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  • Hi! I’m working on a story about erotic fanfic on the now-defunct website Quizilla. I’m sure many of you may remember it. Any strong memories? Feelings? Users/story arcs you obsessively followed? Got any screenshots? Plz LMK.

    Thank you <3

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/3chH22M
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  • Don’t obsess over a person you like who treats you like a fan.

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    Originally posted by dailyfunnygifs

    When I meet another Redouln Rising fan

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  • Here an angry short boy! :D
    Devlin is @thebluepik1 oc! I really enjoyed drawing the angy man! >:3c

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  • Hi there I’m new to fanfiction Can you recommend some FF with a op mc From marvel, DC, Naruto,Dbz …

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/3iI0eJc
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  • Fan mounted as an album leaf - late 19th century

    Shibata Zeshin

    Tempera on paper

    Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  • Fan “L'OCCIDENTALE” 1911

    Jeanne Paquin, Paul Iribe (illustration)

    ©The Kyoto Costume Institute

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  • I’m worried I’ve lost my poetry That my life is too normal That I’ve recovered because my words have always stemmed from my pain, my trauma, from the loss and the ache and the lonliness, from childhood days drenched in red silk and bllue spotlights from sticky sweet perfumed memories from gnashing teeth from bloodies knuckles from bruised thighs from aching ribs and I’m afraid that the coffee and cotton easy mornings of my present have leeched the words from my trembling fingertips a pen left open so long the ink has dried you can see the remanents in there you just can’t reach them and it scares me

    i feel like I’ve lost myself.

    //Lauren Brown

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    the girls

    #made w custom cast:) #highway hypnosis#fan#yael
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  • Tom Hiddleston 

    Fan Fiction Multi-chapter 

    FicSummary: When you meet Tom on a work trip in London and have to go your separate ways you become modern pen pals. But two years later its time to tell the truth.

    Warnings for Full Fic: Fluff, angst, mentions of sex, more fluff, and smutt. (let me know if I missed anything!)

    Chapter 2

    You got off the plane and headed off to find Tom.

    He was there waiting for you and he was more handsome in person than you had remembered.

    He smiled widely at you, opening his arms to welcome you into an embrace.

    “Hello love,” he said, wrapping his arms around you.

    You felt like you were being welcomed home.

    You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes.

    It suddenly occurred to you that you had been standing there like that for perhaps a little too long and you awkwardly untangled yourselves.

    “Um hey,” you said looking down, shuffling slightly.

    “Let’s get you to the hotel,” he said, taking your back pack and slinging it over his shoulder.

    You grabbed your bags and headed out the door to a waiting car.

    You were very aware of Tom’s proximity to you.

    He wasn’t too close but he kept one hand on you and helped you into the car.

    Maybe you were overthinking things.

    It was odd because you hadn’t seen each other in months but didn’t need to catch up as you spoke nearly every day.

    “So would you like to stay in tonight or could I persuade you to let me take you to dinner?” he asked, looking at you.

    “I suppose I could be persuaded,” you said slyly.

    “Splendid,” he said, sliding his arm over your shoulder and pulling you into him. You rested your head on his chest and smiled to yourself.

    Once you got to the room Tom sat on the bed and waited while you unpacked and changed.

    “Are you sure you have time for dinner?” you called from the bathroom, running a brush through your hair. The premiere was tomorrow night; surely he had plenty to do.

    “I’m sure,” he said pleasantly.

    “Cause you don’t need to babysit me,” you told him, opening the door and crossing your arms over your chest, leaning against the door frame, “I’ll be fine.”

    He got up and came to tower over you, leaning against the door way, his one hand above you, the other by your side, both gripping the door frame. He had you cornered.

    “Oh you will, will you?” he asked, looking down at you.

    It was obvious he was trying to intimidate you.

    But you weren’t going to let him get away with it.

    You reached up to pinch his shirt collar between your thumb and index finger.

    “Yes I will, I am a big girl you see,” you said, running your fingers down the center of his chest, right down the shirt buttons, stopping just before the waistband of his pants. He tried to hide it but you felt him shiver slightly.

    You looked up at him through your lashes.

    He was staring at you, looking somewhat unsteady.

    He moved a little closer.

    “Yes, at the mere age of twenty six,” he said, his voice even.

    “I only seem so young to you because you’re ancient,” you teased.

    “Ooh, hitting me where it hurts?” he mocked.

    “Do I really seem like a child to you?” you asked innocently, running you hand across the top of his pants. Again you felt him shiver. This time he squeezed his eyes closed. It was obvious you were testing his self-control.

    “I can certainly prove to you I’m not,” you offered, pretending like you didn’t know just what you were implying. It was daring, but you couldn’t help it. You tucked your index finger just under his waistband and slid it across.

    He shivered a third time, but this time he grabbed your wrist.

    “Don’t tempt me,” he warned, his eyes flashing.

    Before you could open your mouth to respond he straightened up.

    “Come on, we have a dinner to get to,” he said, pulling you out of the room by your wrist.

    Again he kept his distance but maintained his hold on you.

    Dinner was more like your normal conversations. The flirting was there, but not too prominent. What had happened in the room was probably the closest you had ever been to discussing that aspect of your relationship.

    As you left the restaurant, Tom guided you to the car, his hand on your lower back.

    You talked very casually in the car, his arm around your shoulders, you leaning your head on to his chest. It was very comfortable. But it occurred to you that he was playing things very safe. You weren’t sure how he really felt about you. Most of his behavior would suggest that your friendship was just that. But frequently enough he would say or do something that would deeply imply that he felt something a lot stronger.

    It was there when he told you that you were beautiful, or that he missed you. You saw it when he smiled or stared at you. You noticed it when he called multiple times a day or asked you question after question about yourself.

    You decided that you were going to get some answers on this little trip. One way or another you were going to find out the truth.

    His hand was resting just off your right shoulder. You reached up to touch it with your own right hand. Very slowly, but instantly, he laced his long pale fingers with yours.

    He pulled you ever so slightly closer to him.

    You were amazed at how such a simple thing could mean so much.

    Then he did something you were not prepared for.

    It took all your strength to keep yourself from reacting in any way.

    He turned his head to kiss the top of yours.

    You felt a shock of electricity as he gently he pressed his lips to your hair.

    You did everything you could to remain unbothered, but your heart gave you away.

    It had taken off.

    Tom simply smiled and you knew he had noticed, but he said nothing.

    He walked you to your room, one hand on your lower back, but stopped at the door way.

    He turned you around to face him, placing both his hands on your hips.

    “Thank you for allowing me to take you to dinner,” he said with a smile.

    “Thank you for taking me,” you replied, “And for this whole trip,” you reminded him with a rueful look in your eye.

    Tom had insisted on paying for every little thing from the flights to the hotel.

    You had obviously not won that battle.

    “It’s my pleasure,” he told you, “I’m just happy to have you here.”

    The tone in his voice told you that he didn’t just mean having you here to support him, but here in his arms.

    He tightened his grip, confirming that thought.

    He was suddenly so close. Too close.

    Then he took your hand in his, pulling it up to his face, and without breaking eye contact, pressed his lips to the back of your hand.

    “Goodnight love,” he said softly, and he turned on his heel and walked away.

    You heard him sigh as he slid his hands into his pockets.

    You watched him go, standing in the doorway feeling slightly confused.

    You closed the door and got ready for bed.

    Why was it that he sent you such mixed signals?

    Hopefully soon, you would get an answer.

    Author’s note: Thank you my loves for the support!

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  • Thought distortion - MTG Arena alt art by Marie Magny https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ba4WOG

    #Thought distortion - MTG Arena alt art by Marie Magny #art#illustration#concept art#artist#fan
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    🗺🐘🌐@fanmedyahaber sayfamızı takip edin sosyal medyadan magazinden tüm sağlıklı bilgilerden haberiniz olsun.
    #osmanmuftuoglu #sagliklisecimler #uykusuzluk #bagisiklik #antioksidan #magnezyum #cinko #vitaminc
    #mineraller #fanmedyahaber #takipet #fan #detox #yürüyüş

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    Wednesday September 16, 2020

    Today’s Man Crush is… DANIEL GILLIES

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  • Readers who don’t have an account, when you read a long fic that’s ongoing, do you keep up with it? A good portion of my kudos are from guests so I just wonder if/how you read new chapters since you can’t subscribe. Do you just occasionally check the fics you’re reading to see if they’ve updated or it’s just like if you happen to stumble upon it again you’ll read it?

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