTEAD OF EVEN #TRYING TO CIVER IT UP THAT IT WAS ME KDHFHFHHKFDSHFDS i love myself. even though i look like a burnt chicken. i still love myself #i was having a good ass time #except for. ESDLGFGJDGJSFGJKFDGGHDFSGHKGJFDJGJGFDSGJGDSJF #EXCEPT FOR THE TIME I MADE A MYSELF X MY FAVE CHARACTER RAUNCHY FANFIC WITH MY NAME FOR THE SELF INSERT CHARACTER THAT MY MOTHER FOUND #anyway thats naruto though not tes #either way. fanfiction galore. i even wrote some about bellamont but that.............. i dont trust my edgy self on that one sorry #UH#violence#ment#mothers#family #also ment but in tags
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  • a-little-pokey
    27.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    @the-scrappy-urchin​ continued from THIS! 

                                  “Um.. Myyy.. My mom! She’s... trying to get me-- to uh...” Gotta think of a good excuse, and fast! How was he supposed to tell Undyne that he broke something expensive at home, and now he was trying to cover himself from NOT getting the beating of a lifetime? There was NO way he could return to that house now, he’s gonna have to live in the bushes or something! “A bath! She’s trying to get me to take a bath! ... An’ I know you monster-types don’t really DO that... baths are the WORST, yanno? They.. they hurt! Yeah! Really bad-”   

    #undyne i knOW your family doesn't use soap >_> ... cause- it'll.. totally kill you probably #My smelly babysitter; thescrappyurchin #v; undertale #/ child abuse ment
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